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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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series in the "miseducation of america." later this week i am hosting a live summit this thursday at 9:00 a.m. on fox nation. if you don't have a subscription, go to fox nation right now and use the promo code "classroom and go. 90 day free trial. i will be back here tomorrow night. up next, tucker carlson. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. for joe biden, the past few months amounted to the greatest political disaster of his life. in this case, not a small place to be. this is a man with three failed presidential campaigns on his resume. but this year has been different. we don't need to overstated, but you can pick your humiliating ashes and world historic defeat, and that is pretty much where
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joe biden is right now politically. polls show him losing astounding levels of support from virtually every group of americans who voted for him to stay year ago. that would include hispanics, moderate democrats, african-americans, and by big double digits, and dependence. at this point the white house is down to just two core constituencies. anxious up women and members of the national news media. and even that might be overstating biden's support given that they're such dramatic overlap between those two groups. essentially they are the same people. and now, because it can always get worse, biden appears to be losing even the media. this is an ominous development. it's not an exaggeration to say that if this trend continues, it is the end of the biden presidency. the media are the only reason joe biden is president and the first place. biden didn't campaign for the job, he didn't hold rallies or give speeches or tell the public what he might do if elected.
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now, for nearly a year, joe biden stayed home hiding and terror from infectious voters. the media headed biden's faults, they attacked and censored his critics. in general they gave no hint at all that you might be electing a senile mannequin with a lifelong history of sleepy behavior. voters have no clue, they didn't know who joe biden actually was. and yet suddenly, news organizations have decided to tell them. it's pretty amazing to watch it. here are some clips from just the last few days. >> president joe biden has had a very tough week with setbacks for his agenda. covid complications and the supreme court blocking his vaccine mandate. >> mr. biden has the second lowest approval rating ever measured and the white house. and it has never been less popular nationally. >> 2022 is not exactly off to a good start for the biden
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administration. to speak of the country is frustrated, his party is frustrated, we are two weeks into a midterm election year, a few days away from a one year anniversary, and it is very dark for him right now. now he's in the midst of what famous writer called "a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad time." >> a very tough week of setbacks, the country's frustrated peer that is cnn's assessment. if it sounds mild to you, you could consider the source. that's like the college of cardinals attacking the pope. it's a violation of the ecclesiastical authority. you never see it. and when it happens, it means something. msnbc went even further than that. one of the contributors decided to tell the channels we were something they had never heard before. joe biden is old. really, really old. possibly too old to govern a nation of the writ of 35-millimeter will. watch this. >> your audience is not going to be happy with what i have to say. i don't think he's come across as an inspirational figure.
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by the way, i could list things he accomplished -- and obviously there's things that have not gone well. but how many people do you talk to when they say, he seems old. and i don't mean that as an ageist thing, and it really started with afghanistan where he just didn't seem to have his hand firmly on the wheel. i think a lot of this has to do with the message itself. he doesn't feel in charge. >> tucker: wait a second. you are telling us that joe biden doesn't "seem to have his hand firmly on the wheel." really? you sure are talking about the same president here. wasn't this the guy not so long ago was challenging strangers to push up contests at town halls. he single-handedly rescued nelson mandela. now you are saying that man,
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that chiseled monument to decisive masculinity may be losing his grip. that is exactly what they are saying. and they seem almost bashfully apologetic. they had no idea joe biden was a lumbering, desiccated husk. no idea at all. they never saw biden call anyone a pony soldier. they didn't notice him sniffing anybody's hair or staring blankly into the middle of the distance like a lobotomy patient. they were as shocked as you are. watch is cnn's winner come to the awful conclusion that may be joe biden isn't doing an amazing job as president. >> president biden left washington tonight to spend a weekend at home in delaware. he couldn't wait to get out of town after one of the worst weeks of his-year-old presidency. a series of setbacks from voting rights, blocking his vaccine mandate, and soaring inflation driving up prices for consumers. and today we saw the news that retail sales last month were awful. plus all mike rohn is still --
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some say democrats are upset with the white house over testing shortages. i could go on. but they mean, it's a bad week for the president. is there anyway to cut it? >> joe biden and is never at the white house and he is right about that, but it's possible see and then missed the larger point. biden isn't fleeing washington because he's upset about political defeats, biden is being dragged into isolation. we wanted them out of the city as quickly as possible. they know how mouse send vaccines work. they're not betting on dr. fauci's guidance, but details, details per the point is cnn is running away. even don lemond can see where this is going good he may be stupid, but his animal instincts are fully intact. he could recognize a sinking ship when he sees one and he's decided to disembark as swiftly as he can.
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maybe if people like don mann repeatedly make disappointed noises, no one will remember how they sounded a year ago and hold them responsible for this disaster. but we will, we remember. we saved the tape. here is don lemond weeping with joy over joe biden's election like had just returned to make gym memberships free and for give everybody student loans. watch. >> how are you feeling? >> i am most can't talk right now. because of the emotion. everyone is welcome under the stands. we don't care who you are. we don't care if you voted for us or not. we are all part of this american experiment. i was so overwhelmed to hear that. i don't care what people think. i don't care. i'm very emotional. so when you ask me how i'm feeling right now, i'm sorry peer that is all i can tell you. this is how i feel right now. i'm so happy to have this platform to be able to do this.
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a may not have it after this, but i'd really don't care. i am so happy. >> tucker: we don't care if you voted for us, not joe biden, for us. meaning joe biden's friends and coconspirators over at cnn. i really don't care, i'm so happy. that is the take. there you have it. if this were a trial, that would be the pivotal evidence. the glove fits, ladies and gentlemen. you cannot acquit. the media foisted this biden calamity on the united states peer they got him elected, then they lied and distracted the population is he and the marionette operators who controlled him wrecked a lot of this country. and it's too late now to deny responsibility. these people are fully implicated in what they did. lots of them are. not just don lemond. watch this member of congress from silicon valley, one of the smarter members, decide that actually, may be a big tech shouldn't have censored legitimate stories, truthful stories about hunter biden's
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laptop after all. maybe that was a mistake. watch. >> i am not for having either the government or tech companies ultimately -- making sure that sensor -- that we don't have speech that incites violence for it but i'm very wary of censorship. in the book i write about how i thought it was a mistake for twitter to take down some of the stuff about hunter biden for facebook to do that and i think that story was still hogwash. i think joe biden was unfairly attacked because of his son, but that doesn't mean it didn't belong in the public sphere. >> you are not for censorship? you are not for censorship? they could for that, congressman. but where were you when it mattered? say, last october before the election. we were letting it happen, you are allowing democracy to corrode and die because of the time he thought it was worth it.
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donald trump was just too scary. they had to suspend the constitution to make this into an unfree country bid we had no choice. people are having second thoughts now. but why now? what is going on here and why is everyone suddenly saying the same thing at once. we could use the second part of that question with absolute certainty. everyone in the democratic party sounds exactly like because discipline is what they do, i do screw they are. no one in the party thinks independently. that is not allowed. everybody in the group must say the same thing in concert with everybody else on the group all the time. think for yourself, even for a second, and you are denounced as a conspiracy theorist. we could give you a million examples of the spirit our producer, the genius who finds her tape of an app for the show often since he is the most repetitive job in television because everybody on every channel sounds exactly the same all the time.
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here's one recent course of domains. >> thousands of angry people at the capitol. >> became one of the darkest days in american political history. >> one of the darkest days in our nations history. >> one of the most dramatic and dark days in american history. >> one of the darkest days in u.s. history. >> we expect the president to take it back. >> tucker: all these very same people are simultaneously trashing the president they got elected and have defended through everything for a year. why? we are not alleging a potential conspiracy here. we don't take horace do warmer. were not saying there was a secret conference call. who would even want to end doors something like that. more likely it's a conspiracy of instinct. for all the talk you hear of diversity, there is zero diversity in our national media. people may have different skin tones are different
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sexual preference, but it's not relevant peer they are all from such similar beliefs and values and life experiences that their gut reactions to everything have aligned into perfect synchronicity. like months treating teenagers at summer camp your base still not done luck. still, there's got to be some port of the little pole point to one at cnn -- at least not intentionally paired if they snatch the walker from joe biden's hands, and that is exactly what they're doing, who did they think is going to take over when he falls? it's a good question. to answer it and other mysteries we were joined by one of the smartest watchers we do now. the deputy opinion editor of "newsweek" joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. my level of understanding of this is only that it is amazing, but i don't fully understand exactly what we are seeing here. what do you think we are watching? >> one of the things i really appreciate about you show is
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that you are not afraid to talk about class. we have a huge class divide in america that is separating out highly overeducated affluent progressive elites from the working class and the middle class and the democrats and joe biden and their media are increasingly very much on the side of the hardly educative progressive elites. you are seeing this clement on eight she was like at the vaccine mandate, whether school should be closed, whether children should be in masks, whether you as a parent have the right to say what your child child be studying. and they are so unpopular as a result. the popularity of the president is in the toilet, the popularity of the democratic party is on the toilet because regular americans, middle-class americans, working-class americans just don't agree with them on any of these issues. they are divided by class. i think what we are seeing here is the media's attempt to
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essentially scapegoat joe biden for their own complicity in being on the wrong side of america's class divide, talker. >> tucker: not so smart. and it's by instinct. they realize this is not going to work at all. and i want to get out of the way of this thing before it collapses on top of me. maybe it is that simple. >> i think there's a huge credibility gap with the media right now. seen cnn hemorrhaging viewers. all of these outlets are just totally failing to convince americans to trust anything they have to say. they have so little influence. so they try to peddle their own economic interest and get americans on board with that. americans are sort of saying no, those are your economic interests. they're not ours. >> tucker: it's private equity against everyone else. it's unbelievable. i really appreciate your point. they give so much. >> thank you, talker. >> tucker: today is martin luther king day pete we wanted to recall the moment when our current president put
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everything in perspective for us. put in the past in perspective with the age we are living through right now. this is from june of 2020. >> even dr. king's assassination did not have the worldwide impact that george floyd death date. >> tucker: so george floyd's death had a bigger effect than martin luther king's death. at the obvious responses to laugh, he so senile. he doesn't understand the difference between martin luther king and a drug addict who committed a home asians. when martin luther king was killed in 1968, there were riots. many cities never recovered. but our leaders at the time understood that race riots were bad. big businesses didn't fund the killings with charitable grants. no city voted to defund its police department.
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no one in charge said that they need to destroy the nuclear family. in 1968, as crazy as that year was. all of that would've been considered insane. and it's still insane and destructive. but now our leaders are doing it. to see us, as a historical matter, the accidental death of a -- that is one measure of where we have come in 50 years. so a billionaire donor to the democratic party and nba owner just admitted out loud loud that the of china doesn't interest him, it's beneath his concern. nba player and cancer freedom is here to respond on the special edition of "tucker carlson tonight."
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5:22 pm
rights abuses, it's, its motor of the ethnic minorities. >> nobody cares, okay? you care. the rest of us don't care. >> you are saying you personally don't care? >> i'm telling you a hard ugly truth. out of all the things i care about, it is below my line. >> tucker: a repulsive human being. it got to his honesty. they issued a statement that read this way, he does not speak on behalf of our franchise per the billionaire himself issued a issue saying "my family came from a country of mean people." the united states has human rights abuses as well but they didn't even mention them in the statement, you wouldn't want to upset china. we dare you!
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he knows a lot about how this all works, he plays for the boston celtics under recently became a american citizen but this is the second time he's joined us and we are glad he is here. mr. freedom, thank you for coming on tonight. i like your shirt. do you see someone say that as clearly as the zone adjusted, i don't care if they are murdered by the government in china. how do you feel when you see that? >> i remember we had a game today at 12:30 and my manager texted me this video right before the game and first of all, i couldn't believe it. i was very angry, very disgusted, and very disappointed. his comments were so -- i couldn't focus on the game because of its comments. you look at the people, what is happening to them is one of the worst abuses in today. i'm going out there and say and come i could care less, it's a shame, and it is disgusting.
5:24 pm
the one you just became an american citizen to see the most privilege, the richest people in our society, some of them -- i don't care about anybody but myself. making money, having power in this country. that must be kind of discouraging as someone who just got here. >> the funny thing is, this guy owns a company called -- actually, have it right here, they pretend to care about social values and this is a virtue signal. and i have all of this recorded here with me. he doesn't care about others, but the only thing he cares about is money and promoting propaganda. it is making me sick how he is using social justice to make money for the company and i want to ask more questions. one question. if your mother, if your daughter, if your sister was in that concentration camp and getting tortured every day, would you still think about money? would you still remain silent? so i want him to answer that
5:25 pm
question. >> tucker: greed is a sin, people used to say that out loud, no one ever says that out loud now, but you obviously understand it. i'm so glad you said that and i'm so glad you are in this country. thank you very much, mr. freedom. good to see you. >> i appreciate it, they give. >> tucker: travis has been in the country music business for more than 30 years, will race into the level of legend. at one point, like so many other people in the business, it almost wrecked his wife. but then he turned it around pretty explored that at some length in a conversation we had on "tucker carlson today." ♪ ♪ >> in 1989 when we finally released my first single, this is it. and my prayers were answered. not only did the sun go top ten, but it became the largest selling country music single
5:26 pm
that warner bros. country music -- former brothers national division had ever released up to that point. >> tucker: what song was that >> when it took off, warner bros. came back in and said, we really want you now -- we've got to rush back and come we've got to do a complete album because we want to get this out. you are hot, you are selling, so we want to get something recorded. the rest is sort of history. >> tucker: if there were a behind the music up said, this is when he would get screwed by the manager and addicted to amphetamines. [laughter] now, it's true. you are in the country music business. so how did you avoid having that happen? or maybe that did happen. >> i had my bouts with drugs and alcohol and all the things that -- i mean, you're 27-year-old kid.
5:27 pm
and you've got all the sudden -- you've got all of these things that are available to you. and it would take -- >> tucker: the oldest story it is. >> somebody with a much stronger constitution than i have. >> tucker: but you are still here, how did you do that? >> i realized very quickly how it was going to destroy my life if i stayed on that path. so i was only involved in that fear may be two, three years at the most. and after that, i remember waking up after being up for a couple of days and being strung out and just thinking to myself, you know what? you are about to destroy -- you have had every dream that you've ever had in your life has come true for you. and you are about to destroy this, for what?
5:28 pm
for a momentary pleasure? that stupid. >> tucker: how did you get that clarity? >> i don't know. i think a lot of my upper again, probably had a lot to do with that. i knew what i was doing. and it was wrong from a moral standpoint. but i also knew that it was -- i could just see the signs of it. i have a lot of people that have gone before me. i've seen a lot of friends of mine that are found on that same path. and it destroyed their lives. not only did it destroy their careers, destroyed their lives. completely. and some of them lost their lives as a result. so i've always been pretty good about learning from other people. >> tucker: that is good wisdom. we had all these college courses right in front of us. >> absolutely. and you can learn so much.
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i think i learned a lot from that. all of it to sort of came together. it was like an epiphany for me. it all came together at the same time. it's like look, man. you've got to stop. >> tucker: what a great guy. he's definitely not category. you can watch those for free by heading to tuckercarlson here the cities aref control, as predicted, turns out when you take the police away and let people commit crimes, you get a lot more crime. if you live there you know it's tough to walk on the side walk or ride the subway without being hurt or living with the fear of being hurt, particularly by the mentally ill drug addicted homeless. people are starting to die in very public ways but we've got details next on the special edition.
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>> tucker: will go back to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." you may have noticed if you live in this country that all of a sudden we have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people living outdoors. often intense given to them by probably well-meaning but idiotic -- oh, give the homeless tons. we call them homeless, but almost invariably the substance abuse and mental illness problems. they are addicted to drugs, they are there of pre-existing mental illness or the become mentally ill from using drugs bear that is just true. so why would any society that wants to continue to turn over its public spaces to the enemies of society? that is exactly what we've done. there's something compassionate about it. it is not good for the so-called homeless and it is terrible for everybody else. in fact, people die when you do that. but they continue to do it. l.a. for example, totally destroyed by people living outdoors. in l.a. a homeless man to stop the ucla graduate student to
5:36 pm
death any furniture store. no known motive, they say. just walked in and killed her. here's the report from the local news. >> 24-year-old briand at cooper was a ucla grad student studying architectural design. he was working as a design consultant across town, high-end show in the district. he was alone in the store, and l.a.p.d. said a homeless man went in and stabbed her to death. about 20 minutes later, a customer came in and found her on the floor. detectives say this is the suspect they need your help finding. last seen on surveillance walking through the back alley of the businesses toward oakwood avenue. >> tucker: the homeless. no, murderous vagrants who have taken over our cities who contribute nothing. you can feel sorry for them, it is sad. on the other hand, are pity for them does not outweigh our obligation to each other. to the defenseless, to children,
5:37 pm
to those working, who build things not just destroy them for that is our obligation here. we totally lost track of that. that very same day in los angeles under a so-called homeless man attacking a emergency room nurse. she later died. no big deal, what does that have to do with equity? we just sort of move on. people are leaving cities because of this. in times square in new york, another deranged guy living outside through a woman in front of a train. she was killed. watch this report explain how that attack unfolded. >> police say this homeless man, 61-year-old simon marshall, shoved 40-year-old asian woman michelle go onto the train tracks of an oncoming southbound train on saturday morning. >> yes i did! >> the nypd said he was standing on the platform of the 42nd street times square subway station just after 9:30 a.m.
5:38 pm
when marshall, for no apparent reason, shoved her. >> tell us a gun, joe biden, about organized white supremacy is the major threat to the homeland. we are watching them degrade right in front of us because we can't say no to the enemies of civilization paired people living outside doing drugs in front of our children. if you can't say no to that, you are done. we should save now. chris bedford is the senior editor, he joins us now. so why can't we just acknowledge -- and no one says anything? what is going on. >> and washington, d.c., we call them the elderly house and on they have advocates who drive in from rural maryland suburbs and virginia suburbs to say that they need generators, they need to be about these very expensive times. you can't get rid of them do to covid, you can't disperse them. this is a danger, this is deadly to these people. it is incredibly sad to walk by union station and see an old man who was dying of drug addiction slumped up against the telephone pole like i've seen and see a
5:39 pm
young drug dealers show up an exchange that man's little bit of money he has backed war for a bag of drugs in the addiction that continues. police just half a block away do nothing for the police do nothing because when they try to prosecute people, when they go in homeless shelters were being prayed on by drug addicts, they are not the prosecutions -- the prosecutions don't come. the department of justice claims that they are denying our local rep access to the data on the rise in crime and washington, d.c., alone. they are refusing to prosecute where they won't back up the police and because of that there's an unbelievable level of violence. that is absolutely insane weird politician seem unwilling to stop it. nobody will acknowledge how fragile civilization is. all civilizations. and the enemies of the west are trying to destroy ours. i would say very directly by encouraging this kind of stuff. the rest of us sit passively by and say oh, we feel sorry for
5:40 pm
people. but who feel sorry for the citizens were keeping everything running? >> shawn kennedy was fighting this in virginia and brought it up to me the other day when he said, you are hiring right now and these prosecutors, people who only want to take care of folks who are in prison. they don't want to take care of these people who were in bad communities, people being plagued by crime. the father and baby who were attacked just in my neighborhood. they've come back and they say, the problem here is racism here the problem here is inequality. but he was correct, he said sometimes people don't want the job. people don't want services bear they want to crime. 's view on the problem is people who are trying to unravel our civilization. and we always should incentivize behavior that helps build civilization, not tear it down. thank you. it turns out gretchen whitmer, the disgraced governor of michigan, killed more elderly people in nursing homes that her policies did. a new report found that the
5:41 pm
statements are presented covid deaths in long-term care facilities. we know this because one reporter in michigan push to find out, his name is charlie liddle, he us next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: when you think of bad government policy, you think of the state of new york and the former governor who left his job not because of what he did nursing homes, but he said something naughty to someone one time may be. it turns out it was michigan, even worse than new york. they've been misreported in the number deaths in lawn care -- long-term care facilities for the covid death count in those facilities is 42% higher than the state reported. why do we know this? nobody seemed interested in these numbers. they covered michigan independently for years peered one of the only reporters pushing to get to the truth of the story. he joins us tonight. charlie, congrats on getting to the bottom of this finally. what we know now? >> let's see, and a nutshell, we
5:47 pm
know this. michigan is new york. what cuomo did, witmer followed. really quick, right question marks in proportion? new york has 20 million people. new york has got to 60,000 covid desk, michigan has 30,000 covid deaths. new york lied about its nursing home numbers. it really has 16,000 deaths. we lied, it is really 8,000. we are just half the size of new york. we undercounted by 42%, new york undercounted by 46%. that means we have thousands of dead people, numbers represent people. and we did not account for them. brother, let me go on here, because normally started to feel this. we shut down schools, we shut down business, we shut down sports, we run into the economy, to do what? to stop death. of whom? the elderly. the one that we all knew was the most vulnerable. and we lied about it. we made this disease, covid,
5:48 pm
seymour vero to the general society and more benign to people who lived in these facilities. and it turns out 40% of all the deaths in michigan are in these facilities. we blew it. it's criminal, man. i'm somebody's got to be fired. >> tucker: that is such an insightful point. they inflated the threat to the general population and minimize the effects of the people who actually were dying from it. what? >> and you know what? they love their mother and father. i know children who have not formed political leanings and they love nana and they let this happen to her. you know what i went through to put the government -- i had to sue. and not one media outlet joined me on it. >> tucker: that as a whole another story, but just into sentences, why are you the only journalist in the entire state of michigan is interested in getting to the bottom of this?
5:49 pm
all right, unfortunately -- i think he just lost his mic. but you see the point. it took one person who was aggressive to get to the truth. and that matters, the truth does matter. speaking of the truth, this is the story were going to look back out with jaws open. the city of washington, d.c., is threatening to fire all members of its fire department who don't have the mandated number of injections, despite the fact that they don't work. they've also rejected 80% of requests for legal exemptions from this requirement. the veteran of the d.c. fire department he says the position is stressed the department to the point where it can't respond to fire pit is one of the only people brave enough to come on camera and talk about this and we are grateful to have mike engels join us now. mr. ingles, they give so much for coming on. clearly this is not a career enhancer for you to come on and
5:50 pm
say this on the air tonight peered why are you doing it? >> i've got to speak out. somebody has to stand up and say no. we've had to put up with so much over these past several months ever since the mandate. over the threat of the mandate was there. and frankly, it is ridiculous that people that are vaccinated and unvaccinated are both catching and spreading covid, yet they only want to fire those who were unvaccinated. >> tucker: what you think that's about it? do you have any sense of the motive here since there is no science behind this whatsoever? this is not an epidemic, that's a lie, it is provably alive. and now we know because everybody knows -- why are they to push this? >> add to this point it comes down to ego. that is the only thing i can see. at first they probably had good intentions or may be not a lot of information, but has more come out, they haven't changed their policy. and they still hold it over
5:51 pm
heads as we speak. the thing about firing firefighters as opposed to fire and chief diversity officer's is that we actually need firemen or else people died. as the city worry they want to have an effective fire department if they keep this up? do they care? >> i think money due care, but a lot in leadership are afraid to stay don't like stand up. the biggest part is the mayor came up and stated that mpd, which is the police department, could afford to lose 20% of the vaccine mandate. the fire department could also stand to lose similar numbers. nowhere as near accurate. we barely got through the past couple months, especially the last month. guys were working, guys and gals vaccinated and unvaccinated. working 24, 48, 72 hours in a row just to keep that apparatus. there were several times when many pieces of apparatus were
5:52 pm
out of service and unavailable to respond. >> tucker: there's not any evidence, not one piece of evidence that a single unvaccinated firemen has hurt anybody. >> our medical director said as much. >> tucker: you guys risk their lives to protect the rest of us but everybody likes firemen. everybody appreciates what you do. i'm just amazed that no one has was in to defend you. >> it started to pop up and that is part of the reason i'm speaking out. as you see more and more firefighters around the country are starting to speak up. but social media makes it very difficult to communicate with each other. everything gets taken down uncensored and what have you. it's one of the great opportunities for the show to have other people see this and know that you are not alone. almost 300 of us in washington, d.c., alone. >> tucker: who are unvaccinated? >> yes. we have our religious exemptions, but we are waiting
5:53 pm
on those to be rolled on as we speak. >> tucker: i think you are brave to come on the show tonight and i hope it inspires other people to find that courage as well. we have been charting the very rapid descent of one of the great countries in the world, australia, into total authoritarian craziness. and it's getting worse, apparently. a male tennis star, one of the healthiest people on the planet and prevented him from playing because he hasn't taken the requisite number of shots. details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ music ♪ there's software. and then there's industrial grade software. capable of optimizing your flight by turning data into your co-pilot. meet honeywell forge. analytical software that helps assembly lines build walls against cyber threats. and makes sure you're ready for game day every day. that's honeywell forge. industrial grade software ♪ music ♪ >> tucker: novak djokovic is one of the best tennis players are in the world and obviously one of the healthiest people in the world. you can imagine the physical stamina required to be a professional tennis player. probably doesn't need the vaccine if he doesn't want to get it. you feet doesn't get it his career is now on the line. it could overcome actually.
5:59 pm
hey, kevin. >> good evening. as you mention, he is now back home in serbia. novak djokovic barred from defending his title after the country canceled his visa. people have been talking about that. critics, frankly, tucker, charging that the ban is the latest example of the unboxed apartheid that is sweeping the sports world. it is arty impact the mba, dina powell, and the nhl just to name a few. and for what it's worth, is not out of the woods yet. he still holds the titles at the french open and wimbledon as well. which officials say can be barred from that tournament if he is not vaccinated against covid-19 by the time that all begins. and even worse, if a similar sanctions over at wimbledon and elsewhere. still, the band from australia a lot of people setting him up as a bit of an anti-vax hero. he doesn't want that title but there are those who are still standing behind him. said one writer, "if, and this is a big "if," if this is what he is recalled and remembered for, ultimately in his life,
6:00 pm
i've a feeling that history will treat him a lot more favorably than ozzie's dead." tucker. >> tucker: great to see that. thanks for that. we are out of time sadly. a brand-new interview with travis trent. you can get it for free. sean hannity takes over right now. we will see you tomorrow night. >> sean: you know, without novak djokovic in the australian open, it is not even worth watching. honestly, i am not a boycott or, as you know, but it is ridiculous. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." after historically bad week capping off a historically bad year, joe biden's presidency is now on the ropes. things are going so poorly that even his one time protectors, the media mob, they are now beginning to take note. look at this headline from fake news cnn. you can't make it out. "is biden's presidency doomed?" meanwhile,


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