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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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attention. >> bret: all right, panel. thanks. i want to say goodbye to ashley moyer our long time booking producer last night. tonight she has been fantastic since the beginning. she is going on to new adventures including motherhood of chase. good luck, we will miss you, ashley. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel campos-duffy starts right now. hey, rachel. >> rachel: thank you, bret. ♪ >> rachel: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. now, just when things couldn't get any worse for the biden administration, kamala harris took it upon herself to do another sit down interview. now, this time she was pressed on the administration's response to the pandemic. and it was a complete train wreck. >> at what point does the administration say, you know what? this strategy isn't working. we are going to change direction. is it time? >> it is time for us to do what
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we have been doing and that time is every day. every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down. >> what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever heard. at no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. i award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul. >> rachel: and with that being said, i think we need to go back and examine what kamala harris just said. i quote: it is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day. everyday it is time for us to agree.
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wow. what a profound statement from our vice president. that's the kind of quote that engraved in a plaque and hung on the walls of the capitol. she didn't answer the question. but she did at least provide us with a timeless quote. so i will answer the question for her. it's clear that the biden administration's covid strategy is failing. but kamala harris doesn't see it that way. in her world, they are making progress. >> i think a lot of people are scratching their heads and they are wondering one year into this administration, why aren't we doing better in the fight against covid? >> i think it's a mistake and it would be a mistake to suggest that we have not seen great progress. if you think back to march of 2020, we were all wiping down the boxes that we got if we ordered things online, there was no vaccine. now we have a vaccine, which has proved to be effective and boosters. now we have our children back in
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school, 95% of schools are back open. but we're -- we're building back up. we are opening back up. and we are not where we were a year ago. >> rachel: she is right. we are not where we were a year ago. we are worse off. schools shutting down again. thousands of vaccinated and boosted americans are still getting sick and we have no tests. >> the 500 million tests that have been ordered that going to be sent to every measure. too we know when those are going out. >> shortly. they have been ordered. we -- i have to look at the current information. i think it's going to be by next week. >> rachel: that's not true. that's not true. after the interview aired, nbc had to clean up what the vice president said clarifying that the tests will not be sent out in a week. kamala must have made that part up but, don't worry, they are coming soon. >> absolutely soon. and it is a matter of urgency for us. >> should we have done that sooner? >> we are doing it. >> but should we have done it sooner?
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>> we are doing it. >> rachel: do you notice that any time kamala harris is asked a tough question she malfunctions and gets defensive? remind me of a response to lester holt when she was pressed about visiting the border last june, remember? >> okay. >> do you have any plans to visit the border? >> i, at some point, you know -- we are going to the border. we have been to the border. so, this whole -- this whole -- this whole thing about the border, we have been to the border. we have been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. >> rachel: and we thought that was bad. today's train wreck interviewed continued to get worse when the vice president suggested people just google testing locations if they need one. >> we have 20,000 sites where people can go and i urge people to -- you can google it or go on any search engine and find out where free testing and the free testing site is available. >> madam vice president the fact we are telling people to google
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where can you get a test. >> come on now, really, if you -- if you want to figure out how to get across town to some restaurant you heard is great, you usually do google. >> rachel: now, remember, this is the same person who he argued that people aren't capable of making photocopies of their ids at kinkos. >> some n. some people's minds that means well, you are going to have to, um, xerox or photocopy your i.d. to send it in to prove that you are who you are. well, there are a whole lot of people, especially people who live in rural communities there is no kinkos, there is no office max near them. >> rachel: maybe they can google a kinkos on their way to a testing site. you can't have it both ways, kamala. but i will say even though the vp butchered her interview with nbc this morning. at least she is trying to answer our questions. as for sleepy joe, he just doesn't care. >> [inaudible] for vaccinated americans who are wondering why
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should they restrict their activities when they say most americans will get covid at some point? >> folks, we will talk about that later. come on. [[inaudible]] >> thank you so much. >> rachel: that was our president avoiding legitimate questions from reporters on the pandemic. and on the vaccine. he isn't taking this seriously, and it's pathetic. his so-called plan to shut down the virus has been nothing but a broken promise to the american people. the administration has failed with testing. it's failed with investing in therapeutics. and today we witnessed the administration's latest failure. the supreme court has blocked joe biden's authoritarian vaccine mandate, which would have impacted the jobs of millions of americans. it was a victory for the people. but a massive failure for an administration that refuses to give up on its one vax fits all
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approach to ending this pandemic. joining me now dan bongino, host of unfiltered on saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. dan, so great to have you here. so, let's first talk about the supreme court decision. this was obviously great for the american people. we all owe a deep debt to donald trump for this. and this goes to show courts really do matter, right? >> yeah, this was destined to go down in flames. i mean, if they can -- the government can force you through an administrative edict, not a law, everybody needs to understand this was not a law, this was biden doing a, quote: work around. if we were retweeting people who ron klain retweeted his staff joe biden. it was not a lie, it was a edict you have to inject yourself with a vaccine you may or may not need. may or may not want. and your doctor may have advised against. so i ask everyone in the listening audience, the viewing audience a very serious question. the government has the power to
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do that? what doesn't the government have the power to do. if there was ever a case for shrinking administrative deference, in other words, the deference of legislative bodies in the united states to bureaucracies, right, at the state, federal, and local level, this was it. if a bureaucracy, an administrative agency like osha can go out and demand that you all get injected with a vaccine as i said before, you may not need or want, depending on your unique medical circumstances, then, rachel, the constitutional republic is meaningless. we are in effectively a hun narky. it's really no simpler than that. >> rachel: so i want to ask you about some of the video clips that i showed earlier in the monologue. we have all already been grappling with the mental decline of joe biden. of the president, and now we see that kamala is just incapable of answering just really basic questions. i mean, let's face it. this was nbc, msnbc, craig melvin, these weren't hard
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questions. these were very basic ones and she couldn't answer them. is it any wonder, dan, we are in the mess we are in with these two in charge? >> yeah. i was hoping we would get -- i listened to your whole monologue. it was great by the way. there is so much in there. go one by one. first, the clip with lester holt kamala harris you haven't been to the border. you are the border czar and she is like well i haven't been to europe. i'm thinking to myself i'm listen talking, rachel. me and you will sometimes fill in on "the five." can you imagine fox says rachel we need you to new york to fill in on "the five" and you don't show up. rachel, why didn't you show up? and did you go well, i haven't been to europe. no kidding you haven't been in europe. the job is in new york. that's where "the five" is. the job at the border is in the damn border. it's not in europe. what kind of stupid answer. sorry, fox, i didn't make it to "the five" but i have never been to the czech republic. they look at you like have you been eating edibles like are you okay? what's the thc level of those
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edibles you have been eating? second, they ask her a simple question. folks, keep in mind, please, this is the vice president of the united states. coronavirus, probably the biggest, if not obviously one of the biggest issues right now. they asked a simple question. like, hey, you guys are doing this, you know, manhattan project for testing. when do you think the testing will be arriving? she is like oh, next week? maybe like she looked at her phone and was like someone text me, please. you don't know? how do you not know that? what are you doing all day? watching netflix? are you watching yellow stone? i mean, what are you doing all day in the naval observatory v.p. residence. are you working? how do you not even have an idea? when are the tests going to arrive? gee, i don't know. next week? next month? who the hell knows? i haven't been to europe. i mean, what is going on here? and one more thing on this. where do they go now?
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you can't have biden answer questions. biden doesn't know where he is. you can't have kamala harris answer questions because she gives the dumbest answers ever well like i haven't been to europe either. so now you have got go buttigieg. and there is no human being on planet earth. i will give buttigieg credit for this who says less by saying more than pete buttigieg. word economy is not pete buttigieg's thing. he will spend 9,000 words to tell you hello. that's all they have got left is pete buttigieg. there is no one left to talk to in this white house right now. >> rachel: i will tell you based on that interview it looks to me like they may not even have the media to help cover up for them anymore. i get it, those are pretty basic questions. still, it's interesting. she got caught. it was a really ugly look for her. let me ask you about this. so it turns out that china is providing the masks that now members of congress are required to wear inside of the our
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nation's capitol. so here is -- here are the masks. i guess nancy pelosi is making them wear? they were passed out to all members of congress. but they are made in china. so, you wonder like, they give us the virus, right? they unleashed this on the world, and then we end up having to pay them for the masks that our government makes our members of congress and everybody else wear. now bernie is going to provide it for everybody. >> you know, again, you wonder like how 535 of the dumbest people on planet earth all wound up in congress and the senate at the same time. well, we got a few good guys. how the hell did that work out? like nobody sat around a table and was like hey, you realize these masks we have? do you know they are made over in china? you know china with the wuhan lab and the whole coronavirus gain of function research thing and people are sitting around scratching their heads like na, haven't heard of it. does anybody think this through? like, listen, we do this for a
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living. we're in the news business. we look for stories. like nobody looked after the this and was like hey, you know, this was probably a bad idea, folks. i don't know if we can trust the quality of these masks right now given everything we are going through with international geopolitical issues with china? again, you have got 535 members and nobody thought this was an issue. you wonder collective iq is of these members. >> rachel: to be fair, some of the republican members were tweeting out like hey, look at my mask, it's from china. >> that's what i'm saying i got to discount that we have got some good guys up there. we do. but let's say how did 450 plus of the dumbest human beings on planet earth. probably spot on right around with that number. it smells like a swamp for a reason. believe me. the collective iq has not cracked the triple digits on capitol hill. >> rachel: you are right, dan. thanks for joining me tonight, always a pleasure. always fun. >> you bet. thanks, rachel.
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>> rachel: meanwhile the world health organization came out with a warning this week that receiving multiple booster shots is really not effective. stating a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is un-likely to be appropriate or sustainable. on the other hand, big pharma is advocating for more vaccines and their pockets get deeper with every jab. some studies claim that more booster shots can actually make you lose immunity. buff that doesn't matter to joe biden. the white house takes guidance from both the w.h.o. and big pharma. so who do you think is going to win? joining me now is dr. marty makary, fox news medical contributor and editor and chief at medicine page today. dr. makary, great to have you on today. you know, throughout this pandemic, i have had this question. and it was do the government health bureaucrats, are they working for me or are they working for big pharma? and i think it's sad that i even have to ask that question.
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>> well, the government bureaucrats in europe are probably working for us but the government bureaucrats in the united states i don't think really have our best interest in mind. pharma has been dominating the narrative. and there is a lot people are not hearing about. for example, in parts of europe, the moderna vaccine has been banned for anyone under age 30. the w.h.o. says repeated booster strategy is most likely not appropriate and it's not sustainable. and the european cdc is saying that frequent boosters can cause problems with the immune system. they are sending out as many warning flares as they can about a frequent booster strategy yet, pharma is dominating the narrative in the united states pushing boosters in young people and people with natural immunity and they are talking about four doses right now. the fda had to bypass their own experts just to get boosters authorized for young people. >> rachel: yeah. it's just outrageous. you see people getting rich. there is all kinds of covid
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money that's strung out all over the country. everyone seems to be making money. we just talked about the masks coming from china. is that the untold story of this pandemic, just the money that's driving all of this policy? >> i think it is. i saw a report that bentley sales were up 31%. you basically cannot find high end furniture. they are sold out. people are renovating their homes everywhere. it's not to make them smaller. you go parts of the country very different in santa barbara county and the hamptons than it is in east baltimore. the untold story of the pandemic is that the restrictions that we have imposed without science have disproportionately affected poor communities. people with disabilities, children, the brown university study showing that children during the pandemic have had significant cognitive and motor delays. they specifically said that they were far more profound in children of low socioeconomic
4:17 pm
status. so come to east baltimore. it's an entirely different situation. >> rachel: yeah, i mean extreme poverty rates around the globe have just exacerbated during the pandemic. it's not just in america. it's all over the world. people who can least afford it have been, you know, in extreme poverty rates are just through the roof. it's just outrageous. i want to ask you because there was a question that kamala harris got from the interview on nbc and they said, you know, is it time for you to change strategies? you know, vax is the only answer is not working. things are getting worse. just today there was an op-ed in the washington examiner by dr. malone and peter navarro and here's what they say is -- there is another strategy that they have. do we have that? can we pull that up? yep, they said alternatively, we must pragmatically build per per herd immunity against the virus the quickest and safest way to
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do that is to reserve vaccinations for the most vulnerable. what do you think -- and they said who -- we can pull that second part up. i do want to have him look at that to make sure that he is responding to the right part. who are already highly vaccinated while flooding our communities with cheap states and evidence if i cassius prescribed in early treatment by personal physicians. is that the right strategy? should we swish to that herd immunity and putting more emphasis on early treatment? >> well, south africa reached very low levels of covid not because of high vaccination rates but because of natural immunity from prior infection. and we can say the same of india when they had their big delta wave this summer. they didn't achieve high vaccination rates. i think people should get vaccinated if they have risk factors and they haven't had the infection in the past. but we have got to switch the strategy from chasing a covid zero strategy where we test
4:19 pm
people indiscriminately even though they have no symptoms and they already have immunity trying to act as if we can contain this when we know that omicron is ubiquitous. almost everybody we know will get omicron if they haven't had it already. we got good news on omicron just yesterday. we found out that in a large study in southern california, out of 52,000 people with omicron, not a single person went on a ventilator. and omicron is now 98% of the population with covid. >> rachel: yep. that is good news. i hope when this is all over, dr. makary, we get to the bottom of this. i think very corrupt relationship between our health bureaucrats and big pharma. it's just not right. they should be working for us and not them. dr. makary, thank you so much. >> thank you, rachel. >> rachel: of course. up next, someone get kamala harris a subscription to the "new york times." >> there has been some talk about a biden-cheney ticket in 2024. did you read that article. >> did i not. no, i did not. and i really could care less
4:20 pm
about the high class gossip on these issues. >> rachel: we will break down the vp's future and the prospect of a mid wave in the midterms with kellyanne conway after this. ♪ r plus. with 25% more concentrated power. alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh, what a relief it is ♪ so fast! also try for cough, mucus & congestion. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. >> are we going to see the same democratic ticket in 2024? >> i'm sorry, we are thinking about today, the american people sent us here to do a job. and right now there is a lot of work to be done. and that's my focus, sincerely. >> it sounds like you are at least familiar with some of the punditry. i don't know if you have heard there has been talk about a biden-cheney ticket in 2024. did you read that article. >> i did not. no, i did no. and i really could care less about the high class gossip on these issues.
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>> rachel: it was a bad morning for kamala harris. the vp was visibly frustrated after being pressed on the future of the democrat party. but maybe she is just realizing that the biden administration is a sinking ship. new polling shows that sleepy joe's approval has tumbled down to 33%. the lowest level of his presidency. and it's easy to see why the american people are turned on him. inflation is at a 40-year high. our border is being overrun and covid cases are surging at record levels. but instead of fixing the economy or securing the southern border, biden is making divisive speeches about nonexistent problems and smearing any american who cares about election integrity as a racist. now, on top of that now only 39% of americans have confidence in biden's handling of the pandemic. here now to weigh in, is kellyanne, former counselor to president trump.
4:27 pm
kellyanne, welcome. >> thank you, rachel. >> rachel: so great to have you. let's get right into it. why the heck is joe biden not fixing the economy. bringing down inflation. his number one topic. why is he talking about federalizing elections? nobody is clamoring for that. >> it's really been a hallmark of this presidency for the first year, rachel, where you look at the polls, the voters clearly say what's animating them and aggravating them and keeping them up at night and the white house does a very strange thing and go in an entirely different direction. yesterday, rachel, we had the number one highest day of hospitalizations since covid began and the same day we had a 42-year high -- 40 year high in inflation and where was joe biden and what was he talking about? voting rights. he was doing his best hillary clinton the country is deplorable and irredeemable if they just don't bend to his will. now, he also today, admitted that yesterday was just a speech. because he cast out on the own prospect of his legislation
4:28 pm
passing in his democratically controlled senate. four things have happened to biden in the polls that should worry, number one job approval. as you said lowest on record. vice president approval record lowest of any vice president ever. even lower than joe biden when he was president. number two, the personal and leadership act joe biden totally cratered people like me has a plan can lead the country is up to the job, has the energy. >> august of it inspires people in his party, all of that is upside down. and these, rachel, these are according to mainstream media polls, outlets that absolutely endorsed him and did a heck of a lot more to help support him become the president of the united states. their polls show two more quick things. what's about his future in the polls about his future, he doesn't have one. you now have people rumoring hillary clinton as the change candidate. that tells you all you need to know about the disaster of biden and harris and as vice president harris called out by a friendly reporter there is crazy rumors
4:29 pm
about a biden-cheney ticket who would leave out either way in the "new york times" they did not endorse kamala harris. she got out of the race early. they endorsed two women. amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren. how in the world did we get stuck with this woman as vice president hot democrats didn't even want? >> rachel: yeah, i was pouring over those numbers too. the ones that stuck out with me was the hispanic numbers. look at this, hispanics only 28% approval for joe biden. that's lower than white people than any other demographic. it turns out, kellyanne, that hispanics dislike joe biden than anyone else. this has to have them more than just worried. >> right. you are used to shooting the messenger. used to saying well, that's because people are racist, hispanic was, that's because they are sexist. women now have a disapproval rating of our female vice president. so the usual screams and slurs against people aren't holding up. >> the hispanic vote is really
4:30 pm
amazing because when you look at donald trump's gains among them, particularly in the 2020 election, and you see the way that there has been attrition among hispanics overall away from the democratic party and rachel, curiously, if not ironically border security and policies on immigration also has to do with the fact that the fact that economic inward mobility. the cost of rising costs. home ownership is very power of attorney. do you know what is important to hispanics, everything is important to them, of course, they have always been very reliable education voters. they pay attention to the quality of the schools in their area. they tend to be younger households and they tend to have children, young children in the households. these are parents. when they see the democrats calling parents domestic terrorists and saying that parents don't have a right to know what is daughter in their schools, that disastrous for the democratic party. good for hit-and-runs and anybody else who refuses to play the type think that either party owns them. >> rachel: absolutely. i think it's also the crime rate of.
4:31 pm
hispanics live in neighborhoods that need police in them. >> law and order. >> rachel: a lot of hispanics are police. 50-some% of the border patrol. they don't like this anti-police messaging. kellyanne, always great to hear from you. thank you for joining me today. >> thank you, rachel, all the best. >> rachel: a quick word before we go during last night's broadcast we aired a graphic that was believed to contain a current image of empty shelves here in the u.s. it was not and we regret the error. coming coming up, the war on parents runs deeper than we ever magdz. how influential school unions supported big tech to censor concerned moms and dads. matt walsh and pete hegseth are next. ♪ where is my wallet? i am paying. where is my wallet? i thought i gave it to you. oooohhh?
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>> rachel: welcome back. the war on american parents continues. days can after the school board association sent the infamous letter to the white house where they compared parents to the
4:37 pm
domestic terrorists which is america's largest educator's union sent an eerily letter to our tech overlord pushed facebook, twitter and tiktok to silence parents' quote propaganda about critical race theory. quote the alarming growth of a small but violent group of radicalized adults who falsely believe graduate level being falsely taught in k through 12 public school because of misinformation spread on social media. pete hegseth co-host of "fox & friends weekend" and matt walsh author of johnny the walrus join us now. pete, i will start with you really quick. this is outrageous but now it's very obvious that this was a plan. this was a concerted effort by the biden administration. >> pete: very much so. >> coordination with the school boards and with now big tech to silence goh really threaten parents with being labeled domestic terrorists this is outrageous. >> it really is. maximizing full use of the
4:38 pm
fourth branch of government and fifth branch of government. education secretary tells the national school board association to write a letter then the association uses that letter to justify the doj writing its own memo to unleash the fbi on these parents at the same time, this is all within the same time frame then the national education association as you pointed out, the largest teacher's union writes its own letter to big tech saying please suppress these families because they are effectively domestic terrorists as well. so the fourth branch of government is, of course, the deep state, the administrative state. and the fifth branch which is happy to act on behalf of the government is big tech and that's exactly what happened here. they leveraged every aspect they could to intimidate. this is political intimidation and coordination from the highest levels of our government using unaccountable aspect that they can to force parents to be silent about something that is true. critical race theory is being taught in classrooms. they know it, we know it. they are trying to hide it.
4:39 pm
>> rachel: yeah. it's why they are so scared about, you know, parents actually figuring it out and going to school boards and demanding that it change. matt, this so so crazy and so outrageous. i know that there are parent groups right now that are subpoenaing, they are trying to get, you know, these letters. they are trying to get to the bottom of this. do you think they wrote -- i'm rooting for them. i want them to fight all the way to the end on this. i just wonder what will even happen at the end? >> well, i think parents have finally woken up. i mean, i think that. >> rachel: yeah. >> sort of been lulled to sleep over the course of many decades and over the last several months, especially with the school board meetings we are seeing that the parents are starting to realize what they're up against. it's kind of helpful. actually. in some ways i'm glad that the biden administration labeled us domestic terrorists because that was a wake-up moment for a lot of parents who had been asleep up to that point. we also have to keep in mind why do they consider us domestic terrorists? the answer is wife do they consider us a threat at all? it's because they think, you know, the school system, the
4:40 pm
federal government, big tech, they think that they own our kids. that our kids belong to them. and how dare we try to have any say over what our kids are taught. what kind of values are instilled in them. that's what this is really about. who owns your kids and they think that they do and how dare you step in the way. >> rachel: you are 100 percent right. you are offering me the perfect segue into the per next topic. series of laws passed in washington state. now reportedly allowing for children, as young as 13 to start the gender reassignment process without their parents' consent. pete, i mean, if this isn't about who owns your child or not, i don't know what is. >> pete: you are exactly right, rachel. i don't want my kids to be able to sign up for a sport or any extracurricular without my parental oversight and, yet, you are going to allow them to make arguably the most consequential
4:41 pm
decision irreversible decision they will make in their lives without any consultation of parents? this is one of the scariest things i have seen. the idea that a 13-year-old. i have never met -- i have met maybe one 13-year-old with his head on straight. other than that, they are all lost and they don't know. the point is for parents to guide them. this is dangerous. >> rachel: yeah. matt, you wrote a children's book about this whole gender fluidity thing that's being pushed on our children. last word on this? >> well, i want to say, look, one thing to keep in mind with gender reassignment surgery sex change surgery is not possibly. it doesn't exist. you can't actually change your sex at all. it's written into your d.n.a. at the most basic level. >> peter: good point. >> what they can do is mutilate kids. this is what is happening mutilate children not able psychologically to consent to those sorts of decisions this is full on abuse and horrifying. >> rachel: yeah, it truly is horrifying. pete, matt, thanks for joining
4:42 pm
me tonight. >> thank you. >> rachel: coming up, why the left woke ideology is an attack on the nuclear family and religion. just how do we fight back? and, we're going to have more on that next on "primetime." ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th to support a strong immune system ♪ lib your body needs aerty. routine.ty. ♪ centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season.
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board
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members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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♪ >> rachel: staying woke has been part of the national lexicon for a while now. but the impact of wokism and the left's radical ideologies are now being felt deeply in american society. specifically on the american family. and our relationship with god. so where did this dangerous trend originate? well, one catholic author decided to find out with the hope that identifying its origins will help us fight it better. forget being woke, it's time to wake up. joining me now is noel, author of the book "awake, not woke" a christian response to the cult of progressive ideology. and i found your book so fascinating, you say that progressivism, wokism is like a religion and that it is on a
4:48 pm
culture clash with christianity that this is as much a spiritual battle as it is a political one. explain. >> yeah. i think what we are see something a whole host of old utopian fantasies the tried and failed time and again with spectacularly disastrous results. and i think this is what happens when we stop reverencing god. we don't lose our religion we just relocate it. we make the state our savior and politics our new religion and with disastrous results. it's a harsh religion, one without mercy and one which defines not not by the love of god but hatred of mankind. it makes its miserable. the woke teaches us to see our misery and find the cause of it and identity groups outside of ourselves or in the pressure of the lou law. it's a lie maintained through violence. violence to truth and violence to our language and violence to our bodies as we see in mutilation that accompanies the transgender movement and also the disposal of the unborn that
4:49 pm
is needed to maintain the lie of sexual revolution. i think we see people seeing enough. we don't want the fantasy. it doesn't fulfill us. we want what is true. we want to speak it and live in it. >> rachel: yeah, it's so interesting. you say also that, you know, the first step to fighting wokism is, of course, to identify it which i think you do a good job of it in your book. the other part of the answer is to really sort of double down and reinvest in our families and in our faith and god. >> that's right. i think we have to fight on multiple levels. first and foremost a spiritual battle we need to see it that way. far more than a political one. also requires resolute, practical response. but we also with theology of home one things we are doing trying not just to respond to it but promote a positive vision for the beauty and goodness of family life. it's been branded as being something oppressive and something that doesn't lead to freedom when actually it is, you know, of the ultimate way that we can feel belonging and feel
4:50 pm
the real freedom that becomes from the intimacy of being known and seeing our faults and struggling against them and being able to look with eyes of mercy upon the other person because we see our own need for mercy. it really is a beautiful experience. i think you know as a mother and as well as i how much and how challenging it is but how deeply rewarding and how important it is for the human person. and if a person is deprived of it, they go looking for it somewhere and look for a facsimile of it. >> rachel: yes, if the answer to all of this is the family, no wonder they are trying to break down -- it's the mission statement of wokism of marxism, of the blm movement is to destroy the nuclear family. it makes a lot of sense. your book is excellent. thank you so much for joining me tonight. >> great to be with you. thanks for having me. >> rachel: of course. don't go anywhere. joe concha is going on the clock next. ♪ ♪ with my hectic life you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions
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>> we're back. it's time to put joe concha on the top. four topics, 60 seconds each. first up, hey, joe. before you take up the next celebrity fad diet you see on instagram, consider this. university of chicago research team found about 90% of the food and drink that celebrities promote on social media aren't healthy. so i guess the study is suggesting we're getting fat because instagram. i personally think it's the pandemic. you tell me, joe. >> oh, covid calories, no doubt about it. my wife said i look like i'm in my second trimester. it is surprising. your average celebrity has an hour glass figure like we do. it's surprising that they would promote unhealthy stuff. perception is they're probably over the top on smoothies, the soy nonsense. growing up, there wasn't much regulation. breakfast was a mix of apple jacks, fruit loops and pixie
4:57 pm
sticks. lunch option big mac, whopper or white castle. surprising kids now who i think would eat better that are obese, one in five kids. get off the i pad, nintendo switch. play some kick the can! >> absolutely. it's the screen time. next up. forget about science. one mississippi middle school is offering female students shape wear to give them an ideal body shape and alleviate body shame. what the heck is going on? why aren't they doing reading, writing, math. they're giving out shape wear? >> i'm wearing spanx. >> i live in them. >> are you, too? we could get away with that, right. schools should be teaching reading, writing, math and science. do you know why? because we are 25th in the world in those categories. china's number one. so stop hang handing out spanx
4:58 pm
to help body image. middle school is hard enough. girls can be exceptionally mean. mine is 8 so we're not there yet. joy behar level mean. let's get back to learning and out of the dressing of our children, pretty please. >> okay. really quick though, joe. i have had nine kids. you have no excuse. >> two. i'm kevin behind. >> you tube has a new all time most watched video and it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, especially parents. listen up. ♪ baby shark baby shark baby shark ♪ >> i can't stop dancing to that. the children's song baby shark has just reached 10 billion views. so, joe -- >> what do you think i got this for? the thing never stops. middle of the night. the thing goes on and on without
4:59 pm
any prompting whatsoever. i would have thought nickle back rock star or 17 would have topped the list but here we are. as we mentioned, you have young kids which means, you know, you know about this. it's catchy. what can we say. it is a very catchy tune. >> it is. finally, do you ever find yourself home alone doing something that you wouldn't do in front of your partner? you're not alone. a study finds many people admit to eating or watching things their partners don't like when they have the house all to themselves. joe, for me it's the real house wives. i watch that because john can't stand that, when he's not home. >> i was away earlier this week. i had my neighbors keep an eye out on what was being viewed in my absence. i got to hear she's watching this virgin river, the sex life, what is that? that new horrific reboot of sex and the city. fifty shades. i thought that was a home and gardens show. that's what the wife was
5:00 pm
watching, apparently. we have zero issue with her staying upstairs. i go downstairs to the fortress of solitude. i watch fox and friends weekend on dvr. she stays up there, everybody's happy. >> all right, joe. you're the best. thank you, joe. thank you at home for watching fox news primetime. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. there's a lot going on right around this time of the last presidential inauguration. you may have missed it. on his very first day as president, joe biden ordered federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to prepare a review of how the administration should fight terrorism. by june that report was complete. it concluded that after more than 20 years, islamic


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