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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 12, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> emily: are devastating economic news under president biden's watch as inflation skyrockets even higher with consumer prices seeing the biggest jump in for decades. after the president insisted the surgeon the cost of living was just a bump in the road. i'm emily compagno and this is "outnumbered." i'm joined by my cohost harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, host of american dream home, cheryl casone, and in the center seat, fox & friends cohost brian
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kilmeade. the consumer price index just surged by 7%, the biggest jump since the height of the cold war. meantime, americans are flooding social media with photos of empty stores and hashtags bear shelves abide in. some are even drawing comparisons with the soviet union as a grocery store shelves remain empty. >> it's like a soviets or during 1981. it's horrible. >> emily: kennedy, this is astonishing, and those people are not wrong. >> emily: the fall of communism followed a trip to houston that boris yeltsin made in 1989, and he went to just a typical grocery store in houston and it actually brought him to tears because he couldn't believe that anyone in america could walk into a grocery store like this and have a bounty in front of him. he said the potus was so fresh scum of the meat and fish and poultry so abundant, and that's
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when he realized that communism was alive. and americans have always had abundance and a choice but this is what they are faced with. for those of us who hadn't moms and dads who left soviet states for the promise of the better life, this gives them ptsd because they are seeing what they fled and this is becoming an everyday reality for people and abided administration is trying to pass off as some sort of economic success. stop lying to us. >> emily: experts across the board, from union leaders, and the worst is not -- yet to come, but the worst is weeks to come. this >> kennedy: the supply
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chain crisis might not subside for the next six months or so, and the inflation story, we will see this for a couple of months. but what i find interesting about the white house as they like to talk about core cpi and that was still a jump of 5.5%. that's excluding food and energy. well, look at gas and energy prices. food costs, look at what you are paying, we are paying 18% more for meat year-over-year, paying more for eggs and more for dairy and back to the supply chain crunch and those empty shelves that we can sing across country, part of that is omicron and part of that is because grocery stores are down 20% for staffing levels and you are also looking at shutdowns that are happening in china. the entire supply chain is being crunched from top to bottom and kennedy is right. with the white house is saying and what they focus on which is at court number is absolutely wrong. it's used cars, vehicles, gas and food, everything that low income struggling americans are
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fighting for right now and that is just to get by. and it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> emily: tell me to come online searches for basic products have been skyrocketing also because people can't find them on the shelves. spinach, potatoes, pasta, pet food. these are fundamental things that americans need that they can't find. >> brian: i was surprised that she stole my yelps and reference but he went to her first. remember when the good old days when -- we have this lunatic vladimir putin to deal with but that's for another show. first off, we have a couple reasons. 10% they say are food manufacturers. they can't get people to work and everybody is sick. they also say truck drivers are about 80,000 down and that's a big one. they say more people are called in sick over the last two weeks then have all of 2020 because omicron is prevalent and easy to spread. some of the stuff has nothing to do with president biden. that's all he has to say is
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listen. the four of us just explained or the five of us are about to explain, there's factors out of americans control. the problem is he was alone that said it was over. he solved the problem. the shelves are stocked. even though i had laser surgery, a lot of times i look at the shelves and i see empty shelves so i must be wrong because president biden told me he solved the problem and saved christmas. so the fact that he said he solved the problem and saved christmas, then in january the shelves are empty, that's the issue. >> this is perfect choreography. let's play it for you now when president biden dismissed concerns of empty shelves. speak to the much crisis didn't occur. packages are moving, gifts are being delivered. shelves are not empty. experts including wall street are suggesting that it's highly unlikely that there is going to be long-term inflation that will get out of hand.
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>> emily: harris, this response has been par for the course, administration either denies the reality or they say we didn't do it, it just happened. >> harris: look. we know joe biden didn't even know the cost of meat until a relative on his wife's side he said pointed it out. that has to do with how often he's in the real world. i love delaware and i consider it to be a slice of fantastic light, and i don't know where he goes when he goes there, did they not have grocery stores in delaware? of course they do. does ava go out? i don't know. but he also threw santa claus under the bus because he said at christmas time that santa was going to solve it. so if it didn't get solved i hope he doesn't expect us to stop believing in the power and magic of christmas. i'm not quite sure what reality he is and but when i saw my own trader joe's today with empty shelves on our network, and a picture, i looked and i looked and i thought, wait a minute. that's where i live, i thought
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they solve that last week? no, they can't. because it takes longer for things to get here. i don't want to throw anybody under the bus like santa was thrown under the bus by the president of the united states but, what happens when a man goes way, way up and you are in business? that might hike a price. that might hike a price faster than inflation would. it could get precipitously more because there's nobody keeping a watch on that. i want to ask cheryl about that. come on, price gouging, is that in our future, too? >> cheryl: if i hear, that's actually already happening on sites like amazon for covid tests. i don't know if you've seen that. but the things that you do, absolutely. i don't know about price gouging but that's what the biden white house likes to of course throw out there constantly when it comes to the meat industry. how many times have you heard
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jen psaki, paris, say that it's the greed of the meat companies? >> harris: it's just the peloton buyers. >> cheryl: it right, or gasoline up 50% year-over-year, that's because of greedy energy companies. meanwhile they have plenty of departments and committees and things that they could use, research tools within the u.s. government i think where they could give us proof in a report. they don't seem to be able to show me the proof. if there is gouging in the meat industry then i will take back my disdain for jen psaki and what i think she has been deflecting from the podium. >> emily: and harris you mentioned, who's watching this? all that's in part the media's job, to observe and to get the facts, clean the facts and disseminate them. that's been stoked by -- we have a tweet from brian stelter, who
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said what empty shelves? as he explains, looking for milk for a 2-year-old. those are real concerns and they are not to be mocked but it was certainly amplified within social media and mainstream media that real americans concerns were somehow to be ignored. we brought up beliefs in santa claus and in the immortal words of steve perry, don't stop believing. but i think we have some hard times ahead of us before we can be comfortable. all right guys, could be silly don't like see a hillary clinton come back in 2024? why some clinton allies are saying just that president biden continues sinking in the polls. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: president biden is coming up with what some see as a not so great speech in georgia. the speech actually included very familiar gaps along the way. his repeated claim that he was arrested for fighting for civil rights, despite a record of that ever happening. >> president biden: last week president harris and i stood at the united states capitol and that seems like yesterday, the first time i got arrested. anyway. >> harris: all this is a president and vice president's job approval numbers, they are going down. less than one year in the office. this while the allies and "the wall street journal" say she may be a 2024 contender. they could use the party's loss as a basis to run for president again, enabling her to claim the
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title of change candidate. wow. didn't they used to call her a dynasty candidate? >> brian: i'm not sure what they are calling her now but, they do know the clintons. she does have -- no doubt about it, those of bernal ability there was joe biden to be honest, and that he would not have what won had he had to really campaign, and it two-thirds of independence disapprove of joe biden. what gavin newsom step aside? what day is step aside from dennis kucinich or someone who's a candidate, now gavin newsom clearly has some problems but he is an experienced politician who people are looking to. what he step aside and not go against hillary clinton who is one of the worst candidates ever? >> what do i think it?
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no way. i think he runs and he knows, giving illegal immigrants health care and all that stuff, i think he's a likely guy and i don't believe anyone should walk away from hillary clinton who just fails everywhere she goes. >> harris: usually we talk about the nfl, and kennedy and i do, too. >> kennedy: i'm so glad you brought up the nfl, thank you, harris. sending hillary clinton into save the democrat party, and right now at his age and condition he's in, joe montana is great. he's fantastic. and that's far more impressive then anything hillary clinton will achieve in his entire life.
9:17 am
having said that, he knew it was time to step aside. i hope the 49ers do very, very well. i'm going to push back on brian a little bit and i agree with you that gavin newsom will never step aside. and he has fluffed eternally, and he is the governor of colorado, a purple state, and he has been one of the few democrat governors to say, maybe we need to get over the idea of covid as an emergency and to get to normal life. and i think that he is politically interesting enough to watch hillary, as much as i would like to see her lose again, she does. >> harris: that was a great game, both teams did great. in a recent interview,
9:18 am
hillary clinton appeared to take a shot at progressives in the white house. here it is. >> i think it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins, and you don't have an democratic house and the senate and the majority comes from people who win and much more difficult districts. that means nothing if you don't have a congress that will get things done, and the white house that we can count on to be sane and stable and sober and productive. >> harris: she threw some bars up there. oh, duck, biden and. >> she was the most qualified person to run for office in his
9:19 am
lifetime, so both of them are wearing rose-colored glasses. these guys are just trying desperately, and the only thing is abysmally low as biden and harris' approval rating are her low favorability ratings that dropped even lower after she lost the race for the white house. she bottomed out at 36%, and her low favorability bottomed up at 61%. that was a unfavorability rate. so as far back as 1998 as well, she's been calling the fact that everyone dislikes her intensely as a vast right wing conspiracy so i think she should stop blaming others and just self reflect. a final thought, go raiders. >> harris: i knew that was coming. this is killing me. all right cheryl, let's start there. who are you reading for? >> cheryl: the cowboys, come on guys. >> harris: i think i knew
9:20 am
that, although patrick my homes, that's why i wear read almost every day now. >> cheryl: i want to throw out one more name, eric adams, brand-new mayor of new york city, there's already talk that he could emerge. >> harris: you got to fix the crime before you put your hat and something else. he's going up against this manhattan d.a. and that's kind of good. >> harris: you are thinking that foreigners vote in the election? >> oh, yes, and the commission or chain. it's got to accomplish some things now. hillary clinton, your thoughts on her cheryl? >> cheryl: she was a terrible candidate, she just didn't do well on the campaign trail, it was a likability issue. i think most democrats know and no offense to doug schoen who is a cowriter on this piece and he brings up good points about the weakness in the biden-harris ticket. but at the same time, if you talk to any democrat, you talk
9:21 am
to one in the last hour, president biden is going to run again. eric adams says he is the new face and the new voice of the democratic party. >> let's see what can happen. i don't know, i live in jersey, that's not really my problem. moving on >> brian: but you work here. >> harris: yes for an outcome thank goodness. fiery senator ted cruz lets the media know that he's had enough of their one-sided behavior. >> the questions are only directed at one side and, i got to say, the american people have seen hypocrisy. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: at there may have been a moment of pure frustration when texas senator ted cruz got out the median for asking republican's about not wearing masks, but not president biden. >> so you just asked, you people at the podium are speaking without masks, just once i'd like to see a reporter say to joe biden, when he stands at the podium in the biden don't like white house without a mask, mr. president, why aren't you wearing a mask? just once i'd like to see you say to jen psaki when she stands at the podium with no mask, why don't you have a mask? the questions are only directed at one side and i've got to say the american people have seen hypocrisy. >> harris: and probably more concerned about those times when biden is coughing, coughing it on the media and coughing on his hands and then shake someone's hand. that's actually gotten some press. >> kennedy: you know i'm not a
9:27 am
medical doctor but figuratively i could probably qualify. >> harris: your doctor on the dance floor. >> kennedy: thank you very much, break it down. people like eric swalwell and aoc have made a point about grandstanding about masks and shaming everyone in every state where there are mask mandates. and where is the first place that they go? do they go to long island, did they go to san diego? no. they went to florida where they could be in the sun without masks because that's how everyone wants to be right now because people are so fed up with being lied to by the federal government about this virus and how it's manifesting, but they don't know truth from fiction at this point. and there's a little bit more personal choice. and discriminate lee they don't work sometimes and not others, you either wear a mask sometimes or you don't but whatever it is,
9:28 am
let's stop the charade. >> harris: can we pop up that video because on the little monitor where i am, i couldn't see. is that aoc hugging? first of all, we hope she's okay. she is symptomatic according to the report, so she is sick, but she got a positive test shortly after hanging out. where is that? miami, florida. to make the point of what kennedy is saying, they don't have a mask mandate but if people choose to use them, they can do that. she went down there and left a restricted area here in new york city and chose not to do that. >> brian: yes, there's a lot to say there. number one, she goes down there and now he found out that cloth masks don't work and now we found out that we were going to get n95 masks, which surgeons say they don't even want to wear because it leaves dense in their
9:29 am
face. but did you watch yesterday? that was a double mask next to anthony fauci, and she's like out hostage video giving testimony and muddling through whatever she's saying. i couldn't make it up, because she is really like 20 weeks beneath the sea. now we find i that these people that are separated don't need masks and we know that, why joe biden walks outside with his dog on the beach, that's ridiculous. >> was that commander? what's he protecting himself from, one commander to another? >> dot dog is a bloodthirsty killer, trying to protect his face because that's where they
9:30 am
go first. >> right. at the other one was biting everybody. >> emily: you know how what ever happens in vegas stays in vegas? or what happens in the different zip code, that's what these government elected officials are doing. and there's something that changes in her, and it don't we all bleed the same and it don't we all die the same? it seems like for these people, somehow when they are on vacation, all bets are off and we are supposed to just accept it. we are having an ongoing conversation about this, and it's further and the vitriol of the media for those who have chosen not to be vaccinated. an "l.a. times" columnist ran an article that said mocking the deaths of the unvaccinated is a ghoulish but necessary. so when you put that altogether
9:31 am
in the media, you have an attack on republicans, a knee-jerk attack regarding masks don't like. then the media takes it up step further by equating somehow a choice not to be vaccinated with an immediate political affiliation and how that leads to murder, but that's okay to mock. none of that makes sense and americans are getting sick of it. >> cheryl: it remember where ted cruz is from, the state of texas. texas is open. my family was there for the holidays and the couldn't believe people were walking around outside with masks on. this is a state to state situation and with ted cruz i thought the point he made was very clear because he's representing the state of texas, and if everybody wants to wear a mask, fine. don't wear your mask. but if you don't, don't be a mask. but it's about free choice. going back to what we seen and it done in states like texas and florida, that's where we are
9:32 am
moving everyone. they are going to texas and florida and i think this is a big reason why, because your life is not going to be restricted with people that can't make up your mind, whether we are supposed to wear cloth mask or a letter and 95. figure it out. >> harris: there's a lot of guessing about what gets aoc to drive down the lane of hypocrisy. i think it's a gene that she has that allows her to dance on the dance floor. moving on, taking you live now to capitol hill. we've been covering news today, the former democrat senate leader harry reid is lying in state at the capitol rotunda. members of congress and staff coming to play dumb i can pay their respects. reid is the 36th american to lie in state at the u.s. capitol in the senator bob dole we said goodbye to last month, that was the last time we were in this position as a nation morning. the nevada democrat that served
9:33 am
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>> emily: some hollywood producers are now saying the cost to go woke is costing people jobs and creativity. white men are being pushed out of screenwriting jobs in favor of people and women of color. a spokesman says, i think it's gone too far. i know a lot of talented people that can't get work because they are not black, native american, female or lgbtq. quentin tarantino sounded off on this. >> ideology trumps art. ideology trumps effort. ideology trumps good. ideology trumps entertaining. >> kennedy: i actually agree with quentin tarantino.
9:38 am
i should say actually, like i'm surprised. i feel he's one of the elastic true artist left. he's been in a position for some time within of commercial success that he can fly the double burden everybody and you his films pretty much the way he wants to. that's not necessarily the case for everyone else. now in one of my philosophy classes in college, we were not allowed to put our names on our papers. we had to put our student i.d. numbers so the ta grading them wouldn't know whose paper was he who is and i feel like that is how scrip should be written. so you should see the creative product with no name and at no immutable qualities attached to it so we can see the entire creative product without any sort of destruction. yes, there is a history. a people of color and women being pushed aside in hollywood for a long, long time, they are trying to make it right by doing the wrong thing and it will have bad consequences reverberating in the future.
9:39 am
>> emily: brian kilmeade, to that end, the old voice of hollywood is dead but it has been replaced by something just as restrictive and at the vial. >> brian: or that's what you got, when you spend your whole time looking down at america for not being diverse enough for woke enough, now at boomerangs and is buying blowing up on them. so they are not eligible for an oscar, which is astounding, and now complaining. it's still no big deal because most white people are going to die anyway because they are not allowed to get therapeutics because we have to go to the back of the line with this administration anyway, so send this problem will solve itself. so we are going to see politically correct hollywood blowing itself up again, which was what bill mar was talking about over the last year or so, saying what it is going on? we have woke ourselves into oblivion and america is just walking away. >> emily: harris, there's a lot of discussion about this sort of in a macro sense and also in individual.
9:40 am
there's been a lot of criticism, forecasting javier barred them with spanish as a cuban desi arnaz. he called the backlash" heartbreaking and chilling." >> harris: hollywood, home of hypocrites. from leo dicaprio on a yacht spewing climate change stuff too, we have to be more woke inside a hollywood to qualify for an oscar which very rarely goes to a person of color anyway. i don't really understand about what i can tell you is that the market is going to shake this up and shake it out. their single job is to entertain us. we will fire them and find better entertainment. we don't need hollywood to eat. we don't need hollywood for oxygen. so if you want to make things more difficult to put out, interesting things to watch with the best talent on the screen, and a look.
9:41 am
open your doors for opportunity for everybody. everybody gets the chance to compete. they want the very best because they argue over the stuff, let's see how far that goes with the bottom line. and that just has a number on it, and a look at bridget ten on netflix. every one is all mixed up in that. now it was by design by shonda rhimes but it was interesting. why not mix it up. >> emily: harris mentions the bottom line and so frequently in hollywood to come at the bottom line is actually the chinese market. this is such a performative, in my opinion, dedication to going woke because they were sure quick to take the time one patch off of tom cruises jacket for top gun two. they capitulated to anything that china wants and in the
9:42 am
process absolutely demoralizing and deflating so many voices that are being gutted there. and yet here, however, you must check a box to be considered for an oscar or to be given a job. >> cheryl: at the chinese market is a huge market for it hollywood and they know that, so they are choosing profit. but at the same time this is for diversity sake. but look what they just did to the "sex and the city"'s been off? i was a super fan. it was a bunch of middle-aged white ladies doing crazy things in new york city, right on. but the spin-off is awful, not funny. they tried to do different story lines and make the show is a woke as they possibly could. how did you make that show not funny? congratulations its po and hbo max for ruining a really good program. and you mentioned leo dicaprio, and don't look up. that movie is awful. it's all politics and woke us and they are just trying to drive home all these different lines that they want to push
9:43 am
through and i will leave you with this. it ratings. look what happened to the ratings for the oscars? they don't even have the golden globes on tv, nbc took it off. not because of diversity but they took it off because of ratings were crummy and they weren't making any money off of it. at the same thing with the oscars and the at the grammys and everything else, those ratings have been declined for years. enough with the politics, just entertaining and make it funny. i could use a laugh. we are going on at two years of covid. >> harris: we are going to miss bob saget. >> right. i just learned that the age of the women in "sex and the city," they were that age of all the original women in the golden girls. >> harris: i love that, that's diversity. >> emily: and r.i.p. rose as well. coming up, another american college is looking to please the local folk yet again with the new inclusive language guide that's waging a war on the metaphor. we will explain, next.
9:44 am
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whereas the top and what might happen with interest rates? we got you covered with larry kudlow and katie pavlich this afternoon. and democrats want to pass a filibuster with what critics say is unnecessary legislation. and steve scalise and byron donalds are here on that. and are you confused about covid? join the club. dr. siegel is here to straighten it all out for you. i'm john roberts, join sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." >> harris: another american college appears to be going overboard to be politically correct. the university of california irvine issued a new inclusive language guide as part of a course or a "social justice diversity, equity and inclusion." a couple of examples for you. instead of grandfathered, use legacy status or pre-existing. i got to think about that. so you are going to grandfather in a contract, some previous language and you don't want to
9:49 am
offend a grandfather so you say previous existing. rather than man-hours or man power, the recommended person hours or level of effort hours. tone-deaf is a no-no. instead, use inconsiderate, thoughtless, careless. the guide also target some metaphors. kill two birds with one stone, apparently too harmful. instead, they say feed two birds with one scone. i should stay silent because i don't have anything positive to say. brian? >> brian: thank you for that. hope all the blocks to lead it, i would have taken anyone but this. i always say that, kill two birds with one scone. >> harris: a no-no no, feed it to birds. >> brian: my fault. there are so many things we could do what they english language that i found offensive
9:50 am
up into the segment. you saw uc irvine taken the lead, i wish everyone would follow that. your serve, harris. >> harris: i'm going to punt write to cheryl. >> cheryl: okay, this is my favorite of this. instead of saying guys or gals, like hey guys, a gals, you're supposed to say, hey folks, a-team, hey y'all. i mean i'm from texas, i can say y'all. i found one thing in this entire thing that i liked and that was it but otherwise this is ridiculous. kennedy? >> kennedy: hey, guys. i say hey guys. guys, dinner's on the table. >> harris: especially when they won't listen to you. you have to do everything. >> kennedy: and when you have one child seated, it drives me batty. whenever i hear the word grandfather to come up with something supposed to be grandfathered into a contract, i fly into a murderous rage and a wrap up the contract like nancy pelosi with a president trump state of the union speech, because it's just
9:51 am
it's so unfair to grandfather's. i don't understand it. it's meaningless. they are going to render of the english language totally useless. people like c.s. lewis are spinning in his grave. this is taking the phrase a murder your darlings way too literally and you probably can't even say that anymore when talking about cutting out superfluous words and phrases in language and writing. >> harris: we is that in scripts all the time in journalism, you say, oh, my gosh, i'm going to take out my favorite part, part of the darling. to violence. kennedy? >> kennedy: is a california girl, i will never stop saying, you guys, ever. it will be in my tombstone. but i think this is a reason why aliens won't land on our planet, because we are so embarrassing. and it would've become why china is surpassing us and other
9:52 am
countries are surpassing us with so much academic achievement and notable accompaniments in addition to intellectual property and the like because we are too busy focusing on what doesn't matter. and this calls to mind in the last couple of weeks where various major newspapers, political talking heads and the longest-running latino civil rights organization that called for, for example, to stop the use of the term the latinx. because we don't care what you call us, we care about jobs and schools on livelihoods. stop wasting our time in speaking for us. i think this is just another example of a misguided to come up misplaced focus of attention. >> harris: i loved having a conversation with rachel compass duffy, she can really school you. all right, we will be right back.
9:53 am
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♪ out of my dreams and into my car ♪ >> ever wanted to change your car's paint job? there's an app for that. b.m.w. unveiling the first color changing car, i.x. flow, through an app on the phone it can change shades and patterns using electronic ink technology. choices are limited but the german car company says this is just the beginning. working on a button inside the vehicle that will feature any color you want. cheryl, there was lots of buzz on this new car in las vegas last week. tell us about it. >> the hottest thing at c.e.s. was definitely the b.m.w. car. right now you have to, your point, great line, you have to use a phone and an app to actually get it to change
9:58 am
colors. it's only in white and black, but look, white, if it's hot outside, you can have a black car if it's cold outside, warm it up. but all different colors. the racing stripe, get ready, folks. this is going to be one of the hottest cars to hit the market. it's a concept right now but are going to take it to production and a lot of buzz about this car. >> we know black and silver are the only colors we need. kilmeade, i used to carry around a lip gloss from mac. bright pink. >> yes, you did. >> and i said this would be the color of my 1972 mach 1, i went to the orange and flames, but sky is the limit, incredible. >> yes. i don't quite get it, if i want to change the color, i would go to earl shine and for $99 and paint the antenna and the canvas top. not sure where we need this. make your mind up as americans.
9:59 am
don't let the germans lure you in. we'll decide when we buy the color it is. i don't need to have that pressure, picking out a tie and the color of my car every day. >> no, brian. kennedy, imagination, i feel like pink today, red tomorrow, amazing. >> we need versatility, choice, especially out running the po-po. you hit the legal maneuver and you have the 5-0 on the tail, go from silver to hot pink and lose the fuzz. >> no white bronco any more. >> i tried green contacts and it looked like i had moss in my eyes. >> i bet that was beautiful. >> i already drive a white car. i would probably do racing stripes. i wish people would concentrate on changing their inside, not inside the car. >> i would definitely i appreciate drivers more so
10:00 am
washington state and this area to change driving habits, but i would change on-road aggression, and i advocate for racing stripes. my mach 1 had racing stripes, it was amazing. here is "america reports." >> on a shocking new number from the labor department this morning, a key measure of inflation showing prices increasing a whopping 7% in december from a year ago. that means we are now seeing the highest prices in four decades and i think we are all feeling it. >> certainly are. americans are paying more for everyday items, empty store shelves across the country. katie pavlich and larry kudlow, more on when this means for you and your pocket book coming up. >> another alert, as we kick off wednesda


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