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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 11, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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the national championship. fantastic game. i'm a little bloodshot eyes this morning like a lot of other people. >> carley: that's very honest of you. i'm sure you are not alone of that the first time they have won since 1980. congratulations to your team there congressman jody hice, thank you so much. "fox & friends" starts. >> chicago teachers union make a deal to return to school in person on wednesday. >> we know this has been very difficult. >> this has been very unpleasant experience. >> president biden hitting the road to sell his radical plan to overhaul our election system. >> coming down to tour state and telling us we are suppressing voters when it's easier to vote in georgia than it is in california, delaware and new york. >> cdc resht rochelle walensky and dr. fauci will testify on the hill. >> why so unprepared for the need for testing. >> there has been a massive
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surge in case load. >> manhattan rolls out far left policies critics say is soft on crime. >> these d.a.s choose to be complicit in crime i will fire. >> in the pocket, watching down field. intercepted, ringo goes down the sidelines all the way to the end zone as georgia is going to cover the crimson tide. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who, who, who, who ♪ >> brian: georgia wins first time since 180. 33-1. good game for three quarters. in the end georgia too much. beat the only team that beat them this year, alabama. and this is kirby smart who is actually coaching for nick saban. he beat nic fabian and alabama. they have had a lot of success in the past. great to see georgia do it and great to see a walk-on
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quarterback setten bennett take the job early in the year. i think this rated through the roof, don't you think, steve? >> steve: absolutely. i mean, who wasn't watching that last night? and it was a great season and like you said, brian, first national championship for georgia since 1980. they have been waiting for 41 years so it tastes great today, the sweet taste of victory. people in georgia today smiling not because joe biden is coming to town necessarily but because of the big win last night, ainsley. >> ainsley: oh my gosh, such an exciting game when i was going to bed i was texting my best friend who lives in atlanta. her husband graduate from georgia. incredible tennis player. now he is on the board. freezing so cold. it was so exciting. it looked like they weren't going to win and pulled it off at the end.
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always great to hear great story like bennett's store went to junior college and walked on. and i believe his dad university to the university of south carolina. >> brian: one of the great venues basically be on the feet the whole day. not a lot of driving. i remember when they had the super bowl there. i don't know the timing, guys. joe biden goes to georgia to talk about voting rights legislation. ain't ains we're going to talk about that. >> brian: he can't attract stacey abrams and georgia comes home with a national championship first time, since, i don't know, ronald reagan was in office. good luck trying to get some headlines out of that i'm not too sure who their meeting planner is but there is a throat discuss today, steve. >> steve: absolutely, brian. by the way, we should point out stacey abrams to your point is not going to be able to meet with the president of the united states talking about voting rights because she has a scheduling issue. >> brian: exactly we know what that is like. >> steve: too big, can't talk to
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the president, don't know what it is she will not be in attendance. >> ainsley: do you think it's because she doesn't want to upset the naacp and its followers because they have decided not to go. they said they want some action from the white house. they are not there for a photo op. they are not going. >> brian: yeah. >> steve: no, i think it's because she actually has got a scheduling conflict. because that's what we said. why would she not be telling the truth. >> ainsley: bigger than the president? >> steve: so you have got that going on. yesterday, speaking of the white house, they were very clear they said that the chicago teachers should be back on the job. and yesterday the chicago teachers union leaders voted to return to class today kids would come in tomorrow. the final vote with the union leaders was about 400 to about 225. so 225 of the teachers were saying no, absolutely not. we didn't get anything that we wanted. keep in mind, what they wanted
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and the for the most part rank and file vote for it today. many teachers unhappy and there is a probability they will reject it. because they did not get what they wanted and the ultimate thing thing that they wanted was they wanted to return to class a week from today instead, the teachers are in today, ainsley, and the students come back tomorrow, if it passes by the rank and file. >> ainsley: that's crazy. that would be two weeks of the kids not having any classroom at all because lori lightfoot said we are not doing any zoom teaching. i want the kids back in the classroom. she said parents shouldn't have to choose whether or not they are going to go out and make a living or stay at home with their children. some of these parents are hourly employees so they need to go back to work but they have to stay at home with their kids. their kids are not learning right now. that's been the argument. it's interesting that just a day earlier the teachers union president his name is jesse
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sharky, and is he a socialist. he used to be a member of the international socialist organization before the controversy. he was slamming lori lightfoot the day before, before they worked it all out. listen. >> we don't have enough on the take to be able to go back to the table who frankly break the law and constantly say help us ensure our safety. we are basically, the mayor has been relentless, but she is being relentlessly stupid. [cheers] >> she is being relentlessly stubborn. >> brian: there is a legitimate question did the money go to the schools when they got those big checks? because a lot of it went to social engineering programs and some form of crt. i got it you come out and talk about ventilation and separation. i love there are so many blue states now that are saying we have got to get the kids back in school. parents aren't democratic or republican they are concerned
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about 3rd grader 8 grader and senior. not waiting until the vice is gone. omicron changed all of that prevalent but far from lethal. now i think you see a bunch of parents side go aheading with republicans have been saying over the past one couple of years. mayor lightfoot who sounds much like a republican these days expressing frustration but now expressing elation because they have a deal. listen. >> we know this has been very difficult for students and family it our goal throughout this entire process was to both get our students back to in person learning as quickly as possible and prevent work destructions for the rest of the school year. >> i'm personally exhausted and glad this is over this. has been a very unpleasant experience. the ctu felt like we were asking for reasonable things. >> steve: a set of reasonable things. so, after there was the name calling, that we saw earlier in
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the day. suddenly it's like okay, we're going to go back to school. even though the teachers, a lot of them, are not happy about it. you know, and, brian, you kind of touched on this a moment ago. there are so many -- you mentioned that lori lightfoot, starting now, during the first week in january, sounded like le let's keep the schools open not what she was saying a month ago. julie pace from the a.p. says you can notice a shift. and we were talking about this before christmas on how democrats, you know, they are looking at the polling. they realize that all the lockdown stuff not popular with people and so they are trying to expand now and keep the schools open, which who knew, that is apparently what parents want. watch. >> we are seeing this really remarkable shift. you know, early in the pandemic you could basically draw a straight line between your partisan affiliation and where you fell on covid restrictions.
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and now that's really been muddied where you are seeing democrats, who had been much more in favor of tighter restrictions who are starting to, as john said, starting to feel like we have to move forward and try live with this. they want to keep schools open. they are very skeptical of the need for those really tight lockdowns that we saw earlier. and the reality is we are in a different phase. that has really muddied, i think, the public's willingness to accept a real roll back this their ability to live life as normal. >> steve: and so, during the new normal. you know, we have heard from the white house. we have heard from the president the safest place for kids to be is school. so it doesn't make any sense to lock them down. ainsley and brian, i don't know if you saw this story yesterday, but they have figured out in canada how to get people vaccinated. and that is the province of quebec, announced a couple of days ago if you want to be able to go into a liquor store or a
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cannabis dispensary, you have got to be vaccinated and right after they made that announcement, the number of people getting vaccinated and making appointments quadrupled because people in canada could not want to be without their booze or their weed. >> ainsley: their booze got them through the pandemic so, yeah, they don't want to be without it they are used it now. >> steve: you are right. >> ainsley: look at lori lightfoot two years ago in 2020 she was saying skip thanksgiving with your family. if you don't adhere to the stay at home orders, police might come and arrest you. now she is saying we want schools to open. look at mayor garcetti in l.a. and gavin newsom all for lockdowns in california and now saying we want to have the super bowl in l.a. monmouth university did polling and they asked americans and the majority of them said they are so sick and tired of this pandemic. now that we have vaccines they want to get back to normal. democrats were so on board for all these lockdowns and now they
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are saying it doesn't matter anymore according to monmouth university. >> brian: the whole team in america has to be not like canada. certainly not like australia. living with it. and now we have to re-examine the numbers of hospitalizations, who is really hospitalized, who really died and for what reason? how effective are the vaccines? peter talked about that yesterday. what exactly does the booster do? we have to re-examine everything that's been jammed down our throats, and we have to learn to live our lives. i'm speaking as an american because i think i'm actually seeing that republicans and democrats are beginning to agree and converge on this which i think is good news because holding these people accountable. just don't tell me the hospitalizations. just don't tell me the deaths. don't just tell me the booster. tell me why. i think you will see that in the testimony today when the cdc director talks in circles and anthony fauci pretends to be offended on everything that he is asked. >> steve: you know what, brian?
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and peter doocy asked jen psaki, you know, you keep saying it's the pandemic of the unvaccinated but he said he had gotten omicron, she had gotten covid as well. you know, so every -- and i was talking to my covid doctor about this, dr. ken. everybody is going to get it eventually. but, you know, and that's why so many people are saying you have got have the vaccine and the boosters. ultimately because it does provide protection. but the big question is, brian and ainsley, if you could not go to a liquor store or buy wine or beer without a vaccine, would you get the shot. ainsley you are shirt. >> ainsley: i think people not getting the shot are resistant to it and don't want it at this point. i think they would probably have their husband or friend go in the liquor store for them. >> steve: oh. >> ainsley: i think we need these monoclonals because some people are not vaxxed and
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controversial. could you imagine being 80 years old and you have co-morbidities and you need monoclonals and your doctor says i can't get them. we need to get those or these pills. go ahead, brian. >> brian: our don't get them because you are white. maybe that's the other issue that we have got to examine. but, steve, mash, mash is the secret. make your own liquor in your tent. so i would have a plan c. >> steve: brian, we are lazy. we want to walk into a store. >> brian: potatoes in a test tube and make my own vodka. find a russian friend and he will tell me how to do it. up next, bob saget's family speaking out about his death. heart breaking texas he sent his daughter. manhattan district attorney soft on crime business owners are fighting back. calls for law and order as the recall threat already looms ♪ work at nothing all day ♪ i've been taking care of business everyday
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♪ >> carley: we are back with your headlines, horrifying surveillance footage shows a group of robbers armed with sledge hammers stealing jewelry in california. the group making off with over $100,000 worth of necklaces and other jewelry. no arrests have been made so far. police say the culprit will be hit with felonies if nabbed. a business owner who lost up to $100,000 is calling for stricter punishment for criminals. border agents flagging a troubling trend unaccompanied migrant children are on the rise in the dell rio sector. over 70 unaccompanied children
3:19 am
have been found traveling alone or with complete strangers just this last weekend. many of the kids tell border agents they have no idea where their parents currently are. the faa ordering a full ground stop at all west coast airports for seven minutes after north korea fired a missile into its eastern sea on monday afternoon. this was the second missile launched by north korea in just a week. south korean official saying the ballistic missile traveled about 700 kilometers mach 10 peed. first time since 1980 georgia bulldogs are national champ i don't knows. >> from the pocket,nching down field, intercepted. ringo has an escort downtown
3:20 am
sidelines. all the way to the end zone as georgia is going to conquer the creamson tide. >> that's right, georgia taking down number one alabama 3-18 to win the title. walk on quarterback bennett in tears on the sidelines. he was named offensive mvp of the game. congratulations to him and all around. steve, over to you. >> steve: no kidding. congratulations, georgia and alabama. there is always this year coming up. thank you very much, carley. >> carley: you bet. >> steve: move on 6:20 on the east coast. remembering america's dad. bob saget's family sharing their appreciation for the overwhelming support around the world following the actor and comedian's sudden death over the weekend. >> todd piro is live in the newsroom with new details about saget's final moments. todd? >> todd: receive, ainsley and brian good morning. found in hotel room by staffer
3:21 am
at the orlando ritz carlton. the sheriff's office releasing the 911 call from hotel security. >> we have unresponsive guest in the room. my officer is telling me that there is no pulse. unresponsive. not breathing and no pulse. >> todd: tmz reporting that sent a staffer to his room after they were unable to get in touch with him. after they arrived they found him on the bed unresponsive with his left arm across his chest. revealing the full house star's room was quote orderly at the time of his death. and no science of trauma on his body. police have ruled out foul play and drug use. saget's wife kelly rizzo releasing a statement saying yesterday quote a my whole heart. bob was my absolute everything. i'm completely shatterrenned and in disbelief. touched by the outpouring of love from friends, family, his fans and his peers. three daughters aubrey posting
3:22 am
screen shot of final text message to her it reads thank you, love you, show time. saget's tv time also releasing a joint statement saying quote: 35 years ago we came together as a tv family but we became a real family and now we grieves a family. bob made us laughed of until we cried. our tears flow with sadness and also gratitude of our memories of our sweet, kind, cherished bob. bob saget just 65 years old. thank you. >> ainsley: it was found reported he was found lying left hand on the chest right hand on the bet lights were turned off. family trying to company get in touch. a lot of celebrities flocking to the house. john stamos got out of the car and embraced his wife at the front door. candace cammeron two celebrities twont his house and comic jeff roth.
3:23 am
>> brian: sad time and continue to talk about bob saget as the medical examiner finds out for sure what happened. meanwhile, fast forward to what's happening in new york city and same thing in san francisco, los angeles and philadelphia. you got a very liberal d.a. put in this business thanks to the support. put in office thanks to mostly the support of george soros and his group who is so out there left wing and pro-criminal that it's got everybody concerned. even some on the left like, for example, tom suozzi running for governor the democratic congressman and andrew giuliani and others running to be governor on the right. even have the commissioner, new commissioner of police under this brand new mayor who she is concerned about her officers on the street because he has got to prosecute no crime and be lenient and downgrade crimes, especially when this comes to things like resisting arrest. today, the partnership for new york city, business leaders are going to sit down with the d.a. of manhattan and express their
3:24 am
outrage about the city streets the way they are today and his belief that if this email is correct, that was sent tout everybody last week, and so little that he is going to prosecute and how permissive he is going to be when it comes to enforcing crime and punishment. they will not stand for it. there is even talk, steve, of a recall of d.a. alvin bragg. >> steve: that's right. this business group, the partnership for new york city. you know, they thought that when eric adams, who was in law enforcement, has been elected as the new mayor of new york, that things would be better. but then they saw this memo from alvin bragg and they go wait a minute, the business leaders are furious. one of them said essentially, what is he saying is his policy would allow a criminal to walk into the metropolitan museum of art, take a da vinci off the wall and walk out without it --
3:25 am
if he did not use a gun, he would not be prosecuted. and they are furious that this, you know, there is no consequence for crime in new york city under this guy. catherine wild, who is the ceo said this: i have never heard so much spontaneous upset with her members. my members are saying what is this? i told bragg that our members are very upset. we want to hear how he explains what he is doing. and so apparently, they are going to sit down with the new d.a. 10 days from today to talk about his policies, ainsley. they want to remove bragg if elected for failing to enforce the law. they say this is going to just cause more criminal activity in new york city. listen to andrew giuliani. >> the truth is though we continue to see this not just
3:26 am
around penn station. not just around manhattan, but all around the state. and what the manhattan district attorney has done has only incentivized criminals with his memorandum to his assistant district attorneys. i really think the governor needs to stand up and remove alvin bragg. we don't have recall like they do in san francisco and los angeles with those district attorneys so our recourse is to have the governor get up. if i'm governor, i can tell you any of these d.a.s who choose to be complicit in this crime, i will fire them on day one. >> ainsley: he went on to say well alvin bragg went on to say that the memo he sent to his staffers last week. that was just supposed to be for his staffers but got in the hands of the mayor and the mayor posted and now all of the media is talking about it people are really upset and wondering what this means for our city. he doesn't want to seek carceral sentences except for murders or extremely violent cases. >> i read the whole brian lehrer
3:27 am
interview from yesterday all is he doing it s. trying to set up impossible scenarios make them seem like totally logical move. i don't think someone should go to get prison in any get cuffed straighten their arms no. kidding. we are talking about not prosecuting for assisting arrest. or assisting those resisting arrest. that's a problem if you are a cop on the beat? don't you think? also if you don't have the back of police, i think that's a little bit of an issue. it goes counter-intuitive to everything the mayor ran on. everything in new york city actually want but the problem is, this is single party city. got 86% of the vote. and he feels he has carte blanche. my hope is to be so much widespread pushback and blowback that it will be forced to come out with another 10-page memo rebuking that 10-page memo. >> steve: well, the problem is there is no such thing as recall elections in new york state. there are ways to get rid of them. but it's extraordinary. you know, ainsley, to your point about that memo that came out on
3:28 am
day one. he said, you know, that was only supposed to be for my lawyers in the district attorney's office. but his p.r. department blasted it out as an email press release about look how progressive this guy is. and we heard and we talked yesterday about how the new incoming police commissioner sewell said she was very concerned about him. now he has said, you know what? i think she misread his memo and they, it sounds like, are going to be meeting, very, very soon. has a lot of explaining to do. >> 10 page memo by the way. two lawyers is the scariest thing. the fact that it went out is great for us. those are the prosecutors that have it know what they should do and not do. all the prosecutors in new york were told basically stand back and empty out rikers. thanks, i don't think so. after we see what is happening in those cities that i mentioned earlier, that is exactly the path new york is on right now.
3:29 am
>> ainsley: brian, he goes on to say some cereal criminals need to be connected to mental health or addiction services. he says this is just common sense. this will make us safer. >> brian: please. >> steve: yeah. let's see about that. we're coming up on 6:30 here in the east. coming up novak djokovic taking the court in australia but his fight is far from over. tennis star's battle to compete on the world stage we will tell you all about it some americans qualified for a fourth covid shot, look at who is profiting from the vaccines, exactly. stuart varney following the vax doe coming up ♪ hey, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ elp. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it.
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>> carley: we are back with some headlines, the search for a 7-year-old girl last seen over two years ago continuing at the home where she once lived police searching a house in manchester, new hampshire where harmony montgomery lived when she was last seen in 2019. her disappearance not reported until just several weeks ago. the girl's father has been arrested in connection with her disappearance. her stepmother was arrested for fraudulently taking financial assistance, assistance, rather, meant for the missing girl. the republican national committee is suing new york city after mayor eric adams declined
3:34 am
to block a bill allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. the new law will permit 800,000 non-citizen to cast a vote. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel announcing a lawsuit writing, quote: american elections should be decided by american citizens if democrats can subvert elections, this flagrantly in america's largest city, they can do it anywhere. serbian tennis star novak djokovic returns to training an sprawlen judge says he can stay in the country. he was released after being confined to an immigration hotel because is he unvaccinated against covid. djokovic tweeting in part i'm pleased and grateful that the judge overturned my visa cancellation. despite all that's happened i want to stay and try to compete. it's still unclear if djokovic will play in the australian open which starts on monday. his visa could still be canceled
3:35 am
by australia's immigration minister. so, saga there continues, brian, over to you. >> brian: down under, they can't get it right. thanks so much, carley. meanwhile, talk about this. some of the strictest covid measures in north america. canadian government tight lockdowns in quebec including curfew surging covid. begging residents to get vaccinated may have found a working strategy quadrupled now that the vaccine will be required to buy pot or alcohol. here to react varney and company's own stuart varney. stuart, instead of getting 1500 shots a day they are getting 6,000 per day because people don't want to be cut off from the alcohol or their pot. how do you feel about this? >> i'm glad we live in america, brian. because here we seem to be coming to a consensus that we have got to live with this thing and work through this thing as opposed to trying killing it as you reported. up in canada, quebec, canada a few days ago the health minister said, look, you can't go to a pot shop or a liquor store
3:36 am
unless you have got proof of vaccination. that means so the number of shots per day went from 1500 to 6,000. they are coaxing, forcing people who get vaccinated and a vaccine passport it's coming to australia, europe and canada. that's something i do not agree with. by should you penalize people for not taking a vaccine which doesn't work? i just don't see that. >> brian: might lessen the symptoms but canada, if you think it's bad in the u.s. think about australia, think about canada. they are lock down central. do you know what they said, stuart? this is only the start of the restrictions. really? only the start. now it is. now we are getting a booster. moderna is working on a shot just for the omicron. the omicron is going to be gone in two weeks. thank you. >> endless shots. you can't move around. you can't travel. you can't do what you wish to do with your personal freedom because you are not vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn't
3:37 am
work. >> brian: perfect segue to who is profiting from this. i think it's noteworthy. i'm not saying it's insidious but i will say that this. expect the revenue for the vaccine makers is pretty substantial. pfizer are going to make 36 billion after the end of this year. moderna 10 billion. astrazeneca 2.2 b and johnson and johnson 72 million. my shot suspect am eye going says expires. going to make each more money on us or our insurance companies. do you think that's noteworthy. >> very noteworthy. so is this. friday of this week, richard, who is one of the senior researchers at the federal reserve will resign. apparently he sold stock in february 2020 pout it back few days later acting on insider information about covid. so he made money, he profited by
3:38 am
trading stocks with knowledge about covid that other people didn't have. it's the same in congress. you can trade on information, that comes your way as a member of congress and make money out of it and that is legal. but there are moves to stop this kind of thing happening. >> brian: jon ossoff is pushing at it, a democratic. listen to speaker pelosi who made zillions along with her husband on these stocks. she was asked this on december 15th. listen. >> should members of congress and their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks once they are in congress. >> no. we are a free market economy. they should be able to participate in that. >> brian: stuart, but she said policy. she sets policy. she gets a head start on everything. this hats got to stop. >> it's just not fair. >> people who have that kind of inside information should not be allowed to profit from it competence of the rest of us who do not have that information. i have no problem with the
3:39 am
pharmaceutical companies making a lot of money out of these vaccines they moved it forward very quickly. they came up with these vaccines against all the odds. i don't object to them making that amount of money. i do object to politicians and others making money out of nonpublic information about covid. >> brian: i see what you are saying it's a free market. is it a free market if i have to get the shot and i have to pay them. >> true, very good point. >> brian: how many shots are we going to get? when is america going to say 2 is enough? 3 is enough, 4 is enough, 5 is enough? the u.k. came out and their health minister said it's not feasible to ask our people to get a shot every four to six months. >> exactly. >> brian: what's what america is going to ask us. are we willing to do that. >> bad public health policy. >> brian: do you know what's good policy watch your show every day three hours 9:00 to noon. >> if you can handle it. yes, brian. >> brian: the answer is we is handle it.
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>> ainsley: swimming parents are pushing the ncaa to review its policy on transgender athletes and their fight for fairness in women's sports. this comes as controversial u penn swimmer lia thomas transathlete on the up swim team, transitioning from female to male. our next guest is a former u.s.a. swimming official who resigned last month in protest of thomas' record breaking wins. cynthia mill len joins us now. good morning to you vicinity yanchts good morning, ainsley. >> you resigned after 30 years. why? >> because it is unfair for bodies that are male to be swimming against bodies that are
3:45 am
female. and bodies swim against bodies. and we know that no amount of testosterone suppression drugs will change the anatomy of a male to a female. sadly, the ncaa's strategy is based upon that in a 10-year-old rule. the ncaa needs to get out of this entire transition business. ainsley, we are talking about teenagers. you enter the clearing house when you are a junior in hospital. and on the ncaa website you see you are allowed to transition and swim as a member of the opposite sex. this is not only untrue, you never truly become a male or a female. but also statistics have shown that if a teenager with gender dysphoria is allowed to work through it with proper therapy, they end up not wanting to transition when they are adults. but the more serious thing is
3:46 am
this transitioning involves mutilation of the body. yale swimmer had her breast removed as a teenager. this involves permanent infertility. this involves such mutilation of the body for, what? transitioning as a teenager? the ncaa should take leadership role and say no, it's not healthy for teenagers to be even thinking about doing this. wait until you are an adult and for that reason, only -- you may only compete in your biological sex. >> ainsley: what what has been the reaction to the community and other swimmers and their parents. >> overwhelmingly against the ncaa policy. everyone sees the emperor has new clothes here. there is no way that lia thomas. god bless lia thomas a child of god as i have referred to leah before, is a female. leah is swimming in a male body because these hormone
3:47 am
suppression drugs won't take away the fact that leah has superior lung capacity, superior skeletal system. superior heart. more fast switch muscles. s this this is called the legacy attributes. they are never taken away by these drugs. >> ainsley: leah broke two national records, 200 and 500-yard freestyle with yale and dartmouth this is what the school is saying they are defending lee a she has succeeded all protocols for transgender student athlete to compete for a women's team. she will continue to represent the penn women's swimming team in competition this year. what's your reaction? >> is u penn proud of the fact that lia may end up being fertilely infertile continues the transition. is yale proud of the fact that they are promoting a young lady having her breasts removed? are these ivy league schools proud of the fact that they are promoting the mutilation and infertility of children, of
3:48 am
teenagers? and ncaa, shame on you. they are all relying on the ncaa rule. change it. >> ainsley: cynthia, thank you for coming on with us. >> thank you so much, ainsley. >> ainsley: you are welcome. check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. hey, janice. >> hi, ainsley, the coldest air of the season has arrived here in the northeast. the good news is it's short-lived because things will start to warm up relatively speaking starting tomorrow. take a look at it deep freeze for a lot of folks here in dallas and memphis and kansas city. 20 here in new york. 6 in fargo. when you factor in the winds, what it feels like on your skin if you are unprotected it's going to be below zero in a lot of these areas. so there you have it. the coldest air of the season. there are your temperatures and there is what it feels like with the wind. 3 trees in new york. feels like minus five in albany. the plains by the way warming up 10 to 25 degrees above average the next couple of days. i'm sure folks will enjoy that.
3:49 am
there are your temperatures today kansas city 57, 57 in dallas. 50 in atlanta and then things will start to warm up tomorrow for the northeast. in terms of storm systems, not too much to tell you about. we could see scattered showers across florida and in the northwest we will get wet for parts of the coastal areas, a little bit of snow in the mountains and then also some lake-effect snow. otherwise, no big storms to talk about and we will hopefully bump those temperatures up a little bit tomorrow in the northeast. ainsley, back to you. >> ainsley: all right. we will be prepared. thanks, janice. still ahead, the supply chain crisis is taking a bite out of the new orleans iconic king cake business. talk to two owners working overtime to make the sweet treat for you. ♪ ♪ liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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>> steve: it is officially carnival sneefn new orleans. and nothing says mardi gras like a king cake you know what i'm talking about. but the supply chain crisis has taken a bite out of business for some bakeries as vital agreements and helping hands are hard to find. joining us now to weigh in are two iconic new orleans businesses. owner of king cakes jim calda
3:54 am
and owner of hay del's bakery dave haddle i know not past this time of year when you were looking for people to make the king cakes and you make thousands of them. advertise on craig's list and get 50 people responding. what happens when you advise on craig's list now. >> get like two people knocking on the door. much harder. we have a good crew of like 10 to 15 people that show up every day but we could use a lot more in addition to staff, ingredients. we talked about cream cheese and you need some of the cream cheese in king cakes. >> we are feeling. philadelphia cream cheese, they don't have that other cream cheeses or they are delayed and
3:55 am
we might might not have cream cheese kick cakes for a day or two. that's happened. cream cheese is the second popular flavor. >> steve: absolutely. dave, with your business, every year you have a little collectible that comes with it and people can insert it and then, you know, whoever gets the piece with the collectible, they are crowned king or queen for the day and that's where king cake names come from. where are your collectibles, dave? >> hopefully they are on a truck on its way to california or from california to here right now. but, they set off the coast of california for almost two months and they are just tied up. and it took almost by the time the ship got into port, it took them almost 10 days to unload it and five days for them to find the truck to bring it to new orleans we are still waiting. >> steve: you are still waiting. what if you don't get them? >> they say they are supposed to
3:56 am
come in today. but, you know, we don't know. we will see. >> steve: all right. and you are having the same problem with staff and ingredients as well. >> absolutely. normally we would be using the same temporary staffing service for years i could call them up and say hey send me five or six people and now i say send five or six and i get like one person. it's tough. >> same thing. >> steve: it is tough. absolutely. guys, good luck to you. i know you both have got a lot of orders coming in and good luck finding ingredients and staff as well. john and dave, it's king cake season, order one from them today. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. straight ahead. president biden is going to push his voting rights agenda in georgia today. why chit ricks are calling this a distraction. that's coming up in just a couple of minutes. ♪
3:57 am
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- [announcer] ziprecruiter, rated the number one hiring site. try it for free at >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> president biden heading to georgia where he is expected to urge congress to completely overhaul our election system. >> this is nothing more than election power grab by the democrats. what they want to do is federalize the election. >> the fda has issued new guidance that healthcare providers should prioritize race and ethnicity when administering covid medication. >> you can't have affirmative action in medical decisions. >> russia saying it has no plans to invade ukraine but 100,000 troops remain at the border. >> we believe the threat of invasion is real and we are determined to avert that circumstance.
4:01 am
>> as photos of empty store shelves make the rounds on social media, so does the #bear shelves biden. >> the reality is the supply chain crisis continues grocery stores are empty across the country. >> in the pocket. launching down field. on the ground and intercepted. rango down the sidelines all the way to the end zone as georgia is going to conquer the crimson tide. ♪ it's all about the fam >> ainsley: the national champs georgia bulldogs 33-18 against alabama last night. it's been more than 40 years last time they won 1980, and stetsonnen bennett, the quarterback, went to a junior college and walked on and he was pretty emotional last night. it was a great game, brian. >> yeah, it was a great game ratings through the roof. happened lucas oil field in
4:02 am
indianapolis. the story will be the celebration that happens in georgia and for alabama, mixed feelings. nick saban obviously upset they didn't win. how good does he feel that kirby smart one of his excoaches pointed out georgia had a great year. only team to beat them in the sec final. in the end they were able to persevere because it started off looking like it bass going to be an alabama day. i really do think for the first time since 1908 having the national championship in georgia will help propel maybe herschel walker and his former bulldogs to a senate seat. who knows, steve. >> steve: who knows as you look at the party last night in athens, georgia. people celebrating. they have been waiting 40 years for the national championship. and it happened last night. so, america has georgia on our mind. congratulations to the georgia bulldogs and, of course, congratulations to boekham. you know, going, in they were both 13 and 1. so they had to have a game to
4:03 am
find out who was best and for this year it's georgia. >> ainsley: steve, i went to college not too far away. a few hours away. we used to always go to athens for that game, usc play georgia. it's such a cool city. great little town. everything surrounds that university. it's a lot of fun. happy for all of them. >> steve: absolutely. indeed. speaking of georgia, president biden is going to hit the road for the speech state. -- peach state.going to push hn to overhaul america's election system. mark meadows joins us live from outside the white house as critics call it a distraction amid the covid crisis which has caught them flat-footed. hey, mark. >> steve, ainsley and brian good morning. i'm a proud georgia bulldog. you are right. a good start today here in the nation's capitol. the president is going to be going down to georgia. but we are also looking to see what he is going to have to say about covid. the white house insists more tests are coming. it insists it is getting ready
4:04 am
to roll out that program they will be mailing millions of tests to people we u.s. mail. critics are asking if the white house has been warning for this covid surgeon for weeks, if not months now, why was testing not ready sooner? >> why is it you guys were so unprepared for the need tore testing after the holidays? >> there has been a massive surge in cases. there has been unprecedented demand for test. >> meantime the president is going to be making it clear today he is on board with changing senate rules to move the freedom to vote act forward. mandate same day voter registration. expand early voting and voting by mail and allow former felons to vote. we did get a preview this morning of what the president is going to be saying. he is going to be saying the next few days when come to vote turning point in this nation where we choose democracy over autocracy. light over shadow. justice over injustice. i know where i stand. see this legislation as a
4:05 am
federal takeover of state elections. even democratic senator joe manchin is warning is he not 10t efforts to adjust the filibuster. >> very conscious what we do. i hoped it would come to -- every american has a right to vote and should be protected. >> one person who does support all of this, is former presidential candidate hillary clinton who says it's time senate democrats adjust the rules to protect americans' right to vote. as you mentioned, the speech is going to be happening today down in georgia, a state celebrating a national championship but one that has become the ground zero in the deat a time over voting reforms. this is fascinating. we have learned that democratic activist stacey abrams, who is running for the governor of the georgia will not be at the president's speech today. she says her staff says she has a conflict not elaborating what that will be. we are seeing other civil rights groups skipping the president's remarks saying they want him more aggressive in getting this legislation forward as opposed to just a speech speech today.
4:06 am
a lot of drama happening in georgia as well as a lot of celebration as well. steve, ainsley, and brian, back to you. >> ainsley: interesting. interesting stacey abrams is skipping this scheduling conflict the president and vice president coming to her state. as mark was just saying the naacp president said we don't need more photo ops, we need action. they decided to go as well. u.s. senators jon ossoff and raphael warnock will attend. now, bill clinton, he mentioned hillary clinton. bill clinton and barack obama and oprah winfrey have all called joe manchin trying to get him to change his mind. but joe manchin and kyrsten sinema they represent conservative states. we are all wondering will they vote to keep the filibuster. >> brian: couple of things going on. in order to federalize elections, they have to create a panic. so they are going to go to these republican run states like texas and georgia and they are going to say look at what the republicans did.
4:07 am
they are trying to keep minorities from voting and keep democrats from getting to the polls. it's up to republicans to make it clear, possibly for the first time and maybe to major league baseball if they're still listening, that is not what they're doing. it's not a pandemic. they cut back but didn't eliminate drop boxes. they still have expanded hours. but they are not just going to mail out ballots without a request. they are going to ask for i.d., and most polls reveal that the average american wants i.d. let me see. we have to get a vaccination with an i.d. to get a seat at a bennigans or a fridays but we don't need it to vote. i digress. number two is to have -- to make this work, they have to carve out something within the filibuster that allows this emergency session to happen for them to vote and a nonvote on a simple majority. that's not going to pass because manchin an cinema don't that to pass. so they are going to put this legislation forward. they are not going to have the 50 votes. if they do, they first have to
4:08 am
cash out the filibuster. they are not going to be able to do it. joe biden failed at build back better, he took six months to pass a bipartisan bill. and now he is tripling down on voting rights, and he can't get his own party in line. steve, you talk about a lack of momentum and a lame duck president in his second year that will happen when this fails. >> steve: well, here's the problem, brian, build back better is right now completely stalled out. and so they are putting all their eggs into the basket for this voting rights thing. and that's one of the reasons why the president gave that impassioned speech that was political, obviously, a couple of days ago in statuary hall on the anniversary of january the 6th. there you see the president right there. and so they're putting all their eggs in this. so what he is going to do today, is he going to endorse that filibuster carveout. do you know what? let's just do on this one thing, because it's so important, let's
4:09 am
just have a simple majority. but, you know, joe manchin, obviously, supports changes, he has said. but not for a carveout or a filibuster. meanwhile the republican, mitch mcconnell says he is taupe changing the electoral counteract of 1887, which establishes the process for certifying the presidential election, but, democrats say that is far too narrow. they want a lot more. and so that's why the full-court press, that's why the president and vice president and a couple of airplanes full of dignitaries heading down to atlanta, georgia today. they are going to be at the mlk senator in historic ebenezer back baptist church as they try to urge mechanic it's time to vote for voting rights bill. which, ainsley, they were trying to pass two years ago before january 6th, 2021. >> ainsley: yep. we will continue to follow it
4:10 am
and see if they will be able to pass it now. bill maher sat down with an alabama news outlet and had a very fascinating interview. is he really touring the southeast because he says the red states are open right now and the blue states aren't because the media has been paintings people with their coverage and making them scared about covid. he is going to alabama and florida and louisiana and tennessee and he talks about not writing off the trump voter. he says i constantly say it. you can hate trump. you can't hate all the people who like him. it's half the country. you can't set yourself up as some sort of superior moral paragon because this your political belief and someone has another one. i feel like it's the achilles heel of the left. they identify issues mostly by what they feel superior for another person for. he goes on to say when he was in nashville half the crowd conservative, half the crowd liberal. liberal is different than woke. is he more liberal and votes
4:11 am
more for democrats but he says he is not woke. there's a difference. he said he will make a joke about the conservatives,s will laugh. the make a joke about the democrats conservative also law enforcement he said we have got to get back to this as a country where we can all sit in a room together and have different views and laugh it off. >> brian: i can't believe, you know, penal talk about joe rogan playing invaluable role, joe manchin playing invaluable role. i think this guy has been flat out fantastic over the last 18 months. i watch his monologues almost every week. i know he was in highwayer nation and just came back. i think he has had one of the most important voices because he is so identified with the left i does not recognize the left. the left and right used to be able to talk and disagree. now it's not happening, and he is one of the most astounded by it sometimes i listen to his monologue and it's very similar to tucker carlson's open. it doesn't matter if you are agree or not, the things that are happening are so obtuse,
4:12 am
they are so inverted, the cancel culture that is taking root has blown up so many left wing careers as less than even right wing careers. they started shooting only at the right and vilifying him and ended up shooting themselves. and no pun intended. i'm just saying that this guy, going to the right is also showing that he is a free market guy. because he can't fill up an arena in new york and new jersey. not because is he not popular. it's because they keep canceling events. he has got to go florida and texas and alabama and georgia. because they allow you to make a decision whether you want to buy a ticket to go see a performer. and his monologues are a lot like "the tonight show" used to be. where they insult both sides. so you can laugh. right now these late night shows are political shows, steve. only for the left. for barack obama and joe biden. >> steve: well, and he did address that when he talked to and he said, you know, things in late night have completely
4:13 am
changed. not like the old days of johnny and jay and dave, he says. because now all the late night hosts are completely to the left. and everybody has got their lane. and he describes himself as an old school liberal. but, at the same time, he also recognizes you know, it's supply and demand. he is in the business of selling his act and going to where people buy it. that is the part of america which is open, which is did you know south. he went on to say this country is falling apart at the seams. half the people are not going to self-deport. you see these tweets and peoples about owning and destroying the other side. get over it you are not owning or destroying anybody. no one is going anywhere. we have to learn to live together, so i find more of that spirit is possible in places like birmingham, alabama, which is the paper he spoke, to new orleans, chattanooga, whereas san francisco, that's going to be a little problematic for me.
4:14 am
keep in mind,. >> brian: absolutely. >> steve: keep in mind, it was back in november that he sent a memo to the dnc and he said the reason you are so toxic because you have become the party of no common sense. ainsley. >> ainsley: and he also talked about social media. he said back in the day, don't you remember when it started and we wanted to see pictures of cats and humble brags and photographs from your high school friends or college friends. then people started arguing with the kid from their chemistry class. and they started arguing about ivermectin and the supreme court this constant arguing with everybody has to stop. so, brian, what do you think changed for him, just this woke mentality? he just thinks it's reridiculous. >> i don't know i have only met him a couple of times. he is just like us. is he so disturbed about the amount of hate going on and lack of conversation and give and take that he, instead of just sitting back and saying i'm just going to do my left wing show and renew my contract on hbo
4:15 am
which doesn't get ratings and get subscribers i think i give him credit. he cares about the country. and i think is he speaking up for it is he not going to change heir views. he is not going to vote for donald trump. he will always dislike george bush. i think he doesn't hate. that's the big things. i think a guy like him, you see a guy like joe manchin speaking up, you see people like harold ford on "the five." they are democrats how might not vote for, but you really respect, i think that thing is gone now. >> steve: right. and you know what, brian? he realized early that cancel culture is so destructive and he came -- he was one, you know, he spoken out against that add naws nauseam, as we heard from the pope yesterday. pope sent out aletter. >> brian: i saw that. >> steve: coming from the vatican. let's see who pays attention to
4:16 am
that in the meantime talk about something you pay attention to when you go to the grocery store and you need something and you go down an aisle and you see it's empty. i was actually in the grocery store last week, after i was out of covid isolation. i went and this is a big problem. it's hard for the meat packers to keep staff on board and the produce department hard to get people to, you know, be part of the production. i was in the store last week. not one roll of paper towels in the entire store. and so, as it turns out, bear shelves biden is now trending. that's the #. barrel shelves biden is trending across america as supply chain issues. that actually kind of looks like the store i was in last week. as supply chain issues, ainsley, impact people's ability to get whatever was on those shelves. >> ainsley: people are so fed up with, this because you want your certain products.
4:17 am
you wanted your cheese cake to make that dessert at christmas time and you couldn't get it. >> steve: cream cheese. >> ainsley: first turkeys, then christmas trees. then holiday lights, ham, beef, bacon, chicken. then we talked about yesterday eggs, cream cheese, i mean the list goes on and on and people are fed up with it you will see bare shelves biden trends on twitter as shoppers encounter desolate grocery store aisles apocalypse now. >> brian: i need to bring this up. supply chain problem is solved and he saved christmas. i knew the minute jen psaki said it and president biden reaffirmed it that was going to be a problem. because we know it wasn't solved and the american public would be the judge and they all have cameras with them when they shop. steve, you interviewed john caulda of caulda's king cakes and of course over in louisiana this is what he says he is dealing with on a daily basis.
4:18 am
>> stores up in new york we weren't feeling it now we started feeling it. we are getting -- instead of philadelphia cream cheese they don't have that we are getting other cream cheeses or delayed and we have to not have cream cheese king cakes for a day or two. >> steve: yeah. >> that's happened a couple times so far. cream cheese is the second favorite flavor. >> on truck from california to here right now. they sat off the coast of california for almost two months they are just tied up. by the time the ship got into port it, took them almost 10 days to unload it and five days for them to find a truck to bring to new orleans. >> steve: exactly. and he's talking about a little check tillables that come with the king cake. anybody who knows about king cake. you insert the collectible used to be a little plastic baby jesus or something like that, and then whoever got that piece of king cake they would be crowned king or queen for a day.
4:19 am
but, you know, as john caluda said in the past he needed 50 people to work the production line, but, because so many people are out with covid and are isolating he is lucky if he gets two. but he is way short for the people he needs to make the king cakes because we are in the midst as we head to carnival season of king cake time. 7:20. >> ainsley: if you have children, they love those little trinkets that come in the cakes. i picked my daughter up from school the other day and all the little girls were upset because only one person in the classroom got the little baby jesus. and they all wanted it so she was queen for the day. but you know what? i talked to y'all about my halloween costumes for my daughter ordered two of them in september. still have not received them. i don't need them now. they will be too small for next year but still have are not received them. how many of you have ordered a piece of furniture a year ago and still not there?
4:20 am
this is getting ridiculous. >> brian: absolutely. we will discuss it the president solved the problem so i don't know what you are talking about, ainsley. i really have to question those pictures, too. >> ainsley: i have an empty room in my apartment and it's supposed to have a sofa in it and some chairs. >> brian: that's not what jen psaki said. >> ainsley: i'm paying for an empty room, brian. >> brian: i'm going to move ahead so you can yell at me in the break. former manager calling foul over school's requirement for covid boosters he joins us live with his message. defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look! welcome to silversneakers. are you ready to get moving? (throws punch) our new virtual classes were designed for you and millions of seniors like you. you can now choose from thousands of live virtual classes every week.
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when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. serena: ask about ubrelvy. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. >> carley: good morning, back with your headlines, starting with this chicago students will finally return to class tomorrow. the teachers union tweeting about a proposed agreement with schools after ctu leadership
4:25 am
blasted mayor lori lightfoot. >> the mayor has been relentless but she is being relentlessly stupid. she is relentlessly refusing to seek accommodation and we are trying to find a way to get people back to school. >> carley: during negotiations, teachers staging a caravan as part of their resistance to work in person, shutting down traffic around city hall. well, a live look at capitol hill where in just hours cdc director rochelle walensky and dr. anthony fauci will face lawmakers at a hearing on president biden's handling of the pandemic. senators are expected to grill biden's covid advisers on the administration's most recent guidance on prioritizing testing and treatment of nonwhites. the cdc is now expected to urge the use of n-95 and kn 95 masks due to mounting omicron cases. the white house announcing today that the u.s. will give another
4:26 am
$308 million in humanitarian aid in afghanistan following the disastrous military withdrawal in august. the new contribution bring the total u.s. aid to more than $780 million since october. the u.s. also giving the country 1 million additional covid vaccine doses. and did you hear about this? buccaneers quarterback tom brady ignoring his coach's orders making sure his buddy rob gronk got a performance bonus. wanted to take brady out of sunday's win over carolina. brady said no and went back on the field. bronkkowski needed one more catch to earn a second $500,000 pech performance bonus. once brady complete add short pass to the tight-end he exited the game. so, brian, kind of a power move on tom brady's part. but when you are tom brady, i guess those are the things can you do. >> brian: right.
4:27 am
what if he got hurt? one of those controversial things history in ports you would have led and changed everything you just did. >> carley: would have changed the whole world. >> brian: can i get on with my segment or talk like this. >> carley: by all means. >> brian: good. i think you are going to like testimony siena college requiring students to get the booster shot before returning to campus this semester. one is fighting back next guest. senior at senna. the move will deep divide. alex is taking, he has got some signatures supporting it alex, you are not anti-vax but you said enough with the booster? >> that's right. brian. and good to be with you this morning. i would just say that at the end of the day, again, i'm not anti-vaccine. i'm anti-mandate. and the fact that siena college was one of the few colleges back in fall of 2020, brian, before any vaccine or therapeutic was readily made available, they were able to return to in person
4:28 am
classes. and have just a mask mandate but still be able to be in person before any vaccine or therapeutic. and now the fact that we have another mandate for another booster shot, it's frustrating for me in particular. >> brian: you in particular. you have to make a decision whether you are going to go and do this. you have about 100 signatures of other students who said enough, you already mandated the vaccine. here is what siena said to us when we asked them what your deal is they said given the arrival of the omicron variant along with the evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of covid vaccine wanes over time. vaccine booster for students as they become eligible so they can enjoy a full siena experience. you mean like a.o.c. fully vaccinated and got the virus anyway and whoopi goldberg and dana perino? what proof do they have about the booster? >> that's right. again, brian, i'm a sports guy. i will bring kyrie everybodying in as an example.
4:29 am
he can play any nba renallens september in new york state. the fact if i can go to a different college and texas or florida and they don't require any sort of vaccine just proves it's a political reason that is being pushed by the states that the college is located in. >> brian: alex, you approached siena. are they going to listen or might they back off this? what will you do if they don't. >> unfortunately, i think i would have to get the booster if they don't change the mandate into an option to get the for the semester. students did create a petition over the weekend, brian. this morning i checked it and close to 250 signatures of student, staff and faculty and parents around the siena community urging the college to turn the mandate and make it optional for all students. >> brian: right, if you are a basketball player not going to have a choice in the middle of the season. same thing lacrosse and spring sports and baseball which you
4:30 am
are involved in. listener, if you agree in siena, if you are a student there, there should be a support petition, too. i know some college students that feel helpless because they don't want to blow their education or their admission by doing this but they don't want somebody else mandating a booster. which the effectiveness is negligible. read marty makary's column today in the post talked about the booster byrne. the cdc is not following the science. you will understand why alex is so incensed. i hope you are successful and i hope cnn is listening. >> thanks brian for having me on this morning. >> brian: you got it. next up on this show west coast grounding all planes after a missile launch by north korea. morgan ortagus watching all of this.
4:31 am
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4:35 am
need to do about it? >> so, i haven't seen it reported that we stopped airport traffic before on the west coast. and we really need to the faa to speak to the technical difficulties of this and why we had to do it. the broader birk here is that americans should be aware even though it feels like china and north korea are far away. north korea, especially, is building weaponry that threatens and effects the american homeland. that's something we all have to pay attention. to say it seems really far away. we don't necessarily understand why north korea continues to build ballistic missiles. and to test them as they are doing now. i think it's part of their represent trar of weaponry threatening america and our allies. it is incredibly big and the biden administration keeps paying defense in every part of the world. they need to start playing offense. otherwise, all we are going to
4:36 am
do for the next three years is constantly react to these kind of situations that develop around the world. >> brian: so the u.s. is talking at the secretary of state level to the -- to russian nato. about ratcheting down tensions at the ukraine if they have over 100,000 troops there invasion looks like it's imminent. trying to make some progress there as girard baker writes today in the wall street journal, even sitting down with russia over its demand for changes in military posture and then with nato, about central and eastern europe is a step beyond what any of president biden's post cold war predecessors have done so that they have already won by having these talks. here is ned price, the state department spokesperson. >> these were discussions. they were preliminary discussions. we did not intend this to be a forum where certainly decisions were reached. where any breakthroughs could be achieved or really even
4:37 am
contemplated. we will not, for example, allow anyone to slam closed nato's open door policy. >> brian: what's your greatest concern here, morgan? >> well, exactly what i said when we were talking about north korea. it's that this administration is playing defense around the world. and russia is on the offense. right? russia has conducted cyberattacks against us. they have amassed 100,000 troops or more on the ukrainian border. they are dictating the terms of the negotiation. and what's even more troubling is guess who president biden's representatives is at these talks with the russians? it's wendy sherman, one of the people famous jcpoa negotiators with iran. her track record is very troubling for me. >> brian: terrible. >> yes. exactly. she seems to want to give away the house in negotiations. so, what we should be doing is instead of just threatening sanctions, russia has done enough destabilizing behavior in ukraine that they deserve sanctions now. we should be giving the
4:38 am
ukrainians the weaponry that they need now. i mean, if we were in the trump administration right now and this -- first of all, russia wouldn't have put 100,000 on ukraine's border with trump in power. that's a different subject. let's say they did. he would have his third impeachment if we didn't send the sort of anti-tank weaponry antimissile weaponry that the ukrainians need now. we are telling ukrainians if russia invades. again just playing defensive ball around the world. reacting to crises instead of stepping up and being in control of the narrative around the world. >> steve: right. finally morgan and briefly, it's taken 11 years and finally perhaps some justice for border patrol agent brian terry who was murdered after that botched fast and furious weapons trafficking. yesterday mexico charged seven, including the top cop in mexico, this thing went right to the top, finally some justice for
4:39 am
the terry family. >> yeah. and isn't it a shame that the justice has to come from the government of mexico and not their own american government. remember that the inspector inspector generalreleased report went wrong. how doj lost control of these weapons. and really no one on our side has suffered any wrongdoing. i think one person was fired. congress did censure the attorney general but there was really, you know, nothing on the scale what the mexican government has done has held anyone accountable. of course it hand under the obama administration, democrat where people don't have to lose their jobs. >> ainsley: morgan, thank you so much for weighing in. >> thanks, guys, good morning. >> ainsley: you too. the fand's plan to combat the covid winter surge leaving some americans out in the cold. officials now want to prioritize race and ethnicity in covid-19
4:40 am
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>> steve: biden administration taking a patient's race into account when distributing potentially life-saving covid treatments. according to the fda's official guidance other medical conditions or factors, for instance, an example, race or ethnicity may also place individual patients at high risk for progression to severe covid-19. fox news contributor and civil rights attorney leo terrell joins us right now. leo, it sounds like because things are -- the administration completely botched the readiness for this, they are having to ration these monoclonal antibodies and other they're pe. their pew dicks.
4:45 am
in some cases it is based on race. >> it's unacceptable, steve. >> it's unamerican i think we fought a civil war against that regarding racial injustice. everyone you and i created the same. and when a doctor sees steve doocy or leo terrell, color should not be an issue. it's the risk of the patient. any doctor who takes color or ethnicity into play is not a doctor. he should not practice medicine. >> steve: leo, can you think of any reason why the fda would come up with part of that as part of the policy? >> yeah. ever since 2021, the everything with race. look at what's going on with the fda. you look at the military. look at he is going down to
4:46 am
georgia. jim crow. everything is the race card and america is being divided because the biden administration plays race card every time. you do not deny medical privileges or supervisors to people based on skin color. now they have now made covid a racial issue to divide this country. it's part of their game. >> steve: well, now everybody knows about it meanwhile, there is this other story that caught our eye that is employees at a whole foods location wanted to wear a mask that said black lives matter. and whole feeds foods said no, we're not going to let you. part of their reasoning behind that whole foods said their dress code policy was designed to ensure we are giving team members a workplace and customers a shopping experience focused entirely on excellent service and high quality food. we do not believe we should
4:47 am
compromise that experience by introducing any messages on uniforms, regardless of content, that shift the focus away from our mission. whole foods had supported black lives matter but they said you can't have it on your uniform. but then you have got the regional director of the national labor relations board, a woman by the name of jennifer abruiseio and she is saying hey, whole foods, you got to let them do it. what's going on here? >> i will tell you exactly what's going on this. is, again, the race card. what does black lives matter have to do with selling groceries? and you ask the fundamental question who is black lives? what do they promote? they promote a marxist theory anti-police. they were a massive player in the riots of 2020. now they want to use whole foods as a political forum to promote their racist, socialist ideas. whole foods is being forced to
4:48 am
basically allow them to promote their racist activity? whole foods has a first amendment obligation and first amendment right not to allow glearts to control the agenda. >> steve: let's see what happens. all right. >> leo, thank you very much. you are the first guy up in los angeles today. good morning to you. [laughter] >> thank you, steve. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, exactly a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. if you are wondering why in the northeast your furnace was running all night long, janice dean joins us not with blue behind her but with purple and lavender. >> janice: my favorite colors. unfortunately on the weather map it shows the coldest air of the season across the northeast. these are wind chill alerts for new york, up towards new england where temperatures are below zero with the wind chill, what it feels like. the good news is it's short-lived. we are going to bring those temperatures up to more seasonal levels as we get into wednesday.
4:49 am
for now, definitely, if you are going outdoors for any length of time make sure you are bundled up. if you can stay inside, that's probably the best idea. make sure that your kids are protected. elderly and bring your pets inside as well. on the flip side of this, a big warm-up across the plain states with temperatures 10 to 15, even 20 degrees above average. so there are your temps today in dallas and kansas city. chicago, you will enjoy a warm-up of 33. you have been through a big deep freeze the last couple of weeks. also watching our next system move into the northwest. steve, my friend, back to you. >> steve: all right. j.d., thanks very much. stay in the house and watch cable. that's what we're going to do. meanwhile, the housing market may be booming, some supply chain delays are causing some new homeowners to move into houses without doors or windows. how is that possible? talking about that coming up next ♪ ♪
4:50 am
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speak with the chain crisis hitting them housing market that the guests are struggling to get
4:54 am
materials like garage doors and gutters. still walker at the construction in williams, chief executive, williams home decorating, he joins us now, good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> brian: tell us about your business and what you are seeing. you are building houses for individuals and no garage doors, no front doors? >> well, garage doors have certainly been the biggest issue we have seen leadtimes go from 8-10 weeks to now around 26 weeks lead time which kind of makes it difficult to deliver a completed home. fortunately, we are able to use a temporary garage door so that they can secure the garage when the customers move in, but that is among other things and definitely been a struggle to get. >> you have to the front the cost and stick to the budget.
4:55 am
>> there is additional cost to the builder for sure, but we are doing that. we are changing times and we have to adapt to what the market is giving us and we've been in the market a long time. we have 80 business franchise partners in 32 states so we have a lot of customers that we have to answer to. >> lance, how about you? how is it affecting you? >> so we have in seeing a shortage of finished lots, skilled labor and all the components that we need early for the components to build our houses so windows, doors, again, strangely garage doors. so be it got a bunch of families across the western united states hustling to source more stateside and get the components necessary to complete those homes. >> backlogged items gutter,
4:56 am
metal, appliances, paint, 90% of homebuilders are experiencing supply disruptions now. when we asked them why, why are the materials backlogged? because of covid-19 factory shutdowns, transportation setbacks and delays at ports, but what do you think the reason is for your company, stew? >> certainly the whole supply chain is complex. we have great national accounts and partners that we get information from as soon as they can get it to us but they are having problems getting their materials to assemble those parts before they can ship it to us. so leadtimes vary dramatically, windows that you mentioned went again from eight weeks to 17 weeks and it is hard if already started the process. >> we are going to get caught up. thank you both, more "fox & friends" coming up.
4:57 am
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>> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: at last, that is the cover of atlanta journal-constitution as georgia wins. georgia quarterback invented by two quarterbacks to lead to the first national championship
5:02 am
since 1980. they waited 41 years beating alabama 33-18. ainsley, it's been a long time coming and the people of georgia are thrilled to. >> ainsley: i know we were getting in bed last night, and it was all about watching and georgia was behind. and at the end of the night, georgia comes back 33-18 and stefan bennett, he was a walk-on quarterback. he was at junior college, he was crying, emotional. meant a lot to him and he says sometimes he works hard and it works out for you and it did last night, brian. >> brian: in any came, he is a heisman trophy winner. and i just thought nick saban did something we don't see much of. he lost and grace. this guy he used to coach with me kirby smart, and we were the only team to beat them during the year. they played great tonight. that was the story of indianapolis.
5:03 am
i feel bad for the bulldogs because they will not get any attention today because joe biden is coming in town to talk about voting rights. so they will probably not have anybody show up at the airport. no party and so it's all about voting rights. >> ainsley: yeah, joe biden and kamala harris will be there. no, athens will be a good party tonight, i'm sure it will be today. >> brian: they have the braves and now this? >> steve: it is a great day to be a georgian. all right, ainsley, congratulations to alabama but meanwhile let's talk about one of the number one issues you are concerned about. and a lot of big, progressive american cities, crime is rampant. new york city, you know, we have seen it over the last year, it has really gone downhill. there was a lot of hope for the fact that when this new mayor eric adams, former law enforcement was elected, that things would turn around.
5:04 am
unfortunately, the new d.a. for the borough of manhattan, alvin bragg on the first day of january put out a 1 memo that essentially said, "unless you kill somebody, we are not going to prosecute you" i'm being hyperbolic but nonetheless, there is very little for a crime. this has got many in new york including new york city's big business organization partnership for new york city. they are discussing having to recall him because they are so worried about what the city is going to look like going forward. as you see him being sworn in right there. kathleen while the ceo says this, "i've never heard so many spontaneous upset, my members are saying what is this? i told bragg that the members are very upset. we want to hear how he explains what he is doing. and they are so upset that they have called for a meeting with
5:05 am
the d.a. and ainsley, within the next ten days, they will sit down to the table and he will explain his soft on crime approach is the right thing for new york city and it will be the business people's turn. and they will say, "you are out of your mind." >> ainsley: when the mayor was being elected to come okay nobody will be better than what we had, de blasio and everybody was excited eric adams came in, more liberal, a democrat but law enforcement background. if you talk to the police officers on the street of new york, well, maybe this will be hopeful for our city that we will see crime go down again and he will be tough on crime. but then we get this d.a. and everyone is flipping out because we are worried that he's going to take it to make it worse as a city. when the memo came out last week, bragg's memo was just released and getting it to the lawyers on the office, but it was released.
5:06 am
the lady who you'd just read her sound bite the partnership for new new york city, we are the biggest business group and we ae getting inundated with phone calls from last week from city business leaders that are so upset. then you have three republicans running for governor, lee zeldin, rob pastorino and rudy giuliani. we heard from rudy giuliani but here is lee zeldin. >> the governor of the state of new york needs to remove the manhattan district attorney outcome bragg from office. over the last two years new yorkers have seen the consequences of other policies and alvin bragg is not only doubling down on the field failed policies and parlor policies, that has put criminals back onto the street. many people will resist arrest and put law enforcement in harm's way if they know they will get away with it, which is
5:07 am
alvin bragg get out of jail free card. d.a. doesn't stand for defense attorney but it stands for district attorney. >> brian: right now they did put more republicans on the city council. and they are hopeful that since governor pataki, the governor candidates right now, most of the support is behind that man, lee zeldin. he is saying it's up to a governor to do a recall. we will see what happens. i know president trump is in a tough spot, friends of the rudy giuliani family but a big friend of lee zeldin who was also a veteran. keep in mind crime is running rampant and we told you about the 19-year-old burger king or gets held up and punched the female manager who gets punched in the face, pistol whipped a customer coming she gets shot in the abdomen and killed. then we find out last night that a pair of muggers, 62-year-old robbed a subway on the street
5:08 am
and take her cell phone. this is the kind of thing that never used to happen in new york on rarely did and now it's an outrage. people are standing up and speaking out. i would bring this up too appear this is not just republicans. these are outrageous democrats, some of which are the business leaders. but the new nypd commissioner said this, "i have studied the policies and i'm very concerned about the implications to your safety and police officers. the safety, the public and the justice for victims." listen, that was a democratic mayor that put in a female police chief who was given as a sterling record coming from nasa county, she is saying, "i can't work with this. this is a problem. we have to ring this guy again. this cannot be san francisco, los angeles, philadelphia, or used them." i know steve you agree with me but we have a small window to send a message to the criminals. we will not demand rikers island
5:09 am
but if you do a crime, you actually go to jail. >> steve: the problem is, manhattan, new york city, rather is made of five boroughs. manhattan is one of the boroughs and you have staten island, the d.a. from staten island on yesterday who said, "look, we don't know what they are doing over there, but we are going to enforce the law." so it is confusing for new york city criminals, which borough should i commit a crime in that ultimately perhaps it is what it will come down too. let's move on to talk a little bit about this. i was reading a great profile of greg gutfeld in "the washington post" yesterday. and the headline was, greg gutfeld fox news, that is no joke. he has become the king of late-night television. one of the reasons, i think, he have something different than all the other talk show hosts the others are also far to the
5:10 am
left. so he provides something you don't get on the other channels. that is why he is kicking butt late at night when we are all in bed. anyway, bill mark, couple of months ago said there is a new king of late-night and it is greg gutfeld and fox news has found a thing but bill has said what is interesting about this, ainsley bill now because of so many big eastern venues that he has played for in the past have all of these restrictions. he is plaguing two houses down south where they are not mandates in its easier to get a crowd him to watch his act. and he loves the fact that he goes to nashville, half of the crowd democrat and a half of the crowd is republican. they can all get along. they can be in one room, have a good time, laugh at funny stuff, and they are not at each other's throats. >> ainsley: he says when he makes a joke, he will hear a
5:11 am
groan or two from the conservatives about them or vice versa, but he says they'll start laughing. we need to get to a place where we can come together and be like that. brian is a huge fan of his spirit brain will come in and say, "ainsley come i listened last night and you have to hear it." you said he changed a lot over the last 18 months and maybe he's appealing to the red state because he says he considers himself liberal but he's not welcome there is a difference. he mostly boats for democrats, occasionally a republican may be, but there is a difference in liberal and woke mentality in our country. he goes on to say facebook we used to get on there and post a picture of your dog or cat but now arguing with guy from chemistry class in high school about ivermectin or supreme court. he said this constant arguing has to stop. >> brian: and he sees the left going off of the path and there never used to be a big-time
5:12 am
comedian because in his mind, he says, the lesson is to be at not that funny. at that ship has sailed. the wackiest things happen to the point he can't even recognize the democratic party. i wouldn't say but i do respect he is who he is but doesn't hate the country and doesn't hate people, i don't know, even trump supporter's even if he doesn't like tom. bill maher calling out people that were really his face. >> we are the fun suckers now and we sucked the fun out of everything, hello income of the oscars, childhood, twitter, on the d. >> i keep saying the democratic party the reason you are so toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense. >> i believe in the color-blind society. that is not where woke is here or there a lot of resegregation going on here there is either you are a racist or you don't know you are a racist.
5:13 am
>> dome xp went he went on to say this and i don't know, if someone speaks logically, doesn't mean he's suddenly a conservative. he says, "what are you doing?" and when he watches the other channels he can't figure out where it is coming from. he went on to say this about trump voters, i constantly say you can hate trump but not all the people who like him. that is half of the country. you can't set yourself up for superior because this is your political belief. and i feel like that is what we feel about the left. mostly by what they can feel superior to another person. keep in mind, donald trump got more votes than any republican in history over 70 million votes. that is not news to you, but it is news if you watch any other channel. you think he has four supporters and one is jim jordan. they don't understand, despite every media outlet being against him, he still almost won. >> steve: i think bill may her is calling it like he sees it,
5:14 am
and i think he probably is one of the first people on his side and he refers to himself as old-school liberal that realizes what is going on with the country. as he said to the alabama newspaper, we have to get to a place where we can all be in the same room and not want to kill each other. that is ultimately his is exactly what we need to do. >> brian: he always has republican in those bounds. we don't get that channel. 8:14 and the east. now, to remembering america bob saget and other comedian. his family sharing appreciation for the overwhelming worldwide support following his sudden death on sunday night, todd piro life with new details about his final moment and todd it sounds like the family you get a hold of bob, called the front desk and that's how they
5:15 am
found out. >> good evening, bob saget was found in his hotel room by a staffer at the orlando ritz-carlton. the sheriff's office releasing the 911 call from a hotel security. take a listen. >> we have an unresponsive guest in a room. and unresponsive, not breathing and no polls. >> tmz reporting that bob saget was unable to get in touch with him and when they arrived they found him lying on his bed unresponsive with left arm across his chest. the investigation report revealing "full house" was orderly at the time of his death. no signs of trauma but the police have ruled out foul play and drug abuse. releasing a statement yesterday saying, "my whole heart, bob was my absolute everything. i'm so completely shattered and in disbelief. so deeply touched by the outpouring of love and tribute from friends, family, fans and
5:16 am
peers." one of his three daughters posting a screenshot of his final text message to her that reads, "thank you, love you, show time." late-night host jimmy kimmel opening his show with emotional news at news of phil second. >> people who knew him personally a word that came up a lot was he was the sweetest. bob was the sweetest man. and the people reason wrote that is because it is true. >> bob saget to 65 years old, back to you. >> ainsley: wow, prayers for his wife and three daughters. i can't imagine the love of her life at 65 years old. he's so young. his hand was on his chest and all the lights turned off when they found him. several celebrities walked to his house.
5:17 am
john stamos seen running out and going to the front door to hug his wife. thank you for that report. let's handed over to carly. >> we start with fox news alert, breaking news and los angeles police officer shot and killed overnight. you are looking live at fellow officers to form a procession behind the medical examiner's van and route to the coroner's office. authorities say it happened during an attempted robbery. the officer passing away after being taken to the hospital by a fellow police officer and at least three people were seen leaving the area and manhunt is currently underway. an l.a.p.d. officer joining "fox & friends" earlier in describing the moments he rescued an injured pilot from a plane, rescued moments before a train comes barreling through. listen to this. >> i kept looking back at it and came closer and closer.
5:18 am
you could hear the desperation in my voice taking got to get it out. grab on and hold on. the rest is history. speed to the pilot was rushed to a trauma center for treatment. he would be the only person on board. how about that story? since the first time since 1980, the georgia bulldogs are national champions. >> launching downfield! under thrown and intercepted! a score down the sidelines! all the way to the end zone! and georgia will conquer the crimson tide. >> ainsley: taking down alabama 33-18 to win the title. panic in tears on the sideline. he was named mvp of the game. and listen to this, at the meeting the revenue search 67%
5:19 am
last year. the company known for its wholesale shoes projecting a total of $2.3 billion in revenue. crocs cashing in on the lockdown, attributing it to the major win opting for more comfortable shoes while they work from home. it makes so much sense to have a company shoe company would win big during the pandemic, guys. >> i bet uggs' all their stock prices go up too. >> brian: and people that actually wear shoes. a lot of people i know during the lockdown didn't wear shoes, brian. >> brian: that is right. i always feel it is important even on weekends to get dressed. that is how i feel. >> ainsley: sound bite. you have to follow your own advice, brian. >> brian: i have to say this, i don't feel comfortable naked. i just don't. i know it is an option for people who live alone, but i just don't think so, write us,
5:20 am
steve and tell us. >> ainsley: good to know. >> brian: coming up straight-ahead president biden pushing senate rule change. as he pushes his agenda for the senator marco rubio will react any promises but for south dakota governor christie noam and dr. ben carson teaming up to become a critical race theory in classrooms and will join us live with their plan. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:21 am
5:22 am
look! oh my god... oh wow. i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. doesn't that look like your papa? that's your great grandfather. it's like opening a whole 'nother world that we did not know existed. you finally have a face to a name. we're discovering together... it's been an amazing gift.
5:23 am
it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year
5:24 am
for a fresh start. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: as the debate over critical race theory rages on, the next guest fighting back against the controversial curriculum. dr. ben carson will join kristi noem for the state of the state address today to highlight their joint effort to moving patriots them over woke in the classroom.
5:25 am
good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ainsley: dr. carson why are you against critical race theory in the classroom? >> it is a method of indoctrinating our young people. you can go as far back as the bible, proverbs 22: six says train up a child in the way they will go and when he is old he will not depart from it. but the fact of the matter is people have known for a long time if you can implement these ideals and our young people, it will germinate appropriately. it was vladimir lenin who said, "give me your young people and teach them for four years and the plant that i plant will never be uprooted." this is exactly what is happening in our society today. they are trying to teach our children things that are totally anti-american let divide people, not things that unite people. and it is having a military effect.
5:26 am
we can't just complain about it. we have to do something about it. governor noem has been right on the forefront and launched a pledge against... against the indoctrination process for public officials. she was the first one to sign a pledge with more than 300 officials signed now. that will continue right through the election in 2022. so we don't make people will know who they are voting for. >> ainsley: governor he's talking about the 1776 action pledge. what exactly is that? >> it is a pledge that says we believe in a true, honest, patriotic history being taught to her children. no one should be treated differently because of their race, they are sex and we will make sure this is in our school systems k-12 recognizing students are influenced by the teachers and the curriculum they have each and every day. i was the person in office to
5:27 am
sign the pledge. dr. ben carson, newt gingrich helped with that, helped draft it and helped write op-ed and every single person in this country running for public office should sign that pledge to make sure that we are pushing back on racism. ainsley, south dakota so excited that dr. ben carson is coming to south dakota. they are besides themselves. he is honored, respected and i don't even know if my mom was coming to the state of the state until she heard dr. carson was coming. so making the trip we are thrilled he is coming and it is an important issue. i know the legislature is looking forward to hearing his words of wisdom throughout the day. >> ainsley: dr. carson... go ahead. >> i was just going to say, people can go to little patriots and they will seek k through five learning programs that can be assessed for their
5:28 am
children. >> ainsley: and riding that down now. but what is it about crt, dr. carson that most people don't know? >> i think they don't know it is used to create dissatisfaction by teaching certain children particularly minorities that they can't possibly achieve in this country because of systemic racism and by teaching white children that they are press or centering to create guilt. victimhood and guilt, when you put those two things together you come out with extremely ill logical policies. and that is what we are seeing. but you have to create dissatisfaction before you can change the system. we don't need to change the system. have we been perfect? of course not. we have some defects. but you don't build on your defects. you build on success if you want
5:29 am
to be successful. >> ainsley: well, dr. carson, you are successful. i will be looking to see if you are sitting next to kristi noem's mom today. we wish all the best, governor. >> thank you very much. it will be a great day. >> ainsley: crime spikes across the nation and teens caught in the cross fire. the next guest camping else in chicago raising awareness for growing violence and message to communities looking to protect their kids is next. neuriva. think bigger.
5:30 am
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♪ ♪ >> what about the children? what about the children? a 19-year-old girl broken at a fast food location. probably to help the parents, probably to help with school. this person comes in and shoots her, 19-year-old girl! what are we thinking about? >> brian: number one, you don't need a mask outdoors. eric adams responding to the deadly shooting of a 19-year-old girl working a burger king in harlem. this message comes as crime wave cripples other cities. two teens killed in philadelphia this past week end. shootings across chicago. the first week in months without
5:34 am
a homicide. joining us now on day 50 to have extraordinary ripped up mission to stop violence in chicago, project hood ceo cory brooks, it is 8 degrees there and continues to stand up and sit outside because you want this thing stopped. i know it is new york, but what is your reaction to the burger king healing of a 19-year-old whose mom said, "please, you got to get to work and change our circumstances?" my heart goes out to new york with a crime in chicago. we know how that is sent to travesty all these young people, especially children and teenagers being shot. the fact that the organizations like black lives matter wants to think racism is our biggest problem, crt is our biggest problem in actuality it is not. the issues in the inner cities and palms like morality where we left god out of the equation. poems like the lack of fathers being involved with the lives of their children.
5:35 am
a strong independent government like superman to come in and save the day and they are not here the educational system, those are the problems we are facing that is causing a lot of the violence we see now in new york and chicago. >> brian: i know people are watching right now and even ones not involved, locally from this crime, they want to help but what is the most encouraging thing that you have found since you put on this extraordinary mission? >> well, the most encouraging thing is the platform fox has given me. i appreciate allowed to have the exposure in the organization to be exposed to the country. the country is responding in dramatic fashion. they have been sending in donations and project we greatly appreciate how to build the center and we will be a leading influence as it relates to stopping the issues of violence not just the southside of chicago but will flit across america so we can help new york ability as well. >> brian: i had a chance to work with jim brown and we are
5:36 am
still friends. he did a lot of work with gangs. he talked about the truces and how they really work. what is he doing to get involved in between these gangs? >> right now, we just met on sunday with a group and last week with another group. and we just met with another group and we are organizing a truce in our area right now. our goal is to reduce gang violence, reduce the shootings amongst those individuals. hopefully, we can continue to turn our community around peer that is what it will take to bring these young people togethr and get them to discuss the issues of the day so that they understand that they are nt their enemy. >> brian: what do you do when people say you crackdown on crime, crackdown on minorities, african-americans, and it's not fair? what do you say about that, corey brooks? >> well, we have to deal with crime and lawlessness of any individual regardless of their race. if we don't commit spreads like cancer. i've been saying that all along. the inner cities of chicago
5:37 am
southside, west side specifically and out areas of chicago they thought would never be armed with violence. so we have to deal with the violence. it is not a race thing. we have to deal with the lawlessness. it's not a race thing. it has to be dealt with all across america and regardless of race. >> brian: how many republican lawmakers and activists have contacted you to say, "how can we help?" >> we've had a few, tim buck has reached out to me, called a rattle greatly appreciate it, but is not enough. we have to take a stand as conservatives, especially, to let individuals know that we are for america. and to any problem america has regardless what part of america, we will do what we can to meet that problem. that is something we have to do, and i hope other people will go to open they have given up on the cities
5:38 am
and they can. it's not fair. we appreciate it, great to talk to you. >> think you come i appreciated. >> brian: we will be back with him every week. straight-ahead president biden making a massive push of voting rights today and just a distraction from other cities that the nation faces, we will ask senator marco rubio. ♪ ♪ get 2.49% apr financing on the 2022 gx 460. ♪♪
5:39 am
♪ music ♪ there's software. and then there's industrial grade software. capable of optimizing your flight by turning data into your co-pilot. meet honeywell forge. analytical software that helps assembly lines build walls against cyber threats. and makes sure you're ready for game day every day.
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that's honeywell forge. industrial grade software ♪ music ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, welcome back. in a couple of hours joe biden hitting air force one and heading to georgia to push his radical plan to overhaul election system. the next guest holds his push a big threat for marco rubio is here to explain, senator, good morning to you? >> hey, good morning. >> brian: it sounds like he is going to endorse some sort of
5:43 am
senate filibuster carve out where it's like "okay, just this one time we vote. the majority to pass the voting rights bill." what do you think will happen? >> i hope everyone is against that and it truly won't happen. but my bigger concern is not just about the filibuster. it really is the law. let me say this plainly and simply going forward. there is no widespread effort to suppress minority voting rights in america. it doesn't exist and this has nothing to do with it. this has to do with power. how can we federalize federal election to create k also where lawyers can get in there after the election and fanatical airway to congressional seats, state races, governor races, senate races? that is what they want to do. they filed this bill in 2019. they have been pushing for years. and to make it a federal law, and same-day registration and all of these, you can't have voter i.d. laws and they will make that the federal law.
5:44 am
a federal takeover of the elections. it is all designed simply one reason, and that is the democrats think they will win more elections and change election loads in the country. one election law for the whole country. >> ainsley: let's talk about schools because chicago schools are reopened after being closed almost a week. you have just introduced a bill to keep their schools open. tell us about this bill. >> i want to say two things about this. first, they were teachers and they were students that are not at school today across this country, not because they have covid. because they tested negative, but someone they have been opposed exposed to, they said you have to wait five days and even if vaccinated. there are other school districts that basically said if you travel the last week, you have to set out for ten days. the second point of my bill is, we put federal money for school districts to be able to reopen. they are associated with reopening. why do you need the opening money if you are not open? if you are not going to open? my bill says if you are not
5:45 am
reopening, you don't get left over covid leaf money. >> brian: they want more money. there is so much money in the system to account for it. meanwhile, senator, i want to go back to your original point. they are trying to say that republicans are basically racist trying to block black people from voting and georgia is case in point. texas is another. all of these republican legislatures or going out of their way to suppress the vote. you guys have not done an effective job to push back and define back in a holistic way. do you believe this is the last gasp of the first two years of the biden administration. if they fail on bill back better and they can't turn over the filibuster, failed on packing the court and out to federalize the election. but they don't have joe manchin and kristin cinema above the card out. is this the last gasp? >> from a legislative point but the thing is the failure isn't that they don't pass this bill.
5:46 am
it is a good thing. but while they are focused, joe biden goes down to georgia and pretense it is 1960 like it is american law, which is ridiculous. there is a runaway inflation. you go to grocery stores and entire shelves are completely empty and that is getting worse but you have local police department saying don't come into work if your child tested positive for covid, even if you keep testing negative so you have this workforce crisis in america, empty shelves, supply chain problem that continues, runaway inflation, eating away at people's money. on top of the outcome with the threat of china and in the pacific region and almost invading ukraine. instead of focusing on theft, giving speech about a problem that does not exist. >> brian: i hear you. but other than that great big list that you said right there nothing else going on. >> yeah, i know. >> brian: senator, thank you
5:47 am
for joining us from capitol hill. >> ainsley: thanks, senator. >> brian: you bet. baby, it is cold outside. let's check in with janice dean. janice, these are some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in the northeast in a very long time. >> yeah, absolutely pure the coldest air of the season across northeast. the temperatures will come up a little bit over the next 24-48 hours but look how cold it isn't across much of the country 30 atlanta, 31 dallas, seven chicago, 18 new york. these are air temperatures, not the windchill but the deep freeze has splashed across the northeast. dangerous wind chills below zero in a lot of areas. there are wind chills minus 14 in alpine income of minus 24 in burlington, minus 22, minus 33 caribou you get the picture, cold. we see the temperatures rebound a little bit as we get to wednesday and thursday. all right, snow still to come because we have the relatively warmer waters of the
5:48 am
great lakes. we will still see the potential for lake snow the next few days but the planes come are you ready for a warm up in january quest market is going to happen with 15-25 degrees above average so we will enjoy that as into the deep-freeze over the last couple of weeks. chicago 33, you enjoyed that, 22 new york, 75 miami. not everywhere is a deep-freeze. we watch the next storm system moving to the northwest. very heavy rain along the coast and mountain snow, but we could see the potential for a flash flooding in these areas. we will keep you up-to-date, fox download the latest forecast for america's best weather. steve, ainsley,right and wrong t rich. "fox & friends" bill hemmer with his wonderful show, hey, bill. >> nice to see you, ainsley, good morning to you.
5:49 am
big hearing in the senate, dr. fauci is there and so is the head of the cdc. will they clear up the covid confusion? we will watch shortly. president is going to georgia, you heard about that because who will not join him newt gingrich, karl rove with more about that. one step closer to hypersonic missile ability. two tests in one week. what does it mean for oursm security? joined me and dana atad the topf the hour, 12 minutes away.
5:50 am
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♪ ♪ >> brian: new year, new you. if you are looking for ways to save and grow your money, it starts by planning and taking baby steps. but those baby steps can go a long way. dave ramsey is the author of "baby steps millionaires: how ordinary build extraordinary wealth and how you can do it too." and he joins us right now, dave good morning to you. >> how are you, steve? >> steve: i'm doing okay. i love this book in one of the things you say is unless you think it is possible, then you will never make a sacrifice where you can actually get there, but it is possible to get there for almost everybody. >> you know, it is math. math doesn't care what color you
5:54 am
are, whether a man, woman, southerner, northerner, right wing, left wing. mathis just math and it works whether california or in tennessee. that is the beautiful thing. it is accessible to all of us. but you have to believe and there is a lot of hope steelers stealing people's hope, telling people that america is so broken they can't win. and i've actually got evidence to prove otherwise. that is what we put in the book to prove to you that you can do it. >> let's talk about some dues and tones. you say it is wrong for somebody to look at a shiny short term investment more things like bitcoin, but instead, think of tried and true long-term investments. wasn't it albert einstein who said the most powerful voice in the universe is compound interest? >> he called it the a corner of the world. exactly right. get rich quick has never worked. it is okay if you want to do bitcoin. i'm enthralled with it too and
5:55 am
it's very interesting. but it hasn't got a proven track record for causing people to become wealthy over time. it remains to be seen how much bitcoin is going to work for our good or bad. nothing down real estate has proven get rich and i went broke in my 20s doing it. i can write a book on that. the best way to get rich quick is to get rich slow. >> absolutely. you think it is wrong to think impossible but instead believe you can post through those barriers because unless you believe, you will never get there. >> that sounds like positive thinking or something. but henry ford said "if you think you can't, you are right." the second note is easier? because you believed, you did it once. >> steve: obviously. aunt dave, why are we so bad with money basically?
5:56 am
>> you know, i think all of us have a little kid down inside of us, the 4-year-old kid on the cereal aisle throwing a fit because he wants lucky charm bear to think we all have that kid in us. immaturity is "i do what feels good where i think short term." the young folks that work on my team call it a dull team. adult has now become a verb. so this idea we grow up and mature causes us to win. >> steve: speaking of kids, once again, the mind-set, the book is called "baby step millionaires" and you can get it at good luck. >> step aside and we will be back in just a moment. for rich returns.
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>> big hearing on the hill now. cdc director and anthony fauci will testify before the senate health committee. much to do about the president's and government's response to omicron. the u.s. reportedly shattering the record for daily infections again. we're at 1.5 million new cases yesterday. wow, more coming up on that momentarily inside of "america's newsroom." first with omicron overwhelming the country president biden turning his attention to something entirely different. that


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