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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  January 17, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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that is it for today i am john roberts is chatter suggesting is going to big week for news joint standard smith and made for big courage on all of it reports tomorrow fox news channel 1:00 p.m. easter. there are issues that are very, very important and we will continue to talk about them whether they do or not. i will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪. steve: welcome to "the next revolution" i'm steve hilton. this is positive populism per working pro-family, pro-community and pro-america. it is the one year mark for the biden regime with a 33% approval in the latest poll gives no remix from the american people for his devastating bad performance. how does it make the trumpeting democrats in the media with biden below where trump was after his first year that's because biden is the worst president in american history, he said he shut down the
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pandemic and make the economy work, bring competence to government, restore american leadership, instead with the pandemic rating inflation soaring and supply chain crisis and border crisis in afghanistan crisis. america's failing president is a laughing stock around the world. as marine dowd wrote in the new york times today people wanted competence instability and instead we get incompetence and instability. biden did not do anything that he promised, his legislative agenda passes, his deal making progress with talk about is a complete joke, three times biden was wheeled out to try and persuade his own party in congress to back him and three times they told him to drop dead. among these disasters there is one that stands out, one agree justly contradictory to what we were promised in a league of shame all on its own, the one
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thing biden actually had a mandate for was to bring the country together, he said so himself in his inaugural address a year ago. >> stopped the shouting and lower the temperature. policy doesn't have to be the raging fire we must in this uncivil war. >> this week almost a year from those promises of unity we saw biden throw them on a bonfire his own making the president of the united states abject spectacle of a race hustler writing up his base to cover up his failure, deliberately dividing the country for his own partisan ends. >> biden went to pushed georgia but instead push to enter biden into the stinking swamp and dishonest divisive, biden's ranch in atlanta, maturely go down as the most disgraceful speech in any president has
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made. in labeling anyone who disagrees with him, domestic enemy. >> a democracy against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> hopefully he explained to you to be with with his domestic enemy. >> he wants to be the son to doctor king or george wallace, you want to be on the side of john or bill you want to be the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. steve: apparently that demagoguery was written by this man, john meacham who pops up on msnbc all the time claiming his story as a historian funny how the autocratic leaders are treating their opponents as enemy of the states with raging propaganda with their fascism and principal, john meacham the author of the ranch in atlanta,
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just like a documentary filmmaker. biden and the democrats in the propaganda like john meacham are using the tactic only authoritarian tyrant through the ages manufacture crisis in order to justify a crackdown. the trying to convince people especially black people that their voting rights are being taken away by organized targeted voter suppression by republicans. they think if they say it enough people will believe it but every single specific allegation turned out to be a democrat by. there is a lie about getting rid of election officials. >> georgia the risk to voting law enacted in march gives unchecked power to the state election board to remove local election officials. we heard about the partisan takeover of election at our field hearing in atlanta from one election official who had been ousted by the state legislature after over a decade of service.
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steve: according to biden's ranch in atlanta this is elections aversion but there is almost an identical provision in the democrat bill biden wants to push through congress, the georgia law says states can suspend local election officials for nonfeasance, malfeasance or gross negligence, biden's own bill says states can suspend local election officials for gross negligence, neglect of duty or malfeasance in office, voter id is racist, voter suppression but the mayor in washington, d.c. painted black lives matter on the street outside of the white house and introduced voter id for leaving your house. >> why was the decision made not to require a ballot voter id when someone presents their covid vaccine card. >> we expect to require that. >> sure enough, she did a little
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treat starting saturday you'll need photo id before heading out if we apply the democrat voting right argument that is worse than voter suppression that is extrajudicial house arrest for black people, time to defend the department of justice civil rights to arrest bowser. there is a lie about drop boxes lawmakers taking them off the street when they were putting them on the streets. in 2019 drop boxes were completely illegal in georgia now there enshrined in law, there is a lie about mailing voting thanks to the new republican or anyone in georgia can request the mail-in ballot whereas biden you need to give a reason. chuck schumer new york you need to sign an attestation that you're out of town, ill, caring for someone that is ill in a veterans facility or jail, it's a felony to make us false statement for an absentee ballot the instruction worn yet schumer caused the georgia law, he pointed to the consolidation of
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early voting places in one rural county as being part of a january the sixth to stop black people voting but the black woman in charge of voting in county says they have been planning to change for years in any case we have advanced voting and absentee ballots and we also have transportation and by the way a 68% republican county on and on it goes lie after lie after lie whether drop boxes are mailing voting early voting or voter id election rules which are less restrictive than in many democrat run states described by democrats as the new jim crow. did they ever stop to think about what they're saying and what their words mean under jim crow schools, restaurants, buses were segregated it was evil, shameful, disgusting and not provided in the democrats he the specter of jim crow to advance the partisan power grab, that is
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evil and shameful and that is disgusting. biden, pelosi kamala harris, their reckless, racial arsonist and guilty of the exact same thing that accuses left. >> if you ask yourself why it gets even worse, what is the reason biden went to atlanta to deliver the ill judged appalling rent, would you believe that chuck todd gave us the answer this morning. >> i was told by somebody in atlanta, the activists are ignorant, he had to do this that was argument if he did not do this they were not going to have people to lick envelopes in senate races and house races. steve: licking envelopes. because they're worried about not having enough people to lick envelopes at their election campaign they rub salt in america is painful wounds that's what this whole thing is about and it shows what democrats are all about.
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for them it is always about politics not policy, point scoring not principal, pandering to their base instead of leaving the country. the lies are not just about voting specifics, the whole story is a lie they say republicans are trying to suppress the vote because they fear demographic change, and the 2020 presidential election the black republican vote without the latino republican vote went up a lot the latino vote for democrats went down a lot. >> thanks to traps conservative populism the republican party is becoming a multiracial working-class coalition while the democrats become the party of the rich, white and woke this is the factual demographic reality the more that nonwhite citizens vote the better it is for republicans in the worse for democrats. the democrats say the trying to save democracy. they're the ones undermining it.
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look within their voting legislation nationalizing elections, unconstitutional, undermining voter role abolishing voter id laws, unconscionable in the whole sticking pile of antidemocratic corrupt garbage crowned by their attempt to expand the banana republic atrocity about harvesting. >> and then. >> the former presidents allies and disenfranchise anyone who votes against them. just decide what they want and then do it. that is what you see into solitary and states, not democracies. steve: biden rants about authoritarianism, excuse me who is sending in the fbi to intimidate parents who disagree with democrats will policy, whose regime is it an absolutely chilling new development that just announced this.
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>> the violent extremists are motivated by a mix of ideology and personal grievances. we have seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial and those described to extremist antigovernment and anti-authority ideology. i decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit for existing approach. steve: we have run out of words to express how dangerous and frightening this all is. if your anti-authority you are domestic terrorist. if you disagree with biden your domestic enemy and if you speak out and try to protect free speech and democracy you are the authoritarian as biden approaches his first year in office what a disaster the economy, the pandemic, the border, foreign policy, everything in chaos and failure,
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biden should have been impeached over afghanistan, he should be removed over the 25th amendment of his stability but after the rent in atlanta we can say for sure if he had any decency, any dignity he would resign in shame over the hate and division please bring into the country. follow sst felton asked ensure this when we. >> great to see you both. you are in georgia and he went to georgia. how do you feel when he's making what's been happening in your state a centerpiece of his unbelievably divisive political campaign. >> the reason why it's not making a lot of sense this is not about the rights of black people or the black community this is about the black community being a folding block another catalyst in order to hide the true agenda of the democratic party let's face it i don't know black person that doesn't have an id, however, you
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have to ask yourself why is this and who is this really about it is about illegal immigrants being able to vote without an id convincing us that an id is wrong is not about the black community and let's look at a different perspective. what is obvious because 77% of black people support the idea of having the id to vote you cannot say this is fighting for the black community. they have been during this water complaint year in the voting law you're not required to give people food and water when it's time to vote you required to make sure they have the opportunity to vote and that's what we do but every day i get more and more excited because they see people in my community waking up to this no longer wanting to be a political pawn for the shield of the administration. >> that's exactly right and that change is something that they are early frightened about. that explains hysterical way
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that they're going about this they feel so enraged that they thought the people that they used to think about their people and their voting block and after deserting them. in the last part because of the far left drift of the party, look at the language they're at it again i've sold all over the sunday show this morning the democrats talking about all of this in new jim crow 2.0 it is not just incredibly offensive when you think about what jim crow actually was. >> this is actually part of jim crow's joe strategy this is what the democratic party has done for some time the big number here this will help explain why the democrats invited administration is doing this, it is 33% that is where biden's polling numbers are in fact it's actually about ten points lower
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than what donald trump's polling numbers were when he was leaving office after the russia collision and many other things they tried to tie the donald trump was biden administration is realizing americans especially his voters are no longer fooled, when i'm not on the street and actually talking to people and they are saying to me and not care about the voting rights care for have food on my table i care if i live in washington, d.c. in a place where only 52% of blacks are vaccinated and what happened to the 40% of the black population will not longer be able to be in a restaurant or an establishment and not have to show id, it is a hope the american people are no longer fooled by this they can rally around the chant let's go
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brandon. >> wait a very interesting discussion exactly how much we can prove how unpopular biden is in comparison with the horse torque will record but to say he is certainly not in good to bring the country together and the mandate and authority to pass radical agenda. tumor leaks point, i think you're right, in 70 days getting worse to the biden policy. the one group doing seems to be focused on the voting reissue activist. it shows how much this regime biden kamala harris, all of them that are completely controlled by the activist and pander to every opportunity. the complete opposite of what we were told to expect from biden.
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>> i feel like they feed each other the activist have nothing to fight for if they face the fact that were not living in a society where people are being hated because of the color of their skin when actavis realized that legislation will not remove eva from the heart of the man when they realize all of their activism is just raising money for all of these nonpartisan nonprofit organizations that are coming over and over and overnight. this is what it's about making money it is an industry in a business in the hustling and the gatekeepers who are being paid out of business if they don't have racism in the world they are the ones who are driving it. >> final point don't you think the republicans ought to be opposing these outrageous changes in the legislature it looks like it's dead on arrival
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because even democrats like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, manchin in particular. as wells opposing the dangerous moves by the democrats they need to be telling a positive story about how there excited about black americans, latinos a whole range of demographic groups coming in joining the republican party saying were not frightened of demographic change were on the right side of it. >> i think what the republicans need to do, this is something i've been saying for a while were in a very good position but i agree with you we need to start sharing what it is were doing so we will be painted as opposition to everything. i'm from mississippi and i follow my home state senator hyde smith, that's one of the things that she actually does when she talks about the things that she's doing for hbcu and other communities in mississippi
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these are the things that the republican party need to talk about in addition to pushing back against biden's government overreach. i think the american people are beginning to realize it wasn't just the women they were sold in 1973 with no engine. steve: what is it even worth karl? that will be even interesting to read i don't think we can run out about comparisons showing how the regime is turned out to be. thank you both very much, don't thank you both very much, don't go [engine humming] [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen ♪
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steve: someone who has a strong voice on the issue is former hawaii congressman posey gavitt, happy new year, how are you doing. >> it's always good to talk to you, happy new year. steve: you spoke out against this is seems to get worse the chilling thing i don't know what
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to call it the frightening new move from the justice department with attorney general, talking about anyone who is into authority being part of this move against domestic violence extremist, what you make of that. >> it's really important to bold, highlight and underline what he says we viewed deputy attorney general of the united states speaking to the american people about others standing up and domestic terrorism unit to support their efforts to target those who hold antigovernment or anti-authority ideology. when we stop and think about that for a second, what does that really mean the authorities in our government, biden administration are targeting americans for holding anti-authority views that is authoritarianism what does that mean to us at home were supposed
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to sit back and follow along and put the blinders on and do whatever they tell us to do. that undermines the heart of our democratic republic that undermines the essence of our constitution which says we have the freedom to challenge our authority, we have the freedom to stand in protest and ask questions and demand accountability and answers. if we lose the freedom this is where they expose the anti-liberty and anti-democracy mindset which is so dangerous. if we lose that we no longer have a democracy. steve: totally. i completely agree and take it further the idea is challenging authority. if you like challenging conventional wisdom in the power that is so central to america's successful not just as a democracy you can put into science and art and industry in
12:27 am
common startups i'm getting do things differently, part of america why do you think that the democrats have so readily lurched into the authoritarianism? >> i think it comes from fear of losing the power that they are pretending to hold onto and fear of people will question the decisions are making, fear that those who challenge their authority with a direct threat to their power and that is what is so dangerous because it's coming from a place of fear rather than a place that is rooted in the heart and essence of the constitution of the united states of america. the very document in the mind of what this country is all about and when people are motivated by fear of losing power he see the
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results were there willing to say or do whatever they feel they need to to hold onto. forgetting about the american people. steve: right is so fantastic you speaking out so strongly on, there is another issue, big issue i just love your take because it's very much emerging as a big story, the whole situation looks like we may be heading towards another entanglement in the foreign war with what's going on with russia and ukraine, it is not a straightforward issue my family is hungarian when the soviets invaded hungary in the west did not come into protective fight back the soviet forces that caused a lot of left people with soviet depression. on the other hand, would i be happy for my son to go fight in ukraine into protective freedom, frankly no. the question i have for you how
12:29 am
do we balance this we want to deter aggression, of course but we don't want to get sucked into the military, you have intelligence putting out this information looking like they're wanting to take us into war again. what do we do? >> this brings us back to the last point our leaders should be acting in the best interest of the iraqi people in our country. unfortunately in this white house we have warmongers and people like jake's 11 intoning lincoln who had a very strong hand of the architects of regime change wars in iraq and libya and syria they're the ones influencing the decisions made by this white house, their stoking tension and escalating the situation that can only lead us down a more dangerous path that directly undermines interest of the american people in our country, let's be real about what were doing were taken with the united states and russia to create nuclear armed powers in the world there is
12:30 am
only one place that that conflict ends, it ends and destruction of this world and life as we know it, don't be naïve or shy about what is steak and that's with iraqi people need to know the people in the white house and leaders in the congress of both sides refused to tell them the truth about. steve: very, very well said we have got to calm it down it goes back to what were saying earlier lowering the temperature on this as well. thank you so much for being with us tonight, we really appreciate it. much more ahead, don't go
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wow, that's incredible. so don't wait, start working to improve your credit with steve: as reported a year ago, the most likely origin of the pandemic is a lab leak where chinese scientists commissioned by dr. fauci who invaded obama intrepid administration rose to do it. despite his lies and denials, you can tell dr. fauci has a guilty conscious because anytime he is challenged on it he won't come on the show, the only challenges on his robe started the pandemic is senator rand
12:36 am
paul dr. fauci goes into an unhinged self-righteous rage. this week was another level. watch. >> you are distorting everything about me. you keep coming back to personal attacks on me, you personally attack me, he was accusing me of being responsible. i have stress upon my life, people lying about me. steve: me, me, me, all about me one of her parched wrist narcissist he is. it is all about him the truth is in 2011 dr. fauci said the risk of a potentially dangerous virus was worth taking. boy did dr. fauci take it he pushed the research for years now the evidence points to his experiments of the pandemic and is all about how mean republicans are being to him with the absolute archetype of a mass scientist area get dr. fauci wants power without
12:37 am
accountability, it doesn't work like that until he told accountable for what he did, the supreme court knocked down biden's antiscience totally unjustified and unconstitutional nationwide vaccine mandate for business. biden himself demonstrated the other pointlessness they keep yelling honest aware, keep watching this. >> did you see stacey abrams, she is skipping the seat. >> i'm insulted you asked the question. >> he has his mask on whether his outside in data shows it's impossible to get infected, woody comes close to people he takes it off and then they tell us that the party of science, the biden regime the pandemic has turned in joining me too react author of the price we pay johns hopkins professor doctor marty b kerry. great to see you as always i've been noticing the blame game is
12:38 am
back in the wake of the supreme court ruling on the vaccine mandate people are saying that's it biden got back his last weapon in the fight against a virus and now he can't force people to get vaccinated, were doomed that's a narrative i've heard the last few days. >> i tell you as a physician when i take care of patients they appreciate honesty the public is hungry for humility when you get something wrong you have to be honest, for example right now dr. fauci should agree to an international ban of all gain-of-function research in perpetuity that is something we should not be debating it is something that is very clear and show the humility to give people closer. odd masks we told children to cover their faces with cloth masks for two years. now were learning as a public health officials have said that they do not work in the studies
12:39 am
have showed very significant delays. the brown university in particular when setting this issue children with backgrounds were the worst affected by this policy. steve: i just checked out of interest, our friend at fox news just got thrown off youtube for making the point that you just made not wishing to land you in any trouble. i just checked the policy, i checked yesterday they still have in their community guidelines one of the reasons they will not allow any questioning of the effectiveness of masks, it's unbelievable and another example i would say and how they totally wrong handed and informed policies being pushed into colleague of yours at john hopkins, doctor joseph marine tweeted the latest example of what's going on at
12:40 am
john hopkins, it is amazing more colleges working of the healthy students are virtually no risk triple the asked healthy 18-year-old have to wear n95 or double mask and test twice weekly no eating together or dining halls and police state. $75000 a year. your response to that? >> many universities and businesses are still chasing a covid 0 strategy they're trying to get to covid 0 and they're putting people in a bubble in the rooney lives. people don't die from covid they die from depression and poverty and mental illness and substance abuse that is many alisa don't understand ironically a lot of these institutions banner their commitment to social equity and racial equity then serving their community. yet they triple test and double test every week 2 - 3 test per
12:41 am
week healthy students were triple the asked with no symptoms and their veteran communities like john hopkins were vulnerable local people cannot get tested when their second high risk. if you were an alien and landed on earth and saw a small group of young ultra risk of young people getting tested for no reason and that community was 2 - 3% black that's what it runs at these universities. in a city baltimore 63% black you would say this is a social inequity that we can fix princeton is blowing through to - 3 test a week and the students are wearing n95 masks or double masks these are problems we can fix all these university professors who made their careers studying social inequality should speak up. steve: good luck with that i think will be waiting a long time and very pleased to see your out there making these
12:42 am
points. it is so important that we speak out. great to see you as always. will be back after the short
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steve: ♪ ♪ back one year in office biden promised to shut down the pandemic now raging out of control with thousands dead during the trip administration even though biden had the benefit of the vaccine that trump delivered in record time i said it made the economy work but now it's hardly working for anyone except the superrich even though biden had the benefit of the low tax lot regulation economy handed to him by truck. record inflation, worker shortages, energy crisis supply chain crisis all of this created by biden in the first year it's
12:48 am
amazing to see how spectacular biden and the democrats have been able to scrape the economy in a short space of time. biden may not be good at much but he's amazing at generating nicknames for his ukraine corruption that was quid pro quo drove indochina corruption beijing biden or joe china as we have it for his pathetic election campaign it was hyden biden in the biden himself proved the accuracy of president trump's sleepy joe. now with the supply chain crisis he caused with the stupid policies wreaking havoc biden is under another term of endearment from the public bad shelves biden when runaway inflation is not hurting american families the empty shelves everyday items like paper towels, bread, produce missing from the grocery store and more reminiscent of
12:49 am
the soviet union in the 80s as a near collapsed america is facing unprecedented scarcity and of course all of this hits the poorest and most vulnerable the hardest as usual biden the democrats hurt the exact people they claim to help, where is biden in pete buttigieg, let's check it on kamala harris abc has the answers. >> six former administrative officials had the letter urging the administration to change course and strategy, is it time? >> it's time for us to do what we've been doing and that time is everyday. steve: what, it's time for us to do what we've been doing and that time is everyday, that is profound give that woman a job hallmark greeting cards, anything else to add? >> every day it's time for us to agree that there are things in tools that are available to us. steve: wow, sayings and tools
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steve: let's begin this week's closer. great news sara carter big
12:55 am
developments of the 2024 presidential race with the awful truth donned on the democrats 2024 democrats will be seen proved to be the worst president in american history or a shallow stars hater and every time she opens her mouth puts her foot in it. both are corrupt and machine politicians have nothing but their advancement and justly rewarded with plunging poll ratings, the democrats are looking to someone else how desperate are they one suggested this week was the biden cheney ticket as liz cheney and another idea, hillary clinton come back, what is going on. >> allotted desperation among democrats. the only achievement that the biden administration can actually own then the most disastrous year end modern
12:56 am
american politics it can't get any worse than not. everything from ukraine is on the line with russia and the chinese trying that crazy reunification with taiwan getting more emboldened and covid the mishandling of covid the unconstitutional mandate, they don't know what to do so you have rinos and you have the very left left like thomas freedman when i read thomas freedman's call i actually thought is he writing because. steve: were the biden cheney? >> the biden cheney even throughout mitt romney and he was trying to compare to israel and were gonna get this back and i'm thinking of a completely lost touch with the american public have a completely lost touch with what we are seeing it i think they have, they really have and then talk about hillary
12:57 am
clinton, their whispering around the water cooler who are we going to get, maybe we should have biden say he's not going to run again what are we gonna do with kamala harris, what about hillary they will resurrect hillary clinton, this is crazy, this is the same person remember 2016 the all of the evidence is pointing the hillary clinton was behind the entire dossier of christopher steele with people indicted. maybe she wants to run because she doesn't want to be indicted maybe she's trying to avoid john durham's indictment but this is completely insane they do not have anyone that they could put forward to the american public that i think would be supported by the independence that the failure and they know the republican see this coming there is a lot of candidates on the republican side. steve: what it really reveals,
12:58 am
part of these conversations are attached on their side and they expect trump to be the candidate. who knows but they expected. what does not reveal, all that trump is the antichrist, they are frightened of him in there looking and thinking we don't have a candidate who we can run against him. >> disliked the rallies. steve: i want to talk to about another policy, one of the big issues they have absolutely no attitude of course and one that you covered so deeply is the border, it is such chaos and it seems to be getting worse you have new reporting on that, i think. >> absolutely i was informed by government officials in guatemala as recently as yesterday with video and photographs that more than a thousand people across the board are from honduras and guatemala,
12:59 am
i see them and they were marching down and they were attacking the guatemalan police officials and military officials with bottles and rocks there insisted that there heading towards the united states, were not talking about people from central america, were talking about people from all over the world 150 nations have crossed this border yuma is overrun, texas is being overrun and we see violence escalated on the border i don't expect that to slow down we had 1.7 million last fiscal year coming into the country being apprehended we expect a lot more people coming in this year, just the first year of the biden administration what can happen in the next three years little really frightens me. i'm sure he doesn't just write me and everyone else it even tried the democratic party. steve: that's exactly right and that is why you have a complete panic about who the candidate is because they know they don't
1:00 am
have anyone strong naval polling record and there's no sign that anything is going to get better, great to see you. we will be watching and holding them accountable and it's always great to have you with us. make sure you join us next sunday on "the next revolution" we will be >> todd: it is monday, january a fox weather alerts. a brutal winter stone, the east coast after bringing snow and ice to the south. millions of americans are under weather alert and advisory stretching nearly 1,000 miles from georgia to maine. you are watching "fox & friends" first on this morning, i'm griff jenkins and for todd piro. >> i'm ashley strohmier in for


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