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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. don't forget to >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." not trying to be cruel just reading the numbers. joe biden is the most unpopular president that the ups has had in a very long time. voters dislike kamala harris even more. that's a problem because this is supposed to be the new administration's honeymoon period. the part where everyone thinks they are great. so it's not getting better from here. this is as beloved as the biden administration will get.
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smart democrats understand this, and they are working on a solution. this week two wrote a piece on the "wall street journal" calling on the party to support hillary clinton for president in 2024. she's the best positioned candidate to win ae national election. she's also, they noted, younger than joe biden. former president bill clinton agrees with this or says he does, anyway. bill clinton told "people" magazine that his wife "the most qualified person to run for office in my lifetime, including me." in fact, failing to elect hillary in 2016 was, in bill clinton's estimation, a historic national tragedy. "one of the most profound mistakes we've ever made." unforgivable, really. the good news is, we now have a chance to correct that mistake and you don't get those very often in life. typically when you do something rash or stupid you have to live with the consequences. it's probably happened to you. one night you're listening to born to run and the next thing you know you've got bruce springsteen's face tattooed on youry lower back.
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it's embarrassing and also permanent. think of hillary clinton as america's national tattoo remover.ra she alone could erase the stain of our youthful bad judgment. god bless that woman. wait a second. hillary can't win. she's yesterday's candidate. this country has a short attention span. we want the new thing and hillary clinton isn't new. she's been around forever. we're bored with her. if you believe that you don't remember hillary clinton very well. call it what you will but she's not boring. she's like a becomes of cracker jacks. or you your emotional needs that goes to art school. she's full of surprises. you never know what you're going to get there are days when hillary seems like sensible midwestern methodist who grew up republican in the suburbs outside of chicago. that's the biographically accurate hillary clinton but it's hardly the only hillary clinton. during the year she spent in arkansas, for example, hillary often played the loyal daughter of the american south. a southern fried dixie lady with a spunky feminist
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that was the character she was portraying when we first met her 30 yearsnk ago this month. during the 1992 presidential primaries. listen to her accent here. >> you're looking at two people who love each other. this is not an arrangement or an understanding. this is a marriage. that's a very different thing. >> i'm not sitting here as some little woman standing by my man like tammy. i'm sitting here because i honor him, respect him, and what we've been through together. >> tucker: you don't hear a hint of park ridge, illinois, in that. it's all bourbon and okra. pretty impressive. but that's hardly the only persona in hillary's quiver. she contains multitudes. when she feels like it hillary herself entirely from a middle age rich white lady to a weary but dignified household domestic turned civil rights protestor, bruised and battled from a harrowing march across the bridge on theig roado freedom.
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sometimes hillary clinton is just sick and tired of being sick and tired. >> i don't feel no way tired. i've come too far from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy. i don't believe he brought me this far to leave me. [laughter] >> tucker: it's not a bad impression. of course, there are other days when hillary doesn't talk at all. that's in her repertoire, too. she just points her finger at you and cackles wildly like on y some way. -- subway. is she casting a spell? is she going to bite me? you're never sure but her staff isn't worried.wa they think it's all part of her secret sauce. it's one of the reasons why gents loves hillary. here's the capitol routine. >> wouldn't it be insane for you to run for office? [laughter] >> is she sitting across from me right now? [cackling]
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>> i don't know why that's funny. did you have any in person briefing.. i don't find that funny at all. >> how did you kill jeffrey epstein? [cackling] >> there are a lot of people who are not. including -- [cackling] >> i mean, really. yes, it deserves a lot of laughter. >> tucker: no, she didn't kill jeffrey epstein. [fake laugh] >> tucker: or starting to see how her phenomenon began in the first place. why it could so easily rekindle. it was always a grassroots, prairie fire, if you will. she famously brought support to top dnc officials to several democratic boners. -- donors. ron came out for hillary. that's like winning every voter in the state of ohio at least
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from a fundraising perspective. so clearly she's got the mechanics down. how about the issues? what is she going to run on? think about it. libya, she's going to run what she did to the north african nation of libya. it's the one achievement of her life that's uniquely hers. her husband had nothing to do with it. as secretary of state under obama hillary clinton ordered the killing's of omar qaddafi, the strongman who was also, let's be honest, creepy, weird with and therefore deserving of death. hillary had him offed, and then she laughed about it. watch. >> that is the land of unconfirmed video. >> we came, we saw, he died [inaudible] we >> he didn't have anything to do with youre visit. >> tucker: we came, we saw, he died. pretty funny. but then what happened? once hillary killed the leader of the country, how did the country do? let's see. we'll tell the story in pictures.
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here's the capitol of libya before hillary clinton decided to introduce the libyan people to a little thing we call human rights. he looks fine but underneath there was nong freedom. there were two few saros backed ngo's. she changed that. now this is the same city. those people in the foreground are african slaves being sold as property in the now thriving slave markets in downtown edtripoli. no, they don't look very happy, that's true. but at least qaddafi is gone so on some level they are free. they have been liberated by hillary clinton despite the fact they are enslaved. that's called progress. it's worth something. in fact, it's a pretty good campaign slogan. hillary campaign 2024, she'll do for us what she did for libia. you can imagine the posters, t-shirts and coffee mugs. somebody will need to get those slaves to sign a consent form. put that on the list..
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but hillary for president is starting to signed a little less crazy. in fact, it's starting to sound inevitable. there are just two questions left to answer. why did hillary lose last time, and who would she run against two years from now? let's take the first question first. it's got the simplest most obvious answer. hillary clinton was cheated out of her rightful destiny in 2016 because unseen forces of evil worked furiously to undermine her because they feared her strength and goodness. come on.l you knew that. hillary clinton certainly knows that. watch. >> the russians, let's say wikileaks, same thing, dumped the john podesta emails. i have my complaints about former director comey. the use of my email account was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows when. they covered it like it was pearl harbor. if you look at facebook, the vast majority of the news items posted were fake. there are all these stories about guys over in macedonia whm are running these fake news sites. s
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i inherit nothing from the democratic party. i also think i was the victim of a very broader assumption that i was going to win. if the election had been on october 27 i would be your president and it wasn't. it was on october 28 and there was just a lot of funny business going on around that. >> tucker: so the russians, wikileaks -- that's what prevented her from becoming president last time. who will oppose her this time? for the answer to that question we turn as we always do to mr. tom friedman of the "new york times," who is a pulitzer prize winner. tom friedman is dumb enough to get a lot of things right. if he thinks it, a lot of others think it, too, and those are the ones who run this country.
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he wrote a piece talking about replacing joe biden with liz cheney in the next election. this might strike you as ridiculous. in fact, it might seem like another sign that our political class has reached peak decadence and exhaustion. if they are pushing a cheney in the next presidential cycle maybe they have run out of ideas. of course they c have and that's exactly what gives hillary such a natural opening. as longg as we're turning our politics into a sit con reunion why not get george w. bush to run. that's not a crazy idea. he's got the time to do it. at this stage bush would much rather run with hillary than against hillary. they are personal friends. on most things they agree vehemently but having bush and clinton on the same ticket wouldn't work. it's just too obvious. maybe w could be convinced to take one for the establishment and throw on the republican jersey one last time. he's 75 but that's a full presidential term younger than joe biden, which, by current standards, qualifies as fresh new leadership.
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george w.2024, time to give the younger generation a chance. it might work, or not. just spitballing here. by the way, it is way past time to get hillary back into the white house. the lady has a speech to give. she wrote it five years ago for her inevitable inauguration thanks to the macedonians, that didn't happen but she never threw it away. she's still got the speech. last month she read a portion oa it on nbc news. watch. >> i dream of going up to her and sitting down next to her, taking her in my arms, and saying look at me. listen to me. you will survive. you will have a good family of your own. and three children, and as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. >> tucker: who is she crying for?
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herself. in case you're confused by the context, that was hillary telling her deceased mother that everything is going to be okay because hillary has been elected president of the united states. no more tears, no more anxiety, we're going to make it. we've got a woman in the white house. a lot has happened since hillary clinton wrote those words. it's a different country now than it was five years ago but hillary clinton hasn't changed. her primary interests remain exactly what they always were. she's still talking about endless enthusiasm about herself. one thing we can safely assume, it ends with a capitol and a finger. >> the co-host of vincent save the nation, a long time democrat and perfect for this conversation, jason nickels joins us now. great to see you, jayson. >> tucker: so hillary clinton... >> good to see you, tucker. >> tucker: democrats made the
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case and a fair case that it was hillary clinton's right to be president of the united states. it was her destiny and god's will. a it was stolen her by the macedonians. why wouldn't that still be true? why don't she have a moral right to the presidency in 2024? >> well, first of all, you know, this is almost like, like groundhog day, if it were a horror movie. this is such a bad idea. i'm surprised someone actually put the pen to paper to actually say this.s. number one, as you alluded to, she's 77 years old so when people are talking about joe biden's energy levels, she's at the same age as trump and biden and all of these people and the democrats say that we want new leadership and younger leadership. the other element of this is no one energizes the right the way hillary clinton does. the same thing with democrats and donald trump. when you mention donald trump now, they aream having trouble messaging because donald trump isn't on the ballot. hillary clinton does the same thing.e gets people excited on the right, and they are going to go out and vote against her which
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makes it really difficult for democrats, and the other thing i would say -- >> tucker: can i catch one correction. i'm on the right. i'm innervated, totally exhausted think about her. a bottomless well of narcissism. it sucks me in every time. i start thinking about her as much as she thinks about herself and that's bad. >> but, again, you will go out and vote against her, i'm almosk positive. >> tucker: fair. fair. >> the other thing that i'll say is, you know, the backbone of the democratic party is african-american women. and african-american women will be incensed and feel betrayed if hillary clinton comes back and jumps the line on kamala harris. and if african-american women, even a small sliver or a small percentage sit on their hands you won't win georgia, you're not goingge to win pennsylvania, you're not going to win a lot of these states. >> tucker: wait. you may be absolutely right as a
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political matter. i suspect that you are but as a moral matter 30 years ago, kamala harris wasn't even the girlfriend yet. she was still in high school in canada. nothing mean, i'm just being honest. hillary clinton has been in this game a long time and i think it's fair to say if gin has earned it in the department party it would be her. it wouldn't be jumping the line exactly, would it? >> she's had a long career, she has a lot of accomplishments and sometimes you have to be able to walk away and say, hey, i did great things, you know, i became secretary of state. people have to call me secretary clinton. y they are going to call me that for the rest of my career, or the rest of my life, i should say, and move on. the vice president of the united states right now is kamala harris, and i think people will feel disgusted, i don't care how much hothi sauce she uses and hw often she goes on the breakfast club, african-american women
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will feel disgusted if she justice the line. -- jumps the line. the last thing is that bill clinton is a liability. he took a lot of private jet flights on a couple of people's jets that i won't say that will come back.k. that will come back to bite him. donald trump was on those jets as well. >> tucker: i think you're speaking of jeffrey epstein, whom she did not kill, i mean that. >> great seeing you tucker, thank you. >> tucker: the invasion continues on our southern border which is wide open. the border patrol has sex offenders en route here. bill has been at the border for many months and joins us now. >> that's right. we just learned from border patrol that just here in the rio valley grand sector, they have arrested two murderers, one sex offender and two ms-13 gang members. on top of that recently they o
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picked up four sex offenders in just 48g hours. that includes this guy. take a look at this mug shot. he's previously deported mexican national who committed several crimes against children in corpus christi, texas, including continuous sexual abuse of a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child. somehow this guy was only sentenced to community service and probation. he was deported and then apparently tried crossing again yesterday, in loredo, texas, look what they pulled off inside. 28 illegals in the truck all being smuggled. each of the migrants admitted to paying up to $16,000 to be smuggled. they were trying to get to san antonio, and in an effort toe spread out to 10 different states across the country, driver was arrested, a u.s. citizen from houston and he's been charged with 28 felony
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counts of human smuggling. he told troopers he was recruited on the social media ap what's ap by a smuggling organization. this thing happens almost every day out here at the border. d wrap it up, you hear me talk about how migrants are arriving here from all around the world. border patrol reported last week they picked up more than 30 migrants from uzbekistan, four from tajikistan -- again, it's not those countries just in south america. we will send it back to you. >> tucker: it's a risk when you share a land border with uzbekistan. bill, great to see you. [inaudible]-- demanding accountability from the school board joins us straight ahead.
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we will be right back.
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his daughter was sexually assaulted at the the school district covered up the assault. scott smith went to a school board meeting to complain about this and was promptly arrested for it. >> the board ended public comment where nearly 200 people signed up. the deputies tackled one man who was later arrested for disorderly behavior. [applause] another man got a ticket for trespassing. >> tucker: so you show up at a school board meeting to say your daughter has been sexually assaulted at the school and the school board is covering it up and you get arrested and charged. >> you're the villain here. george soros funded district attorney personally prosecuted scott smith after his arrest. almost beyond belief. today the student who assaulted scott smith's daughter was sentenced. he has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
10:25 pm
thanks so much for coming on. one of the worst stories that scott smith joins us. anybody watching has ever heard. how do you feel now that it's ended?mu >> good night, tucker. thanks for having me. man, we're relieved. we're able to put one felony assault behind us, and start the next one next week. >> tucker: by next week, tell us what you mean. >> well, unfortunately, our daughter was physically assaulted the first week of school when she returned this year, and that one was mishandled as well. 90 days later we finally got charges. that court case starts next week. it's a felony malicious wounding case. >> tucker: what an unimaginable nightmare your family has been through. tell us where you are with the charges that were brought against you by the prosecutor in loudoun county?
10:26 pm
>> well, where i'm at is that -- i was found guilty on two misdemeanor charges. one resisting arrest, one, disorderly conduct. she asked for 10 days in jail per charge, eight suspended per charge. $2,500 fine her charge. anger management, probation, and my attorney was able to tell the judge that that was ridiculous. he found me guilty on both charges. i got 10 days in jail. suspended upon one year of good behavior.0 so they basically kind of have me pinned in a corner. >> tucker: it's just -- >> that's where i'm at with that. >> tucker: it's shocking. i hope that what happened to you, and to your family is an example to everyone watching of just how wrong it can go when the wrong people get in power. i appreciate you coming on tonight, scott, thank you very much. godspeed. mike rowe, of course was, and is
10:27 pm
again now the host of "dirty jobs." the show premiered earlier this year on discovery. we spoke to mike rowe about how the show got started. a fascinating conversation. he's part of it. >> this show started because my mom called me at cbs to call me out on my laziness, and to and the bull and to intrigue me to do something that my pop would recognize as work, and that landed, because the truth is, man, after i left qvc, i became disconnected from a lot of things i had grown up with. from the definition of a good job, from where our food comes from, from our history. like basic things that i used to care about aesfr lot. like a frog in boiling water, they all just drifted away. dirty jobs reminded me, it forced me to look back at the things that were seminal.
10:28 pm
and when i say seminal, you know what i mean. it made me reconnect. it made me think, look, if somebody like me that grew up with work, who grew up next to a man like coral and had a front row seat to all that was decent, honorable, could become so untethered and disconnected from that i can'to be alone so dirty jobs gave parents a chance to watch a show and turn to their kids and say, see, there is dignity. >> tucker: a hundred percent there is. >> that matters. >> tucker: you see a guy on tv for years and you wonder what is he really like. mic row is exactly what you would expect, every bit as decent, probably even a little smarter. the whole interview is on fox nation. head over to to see it.ldnt of all the people talked about being killed on january 6, there is only one person killed, and that's babbitt. we're learning a lot more about
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>> tucker: in an investigation of a shooting death, any shooting death the first step is always to speak to the person who pulled the trigger. that's not always possible, obviously but it's always the goal. every time.eapys natu everyone assumed that would happen in the case of hike michael byrd, he's the one who killed an unarmed woman last january 6.
10:35 pm
without warning in the capital last january 6th. he's a senior capitol police officer. he has a public history of dangerous and reckless behavior with a firearm so obviously, investigators would interview michael byrd as they tried to determine whether actually babbitt's killing was justified. no one doubted that. but today we learn that never happened. byrd was never interviewed by investigators. byrd never gave a statement about what he had done. it all comes from a shocking new piece that reveals byrd did not even invoke his fifth amendment right to silence. the f.b.i. and d.c. police just didn't talk to him. apparently they didn't want to. they didn't want the details. and this left michael byrd free to conduct his own personal publicity tour which he promptly did with the collusion of an anchor on "nbc news." watch. >> when you fired what could you see? where were you aiming?
10:36 pm
>> you suppose to aim for center mass. the subject was sideways, and i could not see her full-motion oe her hands or anything. so i guess her movement, you know, caused the discharge to fall where it did. >> what did you think the individual was doing at that moment? t >> she was posing a threat to the united states house of representatives. >> tucker: how exactly was she posing a threat? in the interview byrd paints himself as the victim of the killing. here's the key. i could not see her full hands or anything, byrd says. he doesn't explain why he shot babbitt to death. legally that's a damming statement.t. it's the kind of fact that would have caused serious problems for house democrats if someone had bothered to ask byrd questions under oath because you're not allowed to kill unarmed women for trespassing in the united states no matter who they voted for.r. you've got to have a good reason
10:37 pm
to take life in america. byrd didho not have a good reasn but neither democrats or republicans seem to care more than a year later. both sides praise michael byrd as a hero. the commander for the security of house of representatives just so you now how that works. speaking of the congress, until recently, adam was a forgettable slower than average republican congressman from illinois. at some point last year, he had a profound personal crisis and went completely off the deep end. h he started crying uncontrollably in public. he joined nancy pelosi's january 6 committee. he's now the self-styled enemy of insurrectionists everywhere. if you dare to insurrect or think about the possibility of insurrectionist adam kinzinger will burst into tears and try to throw you into prison. fighting insurrection is the focus of adam's sad, empty life. there is nothing he hates more than insurrectionists, except for ray epps. loves ray epps. he spent the last 24 hours sticking up for him against all
10:38 pm
comers. how strange is that? it's impossible to overstate the strangeness. it literally defies description. if we discovered that kamala harris was actually godmother to all five of donald trump's children it still would not be weirder than watching him defend ray epps because if anyone is a certified insurrectionist it's epps. we know that for certain. it's on videotape. he's seen repeatedly urging trump supporters to go into the capitol. we have to go in is on tape. epps himself was seen on tape on the capitol grounds on january 6. by the standards that he upholds that's a crime. several other people have been arrested for standing there, including dea agent mark ibrahim. who we interviewed on the show. but not rate ups. he wasn't charged for anything. he's been rewarded with the love of adam kinzinger. we thank him, he wrote on twitter, he praised epps for
10:39 pm
speaking to pelosi's committee. thank him? once again adam is talking about a man who stage managed the insurrection that adam says he's devoted his life to fighting. there is nothing normal about this. there is no rational explanation for it. adam kinzinger is lying, again, he's lying. he's withholding critical information from the public, information that the rest of us have an absolute right to know immediately. why is adam doing that? we would love to ask him so we urged him to join us on this show. >> tucker: what is the republican party for? kevin mccarthy, leader of republicans in the house just told us he just released top issues the republicans are running on in this year's midterm. it wouldre be interesting to knw what those priorities are. there is no mention of corona mandates, for example, or lockdowns. that's kind of k striking.
10:40 pm
we'll tell you more after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> so if things continue as they are going, republicans are definitely going to win house seats and senate seats probably in the midterm elections in november. not because of anything they have den but because the biden-harris administration is just so unbelievably bad that nobody likes them. a neww poll out today, 27% hispanic support. they have driven that right they deserve to be unpopular but into the basement. it would be nice knowing, even though everyone is excited for them to lose what the republicans might do when they win. kevin mccarthy just told us, he announced on twitter, four key issues his party will focus on.o what are they? energy independence, stopping human trafficking, creating a patient's bill of rights and making it easier to start a business. all four seem like virtuous goals, they might be the main goals if it were, say, 2006 but in 2022, it's kind of weird notu to see any mention whatsoever of fighting back against fascist corona mandates.
10:46 pm
and restrictions. so you've got to kind of wonder if nobody pushes back on the idea of the government owns your body and can force to you stay in your house indefinitely if you feel like it or disobey, they force digital passports on you for travel and no one fights back because no one is fighting back, what happens then? maybe you wind up like australia where nobody fought back. what happens then? he's one of australia's top health officials just a few days ago. >> if you're not fully vaxed, stay home. you are at greater risk of catching covid, becoming ill, and needing hospital care. you may only leave home for three reasons. medical treatment including covid testing or vaccination, for essential goods and services like groceries and medications, to provide care and support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves. you cannot travel more than 30 kilometers from your home when leaving for one of those three reasons or the nearest practical destination.
10:47 pm
-- is not a reason to leave the home for the fully unvaccinated. restriction of movement is critical right now and that one hour of exercise for the next four days is not essential. >> tucker: no vote on that. that's just some guy channeling some health authority telling you that you can't leave yourng home. you're imprisoned if you're not fully vaxed. you can have the vax but if you don't have enough vaxes you'ree in prison and everyone in australia, oh, yes, that's okay. why couldn't that happen here? where is the person who will wstand up and say i'll leave my home whenever i want to but it's my home and my country, pal, and shut up. nobody in the republican leadership is saying that so we thought it would be interesting to talksh to chip roy. he's got his own list of priorities and we're grateful that he'll share them with us now. congressman, thanks for coming on. it seems like, i mean, i'm not an expert on what republicans think but every republican i ever talk to, people fully vaxed, whatever, you can be for the vac seen and still think a
10:48 pm
digital healthin passport for internal travel is like soviets. why aren't the leader of your party saying that? >> this is something we should be shouting from the rooftops. it's not enough for the republicans to say we're talking about the house or senate. we should be talking about taking back america. radical dedication to liberty, radical empowerment to the people. let's talk about defunding. we fund the department of justice that targets people like scott smith who you had on your show 15 minutes ago, after they went after him for protecting his daughter.ho why are we funding the department homeland security that refuses to secure the border? why are we funding anthony fauci?pa why are we funding to the tune of $8 billion the cdc to put out their ridiculous guidelines on masks and $3 billion to the f.d.a. to tell us it will be 55 years for a request. why are we funding that? it makes absolutely no sense.
10:49 pm
>> tucker: can i answer the question? i can answer the question. it's not that kevin mccarthy and the rest of the guys don't know what republicans care about or haven't looked at the issues, they are afraid. any of the things you mentioned they will be called names. you're a racist or whatever and that's what controls them. why don't we have leaders who don't care what the "new york times" says, honestly. >> look, i think you justha mentioned racism, modern day scarlet letter. let's go to war on that let's end every department, every diversity officer, let's end every program involving critical race theory. let's end it across the federal government. let's set our own goal posts. radical liberty and defense of the people. let's choose states instead of the federal government. let's choose small businesses instead of continue cronyism. why are we funding big pharma? why are we funding through obama care and our massive regime of healthcare insurance companies to get enriched and to be an arm of the government to use their power to go after us?
10:50 pm
and why are we listening to dr. fauci lecture rand paul in the senate when he's a bureaucrat? get rid of him. that's one thing we should do. fire bureaucrats. you ask what our agenda ought to be, stop finding the tyranny over the american people. let's stand up, empowering them by firing bureaucrats, defunding bureaucrats, stop giving money to the very people that are constraining us. republicans go down to the floor of the house and say, $30 trillion in debt. stop. talk about taxpayer dollars and borrowing money is being used to go after us. >> tucker: i think that's protect your voters. exactly. congressman chip roy of texas. thank you for coming on. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: here's a story we've seen again and c again because t matters.en not just in atlanta but around the country. crime out of control in the nicest neighborhoods in atlanta. that neighborhood is trying to separate and become its own city to get away. from the insanity. if they can do it your neighborhood might be able to do it, too. that's part of the answer
10:51 pm
straight ahead. ♪ ♪ vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. try new vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> >> tucker: buckhead is a neighborhood in the northern part of the city of atlanta. it's the nicest place in atlanta by far. it contributes a huge percentage of the city's tax revenue but the people who run atlanta hate buckhead. a they envy buckhead and they want to destroy it. they have allowed crime to run rampant through the neighborhood. e people are regularly assaulted at the mall so the people who live in buckhead have had enough of it. they aren't getting anything out of their relationship with atlanta so they want to leave the city and form buckhead city and we're rooting for them. bill is c.e.o. of the buckhead city committee, which we think is of national importance. thanks for coming on. >> the city of atlanta just elected andre dickens resoundingly. buckhead once again had no say in the matter. they wanted someoneic else.
10:57 pm
he seems like a nice man but his policies including his plan to rezone all of buckhead would decimate our beautiful community.y. with atlanta now ranked number two in homicides nationally, we can't afford to wait around, especially since he voted to defund the police. so this buckhead city, amazing movement, proceeds forth with, with the great positive momentum among donors, volunteers, supporters, our voters, and i have to say, like we're so excited, tucker, start of the georgia legislature is tomorrow morning. we expect to see forward motion on all of our several buckhead city bills, which, when passed, will put buckhead city on the ballot november 8, 2022. i just want to say, i have so much gratitude, tucker, we're creating a city from absolute scratch and we have so much gratitude to the intrepid georgia leaders in the georgia house and senate.
10:58 pm
governor kemp, speaker ralston, these folks are so courageous -- >> tucker: let me ask you, when you say they want to rezone buckhead that means they want to put high-density low-income housed in middle of your neighborhood and if you don't like it you're a bigot somehow. >> yes, sir. you're not misreading that at all and i think the biden y administration is holding the carrot and stick of some $12 to $14 billion. you know they will put that through but if buckhead city gets passed and we vote this on november 8 there is no chance in hell we're going to allow that zoning to continue in buckhead city. we'll get smackdown on the crime. we'll stop this zoning initiative and i think we'll be able to even find a way tois lor the tax in buckhead by providing so much better services to these beautiful families here. >> tucker: buckhead is a very affluent place so there are probably a lot of silly liberals there but i hope they are not intimidated by what's going on. they aren't trying to improve
10:59 pm
anyone's life, they are trying to punish you out of envy andhe hostility. let's make buckhead worse, that's plan, and i just home people realize what's going on and like nobody benefits from this at all. >> yes, that's true. we're seeing shootings and carjackings go up the mayor is coming to buckhead tomorrow to announce a new police precinct in buckhead. you know how many police officers he's putting there? two. we're short 160 police in buckhead right now. so when buckhead city is up and running we're going to have 250 cops doing their job. we're going to love them. they are going to put the smackdown on the crime and we're not going to feel like we'rereoi living in a war zone anymore. >> tucker: man, we're rooting for you. if you can do it, other places can do it. there is no reason that any normal person of any background or color should live under the rule of lunatics who want to defund the police and put public housing on your block. godspeed. the second part of our conversation with the great mike
11:00 pm
rowe is available now. in the meantime, we'll be back tomorrow night and every week the show that's the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, preposterous smugness and group thinking. as a result, we're turning the program over to sean hannity six seconds early. >> sean: funny, i lived in roswell, georgia. a beautiful area, and i totally understand why they want to integrate, because, you know what? defund, dismantle, no bail, all the craziness, people need to be protecting themselves. and it's going to be interesting to watch that vote. tucker, thank you. >> tucker: thank you, good luck. >> sean: welcome to hannity and coming up, an exclusive tonight, paul manafort will join


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