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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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from getting omicron either. >> bret: can always count on you for a headline. brit, thank you. panel, thanks. tomorrow on "special report," the president talks voting rights in atlanta and we are on scotus watch. we could see a ruling from the supreme court on vaccine mandates. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balance wanted and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by rach chem campos-duffy starts right now. >> rachel: thank you, bret. >> rachel: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. nearly two years of lockdowns masks and mandates from the left. yet, little has changed in the fight against covid. 12 months into biden's push to vaccinate all of america, and we are actually worse off than before. last friday, the u.s. recorded over 800 and 30,000 covid cases which is a massive jump from the 270,000 on that same day in
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2021. it seems no matter what the democrats try to do their plan is not working. buff they won't let a little failure stop them. this morning, joe biden's sweeping vaccine mandate on private businesses with over 100 employees went into effect. millions of americans will now have to choose between getting the jab or keeping their job. but biden's demand is so unconstitutional that the supreme court is currently debating whether it can even proceed. and before the nine justices is this question. do these vaccines even work? cdc director rochelle walensky was asked the same thing this weekend. >> right now i think the most important thing to do is to protect americans. we do that by getting them vaccinated and getting them boosted. >> bret: i know that's the message but the omicron variant is infecting the vaccinated. and the vaccinated are
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transmitting the virus. correct? >> um, that is true. >> rachel: the administration so obsessed with making sure you are vaccinated that they're ignoring the actual science. vaccinated people can and do spread the virus. but biden's white house doesn't care what the data says. and they definitely don't care about natural immunity. >> >> bret: will the cdc take natural immunity seriously to study its effect on the big picture? for example, why not include recovery from infection as the equivalent of at least one shot the way other countries do? >> science is ever evolving as has this variant. and so we need to update that science with regard to what we learn about omicron. >> rachel: while they ignore natural immunity, the white house is actively standing in the way of life-saving therapeutics. >> it's almost like there is a blockade that's set up.
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they just don't approve them. they don't assess them. and in this pandemic, those drugs have actually been shown to be the most effective. they are used all around the world. 25% of the planet is using ivermectin in covid. the absurdity and the tragedy and the damage on the american people by a broken system, we need to fix this. people are dying because they are being deprived of highly effective cheap, widely available drugs that do not present obscene profits to the pharmaceutical companies. >> rachel: but none of this matters to biden's white house it goes against their narrative that only vaccines can keep you safe. they know what's best. so just shut up. do what they tell you. just listen to what ezekiel emanuel, one of the architects of biden's covid response had to say yesterday. >> we think over the course of 022 we will get to endemic stage and the plan is or the proposal is we need a strategic plan for that that covers vaccines. getting more people vaccinated and the only way to do that as
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we have been very clear over time is mandates. we are going to need the employer mandate that on or about has put out. the healthcare mandate that cms has put out. >> rachel: so we are nearing the end of the pandemic but somehow we need more mandates? none of this makes sense. but this isn't about covid for the democrats. it's about control. they want the great reset, which to remakes a they see fit and covid gave them the perfect excuse. justin listen to our northern neighbor justin trudeau saying the quiet part out loud. >> the pandemic has provided an opportunity for a re-set. this is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, ininequality and climate change. >> rachel: leave it to the democrats to never let a crisis go to waste. which is why the biden administration is now
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prioritizing race in administering covid drugs. once again, sleepy joe and his white house don't care about the science. they will dictate their covid policy based on race and ethnicity, not medical data. so why should we continue to listen to this administration when it comes to covid? joining me now kentucky senator rand paul. senator, thank you for joining us tonight on prime time. let's get right into this. if the vaccine can't stop from you getting or spreading covid. why are we even debating this whether politically or at the supreme court? >> you know, i think the fact ought to make a difference there are a lot of legal arguments why a mandate that wasn't passed by congress that is an edict from a president without congressional authority, there is a lot of legal reasons why that should not be a law and should not be enforceable. but the facts ought to also matter that this vaccine no longer works. so there are studies out of denmark and ontario that showed
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that after about 30 days there is no statistically positive effect of being vaccinated. it's the same whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. even worse, 90 days after the vaccine, with pfizer owe moderna. 90 days after have you taken the vaccine, you are actually more likely to catch omicron if you have been vaccinated than if you haven't been vaccinated. i don't know how anybody in their right frame of mind could say we are going to mandate a vaccine. we are not sure it works. we are going to still make you take something that appears not to work. but, i think the mood is changing. you are starting to see out of the biden administration and their left wing allies in the media you are starting to see people say well, not everybody dies from covid. some of them are dieing with covid. people have been saying that for two years and the left has been denying it now that more people are died under joe biden's watch than president trump's watch, i think now they are starting to say wow we need to make excuses for why all these people aren't
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really covid deaths. >> rachel: it's interesting you bring that up. the other thing they are saying is well, you know, you should still take the vaccine. we should make you think it because it will lessen the symptoms. guess what? so does therapeutics and they are not helping to get those out. they are actually trying to squash access to that. >> the therapeutics is a good example of how central planning and socialism doesn't work. it doesn't work for the economy. that's what we have done for the distribution of therapeutics for covid. they have bought all the monoclonal antibodies. working very well. governor desantis was doing a great job getting them down there. then the distribution got politicized and then all of the sudden lo and behold while the pandemic still was raging they discontinued the regeneron and eli lilly and said they don't work as well. but how do you know for certain if you are sick right now that you have got the omicron vs. the delta? inevitably some of the people getting sick now, not as many, but inevitably would be delta and we're denying them treatment. the one monoclonal antibody if i
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can pronounce it correctly that one works better for omicron short supply a lot of people denied that mainly because the government is in charge of distribution and the government is making the rules. the marketplace made the rules, there would be an abundance of this out there already. >> rachel: absolutely. >> omicron variant it spreads a lot. >> we have, very it's very mild. so, i think what's confusing to so many americans and maybe can you help us answer this question. is why are they looking at this as the perfect opportunity the perfect condition for natural immunity? it just seems like they want to amp up the fear and keep everything going. i think most of us are looking at this and going why wouldn't you want this to be the end of the pandemic? herd immunity whatever? >> we should target and try to help the people most vulnerable. there was a statistic that came out today 75% of those dying
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right now have at least four co-morbidities four other illnesses. they are also older. we need to emphasize those people, try to treat them. have the tests going to them. instead of saying my 5-year-old met somebody at class that might have covid. we need to test all the 5-year-olds in his class. that's a complete waste of it you testing when you need more terse for nursing homes and elderly and those that are sick. all along this has been and this is fauci's main mistake. he said let's treat everyone the same. universal treatment whether you are 10 years old or 80 years old. and that frankly is malpractice. because you are 1,000 more times likely to die if you are 80 than if you are 10. this is a huge mistake. it's unforgivable mistake by fauci and one of the reasons why we need to quit taking his advice. he needs to be dismissed from office. because he is telling you things that aren't true. about half of the united states has probably had covid now. he is not counting that at all. he is saying we are not vaccinated. we are not vaccinated. that's not true either.
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95% of people over 65 are vaccinated. 95%. that's a huge success. and then we also have a lot of people who have gotten it naturally. 93% of the public has gotten either vaccinated or gotten it naturally. that's a huge success. >> rachel: yeah. senator, can't just keep vaccinating people into perpetuity. how many more vaccines and boosters are we going to do. it doesn't make sense how long this will continue. senator, thank you. i think you are right. it's malpractice and i appreciate you for speaking the truth. >> thank you. >> rachel: meanwhile, the side effects of the covid vaccine don't seem to be completely understood. especially when it comes to women. the "new york times" reports after receiving a vaccine, quote: some post-menopausal women who haven't had a period in years even said they had menstruated again. chair of the department of
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obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive science at yale warns that could be a sign of serious medical condition. and that if that happens to you, you should see a doctor. while the study might be new, people have been raising these concerns for months. why does it seem nobody was listening until now? dr. marty makary explains. >> we have seen that time and time again in medicine, the paternalistic culture, blowing off complaints by women about abdominal and pelvic pain. the paternalism in medicine runs long and strong. >> rachel: dana loesch, author and nationally syndicated radio host is here now, dana. always so great to have you on the show. this study that came out and has been reported by the "new york times" and cnn, it's fascinating to me. you know, we women talk. so, among women, we have been hearing about these disruptions in menstrual cycles, women
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post-menopausal suddenly getting menstruation. abdominal pain. and women have been dismissed and totally blown off as dr. that carrie said. somebody didn't report it because they were afraid they would be called a conspiracy thirst because they were being blown off. the people silencing women, dana, are the same people who patriarchy all day long. >> being told you are a conspiracy theorist. i saw women, women on the left and these were notable, editorialists and commentators who would bring this issue up. either their own personal experiences or they were relating anecdotally something that they happened to someone they knew or within their family, they were called anti-vaxers by other people online. and i was mystified at this. because, you know, when you look at scientific theory, it's okay to be incorrect about scientific theory, but we need to follow the facts and let the facts
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weigh out. and women were asking questions. there were enough women that two of them, in fact, created this data base where they were tracking this information. and they were sharing it with their doctors, and finally they reiss released a study saying yeah, it turns out, yeah, there are some issues here, whether it's delayed menstruation or post-menopausal or you haven't had yours. getting into lady issues. it's crazy they were just disregarded and brushed aside because these have serious health complications. women want to know what's happening with their bodies. that's not following science. and that's not following the whole health issue heater. a quick note as well. i mean, if this is about following the science and this is about mitigating the effects of the virus. i just got over omicron by the way. it's a glorified cold. yes, i was prescribed ivermectin by the doctor and it did help ease my symptoms and i didn't turn into a horse. there you go for that the whole issue if we are following science and facts, we need to be able to have these discussions because part of science is
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asking questions. >> rachel: yeah, the silencing of voices in this whole pandemic has been i think the biggest atrocity, people have been deplatformed. more than that doctors have been completely vilified and professionally their reputations destroyed. if they said anything that was against the cdc. here is what else is interesting to me, dana, that cnn and "new york times" report. they report it, as they report it and finally admit it and come through and say oh yeah, you were right. you were having these disruptions in your menstrual cycle but don't worry, it's nothing. at the same time, they are mandating college girls, they are encouraging universities to, you know, force girls who are college age and fertility age to take the vaccine. also forcing people in their jobs. but they are not really giving us any studies. actually when i interview dr. that carrie, dana, he said that his, you know, hospital is starting to do stiewsdz. where is all the darn money from the cdc and the nih. we gave them billions of dollars
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and they can't come up with a study? >> yeah. you had a great interview with him by the way. he made a really good point with that as well. i read some of what he said earlier. he said is the point of getting vaccinated or is it it immunity is it developing herd immunity it doesn't seem like it's immunity if you listen to government representatives. to your point, they didn't even study this in the initial faces facestayings when they were stug the effects of the vaccine. that was not include in the first round of analysis when they were evaluating this vaccine and effect on women's health. it's signature cafnt. we are telling a lot of young people to get this mandating it even though we have the cdc director says did doesn't stop transmission. maybe we need to change our investor back. i'm not anti-vax. i have had other vaccinations. love science. i have a lot of questions about this. of course it looks like we are getting towards herd immunity. talk about immunity over vaccines instead it's always vaccines. can't ask questions like this
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which is incredibly important to women across the country. >> rachel: i'm waiting for the study maybe from the doj to the nih about the operatey that's going on over there. >> yeah, war on women. >> rachel: this is the war on women. thank you, dana, always great having you on the show. best to you. all right. if you change the channel and miss our next segment on kamala harris and aoc, you are a sexist and a racist. and even worse, you will miss sarah palin so don't go anywhere. ♪ be to blame. time for ache and burn! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief.
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♪ >> rachel: as kamala harris approaches the one year mark as vice president. she has yet to take any responsibility for her long list of failures. and there is a reason for that.
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she doesn't think anything is her fault. that was made clear in the "new york times" article published last month where insiders say the vice blames poor media coverage on her gender and race. but kamala isn't the only one blaming others for her failures. aoc is doing the same thing. the new york congresswoman got covid after vacationing maskless in florida last weekend. but, instead of confronting her hypocrisy head on, she blamed the backlash on republicans saying, quote: republicans are mad they can't date me. joining me now to react former governor of alaska sarah palin. governor, always seeing you. i wonder what would have happened if you were just getting a hard time to the media if you had responded and said just as aoc said you guys are all sexually frustrated you all want to date me. what would have happened? >> isn't that something? that's pretty keepy, pretty junior highish.
4:23 pm
creepy. it amazes me though, her and other liberals, socialist, their ability to deflect from what the issues truly are. and her obsession with at least suggestions of always gender and sex even, you know, i truly believe that there are enough americans who get it and understand that what her tactic is. and that is to deflect from what the real issues are. but, yeah, okay. take this issue though with her suggestion of dating and, you know, attraction to someone and blaming her failures on that. that obsession with sex. look how the liberals, rachel, want to pound that into the public's head that advertising who is attracted to who. what people do in their own -- the privacy of their own bedrooms. all those things that have to do with privacy and sex the liberals, not the conservatives, are the ones who pound, pound,
4:24 pm
pound after that. and obviously it's a tactic so she doesn't have to be held accountable. it sounds like she hasn't been held accountable for much maybe her entire life. she does not have that foundation of accountability and, you know that public servant's heart that is so necessary in order to serve well and be account being. >> rachel: yeah. i think you are right. it is a form of deflection also shows some deep seeded narcissism. i will move on to kamala, because she says all of this is about that she is the first, right? because she is the first woman. vice president, she is the first woman of color vice president. but, the first president, barack obama, had it pretty good with the press. so, it seems to me that that is not a really good excuse. and maybe i'm sure you agree with me being the outsider, donald trump actually was probably harder, he had a much harder time with the press than kamala or aoc or certainly
4:25 pm
barack obama. >> oh, absolutely. and, yes, president trump did have it much harder. it was always three against one with trump. it was the democrats. it was the press, obviously. and it was the rhinos within the establishment of the party and, yet, look what trump could accomplish. same answer with kamala and her most recent issues, blaming gender as i had with aoc. man, these fake feminist who bring the woman's movement back so far by channeling everything right on back to oh, it's our gender, doggone it, people don't like us because we are female. holy moly, rachel, i know you, having been raised with just hard-working, that work ethic, that groundedness that i think is so necessary to be a good person and a good public servant. rachel, perhaps, again, their foundation isn't -- what is
4:26 pm
commonplace in the american populist. where, no, gender really doesn't matter. it's the character of who you are. it's your work ethic, i'm really thankful that i was brought up in a place where gender truly has not mattered and certainly don't blame criticisms on me being female. shoot, can you imagine if i would have done that all these years, now what would they be saying? >> rachel: you are a trailblazer, governor. you took the punches very gracefully and certainly the work ethic you got from alaska and have living up in those harsh conditions proved itself over and over with you. we thank you for coming on. you are a great example to women. appreciate it. >> thank you so much, rachel. you too. >> rachel: all right. coming up, calling the obamas why the desperate democrats need michelle to help swingt midterms in their favor. we will break it down with
4:27 pm
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>> rachel: another weekend of lawlessness tearing across the country. first in los angeles where a taco bell employee was gunned down saturday night drive-thru window after altercation started over a fake $20 bill. the victim was shot in front of his own son. reporting to relatives with his father working the night shift at taco bell. meanwhile, in new york city, a 19-year-old burger king cashier was gunned down in harlem early sunday morning. all for just $100. and now, her mother is left with remorse and guilt over encouraging her teenage daughter to work in such a rough part of town. these kinds of crimes may continue to surge in new york now that the new manhattan district attorney alvin bragg is giving the green light for a criminal free-for all. is he downgrading penalties for
4:33 pm
violent criminals while completely putting a stop to prosecuting crimes like drug possession and trespassing. here now just stop an assault in new york city over the weekend new york gubernatorial candidate andrew giuliani. welcome. >> thank you so much for having me. >> rachel: of course. so, first of all, tell me what happened with this assault. you actually saw an assault in progress and you took off after the guy? >> yeah, i was walking from penn station to the new york young republican club on 28th street. so i make the left on 28th between 7th and 6th. and i hear a verbal altercation between a woman and this guy. and it ended up getting physical within about a minute. and the guy actually punched this woman in the face. i was probably about 10 yards behind at that point. but i was able to catch up, get in between them and it was a bit of a construction area around. what ended up happening next was kind of amazing. there was a flower shop at the
4:34 pm
other side of the construction area. the guy took a plant, thankfully it wasn't a clay pot but it was a plastic pot and actually threw it, i think it was intended for his -- the girl that he ended up assaulting but it ended up hitting me in the side of the face. thank goodness it was the soil side and thank goodness it was a plastic thing but reported to the cops there the truth is though, we continue to see this not just around penn station, not just around manhattan, but all around the state. and what the manhattan district attorney has done has only incentivized criminals with his memorandum to his assistant district attorneys. >> rachel: yeah, absolutely. you heard at the top of this segment, i mean, it's hurting the poor. these are people both of these victimization by the way were hispanic, working class people, trying to do -- you know, going to work by the way when a lot of other people are sitting home and taking checks, and they are at work on the night shift in
4:35 pm
fast food restaurants and the least that the government, that the cities of these liberal city mayors could do, and these district attorneys is keep the streets safe for them. they are trying to work and make a buck. it's hurting the poor. >> you are absolutely right, rachel. that's why, today, i ended up standing in front of the governor's office in manhattan, calling on governor hochul to remove to use her powers under article 8 section 13 b for those who want to look it up of the new york state constitution to remove alvin bragg or any other prosecutor that is going to violate their oath of office and not actually go and prosecute the crimes that they were sworn to do. >> rachel: really quick, andrew, because i have got to go. but i have to tell you, andrew, bragg was not coy about what his plans were. his manifesto was on his website. he said what he was going to do. he said he was a social justice warrior, going to be a social justice warrior prosecutor. it's really hard to feel sorry for new york in this because new york voted for it i mean, i feel bad for the victims, absolutely
4:36 pm
i do. but, wow, new york, good. >> you are absolutely right, rachel. what ended up happening is you had a lot of people did not pay attention down ballot. george soros poured over $1 million into alvin bragg's campaign. unfortunately this is what we get. so we have to lay in the bed that ultimately was made for us but that doesn't -- i really think the governor needs to stand up now and remove alvin bragg, remove any district attorneys. we don't have recall like they do in san francisco and los angeles of. with those district attorneys. so our recourse is to have the governor get up. if i am governor, i can tell you any of these d.a.s who choose to be complicit in this crime, i will fire them on day one. >> rachel: that's good hear. by the way there is blood on george soros' hand. thank you, andrew, appreciate it nerves are kicking in for the democrats ahead the 2022 midterm elections. that's why they are focused more
4:37 pm
than ever is to change voter laws in their favor. they call it the only way of saving democracy. but, in reality, it's just a last resort against the impending red wave. and they are calling on some old reliables. former first lady michelle obama is now joining in on the new campaign to register 1 million new voters ahead of the midterms later this year. how many of those new voters will be democrats? well, i guess we will have to wait and see. here now, fox news contributor and author of rigged mollie hemingway, she joins us now. mollie, thank you for joining us tonight. >> it's great to be here with you. and, you know, it's actually a good thing to do voter registration drives. the problem is not that michelle obama is doing a voter registration drive. but there are a couple problems associated with it. one is that a lot of times these democratic efforts happen at the same time as other problematic things like in new york city, you don't have to be an american citizen to register to vote.
4:38 pm
makes it very hard to separate out voter registrations from though the who are legal to vote in statewide races or presidential elections and those who new york city says can vote in municipal elections. there are problems with one in eight voter registrations across the country. and there are all sorts of problems with decreasing security with the rampant rise of mail-in ballots. but i'm also a little bit concerned that republicans don't seem to be aware of how much effort needs to be done on their side of the aisle as well. they should be doing massive voter registration drives. and they also need to be familiar with what the problems are with decreased election security. mike frowndz south dakota said that the 2020 election had no problems whatsoever. that's a ludicrous thing for anybody to say. but particularly a republican senator. who, at this point, should know so much about all of the problematic things that happened, you know, whether it was changing all of these laws and the run-up to the election. or having mark zuckerberg engage
4:39 pm
in a private takeover of government election offices. or big tech censorship, or media censorship, all these things that make our elections more problematic. you would really expect more from republican senators. >> rachel: yeah. absolutely. i say, you know, maybe michelle obama will get a million more democrats registered. but, when i look at the poll numbers for hispanics, who are in droves running toward a republican party. i'm not sure they can count on all those minorities to votes for them. >> you also saw that in florida you have republicans out registering democrats so you actually had more republican voters and you also see that yeah, a lot of people are excited to vote republican and not democrat. so they have more problems than just registration on their hands. >> rachel: absolutely. mollie, great seeing you. thank you, mollie, coming up, meet the chicago power broker who is even worse than mayor
4:40 pm
lori lightfoot. >> the mayor has been relentless, but she has been relentlessly stupid. [cheers] >> she is being relentlessly stubborn. >> rachel: we will tell you why this guy and the teachers union he represents hate your kids after the break. ♪ i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ ♪ i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin, yeah, that's all me ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin, that's my new plan ♪ ♪ nothing is everything ♪ achieve clearer skin with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪ i see nothing in a different way ♪ ♪ it's my moment so i just gotta say ♪ ♪ nothing is everything ♪ skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you
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♪ >> rachel: after two years of covid lockdowns the mental health of america's children is teetering on the brink. three major medical associations, including the american academy of pediatrics have together declared a, quote national state of emergency. in children's mental health. caused by covid. but in chicago, the public school system canceled classes today for the fourth day in a row. and now, fed up parents are suing the chicago teachers union in an effort to get them back into their classrooms. even mayor lori lightfoot who has been wrong on virtually everything else, is rightfully furious. >> we live in a district where 70% or more of our kids qualify for free or reduced lunch which means they live in households that are poor and working class.
4:46 pm
which also means that they live in households with single parents, mostly women of color, who have to work to be able to keep the home together. so, this walkout by the teacher's union which is illegal, has had cascading negative ripple effects not only on the students and their learning, their social and emotional welfare but also on the families themselves. >> rachel: good point. so, what does the teachers union have to say for themselves? >> the mayor is being relentless, but she is being relentlessly stupid. [cheers] >> she is being relentlessly subbe stubborn. >> rachel: joining me now is dennis prager, founder and president of prager u and quisha king. i'm all about opening up the schools. i think our kids need to go into classrooms and learn in person from real teachers face to face. but i don't know if i want my kids being taught by these
4:47 pm
marxists. >> well, i just want to say at the outset we should never say the kids have -- their mental health has been ruined by covid. they have been ruined by lockdowns. we have to change our vocabulary. >> rachel: good point. >> sweden had no lockdown for kids under 16, not one day all of 2020, 2021 and, of course this year. not one kid died in those schools. not one teacher died as a result of those kids. these teachers are teaching the children to be afraid, to be irrationally afraid and to live by irrationality. they are worthless, they should be fired. i offer, i am a busy man, and i'm older than these teachers, i will go into any classroom in los angeles where i live, with no mask, and hug every kid that comes to that class. >> rachel: yeah. you are so right about the
4:48 pm
language. we really do have to be careful about letting them own this language. you are right. it's the lockdowns, it's not covid that's hurting our kids. thank you for that. >> that's right. >> rachel: quisha, there was $190 billion given to teachers, to schools, in order to open up our schools. and, yet, they are not opening. many of them, it's not just chicago. there are many other districts across the country, in wisconsin and many other states. so you tell me, what are they doing with that money? where is that money? >> well, first, i have to say that i think dennis prager is our newest papa bear. welcome to the family. glad to have you in the fight. we know where this money is going. the money is going to the administration. the money is going to the school boards and it's going to the social emotional learning. they are teaching everything but math, science, reading, language arts, whether they actually are in schools.
4:49 pm
and when the children actually are paying attention because we see that all of this screen time, most of it is not even geared, the children aren't even doing the homework virtual learning. what they're doing is everything else but school. that's why they need to be in class. this money is going to the -- to -- talked about it it's going to the administration. they are padding their pockets. >> the last thing that they are doing is caring about and trying to get money to the teachers and the students. they are furnishing themselves. it is very selfish and i am sick and tired of innocent children being the victim of these administrations. it's ridiculous. >> rachel: yeah. you talk about the serssr. that's the money going into school and parents can track that money and see if these schools are being held accountable for that dennis, is the silver lining of this
4:50 pm
horrible tragic thing that parents are waking up that we might actually be in a moment if the republicans can actually do something right for once and get school choice and attach the money to the kids and not the system? >> well, let me read to you. i never do this on tv, but it's too perfect. there was an article on the teachers of chicago in today's "new york times." in order to comment on a "new york times" article, you have to be in a "new york times" subscriber. so the overwhelming majority of comments are from democrats. listen to this quick comment. in today's "times." anyone who subscribes as i do can read it i was prounion until the summer of 2020 when i watched unions successfully block school reopening efforts across the country. i will never forget it. and i will never be prounion again. i have never in my life voted for a republican, but i will now vote against anyone who is explicitly pro-teachers union,
4:51 pm
period. does that answer your question? >> rachel: wow. perfectly. the curtain has been pulled. dennis, quisha, thanks for joining me tonight. don't go anywhere. johnny joey jones goes on the clock next. ♪ ♪ ze my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (coughing) ♪ breeze driftin' on by ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ copd may have gotten you here, but you decide what's next. start a new day with trelegy. ♪ ...feelin' good ♪ no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy.
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>> rachel: there's a few minutes left in the show so
4:57 pm
let's put my friend johnny joey jones on the clock. three topics. first up, recently surfaced tweet shows vice president, my question to you is is this guy a threat to democracy? >> this is what you get when you scrape the bottom of the barrel and when there is no one left, you've got to take what's left and it's the crap that settles down in the bottom. she can't get anyone to stay in the office. this is probably the useful idiot that somehow do it and he said some pretty dumb things i can't see them -- wait to see the next kamala harris press release. i'm sure it'll be great. starting with things like elections aren't fair. >> rachel: why doesn't anyone want to work for her? >> you'd have to ask the people that used to work for her but i would guess either because she's a pretty mean boss or maybe they just want to be on a winning
4:58 pm
team. i don't know. >> rachel: good one. mean girl. i'm going to vote me and grow. leonardo dicaprio loves to lecture you about doing your part to save mother earth from climate change, he has been caught with a 22-year-old. he's 47 or something. living it up on a $150 million yacht complete with a helipad. 115,000 gallons of oil. does that sound environmentally friendly to you? >> all, no, absolutely not. this guy's carbon footprint is ten times that of my new life time and i drive a diesel to the mailbox. there is no one guessing at what his lifestyle is. we know he is on yachts and private jets and tahoes and range rovers anemia tesla that cost more crime and to build in your local convenience store. at the end of the day it is due
4:59 pm
as i say, not as i do. million dollars at some organization and say i paid up. unfortunately that's how the ruling class operates. >> rachel: i'm not going to feel guilty putting my kids in my suv anymore. a bride-to-be in australia, this is interesting, she is trying to get covid for before her day. going to the bars, hugging everybody because she wants to catch the virus now so she doesn't have to worry about it she get closer to her wedding date. smart move? >> i'm not going to endorse this. looking all the things that found she said. the cdc. it's as solid of a method as anything we've been recommended to do. the vaccines don't assure that you don't get it. i won't go so far as to say don't do this but may be secretly living your life normally instead of locking yourself in your home for three months, be living your life
5:00 pm
normally and secretly hoping if i go ahead and get it. pretty reasonable. that's probably where a lot of americans are afraid >> rachel: when i saw the video, i thought that was aoc in miami. thanks, joey. thanks for watching "fox news chaim time." i am rachel campos-duffy. i'll be back for the whole week. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in the week before joe biden took office a little over a year ago federal officials met to decide how they were going to distribute the new covid vaccines. you'll remember that december of 2020 was the deadliest month to date in the covid pandemic. more than 65,000 americans died that month. people were afraid of the virus then. there was no treatment protocol for it. vaccines seemed lengnl


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