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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 13, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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morning? >> i'm here with my friends. >> glad to have you with us this morning. >> a big day. ♪♪♪ >> to settle the question pine apples don't grow on trees. they're growing out of the ground in hawaii. >> i can reach it. see you. >> bill: good morning, everybody. president biden trying to sell his party on a senate power grab. how much sway does he hold when the american people aren't in your corner? the latest approval number dropping to 33%. good morning, everybody. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. hello, dana. >> dana: i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." that's a very tough number for the white house to wake up to unfortunately for them there is no mercy rule when it comes to political polling. they will be dealing with this for quite a while. >> bill: it is hard to find any good news in the polling from yesterday. more coming up. >> dana: to deal with that
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president biden will meet with democrats on capitol hill this afternoon trying to get moderates on board with blowing up the senate rule book, the nuclear option. it would clear a path for democrats to federalize u.s. elections. >> bill: the president's big speech on that topic is being slammed by republicans. a few democrats chiming in, too. minority leader mitch mcconnell went to the floor of the senate with a stem winder of a speech and let it fly. >> this president said we should see each other not as adversaries but as neighbors. yesterday he called millions of americans his domestic enemies. the president's rant -- rant yesterday was incoherent, incorrect, and beneath his office. i did not recognize the man at
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the podium yesterday. >> dana: senator tom cotton had a memorable floor speech of his own. we'll talk to him in a moment. let's go to jackie heinrich at the white house as they wake to the number of 33% approval. >> good morning. senate democrats getting their first meeting with the president since july. he is heading there to go to their caucus lunch to push the voting rights filibuster reform. not the same excitement in the air as the last time he was there. these democrats know there is not the path right now to accomplish what he is looking for on either voting rights or filibuster reforms or changes. the president's visit to the caucus lunch is how serious the white house is about is. schumer's pledge to change the filibuster by january 17th, martin luther king day is not having weight. not clear what the final proposal will be. that's only a few days away. this morning the vice president
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was asked how realistic that is. >> in 2006 in this very town of washington, d.c. up the street at the united states capitol in the united states senate 98 of the 100 members of the united states senate voted in favor of an extension to the voting rights act. it was not a partisan issue. it was an american issue. >> how are you going to get it done? >> well, when we have the discussion about who is responsible, i will not absolve the 50 republicans. >> the president's poll numbers remain a problem. on the economy his approval rating is just 34%. 54% of americans believing it is getting worse and another 30% seeing it as staying the same. only days out from the culmination of the president's first year in office 50% rate this as what they expected, not great for a president with approval ratings in the 30s for months now and another 39% say
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it has turned out worse than they expected. interesting finding, 49% now see the president as more of a divider in chief than uniter in chief and that's a criticism that republicans have been quick to throw at him after his last two major speeches first on january 6 and earlier this week in georgia on voting rights, dana. >> dana: jackie heinrich, thank you. >> bill: mcconnell went after biden. tom cotton went after chuck schumer on the senate floor. watch. >> ideologues in the senate want to turn the founding fathers -- what the founding fathers called the cooling off of democracy into a rubber stamp of dictatorship. every word of my speech today was originally spoken by ourselves teamed colleague, the senior senator from new york. chuck schumer. >> bill: the republican from arkansas joins us now. thank you for your time and make your point.
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>> dana: clever. >> it was the easiest speech i've ever given. i didn't have to right a word of it. just repeated when chuck schumer said over the rules the importance of senate rules and respect the rights of the minority in the senate. the senate is a place where you have a sober second thought. sometimes transient or fleeting opinions coming from the house of representatives. it played that role over our history and needs to continue to play that roll. if you are looking for integrity and principled stance chuck schumer is not the politician you want to look to. what republicans will do this week is defend our constitution and customs to protect the voices of all americans in our government. >> dana: senator schumer has a strategy today figuring out a way to try to get to what he needs. is that possible? >> i don't think it's possible, dana. i have not heard anything from
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joe manchin or kyrsten sinema suggesting they are going to go down the radical path. i don't suspect joe biden doesn't have anything to say to them than he did on tuesday. call them racists for not thinking we should have ballot harvesting doesn't seem to me a strategy for winning over those democratic senators. >> bill: some of the democrats have already gone public suggesting that that whole deal in georgia was too much. dick durbin, al sharpton. watch. >> perhaps the president went a little too far in his rhetoric but the fundamental principles and values at stake are very similar. >> if he was trying to get votes it would not be vote getting speech. i think he gave a you are going to hell speech. >> bill: it is hard to get them on the same page on a topic like this. warnock the winning senator
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from georgia said the following. he said the risk is that we lose our democracy as we know it. put that in the context of the fact that joe biden won and warnock won his runoff election to get his senate seat in georgia. >> bill, the democrats have been propelling a big lie about election laws around this country. states like georgia or texas or other states have adopted new election reforms. those reforms almost uniformly make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. in many wales they make it easier to vote than delaware or new york. but because the democrats know their agenda is massively unpopular the results it generated like record high inflation of 7% is going to cause them to lose in the next election. they want to take over our elections and they want to seize power so they never have to relinquish it. i can't think of a much better
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defense of the senate rules and -- a 50 r50 senate is trying to break the rules to decide how every state will elect senators in the future. >> dana: i wanted to ask you quickly to talk about one of the provisions in this voting rights bill that hasn't gotten a lot of attention but you've talked about it and have a couple of others, the provision that would allow for matching funds to be given to candidates through taxpayer dollars. >> the democrats have wanted to do this for years. this is just their latest excuse and pretense to try to use your tax dollars to support candidates who you disagree with. look, every candidate has a chance to raise money these days. in some ways it is easier than ever to raise money because of online fundraising. the democrats don't have any problems raising money yet the democrats want to take your tax dollars so you can fund the campaigns of candidates with
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whom you disagree. we don't want to take your tax dollars and give it to democrats or republicans. we think politicians should be able to campaign on their own two feet not using taxpayer money. >> bill: thank you for your time. so the president goes to the hill today. see what kind of success he has or not. he has done it before and come away empty-handed. the repeated pleas for build back better have not succeeded. >> dana: i heard some people are calling it build back never. talks with joe manchin aren't even happening right now. >> bill: there is that, right? nine minutes past. >> dana: schools are struggling to keep kids in the classroom dealing with staffing shortages and low attendance. new york city student attendance has fallen below 70% across the nation's largest district and the situation just as bad across the country. bryan llenas is live in brooklyn this morning. >> good morning. the vast majority of schools
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nationwide are offering in-person learning but there has been attendance issues and attendance has been suffering because students are calling out sick on quarantine or parents are too worried to send their kids to school. if you look at the latest data from the attendance rates at the nation's largest school district it shows 76% of school students were in school. 70% of students were in class in los angeles. 72% in in attendance in chicago before the five-day teacher work stoppage and 70% of students attended boston schools. houston and miami were 90%. white plains, new york, superintendent tells me despite attendance concerns he is keeping schools open. >> there are two reasons the school district would go remote. one that the government forced it. and two, that i don't have the colleagues in the classroom and workforce and staff to be able
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to safely operate our school district. it wouldn't be the entire school district. >> staff shortages have forced thousands of public schools to temporarily cancel in person learning. the minneapolis school district announced it will go to remote learning for the next two weeks. in palo all to hundreds of parents volunteered from doing office assistance and custodial work to keep their schools open despite the efforts there is pushback including from students who are demanding remote learning on tuesday hundreds of students staged a walk-out of brooklyn tech. new york city's largest high school. they say they don't feel safe inside their classrooms. despite all of this, dana, the mayor eric adams says he will keep schools open and remote learning is not an option. >> dana: thank you for that. i noticed in the "washington post" today remember dr. michael os tear home. he writes a piece that says it
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is time to acknowledge reality. many schools will likely have to close because of omicron and he is basically saying similar things to what bryan llenas is reporting. so many people reporting sick. parents who don't want to send their kids to school and you get to a certain level you might have to close schools temporarily. >> bill: a world recognized epidemiologist. he is well-known in the state of minnesota and all over the country. the cases are leveling off in the northeast and leveling off in new york city. there is a trend now we're seeing that reflects what happened in south africa. that's the good news we bring to the table at the moment, dana, on that. >> dana: i'm all for that. >> bill: 12 past. police have new scrutiny over the traffic stop that involved gabby petito and brian laundrie. >> dana: some insiders say
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>> bill: we get this word from the hey seas cruise ship omicron increasing 30 fold causing chaos across the industry and cdc guidance an covid. phil keating is on the story
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with the port of miami with more. good morning. >> good morning. just like in every state across the country the highly infectious omicron variant surged on cruise ships in despite requirements all crew and passengers vaccinated and everyone show a negative covid test before they even board the ship. a policy which expires saturday. according to the cdc the past two weeks have shown a 30-fold increase in positive cases on the big vessels. in the first two weeks of december 160 positives. second two weeks of december that number shot up to 5,000. stewart has seen a dozen cruises since last summer when the industry resumed sailing after the pandemic froze it for more than a year. he says he feels safer at sea than on land. >> the occurrences of covid on board ships is lower on a ship than what we're seeing on land.
6:20 am
we're talking not even 1%. the protocols are working. people are confident in cruising and people are going. >> still due to this latest wave of covid-19 royal caribbean and norwegian have canceled a dozen scheduled cruises this year. the industry has lost dozens of billions of dollars since the pandemic began. recent cruisers told us with their vaccine cards and supply of masks they had no hesitation going aboard. >> i feel pretty safe. >> still thanks to the highly contagious omicron variant the cdc is recommending all of us do not go cruising right now regardless of your vaccination status until this omicron wave finally subsides. >> bill: thanks for that. phil keating in miami. >> dana: more on this now with
6:21 am
admiral brett giroir former coronavirus task force member and testing czar for them. i want to put up the number on the board. 162 cases were reported from cruises the first half of december. but in the second half it was 5,000 cases. that is really illustrative of how contagious omicron is. >> i agree with the previous commentator i feel safe on cruise lines and one of the safer places as long as they keep the protocols. everybody has to be double vaccinated. testing before you get on the ship and after you get on the ship and testing multiple sites. omicron is contagious. if you look at the positivity rate in texas it's 20 or 30%. much less on a cruise line. if you are highly likely to have a bad outcome don't go cruising. if you're a relatively healthy person with all the protocols. i went on a cruise in september
6:22 am
and intend to go in may. we need to be cautious but not interrupt our lives completely over this. >> dana: we learned something about you. you are a cruiser. okay. we got that. do you feel the same way about air travel still? >> i do feel good about air travel. the ventilation systems in modern aircraft are very excellent with filtration. it is reasonable to wear a mask with omicron. it depends on your individual risk as well. if you're one of the people highly likely with the multiple co-morbidities even if you get omicron which is much less severe you could wind up in the hospital be careful. for the general normal traveler who may have a mild comorbidity the filtration in the planes combined with mask is highly protective and feel very safe doing that. >> dana: a lot of people you used to work with in the public health sector are suggesting we're going to have to learn to
6:23 am
live with the covid and so here is dr. anthony fauci from the other day at the covid briefing. watch. >> we are going to look ahead at what happens when this peaks and it openly goes down. we won't eradicate this, we won't eliminate that. it only happens with mass vaccinations programs like measles and vaccines but we'll ultimately control it. >> dana: do we go from calling it a pandemic to endemic. >> some is semantic. we have to understand and i agree with part what he said, we won't get rid of it but we need to control it. control it means there will be a much lower rate of infection and decrease hospitalizations and deaths down to a low level. that's what we'll deal with. remember, current estimates say we're having 6 to 7 million cases a day in the united
6:24 am
states. that's the true number of infections and probably half the american people will be infected within the next six weeks. this will go up and peak then it will go down and then we'll have a smoldering level of endemic disease that i think we can control with vaccinations, oral anti-virals and appropriate public health measures. >> dana: bernie sanders has this idea to -- that all americans should have facemasks to keep them safe. i'll be introducing legislation tomorrow for n-95 masks to be sent to every household in the country and save lives and reduce healthcare costs. his idea is to send three of those masks to everyone in the country. is that a good use of government dollars? >> it has no basis in practical reality. first of all only 35% of americans wear masks in public. 65% won't wear them even if you
6:25 am
send them. n95s need to be tightly fitted. if not you breathe air around and do no good. that's over a billion masks being sent out. we need to target them. target them to the healthcare workers, front line responders and i would say many of the insurance plans medicare or medicaid can certainly send them to high-risk people vulnerable. that's what we need to do. we shouldn't send them to everyone. it is really a waste of money and waste of resources and i think it could be counterproductive. people might feel safe and do things they wouldn't normally do with their n-95s not fitting and you will get infected. it's a dangerous, impractical plan and i wouldn't support it. >> dana: good to have your point of view doctor and admiral giroir. good luck on the cruise shopping that you'll do later today. thank you so much. >> bill: university of pittsburgh unvaccinated students and staff are no
6:26 am
longer welcome. if you do not follow the school's vaccine mandate you will be disenrolled from spring semester and barred from some campus buildings. they are allowed to return in they approve vaccination or otherwise the university will send them a refund. >> dana: alarm bells going off at the white house after president biden's approval rating drops to a new low. we'll break down the latest polling and what it means for the mid-term elections next. the far left was a key voting block for the president, now some are regretting their decision. only pay for what you . ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people.
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>> dana: a leader of the far left warns that democrats have turned their back on the working class. bernie sanders says the party needs to make a quote, major course correction ahead of the mid-terms. mark meredith following this in washington >> bill: new polling may back up senator sander's claim.
6:32 am
polls yesterday shows the president's supports among democrats is slipping. look at the latest approval numbers 75% of democrats approve of the president's job performance. look back in november. 12-point drop from the previous time. a still healthy number among democrats but some think the party is drifting in the wrong direction. vermont senator bernie sanders who campaigned to lead the democratic in 2016 and 2020 did not hold back in a recent interview with the guardian saying it is no great secret that the republican party is winning more and more support from working people. it is not because the republican party has anything to say to them because too many ways the democratic party has turned its back on the working class. progressives are sharpening their attacks on the president urging him not to let moderate democrats control his agenda. massachusetts democratic congresswoman pressley tweeted to the president writing he must cancel student debt and do right by the movement that
6:33 am
elected him. last year the white house said the president would support canceling some student loan debt if congress would send a bill to his desk. given the political climb & the progressives want the president to do it on his own. >> dana: with friends like these. >> bill: president biden continues to sink in the polls. some described it as cratering. quinnipiac, the approval rating dropping to 33%. tom bevan founder of real clear politics good morning to you. dana said the mercy rule should be in effect. she wants credit for that. well done here. here is what quinnipiac says. job approval among the following groups. overall 33. independents 25. hispanics 28. also on the state of the economy getting worse, same or better? 54% of those in the poll say it is getting worse. i don't know how you dig out of that unless you go to church
6:34 am
and pray. >> obviously these are terrible numbers across the board this poll. just one poll. it is five points lower on the job approval rating than any other poll out there. this might be an outlier or the beginning and leading edge of a trend which should be alarming for the white house particularly the numbers you mentioned which are 25% among, 1 out of 4 independents think the president is doing a good job. more concerning for democrats in the context of mid-term elections 28% support among hispanics. when you are talking about senate races in places like nevada, arizona, georgia, that's a catastrophic number for democrats. so yeah, they have to turn things around but they don't seem to be having a clue how to do it just yet. >> dana: things are solid filing. if everybody is thinking about inflation and covid and they spend a week or two weeks on a voting rights bill that is
6:35 am
unpopular with most americans you have to wonder what they're thinking. how does it translate to congress in the mid-terms? in the same poll the generic ballot who should control congress. republicans 43%, democrats 42%. here is what rick scott said on our program the other day. >> i think we'll take back the house. i think we'll take back the senate and when we do we have to govern. anyplace like biden won by 10 points is a battleground state. if we have a good candidate, raise money and we'll win. >> dana: the states where president biden won by less than 10 points. alabama, arkansas, alaska. indiana, kansas, kentucky. all these states here. do you think that could really spell something quite monumental for the republicans this fall? >> it could. that's one of the interesting things about the poll. the republicans only have a one
6:36 am
point advantage in the house doesn't really jive. republicans have been doing very well in the generic congressional ballot to the level we haven't seen in seen in decades. if you look across the map, not just competitive senate races in arizona, nevada, georgia, but other places, colorado, washington state. the potential for a real republican red wave in the senate getting close to or approaching 60 seats. that is not out of the question where things stand right now particularly as was mentioned earlier when 68% of people are thinking the economy is in poor shape or not so good shape and the administration is focused on voting rights. another poll that came out yesterday saying democrats are very concerned about abortion. that's not where the american people are. if they don't reset to the priorities of the american people, it could be a wipe-out in november. >> bill: that's an interesting
6:37 am
comment. you look at the long list covid, inflation, economy in general, russia, continues to be a hot issue. the border. bill was on yesterday the number of criminals that they have apprehended just this week alone is staggering. ask yourself why are you allowing these people to come into our country? and as you rightly point out, the focus is on something else right now and that is federal election laws on the hill. >> yeah. it is crime, it is education another one where i think democrats are out of touch with where the mainstream of the country is all across america. so again if they don't recognize that and treat those issues with some urgency, then they will pay a real political price for it. >> bill: we'll see what happens with these numbers. nice to see you, sir. quickly, dana, i don't want this moment to pass at the beginning of our broadcast you said what about the mercy rule?
6:38 am
>> dana: it sounds gratuitous now that i'm repeating it. because biden's numbers are getting so bad and they're sifting trying to find any positive number and they don't have one i said there is no mercy rule in political polling for them. that's my sports knowledge coming through. >> bill: well done. >> dana: my little league sports knowledge. authorities revealing new details last summer's domestic abuse incident between petito and laundrie. the winter olympics in beijing set to begin in three weeks. disturbing new video reveals the shocking conditions facing millions in china. veteran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48.
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>> dana: breaking news on the gabby petito case. the domestic violence incident last august. the biggest takeaway those responding officers are in some hot water. laura engel is following the story. what's new? >> well, this 100-page report released late last night goes over every minute of that police body cam footage of the couple's traffic stop in utah last summer with an independent investigation finding now that while some police policies were followed, many other important ones were not. now as we take a look at this the investigation found police made unintentional mistakes and did not follow utah state code by protecting the victim in a domestic violence call and enforcing the law.
6:45 am
this whole thing started after someone called 911 to report seeing a man slapping a woman. the code about protecting a victim pertains to brian laundrie with the report finding police should have either cited or arrested gabby petito who admitted to officers she had hit her fiance first when the couple was spotted fighting before they drove away in the white van. that admission caught on body cam footage was an integral part of the investigation and shows responding officers struggling with the language of the law as what constitutes a domestic violence assault which led to the couple being separated for the night with no arrest or citation made. the report recommends improvements to both the policies and training of the moab city police department including providing additional training in domestic violence investigations as well as additional legal training to insure officers understand state laws and statutes.
6:46 am
while the attorney for gabby petito's family hasn't commented we're hearing from the attorney for laundrie's family. to label a domestic violence incident is to criminalize human emotions and reactions that should be dealt with outside of criminal code. the author says there are many what ifs in that case. would gabby petito still be alive if the case was handled differently? he says it's an impossible question to answer. more to come on this story. >> dana: thank you for the update. thank you. >> bill: china is digging in on its zero covid strategy. more than 20 million of its citizens are now under strict lockdown with reports of quarantine camps being set up in major cities throughout the country. this with the winter games in beijing three weeks away. gene murphy is a former u.s. olympic committee member. they spent years trying to get
6:47 am
ready for this. i don't know what the u.s. olympic committee is doing to keep the athletes safe. how does this run in such a dynamic time and communist country? >> bill: good morning. thanks for having us on. the time is really now to continue forward with the games. it is such a relief with the world pandemic going on to have an opportunity to showcase the world's best. get people out of isolation viewing the excitement. the athletes are well protected. there are protocols in place for athletes, coaches and spectators all in agreement with international olympic committee and host nation. so proceeding on i think everything is on track to have a wonderful games here for 2022. >> bill: in tokyo they were suspended for a year. you had 30 american athletes
6:48 am
who tested positive who had to withdraw from the games then. what is your sense about how you keep it safe if you are an athlete, would you feel safe? would you go forward or not? how do you address that, jean? >> i think the u.s. olympic and parra olympic committee along with our federal and other national health organizations have done everything possible with all the screening, testing and preventive measures to keep our delegation safe. they have been training in a well-disciplined manner following safety and health protocols for the past two years, actually the past four years but two years with special covid regulations in place. people know and have signed up for following these protocols and i think are ready to proceed on and have a great games. >> bill: you are a nurse also and you are in touch with the
6:49 am
medical side of this. how do you deal with a dynamic knowing we're still learning more about the virus every day? this is a change in circumstance. >> it is definitely a challenge. one of the great things the u.s. opc has done is added a large component of mental health support to team usa24/7 availability to athletes. significant others and family, on site and by telehealth. everybody is fully aware of the quarantine and isolations procedures at home or in the athlete village. it is frustrating to everyone but i think we're more than prepared to handle it and move forward. it is one of the events -- world events that will help the world advance past this pandemic. >> bill: maybe that's the legacy after the games conclude
6:50 am
in late february. jean, thanks. we'll call on you again and we're watching it very closely as we get ready for the torch. jean murphy with us today. >> dana: fox news alert now. supreme court is set to begin issuing opinions next hour. among them could be a ruling on the vaccine mandate for large employers and healthcare workers on the fast track and we'll bring it to you live in it happens. could president biden's unpopularity open a door for hillary clinton in 2024? joe concha joins us on the op-ed that's turning heads next. i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today.
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6:55 am
>> biden is a failed president as you have said. kamala harris arguably worse. mayor pete i really think is a non-starter. so secretary clinton is my party's best hope. >> dana: that was democratic consultant doug schoen
6:56 am
defending his "wall street journal" article that made a splash this week. biden's lagging poll numbers are paving the way for a comeback for hillary clinton. here to talk about it is joe concha. even hillary clinton has been dropping hints for a while that democracy hangs in the balance and she must be there in order to save it. >> she has been a bit too active lately hasn't she as far as putting herself back out there? it seems like she is floating trial balloons. a wrote a column for the hill a month ago who said she could be the democrats' best choice. most democrats would -- she is 0 for 2 when running for president and like the vice president in terms of authenticity and worldview hard to define. when you look at possible democratic nominees in 2024, you have president biden. his latest poll has him in
6:57 am
nixon december 1973 territory, 37% approval, watergate engulfed his presidency. biden 33% approval. maybe an outlier. kamala harris advantage hillary, pete buttigieg, and drew cuomo. bernie sanders had his driver's license when ice en haur was president. gavin newsom. advantage toss-up. i will give that there. the names, elizabeth warren, marion williamson, tom steyer, point is, dana loves her sports analogies, i heard. al gore, why not? right? he is young enough to run. >> bill: based on your reference in the eisenhower years. december msnbc last month. she said this. >> it is a time for some
6:58 am
careful thinking about what wins elections and not just in deep blue disdistricts. nothing is going to get done if you don't have a democratic majority in the house and senate. our majority comes from people who win in much more difficult districts. >> she is pushing back on the progressive movement in that comment, joe. >> she is. i wish i could have been the person interviewing her, you know how to win outside the blue district. what happened in wisconsin where you didn't campaign. michigan, ohio, pennsylvania where the blue wall came down. she is speaking a lot more about this. hillary clinton is facing the political version of a division in the nfl that consists of the jets, giants, jaguars, lions, texans and bears, why not hill -- hillary because of a better alternative? >> dana: i want to ask you about this.
6:59 am
tom freeman a columnist for "the new york times." liberal leaning respected by many. biden/cheney 2024 says this is what america could use. a unity ticket. it is complete nonsense, waste of time to even think about it but what do you think? >> the thought process here is to replace the historic vice president in kamala harris a woman of color with a white congresswoman from wyoming and her dad was dick cheney who you worked with, dana and called darth cheney by democrats. that will work, why not? freeman won a pulitzer but i don't think he thought this one through. >> dana: the job of the vice president is to advocate and defend for the president. she voted with donald trump 98% of the time when he was in office. so i think that is nonsense. >> bill: the amazing thing about this segment is concha didn't put the bengals in the list of bad nfl times. >> dana: i was owe fended on
7:00 am
your behalf. >> going to the super bowl, bill. i'm telling you. >> bill: we'll see. slow your roll. a game at a time. we may get a u.s. supreme court ruling in a moment on watch for the screens. as we begin another hour we go to this. >> dana: fox news alert now starting the hour on supreme court watch. we expect the court to release opinions at any moment which could include a big one. we're waiting for the decision on president biden's vaccine mandates and whether they can be enforced as covid cases rise nationwide. all of this as we wait for the president to give us an update on the covid battle and testing. we'll bring the court decision to you live if it happens and more on the medical and legal arguments in just a moment with our panel. first president biden's poll numbers plunging to a new low as u.s. inflation rises at the fastest pace since 1982. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino.
7:01 am
>> bill: good morning. miss you. some day. maybe next week. >> dana: hope so. >> bill: i'll bill hemmer good morning. president biden's approval rating taking another hit as he says he is making progress on inflation despite data that shows otherwise. poll came out only 33% of americans approve. worth noting in the poll he is now underwater on covid for the first time since elected according to the polling averages there. >> dana: this is coming as the "new york post" says americans are getting crushed by inflation, hitting 7% in december. that's hammering americans with the steepest price hikes in 40 years. forcing us to pay more for everything from gas to bacon to milk and even rent. edward lawrence reporting for fox business live at the white house. >> you heard this from the president who ran on a message he would unite the country. think about this. you talk about the quinnipiac poll showing biden's approval
7:02 am
rating at 33%. this is an historic low for this president. donald trump from the same poll one year in office has an approval rating of 36%. so in one year americans have seen this administration with republicans say botched withdrawal from afghanistan, started an assault on the energy industry and allowed inflation to reach a 40-year high. >> you've watched everything this president has wanted to do, has been damaging the country but he is failing. you would think the leader of the free world would unite the nation, not divide it. >> the new poll showing how underwater the president is on the economy. 70% of americans say the state of the economy is not doing well. in fact a majority of americans think the economy is getting worse. only 15% believe it is getting better. with inflation running at 7% year-over-year the white house is blaming the global market and covid saying they are working on it. >> our focus now is on
7:03 am
assessing where we are and trying to address the issues in front of us in an effort to try to accelerate the course of the recovery. >> try telling that to someone paying 6.3% more for food and 50% more for the gas to fill up their car. back to you guys. >> dana: thanks, edward. >> bill: we are now learning, dana, that we will not get that decision today from the u.s. supreme court. so we're on stand by for that. on the inflation number here headline "wall street journal." what inflation costs workers. the quote, a wage price spiral also appears to be settling in as workers demand more to offset rising prices and businesses pass along the higher costs and still higher prices. the biden powell inflation is costing average workers dearly. this is a story that's with us for some time now. nobody knows how it ends. check out phil graham's piece
7:04 am
in the "wall street journal." very interesting. he reflects on history and makes the case that government spending is what drove inflation through the roof then and is doing the same now based on what we have seen from washington, d.c., specifically the american rescue plan from last march. >> dana: i would add energy policy. flew under the radar last week. 7 million acres of energy richland in alaska was put off limits going back to an obama-era decision that reversed the trump-era decision and you see additional problems for energy filling up your tank and those prices go all the way down the line as well. so we'll pay attention to it as people struggle with that. we are awaiting supreme court ruling on whether president biden's workplace vaccine and masking and testing mandates can be enforced. that won't be coming today. the president's vaccine mandate plan centers on a workplace rule forcing employers with more than 100 workers the
7:05 am
require vaccinations with an option for weekly testing. the rule is expected to affect more than 80 million workers. dr. marc siegel professor of medicine at the langone medical center and andy mccarthy. both fox news contributors. dr. siegel. given the vaccine mandate was put in place by president biden when delta was at its height. now we have the omicron variant which the vaccines don't protect us against. maybe from hospitalizations. dr. fauci and the fda commissioner said that the other day. are the vaccine mandates obsolete at this point? >> yes, dana, that's very well said. andy can argue the legality whether they were usable to begin with based on osha. let's look at it medically. omicron is way more contagious, way more transmissible than any variant we've had including delta and it's immunoevasive
7:06 am
meaning that despite the vaccine which if you've been recently boosted may slow it to some extent it will spread anyway. if the whole goal is workplace safety. first of all you would have to say did you have a booster two weeks ago, you would have to know whether you recently had infection and micromanage it. even then it will spread in the workplace. it is not an issue of workplace safety. one example. you can't ban smoking but you can say you can't smoke in the workplace or public areas because that second hand smoke can affect others. if i can't stop the spread of omicron using this vaccine, then i can't mandate it at all. >> bill: okay. we read a story last hour by the university of pittsburgh saying if you don't have a vaccine you can't continue your enrollment at the school as a student. that's kind of stunning. see where that goes. andy, two things on the gorsuch deal dpr the oral arguments he had a change. rarely ever happens, right? on monday to put out a
7:07 am
clarification. the original transcript. flu kills i believe hundreds of thousands of people each year. amendment came on monday said the flu kills hundreds, thousands of people every year. then you had justice sotomayer said this during the oral arguments as well. >> we have over 100,000 children which we've never had before in serious condition and many on ventilators. >> bill: she was wrong on that. does this add up to anything for you or not? >> it ultimately doesn't, bill, because the things that judges say in oral argument, i should point out with respect to justice gorsuch if this mattered. what mattered would be what he actually said not what the transcript says. in normal trials i just tell juries in wiretap cases the evidence is what you hear on the recording. if there is an error in the transcript you go with what you
7:08 am
hear. in oral argument at an appellate court level nothing the judges say really is binding and none of this will even be remembered, i don't think, once the formal opinion gets issued because that will be our focus. but it is a good indication of how far removed we are from consequence here in the sense that what really matters is the kind of conversation that dr. mark and dana just had a second ago about the policy and are we keeping up our policy with where the pandemic is at this point. what the courts are deciding is something totally different, which is who gets to decide. and the courts are not supposed to be concerned with whether the people who are the actual decision makers are getting it right or not. their thing is who gets to decide this mess. >> dana: can i ask you this quickly? if the white house wanted to withdraw the mandates would the supreme court still rule or
7:09 am
would it become a mute point? >> my sense, dana, they would not rule. i don't think they are climbing over themselves to rule on this one. we do have a situation -- remember when cuomo when he was governor issued the mandates on how many people could show up for worship services. they argued that because they changed cuomo's ruling before the court decided that the court should just deem it mute and the court's reaction was, the majority of the judges was we aren't going to let you play games with us like that we'll rule on it. i don't think they will do that here. >> bill: it won't happen today we're told. marc from the medical perspective do you want a mandate or not to fight this? >> no. what i want i like people out there to know the vaccine works. it decreases severity if you are boostered. mandates don't work. if a school wants to say
7:10 am
everybody should be vaccinated at the school i think it improves to some extent decreasing transmission. the more important thing is severity. there are vaccines in the works quickly one out of yale in the works, he is working on a vaccine that will prevent infection. if you had one that decreased it to the point where you can't spread it, then you might consider mandating it. this is not that kind of vaccine. this vaccine makes you less sick. >> bill: marc, thank you and andy mccarthy, thank you. national education association joining attacks against parents fighting to keep crt out of the school. the nea appealed to social media giants like facebook, twitter and tiktok say -- they labeled opponents of crt domestic terrorists.
7:11 am
gillian turner live on that story. >> good morning. we're learning that just after the national school board association sent that infamous letter to the white house, the one in which they compared parents to domestic terrorists the national education association, america's largest educated union sent a similar letter to social media giants. they urge facebook, twitter and tik tok to stifle parents' propaganda about critical race theory and describes parents this way. alarming growth of a small by violent group of radical adults who believe that graduate level courses of racism are being caught in public schools because of misinformation spread on social media. parent and leader of fight for schools pryor tells fox news it looks like a concerted effort between the federal government and outside groups to interfere with the first amendment rights of parents. now the nea letter cites direct support from the biden administration saying the u.s.
7:12 am
justice department recognized the extent of this crisis, stepped up and has mobilized an entire new task force and issued a directive to look at violence against educators. parents won't cave to the white house, either. listen. >> we will not shut up because these are our babies that we are protecting and so the biden administration is just waging a war with the wrong constituents here in america. we are moms, we are dads, and we are not going away. >> multiple student and parent add vo casey groups are calling for the nea and nsba to apologize for their description of parents and trying to hijack parental rights. >> bill: gillian turner, the next chapter in that story. >> dana: an arsonist who torched his girlfriend's house gets out of jail early and even he is surprised. >> disrupted somebody's life. i traumatized somebody.
7:13 am
i was expecting to get time. >> dana: democratic led city sending the wrong message to criminals? zbh more of that interview coming up. biden administration said prices would go down when the supply crisis got bert. that's not happening. we'll talk to a dairy farm owner about her bottom line and what it could mean for you. >> if somebody cannot afford it i'll give them a gallon of milk to take care of their family. prices overall in the grocery stores are going to go up. and shortages are going to come across and we aren't going to see food in the stores. finally. our honeymoon. it took awhile, but at least we got a great deal on our hotel with kayak. i was afraid we wouldn't go.. with our divorce and.... great divorce guys.
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7:19 am
better but prices at the store are still going up. we're live in california. >> it's not as simple as saying we saved christmas and the ports are looking better. the supply chain including trucking is still a mess. prices going through the roof. it is affecting not just imports but it is killing exports as well. now, why does that matter? those are u.s. jobs. american manufacturing. and agriculture, produce, rice, meat, wine. the california farm belt alone lost $2 billion in exports in just five months because farmers like this almond grower couldn't get truckers and shipping companies to get his product to china. >> steamship line sending empty containers back to refill so they can import more product in rather than sending back halls filled with american made products or agriculture products, the majority of our
7:20 am
exports. >> so despite administration calling inflation temporary, experts say it is likely to get worse before it gets better. >> the average cost for truckers moving goods used to be 300 to 500 locally. it is now 700 to 1,000 dollars in the past three to four months. we see these prices continuing until the market bears for them to be reduced. >> so while shipping rates have begun to level off, omicron is now basically hitting the dock workers, trucking, warehouses. the labor force is decimated in the u.s. and china meaning shortages and higher prices will likely continue. >> this is wiping out labor forces like a rolling sick leave. is that's what's really slowing down now the recovery of the supply chains. >> the supply chain is still
7:21 am
facing major challenges, bill. on the export side eight out of 10 containers are going back to china empty and while the u.s. is buying more chinese products than ever, the chinese are 16 billion dollars short of their commitment to buy more u.s. products under a 2020 trade agreement. >> bill: fascinating. wow. how the economics work. william la jeunesse in california. >> prices of things are increasing. we have not hit the worst of it yet. there won't be planting next year. nobody will be able to afford to plant and so that means grain prices will go up even more because they will hit the stockpiles. >> dana: that was south carolina dairy farmer and owner carolyn adkins. she spoke to us on "america's newsroom" last november about how the supply crisis and inflation were impacting her business. time for an update with her as carolyn joins us again. great to have you.
7:22 am
i'm very honored to get the chance to talk with you. i feel like even looking at william la jeunesse interviewing the people on the ground doing the work they are making a lot more sense than some of the people in our government. what has happened with you from november 19th when we first spoke to you to today? have things gotten better, worse or about the same? >> it has not gotten a lot better. we've had to switch around on our feed company, trying to save a little money. supplies are hard to get. the grocery stores are empty. food shelves are empty. i have shopped for my sister-in-law and had to go from store to store to get the best prices the make sure she had food and to make sure my family had food. a lot of people don't realize i have a family of seven children and in the dairy life for 34 years. this is the worst i have ever seen it. >> dana: you are certainly taking care of a lot of beating
7:23 am
hearts human and the dairy cow variety. to your point about the grocery store shelves want to put this up here. u.s. groceries typically have 5 to 10% of items out of stock at any given time. right now that unavailability rate is hovering around 15% according to the consumer brands association. and that really starts to have an impact. now, you would get that product to the market if you could. there are roadblocks or bottlenecks in the system. what's the most difficult for you to deal with now? the cost of running the business, fertilizer, energy or something else? >> well, the cost of the fuel, fertilizer. you know, it hasn't hit us really yet in this community but i will tell you this spring it is going to be bad. the price of diesel fuel to plant, the cost of fertilizer is going up. i checked yesterday it is over
7:24 am
$750 a ton. by march it may be over $1,000 a ton. there is not going to be very many farmers here that will be able the afford that. for the natural way of fertilizing from the turkey houses and chicken houses the larger farmers, the larger companies are buying them out. the smaller farmers are suffering. they aren't able to get what they need to do -- to continue their business. >> dana: do you think that the farmers in this country might need some additional financial support from the government? >> i don't believe the government is going to help us. that's just the way i feel. we are farmers. we go to work every day. we work hard and we pray to god that we can survive and we provide food for this country. unfortunately there is only 1% or less farming right now. and even fewer family farms.
7:25 am
and the family farms are the back strap of this country and we need to support them, not the government but other people in the community support us. i will say we've been fighting something here in our community, i'm so thankful for those people in york county, south carolina that stood together and fought together and fought the battle this time. it may be a war next time. we worked together as a community and i'm thankful for it and i love what i do. >> dana: i can tell you love what you do. when hemmer and i come to visit you. i bet you make a wonderful meal at your home. we would love to come visit you. thank you for speaking sense. >> if you look behind me i'm sitting in front of my wood cook stove. i cook on a wood stove to save energy for us. i do everything i can to cut
7:26 am
costs. >> dana: we'll be there. we'll let you know. >> bill: she is sweet. that attitude will get her through it. she will make it okay, no doubt. >> dana: wisdom in our america's farmers and ranchers. we need to listen to them more. >> bill: we talked to her in november and january and we'll check in again in march. a virginia father tackled by police at a school board meeting accusing officials for covering his daughter's sexual assault. plus this in a moment. the white house is trying to jump start its agenda even if it's blowing up the senate rule book. does that strategy stand a chance? talk to bret baier about that coming up live right after this. veteran homeowners, if you've been dreaming about improving your home but think your dream is out of reach, think again. you can make it
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>> it will not absolve the 50 republicans in the united states senate from responsibility for upholding one of the most basic and important ten either of our democracy, free and fair elections. >> what about senator manchin or sinema? >> no one should be absolved from the responsibility of preserving our protecting our democracy. >> bill: kamala harris earlier today. tough talk for fellow democrats who are not on board with blowing up the senate rule book. president biden will head to the hill this afternoon to try to convince his party to do just that. want to talk about that with bret baier. good morning, sir, nice to see you. the list of issues is long. covid, the border, economy, inflation, russia, polling numbers are an issue and now you move over to elections. it gives you a sense that you've got all the problems over here but we want you to look over here for the moment. will it be successful?
7:33 am
>> or the china thing. that's part of it strategy-wise. the poll numbers are hemorrhaging for this administration. listening to the vice president today in the interview today is quite something. she is not good in that back and forth. she hasn't been publicly and she started off saying i'm not going to absolve the republicans but good for craig melvin to push back about manchin and sinema. it is just not those two democratic senators who have problems with potential filibuster changes. we should make clear they are against rules changes. what chuck schumer is trying to do is a procedural loophole and trying to get senate democrats to sign onto this one-time deal. but we saw that with the nuclear option on the supreme court after harry reid started this process. >> dana: why do you think the
7:34 am
white house continues to write checks they can't cash? >> i think it's a great question. the more they do it, the more people at home get frustrated. the test thing is really its biggest sore thumb. it is right in everybody's face when a school says you have to have tests but can't get the tests, it is truly an irritant whether you are a democrat, independent or republican. it is a major problem. today's voting rights pitch is inside baseball if you will. they are pitching it like it is the end of the world if it doesn't get changed. but in reality inflation, dealing with covid is really top of mind for most americans. >> bill: two more sound bites and share with viewers in case they missed them yesterday. mitch mcconnell yesterday on the floor of the senate going right at joe biden's appearance in georgia the day prior. here is what she said about that first. >> i know there has been a lot of claim of the offensive nature of the speech yesterday
7:35 am
which is hilarious on many levels given how many people sat silently over the last four years for the former president. >> bill: i guess you had to put dick durbin in the category because he said it was a step too far. >> listen, that's the automatic is you just go to any criticism you go back to former president trump and you say something about how he communicated. the bottom line is that the president of the united states stood next to the crypt of martin luther king junior and said you are either for this legislation or you are george wallace or you are for this legislation or you are jefferson davis or for the legislation or bull connor. that's a phrasing that is offensive to not only republicans but some independents, moderate democrats who may have a problem changing the rules or the procedure in the senate. >> dana: you mentioned the testing issue. kamala harris answered a question incorrectly on the "today" show. >> you can google it or go to
7:36 am
any search engine and find out where free testing is available. really, if you want to figure out how to get across town to some restaurant you heard is great you shlly do google to figure out where it is. it is simply about giving people, right, a mechanism by which they can locate something they need and something that can help them. >> dana: that's one of the other things that they asked was when are those tests that the president said would be in people's homes going out? she said the end of this week. it is actually the white house had to correct and say it's the end of the month. at that time if you have to have a test to go to school, work or travel, what will a test do for you? >> you would need 20 if you get through the month. judging by how different places are handling different things. listen, it reminds me of the copying. remember, you can't copy your license, you can't go to kinkos.
7:37 am
the phrasing of all of this just puts it in a way that people say what is she talking about? >> bill: she said you can look through the gps and figure out the directions. i guess you can. there may be a more elegant way of saying that. >> this is an administration arguing large parts of the country don't have wifi and internet and don't have access. so what are you going to gps? >> bill: point taken. see you at 6:00. waiting on the president now. i think the other thing dana we talked about the quinnipiac numbers because they were so dreadful and what jackie started us off with. on the pandemic at 54% disapprove. under water on that. covid was his strength. i think deeper in the numbers that she pointed out he is now seen as more americans as a divider than uniter. think about that framing.
7:38 am
you will be a week from today one year since the inauguration and that speech was all about bringing america together and the american people in that polling clearly do not feel that has been the case almost a year. >> dana: especially if you don't support the legislation you are like george wallace. >> bill: or bull connor and on and on, correct. >> dana: we'll keep going here. a dad whose daughter was sexually assaulted in a girl's bathroom by a boy in a skirt. youngkin is demanding they look at the board saying the board covered up the assault. you might remember he was tackled by police and later charged when he demanded justice for his daughter at a school board meeting. lucas tomlinson is live in washington with the latest. >> case set off a political firestorm nationwide and helped propel youngkin to victory. smith issued the following
7:39 am
warning to america. >> i suggest you listen to me loud and clear. pay attention to what has happened here in loudon because it is coming to your community next. >> it became a viral sensation, a father fighting for what he said was injustice for the school failing to investigate a sexual assault against his daughter and backlash in the community against lou down county to put policies in place to allow students to use the bathroom of their choice. the suspect transferred to another high school where he carried out another sexual assault. scott smith wants the governor elect to take action. >> swearing in is this weekend. and we hope and pray that the three of them are going to come to town and take care of business. i will hold them to that. >> during the sentencing the judge said the 15-year-old male suspect scared her and put on
7:40 am
the sexual offender registry for life and placing him in a treatment program. >> bill: an arsonist in baltimore convicted of setting his girlfriend's house on fire. why he is back on the streets and what he is saying about prosecutors and how they have gotten way too soft on crime. his comments are amazing. steve harvey pulling the plug on any more comedy specials and says cancel culture is killing comedy in america. >> i don't want to work with them no more. why is he here? why are you here? what is wrong with you? you are mentally imbalanced. so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
7:41 am
>> >> dana: we were joking earlier. when you need something done call the military and fema will make sure it gets done. look, we're about to get a covid-19 briefing from the military medical teams on the ground in arizona, michigan and new york. they are part of a major deployment of our nation's armed forces to help hospitals across the country manage the surge of omicron virus. it's a surge having an impact on hospitals. like all healthcare workers they are heroes and i'm grateful for what they do. but before i begin i want to provide an update on our fight against covid-19 and new steps. first the update. i know we're all frustrated as we enter this new year, omicron variant is causing millions of cases and record
7:42 am
hospitalizations. i've been saying that as we remain in this pandemic. this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and i mean by this right now both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are testing positive but what happens after that could not be more different. if vaccinated people test positive they have either no symptoms at all or have mild symptoms. if you are unvaccinated, if they test positive, you are 17 times more likely to get hospitalized. as a result, they are crowding the hospitals leaving little room for anyone else who might have a heart attack, injury. the unvaccinated are dying from covid-19. but here is the deal, because we fully vaccinated nearly 210 million americans, the majority of the country is safe from severe covid-19 consequences. that's why even as the number
7:43 am
of cases among the vaccinated americans go up, deaths are down dramatically from last winter. for example, before this vaccination requirements united airlines was averaging one employee dying a week from covid-19. after implementing this requirement it's led to 99 percent of its employees being vaccinated. united had 3,600 employees test positive but zero hospitalizations, zero deaths in over eight weeks. as long as we have tens of millions of people who will not get vaccinated we'll have full hospitals and needless deaths. the single most important thing to determine your outcome in this pandemic is getting vaccinated. if you are not vaccinated join the nearly 210 million american people who are vaccinated. if you are vaccinated, join the nearly 80 million americans who
7:44 am
have gotten the booster shot with the strongest protection possible. vaccines are safe, they're free and widely available. so do it today, please, for your sake, the sake of your kids and the sake of the country. now i don't like to, you know, outline the next steps we're taking against -- i like to outline the next steps we're taking against the omicron variant, vaccinations are obviously the most important thing we're doing. but they are not the only important thing. first, masking. masking, masking is an important tool to control the spread. when you are indoors in public places wear the mask. and there are a lot -- you know, lots of different kind of masks out there. the center for disease control and prevention and cdc says that wearing a well-fitting
7:45 am
mask of any of them is certainly better than not wearing a mask if it's well fitting over your nose. it's about 1/3 of americans report they don't wear a mask at all. as i've said in the last two years, please wear a mask. if you are -- i think it's part of your patriotic duty. it is not that comfortable. it is a pain in the neck but i think in every action i can as president to require people to wear masks in federal also and on airplanes and trains. they cross state lines. i made sure that our doctors and nurses and first responders have the masks they need. never again will we have our nurses using homemade masks and garbage bags over their clothing for hospitals because they don't have the gowns. we have more than tripled our stockpile of the most protective specialist n95 masks since coming to office to make
7:46 am
sure there will be an ample supply of healthcare workers and first responders. we also helped make sure that high-quality masks are widely available and ample supply at affordable prices sold online and in stores. for some americans the mask is not always affordable or convenient to get. next week we'll announce how we are making high-quality masks available to the american people for free. i know we all wish that we could finally be done with wearing masks, i get it. but they are a really important tool to stop the spread especially of a highly transmitable omicron variant. so please, please wear a mask. second, testing. we're seeing real improvement in testing. when i got here, we were doing fewer than two million tests a day.
7:47 am
now it's changed. none of these tests were at home or rapid tests. this month it is estimated that we will hit approximately 15 million tests a day and we'll have over 375 million at-home rapid tests in january alone. that's a huge leap. we've taken a number of steps including invoking the defense production act as early as last february to ramp up production. you know, we're on track, we're on track to roll out a website next week where you can order free tests shipped to your home. and in addition to the 500 million, half a billion tests that are in the process of being acquired to ship to your homes for free, today i'm directing my team to procure 500 million more tests to distribute for free. a billion tests in total to
7:48 am
meet future demand. we'll continue to work with the retailers and online retailers to increase availability. for those who want an immediate test, we continue to add fema testing sites so there are more than -- more free in-person testing sites. for those of you with insurance, you can get reimbursed for eight tests a month. for those without insurance we have over 20,000 free testing sites around the country. you can find the nearest testing sites for you by googling covid test near me. google covid test near me, and to help lead our federal testing program i've tapped dr. tom ingelsbee, is that right?
7:49 am
and he is one of the world's leading infectious disease experts and grateful for his willingness to help tackle this challenge. third thing, today we'll discuss our hospital response efforts. just since thanksgiving over 800 military and other federal emergency personnel have been deployed to 24 states, tribes and territories including over 350 military doctors, nurses and medics helping staff the hospitals that are in short supply. this is on top of more than 14,000 national guard members that are activated in 49 states. these deployments at my direction are thanks to the american rescue plan are fully paid for by the federal government. we've shipped over 5.5 million pieces of personal protective equipment, xwlofshs, gowns, masks to protect front line healthcare workers. we're shipping more treatments
7:50 am
of covid-19 which includes antiviral pills than at any point during this pandemic. in addition, i've directed fema to work with every state, territory and the district of columbia to make sure they have enough hospital bed capacity. today i'm announcing our next deployment of six additional medical teams. 120 military medical personnel to six hard hit states. michigan, new york, new jersey, ohio, rhode island. let me close with this. it's been a long road. but what is clear as if we get through this when everybody does their part. no matter where you live, no matter your political party, we have to fight this together. unfortunately the military is stepping up as they always do there are others sitting on the sidelines and standing in the way. if you haven't gotten vaccinated, do it.
7:51 am
personal choice impacts us all. our hospitals, our country. special appeal to media outlets and social media companies. deal with the misinformation on your shows. it has to stop. covid-19 is one of the most formidable things america has every faced. we have to work together, not against each other. we're america. we can do this. so the military medical teams on the ground, thank you for everything you are doing. i'll stop here so we can get to the briefing started. thank you for taking the time. >> dana: that was president biden giving some remarks there at the white house as an update, bill, on -- on covid talking about ordering 500 million more tests. we'll see if he will take questions here. not for us. any other thoughts, bill? >> bill: i would just say the whole phrase in the process
7:52 am
they are still being aquird. the big announcement 500 million more on the way. see how long it takes to pan out there and then the n95 announcement will come next week. those seem to be the three main headlines on covid at this hour. >> dana: a lot of the other language we've heard before including an appeal to social media companies on what he calls misinformation. we're eight minutes away from the top of the hour. we'll have a quick break and be right back. record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again.
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>> i'll say it. this is the stupidest dude i've ever met. if abc had a talk with me afterwards, steve, it is not politically correct to call anybody stupid. is that right? okay, well, what is he? >> dana: just when we can really use some laughs chalk up another take down for cancel
7:58 am
culture. stevie harvey said political correctness has killed comedy. he joins a long list of comedians complaining about the same thing, dave. >> yeah, you know comedy is about telling the truth. if you want to tell the truth and not get punched in the face it usually helps to be funny about it, right? of course he is right, steve harvey is right about that. funny he is doing it on jimmie kimmel's show. one of the main pro pry tors of cancel culture. he was in black face himself as was his girlfriend sarah who is a comedian. they run around doing the nonsense. if you can't find something funny and go into it and a comic find new work. you just played some of that joe biden press conference right now and it is like -- it's funny in that it is dark comedy. we have a president who doesn't
7:59 am
know what's going on and having trouble reading the teleprompter who seems confused all the time and it is depressing but also kind of funny. we have to find some humor in some of this stuff because the more that they lie to us about basically everything, either you can be real depressed or you can find humor in it. i would prefer to do the latter. >> bill: he said every joke you tell now hurts someone's feelings. that's kind of the heart of comedy. >> all right. >> bill: he said if i do one more special it will end my career because it will be the end of my television career to paraphrase him. >> if you walk right through it you usually will be okay. look what dave chapel has done over the last couple of years. he goes after everybody and has no sacred cows. he is more popular than ever. same thing for joe rogan. the guys that say what they think and you might upset some groups. you might do it. what if we still had the great george carlin what would he be
8:00 am
doing now and richard pryor what would he be doing now? when a society can't use the mirror of comedy then we're in a lot of trouble. any good comic should be doubling down right now. >> dana: it might be a good show. people imagining what previous comedians would have said. that's a great idea. turn it over to you to make it happen. "the faulkner focus" is next. here is harris. >> harris: we'll start with the fox news alert. president biden giving an update moments ago on what his administration is going to do as the spread of the covid variant omicron has hit critical mass. we'll stack the facts against the spin. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". one thing is for certain, it's a fact you can't change right now. voters are not happy with this president. a new quinnipiac poll shows only 39% approve of the president's handli


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