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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 12, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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you are a skier, right? >> i snowboard but i saw her on a snowboard. i wish i would have learned at the age of four. learning when you are an adult really hurts. >> dana: i was getting dizzy watching her. >> she has skills. i'll see you at 5:00 and in person. >> dana: right now you will see harris faulkner. >> harris: fox news alert. 2021 may go on record as one of the worst years for our wallet. the u.s. inflation rate just hit its highest level in more than a generation. president biden cannot seem to figure out how to get his economy back on track. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". in biden's economy, consumer prices jumped 7% last month compared to the year before. it is the highest inflation rate since 1982. and the third straight month
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that inflation was above 6%. for months the white house claimed inflation was transitory and would go away. republican senator ron johnson says democrats need to take responsibility now. >> this is a democrat's tax on the middle class. this is how they inflate their way through deficit spending. people need to understand that. this is very dangerous. i'm concerned we're in an inflationary cycle. people's wages have gone up their wage gains are being wiped out by this inflation and this didn't just happen. this is caused by democrat policies. >> harris: so it's not just the prices, it is whether you can actually find what you need. look at the picture. seem familiar? #bare shelves biden trending on social media. as americans are fed up over the supply chain crisis that could get even worse thanks to
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a nationwide labor shortage. fox digital interviewing shoppers to find out what they think. what they are experiencing. >> no juices, no orange juice. >> it's like a soviet store during 1981. horrible. >> they don't have what they need. >> scary. >> domino effect. complete domino effect. no workers, supply chain, omicron. >> harris: edward lawrence live for us outside the white house. edward. >> you said it. 1982 the last time we saw inflation numbers like this. severe recession then. this report will give more ammunition to the federal reserve to raise interest rates in march lifting off earlier. you mentioned the 7% year-over-year inflation rate. the price of gas, all types of
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gas up 49.6% in the past 12 months. winter, a cold one at that. fuel oil to heat your home up 41%. when you look at food cereal, baking products up 4.8%. that alone is more than the increases in wages americans are seeing year-over-year. meat, poultry, eggs up 12 1/2%. fruits and vegetables up 5%. try eating out. the meal will be 6.% more than it was 12 months ago. republicans very upset and pointing fingers. >> you cannot launch multi-trillion dollar borrowed money spending packages. you cannot continue to do that. you cannot continue to shut down made in america energy. you can't do that without raising prices. you cannot continue to shut down the economy related to vaccine mandates and disrupting the supply chain. you can't do that without having a consequences of higher prices and inflation. >> part of the reason for the inflation the supply chain
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issues. president joe biden last month declaring he fixed the supply chain issues and saved christmas. however, this is what people are seeing on store shelves and in grocery stores. in fact, the #bare shelves biden has appeared on social media. fed chairman jay powell testifying yesterday supply chains are not fixed as of right now and he thinks they should be fixed by the end -- by the end of this year. >> harris: you know, edward, it isn't just that the president, you know, was pointing to oh, this is transitory and it will be fixed. he said santa claus would fix it. he actually made a joke out of what we're going through. >> right. i think real americans feel this. they can look at that and say hey, that's not what i am seeing at the stores. i'm trying to buy my son soccer shoes at 7:00 years old. they will be delivered on february 20th. he is in soccer right now. >> harris: god bless him this season.
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all the country. good to see you. thank you. political fallout is real as you just heard edward lawrence say. a recent fox business poll shows 84% of voters are very or extremely concerned about inflation. on top of that, 47% say president biden's actions are making it worse. remember the mid-term elections are november 8th, 300 days from now. joe concha, fox news contributor, media politics columnist for the hill. >> well, harris, this is a reactionary administration. forget about being behind the 8 ball. they're behind every ball on the table in the pool hall. inflation is a killer to any administration. just ask the last one turned democratic president jimmy carter. it gets worse this winter with covid out of control. president who promised to control it months behind on testing surges and home heating
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costs are skyrocketing. another painful tax on the low and middle class. the border still out of control, supply chain you mentioned that continues unabated. transportation secretary pete buttigieg finally decided to go to a port in los angeles and long beach yesterday. this crisis began last summer while he was on paternity leaves. months late and several dimes short. it will be quite the red tsunami in november. >> harris: i wish it were dime short. if it goes to the end of 2022 that would have been more than a year we're dealing with this. it will cost a lot more than dimes to fix it. bombshell new information on the origins of that infamous letter from the national school board association. remember it compared parents who had a dissenting view and wanted to go to school board meetings and say we want to do it this way with our kids. compare those parents to domestic terrorists. according to reviews by fox
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digital, it appears the infamous letter came at the request of education secretary miguel cardona. a spokesperson with the education department denies it but republicans are furious and they are willing to dig deeper to get the answers. congressman scott fitzgerald says cardona owns us answers. house minority leader kevin mccarthy with dems use their majority to cover up for the biden administration but republicans will use every tool at their disposal to hold them accountable. one virginia mom says the biden administration needs to realize who it is dealing with. >> it's completely diabolical. a real miscarriage of governance. we the parents won't shut up. the biden administration is waging a war with a wrong constituents here in america. we're moms and dads and we're not going away.
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>> harris: i want to mention two states before we get back to joe concha. virginia and new jersey. it could have been equally squeaky close had we had two more weeks in new jersey for people to vote. this issue was heating up. it was red hot in the state of virginia and you saw the seat turn from blue to red with glenn youngkin coming in. 20 points he was behind. by the end of the summer he started to pick up and then all of a sudden it was a win for the red column. this issue has to be taken seriously. and so we have had a technical issue with joe concha right now and want to get a chance to get him back if that can happen. if not we'll try to bring him back after the commercial. i want to make this point. as we go forward into the mid-term election year the idea of icing out parents is not going to work politically for anybody. joe concha is back. joe.
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>> it is fascinating that despite a request showing in writing the education secretary driving the narrative of parents wanting a say in their kids' curriculum are domestic terrorists. department of education spokesperson denying that cordona solicited that sort of narrative to the nsba. it is remarkable. look, this is devastating to this administration. democrats as a whole. more and more democrats are now seen as the anti-parent party. as you mentioned we saw what happened in virginia with glenn youngkin and he ran on that issue and won. new jersey nearly went on that issue and inflation as well. this will be a major, major topic in the 2022 elections. as a parent i welcome it believe me and why on top of the inflation we just covered, crime, border, as we look at it now you are looking at a democratic wipe-out. they don't seem to have answers
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around education. secretary cordona should be brought up in front of capitol hill not next week or next month, tomorrow to answer questions around this because those were his words in writing. i want to see him explain it. >> harris: explain that and the role he is potentially playing where we are now getting kids back in the classroom as the education secretary. he could spend all day on the hill answering questions on either one of those. i want to get to this. the biden gaffe machine was in full respect yesterday, did you see it? the president again suggested he was arrested while fighting for civil rights despite there was actually no record of such an incident. trust me we've been digging and we want to find it if it was. can't find it. >> president biden: i did not walk in the shoes of generations of students who walked these grounds. but i walked other grounds because i'm so damn old i was there as well.
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they're not kidding, man. seems like yesterday the first time i got arrest -- anyway. >> harris: was it a joke for effect? we don't know. it didn't stop there, joe. the president also gave vice president kamala harris a promotion again. >> president biden: last week president harris and i stood in the united states capitol to observe one of those before and after moments in american history. january 6th insurrection on the citadel of our democracy. >> harris: joe. >> look, president biden i will go back to the previous comment where he said he got arrested. he is a liar and like candidate biden was a liar and senator biden was a liar. the same person who had to drop out of his first round for president because of plagiarism
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said -- the same person who lied about voting in georgia saying hours of voting end -- hours for voting end before the workday is done. that was fact checked and it was wrong. same president who said build back better and trillions in spending would cost americans zero dollars. all these things are not true. the polls are showing it now. cnn poll just out. 66%, 2/3 say that mr. biden is a leader they cannot trust. you lose trust, you lose elections and you lose the american people, harris. >> harris: quickly, i watched this migration and our viewers have too. you've gone from misremembered and made a mistake to a bigger word now. you are saying that these are lies. >> yeah. he is intentionally doing this. if it happens over and over again and happened when he was 30 years old, going to be 80
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years old. we're seeing a pattern here now, harris. >> harris: great to have you in "focus." glad we could bring you back. thank you very much for getting us started. the big dem freak-out about a looming post pelosi era. the g.o.p. are crushing it in fundraising. the power panel flies in. first this. >> what you saw up there was some guy who wants to federalize elections. splitting the country in half like a dementia riddled transient shouting at clouds. >> harris: the backlash is fierce after president biden delivered what his critics say is a divisive speech on voting rights. bret baier is in "focus." i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein.
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>> harris: right now the president's covid response team is meeting and you see dr. anthony fauci on the screen there. a couple bits of news that came out so far. we're monitoring it for you. the cdc chief walensky, boat of them were on the hill in front of the senate. walensky says u.s. covid hospitalizations were up 33% last week. deaths were up about 40%. she also says that she expects omicron cases will reach their peak in the coming weeks. we'll bring you anymore news out of it as we get it. >> president biden: history has never been kind to those who sided with voter suppression over voter's rice. you want to be on the side of joe louis or bull connor,
8:20 am
abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. the is the moment to decide to defend our elections and defend our democracy. the goal of the former president's allies is to disenfranchise anyone who votes against them. simple as that. that's the kind of power you see in totalitarian states, not in democracies. >> harris: republicans are pointing out the incendiary nature of president biden's speech yesterday. biden was pushing the democrats' bill to federalize elections. he claims those who oppose the democrats' voting bill are siding with the worst villains of american history. a noticeable no show at the event in georgia was stacey abrams. she ran for governor of georgia and didn't work out. she cited a scheduling conference. tucker carlson says it shows americans who he really is. >> you can see clearly how joe
8:21 am
biden feels about american. deeply disappointed in the country and annoyed with the people who live here. he doesn't ka joel them it patronizes them and issues threats. you are stupid and selfish. no fourth of july hot dogs until you obey. >> harris: the voting reform bill has no chance of passing without a filibuster change which does not have enough support right now. you need some democrats who aren't on board. with the failure of build back better and likely the voting bill now, president biden's agenda appears totally stalled 10 months ahead of the mid-term elections. axios reporting with this ominous headline the biden agenda is meeting a dead end. joining focus bret baier anchor of special report. good to see you. i want to first of all start with what would have to be a thorn in the side here. that's stacey abrams not showing up. we reached out to her political
8:22 am
action committee to get any kind of a response. where was she that it was more important than meeting the head of her political party on the tarmac? what scheduling change was there? i'm sincere about this because either she is for the issue or she is not and either biden has his party in particular the black voters when helped usher him into office or he doesn't. >> that's right, good morning. i think it's a stunning moment that this leader of the voting rights effort in georgia, who has been talking about doing this and wanting this for a long time, was mia on that event. if the president of the united states of your party is talking about your issue in your state and you are running for governor the next time, you figure out how to change the schedule. when the president said we talked this morning and everything is great, i have a great relationship with stacy. we just got our dates mixed up.
8:23 am
you don't get your dates mixed up with the president of the united states. he says he is coming wednesday. you figure out how to figure out how to get there on wednesday otherwise you say what about thursday? you figure it out because this is your issue, your state, your party. and it is stunning. there are two reasons why that happens. one, she doesn't want to be dragged down by the biden/harris poll numbers ahead of what looks like a run for governor. and number two is that she wants to run for president and really doesn't want that picture in 2024. >> harris: wow. her press office at fair action, we reached out to, haven't heard anything back. it has been some hours. we are still waiting. we'll find out when we get it. three figure it outs if bret baier. as you said, hill op-ed by joe concha called out the snub of
8:24 am
biden/harris. joe scarborough said this. >> this is an event custom made for stacey abrams. she doesn't want to be on the same stage with biden. politicians show up with presidents when they have 52% approval ratings. they don't show up when their approve all ratings may be in the 30s. >> or there is another reason. >> harris: brett. >> i think this is a pretty stunning example of where joe biden is as far as poll numbers but skepticism in the progressive base whether he can get this across the finish line and the voting rights situation. you are right to say the numbers aren't there but it is not just joe manchin from west virginia and kyrsten sinema from arizona. mark kelly from arizona hasn't said he will vote for this change. john tester from montana and
8:25 am
from new hampshire and maybe we can do something around the edges but don't like what is being proposed at least right now. chuck schumer has a problem. if you are going to be a president who stands next to the crypt of martin luther king and delivers that speech and then it is really incendiary as far as you are either with george wallace or martin luther king or bull connor or john lewis or abraham lincoln and jefferson davis. you are talking about people in your own party who have problems with this piece of legislation. >> harris: those are such surprising dichotomy that was spit out in that speech and you gave us just then. that leaves no one any room to have a discussion with the white house. it is where we are on afghanistan, where with are on inflation, where we are on the border and where we are on so many things, covid with the white house. it is frustrating. we'll see if it is bad for him.
8:26 am
former senator harry reid lying in state at the nation's capitol as colleagues and friends pay tribute to the hard scrabble democrat who had one of the longest tenures in congress and nancy pelosi wiped a way some tears as she spoke about him. harry reid last month died at the age of 82 after a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer. the 34th american to lie in state in the capitol rotunda. you are in d.c. and when these things happen they bring people together. harry reid's position as you see it where he would be today with so much kind of unfolding. >> as a politician, he was masterful at trying to get to their goals, figuring out how to count the numbers like nancy pelosi, he could herd the cats in the senate.
8:27 am
he didn't particularly work well with mitch mcconnell. he was divisive in a number of ways and we talk about the filibuster here. he is the reason why the nuclear option went forward and that effort has taken us to this place about the negotiation on the filibuster and where we are today. that said, he served for a long time and served the country for a long time. you can disagree with his politics and ideology but you have to recognize his service and there is a lot of people especially his friends showing up there today who remember him fondly for his time inside that capitol building. >> harris: the balance that you give us on where we are with the so-called nuclear option and filibuster and where joe biden said he was against it and now suddenly for it. it is really instructive to talk about the past with harry reid and also with respect. thank you.
8:28 am
always good to see you. thanks for being if "focus." school shut downs and restrictions taking a huge mental and emotional toll on our children still. the stark difference between the effects on students in new york city compared with those who live in florida, for example. plus senator rand paul with quite a war of words with dr. anthony fauci. we showed you them going back and forth on capitol with the senate hearing yesterday. did we learn anything from that hearing on the pandemic? dr. marty makary in "focus" next.
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8:34 am
hot mic. >> what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is that all of a sudden that kindles the crazies out there and i have threats upon my life so i ask myself why would someone want to do this? you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. my financial disclosure is public knowledge and has been so for the last 37 years or so, 35 years. >> the big tech giants are keeping a good job from the public. >> it is totally accessible to you if you want it to the public. >> what a moron, christ. >> harris: did you hear him? he said what a moron about a sitting member of the senate.
8:35 am
wow. and then he said jesus christ. critics went after him. >> this was a low moment for dr. fauci. he has had an honorable career. when you call the senator from kansas a moron he did that with dr. marshall and arguing with dr. paul, you have lost the two doctors on the committee. >> i thought it was inappropriate for dr. fauci to bring out the assaults and threats on his family. it happens to everyone in public life. dr. paul doesn't need to be told it is tough to be in public life. >> harris: fox news contributor and professor at john hopkins school of medicine dr. makary in focus now. it looked like all of medicine and science hit a low point yesterday. >> i reached out to dr. fauci a long time ago and told him i respect him and value him opinion but a radically
8:36 am
different upon on the strategy of the pandemic throughout and the civil dialogue. you are seeing tit-for-tat. i talked to dr. roger marshall the senator. he is sharp and excellent judgment and well in touch with a lot of issues. at the core of a lot of this was asking dr. fauci to endorse and call for an international ban on all gain-of-function research. in my opinion that's looking forward. not looking back and playing the blame game. that is something we should all agree upon and right now they are not moving on that proposition. >> harris: that is really interesting because that would require some admission of guilt, wouldn't it? gain of function, who was at the party for that and who was in the lab and what was going on? i don't know that that necessarily is where some like dr. fauci would want to be. you're right, we would be moving forward if we killed the
8:37 am
gain-of-function research. cdc, dr. makary is facing more backlash after it said it is considering a recommendation for better masking or n-95, kn95 masks and twitter called them out. one tweeted what is surprising it has taken so long to think about recommending proper masks. great work, everyone, awesome job at building public trust. are they waiting for the wave to be over before deciding? and just moments ago cdc director dr. walensky, because again they are holding this response team digital event right now, the update today. walensky actually made the announcement saying that the cdc recommendation for wearing any well-fitting mask is not going to change. every time she speaks about this i don't know that we gain any more clarity. >> we've developed this unfortunate dependence on the cdc to adjudicate on every aspect of american life.
8:38 am
>> harris: are we dependent upon them? >> we shouldn't be. we should use common sense. we've known for a long time the quality of the mask matters and known for a long time the cloth masks are doing almost nothing to prevent transmission. why are we getting this information so late almost two years into the pandemic now? we've spent tens of billions of dollars. we just found out from a national proceeding to the academy of science about the quality of n-95 masks making it difficult to transmit the infection. we should have had this a long time ago. n.i.h. spent less than 5% of their budget when the pandemic hit on covid and the grants took five months just to get out the door. they had 250 grants in other aspects of covid and only one on masks. this is stuff where we needed information quickly. right now it's probably too little too late in terms of information. >> harris: just quickly so people know and can read about
8:39 am
it online. if you are wearing n-95 or kn95 it takes 25 hours for covid to breach that if they are talking in close contact. you think they could have told us when they first learned that. you said something i think that will make news today, dr. makary, you said not the cdc, use your common sense which i would imagine also is coupled with talking with your own doctor. wow, that iced them right out. i think it makes news. >> you know, if you've been exposed or around a virus and around someone vulnerable wear a high qual fee mask. if you are near somebody who a vulnerable be careful. if you're sick, stay home. basic guidance we can all apply to every respiratory path again out there. >> harris: i've seen them talking for hours. that took 20 seconds. manhattan's controversial district attorney now has watchdog group keeping track of his lack of prosecutions.
8:40 am
that's a big job. will the pressure be enough for him to change the policies he keeps defending? could hillary clinton make a comeback in 2024? will she write a book about it? one op-ed argues that twice failed presidential candidate could be democrats' best chance at keeping the white house. oh, pop your corn, we're coming back. ♪♪♪ throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold,
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focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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>> harris: on the liberal d.a.'s we'll need receipts. maybe some coming. watchdog group will keep track of the new manhattan district attorney's prosecution record. today's "new york post" highlights the story of a wanted ex con who robbed drugstore workers at knife point. under d.a. alvin bragg's policy the suspect was charged with only a miss demeanor. that used to be a felony. business owners across the city are angry and afraid.
8:46 am
>> get out of jail free card like a game of monopoly. it's petry fileing. reduced sentences, having someone come into my establishment, walk out with any cash register at gun point and i don't know if they'll be charged. scary. >> harris: that means escalation. eric shawn live in new york city. >> hello, critics say progressive new manhattan district attorney alvin bragg will go easy on crime. now they claim it is already happening. look at this mug shot obtained by the "new york post." it shows career criminal threatened a drugstore worker with a knife and robbed the place. after cops arrested him, bra*tion office reduced the charges against him dropping the first degree robbery count
8:47 am
and criminal possession of a weapon. the type of crime the group victims rights new york says it will keep an eye on to make sure bragg follows the law. the group is led by jennifer harrison starting a watchdog effort to monitor bragg's prosecutions. >> we will have court watchers tracking cases and making sure that violent criminals get the justice and sentences that they deserve. we will help families file grievances and lawsuits if any kind of harmful injury occurs or if death occurs due to alvin bragg's dereliction of duty. >> she says the group is needed because prosecutors need to know someone is watching to hold them accountable on crime. experts from the manhattan institute when it comes to crime nat justice policies in recent years the criminals have been winning and not crime
8:48 am
victims. >> advocates for defendants and for prisoners have been very effective and very vocal in raising -- have had a huge arou criminal justice and media coverage and policies. raising sympathy for crime and of crime. >> we've asked bragg's office a response to the watchdog group. is far we have not received a response. bragg has been insisting that his policies will make the city safer. harris. >> harris: we know. we just see the facts and they are oppositional to what he says. thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi saying not -- not saying whether she will retire at the end of this term but her political party is speculating and agonizing over her successor. one house democrat said it this way. i don't see who would replace
8:49 am
her at this point. hakeem jeffries or adam schiff could make a run for the top dem. but as the hill points out, even at 81 years old pelosi is a ball of energy in constant motion on capitol hill and holds the undisputed title as democrats' most successful fundraiser. speaking of money house minority leader kevin mccarthy raised $72.4 million for the republican party last year alone. power panel now, matt schlapp chairman of the american conservative union. desirae thames and president and ceo of innovation ohio. matt, i'll start with you with your top line thoughts. >> i have to say what's interesting about np and kevin mccarthy both coming from california is it tells you that california is the most important state for raising money for both parties. what will happen over time for republicans is the economy in
8:50 am
california is really shattering. that is going to turn to florida and texas as the epicenters. for nancy pelosi, an amazing person. second term as speaker. everyone fears her. she is a victim of her own policies. the american people are rejecting the agenda. all this government spending is going to fuel inflation that will make it harder for more average americans. >> harris: i tell you what i looked up this morning and was watching the network and somebody popped up a trader joes and i realized it was mine and had nothing on the shelves. i thought it was a one-day event when i saw it. it was long enough to grab video several days later. desirae, let's talk about who could pop up. i mentioned hakeem jeffries and maybe others. who do you like for position to step up for nancy pelosi should the seat become vacant for her? >> speaker pelosi has been a
8:51 am
powerhouse leader for democrats and as you mentioned a ball of energy. she is a fantastic -- >> harris: who is next? >> we know the democrats have a bench. a lot of people to choose from. jeffries and schiff are great and a number of other people. one thing about the democratic party we have options because we have leaders, plenty of whom have great energy and are excellent fundraisers and great leaders for our parties much like speaker pelosi and the legacy she will leave. >> harris: if you guys get a red wave does she stick around in the minority position do you think real quick? >> politics is very difficult to predict. we don't know what will happen in two months let alone next year or next term. i certainly hope that speaker pelosi will stick around and continue to be a great supporter and leader for our party.
8:52 am
we'll see what happens. anyone else can rise to the occasion. >> harris: you know i like you, desirae. could we see hillary clinton come back in 2024? i can't wait to hear you wrap your talking points around this one. a "wall street journal" op-ed is suggesting that she is coming back. the outlet argues the president and vice president's dismal approval rating coupled with the lack of a viable alternative could put hillary back on the radar. it said if democrats want a fighting chance at winning the presidency in 2024 mrs. clinton is likely their best option. is that a gift to republicans or not? >> i am smiling, harris. i do think what i like about it two things. number one hillary clinton has lost a lot but she has engaged in the fight inside her party about how far left they should go. i think for america it would be better if the democrats had a nominee that didn't embrace this radical idea of socialism. i think it would be good for
8:53 am
all of us. i don't think they have a deep bench and turning to hillary clinton or michelle obama. i think nancy pelosi will get the heck out of town as soon as she can. >> harris: let's talk 2024. do you agree the bench is lean there? different animal than the white house in the house. do you like hillary clinton for it? >> president joe biden is still in the white house and we also have vice president kamala harris and certainly madam secretary hillary clinton would be an excellent choice for president. i think this country is ready for a woman leader. right now we have president joe biden and vice president kamala harris. >> harris: let's not gloss over with how much you love them but look at the poll numbers. let's have a real conversation here. not everybody is loving him and not everybody is loving her. it is hard to put either one of them back up. are you going to look at hillary clinton and say her numbers might be better based
8:54 am
on anything you've seen in the past desirae? >> i don't think we can look at numbers. now we know the majority of the american people support the build back better agenda and yet to pass this congress. so what the american people are looking for and you will see the numbers change is for some of president joe biden's agenda items that people voted for to pass into law. in 2024 as far as i'm concerned and what i've heard was that president joe biden intends to run for reelection and i'm certain the party will rally around the president of the united states. >> harris: reach across the digital space and hold her hand. none of this is getting passed now based on not just two senators, sinema and manchin but others saying no to the filibuster. 30 seconds, matt. >> this is the problem when the president's approval goes so low if you look at the real clear politics average biden is under 43, 42.something. no democrats in the senate really want to stick their neck out for him knowing in this mid-term less than a year away
8:55 am
they will get slaughtered at the polls. biden has real no chance to get big agenda items through unless with his pen and phone. >> harris: bret baier got us started on this topic. stacey abrams didn't show up for the president yesterday. it says a lot. "outnumbered" after the break. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i,
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