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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 11, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> todd: two breaks stories this morning. cdc director rochelle walensky and dr. fauci bracing for a contentious hearing, the broken promises on the pandemic, as president biden hits the road to sell his radical plan to overhaul our election system. it is tuesday, january 11, you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. look who is back, great to see you, partner. >> carley: so good to be back,
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todd. i'm carley shimkus. griff has more on democrat efforts to ram through the partisan agenda. asterisk matt, good morning. >> good morning. walensky and dr. fauci are expected to be grilled on the administration's recent guidance on prioritizing treatment races. certain races chose not to get vaccinated or at higher risk, however, he does not approve of administration using race to decide who gets testing or care. >> clear data showss race is independent risk factor for dying from covid. we shouldn't be using race to decide who gets treatment. >> the cdc faces its own confidence crisis, intensifying backlash over the cdc back
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pedaling and issuing confusing isolation guidance fuelling rampant spread of misinformation that made it up to the high court. justice sotomayor catching heat for making a wildly inaccurate claim and the white house refusing to correct the record. >> what do you guys think about sonia sotomayor false claim 100,000 children are in serious condition, many on ventilators? >> i will not speak to supreme court arguments or statements made in the arguments. i will tell you what is at stake here is our effort to protect health workers and most importantly, protect patients. >> now a republican group led by house minority whip steve scalise and james comer looking to probe leaders on the biden covid response team, scathing letter to the president writing in part, "tragically, almost 100,000 more americans died in
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2021 than in 2020," this is confounding considering president biden inherited vaccines, millions with natural immunity and well established testing apras u james comer will join "fox and friends first" later. >> todd: matt, thank you. happening today, president biden hitting the road to sell radical plan to overhaul our election system. >> carley: that is right. griff joins us live, some plan to stand up to the president. good morning. >> that is right, the president hoping to pressure lawmakers into breaking the filibuster over an issue he says is critical to protecting institutional rights. >> he's quite focused on how ensuring the american people understand what is at stake here, protecting fundamental
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right to vote. everyone has to take a look at where they want to be at this moment in history? >> georgia has become the epicenter in the voting rights battle. democrats say it impedes voting. coalition of civil rights groups in georgia are scathing the president's visit today, he is coming without a clear plan, saying, we don't need more photo ops, we need action in the john lewis voting advancement act and freedom to vote act. we need that immediately. chuck schumer says he intended to hold a vote to break the filibuster on the voting rights bill. it is dead on arrival without the support of joe manchin. >> this is cautious what we do, i hope -- fix things. every american has a right to vote and should be protected. >> republicans are opposed, georgia congressman buddy carter
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had this to say to you guys in the last hour. listen. >> this is nothing more than election power grab by democrats. theyment to federalize election, it is clear in article 2, section 1, clause 2, state legislators are given the right to set the voting laws in the state. >> vice president harris will accompany the president today. stacy abrams, democrat, former state rep, will not be in attendance. it will be interesting to see how it will play while the state is focused on a football victory last night. >> carley: that is right. georgia bulldogs took home the win. griff, thanks. congrats to your daughter. todd, when it comes to what will happen later, end of 2021 was
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build back better, that is dead on arrival and now they are talking about voting reform. the only way election laws will pass is if the filibuster ruless change. president biden used to not support that, now during his speech later he is expected to call for filibuster carve out specifically for election laws which could present -- open up a different can of worms, if you change the filibuster for one thing and republicans are in power, they could change filibuster rules for other things, which is why joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are opposed. election laws, democrats want them to pass, likely will not. this whole conversation could be another legislative fail for president biden. >> todd: yeah, carley, it is
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important to note joe manchin is on the side of trying to reform voting. keep that in mind, but he is not on the side of getting rid of the filibuster, there is that dichotomy there. democrats say democracy is at stake and that is the reason we need to put in a voting law. it seems to me the things they want to do would actually call democracy into question. they would invite fraud. for example, we've got registering to vote on election day, that seems that is right for fraud also. mailing absentee ballots to all voters, not cleaning up the voter roll, it could lead not to one person, one vote that is foundation of democracy, but one person, multiple votes, if they get a bunch of ballots. the states have enough troubles putting on elections, much less trying to figure out has this
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person voted two or three times. ballot harvesting, people may not be willing to vote or interested in voting, yet they vote because somebody goes to their house and says, sign here. we like this candidate. you sign for it, it is disaster and invitess fraud and people questioning our democracy. that is the thing we don't want at all. that is the thing that undermines the people's faith in our electoral process. >> carley: todd, i'm glad you touched on those bullet points cht the conversation is what democrats want to do. that is to pass the freedom to vote act and the john lewis voting acts right, largely what president biden's speech is going to be centered around. quick bullet points on the freedom to vote act prohibit states from requiring to vote absentee, anybody can vote absentee no matter what. absentee ballots to be noterized
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to allow people to register to vote on election day, which is something you just touched upon. you have to count all absentee ballots postmarked by lksz day and received within seven days. those are just a few, there are more in the freedom to vote act. the bigger point, it would federalize election laws, meaning every state would have to follow election laws and i think after what we saw unfold with covid, it starts small with one thing that could seemingly seem reasonable, becomes something completely different. a lot of states are wary of federalizing and giving the federal government any new powers than they already have right now. >> todd: beyond that, we've had election experts on to say this would potentially create democratic majority in perpituity. they are tweaking the rules in a
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way they should not be tweaked. important to keep in mind going to midterm. new overnight, chicago students will return to class on wednesday. teachers union suspended job action after a bitter blowout with the city. the union tweeting the return to class as ranking members vote on proposed agreement negotiated with chicago public schools and mayor lightfoot. the union had choice words for the mayor before calling off the walkout. listen. >> the mayor has beg your pardon relentless, she's been relentlessly stupid, we are trying to find way to get people back in school. >> todd: during negotiations teachers staged a car caravan as part of resistance to work in person, shutting down all traffic around city hall. trump administration testings bret girrard says we are doing damage to children by keeping
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classrooms closed. listen. >> what you're seeing now is loss of socialization and learning, some could be irrepairable. you are seeing children not getting screened for physical and mental disabilities. there is a national crisis in mental health among our children. this is all the result of the pandemic and so many things we could do to support them. number one, two and three, get children back in school, that is the one thing we need to do and do it now. >> todd: by the time chicago public school students return to the classroom tomorrow, they will have missed a week of learning. >> carley: and first time since 1980, the georgia bulldogs are national champions. >> the clock at four. underthrown and intercepted. [cheering]
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>> all the way to the end zone and georgia is going to conquer the crimson tide. >> carley: georgia took down number one alabama 33-18 to win the title. head coach kirby smart beating his former boss nick saban for the first time in five games as georgia's head coach, stetson bennett in tears on the sideline as the clock winds down. he was named offensive m.v.p. of the title game, a moment, todd, he will remember for the rest of his life. that video of him in tears is certainly a happy one for sure. >> todd: such an unbelievable journey for that young man. junior college walk-on, he finally made it to the biggest stage and look what he does on that stage. congrats to him and congrats to georgia. >> carley: absolutely. the time is 12 after the hour. turns out the american people are feeling the impact of the
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supply chain crisis with bare shelves biden trending on social media and people saying they are more concerned about the economy than the pandemic, we have those facts coming up. >> todd: i don't have eggss, i'm getting frustrated by it. this story is amazing. we showed you this video yesterday, a pilot saved from an oncoming train with seconds to spare. one officer who put his life on the line for that stranger joins us next. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. you inspired the new lexus es to be... well, more you. so thank you. we hope you like your work. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 es 350.
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it's wireless so good, it keeps one-upping itself. take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. >> carley: new photos obtained by daily mail show the apartment devastated by fire that took the lives of 17 people in the bronx. the blaze broke out in this very apartment on the floor where nine family members lived. covered in ash and debris destroyed by the fire. the victims were killed by smoke inhalation. 15 are hospitalized in critical condition. fire investigators are looking into why self-closing doors at the top and bottom failed, causing fumes to spread through every level of the building. and florida authoritiess
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releasing the 911 call from officers at the orlando ritz carlton after staffers found actor and comedian bob saget. >> we have unresponsive guest in the room. my officer telling me that he -- there is no pulse, not responsive, not breathing and no pulse. >> carley: "full house" star found lying on his back on his bed. the hotel staff says the room was orderly when they found his body, no signs of trauma on saget's body, they ruled out foul play or drug use in his death. he will certainly be missed. todd, over to you. >> todd: tough one, carley. did you see this? caught on camera. l.a. police officers pulling a bleeding pilot to safety just seconds before a barrelling train collides with his plane.
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>> go, go, go. [train horn sounding] >> yeah. >> todd: wow, the man that crashed on the tracks moments after taking off from a nearby airport. joining me now is one officer who helped rescue that pilot from the wreckage. officer, this is unbelievable. take us back to the moment you arrived on scene. did you know how close that train was? >> sure, todd. i did. i kept looking back at it, it kept getting closer and closer. i think my partner heard the desperation in my voice saying, we got to get it out. we grabbed on and pulled as hard as we could to pull him out of there and the rest is history. >> todd: it is tough to train for a moment like this. what is going through your head as this is all going down? >> pretty much the only thing going through my head, i was worried about the pilot and what was going to happen if we didn't
2:20 am
get him out. the train got closer and closer and i got more and more worried about him. only afterward thinking about it, i should have worried about myself, too, that is not something we thought about or i thought about at the time. >> todd: did the pilot say anything as you were getting him out? >> not that i heard. i think one of my other partners was talking to him, but he was just pretty stunned and in shock as to what happened. >> todd: did he say anything after you were all pretty safe there? >> i didn't hear anything he said because basically after we pulled him to safety, i started securing the perimeter and an ambulance came and picked him up and i never got to speak to him. >> todd: got it. always doing your job, that is awesome. look, we get in trouble when we write scripts in this business for saying, it looks like a
2:21 am
movie. literally, this looks like a movie. what has been the reaction from friends, family, people on the street? >> just disbelief. i -- you couldn't make this up, timing was just unbelievable. >> todd: it was unbelievable. officer, with police under attack literally and figureatively, how important is incident like this to show the heroism of brave men and women who do things you don't expect them to do on a day in and day out basis? >> i think it is very important. obviously this incident was showcased because of our body cameras catching it. many acts are heroism occur everyday and go unnoticed and i think it is important that
2:22 am
instances like these, the public get to see what it actually looks like. >> todd: officer robert sherot, thank you for what you did, this is great. one of the best stories of the year. thank you for being a part of it. robert sherock. the white house failing to move the needle in high-stakes talk with russia. some say the president does not have what it takes to get the job done. >> they know that america has no leverage over putin and russia, who doesn't see america as a threat. how much of a joke this administration is. >> todd: we have the detailss on where things stand now. >> carley: and some republican lawmakers have had enough of biden's broken promises on the pandemic and they are demanding a hearing. congressman james comer is one of them and he joins us next. do i need to pretreat my laundry? nope! with tide pods, you don't need to worry.
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>> todd: north korea fired what appears to be ballistic missile into the sea, second launch in less than a week. kim jong-un plans to expand the nuclear weapons program. the missile traveled 700 kilometers and reached speed of mock 10, 10 times the speed of sound before landing in the sea. the white house saying no progress after first day of high-stakes talks with russia. russia has 100,000 troops on the ukraine border and washington is bracing for an invasion. >> we knowledge the threat of invasion is real and we are averting that circumstance to defend ukrainian territory and sovereignty. >> todd: democrats are considering support for gop-backed bill to sanctions on
2:28 am
the pipeline. the sanctions would undercut u.s.-russia relations. jim banks says the response is concerning for the u.s. and our allies. take a listen. >> i think europe is as confused about joe biden's strategy toward russia and the situation in ukraine as most of us are. this point, the biden administration hasn't articulated what they plan to do. you heard secretary blinken come out today in the midst of negotiation and talks and say nothing will come out of it because they know america has no leverage over putin and russia, who doesn't see america as a threat. they have already said negotiations will not lead anywhere and how much of a joke this administration is. >> todd: russia will meet with nato leaders tomorrow in brussels. >> carley: republican lawmakers are demanding a hearing on the
2:29 am
biden administration's broken promises on the pandemic, calling the president's actions el et ceteraion of duty. you and steve scalise are calling for a joint hearing to discuss president biden's pandemic response. of course, democrats need to agree to this. will this hearing happen and what is your ultimate goal? >> we hope the hearing happens. nancy pelosi created the covid select subcommittee, a subcommittee of my house oversight committee just to try to look supposedly look into covid issues and how the government could be better suited for response. what we've now learned, she created the committee to try to embarrass trump. we have the first year of the biden administration with respect to covid has been marked by broken promises and overall
2:30 am
failure. we want to have a hearing, we haven't had dr. fauci or anyone from hhs or anyone testify before the select committee or the overall oversight committee. we have questions, the american people deserve answers. >> carley: i'm sure you have questions, some may be answered today. >> kennedy: cdc director and rochelle walensky and dr. fauci will be testifying before a panel. this is at a critical time, a lot of people, the cdc has a huge credibility issue right now, many are questioning a lot of their decision-making and messaging, what sort of questions do you think should be asked there and what are you hoping to learn? >> james: through work of the house oversight committee, we've been able to find redacted e-mails from the initial stages of when covid first came about. prior to dr. fauci coming out
2:31 am
and saying that this had to be from animal to human. there will be questions asked from this committee that will be direct response of some work the house republicans have done on the house oversight committee. i think the american people deserve answers, why doesn't joe biden have a plan. he promised a plan. he promised america that covid would be over with by christmas and we would have abundance of testing kits. these are broken promises. we need to know the national plan moving forward. we had hoped covid would be over by now, we are seeing talk of shutdowns and more talks of actions by teachers unions to go back to remote learning. this is not what the american people want. we need to get back to normal and we need to know the biden administration's plan. >> carley: speaking of shutdowns when president biden was a candidate, he promised to shut
2:32 am
down the virus, that didn't happen. take a listen to some of his promises on the campaign trail here. >> president biden: i said before, i will not shut down the economy, i will shut down the virus. i will shut down the virus, not the economy. i will not shut down the country, i will shut down the virus. shut down the virus and build the economy. >> carley: you know, congressman, we're running out of time here, he made this promise repeatedly. it didn't happen because no one person can shut down a virus. what does this mean for polling and his legacy going forward? >> james: not only did he not shut down the virus, there were more deaths his first year in office during the trump administration from covid. this is not just promise, this is failure. americans want to purchase testing kits implied during the campaign every american would have access to testing kits for
2:33 am
free. he is pushing boosters. he is wanting to mandate boosters and he said in the campaign he wouldn't do that. we need to hear from the biden administration what the plan is over the next 12 months moving forward. we can't afford uncertainty in the economy. our children cannot go back to virtual learning. we have to get back to normal. i'm not seeing any signs out of the biden administration that would give me any confidence. >> carley: congressman, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> carley: 33 minutes after the hour. it is white house is skirting questions about covid falsehood emanating from the highest court in the land. >> what do you think about covid misinformation coming from the supreme court? >> i will not speak to supreme court arguments or statements made in those arguments. ♪ >> todd: justice sotomayor earning four pinochio's for
2:34 am
claims. that is not good for a sitting justice. tomi lahren reacts next. ♪ to see my ancestors' photos was just breathtaking. wow, look at all those! what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? oh my goodness... this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family.
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2:38 am
>> carley: americans were alarmed after this false claim from liberal justice sonia sotomayor. >> we have over 100,000 children, which we've never had before, in serious condition. >> todd: roughly 3500 in hospitals now. >> yeah, in fact, what i will say, while pediatric hospitalizations there are 15-fold less than hospitalations of older demographic. >> carley: tomi lahren is joining us. tomi one reason this statement from justice sotomayor is because most didn't realize supreme court justices made mistakes of this size. what do you make of this false statement from her and how do you think the supreme court will rule when it comes to the president's vaccine mandate? >> tomi: everybody makes mistakes and gets statistics
2:39 am
wrong sometimes. this is a pretty big mistake, seismic mistake for somebody in her position. can we imagine for a moment if there was a conservative who spread this misinformation, one that sitss on high court, liberals would have a field day with it. imagine if we held liberals in supreme court, in media, same level we hold conservatives, they wouldn't have platforms because they would be spreading misinformation. we have stickers on everything we post, if we so much as question the flip-flopping science of folks like fauci, we are labeled misinformation. people can sit on the high court and spread blatantly false information and get away with it. the answer from jen psaki on this, her avoidance goes to show the liberals are in cahoots, they don't care, are not held to
2:40 am
the same standard as conservatives and i don't think they will be. >> todd: you mentioned jen psaki, take a listen. >> what do you think of covid misinformation coming from the supreme court. >> i will not speak to supreme court arguments or statements made in those arguments. >> todd: i thought the white house, number one goal was to root out covid disinformation, i thought that was their stated goal. does that not apply to a democratic justice who has most highly trained law clerks at her disposal? >> tomi: it doesn't apply to law clerks, the justice, to rachel maddow, to dr. fauci, any of that, they can say the science has evolved or not answer when asked why they are spreading misinformation. this is deeper than a mistake. ask the justice why she was
2:41 am
spreading misinformation and why she wouldn't apologize for misinformation and goes to the core of public and why they don't trust government. they have flip flopped numerous times and spread misinformation and want to stock the covid hysteria flame. what is the goal here? to keep americans perpetually in fear of covid? which is now a glorified cold. what is motivation behind this? doesn't seem like the american people are benefiting from it whatsoever. >> carley: tomi, one question, where is outrage from democrats and some in media who are so opinionated when it came to some of president trump's supreme court nominees, you may remember this. >> i want to tell you gorsuch, i want to tell you, brett kavanaugh, you you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. >> apparently the pick is going to be this amy comey, saying
2:42 am
this name a lot because she is a [bleep] nut. >> tomi: none of that directed at sonia sotomayor. i am glad, there is political distinction when it comes to media, as well. >> tomi: double standard is only standard of the left and the leftist media. i want to hear the justice apologize and say it was misinformation, say she made a mistake. we need accountability. american people are watching and people's jobs depend on their decision. when they are not held accountable for misinformation that affects everyday americans. they have a right to be outraged. it is from all government officials, caught time and time again evolving on their science, but american jobs and lives are hanging in the balance. someone needs to be held
2:43 am
accountable, seems no liberal and no one in the biden administration will be. >> carley: supreme court decision on the president's vaccine mandate of course, could come down any day now. it is in place now, that could change depending how the supreme court rules. thank you for joining us this morning. >> tomi: thanks for having me, guys. >> carley: we turn to senior meteorologist janice dean for the forecast. good morning. >> janice: it is cold out. i heard todd saying earlier how cold it was. we will get a little reprieve this week. temperatures will start to moderate, more seasonal, not really warm, not wind chills of below zero, what we have today across the northeast. here are windchills right now, minus 5 in new york. minus 1 in boston. minus 21 in burlington. that will hang around today. wednesday things start to
2:44 am
maderate a bit. we have cold air across the great lakes and have potential for several inches of lake effect snow today. otherwise, very good story for the plain states, we'll get temperatures up after deep freeze for the last couple weeks. 15 to 25 degrees above average. temperatures m the 40s and 50s, which we like in this area, i think, unless you like the cold. eventually that will come back over the next couple weeks. there is the forecast today. we don't have a lot of systems to talk about. we have wet weather returning to the northwest and we'll see temperatures come up for the northeast. todd and carley, back to you. >> todd: thank you. i need to improve the insulation in my home office. it is literally cold in here. i should wear a snow suit instead of shorts. 44 minutes after the hour. top democrats like aoc escape
2:45 am
blue states for red ones. cashing in on the hypocrisy, cheryl casone has details next. ♪ my mental health was much better. my mind was in a good place. but my body was telling a different story. i felt all people saw were my uncontrolled movements. some mental health meds can cause tardive dyskinesia, or td, and it's unlikely to improve without treatment. ingrezza is a prescription medicine to treat adults with td movements in the face and body. it's the only treatment for td that's one pill, once-daily, with or without food. ingrezza 80 mg is proven to reduce td movements in 7 out of 10 people. people taking ingrezza can stay on their current dose of most mental health meds. don't take ingrezza if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. ingrezza may cause serious side effects, including sleepiness. don't drive, operate heavy machinery, or do other dangerous activities until you know how ingrezza affects you. other serious side effects include potential heart rhythm problems and abnormal movements.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. as little as zero dollars 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> todd: horrifying surveillance footage showing a group of
2:49 am
robbers armed with sledge hammers stealing jewelry. no arrests have been made, the culprits will be hit with felonies, if they are nabbed. a business owner lost between $50 and $100,000 is calling for stricter punishment for crims. a new poll shows americans are more concerned about the economy than covid. >> concerns are a new twitter trend. cheryl casone from fox business joins us live with details. good morning, cheryl. >> cheryl: good morning to both of you. 68% of americans say it is the economy issue not covid, that is their biggest worry, the pandemic is their number one concern. worries over the cost of living have doubled and americans are concerned over rising inflation, this is hashtag bare shells biden is trending on twitter
2:50 am
while supply chain crunch is decimating store shelves. politicians are posting photos of bare shelves in local stares. we are seeing this across the country. the mayor of atlanta posted pictures of bare shelves. >> todd: it is bad, happening everywhere. power move by governor ron desantis here. >> cheryl: good sense of humor. florida governor desantis selling t-shirts, after top democrats were seen maskless. both aoc and eric swalwell, who visited florida for vacation. tonight on "american dream home" we are heading to clearwater. jeff and sarah are on their hunt in the sunshine work. and house hunt will be a family
2:51 am
affair, getting the kids involved in this one. one of my favorite episodes. >> carley: wonderful, we all have to tune in. cheryl, thank you for joining us. love the t-shirt, too. the president is heading to atlanta to try to sell his plan to overhaul the election. >> todd: and will break down the latest power grab next. ♪ ♪ before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month . . of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing,
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doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ ♪ >> carley: president biden heading toe georgia where he is expected to congress to change the rules in order to completely overhaul our election system. >> todd: georgia congressman jody heights joins us now. thank you for being here here is some of the language biden and the democrats are using the quote the next few days vote
2:56 am
will mark a turning point in this nation. will we choose democracy over acongress crazy, light over shadow, justice over injustice. i know where i stand. i will not yield. i will not flinch. this extremely flowery hyperbolic language that the democrats are using, seems to me really is gaslighting. what they're ultimately trying to do is a naked power grab to ensure democratic control of all of our offices going forward. do you agree? >> you are exactly right it's a federal takeover of our elections it will install the ability for democrats states doing everything they can to shore up election.
2:57 am
it is shameful. they are coming to georgia because it's ground zero in battle. >> carley: you know, congressman, is it a risk for democrats to be focusing on voter reform. in order for these two bills the democrats want to pass to pass they are going to have to change the filibuster rules and joe manchin and kyrsten sinema aren't on board with that. is this going to be another loss for the biden administration? >> i think it absolutely is another loss. everything they have done has been destructive for our country for the past year. now we are watching a time where the democrats are sliding in poll numbers, inflation is rising, covid is raging, our borders are in absolute chaos. biden's signature piece of legislation is stalled in the senate. and everything they have done has failed. and now they are going to try to take over through election reform. this is a democratic party that's out of control. they are continually taking our freedoms and liberties away from
2:58 am
us. and now they are trying to take the consent of the governed as is expressed at the ballot box away from the american citizens and, yes, i believe this is going to be yet another failure as well it should be for the democratic party. >> todd: meantime, kevin mccarthy who in all likelihood if things go according to plan, your plan, sir, will be the next speaker of the house as representatives schiff a.o.c. and swalwell. the democrats are going to come back and say you are weaponizing the office. what is the response of the democrats when all they have done over the past, i don't know, year and a half or year or so is weaponize the office since they are in charge now? >> well, that's right. they are the ones that started of this whole thing of weaponizing the power of politics to go after political enemies. and i hope kevin mccarthy does
2:59 am
what he says he will do. it's time that the democrats get a taste of their own medicine. and they have been forcing members of the republican party out of their committee assignments. it's time that they do get a taste of that themselves. i hope kevin mccarthy will follow through with that. >> carley: well, the state of georgia is not only in the news this morning because of the president's upcoming visit, but also because of the georgia bulldogs winning the college football championship. we see it. you are wearings a georgia bulldog pin. how are you feeling this morning after georgia beat alabama 33-18 in the championship game? >> fantastic game. i had the distinct honor of representing athens in the university of georgia and the tenth district. and it's been a dream come true. it's ban magical season for the bulldogs. hats off to coach kirby smart and incredible team that they have put together and, yes, what
3:00 am
sweet finally beat alabama for the national championship. fantastic game. i'm a little bloodshot eyes this morning like a lot of other people. >> carley: that's very honest of you. i'm sure you are not alone of that the first time they have won since 1980. congratulations to your team there congressman jody hice, thank you so much. "fox & friends" starts. >> chicago teachers union make a deal to return to school in person on wednesday. >> we know this has been very difficult. >> this has been very unpleasant experience. >> president biden hitting the road to sell his radical plan to overhaul our election system. >> coming down to tour state and telling us we are suppressing voters when it's easier to vote in georgia than it is in california, delaware and new york. >> cdc resht rochelle walensky and dr. fauci will testify on the hill. >> why so unprepared for the need for testing. >> there has been a massive


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