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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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president biden's pandemic mandates. we are on scotus watch here on "special report" tomorrow. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel campos-duffy starts now. rachel? >> rachel: thank you, bret and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. tonight we start by rewinding the tape back to 1982. it was a beautiful time in america, full of rubiks cubes, cabbage patch kids and cd players. ronald reagan was settling into to first time as president. and et smashing box office records on the way to becoming the country's number one movie. michael jackson cementing himself movie icon with the release of his legendary album thriller and the san francisco 49ers were starting a football
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dynasty winning the first of their five super bowls. one trend we hoped to leave in the early 1980s was inflation. thanks to joe biden it has made its way back to the future because today, the labor department announced, quote: the consumer price index which measures what consumers paid for goods and services 7% in december from the same month earlier. that was the fastest since 182. this means that we're seeing the highest prices in four decades. inflation is surging under joe biden and it's your wallet that's feeling the pain. since december 2020, the price of beef, pork, chicken and ham are all up more than 10%. while fish and baked goods are also on the rise. and the american people have had enough. >> it's like a soviet store during 1981. >> it's really not so hot. everything is very expensive. >> chicken, special like the
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chicken wings, you used to be able to get a pack for like $10 and now they are upwards of almost $30. >> rachel: how can you expect to feed a family in biden's america with those food prices? and those shoppers are the lucky ones who have actually found food at the store. throughout the country supermarket shelves remain barron from new york to virginia all the way to alaska people are left without groceries and can't put dinner on the table. and they are upset. no surprise, #bare shelves biden was trending on twitter. but, perhaps, what is most troubling is this might only be the beginning. federal reserve chairman jerome powell was on capitol hill yesterday sounding the alarm. >> if inflation does become too persistent. if these high levels of inflation get entrenched in our economy and in people's thinking, then inevitably, that will lead to much tighter monetary policy from us and it could lead to a recession.
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>> rachel: oh, great. we are going full steam recession with sleepy joe biden steering the boat. do you have faith in this administration or democrats to dig us out of this hole? i sure don't. these are the people who spent all of 2021 telling us inflation was only temporary. >> our economists have conveyed that they feel that the impact of our proposals will be transitory. >> all of the economists that the president has been relying on suggests that there is a transitory nature to the inflation problem. >> accountants call all these things transitory fix. >> this inflation that we are experiencing is transitory. >> >> rachel: they are wrong then and it looks like they are wrong now. just listen to how the white house responded today to these poor economic numbers. >> we have a historically strong economic growth in labor market outcomes. we have -- saw some welcome
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diesel ration still too high decidedly a global phenomenon happening everywhere we in the united states are uniquely well positioned against that challenge. >> rachel: instead of offering real solutions, they patted themselves on the back for failing and chose to shift the blame to the rest of the globe. but, this is what we can expect in biden's america. i hope you loved 1982. because the worst parts of that year might be here to stay and ronald reagan isn't here to save us. here now newt gingrich former speaker of the house and a fox news contributor. welcome, speaker. so, ronald reagan was taking -- great being with you, too. ronald reagan was taking a stagnant economy and implementing policies to make it great again and joe biden took what was a really fabulous trump economy, just before covid and he is destroying it am i right? >> you are right. and frankly, the most transitory
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thing may be the biden administration. calista and i were out over the weekend. we went to two different grossry stores. both stores had entire areas where there was nothing on the shelf. this does sort of resemble the soviet union during its decaying phase and reagan used to tell jokes about this when you couldn't find anything. and i think that people are going to be pretty fed up with it. it also, i somebody, is going to kill the buy back better bill or build back better bill because it's inconceivable that you could be already at 7% inflation, probably going to go up from there. so you are going to break 50 year record and you are now going to add another trillion dollars in spending? i don't think so. i think this guarantees that that whole project collapses and that they have nothing to show for it. >> rachel: yeah, on his first day in office, and first few
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weeks, he axed the keystone pipeline. we know he waged war on energy and that energy touches everything. everything that we buy. i have to believe and i don't know what you think, that this was deliberate. that they did this on purpose because they wanted everyone to go green. >> well, look, of course that's part of what they were doing. but big government socialism doesn't work. it didn't work in the soviet union. it doesn't work in cuba. it didn't work in venezuela. there is no place i know on the planet where big government socialism has worked. so you are seeing a compounding effect, you are exactly right. starting with canceling the pipeline, anti-energy policies, which have raised the cost of gasoline. anti- -- and by the way, the cost of fuel goes all the way through the agricultural sector and is a major factor in why you are having the rise in the cost of beef and milk and other things. but it's more than that. you know, they play games. there are 120 plus ships sitting
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off of long beach. their newest bright idea was if you have most of the ships stay further out of sight further away from long beach you wouldn't notice them. they are still sitting there despite months of work they have not come down at all. in fact, they have increased from about 90 to 120 container ships that literally can't get through the port of long beach right now. >> rachel: but pete buttigieg is being touted as the savior of christmas the media, the white house are saying he did such a great job. meanwhile bare shelves biden is trending. what is the strategy? don't believe your lyin' eyes you go to the grocery store and you see that but good on pete buttigieg? >> well, look, i mean, i think it's very hard for the administration to survive reality. i just tell people it isn't working. go stand at a gas station and ask people as they pump gas they
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will tell you it isn't working. go to a grocery store, it isn't working. look at the flood of illegal immigrants who are not being checked for covid, not being checked for criminal records, it isn't working. and by the way we have no idea where they are being sent around the country. look at the murder rates. look at the 85 people who robbed as a gang, a nordstroms near san francisco, it isn't working. so every time you turn around, the administration is faced with the reality that their big government socialist ideology is not working. it's making things worse at a rapid rate. and these things compound. i was a congressman when jimmy carter was president just before reagan. and he -- as carter began to fail, each failure would compound to another failure. and you just build a down hill momentum. that's what's happening, i think, with biden. >> rachel: yeah. you wonder if biden remembers back then, too. he must be feeling the pain here. what he is not feeling is the pain of the american people.
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he does seem completely out of touch with the inflation concern. speaker, always great talking to you. thanks for joining me. >> good to be with you, rachel. thank you. >> rachel: a new a.p. poll shows the issues that americans most want the government to work on this year is the economy. that's no surprise. joe biden and the democrats have spent the last year destroying it. and they don't care if you want it fixed. this week, the president dedicated one of his rare speeches, not to address the economy, but to talk about passing radical voting legislation. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell called out his old pal earlier today. >> how profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. look, i have known, liked, and personally respected joe biden for many years. i did not recognize the man at
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the podium yesterday. >> rachel: senator tom cotton of arkansas joins me now. senator, welcome. so, we know that inflation is the number one issue. can a president just will that away and say, you know, we are just going to talk about voting rights and make his constituents make the population care about voting rights and not about how much it cost to put gas in the car or buy your groceries? does he have the power to do that? >> well, i guess. >> rachel: kitchen table issues. >> yeah. that's not going to change it though had. i think what you are seeing in washington is the democrats failed to pass their reckless $5 trillion tax and spend plan. decided to move on to something else. this election takeover bill that would federalize our elections and post california's voting system on all 50 states impose that as well. waste all the time doing that when we should be addressing the concerns of the american people. we just got a new inflation report today inflation is as high as it's been in 40 years.
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americans are paying three and a half or 4.50 for gas. going to the grocery store this week are and can't find eggs or milk or grand beef or chicken. that's what the american people expect to us do address their genuine concerns and their day-to-day needs. not to address what the democrats are making up about states that have acted to protect the integrity of their elections. >> rachel: you are bumping into democrat senators every day on capitol hill. do you sense panic among your colleagues? >> i do sense a lot of fear among the democrats, especially those who are going to have to face the voters later this fall. you can even begin to see some cracks in the democratic congressman and senators when it comes to administration's handling of the coronavirus. you know, with joe biden and kamala harris acknowledging that they didn't anticipate the only chron variant. they didn't order enough testing. they have promised they would. joe biden campaigned against
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donald trump on saying president trump had mismanaged the coronavirus and that he would manage it better. yet, we have had more deaths over the last year. we have widespread inflation going to year three of this pandemic that we didn't have in the first year. this is all the result of the democrats reckless tax and spending policies. and the continued mandates and lockdowns you see not just from joe biden but from democratic governors and mayors across the country. >> rachel: yeah, i have been trying to figure out what the strategy is for the democrats. and all i can figure out, senator, is that there strategy is to, you know, not talk about the economy, you know, cover their eyes, pretend it's not happening. and just talk about race. and they are doing that with this voter integrity, you know, bills and they are saying, hey, you know, these -- i mean, you are on capitol hill. you see one hearing with one disenfranchised voter because of the georgia laws or the other laws in the states that were passed? i haven't seen one person come forward and say they have been disenfranchised. i don't understand why they keep pounding this. >> well, i haven't either,
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rachel. and, look, their election takeover bill would prohibit a lot of election integrity measures. that americans have all races favor. take photo identification, for instance, they argue that's voter suppression. yet large majorities of african-american voters and latino voters believe you should have to show a voter i.d. when you go to vote. of course, that's just one small example of the way the democrats are reintroducing racial discriminatory policies across our government. just in the last couple weeks, we have seen the fda trying to distribute life-saving medication on the basis of race. and indicating and suggesting to local healthcare providers that if they don't give out that medicine, those monoclonal antibodies for coronavirus treatment based on large part in race. then they might not get future supply of those things. that's an they thick particularo everything stand for. >> rachel: what are you hearing? >> we will see, the biden
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administration certainly hasn't been prompt in responding to congressional oversight letters that may be because they don't have a lot of good answers to give. i mean, look at the hearing we had yesterday h. basic questions who was involved in those riots, how many arrests occurred and charges had been filed. the assistant attorney general couldn't provide those answers. like he woke up yesterday and he didn't even know he was supposed to be testifying. >> rachel: yeah. it was pretty shameful. senator cotton, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> rachel: she's back. hillary clinton's camp is taking shots at joe biden and floating her name for a 2024 white house run. this should be fun. stephen miller and katie pavlich are next on that. ♪ they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it.
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>> rachel: more bad news for joe biden. according to quinnipiac poll only 33% of bherns approve of biden's work as president while 53% disapprove. the lack of enthusiasm for the president was on full display yesterday in atlanta where biden supporters struggled to stay awake as he droned on and on about voting rights. for context, here is a reminder of what rallies used to look like when people were actually excited about the person they were supporting. so, it's obvious nobody wants joe biden to run again in 2024. so who do the democrats always turn to when all else seems to fail? you guessed it, hillary clinton. and an op-ed in the "wall street journal" from former hillary clinton pollster doug schoen suggested she is the best option for 2024. seriously? that bizarre line of thinking
4:21 pm
may explain why these recent comments were made on msnbc recently. >> it means nothing if we don't have a congress that will get things done and we don't have a white house that we can count on to be sane and sober and stable and productive. >> rachel: sane, sober, stable. how is that for a campaign slogan? joining me now is stephen miller america first legal founder along with katie pavlich fox news contributor. how much did doug schoen get paid to write that op-ed by the hillary clinton team? >> it's a great question. the fact that it was written under scores the depth of the political crisis facing the biden administration. joe biden is an extremely poor standing not just with the american people but with his own party with democrats. contrast that with president trump who has never had a more commanding position in his party. so who is going to be the standard-bearer for democrats in 2024? joe biden is deteriorating
4:22 pm
before our very eyes. his vice president, kamala harris, could be the least popular politician in the united states of america. you don't have any bench at all in the democrat party and because their policies are so unpopular, their politicians are so unpopular, nobody knows where they go from here. >> rachel: yeah, i mean, katie, the bench must be really thin. honestly, other than pete buttigieg, i'm not hearing anything else. you hear hillary, i mean, this is bad news for them. >> well, first, this is a bit of a confession that the democratic party is trying to push joe biden out despite the fact that he has tried to make the argument that he is going to run again in 2024. but it is quite rich, rachel, that at a time where joe biden gave that speech yesterday where he essentially called anybody opposed to his filibuster reform narrative and rule changes in the senate to ensure democrat control of elections for the end of time and essentially called
4:23 pm
americans who disagree with that domestic terrorists or racist for them to be putting out hillary clinton who is a woman who has spent the last five years trying discredit president trump's presidency, duly elected president. she is the reason why we had a special counsel investigation two years with robert mueller who falsely accused president trump in his campaign of colluding with russians. this is someone who never conceded the election and has spent every minute since she has lost saying donald trump was not a legitimate president. and, yet, you have democrats now saying we need to make sure that we are protecting the sanctity of the vote and respecting those who win elections when this is the person they are putting up. i would then just reiterate your point about the deep bench. it's very clear that if they're going for hillary clinton, when joe biden's numbers are even below her popularity, it's very clear that they do not have a deep bench where in the republicans probably have two dozen people lined up and ready to hash it out to run against
4:24 pm
joe biden. >> rachel: yeah. such a great point. steven, there was another article that was putting forward another name. i actually found this one to be even more bizarre. the idea in this article was that the only way for the democrats to win and guarantee that donald trump doesn't win is to have a split ticket and the choice there was joe biden with vice president liz cheney. what do you make of that? >> except it wouldn't be a split ticket. it would be two democrats on a ticket. in that sense it would be what we always have. i want to underscore that donald trump is loved by his party. joe biden, he can't even get democrats to show up for his speech on eliminating voter i.d. and eliminating election security. this is a top priority of the democrat party. get rid of voter i.d. get rid of election security. mail in your ballots and stacy abrams ditches his speech. that is how toxic he has become inside of his own party. so, they are a party in crisis. and here's my new slash for
4:25 pm
them. as long as your party is open borders, skyrocketing spending in inflation, high crime and creating a supply chain crisis that's keeping our shelves bare, you aren't going to be able to field any candidate who can win any election. >> rachel: yeah. it's a good point. katie, i hate to belabor the point this liz cheney thing cracks me up. i don't know any republican politician right now with less charisma than liz cheney. maybe if you put other bad ideas aside and ler aligning with the democrats, she is just not likeable. >> well, this idea of her running as a vice presidential candidate with joe biden comes from joe biden's failure to unify his party and the fact that he is losing voters left and right. independence are fleeing from him. hispanics are fleeing in droves from the democratic party. and so now people on the left and people in the media are trying to find a coalition that they can glom on to. and a coalition they have found
4:26 pm
is this never trump sliver that is now partnering with the democrats and that's what they are going for. that explains this idea of them taking someone like liz cheney and plugging them in with joe biden. >> rachel: yeah. she has got to save herself in wyoming, first. i don't think she can do that let alone save joe biden. all right, katie, stephen, great talk to you tonight. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> rachel: omicron doom and gloom. hospitalization numbers were used to shut down america again. those numbers aren't what they're cracked up to be. we will talk to dr. mehmet oz next. stay with us. ♪
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4:32 pm
been widely inflated. dr. gene noble is the director of covid response at ucff emergency department. she says a large number of her patients have incidentally tested positive for covid after being admitted for unrelated reasons. and oftentimes they have no symptoms. in addition, she told the san francisco that emergency departments are flooded with the worried that are simply seeking testing and reassurance. i have not intubated a single covid patient during omicron surge this doctor is admitting that covid patients are not overwhelming hospitals, staff shortages are why are misleading covid numbers being used to justify mandates? joining me now to react dr. mehmet oz, host of the dr. oz show. so great to have you on my show today. let's just get right to it very early on this n. this pandemic, i probably don't know as many people in the medical field as you. i know a lot of doctors that
4:33 pm
work at hospitals and they were telling me there were very perverse financial incentives for hospitals to say people were there with covid and because of covid and that they were doing it for financial gain from the government. >> well, it's hard to judge motivation. there is a financial difference between folks who are diagnosed with covid or not. i think this is an epidemic of cowardice. 70% of the patients dr. noble cessna little report from san francisco in her hospital were there for other reasons. people getting admitted to the hospital, they are getting tested. everyone gets tested. they just happen to have covid but they are interest for a hernia operation or something there more serious. incidental testing hospital does get paid more. to our point the statistics get warped when you do that. makes it look like you have a lot more sick people in this case omicron. >> we have few icu politicians being reported. this is the crisis across the country severe staffing shortages from asymptomatic,
4:34 pm
testing from quarantine, from contact tracing to inadequate and inaccurate and then mandates firing people on the frontline. many of them have natural immunity and medically, i don't think it's as obvious that they should get a vaccine. certainly debatable. and, yet, we are demanding things that may not be good for them just so they follow the rules. >> rachel: why are these inflated numbers being used to justify the mandates? i mean, it's sort of like the circular thing, right? >> again, i think it an epidemic of cowardice and overregulation of the belief that we have to do something. so let's make rules. there is a general belief that you cannot trust individuals to make their own decisions. there was a piece on me, the "new york times" attacks me daily. this piece came out two or three days ago. they said the reason i'm dangerous because i want people to be individuals, to own their future, that to be empowered to make a decision in their own life. and they specifically said that is dangerous because during covid it's been shown we can't do that it's 9 opposite. covid has shown us that that is the exact way for people to take
4:35 pm
care of themselves. take preemptive strikes against the things that might put you at risk, one size does not fit all. if my risk of having covid is 1,000 times more than my granddaughter's, we should get different treatments. this is what weeing seeing across the country treatment worse than the disease. locking up people, locking up kids, not letting kids be kids by putting mask mandates on them and not letting them go to school which we are seeing again. this is harmful to the children and we are not getting a benefit from it. this is dishonest effort to make us feel safer but it's all theater. it's all charade because it's not. >> rachel: to your credit, doctor, you were very early out and using your platform, which is substantial, to talk about early treatments and to talk about the dangers of these lockdowns and the effects of them on children and others. you have been a real champion in that regard. and i think a lot of people appreciate that really quick, tell us about your senate race. >> the race is going very well. i was traveling around the state today as almost every day i do.
4:36 pm
dr. has all the details. the state of pennsylvania is optimistic about the future. they just want the government to get out of the way so they can live their lives. they want their destiny back in heir own hands which is where it belongs. >> we have proud to represent the state, i hope. >> rachel: well, good luck. i'm sure the senate could use another doctor. a good one. thank you, dr. oz. >> god bless you. >> rachel: all right. now, some new information on dr. fauci's effort to cover up the origins of covid-19. a newly released letter from house republicans revealed that fauci was made aware of the lab leak possibility during a conference call with scientists back in february 2020. but when the theory started gaining public speculation, he was determined to shut it down. the email to dr. francis collins from april of 2020, fauci called the lab leak theory, quote, a shiny object that will just go away. let's talk to congressman jim jordan, republican, who is determined to get to the bottom of what really happened. so, tell me, congressman, what
4:37 pm
do these -- first of all, welcome, and then tell me what these emailed revealed to you. >> first of all, remember, january 31st, 2020 dr. fauci gets eflail dr. christian anderson one of the virology just received your viewer's tax dollars. virus looked edges neergs nears, not consistent with evolutionary theory that prompts him to organize a conference call the next day. goes into full tilt covers back side mode. conference call, fauci, collins, 11 virologists on that call. that call we now have the unredacted emails resulting from that call where they say i don't know how this could happen in nature. this looks like it came from a lab. so that's the sentiment on the call. but all that changes after the phone call. in fact, the very guy who said i don't know how this doesn't -- how this could happen in nature, he then writes an article, bob gary writes an article in nature medicine publication writes an article that says it didn't come, him and four others say it didn't come from the lab. here's the interesting thing we
4:38 pm
just learned today, a few weeks after that after that publication, a few weeks later, dr. gary and dr. anderson, those two individuals i just mentioned, they get a $9 million grant from dr. fauci. i wonder if that had any impact on how rapidly they changed their position. so that's what we got to the get to the bottom of. if we are fortunate enough to win back the majority. we will be asking these individuals to come in and give us answers to important questions that the american people need to know. >> rachel: i really hope you do. because, these emails reveal something but so do all his other comments and remarks throughout this pandemic. he seems far too concerned with protecting china instead of getting to the truth about the origins of covid. and it just really disturbs me as an american patriot i don't understand where this man's loyalties lie. i want to show you this clip here. this is rand paul questioning dr. fauci yesterday at that, you know, hearing with all those fireworks. take a listen. >> in an email exchange with
4:39 pm
dr. collins, you conspire and i quote here directly from the email, to create a quick and devastating published takedown of three prominent epidemiologists. do you really think it's appropriate to use your $420,000 salary to attack scientists that disagree with you? >> i think in usual fashion, senator, you are distorting everything about me. as usual, senator, you are incorrect almost everything you said. >> no, you deny, you deny, but the emails tell the truth of this. >> no. >> rachel: congressman, this someone one of the most disturbing things. i'm so glad we played this clip for you. it's not just that he was smearing, trying to smear people who disagreed with him, but this went all the way down to other levels. we had dr. peter cory. we saw the weapons of medical licensing. anyone who disagreed with dr. fauci, somehow he was able to communicate all the way down to the hospital level that
4:40 pm
doctors who disagreed with smeared, their reputations were ruined and even their licenses were threatened to be revoked. >> rachel, this is today's left. today's left said if you don't agree with me you can't talk. few we will call you names and cancel you. dr. fauci is in effect doing the same thing. here is why senator paul is so right. tell me what they have been right about. tell me what dr. fauci has been right about. they said it didn't come from a lab. they said it wasn't gain of function research. they told us masks worked. they told us only 15 days to slow the spread. they told us the vaccinated can't get the virus. they told us the vaccinated can't transmit the virus. they told us there would never be a mandate and joe biden said he has a federal plan. nine things they lied about. i'm to the point why would you belief anything dr. fauci says. and i think that's the premise of senator paul's questioning and what does dr. fauci do? he gets mad and attacks rand paul just like he did anyone else. he changes people's mind because he has had this power. you saw this is what he did with dr. gary and dr. anderson who initially said this thing came
4:41 pm
from a lab. suddenly they change because it seems to me the most likely explanation for their change is they wanted the money. they wanted the $9 million grant that they had applied for. that is frightening if that's what actually took place. we don't know for sure but that's what the evidence certainly suggests. >> rachel: yeah. it definitely looks that way. congressman jordan, i really hope that you get to the bottom of these questions. the american people deserve to know. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, you bet, thank you. >> rachel: coming up, these people are sick. why the media is making the case to destigmatize pedophilia. former florida attorney general pam bondi joins me next. ♪ ♪ i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪
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>> rachel: parents are sick and tired of what is happening in their children's public schools. as corrupted teachers unions are holding their children education at gunpoint. if schools aren't trying to indoctrinate our kids with divisive critical race theory they are forcing kids to mask up in the classroom or worse learn remotely so parents are naturally frustrated and they have lost trust in the public
4:47 pm
school system. just look at what is happening in virginia where home schooling shot up 40% since 2019. my next guest home schooled his kids and starring in a movie where he played a home schooling dad. the star and actor of the movie god's not dead antonio is a sabodojr. is with us now. so good have you on the show today. >> thank you. >> rachel: i saw a stat among black parents home schooling skyrocketed 16%. incredible. a lot of people think about it but they're afraid to make that move. you have done it. tell people what your experience was as a home school parent. >> the program is really great. especially for people, parents that are on the go. they have busy schedules. also for parents that really want to get involved in their children's lives. it gives an opportunity to really spend a lot of time and educate them and really relive their lives again because going
4:48 pm
through school, you know, i have taught my kids home school. and also they have been in private schools and they have also been in public schools. my children have been blessed to have all kinds of education. but, home schooling really worked really well for me. i could go on movie sets and bring them with me. and also, for my son, especially, he did really well home schooling, my oldest. so it depends on the child. but also, i think it gives an opportunity for the parents to really get close in your education and get involved. >> rachel: yeah. i can see that i can also see how it works for some and not others. i have nine kids, antonio, i could tell which ones i would be able to home school and which ones wouldn't. you play a home school dad in this movie which i'm really looking forward to seeing. tell me about the movie. >> thank you. the movie is aspiring. god is not dead. we the people is the 4th installment god's not dead franchise. the most watched film on pure flicks ever. people just flocked to see this film in the movie theaters and
4:49 pm
now streaming it and they love it it's a family film. it's inspiring film. about a family who is willing to go all the way to protect their children. and that's what the american value, that's what i think this movie is really doing really well is because it's about love, integrity and family values and really doing something bigger than yourself. and it's a wonderful story. >> rachel: all right. i'm going to switch gears with you a little bit here. there is this new trend in hollywood about casting beta male, not alpha males like new leading roles so the idea is that our ideas of gender and sexuality are changing, you know, everything is a little more fluid. and so casting directors think that's more appealing now. what are your thoughts on that? >> that depends. everybody is different. i'm doing -- i'm directing trailblazers right now. action adventure western that has a lot the of testosterone
4:50 pm
god vs. evil in the western setting. it depends had how you should see it entertainment should been what the director and what the makers are trying to do. and you know, i grew up watching john wayne and robert mitchum and steve mcqueen and paul newman and these guys are tough guys and alpha male guys. that's the guy i am. my father as well did a lot of westerns. weighs bigger than life not only physically but just his persona. i'm going to keep fighting for those characters and that's all i can do as a filmmaker and as a producer. >> rachel: i grew up watching all of those characters too. i'm a huge paul newman fan. i married a lumberjack so you know. >> i know you did. >> rachel: i'm team alpha male. so, we will leave it at that antonio, great having you on the show. >> thank you and god bless. thank you. >> rachel: likewise. up next, we expose the media's twisted plot to rebrand pedophilia. ♪
4:51 pm
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>> in another sick move by the media elite usa today is trying to rebrand pedophilia claiming in an op ed, pedophilia is determined in the womb. environmental factors may influence whether someone acts on an urge to abuse. not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophile. some pedophiles never abuse children and some people who sexually abuse children do not prefer them but use them as a surrogate for an adult partner. they argue that de stickmizing the term will make pedophiles more comfortable seeking help but it's not just the media twisting ideas. remember this professor who was forced to resign after saying pedophile should be referred to as minor attracted persons. >> a lot of people believe
4:57 pm
pedophilia automatically means sex offender and it leads to a lot of miss concessions about attraction toward minors. >> afpi's chair of the constitutional litigation partner is here now. pam, what the heck is usa today doing normalizing pedophilia? >> it's not normal and it's outrageous, rachel. experts tell us that you cannot rehabilitate a pedophile. you can only educate them to minimize reoffending. hence, pedophiles are dangerous. that's why states such as florida have passed really tough laws meaning if you're a convicted pedophile you have to register as a sex offender. you can't live close to a school with good reason, and parents can go online to see pedophiles in their neighborhood to protect their children. that's how dangerous pedophiles are. it's a crime, and we have to protect our children in this country. it's unbelievable. >> yes. it truly is. you're a prosecutor. my husband was a prosecutor who
4:58 pm
had to prosecute some of these child sexual assault crimes. it was traumatizing for him but the real thing is that it leaves live long damage on these poor kids. it just seems so irresponsible to even take on this topic with usa today. >> and i don't even know why they would do it. it's outrageous, when we should be looking out for our children. take it global. think about this. think about all the kids that are trafficked into this country, coming in through the borders. so many of them are going to become victims of pedophiles. that's where many of them find their victims, and this month is anti-human trafficking awareness month, and what have you heard from the biden white house about it? nothing. nothing. what did president trump do he shouted from the rafters about anti-human trafficking and protecting our kids. that's what it's about, protecting our children, not protecting pedophiles because
4:59 pm
they are dangerous, and human trafficking, people need to realize that, talk about it, and who we need to protect in this country. >> your own state is calling biden the child trafficker in chief because he basically is complicit in child sex trafficking across the southern border. it seems like there is an agenda here on the left to, you know, get kids, sexualized earlier. you see parents constantly fighting school boards about this kind of material coming into curriculums and so forth. what's behind this? it's the liberal agenda, and they are all about, let's let everyone out of prison. let's not call a pedophile a criminal. a pedophile is a criminal. and it makes -- there is no rhyme or reason why you wouldn't want to protect children in this country. as a former prosecutor, and sean, your former husband, a prosecutor, we've seen the tremendous damage it does to kids, to parents, to families,
5:00 pm
to schools, it's outrageous that they would do this. it's really unbelievable and that's why they are not talking about our border crisis because they know children are coming through our border. >> you can't re-imagine pedophilia. thank you, pam, and thank you for watching fox news primetime at home. don't forget to catch my husband and my podcast tomorrow. ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. not trying to be cruel just reading the numbers. joe bide isn't the most unpopular president that the ups has had in a very long time. voters dislike kamala harris even more. that's a problem because this is supposed to be the new administration's honeymoon period. the part where everyone thinks they are great. so it's not getting better from here. this is


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