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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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appreciate the reporting, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >>tucker: that's it for us tonight. every weeknights at 8:00 p.m., we are the we hope you have a great night with the ones you love, we want to introduce you to our friend sean hannity who takes over the reins at 9:00 p.m. >> we are all in it, thank you. welcome to hannity, tonight we are tracking multiple developin stories including dr. fauci pathetic meltdown on capitol hill today. we will pay all the low lights of that coming up and senator ted cruz will join us with a more chilling story about the fbi and january 6, earlier toda he just brutalized an fbi spokesperson. we will play you that tape, but first we begin with democratic activists stacy abrams. she still believes she is the rightful governor of georgia
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that she thinks she won in 2018 after losing a fight nearly two points in georgia's gubernatorial race. t never conceded claiming voter suppression despite new evidenc and now she's running for what she believes is her reelection and naturally, the democrats so-called voting rights legislation is one of her top issues, but today when joe bide and kamala harris made a specia trip to stacy abrams hometown t tout this new legislation, stac abrams was nowhere to be found. apparently, it was some kind of scheduling conflict, that's wha we'll call it very take a look. >> are you insulted that stacy abrams skipped your speech today ? >> i thought you had a question. and spoke to her this morning. we have a great relationship. we got our scheduling messed up hardware on the same page and everything is fine. >> pretty humiliating is
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scheduling conflict, is it perhaps that joe biden's full numbers are so bad that stacy abrams refused to appear with the president and vice presiden of the united states, or even meet with them behind closed doors and can't even be bothere to come up with a halfway decen excuse? this is a pretty low point for joe and kamala who are officially now toxic even among members of their own party. this so-called voting rights legislation is also incredibly toxic and unconstitutional. this bill that will federalize elections. you don't believe me look at ne york city just this week. they gave the right of illegal immigrants to vote in municipal elections in new york city. they are so passionate about th bill because they believe it is they're surefire way to stay in power and perpetuity, and other
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words just like their quarterbacking idea, just like they're ending and the filibuster idea, just like the dc statehood, puerto rico statehood idea, it's all about power grab and all about riggin the system. it doesn't have anything to do with actual voting rights, and that's why joe was in georgia i not joe's home state of delawar where voting regulations in his state where he served 575,000 years, are far more restrictive in georgia's laws are some of the most accessible voting laws in the country. they have 17 days in person early voting, than they have drop boxes in every precinct, you don't need an excuse to get an absentee or mail-in ballots, you need to mail invalid reason in delaware, there are no drop boxes, no in person early voting , and both states require a voter id. why aren't they going after delaware? why hasn't joe lifted a finger all these years to make voting more accessible in his home
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state? today during his big speech, jo was very usual confused, he referred to kamala harris as president harris, apparently jo believes he was arrested while marching for civil rights in th 1960s, a little fact check, that never happened very take a look. >> last week president harris and i stood in the united state capital to observe one of those before and after a moment and american history. i did not walk in the shoes of generations of students who walked these grounds, but i walked other grounds because i' so old i was there as well. they think i'm kidding, man. it seems like yesterday the first time i got arrested. anyway. >> never happened. for the record, while millions did in fact risked their lives and marched for civil rights
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many decades ago and lyndon johnson required the help of th republicans to pass the civil rights act of 64, the voting rights acts of 65, joe biden wa busy trying to stop the integration of public schools when he partnered with the former klansman robert byrd and as joe put it, he was worried that public schools that his children would grow up in schools that were racial jungles . joe said that. according to joe, if you don't support his federal election take over, you're at domestic enemy of the united states who sides with jefferson davis and the clue cliques plan, you must know a lot about it he was best friends with the former klansman . >> i know where i stand. i will not yield, i will not pledge, i will defend the right to vote, our democracy against all enemies, foreign and yes domestic. the question is, where will the
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institution of the united state senate stand? >> keep in mind that so-called voting rights bill is so blatantly unexcused unconstitutional it will never pass the threshold in the senat for in order for that legislation to become law, democrats now led by biden who said he would never do it just like he said the vaccine will protect you from getting covid in just like he said a lot of other things that he reneged on that would be the filibuster, getting rid of the filibuster end completely up in the rules of the senate forever. according to them the filibuste is racist and a relic of segregation. the same filibuster that his party used a whopping 328 times in 2020, which actually joe thinks it's 2020 now, but in th real 2020, the same filibuster that democrats passionately defended for years, let's take little trip down memory lane, shall we? >> speaking of those other candidates candidate several of
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them have proposed major structural different reforms that include abolishing the electoral college, expanding th size of the supreme court, setting term limits for justices , abolishing the legislative filibuster, which i any of these do you support? >> known. >> what this filibuster does, with the extended debate does i force both sides of the aisle t come together in a bipartisan compromising way. >> they want because they can't get their way on every judge, t change the rules midstream. to wash away 200 years of history. they want to make this country into a banana republic where if you don't get your way, you change the rules. >> chuckie wants to turn americ into a market republic. they're are only two senate democrats still in favor of the filibuster, that is joe manchin. they opposed to eliminating it very now, are they racist, joe biden, or are they your domesti
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enemies? will they be investigated by your department of justice in the brand-new unit on domestic terrorism? or is that unit only for parent protesting school boards? they are very dangerous and breaking tonight, the education secretary is now facing calls t resign after reports that he requested an official letter from the national school board association comparing those parents that care about their kids and go to school board meetings which have to be borin to terrorists. or will a domestic terror unit will be squarely focused on those that participated in the january 6 riots. by the way, there were riots in the summer of 2020, what about groups that chant what we want, dead cops, wind we want them? now. we investigate them? today senator ted cruz asked th fbi very important questions about that day, their answers o lack thereof are very telling take a look. >> how many fbi agents are
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confidential informants activel participated in the events of january 6? >> sir, i'm sure you can appreciate that i can't go into the specifics of sources and methods. >> did any fbi agents or a confidential informants activel participates in the event of january 6, yes or no? >> sir, i can't answer that. >> did any fbi agent or at confidential informants create comments of violence on generat six. >> i can't answer that. >> did any fbi agents or fbi informants, actively encourage and incite crimes of violence o january 6? >> sir, i can't answer that. >> a lot of americans are concerned that the federal government deliberately encouraged violent conduct on january 6, my question to you, and this is not an ordinary law-enforcement question, this
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is a question of public accountability braided federal agents are those in service of federal agents actively encourage violence and criminal criminal conduct on generate six ? >> not to my knowledge, serve. >> here with more is texas senator ted cruz. what an exchange that was okay, so the fbi, this is the executive assistant director says i can't answer that, we can't reveal sources and methods , that doesn't prohibit though the fbi, senator, in my mind that they could have said the fbi did nothing illegal, th fbi did nothing unethical, the fbi would never encourage any type of violence or participate in such, that would be a broad sweeping generalization without giving out any sources, methods or evidence whatsoever. why couldn't there be a blanket denial that that's not who we are, that's not how we act. >> there should have been, and
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if they were doing their jobs, that's what they would have said , but unfortunately under joe biden we have seen an incredibly partisan department of justice. and both the department of justice and the fbi have an arrogance that they are not accountable to anyone, they can stonewall so it should be very easy for the fbi to say no, no federal agents participated in violent crimes. no, no federal agents actively incited, encourage others, two, violent crimes. if they were doing their jobs, those would be very easy questions to answer. they refused to answer those an there is an element of arrogance , but we have to watch this in light of the last five years where we know the department of justice and the fbi was deeply politicized, tha it went after donald trump with all of its might down to the assistant general counsel of th fbi fabricating a counterfeit document that was submitted to
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federal court to try to target and take out president trumpet. given that history of deep deep politicization, that has undermined the integrity of these noble institutions, i think both the fbi, the department of justice have an obligation to be candid and to come clean and in that same hearing, i ask that of that fbi official, i asked her about one individual in particular, ray epps. they are been a lot of videos online. i asked him she was there on january 5th and didn't respect for there are videos of him urging the crowd saying we should go to the capital, but not just go to the capital, we must go in the capital, in othe words urging them to break the law. he keep saying in the capital, in the p-uppercase-letter rate the entire crowd starts chantin fed, fed, fed, fed, it's a very puzzling and disturbing video. the next day on january 6 there is video of him talking to one
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of the people at that rally, whispering in his ear and literally five seconds later that person is pushing barricades down, the natural inference being that this individual urged him to break the law, so i asked the fbi, is mr. epps agents of the fbi, an environment of the fbi and she' stonewalled, it refused to answer. we know the fbi put him out on the list they wanted informatio about and magically he disappeared there needs to be transparency and the biden administration needs to fess up is this a politicized law enforcement information targeting the enemies of the president, and did they activel encourage and solicit illegal conduct birth. >> senator, that would be an easy question to answer, that doesn't reveal sources and methods, and with all that videotape evidence you mentione there, that would be somebody that would be a leader and an agitator and something that
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could never happen again. just like the riots in the summer of 2020 could never happen again. so my question is, why can't they just definitively say absolutely not and that would b a person of interest, they originally did say that, why di they back off of that? >> they should be able to say that. law enforcement all the time ha undercover officers, that's not unusual, but what is unusual an illegal is for those undercover officers to incite illegal conduct great if you and i go out to dinner and i'm undercove against you, that's fine, but i can't say sean, let's go knock off the bank, i've got a great idea. man up and let's go rob the bank , that is crossing the line, that is illegal. >>sean: it depends on how much we both drink before giving an answer. and want to ask you another question because this attorney general, i now feel especially after the trump russia folks
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that went on for three and a half, nearly four years and dragged the country through it based on dirty dossier paid for by hillary and pfizer warrants where in fact, they knew at certain times that the information contained and there was false and it became the basis of the pfizer applications . i want to know why the attorney general of the united states is looking at texas voting law which is far more accessible as is georgia's george's law, far more accessible than the very restrictive laws in the state o delaware where joe has served i believe now a whopping 577,000 years and he never lifted a finger to change the voting last . why is he attacking georgia and texas when his state is far mor restrictive? >> listen, it is absolutely hypocritical. he's not up to the job come of
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the job of the attorney general for 24 years, and when he came in, he had a reputation for not being overly political, for being a man of integrity, in less then a year he has lit tha reputation on fire because what's happened is , to prosecute moms and dads as terrorists for going to school boards in expressing their displeasure of critical race theory, at boys and girls restrooms as sexual assault, an what fox broke today, is that that originated, we know it cam from a letter from the national association of school boards, w now know the idea for the lette
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came from the biden administration. so you literally have a cabinet member telling a left-wing grou lobby of the biden administration so that we can investigate mom and dad as terrorists. it's an absolute political abus of power, and the attorney general should be ashamed that he is not upholding the integrity of the department of justice. >> i would agree. senator ted cruz, thank you pretend i one thing is perfectl clear the so-called january 6 committee with the predetermine outcome, they don't give a abou the truth. the books are cooked, the outcome was predetermined. according to the committees to, literally nancy pelosi appointe gop quote republicans liz chene and adam kinsinger. the u.s. constitution is above any one person or individual. they keep telling us. >> political leaders who sit silent in the face of these
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false and dangerous claims are aiding a former president who i at war with the rule of law and the constitution. when our constitutional order i threatened, as it is now, risin above partisanship is not complete an aspiration, it is a obligation for it. >> what is the purpose of your oath. if you take an oath to the constitution to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic great is that just words we say and is it meaningless. >> it's at the heart of what ou oath requires, that we love our country more. that we love her so much, that we will stand above politics to defend her. that we will do everything in our power to protect our constitution and our freedom. >> my question to them tonight, would that apply to it nancy pelosi? because according to the chairman of the january 6 committee, pelosi is off limits donald trump signed off on
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20,000 national guard troops as he's legally required to do. why did nancy pelosi not agreed to call them up? why did the mayor of dc not agree to call them a. listen to your own chairman, liz . >> lots of questions, but as yo know, this beaker made a major decision. our speaker pelosi's decision o and ahead of january 6, you believe that would also be fair game for republicans if they join this committee to investigate? >> no. i don't. >> it now, she's not fair game? really. here with reaction to people wh we're booted by pelosi from the committee for trying to hold an would have held nancy pelosi accountable, ohio congressman jim jordan and indiana congressman jim banks. the goal, and it would be my goal, i would build a fence tha would protect the capital, our institutions, every elected official, i don't care what you politics are, that is a must in
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this country just like we shoul protect every safety from the rioting that took place in 2020. my question is this, donald trump, if you look at the words of mark meadows, the secretary of defense was in the room, the chairman of the joint chiefs wa in the room, the defense chief of staff was in the room and he authorized as their love requires 20,000 national guardsmen to be called up two days before january 6. than the chain of command goes to nancy pelosi and muriel bowser and the troops to be called up, they have to sign up on it. we have a letter showing the aerial bowser never did. nancy pelosi obviously never did . now the chairman of the committee says that question is off-limits. pelosi is off limits. my understanding is either pelosi, the sergeant at arms, muriel bowser, we're required t hand over their e-mails, their text, and their phone conversations for the days leading up to that day in the days after. how come if we want this not to
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happen again, don't we need to talk to them? >> here is the reason why they didn't do it, it's because they spent the summer of 2020 normalizing violence when they said were going to defund the police, what they say we're going to reimagine policing, when they said the rioters and looters who attacked police officers when the democrats say their other peaceful protesters by the way, we're going to help raise money to bail this people out of jail, when you spent a summer doing that it's hard to say we except with the presiden offered them are going to have the national guard here on january 6th we have all these people coming to town. that's the concern when you spend an entire summer doing that. republicans have stayed consistent. we condemned the violence that took place on, we condemned the violence that took place the entire summer of 2020. it would be nice if democrats would do the same thing perret. >> jim, thanks, i'd like to kno where is the subpoena for nancy pelosi. why did she reject the authorization for 20,000
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national guard troops, what about muriel bowser, where is the subpoena for her and why di she reject it? where is the subpoena for the sergeant at arms, the dc police chief that made six request for the guards. where other subpoenas for their text messages, their phone calls , and their e-mails, why would liz cheney and adam kinsinger lecture us constantly about standing up for truth and the constitution, and allow the people that denied the 20,000 troops, and i would make the case if the 20,000 trump troops were there, january 6 never would've happened. >> it would've been a lot different. it would have been a much different day. though subpoenas aren't going t come until jim jordan is the chairman of the did she hear a committee and the republicans win back the majority. the they will continue to cover up the real story about january 6 which is the breakdown of security at the capitol and it all happened on the watch of speaker pelosi p ricci is the most powerful person in charge
6:23 pm
of capital security and it all happened on her watch. >> isn't it her job, congressma banks, isn't it her job to keep the capital safe and secure in conjunction with the sergeant a arms, isn't that true? >> the breadcrumbs lead back to her office. >> and did the capital police chief asked for the guard on si separate occasions according to reports even before the january 6 thing? >> 's testified he wanted the national guard there. he testified he asked for the national guard there, but the sergeant of arms was concerned about the optics. the sergeant of arms to dispute that. the guy who says he asked for i turned over his munication for the guy who said no you didn't ask for it won't turn over his coming occasion because this speaker's office let him. >>sean: wait a minute, why would they not allow the
6:24 pm
committee to have their text messages in the days leading up to the day of and the days after ? what are they hiding, jim plugs. >> because the lawyer for speaker pelosi will not turn that information over. that's why. the only one that can answer that question as the one the chairman of the committee says is off-limits, the speaker of the house. >> basically they don't want to get to the root cause of how to prevent this disaster from ever happening again. they want to call on the speaker , they won't call on the mayor, they won't call on the sergeant of arms they want to meal demand their e-mails phone and text messages, and they don't have a predetermined outcome? donald trump authorize the use of 20,000 national guard troops it sounds to me like he did his job, why didn't they do their job, especially for those of us that never want this to happen again? >> we won't get to the bottom o that until we get the majority back. >> that is pathetic. that is pathetic.
6:25 pm
that is a cover-up of nancy pelosi, aerial bowser, the sergeant at arms, what did they know and when they do it? give us the information. if you want to talk about the constitution, raise those questions very thank you both. straight ahead, another ten sta on the hill for fauci as he and got into a heated debate. a big announcement about tomorrow's show also that is straight ahead. free your gut, and your mood will follow.
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it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start.
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>> dr. doom and gloom fauci lashed out on capitol hill. then of course, how does a possible now entering three yea three of the pandemic in the lead up to the holidays, hanukkah, christmas, new year's
6:30 pm
they ran out of tests and then they ran out of antibodies and there is no warp speed for the antivirals that every doctor that i talked to phrases. watch the exchange with fauci and centered around paul. >> you conspire and i could hea directly from the e-mail to create a quick and devastating published takedown of three prominent epidemiologist from harvard, oxford, and stanford. instead of engaging them on the merits, you and doctor collins ought to smear them and take them down. and another journalist and lay press, this is not only antithetical to the scientific method, it's the antipathy of cheap politics. >> you keep coming back to personal attacks on me that hav absolutely no relevance to reality. >> you're the one responsible, you're the lead architect for the response from the governmen
6:31 pm
and now 800,000 people have died . what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is that all of a sudden, that kindles the crazies out there and i hav threats upon my life. >> i realized by attacking me your time attacking the one member who have suffered freigh i was at the ballfield the day that the police a must died, i was 10 feet away from a staffer shot in the leg, herewith reaction is the pennsylvania senate, tape. you really want to give up a on of the most successful syndicated talk shows and history to go to that super? i don't know if your you are showing a lot of courage to do that and giving up a lot in the process. dr. fauci was wrong in his projections. he was wrong on march of 2020 when he said masks don't work, one masks, than two masks, it may be masked into and then fax
6:32 pm
and mask, and now boosters, now we have something called omicro and whether you're fully vaccinated, people are getting at. vaccinated with boosters, they're getting it. fully vaccinated with the booster and with previous infection, natural immunity, you're still getting it, and we ran out of tests, we ran out of therapeutics that we've had for 18 months, these antivirals, you've been screaming it from the hilltop, how does that happen in this country? we are the united states, how does that happen? >> gross incompetence. lips take a step back for two years you and i have been debunking these false narrative that it's only about vaccines which is the only word we've ha coming out of washington in the last years, it involves therapeutics as well. we have talked about the fact that lockdowns harm kids and don't make them noticeably safer , only the teachers unions disagree with that at this poin
6:33 pm
the mask you wrote brought up, the benefits are suspect freigh so the question is why is this happen? i think he is the j edgar hoove of the. 's organized efforts with media to remove all of dissent, and there is a lot of doctors they don't like what's going on now. i have tasted this personally bright i fought back against u.s. government that there was arsenic in our apple juice. u.s. government shut down the use of arsenic grown by u.s. farmers. they of course did not change what happened in china, those chinese farmers kept growing apples with their arsenic rate so here the u.s. government shutting down u.s. apple manufacturers allowing china's farmers to grow their apples an importing the apples to this country and giving the apple juice to our kids, no one is checking. the government came after me th same way that fauci goes after scientist now. they false narrative around me
6:34 pm
being at charlatan began to prosper i got a full apology from everybody, but you have to fight for you as why am i doing this? if they can scientist science like me and the other wonderful scientist to raise her head and said were doing the wrong thing with covid, they can silence an voice. anybody watching right now can be silence. >> we have more dead americans from covid in 2021 then 2020, joe inherited three vaccines an therapeutics like monochrome most greatly now shattered any all-day record for positive covid cases in the country. we run out of tests and therapeutics. where is operation warp speed for testing so we have enough for every american when they need it? where is operation work speed for monochrome all antibodies. where is it for the antibodies? i think you're the first person to even tell me about them a long time ago?
6:35 pm
>> it is anti- scientific arrogance that starts at the to end dr. fauci should be removed from his post rate we have not manage the pandemic while, but if you go to doctor help us get the word out there there are too many scientist to care and love this country deeply wh aren't allowed to have their voices heard. that's why you're have the problems you're speaking to. it's impossible to have the results as poor as we have in america with the healthcare system as streamlined as it is, it's because the bite in the ministration does not understan what motivates american medicin to do its best. operation warp speed gave this world a solution we have not advanced from that pace and we're making turtle steps right now. we're sitting around a year after we had access to medication we knew would work and we didn't have enough over the holidays we still don't hav enough today. when i checked with companies w are several months away from having pills bills we know can dramatically reduce the people having convocations from covid. they see when they ran out that they didn't see omicron coming.
6:36 pm
let me make it announcement so joe can hear me clearly, joe, prepare yourself now because there will be another variant i that a fair statement, doctor? i'm not playing one on tv. >> there's already another variant, we don't know what it' going to represent when it hits his country, but it will continue. omicron had different mutations. the new variant will have more parade we have to keep our eyes open. that's what medicine is about. >> thank you, dr. oz. i appreciate it. it is unforgivable two years no into the third year, we ran out of tests, and the therapeutics we've had for 18 months? you can't screw it up any worse than that great when we come back, house minority leader explains what he will do if republicans win back the house in november and if i were congressman adam schiff or you might want to think about
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a breakthrough eczema treatment. ♪ >> house minority leader kevin m ccarthy is laying out in america first agenda for a republic majority if they win the house in november. this we'll be the most importan midterm in our lifetime first m ccarthy says he will remove far left extremists like adam schiff, the single congenital liar that he is good with the single biggest purveyor of election lies in the history of this country and his fellow russia hoechst or off the house intel committee as well as congresswoman omar from the house foreign affairs committee and that's not all. mccarthy is bowing to move forward on legislation that could include an outright ban o
6:42 pm
lawmakers trading stocks while in office. commit any reports about the question of investing behavior of members of congress includin speaker nancy pelosi here to explain has been already leader kevin mccarty. let me start with this question. if you become speaker of the house, next year, this time nex year, will you pledge to have a real january 6 committee? we know that donald trump, as required by law authorized the calling up 20,000 guardsmen, he did it in front of the chairman of joint chiefs, the secretary of defense, the chief of staff, and the defense department chie of staff, will you pledge that if you become speaker, that you will subpoena nancy pelosi, ariel bowser, who refused to follow up it was their chain of command, they had to call them up after the president approved it, the sergeant of arms, and the dc police chief, and will use a peanut their text, phone
6:43 pm
calls, and e-mails if you becom speaker? could get the first thing i'm going to do, we've already aske to preserve all of those records . the answer is very clear, why did the democrats when they created january 6, pick and choose which republicans get to be on disallowing never before in history individuals that i selected as minority leader. why did the chair of this committee see this speaker is off-limits. why did the speaker not allow the information from the sergeant of arms, that communication with the speaker? they're is two main questions you want on january 6. why was the capital so
6:44 pm
ill-prepared that day, and how do we make sure it never happen again. you cannot answer any of those questions without getting that communication and we will get i so we can get the answer is pretty good the though love required donald trump to allow them to be called up and then i became the jurisdiction of nanc pelosi and muriel bowser. muriel bowser in writing rejected it. nancy pelosi, we'd like to know she won't turn over her phone records are the sergeant of arms , so you're pledging a full real investigation, for the right reasons for it we can't let this ever happen again just like we can't let the summer riots of 2020 again. >> remember, congressman ronnie davis that sent the letter to appropriate to preserve all the munication, he's the ranking member on housing ministration, he is also when we've had all o the reports about the changes that need to be made to the capitol police, he has offered them, but you have a democratic chair who stays home and votes proxy instead of holding any of the hearings going forward. if got a chairman of january 6 he said the speaker is off-limits, that cannot be the case we've got to get the answers to those questions and make sure the capital is safe. >> adam schiff, the biggest purveyor of election lies in history. eric can get security clearance
6:45 pm
and the private sector, we all know all about congresswoman omar, they will be taken off committee assignments and you will put a ban on people like nancy pelosi investing in stock that they might have influence on? >> intel committee is a special committee only appointed by the leaders. this is where you get the secrets to america and around the world. he will go down as one of the worst germans of intel pat turned it into a political committee here we have afghanistan, collapsing where the president is saying he's going to be able to sustain itself we have bob from collapsing where prisoners are getting out when they took one of the individuals in that prison and killed 13 of our servicemen and women, it made 1 new gold star families. may be if the intel committee was focused on what they should be focused on, instead of putting up a fake dossier and others, we wouldn't have that situation. the fbi warned us that had a
6:46 pm
knowledge of a chinese spy, continue to put on there. when he goes to the private sector, he was not going to be approved for security clearance why would government to give hi the clearance to the secrets of america? to me it's very simple, we're going to turn the intel committee back around to what it's supposed to be, protecting america around the world and knowing what is happening. instead of just making this political organization. lo and behold, where else is adam schiff? on the january 6 committee. we are going to bring back fait in congress, the speaker of the house has all the power, she ca determine what bill comes to th floor, weather gets marked up o not and what does her husband do ? he invest, not just buying the stock, he buys options he buys options when it comes to tech companies when we are debating those bills and only one person knows whether they're going to pass the house or even bring them up, he makes millions of dollars in a month. >> congressman, if you do that,
6:47 pm
you will have the support of republicans and conservatives around the country. where going to hold you to it, those are important issues.
6:48 pm
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6:51 pm
>>sean: jimmy keeble is sinking tomorrow with a creepy and he backs rbs. take a look. >> to the anti- access axis, they made a mint over what christ, is probably america's all-time favorite doll. >> they're is a new doll in tow
6:52 pm
and the fund to contain it. she is strong, she's independent , she doesn't trust science. >> barbie comes with a computer so she can do her own research. >> it now the inference to demonize americans uneasy with vaccine mandates is getting worse. the column "l.a. times" mocking ente vectors, desk is ghoulish yes, but necessary? and feeling joe's unity. laura, i don't even know where to begin here. >> i assume, that jimmy kimmel was too busy reminiscing about his name on the man show, but the first two people in america to be and he vectors are joe
6:53 pm
biden and kamala harris perry don't forget that. fact back during the campaign when they thought it was politically and contagious to them they told people and do no trust the vaccine we don't trus the vaccine and neither should you. was it any wonder that people are little skeptical now that these two individuals are in th white house and shoving it down peoples votes with these ankit constitutional vaccine mandates that you just referenced, peopl do not want the government making a medical decision for them. we would should say operation warp speed, the vaccination would not be here with operatio work speed, without donald trump , is one of the great achievements of modern history. however, we know that it protects you if you get covid from getting seriously ill, it doesn't protect you as a cdc director just admitted the othe day from actually transmitting covid and getting covid, so why don't we hear more out of this white house about natural
6:54 pm
immunity, people like millions of people out there who have copped covid, recovered from covid, have immunity, have the antibodies committee therapeutics like you were just talking to dr.'s about earlier in their show. if you go into any hospital in america and ask for something like regeneron, you can find it anywhere. no one wants to talk about thes things, it is just about the unconstitutional vaccine mandate . yes, people are little skeptica about the government in jimmy kimmel making medical decisions for him great he has about as much credibility here as dr. fauci and i think we know what that means. >>sean: i think we do. >> right now i disagree on one thing i think operation work speed was donald trump's greatest achievement freight i piggyback on everything she jus said but let me say right now, the biden and ministration is a failure of the vaccine. remember, i'm going to get rid of the virus, he's a liar on
6:55 pm
that great no testing right now. the reason he went to atlanta, he is running away from his failures relating to the his approach towards the virus cove he has failed and that's why he is down in atlanta. the fundamental issue is this, the vaccine does not stop infection or transmission, the key is is that they have tried to attack individuals who have decided to go alternative, natural immunity, therapeutic he's done everything, but throw them under the bus. the problem is all the progress we have made, he has failed. one last point, under those standards he should resign because of the number of deaths that occurred under his administration. >> well said by both of you. great job. we're going to get one of the leo to point a hat. when we come back, a big announcement.
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6:59 pm
>> that his other time we have left this evening.
7:00 pm
as always we thank you for bein with us, you make the show possible. tune and tomorrow night we have an exclusive interview with pau manna for coming his first sinc being pardoned by president trump. this story will blow you away. you want to know how corrupt your government is, tune and tomorrow night at nine. that is all the time we have. it not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham, by the way, who did you want to win last night' national championship game? >> i have to say alabama as you know, you have a lot of fans by the way. a lot of georgia and alabama fans, they said to say hi to you , but i will say that i'm going to get into this later, how did you know i was going to get into this whole thing? could. >> it's angles. >>l l1]aural0 : you knew it. >> you love sports. i do love sports and i'm going to get into this later in the show, but a huge fan base for hannity in the state last night. and