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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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rooted in political and racial animus. >> tucker: trace gallagher, you're the best. thank you. it's simple, if you don't pay your taxes you shouldn't be in charge of anything, none of these people pay their taxes. will next see you monday, have the best weekend. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to hannity this busy friday news night, it's no secret from the very beginning we had really low expectations of the biden white house. now somehow, someway, things are even far worse than we predicted to. this is not hyperbole, this is not sean hannity talking points, no. as we speak, even democrats and republicans and the media mob are opening questioning if joe
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and kamala will be in a position to run for reelection with some wondering if they can even finish out their current term. it is a legitimate concern, every day this week was a horror show, one worse than the other. on monday, the cdc reported a record high 1.35 million new covid cases in the united states. he was going to shut down the virus. on tuesday make-believe georgia governor stacey abrams stood up the leader of the free world during his bizarre rant in atlanta about the so-called voting rights bill and pretty much calling a lot of people racist. on wednesday we learned that inflation is now at a 40 year high, 40 year high, all while biden's approval rating this week hit a new low, 33% in quinnipiac's latest poll. on thursday, the u.s. supreme court shut down his vaccine mandate for large employers. at the same time two democratic
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senators, that would be senator joe manchin and kyrsten sinema killed his dreams of abolishing the filibuster and now they fake voting rights bill and the rest of the biden agenda is dead in the water. today the hhs reported a record high 157,000 covid hospitalizations. mr. -- i will shut down the virus has some explaining to do. if you want answers you have to track them from somewhere in delaware, spending another long weekend not working away from the white house. before he left joe biden could not be bothered to address any of the major issues affecting our country, instead he gave an ironic speech about unity once again and building bridges. he also praised his infrastructure czar mitch landrieu, as biden called him, mitch mcconnell. shocker, take a look. >> it's all about fixing the
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problem. i ran for president to unite the country, this bipartisan infrastructure law i signed a few months ago unites us around things we depend on. it includes the largest investment in our nation's bridges since the creation of the interstate highway system. bridges to make america work. view matter, we are building back and building back better with you. i want to thank you for listening, and we have a lot of work to do. the reason the reason i asked mitch to do this is because he knows how to get things done. i want every penny watched on how this is spent, just like i did the recovery act. >> sean: mitch landrieu, bumper stickers, slogans, build back better, that's not going to cut it. it's getting bad, it's getting worse every day, it's obvious. everyone in the white house is going to continue to prop them up like nothing is wrong?
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press secretary jen psaki has her own unique way of responding to the growing chaos inside the biden white house as the dumpster fire gets worse and worse. she gets more mean and sarcastic, even mean-spirited at times. and a little arrogant on top of it, take a look. >> the sense of things are going well, there's no need for change. >> having worked in a white house before, you do hard things and white houses. you have every challenge at your feet -- late at your feet whether it's global or domestically and we could certainly propose legislation to see if people support bunny rabbits and an ice cream but that wouldn't be very rewarding to the american people so the president's view is we are going to keep pushing for hard things and we are going to keep pushing the boulders of the hill to get it done. >> sean: bunny rabbits and ice cream, great answer. she would prefer questions about those two items, may be then she give capable or give us a real answer.
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today our own peter doocy asked her about the president's vindictive tone when he called out more than half of america as domestic enemies. she was more interested in talking about the cincinnati bengals, take a look. >> about a year ago, working with republicans -- now he's talking about republicans that don't agree with voting rights, he described them as george wallace, bull connor and jefferson davis, what happened to the guy when he was elected said to make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemies? >> i think everybody listen to that speech was speaking on the level as my mother would say would note is he's not comparing them as humans, he's comparing the choice to those figures in history and where they are going to position themselves as they determine whether they're going to support the fundamental right to vote or not. one last thing, the bangles are playing tomorrow, they haven't won a playoff game in 31 years.
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>> sean: here with more my fox news white house correspondent peter doocy. i didn't really particularly like the answer, very sarcastic, but then again, i don't think jen psaki has an easy job after not only this week but this first year of joe in office, is there one item they point to they say they are successful at? >> passing the american rescue plan which was for all intents and purposes a year ago, she mentioned the cincinnati bengals of a good metaphor, right now this white house is dealing with quite a collection of recent losses. the build back better social spending plan, doesn't look like it's going to pass. these vaccine mandates they had been pushing businesses to institute on employees it turns out the supreme court thinks they are mostly illegal.
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this is a president you go back and two years you try to stand out in this giant democratic field in the primaries by saying i'm the one with all the experience, send me to d.c. because i know how to get things done. that was a big part of his pitch the entire time and almost a year in it just did not pan out like that. >> sean: especially when you look at his comments about bull connor, here's a guy who praised strom thurmond, praised george wallace, here's a guy who partnered with robert byrd a former klansman to stop the integration of public schools, nobody has ever asked him about it because he didn't want public schools integrated because he said they would become racial jungles. you made a good point about -- didn't he say he would unite the country? what happened to that part? >> that is a great question. they gambled this week --
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there's all this other stuff that's going wrong. let's try to focus on voting rights legislation but they lost that gamble and do something else is remarkable, they constantly pivoted back to the pandemic and look at us, we know how to handle covid-19. we found out today that next week, you can go to to finally start opening those tests, once you order it, you're not going to get it for 7 to 12 days. if you think you have covert symptoms and the cdc says go about your life after five days, you can have symptoms, isolate, go about your life and then your test comes from the biden administration. >> sean: correct me if i'm wrong, isn't this the same joe biden that said it was a travesty donald trump didn't have enough tests? we not only ran out of tests, kamala harris and joe biden both suggested that she tried to
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google yourself, we are glad you are feeling better but we have inflation also at a 40 year high, we have the highest incidences of covert positivity since the beginning of the pandemic, he didn't shut it down. we don't have the antivirals, we don't have the monoclonals, that's a big problem. those items you would think now entering our third year into the pandemic would be readily available everywhere. >> based on every thing we talked about over the last couple of minutes, a lot of problems here at home. there are huge problems bubbling up overseas. if you think the president has been tested over the course of the last year, wait until they might have to confront vladimir putin who they are talking about publicly as he gets aggressive in eastern europe. >> you got russia, china, iran, i agree with you. i would be paying very close attention to all three.
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we are so glad you are feeling better, sorry you had to go through all that like so many others. >> good to be back, thanks, sean. >> sean: joe delivered a speech about building bridges after the speech he gave earlier in the week, comparing his political opponents to bull connor, george wallace, jefferson davis while also referring to tens of millions of americans as domestic enemies -- wow. take a look. >> i know what i stand. i will not yield, i will not flinch, i will defend the right to vote. our democracy against all enemies, foreign, and yes domestic. i ask every elected official in america, how do you want to be remembered? the consequential moments in history present a choice. do you want to be on the side of dr. king, or george wallace? do you want to be on the side of john lewis or bull connor?
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do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? this is the moment to decide. >> sean: those remarks were so unhinged even jo's fellow democrats were put off, dick durbin said biden went too far. nancy pelosi criticized him for evoking bull connor and strom thurmond and former congresswoman and democratic presidential candidate tulsi gabbard tweeted "hillary calling tens of millions of americans deplorables was divisive and disgusting, biden has gone further calling those who disagree with his actions and policies domestic enemies, traders, racists and biden did promise to unite us but he is doing all he can to divide us. tonight it appears the only way joe biden is uniting americans is against joe biden. former congresswoman tulsi gabbard joins us with more. give your overall perception of not only the speech but this week and this year.
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we are a few days away from the one-year anniversary since since he was inaugurated. >> i think there are so many people across the country, those who voted for joe biden, those who did not vote for joe biden who had high hopes that he would carry out his promise, that he would be the president for all americans, showing respect for those who agreed with him or disagreed with him. unfortunately the opposite is true. not only has he not carried out on that promise, he is doing the exact opposite, rapidly carrying our country in the wrong direction, tearing us apart, pouring fuel on the flames of divisiveness and it really makes me wonder how we can go through three more years of this and still come out the other end with the possibility of being able to come together again as americans as the united states of america. >> sean: when you look at for example we ran out of tests, we
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ran out of monoclonal antibodies, we ran out of antivirals, inflation a 40 year high, energy $85 a barrel, he's begging opec and russia to produce more, he inherited energy independence, his vaccine mandate fell apart. the average american mall, the inflation of every american family is about $5,000 per family. it is impacting everybody, almost above 50-gallon per gas, a thousand more to heat your home this year, everything we buy in every store cost more, their shelves trending, it's everywhere. do you see as a democrat any of these policies working, am i missing something this successful. >> people are struggling to me can understand how people are frustrated and angry and the fact that our government is failing us, one of the most
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disturbing things i see coming out of this administration is how president joe biden has his attorney general targeting americans as domestic terrorists for being "antiauthority." what is so extremely dangerous about this is the president of the united states is the authority here in america. if our president is targeting americans for being "antiauthority" what they are really saying is you are an enemy of the state if you are against the president or his policies. this is the foundation of authoritarianism and it's a message that is received by people at home. if you are going to target to me for being against your policies as the president, there will be consequences and therefore what our people to do? to shut up, step back and fall in line. this is unacceptable in our democracy and must not go unchecked. >> he has never allowed
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republicans in the room, republicans were never included in build back better, republicans were never included in voter integrity measures. my measures i would like to see so we can have confidence in integrity would be simple. voter i.d., signature verification, chain of custody controls so we make sure nobody can tamper with mail in ballots, i think we need updated voter rolls and i think we need to partisan observers, all sides get to watch the vote count up close start to finish and i think we will have confidence in results, i don't think illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote either. is there anything wrong with any of those measures in your view that i mentioned or would you include some or take some away? >> i think the point there is that -- the fact that there were not leaders, members of parties and the both of them crafting this legislation, there should be no surprise why there is partisan opposition to it. whether or not everybody would agree on all of those things are
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even -- i think there's opportunity to come to agreement on 80% of those things and still be able to move us forward as a country. that is the problem, there are many different examples unfortunately in this administration when they have chosen to take a very partisan approach and even though they are leaving out republicans on the crafting table, the negotiating table, then they say how dare you not support our bills that we rode without any of your input or any discussion, any respect or consideration, this is transparent. the american people see what's happening, i think and are so dissatisfied by it. >> sean: we always love having you on, thank you. it's refreshing to hear somebody independent-minded. between covid-19, the economy, 40 year high inflations, supply chain crisis, america is facing a multitude of really serious
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crises and democrats, the media mob only seem to care about one thing and one thing only, the january 6th capitol riot. they are not concerned with finding out why there was a security breakdown at the capital, how to prevent this from ever happening again. according to the chairman of the january 6 committee speaker pelosi who was ultimately in charge of security in the house, it's totally off limits. they are now desperately trying to haul in republican minority leader kevin mccarthy. this committee is a political sham, they have one goal that is to purge donald trump away from the white house forever. joining is now former trump chief of staff mark meadows, indiana congressman jim banks. we confirmed the joint chiefs, secretary of defense, you, the chief of staff of the defense department all in the room. donald trump multiple times requests that of the 20,000 troops get called in.
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if that happened, january 6 never would have happened but he only had the legal authority to call, to authorize it. he did his part. why didn't nancy pelosi and why didn't the mayor of d.c. understand after the summer of 2020 riots, knowing hundreds of thousands of people where they are knowing tensions were high, knowing you always have bad actors in crowds, what reasons did they give you, if any, why they wouldn't call up the troops the president authorized? >> certainly the president did authorize those and i know there has been a lot of back and forth suggesting he didn't authorize 10,000 national guard troops before january 6th but that is factually inaccurate. i can tell you the questions need to be asked of speaker pelosi and mayor bowser, both of them -- it's the two of
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them that had the responsibility of authorizing those national guard troops to be on the ready in place on january 6th. everything focused on this part of the reason why that is happening is this -- it's the events that have led up to this first year of the biden administration where you have just listed, the fact that energy prices are going up, not a secure border, the afghanistan withdrawal was a debacle, they have nothing to run on. i think more importantly the days that just happened will be a turning point because what you see now are democrats starting to say we have to have a candidate for 2024, we have to have a plan and is not a januart going to be a success in the midterms in 2022 that they think it will be. >> sean: mark meadows new book the chief's chief is a phenomenal read, et cetera
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bookstores everywhere. jim banks you were on the committee with jim jordan, nancy pelosi kicked two of the committee then kevin mccarthy said what is the point -- the entire committee voted to impeach donald trump. they won't call in nancy pelosi, they want to subpoena her records for the sergeant at our the mayor of d.c. are those things that you in jim jordan would have done, is that the reason they kicked you off the committee and replaced you with two never trumpers? >> without a doubt, the january 6th committee is the russia collusion hoax on steroids. kevin mccarthy, everyone else this committee has tried to drag before them should not be forced to participate. when nancy pelosi herself refused to participate in the bipartisan homeland security investigation of january 6 over the last year and that she keeps documents in her office that she refuses to turn over that point
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to this point we are making about the breakdown of security and a lack of the national guard coming to the capital. the coincidence isn't lost on any of us that the same week inflation hits a 40 year high and joe biden's approval rating at 33% is the worst approval rating of any sitting president at the end of his first year, happens in the same week they want to go after the republican leader kevin mccarthy. it's obvious to me it's long past time for the republican party to kick liz cheney and adam kinzinger out of the house g.o.p. conference. it's way past time for us to do that to. the fact they are participating in an effort to derail republicans winning back the house majority to save this country tells you they are batting for the other team, they don't belong in the house g.o.p. conference. >> sean: you handed over 9,000 documents, you try to cooperate
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but also strike the balance because the president is invoking what he rightly should invoke in my view, executive privilege. if he doesn't have executive privilege, there is nobody in the white house that will give him straightforward, honest advice on very tough, hard, controversial issues. you tried. look what happens as a result. why would anyone even try? >> we see the true colors of this committee and you are right to. a good citizen i was going the extra mile to try to help in those areas that were nonprivileged. if we do away with executive privilege, even after the fact what you will find is a chilling effect on any chief of staff to give the tough calls and the advice he would give in the privacy of the room. bravo to jim banks in jim jordan for fighting this fight.
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>> sean: bravo to you as well. thank you both. as a reminder, marks a new book the chief's chief, at bookstores everywhere. straight ahead tonight, the rnc is standing up to the blatantly abusively corrupt and biased commission on presidential debates, i'm so glad to. the media mob is having a meltdown over it, ronna mcdaniel will explain why she made that decision with joe concha, straight-ahead to.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, pentagon officials issuing a warning that russia may soon launch a false flag operation as a pretext to invade ukraine, russia may have already placed a
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group of operatives in eastern ukraine. this group could conduct acts of sabotage against russia's own proxy forces. white house press secretary jen psaki says the operatives are trained in urban warfare and explosives. the u.s. has a valid severe financial and technological sanctions if russia invades. back here at home more than a month after a search warrant was issued after alec baldwin has turned over his cell phone for the investigation of the fatal shooting on the "rust" movie set in new mexico. of the device was given to the new york suffolk county law enforcement, they will collect information and share evidence with new mexico authorities, old win lives in new york. i'm trace gallagher, now back to "hannity." >> sean: breaking news from the rnc this week as the rnc now says they plan to require candidates to avoid debates hosted by the commission on presidential debates over deep
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concerns about the flaws with the commission structure, their institutional bias, along with a desire to have candidates compete on a level playing field. this move is expected to be voted on by committee members when the rnc holds their winter meeting early next month in salt lake city. the mob, the media are melting down, totally distraught over the push for balance in presidential debates. joy behar at the view tweeting "are they afraid their candidates can't keep up? bloomberg writer tom o'brien added another example of republicans antipathy toward public institutions and civil processes leading them to just walk away. the mob has said little about joe biden's constant refusal to talk to the press, less than the last six presidents. we are learning he finally will hold a press conference next week.
6:30 pm
here with the reaction fox news contributor joe concha along with rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. you're not saying you are against the debates, your against the debate commission. i agree with you, i think it was the right call. i don't think any debate should take place after a single vote is cast, that's number one trend. number 2, you have the rnc, the dnc, you guys should be able to hammer out what the rules are, who the moderators are -- i volunteer. that will never happen, i know. who the people should be, are they saying they can't enter into negotiations and come to an agreement? >> exactly, i think you are exactly right. the last debate in 2020 -- the first debate started after 26 states had started absentee voting, they picked a moderator that worked for joe biden. they switched to a virtual debate without talking to the candidates in the rnc went to
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the commission and said can you guarantee that these three egregious actions from 2020 will not happen in 2024? they said no, we don't want to work with the party, we don't care about 74 million republicans. we are going to negotiate with the candidates. the problem is you don't get a nominee until july or august of 2024 and by then it's too late the rnc has said we are going to candidate in a form that is not biased and taken this long needed action. >> sean: i see the mob's reaction, joe is the best media commentator in the country, you should have your own show on fox, i would love to see that. honestly, i think they feign outrage, i don't believe they believe it. number 2, nobody is saying there won't be debates but the rules are going to change, i would say no debates if a single vote has
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been cast and i think you have to put a list together. here are people you would approve moderating, here are people we would agree to moderate and pick from that. >> what she was talking about before was steve scully at c-span. we have to remember what happened here, he was soliciting anthony scaramucci who would become vehemently anti-trump for questions to ask trump during the debate and that debate was ultimately canceled. the commission for presidential debates blamed tobit but it appeared they were embarrassed -- the debate moderator didn't want him to become a story and he was clearly biased and they figure to the left joe biden on stage in front of 70 million people to better. we remember what happened in 2012. candy crowley jumps into save barack obama against mitt romney. the rnc is saying they have every right to question the commission's integrity and ask for changes to be made. hold these debates earlier in september before votes are cast.
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their track record speaks for itself and they deserve scrutiny. >> sean: i would like to see debates between the candidates but to me when you have a second debate and 100 million americans or some number close to that, already voted, the debate becomes meaningless. >> exactly and the thing you are saying is so true. senatorial candidates, gubernatorial candidates all across the country debate without a commission. this commission has had a monopoly, the rnc is saying enough is enough, we are opening the field to a different way of doing debates with a commission that is not biased, it's not fair to our candidate and it's not fair to the voters and the fact that they wouldn't hold the debate before 26 states had started voting is egregious and it's wrong for the american people. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, it's going to be hannity one on one versus
6:34 pm
former obama economic advisor austan goolsbee. also can austin defend the race baiting speech this week? we'll find out, don't miss it, next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we close out the week with a "hannity" showdown segment because joe biden is having one of the worst weeks of his presidency. inflation, forty-year high. supply chain a mess, workplace vaccine mandate blocked by the u.s. supreme court to. his approval rating crashing to a low, 33%, 25% among independents. 's covert strategy we don't have enough tests, we'd have enough therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies or antivirals.
6:39 pm
his agenda appears dead in the senate. ask yourself, has joe biden gotten anything right? has he gotten anything to make the life of the average american better? rather than be honest about the obvious failures, the media mob double down on the bizarre smearing of the g.o.p. or just do another night of january 6th coverage -- listen to msdnc extremist jason johnson comparing republicans to the terrorist group hamas. >> i've been saying this for a while i'm working hard to never say republican party again. it's not a party. they are the plo to hamas. they are a dime store front for a terrorist movement. they didn't have a policy in 2020 except loyalty to trump. they are asking their 2024 nominees did not engage in presidential debate, they are no longer a party. nothing surprises me anymore.
6:40 pm
>> sean: the biden agenda is failing on every front, costs are up, wage gains are being wiped out by inflation, people are leaving the labor force, biden has revealed himself to be an empty suit, empty promises overseeing empty shelves. despite campaigning as a uniter, biden is doing nothing but divide the country. he even compared americans against his federal election takeover scheme to george wallace and jefferson davis. are you starting to feel the unity? he's brave enough to show up i have no idea why, former obama economic advisor austan goolsbee. i'm just waiting for the spin. forty-year high with inflation, gas up about $1.50 a gallon, $5,000 more per household, that is how much it's costing. dollar today to take a dollar out of your pocket, i only carry 20s and 50s but -- i'm
6:41 pm
joking, by the way. take a dollar out of your pocket it's worth $0.07 less today than it was a year ago. you explain mr. economic advisor, you tell me how great his economy is going. >> you chose only the bad things. >> sean: tell me the good things. >> you failed to mention that we had a record year of job growth, that we had -- it's not quite $5,000, it's about $4500 higher prices. >> sean: it's 5,000 according to penn warren. >> 4500 -- and we have a $3500 tax cut. for the year on income, we are breaking even. economic growth is high, the job market is tighter than in many years and we've passed a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. there's upsides in those downsides, i'm not saying everything is perfect.
6:42 pm
>> sean: i fill up my own gas tank, i do my own shopping, i don't know if you do the shopping and your family, i do the shopping. >> ideal. >> sean: every single thing that you buy in every single store is costing more because of joe biden's policies. he reduced america's energy output by 40%, demand has remained constant, now it's $85 a barrel with predictions that might go as high as $125 a barrel, begging opec and russia to produce more, is that not embarrassing to you was mike who is going to get hurt the most? the poor or the middle class? >> that's not an accurate description. the price of oil went up for everybody in the world, for sure, that is true. it has now been going down, oil prices have been going down for a month and a half. >> sean: he inherited energy independence and we were net exporters of energy and now he's
6:43 pm
begging opec. >> he inherited an economic downturn bordering on catastrophe. the price of oil tends to go way down. >> sean: you need to focus. did he or did he not inherit three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies? that he also inherent energy independence and did he inherit that we were a net exporter of energy and did he cut energy production by 40%? the answer is yes. >> he did not cut energy production by 40%. energy production fell because we were in an economic catastrophe. >> sean: he fired keystone xl pipeline workers, he rescinded -- >> keystone pipeline wasn't built yet, that had no effect on energy production. it was not built. >> sean: nyc begging opec? donald trump didn't beg opec.
6:44 pm
>> he's not begging opec, he convinced opec and opec is increasing their production in the month of january, why do you call it begging? >> sean: he dramatically shut down -- >> why are you complaining about that? your all over the map here. you don't like to pay high gas prices, i told you gas prices came down and biden convinced opec to increase production. >> sean: if you want to end inflation, professor of economics at the prestigious booth institute in chicago, if you want to cut inflation, one of the things you can do is increase the supply of energy which he artificially reduced by 40% because of energy policies. by the way, he cuts them even further, exploration in alaska again this very week.
6:45 pm
>> how do you respond or how do you react to the fact that energy production is now up dramatically in the united states? it is higher than in any year under then in donald trump, higher than in previous year? there are two years under donald trump for it is higher than what it will be. but it's very high by historical standards in the united states. >> sean: we were energy independent, his policies limited energy independence. >> we went from 100% to 98%. >> sean: he gave a waiver to vladimir putin, he's making them hostile. i wish there was tito's and this instead of water because you are driving me to drink. [laughter] >> in our many years of improbable friendship, no matter what you have said to me i've always tried to carry myself with a certain quiet dignity and i appreciate that you let me keep that. >> sean: we appreciate your
6:46 pm
coming on. straight ahead, alec baldwin today turned his cell phone over to authorities, it only took a month, plus baltimore's estate attorney inspired by kamala harris has been indicted. emily compagno, pam bondi next ♪ unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together.
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>> sean: more developments tonight in the alec baldwin fatal film set shooting, the actor finally has handed over his cell phone to the authorities amid the continuing investigation, that is not stopping the baldwin's from engaging in strange and bizarre behavior as his wife posted a photo of him holding up a drawing of him saying to her
6:51 pm
"oh, god, please help me, i'm dying." full coverage just ahead to. shifting gears to the city of baltimore, baltimore city, their city states attorney marilyn mosby has been federally indicted on charges of perjury filing false mortgage applications related to the purchase of two homes in florida. we are learning vice president harris was a strong inspiration for mosby. she said back in 2017, she cannot fail and i know she will not fail. mosby told the local paper in 2020, there would be no marilyn mosby without kamala harris. when i won states attorney, kamala was my inspiration. pam, start with you. why did it take a month? >> it's very interesting because this happened three months ago.
6:52 pm
if you had a coworker, a young woman who you knew died he would be handing her anything you had to help. they had to negotiate a search warrant which meant alec baldwin, you have to give us your phone, you don't have a choice not matter, it should not have taken a month to get at, he should have done it right away right after the shooting. the only victim here is ms. hutchins. that young cinematographer who lost her life. nothing is funny about him drawing a dead body and his wife posting it, she is a victim in this, this young woman and there is nothing comical. i think he's a lunatic and disturbed. >> sean: as i understand it, correct me if i'm wrong. but your legal background will clarify this that you can turn over the phone and there are artificial intelligence machines that can specifically look for keywords if maybe he was concerned about text messages
6:53 pm
getting out of that were private that had nothing to do with the incident, is that true? >> there is software for that. part of the reason is so important to comply and execute search warrants so fast within the usual ten-day period is because evidence can become federal. here we have someone who claimed publicly the reason he didn't want his phone to be made public is because there were love letters to his wife, things of a private nature but that doesn't matter in a criminal investigation, the subject of a search warrant was his cell phone and that is why he should have turned it over. to pam's point to go from a ten day time period to four weeks is unacceptable, now this quits extra work for the sheriff's office because they will have to determine whether or not any type of evidence or any type of communication was in fact deleted. they have to issue additional search warrants or subpoenas to ensure through other communications they are that they were getting the whole picture from it. someone better let him know it doesn't matter if he is
6:54 pm
embarrassed because someone lost their life and that is what is most important. >> sean: i am all in favor if there are text messages not relevant to the case, he certainly has a right to privacy. he will get that because he's a democrat, people like me will never get that, they just released, my personal text messages, on that note, that could've been done very quickly, it wasn't. let me ask you about mosby and the connection to kamala harris. why would somebody lie on the mortgage application. i'm trying to figure it out and do it twice and yet you are a prosecutor, you've got to know the law, i would assume that you can't lie on an application, correct? >> absolutely, not only that she is a prosecutor and she thought she was above the law. she lies twice and uses covid of all things saying she had a hardship when she was making almost $250,000 a year.
6:55 pm
her full salary during covid when the people of her city were suffering -- she gets money out of her retirement early to buy two homes in my beautiful state in florida, two vacation homes. she has been so critical of states like florida, the hypocrisy is beyond me. >> sean: what is your take? >> i think it's ironic herself stated idol of kamala harris has the same knee-jerk reaction to any type of criticism and here mosby has to be federally indicted and all of these charges. him she claims it is racial animus, she is facing 30 years in prison and a million dollars and i don't think it's because of racial animus. kamala harris 72017 she wanted to do so, so she would get convictions and have convictions, i think it's now clear that she will be the one who will be convicted. >> sean: pam bondi as always, thank you. more "hannity" after this.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. in the meantime, let your heart not be troubled. raymond arroyo filling in for laura ingraham tonight. we will see you back here monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> raymond: i'm raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." a group of scientists is calling on spotify to censor joe rogan show specifically because he featured that the inventor the mrna vaccine platform dr. robert malone. today he is here to respond. since i'm hosting, we needed somebody to fill the friday follies void. thankfully actor and director robert dobbie stepped up and we have video of an unhinged director that