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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  January 16, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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going down south into florida for so many reasons. lara: everybody wants to come to florida i will welcome all of you to do it in person sometime. great to see you that will do it for us, the "fox report with jon scott" start right now. ♪. jon: massive winter storms slamming the southeast and mid-atlantic impacting millions of americans across the region. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪ >> the storm system bringing snow, ice and freezing rain to several states as it moves up the eastern seaboard, team coverage on that coming up in just a few minutes. first the fbi identifies the suspect from yesterday's hostage
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standoff at a texas synagogue. investigators say 44-year-old british citizen trend eight held the rabbi and three others against their will for hours yesterday in the synagogue in colleyville texas as he called for convict known as lady al-qaeda to be released from a nearby prison. president biden is condemning the incident as an act of terror. the stand offended last night when a team of fbi hostage rescuers stormed the synagogue and led the hostages to freedom very policing the suspect is dead and none of the hostages were hurt. former homeland security advisor charles marino is standing by with his insight with fox team coverage mike pilgrim with more the fbi since the suspect wanted the u.s. to release first outside the synagogue in texas. >> the fbi has been incited around the synagogue all day long processing the scene, the
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evidence and we saw them on top of the roof a short time ago but a little while ago they came out with important information they believe strongly the suspect acted alone and it's not part of a larger terrorist network. we also learned that malik faisal akram traveled from england a couple weeks ago. he spent one night in a homeless shelter and bought the gun that he used in street he took four hostages as congregation israel because of kobe that service was live stream and only had the four people inside. people watched online as he claimed to have bombs and demanded the release of a convicted terrorist being held in federal prison 20 miles away in fort worth, six hours he let one hostage ago and 11 hours the last three hostages ran out of the synagogue, the fbi rescue team from virginia wasted no time they reached the building, set off bang devices and then gunshots. the suspect was dead and all the hostages were unhurt.
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>> like many hostage situations the relationship between the negotiators in the hostage taker had been slowed a little bit and got intense but these negotiators i'm telling you i am so proud of them. unbelievable work. >> the hostage takers a brother posted on facebook that the family was devastated by his death they were trying to get him surrendering last night and added that he suffered from mental health issues they also condemned his actions, rabbi charlie went on social media today to thank law enforcement and say he is grateful to be alive today. the rabbi also said the active shooter said a while back was critical in them surviving this ordeal in encouraging the synagogues around the country get the same sort of training.
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jon: dan springer live in colleyville texas. thank you. during the standoff the hostage taker was her demanded the release of a pakistani neuroscientist serving an 86 year prison sentence in fort worth, texas for trying to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan back in 2008. mike tobin has more on the woman sometimes known as lady al-qaeda. >> she was once dubbed the most dangerous woman in the world, she is someone who would be celebrated by islamic radicals, she is divorced and educated in the u.s. well educated and that she did her undergrad mit and earned a phd in neuroscience from the university. after the attacks of 9/11 she took her kids back to pakistan with the belief that her kids would've been forced into christianity if she stayed in
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the u.s. she and her husband divorced when they became active with the taliban on the afghan border she later married the nephew of 9/11 mastermind mohammed and she was picked up in afghanistan in 2008 authority say she had a zip drive containing plans for making things like dirty bombs even weaponize and the evil of the virus, one of the plans was a mass casualty attack with mass targets while being question she got a hold of an rifle and opened fire on her interrogators, she was convicted for that in 2010 and sentenced to 86 years in prison. but islamic radicals even more moderate politicians in pakistan say aafia siddiqui is collateral damage on the war on terror imprisoned by a corrupt system, she is often the subject of protesting pakistan with demonstrators saying she was tortured. they promised to bring aafia siddiqui and others political prisoners back to pakistan aafia siddiqui is in the current federal medical ability hospital
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in fort worth very near the congregation the israel synagogue where they were taken hostage, the fbi says the hostage was focused on freeing aafia siddiqui from prison. jon: thank you security solutions ceo charles marino joins is now a former department of homeland security advisor to former secret service supervisory special agent. it's very good of you to be with us tonight. this seems like a textbook and to a pretty scary situation. what is your analysis. >> let me reiterate what everybody else is saying. what a great job by federal state and law enforcement agencies to come together and get those hostages out. what we saw is patients through negotiation over extended hours and then we saw the ability when the opportunity presented itself for the tactical hostage rescue teams to go when and neutralize the threat.
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at the end it worked very well. i can assure you while the situation is going on the fbi is also working urgently to make sure there was no imminent associated threats that existed throughout the country. they really did a great job all around. jon: was this an attack on judaism? there has been some criticism of the fbi for a statement that they put out suggesting his motive had nothing to do with judaism. >> make no mistake this was an attack on the jewish people and it shows religious houses of worship in general remain at risk it is why over the past several years the fbi and dhs have worked so closely with these houses of worship to provide free training and free security assessments and other advice, this is definitely an attack on judaism but what was it used for.
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it was used for the suspect to carry forth his radical ideology in this case to free aafia siddiqui from a federal prison. the synagogue if you will was used as a means in the process to carry out this twisted and radical idea. jon: his family since he was mentally ill and had mental health issues, let's put it that way. you have to think there is something to that. if a guy thinks he can jump on an airplane from britain, by a gun or a couple of guns on the street in texas and somehow demand the release of a federal prisoner by taking hostages, now that makes much sense. >> the suspects reported mental illness could have played a role in his successful radicalization. radicalization is one of these things by those groups that were
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so radicalized often throwing out and waiting to see who will grab onto it and follow through. in this case a suspect based on the fact that he traveled to the united states two weeks ago tells us that he was in fact radicalized and believed in the cause of freeing doctor aafia siddiqui. even though he was radicalized he came up with them means, the ability to get his hands on a weapon and formulate some type of plan despite his recorded mental illness which all three of those indicators make him a very dangerous person. jon: investigation into the aftermath of all of this is still going on. thank you for your analysis. a massive winner storm bringing a dangerous trifecta snow, ice and freezing rain to the southeast. in south carolina kids are making use of the fresh powder but the same snow blocking on visibility in north carolina
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strong winds and the snow are making a mess out of roads drivers have to be careful. in virginia snow bringing traffic to another standstill crashes and icy conditions make it impossible to move there, team coverage multimedia journalist robert ray stated by north carolina. first to meteorologist adam klotz tracking the storm. >> a massive system across a large% of the country and began two days ago with very heavy snow in north dakota and dipped all the way down with the center of circulation into a southern state a lot of blue, the pink is ice the most dangerous portion of the storm as we speak right now and you see the warm air and cold air meet together a whole lot of ice towards charlotte in this entire area is under a winter storm alert as were talking about heavy snow in the very dangerous ice which is
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taking down power lines and will continue to do so. it'll take you through the night overnight tonight into tomorrow a lot of heavy snow, right along the coastal areas heavy rainfall no snow for d.c., new york or boston, again some of the snowy areas over a foot of snow in these interior areas. the winter storm advisories are not along the coast i want to leave you with this were talking about heavy rain up and down the coast we can see coastal flood alerts if you not seen the snow you'll see rain if you're not seen rain you'll see really heavy snow over the next 24 hours. jon: and millions of us affected. adam klotz, thank you. fox team coverage continues with fox whether multi-journalist in natural. >> good evening from a very snowy asheville north carolina sitting at 2100 feet elevation.
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we seen 10 inches plus of snow today and it continues to fall and will do so into midnight potentially until 1:00 a.m. earlier today gusty winds ran through the mountain town and the appellations moving snow and sleet all around most people hunkering down restaurants and shops in this pitiful town closed today but now we see a lot of people into the street again some of the restaurants opening up for the residents that want to get out. the city of asheville doing their best to make sure the streets are cleared tonight as the snow continues to come in. this is the snowiest day asheville has seen in over six years and governors across the south, south carolina north carolina, tennessee and georgia urging residents to stay put tonight when the sun comes up tomorrow they could take a look and assess what damage there may be in the piles of snow and
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potential ice. in the meantime thousands of people are on a power duped energy which runs north carolina and most of south carolina energy says that they're working hard, the governor of north carolina telling residents that some people could be out of power for 3 - 4 days. let's hope that is not the case, the system is tracking up into pennsylvania in new england, those folks getting it right now and into tomorrow. jon: we are watching robert ray live in north carolina, thank you. people are picking up the pieces tonight after a tornado tore through the southwest florida community. four people hurt as strong winds swept leak county this morning dozens of buildings destroyed and hundreds of people forced from their homes, the f2 tornado featured winds of nearly 120 miles an hour almost 6000 customers in florida are without power right now.
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jon: the biden administration hitting potholes last week while trying to move the presidents legislative agenda forward while getting ready to mark one year since taking office meantime president biden responding to yesterday's hostage standoff in texas condemning it as an active care, joni ernst is standing by that we begin with lucas thomaston live in wilmington, delaware and president biden is spending most of the weekend. >> president biden praising the effort to fbi and local law enforcement including the fdi elite hostage rescue team storming the synagogue and president biden spoke of their efforts earlier today in philadelphia. >> with regard to texas in the synagogue i spoke this morning with the attorney general and we had a rundown and he said there is overwhelming cooperation with
3:19 pm
the local authorities and the fbi and they did one helluva job this is an active terrorist. >> the commonwealth of virginia's new republican governor spoke on fox news' first governor since being sworn in yesterday. >> we seen animosity and hatred towards the jewish community on the rise. we are not going to stand for in virginia or in this country. >> the white house happy to put last week behind them but some calling the week from health talks of russia's failed the supreme court vaccine mandate for large cavities was illegal biden strips to george and capitol hill failed to get the voting rights passed and no changes to the filibuster despite the present best efforts biden's poll numbers slumping to the lowest since he took office outstanding dirty 3% going underwater for the first time since disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan and paving away from the taliban to return for the first time in 20 years on the economy biden pulling 234% is
3:20 pm
foreign policy agenda 35% in the handling of the coronavirus 39% following a record-setting number of cases and hospitalizations nationwide a doctor from brown university said the white house covid messaging is confusing. >> it's make it harder for people to know what to do. in a public health crisis like the one that we have, getting the public to understand the moment were in and what are the key things they need to be doing to keep their cells and their family safe is enormously important. >> this marks the end of president biden's first year in office will have a rare press conference wednesday at 4:00 p.m. in the same day the new covid website goes online so people can order covid test are not sure how long it'll take them to get, is certainly feel like i will weather. jon: lucas tomlinson from wilmington, delaware. president biden had a bad week as you just heard he dealt with setbacks on everything from vaccine mandates to voting
3:21 pm
rights, however, the biggest issue facing his presidency might be the economy particularly inflation. from december 2022 december 21 overall price 7%. gas prices have skyrocketed 50% in staples like meats, fish and eggs are of 12 and half percent and the president turn the ship around to take charge of economic let's bring engineering the member of the armed services in environment and public works and agriculture businesses in entrepreneurship committee. thank you for joining us. >> it's great to be with you. >> i have a friend that got over covid looking for chicken soup today could not find chicken noodle soup anywhere. what is going on can you blame the opposite biden? >> i would rather blame on president biden then somebody else because this falls squarely on his shoulders we have
3:22 pm
supply-chain difficulties and raging covid even though he said he would put that want to rest we have a porous southern border, highest inflation for years, this is been a disastrous presidency this far, not to mention in the area of national defense we saw disasters withdrawal from afghanistan threats coming from china and russia where does it end? jon: you're in a better position to assess that. the president's poll numbers as low as 33% on some of those topics that we just talked about. he has three years left in office it's hard to see where this goes from here. >> this is extremely discouraging and for those of us in congress we struggled to find solutions with administration
3:23 pm
that is so out of touch with everyday americans. here i sit in rado kiowa where my neighbors are struggling with gas prices. this is an iowa winter in the heating bills are ever-increasing. families are making tough decisions right now about their spending ability and their spending habits. it's going to be very difficult for the rest of this demonstration if they just can't start focusing on what is going on when the average everyday americans rather than focusing on things like breaking the senate rules and traditions with getting rid of the filibuster and federal lysine elections these are not the things the iowa voters are concerned about. jon: the wall street journal put out a list of reasons that we should continue worrying about inflation i want to read those
3:24 pm
bullet points to you now the labor markets are tighter than they were in 2021. demand is going to be remaining above pre-covid trends but supply likely is going to lag behind. near-term inflation up 1 - 3 points higher than last year end the unpredictable trajectory of the pandemic. we all remember president biden campaign saying he had a plan to shut down the virus, not shut down the economy. has anybody ever seen that plan? >> we have not seen that plan not certainly in congress it doesn't seem that he really wants to get the economy up and going when he wants to continue to spend trillions of dollars even with our supply difficulties in their labor shortages. we need to get our economy up and going again that means getting people back to work opening up and making sure we have the testing supplies that are necessary as we navigate through variance and covid.
3:25 pm
we haven't seen any real solutions coming from this demonstration instead of focusing on what is concerning to americans, the pocketbook issues continue to focus on breaking the filibuster and what they're calling voting rights which we know is a federal takeover of local and state elections. jon: while we have economic problems of her own in this country especially high inflation. the president and the administration is sending money to the taliban, delivering to the president about that. that is very concerning, this ban on dollars that would flow through the taliban and haqqani islamic network that has been in place since president bill clinton in this administration, joe biden quietly before the end of 2021 provided licenses
3:26 pm
basically waivers to allow taxpayer dollars to flow through the taliban in the haqqani is on a network these jurisdictions will be absorbing the dollars going into afghanistan, we need a full accounting of those dollars to make sure that it's going to a and not the terrorist networks. jon: it doesn't seemed like the taliban is likely to concerned about releasing money as a, they wanted for their own purposes, don't they. >> absolutely unfortunately i'm afraid that situation we are facing and in the meantime we have 22 million afghans that are suffering from starvation and very harsh afghan winter. jon: had a reasonably good at least while u.s. troops are
3:27 pm
there, they don't anymore. joni ernst, senator, thank you. coming up the federal government rolls out the free covid test this week as medical experts worry there is not enough healthcare workers to handle the rise in caseloads. ♪ with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. for wrinkles results in one week. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. when you're looking for answers, it's good to have help. because the right information, at the right time, may make all the difference. at humana, we know
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jon: i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report" is the bottom of the hour here's a look at the top stories. a communal funeral held for 15 of the 17 people killed in last sunday's high-rise building fire in the bronx, new york eight children among the dead new york city's deadliest buyer since 1990, fire marshals say a faulty electric space heater started. university of michigan president mark/oh has been fired by the school board of regents after
3:32 pm
investigation into a relationship with a subordinate, board members say he sent dozens of inappropriate e-mails and text to the female employees. including a link to a new yorker magazine story entitled sexual fantasies of everyday new yorkers. the number of deaths and injuries on a specific island of tonga unclear after yesterday's massive eruption of a nearby underwater volcano that triggered a magnitude 7.4 earthquake and tsunami that crashed into the island and cut off the internet and also cause coastal flooding to asia, latin america and here on the u.s. west coast. for more on these and other stories download the fox news that you scan the code on your screen or go to starting wednesday you're supposed to request free at home covid test from the federal government.
3:33 pm
until they arrive which could be a week or two after they ordered you have to wait an ever-growing line outside of the covid testing site. charles watson live in atlanta, the headquarters for the centers for disease control. >> once the site goes live on wednesday americans will have the opportunity to order up to four at home free covid test. but because shipping will take anywhere between 7 - 12 days it may take quite a while for the test to reach american homes, not an ideal situation for the biden administration certainly added time where the u.s. is averaging 800,000 new infections daily in the demand for testing is outpacing the nation supply with the nightmare scenario public health officials that handicaps the country's ability to manage a highly contagious avocado. in any variant that may follow. >> i would agree we need more test. he did hamper our ability as a country to hit manager. i do not believe the omicron is
3:34 pm
going to be the last wave that we see. having widespread testing available is going to make an enormous difference as we get beyond the surge and before we face the next one. >> any chance of that u.s. vaccinated its way out of the pandemic may be all but gone this after this supreme court blocked the oceans vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees, the white house says it will continue the vaccine messaging to keep americans safe but the public health expert same it will be enough to pull u.s. numbers above 63% of americans who are fully vaccinated women 38% were boosted. former fda scott gottlieb says it would be wise for the country to start emphasizing other options as far as treating covid-19 mainly those monoclonal nobodies and antiviral medications. jon: charles watson in atlanta, thank you.
3:35 pm
in new york city a new manhattan district attorney alvin bragg critics say it soft on crime comes amid a surge in violent crime across the city including a deadly random attack on an asian woman in a subway station in new york's times square. brian llenas live in new york city with the latest. >> new year but same crime issue in new york city the first nine days in 2022 compared to the same time last year overall crime in the city is up 30%, murders are up 33% robberies up 25%, shooting incidents up 15% auto grant up 32%. on friday a 30-year-old man was arrested for shooting a 19 euro burger king cashier cold blood over $100 in the register. for prior arrest, from the possession of a weapon combination woman was murdered when she was pushed onto an oncoming train in times square by a deranged man.
3:36 pm
this is the second incident in time square since november here is mayor eric adams. >> our recovery is dependent on the public safety in the city and in the system. we can do that with the right balance the balance of proactively getting giving people the assistance they need in mental health crisis. >> the right balance can vary will depend on manhattan's progressive district attorney alvin bragg will be willing to prosecute crime. bragg has come under heavy criticism for the policies critics say are far too lenient. he is stopping prosecution for crimes like marijuana offenses in resisting arrest and downgrading polities from misdemeanors like armed robberies in jail time for basically homicide serious domestic violence and defenses. this morning at a black church in harlem bragg reiterated that
3:37 pm
he insisted his policies will end the cycle of incarceration and keep people safe. >> we will address violent crime at the same time that we make our system available. >> there not in our eviction. they go hand-in-hand and we can't have one without the other. >> it seems some prosecutors in the das office do not agree the new york post reports at least a dozen prosecutors have already resigned. jon: it'll be interesting to see what happens. brian llenas in new york city. coming up as if i didn't hold a formal press conference to begin his second year in office the first advance. how will he explain the brutal week indeed his first year as president. will take up with washington examiner editor in chief right after this. with alka seltzer plus.
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in. jon: president biden gearing up to face the media this wednesday the first formal press conference since early november. the president has a lot of questions to answer in several challenges this past week including approval ratings in the supreme court rejection of his vaccine mandate for large companies. biden speech on voting rights also drawing criticism from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who called it a presidential. this the highest inflation nearly four decades in this country bear shelves in stores and a lack of immunity among democrats to change a filibuster in a nationwide coded surge,
3:43 pm
joining is now washington examiner editor-in-chief hugo berdin, i'm sure like all of us are looking forward to hearing what the president has to say on wednesday, any predictions? >> i'm looking forward to seeing how the president biden does but i have to say is highly unlikely that he could somehow turn this around. he does have the political skills of bill clinton and whatever you thought of him knew how to direct the political politics and change the discussion that he would admit he had to do better. president biden has always been a booster and is very uncomfortable suggesting or admitting that he might've done anything wrong. he will try to bow through this and it will not do them any good. the facts are against him. as you listen to the introduction. also things going wrong and virtually nothing is going
3:44 pm
right. in the last week you say he's compared not only republicans but members of his own party to the extreme of the past george wallace and jefferson davis in whom the president of the confederacy all of them democrats and ironically extreme races it's a language he uses his not rhetorically deaf and i think this is a real problem for the administration from now on. jon: i sometimes wonder if we fall into the looking glass after the december jobs report which was a huge disappointment half the job that most economists were expecting and created. the president took a victory lap and said this is probably the best economic performance by any recent president. >> is a very good example of exactly what he does, everybody
3:45 pm
is looking at the facts, everybody can see as a disappointing report any cherry picks a couple of things and since things are great and they've never gone better this administration treats the american public as foolish. you cannot fool all of the public all the time perhaps you can fool them some of the time et cetera et cetera. they just talk in direct contradiction of the fact that everybody can walk. the thing that does it not only is unconvincing and also makes people realize that this administration treats them as fools and people do not like that. when you get treated with contempt, that tends to get reciprocated and they've now been thinking of dividing the administration with the degree of contempt, they're very frustrated with the things going but they also don't like the way it presents itself. jon: he promised to come into office being a uniter uniting
3:46 pm
the country. the speech in georgia was not exactly a rallying cry for unity. >> i think this is a really fundamental thing, he arrived in office with a completely undeserved reputation for being a centrist. you have to remember biden was the guy who 30 years ago presided over what clarence thomas called the height tech lynching and black voters he said that robbie of all people wanted to put them all black and slave chains this is a guy who uses extreme language it is not a centrist in the speech that he made in atlanta was entirely characteristic the way he talked he is not rhetorically deaf, he exaggerates, he says things to extreme and people look at him and they think wow he said that, mitch mcconnell was not the only one that thought it was a presidential members abide his
3:47 pm
own party and bernie sanders took a shot at him in his speech a day or two later in durbin, everybody thinks that the president goes too far except the president. jon: some of his ratings are down to 33% we have three years to go. >> serbian tennis star novak djokovic is out of australia after exhausting all legal options to keep his visa and try to defend his australian open title. what novak djokovic is now saying about the rule. ♪ when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars.
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>> lori loughlin inter-fashion designer has been now the latest celebrity crime victims policing a burglar or burglary broke into their homes anyway 30 got away with a million dollars in jewelry. jeff paul has the details. >> while this happened a few weeks ago were only learning the extent of what was taken. at the moment the police do not have any suspects in the million dollar jewelry heist. here's what we know this
3:52 pm
happened january 30 hollywood hills loughlin and her husband were not home at the time of the burglary. but investigators say the burglars were dressed in black under black and housekeeper in a private security who, police, this is the latest in a string of crimes impacted high-profile celebrities on the sender under december 1 the length of his was shot and killed during a home invasion citywide homicide are up in violent crime is up and so are property crimes. l.a. mayor eric garcetti says fixing the problem cannot fall squarely on just law enforcement. >> we cannot put this on the brief shoulders and the broad shoulders of our police officers. this might be owned by every civilian and every strategy and every approach to koa public safety. >> one recent murder drawing lots of intention involving a 24 year old woman stopped her employer cocktails furniture was
3:53 pm
working alone in a customer who later walked in and discovered the scene, they believe a man wearing all black within a 95 mask leading to the back door of the store is there suspect. they have not made any arrests in hoping that if anyone recognize this person or knows what happened comes forward. >> i feel gutted. >> stuff happening on melrose, fairfax. i just wanted to be the way it used to be. >> the victim's father wanted to make it clear she was a gifted artist and the listener who is loved by all police say this is a random attack. jon: death paul in los angeles, the number one bid status play will not get to defend his title at the australian open novak djokovic lost his cancellation
3:54 pm
appeal over his vaccination status, trey yingst has that story. >> tennis star novak djokovic was reported this morning after his visa was canceled over the weekend by australian authorities. >> the orders of the court. >> a federal judge dismissed an appeal by the number one ranked player to overturn a decision to revoke his visa, the case received international attention after novak djokovic was obtained upon arrival to melbourne earlier this month he spent four nights in immigration detention hotel, novak djokovic was granted an exemption to enter the country to play in the australian open despite not being vaccinated against covid-19. the 34-year-old had coronavirus last month australian border officials do not meet the criteria for an exemption that was echoed by the immigration minister who pulled the visa noted that novak djokovic did not include on his form that he traveled to multiple other countries over the past two weeks. in a statement released after the court case novak djokovic said he was disappointed in the
3:55 pm
ruling added he respects the court decision. the serbian tennis player hope to win a 21st grade same title serbia's prime minister reacted to the news this morning saying this. >> i think the decision is careless, disappointed i think it showed under the rule of law functions in other countries. >> the australian open begins tomorrow in melbourne in the world will be watching although he'll be watching in dubai where he is this morning. jon: trey yingst, a glimmer of hope for families one week after landslide destroyed their home in the reunion you do not want to miss. ♪
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jon: in the united kingdom greater manchester police detained two individuals in connected with the texas synagogue standoff
4:00 pm
yesterday, they are teenagers, hostage taker has been identified as a british national. stay with fox news channel for this story, that is how fox reports, i am jon scott. thank you for watching, see you again next week, "sunday night in america" is trey gowdy is next. -- with trey gowdy is next. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it's "sunday night in america," north korea test fired several missiles this week, they may be most powerful yet. this is after kim jong-un fledged to bolster north korea military with cutting edge technology. the missile launch was condemned by washington and tokyo, it shut down west coast airports over fea


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