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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 12, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> president biden: do you want to be the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson, i'm tired of being quiet. >> carley: wednesday, january 12. president biden delivering a speech attacking any american who dares disagree with his
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efforts to change senate rules in order to force his radical agenda. ) >> todd: did you see this? >> more people died under president biden than they did president trump. 800,000 people have died. >> todd: dr. fauci taking a beating during a hostile hearing and a hot mic catches dr. fauci calling one senator a moron. >> carley: it is suggested biden's education secretary asked for that controversial letter comparing protesting parents to terrorists. more on that. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this wednesday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: great to be with you, my friend, i'm todd piro. we begin with our top story, president biden urging democrats to kill the filibuster to pass their election overhaul. >> carley: senate majority
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leader mitch mcconnell is -- left changes rules for their own political gain. griff jenkins is live from washington with more on this speech and what mitch mcconnell has cooking >> quite a lot, carley and todd. he's tired of being quiet, the president choosing atlanta as site to abandon bipartisanship and for the first time endorse the end of the filibuster rule. watch. >> president biden: i believe the threat to our democrats is so grave, we must find a way to pass voting rights bills. no option but to change rules including getting rid of the filibuster for this. >> the president likening opposition to racists. >> president biden: the battle for the soul of america is not ove -- america, how do you want to be remembered? do you want be the side of
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dr. king or george wallace? the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? >> vice president harris and two senators joined biden, coalition of civil rights groups boycotted the visit, including most prom prominent activist stacey abrams. >> president biden: i'm insulted you are asking the question, we got our scheduled mixed up, we're on the same page and everything is fine. >> abrams gave no reason for her absence, saying she was not able to attend. she took too twitter expressing support for ending the filibuster. back in washington, senate leader mitch mcconnell is threatening to shut down if they move forward trying to nuke the 60-vote rule, which if they do appears unlikely to succeed.
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it is a 50-50 senate, and joe manchin says, not so fast. todd and carley. >> carley: griff, thank you so much. what a day, what a speech. you know, todd, it really is a bizarre experience to hear president biden. he wanted this to be his white knight moment using flowery, combative language to drum up support from democrats over an issue and a problem that just doesn't exist, no matter where you live, georgia, alaska, tennessee, it is easy to vote. election laws may be different, they are all in the realm of normal. in georgia, where the president was during his speech, he called the new voting law race racist. this is happening for two reasons. one, it is about power, democrats want to federalize
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election laws, they think it will make it so democrats stay in power, it will make it easier for democrats to win elections that way. the other is about positive news coverage for president biden, he thinks if he comes out as a full-throated defender of voting rights, he will get positive news coverage, something he desperately needs right now. >> todd: carley, to your point, democrats see american people hate their policies, look at the polls, the american people hate democratic policies and they see the blood bath come november. instead of changing policies to reflect will of the american people, i.e, democrats, trying to change the rules to ensure perpetuity and force it down our throats. what are we talking about here? talking about showing id at the poll, why are democrats opposed about that? we ensure one person, one vote,
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the foundation of -- wait for it, democrats. democrats don't want that apparently, only id show you're covid vaccinated. you will hear that word you mentioned, federal power grab, this is democratic power grab, plain and simple. back to you. >> carley: that's right. joe manchin was asked about the filibuster yesterday. he says he supports it and doesn't want it to go anywhere. all this over voting laws, another loss for the biden administration. also politically maybe a bad idea for president biden to go this strong on an issue that will ultimately, likely be a loss for his party. another big story of the morning. fauci not holding back, raging against republican senators in day one of hearings on the biden administration's covid response. >> todd: gop lawmakers want
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answers and e-mails squashing the wuhan lab leak theory are uncovered. ashley joins us with the details as we head into day two. ashley. >> ashley: senator rand paul and dr. fauci butting heads over the federal response to covid-19. senator paul accusing fauci of conspiring to squash the wuhan lab leak theory. listen. >> in e-mail you and i quote from e-mail, to create a quick and devastating published takedown of three prominent epidemiologists and you keep coming back to personal attacks on me that have absolutely no relevance to reality. >> carley: fauci accused senator paul of distorting everything about him in his usual fashion and went head-to-head with senator marshall regarding private business dealings and caught calling names on a hot mic. >> my financial disclosures are public knowledge.
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>> office cannot find them, where would they be if they are public knowledge? >> he is happy to give it to you if you were to ask. >> what a moron. >> ashley: something to hear. marshall saying, having a bombshell report show he did award u.s. tax dollars to the wuhan lab and being called out about disclosures, calling me moron during a senator hearing may have alleviated the stress, but didn't take away from the facts. the white house top doc could find himself in hot water. james comer demand another hearing on his e-mails conspiring to push the theory covid could not have been man-made. senator paul on "the ingraham angle" last night. >> it is dangerous he has gotten in his head he represents all of science and anybody criticizes him, prepare for the takedown,
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prepare for fauci and others to conspire to ruin your reputation. >> the april 2020 e-mails fall called possibility of lab leak a shiny object that will go away in time. back to you guys. >> carley: ashley, thank you. staying on the covid topic, the white house is promising to distribute five million free rapid tests to schools each month to help k-12 schools stay open. it comes as many districts cancel classess and revert to remote learning due to teacher shortages. biden is facing backlash for a testing shortage with people waiting in miles long lines to get swabbed, biden administration facing backlash to closed schools after teacher union shuttered classrooms for nearly a week. >> todd: and education secretary cardona asked letter from the
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national school board association calling parents domestic terrorists. this is from e-mails from the nsba. the original source of the letter lobbying the biden administration to use patriot act to target parents as terrorists issue the biden administration itself. and florida senator rick scott saying the truth comes out, woke secretary cardona asked nsba to write the letter asked to begin treating parents like domestic terrorists, cardona should resign. carley, if you had any question whether this reached top level of the administration, you have your answer in that e-mail. a parent, i can't say this enough. i am in charge, not the government, not the board of education, not the teachers. i determine what is in the best interest of my child andeck spooing out in favor of what i think are the best interest of my child does not make me a domestic terrorist, it makes me
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a parent, carley. >> carley: yeah, in this e-mail we're talking about, it was obtained by the parents group, parents defending education and freedom of information act and it is between two nsba people who work at the association and it says the interim ceo of the organization told the officers, he was writing a letter to provide information to the white house from a request by secretary cardona. of course, this is a letter where the nsba ultimately likened parents to domestic terrorists. now the department of education is saying cardona did not ask for the letter to be written, they are denying it, saying the secretary did not solicit a letter from nsba to understand the views and concerns of stakeholders, the department routinely engages with students, parents, education and association and there is this e-mail that suggests otherwise.
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every time i think about the story, i think about that dad, todd, that was arrested and mocked and vilified for speaking out during a school board meeting. the reason he was doing so was because his daughter was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom. he was arrested because of it. this whole parents as domestic terrorists and fbi investigating parents roundly rejected, what a huge and dangerous mistake. >> todd: get sense democrats don't know what a dad is, somebody in jail let out of jail is a threat. time is 12 after the hour. the biden administration releasing thousands of illegal immigrants into the country and told them to be back in time for their court date. guess how many haven't shown up? we'll tell you. >> carley: while the president lobbies for partisan voting over haul, ready to grant noncitizens the right to vote. an immigrant who came to america
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away showing your id. >> carley: rnc chair woman mcdaniel taking action against new york city for allowing noncitizenss to vote, this as california governor proposes universal healthcare for all illegal immigrants. >> todd: new york attorney and legal immigrant, born and raised in communist albania. as an immigrant who came the legal way, how much of an insult is it to you in light of all the hard work you had to put in and overcome that new york now wants to give that right to vote to anybody, even if you came here illegally? >> look, it is an insult to millions of americans who came to the united states in the legal way, with the citizenship test. the meaning of citizenship is relationship between state and individual. when you pledge allegiance to
2:18 am
the state and the state provides protection to its citizens. you pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states and to the republic for which it stands. that is now diluted. what is point of being a legal immigrant now? peter lumaj. new york right now, as long as you live in new york for 30 days, you can vote in municipal electionss. anyone can be a visitor, student, an exchange student, an illegal released from custody, pretty much anyone in new york as long as you prove your residency for 30 days, you can vote in municipal elections. >> carley: new york state constitution grants right to vote to citizens 18 and older. now the rnc is suing, it sounds
2:19 am
like this is illegal. will this get overturned? >> peter: it could well get overturned, the problem is municipalities have right to regulate voting processes, if you will. in this case, it may wind up in the supreme court. the most significant thing should be united states congress getting involved and defunding any cities that provide sanctuary to illegals, grant rights to illegals, i think congress should step in in this case. >> todd: meantime, 47,000 migrants failed to report to ice after getting legal defense dollars. anyone with half a brain knew this would happen. as an immigration attorney who knows the system, will we hear from those 47,000 migrants ever again? >> peter: i think that number is
2:20 am
greater than they are reporting, what they are getting, anyone who gets detained crossing the border illegally, they get a notice to report instead of notice to appear. it will be processed in 10 or 15 minutes, given to an illegal, the illegal will be released and required, according to ice officers that they are going to live in. that is not a requirement to appear in front of a judge, it is not a notice to appear. notice to appear, give credible interview you are ark frayed to go back to your country and then you will be released. the system is completely overwhelmed and it is just a matter of time, the judges can't handle this influx of illegals coming to the united states. ice is overworked and the agency is on the virge of collapsing. i wouldn't be surprised if this
2:21 am
is biden administration providing for massive amnesty in the united states. >> todd: absolute disaster. peter lumaj, thank you. we appreciate your time, as always, can't imagine this is where we are. 20 minutes after the hour. it turns out president biden's top education official requested that letter from the national school board association that compared parents fighting against woke curriculum as domestic terrorists. >> carley: sean duffy reacts to that shocking news coming up next. ♪ p but my body was telling a different story. i felt all people saw were my uncontrolled movements. some mental health meds can cause tardive dyskinesia, or td, and it's unlikely to improve without treatment. ingrezza is a prescription medicine to treat adults with td movements in the face and body. it's the only treatment for td that's one pill, once-daily,
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>> todd: chicago studentss will finally return to the classroom after a strike cancelled class for five school days. the teachers union was in negotiation over covid protocol. they will return to remote learning on school-by-school basis. the measure is expected to be
2:26 am
voted on by union members this week. and parents in new york may be taking a major hit, proposed law aims to block opening of new charter schools. earlier we spoke about the implication with head of the national association of charter school authorizers. listen. >> now is absolutely the time when we need more, not fewer, educational opportunities for student success. i have no idea why we would be seeking to reduce quality educational opportunities. >> todd: he went on to say blocking charter schools would particularly hurt new york's urban communities. carley. >> carley: education secretary miguel cardona may have helped drum up the infamous letter from the national school board association, which compared protesting parents to domestic terrorists. here to react, sean duffy, fox news contributor. this is the e-mail here that has
2:27 am
republicans fired up this morning. it is from nsba secretary treasurer and she says providing information to the white house from a request by secretary cardona. what do you make of this situation? >> it is frightening, carley, this plan was hatched in the white house. democrats believe they can suppress their opposition, which by the way, everyone as parent, stop parents from going out and protesting crt. the plan was hatched in the white house. i think in and of itself is frightening and democrats want to use the power of government to suppress their opposition. i think this is shocking, but it doesn't surprise me. the politics taking place over the last year with regard to democrats and how they will use -- actually over the trump
2:28 am
administration, how they will use the power of government to accomplish their goals is shocking and i think just a wave of the future, carley. >> carley: department of education released a statement saying the secretary did not solicit a letter from the nsba, the department routinely engages with students, teachers, parents, district leaderss and education associations, they are denying it, sounds like you are not buying it. >> sean: that says yes of course we did talk to everybody. i did town halls in congress, people came and they spoke their mind and wanted to tell the representative what they thought. i took the job and had to take the heat. the school board, if you teach crt, should hear from parents, to call them terrorists and violent, we watched the protests nothing of violence took place.
2:29 am
to use a term like you are a domestic terrorist is unconscionable. >> carley: and the fact the fbi went along with it and said -- the doj went along and said the fbi will investigate some parents. got to get to president biden's speech in georgia yesterday to drum up support for election reform. he said he doesn't want the filibuster to stand anymore. take a listen to more comments from yesterday. >> president biden: history has never been kind to those who sided with voter suppression over voter rights. i ask every elected official in america, how do you want to be remembered? do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace, the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? this is the moment to decide. >> carley: sean, he says this issue marks a turning point in our country. what do you say? >> sean: normally, carley, if
2:30 am
people have been denied right to vote, they would take to the streets and march. that was good to make sure they had a right to vote because they were disenfranchised. who has been disenfranchised? where are marches? who hasn't been allowed to vote? nobody has been disenfranchised. this is a created issue. democrats and republicans, black, white, brown, everybody has agreed you show id to vote. no one objects to that except joe biden and democrats who want power in the federal government. i think this is interesting. if i go to new york city and i want to go to a restaurant, i got to show my id to the restaurant or the store i want to go into because they want to make sure when i show my va x card, it is not todd piro, but sean duffy going in. i show id. why can't we do that for voting?
2:31 am
voting is more sacred than eating in a new york restaurant and confirming i'm sean duffy voting, not todd piro is just as important to show i'm unvaxxed sean duffy versus vaxxed todd piro. whatever. insanity. >> carley: unbelievable statement for president biden to accuse republicans of racism because they don't want to federalize election laws, that is where he stands. you just stated how you stand. thanks for joining us. senior meteorologist janice dean is here with fox weather forecast. good morning, janice. >> janice: good morning. we have maybe a winter storm over the weekend, parts of the deep south could get snow. let's break it down. we have a warm up across the plain states, enjoy that for the next 24 hours, things will change going through thursday
2:32 am
and friday for parts of the midwest and plains. temperatures above normal, but things will change. quiet forecast today on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, things start to perk up in the weather department. future track. we watch this area of low pressure move across the plain states and the midwest and some energy will sink in toward the deep south. for the meanwhile, thursday through saturday, big-time snow potential for the plain states and upper midwest and here is a look at the potential this weekend. this area of low pressure dies across the south, mississippi river valley and could bring southern snow and ice and maybe a nor'easter for us as we get into next week. fox, download the app and we'll give latest details on the next winter storm coming our way. carley, todd, back to you. >> todd: latest details, janice,
2:33 am
update on the weather in connecticut. up to 16 degrees. a warm front moving in from yesterday's forecast. >> nice. very good. >> janice: no shorts today. >> todd: exciting times. it's sad, sad state of affairs. janice, thank you. president biden continually uses the phrase pandemic of the unvaccinated. some are taking the divisiveness to another level by supporting shocking comments like this one on the screen. >> carley: ted cruz had enough with the media double standard between democrats and republicans. >> just once i'd like to see a reporter say to joe biden when he stands at the [bleep] podium in the white house without a mask, mr. president, why aren't you wearing a mask? >> carley: joe concha is ready for his own media takedown and he joins us next. ♪
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2:38 am
>> carley: joe concha is joining us live on these interesting events. it must be some scheduling conflict stacey abrams was up against. >> joe: shimkey, welcome back, happy new year, good to see you. i read about this in the column for the hill yesterday. this is pretty easy. when the president and vice president of the united states come to your state to push your signature issue, if you're stacey abrams, you clear your schedule. of course, we never heard what was on ms. abrams schedule that forced her into hiding. it shows how toxic the president is to democrats in georgia, a state he won narrowly, mr. biden is firmly under water in polling. and two, it also shows you exactly how little confidence at
2:39 am
this point democrats have in mr. biden's ability to get this voting legislation over the finish line at this point. you could see now, there is desperation within this white house because look at the priorities, right? totally tone deaf. they focus on build back better when education is going sideways, while saying with build back better, it will add zero dollars to the deficit, that whole whisper thing. that is dead now, right? they pivot to january 6 and the focus is on voting rights, an issue down the ladder of priorities for the american people. to sean duffy's point, if a massive number of people want to vote, but can't, i believe they would be all over tv or marching in the streets. those people don't exist. biggest issue of our team. >> todd: here is ted cruz versus
2:40 am
podium. >> i would like to see a reporter say to joe biden when he stands at the podium without a mask, mr. president, why aren't you wearing a mask. the question is directed at one side and the american people see the hypocrisy. >> todd: such a good point by ted cruz, it is good to see the media called out for that hypocrisy, but joe, will anything ever change? >> joe: of course not. i've always wondered about this, as well. why does jen psaki not wear a mask in the white house press briefing. i don't know if you have been to the briefing room, they used to have an indoor pool there, it is low acelaings, perfect very masks. and she got covid, despite being
2:41 am
masked and vaxxed. if reporters want to talk to the president, he will walk up to them, and within two feet, talk to them and put the thing back on. everybody is tired of this at this point. only one party appears to be called out on it. >> carley: the reason ted cruz was fired up yesterday, he was making a comment about ending the filibuster and a reporter asked him while he wasn't wearing a mask and you saw him slam the podium. no podiums were hurt in the making of this. joe concha, thank you for joining us. >> joe: you have not lost your -- good job. love it. influence, i guess. piro's influence, i guess. >> carley: have a good one. a "washington post" columnist in hot water after posting an op ed praising french president
2:42 am
emmanuel macron. makron is right, it is time to make it hell for anti-vacsers, no reason to refuse vaccination, the only way it will end. macron set for others to follow. tell us how you really feel. todd, over to you. >> todd: who cares about the latest omicron stats and science that vaccinated people are spreading it. that is just facts. up next, talking to pete hegstep about the taxpayer dollars united states is spending to a foreign country run by terrorists. >> carley: plus, did pete buttigieg save christmas? what one had to say during the middle of the supply chain crisis. ♪
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>> what is coming up over the next 14 minutes. period biden railing against republicans in georgia this week. how clueless and inappropriate was that speech yesterday? wisconsin senator ron johnson &
2:47 am
johnson will be here live, he's running for another six years and governor brian kemp on the reality of what the new georgia laws will do. he will react to the speech, president lincoln or jefferson davis, really? clay travis will weigh in on the coaching changes in the nfl, and douglas murray will put life in perspective. from vaccine requirements to a ban on off-campus dining in ivy league schools, universities are making students jump through hoops. what power do they have? our panel shares their concerns, that is in 13 minutes. there will be a quiz on "fox and friends first" first. now pay attention, back to two lovely people. >> todd: thank you. joe concha in new york, i'm sure you are teary eyed very much. they want us to go to news. new york city business owners
2:48 am
calling out alvin bragg on his policy. >> carley: cheryl casone joins us live with details. good morning. >> cheryl: i don't have the band this morning, i have this story, a big one. the partnership for new york city will meet with new d.a. alvin bragg after the group was inunidated about his lenient policies against criminals. >> this guy seems like he wants to have california have a monopoly on bad ideas. >> we voted for mayor adams because he was going to be tough on crime. right now his hands are tied. >> want him to take a walk with us in new york city and see what is going on in 2022. >> cheryl: a memo sparked outrage from sean sewell and democratic lawmakers in this state. >> todd: it is something else, cheryl. why is covid testing money being
2:49 am
diverted to the border crisis? >> cheryl: exactly. senator susan collins and others questioning biden officials why funds were being diverted. >> our staff's investigation found that $850 million out of the testing budget and another $850 million out of the allocation for the stockpile were instead used to deal with the crisis at the southern border. >> cheryl: $8 billion allocated for covid testing as the nation facing a shortage. collins mentioned a facility in her district, they laid off workers because they didn't have any orders for tests. >> carley: cheryl, did pete buttigieg save christma
2:50 am
>> cheryl: buttigieg visiting for a victory lap despite empty store shelves. learn to the mayor's reaction. >> i got to say, our president and this administration deserve credit for saving christmas, this man saved christmas. >> cheryl: americans are suffering shortage of milk, beverages, meat, it looks like march of 2020. another frustrated shopper says his grocery store looked like one he saw in the soviet union back in 1981, carley and todd. i think the victory lap, a little premature right now. >> carley: yeah, that victory lap probably shouldn't be happening while store shelvess are still empty. cheryl, thank you. all right. ilhan omar wanting to clockwise guantanamo bay over the cruel way prisoners are being treated. >> todd: a guard at gitmo has
2:51 am
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♪ consider cart u.s. asnowpsing it will spend $308 million for assistance in afghanistan as it faces a full blown humanitarian crisis. >> todd: only problem the country is now run by terrorists. the biden administration should know that pete hegseth joins us now. will this money help in any significant way or basically go to fun the terrorists, you know, after we gave them all those weapons and basically gave them credibility on the world stage? >> pete: that's right. afghanistan wants economy the last 20 years has almost been entirely dependent on two things, a foreign aid, a mask percentage, overwhelming percentage on foreign aid and the other opium the drug trade. this is an economy not able to
2:56 am
sustain itself without other countries funding it. now it's been taken over as you point out by terrorists pirks the taliban. they say the money will go to international aid organizations and not to the government. which is yet again the united states government, lying to itself and lying to us because we know no business goes conducted without the blessing of the taliban at this point on the ground. they have consolidated complete power. they have executed retribution on their enemies. there is not a single organization there that won't operate without at minimum a kick back to the taliban. at most, confiscation of whatever funds that government needs which is being strangled right now because it doesn't have revenue. and it has equipment. it has fighters, it needs to feed them and pay them. so this money will go into the hands of the taliban, no doubt. and it's so fool hearted to believe that this amount of international aid from the united states is going to ultimately benefit the afghan
2:57 am
people. it was following through and not allowing the afghan government to collapse so immediately that would have been real aid but, of course, the biden administration completely botched that in the most embarrassing display of a retreat the world has seen in quite some time. >> carley: here is house minority leader kevin mccarthy on their. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we have afghanistan collapsing where the president is saying it's going to be able to sustain itself. we have bagram collapsing where prisoners are getting out. where they took one of those individuals that was in that prison and killed 13 of our servicemen and women. made 13 new gold star families. maybe if the intel committee was focused on what they were supposed to be focused on instead of putting out a fake dossier and others, we wouldn't have that situation. >> carley: one of the reasons, pete, that president biden wanted to pull out of afghanistan was because he said that it was costing us too much money to be there. so unbelievable that even now
2:58 am
that we're being pull out we are spending almost a trillion dollars on the country. i want to get to this though, the "new york times" is recording that the biden administration approved the release of five more gitmo detainees, and then there is former obama official who wrote an op-ed in politico about this. he said our longest war has ended yet guatemala indiewrs. if these detainees had been white and and not brown a black, is there a chance rule of law would imprison them without charge for decades. he says this is a race issue. >> pete: this is a race issue. oh boy, i haven't seen the race issue infect yet the idea that guantanamo bay is the most evil thing in the world, which the left believes. so now guantanamo bay is racist. it's not that these guys are radical islamist who seek our destruction. maybe a good place to hold them.
2:59 am
it's worth noting four of the current leaders in afghanistan, at least four of the current high level leaders of the taliban are alumni of guantanamo bay. so, we do know that the recidivism rate of the guys who were in guantanamo bay to go back to the battlefield is very, very high. we have traded some of the worst for some of our worst. which i will note. guantanamo bay while not perfect, i can tell you this. i was there in 2004 and 2005. was about as a good of a facility you could have people, unlawful combatants who aren't justified -- aren't required to have the same rules that other prisoners have. prisoners of war. yet, there are 39, i believe, still there. i wonder why they are still there? probably because they a, pose a threat to us and, b, because the gears of guantanamo bay were muffed up by leftist and international lawyers a long time ago so it couldn't be what
3:00 am
it was supposed to be. >> todd: another example of people not knowing what they're talking about, talking out of school. somebody like you who was there who understands the importance of guatemala trying to give us the truth. hopefully people listen to it otherwise the ilhan omars of the world, that "new york times" guy are going to be leading the charge. pete hegseth, we appreciate your insight and your service. thank you, sir. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> president biden delivering another combative speech. >> do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. >> what he has done is call anyone who opposes him racist. that's of the playbook. >> dr. fauci taking a beating from republicans. >> do you really think it's appropriate to use your $120,000 salary to attack scientists who disagree with you? >> you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. >> miguel cardona facing calls to resign. >> newly obtained email


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