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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 15, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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president biden planning his first news conference after pretty brutal week with his agenda. major setbacks about the economy, vaccine mandates and voting rights. welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news live, i am eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel ”-double-low-quote beacon to reporters and the american people on wednesday after the supreme court walked the mandate for large businesses with 100 or more workers. warnings from the pentagon that
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russia is laying the groundwork for invading ukraine, all that on top of runaway inflation record. lucas is live with more in delaware for the president is spending the weekend. lucas. reporter: the president arrived here last night, some of the strongest supporters say this week has been a disaster. >> there's a lot of talk about things we haven't done. reporter: this week u.s. inflation hitting fastest inflation nearly four decades. prices of houses 7% spike including 50% increase at the gas pump and 12 and a half points the grocery store in the fish in exile. the white house jen psaki lames nobody saw this coming. >> we are getting out of a pandemic the economic downturn at a rate faster than anyone
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thought could've happened. >> week from hell some call it, talks from russia failing to stop tensions at the border with ukraine, the situation now growing even more tense serious speech in georgia by the president failed to give voting rights past, the segregation list. supreme court walked the mandate and flush large companies to vaccinate and test workers weekly, third trip to capitol hill failed to persuade lawmakers for his own party to eliminate the filibuster. approval rating falling to 33% from afghanistan withdrawal. nearly half the country lames the president, not the pandemic for making it worse. gop senator said there is a silver lining to this week. >> it's been a very bad week for joe biden, a good way for the american people.
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men this week marks the end of president biden's first year in office and as you mentioned, in a press conference 4:00 p.m. wednesday the same day the new white house website goes online so people can get covid tests. arthel. arthel: i am confused by that last soundbite. lucas, thank you. eric. eric: president biden pushing for all americans to be vaccinated against covid. continues to ravage our country. the supreme court struck down the test mandate for companies with more than 100 employees and artificial cautioning our country may never reach the vaccination rates we need to in order to kill covid. live at the headquarters of the cdc with more, hi, charles. reporter: the supreme court ruling is likely to make it more difficult for president biden in the white house to get enough people vaccinated in order to get a handle on the pandemic.
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all hope is not lost because their own vaccine mandates in place but without the backing of the federal government, experts believe it's highly unlikely will seek private businesses requiring shots for workers especially in republican let states were mandates are illegal short of legislation. it does not look promising according to former biden administration advisor who tweeted quote, it's highly unlikely the u.s. will hit 85 -- 95% of americans vaccinated because to get to the other side of the pandemic despite the tough road ahead or what appears to be a tough road ahead. the biden administration plans to keep pushing back with efforts forward. >> president biden you will seek will be calling on and continue to call on businesses to join, including one third of fortune 100 companies and vaccination requirements to protect their workers and customers and
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communities. reporter: this is as the omicron search continues to drive infections and demand for covid across the country in the coming days, the white house says americans can begin with free at home test kits on a federal website that will go live on wednesday in states like georgia for 30% of all test are coming back positive catching early cases of the virus is a priority. at than just mercedes-benz stadium now a mega site helping as many as 2000 people a day, one of three large-scale sites in the atlanta metro area seeing some of the highest transmission rates in the state with hospital admissions nearing 1000 statewide. local health officials hope to identify early infections while there is still a window to provide guidance to prevent transmission. >> when you start getting 1500
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cases reported overnight, it overwhelms our ability to investigate each one of them. it forces us to prioritize. reporter: we've seen cars moving in-and-out of the testing site all day long and one reason is they are making the process fairly easy. folks don't have to make an appointment, they are taking all insurance and you don't have to pay anything out-of-pocket so it's an easy process to get in-and-out of here. eric: that's great. thanks so much. arthel: president biden urging companies to do the right thing and enforce their own vaccine requirements after his supreme court sent that. meanwhile, close to entering your three of the pandemic, world health organization data shows more than 5.5 million covid deaths worldwide but 844,000 americans died of covid.
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charles watson reported about 63% of americans are fully vaccinated with about 38% also boosted. all of us as the seven day average hospitalizations across the country currently stand at 131,000, that's up 30% from the previous week. let's bring in the former new york congresswoman and first female medical professional to serve all term as a member of congress. did the supreme court get it right? >> they did get it right. certainly constitutionally i would argue in a more holistic sense from the sense of the economy as well but it made very appropriate arguments the federal government does not have it, congress has not granted the authority nor has congress mandated that vaccines be administered to employees based on osha jurisdictions across the
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country. arthel: vaccine mandate constitutionally approved and how do we control the spread and mutation of virus and revitalize the health of struggling businesses as well as the american society? >> you are right to frame the question in that way because it really is a holistic set of considerations. there's always risks and benefits, opportunity cost to everything we do. mandates on businesses require their employees to have vaccines imposes on them, reduces their staffing, reduces production of goods and services, adds to the woes we are already experiencing in terms of supply chain and everything else. it can impede access to medical care for other conditions so it's right to present vaccines as an option, perfectly fine to promote them but not right to mandate them.
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arthel: new york mayor eric adams says nyc will continue to enforce vaccine mandate for private businesses and tweeted about it. he says the supreme court may not want to put the health and safety of americans first but new york city does. yesterday's ruling thursday does not have any effect on our private vaccine mandate, it's still in effect as always. cities must lead when washington pond. according to a poll, you've got 36% of u.s. workers required by their employer to get vaccinated. until the virus is contained, can private business owners return to pre-pandemic or close to pre-pandemic operation profit levels? >> i think they will be likely to do that. practice commonsense measures, the good news from the medical
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standpoint and physician about omicron is that fortunately it's produced much less. less hospitalizations and death but we know who's most at risk for complications of covid, people who are hypertensive, diabetic, people with immune compromised, certain lung conditions. those are folks who we can protect, we can accommodate them. for everyone else, it's fine to get the vaccine that it's a personal choice. there are all kinds of reasons people may not wish to do that. it's an unnecessary position that create all kinds of problems down the line both with our economy and new york city. nypd doesn't need to waste times on vaccine mandates, it needs to concentrate on the rising rates of terrible crime. arthel: do you think vaccines are used as a political poll and not public safety tool?
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>> it's a great question, they become a litter size and they shouldn't be. that is a problem that unfortunately has been evident with the biden administration in various ways. we note they've made decisions and fair cdc that has not been based purely on science unfortunately but also political constituencies. science should really be what's perspective and that means understanding what's going on with covid, omicron, whose most at risk and concerns about the vaccine, including among young men, teens and young male in particular who may develop complications from the vaccine. arthel: listen, i'm sorry, i don't want to get into those details because i don't have time to follow up on those questions and i know you are an ophthalmologist for the record. finally so, you mention president biden in whatever
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politicization you feel he has contributed to this pandemic and under president trump former president trump as you all know but here's the question, if we cannot come together as americans on matters of public health and what does it say about society? is there anything that doesn't feed the great divide? >> healing the great divide starts with all of us, all of us being open to hearing arguments from both side, speaking the facts. certainly we have seen fox news is very good, your programs are very good at presenting both sides, not everyone is. social media has cut off discussion, it's alienating people and adds to the challenges tried to get people to accept good and valid arguments for why they may want to pursue certain measures. it would help all of us at the grassroots level if we all open
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our minds. arthel: open our minds and follow the facts. congresswoman nan hayworth, a pleasure speaking to you. >> thank you. eric: really nice paintings, great background. glenn youngkin is now the 74th governor republican was sworn in earlier today, inauguration ending eight years of democratic control of the commonwealth. a power shift to potentially be a blueprint for the november midterm elections. alexander hoff is live at the inauguration. the very latest on that now that it's over. reporter: the inaugural just wrapped up, we saw performances, marching bands all with governor glenn youngkin up there on the stage offering his applause. the last time a republican was sworn into this position was in 2010.
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the address came from the new governor who introduced plant to both the economy and reinforce law enforcement and parents and children schools thing he wants to see politics out of the classroom education is a major theme of the campaign trail, past governor terry mcauliffe. the continued pandemic the governor shared this with the crowd. >> the common path forward is with the miracle of modern medicine. given enough vaccines, new therapeutics and medical treatments. our common path forward is also a deep and abiding respect for individual freedom. >> a large applause from the crowd there. history was made, lieutenant governor on the commonwealth first black woman to hold the position. jason brs is the first latino this afternoon it looks like duncan will make good on his promise to take action on day
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won this afternoon. plans to sign 11 executive actions including one that would reverse requirement for children to wear masks in school. eric: if you look at his cutaway, the morning quote. >> great, yes. eric: you don't see that very often in politicians. thanks. arthel. arthel: commentary from eric shawn. the entire u.s. coast under tsunami advisor after a massive volcanic eruption in the south pacific. we are live in moreno delray in california. that's next. ♪♪
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at we are told he's turned over his cell phone to police. laster said the shooting on the set of the movie set rust. they handed over to authorities yesterday in new york. probably east hampton. the actor producer, investigators say there's evidence from the phone and send any data to the santa fe sheriff's office in new mexico. baldwin insists he's cooperating with police completely, to
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determine how the live round was fired from his popgun during rehearsals that killed films cinematographer halyna hutchins. arthel: advisories for the entire west coast, alaska and hawaiian islands after strong volcanic eruption in the south pacific. officials say a tsunami is unlikely but they do one resident to stay away due to strong currents and large waves. let's go to jeff now live in the l.a. community of marina del rey. reporter: the ocean has calm down a little bit here along the california coast compared to a little earlier this morning. some folks are picking up trash from the line here, the waves are still coming in thrashing against the shore, nothing compared to what we are seeing in tonga, a nearby eruption of an underwater volcanic cause and
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tsunami, it sent large waves crashing ashore forcing folks nearby to get to higher ground. evacuated from the royal palace after the flood in the capitol. the damage and impact of life is unclear at the moment with communications impaired by the offense but parts of japan are under tsunami warnings and advisories have been issued in new zealand. the tsunamis causing issues up a number west coast, some neighborhoods like this one in santa cruz are flooded due to higher than normal surf and other portions of california the waves caused both and docs to bubble up and down but for the most part, folks are not listening to the advisory issued and turned into a spectator event. especially for surfers. >> they come in, uniform obvious lines of waves hitting the coastline at one time but also wasn't going to be that big so i was looking at several waves lined up like that and it's
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pretty flat out here right now, is an opportunity to see that from the waves happening before that. reporter: so far no reports of any damage as of yet especially here along the california coast but the tsunami advisory remains in effect from here in california all the way up to alaska and hawaii and we will see what happens later this afternoon. arthel: thanks, jeff. eric. eric: a winter storm moving across the country right now. in the midwest as a heads its way east. a 12-foot of snow in some parts of north dakota and minnesota, the forecast through the martin luther king junior holiday weekend, east coast certainly, this is tracking it. >> a storm with on the move dumping across portions of the
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northern plains on the midwest, it's eventually going to sink into the southeast making that move as we see behind the system, these are areas where the snow is ended but north dakota is getting over a foot of snow widespread over 6 inches, 10 inches of snowfall, it tapering off as we watch this swing from the southeast. for a while it when you turn into a rain event before freezing rain and lifting its way back up to the northeast where i can bring snow again. this is the future cast, everything there in the pink is going to be ice about the biggest concern with assistant before it back up into the northeast becoming snow again. not from the coast but interior new england of the mountains with higher areas across the south, those are areas with a decent amount of snowfall, maybe eight to 10 inches of snowfall and some of these locations but ice could be the major threat as you look at an area from atlanta along 85 stretching up toward
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charlotte getting maybe national, a good amount of ice that can take down power lines and cause dangerous situations sunday, something we are really going to pay attention to as it moves and then up toward the northeast monday. we will be watching this as it makes its way up the coast. eric: adam, thanks. arthel: new intel suggesting russia is preparing operations in ukraine. talk between the u.s. and from hitting at that end. what does this mean for president biden and european allies? we will have that coming up. ♪♪
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biden administration ended three agreements from the trump era despite historic surge of migrants crossing the border last fiscal year. the agreement allows the u.s. to
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send migrants back to guatemala, el salvador and honduras if they pass through those countries on their way to the u.s. live in the quiet texas with more on the situation at the southern border. reporter: that was over the summer you are talking about in recent weeks, a slowdown of apprehensions of us having border, part of it could be the holidays, it's cool down a bit and we are having days with extremely wind. far fewer large groups of families crossing the border turning themselves in two border patrol. we are still seeing so-called runners, single males invading authorities. the border patrol last week captured a number of criminal aliens including two convicted murderers and offender. we are seeing no drop off of human smuggling operations. is picked up enough in the laredo area.
11:30 am
as a pipeline, this week dbs found 28 migrants jammed into the semi but the head of the border patrol agent union says the family groups due to increase enforcement of title 42. >> democrat over this issue, what they are doing is starting to ramp up supply to brazil, haiti including flights there so the numbers we can expect to see numbers drop, the moment people know they're not going to be able to state in the u.s., they are going top coming. reporter: title 42 fuses by president trump second block asylum-seekers during a public health emergency and now perhaps for political reasons it's being used more frequently by the biden administration. another potential picked develop at this week was a ruling, a county judge ruled the texas
11:31 am
lone star operation where they put lots of state patrol officers out patrolling the area trying to pick up people across the border on private property and charging them with trespass while the county judge pulled out a charge against a man who came in from ecuador saying the state was exceeding authority and stepping on the toes of federal authority from enforcement, that could affect thousands of migrants who are in texas jail right now basically on trespass charges. matter indeed. dan springer live in la joya, texas, thanks, dan. >> you do have information that indicates russia is already working actively to create pretext potential invasion, a move on ukraine and we have
11:32 am
information they pre-positioned group of operatives to conduct recall falsified operation, operations designed to look like an attack on them. eric: warning that russia now, invasion of ukraine. you heard them say going at a false flag operation, we can perhaps in the coming months as ukraine was hit hard by massive cyber attacks. hackers warning be afraid and expect the worst. prospect of vladimir putin pushing into ukraine, can the u.s. and nato stop in time? former trump deputy national security advisor and author of the newport revolution, we the people. good to see you again. putin has been warned massive
11:33 am
sanctions and crippling sanctions if he does moving, but moving military equipment to the border, what is he trying to do? >> vladimir putin for 30 years, wants to make russia great again and undo the deceit russia had during the cold war so what is the key to this? it's ukraine. russia's has with ukraine, it's an empire, without, is hardly even a country and vladimir putin made it clear he wants ukraine in his camp but what he really doesn't want is ukraine to go into the camp of the west, nato, to become an ally of the west and have american or nato troops so he's positioned himself, cyber attacks against the ukrainian government the last two days, 100,000 troops at the border and the defense department spokesman said he is potentially going to move in
11:34 am
with some kind of a false flag operation, i personally don't think he will send them across the border, i think he's going to do this right below the threshold military engagement but he gets what he wants which is ukraine is not going to be proquest, it's going to be in moscow's shadow. eric: crimea, there is proposals without the patches identifying, russians are trying to get in. his a lot of this or is it not correct? is he trying to get a strategic upperhand and advantage at negotiating table as opposed to an actual invasion? >> i think you're right, what he wants is the upper hand. i think he already has the upper hand for three reasons. one, oil prices are high again. a year ago, another 80 dollars a barrel, what does it do for russia? enriches them but the other major export is the natural gas.
11:35 am
it's supplies of a third of german as well as other gas and what they want is to supply even more so they have to control the european economy if russians decide they want to do something, they've got that. i think the third thing is, he says america is distracted, coronavirus rippling inflation, political uncertainty not just in the u.s. but all over the world. maybe this is his moment. i think he's calculating this is his chance and he wants to do something. reporter: . eric: why didn't they move or get tougher on these issues? they are trying to hurt putin. get it where it counts, pushing back a bit. >> this is a really important piece what you said, the more extreme two, new pipeline that's going to make europe completely
11:36 am
dependent on russia. what can we do? united states can do a couple things. we could presume and go back to where we were a year ago, not only is it for our economy but it screws the russian economy. the other thing we do is we need to rally the european allies and i remember when the first phone call between president trump german chancellor, michael said to president trump, what are you going to do about ukraine? he countered with, what are you going to do about ukraine? as long as the european countries are hesitant of doing anything against standing up to russia i think is very difficult for the united states to do something. eric: for clock is ticking, we will see what he does. good to see you. >> thanks. arthel: no back djokovic will
11:37 am
seem see if you will be allowed to play in the australian open the tennis player is fighting to stay in the country despite not being vaccinated which australia requires for all foreign visitors. a few hours, to determine if he had a valid medical exemption. logan is live in london. you are kidding, i kept saying katie. >> yes, this is the last chance djokovic in this hearing. it will determine whether or not you can be on australia and take part in the tournament. meanwhile, djokovic is back at the immigration detention hotel where he stayed for days in australia. he isn't vaccinated against color, australian government
11:38 am
said he is a threat to public health. his lawyers repealing the decision at the hearing is coming up in the next couple of hours. joke still wants to compete at the australian open, he's been practicing in recent days but if he loses this appeal, he is out, not just from back tournament but out of australia for up to three years potentially. djokovic claimed exemptions to the immigration regulations based on a positive, test last year. since then, it's become apparent his team failed to mention he travel to other countries in the run up to entering australia, another set of struggles to enter. it seems the questions are raised about meetings he had after that positive covid test confirmed. djokovic is also announcing today gathering outside the venue, he's being treated
11:39 am
unfairly but australia supports the decision to deport him saying he should be vaccinated if this is as country experiences a peak in covid cases if djokovic is a lot to say on the winds, he would become the greatest tennis player of all time. as you can see, there's a lot at stake first in this court hearing. arthel: thanks, kitty. eric: a murderer that shook the city. a 19-year-old burger king worker. the suspect is being arrested, police say has multiple arrests on his record. many say it shows the criminal justice system bows. we will have that, next. ♪♪
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suspect multiple prior arrests tragic killing of a 19-year-old employee in the robber you see there. victims rights new york is tweeting about it in the alleged killer saying he shot and killed her for $100. your money on car mustang in a shelter with your money. why was he not reported after the arrest? weapons charge, good questions. brian. >> good questions indeed, still waiting on the answers. crime remains top of mind for new yorkers this year. this morning a man pushed a woman in front of an oncoming subway train, the r train in times square pronounced dead on the scene, a press conference about an hour. this appeared to be a random attack, the new york post reported the man who did it turn himself in and confessed. he seems to be mentally ill but it's the second time someone was pushed onto the tracks in times
11:45 am
square since november. this is after the 19-year-old cashier at burger king in east harlem was shot and killed last sunday by a gunman who ran off with $100 from the register. crystal reportedly had just started working there when she was shot while scrambling to pull money out of the register. nypd arrested and who was previously arrested on assault charges, a 30-year-old with a criminal history arrested four times in the past, he faces murder and robbery charges, police were able to track him down by matching his closing surveillance video. here is mayor eric adams. >> too many guns on our streets and when people question my urgency of putting in place the right apparatus to get the support to the men and women performing these jobs, they need to visit crystal's mother.
11:46 am
they need to see the pain on her face. >> there are questions about the mayors apparatus he's put in place given the controversial and had district attorney alvin bragg. right order prosecutors to stop prosecuting slew of crimes like resisting arrest, prison sentences for most crimes with a handful of exceptions like murder and downgrade some felonies to misdemeanors for certain drug deals and armed robbery. eric: when he was walked out, he yelled obscenities including america is going to burn and other things. tragic. arthel: thank you. monday communities across the country will honor life and legacy of doctor martin luther king jr. among them, a man whose wife was killed in the mass shooting at a south carolina church in 2015. he joins us next and how he makes doctor king's message of
11:47 am
forgiveness part of his everyday life.
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monday mark -- martin luther king jr. day when communities nationwide will honor the civil rights leader.
11:51 am
doctor king's message of racial equality, love and forgiveness lives on with our next guest. joining me now, reverend anthony thompson, holy trinity reformed episcopal church. one of the emmanuel nine shooting victims in charleston, south carolina in 2015. reverend, thank you for joining us. how can you forgive someone who killed your wife while praying in church? what you say and why is forgiveness important? >> first of all, thank you for having me today, it's a blessing to be here. it wasn't easy for me to forgive for killing my wife and eight other people in church. i struggled with that for 48 hours and after 48 hours going to the hearing and hearing the
11:52 am
lord convicted my heart it reminded me he died for me as well, we think about my past and things i did, it was like i was standing there may be an hour but i know it was just a short time after all of this registered, i was moved by the holy spirit and i said i forgive you, my family forgive you, we would like to take this opportunity to repent and confess and forgive you. right now, it will change your attitude. right now you are in a lot of trouble but if you do that, everything is going to be okay. that's where my peace came from and i'm able to move forward in my life because immediately after forgiving him, i was at peace like no other. peace that surpasses all understanding israel.
11:53 am
i want everyone to know that. arthel: yet because that -- i agree with you, that is the thing about forgiveness, it's a two-way street not only are you forgiving someone else but it frees you, your soul as well. >> it does. it keeps you from letting the offender have control of your life and enables you to move forward in your life without restraint. arthel: with politics tearing apart families and friendships, domestic terrorism, domestic terrorism on the rise according to u.s. intelligence experts and political division over a virus has killed close to 1 million americans, 5 million people across the globe and today doctor king's birthday, what would he say?
11:54 am
>> i'm sure he would have a lot to say about the same time, it would be difficult for him to see the country and nation in a state it's in right now. there's a lot of anger and hate, there's a lot of wires and here we are in a pandemic, can't seem to come together on anything. he fought for civil rights, civil rights meaning for everybody, black, white, no matter your nationality. striving real hard, a nonviolent march to see a world, trying to bring the world together, he was a firm believer in forgiveness. the basis of the nonviolent march and everything of forgiveness because i remember he wrote a sermon entitled the meaning of forgiveness and i quote he said here then is the
11:55 am
christians weapon against social evil. we ought to have the spirit of forgiveness even in hurt, writing the wrong changing society and he ended with this quote from a he said this is the solution to the race problem. he would be appalled, i'm sure he would have made other roles and actions and thought a little further continue that and fight for civil rights. arthel: he what happened 93. we have to go but a quick final thought, we have to see each other, past the façade, the color of skin, the way we look, it doesn't matter how we see each other in our hearts first. >> yes, we do. one way of seeing each other is
11:56 am
first of all, there's a lot of hatred and anger, a lot of evil things in the world today and as a result, people are bearing burdens and most of the burdens are things that come from people who degraded us or offended us slandered our names so we are hurting. hard to identify with each other when you are hurting so that's where forgiveness comes in again. forgiveness gives you the peace you need so you can think straight and do what's right. arthel: we thank you for your message, thank you very much for joining us today, appreciate you and good to be with you. god bless, that does it for eric and me, we'llib be back in one hour, join us for p.m. easte. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to the journal editorial report i am david as men and this for paul. as inflation canute to climb's covid infection surge president biden's poll numbers continue to fall. with just 33% of americans approving of the job he is doing. that new low coming as the president scrambles to contain the fallout from his handling of the economy and the coronavirus pandemic. we began with the


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