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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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treat him a lot more favorably than ozzie's dead." tucker. >> tucker: great to see that. thanks for that. we are out of time sadly. a brand-new interview with travis trent. you can get it for free. sean hannity takes over right now. we will see you tomorrow night. >> sean: you know, without novak djokovic in the australian open, it is not even worth watching. honestly, i am not a boycott or, as you know, but it is ridiculous. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." after historically bad week capping off a historically bad year, joe biden's presidency is now on the ropes. things are going so poorly that even his one time protectors, the media mob, they are now beginning to take note. look at this headline from fake news cnn. you can't make it out. "is biden's presidency doomed?" meanwhile, when article titled
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"biden's epic failures" both here at home and abroad according to the article "it is rare for a president to be at odds with republicans, with moderate democrats, and liberal democrats hold the same time. but that is where biden find himself." in other words, nobody likes you, joe. port, joey. nobody thinks he is competent either, even msdnc, blasting biden for failure to change the tone in the country. bring people together after his speech last week. former president trump in arizona, this is funny, he said that biden was more destructive than five presidents combined. now a new cbs poll mike shows that 50% of americans are frustrated with biden's presidency. only 25% are satisfied. it takes an awful lot of failure to get 75% of the country not loving what you are doing and fully 50% of the country
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frustrated at what you are doing. look at this graph from gallup. in just one year, biden managed to flip america's party identification average a nine-point democratic advantage to a five-point g.o.p. advantage. the best numbers for the republican party since 1995. donald trump runs again, just needs one bumper sticker may be a few rallies and all he needs to say is, "miss me yet?" and when they won in 1995, that was when republicans had been in exile, out of power for 40 years. now, when reason for joe's difficulties, he rarely works a full week, even a full day. it is clear he is not up to the job because of his cognitive decline that is getting worst. he is weak, frail, on most days he doesn't even start work on 10:00 a.m. typically calls a limp between one and four in the afternoon. he averages less than one public event per day. and of course, will almost never never see of the free world
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working on a weekend. almost always in delaware presumably taking lots of naps. during this first year, biden spent more than a quarter of his time in delaware. during the week of christmas, remember when covid-19 was surging to record highs, didn't have test available, therapeutics reynaud, antivirals hadn't been manufactured. joe was nowhere to be found. and today, will most americans were celebrating the amazing life of dr. martin luther king jr., joe biden, m.i.a. again. it was once again enjoying a three-day weekend and delaware and could not be bothered. they need to really rest them this week because we are going to get a presser out of him and have had fewer press conferences than the last six presidents. anyway, in his first year. we did however hear from vice president kemal harris. she is today's holiday to trash americans calling them complicit as the bill is now pretty much doa. >> last week, the president and
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i visited atlanta to deliver a message. it is time for united states senate to do its job. a landmark bill, as we all know, since before the united states senate. the freedom to vote, john our lewis act. as dr. king said, the only normalcy you would expect is the normalcy that recognizes the dignity and worth of all of god's children. today, we must not be complacent or complicit. >> sean: working with, praising joe biden pin was not long ago kamala harris was ripping joe biden to shreds, accusing him of being complicit during a primary debate. perhaps she forgot her own words. will reminder. >> to hear you talk about the reputation of two united states senators who built their
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reputation and career on the segregation of race in this country. and it was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose bussing. there was a little girl in california who is part of the second class integrate her public schools. and she was bused to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> sean: wow. now, when she was talking about with joe partnered with the former klansman, robert "kkk" bird. you see joe even said publicly he didn't want public schools to become oh, what was the word, racial jungles. that is right. his words. of course, kamala harris isn't the only democrat to shamefully exploit race to push a political agenda. a used to be every two years, every four years, every election cycles, democrats accuse their political enemies, same play look with their race is, they
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are sexist, they are homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, no transphobic. they went dirty air, water, and want to take us back to the days of jim crow. and of course they went to their grandma and grandpa in a wheelchair off a cliff. today, nancy pelosi said mlk, thomas jefferson, george washington, abe lincoln would all have tears in their eyes if they knew republicans in two democrats were preserving the filibuster. you can't make it up. take a look. >> do you really, truly want to honor dr. king, don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy. we have a monument on the wall along with abraham lincoln, george washington, thomas jefferson, all of them with tears in their eyes with the departure from our democracy
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that is happening right now. unless the truth of the acknowledged and this legislation is passed. >> sean: if you think nancy pelosi's' theatrics were -- some openly accusing fellow democrats, that would be chris and cinnamon joe manchin, now they're calling their fellow democrats racist and gated. take a look. >> people like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, these are the white people that martin luther king jr. warned us about. speak i submit that members of the senate, regardless of the senate dominic party, no longer have to ask what we would have done then. we are doing what ever what we would have done then, right now. this is a moral moment. this is a 1965 moment. >> they have sent a signal. they have been very clear about her. they don't care about minorities, they don't care about blacks, they don't care about people in their own districts who they are going to deny their voting rights and undermine their voting rights.
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>> i know the former senator, the late senator, i know what he did in the latter part of his life. yes, he was an infamous ku klux klan, but in the latter part of his life, he changed. but that is hurting people. the filibuster is hurting people. >> sean: not to be outdone, hillary clinton trying to observe aleta regain relevancy and insert herself into the conversation using an mlk quote to trash kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. understand -- and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress. how about hillary, where were you in the summer of 2020? could have used your help. quite a turnaround from the woman that once reference african-americans as "super predators." lori is so desperate to be relevant it aside.
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i know james and have debated him. not a dumb guy. anyway, he had advised to his fellow liberals. "you democrats, my fellow democrats, you wind too much. quit being a whiny party. that is an understatement. unfortunately i seriously doubt they will take his advice. and here now with the reaction the brand-new host of the 7:00 p.m. hour, very proud of them, our friend, cohost of "the five" jesse watters along with lee and terrell. so far has not made the cut for jessie's first week but i am lobbying hard for you, leo. i am on my way. it is going to be hannity, leo 2.0 terrell, on wednesday. not the first show. we don't wait for the first show. >> first date or a loss. >> sean: first week is good enough. just accept it. it is his world. we live in it. all right. let's start, leo. part of this, if democrats didn't use this playbook so often, i might be offended. i might take it seriously.
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it just rolls off me like water off a ducks back because they use it all the time. >> i will tell you right now, and the democrats have lied to people of color for 50 years. let me just give you two areas where they live. schools and crime. look at the democratic cities. they played the race card for over 50 years. during the 1965 time work. i said this for the last year and a half. i want to be clear. there is no systemic racism in this country. dr. king eliminated that with the voting rights act, the civil rights act, and the fair act. but the democrats will keep reinventing the race card. you know when it is now? it is critical race theory. look at the polls, it is not just joe biden in the polls, he is losing blacks a poor and hispanic support because people of color, of all colors, they are awake. they don't drink the democratic kool-aid anymore and that is why you see the democrats in trouble
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and very, very desperate. >> sean: jesse, forget the playbook for a second here. let's look at other issues. we have in democratic blue states, blue cities, which crime wave after crime wave. result of no bail laws, results of get rid of the cops, defund, dismantle. and i look at that. if you can't keep law and order and people safe and secure so that they can pursue happiness, you look at the school systems, they are destroying our children, we spend more per capita on education per student with the worst results. now we are going to trust him to take over every other aspect of our life, the same people that bankrupted social security, the ones who said keep your dr. plan and save money? those people. why do people trust a party that has lied and failed again and again? >> well, they don't. the american people have turned on the democratic party already because a democratic party has turned on the american people.
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we want to be focused on inflation and the economy, not windmills and mail-in ballots. and now that the biden agenda has stalled out, the democratic party is turning on themselves. many democrats, especially black democrats, feel like they delivered the nomination to joe biden but biden hasn't delivered anything to them so they are trying to nuke through their entire wish list and are fracking moderate democrats with vicious racial slander who don't want to go along with their destructive power grab. which tells me she is going to make the run in 2024. she is invoking the founding fathers in a good way to shame her fellow democrats. and i don't think the shame game or the race -- with mansion and cinema at all. >> sean: why do these blue states, they can't provide simple law and order, safety and security were good education for our kids.
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keep it simple. everything about obamacare was alive. keep it simple. but they keep getting elected in these same states and cities. why? >> well, they have a machine -- you know how that works. it is overwhelming. go ahead, 2.0. >> thank you very much. they have created a dependency. they have created a lie saying that there is a half of this country that is racist, white supremacy. they misguided the whole country on the terrorist attack over the weekend. why? because they want to focus on white supremacy. they don't want to focus on what is going on overseas with terrorism and the context of what is going on in this country. borderless country. they want to keep that white supremacy card played and they are trying to point the finger at everyone else but themselves. the democrats are the racist organization, the party of racism. >> sean: jesse, we will give you the last word.
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>> well, biden has a pivotal news conference on wednesday. i don't think it is physically possible for him to do anything to turn this around. it is like me trying to dunk a basketball. i just can't do it. the scandals in his administration are gobbling up huge chunks of people's paychecks, getting people fired, delaying flights, making streets less safe. it is literally hurting people. it is not like joe, benghazi, irs, whitewater, people said back on their couch and they follow it on the tv and they watch the media spin. the media cannot spin their way out of this pair the democrats cannot spin their way out of this. he is an impossible hole right now and like i said, he is physically incapable of getting himself out. >> sean: all right, jesse watters. again, congratulations on your new show. leo, we love having your period here with more is a great senator from the great state of louisiana, john kennedy is with us. senator. if a president right now.
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job idols -- donald trump's worse was minus 26. they have them at 33%. you see the vaccine mandate supreme court didn't go along with it. we are watching a disaster at our borders. watching a 40 year high in inflation, worst economic conditions. a dollar is worth $0.07 less, maybe $0.10 less than a year ago. energy prices are up above $50 per gallon paired with a spend another thousand dollars to heat our homes this winter. everything we buy milk and everything we go to a store because more and i don't think putin and president xi and i don't think the ayatollahs really respect joe biden or fear him one bit. >> well, two points, sean. number one, the biden administration's effort to get rid of the 60 vote threshold of the united states senate is
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not about ascendant that that doesn't work. it is about a woke agenda that doesn't settle. getting rid of the 60 vote threshold in the senate, and my judgment, would be like giving whiskey and khakis to a teenage boy .2. the biden administration has mismanaged coven. it has mismanaged inflation. it has mismanaged the border. and it is mismanaged foreign policy. all in one year. if aliens landed tomorrow and said take me to your leader, it would be embarrassing. now president biden is trying to change the subject by talking about race and he is mismanaging that. america is not perfect. americans know that. but they also know that we are
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good. black lives of matter to most -- public officials in this country who happen to be black. and president biden is wrong to say that tens of millions of americans are racist because they don't support his woke agenda. the truth is most americans don't think about race. they think about character. they understand that souls have no color. most americans understand that to them they are, we taste like
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chicken. and i am very proud of the racial progress and president biden should be too. and i feels very strongly about this issue. if you would like to go to my website, john, i have an article on there that i think is very interesting. and while you're there, if you want to help me with my reelection, i am up in nine months. i would appreciate it if you could. >> sean: well, we need people like you in the senate. unless you want -- unless i hurt you, then i won't endorse you. but part of my job as a member of the press and talk show host, i give an opinion on who i straight up support and don't support. you have job for the people of louisiana and i mean that. the question is this. if we don't win back the house, and hopefully the house and the senate, then this radical
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agenda, if it does happen, without sinema and manchin, this power grab would have gone through. they would end the filibuster then we would know they would pack the courts. then we know it would bring in the new green deal socialism. we know they want d.c. statehood immediately. and every other power. and they don't want voter i.d. and its okay in new york city for illegal immigrants to vote in municipal elections. i have a genuine fear if we lose. i don't think that will happen, but i fear it. >> well, i trust the american people. and the american people may be poorer since the biden administration took over, but they are not stupid. and i think that most of them are sitting there thinking, you know, republicans aren't perfect.
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and i think they're going to speak very loudly this november, just as they spoke in new jersey and in virginia. >> sean: if not, going to have to head down to new orleans and drink a lot of those hurricanes that probably is the worst drink -- probably the worst drink to have short of a long island iced tea where i am from here they are both not the best drinks to drink but we appreciate you being with us. >> you are welcome any time, sean peered >> sean: straight ahead, shocking images from the american order. american border agents taking fire from mexico. sara carter has a video, the details, and that p.i. says that in fact, jewish people were not targeted during an attack on the synagogue. really? we have a report. and later after being called a by fauci, senator marchal released senator -- his financial records and wait till you hear about his connections to china. straight ahead.
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>> sean: more big breaking news from this on the border tonight is our own investigative reporter sara carter is on the ground in texas speaking with border agents about gunfire coming into the u.s. from mexico. and here to explain his
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sara carter herself. sarah, that is pretty scary because we know the gang violence, the cartel violence on the border within mexico has been a disaster. now is crossing the border? >> absolutely. ed has actually been escalating as the cartels on the mexican side are fighting for territory. and why are they fighting their territory? well, federal law enforcement officials and border patrol agents are working that side of the border says it's because their hands are tied behind their backs as the drug cartels and the human traffickers realized and know that the biden administration is going to do very little to stop them. i want you to take a listen to chris cabrera, he is with the national border patrol council and the rio grande very nomadic valley where this incident took place after new year's. take a listen. >> talk a little bit about the most recent shooting incident where some border patrol agents, line agents were actually fired on. >> yet. a couple of weeks ago we had
6:28 pm
some agents that were trying to apprehend somebody down by the river and shots were fired from across the river from the mexican side on the u.s. side and struck one of our vehicles three times. and agents were able to get out of there with the apprehended individual that they had in custody and get him out of there safely. >> are you surprised that nobody was actually struck? >> yeah. very surprised. they had the vehicle. a big target but not that big especially from that distance. fairly accurate shooting and they are very lucky our agents are very likely that they came out of the unscathed. but it is coming to a point where somebody is going to get hurt and i think what people are starting to see on the mexican side is the federal government is not really serious about protecting the border and they know that we lack peace. so they are going to continue to escalate. >> what happens if the border bridge whole agent gets killed in the line of duty because it is so out of control? >> hopefully we don't see that, it has happened before.
6:29 pm
i fear that if we continue to go down this path, it is something we may see soon-you're rather than later. >> they are very concerned. after this weekend, i was talking to forces in guatemala who informed me that over 1,000 people on saturday night have crossed the border. in fact, those migrants who cross the border had escalated violence with guatemalan officials tossing glass bottles and rocks at guatemalan law enforcement as well as their military and they are heading towards our u.s. southern border. and border patrol agents a there is one incident after another and it is only a matter of time before somebody get seriously injured. >> sean: all right. sara carter. thank you. no the fbi is under fire tonight for another massive failure. rushing to judgment after they said this weekend texas synagogue hostage crisis was not specifically related to the jewish community. take a look. >> we have been working closely with the jewish federation and i
6:30 pm
want to continue to do that and we will continue to do that throughout the country. we do believe from our engagement with the subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the jewish community. but we will continue to work to find a motive and we will continue on that path. >> sean: now, those comments are completely divorced from reality is we are now learning that the suspect took four hostages at the congregation of beth israel near fort worth, reportedly demand the release of alleged al qaeda operative who is imprisoned in texas on charges of trying to kill american service members in afghanistan. the suspect was killed after an 11 hour standoff. the survivors are recounting the harrowing moments, including a rabbi that threw a chair at the government to help bring everyone to safety. but the fbi's conduct prompted scorn from the jewish community, i would argue rightly so. when jewish leader telling fox news, "trying to separate
6:31 pm
and the idea thats were targeted on their holy day at their house of worship is a mistake and it is insulting and disappointing." he were their action, former arkansas governor mike huckabee along with brooke. i will start with you, brooke. i know you low a lot about this. a former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, probably one of the most prestigious in the country. and he prosecuted this woman, siddiqui, which is the motivation time the texas synagogue hostage taker and was quoted as saying i want to kill as many americans as i can and other anti-semitic things and had been radicalized after 9/11. so how do you possibly make that statement as the fbi knowing the facts on the records, this person got 86 years in jail. >> absolutely, sean. thank you for having me on this issue. i first want to say that the
6:32 pm
jewish community is incredibly grateful to the fbi into the texas s.w.a.t. team for ending this hostage situation without any innocent deaths. but i will say that i am equally troubled by the cover-up that is happening right now into the truth of the matter because the truth is an inconvenient one, and that is that the jewish community is a minority community that has been targeted with violence and jew hatred is systemic on the on the ride and the islamist terrorism, not islamophobia, but islamic terrorism remains a very real threat to the national security of this country. and the reason why the fbi and the mainstream media now that is taking advantage of this very poorly worded statement is engaging in these, you know, mental acrobatics to deny the truth is because we have been victimized by a coordinated
6:33 pm
campaign, by hate groups like the council on american islamic relations that you know well, to slander anyone as islamophobic and to bully them into being silenced about the threat of islamist terrorism in the jewish hatred that it really is inseparable with that threat. >> sean: i have a hard time in this woke era, mike huckabee, and we don't rush to judgment. i'm looking at the comments of the lead prosecutor in this case in the southern district of new york again. again the sky was motivated by s very virulent, anti-semitic woman who made anti-semitic comments even during the trial and other times. and i am just trying to understand why they would rush out there and say something that they on the surface would know
6:34 pm
is likely not true. i do applaud them for what they did. it takes great courage to put your life on the line the way these fbi agents did. but i am not talking about the agents that went into the synagogue to save lives and the other law enforcement. i am talking about specifically the comments that were made afterwards when all common sense is pointing at the fact that this guy was motivated by ireland anti-semitism >> i don't want to take anything away from the fbi agents that helped and the crisis prayed let's give credit where credit is due. the real hero here is the young rabbi who literally put his life on the line and took action throwing the chair in order to give those other parishioners an opportunity to get out. he very well could have died because that shooter could have decided, okay, he has allowed them to get away, he is not going to get away. he is a hero. he really is. and sean, have a question, i
6:35 pm
would love to us the fbi. how are we going to expect to keep america-hating, anti-semitic terrorists out of our synagogues when we can't even keep them out of congress? and a lot of this behavior is justified by people who sit in congress today and that is a tragedy. >> sean: that is a big -- the big unanswered question is, as a law requires requires, donald trump date: 20,000 troops and note they were not utilized when the chain of command went to the mayor of d.c. and went to nancy pelosi but that is for another day. you mentioned something that is now true and well documented and that is the rise of anti-semitism around the world. to me, it is getting chilling and frightening, and i'm especially concerned about the biden administration taking its foot off the gas when it comes to pressuring and
6:36 pm
ron -- i don't like the outcome or the potential outcome. speak of that sort of follows processing before and that americans are now being bullied and duped into thinking that this whole theologically motivated terrorism stemming from islamic terrorists is not a threat and i ron ran is very much a threat not just to israel, not just to the jewish community but to america into a peaceful world. and many of groups like the council on american-islamic relations when the one hand are lobbying for the release of lady al qaeda and also at the same time telling their muslim communities that zionists are the enemy and synagogues are the enemy, they are parroting that radical language coming out of pakistan, they are parroting the
6:37 pm
radical language coming out of iran and we are facing a very real problem that we need to be able to talk about freely and openly without being slandered. >> sean: mike huckabee, we will give you the last word. when you couple that with our open borders and joe biden aiding and abetting lawbreaking and even preferential treatment, no covid test, no mandates, you get a free ticket to the state of your choice, and we have people from over 150 countries identified crossing or border, that is pretty scary. >> it is pretty scary. the one thing we need to be grateful for is they did not blame this on climate change or some group of right-wing people. i want to make sure you understand what i was talking about america-hating anti-semites i am talking about the people who are elected to congress, not people who show up to protest. that is what worries me. is that we have people who aid and abet this attitude and behavior and we need to be very,
6:38 pm
very clear that there are people who hate the jewish people and this is wrong and it is dangerous and we need to stand with jewish people across the world, especially here in our own united states. they are our friends, they are our brothers and sisters, and they are under attack from these crazy radicals from across the world. >> sean: you know, and they are even threatening to attack this country. the iran mullahs. pay close attention. about putin on the ukrainian border, china after the olympics, i think they will try to take taiwan, and the iranians, god knows what they are up to. thank you both. broke, thank you. mike, thank you. more developments surrounding dr. doom and gloom, flip-flop fauci, kansas senator dr. marshall publishes unredacted financial records which aren't available on the searchable database. the u.s. government of ethics website page so it appears fauci
6:39 pm
was being misleading during this exchange last week. take a look. speak out my financial disclosures are public knowledge and have been so. you are getting amazingly wrong information. >> i cannot find them. our office cannot find them. where? >> it is totally accessible to you if you want that. speak up for? >> to the public. you are totally incorrect. >> senator marshall, dr. fauci has said it was public information. >> sean: oh, really? the great dr. fauci. it turns out his records can be requested from the nih but they are not searchable database like everybody else. and of course, fauci isn't the only one under fire for his never-ending failures as former
6:40 pm
president trump had this to say about joe biden's broken covid promises over the weekend. remember he said i'm going to shut down the virus. yet, the highest number of cases, or deaths in 2021. great job, joey. take a look. >> and it is a very sad thing. the streets of the democrat-run cities are drenched in blood with record high murders and drug deals and human trafficking. there are four times more covert cases. remember, "i'm going to get rid of covid." four times more cases than ever before. today, the hospital set a brand-new record. >> sean: here with reaction, dr. roger marshall. turns out you were correct and it turns out that there is some interesting developments in those records. we know he was less than honest thanks to the intercept, thanks to the nih's own materials, and
6:41 pm
thinks of the emails we have from dr. fauci. and in fact knew more about the wuhan virology lab that he let on and the origins of the virus and nih money went to that wuhan virology lab. what did we learn about his investments? >> i think we lower the target based upon dr. fauci's defensive posture and visibly shaking during that period this weekend, we are able to prove that dr. fauci was wrong, that he lied to congress, he lied to the american people about the public accessibility of his finances, but now we know why. dr. fauci and his spouse made almost $2 million during 2020. so during 2020, you recall if you are a bartender or a barber, you could make a living, but dr. fauci managed to squeeze together almost $2 million. and as you know, you alluded to it earlier in your show, a significant amount these
6:42 pm
vestments are investments in china, and hong kong. so we are over the target, we are drilling down, and another great issue on dr. fauci -- hope to talk to you about that someday as well. >> sean: did he or did he not have investments in china, senator? >> yes, he did bid significant investments in china through one of his mutual funds. >> sean: did he or did he not lied to rand paul and a senate committee under oath, punishable up to five years in jail on the issue of gain-of-function research. did he have knowledge of that, and did in fact an age money go to the eco-alliance that in fact funded not? >> absolutely. and he lied again when i asked him about gain of function. dr. fauci is the cash cow and the head cheerleader for viral gain of function going back to at least 2014 when president obama's administration put him on her. dr. fauci continue to fund viral
6:43 pm
gain of function in north carolina with dr. she to build a protein spike that took a sars virus and allowed it to stick to human lung virus like glue ended 2018 and 2019 continue to fund the wuhan lab via the systems to -- which allows the virus to dump its guts into the cell. so yes, yes, and yes. >> sean: last question. isn't dr. fauci one of the highest paid government officials in the united states government? kind of close of the president, right? >> so, he is making more money than the president according to forbes. dr. fauci is making some $420,000, net worth of over $10 million. and again, somehow, despite the economy being shut down, he and his wife made almost $2 million in 2020. >> sean: all right. good work. i think he owes you an apology, senator. but i wouldn't hold her breath. thank you for being with us. coming up, violence, liberals
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that is spiraling out of control, two innocent women brutally murdered and unprovoked attacks in new york and los angeles. they are next as we continue. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: now yet another senseless tragedy tonight. 24-year-old ucla grad student, her name is breanna. she was fatally stabbed while working at a los angeles furniture store in a random daytime attack. the suspect is believed to be homeless. no known motive for the attack. sadly, it is only the latest tragedy in a city that refuses to take the issue of violent crime seriously. this happening coast to coast. democratic-run cities, they are almost all becoming less safe, secure, more dangerous, no law, no order. in new york, a 40-year-old woman saturday pushed to her death in front of a subway train at the times square station. this is happening more and more as well. the suspect, 61-year-old homeless man has been charged with murder. has a long criminal history, including a robbery conviction. ask yourself, why are violent criminals being coddled in almost all of our blue major cities? how many more of the stories we
6:51 pm
have to cover before democrats start taking the issue seriously? in case you're keeping count, 29 people were shot in chicago this weekend. here with reaction, former attorney general pam bondi along with former congressman byron. kamala harris, she prays the l.a.p.d. when they started cutting and defunding that department. they cut a billion dollars from the police in new york city. how is this defund, dismantle, and no bail law madness working out for the country? >> it has been an absolute disaster for our country. because of you can to keep criminals off the street, you're not going to have safe streets. it's not hard. this is simple stuff. but they have an agenda paired their agenda is very simple. it is to ignore the law in order to support their own interests. the cities are less safe. kids can go to school. people can go to work without having to work to over the shoulder. you can't have a thriving economy, thriving society if you're not keeping people safe.
6:52 pm
then democrats are wrong in this. the polling has shown they are wrong in this and they have to stop. and as far as these liberal das who don't want to prosecute people that the police actually arrest. >> sean: i look at this and i look at kamala harris. she supports a bail fund after they were in a precinct to the ground. she says they are not going to stop in the summer of 2020. they shouldn't have stopped. they are not going to stop. we are not going to stop. you better take note. and beware. they are not stopping. okay. and then she praises the l.a.p.d., defunding part of the police there. is there a a causal effect or relationship here? >> you are not going to see any police officer supporting kamala harris nor joe biden. she used to be an attorney general which i actually very sad which happens. martin luther king aboard the type of violence that we are seeing in these metropolitan
6:53 pm
cities. which is the common denominator? they are all democrat-run cities. oregon, the wind in california, new york. does not happening in the state where byron and i live, is it? florida is a safe day because we respect our men and women and blue. with respect law enforcement. we want to see them on our streets and keep them safe. and that is not is what is happening these liberal cities. at least in new york, you have a mayor who is saying that he is for law enforcement still and that he is going to add men and women of law enforcement to help protect new yorkers, but he says it is perception. it is perception because you need to put many, many more men and women of law enforcement and the subways come on the streets of new york to do everything you can. and i think the problem is going to have is alvin bragg, that is the district attorney in new york who is a soros-funded liberal, woke district attorney he was letting people out of jail left and right and not protecting new yorkers. >> sean: byron, we will give you the last word.
6:54 pm
>> look, i think that pam is exactly right. you have these democrats running around talking about voting rights, but if you violate a federal election law, you can file a federal -- and win. they're talking about voting rights, they won't keep city safe. it is outrageous and bad for all of our people who live in these cities, not just democrats or republicans. >> sean: well, i appreciate you both being with us. this young woman, she is doing everything right. she is working, going to grad school, has a degree and she wants to be a designer. and people celebrate defunding the police that's not working and they don't say maybe that's a bad idea? thank you both. when we continue, more "hannity" right after this. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner
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>> sean: sadly, unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, you make this show possible. thank you for being with us. remember, we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we don't know how, ask laura ingraham. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. because laura ingraham will tell you how any other news of the day coming up next. >> laura: all right, sean, first of all, do you ski or do you snowboard, either one? >> sean: i didn't hear the first part. why what? >> laura: this is not a trick question. do you ski or you snowboard? >> sean: i would be an out-of-control skier that goes down a black diamond mountain as fast as i could. but i'm getting old. >> sean: foul >> laura: so you do neither. okay. because i trust your judgment. so ask --