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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 13, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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calling half the country a bunch of racists for not wanting to federalize election laws. governor, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we so appreciate it. >> always a pleasure, thanks. >> carley: all right. >> todd: don't be a squealer sounds like somebody from razor back country, oh, yeah, is he from arkansas. thank you, carley, fox and friends starts right now. >> the u.s. economy is experiencing highest inflation rate in nearly 40 years. >> this is becoming uncontrollable. i think it's very hard for the administration to survive reality. >> joe biden's approval rating is at all-time low. >> now encouraging hillary clinton to run for the white house. >> this is almost like groundhog day if it were a horror movie. >> griff: hoping to stir up support for the filibuster. >> democrats are reintroducing racial discriminatory policies across the government.
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antithetical to what we serve for. >> got a plea deal served less six months in prison. >> i could shoot somebody and i will be completely fine. >> for the first time the army is maximum enlistment bonus high demand roles as struggles to fill critical jobs during the pandemic. ♪ it's fine by me if you never leave ♪ and we could live like this forever ♪ it's fine by me >> brian: andy grabber back again to open up the show. we owe him a rights fee. 50,000 to join the army. maybe didn't kick them out. also you are looking at st. louis. most of the city is asleep right now. which is a great time if you want to get to work early and aloud to go work. st. louis is a major city in
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missouri. gives tribute to lewis and clark. without lewis and clark we would not have been able to move westward. thanks to those guys saying i will go, give me appear that. there are no maps? i am going to go anyway. all he needed was one american indian. they went across the west and ended up with great country, i believe. special thanks to st. louis. if you are looking to call out there, start with 314 and special thanks to ktfk they are a great affiliate. steve? >> steve: absolutely, a great affiliate. you look at st. louis and you think of all of that stuff. i look at st. louis and think of budweiser which could be a cry for help when you are thinking about budweiser at 6:02. >> brian: yes it is. >> steve: on a thursday morning. budweiser is there somewhere. that's where the clydesdale live. it's a beautiful town. i went to the university of kansas. a lot of my friends lived in the st. louis area. we would go on weekends.
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ainsley, it was always a lot of fun. st. louis is a party town during non-covid time. >> ainsley: see the arch there. that just shows your two personalities. brian is in to history and steve, not that you are not, but you are writing cookbooks all the time so you are in your kitchen you need your budweiser. >> brian: right. exactly. and don't you have that beer bud chicken where you get a chicken and jam a can in its orifice? >> steve: actually in the new cookbook that's going to come out in september we have an idea on how to do that chicken but rather than use the -- a can of beer. you take a bunt cake pan, right? and you know that thing in the middle, you put the chicken on that. yeah, exactly, and no fuss, no fuss. the operator of the operator can
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drink. >> ainsley: how does it help the chicken? >> brian: nothing is going to help the chicken. it's dead. >> ainsley: it's gone. >> steve: she is talking about what is going to make it taste good? you can actually put some beer around the bottom of the bunt pan, next thing you know a delicious and moist chicken. >> brian: okay. >> ainsley: we will take note. >> brian: that chicken, i don't care what kind of beer you put it in, it's going to be a little bit more expensive. i was stunned to see these numbers. i cannot believe after we saw inflation creeping up in the spring, a major factor in the summer. all of the sudden threatening to really affect christmas until the president saved it, i did not think that this administration who said inflation would be transitory would have a lack of overall can action. if you want to effect americans in a severe way since 182, you go ahead and have inflation. all these products are indeed going up. in fact, take a look again at
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the "new york post." crush, bidenflation hammers americans with the worst price increase since 1982, the year i graduated high school. inflation crisis, here we go. overall, 7 percent it's up. for food it's up 6.3%. you want to buy some clothes? 5.8%. your rent is up 3.3%. also, energy up 29.3%. on top of that, if you look at overall shelter, you look at things like used cars, just month to month they are up 1% or 2% on top of that yet alone year to year. >> steve: well, brian, when you look at the month of december, fuel was up 50%. some gas stations were selling gas for a crazy 6 bucks gallon. and you mentioned the more expensive chicken. my butcher at the grocery store. >> brian: sam? steve: now there is a loan officer who sits right there in addition to the butch tore see
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if you can actually pay the price of. >> brian: that is not true. >> steve: absolutely not true i'm making that up. brian, it goes to show you, look at the price of regular. look at milk. these are prices if you can get it. look at that a gallon of milk is over 4 bucks a gallon. pinch me. it's crazy. look at that $9 a gallon. meanwhile, we look and we see high prices, joe biden looks and he says things are getting better crazy. he put out a statement yesterday which says today's report which showed 7% inflation actually shows a meaningful reduction in headline inflation over last month with gas prices and food prices falling, true. but they are still sky high it demonstrates that we're making progress in slowing the rate of price increases. it at the same time this report underscores we will have to do more work with price increases still too high in squeezing
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family budgets. inflation is a global challenge. and, ainsley, you know, they brought out one of the white house economic advisers yesterday and said, you know, caught us by surprise. which is kind of what they said about omicron as well. it's like we never saw this coming. republicans were saying from the get-go, you are flooding the economy with too much money and this is going to happen. fast forward to today, we got 7% inflation. >> ainsley: and he calls that progress? when he took office, it was 1.4%. that was january 2021. here we are in january of 2022, it's 7%. that is not what i call progress. he says we have seen some improvement? well, in goods and service information december it was .05%. in november it was .08%. not much of an improvement. the annual increase is still 7%. 7% of your paycheck that you are paying more for goods and services and things that you need for your help and your car and for your family. how is this progress?
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food up 6.3%. apparel up almost 6%. energy up, brian, you said, almost 30%? beef is up 22%. bacon almost 19%. pork chops 12.5. eggs 11.1. baby food almost up 8%. and parents obviously need that to feed their baby. the oil prices, gas prices, plus we have a labor shortage. we have supply chain crisis. we have a border crisis. we saw what happened in afghanistan. we have the grocery store shelves. i don't have to tell republicans, democrats, or independents that we all go to the grocery store and we see that the empty shelves and we see the prices are going up. 9 bucks for a gallon of milk? that's ridiculous. when you look at his approval rating now, it's 33%. 53% disapprove of him and 1% don't have an opinion. but this is what is interesting. look at it among independence. this is according to quinnipiac. 57% disprove. only 25% approve. that is bad.
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>> brian: yeah. quinnipiac has been especially harsh on him which is in usual prior to president biden becoming president biden, they always tend go a little bit left and harsh for republicans. this has been brutal on him. that's 10 points below the gallup poll that we saw just a week ago. but just so you know that's where it's trending, if you look at foreign policy and domestic policy. you look at the president's tone and what he has passed and hasn't passed. unable to rein in his own party and we will talk about this later. the ridiculous over the top speech from tuesday which the blowback was substantial on wednesday from some people in his own party. that's why this is -- his approval rating is so low. overall in you want to effect the american people not obsessed with twitter. they are obsessed with their own lives. they want to know do you approve or disprove of the way joe biden is handling the accord. 3% approve. 57 don't. here's the thing. larry summers came out and said the american rescue plan started
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this inflation cycle. former treasury secretary for barack obama. he said you never should have passed it we didn't need it. not only did we pass it, he said it would get us ahead of this pandemic. he didn't buy tests. he didn't buy therapeutics. we are not ahead the pandemic. inflation is now here. you have your own critics say you are spending so much. guess what joe biden did yesterday. >> ainsley: is that called saving christmas. >> brian: he credited the american rescue plan or else inflation would be worse. when you come out and say something so counter intuitive and insulting it makes people just say i'm not going to listen anymore. >> steve: when you think about it. we haven't seen this kind of inflation since 1982. and that's when paul volker was trying essentially to ring the inflation out of the economy with the blessing of rondell reagan who gave him the political backing to do that. so how did reagan get out of the terrible inflation that met him when he went into office?
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according to art laffer who is writing in the daily mail today reagan cut inflation by reducing taxes. cutting nondefense spending. slashing regulations and tightened the money supply with trolls controls of the central bank. it worked. what's interesting is all of that is exactly opposite of what joe biden is doing. so, if you want to continue to do something that is the opposite and expect a different result, i think that is the classic definition of insanity. >> brian: who was before ronald reagan? jimmy carter and he was a one-term president. >> steve: that's why he had the inflation on his hands. and that's why paul volker was trying to do it and trying to fix it joe biden said you know what? i have a great idea let's spend more money. no, reagan cut spending, and that's how they got out of it. >> ainsley: that's why the "wall
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street journal" has this article this morning talking about how hillary clinton might get into the race and run instead of joe biden. they are not sure he's the right candidate right now. especially when you look at his approval rating. >> steve: we will talk about that next. >> ainsley: steve harvey taking a swing at the cancel culture why he says the woke mob is keeping him from standing up. as the president's poll numbers plunge. some on the left are turning to an old favorite. there she is. the new push for yet another clinton come back ♪ ♪ tea party up my reputation ♪ manipulate my decision ♪ baby, there's nothing holding me back ♪ ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement.
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>> carley: good morning, back with your headlines, starting with this: a baltimore man who has pleaded guilty for burning his ex-girlfriend's house down says his plea deal is sending the wrong message to criminals. listen. >> i was just charged with 18 different counts, that was dropped to 10, and then it was dropped to 1 when i shouldn't be out right now. if that tells anybody that i can go shoot somebody. or i can go shoot somebody and i will be completely fine, it would empower me. >> carley: can you believe that luther trend's ex-girlfriend and four frenzy were in the home at the time of the fire. the moeller of missing 7-year-old is hit with criminal charges. kayla montgomery now facing one felony count of theft and two misdemeanor counts of welfare fraud. authorities say she lied about her stepdaughter's whereabouts to claim food stamps. harmony has been missing for over two years but was only reported missing in december.
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nancy grace will join us later to discuss this ongoing investigation. guys, over to you. >> steve: all right, carley, thank you very much. 6:17 on this thursday morning. well, as we just went through the approval rating numbers, joe biden, his administration not doing well. and as democrats look to what could be a blood bath during the midterms coming up later this year, two democrats, you have got doug schoen who has worked for the clintons and you have got andrew stein writing in the pages of the "wall street journal," the headline is hillary clinton's 2024 election come back. joe biden and kamala harris have become unpopular and it may be time for a change candidate. and they say she is the one because she has got all that national experience, forget that she lost a couple of times. she is younger than joe, and, do you know what we need in -- if you are going to have a democrat in the white house, they argue, you need a different point of view and you need a different
3:19 am
approach, ainsley, than what joe and kamala are doing right now. and hillary is just perfect. she would be a great presidential candidate because, among other things, she has got all that political experience, and she is good at balloon drops. >> ainsley: when do we get to a point when we don't have a clinton on the ballot. this would be the sixth election with a clinton on the ballot. maybe we will see chelsea eventually. she is 41. she could run. >> steve: maybe. >> ainsley: every woman would love to see a female president especially when we are raising little girls. is she the right one? is she a democrat? is she going to align with the progressives? do you trust her? there was so much that came out about her when she ran again. biden does he have the capacity to run. kamala harris has not done well on the border. she is not really leaving washington a lot unless she is going to see her family in california. both of them have very low approval ratings. so who do they have? they really don't have anyone
3:20 am
that's going to energize the base. they need a fresh face. they don't have a fresh face. not anyone that we have talked about on the morning show doug schoen the former clinton adviser says hillary is their best hope for 2024. listen. >> you talk about a democratic party moving too far to the left, but now hillary is agreeing. talking about what we did for bill clinton back in the mid 1990s which is moving him back to the center. look, people reinvent themselves. i think hillary can. and then in the land of the blind you need the one eyed man, and she is clearly better than anything the democrats have. biden is a failed president as you have said. kamala harris, arguably worse. mayor pete, i really think is a nonstarter. >> brian: he is 100 percent right. steve, you brought up governor
3:21 am
poulos in colorado. then you have gavin newsom. he has great gel. somebody like eric adams i'm a sense sick democrat. you see what joe manchin has come out and said over and over again. we are in the middle much inflationary cycle. why would i spend more money? why does it make sense to blow up an institution like the senate? these seem to be democrats little concerned about the direction of their party and hillary clinton came out and said democrats have to think carefully about what wins elections. not just what wins in deep blue states. jason nickels was on as a lead guest for tucker last night and asked about this. how would a hillary clinton candidacy again resonate. watch. >> this is many like like groundhog day if this were a horror movie. i'm surprised somebody put pen to paper to actually say this. number one as you alluded to she
3:22 am
is 77 same age as you trump and biden. people say we want new and younger leadership. the other element of this is no one energizes the right the way hillary clinton does. >> jason is 100 percent right. she will be able to raise money. terrible candidate. a bad speaker. can't attract a crowd. does not have great energy. her health was not great what was it five years ago now. i wonder why she would think in a million years besides her own ego that she would be the right choice. i actually think she divided her party. i don't think she would win the nomination. she is well-known and great angle to buy the "wall street journal." real quick, moving on: the one thing we can relate to is cancel culture. thankfully not the three of us but people we know. people on the sphraj al franken on down. a lot of people you thought would be impervious to it comedian most, mr. everything steve harvey. he said something pretty substantial to variety. essentially saying as long as i have to worry about corporate
3:23 am
america, i have to worry. he says, quote: the only way i can do one more special is if it is at the end of my television career because it will end my television career. we are in the cancel culture now. no stand-up that is sponsor driven can say anything he wants to. chris rock cannot. kevin hart can't. cedric entertainer can't. i can go down the list. the only person that can say what he hospital to say on stage is it dave chapelle he is note sponsor driven is he description driven. guy like seinfeld is not going to russell any figures. it's the guys provocative, richard pryors, eddie murphy get on stage and talk about race and things to that nature. >> steve: well, and steve harvey says, you know, you got to tell jokes about something. it's got to be about somebody. you can't be just all about puppies or bushes because people are interesting. he said the reason he was
3:24 am
talking to variety he has a new abc daytime courtroom show. he said essentially p.c. court has killed comedy. he said every joke that a comedian tells today hurts somebody's feelings. and that ultimately, ainsley, leads to being canceled and he doesn't want to be canceled. he wants to have a job. >> ainsley: it's really sad. that's probably his love, doing standup comedy and being on the stage in front of so many different people. but he has to make a living. and he doesn't want to be canceled and he has to pay his bills. and so he has these television shows and he is extremely successful. they put him on every show because he always increases the ratings. i watch "family feud" constantly when i don't want to watch the news anymore. >> steve: survey says. >> ainsley: middle of the night. they have play it on a loop balls is he so funny. one time i was in a hotel and i was having breakfast in the hotel restaurant and he was sitting next to me with his wife and i said i have to introduce myself. normally i would not bother you
3:25 am
but i just want you to know that i love you. i looked at wife do you know what makes him so funny we both said it at the same time because i guess he hears it all the time his expressions. when he says something funny a terrible answer, maybe an answer that is not so intelligent or something that is a little crass, he will look at the 5ud yens and take a pause. he is so talented. i just love watching him. it's really sad because i would love to see him on stage in comedy routine. >> brian: greatest moment ever in the history of television is when he was doing new year's eve and they had a lego bust of him. and gronkowski who was in retirement at that time before he went back to the bus. picked it up and spiked it his reaction afterwards is like what is wrong with you. you are never coming back here. if we can bring that clip back, it would really make me happy. >> ainsley: wasn't he the one also who called the wrong winner for the miss america pageant. >> brian: it happens to all of us. >> steve: right. in both those instances, there are things -- that's how you get
3:26 am
an audience these days. you do something that goes viral. next thing you know people are going to watch the show the next year. but, unfortunately, to his larger point, you know, when you are a stand-up. you got to go out there and do it every day which means for however long you do a set, maybe a half an hour if you are lucky. you got a half an hour's worth of chance ofs to cancel yourself. shoot yourself in the foot. >> brian: he is powerful enough where he could begin a trend like dave chapelle started, follow in his footsteps to go ahead and be provocative. just you hit both sides, it will work. and be steve harvey. he is impervious. i'm telling you. he is that big. he should go -- he is powerful enough to break the cycle. you see dave chapelle do it but i think he can. >> steve: let's see if he feels he can because ultimately it starts with him. >> brian: it will be my decision, eventually. >> steve: that's good. and it was great to hear that was the greatest tv moment in
3:27 am
the history of television. forget about landing on the moon and all that other stuff. >> brian: no big deal. >> steve: that think with gronkowski and legos. 6:26 now on this thursday. it's a blast from the past. the last time we saw inflation this high, i love rock and roll was number 3 on the billboard top 100. and e.t. was about to hit the green screen and try to phone home. is joe biden moving the country backwards? a panel business owner comes up next on fox ♪ i lovenned rock and roll ♪ put another dime in the jukebox baby ♪ i love rock and roll ♪ dance with me ♪ i love rock and roll ♪ put another dime in the jukebox baby ♪ i love rock and roll ♪ just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon.
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your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> steve: another economic bust for joe biden inflation 40 year high. everything from your grocery, clothing, rent and energy all seeing major spikes. what impact is this having on businesses and consumers? let's bring in our business panel daniel turner is the executive director of the power the future. corey shaker is the owner of the shaker auto group. and pat lafrieda is the ceo of pat lafrieda meat purveyors.
3:32 am
you know what? and when you look at your three industries, for instance, daniel, the price of fuel, up 41%. joe biden says this is transitory. i don't think it's transitory, daniel. >> yeah. we went from inflation being transitory to now we hear a lot about how it is actually good for the economy. look as you make energy hard to produce which he has done, he has made the supply dwindle and therefore prices of energy have gone through the roof. and all of those prices have been passed on to consumers from meat, from anything that is produced, manufactured, transported all those prices get transported ton consumers and that is driving this inflation crisis. >> steve: corey, i don't have to tell you, i talk to my friend todd the car guy all the time he could sell more cars if he could get them. it's all about supply and demand. and for a have right of reason, the price of used cars up almost 40%. this is something you are facing
3:33 am
everyday. that's why people are calling you on the phone saying hey, corey, do you have cars today? >> that's true. we get calls from out of state just from two and three hours away just checking the availability of the new and used cars, true. >> steve: yeah. exactly. because, with the chip shortage, you know, over the last year or so because so many of the chips are made in asia it's been hard to build the cars because there weren't any chips. pat, when we all go to the grocery store and, you know, it was six months ago, nine months ago and we saw hey, where is all the beef, part of that problem, it wasn't that there weren't enough cows, there weren't enough people to process it and that's why the price of ground beef went up 13%. >> right there. were times in our industry where there were only 50% of the workforce because people were paid to stay home. they were told to stay safe and stay home.
3:34 am
that had a ripple effect on top and compounded by the surge of fuel. fuel now is going to be the leading factor in high pricing. not just deville for trucks but also national guard for fertilizer. >> steve: well, the white house, you know, they don't have a little egg on their face. they have a whole omelet on there. and that's why they brian in brian deese. one of their economic advisers and he tried to explain the way out of it. listen to. >> we have seen a number of unanticipated outcomes. when it comes to prices, would very focus consistently is that this is a global phenomenon. it is connected to the pandemic. certainly the supply chain challenges that have evolved over the course of time through the delta variant and over the course of the fall. >> steve: right. daniel, part of it is the supply
3:35 am
chain but also part of it is the administration was caught flat-footed, not realizing how quickly the demand would return as we are on the back slope of the delta wave. >> yeah. these are not unanticipated consequences. anyone who understands the way the economy works knows when you tinker with it at the very fundamental levels, which is what they have done, in my industry in energy from their very first day in office, they have put in multiple efforts and regulations and rules to curtail the production of energy in this country. so these consequences are not unintentional. this is exactly what is going to happen when you have these political policy decisions that are not based on science fact. economic [inaudible] >> steve: right. and, corey, would it help folks like you in the car business if the government helped you or if the government got out of your way? >> well, on a local level, we're
3:36 am
so highly regulated, particularly in connecticut, it would be, the regulations in connecticut in particular just seem to be so unfair. they do block and curtail a lot of the things that we try to do. there is no question. >> steve: pat, as part of our food supply with pat lafrieda and you have the best burgers, i'm just saying, in the northeast. what do people have to look forward to over the next couple of months regarding the price of our food? >> the usda has just published what it is going to cost to transport all products, meat products, produce, from the west coast to the east coast or from the center of the country towards the east coast. and that's another 14% increase. a lot of that has to do with regulation on what it takes to get a cdl license, to find drivers that will transport this product. for the first time in history,
3:37 am
it will take -- it will cost more money for the transportation of say cantaloupes to the east coast than what the cantaloupes are actually worth. so, meat is not too far behind that. >> steve: that is just crazy. it is scary and how did we get here this quickly? people are asking themselves that question every day. daniel turner, corey shaffer, pat lafrieda, guys, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. 6:37 now here in the east. up next, failing our kids. one of ohio's largest school districts pivots to virtual learning against the advice of doctors in science. j.d. vance is running for senate in ohio. he doesn't like that one bit. he's coming up. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> brian: this morning students
3:42 am
in one of the ohio's largest school districts will not be in school because of covid-19. despite advice from the local children's hospital which says, quote going virtual in a school setting would not necessarily mitigate the spread i think those all those individuals would just simply spread it somewhere else because it's so infectious ohio g.o.p. senate candidate and senate resident ways weighs in. no school until 294th not because of a union situation. how do you solve this? >> the first thing you could do is actually invite people in the community, retired teachers, parents and so forth to come in and fill some of these staffing short tamtion. you have to start with this fundamental premise that what we are doing here is choosing to destroy a generation of children. i understand the staffing shortages with a big problem. i understand the problem when you have the cdc breathing down your neck saying you have to prevent somebody coming to work for 10 days if they get a positive covid test even if they are not sick. at the end of the day, we are now in year two of a decision. we have to be honest. this was a decision.
3:43 am
a true failure of leadership to sacrifice the education of children for disease that's not really risky to them. this is going to lead. i mean, think about the children are they going two prison five years, 10 years from now? are they going to drop out of high school? are they going to father or mother children they can't really take care of because they don't have the quality education they can't enter the workforce. this is going to destroy a generation of american children. let's be honest about that fact. if we were, i think we would be thinking outside the box for how to solve the problem. >> brian: j.d., one thing they are saying now and people like bernie sanders are pushing, let's flood the zone with n-95 masks. i basically feel like i'm in an oxygen chamber. not wearing them all day and get dents in your face. how do you feel about it. >> basically child abuse to expect young children to wear an n-95 mask. you are exactly right. when you wear them it's harder to breathe. this is not a way to live. especially given what we know about the virus. at what level if we cannot
3:44 am
return to normal at some level at this point, when can we? what is the standard that allows us to get our lives back to some sense of normalcy? we have therapeutics. we have vaccines. we have a number of things that we have learned about the coronavirus itself. we need to put down the crazy pills and get back to normal. here in america, here on planet earth where we are not double kn-95 masking our children, we are learning how to live with the virus. that's what we need to do for the rest of society. >> brian: since public schools responded to us by saying this c.p.s. will temporarily shift to distance wide descrant learning model due to ongoing staffing shortage. in person learning scheduled to resume january 24th. staffing levels sufficient to safely reopen. which means that is a huge question mark. j.d., what about you as dad. do you worry about that? >> you know, my kids aren't yet -- i have a 4-year-old. he goes to preschool. it hasn't yet affected any of our children. >> brian: does he wear mask.
3:45 am
>> he does wear mask at school. i'm not happy about it but that is the requirement. the fundamental problem we have right now is that parents cannot rely on their school system and they call it remote learning. you know, brian, it's not remote learning. these kids aren't learning anything sitting at home on zoom on a computer all day. what i find so egregious about this the way adults lie to themselves to make themselves feel better about the fact they are destroying children. this is not remote learning. this is not serving the kids? cincinnati or of the country well. it's time to put down the crazy pills and get back to normal. this cannot go on. are we going to be doing remote learning the next time we have a big wave of covid which will probably happen next winter because it is a seasonal respiratory virus? when are we going to stop living in constant fear of this virus in a way that destroys our children. >> brian: j.d., you are saying a year ago make big headlines i think america is coming around to that line of thought. we are parents or grandparents
3:46 am
first. or students first before the people worried about their party or election. j.d. vance, best of luck with your senate run. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: meanwhile, carley shimkus who i have not seen in person but seems really nice has promised to deliver the news. carley, are you going to deliver the news? >> carley: i am seeing you later today on radio show. >> brian: allowed to see each other on radio. go figure. >> carley: big update. wisconsin prosecutors filing 71 new charges against waukesha christmas parade suspect darrell brooks. is he now facing a total of 77 charges in the attack that left six people dead and more than 60 people injured. he is due in court tomorrow. health departments in utah and minnesota could face discrimination lawsuits after issuing guidance to use race as a factor and prioritizing covid care. both face published guidance saying race could be considered when determining eligibility for
3:47 am
monoclonal antibody treatments. a law group claims the policies violate federal law through, quote, blatant discrimination. and for the first time the army is offering a maximum enlistment bonus $50,000 for high demand roles. services struggling to fill critical jobs because of the pandemic. when the school system basically shut down, we lost a full class of men and women who we didn't have contact with face to face. check in with senior meteorologist janice dean with our fox weather forecast. janice, it is cold outside. >> janice: it's cold outside and we have got a big winter storm that is going to start to move across the plains today and tonight, and then dive across the mid south and mid-atlantic and the northeast. so measurable snow for some of these areas that don't typically see a whole lot of snow and size and that's where i'm concerned. here is our southern winter storm. we have this area of low pressure diving across the plain states and then into the
3:48 am
southeast where and when and who is going to get the most snow and size, we are still hammering out these details. if you live in these areas pay attention to local forecasters. here is the future track, heavy snow 4 to 8 inches from the northern plains through iowa and then this storm system is going to come off the coast and bring us a big winter storm sunday into monday for the northeast. but the exact track and how much snow and ice we're going to get, again, still yet to be determined. listen to your local forecasters, fox weather is going to keep you up to date. fox download the app. and make sure you have a plan in place. i don't want to have people stranded on the roadways or at work and make sure you have an emergency winter kit. not only in your home but in your car and your workplace. this is going to be a doozy, brian, so people need to pay attention. >> brian: i'm enjoying seeing the whole weather team. taken over the whole 15th floor and great studios. amazing to see a whole new channel launch go.
3:49 am
get that app. ains. >> janice: weather is big business. >> brian: you are the emperor in my view. up next, a former sheriff says goodbye to democrats and joins the party of law and order. how soft on crime policies fuels his decision. that story is still ahead. you can put the music up now. ♪ ♪ ♪ , the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more. you could save up to forty-five percent. (man) that's a whole lot of discounts. (burke) well, we offer coverage for a whole lot of things, and you could save a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (kid) sup, dad! (burke) seventeen-car garage you got there? ♪we are farmers♪ ♪bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪
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3:53 am
catholic, pro-life. and calling for law and order. jim neil joins us now. good morning, mr. neil. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> ainsley: thank you for your service. you were a deputy 30 years. sheriff in cincinnati and hamilton county for 8 years. starter bomb technician, worked with different administrations in the white house. thank you for all of your service over the years. what made you switch? usc a lifelong democrat. what made you change to the republican party? >> i left office january 4th of 2021. and i pretty much have taken the year off to get matters taken care of, you know, a lot of projects around the house. but during that time, also, did
3:54 am
a lot of serious thinking. and you have to ask yourself which party better represents and accepts, you know, catholicism, also, which party follows, you know, accepts the rule of law. and which party better accepts a man in uniform. and so, i had an opportunity. there was an opening in my neighborhood for a precinct executive, so i filed a petition about two weeks before christmas and i should be on the may 3rd primary ballot for the position of precinct executive. >> ainsley: okay. that is a position where you will represent your neighborhood. do you think you will run as sheriff again or another position down the road? >> if i do, the first
3:55 am
opportunity would be 2024. >> ainsley: um-huh. >> and you never say never. so, yes. i would consider another run at some office. yes. >> ainsley: jim, what was it specifically about the republican party that appealed to you. was it the fact that the democrats had gone soft on crime? you mentioned that a little bit. what was it specifically about the republican party? >> well, the democratic party showed me the door. obviously, they pulled my endorsement in 2020 and at 16, i won the general election by 63%. so, i was there for a while. and my endorsement was pulled in 2020. i was shown the door. and then after retirement.
3:56 am
during retirement, you know, did i some serious thinking about the future and so, like i said, i pulled petitions and i truly believe my values right now, the republican party, my values fit in better. being catholic, being law enforcement, following, you know, believing in the rule of law. >> ainsley: okay. leo terrell changed as well. >> positions. [talking at the same time] >> ainsley: is he leo 2.0. we vote you as jim 2.0. thank you for being on with us, jim. sorry we are out of time. thanks, again. thanks continue toflation, chicken wings now cost an arm and leg. how chains like dominoes are combating rising prices at the cost of your favorite.
3:57 am
3:58 am
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4:01 am
>> and serve less than six months in prison. >> i shouldn't be out right now. that's tells anybody that oh i can go shoot somebody and i be completely fine. >> ainsley: as the president's poll numbers plunge some on the left are turning to an old favorite. >> and in the land of the blind you need the one-eyed man and he is clearly better than anything the democrats have. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: good morning, tampa bay, florida. this is your 7:00 a.m. wake-up call. currently it is, as you can see, a few clouds. it's going to be a sunshiny day. you have 60 degrees. going for a day-time high of 70 on this thursday, january 13th, 2022. and welcome aboard, folks. hour two of "fox & friends."
4:02 am
live from all across america. ainsley and brian, good morning to both of you. >> ainsley: good morning, steve. i look at tampa, one of my really good friends from childhood lives there. and we have all been there. it's such a fun place to go. been there to see the bucs play and they are playing the vikings on sunday. we will be watching that game, brian. >> brian: eagles, vikings are out. >> ainsley: eagles, that's right. >> brian: they would have an easy time with the vikings they are not that good pete hegseth won't admit it. >> ainsley: who will bin the game. >> brian: bucs. joel says they won't repeat again. joel doesn't like tom brady, right? overrated. is that true? [laughter] >> ainsley: dave, what do you think? >> overrated. >> ainsley: dave agrees with joel. >> steve: he says great. >> steve: justin, what do you think? no clue. [laughter] >> steve: ainsley, did you notice, brian has two other people to talk to on television
4:03 am
who are on television but he chooses to talk to joel fulton who is stage managing right now in studio m. rather than speak to us. come on. >> brian: you won't recognize joel. >> ainsley: always decked out in gear. >> brian: joel has really changed. he has grown his hair out. [laughter] he wants to change his look for 2022. >> ainsley: not nice, brian. >> brian: he likes it. steve, do you want to start us off? [laughter] >> steve: i would love to on that high note. 7:03 here in the east. president biden is going up for lunch on capitol hill to talk to senate democrats. he is trying to push his partisan election power grab even after the scathing reaction to his divisive speech in georgia. griff jenkins joins us live from the capitol before the president's high stakes meeting. and, griff, so, you know, not only was the speech divisive and, you know, a lot of people have said that on both sides of the aisle, but mitch mcconnell
4:04 am
had some comments for joe biden where he said i don't even recognize that guy. who is that guy talking behind the podium? >> griff: yeah. even for those that know mitch mcconnell as a somewhat subdued fellow, he was fired up. and, good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. you are right. the president is coming up here to the senate to try the old lunch meeting with senate democrats because that big georgia speech failed to move the needle. and he needs support to kill the filibuster. to pass his voting rights legislation. it comes after yesterday on the senate floor as you mentioned, minority leader mcconnell just torched his former colleague. watch. >> how profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. i did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday. >> griff: over at the white house press briefing, it was damage control time. >> i know there has been a lot of claim of the offensive nature
4:05 am
of the speech yesterday, which is hilarious on many levels given how many people sat silently over the last four years over the former president. >> meanwhile speaker pelosi says she heard a clarion call on the president's speech and therefore the house will vote today on a consolidated bill to clear the path for the senate saying in a dear colleague letter, quote: house democrats will take a step to send the freedom to vote john r. louis act to the floor for consideration. so where do things stand, guys? you have got two democrats, manchin and sinema opposed, very opposed to any change in the filibuster. schumer is even sending in fellow democrats to twist their arms, because they are worried about losing the senate majority. but ultimately the house should pass this consolidated bill which actually is a jetsoning of an old nasa bill schumer can use a loophole in procedure to try to get at least debate moving on
4:06 am
this voting rights legislation. but one thing is clear, the math does not appear to be there to change any filibuster rules. so this may be dead on arrival. steve, ainsley, brian? >> ainsley: this carve out, loophole, if it does go through they wouldn't need the 60 votes. >> so, it's complicated. what it would do is then allow schumer, minority leader -- majority leader schumer to bring up a debate on this bill. they would vote to pass it. they would need 60. they will clearly not have that then they would try the carveout, something similar what they did in 2013 and 2017 on executive branch and supreme court nominations. buff the deal is ultimately, schumer needs all 50 democrats, plus vice president harris to break a tie for a carveout to go around the filibuster and it does not appear the math is there one thing is for sure
4:07 am
though, the senate could be very active this weekend. thank you so much griff. this is the same president president biden said he would not blow up the filibuster a year ago. 32 senators who said they would not blow up the filibuster at the beginning of the trump administration. 27 of them are still senators. only hold out of the democratic party joe manchin and kyrsten sinema right now. we have heard so much criticism about joe biden's speech even from the left, you have dick durbin who said perhaps it went too far. al sharpton said a speech that would not get him any votes. mitch mcconnell griff was talking about his reaction saying it's not presidential i really likes guy he is not a nice man but i don't recognize this president. if you are against compared him to bull conner and jefferson
4:08 am
davis. >> brian: speech was so inappropriate and someone wrote it be different if he answered that question in interview session. they put that in the prompter. you are seeing that prompter right there. who is it for? if dick durbin says it went over the top. if your problem is trying to get 50 senators, republicans, that didn't work. if you are trying to intimidate joe manchin. that didn't work. mark kelly, by the way, the astronaut senator from arizona, he has not weighed in yet. so he comes out and says basically who are you for, the north or south in the civil war? jefferson davis or president lincoln? by the way lincoln a republican. we don't want to digress and talk about who was a democrat and republican during segregation. what about tim scott? tim scott comes out and says as a southerner, i'm offended, i'm insulted. he refuses to recommend tremendous progress made by americans, not by republicans, not by democrats. but not by black folks or white folks but by americans.
4:09 am
and especially when you talk about blowing up the filibuster? really? barack obama actually did something he hadn't really said before. in the "u.s.a. today" editorial he backs blowing up the filibuster, again, bringing up something erroneous saying it's a jim crow relic used 300 times during the trump years. really? senator tom cotton weighed in. >> their election takeover bill would prohibit a lot of election integrity measures that americans have all races favor. take photo identification, for instance. they argue that's voter suppression. yet large majorities of african-american voters and latino voters believe that you should have to show a photo i.d. when you go to vote. of course that's just one small example of the way the democrats are reintroducing racially discriminatory policies across our government. you know, just in the last couple weeks. we have seen the fda trying to distribute life-saving medication on the basis of race. that is ant they call to everything that america stands
4:10 am
for. >> steve: and here's the thing, brian and ainsley. joe biden is pushing so hard, that's why he's going to go up and have lunch with the senators on the democratic side today, because he needs a win. build back better, thanks to sinema and manchin is dead. putting all their eggs in this basket in the last hour we set up exactly how few people approve of what joe biden is doing brian to the point who is writing these speeches, look at the speech he gave from atlanta and statuary hall on january 6th. those are meant to motivate his base. because, right now, so many people are doing can we have a doover on joe biden? he has not panned out the way we had hoped. one other interesting thing is joe biden was actually in the u.s. capitol yesterday to pay respects to the late senate majority leader harry reid,
4:11 am
knocked on mitch mcconnell's door and never got to talk to him. they never met. and mitch mcconnell later said i stand by what i said. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. one of the things that joe biden numbers are so low because of inflation because of the border. and because of crime. we got to tell you the story of luther trent. this is guy down in baltimore. he said, you know, it's kind of a romeo and juliet thing with my ex-girlfriend. if i can't have her, nobody can. and so what he did last year was he poured gasoline on the side of her house while she was inside and two of her roommates were inside as well. and lit it on fire. he was eventually charged with 18 felonies, including three attempted murder charges. but the charges were downgraded. doesn't that sound familiar? he wound up pleading guilty to
4:12 am
one count of first degree arson, given a 10-year suspended sentence, and then he was released from jail after trying to kill three people after less than six months. he spoke out yesterday in baltimore and said, what are they doing? this is not a good message. i shouldn't be out of jail. here's luther. >> i was just charged with 18 different counts, that was dropped to 10. and then it was dropped to 1. when i shouldn't be out right now. that tells anybody that oh i can go shoot somebody or i can go attempt to shoot somebody and i will be completely fine. it would empower me because i would be like, okay, this man just shot somebody, just blew his head off, and he is out walking free. i can do anything i want. >> ainsley: he was surprised to be released from custody after just serving six months after so
4:13 am
many charges. and this is just an example of how these -- how the d.a.s, prosecutors are so soft on crime. so many of these individuals, or judges are soft on crime and they let people just walk free. we see it in new york all the time. remember the guy who had a crime spree over the course two of days, i think it was 48 hours, two different crimes because he kept getting out and getting out? and sometimes being told paperwork takes longer than the time that they are locked up. they are out on the streets again, and the criminals know it. he knows it he even said it he said his friends convinced him to do this. he was under the influence of drugs. but he says i take complete responsibility it wasn't a sound decision. it wasn't the best decision i was supposed to take, brian? >> brian: here is the spokesperson for the city state's attorney, the states attorney, marilyn mosby's office told fox 45, based on the circumstances of this case and the defendant's lack of criminal record, we made an offer within the sentencing guidelines secured a felony conviction and to ensure the defendant remained under the supervision of the
4:14 am
state with a court order to stay away from the victim mandate. so, i mean, this is it. if you want to know why the democrats feel so dire about 2022, why they have about 28 congressman are not coming back, they are going to get eviscerated by their own lack of action. these democratic d.a.s, these mayors to the left of the left wing, are allowing crime to run rampant. we don't care about democrat or republican. that's bad. the border to go wide open, not even try to contain it. that's bad. that's why they are going to be destroyed in 2022, things like that. but the other thing that's really going to hurt them here and now, steve, is inflation and the economy. >> steve: right. >> brian: think about what's happening to the dollar. in one year when joe biden took over inflation was 1.2%. what is it at now? >> steve: well, when you look at the consumer price index, it went up yesterday 7%. so, that's the inflation rate. that means unless have you got a
4:15 am
7% raise this year, you will be losing 7% -- you will be 7% behind where you were last year. and there it is across the board. look at the one on the right. energy suspect about 30%. it's impacting everybody. domino's pizza, they have delicious chicken wings, just saying. they sell for 8 bucks. so, here's the thing. rather than raise the price, they are going to reduce the size of the order. they are going to make it rather than 10 pieces, they are going to make it 8 pieces. and that's just -- you know, we were talking to pat lafrieda, the meat guy from the northeast about 45 minutes ago. about how, you know, the prices of meat are so high and he told us something that i had not heard. and it comes to groceries. he said right now, the way the food distribution system is set up, it actually costs more to transport cantaloupes from the
4:16 am
west coast to the east coast. the cantaloupes are actually worth. same thing for energy. same thing for cars. here is some of our excerpts. watch. this went from inflation to be transitory now we hear how it's good for the economy. look, as you make energy a hard to produce, which joe biden has done, he has really made the supply dwindle and, therefore, prices of energy have gone through the roof. and all of those prices have been passed ton consumers. these consequences are not unintentional. this is exactly what is going to happen when you have these political policy decisions that are not based on science. >> the u.s.a. d.a. has just published what it's going to cost to transport all products and that's another 14% increase. for the first time in history it, will cost more money for the transportation of, say, cantaloupes to the east coast than what the cantaloupes are actually worth. so, meat is not too far behind
4:17 am
that. >> ainsley: biden says we are making progress. is that progress when everything is so expensive, when if do you get a pay raise maybe it's 1%, max, maybe 3%? it's not 7%. this is costing everyone. we are seeing gas prices going up. electricity going up. exactly. and if you compare, he says we are making progress? inflation was 1.4% in january. when he took office. disease, 7%. we have food up, apparel up. rent up, energy up. you have saw those numbers. labor shortage, the supply chain crisis. we have omicron, a border crisis. our grocery store shelves are empty. if you want a new car, you have to wait six months. if you want to sell your used car you can get a lot of money for that but then what do you drive? because there is nothing else on the lot that's available right now. we are seeing it across the board and people are tired of it democrats and republicans are tired of it. >> brian: i don't want to throw you off but cantaloupe is the most overrated fruit.
4:18 am
nobody says give me more cantaloupe. >> steve: my wife does. >> brian: the least attractive thing in a fruit mellowed is the cantaloupe. fruit mellowed. >> ainsley: honeydew melon. >> brian: do you know anybody. you say your wife loves melon more than anything else, cantaloupe? steve. >> steve: brian, you just want to eat everything in powder form. >> ainsley: if it's really sweet, then you have a good cantaloupe. you just have not had a good cantaloupe. >> brian: 7-eleven doesn't have good cantaloupe? >> ainsley: no. in the springtime i will bring you one. >> brian: still overrated. >> steve: i have got to take you shopping one day just saying. >> brian: nothing on the shelf. >> steve: 7:18 now start in chicago and carley has the headlines. >> carley: i certainly do. a horrific story here a chicago mother accused of killing her child held on $5 million bond.
4:19 am
jenny perry charged with first degree murder after her son demarri perry was found dead in an alley in indiana. prosecutors allege the child was forced into a cold shower as punishment. authorities say he died of hypothermia and his body had been set on fire. two of perry's siblings are also charged with hiding his body. rust armor, suing the movie gun and ammunition supplier she claims sold live and dummy ammunition together leading to the onset shooting death of cinematographer halyna hutchins, the lawsuit lays some blame on alec baldwin for allegedly failing attend a trainings session. baldwin was handling the prop gun when it went off. he has said he will comply with the investigation but has yet to turn over his cell phone to police. so far no criminal charges have been filed. defending champion novak djokovic named the number one
4:20 am
seed for the open. he will play serbian player. the drawing was delayed 75 minutes over uncertainty over djokovic's visa status. australia's immigration minister could still revoke djokovic's visa over his medical exemption from the country's vaccination requirement. the australian open starts on monday. and those are your headlines, guys, over to you. >> carley: all right. thank you, carley. still ahead. a new proposal in the senate could send face masks to every american. but aren't tests what americans need the most? dr. marc siegel will weigh in live. plus, deja vu as the biden white house struggles, democrats are reportedly eyeing a clinton comeback. lara trump is going to react still ahead. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,... ...swollen, painful. liberty. liberty. ♪ emerge tremfyant®. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®...
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ask you doctor about tremfya® today.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
4:25 am
♪ ♪ >> ainsley: the cdc says its mask guidance will not change. so senator bernie sanders is taking matters into his own hands, introducing a bill to send every american an n-95 mask. as the testing shortage continues and frustration grows over constantly changing guidance, is this the right move? here to answer, all of our questions is fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. hey, dr. siegel. >> good morning, ainsley. good to be with you. >> ainsley: good morning. good to have you on. is this a little too late? omicron really surged the beginning of december. our first case in america was december 1st. we all went away for christmas. some of you was couldn't see our
4:26 am
families. some of you was had to change plans. many people got this virus. and we needed the masks then. >> yeah, first of all, that's true. and it's all over the place with over 900,000 cases over the last 24 hours. that's number one. number 2, there is a mask shortage. and the kind of masks that senator sanders is talking about is this kind of mask. an n-95 mask. which i wear in the office, ainsley. and let me tell you something, it's tough. it's tough to keep it on. it's tough to keep the straps from breaking. you might imagine a klutz like me the straps are breaking every minute. and i barely have enough to wear one or two per week. and the idea of mailing one to everybody in america when they are really hard toker with a. and by the way i also have to leak test it i have to go to a really expensive piece of equipment to see if it's actually leaking or not. so, yes, it works. but it's really cumbersome and we don't have much of it and nobody is going to wear this. nobody. the scaled down masks like the
4:27 am
kn-95s, like this one. we can get these. and i think there are enough. furthermore, we don't know if any masks work right now. i want to point out something really important. the masks have not been tested against omicron, which is incredibly contagious. we don't know if they work at all. we have got admit that we can't keep saying do this, do, this and send something out in the mail like you are a mummy, and by the way where are the tests as you said at the beginning. we don't have the tests so i can tell who even has this variant. >> ainsley: dr. siegel, vanity fair had an article and it says the biden administration rejected october proposal for free rapid tests for the holidays. he was asked do you want to send out 732 million tests per month to americans? we could have used those over the break. and that didn't happen. he rejected it. he wasn't prepared for christmas. where were the monoclonals, where were antiviral pill that's could take that we hear work and where were the tests? >> right, that's a really -- all
4:28 am
of that is true. the tests, by the way, he was warned way before october. michael middaugh at harvard was talking about this a year ago. we needed these rapid tests. we needed them immediately. we need to know who had the variant. and when it was delta. as far as the pills are concerned, they needed to buy them in advance they knew they were going to be approved by the fda. that was dragged along. none of this -- no production line at pfizer was ready and the monoclonal antibodies is the worst story. because, if you go to florida, governor desantis set up clinics for monoclonal antibiotics figures up only one works. we don't have it you can't believe what i have go through on a daily basis trying to get for patients at high risk. ain'tly, whether they are vaccinated or not. i need it for people whether they are vaccinated or not. i think the vaccine helps, i think it's extremely useful buff a lot of times high risk people still need the monoclonals i can't get them. it's an unbelievable travesty we
4:29 am
don't have the monoclonal antibodies. >> ainsley: you are supposed to get them early on, right? if you are high risk we don't know what it will look like have this virus for 10 days but they need it in the beginning. >> that's a really important point. you are turning into a physician. if you give the monoclonals when they're in the hospital or when they are already have the inflammatory phase of the virus, it doesn't do anything. you need to know it right at the beginning of the diagnosis. so here's the plan. rapid test, we need it right away so we know that you are at risk if you have omicron so i can give you the monoclonals or plax received the pill. we don't have any of that by the time i figure out you have it. you are sick. you end up in the hospital. that's what is so bad about this situation. i call it operation snail speed and that's what it is. >> ainsley: yeah, i heard you say that yes. thank you so much, dr. siegel. >> always great to be with you. happy day today. good morning. thank you so much. good morning to you too.
4:30 am
growing concern it at the white house leaving democrats disarray over 2024 frontrunner. forcing some to consider an old favorite. hillary clinton. lara trump on the deja vu next. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> carley: would are back with headlines, an independent investigation found police made several inintentional mistakes during encounter with gabby petino. she was pulled over with police along with brian alan dri in august. police failed to issue a statewide required citation or make an arrest for domestic violence. several witnesses claim to have seen the couple hitting each other. petino was later found dead and authorities say alan dri committed suicide following a massive mountain. a loudoun county parent is asking for mercy for a teen convicted of sexually assaulting her daughter. the mother of a girl assaulted last year wants no prison time for the boy found guilty of two counts of sexual assault. that girl's father was arrested after speaking out about the attack in june as the school board was accused of a cover-up. the convicted teen was sentenced
4:35 am
to probation at a residential treatment facility. the judge calling his psychology report, quote: scary. hunter biden's ex-wife is breaking her silence in a new tell-all memoir. kathleen, his first wife, shares the details of her divorce after 24 year marriage to biden. according to people magazine she doesn't hold back on biden's addiction and inif i delegation. the title if we break a memoir of addiction and healing. it is set to be released in june. we will see if anybody is interested in that story, guys, over to you. >> brian: they will be. >> steve: all right, carley, thank you. meanwhile, the question is will there be a political comeback for hillary clinton? two big time democratic operatives are going in the "wall street journal" op-ed page unpopular president biden makes clinton the democrats' best option to win the presidency in 2024. is she their only hope? let's bring in fox news
4:36 am
contributor lara trump. lara, you know, this is by doug schoen and andrew stein. doug schoen is a number's guy. you got to figure before he would put his name on this he probably did some polling so there must be a slice of america that thinks that this would be a good idea. but, ultimately, are we talking about 2016 all over again where it's hillary vs. your father-in-law? >> well, good morning, guys. i cannot confirm hot republican candidate will be, of course. but if you ever wondered just how badly are things going for the democrat party right now? this sort of answers all of those questions. it has gotten so bad and people have such little confidence in this party that their number one and number two, these are people that are supposed to be the most powerful individuals in the world? joe biden and kamala harris aren't even viable candidates for 2024. and we are only one year in to office with these two.
4:37 am
even life-long democrats are having to admit at this point that the policies of this administration are not the democrat policies of five years ago, 10 years ago. this is a different party. and at every turn it seems like from covid to afghanistan, the southern border, supply chain, inflation, joe biden and kamala harris and the democrats by and large have made the wrong decisions. that have made life harder for the american people so they are out of options. so what are they doing? they are dragging her up out of moth balls. hillary clinton, the candidate who suffered an embarrassing blow out defeat by donald trump in 2016. i guess, guys, is the best option the party has. but it does speak volumes about how far they have fallen so quickly that this is the best they have got to offer. ainsley: so, lara, here are the
4:38 am
reasons that she said she lost against your father-in-law. listen. >> i was running a campaign that was about many things. but it turned out in part because of coverage. it turned out to be one thing, about me. phony attacks on me. what i believe was the proximate cause of my defeat was his october 28th letter. everything from, you know, sexism and misogyny to voter suppression. to the unusual behavior of the former director of the fbi, and the russians. >> ainsley: lara, what is your response? why do you think she did lose? >> well, she has obviously blamed everyone, except for herself. and talk about coverage. hillary clinton, are you kidding me? no one has gotten worse coverage in the history of television than donald trump. yet he won the 2016 election. he did incredible things as president of the united states. despite all of that negative
4:39 am
coverage. so, give us all a break. it turns out she was not a likeable candidate, which again, speaks volumes about where the democrat party is, if they want to bring her back. it turns out that people didn't like her ideas. as much as donald trump's. and now, that we have had a trump presidency, should it be hillary vs. trump again, i don't think it is even a question. people are desperate to get donald trump back in office. they see how much better things were when he was in there. believe me, trump vs. clinton, we know which way it's going to go. it's going to go for donald trump. >> brian: lara, lastly, lindsey graham made some news last night with sean hannity when he says he will not back mitch mcconnell as majority leader unless he proves he can work with donald trump. do you think lindsey graham is right to do that and say that? >> well, i think if donald trump is the candidate in 2024, and i think by all measures he would win that election, we have to get things done in this country.
4:40 am
there's a lot that we have to fix and it has to be done quickly. so we need somebody that would work with the president, should it be my father-in-law. so, obviously, we want to get out of this mess. donald trump, hopefully, could be the way forward. should he choose to run and got to have people working alongside him. >> brian: you are saying yes he has got to move on if he can't work with the former president? >> absolutely. if he can't work with the president of the united states, who has proven himself to get great things done in this country, then, absolutely, he has got to go. >> steve: so could it be donald trump vs. hillary clinton? deja vu all over again? stay tuned. lara, thank you very much. have a great thursday. >> thanks, guys. >> steve: all right. coming up, president biden heads to capitol hill today in hopes of killing the filibuster. jeremy hunt weighs in on the dangerous change in policy and makes an exclusive announcement after the break. ♪
4:41 am
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♪ >> brian: all right, president biden asking americans to pick a inside a divisive speech voting rights. he is expected to push senate votes into whatever it takes to pass the legislation. joining us now with his reaction is georgia native himself with a big announcement shortly jeremy hunt. jerry my a west point grad, i should add. jeremy, your reaction to the president's speech on tuesday even dick durbin said it was a little over the top. >> yeah. it's amazing that the president is wasting time going around, complaining about basic voter i.d. laws, which are widely popular around the state. he is going around calling us all racists in georgia. this is all a side show. we have to see it for what it is. he is trying to distract us from how horrible the economy is right now. people are suffering right now. pays their bills, inflation is ridiculous. he is going around and talking
4:46 am
about voter i.d. law. it's insane. and but honestly, is he going to find out very soon, come november, just how out of touchy is. >> brian: you have seen jeremy on the channel quite often. you know he is a west point grad and weighs in on military things, too. jeremy has a big announcement and here is a tease of that announcement and a little bit of your first ad. listen. >> georgia is at a turning point. the left is trying to redefine what it means to be an american. they hate what makes america exceptional. >> brian: so you are going to be running for congressional seat in your home state of georgia. what went into that decision? >> that's right. i'm so excited to announce here on fox that i'm running for congress back in my home state of georgia and georgia district 2. and we are just so excited. if you want to help us out go to jeremy for this campaign really was about preserving the american dream for my daughter and families like ours just around the state. this is really important to us.
4:47 am
and, look, as i mentioned before, inflation is the highest rate in 40 years. the grocery store shelves are empty. gas prices are ridiculous. i mean, pumping gas to get here this morning insane the prices we are paying. our families are basically paying the price to live in joe biden's america. and this is the problem. so i'm running to give our community a voice. and i'm really excited, you know, for me, this country, i talk about this on fox plenty of times before, this country has given me a lot of opportunities. i do not want to see and i refuse to surrender our country to people who do not treasure what we have here. that's why i'm running. >> brian: congratulations. that's a big move. >> thank you. >> brian: did you always believe when you went to west point academy, west point, did you always believe you want to have had get into congress and serve? >> at one point i was more so concerned about commissioning as an officer and learning how to lead soldiers. that was the number one thing on my mind there. in terms of the inspiration, yeah, for me, from the beginning it was about giving back to the
4:48 am
country that got me to where i am today. that was why i was proud to serve and i commissioned and rose to the rank of captain in the army. that's the same reason why i'm running for congress. we need people who are dedicated and it's aboutselfless service. it's not about me. it's not about anything. it's about the people in district 2. it's about the people of georgia and ultimately families across this nation who are suffering. we are running to give them a shot. >> brian: real quick, sanford bishop got 60% of the vote democrat that district right now. 74 years old. been there for 20 years. what do you think will change about that district that's going to flip the vote to you? >> yeah. well, our campaign is all about building new coalitions. so we are going to go and we are going to ask for every vote from warner robin, achin', columbus, going around the district asking people to support us. here's the thing. i can't do it alone. i need your support. if you can log on to jeremy for and chip in a few bucks it will mean the world to us. if we can do this together we can win the seat back and retire
4:49 am
nancy pelosi. >> brian: we know you have great suit and a nice sweater. good start. congratulations on the big move. we will talk to you again, i know. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: jeremy hunt is in. so is senior meteorologist janice dean with her fox weather forecast. hey, janice. >> janice: hi, brian, let's get to it. it's a big winter storm diving across the plain states over the mississippi and missouri river valley across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. so here it is as we go through the next 24 hours across the plain states. we have winter weather advisories, watches and warnings posted where we could see easily 4 to 8 inches. white out conditions as well with the wind. and then it's going to move across the mid-atlantic, the mid south and then the northeast this weekend into holiday monday. the track as it comes towards the east coast still yet to be determined but the possibility for heavy snow and ice across the south and the carolinas. so we need to monitor this. make sure that you are paying attention to your local weather forecasters, fox to
4:50 am
download the app. we will give you the very latest. brian, back to you. >> brian: thanks so much, janice. up next, prepare for delays. how long could it take to receive your return as the irs struggles to staff up for tax season. liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+,
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>> it has some systems in the agency. other systems, they are heavily reliant on paper. they can even automatically send tax returns to get them into the system. incredibly time intensive labor intensive goods takes forever to the detriment of taxpayers of course. speak out one quick tip for the people are going going to be
4:56 am
frustrated this season. >> file early and file electronically. you have to get your tax return in as quick as you possibly can if you want to get your refund in a timely fashion. >> so many people will be out with covid according to the irs. who knows when you're going to get it back? >> that's a fair question for their people from last year from the 2021 filing season that i've not gotten their tax refund yet and here we are in early 2022. there is no perfect way to get around the effect of the irs is not doing its job efficiently. you can just do what you can which is file early and try to get those tax return and electronically. >> let's see what happens. thank you very much. >> coming up, steve harvey is saying though woke left is keeping him from doing stand-up. ) with farmers auto multi-policy discount, the more policies you have with us, the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more.
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>> president biden is going up on capitol hill to try to push his partisan election power grab and try to distract us from how horrible the economy has been. rust, biden inflation hammers americans with the worst price increase since 1982. 7% inflation and he's still still talking about spending. this will never end back if this is the policy that this president wants. joe biden's approval rating is at an all-time low. >> democrats now encouraging hillary clinton to run for the white house. >> they are out of options.
5:01 am
dragging -- from cincinnati, calling it quits on his own party. >> you have to ask yourself which party better represents and accepts. >> are you ready for some snow? because much of the country is going to get a big winter storm. it's going to start developing today across the plains states, move across the midsouth and the northeast. ♪ ♪ >> clemson, south carolina, the university where they are back in session now. i know some people that go there. they were relatively permissive. they are trusting people to act responsibly on their own. can you imagine that? someplace that i imagine you are familiar with. the ongoing story -- i have some quotes about how much people like it or don't like it.
5:02 am
"never said it give me cantaloupe. i don't really like it that much. the vice president says it is not consistent. sometimes it is solved. sometimes it is hard. sometimes it is sweet. sometimes it has no flavor. i asked if i could quote her, and she said yes. it loves cantaloupe. always love cantaloupe. >> exactly. the whole reason we are talking about this is because we were talking to pat, the beef guy. he said it now costs order transport during the biden administration. the supply chain stop cost more to transport a cantaloupe from say california to the east coast and the cantaloupe is actually worth. this is just part of the supply chain issue. since you are bringing this up, let me just tell you, the catastrophe at our house. thanks to the supply chain problems, we cannot find the
5:03 am
little coffee pods that is the flavor that my wife likes. she likes a certain kind of hazelnut. and they are unavailable throughout this county. >> unbelievable. how much can one family have to deal with? >> i just got my french vanilla. i like hazelnut and the sentiment one. tell her to try that. sorry. diane is taking her little girl to school right now. her husband bob is probably watching. she says i love cantaloupe. jay wheatley says, i love cantaloupe. i said more people comment on our little crosstalk. i think stories. >> to make it look big. it's a medley of filler. if you buy it for the pineapples, for the strawberries. and then you bulk it up with cantaloupe. you can't build up cantaloupe. >> if you buy the fruit makes. it is already cut for you.
5:04 am
yes, do you like any -- >> you got the buy the medley. just cut it yourself. that way you don't have to go, oh, i like this one and i don't like that one. if you want pineapple, just buy up pineapple and forget about the medley. >> i don't want to climb the tree. since it is not in stores, i don't want to have to the pineapple trees. >> pineapples do not grow on trees. they grow flat on the ground. no. >> they are not potatoes. >> no, they grow above the ground right on the dirt. you know, you remind me -- remember the movie quote cities liquors" where they went out on the land and suddenly it is, like, what do you do with that? speak out right. i still think it is in trees. i'm climbing a tree. >> well, you are wrong. >> let me tell you this. if we do grow our own pineapple or climb trees and get it, it will be affected by inflation but anything else is.
5:05 am
i was stunned to see these numbers come across since i was just about everyone. i think somehow this administration was caught flat-footed. and the numbers rolled in and it turns out inflation is at 7%, when joe biden took the keys from donald trump, it was at 1.2%. now it has skyrocketed to 7% viewed individually, food overall up 6%. you want to buy some clothes. your rent is up, energy is up 30% in some cases, 50% across the country. this was supposed to be transitory. at that rescue package last march was supposed to solve this problem. steve, there was a belief that it caused this problem. >> absolutely. keep in mind, we have wound up injecting so much stimulus money into the economy even though the covid or a session was over. and they still put it in there. there's a lot of money floating around. our current bed head,
5:06 am
jerome powell, a cheerleader of what's going on. the problem is joe biden not only said it was transitory. in fact, he said in july, there is nobody suggesting that this unchecked inflation is going to be on the way, no serious economists. obviously, no economist in the white house telling them that, because that's what he wanted. he wanted to inject all that money into the economy. you know, the last time we saw inflation like this was 1982 when paul was trying to ring the inflation out of the economy on behalf of ronald reagan. you know how reagan got rid of inflation? this would be good for washington to do and this is what the republicans are talking about. reagan reduced taxes. do you think joe biden is going to do that? i don't think so. he got non-defense spending. do you think is going to cut non-defense spending? i don't think so. he slashed regulations at each side in the money supply with stricter central bank policies.
5:07 am
at that is one thing that they are going to do. they are going to tighten up the money supply and make it a little more costly to borrow money from the government. that is just a drop in the bucket compared to what they could be doing. >> on day 1, he closed the keystone pipeline. you talk to any farmer and rancher. and they say that all the regulations and high taxes are killing them as well as the gas prices. they have to transport all that food to somewhere else. they can't get their products. the grocery stores have to raise their prices, some of the restaurants. we can get what we need at the grocery store specifically because the shelves are empty. we can't get philadelphia cream cheese, beef has gone up, babysitting is gone up, milk has gone up, exits. everything across-the-board is. biden saying this is progress. today's report which shows a meaningful reduction in headline inflation over last month, that
5:08 am
is tiny. i will get into those numbers in a minute with gas prices and food prices falling. demonstrates that we are making progress in slowing the rate of price increases. at the same time, this report underscores that we still have more work to do with price increases still too high and squeezing family budgets. inflation is a global challenge. first to the global challenge for the daily mail is reporting our inflation is now 7%. we are far outpacing other countries. in japan, it is .6%. in the u.k., it is 4.6. in germany it is 5.2% grade we were at 7% as of december of 2021 last month. do you know what it was when president biden took office in january of 2021? it was 1.4. we have gone up so much in the last year. you have to make 7% more or had two in 2021 to cover the inflation. nobody really pay raises that much. most people don't at least. approval rating is all in the
5:09 am
numbers. 33% approval rating and a disapproval rating of 53%. >> it has not been kind to him. somewhere between the 43 we had last week and a 33 now. as inflation caused you financial hardships over the last six months, 67% said yes. when asked, what do you think that because it is, coronavirus 70%. government spending 75%. biden's leadership, 66%. that is not going to be good because basically, people understand what the policy is. we are not pumping oil so we are more dependent on oil. we look at situations where the president came out and said i understand what you're going through. i've had issues with china. they are locked down in australia. whatever is happening in europe. instead, he said i solve the problem. he told everyone, i solve the problem. i saved christmas. here we are in january. nobody thinks he solve the problem and he's on the record saying it. in fact, an economist who are outside the white house think he
5:10 am
helps cause and made it worse. did you notice over the weekend, they are actually asking steve for more money for this covid-19 omicron variant to help schools. are you kidding? we have written 10 trillion insects. you have any been spent to pair they are coming back for more of our money. >> well, do you blame them? we gave it to them. if you want us to open and everybody did, we are going to need the money. they got the money, now they want more. it is just like that when you go up to the money trough and you just want some more money. but when you look at the inflation, that is one of the things that joe biden does not want to talk about although except for saying, yeah, you know, we are climbing out of this. because that is why he is pushing for the most part voting rights. and that is why president biden is heading to capitol hill today. he will have lunch with democratic senators in the wake
5:11 am
of the speech he gave down in georgia. live from capitol hill. people on both sides of the aisle thought that was hyperpartisan. but that is really all the president has got right now. his build back better is doa. speak out that is right. good morning. the president's speech failed to move the needle particularly among democrats. that is why he's coming up year to try and get some support to kill the filibuster. so his voting rights legislation can pass. i tried this twice before on build back better and we all know how that turned out. you're going to have a lot of arm-twisting up here. i can tell you that already, the pressure on senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema is tremendous and vice president harris on another network this morning starting the shaming and absolutely bullying on joe manchin saying in an interview that he "shouldn't be absolved of the responsibility of preserving and protecting
5:12 am
democracy. we already knew that majority leader chuck schumer was going to send nine fellow democrats to lean on manchin and sinema to try to get some sort of change, but yet manchin and sinema are not willing to budge. very opposed to changing filibuster rules. speaker nancy pelosi has indicated that she will vote today on a consolidated bill to clear the path for the senate to act. she said last night, "house democrats will take a step to send that freedom to vote john r lewis act of the senate for urgent consideration. what happens now? we expect the house to pass this bill which actually is jettisoned to include the voting rights legislation bills combined into one. they passed that. he comes over to the senate where chuck schumer can begin consideration on it to began. it doesn't look like he is anywhere near what they will need which is all 50 democrats plus vice president harris to break a tie. certainly doesn't have the 60
5:13 am
threshold to pass legislation. steve. >> thank you. all right, good job. thanks for framing it out for us. let's bring in somebody who will have this bill in front of them paired minority leader kevin mccarthy who wants to be the speaker at this time next year. great to see you pretty today understand the strategy is put together this bill, pass it through nsf a majority which is allowed in the house. what do you think it is going to look like? how quick is it going to pass? >> they will pass it today. this was a massive bill. they are cutting it. they are putting this but i believe that takeover of the election system to the senate. why? to give schumer a middle advantage on the timing of when to vote for it. i still do not believe this will pass. think about what we voted on last night. the republicans proposed a resolution to block noncitizens and illegal immigrants from voting. do you realize that every single democrat voted against that? what do they really believe is
5:14 am
protecting our vote? in this bill, it is going to propose that every single democrat can get almost a $7.2 million of american taxpayer money for their campaign. this is not about a fair election. this is about gaming the system and putting your thumb on the scale for democrats to try to keep control of the congress. speak out leader mccarthy, yesterday, leader mitch mcconnell in the senate was referring to the speech that joe biden gave the day before. he said that his speech was profoundly on presidential. it was deliberately divisive. he said "i do not recognize the man behind the podium." what do you say about that attack and that the president took in delivering that? is it just about trying to pass something? what is in play here? >> it is almost a desperation. you have watched everything this president is willing to do.
5:15 am
he has been damaging the country and been failing. you would think the leader of the free world would unite the nation, not divided. it was such a division speech. stacey abrams could not even be with him. she was too busy. that will tell you enough that he's not only dividing the nation, he's dividing his own party by going to extreme measures. it is a sign of desperation in administration that continues to fail, not just from the raising prices and the unfair mandates they are trying to push on people. now the unrest with russia sitting across from ukraine. china pushing and having olympics. this is a man that is not showing leadership, not uniting but is making a step further down the failing almost in part that the entire world can watch. >> i think republicans are baffled. they want people to be able to go and vote without showing an i.d. isn't that a recipe for disaster? other people could show up and say they are kevin mccarthy.
5:16 am
say they are steve doocy. we have seen that happen in the past. i have talked to some people who said they went to go vote. i believe they were in north carolina and on our show. someone already voted in their name. this is a recipe for fraud, for disaster and to push elections in the wrong direction. why do they think that's okay? why do they think it's okay for an ex-con to be able to vote? what if i think someone who is in our country illegally to be able to vote in our elections? >> it is a desperation hold onto power that they are failing in their own policies. why wouldn't you want -- it shouldn't be a republican or democrat position. it is an american position. let's let everyone who is eligible to vote, vote. let's make sure it's a fair vote. make sure you have accountability. what's wrong with showing an i.d.? we have to show ids next week in d.c. just to eat, to get into a restaurant. we have to show our vaccination cards. in an airplane, everywhere you go, this is the only place you
5:17 am
shouldn't? the idea that in these states passing voter changes, they are making it more open for people to vote but they are protecting accountability. for the president to go to georgia after if you really read that bill, that is what he should be advocating for. enter election reform that protects the vote of every individual and make sure every individual that can vote on that account spirit >> be mischaracterized by georgia and the other states have done. they couldn't pass the pandemic to tighten those lows. meanwhile, you are in the news again because after much deliberation, you have decided not to cooperate with a january 6 probe. what went into that thought process? there are two republicans on the panel. >> those are not two republicans, that the republicans appointed. remember, this is a distraction, because they don't want people looking at what's happening. it is a coincidence that they
5:18 am
sent me the letter yesterday when it just came out the numbers that has the highest inflation we had in the last 40 years. that is a tax on all americans. this committee is not a legitimate committee. for the first time in history, the speaker laid out and didn't let the minority appoint individuals to the code does not committee. jan adam schiff who just two days ago said on cnn, he's got to do everything in his power to stop kevin mccarthy from ever becoming speaker. they don't have a legislative purpose to this. they started this committee with the chairman saying that speaker pelosi is off limits. there is two focuses that this committee should be working on. why was the capital so ill-prepared that day and to make sure it never happens again. but they will not bring forth any of the sergeant of arms communication with the speaker. this is purely an arm of the dccc going after any of their political opponents, people see
5:19 am
it. i had a conversation with the president that i went on national news not once, but many. there's nothing i can add to this committee going forward. they just want to attack surely based upon the political realm when you have members and members of that committee saying their goal is to deny the chance to be speaker. that is politics. >> well, that would, at the end of this election year of 2022. let's look toward the next presidential cycle. i'm sure you have been watching. in "the wall street journal," because joe biden and kamala harris are so deeply unpopular and probably could not win reelection, it's time for hillary clinton to come in and save the day. leader mccarthy, what do you make of this? because ultimately, it could wind up being a matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump which was exactly what we saw back in 2015.
5:20 am
>> think about that for one moment part of the democrats at the house, the senate, the presidency and they are talking about bringing hillary clinton bag. this is how bad the economy is going. this is how bad joe biden is serving as president that they would go clear back to somebody that the country has rejected. it is an embarrassment for the democrats but it also shows the predicament that they are in. they have hit rock bottom. if they want any measurement to know. that is why every element of what they are doing now, try to take over the election system to game it for them to win. play at january 6th committee pure politics and now their only hope is hillary clinton. i think tomorrow is going to be a better day for america. because the republicans have a much better bit then looking back to hillary clinton. >> they have the house, then senate and that presidency. inflation was 1.4% when he started in office a year ago. now it is 7%.
5:21 am
thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. let's hand it over. she has more headlines overall spirit >> we are going to start here with a sound bite of the week. a baltimore man who pleaded guilty to burning his ex-girlfriend's house down. his plea deal is sending the wrong message to criminals. listen to this. >> i was just charged with 18 different counts that was dropped to ten heard it was dropped to 1 when i shouldn't be out right now. that tells anybody that i can go shoot somebody or i can go attempt to shoot somebody and i will be completely fine. it would empower me. >> a girlfriend and her roommates were inside the home at that time of the fire. former new york governor andrew cuomo appears to be laying down the groundwork to challenge the ruling requiring him to pay back his book earnings. the disgraced democrat must
5:22 am
return over $5 million. his book was widely panned as a victory blaming his administration for that thousands of covid related deaths in nursing homes. researchers say cannabis compounds can stop the virus that causes covid from entering human cells. an oregon state study hiring that cannabinoid assets bond to the spike protein blocking it from a critical step it takes to infect people. of the team found the compound blocks the alpha and beta variance and they say it might work on other strains too. steve harvey says political correctness has killed comedy and a strong rebuke of counsel called separate committee and saying "the only way i can do one more special is if it is at the end of my television career, because it will end my television career. we are in the cancel culture now, the only person that can say what they want to say onstage is dave chappelle, because he is not sponsored
5:23 am
driven. discussing his statement, we reminisced about this all-time great tv moment between harvey and rob gronkowski. >> what are you doing? are you serious? i don't want to work with him no more. why is he here? why are you here? what is wrong with you? you are mentally imbalanced. it broke -- you know -- you know how hard it is to get those? >> that was new year's 2020 when he smashed a lego statue of steve live on fox. those are your headlines, your favorite tv moment spirit >> he loved that post. did you see how movie was. he did not read the moment. i'm going to smash it. i don't care.
5:24 am
i just thought -- what is wrong with you? i think he was going to punch him. >> do you see the look on his face? that is real. at that to me is the best moment in the history may be of television but certainly a new year's eve. let me get this straight. you have been on television for over 20 years. you say that is better than anything you have ever done on television. >> for sure. as a viewer, i just thought that is great. that is just somebody who does not understand robert gronkowski who hosted the nfl awards. he understands football players. i think he really loved his lego post. >> yeah, brian, he wanted to take at home and put in in his office or somewhere in his house. >> absolutely. >> he said you know how long it is to get those legos? he is the funniest guy. i had a friend it was on "family feud." he said they were on for three
5:25 am
shows. he was a great guy, funniest man he is ever met. i actually had the opportunity to meet him and i said i want you know it makes you hilarious? it is your expressions. his wife finished bison is for me because she agreed. >> i would say this. i thought it was dangerous for tom brady on a boat to throw the lombardi trophy. i believe and it was caught. i believe that this was even more risky, obviously. but nobody got hurt. the only thing that got hurt was a lego. i think those legos were glued. that is how hard he spiked the ball. >> it is surprising he did and then spike the super bowl trophy which would've then been a completely different story. speak out and it's type of ball. >> it is 8:25 here in the east end joe biden's own's own department of justice is reportedly arguing against the $450,000 payments to migrants
5:26 am
separated at the border just two months after the president pushed for it. >> president biden: if, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, whether it was legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, it's gone. you deserve some kind of compensation. >> okay. that is not stopping vulnerable migrants and being extorted for up to $5,000 by those who assume they got huge federal payouts. one migrant telling the associated press, apparently i am a millionaire now. i don't have the money to pay for something like that. and i don't know what i am supposed to do. i am desperate. fox news contributor and acting isa director joins us right now. tom, so, you know, after that story came out there every migrants child separated from their parents, each person in that family would get $450,000,
5:27 am
you know, a child and an adult. that's close to a million dollars. it sounded like that was going to happen. and now, joe biden is walking away from it. what is going on? >> first of all, his statement that the outrageous behavior of the trump administration, i'm still part of that lawsuit. we enforce the law. he ought to try it. if he tried to enforce the law, we would not have a border like we have today that is just out of control. no one should get rewarded for committing criminal acts. if you enter the country illegally, that is a crime. zero tolerance is about saving lives. children were dying, the democrat lawmakers blamed the border control. 31% of women get sexually assaulted making that journey. children were dying coming across the border. drugs are coming across the border killing thousands of young people. zero tolerance is about trying something to save lives, having some sort of consequence, some sort of the terrance beard that
5:28 am
is what law enforcement is. law enforcement's use zero tolerance on holidays for dui. zero tolerance on the border under president trump is about saving lives and nothing more. you should reward people that knowingly violate our laws. >> well, fox news tried to get a comment from the department of justice. they have not picked up the phone yet. tom, can you explain to us how apparently, the fbi is now looking into these crime tourists who are coming into the united states, and they are targeting different people in this country. they have carried out scores of burglaries. i think they have netted over $2 million. who are these crime tourists? >> this has been going on for decades. in my day when i was a special agent, it was chinese nationals. it was nationals from nigeria doing a lot of extortion in doing the crime tourism thing. it's an increase in the now because they know this
5:29 am
administration is not strong on law enforcement. most of our major cities are not strong enforcing the law. right now, it has shifted from china and nigeria to central america. ms-13 has taken a foothold in the 40 states, 40 out of 50 states have ms-13 they are. they are the founders of extortion. they extort the very same community in which they live, the immigrant community. it is why, steve, i have fought against sanctuary cities that protect these. they say they protect immigrant communities. no. when you release a public safety threat back into the community, they will offend the community they live. that's why you see a rise in this prayer this actuary cities in the last law enforcement going on in democrat-controlled cities across this country. you will see this continue to rise. >> well, unfortunately as we have seen in places like new york, people who are caught breaking the law, you know, the soft on crime d.a.s, they drop
5:30 am
the charges anyway. who knows where this is going to go? no place good, i don't think. of tom, thanks very much for joining us today from tennessee. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. coming up on a 30 here in the east. straight ahead, play ball. california parents are ramping up the pressure on their school district to let kids play sports. one high school football coach joins us on their fight coming up. if you are watching "fox & friends" live. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the one we are back with some headlines. u.s. judge ruling the sexual assault lawsuit against prince andrew can proceed in a manhattan court. the prance sexually assaulted her as a minor with the help of jeffrey epstein. the judge striking down prince andrew's appeal that $500,000 settlement with epstein in 2009. shields and from liability. prince andrew denies the allegations. a court date is expected to be scheduled for later this year. caught on camera, a woman and a
5:35 am
teenager being hailed heroes for saving three children from an icy pond in colorado. the neighbor rushed to pull the ds out of the freezing water after they fell in. and of the team through them in a row. one of the kids is a 6-year-old wasn't breathing and will first responders had to do cpr. thankfully, all the kids are expected to be okay. vice president kamala harris is brushing out concerns the administration was slow to order testing. listen here. >> they have been ordered. i have to look at the current information. i think it is going to be by next week, but soon, absolutely soon. it is a matter of urgency. >> should we have done it sooner? >> we are doing it. >> should we have done it sooner? >> we are doing it. >> 500 -- >> thanks so much. nice answer. we are doing it. keep repeating it over and over again part california school district is recruiting course
5:36 am
due to covid. unified school district telling "fox & friends" the ruling was temporary and adding "we have sent updated guide as to our schools that will allow for out of season conditioning and activities while adhering to the guidance that our district medical team has provided." threatening to sue over covid restrictions again. joining us now as high school football coach, california coach of the year. i appreciate it, coach. first off, why did you even have to fight to do off-season workouts after you have just finished the season? >> we just completed our state championship season in california. about a week or two later, off-season workouts which typically would affect our program couldn't happen. and it was an odd target. it was as if to say one school gets out, our kids aren't safe but during school, they were just fine to do workouts which as a parent, we thought was kind
5:37 am
of odd. >> you thought wants to get the kids on the field to begin with last year. you get on the field and you are fighting again. do they understand that this is a volunteer? we understand this virus. no one is forcing your players to train. >> i think school districts across the country forget that the customers, the parents and their children are quite capable of making decisions about what their children can and cannot be in. to take a decision away or worse, targeting specifically sports as if bad things don't happen to kids with idle time. it is sort of silly, but you do see across the nation, parents are standing up and speaking up and letting people know, an election does not make you my son's father or mother or your direct responsibility over me. >> what does it mean for the winter and spring sports right now for you and your district? >> the winter sports are continuing. they are adding additional testing. they may reduce the number of
5:38 am
spectators that are available. for a short period of time, the out of season sports could do anything. which we found odd. there was very little explanation. we obviously did our best to draw attention to it and remind them that we successfully sue the governor last spring to bring sports back and we would be happy to challenge anyone who thinks that they could make this decision certainly without us and for us. and in the best interest of our kids again, it was as silly as it up at 3:2 my kid was somehow safer than at 3:34 after the bell rings. leaving us out of that, hopefully they have learned is a mistake. >> especially getting your way but there's a reason you are coach of the year. you have to teach them a lesson by your actions. you have to overcome obstacles. that is all you are asking to do. no one is forcing a kid to put on the pads. let these kids play. unbelievable. thank you so much. congratulations on the great
5:39 am
season and your win. you got it. keep fighting. meanwhile, authorities glutted with tips in search of the missing 7-year-old harmony montgomery as her stepmom now faces new charges. nancy grace now following the case. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ some of my best memories growing up, were cooking with mom. she always said, “food is love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪
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chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at ♪ ♪ >> police in new hampshire desperately searching for that precious child right there. and i need answers. in the case of 7-year-old harmony montgomery, reported missing two years after she was last seen. her stepmother or face a new criminal charges as authorities say she lied about harmony's whereabouts so she could get money for food stamps. nancy grace host "crime stories" on fox nation. what do you know? what is the latest? >> good morning. thank you for inviting me. a lot is happening in the search for a little harmony montgomery. two years ago. how does that happen?
5:44 am
no school system, no relative, nobody noticed she was missing. the reward has climbed to $104,000. also, we know police are going through 300 tips. i am not hardened. i will tell you why. because they showed up at one location and had a huge ground thawing truck so they could look down in the dirt for harmony. this as the stepmother is having her welfare fraud charges thrown out and replaced with nine new charges. one being felony theft and eight misdemeanors per this is because it is alleged she continued taking government money in harmony's name and never saw harmony. you want to tell me she never said, hey, adam, where is harmony? are we going to be in trouble for taking this money? i find it very hard to believe as another allegation has
5:45 am
surfaced yet to be proven by the biological mother who kept sending emails trying to find her daughter claiming she is afraid the father sold the 5-year-old little girl. in this country in 2022, selling a little girl. >> wow. what do we know about the biological mother? she lost custody i think in 2018. she said she repeatedly tried to get in touch with a child, but according to the daily mail, they called the police department and they said they never heard from her until just this past november, november 18th. >> and there are a lot of conflicting stories and i can tell you this much. if i couldn't find my child, i wouldn't be sitting on my laptop sending emails but i would be out looking for my child and lying on the front steps of the courthouse screaming for my lucy. that is what i would be doing. according to her, she sent a lot of emails about where is my
5:46 am
daughter according to police, they didn't know anything about that. >> all right. what about the new information about -- they search the house where the stepmother and the father used to live? >> that's right. and that is where you can see police bringing in this huge tank of a machine to thaw the ground so they can i guess use ground penetrating sonar and look for a disturbance among the soil. that only means they are concerned she could be buried somewhere. their relatives don't live there anymore about the current occupants are more than amicable for the police. right now they are sifting through 300 tips, and they better be. because their police force went out to the home when a neighbor called concerned about a little girl and they left her in there with a black eye. nobody got the girl out. now two years have passed. would've they been doing? sitting on their thumbs?
5:47 am
>> this just makes me so sad. here we are worried about the supply chain crisis in this little girl -- >> cannot tell you one more thing? yeah. >> this little girl is 50 pounds. think about a little girl that tiny being sold, and she is blind in one eye. and in every picture, she is smiling. she is smiling. this after we learn the father, the dad said he bashed her around and made her clean the house with her own toothbrush. he needs to rot in you know where, he double l. >> nancy, i know you have one story about this. nancy grace on fox nation. you have another one that is dropping tomorrow. there is the number at the bottom the screen if you know anything about this. they do have a lot of tips. the reward money is very substantial as well. thank you so much. >> make you so much for putting harmony's picture in tip number out there.
5:48 am
i am very grateful. >> thank you. we have more "fox & friends" coming up. first, let's check in with bill hemmer on what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> the list of troubles grows longer for this white house for your new polling numbers desperate country looking for a leadership on just about everything. a covid, the economy, inflation, the border, senator tom cotton kicks it off in a few minutes. see you at the top of the hour. superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. shhh... you think she's still awake? don't worry. the lexus rx, built for a modern families. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350. ♪♪ welcome to silversneakers. are you ready to get moving? (throws punch)
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5:51 am
since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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>> good morning, everyone. this is what we are talking about. yep, we have a winter storm that is developing across the plains states. it will bring some southern snow and ice to portions of the southeast. up toward the mid-atlantic and the northeast this holiday monday. let's take a look at what we've got, this area of low pressure that's going to push across the plains states allowing the jet stream and arctic both front that's going to bring their temperatures down again. winter storm watches and warnings are in effect from the dakotas to iowa. 4-8 inches of snow. as we get into portions of the south including georgia and the carolinas, that is when we really have to, you know, solidify the forecast because we could see snow and accumulating ice. this is what i am concerned about, the ice potential. it's going to be next to
5:53 am
impossible to travel in some of these areas. a nor'easter that will develop into monday. travel will be impossible in some of these areas. there's going to be delays and cancellations. stay tuned to your local weather forecasts. download the app. we will keep you posted all weekend long. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. well, it is wild card weekend in the nfl. this weekend's must-see match up is only on fox. tom brady and the number two ranked buccaneers will take on the seventh ranked number seven ranked eagles this weekend. the playoff action all leading up to the fox's coverage of the nfc championship on sunday. here with her predictions, fox nfl sideline reporter. good morning to you. this is going to be the old guy versus the young guy. >> good morning, guys, yes, indeed, the postseason is finally here, my favorite time
5:54 am
of year. it's awesome. it's really not hard. the super bowl champion led by tom brady, they are clicking so well at home. they are outscoring opponents by 16 points when they are in tampa bay. tom brady's bff robert gronkowski is on fire as of late. for the first time in franchise history put together two back-to-back 100-yard games by a tight end. they are firing on all cylinders and they are going to get my lsu lanard fournette bag here that is huge. they are down chris godwin and the whole thing with antonio brown two weeks ago, that is going to be a nice new -- >> they played before. the philadelphia eagles are the surprise team of the league i would argue. not many people thought they would be more than rebuilding after firing their coats. do you think that running the ball could be that thing that keeps tom brady off the field and that's what the eagles do well? >> i don't think it could be.
5:55 am
i think it most definitely is. the ego strength is running the ball. they are the best team on the ground and nfl. 160 rushing yards per game. a lot of that comes courtesy of their quarterback, jalen hurts. he's fantastic. he has 800 rushing yards on the game alone. they should get miles sanders back, their number one running back this week. if you are worried about keeping him under control. don't forget about guys in the backfield. he's got the deep play threat. the defense is really going to have to pick their poison if the eagles can get that ground game going. >> i must admit, you took my question peered because behind the camera is debuts a huge eagles fan. give me a question. he said are they going to play that running game or let jalen hurts throw the ball against a tom brady? that was a great question, because it is one for them the last seven or eight games. i have another question for you. can you tell us about fox bad?
5:56 am
>> absolutely for sure. this has been a fantastic thing. we've got going for the past couple of seasons. who doesn't want that? $100,000 up for grabs this week. all you have to do is predict those scores correctly and this one. you've got tom brady, jalen hurts, the biggest age difference ever between two quarterbacks in a playoff game. download the fox bets super six app. it's free to play. get your picks in. >> watch everything on fox, because you have three big games. thanks so much. meanwhile, more "fox & friends" in just a moment. you've got it. download that app. l cell lung c, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response
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>> thank you for waking up with
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us. >> are we ready to go this morning? >> i'm here with my friends. >> glad to have you with us this morning. >> a big day. ♪♪♪ >> to settle the question pine apples don't grow on trees. they're growing out of the ground in hawaii. >> i can reach it. see you. >> bill: good morning, everybody. president biden trying to sell his party on a senate power grab. how much sway does he hold when the american people aren't in your corner? the latest approval number dropping to 33%. good morning, everybody. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. hello, dana. >> dana: i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." that's a very tough number for the white house to wake up to unfortunately for them there is no mercy rule when it comes to political polling. they will be dealing with this for quite a while. >> bill: it is hard to find any good news in the polling from yesterday. more coming up.


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