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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 12, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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washington state and this area to change driving habits, but i would change on-road aggression, and i advocate for racing stripes. my mach 1 had racing stripes, it was amazing. here is "america reports." >> on a shocking new number from the labor department this morning, a key measure of inflation showing prices increasing a whopping 7% in december from a year ago. that means we are now seeing the highest prices in four decades and i think we are all feeling it. >> certainly are. americans are paying more for everyday items, empty store shelves across the country. katie pavlich and larry kudlow, more on when this means for you and your pocket book coming up. >> another alert, as we kick off wednesday, one day after president biden's fiery speech
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on plans to overhaul u.s. elections and change the filibuster. attention now turns to washington. the senate math does not sit in the president's favor. members of his own party are still not on board and now we are learning biden will be meeting with senate democrats tomorrow at their caucus lunch to push the issue. hello, welcome, sandra smith in new york. good to be with you, john. >> john: good to be with you as well. john roberts in washington. the president slamming anyone who does not agree with his plans, calling them confederate villians. and now the clock begins to tick on senate democrats. >> sandra: schumer will bring a vote five days from now, and talk he could do that sooner as early as today. >> john: will it be successful or end with failure?
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start off with congressional correspondent aisha, live on capitol hill. over and under on all of this. >> think about this, the president went all the way to georgia only to have to make a trip down pennsylvania avenue. tomorrow he will meet with senate democrats. his caucus, for lunch to talk about all of this. he's done this before with build back better and we all know how that turned out. so, right now it's a very tough situation. we are going to head back to you, i believe the minority leader is on the floor right now. >> john: aisha, we are going to jump out, thank you for that. mitch mcconnell reacting to this on the senate floor. >> uniting our people and uniting our nation. yesterday that very same man delivered a deliberately divisive speech that was designed to pull our country further apart.
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12 months ago this president said we should see each other not as adversaries but as neighbors. yesterday he called millions of americans his domestic enemies. 12 months ago the president called on americans to join forces, stop the shouting. lower the temperature. but yesterday he shouted that if you disagree with him you are george wallace. george wallace. you don't pass the laws he wants you are bull conner. and if you oppose giving democrats not one-party control of the country you are jefferson davis. 12 months ago this president said disagreement must not lead to disunion.
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ah, but yesterday invoked the blood withy disunion of the civil war, the civil war to demonize americans who disagreed with him. compared a bipartisan majority of senators to literal traitors. how profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. look, i've known and liked and personally respected joe biden for many years. i did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday. american voters did not give president biden a mandate for very much. he got a tied senate, negative coat tails in the house,
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narrowest majorities in over a century. the president did not get a mandate to transform america. but he did arguably get a mandate to do just one central thing that he campaigned on. here is what that was. bridge a divided country, lower the temperature, dial down the perpetual air in politics, one job citizens actually hired him to do. it is the one project that would have actually been consistent, consistent with the congress, the voters elected.
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ah, but president biden has chosen to fail his own test. the president's rant, rant yesterday was incoherent, incorrect, and beneath his office. he used the phrase jim crow 2.0 to demigod a law that makes the franchise more accessible in his own state of delaware. he blasted georgia's procedures regarding local elections officials while pushing national legislation with almost identical language on that issue. the the president implied things like widely popular voting, totalitarian?
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ironically on the same day the washington, d.c. mayor said bring a photo i.d. and vaccine card any time they leave the house. president repeatedly invoked the january 6th riot while himself using irresponsible, delegitimising rhetoric. he compared american states to totalitarian states. he said the country will be an autocracy if he does not get his way. if he does not get his way. so the world saw our commander in chief propaganda against his own country, his own country to a degree that would have made
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pravda blush. there was no consistent standard behind anything the president said. he trampled through some of the most sensitive and sacred parts of our nation's past. he invoked times when activists bled and when soldiers died, all to demigog voting laws that are more expansive than what they have in his own home state. georgia has more early voting days than delaware or new york. georgia has no excuse absentee voting, which delaware and new york do not have. if georgia or texas present jim crow emergencies, so do a lot of
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democratically run states. the democrat leader goes on cable tv and says georgia is greatly restricting or eliminating early voting. that's a lie. proveably false. georgia has more early voting than new york. the democrat leader has tried to fear monger about one rural georgia county that condensed multiple voting locations in one. one rural georgia county. well, the county is overwhelmingly red, they were clearly not involved in suppressing democratic votes, 70% republican in the one county in 2020. so, take a step back for a minute. president biden's story is that democracy is on death's door. but he spent nine months chasing a reckless taxing and spending
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spree before addressing it? must not be that much of an emergency. citizens are meant to believe a return of jim crow is on the table. but this is only president biden's sixth priority after he was blocked from spending $5 trillion on windmills and welfare. democrats' own behavior refutes their false hysteria. 12 months ago the president said if politics need not be a raging fire destroying everything in its path, that was just 12 months ago, but yesterday he poured a giant can of gasoline on the fire. 12 months ago the president said every disagreement doesn't have to be a cause for total war. but yesterday he said anyone who
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opposes smashing the senate, smashing the senate and letting democrats rewrite election law is a domestic enemy and listen to this, a traitor like jefferson davis. one week ago president biden gave a january 6th lecture about not stoking political violence. one week ago. yesterday with the world's largest megaphone he invoked the literal civil war and said we are on the doorstep of autocracy? talk about domestic enemies? rhetoric unbecoming of a president of the united states. in less than a year, restoring the soul of america has become
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this. agree with me or you are a bigot. agree with me or you are a bigot. from lowering the temperature to invoking totalitarian states and the civil war. so this inflammatory rhetoric was not an attempt to persuade skeptical democrat or republican senators. this whole display, this whole display, in fact, you could not invent a better advertisement for the legislative filibuster than a president abandoning rational persuasion from pure
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demigogery. you could not invent a better advertisements for the legislature filibuster than what we have just seen, a president abandoning rational persuasion for pure, pure demigoggery. a president shouting that 52 senators and millions of americans are racist unless he gets whatever he wants is proving exactly why the framers built the senate to check his power. this whole display is the best possible argument for preserving the senate rules that extend deliberation, force bipartisan compromise and let cooler heads prevail. nothing proves it better than this episode. perfect case study and why senator biden was right about
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the filibuster and president biden is wrong. one respected scholar explained it this way. the smallest majority we have ever seen in our politics is trying to change the rules for how people get elected in every single state. that's just about the best argument for the filibuster you could possibly imagine. so mr. president, the citizens of the greatest country in the world deserve for their elected officials to treat them like grown ups. adults of america deserve to hear from the adults in washington, d.c. so i'll close with some basic truths. obviously our country is more
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divided than it should be, no doubt. in recent years i have vocally criticized people across the political spectrum who have sought to legitimize elections when they win and delegitimize democracy when they are polling badly or when they lose. i criticized top democrats hysteria after 2016 when their rhetoric had 66% of democrats across america falsely convinced that russia had hacked our voting machines and changed the tallies. 66% of democrats thought that after 2016. i criticized speaker pelosi and house democrats who spent the run-up to 2020 hyping conspiracy theories and suggesting the election would be illegitimate if their side lost. in december 2020, january of last year, our side of the aisle
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defended our constitutional process despite political pressure and we had, of course, a literal mob. but now it is president biden, and leader schumer, and other washington democrats who don't like their poll numbers so they are reversing their tune yet again. the people who spent november 2020 through january 2021 preaching sermons about the strength and the sanctity of our democracy are now undertaking to delegitimize the next election in case they lose it. we have a sitting president, a sitting president invoking the civil war shouting about totalitarianism and labelling millions of americans his domestic enemies?
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we have a senate democratic leader who now frequently calls american elections "a rigged game?" look. this will not be repaired with more lies, more outrage, and more rule-breaking. unfortunately president biden has rejected the better angels of our nature. so it is the senate's responsibility to protect the country. this institution was constructed as a firewall against exactly, exactly the kind of rage and false hysteria we saw on full display yesterday. it falls to the senate to put america on a better track.
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it falls to us. so this institution cannot give in to dishonorable tactics. we cannot surrender to this recklessness. we have to stand up, stand strong, protect the senate, and defend the country. >> john: mitch mcconnell, the senate minority leader on the floor of the senate taking a paint stripper to joe biden in the speech he gave yesterday in atlanta, and sandra, i've heard some pointed speeches from mitch mcconnell, beneath his office, propaganda against his own country. and saying he proved exactly why
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the framers built the senate to check his power. wow. >> sandra: he ripped into him profoundly unpresidential, i've known he said like and personally respected joe biden for many years, i did not know the man at the podium. katie, you were listening. your thoughts what we just heard from the minority leader. >> mitch mcconnell is standing up for millions of americans and senate colleagues, including joe manchin and kirsten sinema, who hold the same view on not changing the filibuster, the senate rules, eliminating the filibuster, the same perspective and outlook on it that joe biden held two years ago when he was running for president of the united states. john mentioned the line about joe biden propaganda answer his
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own country, that is true. in georgia, revised the false jim crow 2.0 line, back a couple months, the line was used by stacey abrams to criticize the same election laws. all-star game in atlanta got pulled and the people of atlanta and georgia suffered because they missed out on millions of dollars of badly needed revenue after the pandemic shut down their city. his agenda is stalled, failing, underwater on nearly every issue, inflation is through the roof and they are pivoting to the false narrative of the voting laws in georgia, far more available in terms of people voting early than his home state of delaware. and joe biden said make a choice, side of history with george wallace or martin luther king, jr. george wallace praised president
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biden. president biden bragged how wallace was a democrat and key part of the party in 1980s and yet accuses republicans in the senate, fellow democrat and joe manchin, and millions of americans are not changing the senate rules, that the minority has a say that joe biden campaigned on in 2019 and 2020. >> sandra: this as the american people watched the politics and they feel the pain of those higher prices you just mentioned. another read on inflation out this morning. katie, it was a whopper. we are now looking at consumer prices for the month of december up 7% year over year. that is real tangible pain that the american family is suffering right now. and you look at where we are paying the most when it comes to food that we are trying to put on the table for our families. beef prices, pork prices, chicken up double digits, and you know, we have brand-new
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video that we are showing of empty store shelves happening across the country. you talk to a lot of folks that are trying to order these things, it's tough to even get them delivered to your home in some cases. all of this as weigh paid out 5.7 trillion of taxpayers money for covid relief and the empty store shelves and higher prices we are told are the result of the pandemic. so why was that money not put to better use? >> sandra, when the federal government passes multi-trillion dollar bills in emergency, a lot of the money often times gets wasted. why republicans, most of them, anyway, voted against the american rescue act, the 1.9 trillion plan that passed early last year on top of all the other covid relief previously passed because states had not spent the money, there was no a reconciliation where the money was going and yesterday during the senate health committee hearing we learned a whole lot about the money that's being spent on the testing contracts, they are actually going to warehouses,
10:23 am
not to actually new testing facilities. we also learned that nearly $2 billion of covid relief money that was supposed to go to fixing supply chain issues, to testing, went to the border crisis. so, when you have these massive bills with little accountability in a, what they would call a crisis or emergency, much of it gets wasted and now we are hearing the white house is going to ask congress for even more money after build back better was stalled on the hill. so, i've always said the president should be thanking democrat senator joe manchin for stopping build back better, inflation would be worse with that bill but a direct result of too much spending by the government and too little accountability. >> sandra: moving on from food prices which everybody is talking about to also the price of gasoline, skyrocketing. we know the year over year increases are unbelievable. if you fill up the gas tank you feel it. gas prices up, used car, truck
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prices up, energy, new vehicles, apparel, paying more for absolutely everything. and katie, i'll end with this. can this administration still claim that they will not and are not raising taxes on anybody in this country making less than $400,000 a year? last i checked that is a great tax on the american family. >> yep, every single percentage point that you just put up on the screen is enormous tax on the middle class, on everybody in this country. this white house has denied this and said inflation is a problem for the upper class and for the rich. it is certainly something that affects every single american and their war on energy mentioned gas prices. the reason why everything else is expensive, gas is a way to get goods to the market. whether it's clothing or food. so, if the companies have to fill up their truck, gas is more expensive, the american consumer, the middle class, people who want to get to work are paying for it at every step of the way when it comes to
10:25 am
their basic necessities of what they are buying. >> sandra: it's still not enough, right, still want more money. and we are still trying to check down how exactly it was all spent. katie, thanks for responding to the speech from the senate floor staying with us through the breaking news and weighing in on all of that. >> john: education secretary cardona facing calls to resign after newly revealed emails suggest that he requested the infamous letter from the national school board association comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists. jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn with more on this breaking story. jacqui. >> good afternoon to you, john. you'll recall the string of firely school board meetings with parents upset over critical race theory, prompted the national school board association to write the letter to president biden asking for action against the people making threats. and referred to the protestors as domestic terrorists. that prompted a response from
10:26 am
the justice and now there are allegations from an interest group about a level of coordination between the nfba and the biden administration that led to that letter. the group parents defending education whose mission is to "defend schools from activists, promoting harmful agenda" released it as part of a public records request they filed. we have not seen the full context this they were given but the portion released shows members of the national school board association discussing the controversial letter they sent to the president describing it as a request from miguel cardona. one member writes to another asking if the board's process was followed in drafting the letter saying i'm very concerned about the process by which the statement was made and the tone that essentially allowed the white house to direct the attorney general to consider members of our community domestic terrorists. another member replied saying the interim c.e.o. "told the officers he was writing a letter to provide information to the
10:27 am
white house, a request from secretary cardona". the department of education denies secretary cardona made the request. a spokesperson said while the secretary did not solicit a letter to understand the views and concerns of stakeholders, the department routinely engages with students, teachers, parents, district leaders and education associations. but the parents' group that has sued over c.r.t. and many other things says this letter shows a high level of coordination. >> it's completely diabolical. not only the justice department involved in the plan but the education department. it's a miscarriage of governance and we the parents are not going to shut up. >> the white house tells me they did not also coordinate on this letter or solicit it. they echoed the department of education on that, and attorney
10:28 am
general merrick garland said he did not rely on the letter when he directed the fbi to investigate the threats, john. >> john: jacqui, thank you so much for the update, and ari fleischer. a little more from miguel cardona, he was on cbs this morning, and in that interview denying that he had anything to do with solicitation of that letter from the school board association. listen to what he said here. >> can he didn't ask for that letter, we didn't -- i think the real focus, how do we authentically engage parents. but no, with the letter we had no -- we didn't request that, there was no involvement in that. >> john: what he said there puts him directly at odds with christie sweat, the secretary/treasurer, jacqui pointed out the letter was sent to president biden for more information at the request of secretary cardona. this is a she said/he said situation. >> yeah, we heard this a couple
10:29 am
months ago when the letter became controversial it was sent to the white house first as well. the white house weighed in on it. look, you know, you marry this with president biden's speech yesterday where he likens anybody who opposes his position on election matters to jefferson davis. now, if there's a jefferson davis out there, engage in actual insurrection against the united states, that is domestic terrorism, would be a civil war and you want the d.o.j. to go after people like this unless it's a political witch hunt. when you hear the stories, john, it gives you tremendous pause of the motives of the biden administration and entrusting justice into their hands, if they are going to use it to target political enemies, which we saw in virginia, and in the letters referring to people who protest school boards as domestic terrorists, there's a lot that freestanding, individuals citizens should fear from the biden administration if
10:30 am
they speak their minds. >> john: you are referring to the d.o.j. unit struck to counter domestic terrorism, the attorney general was talking about that yesterday. an increase in domestic terrorism is something to be concerned about in the country. what's also concerning for many people, including speaking out against the state of education in america, are there any guardrails with the new unit or free rein to go after anybody? >> the department of justice announced a new unit to go after domestic terrorism. in itself, that's a good thing. neutral, justice blind, department of justice that's a good thing. there are hate groups, violent groups that have targeted jews and blacks and minorities, antifa is a violent domestic group. you have instances throughout society where terrorist cells, domestic terrorists cells acting on behalf of international
10:31 am
terrorism can exist. so, it's in and of itself a good thing for the justice department and the fbi to be able to protect us. but not if it's in service to a political agenda, and that's the problem we hear with domestic terrorism letter from cardona, and from president biden's speech yesterday. >> at least one member of the national school board association was concerned about the language. as always, good to see you. thanks so much, appreciate it. >> thank you, john. >> sandra: democrats teasing ahead to a potential 2024 presidential nominee. so, will hillary clinton make another run at it? charlie will weigh in next.
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down the senate and block day-to-day, the threat comes as biden delivered a fiery speech in georgia by throwing support behind a sweeping election overhaul. >> i believe the threat to our democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass the voting rights bill. no option but to change the senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster for this. >> sandra: let's bring in republican congressman and house minority whip steve scalise of louisiana. >> good to be back with you, happy new year. >> sandra: your thoughts as the president spoke yesterday? >> he said a lot of things inaccurate, the washington post has given him four pinochios. he did not try to do it in the senator multiple decades. but this is about the integrity
10:37 am
of election and just think about this. in the midst of the crisis, border crisis, down the list families are facing joe biden's top priority is getting rid of picture i.d. and mandating same day voter registration, opens the door to massive voter fraud. his top priority should be helping families struggling because of the failures of the biden presidency. >> sandra: you heard mitch mcconnell, threatening to shut down the senate. >> i don't think they will get rid of the filibuster, and you heard joe manchin and others say they are not going to get rid of it. but telling what joe biden is going to states to have current laws reversed that ensure the integrity of elections.
10:38 am
picture i.d., most voter supports, look at new york, the voters of the state of new york rejected these kinds of changes a few months ago in the statewide election. so it's not something the voters are crying for. it's just some of the party bosses among the democrats in washington. they want washington focussed on their problems, like inflation, high gas prices that joe biden created. >> sandra: and this moment in his speech he invoked race in the case for voting rights. listen. >> so i ask every elected official in america. how do you want to be remembered? consequential moments in history, present a choice. do you want to be on the side of dr. king, or george wallace? you want to be the side of john lewis or bo conner. you want to be the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson
10:39 am
davis? >> sandra: reaction to that, congressman? >> well, whose side is joe biden on. when he goes to his home state of delaware, they have more restrictive laws than the state of georgia. i've never heard him express concerns about the laws being changed in his own home state before. he's going to states like georgia, misrepresenting their laws. again, statements he's made about their laws ensuring the right of everybody who is legally eligible to vote to be able to cast one vote in every election is something we all fight for. taking away picture i.d. and mandating same day voter registration and the ability to ensure the integrity of the vote is a recipe for voter fraud. not where most people want to go. i think joe biden should go back to his home state and say has he ever expressed concerns about their laws, and he hasn't. >> sandra: yeah, good to have you here, great to see you, congressman, thanks for joining us. >> great being with you, sandra.
10:40 am
thanks. >> john: a federal judge in new york giving the green light to a lawsuit against prince andrew filed by an american woman who says the british royal sexual assaulted her when she was 17 years old. alex hogan is live in london with the latest on this. >> the civil lawsuit can go forward. duke of york is the queen's second son. this judge in new york announcing the lawsuit will proceed despite prince andrew's attempts to stop it from taking place. all of this involves a woman who claims she was sexually trafficked to the royal when she was just a teenager. he assaulted her three times in three separate locations. prince andrew has denied the claims. the duke's lawyers argue a previous settlement between the victim and jeffrey epstein could mean that she would not be able to seek further damages. well the judge today basically explained that he cannot decide what the two parties meant in their settlement and that this suit can now go forward.
10:41 am
so a couple things could happen from here. prince andrew can fight the case, put him under cross examination in a new york courtroom and it would also put the royal family in an unprecedented situation. buckingham palace will not comment on what is considered ongoing legal matter. there is another option he could settle, however this would put him in a difficult situation of having the public perception of guilt. however, john, it would keep him out of the eye and possibly future conversations about what could have taken place. john. >> john: alex, thank you so much. sandra. >> sandra: to a bombshell report on the border crisis. on the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants told to report to an i.c.e. office and never showed up. >> john: and congressman byron donalds of florida coming up next what president biden said yesterday and what senator mitch mcconnell said today and what
10:42 am
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♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at >> look, i've known, liked and personally respected joe biden for many years. i did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday. if georgia or texas present jim crow emergencies, then so do a whole lot of democratically-run states. >> john: mitch mcconnell earlier this hour going hard on president biden after his speech in georgia yesterday. byron donalds sits on the oversight committee. what did you think of the president's speech yesterday? >> i thought it was absolutely ridiculous.
10:47 am
you have a president who has failed on every measure of his b jo. inflation report comes out this morning, 7% inflation year over year. this guy is down in atlanta talking about voting rights and wanting the senate to do away with one of the fundamental structures of the senate, something joe biden has defended for decades. he is a hypocrite on this matter, trying to get a political win and the truth of the matter is it is harder to vote in his home state than it is in the state of georgia. he should go home and talk to his own legislature about reforming their election laws, not doing what he did yesterday in atlanta. >> john: and that was the point the senate minority leader made on the senate floor earlier saying the voting laws in georgia as newly written are more expansive than the voting laws in the state of delaware. but let's just go back and listen to some of the language president biden used in his speech yesterday. listen here. >> history has never been kind to those who have sided with voter suppression over voter
10:48 am
rights. you want to be on the side of john lewis or bo conner? you want to be the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? this is the moment to decide to defend our elections, to defend our democracy. >> so let me just ask you a couple questions if i could, congressman donalds, you voted against hr-one. are you on the side of bo conner, on the side of george wallace, jefferson davis? >> anybody looking at this interview knows i would never be on the side of one of those three gentlemen. the fact of the measure is this. hr-1 is the worst election law ever crafted, takeover of all elections, allow for the voter laws to be completely removed -- public financing, one of the worst ideas ever. that's in that bill. but joe biden is setting up a straw man like so many on the
10:49 am
left do, that if you don't side with them you are somehow with the devil. i know better and so do the american people. that bill is trash. it is awful. and it should never become law in our nation. >> john: it was interesting that president biden invoked the name of george wallace, an article from detroit -- democratic presidential candidate said, tell southerners the lower half of his state is part of dixie. reminds them that former alabama governor george wallace praised him as one of the outstanding leaders of america. and now he said if you are against voter rights, you are against george wallace. >> george wallace would never give praise to me but did it in
10:50 am
the senate and the current president. let's be clear about this. this is all politics. democrats have nothing to run on. joe biden has failed america. and because of this, the only place that democrats always go are to these voting right issues saying that black people are not going to have the right to vote. that is a lie. florida has the best election laws in the country, something democrats do not agree with but no issues in my state allowing black people or any other ethnic minority to vote in the state of florida. follow our lead, not joe biden's. >> john: byron donalds from the great state of florida, always a pleasure to catch up with you. >> sandra: the nation's blood supply running dangerously low. how bad is the situation getting? >> john: and that's not the only shortage. trouble recruiting police. we'll tell you what is causing the shortage in the next hour of "america reports." real cowboys get customized car insurance
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10:55 am
alexis, how is the shortage currently impacting patient care? >> sandra, patient care is being impacted across the country, cancelling surgeries and even organ transplants as they try to figure out who will get this short supply of blood. some donation centers are telling fox news they have less than a one-day supply of blood right now, so they are asking people to come forward. the american red cross, does supply nearly half the nation's blood, declaring the first-ever national blood crisis in the united states, calling it the worst blood shortage in more than a decade. shortage is threatening patient care, forcing to cancel surgeries and alter treatments. this is having the greatest impact on oncology and trauma centers. >> physicians are forced to make decisions about who is going to get the blood right then versus who may need to wait. >> the red cross is urging
10:56 am
anyone who can to come out and donate because the supply is so dangerously low, even partnering with the nfl to try to get free tickets to people who donate during the month of january. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: alexis mcadams on the very important story out of new york city. >> john: new at 2:00, scary numbers on inflation, empty shelves, and gas prices.
10:57 am
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feel stuck with credit card debt? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan. you could save with low rates and no fees. earn $10 just for viewing your rate and get your money right. ♪ >> we don't know yet what the final tally will be. i think we know enough to say with some certainty that new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. [cheering] >> john: a blast from the past. exactly 30 years since bill clinton's campaign bounced back and he gave himself that
11:01 am
nickname, but all new at 2:00, is it possible he was wrong all along? that the real comeback kid was up there on the stage but not the clinton that anybody saw coming. could it actually happen? president hillary clinton? good afternoon, i'm john roberts in washington as we start you off with that thought. sandra, good to be with you again. >> sandra: we have everybody's attention, right, john? good to be with you this afternoon. sandra smith in new york. not only is it possible, according to a couple of democratic consultants. hillary clinton is already planning to swipe her husband's crown as the comeback kid. all of it is new at 2:00. and we will begin with what could help fuel potential clinton campaign in the future. president biden's struggle to solve the growing pile of problems facing americans. >> honestly, it looks like march of 2020 when everybody was
11:02 am
stockpiling and the shelves were bare. >> much of nothing. >> it's like a soviet store during 1981. horrible. >> not a lot. pretty much all the produce is gone. there is peppers, artichokes, about it. >> very little meat. and whatever is in there, is super high priced, and extreme little produce, kind of scary. >> john: fox news alert and harsh reality even if leaders on the left admit it, shoppers stunned by the situation on store shelves but the inability to fill up your cart is only the beginning. >> sandra: bizarre sight, if you have experienced empty shelves, it's really something and brand-new numbers painting a blunt picture of the biden economy. inflation hitting a four decade high, prices are up a whopping 7% year over year. >> john: millions of jobs still
11:03 am
unfilled. complaints about the lack of covid tests from all corners of the country, and despite trillions of your taxpayers dollars, has not made a dent. >> sandra: the president insisting the country is on the right track. he and fellow democrats are blaming greedy businesses for the inflation, and the message from the left for months has been lower your expectations. >> john: larry kudlow has not been one to lower expectations and not about to do it now. he is here with us live today. >> sandra: can't wait to pick his brain. first, stunning new numbers on the economy. peter is at the white house with a look at those for us, hi, peter. >> and sandra, hearing from white house officials arguing the numbers are not that bad. if they make this point. >> wages are growing for people at the bottom.
11:04 am
>> republicans hear that and ready with this counter point. >> even though people's wages have gone up, the wage gains are wiped out by this inflation. >> what he means, illustrated in a graphic. beef and veal prices up 18.6%. pork up 15. ham up ten, chicken up ten, fish up 8.4, bakery products up almost 5% since last year. president biden admits inflation is a global challenge appearing in virtually every developed nation as it emerges from the pandemic economic slump. we have one of the fastest growing economies, thanks in part to the american rescue plan which enables us to address price increases and strong sustainable economic growth. my goal and focussed on reaching it every day. but democrats, including reliable biden allies in the senate, injecting trillions of dollars worth of pandemic relief
11:05 am
into the economy. >> closing down the american economy last year was traumatic and costly. we put billions of dollars, trillions, in fact, back into the economy under the trump administration and the biden administration. and we are hoping for a wholesome recovery and this situation is complicated. >> the president has his hands full with the new economic numbers and go to capitol hill tomorrow to meet privately with senate democrats but not to talk about any of this. they are going to talk about changing senate rules so that they can pass voting rights with less than 60 votes. sandra. >> sandra: priorities are interesting. peter, live at the white house, thank you. john. >> john: now to larry kudlow, house of "kudlow on fox business." inflation up 7%, highest since 1982. what and who is to blame for all of this? rewind the clock to january 3rd and get president biden's take
11:06 am
on it. >> a handful of giant companies dominate the market. and too often they use their power to squeeze out smaller competitors and stifle new entrepreneurs making our economy less dynamic, giving themselves free rein to raise prices, reduce options or exploit workers. >> john: the president is saying it's the greedy companies responsible for inflation. what do you say? >> i say it's utter nonsense. that's what the left wingers always say, blame business, you know. it's not true. the culprits here is too much federal spending, starting with the march bill, the 2 trillion bill, and then continuing the federal reserve has enabled and coddled the federal spending with massive growth in the nation's money supply. those are the principal causes.
11:07 am
the pandemic stuff and the supply shortages are part of it but frankly only a small part of it. and here is the thing. you are seeing prices go up across the board. the diffusion of these price hikes. i mean, today's report, by the way, 7% over the last 12 months, three months, the near term, is 9.1%. so you are on the wrong trend, we are going up, not down. but you look at every single thing here. housing, shelter, clothing, automobiles, healthcare, education, commodity prices, this can only happen when there is too much money chasing too few goods. that is why joe manchin from the very beginning has argued the inflation from last winter's bill was bad enough. you don't want another 5 trillion. those kinds of numbers have killed the so-called build back better bill. they have killed it. the bill is dead. we are saving america. we have killed the bill.
11:08 am
they are also going to kill this filibuster, phony filibuster stuff on election reform where biden has insulted everybody on the other side of the aisle by talking about jefferson davis, the former head of the confederacy. it's just nonsense. one mistake after another. they have to own it, own it. spending is the principal cause financed by the federal reserve. and jay powell was up there yesterday and talking about climate change? huh? it's not about climate change, this is about pouring new money into the economy and he's going to have to stop it and because these numbers are likely to get worse, not better this year, the fed is going to have to be tougher. they are going to have to take the punchbowl away faster and that's going to be difficult for the economy. i would say the second half of next year. >> sandra: difficult for the market. >> yes, difficult -- look, i like to be an optimist and the
11:09 am
cavalry is coming in the midterm elections. so that's good. and we have killed this crazy bill. so i'm an optimist longer term. big inflations are not solved by soft landings or a little bit here and a little bit there. there is going to be some pain in the process. >> sandra: larry, if the fed was going to be tough, transitory, they got rid of that word, but they look at the core prices and strip out the volatile prices that affect the everyday family. the price increases we had on the screen that is incredible. if you go to the grocery store and you can find something on the shelf that you are looking for, the price has gone up double digits. larry there, is no worse feeling for your family when you go to the grocery store and the shelves are empty and this is happening across the country. i don't know, if you believe to
11:10 am
your point the white house will own this and acknowledge this is actually happening? >> no, they would rather blame businesses, rather blame large and small -- there's no evidence, by the way. you know, they make these charges and then throw it up to the justice department or the federal trade commission. there is no evidence of price-fixing or price gouging. none, 0. ask them for specifics, they have no specifics. it's just the left wing attack on businesses which is part and parcel of biden's so-called vision. but sandra, look at this, take -- look, food and energy is extremely important. gasoline and groceries. but take that out, go ahead, take that out. last three months you are up six. -- 7% at annual rate. so it's silly to take it out. i agree with you about that. all's i'm saying is, though, the government, the administration and the fed is not together. they don't own this, they don't
11:11 am
have a game plan. the only way you are going to stop inflation of this kind is to stop government spending and stop money printing. this is real simple basic stuff. we have heard a little stuff, a little more aggressiveness from jay powell yesterday at the federal reserve but you have the senate members talking about climate change and the fed, huh? climate change is like 50 to 100-year trends. we are talking about what's going to happen in the next couple of months on groceries. >> john: and they still want to pass the build back better plan if they get the chance. great to see you, see you this afternoon at 4:00, my friend. >> it's dead, the bill is dead. kill the bill, save america. >> john: when you take a look at the prices, maybe put them back on the screen, for groceries, you know, it's a wonder how anybody with afford anything. fish and bakery products in the lower end. jesus had it right.
11:12 am
if you want to save money, fish in loaves, that's the way to go. >> sandra: and we are careful to only run on video that is new. our digital team went out, they went to stores all over the country, they shot that new video that is really happening and one video we rolled on stuck out to me, the gallon of milk prices, 8.99. i mean -- that is -- that's a shocking -- that's a shocking reality and in many parts of the country that is a huge bill for your family. >> john: creating a lot of pain, no question. >> sandra: the inflation index, john, not the only number out today. that was a big shocker. another number for president biden. wait until you hear how many migrants have now gone missing under his watch. >> john: democrats ramping up the push to dump the filibuster to rewrite election laws however
11:13 am
they see fit. republicans say it stinks of hypocrisy. >> that's exactly what i call the filibuster flip. >> john: we are joined coming up next.
11:14 am
11:15 am
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>> john: democrats dead set on changing everything about our nation's election laws as we know them and plowing over the filibuster in the process. senator joni ernst of iowa is with us live coming up, but first, brand-new numbers backing up critics' concerns about the biden administration approach to the border crisis, specifically catch and release policy. according to the department of homeland security, the biden administration released about 104,000 migrants between march
11:19 am
and august with the notice to report back to officials. nearly half of them never showed. live in la joya texas with the latest. >> good afternoon to you, the numbers are pretty staggering. almost 50,000 illegal immigrants never turned themselves into i.c.e. after they were released and disappeared into the country at this point. migrants arriving yesterday, we'll get to the bottom of this and the background. essentially what happened is back in march when the situation at the border really started exploding the biden administration started issuing what are called n.t.r. when they released migrants, notice to report and what it is is essentially a request to please turn yourself into an i.c.e. office in 60 days and now for the first time, a look at some data shows how many migrants did that and not a whole lot. the graphic, brand-new data shows that between march and august d.h.s. released about
11:20 am
104,000 migrants into the country with n.t.r. just under 50,000 of them actually turned themselves into i.c.e. more than 47,000 never turned themselves into i.c.e. during the 60-day window and another 6600 also did not turn themselves in during the window, but that window had not completed at the time the data being put together. so long story short in a nutshell, half the people never showed up and n.t.r.s have since been discontinued. and take a look at the wild photos out of laredo, texas yesterday, human smuggling, look at this, 27 illegal immigrants somehow crammed into the cab of that vehicle. the driver arrested, i'm told he was a u.s. citizen from the houston area. meanwhile, if we can pull up the mug shot here, here in the rio grande valley center, four sex offenders arrested in a matter of 48 hours, including this previously deported mexican national. previous convictions include
11:21 am
aggravated sexual assault of a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child. and more than 60 sex offenders arrested here since october. back to you. >> john: the problems continue and don't have the december numbers yet. we should be getting those soon. sandra. >> sandra: now the fight to overhaul our nation's elections. president biden during his speech in georgia linking republicans to segregationists. >> jim crow 2.0 about two things, voter suppression and election sub version. you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace. do you want to be the side of john lewis or bull connor. you want to be the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell
11:22 am
responded from the senate floor a few moments ago, calling biden's words unbecoming of a president. >> 12 months ago this president said disagreement must not lead to disunion. but yesterday he invoked the bloody disunion of the civil war, the civil war to demonize americans who disagree with him. how profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. >> sandra: he really tore into the president's speech yesterday. joining us now, iowa republican senator joni ernst. thanks for your time, great to see you and have you here. mitch mcconnell took it further, called the speech yesterday by the president incoherent and beneath his office. he referenced it as unpresidential. what would it mean for the country, senator, if democrats get their way on this issue, changing the rules in the senate? >> this is a very large issue
11:23 am
and i hope most americans are paying attention to this. if they would eliminate the filibuster rule in the senate, which is there to slow the legislative process down, allow time for members of congress to visit with one another, garner bipartisan support for issues, then this will radically change our nation. if they do away with the filibuster, allow things like the green new deal, statehood for d.c. and puerto rico, packing the supreme court and federalization of the elections process. any number of activities could easily pass through the house and the senate and in a knee jerk reaction, being radically alter who we are as a united states of america. it is a big deal. >> sandra: senator, notably many of these democrats have changed their position on this, joe
11:24 am
biden is one of them. but here is chuck schumer on the filibuster. wind back to the year 2005. here he is in his own words. >> they want to make this country into a banana republic, if you don't get your way you change the rules. >> doomsday for democracy. >> sandra: a doomsday for democracy. why the flip-flop? >> flip-flop is perfect. i am calling this a filibuster flip-flop and it is one thing if you are in power, another thing if you are not, except if you remember republicans resisted this when we did have the white house, when we had the senate and the house. we said this is not good for our republican, not for our democracy. it would radically alter who we are as a united states of america and republicans said the right thing to do is maintain the rights of the minority in the senate. it is astounding that chuck
11:25 am
schumer and president biden, when he was senator biden thought that we should maintain the filibuster. so again, the filibuster flip-flop, doomsday democrats, let me tell you about it. >> sandra: and finally the notable no-show by stacey abrams for the president when he went to deliver the speech in georgia has a lot of folks talking and reporters asking questions like this. listen. >> stacey abrams skipping your speech, are you insulted she is skipping the speech? >> you didn't ask the question. i spoke to stacey this morning, we have a great relationship, we got our scheduling mixed up, i talked with her at length this morning. all on the same page, and everything is fine. >> sandra: all on the same page, he felt the need to say, even everything is fine. that reporter shouted are you insulted she is skipping the speech, stacey abrams.
11:26 am
he responded i'm insulted you would ask the question. so he fired right back and did not think it was a suitable question, but certainly it was notable that stacey abrams was nowhere to be seen. >> it is, sandra, stacey abrams is boycotting the democratic president he is so toxic. democrats see the writing on the wall and they know and understand that the filibuster debate, the elections debate, is really a way to get the american attention off of issues at hand as you had mentioned inflation. the cost of food, cost of energy prices. americans are hurting right now. we need people with real solutions and obviously president biden is not providing leadership. >> sandra: senator, always enjoy talking with you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> john: coming up on "america
11:27 am
reports," crime is spiking, so are the number of cops quitting. a new warning about that. >> sandra: plus, is hillary clinton secretly working on another run at the white house? democratic insiders believe so. >> john: and later on, the decision not to leave a tip that landed a guy in handcuffs. >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song!
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the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with today's high home values, turning equity into cash is a really smart move. >> john: after all the decades of drama and not one but two devastating defeats, could a third time be the charm that elects president hillary clinton. analysts write in the wall street journal the perfect time for clinton to be the comeback kid. >> joe biden and kamala harris are unpopular and may we time for a change candidate. clinton to be planning her next
11:33 am
move. charlie is with us now, a "washington times" opinion editor and fox news contributor, we have been teasing the story and you on it, i believe the most interaction on social media this particular topic. so, what are we hearing about what we know about a potential hillary clinton run? >> well, first of all, of course this is always the gift that keeps on giving. speculation about the clintons. i think will go on for the next 300 years in america which is great, it's always entertaining, i think it's a serious issues. the democrats raise a very good, very interesting prospect. but i do think that it says probably a whole lot more about joe biden and the biden administration and the mess the democrats have made of things than it does about the clintons or hillary clinton in particular. the only reason that we are talking about this right now is
11:34 am
because of the absolute disaster that joe biden has made of things in what actually less than a year he's been in office so far. >> john: you mentioned the mess the democratic party is in, hillary clinton addressed that in an interview with msnbc who the democratic party should put up for election. >> i think that it is a time for some, you know, careful thinking about what wins elections and not just in deep blue districts where a democrat or liberal or progressive democrat is going to win. nothing is going to get done if you don't have a democratic majority in the house and the senate and our majority comes from people who win in much more difficult districts. >> john: translation, move back toward the center or you are doomed and who better to pull them back to the center than hillary clinton. >> right. right. that's like the most clinton
11:35 am
interview in the history of clinton interviews. everybody remembers the triangulation that made bill clinton famous in congress, but hillary clinton is doing super triangulation there, and always with the clintons, a loss of memory, to put it charitably. hillary clinton has not been the great stalwart. she's gone for free healthcare for illegals, and a lot of these things. and suddenly sending up for centerism in the pandemic party, i don't think it's necessarily helpful for the democrats in congress right now. >> sandra: interesting. speaking of notable hillary clinton interviews, we figured, we should probably roll the tape on the deplorables comment. listen. >> you could put half of trump
11:36 am
supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [laughter] right? the racists, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobic, you name it. >> sandra: if she makes a run, that was september 2016, will that always come back to haunt her, charlie? >> oh, i think without a doubt. and you know, doug scheon in the wall street journal focusses on joe biden's poll numbers and the poll numbers of democrats in congress. but what he does not address, and this is the real sticking point, is you know, hillary clinton has been the most divisive and unpopular figure, one of the most divisive and unpopular figures in politics going back for decades. and so he's sort of goes over that important issues, she has a
11:37 am
lot of baggage and all of the stuff, you know, maybe people are forgetting some now, but if she runs for office again, all will be remembered again and literally decades of that sort of divisive politics will come back to haunt her again. >> john: it's interesting that you are thinking potentially replacing a guy who failed to become president twice, only to become on the third time with a woman who failed twice, seeing if third time is the charm this time around. will washington -- >> yeah, 380 million people or whatever it is in america today. can we just find somebody different? there's got to be somebody else? >> john: overshooting by 45 million people but we have the point. charlie, good to see you. >> math is not my strong suit. good to see you. >> sandra: oh, he could barely contain his enthusiasm to discuss that.
11:38 am
>> john: a lot of people say the reason that donald trump became president, he would not say it, but it was a vote against hillary clinton. so, she comes back in 2024, i think it's a wildcard as to what happened. >> sandra: it will be interesting. >> john: drastic rise in violent crime, sandra, not the only concern. police across the nation quitting their jobs. and many say the policies from the far left is pushing them out. madison alworth with more live in new york city. madison. >> so crime is up here in new york city but both police retention and recruiting new officers, that's down. it's a problem we are seeing here but also across the united states. the national police association tells us that today we have 750,000 officers across the u.s. that's compared to the past where we had 850,000 police officers, 100,000 less. and this is really creating problems because the association
11:39 am
says devaluing and defunding of the police is this. >> the current state of law enforcement today as far as personnel, we are really in the middle of a recruiting and a retention crisis, but specifically many of the cities hit hardest by crime are the ones that are severely lacking in personnel. >> like right here in new york. the new mayor has promised to be tougher on crime but the new d.a. is pushing for progressive policies that downgrade robbery charges to petty theft, even when weapons are involved. not only leaving victims behind but also deterring new recruits from joining the force. >> but we are going to be pro criminal it sounds like in manhattan as opposed to pro crime victim, and that is going to be frustrating and dangerous
11:40 am
for not only the citizens but for law enforcement. >> john, not only are we having the issues with current law enforcement officers, taking all of this into consideration and what we are seeing is deciding not to join creating a problem. john. >> john: it's a big problem presently and will get only words. madison, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: john, not just about testing. we'll dig into the next big challenge brewing over this pandemic and whether the biden white house is up to the task. >> john: mixed messages much? dr. mark stegall how confusion from the top is fueling the latest covid surge. stay with us. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein,
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11:46 am
florida began ordering and distributing existing therapeutics in their states months ago. >> we led the nation raising awareness of and expanding access to monoclonal antibody treatments. helped thousands of seniors out of the hospital and save many lives. >> now desantis and other red state leaders say the federal government has taken over the process and playing politics of the supply of existing therapeutics. >> the government has cornered the market, took control of the supply in september. >> officials at health and human services stepped in and ordered the monoclonal antibodies and barred states from doing so independently. the agency at the time said it was absolutely necessary to make the change to ensure a consistent product for all areas of the country. now the white house has 20 million doses of pfizer paxlovid
11:47 am
on order for next september and public health officials are worried the need in the country will quickly surpass the supply. at stake is which states and which americans are going to get access to the very limited supply of therapeutics. just like the shortages with ventilators, then mask, and now tests, it looks like some americans are going to come up short once again. sandra. >> sandra: gillian turner, live from washington. thank you, john. >> john: sandra, three years into the pandemic and we cannot seem to get straight answers from our nation's top health officials. let's bring in dr. mark segal, confusing and contradictory guidance. what "the washington post" said, spreads an epidemic of confusion, and confusion about isolation, many other things. doc, straighten it all out for us, if you would. >> john, i'm up to the
11:48 am
challenge. you remember the movie "network" i'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, that's how the american public feels and rightfully so. they were told if they had covid and got over it they would not get it again, natural immunity, that's true but turns out a variant comes along and you can get reinvented. told by the biden administration this vaccine will cure you, you can't spread it, we are going to mandate the vaccine, that's not true either. because you can get reinvented even after taking the vaccine or having a booster. so, people out there want to know what to believe. here is what to believe. boosters help you, they will help you get less sick. having had covid helps you get less sick. the tools that gillian were just talking about are missing. i had don't have the monoclonal antibodies i want to prescribe for people who get omicron i think are at risk. i don't have paxlovid to prescribe. and as you know, certain states are saying i can only prescribe it to certain races, that's wrong. and i don't have the tests i
11:49 am
need but let me clear up the testing part. the tests need to be in your home. doctors like to know answers. i want to know if you test positive, i want to know what to do if you test positive. i'm going to tell you that even if you happen to go out into circulation with a positive test you know what, there is so much omicron out there the chances are you are not going to be adding to the amount of virus in the world. so we need to destigmatize covid. certain states already showing to be on the down side of this. this is good news. new york, washington, d.c., massachusetts. it's starting to go down. london, england, starting to go down. south africa we know already peaked. we could be heading out of there. >> john: walgreens, all sold out. even the optics of messaging from the top is confusing. side-by-side from yesterday's senate hearing, dr. rochelle
11:50 am
walensky double masked at the hearing and then anthony fauci not wearing a mask. washington post says common inability to decipher conflicting advice and clashing guidelines. if you have something as simple of, put the plit screen back up, rochelle walensky on one side double masked with n95 masks there and anthony fauci with no mask, when are we supposed to think? >> how about the person that is masked that takes it off and spits in the mic. masks were studied in populations for previous variants. i do not think they worked very well right now. i think anything less than a kn95 is doing very little and i'm not going to tell children to put an n95 mask on john, i wear them in the office and they are impossible to keep on and
11:51 am
they break all the time and you feel suffocated. but kn95 mamas, the ones that look like cones are a reasonable idea for very close quarters when there are a lot of people around. let's stop overtouting the mask and other politization. >> john: officials are telling us by the way, save the n95 masks for professionals who really need them. i'm not sure what to do. >> kn95 for you, that's right, john. >> john: thank you for the sage medical advice. appreciate it. sandra. >> sandra: john, a lesson in being good to your bartender, and also not committing crime.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
>> john: it's always right to live a tip for your bartender, right? not doing so is rude.
11:57 am
phil keating on the lack of a tip that led to an arrest. you got my attention. >> this is a quirky one. two young men accused of vandalizing key west's buoy. a camera caught the men setting it on fire with a lighter and caused significant damage. it insulted the rowdiest of residents. one of the suspects is david perkins jr. he was a forecasted friday and posted bail. his buddy has yet to fly back to key west to turn himself in.
11:58 am
after this video surfaced, a local bartender remembered the guys buying drinks and striking out with women in irish kevin's bar. one of them never tipped a single penny on any of the drinks he bought. so the bartender went through irish kevin's videotapes and alerted police. the morale of the story, tip your bartender. >> john: losers with the ladies and got arrested. that didn't end well. lessons on whatnot to do, sandra. >> sandra: that made me sad. destruction of property, sad. disappointing to see that video. always tip your bartender. >> john: they struck out with the ladies and failed to tip and
11:59 am
then caught on tv. hello! >> sandra: unfortunate. i'm glad they'll be held accountable. now to the inflation story. grady trimble is live in illinois where grady, you've been talking to the farmers. what are you hear something. >> yeah, we'll get to it. evan holteen is with me, a corn and soy bean farmer. your costs are going through the roof for everything you need. >> yeah, we've seen 30 to 60% increases the last year. it's getting hand to handle. >> that causes down the line. this is used for feed. so that causes meat prices to go up. >> yeah, it's not a direct correlation. if our prices are up, meat prices will be up, too. >> and we've seen that with beef, with chicken. you name it. prices are going up, sandra. this is the first stop in america's food supply chain. unfortunately they're paying more and down the line to the
12:00 pm
stores we're paying more. >> sandra: such an important story. thanks, grady. in america's heartland. people in middle america and the midwest know the price of a bushel of corn, wheat. they know it like gasoline by the gallon prices. >> john: my wife went to the grocery store. he said grocery store shelves empty. i got the last jug of milk. looks like we're in a depression. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. the story with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks, guys president good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. the president getting a scathing rebuke from mitch mcconnell after president biden said those that oppose his reforms to the election system were like george wallace and bull connor. that did not sit well with senator mcconnell. watch. >> yesterday, he shouted that if you


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