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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 12, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> that's right. i'm looking forward to your conversation talking about how you confused the county towels. luckily, if there are some spills, let's just hope she has got some cloth nearby. >> i'm telling her to bring your camera with her next time. you can see the difference. to see you later, guys. thank you so much for >> bill: new inflation numbers in the labor department showing the fastest price hike we've seen in four decades. tough to beat that. i'm bill hemmer. we'll bring you good news as well. good morning, dana. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." let's look at the number. the prices are up 7% from a year ago. the fastest increase, bill, since 1982 which is really incredible. this is a very potent political issue for the administration and i don't think the biden team seems to have a handle on
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what to do to curb it. if you look at this they've been doing this poll-driven drive against corporate america saying it's greed that is increasing the numbers when i actually think it is a lot deeper than that and inflation pressures are coming from all the money thrown at covid and other things in the last couple of years. >> bill: the thing is you can go to georgia and talk about voting rights but this cannot hide. talk about gas prices and food prices and everybody feels it and now it is playing out in a way that unfortunately the economists predicted. we haven't seen numbers like this since the early 1980s, dana. >> dana: we'll talk about it a lot this morning and have good he personal for you as well. numbers on inflation are colliding with supply chain issues and staff shortages. pictures of empty store shelves across the nation are going viral. >> honestly i looked for march 2020 when everybody was stockpiling and the shelves
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were bare. pretty much all produce is gone. there is maybe some peppers and artichokes. >> kind of scary. domino effect. complete and total domino effect. >> workers striking, omicron. >> bill: white house we begin from fox business network. edward lawrence has the news and the numbers an the reaction. good morning there. >> good morning, bill. you will start to see the blame game out of the white house here. dana said the fastest pace since 1982. that was the year we had the start of a severe recession. cpi numbers as you said 7% year-over-year. exactly what the market expected and the reason it is going to open on the up side, but not one number in this report went down. this will give ammunition for the federal reserve to raise interest rates in march. we can all see gas prices, all
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types of gas are up 49.6% year-over-year. a cold winter, very cold winter. heating oil up 41% over the past 12 months. when you look at food. we don't have to tell you at the grocery store, cereal and baking products up 4.8%. more than the increases in wages americans are season. meat, poultry, eggs up 12 1/2%. fruits and vegetables up 5%. try eating out. it's up 6.6%. jay powell says part of the issue is the supply chain issues that are still happening. he says they are not fixed. listen to this. >> the number of ships at anchor is still at a record level. we aren't seeing yet the kind of progress we essentially all forecasters thought we would be seeing by now and that's really what's driving it. we did foresee the strong spike in demand. we didn't know that it would be
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so focused on goods. but that's really what happened. >> you may remember in december biden said he solved the supply chain issue and saved christmas. the federal reserve chairman saying we'll see the supply chain issues sort out by the end of this year. >> bill: dave ramsey knows the money issues as well as anyone in america and we'll talk to him later this hour. nice to see you from the white house. back to dana. >> dana: another fox news alert. president biden trying to light a fire under senate democrats urging them to pass a federal overhaul of u.s. elections even if it means tearing up the senate rule book in the process. a strategy he and his party used to vehemently oppose. >> we should make no mistake, this nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it is a fundamental power grab by the majority party.
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>> ending the filibuster is a dangerous thing to do. >> they will change the rules, break the rules, misread the constitution, so that they will get their way. >> that, madam president, is what we call abuse of power. >> i'm not crazy about getting rid of the filibuster. >> the legislative filibuster should stay there and i will personally resist efforts to get rid it. >> dana: let's go to capitol hill. chuck schumer could push for a vote as early as today? >> that's right. we're waiting to find out from his office what the details and plans are. they could even work through the weekend on this. they are committed. even after this big speech in georgia from the president, leader schumer still this morning does not have the votes to change the filibuster threshold. senator mark kelly of arizona is still non-committal and kyrsten sinema and joe manchin
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are vocally against this. >> we have our rules. we need some rule changes to make the place work better but getting rid of the filibuster doesn't make it work better. >> manchin getting a ton of pressure. schumer says he is almost there. >> every one of the 50 is talking individually to joe manchin to kyrsten sinema and saying i'll lose my election if the legislature is allowed to do this in my state. we'll lose our majority. the nine of us are meeting with manchin and exploring ways against eliminating the filibuster. >> mitch mcconnell slammed president biden in a fiery floor speech for spreading misinformation and essentially leaving half the country out of this conversation. >> trying to break the senate to silence those millions of americans. we'll make their voices heard
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in this chamber in ways that are more inconvenient for the majority and this white house than what anybody has seen in living memory. >> again, dana, we're still waiting for details from leader schumer's office. a vote hasn't been announced but they could have to stay through the weekend and work on this. >> dana: we have a preview of what they will say if it doesn't pass. thank you, aishah. >> bill: republican senator john barrasso from wyoming. take you back to georgia yesterday. here is sound bite one from the speech in atlanta. >> president biden: jim crow 2.0 about two things. i've been having these quiet conversations with members of congress for the last two months. i'm tired of being quiet. i support changing the senate rules whichever way they need to be changed to prevent a
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minority of senators from blocking action on voting rights. >> bill: hard to see how this thing gains any traction in the end. if that's the case why are they giving this so much oxygen? >> well bill, i saw the speech and heard president biden say sadly, he said the senate is a shell of its former self. i would say sadly joe biden is a shell of his former self. we're seeing a president who is overwhelmed and ineffective. you saw that today with the inflation numbers. you see these record numbers of inflation. joe biden is the president of high prices. he is unable to cope with any of the issues facing our country today whether it's the crisis at the border, covid, crime in the cities. and he is tone deaf if he believes that changing election laws is what the american people are looking to in leadership right now. >> dana: senator, good to have you. the smallest majority that we've ever seen in our history
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of politics in recent memory is trying to impose a new way, a federalized way of voting for every person in the united states. isn't that exactly what the filibuster was created to prevent? >> well, you want -- first we have a 50/50 senate. that should be a mandate to move to the middle for people to work together. instead the democrats want to rig the rules of the senate so they can force through a very radical, extreme, dangerous and scary agenda. you know what it is, you report on this every day. it is trying to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. some people want to give the vote to people who are here illegally. it's about packing the supreme court, adding four liberal justices to the supreme court. it is penalizing american energy with higher taxes and rules that will make energy much more expensive. so when the republicans had the
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house, the senate and the white house, 33 democrats signed a letter saying don't change the filibuster. chuck schumer said it would be doomsday for democracy. that's what they want to do right now. take away the voice, muzzle the voice and the votes of the minority party in the senate. we're fighting it all the way. >> bill: i was looking at this earlier. 32 democrats signed the letter. 27 are still in the office in the senate today. i guess the answer to my question could be simply stated we're talking about this and we're not talking about inflation. we're not talking about the economy and the polling that came out just a few days ago you look at the top four or five issues in america today center around people's money, senator. >> you're right. the most important issue in a gallup poll, you've got it, economy, poor leadership, covid, immigration. down at 23 at the bottom of the
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list is election reform. people care about their own lives and when these new inflation numbers came out today, 40-year high, what we see is for a family in wyoming or across the country will cost $3500 more this year just to maintain their standard of living compared to a year ago. people -- paychecks are not keeping up. families are struggling. people that are hurt months seniors, people on fixed income, young couples trying to get by and it is the biden policies. you said it at the top of the hour, dana, it's the biden policies that have caused this. the attack on american energy, they did that day one killing the keystone xl pipeline and gone on and on with all the so-called covid relief. the money didn't go for testing where it was supposed to go. we don't have accountability on that. it flooded the market with capital and caused the
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increased prices we're seeing today as well. >> bill: thank you for your time. john barrasso from wyoming. did you see the piece today? >> dana: i like to read it the night before so i can be prepared. >> bill: are you with joe biden or jefferson davis? the president's speech is a voice from reality. the filibuster is likely to fail. it concludes with the following line. it is a bad presidential look. a couple of things in this voting rights proposal that i don't think a lot of people are aware of. it would force you to count late-mail ballots like a postcard. you don't know where it's coming from. the other thing about the drop boxes in the state of georgia. they didn't exist before the pandemic vote of 2020. that will be permanent to a degree in the state of georgia regardless. >> dana: another thing in the bill that a lot of people don't realize is a taxpayer funding of campaigns. that polls so poorly in america
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it has for a long time and of course then you have the voter i.d. requirements which most people including a majority of democrats think should be there. what president biden did from the "new york post" said if you don't support what he wants to do in ending the filibuster, then you are no better than two of the worst people of the 20th century and one of the worst of the 19th and they are also going to lose on the issue. >> bill: agreed. >> dana: what's the point? >> bill: it seems like it is dead in the water. in a moment here the education secretary is under fire. newly released email now showing his involvement with that school board letter last year that compared concerned parents to domestic terrorists. we've got some stunning new information on how that all came about coming up. >> dana: liberal district attorneys facing backlash over their soft on crime policies and reducing penalties for criminals. how ordinary citizens are pushing back to restore the justice system.
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>> bill: cdc director walensky and dr. fauci playing defense on the senate committee on the covid response. is there a better way as the pandemic enters year number three? >> i'm at the end of my rope. i think you'll see today most of my colleagues are as well. >> frankly, honestly, you have lost your reputation. the american people don't trust the words coming out of your mouth. t in on record low rates . the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> bill: as you may have heard the president insisting the u.s. is on the right track in the fight against covid. the evidence says otherwise. the u.s. setting a new record for both infections and hospitalizations. all this after the head of the cdc and dr. anthony fauci faced tough questions on the hill yesterday about the response. jackie heinrich back on the beat at the white house with
6:20 am
more on this. good morning. >> good morning. president biden says america is on the right track with covid but he does have concerns about its trajectory and the fact it is not slowing down. that is threatening to overwhelm efforts that critics say are already coming too late to ramp up testing and therapeutics. the white house is already facing pressure to deliver those 500 million tests sending to americans' homes. criticism they will arrive late in the omicron surge. the "washington post" also reporting this morning the additional pledge for 10 million free tests headed for schools. this comes as the administration weighs the need for yet another coronavirus relief package but there might not be an appetite among lawmakers to inject more money into the economy. especially as they uncover some funds from the last package were used to deal with covid among migrants at the border. >> our staff's investigation found that $850 million out of
6:21 am
the testing budget and another $850 million out of the allocation for the stockpile. >> i will be anticipate to take that back and discuss that with our finance teams. >> yesterday lawmakers on the hill grilled members of the coronavirus response team on everything from muddled guidance on testing, isolation and quarantine rules to masking guidance and masks and test scarcity. some of the questions turned political and personal like this hot mic moment with faufrpy and senator marshall. >> my financial disclosure is public knowledge. >> where would we find it? >> ask for it. you are so misinformed it is extraordinary. >> you see things before members of congress. >> totally incorrect. >> senator marshall, dr. fauci has answered you. it is public information and he is happy to give it to you if you would ask. senator moran.
6:22 am
>> what a moron. >> meantime the white house also continues to believe vaxing or test mandates will survive court challenges. they expect strong enforcement by osha. smaller businesses on the cusp of the 100 employee threshold might face tough decisions whether to undergo hiring or potentially face tens of thousands of dollars in fines for potential violations for non-compliance. >> bill: thank you, jackie. interesting moment, shall we say right there. >> dana: let's bring in fox news contributor dr. nicole saphier. interesting moment there but this is also interesting. this confusion, doctor, over exposure to covid and when you need to get a test. here is an exchange. >> i'm sure someone here has omicron. are we all exposed? therefore need to get tested? what does it mean to be exposed and when do we need to get tested?
6:23 am
>> if you are in a period of 50 minutes at a time or a total of 50 minutes over a 24 hour period in a situation where you come into close contact. >> in terms of who should get tested you should get tested if you have symptoms of covid-19. >> dana: why is every child having to be tested before going back to school and people lining up for three hours to be tested? the "washington post" article leads with the excruciating confusion people are dealing with who should get a test and when. >> dana, there was mixed messaging at the hearing yesterday. you had dr. walensky double masking during her testimony and dr. fauci removed his mask. the mixed messaging, poor communication continues. at the end of the day when it comes to omicron the country is having to change the way we think about this. it is a highly contagious variant why we've seen this dramatic uptick in cases but president biden is correct when he says we're on the right
6:24 am
track. maybe not for the reasons that he is saying. we're on the right track in the sense if you look up and down the northeastern seaboard you are starting to see the cases peak. i can tell you over the next couple of weeks you will see the natural decline. this is what happens with every cyclical wave. not because of the testing plan and certainly isn't because of the forthcoming booster mandates. this is what happens. the good news is you look at the u.s. data and parallels other countries in the sense that covid hospitalizations with omicron variant or 50% that as we saw with delta. icu admissions are 75% decreased. it is all great news. moving forward it shouldn't be reflexive responses to waves which is what we've continued to do for the last two years finding ourselves unprepared. they need to be pro-active and like cold and flu season and make sure they are able to handle capacity not just for covid for flu, rsv and
6:25 am
pneumonia and everything else that causes a stretch with hospital systems. >> dana: senator bernie sanders will introduce legislation that all americans should have facemasks that will keep them safe. i'll introduce legislation tomorrow for n-95 masks to be sent to every household in the country to save lives and reduce healthcare costs. is it necessary to send everyone in america an n-95 mask and how long can you wear one, anyway? >> the dialogue around. we need to do these things to keep us safe is going to continue this panic pandemic forever. sending them to every american household is a complete waste of resources. it is not attainable and certainly is not going to have the effect that senator sanders would like it to have. the average american and average day settings shouldn't be wearing an n-95 max. children should not. there is no data showing a healthy child wearing this mask is a benefit to them. where it needs to be targeted
6:26 am
for healthcare workers who are in sustained contact with immunocompromised patients and patients with covid-19 and people who are immunocompromised. they would benefit. the average healthy american and everyday settings should not be wearing these. you are really only supposed to wear them one interaction at a time with covid because there have been supply chain issues physicians, nurses have been having to reuse our masks. i can tell you, dana, the moment you move your mask and adjust it or take it down to have a sip of coffee or a child takes off their mask to have lunch you have broken that seal and any protection that you had from the n-95 is gone at that point. >> dana: okay. i could have you on here for hours but we'll let you go and get back to your important work and we'll see you soon. thank you. >> bill: we know the china olympics are three weeks away. can the chinese communist party
6:27 am
and their sweeping lockdowns work this time around? that's coming up in a moment. first leo terrell and the backlash facing progressive d.a.s in the controversial soft on crime policies next.
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there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. >> bill: 9:31 in new york. i mentioned yesterday follow up today. dangerous development overseas in north korea, pong young saying it conducted a final test of a new hypersonic missile. it claims the leader kim jung unwas there to watch. reports suggest it was traveling mac10, 7,000 miles per hour. if you weaponize that at some point it is difficult to defend. watching that story out of north korea. >> dana: manhattan's controversial new district attorney is under fire for his soft on crime policies met with the police commissioner yesterday following reported
6:33 am
criticism of his new memo by the nypd. in addition to that criticism he will now have a watchdog group keeping an eye on him. victims rights group says it will track bragg's prosecutions case-by-case and file grievances if necessary. eric shawn is live with more. >> good morning, dana. critics say progressive manhattan district attorney alvin bragg will let criminals off the hook. they claim this morning it is already happening. the "new york post" reporting that knife wielding career criminal william roland threatened a drugstore worker when he stole $2,000 worth of stuff. after cops arrested him bragg's office they say reduced the charges. dropping the first degree murder count and criminal possession of a weapon that alleged knife. type of crime the group victims rights new york says it will keep an eye on to make sure bragg follows the law and not his progressive agenda. the group is led by jennifer
6:34 am
harrison starting a watchdog effort to monitor bragg's prosecutions. >> who would have thought that we would have had to come up with the kind of neighborhood watch or coalition to make prosecutors enforce the law? it is ridiculous but yes there are a bunch of us victims rights advocates and survivors of homicide victims groups that are coalescing and organizing to hold alvin bragg's office accountable. >> harrison says the group will deploy court watchers to keep track of cases and file charges of prosecutorial misconduct against bragg if he fails to enforce the law. experts say changing a progressive prosecutor's policies may be difficult because they're so ideologically driven by their political views. >> it's important. so many of these policies are put in place in the name of racial equity increasing --
6:35 am
[inaudible] >> bill: under fire for reducing the penalties of the criminals. leo terrell is here. thank you for your time. just -- i know you have your issues. here in new york this fellow that eric shawn mentioned over the weekend stole $2200 worth of merchandise from a local pharmacy. came back later that same afternoon and stole more merchandise. he was arrested. he had a package of heroin fall out of his sock, leo. so he faced a robbery charge. that was dropped.
6:36 am
and he was charged with two counts of larceny and related low level offenses. i have to think whether it's new york or l.a. or philly or name your city that this does not end well, leo. >> it is not going to end well, bill. let me be very clear. this encourages more crime because that gentleman in new york or that defendant had a weapon. under bragg's policy it is automatically reduced because there was no damage or injuries to the victim. and here is the part that's amazing. in the opening shot it would say this. bragg is a person of color. he knows better. that these progressive policies do not help the people he claims he is trying to serve. it recruits more criminals because now criminals, bill, in new york and in l.a. are now aware that they can use a gun, they can use a weapon. if they don't fire it they're not going to be charged with a felony. in fact, they will be able to
6:37 am
walk because it will be a misdemeanor. they'll recruit young children to join their gang or criminal operation. this is crazy. it does not work. >> bill: yesterday on fox business charlie was reporting on the number of phone calls city hall has taken from people very influential new yorkers and rich and spend a lot of money here and worried about the safety and the future of the city and not sure how much more they should invest in the town until they get better clearance and guidance. i will give you a case in point. sound bite two greg hunt owns a well-known billiards pool hall in lower manhattan. they're worried about it and see it every day. watch it. >> we've had more mentally ill people coming in than we've ever experienced before. it is making my employees more stressed. i'm scared for my family and my employees. we had 20 years of great leadership and things turned around and got much better and now they are going way back the where they were in the 70s.
6:38 am
>> bill: that's one guy running one shop in lower manhattan. the d.a. says i don't understand about the pushback. here is what he said. >> our first civil rights is the right to walk safely to our corner store. but we also know that that safety has got to be based in our community in fairness and cannot be driven solely by incarceration. >> bill: you've been in the courtroom for decades. when he talks about fairness and incarceration, how do we achieve that under this current policy here whether it's in l.a. or new york? >> you cannot. he is using code words. i will be very clear. as a lawyer for 30 years he is using his color as a shield. fairness, what does that mean? people of color are being hurt by his policies. they can't afford, bill, private security. he is talking about fairness. it's some type of reflection of what happened 35, 40 years ago.
6:39 am
we have people of color like himself in power and responsibility. the need to enforce the law. what is happening here is that he is claiming that this is helping people of color. this is helping the city. it is not. it's hurting. people of color want law protection and he is taking it away. it doesn't make sense. >> bill: leo, they will not prosecute trespassing. resisting arrest, subway and bus fare dodging and sex work. i guess you have to make a living somehow. thank you for your time and we'll speak again soon. >> dana: soaring prices at the grocery stores are starting in the heartland and how rising inflation is hitting america's farmers and taking a bite out of your wallet as well next. making ends meet in the age of the shrinking paycheck. personal finance expert dave ramsey joins us in how to make your money work for you. that's next.
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>> bill: it is perhaps the story of the day. no doubt about it. new monthly innation numbers showing prices rising 7% over the past year, the a fastest increase we've seen in four decades. major impact on the effect on the farmers and food industry. grady trimble has more on a farm in princeton, illinois. how are they doing and dealing, grady? good morning. >> unfortunately everything is costing farmers more from fertilizer to fuel to equipment like combines and tractors. we're not talking about small increases. we're talking about 30 to even 60% in some cases. evan is a farmer out here in illinois and you are trying to plan for the upcoming year. it is hard to do when costs are exorbitant right now. >> definitely looking at a much different environment from a
6:46 am
year ago. just trying to figure out how we can navigate the next year with the massive price increases. >> you grow corn and soybeans used for livestock feed and impact meat prices down the line. up 12 1/2% year-over-year already. what does the future hold? when your costs are higher the livestock farmers more and more at the grocery store, too, and it is already way up. >> unfortunately we're looking at a couple of years of increases here before things settle out as this trickles down from us all the way to the consumer and everyone in between it will be a long time before we get relief. >> what's the way out of this as you see it? >> well, hopefully as we move past the pandemic, as we answer some of the questions on labor and transportation issues, you know, as maybe the fed comes through with some rate hikes to flatten out this sharp rise we've seen in inflation, that
6:47 am
hopefully it will be some relief we need. >> that's the situation here on the farm. the first stop, of course, in america's food supply chain. it all trickles down eventually to the consumer. >> bill: it does. nice to see you checking on the farm. >> dana: let's bring in dave ramsey personal finance expert, radio host and author of the new book baby step millionaires. a great title for a book. people that listen to you, follow you, buy your books, one of the things they're trying to do is figure out how to best to manage their own finances so they can get ahead and when you add something like 7% inflation, which we just saw from the numbers this morning, wages are only up 4.8%, your listeners and viewers and fans might feel like they are trying to climb a greased wall. what do you recommend they try to do? >> it has been really scary for a lot of people because we get the other side of the economic fears associated with a
6:48 am
pandemic and shutdowns and quar an teens and all that. finally get work life somewhat back to normal moving in the right direction so the average family that stabilize and double gas prices. it is crazy out there. you look at that and it's just straight up energy policy of the biden administration and we have the disruptions in supply chain and we've got folks that didn't buy anything for a year that are rushing out and buying three of everything. you have a supply and demand curve impacting this inflation as well. so i'm with that farmer. i think he had his finger on the pulse of things pretty well. i think it will settle out if the government will quite monkeying and create options to flow more quickly and smoothly. the more you can get the supply chain thing opened up the faster the cost and supply -- [inaudible]
6:49 am
>> all the time to keep their jobs. i'm not sure if i know, but -- i'm not an economist but common sense tells me that snapshot of the store is a snapshot, not a film strip. in the south if we have a little snow they do that, right? we clean the stores out. it is a temporary thing. as long as we can get people back to work so factories are creating the goods and we get folks the supply chain loosens up and the supply starts coming in again, it will calm down. as long as the supply the being monkeyed with due to labor shortages because people aren't working because they're paid to sit at home this is a problem and it is scary for people.
6:50 am
>> dana: the cover of your new book baby step millionaires. this is a book in which you give people very real tangible things they can do. you have seven baby steps. i also wanted to ask you because some people are looking at inflation, learning more about the fed and wondering if something like a cyber currency like a bitcoin is the way for them to start putting their money there so they could maybe get wealthy that way. >> we've seen a real surge in the past 18 months or so get rich quick schemes like never before. they become very popular again whether it's the robin hood game stop story or bitcoin or nothing down real estate is back again its third go-round out there. i think the reason that these get rich quick things have popped up. one is the pandemic taught us all about our mortality. some day we'll die. it says i better get it right
6:51 am
now because i'm going to die. there is crisis around that. the second thing is inflation fears. people are getting desperate to stay ahead of inflation. as soon as i get desperate and i try to shortcut the wealth building process i immediately get stupid. every time i'm desperate i get stupid and you start doing things that are trying to shortcut. none of those things i mentioned earlier have a proven track record of building wealth for people over a long period of time. so you can't say i look back 30 years, 10 years even and say here is a number of millionaires that created from joe average to millionaire using any of those get rich quick things. you really ought to follow a plan to build wealth that is actually proven. >> bill: dave we were putting up the baby steps to be a millionaire. i think these steps are practical whether you are a millionaire or not. everyone can use these things but the whole point about desperation leads to stupidity.
6:52 am
you can't hammer that home enough. the last comment on that. >> fear -- we're emotional, our critical thinking skills shut down in our brain. that allows us to think long term, the bible says where there is no vision the people perish. fear shuts that down. fear of inflation or death whatever it is and it will cause you to do things the wrong way. we want to encourage people out of the 10,000 millionaires we've studied almost all of them did it using the 401k and paying off their house. there were no fireworks or no bragging rights for your golfing buddy it was a slow, steady grind and built wealth in america today. america is not so broken you can't win. >> dana: our bragging rights today are that we got to talk to you so we'll tell everyone. >> i will tell everyone i was on here. >> bill: another twist tht saga
6:53 am
of djokovic. wait until you hear about this. the education secretary is under fire over that letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists. apparently there is a lot more to that story. the backlash next. >> we're ceos, cfos, the janitor in our homes. we're everything and we will not shut up because these are our babies that we are protecting and so the biden administration is waging a war with the wrong constituents here in america.
6:54 am
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6:59 am
now the emails request reveal it may have come from the top in an october 5 message between nspa officials. the interim ceo was writing a letter to provide information to the white house from a request by secretary cardona. spokesman from the department of education denied the boss was directly involved saying in a statement while the secretary did not solicit a letter from nsba to understand the views and concerns of stakeholders the department engages with students, teachers, parents, district leaders and education association. one of the concerned moms working with a group that obtained these emails had this to say. >> the biden administration has not cut the memo we're moms not domestic terrorists. there was a time when moms were as sacred as apple pie. somehow the biden administration has decided they want to put a target on our
7:00 am
backs and this is completely unacceptable. >> republican senator rick scott and jim banks are calling for cardona to resign and they want to hear from him directly saying the secretary needs to explain himself to the american people. parents aren't the enemy if he solicited that kind of rhetoric from the school boards association. 28 school boards have distanced themselves from the national group. >> bill: thank you, griff. nice to see you. >> dana: new warning about covid as we wait for a news briefing by the white house covid response team. the head of the food and drug administration saying most americans will catch covid no matter what we do. meanwhile a big battle brewing over who gets lifesaving drugs. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. hi, bill. >> bill: good morning. you and i will be reunited in the same room soon. politics may play a role in
7:01 am
deciding which states get access to covid therapeutics and lifesaving antiviral drugs. hospitals making decisions by the hour all across this country on that pitting republicans against the biden administration, the head of the fda laying out major concerns as the u.s. hits record levels of infections and hospitalizations. >> i think it's hard to process what is actually happening right now which is most people are going to get covid. all right? what we need to do is make sure hospitals can still function, transportation, other essential services are not disrupted while this happens. >> dana: gillian turner is live in washington with more. especially these hospitalizations going up. people paying attention to that. the fact that the fda commissioner said we'll all get
7:02 am
it. >> the white house is turning its attention to covid therapeutics asking congress for billions of dollars in new funding. a move politically fraught for this administration. some public health experts saying the biden team wasted months in therapeutic treatments while focusing exclusively on vaccinations. >> having therapeutics and monoclonal antibodies are important. >> we have some very effective therapeutics and need to concentrate on early therapy and making it available for people. >> with the fda's authorization of two antivirals, a war over the federal supply of these lifesaving drugs is brewing. republican governors say the federal government is already playing politics with the supply of these existing covid therapeutics.
7:03 am
desantis said the biden administration decided to severely cut the amount of monoclonal antibodies being sent to florida and other disfavored states. the white house has 20 million doses of the viral pfizer pill on order. officials are already worried the need here in america will quickly surpass the supply. at stake now is which states and which americans will get access to this limited supply of therapeutics and sources tell us like the shortages we lived through with ventilators and masks and tests it looks like some americans will come up short. >> dana: as the "washington post" article said this morning this choice and confusion for people. thanks. >> bill: another alert after a week long stand-off class is back in session for students in chicago. 300,000 kids. city and teachers union have a tentative deal in place over covid protocols. union members expected to vote within the next 24 hours.
7:04 am
why they have not voted yet is a bit of a mystery. mike tobin is outside in the cold in chicago. hey, mike. >> we just watched something remarkable. the parents dropping kids off at school representing the end of another stand-off between chicago mayor lori lightfoot and the teachers union. parents ending another round of the kids unexpectedly in the house. students are back in class with a few protections put in place. the deal teachers struck random sampling of 10% of the students population is tested every week. teachers get tested every week and there are thresholds to decide when cases pop up and teachers or students to go back to remote learning. the agreement also includes kn95 masks for teachers and allowing teachers to bring back health screeners. here is what the parents had to say. >> it feels like parents are not being represented. it feels like kids are an
7:05 am
afterthought. >> the agreement to end the work stoppage fell short of several demands from the -- in addition to everything, teachers gave up four days' pay and it adds to the resentment between the teachers and the mayor. >> our members just sacrificed pay to get face covering. why would anyone be happy about sacrificing pay for face coverings? this mayor is unfit to lead this city and she is on a one-woman kamikaze mission to destroy our public schools. >> the agreement still needs to be ratified by the rank and file teachers. 25,000 of them. ballots went out to them electronically and returned by
7:06 am
4:00 today. if this ballot measure fails to be approved the house of delegates votes to go back to bargaining. >> bill: mike tobin in chicago. see how the vote goes later today. >> every elected official in america how do you want to be remembered? the moments in history present a choice. do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace? do you want to be on the side of john lewis or bull connor? do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? >> dana: president biden delivering a speech in a push to pass new voting laws even if it means undoing senate rules to get it done. and suggesting republicans who oppose the election changes backed by democrats oppose democracy itself.
7:07 am
juan williams is an analyst. i want to read to you from the "wall street journal" editorial today. are you with joe biden or jefferson davis? mr. biden's filibuster foray is likely to fail. the more he fails, the more partisan and distorted his speeches get. it is a bad presidential look. juan, presidents get a choice the language they want to use. he decided to go down the route asking if you are on the side of dr. king or george wallace. if you're on the side of john lewis or bull connor, abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. do you think this was productive enough to help him get what he says he wants? the filibuster now to be totally changed so he can get this bill done? >> dana, i'm not sure about whether he can get that filibuster change. obviously there is one line of argument about abolishing the filibuster. he did not endorse that. what he said was you could make
7:08 am
an exception for voting rights and even to the point of talking about whether or not you had to have people present to engage in the filibuster, people standing, you know, the number of votes necessary to break the filibuster be changed. all sorts of alternatives he is engaged in. i think the purpose was also to say to the base and especially to black voters who were so key to his election in 2020 that he is engaged, that he is willing to stand up and fight. i think we saw that on his january 6th speech when he took on president trump. i think we saw it yesterday in saying i'll stand up voting rights as precious. it shouldn't be partisan and blocked by any procedural measure in the senate. >> dana: what was interesting when he went down there stacey abrams, who is -- her main issue is voting rights. to scheduling conflict couldn't be there with the president and kamala harris. unclear what she was doing to keep her from that important
7:09 am
event. and also you had groups that support this issue not show up because they think the president hasn't done enough. >> exactly. i think president biden's speech yesterday revealed him to be out of touch with the facts but more importantly out of touch with what matters most to americans right now. i think democrats are going to get pasted this fall because voters will look at them and say while you were all absorbed with your partisan political agebd that i don't care about you took your eye off the ball on issues that matter to me and my family. are we safe from covid. can i send my children to school? can i afford the rising prices on gas and groceries. voters will see it as indifference. >> dana: what about that, juan, in terms of the politics in a mid-term year. you have to turn out your base in the mid-terms. if he could turn out his base but rile up conservatives and republicans in states as well. some of these states are very,
7:10 am
very close. of course steven works to try to get republicans to take back the senate. >> that's where we're about a year into president biden's tenure now next week, i believe. and i think what you'll see he will point to the passage of the covid relief bill as putting money in american's pockets and keeping the economy growing, unemployment remains low, gdp remains at record levels. stock markets hit some bumps but it also gained 25% last year. so he will point to those things as really ly a come mrishments and even covid. there is a sense in the country gosh, inflation is high, covid remains. that kind of issue remains. i take steven's point well but i do think that it is important for the president to speak clearly on an issue that he thinks is, you know, kind of a founding principle. the right to vote. >> dana: steven, last question to you. the president and vice
7:11 am
president went to georgia yesterday. the republicans are now in the minority in the senate because of those elections in georgia. there is one seat up warnock is up for reelection. do you think the republicans can beat him in georgia in 2022? >> i think we have a great shot at that. herschel walker has shown himself to be a disciplined and effective candidate and warnock presented himself at somebody who would listen to both sides. instead he has become a partisan democrat just doing largely whatever chuck schumer wants him to do. i think voters in the mid-term elections frustrated with the direction of the country and lack of results on issues they care about are going to come back and beat raphael warnock as he tries to seek a second term. >> dana: happy new year. thanks so much. >> bill: we'll see how this goes, dana. we mentioned this last hour. five years ago a bunch of
7:12 am
senators got together and signed a letter saying don't change the filibuster. incidentally there are 32 democrats who signed that letter. 27 of them are still in the senate chamber today five years later. >> dana: i remember that. there was a thing a few years ago but also in 2005 one of the reasons that the democrats were talking about don't change the filibuster then is because there was an opportunity for president bush to nominate a supreme court justice and so that all got started. both sides are guilty of playing with this. i think the american people through their representatives are saying constitution is fine. let's leave it as it is. >> bill: mr. biden's filibuster foray is likely to fail amid bipartisan opposition. the more he fails the more distorted the speeches get. a bad presidential look. time to take a kayak and ask joe manchin will he support the filibuster. it seems to be a daily
7:13 am
occurrence. >> dana: he said no means no. >> bill: in a moment here. threat ens a store worker with a knife and the new d.a. gives him a slap on the wrist. new controversy on the d.a. coming up. >> dana: china put to the test. with the winter olympics in beijing. >> djokovic is making a ton of headlines. in australia and under fire and wants to play in the tournament coming up in a few days. why the hits keep on coming for the tennis star next. >> i'm very worried. i just -- [inaudible]. that she will be free and play. get in on record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr.
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7:19 am
and charged -- >> bill: if there is no genuine risk of physical harm n. this case it was one of those. looking for fairness in the justice system, the new d.a. there is a good debate whether or not this is how you get it. >> dana: it is outrageous. i think it is -- i don't think they should use the word petite for that. that's something i call myself because i am only a certain
7:20 am
inches tall. >> bill: he robbed the store twice in one day, was arrested. had heroin fall out of his sock and armed with a knife. it was all reduced. >> dana: to petite larceny. i'm glad the victims rights groups is keeping an eye on him. we'll keep everything focused there. there is this. even more drama surrounding djokovic. he admitted he gave a false statement on an australian travel document and that he failed to immediately isolate after testing positive for covid last month. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with more. this story every morning i wake up and there is more to it. >> there really is, dana. we now know that djokovic's visa application contained incorrect information about his international travel prior to arriving in australia. reason enough according to critics for the unvaccinated
7:21 am
tennis star to be immediately deported. djokovic admitted he went ahead with an in-person interview with a journalist in december despite knowing he had just tested positive for covid-19. he said it was an error of judgment on his part. the travel misinformation saying he had not traveled in the two weeks before arriving in australia was a mistake but one made by his agent who filled in the form. the world number one saying in his statement, quote, this was a human error and certainly not deliberate. we're living in challenging times in a global pandemic and sometimes these mistakes can occur and pleading to be allowed to stay in australia to take part in the open and have the chance to break the record for the number of majors won by a single player. but critics say anyone who wasn't a multi-millionaire sports star would immediately have their visa revoked if they
7:22 am
were found to have at best made a mistake or at worst outright lied on their immigration forms. a judge sided with djokovic earlier this week on the procedural basis that he
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> athletes should be aware of that. to stand up and talk about the crimes against humanity, again, you have to go back to the
7:26 am
nature of the regime. it's a totalitarian state. and the international olympic committee awarding these games to beijing, they don't deserve them. they should not have them. and we should use this opportunity to speak honestly about what his goals are, the nature of this regime, and the well-being of the chinese people. not just home in china but abroad as well. speak of the canary in the coal mine was what happened in hong kong a year and half ago. >> absolutely. we should not forget hong kong. they have the largest outflow of people in years, population is dropping. we have to keep the people of hong kong in mind.
7:27 am
we have to talk about the nature of this regime. it can't just be diplomacy and return to dialogue. >> thank you. >> president biden's top health official taking fire from both sides of the aisle. >> by how quickly omicron has spread. >> a disaster. you create skepticism
7:28 am
7:29 am
. test. test.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
>> dana: american red crever. it's warning the nation's supply is dangerously low and could have devastating consequences as many blood drives have been canceled to covid. we're live in new york city with the latest. so much going on health-wise people maybe forgot about this problem. >> that's right. some people forgot or don't want to go to a confined space and donate blood with the covid pandemic. american red cross is hitting donation centers hard. they call it the worst blood shortage in more than a decade and they say that several donation centers across the country have less than a day's supply of blood now and why they need everyone's help. american red cross supplies the nation with half of their blood.
7:34 am
it's impacting hospitals across the country. doctors tell us the lack of blood is threatening patient care and forcing some to cancel surgeries and alter major treatments and the greatest impactcology and transplant and trauma centers. >> surgery schedules are having to be modified to work around the limitations in blood supply and our greatest concern is that the blood will not be available for emergencies. >> since the start of the covid pandemic the blood supply has been dropping quickly. the virus impacting donor turnout forcing thousands of donation drive cancellations and leading to staff shortages. the medical director of transfusion medicine in l.a. the supply of group o blood given to any patient with any blood type is dangerously low. >> it is always in short supply. the blood that is used during the first response to trauma
7:35 am
and emergency blood needs. and so we're always -- we always need group o blood. now more than ever. it's in serious shortage. >> dr. clapper tells me this shortage is unprecedented. she has never seen anything like this in more than 30 years in the medical field. it will be very difficult to recover from the shortage because the supply is so dangerously low. the red cross is doing everything they can to get people to donate. partnering with the nfl offering anyone who donates during the month of january two free tickets to the super bowl if they win. they will pull names at the end of the month. trying to get creative to get people in the blood centers. >> dana: we'll get the word out for the red cross. >> bill: 25 minutes before the hour. to the border we go finding out now the stunning new numbers tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who were released
7:36 am
into the country have failed to report to ice as scheduled. bill is back on the story in la joya, texas. that's not all. good morning. >> bill, good morning. the stunning numbers likely to really crank up the criticism on the biden administration and its catch and release policy. take a look at the video here, a video we shot in la jolla, yesterday i will explain the background. back in march when the border crisis really started to explode down here the biden administration started issuing ntrs, notice to report to migrants who they released into the country. it's a request to please turn yourself into an ice office in a city of your choosing within 60 days. for the first time courtesy of senator ron johnson's office we're getting a look at how many migrants actually obeyed that. take a look at this data, the graphic courtesy of dhs data. what it shows is between march and august about 104,000
7:37 am
migrants were released into the united states with ntrs. less than half of them actually checked in. about 49,859 reported to ice. more than 47,000 never reported to ice and have since disappeared. 6600 others also didn't check in in the 60 days window. the data shows that about half just flat out never showed up and ntrs have been discontinued. meanwhile look at these wild photos here out of laredo yesterday. texas dps pulled over this truck. crazy human smuggling incident. look how many illegal immigrants were inside the cab. 27 in total were recovered from the small space of that truck. i'm told the driver was a u.s. citizen and is arrested. take a look at the mug shot here. four sex offenders arrested in the span of 48 hours here in the rgp including this mexican national. repeat sex offender. he had previous arrests in
7:38 am
corpus christi for continued sexual abuse of a child. the same year convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child and was only sentenced to community service and probation. he was caught again this week here in the rgb. one last thing to show you del rio sector. photos of young kids. border patrol are reporting they had 70 unaccompanied minors. they are seeing a surge. many are showing up and they don't have any clue where their parents are. that sector seeing migrants from around the world. syria, turquoise and uzbekistan just this week. send it back to you. >> bill: remarkable stuff. on and on it goes. dana, quickly i know you like a good laugh, right? the whole thing -- you know what i like about my job is i learn something new every day. it's pronounced petit. >> dana: when i write petit
7:39 am
crime am i writing it incorrectly? >> here in new york it's petit. >> dana: that's not petty to point it out. it's not. all right. next anthony fauci caught on a hot mic absolutely ripping into a republican senator. is america's top doctor getting frustrated? president biden's education secretary painting parents as domestic terrorists. could new revelations force him to resign? >> the plan was hatched in the white house not the school board association. which i think in and of itself is frightening. ll tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends.
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7:44 am
>> dana: mickell cardona facing calls to resign in response to the p controversial letter from the national school board association comparing parents to domestic terrorists. now a newly released email suggests it was written at cardona's request. let's bring in martha maccallum. this is a spokesperson from the education department asked by fox digital what's going on. while the secretary did not solicit a letter from nsb to understand the views and concerns of stakeholders the department routinely engages with students, teachers,
7:45 am
parents, district leaders and education association. i guess it is possible that they asked for a letter -- put it in a letter and send it to the white house rather than it being more suspicious. but there is a lot here that says that the white house is trying to figure out a way to get the teachers unions happy on this issue. >> it is a classic case of that sort of circular process where we need the d.o.j. to speak out about what's going on at these school board meetings and we need to essentially chill these parents because they are causing all kinds of problems. you look at what was happening in the election in virginia and all of that, right? so that's the problem. and you remember when merrick garland said we received this letter from the school board association and they are really concerned about what's going on. and then in near record time the department of justice opened an investigation and called the f.b.i. and called all the pertinent agencies and
7:46 am
said we need to keep an eye on these parents and need to figure out what is going on because they are threatening teachers and school officials even though there was precious little evidence of substantial threats of any kind because when you looked at the reasons the department of justice cited it was obstructing a meeting. things along those lines which we had seen and there were a couple of people dragged out of those meetings by law enforcement officials. if it goes back to the department of education nudged us to write them a letter and days later the d.o.j. is investigating it raises a lot of legitimate questions. >> bill: education act. nicole kneely said this, martha. should this allegation be true it reveals the administration's war on parents came from the highest levels. i don't know if you can get an answer on that beyond these emails but maybe this is one of these things that kevin mccarthy talked about over the weekend with maria when he talked about taking control of
7:47 am
these committees in the house come november and opening up investigations on the border and education and calling parents who are concerned about their kids in the classroom domestic terrorists. >> these parents were upset, are upset. they have every right to show up at these meetings and to protest at these meetings and any effort to chill them, to make them scared that maybe the f.b.i. is going to show up at their house really reminds me of what happened with the tea party activitys and what happened with the irs and asked for their records, their financial records, digging into what was going on. another effort clearly to chill their speech, their concerns about what is going on in the country. so this is a bad, bad look. let these parents speak out. if you feel so strongly your policies are correct and that there is no reason for them to be outraged, then let that play out in the american process.
7:48 am
let it play out, don't go around the back door and get the d.o.j. to loop in really quickly in order to sort of rap them on the wrist and say back down or you might have the f.b.i. at your door. >> dana: more to come on "the story". >> we'll see you guys then. >> bill: breaking news from the u.s. capitol. this is the body of harry reid who died last month. four year battle with pancreatic senator. he will lie in the rotunda like bob dole did a few weeks ago as they carry his body up the eastern side of the u.s. capitol we'll take a pause and watch together as we go to break. again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history.
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>> harris: price tag pain getting worse for americans.
7:54 am
inflation is rising at the highest rate in more than a generation. empty spaces where our groceries are supposed to go. plus growing republican backlash to biden's gaffe-filled speech pushing the change how americans vote. new emails shedding new light on the biden administration's role in the letter that called on parents as domestic terrorists. joe concha, bret baier, dr. marty makary and more. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> the communication efforts are a mess and have only made things worse. >> tests are hard to find, costly. it's ineffective at the end of the day. >> if you look at the data, your current plan is not working. >> americans are standing in extremely long lines to get a covid test. in the future the federal response must be more proactive in this space. >> bill: it got heated at times.
7:55 am
they are facing bipartisan criticism over the confusing covid guidelines. i mentioned it was heated. it had its moments. rand paul was in the middle of a lot of it. senator, good morning to you. we played a lot of the back and forth for our audience already. i guess putting aside the spat with you and dr. fauci. i imagine you guys aren't going to dinner any time soon. putting that aside what was the headline from the hearing? we'll all get it, every american? for you what was it? >> most of the discussion was about testing 57bd the shortage of tests but very few people were bringing up this has to do really once again with dr. fauci and lack of strategy. his strategy or exhortation is everybody should be tested. so if your 5-year-old test positive everybody should test and broetss and sisters and parents should test. before you know it we have a lockdown because of overtesting. we're doing way too many tests.
7:56 am
never in the history of medicine have we been testing people not sick. let's test people who are sick and have symptoms, people worried about being around the elderly who have symptoms. let's not test everyone. we are doing way too many tests and random testing in school is inappropriate and shouldn't be occurring. >> bill: fauci was part of operation warp speed. he was inside the white house during the trump years and democrats were banging on this group of people every minute of every hour of every day. and now what do we face two years down the line? can't get a test, short in supply and therapies haven't been pursued at the level they should have. why? >> i think the government narrative is changing. fauci and others because now more people have died under biden's administration than died under trumps. he was never fair to blame it on one politician.
7:57 am
more people died. you see a new rhetoric coming out of government. 75% of the tests have -- many of us have been saying this from the very beginning there is an overcount of deaths. people who come in in an automobile accident and they happen to have covid. same with the children in hospital. almost the vast majority of the children in the hospital with covid were admitted for other reasons. then they were tested and found to have covid. since a lot of the children have no symptoms the question is what does it actually mean? this is a real problem. the government is finally shifting its rhetoric even on the mask. fauci has been all in on cloth masks. his allies at cnn are saying cloth masks don't work. we're coming to somewhere because they've shown they have lost control completely of this thing. it is a contagion-out the community but much less deadly than previous variants. >> bill: when it comes to you and dr. fauci, why is it so personal between you two?
7:58 am
>> he has made it personal. he makes over $400,000 a year to go after specific scientists, denigrate them, smear them, call them fringe. the three scientists he went after work at stanford, harvard and oxford. >> bill: he was ready and he hit you back and says you are raising money. >> he didn't answer the question why is he smearing these three doctors? i'm proud of the fact people go than to rand raising money to fire faufp eye because he is a menace. everything he said has been incorrect. he is part of the problem. even from the very beginning the fact that this virus came from a lab in wuhan he has denied it and worked to cover it up and denigrated anybody who raises the question as a conspiracy theorist. he is a partisan politician and no place in any objective role over the pandemic and yeah, it's a political thing. whoever wins the election will make the decision whether he stays or goes or whether we
7:59 am
investigate where the virus came from in the beginning. >> bill: we have to deal with what we're dealing with now. omicron and as you know it is highly infectious. thank you for your time. rand paul on the hill. thank you. dana, -- >> dana: did you miss me? >> big time. you are on the second floor, right? i'm on 12 and you are in a pod. >> dana: i'm in a pod. "the five" will be great, too. >> bill: that's a podcast. >> dana: before we go. >> bill: shall we? what have you got? >> dana: look at this little girl. she is 4 years old and this is her second day of skiing. she is intuitively has this incredible ability. watch her. i wish i had been taught as a little kid like that. now i'm too scared and afraid. she seems to really understand how to balance, how to move.
8:00 am
you are a skier, right? >> i snowboard but i saw her on a snowboard. i wish i would have learned at the age of four. learning when you are an adult really hurts. >> dana: i was getting dizzy watching her. >> she has skills. i'll see you at 5:00 and in person. >> dana: right now you will see harris faulkner. >> harris: fox news alert. 2021 may go on record as one of the worst years for our wallet. the u.s. inflation rate just hit its highest level in more than a generation. president biden cannot seem to figure out how to get his economy back on track. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". in biden's economy, consumer prices jumped 7% last month compared to the year before. it is the highest inflation rate since 1982. and the


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