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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  January 16, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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will: that that's going to do it for us today. have a good sunday. go, cowboys. [laughter] rachel: bye, everybody. pete: go to the gym and go to church. i was doing this in the break. [laughter] ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, welcome to "sunday morning futures." smackdown. a brutal week right before joe biden's one-year anniversary as president. poll numbers at record lows, 33%, covid test shortages everywhere, nearly 900,000 americans dead from covid, and the supreme court rules biden vaccine mandates for large companies unconstitutional. coming up, the a.g. who led the charge against biden's totalitarianism, missouri a.g. eric schmitt is here.
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then look over here, not over there. joe biden's theatrics in atlanta complete with his last grasp to stay in power, federalize all elections. >> you stand against -- will you stand against voter suppression, yes or no? that's the question. will you stand against elections subversion? yes or no. will you stand for democracy, yes or no? do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace? do you want to be on the i'd soft finish side of john lewis or bull connor? do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? maria: coming up, tennessee senator marsha blackburn on the senate vote this upcoming week as arizona senator kyrsten sinema takes a stand. >> there's no need for me to restate my longstanding support for the of 60-vote threshold to
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pass legislation. there's no need for me to restate its role protecting our countries from wild reversals in federal policy. maria: will policies reverse after midterm elections now 296 days away as president trump ramps up his endorsements in hopes of taking the senate majority back as he told us on the program last week. >> it's a disaster. the republicans have to get -- mitch mcconnell allowed this to happen. the unfrarstructure bill. that means you take 91% of the money we're raising is going to be thrown out the one doe. -- window. maria: meanwhile, fireworks on capitol hill once again with anthony fauci refusing to answer any questions but, instead, changing the subjects. >> did you talk to any -- >> you keep -- [inaudible conversations]
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>> have you talked to any sides privately? >> yes. maria: coming up, jim jordan on fauci misleading the american people. plus, the media's role in all of this. project veritas fighting the media censorship. founder james o'keefe is here with breaking news on fauci and fake news, coming up. it's all right here right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: but first this morning, joe biden's bad week with a slew of major defeating just days before the one-year anniversary of his inauguration. among his failures, the filibuster survived which killed election reform, scotus blocking the administration's osha mandate and inflation at a 39-year high. 7%.
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all the while the president's approval rating plummeting to a record low of 33%. what does this mean for his presidency with three more years to go? joining me right now is tennessee senator marsha blackburn. she sits on the judiciary and armed services committee. senator, good to see you this morning. thank you so much. >> good to see you. maria: what do you want to say as president biden marks his one year in office this upcoming thursday about the first year and the three years to come? >> well, joe biden is the first president in history to become a lame duck within the first year of his administration. and it has been a bad week and a bad year. maria, look at the supreme court overruling them on the osha mandate, you look at globally what is happening with russia, kazahkstan, you look at the russia-ukraine issue, you look at iran shooting -- going after president trump, north korea shooting off a missile, china
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with their daily antics, and this plus all that happened on capitol hill with the filibuster, with their election takeover, it's been a very bad week for joe biden. maria: so what does this mean for the future? i mean, what do these failures tell you about what's to come? i know you have a vote this week in the senate. can you walk us through what we are going to see on wednesday when chuck schumer pushes through trying to eliminate the filibuster. >> yes, indeed. and bear in mind, they're trying to eliminate the filibuster to push forward their radical agenda, the socialist takeover. but they used the filibuster this week to block a vote on ted cruz's nord stream 2 sanction bill. so very hypocritical. but once again they're going to try to do away with the filibuster to blow up the senate so they can blow up the courts,
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so they can blow up our form of government. manchin and sinema have said in no way, shape or form are they going to do that. so then they'll have to use some legislative trick erie to move -- trickery to move forward their election takeover bill which would institutionalize ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, it would get rid of voter id and of signature match. they know that these radical policies are the only way that they can win, so they're willing to strip people of some of their rights, strip our states of their constitutional authority. in order to get the power they want. maria: well, you heard kyrsten sinema last week take a stand, say she is against eliminating the filibuster. what are your thought on this pushback from joe manchin and kyrsten sinema right now?
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are they going to hold firm? >> i think they're going to hold firm. but here's the thing, maria. we, as republicans, cannot depend on manchin and sinema to do our job. we need to be out there communicating our message that weir the great opportunity partt opportunity party, that we want people to come in and support our policies, that we are going to be there to support security, to fight this crime in the streets, to solve inflation, to solve the supply chain crisis, all of those issues that people want to see solved right now. and they don't want to hear about these antics and the politics or the partisanship. they want things that are going to make their life better. they're going total grocery store. there's no food. i went there friday night, no lettuce, no celery, no berries, no avocados at my grocery store. people want this solved.
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inflation. i did a telephone town hall last week. 93% of the tens of thousands of people on that call, 93% said inflation is adversely impacting their family budget. this is the action people are wanting to see, and they're very frustrated with the biden administration. they know he is weak, they know he is rudderless, and they are very frustrated with the democrat leadership in the senate and the house. maria: so, senator, i know there's a conversation about trying to con to vince kyrsten sinema to change parties, there was also a conversation around joe manchin, the same thing. what are the odds that kyrsten sinema changes parties and leaves the democrat party? >> i don't know what those odds would be. but what i do know is this: i'm grateful for common sense democrats. we've got common sense democrats in tennessee who are looking at this democratic party, and
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they're saying my party left me. and i'm not welcomed there. i don't agree with them. and they're beginning to be more independent-minded. and they're agreeing with us. when it comes to the issues on the economy, i had one the other day talk about how they really miss the policies of president donald trump because life was better. their bank account was fuller. and they do not want a federal government that is going to try to control them. they like to 24/7 monitor their bank account, run their small business, take control of their children and the education of those children. they do not want that, and people are very concerned about what they see happening on the international stage. with russia, china, iran, north korea. maria: yeah. from economic policy to foreign policy, an epic failure year. senator, you just mentioned your
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town hall and all of the inflation worries that people have. we're paying more money for everything, and yet joe biden continues to focus on voting rights trying to convince people that it's the republicans that are in the wrong on voting rights. here he is in atlanta on tuesday. listen to this. >> jim crow 2.0 is about two insidious things; voter suppression and election subversion. it's no longer about who gets to vote, it's about making it harder to vote. it's about who gets to count the vote. and whether your vote counts at all. it's not hyperbole, this is a fact. look, this matters to all of us. the goal of the former president and his allies is to disenfranchise anyone who votes against them, simple as that. maria: senator, he said it's not
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hyperbole. meanwhile, the speech was panned on both sides of the aisle. i want to get your take on what the republicans are going to do about this, because michelle obama just announced that she plans to register one million new voters ahead head of -- ahead of the 2022 midterms. her group is aiming to enlist 100,000 people to contact senators about election laws and recruit thousands of lawyers. so what she claims is protecting voter rights. >> well, first of all, i think that manchin, sinema and common sense democrats that oppose this federalizing of elections should be very offended by joe biden comparing them to people that were racist. secondly, michelle obama can register all the people she wants, maria, but what she's going to be doing is registering people who are not going to be voting with the democrats.
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what she's going to be doing is registering people who do not want a socialist takeover of this country. she's registering people who want to see inflation dealt with and people that are tired of crime in the streets, that are sick of these defund the police movements, do not want crt taught in their schools, people who want school choice, people that want equal opportunity for everybody. and so -- maria: yeah. >> -- i think that that might backfire a little bit on them. maria: senator, real quick before you go, the 2022 beijing olympics now just about three weeks away. what is your number one concern for our athletes going there? >> safety and security of those athletes. we know that the chinese communist party chose to disappear a tennis player. i'm very concerned about the safety and security of these athletes and what they may be
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exposed to while they're there. maria: all right, senator. it's good to catch up with you, thanks very much. marsha blackburn, thank you for your leadership, senator. we appreciate it. we'll take a break. when we come back, missouri attorney general eric schmitt is here reacting to the supreme court now ruling that president biden's osha vaccine mandate for companies on thursday is unconstitutional. what the ruling means for the administration's other attempts to circumvent the constitution, coming up up. ♪ ♪ one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric.
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. the supreme court delivered two major decisions on thursday voting 6-3 to block president biden's vaccine or test rule for large companies with a hundred employees or while they -- or more while they upheld a requirement for health care workers in facilities receiving funds from medicare and medicaid.
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missouri was the first to sue the administration over both of these mandates, and the next guest argued the cases before the supreme court next week. missouri general attorney general eric schmitt, thanks for being here. give us your reaction. >> it's a big win for workers, it's a big win for the constitution, for the rule of law and individual freedom. i mean, people should be able to make these decisions themselves without being fired. osha was created to make sure, you know, forklifts beep when they back up, not force a medical proceed your on 80 plus million americans. and so that's a big win. and i also think it stands for a much larger proposition of these agencies, we can't let them run wild here. you can't try to fit an elephant into a mouse hole, is what one of the justices said. america's been the freest country in the history of the world. we believe in individual rights, and we believe that we spread out this power among the branches to protect individual
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freedom. and for those reasons, i think it's a big win last week from the court. maria: you know, it's interesting because when president biden first came out with that new rule that everybody had to be vaccinated at companies a hundred employees or more, ted cruz joined us, and the senator told us that he had thought that joe biden knew that it was unconstitutional, but he just figured he would put it out there and force companies' hand while it was advocated. and now you have got the biden administration encouraging businesses to ig mother this judgment and -- ignore this judgment and enforce the mandate anyway. what does that say about this lawlessness that we are watching every day out of this administration in. >> well, it should come as no surprise which is why a.g.s like me and others across the country have have fought so harold to, you know, protect people's individual rights from a president that just wants to bulldoze the separation of powers and doesn't respect the rule of law.
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by the way, maria, this is the same administration that is siccing the fbi on parents who are showing up to school board meetings in this country. this is about power and control. it always has been. it's not about data or science, it's about power and control, command and control. the left wants to make sure that they have an administrative state that issues these edicts and people have to follow it. thankfully, we live in a country where a system of federalism where the states created the federal government to be a government of limited powers, and we're going to continue to fight back and push back against this president who doesn't respect the rule of law. maria: i want to get your take to the court voting 5-4 to uphold the requirement for health care workers at facilities that are receiving medicare and medicaid funds. what, if anything, can be done about that, and why do you think that justices roberts and kavanaugh joined the three liberal individuals on that one? >> you know, that's hard to explain, but i would say this, that that fight is not other.
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of we're going to continue to fight back. what they essentially did, that 5-4, is sent it back to the lower court for further briefing on the merits. this was about the temporary halt there and whether or not that was going to remain, but they're going to send it back on the merits, and we're going to fight really hard. we know a lot more about this than when the, quote of of unquote, emergency rule was issued a few months ago. one of the justices mentioned that she didn't know much about rural america. well, here in flowover country, here -- flyover country, there are rural hospitals that are going to close. rural hospitals are going to close. rural nursing homes are going to close. that, browne -- you know, husband or brother or grandfather that has dementia is going to get moved to a facility he's unfamiliar with. this is fighting to insure people don't have to travel hundreds of miles. we're going to continue to push back on that as those are further briefed in the eighth circuit and other places. maria: and justice clarence thomas, his dissent, we reacted
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to this, and we're going to play that sound bite when we come back. let's slip in a short break, but i wanted to get your take on what this was really about. was this all a pr stunt to distract from the administration's own incompetency? we remember it happened right after the afghanistan botched withdrawal, so we'll talk about that. quick break, i am talking with the a.g. of missouri, eric schmitt. we'll be right back. ♪ your plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. try new vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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7:25 am
questionable. maria: the timing is what senator john barrasso brought up on this program last month, questioning the real motivation behind joe biden's vaccine mandate. i am back with the a.g. of missouri, eric schmitt. and, a.g., you also questioned the timing of the mandates and why he circumvented congress and put it all on osha which doesn't have such legislative authority. >> no, and i think that's exactly right. you think back here, joe biden had taken this off the table. he had said many times he wasn't going to have a vaccine mandate. afghanistan happened which is perhaps the worst foreign policy disaster in generations, a betrayal of the american soldier, billions of dollars of equipment left behind, a total disaster. and then immediately after that to change the narrative, he announces these vaccine mandates which are clearly unconstitutional, unlawful and, you know, why the supreme court agreed with us in court last
7:26 am
week. i think it was a distraction, and a cynical one at that. the american people deserve better. look, this has never been about the policy, this is about power and control, and they're going to continue to do this. you watch, maria, the things that he can't get done legislatively, he's going to continue to move forward administratively whether it's on, quote-unquote, climate change, an existential threat, we're at a tipping point, he's going to charge the undersecretary of the e if a -- epa, and we're going to push back. if he can't federalize the elections, there'll be a midterm variant, watch, that's coming where he empowers administrative agencies. the good news here is the states are going to fight back to protect individual rights and help save this country. maria: yeah. i think you're right about that midterm election variant, it's a great point. leapt me get your take on what many states right now are investigating. a.g., several statements are investigate -- states are investigating a surge in mortality rates for people aged
7:27 am
18-49, a majority of which are not linked to covid. there is a mortality rate dropping for people 18-49 in 2021. depths among 18 -- deaths among 18 to 49-year-olds up 40% in the last 12 months. what can you tell us? have you looked at this? >> yeah. i think you look at opioid debty we're working to so hard to hold hose manufacturers accountable. -- those manufacturers. a lot of people in d.c. are more interested in cocktail parties than the real challenges facing america. these covid tyrants and their policies, the repercussions for mental health particularly among young people now too, you know, forced masking of 5-year-olds and teenagers, all these -- the isolation, all these issues, loss of learning, there are real consequences, the policies that the folks in washington, d.c. are moving forward with. and sadly, the mortality rate
7:28 am
has become a challenge because we're not focused on the right things. maria: yeah. >> we're focused on politicizing these things and joe biden saving face. maria: well, let's not forget the wide open border and all the fentanyl coming in, a record number of illicit narcotics coming into the country, 100,000 depths by young people in the last year largely due to fentanyl. so that's an issue. before you go, i've got to ask you about your upcoming race. you are running for the u.s. senate in missouri, and your race has been flagged as one of the key ten races that could determine control of the senate. tell me what's at stake as we take a look at these senate races where president trump has been endorsing candidates to try to ensure that the gop not just takes the house majority, but the senate as well. >> well, look, it's a 50-50 senate. there's a lot at stake here. i think the future of the senate and if we're going to have a majority runs right through the show me state. you rook at washington keyes
7:29 am
right now -- washington, d.c. right now, maria, democrats want to federalize our elections, add states to the union, pack the supreme court. we need proven conservative fighters that are going to go up there and stand for the rule of law, and there's a couple in this race, quite frankly, that'll turn it from a top ten race to a top five race. we cannot lose this seat, and we need folks that are going to fight. i stood by president trump and the america first agenda. i've taken a blow torch to this biden agenda, and we're winning. we need reinforcements in washington, d.c. to save america, and i'm very grateful for the support. we've gotten record fund raising support from missourians, we're going to continue to fight back and, again, take that same fighting spirit to the united states senate. maria: yeah. a lot of hot races to watch. i spoke with david mccormack last week on my fox business program, "mornings with maria." he's trying to get that senate seat in pennsylvania as is dr. oz. we'll be following it all. g. a.g., good to see you. everything schmidt joining us
7:30 am
this morning in missouri. thank you, sir. quick break and then lockdowns and liability. congressman jim jordan is here on president biden's covid-19 strategy one year into his administration. then the $8 million question, did dr. fauci pay scientists to cover up the origins of covid? finish we'll show you the e-mails under fire this morning. stay with us. ♪ muck he...was a hardworking man who came to new york from puerto rico when he was 17. with ancestry, being able to put the pieces of the puzzle together...'s amazing. it's honestly amazing.
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from if a has been, it wasn't gain of function research, they told us only 15 days to spread the -- slow the spread, they told us they had a federal plan. they told us there would never be a vaccine mandate. they told the us people who get vaccinated can't get the virus, and they told us there was no such thing as natural immunity. think about that. think about this: at the same time, democrats require you to put on a mask, show your papers and an id to get a big mac at mcdonald's. they don't want -- they want to allow the federal government to stop states from requiring a photo id to vote. maria: that was ohio congressman jim jordan criticizing the biden administration for misleading the american people. the congressman is the ranking member of the house judiciary committee, and he joins me now. congressman, good to see you. thanks very much for being here. i want to get right into the biden covid strategy because there are more americans dead
7:35 am
from covid is on his watch than the prior year. your reaction to why they continue to mislead the american peoplement -- people. >> i think the attorney general from missouri had it right, it's about power and control. it's certainly not about the science, the truth or the facts. it's about power and control. and it's just one more thing that they've done wrong. i mean, frankly, i don't know that a they've done anything right. the quinnipiac poll had his approval rating at 33%. i think the real question is who are these 33%? who are the people who actually think he's doing a good job? so, yeah, they have messed up every single thing. you think about the message that they're sending to families, particularly in urban areas where they're saying we're not going to let your kids go to school, we're going to let bad guys roam the street and, oh, by the way, we're also going to let illegal 'em grants vote. no -- immigrants vote. no wonder no one approves of what this administration is doing. maria: i want to get to the
7:36 am
letter you sent about to xavier becerra in a moment. but first, you mentioned the other day that representatives on the floor of the house were getting masks made by china. i want to get your take on this whole chinese component here, because the ccp has made it very clear it wants to overtake the united states as the number one superpower. we know all the circumstantial evidence points to a lab leak out of wuhan, and yet joe biden has yet to raise any of this with xi jinping. four phone calls with the leader of the chinese communist party, xi jinping. >> yeah. no, i think, again, just another example of just how weak this administration is. and contrast it to president trump. president trump was the first president to truly stand up to china, to take the fight to china and say we're not going to tolerate all the things you're doing in international trade. we're going to stand up and project strength from the oval office. and then now you have joe biden where we get masks from china, and you -- i would go back to early on in the administration when our secretary of state was
7:37 am
in anchorage, alaska, meeting with his counterpart, and the treatment -- maria: yeah. >> -- secretary blinken allowed the chinese, the lecture he got from them. that would never happen to mike pompeo in a president trump administration. first, they wouldn't have tried it. and, maria, if they did do it, mike would have flipped the table over and said you don't talk to us that way, we're not going to tolerate that. tony blinken just shatt there and took it -- sat there and took it. the fact that there's weakness being projected from the oval office and it's, frankly, dangerous. it's not good for the country. maria: so you sent a letter, you and mr. comer sent a letter to secretary becerra. what do you want here, and are you going to be investigate anthony fauci should you take control and the majority in the house? >> yes. yes, we definitely are. representative comer and myself, senator paul, senator johnson is, we are -- if the american people put us back in charge, we are definitely going to do this because we now know without a
7:38 am
doubt that dr. fauci knew on january 31st and february 1st that this thing came from a lab. the top scientists in the cub were say -- in the country were saying it comes from the wrap. we got the notes, one scientist say says i don't see how this could happen in nature, but it would be easy to do in a lab. and yet just in a matter of days they changed their position, the article that appears in nature medicine magazine which then gets cited in the lancet that became the gospel for the fact that fauci could tell people it didn't come from lab when, in fact, they knew it did. we just learned this last week, the two doctors who were most adamant that this thing came from a lab early on, one is dr. christian anderson. he says to dr. fauci in an e-mail, virus looks engineered, not consistent with evolution their theory. so he knew it came from a lab, but they changed their position, and a few months later, guess what? they get $8.9 million grant,
7:39 am
both him and dr. gary, the guy who said it couldn't happen natural lille. -- naturally. they change their position and get an $8.9 million grant from dr. a fewmy. -- dr. fauci. maria: yeah. it was february 2020 when scientists warned fauci and collins on a call that covid-19 may have leaked from in this wuhan institute of i have rolling. >> yep. maria: then a month later in march, he signs his name, gary signs his name to a paper which states that covid-19 is not a laboratory construct or purposefully manipulated virus. we go on to look at april where collins e-mails fauci about a fox news report that says multiple sources believe covid originated at that wujan lab and asks if the nih can put down this destructive conspiracy. as you see on your screen, april
7:40 am
2020, saying it is a shiny object that will go away. and then in may of 2020, fauci's nih awards that $8.9 million grant money that you are referring to from the nih. connect the dots here. was he paying off people to say the narrative he wanted said, and is he protecting the ccp? >> look,ing we don't know for sure, but all i know is that fact pattern seems to suggest that very point. i mean, they say it comes from a lab, that's where the evidence points. it suddenly changes, they wish 180 degrees, write the article. dr. fauci then uses that article to go out and tell the country, to tell the american people, frankly the world, no, no, no, it didn't come from a lab. so the big takeaway i have, maria, this is the pattern we see from the biden administration, from the left. this is the template they use. frankly, we saw it this past week. the department of education actually went to the national school boards association, asked them to send the letter so they have the pretext to go do what they wanted to do; namely,
7:41 am
attack moms, dads and parents who are showing up at these school board meetings. jim comey did the same thing, frankly, a few yearing ago -- years ago. he knew the dossier was bogus, but it gave him the pretext to spy on president trump's campaign. fauci got the letter written by the very scientists who knew this thing came from a lab, they write the letter, fauci uses that letter in the lancet as the basis for saying, no, no, no, you're crazy if you believe this. he went after bret baier on fox news, for goodness sakes. this is how bad the left is, and it gets right back to what the attorney attorney general just said. it's about power, it's about control, and it is as wrong as it can be. maria: well, they don't want you to look at any of this. instead, they are focusing on their voting bill perhaps to stay in power, the democrats, for as long as possible and january 6th. real quick before you go, leader kevin mccarthy says he will not cooperate with the january 6th probe.
7:42 am
the committee also asked to meet with you to discuss your communications with president trump. you signed the january 6th ranking member rodney smith's letter asking for evidence, and you haven't gotten an answer. what can you tell us? >> well, first of all, i think anyone with common sense would be reluctant to go talk to this committee. they've already proven they will alter evidence and lie to the american people about it. so you've got to question, you know, just what they're up to when they prove they will do that. and then second, i think everyone in the country sees this as a political operation. this is designed to get after president trump because they don't want him to run again because president trump, i think, is going to run again, and i think he's going to win. and as you rightly point out, maria, they won't look at the one person, the speaker of the house and her responsibility, bennie thompson, the their -- chairman of the committee, has basically said she's off limits, and she's the one responsible for the security of the united states capitol. maria: congressman, good to see you this morning. thanks very much. we'll be watching all of these
7:43 am
developments as joe biden marks one year in the white house this thursday. we'll take a break, thank you, sir, so much, congressman. coming up, we continue our deep dive on anthony fauci with project veritas founder james o'keefe with never before seen documents that he says prove dre american people about gain of function research and potentially life-saving covid-19 treatments. that's next. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what's that? xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid eye drop specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.
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7:47 am
absolutely incorrect you are. what came out last night on project veritas was a grant that was submitted to darpa, then it distorted and said we funneled the grant. we have -- funded the grant. we have never seen that grant, and we have never funded that grant. maria: let's get to the bottom of it. that was dr. anthony fauci on tuesday, once again changing the subject to mislead after kansas senator roger marshall asked him about project veritas documents that revealed his agent i city green lit gain of function research in wuhan, china, and at sites across the country in the united states despite the department of defense rejecting the same study over safety concerns of gain of function research. james o'keefe is the founder of project veritas, and he says he's committed to exposing corruption at the highest levels of government and media. his new book, "american muckraker," hits bookstores on january 25th, and we are happy
7:48 am
to have him ahead of that release. james, thanks very much for being here. >> good morning, maria. maria: tell us about those documents that were just referenced in the hearing. what do they tell us? >> well, ecohealth alliance approached darpa, which is a division of the department of defense, for this funding on the gain of function, and it was rejected on, over safety concerns which was in direct opposition to anthony fauci's testimony. so so we had a source come to us with these documents written by a a marine corps major. joe murphy, is his name. we reached out to that marine corps major for comment, and all of this was mentioned in the hearing. fauci mentioned project veritas by name, but darpa rejected the proposal because it was too risky. they cited safety concerns. so the question remains why did fauci proceed with that gain of function research under niaid when the department of defense
7:49 am
thought it was too risky? paw chi seemed to corroborate the authenticity of the documents in the hearing, but he sort of changed the subject and defrequented. obviously -- deflected. so there are a lot of questions here, and fauci's in the hot seat after this story came out on monday. maria: so how can he sit there urn oath and say that the documents -- under oath and say that the documents were distorted? connect the dots for us. >> well, it could be a deflection because the grant that was presented by cohealth alliance to darpa may not have been identical to the one that fauci proceeded with you should niaidd under niaid, but there's no question these documents are real. the marine corps major gave a statement on the record. this is a former fellow at darpa. so the documents are 100% authentic. people can pull into question the marine corps major who wrote them, but there really is an inconsistency here, and now we've had members of congress,
7:50 am
also united states senator ron johnson has written a letter to department of defense, so a lot of questions remain unanswered, and project veritas is going to be doing more reporting on this. the marine corps major who gave us this statement -- again, the marine corps major was not the source of these documents, but he authored them -- he has said there are more people on the inside that are going to be coming out. and, of course, maria, there's nowhere else for these people to go. they can't go to the washington post, they can't go to any of the large media corporations because they're just busy defending fauci. really one of the only places they can go is to veritas, and that's how we got the information. maria: well, we have been reporting as well on the administering's really censoring of -- administration's really censoring of important drugs to treat covid. we don't understand why they have been censored. also dr. fauci's reported $10 million portfolio includes
7:51 am
chinese companies. we want to talk about that. let's slip in a short break. i don't know how fauci can maintain this when we already know that the nih admitted that they had, in fact, funded gain of function research. stay with us, james. more with you after this short break. ♪ ♪
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>> a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets, please, deal with the9 misinformation, the disinformation that's on your shows. it has to stop. maria: misinformation. we are back with project veritas founder james o'keefe. james, you just herald president biden -- heard president biden plead with social media and media companies to pretty much censor whatever is not part of the narrative. you wrote a whole book on it,
7:55 am
"american muckraker," drawing parallels to communist china, russia and the media ecosystem in the united states today. explain. >> well, maria, journalism used to be about holding people to account, and now journalism represents the power to be the ombudsman for the people inside government. you have a symbiotic relationship between, for example, the new york times, the fbi and big pharmaceutical companies. that's not how it should be. and communist countries, there is that symbiosis as well. what does misinformation even mean? does it mean that you're giving false information? no. it means that you're giving the readers the wrong conclusion by giving them true information. so that's the problem with journalism today the, and as represented recently by our victim victory against "the new york times" in our defamation lawsuit,s sometimes you can hold the media accountable, and i talk about how to do that in "american. ♪ raker." -- "american muckraker." maria: senator ron johnson
7:56 am
talked about what is a real scandal in husband eyes, that you've got approved -- in his eyes, that you've got approved yes network -- generic drugs that are safe, and yet they are censored by big tech and media, and the american public believes you're not supposed to treat covid at all. just go and suck it up and isolate for two weeks. >> well, another example, maria, right on that point is that we've done two stories on pfizer in the last few months, one of which was a scientist the at pfizer, this is his words not mine, saying that the antibodies were stronger than their own vaccine. another whistleblower within pfizer came to us, melissa was her name, and she exposed documents from one of their senior directors telling people not to share certain information with the audience. these are statements from within the pharmaceutical company, and we were banned from twitter for, quote, misinformation to quote joe biden. so what does it mean exactly? what does that term mean
7:57 am
anymore? it means we don't trust the people with the truth. maria: yeah. all right. we will leave it there. james, good to have you this morning. thanks very much. james o'keefe joining us. that'll do it for us on "sunday morning futures." you can watch with us again today at 3 p.m. eastern, and i'll see you next week on fox business, "mornings with maria," 6-9 a.m. eastern. have ang great day. s love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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♪ ♪ howard: the mainstream media are suddenly going negative on president biden. maureen dowd says we should feel pity, anger and embarrassment. the turning point? biden's mishandling of the democratic voting rights bills. he made an emotional appeal for the legislation in atlanta, yet every journalist knew his pitch to change the filibuster would hit a political brick wall which kind of undermined the media chatter about the overriding importance of saving democracy. kamala harris, who is doing more tv interviews as part of a


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