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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 14, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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are on it. >> president biden: google covid test near me. you can google it or go to any search engine and find out where free testing and the free testing site is available. if you want to figure out how to get across town to some restaurant that is great, you usually do google it. >> laura: fox news alert, breaking overnight, australia canceling novak djokovic's visa just days before the australian open. more on that in just a moment. first, a bad day to be waking up as joe biden. the president strikes out on everything from capitol hill to the high court. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: he may just want to go back to sleep. we're glad you are not asleep,
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i'm todd piro. fox team coverage covering the legal blow to president biden. griff jenkins is with us. >> griff: you might say the president is having a no good week, not just voting rights failure or the slap down, take a look at other setbacks, the country lost faith in the cdc, tests are scarce, the big speech bombed as stacey abrams stood them up, inflation is soaring, the border wide open and north korea is firing missiles while the president's poll numbers are in the tank. the two senators manchin and kyrsten sinema refusing to kill the filibuster shutting down voting rights legislation.
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>> i continue to support the bills i will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of separation infecting our country. >> griff: filibuster protects country from majority and respecting input of minority and the senate. i cannot support this course as president vowed to fight on. >> president biden: i hope we can get this done. i'm not sure. if we miss the first time, we can come back and try it a second time. we missed this time. we missed this time. >> white house press secretary attempting to put a pretty face on it. >> we could certainly propose legislation to see if people support bunny rabbits and ice cream, but that wouldn't be rewarding to the american people, the president's view, keep pushing for hard things.
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>> where do things stand? majority leader schumer postponed voting on legislation until next week citing snow storms and covid as reason for the delay. >> todd: as long as it is not bunny rabbit ice cream, we are all okay with it. donald trump jr. reacting this way when asked about how things have changed since his father was president. >> i'm absolutely sick what is going on, what is a shame, americans have to suffer. you have supply chain crisis caused by democratic policies. this is not just joe biden, these are democrats and ideas. no one thinks joe biden is coming up with this stuff and implementing it and turning it into a disaster. this is the democratic party's ideas. this is what they're bringing to the table. joe biden is signing stuff they stick in front of him. these are democratic policies
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that have destroyed our country, energy, jobs livelihoods, our families. >> todd: another fox news alert. the supreme court blocking joe biden's federal vaccine mandate for private businesses. >> carley: the president and vice president slub on changing the game plan. ashley is live with the details. ashley. >> ashley: it was a blow when the u.s. supreme court ruled biden overstepped authority to impose vaccine mandate for more than 80 million americans, it would have made businesses get vaccinated or subjected to weekly testing. the president saying, i am disappointed the supreme court blocked this from employees at large businesses. i call on business leaders to join those who instituted vaccination requirements to
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protect workers, customers. roy blount reacting because firings would have led to more shortages. >> there might be some secret sighs of relief going on at the white house right now. this is a problem that they can can now think about in a different way. >> ashley: the supreme court allowed mandates for workers to stand. >> we're disappointed they didn't call the cms mandate unconstitutional. i respect their decision, this goes back to period biden's executive order, that is the problem, joe biden created this nursing shortage. >> ashley: spread like wildfire throughout the u.s. and biden ignored questions about switching the strategy on the pandemic. >> vaccinated americans are wondering why they should confuse -- given most americans
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will get covid at some point? >> president biden: folks, we'll talk about that later. >> ashley: meanwhile, vp harris stumbled all over the place trying to answer the same question. >> at what point does the administration say this strategy isn't working. >> it is time for us to do what we've been doing and that time is everyday. everyday it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down. >> carley: hhs secretary said he was disappointed on the ruling, the ruling takes businesses off of edge. back to you guys. >> carley: quite the answer from the vice president. ashley, thank you. here is law professor jonathan
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turley on the ruling. >> the justices said this really is about democracy, one of the recurring themes of the democratic party. the justices were taking a different view saying this should be handled in democratic process, handled by congress. this is what is called a major question. they really, three of the justices wrote a separate decision saying we're not supposed to be ruled by a fourth branch of government essentially, the agencies are not given this level of discretion and authority. so the court came down to the very strong opinion that this authority never did exist and in ruling that way, they took out one key component of president biden's pandemic policies. >> carley: todd, this has been the worst week for president biden since disastrous afghanistan withdrawal. great weeks for state rights and
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federalism when it comes to election reform and vaccine mandate. on the front, supreme court voted 6-3 to vote the mandate dow. samuel alito says when it comes to osha having that level of authority, osha just covers the workplace and the supreme court said covid is not an occupational hazard, it is a hazard anywhere you go. this would have greatly expanded osha's power, the vaccine mandate is not happening anymore on a federal level, for places like new york city, there is a local vaccine mandate in place, that still stands. >> osha is designed to keep construction workers from getting hit in heads with bricks, that is why they have them wear hard hats. osha does not lequire every business in america over 100
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people to make sure employees get jabs. focus on the bigger question, the really, really bad week for joe biden. why is that? when you make bad decisions and have dumb ideas issue bad results happen. if i'm trying to jump a canyon in a car, i'm probably going to die, it is not going to work. what do i do instead? i have a bridge i use to get across. joe biden decided not to go over a bridge with republicans, he decided to not find some common ground with republicans when it came to voting rights and go it alone. we will do it my way come hell or high water, you got both. this is not going well for you. on the supreme court angle, there was only one decision and this clearly is it, otherwise the slippery slope to federal overreach would have been staggering. biden also put himself in a bind regarding future executive action, he set a bad precedent
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for himself and it didn't help his case when his chief of staff described what he was trying to do as workaround. supreme court did not take kindly to the use of the word work-around and said no way, jose. >> carley: i can't get over all that happened this week when it comes to how bad the week has gone for president biden. we have a few and this may not cover it all. the cdc fact checks justices pushing mandates. americans are losing faith in the cdc. it is hard to get a covid test. hospitals reaching capacity issue the potus pivots voting rights and that didn't pan out for him. the list going on and on and on and vice president harris is being mocked for that tv interview. manchin says no renegotiation for build back better. russia is a disaster, talks are
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falling apart. north korea fired yet another missile and we got the approval ratings from president biden yesterday, the quinnipiac approval rating sinking to 33% and todd, during jen psaki's white house press briefing yesterday, one of the reporters asked her, listen, things are clearly not going well for the administration, should you pivot strategies and she dodged the question. the only way that you can pivot strategy, if it comes from the top. it is not an internal thing, not like they need to renegotiate or fire people, president biden needs to recognize that this is a 50/50 split senate. it is completely divided between republicans and democrats and he is ruling and governing like he has a super majority and that is what needs to change. >> todd: you mention the top, who is the top? who is at the top? is it the president and the vice
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president or is this other people in the white house that are leading to horrible decisions? look, this was a win, all this is a win for the american people. the fact we don't have to deal with this going forward. the white house thought this was good idea shows why they are 33% approval. we got to talk about this, fox news alert. australia revoking novak djokovic's visa for a second time, he is facing deportation and ban from the country. this means the number one seed in the australian open will not likely be able to play in the tournament, which starts on monday. djokovic's visa was revoked last week after the australian government said he failed to provide evidence to receive a vaccine exemption. >> carley: this morning north korea firing two short-range ballistic missiles toward the east, 30 launch from north korea in just one month.
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days ago, north korea fired the missile seen in the images here. the launch appears to be in response to recent u.s. sanctions, it is not clear where the latest missile landed and the white house is not responding to this launch. and another fox news alert. four rockets are fired at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >> todd: american officials calling it an attack by terrorist groups. amy kellogg is live overseas with the latest. amy. >> amy: no one has claimed responsibility for that attack on u.s. interest in iraq yesterday, but pro-iran groups are suspected as culprits. four rockets were fired at the fortified green zone in baghdad, nobody was killed. the u.s. embassy said it had been attacked by terrorist groups. it was assessing the damage. a school was hit. one child was
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injured, along with one other person. explosives drones and rockets have attacked the air base in recent weeks issue the rise in aggression believed to be attempts to avenge the killing of soleimani, who led the revolution guard that runs military operations overseas. he was killed by u.s. air strike while visiting iraq two years ago this month. the white house claims the violence pinned on iran on the trump administration dumping out of the nuclear deal. >> none of the things we're looking at now, iran increased capability and their aggressive action they have taken through proxy wars would be happening if the former president had not recklessly pulled out of the nuclear deal as to no thought what might come next. >> she is living in a fantasy world. it created a clear,
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maybe a bit delayed, but entire program of nuclear weapons. >> amy: there is the nuclear deal, there is avenging soleimani's death and pro-iran groups are determined to get the last 2500 american troops out of iraq all together. back to you. >> carley: amy kellogg live. thank you. pennsylvania republicans will draft a bill to relocate the biden administration migrant flight to delaware. one state senator asking why not redirect to the president's home state instead, prohibit state cop tracts from being working to assist biden administration relocation effort, the legislation has similar intention for governor ron desantis. >> todd: tomorrow the nfl playoffs kickoff with super wild-card weekend.
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raiders get started against joe burrow and the bengals first wild-card game on monday. see the games in between, we have one of them. not carley and i, but fox, catch tom brady, eighth super bowl against ja len hurts and eagles sunday 1 p.m. eastern only on fox. republicans lining up issues they are prepared to address if they take control of congress this year. the president's son is not getting a pass. >> carley: eddy scary, david webb and joe concha, lara trump coming up on this edition of "fox and friends first." ♪ feels like the first time feels like the very first time ♪ ♪ that's a pretty tight spot. watch this. of course your buick parks itself. that's so you. it's just up here on the right.
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>> todd: baltimore attorney mosley indicted on perjury. it is alleged mosley lied about her city retirement account and using the money for down payments on two florida vacation homes. mosley received her full salary
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in 2020 and did not experience any adverse financial consequences. her attorney says she's done nothing wrong. roy hemp is looking to unseat her. massive homeless encampment located in the methadone mile was cleared out this week and the mayor is promising free housing, rampant drug use and crime may not stop. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning, thank you. >> carley: tell us, how did this homeless encampment affect your business? >> what happened is as they move the tents out, now we're experiencing the homeless in my building, in my trucks, over at the pizza -- new market pizza,
1:22 am
old town, senocoshg, everything has moved into this area where my building is located. >> todd: here is what the mayor has to say about all this, take a listen. >> i want to be clear that we did not solve homelessness yesterday. so our approach from the beginning has been to break down and tackle root causes of the crisis represented by the encampment. >> todd: jerry, do you agree with the move by the mayor, do you think this is proper use of taxpayer dollars in this situation? >> i think her move, she has the right intention, but she did not listen to the business owners, the residents because we've gone through this before. it is now just happening all over again. by moving them, now we're just shifting around. you have two or three hundred
1:23 am
homeless that don't want help, they have been here for years, this is like their home being on the street and there has to be a different approach. we said this to the city time and time again. this started in 1990 and we're facing the same thing. i got attacked shortly after round-house open, i couldn't get out of my building. a girl jumped on me and spit in my face, thank god a police officer came around the corner and was able to grab her and the police showed up. we're going back, taking three steps backward instead of going forward, it is not working. >> carley: yeah. i know you are the owner of a construction company, not your job to figure out homelessness, do you have ideas or solutions rather than clear out this encamp sxment get people temporary housing, what do you think is solution to this problem? >> i think the city has the resources. i think they need to move the
1:24 am
homeless and the shelters, some out of this area, they have a lot of drug dealers hanging around because of so many homeless. something needs to be set up, something larger scale that is going to have doctors and everything. i think the round house is a good template just in the wrong place, in the wrong place. >> carley: we wish you the best of luck, gerry, we appreciate it. >> thank you, have a great day. >> todd: you, too. >> carley: it is 24 after the hour, students in major districts planning walkouts and strikes unless school meet their demands. one item on their list, covid stipends and we'll tell you what else they are asking for coming up. >> todd: the media fantasizing about a ticket without kamala harris on it. what does the vp think of that idea? >> there has been talk about a
1:25 am
biden -- ticket in 2024, did you read that article? >> dinot and i could care less about high-class gossip on this issue. >> todd: high-class gossip issue the next title of eddie scarry's book, eddie scarry will join us live next.
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>> todd: republicans threatening to make hunter biden testify before congress if they win the house in the midterm. kentucky congressman james comer saying they have a lot of questions about where he gets his money from artwork and consulting deals. don't we all. president biden denied any inclusion in the business dealings. hunter biden's laptop tell a different story. >> carley: a texas judge says the arrest of an illegal
1:30 am
immigrant violated the constitution and ordered the case dismissed, the issue focusing on whether it is unconstitutional to have stase enforcement of federal immigration laws. the ruling opening the flood gate by other migrants charged with trespassing to fight their arrest. thousands to the border ark mida spike in illegal crossings. white house facing tough questions on the pandemic, when asked if they should change their strategy vice president kamala harris left many americans confused. listen. >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is everyday. everyday it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down. >> todd: joining us live federal
1:31 am
ist columnist eddie scarry. great to have you. you know what that word solid answer reminded me of? remember 2007, that beauty contestant had the answer that was a bunch of words put together, it made no sense and everybody laughed at it. again, that is what this was. shouldn't we expect more from a vice president, somebody who was a senator and was prosecutor in the state of california? >> really was uncomfortable to watch the second-hand embarrassment is very, very real. it is result of one, no real plan. two, continued lying about there being a plan, she said we have tools to stop the spread and we're one year into democrats taking control of this, administration that said they could take control and we're looking at triple the case numbers, that was the peak under
1:32 am
trump. they promised they had a plan, they have no plan and continue to lie about it. >> carley: the vice president was asked during this interview about testing, take a listen to this exchange. >> the 500 million tests ordered that will sent to every american, do we know when those are going out? >> shortly. they have been ordered, i have to look at the current information, i think by next week issue absolutely soon. it is a matter of urgency for us. >> should we have done that soon sner >> we are doing it. >> should we have done it sooner? >> we are doing it. >> carley: the white house was forced to walk back what the vice president said, had to do a fact check saying 500 million at-home tests will be sent out later this month and we expect all contracts to be awarded over the course of the next two weeks. this was a really tough interview for the vice president, she did not do well
1:33 am
here. do you think it is lack of confidence or the fact she's unprepared? what is going on? >> i don't think it was a tough interview, these are not tough questions. she doesn't know how many tests are going out. her information is the same, i don't have that information in front of me. there are reports how she has a lack of interest in being briefd and prepared for these things and blew them off and didn't know if that was true, but it looks like it is true. again, someone high level administration official pretending to still have the answers to any of this stuff, have no idea what they are doing, so far in over their head and could level with the people and say, this is going to spread and nothing we can do about it, if they would have said that or could admit it now, there would be forgiveness for that, they continue to lie about it, they don't want to look stupid, but they are looking stupid.
1:34 am
>> todd: i think carley's point, this was not an interview with hannity, this was welcoming nbc and couldn't handle that, which leads to this. what is going to happen in 2024, here is more from that interview, take a listen. >> are we going to see the same democratic ticket in 2024? >> i'm sorry, we are thinking about today. the american people sent us here to do a job and right now there is a lot of work to be done and that is my focus sincerely. >> todd: need a quick answer, edward, how do you read that answer? is this all getting to her? >> i think democrats have no idea what they are going to do in 2024. they don't want biden to run because of the disaster, nobody wants kamala harris to run, that is a disaster. that is what you end up with. >> todd: eddie scarry, beautiful answer there, to the point, concise, you know, unlike the answer from kamala harris.
1:35 am
have a great weekend, we appreciate your time. time is 34 minutes after the hour. the white house said the record-high inflation was transitory, it seems americans disagree. >> i don't splurge like i used to anymore, we have the wrong people in office and have a different agenda that is not for the average person's benefit. >> carley: you pay more to put dinner on the table and fill your gas tank, the white house is pushing massive spending and antique pipeline policies. one of the thousands of laid off keystone pipeline workers joins us next. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: senate democrats blocking bill to sanction the nord stream 2. the project runs between russia and germany. republicans said it would have sent a strong message to russian president vladamir putin warning him against using energy as weapon, democrats rejected the bill saying it would risk u.s. relations with russia and germany during high-stakes period with ukraine. carley. >> carley: frustrated with skyrocketing prices as inflation hits a 40-year high.
1:40 am
listen. >> everything is 50 cents more everyday, everyday, everyday, it's adamm shame. >> it is 20 or 30 dollars more. >> i don't splurge like i used to. >> we have the wrong people in office, a different agenda not for the average person's benefit. >> some shoppers are blaming the biden administration and democrat policies and others blame the covid pandemic. president biden america's energy producers for skyrocketing prices at the pump instead of crippling administration. gas is up almost 50% from a year ago, energy costs are up 29% and fuel oil is up 41%. laid off keystone worker and father of three, lynn allen joins me. president biden blamed collusion
1:41 am
among oil and gas companies, why do you think gas prices are so high? >> they are buying foreign oil and trying to do everything to get away from the oil and gas industry in the united states of america and it ain't going to do nothing but ham stripping the american family and the american workers as they are doing right now. all these packages and all that, that is montanay to skim to pay off the higher politicians. it is going to get worse before it gets better. god bless donald j. trump, he had it going on, we was doing our own oil, our own gas, our families had plenty of work and money. our food prices was lower. any time your food prices are higher, there is always a reason. go back to oil and gas, that is number one place it is going to start is oil and gas.
1:42 am
>> carley: lynn, check out this cnn op-ed, drivers get ready for $4 gas. biden may indeed impact prices but not until second half of his term. once we start moving from fossil fuel, it will be expensive and painful, to deny that expense is as disingenushgous as denying climate change. things could get worse, what does president biden need to do to change this? >> he needs to put the american oilfield workers back to work. we have the resources to drive the price down in one month. we have the people ready to go to work, that is the whole thing about it, our union hall has got many, many, many people out of work right now with good paying jobs that have benefits and insurance, but right now we're at a hold because all the
1:43 am
contractors are on hold. they're just, he shut it down. he shut this down. he has really hamstringed the american family. >> carley: lnn, been almost a year to this day since the bill was signed, how has the past year before for you and other pipeline workers? >> i talked to some people that they didn't even get a job last year. i was blessed to get one for about three monthss, three or four months and normally i work six to seven months and i was able to do real well to be able to get by. but right now i don't have a clue what is going to take place. it is day-to-day walk-out deal and see what tomorrow is going to bring.
1:44 am
>> carley: it is -- president biden to increase oil production and russia is hostile toward the united states and america produces oil cleaner than any other country, why would the president turn to opec when we could do it right here? >> that's a good question. i can't answer that, i don't know why. this man apparently right here hates the united states of america. that is the only thing i can say. look what he's doing to the american people issue the american family. this man right here absolutely hates the united states of america. and again, god bless donald j. trump. >> carley: yeah, or it could be he's trying to appease the climate change people issue but hurting people in the process like you and keystone pipeline workers. so glad you got a job, hope 2022 will be better. thank you for joining us. >> yes, ma'am, thank you for having me and god bless america.
1:45 am
>> carley: god bless america, todd, over to you. >> todd: god bless this young man, a 10-year-old houston patient's wish to be sworn in is coming true, watch. >> d.j. daniel will fulfill his dream of becoming honorary law enforcement officer. welcome to law enforcement. [cheering] >> todd: that young boy who goes by d.j. was diagnosed with terminal brain and spine cancer three years ago, but is chasing his dream. he's been sworn in by 35 law enforcement agencies, halfway to his goal. beautiful story. praying for you issue buddy. first teachers unions shutting classrooms across the country. today it is someone else. wait until you hear this story. >> carley: did you hear about
1:46 am
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>> carley: two days group of chicago public high school students are set to stage a walkout cht the chicago radical youth alliance demanding schools release stipends to students and go back to remote learning for two weeks, this comes after classes were cancelled due to a battle between teachers unions. planning a student strike unless their covid demands are met. >> todd: oh, boy. threatening to become dumber usually is not a great leverage position, but whatever, it is what they are learning in schoolss. supreme court striking down mask mandates. there have been a lot of blows this week. david webb is here to react. let's get into this, david, how big of a blow is this to joe biden's ability to wield
1:51 am
executive power and questionable covid strategy on the whole? >> it's a big blow to the biden agenda and lestist agenda for compliance and control on america, which is really their goal, the mandate this time, something next time, the idea that bernie sanders will send masks when government provides what you are supposed to have and what you need. government has greater intrusion in your life, the argument in the supreme court, interviewed chris cobach, gary rabine, one of the plaintiffs in this case. they stood up to the government and they and other brave companies out there made their case and the supreme court stood on the constitution. >> todd: to me, the supreme court prevented us from going down the full slippery slope to 100% nanny state. do you agree? >> yeah, i do agree. here is case of what the left wants in america. they want to tell us what to do,
1:52 am
they want to be in our bedroom, in our board room, in every room in the house and every room in the corporate building or the manufacturing plant. government has a role, this is way beyond the scope of government, it has failed every other country where it does this and the biden administration, the kamala harris approach, whoever you want to blame in the biden administration, they are in lock step agreement that government should have intrusion into our lives. this is beyond even what obamacare tried to do and was successful at to some degree and this is important because this is how we begin to turn the tide with legal decisions against the biden administration. >> todd: speaking of things that nobody seems to want, microsoft word, that thing on your computer that allows you to type letterss and papers and such going woke, introducing a new
1:53 am
feature that tries to suggest pc alternatives when someone types phrases that could offend. what are phrases that could offend, david? here they are on the screen. mankind will be changed to humankind. the word postman changed to mail carrier, maid changed to house cleaner. master changed to expert. manpower changed to workforce and my favorite, show girl changed to performing artist. once you're done laughing, david, when does it stop? when do we stop bending over backward to keep the woke snowflakes, all five of them from getting offended? >> they are always going to try. i had, if you want to call it play withing this tool when i got the topic. i went through and began typing phrases in. no matter how they rewrite history like they try to tear
1:54 am
down statues neil armstrong said one small step for man and they went further and want to change it to other words, fine. to the parents, people out is there in america, don't use the tool, they are going to impose them or certainly put them in the devices. the fact is, we have silicon valley elites and leftists and there is a tie here for me, curious thing to look at. we have the biden vaccine mandate when it comes to healthcare workers, medicaid and medicare included for those who take the programs. when you do business with government, government ties strings to it and you have to comply. microsoft is regulated by bureaucrats and agencies that largely favor the left. you have leftist, silicone valley liberals and elitists and government regulating. there is too cozy of a relationship here and it is something we need to pay
1:55 am
attention to, but simply like i did when i opened up and saw this inclusive tool, i don't use it, i did try it out to prove, yeah, they are woke in silicon valley, reality aside. >> todd: giants comment coming here only change i would want this to make, if they changed joe judge to brian flores, the coaching joke i made. david webb, thank you for your time. goes giants, i guess. carley, over to you. >> carley: go, giants, i guess. not just supreme court ruling, there are other things ruining president biden's week, it is not over. we are going through it is with 10ney and joe concha. ♪ ♪
1:56 am
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wait, you work here? the chevy silverado with the available multi-flex tailgate. find new flexibility. find new roads. chevrolet. >> todd: a fox news alert breaking overnight. australia canceling tennis star novak djokovic's visa for a second time, setting him up for deportation just days before the australian open. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. djokovic's lawyers are expected to fast-track an ark peel with preliminary hearing being held tonight in an australian court. this means the number one


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