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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 12, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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tomorrow night and every week the show that's the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, preposterous smugness and group thinking. as a result, we're turning the program over to sean hannity six seconds early. >> sean: funny, i lived in roswell, georgia. a beautiful area, and i totally understand why they want to integrate, because, you know what? defund, dismantle, no bail, all the craziness, people need to be protecting themselves. and it's going to be interesting to watch that vote. tucker, thank you. >> tucker: thank you, good luck. >> sean: welcome to hannity and coming up, an exclusive tonight, paul manafort will join us for
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his very first interview since being pardoned by donald trump. that's moments away. first tonight, we begin with joe biden. breaking more records. more americans are hospitalized with covid-19 than ever before in this pandemic.ew we have illegal immigrants who are crossing our southern border at an unprecedented pace. fentanyl deaths in america are higher than ever.ur economic optimism is at an 18-month low. the backlog of cargo ships off the coast of california waiting o dock and unload, yes, that's also at anof all-time high and e price of oil is surging, nearly $85 a barrel with predictions it may go as high as $125 a barrel. i guess he's back begging opec and breaking today, inflation is now the highest rate in 40 years. four decades. november's inflation report was bad. joe told us it would get better. they also told us that it was transitory. now they are backing off of that. december was worse now than
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november. now every dollar that you earn is worth seven percent less than it was only a year ago today. quoting two recent studies, this high rate of inflation is a massive tax especially on the poor and middle class in the country. it's costing the m typical american family more than $5,000 plus dollars each year. joe, are you proud of yourself? that's your record. do you know what's going on? do you know today is wednesday? according to joe or whoever writes his tweets, this is actually a good thing. okay. quote, today's inflation show a meaningful reduction in headline inflation over last month. we're making progress in slowing the rate of price increase but there is still more work to do. i remain focused on lowering the cost for families and maintaining strong economic growth. okay. we don't need bumper stickers. we don't need lies and slogans, and, you know, campaign crap, because that's what that is. the inflation rate month over
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month went up. didn't go down. and it continues to go up. are they dishonest at the whiteg house or maybe they really are just that stoop certified is there anything that joe biden, and ask yourself, is there anything that he's done well? think to yourself, any one thing that you can name or think of? he promised to shut down covid-19. that turned out to be a lie. a big lie. he promised that you would get -- if you got the vaccine you would never get covid. we know that's a lie. he promised not to mandate vaccines. he would never do it. another lie. he promised not to raise taxes on the middle class also a lie, and he promised to unite the country. instead of addressing the many crisis affecting the u.s. or bringing both sides together, no bipartisanship whatsoever, joe is now busy literally smearing,b slandering, besmirching hundreds of millions of americans and yesterday he referred to conservatives and republicans as
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domestic enemies. he made comparisons to jefferson davis, ku klux klan and george wallace. the same george wallace who joe biden praised as a senator. well, you remember that, joe. maybe you don't, of course, joe is just following orders from his radicalat socialist base. that is, the democratic party. they want to completely transform this country into their socialist new green deal utopia. s they want to maintain power in perpetuity. they love to call republicans fascists and every other name. trying to federalize all elections, which is unconstitutional. they are the ones who want to add, let's see, d.c. and puerto rico as u.s. states. why?ry they think they will get x numbero of senators in perpetuiy and keep control and they are the ones who are attempting to eliminate right now the filibuster so they ram through their insane agenda in the halls of congress with the slimmest of
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majority. today on the senate floor, tom cotton was brilliant. he read this impassioned speech, actually defending the filibuster. i'll explain. take a look. >> constitutional scholars will tell us that the reason we have these rules in the senate, unlimited debate, 2/3 to change the rules, the idea that 60 have to close out debate, is embodied in the spirit and rule of the constitution.. the bottom line is very simple. the ideologies in the senate want to turn what the founders fathers call the cooling saucer of democracy into a rubber stamp of dictatorship. those are powerful words. they aren't mine. every word of my speech today was originally spoken by our esteemed colleague, the senior senator from new york, chuck schumer.
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>> sean: a banana republic if we do this. when schumer was in the minority party he defended the filibuster tooth and nail. he said we would be a banana republic. >> this nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it's a fundamental power grab by the majority party propelled by its extreme rights and design to change the reading of the constitution. folks who want to see this change want to eliminate one of the procedural mechanisms designed for the expressed purpose of guaranteeing individual rights, and they also, as a consequence, would undermine protections of a minority point of view in the heat of majority excess. >> sean: what changed joe? even more recently in 2019 and 2020, democrats, if they use the
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filibuster, a three over 300 times. oh, okay, again, the filibuster. sadly their thirst for power knows no bounds. that's the real threat. democrats have major problem. almost no one approves of their platform or cognitive struggling career politician that they put in the white house that i doubt knows todayat is wednesday. here's another record for joe. according to quinn yack, his -- quinnipiac, look at this, joe biden's approval rating is at an all-time low. 33%. among independents it's even lower. 25%. his poll numbers are so bad that even democrats want to avoid appearing with biden in public. for example, yesterday, stacey abrams completely blew him off. mia. she had an important lunch reservation or some other scheduling conflict. she just couldn't make it across
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town to meet with the president and vice president of the united states, or, as joe calls, kamala, the president of the united states. but according to the chief propagandist -- psaki, no one would not want to meet with him. he's the most beloved president of the united states. >> at midterms there will be some democrats who plausibly may want to stay away from the president for political reasons. what's his response to that sort of action? >> i think we're talking about a hypothetical that doesn't exist. >> sean: in reality joe and kamala are so toxic, that in the "wall street journal" two lifelong democratic strategists, this is how bad this is getting, they are now floating a new candidate for 2024. guess who? hillary clinton. now, when hillary clinton, frankly, one of the most unlikable peoplein in the world,
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seems like a better option, it's pretty bad. so, you know, we'll see if we get a rematch between trump and hillary that would be interesting. here with more is the brand-new co-host of the five. we're so proud of her. judge jeannine pirro along with former senior counsel to president trump kellyanne conway. both long time friends. great to have you, judge, congrats on a well deserved promotion. i'll startfr with you. when you put it all in the aggregate, then you look at the poll numbers, you know, the only way out for joe, there is an answer. he can adopt trump's policies on the economy, on energy, on the borders, his foreign policy, on judges, and pretty much every other one, but that's never going to happen, is it? >> no. it's never going to happen. look, this is all about smoke and mirrors. what they are saying is everything is great.
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inflation isn't as bad as you think it is. by the way, thank goodness for buttigieg. as a result of him he saved christmas, and all of this nonsense that americans know is not true, which is why he's being held in such low-esteem. the amazing part of all of this is it doesn't affect biden at all. he is involved in a power grab. everything that he wants, if you're against it, you're a racist. if you are not in favor of getting rid of the filibuster, then you are without a doubt someone who isis against voting rights, when this guy talks out of both sides of his mouth. he was friends with george wallace, and he gave the eulogy for strom thurmond. he voted for citizenship for jefferson davis. i mean, it just goes on and on, and the bottom line with him is, the american people see through the charade.
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they don't buy it. they know that their dollar doesn't buy as much as it used to. it's that simple. and he doesn't have a chance, nor does kamala in 2024. >> sean: kellyanne, you're a well respected pollster, political strategist. i don't see a way out for him, and i think that the democratic party now knows it, and i would expect if this year unfolds the way i think it will, it will be a good year for the republican wparty. >> yes, you saw kevin mccarthy's group raise $72 million. a record number. people are giving money because they actually have an agendas they are going to run on. look. these are not gasps. every single day they lie. they lie from the podium. the president lies. everybody lies on their behalf. today they put out statistics that said that joe biden has created more jobs than any other president in his first term and everybody knows that's just not true. so put them aside for a moment as these two very small democrats have they are referring to hillary clinton in their op ed as a
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"changed candidate." think about that. hillary clinton is a changed candidate. eight years ago, yes, that's -- eight years ago, hillary clinton'so, campaign came up wih 13 words you weren't allowed to say about hillary clinton. inevitable. secretive. manipulative. out of touch. represents the past. this is eight years ago, so of course she represents the pass. what exactly qualifies hillary clinton to be a three time loser? you cannot run for president if people don't particularly like you, and if you don't particularly like people. this is someone who calls half the country deployables and irredeemable.. in 2016, when we beat her, i'm ready for this her. i'm ready for sean and jeannine. they did better among women in 2016 than in 2020. this country is ready for a female president. just not that one and certainly not kamalant harris and let me y
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something else. we've never had more women on both sides of the aisle involved in politics and there are some very impressive women on thead democratic side and republican side. but not hillary clinton. let me say one last thing. it's so last century for a woman to be known for her husband. the new trends is for husbands to be known for their wives. >> sean: that was an epic takedown. i can't top that if i speak a week writing that monologue it wouldn't be that good. i'll give you the last word, jeannine spiro. >> look, she is, if you recall, she's the most untrustworthy, unlikable candidate but if they want the t bring her back, terrific, we'll bring her again but in the end there are so many women who are qualified. kellyanne is right. and the shame of it is, the first female vice president is -- she's laughing stock.
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she doesn't know how to handle herself. she's not a role model and it's time, if we're going to put a woman in, we put a woman in who is strong, who is experienced, who is qualified, and who is respected. >> sean: all right. congratulations, again, judge, kellyanne, great to have you and we appreciate you both being with us. ke when we come back also breaking tonight, the house minority leader kevin mccarthy, this just broke moments ago, is now officially rejected demandsk for the january 6 committee to appear for questioning and will not participate in the ongoing political sham. he says it's an illegitimate meanwhile, tomorrow, joe biden will make another appearance on capitol hill, begging his fellow democrats to use his special biden charm and his quick witted intellect to convince moderate senators to nuke the filibuster. here to give us a preview is senator lindsey graham. i could play all your democratic colleagues all speaking about, with reverence about maintaining the filibuster, but now all of a
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sudden, they want to get rid of it. when it benefits them only. >> well, it's pretty obvious that this is about power. they want power at all costs. they have called every republican in the country a racist. they call me a racist. they called tim scott a racist, herschel walker. anybody who supports voterra integrity laws, better for voters than in delaware but i want to put this into context. i went to strom thurmond's funeral. he was the longest serving senator in south carolina, and joe biden came and spoke for about an hour about his friend strom thurmond. he said i didn't agree with his policies but he was a good, decent man i could work w. joe biden, that joe biden is dead and buried. what you saw was a guy running scared. he's afraid of the left. they are going to throw him off the ticket. and he's been a failure as a president so he's playing the race card. and i don't appreciate it. you know, i've got plenty of
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faults. i'm not by any means a perfect person. but i am not a racist. you're not a racist if you want to have the law so you identify people, that they are who they are when they vote by mail. >> sean: let me ask you and switch gears on you a little bit here and that's about leader mcconnell. he's seeking another term as leader. look, i've been pretty outspoken about senator mcconnell. i was beyond frustrated and disappointed most recently. he gives chuck schumer not one but two extensions and i'm sick of the game playing and swampiness of senator mcconnell. people know how i feel. how do you feel about it? >> well, elections are about the future. if you want to be a republican leader in the house or the senate, you have to have a working relationship with president donald trump. he's the most consequential republican since ronald reagan.
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it's his nomination if he wants it and i think he'll get reelected in 2024. i like senator mcconnell. he worked well with president trump to get a bunch of judges including three supreme court justices on the bench that got the tax cuts passed. here's the question. can senator mcconnell effectively work with the leader of the republican party, donald trump? i'm not going to vote for anybody that can't have w a working relationship with president trump, to be a team, to come up with an american first agenda, to show the difference between us and liberal democrats, prosecute the case for trump policies, and i'm not going to vote for anybody for leader of the senate as a republican unless they can prove to me that they can advocate an american first agendan and havea working relationship with president trump, because if you can't do that, you will fail. >> sean: i'llns tell you, theres a palpable -- all things against
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trump and i don't think that works in. this upcoming electione we've gt marco rubio in florida, herschel walker, i think he'll win georgia. to the south of you, i'm sorry, to the north of you, north carolina, we have senator tim scott. he said on my radio show today he's the senior senator from south carolina, just saying. and --ot >> i'll talk to him about that. >> sean: we have, i believe, the head of the president of the senate in new hampshire. we have pennsylvania, i like dr. oz myself. thron johnson thankfully will be running. ohio, i think we can win. i do believe the arizona attorney general would win that race out there and i think laxalt can win in nevada. am i missing any? >> well, you know, there may be a surprise we haven't thought about yet because when you're at 33%, there is a reason stacey abrams didn't show up. it's called biden-itis.
11:19 pm
it's a political reaction, allergic reaction to being on stage with joe biden. it will spread throughout the country. if you want to show joe biden, he doesn't understand j georgi, vote for herschel walker. herb walker is an african-american all-staran businessman, sports legend, who is running as a republican. he would be the first african-american republican conservative elected inun the history of georgia. there is not a racist bone in the republican party of georgia the best thing for us to get by herschel walker and win in georgia. >> sean: all right. senator graham, thank you, appreciate it. straight ahead, our exclusive interview, paul manafort will join us. his first interview since president trump's pardon. you don't want to miss it straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we've exposed the politicalization and weaponization of politicizing differences and the abuse of power corruption scandal in the u.s. history. that being the russia hoax. one of the main figures targeted in mueller's witch-hunt and the deep state's effort to destroy donald trump and his allies and his family, former campaign manager man in a port. mueller and his team wanted manafort to die in jail and they tried hard and they also put him in solitary confinement for nearly a year. why? to break him. ask yourself, prosecutors destroyed hiss life. where is the accountability for those that filed false
11:25 pm
information with the fisa court? those that used the dirty disinformation, russian hillary clinton bought and paid for russian misinformation dossier. listened to christopher steele even when they knew it was they continued to use the dossier. illegally spying on candidate trump. transition team trump. president trump. last year paul manafort was pardoned by president trump. he's now ready to tell his side of the story. he has a fourth coming book that's called "political prisoner." it will be out fairly soon revealing new details about the unequal standard of justice and the russia hoax. he joins us now for his first interview since being pardoned. paul manafort, you look healthy. i'm sure it's better wearing a suit and tie than orange suit. >> it's great to be with you here after all these years. thank you very much and i appreciate this opportunity tonight.
11:26 pm
>> sean: you really in many ways, you, roger stone, carter page, flynn, all of this stems from a false phony narrative based on a false dossier and phony fisa warrants. tell us about the whole experience from your point of view. >> well, from my point of view f it's been a very complicated last five years and certainly not a fun experience. a lot of surprises, when things first started to break and the false narrative first started to be promoted in august 2016, i didn't take it very seriously because i knew how ridiculous it was to even say that there was russian collusion going on with the trump campaign. but as time went on, as the drum beat got louder, and all of aice sudden anonymous government sources started putting out stories which i knew were fake, and working with social media and the mainstream media to
11:27 pm
promote this concept that there was a serious investigation going on. people around donald trump and particularly around people like me and roger stone, how do i combat this? i felt like i was in the middle of a tsunami and there was no way my voice would be her -- heard against all of this onslaught of misinformation. and then, of course, when they did ultimately indict me they threw a gag order on me making it impossible for me to speak even though they kept leaking stories that were proven false. and when i started to fight against that gag order they threw me in jail, where, you know, they deliberately knew what they were doing. they didn't want me to speak to the media. they wanted to keep me from my lawyers and affect my ability to prepare for my trial, and k frankly, from day one, i always felt they were targeting me and a couple of others to try and get at the president, then candidate trump and then president trump.
11:28 pm
which is one of the reasons why i find it ironic that what's going on today, with these claims about january 6, when the people who are pushing the january 6 allegations are thecl very ones who for four and a half years refused to recognize the results of the 2016 election. so this book that i'm writing is meant to, you know, tell my side of the story. get out my side of the facts. to tell the truth about my career in politics and government, and to let the reader understand what really was going on in the trump towers on june 9. >> sean: you mentioned the gag order. roger stone, similarly, had a gag order. i thought we had something called the first amendment that allows you to speak out but apparently, i must --he i must have been to a bad catholic school for 12 years. but that was taken away from you. then they put you in solitary confinement.
11:29 pm
i don't know how much you want to reveal here before the book comes out, were there specific moments where they were offering to it you free if you said certain things? >> well, there were moments, and i will talk about this in the book, when they were putting pressure on me to admit to facts that weren't true and i'll talk about those facts and those expectations, and the quid pro quo that wasou understood was tt i would be treated in a very lenient way. they didn't understand that there was no way i was going to lie. there was no way that they could force me into giving up the president, you know, and i never felt uncomfortable talking to them because i knew that as long as i told the truth, i had nothing to fear. but i was wrong. because -- >> sean: what was the reason then -- what was the reason for solitary confinement?
11:30 pm
my interpretation was, they were trying to break you. and i remember at the time youin were suffering from some health issues as a result of it. were they afraid for your safety? how were -- when you finally got to see them, did they treat you well, were they nice to you or were they a threat to you? >> the prisoners were never an issue with me. the special prosecutor was. they are the ones who put me into view of harm's way. solitary is a terrible thing. >> sean: why solitary? >> they said it was to protect me. i never believed that for a minute. it didn't protect me. what did it was it put me into a situation, i'm in an eight by 10 room with no windows, with no access to people. no access to outside.
11:31 pm
and limited ability to communicate with my lawyers. and i talk about that in the book. i talk about how, you know, it'k inhumane what they call solitary confinement. then they tried to get me to go to rikers island and be in solitary, which fortunately, due to the department of justice, that didn't happen because there was an issue of safety for me in that context there. >> sean: only because of the constraints of time, i'm not trying to interrupt you, we'll do a full hour when your book does come out, those details that you've told me, that people will be blown away, i'm trying to ask this in a way that we don't give away the whole book here, and you also talk about the campaign, and how mike pence was chosen, my sources have been telling me for a long time, robert mueller has checked out. he kind of suffered from the same cognitive decline that joe bind has.
11:32 pm
a, is that true, did you see him much? and b, if it wasn't him, who was putting all of this pressure on you? his hitman, wiseman? >> i never -- i saw mueller walking down the hallway once. another than that i had no contact with him, and frankly, he didn't look like he knew who i was when i saw him. yes. it was wiseman. he was the one that was the lead prosecutor on my case. and from day one -- he was the one. i mean, you know, they so overcharged me on my case that judge alison in virginia actually add -- admonished them from the bench, are you trying to put him to jail forever? unless i would cooperate, that's what they were promising to do. in fact, you know, when we did the presentation in the d.c.
11:33 pm
case, they argued for the maximum penalty for me. because they didn't want me to be free. >> sean: even though you had -- let me ask you this and i want to stay on mueller's --- -- were there moments that you knew that they wanted you to say what they wanted you to say, whether it was true or not, because they -- the real target was donald trump, not paul manafort. i'll asking you if this is true and that if you would have said it you probably could have walked out free? were there very specific things that they were looking for to you say and telling you, wink, nod, you know, you can go home and have pizza tonight if you give us the answer we're looking for. >> well, i definitely talk about some ofwe those details in the book because there was no doubt in my mind from day one i was a means to an end and frankly after they didn't succeed with
11:34 pm
me they used the same tactics against roger stone. t they did the no knock break-in into his house, just like they did in my house. the difference was, they had a cnn camera there because he lived in an open community, not in a condominium. they put the gag order on roger and indicted him, too. the technique that they used on him and me was not because they cared about either of us. who they cared about was donald trump, and without us, they didn't think they could get trump. i remember laughing to my lawyer when i did the plea agreement with them in the d.c. case, that there were all kinds of stories that donald trump was going down now. paul manafort was going to turn on him. i said, look, make sure they understand i plan on telling the truth and when i tell the truth not only is donald trump not going down, but their whole casl is going to blow up. and that's what happened.
11:35 pm
and that's why -- afterwards. >> sean: let me ask you about this. was it clear to you that they wanted you to lie about -- they didn't care if you lied about donald trump. c that their target was donald trump, and that you basically, they wanted you to lie about him. now, when you are talking about, and remember, they wanted you to die in jail. they wanted, what 25, years. they wanted you dead in jail. now you're being basically offered your freedom if you say what they want -- what they want to hear.r. but you didn't do it. why? why didn't you do it? >> that's a strong incentive. >> they wanted me to say something that wasn't true and i wasn't going to do that. frankly, you know, once you start walking down that slippery slope who knows where you will end i wasn't going to do that i felt comfortable from day one, and the whole russian collusion narrative, that, i knew it was
11:36 pm
phony. and in the book, i walked through all the elements of the prosecutor's case and russian collusion andch show that from adam schiff to everyone else who said they had inside information they had seen confidential information, i expose all of that in the book, the truth is, there was no confidential information. they didn't have any secret information. it was a weaponization of law enforcement, the national security operations, and targeted, in my wildest dreams i couldn't imagine this, targeting a president of the united states, to undermine his presidency and to try and remove him from office. there was no way i was going to ever be a participant in that. b >> sean: you know what i've concluded, paul, as a result of this, we don't an america any more under the lawyer, we now have the criminalization -- of, political differences in this
11:37 pm
country, and prosecutorial abuse is far bigger than we know. you've given me a couple of tidbits off-camera that i can't wait for you to tell the country.eo their eyes will be opened wide when the book comes out. the book is called "political prisoner." paul manafort. you can get the first edition on coming up, the left continues to fawn over republican left liz cheney. that's coming up straight ahead. >> sean: the "new york times" is other paperwork that's preventing you from doing what matters most? then get the all new epson rapidreceipt smart organizer to scan, digitize and organize your documents and receipts. receipts go in, and stress goes away. it's the only
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the "new york times" is facing more mockery tonight after publishing a column from thomas friedman promoting a joe biden ticket showing how he's so disconnected from the people in this country and all across the country prompting scorn from both the left and the right. of course, it comes as liz cheney continues to align herself with the veryhe same democrats that called her father a war criminal. a murderer, a crook and worse. by the way, all of which was not true. at the time i was actually very fond of the former vice president, and liz, if you really care about getting to the bottom of what happened on january 6, instead of your stern lectures call on speaker pelosi, d.c. mayor bowser, to testify about why they decided not to go along with the lawful order of donald trump for 20,000 troops on january 6.
11:43 pm
he did that on january 4. if you want to prevent this from ever happening again that's what you need to do and why requests from the capitol police chief, the national guard, support went under heeded andar why after donald trump signed off on the guards, why did they refuse and decline them? then you might have an answer. if you had 20,000 guards that day, guardsmen that day, january 6 wouldn't have happened. but of course, you just want to bludgeon trump. here with reaction, the house candidate running in the primary against liz cheney, and wyoming's at large congressional district, republican harriety, u hageman is with us. thank you for being with us. you were friends with liz cheney. you endorsed her, i think in 2016, and supported her, right? >> yes. and the majority of wyoming did. a lot of people in wyoming
11:44 pm
supported her but they don't anymore. what she's done since last year, she's as adversarial to the republican party as is nancy pelosi. she's not doing what we sent her to washington, d.c. to do. >> sean: if you care about protecting the capitol and i do, and i said so that day. i said it on radio as it was unfolding and i said it on this tv show.w. t if you care about stopping the violence like in the summer of 2020, in this case don't you need to ask the speaker of the house why she declined theou troops that were legally approved by donald trump in front of the joint chiefs, secretary of defense, chief-of-staff, defense department chief-of-staff, why wouldn't they call in her, why aren't they calling in the d.c. mayor, why aren't they demanding their emails before that day and after? why are they giving her a pass and why is she off-limits? >> i think we know the answer to that question, sean, or those
11:45 pm
questions, very simply, because they know what the answers are. they didn't do their job. they didn't address security on that day. we know it, and the question becomes, why didn't they? why didn't they make an effort to do what donald trump offered, in terms of security, in terms of national guard troops?? the fact is, nancy pelosi and the mayor of d.c. should be answering questions but they don't want those questions answered because this is a witch-hunt. this is about going after donald trump. your previous guest, mr. manafort, this is just a continuation of what they have been doing since 2016 when donald trump won the election. they have been trying to destroy the man. it's been nonstop. we're now going on six years and it's just the same people doing exactly the same thing which is to try to destroy an outsider. this is about donned trump. it isn't about what actually happened on january 6. it's about destroying people that they disagree with. >> sean: last question, how do the people in wyoming feel about liz cheney today? >> they don't like liz cheney and they are embarrassed by her and she'll be raising millions of dollars.
11:46 pm
she's raising millions of dollars from the democrats and from the lincoln project and folks in virginia and i need people to go to my web side, and let's send liz cheney back to virginia where she belongs andlk where she lives. >> sean: we'll follow this race cclosely. last poll i saw showed you up, i believe, s by 18, is that right? >> 20 points. 38-18. p >> sean: off by two. i hate getting corrected on my own show. i really don't like that. congratulations. [laughter] we'll follow this race closely. this time biden comparing components of his election takeover bill to a renowned racist that he once praised, leo 2.0 terrell. he'll weigh in coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: struggling joe biden who campaigned on unity again and again used his rambling speech in atlanta yesterday to fuel s even more needless racial division claiming that anyone who is against the democratsel federal election takeover, which is unconstitutional, the scheme will go down in history like george wallace and jefferson davis. take a look. >> ask every elected official in america, how do you want to be remembered? consequential moments in history. they present a choice. do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace? do you want to be on the side of john lewis or bo connor? >> do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? this is the moment to decide. >> sean: wow! are you starting to feel that unity yet? he's praised george wallace numerous times in the past.
11:52 pm
shouldn't shock anyone. it was joe biden who worked with the former klansmen byrd. he didn't want integration of our public schools because he didn't want our public schools becoming in his words racial jungles. now the speech was so bad even the reverend al sharpton called it a "you're going to hell" speech, not a vote getting one. >> in this particular case, dealing with my friend andnd brother joe, if he was trying to get votes, it was not the vote getting speech. it was, when you're the preacher of a minister, either you get up and try to persuade people of their sins, and appeal to their better -- but when they come to church and they still have to juggle with guilt under the pew, you say you're going to hell. i think he gave a going to hell speech. >> sean: with reaction, leo 2.0 terrell. leo, how does a guy that praises
11:53 pm
george wallace then use that example, how does a guy that worked to stop segregation with a former klansman give that speech? >> i tell you right now, he's in denial. joe biden has been lying all his life for 50 years. let me be as clear as possible and calm. joe biden is a racist. he's in denial. he's been a racist for 50 years. you know what he does? he's the worst kind because he exploits blacks for his own personal gain to.'sni remain in office. the one thing i agree with on kamala harris, she accused him. on the campaign trail of coddling. in 50 years he's done nothing for black people, except kept them in poor public schools, opposed public choice and that 1994 crime bill. i want to be as clear as possible. donald j. trump has done more for black americans than joe biden. funding historical black colleges.
11:54 pm
joe biden has exploited and used black americans for 50 years and he has nothing to show for black americans. >> sean: explain this to me. delaware has the most restricted laws and georgia, 17 days in person voting, delaware none. drop boxes in ever district, in georgia, zero, in delaware. you just have to ask, no excuse needed, you get a mail-in ballot in georgia. you have to give a reason in delaware. both states have voter i.d. why didn't he give the speech in delaware and why did he wait all of this time before ever speaking upth about the issue of voting rights? >> sean, you just gave out facts. democrats and joe biden, they aren't dealing with facts. it's lies. they have doubled down. for him to have the audacity to go to atlanta, after knowing all the facts you just articulated, they don't care about the facts. they are desperate. he went down there and played the race cardd to the 15th degree, with no effect.
11:55 pm
even al sharpton, the speech had no effect. he diverted away from the chaos with the inflation, the southern border, afghanistan, poor schools, and he's done a disservice for black americans. look at the urban cities. the crime wave. guess who gets hurt? black people. chicago. joe biden has not lifted a finger for black people for the lastst 50 years. >> sean: is the committee looking into kamala harris bell fund after looking at what happened in the summer of 2020. they aren't going to stop. they shouldn't stop. we're not going to stop. big double standard, leo. i still don't have my 2.0 hat. you owe me one. i would like it delivered, please. anyway, more hannity after this.
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this
12:00 am
evening. as always, we thank you for being with us. you make this show possible. we never forget it. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." if you don't know how, laura ingraham will teach you. she promised me that. let not your hearts be troubled, laura ingraham takes it away. laura, big show tonight. >> laura: we do have a big show. paul manafort looks pretty trim. was it a prison diet? what is that? he looked great. >> sean: i wouldn't want to spend a year in a jail. would you? so boring, i would bore myself. we do know. it was interesting to see him. hannity, awesome show. >> sean: great stuff. have a great show. >> laura: i am laura ingraham from an unintentionally hilarious washington tonight. clinton-cheney 2024. that is the focus of tonight's