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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 18, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, you make this show possible. thank you forfor being with usr and remember, we, hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode if you don't know how to ask for ingroup. in the meantime, let not your heart be trouble because laura ingram will tellot you how and give you the other news of the day is coming up next. all right. i'm sean.t first of all, these ski or do you snowboard either one ? you do either thang. i didn't hear the first part. t do i want a trick question? this is not a trick question. do you ski or do you snowboard either an out of control skier that would go down a black diamond mountain as fast as i could like a lunatic. but i'm getting old . my knees are a little shotot right now. okay, sold mr. crtv, my god, dos neither do i kid. you don't mention it. . okay, well okay. because i trust your judgment so after i know you'll watch ati
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least a block you have toth give it a little but you'll watch the whole show okay, i want you tomorrow to tell me m whether you agree with my aot block or not and tell me why would you do that . i 100% i will sit here going to watch it and take no okay okayt answer the question. you know what you'll see why i'm setting me up for somethinge you're setting l okay. no i'm not. i'm not. i'm not i'm not.go but they're yelling at me me. wa i havetc to go but i want you to water. no please. i'm laura ingram. this is a special edition of the ingram angle from washington tonight . titianglnot one minute. that's's the focus of tonight's that was only two years ago that china was furiously working to cover up the truth about the virus that would ravage the globe and change american societyan profound way. they had the late show and even president trump praising
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their efforts. but the disturbing truth eventually came out about china. several labs, including government labs, had rnthe completion sequence of the virus within the first few days of january. but chineseirus officials blockd the sharing of any information about the virus. the data wasn't made public until january 11th. nths then from notes released months later, we found out that the whl chief of emergency is dr. michael ryan sounded the alarm on january eight. he said the fact is we're two to three weeks into an event. weto don't have a laboratorye diagnosis. we don't a have an age or geographic distribution. we don't have an ap curve as a result of china's cover up. then there were enormous delays in the global response and the development of vaccines and effective strategies to slow the virus has spread even china's own version of. the cdc admitted that between the day the full genome was first decoded by a government laby on january 2nd and the day
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the whl declared a global emergency on january 30th. the outbreak spread by a factor of 100 to 200 times. hi well,na of course then china alo fed lies about a wet market origins of the virus. nowvi we know that the virus mof certainly escaped from the wuhan institute of virologyo ..nt we still don't know if it was an accident but was related toe the u.s. funded, highly controversial gain of function researchnded. fu but of course the ccp refuses to fess up to any part of this and they never providedcc unfettered access toes the lab data orr the samples. they never took responsibility for this virus. theyr never offered compensatiot for anyhe of the victims. china did, however, lock downan millions of its ownd citizens and made certain inconvenient scientists disappear and then they went on to brag aboutre how effective their response was to the virus.
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look comrade zero covid they cashed in on the drugs and the ppe that they had spent years cornering the market on as a result of off course the stupidly relinquishing its share of key industries to the communist regime. w, >> t now this was all happening, of course, and china was crushing dissent in hong kongru and committing ongoing atrocities against this ethnic muslim minorities. >> the tanzanite i would is reliving a story she can barely bring herself to tell. she wasas held at one of jiangs so-called reeducation camps. they were three men, not one but three. they did whatever evil their mindev could think of and they didn't spend any part of my they didn't just what they want but there was a lot they had beaten all over my body. china naturally denies
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everything and says it's merely deradicalizing a limited number of people, peace and harmony. they're always a goal for china. isn't that nice? and is the virus spread around the globe? other inconvenient chinese figuresth, even high profile ces mysteriously went missing even ifev their ccp members any perceived criticism of president xi and they're forced charges.s to bogus and then these individuals are usually sentenced to jail termsi they'll never survive. this is the chinese way yet now after all this , the ccp is going to be rewarded with a huge propaganda coup. the athletes of the world will be traveling to compete in thete beijing winter olympic games on february 4th. o how obscene. atlanta wasn't allowed to host major league baseball's all star game, but china was allowed to host a games the big
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games. this is grotesque and it's? sickening. this is why the ingraham angle announced not one minute now we can't force a boycott but we can pledge not to spend one minute watching nbc's coverage of president genocide's olympics. think about it this way every minute you watch you put money in the pocket of those profiting off the communist pr coup. and you all know that i loveor sports and we love our athletes and we celebrate them but we'rem going to celebrate them upon their return. o but we will respond to this hideous sellout by corporate america c and the only language they understand money the corporations that have decided to sponsor the torture games like visa, coca-cola and intel, they must hear from you. you can choose where to spend your own hard earned money going forwarded m knowing wherew these companies put their value
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when contacted by members of the press about the moral issues of sponsoring the games, these r companies run and hide. now one of them french tech company ottos, even told fox news it was proud of the role they play. c thoseeo same ceos certainly had no problem, no trashing georgia when the time came this legislation is unacceptable. it is a step backwards trying to restrict votersot access to the to the polls and it is disproportionately hurting black and brown ly communities. a this is about protecting the voices of our people. now there is some good news out there. ec one state hasid decided to step up and stop doing business witha the investment house black rock that makes a boatload of money in china. every state should follow west virginia's lead. greatw. and by now you've heard about shumack hoppity, part owner of the golden state warriors who said the quiet part out
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loud in a recent interview and nobody cares about what's happening to the because of all the things that i care about. is below my line here about the fact that our economy could turn on a dime if china invades taiwan. i care about that . i care about climate change. yout know, i care about a bunch i care about america's crippling, you know, decrepit health care infrastructure. but if you're asking me do i care about a segmentnt of a class of people in another country, not until we can take care of ourselves will i prioritize them over us. >> and he cares about a threera quarters zip looking perfect. what a sad little man who worshiped money above all else. d but he's no different from so many other american business leaders. banker t oth is wall street typa players. if companies had beenca allowed to sell technology and goods to the former soviet union back inw the 70s and eighties, of course they would have. our government's policies are reallyour to blame here forh the current situation with china. it's long c since time we began the process of decoupling from
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the ccp today a shockingto one third of all manufacture sharing in the world is donebo in china. think about what that doesut and has done to the millions ofd americans dependent on factory here and the millions of ancillary businesses that were affected by this. id we a have paid a very high prich for cheap goods. the ultimate insult, though,e comes from president himself who obviously thinks we're very stupid peoplee. he appeared today at the world economic forum calling for an effective end to nationhood, urging global governancee. . of course, one world order countries around the world should uphold true multilateralism. we should seek integration, not decoupling. major economies should seema the road as one community think in a more systematic way, increase policy transparency and information sharing and coordinate the objectives so as to prevent the world
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economy from plummeting again. >> now every part of this is laughable. one of the most nationalistiche secretive, brutal regimes in the world nown is calling fr some kumbaya approach going forward. the sad fact is most american elites invariably nodded in response to xi today they're thinking to themselves how bold and forward thinking. for decades our so-called leaders except president trump have done everything possible a murderous regime at our expense and of course our business community has repeatedly bent over backwards and forwardste to court china's business. surpriserse it's no that big business and the iococ believed that americans would simplyrica shut up and take it while they turn the winter olympics into the latestga propaganda coup for their pal president xi t. but i'm telling you tonight they're wrong. we're tired of pretendingg
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that a ccp operates under somede kind of rule ofr law and we're also tired of buying things made with their labor. up we will not support companieso who help the ccp. we will not vote for politicians who help the ccp. we willl not celebrate president xi's dictatorship, figure skatingrs and hockey. they're great and we look forward to watching them again someday. but this year the cries of the , the people of hong kong, the journalists and everyone who wants to know wan the truth about covid are just too loud to ignore and that's the angle . all right. joining me now is drew and twooa time canadian olympic snowboarder and x games gold medalist. drew, first of all, big kudos to you. i am so impressed with anyone who competes at your level and everything that you've accomplished in your career should any corporate sponsors be treated differently um by consumers going forward, o
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given what's at stake in these beijing olympics draw? od i think you've been a really good picture with your monologue. you know, our people forget also the whole country. tibet is has been under trying to rule since the 50s.. i mean, that's three and a half million people who are prisoners in their own country for over sevennt years. but yeah, as far as the sponsors, you know, they sponsor they just get away with makingma huge money off the olympics. and as farhi line concerned, we should just not buyct their products not by products and not by all of us. all of the sponsors we just put up there on your screen the fabulous work on that thosep people need to pay a price for doing business with china and not only we're looking at the ccp here, the ioc needs to be heldds accountable for doing business with china and taking the olympics to the game to to countries like this . >> it's despicable and it is: true. >> i there's a revolving door d
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between the international olympic committee, the iocen and the ccp because the former head of the ioc is media operations now consults fors china. >> now here's the state media touting the connection. beijing is ready for the winter olympics and facilities are fantastic according to beijing22 . 2020 two senior consultantt anthony edgar, the former head of media operations of the ioc, drew, you got to hand it to china because they know who to hire to get the lingo just right for the big pr coupe . that's absolutely correct. and this goes on through the ioc, guccifer and all the big corporations really just they they put people in place that they can make puppets and do what they want them to do to achieve their goals. and that's really, really sad. yeah, you know, like the fox watching the henhouse, you know, it's just it's the olde. cliche. it's it's really sad. and when people can wake up to
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this and see that , you know, they showed exactly how the ioc and tv are together, how they handled the punctuality situationha. we had a video call that nobody else got to see. she was fine. you know, i would i like to ask mr. pound if that was his daughter, would he feel satisfied that she was safe and in a safe place? >> yeah. and about it about him again, i'm mentioning him today because he's just most recent business type or, you know, multi millionaire billionaire - who you know,- he's saying what everyone else thinks we don't care about. if people were there to make money, we're going to make as much money as possible. he he's just one of hundreds if not i'd say tens of thousands of leaders in the united states. correctth? yeah, for sure. it's just despicable to hear those words from from human. i mean, you're talking about an excess of probably thirty five million people that are being directly affected by china and you'reli
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looking at 25 million people in taiwan. i mean the chinese are flying warplanes through the airspace in november repeatedly up to 16 times they were scrambling their aircraft. they thought they were underirsp attack. and you know, the people ofhe about the education is basically an internment camp. >> you know, my cultures are next. >> yeah. why is this any different from know what we saw in apartheid south africa? i mean, we we general agreement on that, but i think i know why . drew, it's great to see you and thank you for your perspective as a formerio champion olympian gold medalist, we really appreciate it. and joiningpianea me now, my ner guest, victor davis hanson, the hooverow at institution. victor, you know, again, as i just said, why is doing business with china anyer different than doing businessth in apartheid south africa back in the 80s when the left was all over that issue today not so much. >> well, i mean, they boycotted new zealand.
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remember, because new zealandn had had associations with south africa and it is not much different. i mean, we've had. discussions in our own past about the nineteen thirty six in nineteen eighty boycotts or not boycotts in thirty six we did boycott in eighty. but what's new about this law is weve never had corporate people. we had a few in the thirtieshe and a few in the eighties but very few that were actively profiting and defending and appeasing an autocratic power has a horrible humanew rights record. this is o kind of new and it's social. it's political. military, it's cultural. if you just look at the news the last few yearst f, whether it's mark milley calling up the people's liberation army counterpart and warning him about his own president are anthony falchi rerouting six hundred thousand dollars to the wuhan virology lab for a gain of function research or one of the most notable was c the bloomberg campaign and the democratic primaries. he's spent billions are invested, i should say helping chinese startup companies that are connected with
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chinaunist party in and telling us that china isot not really not really anes autocratic country that it rules by consent. bill gates said that they've done a great job.. he's got a lot of microsoft is one of the first and early and most profitable investors in china and he mentioned the money. right nature of this . it's money. yeah, money. but between south africa and then i got all our university presidents with confucius institutes and three hundred and forty thousand students, most off whom are connected to the chinese communist party . so i it's so i don't know what what how you could really martial it. and they're more critical ofs, this , as you said, whether it'sd, w lebron james or whether it's a ceo at their more critical of this country than they areth of a country that destroyed tibet, tibetan tibetan indigenous culture and put all the waggers in camps or destroyed democracy in hong kong. and so, yeah, it's very surreal
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to have our ownsu people profiting in such a degree c and so crtv the government let the government policy ultimatelyly let them get awaysk with this . but let me ask you very briefly ,the golden state warriors part owner, his point was,l, well, once we take care of ourf issues here, we can start lecturing other countries that i'm l paraphrasing. but that's what he said toward the end of his comments. and i'm thinking to myself, wait a second there. i mean, if we don't handle gun crime in chicago, we can't speak out and take a stand against slave labor. >> is that what he's really saying? yeah. i mean, he's he has no idea of degree. so you have this million people on account or you destroy tibet or you destroyed democracy in hong kong and that's comparable to gun control or something. i remember he's just echoing what the warriors coach said at the beginning of this controversye a few years
12:19 am
ago when mr. kerr said that ,av well, you know, we have our ownd problems, we have mass shootings. and so who are we s to w talk at human rights? so it's always we're going to look at their felonies and excuse them because of our misdemeanors and the chinese r are brilliant lawyer. they really understand tof loathing western traital look ate us and say we're not perfect, we're not good,ot they're not good, but they're perfect. and that's it's really it's really depressing and it's everywhere in our culture and we're going to. have to have some money and others have pointed out and say, you know what , we've got to changeco economically, socially, culturally, politically. our attitudes aboutnooc up and double up on many other and we start with not one minute watching the nbc coverage to decouple from china. we've got to start. victor, thank you . and upon taking office, virginia's new attorney general jason morris wasted no time in taking on the far left crime loving soros back prosecutors.
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we must keep our children in school five days a week we will double the standard
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deduction on income tax rate and skyrocketing property taxpe and provide the largest tax rebate in virginia's historyti starting today we will be crystal clear. virginia is open for business. i love it. virginia once again becamefr a free state with the swearing in of governor glen youngkin and his administration on saturday and they're notng just liberating virginia's economy and taking out the radical school i t boards. they're also restoring law and order within hours ofic taking office, attorney general jason morris opened a major investigationer and that includs investigating the state parole board for the early release of violent felons without notifying their victims. and his office will also look into the loudoun county school board's brazench attempt of covr up of the a assault of a young girl on campus. joining me now is a new attorney general ofat the commonwealth of virginia,
12:26 am
jason morris. mr. attorney general, congratulations on taking office and to all the sorrows backed commonwealth attorneys out there who refuse toat enfore the rule of law and punish criminals. what's your message tonight ? well, i mean, the message is there's a new sheriff i in town, and what we saw in virginia, a big reason why weea won is that we've had a criminal first victim last mindset in richmond . we h had one party far left liberal monopoly that has been in control in twoop yearsye and they passed a series of laws and made virginians less safe, less secure. they they voted to end the mandatory reporting requirement of sexual assault in school. they tried to end mandatory minimums for even a second offense dealing drugs to a child at a school or a bus stop. the you know, reducing from felony to a misdemeanor, nd assaulting a police officer and you layer on top of that at lot of these far left special interests they call themselves just t as prosecutors, but they never conveniently ever mention
12:27 am
justice for the victims that are deciding not to prosecute wholesale crimes in particularly in northern virginia. what you've seen isvirg in these outer exurbs outside of d.c., voters were so concerned that they saw the sky high did murder rate the murder rate in fairfax has doubled since the fairfax prosecutor disconcerts took over another one of these far left social justice warriors that havear taken over. and so our message is we are now going to value law enforcement. we're not going to defund them. we're going to defend them defob give them the tools they needs.a to do their jobs. we're not g goingoi to have a criminal first victim last mindset. wewe have a victim first that so the new day in virginia. right. i want to talk about mass mandates because localities are now resisting governor youngkin order rescinding the mass mandates including fairfaxco county, arlington county, the city of alexandria. that's right outside of c dc, very liberal. noww the white house is siding with these these counties.
12:28 am
jen psaki from her personal account tweeting hi there. arlington county parent here don't believe you " are going youngkin but correct me if i'm wrong. thank you . toth the arlington public schoos for standing up for our kids, teachers and administrators and their safety in the midst of a transmissible variant aside from the poorly writtenidt tweet, mr. attorney general, are you going totwee take these counties to court? well, listen, it's clear the white house doesn't know what's in the virginia constitution and argue they also don't what much what's in the us constitution but is virginia constitution clear. parents have a fundamental right to the upbringing and the education of their children. and so i think this is a classic case of a lot of bureaucrats and far left democrats that think they know more what's best for your child, more than the parent. we've said from day one there's a huge change in virginia. we're going to empower parents. we're not going to empower far left politicians. and every timekn i hear a far
12:29 am
left liberals say they know what's best for my child. i always ask them, okay, what's their name? when's their birthday? and that's going to be the key. parents knownd what's best and e want to empower parents to make that decision. and so at the end of the day, if you have a legislature be in defiance o of what the general assemblyf hopefully is also going to codify in the law, absolutely. we're going to look att all options including if need be, c take them toou court because this is about parents knowbo what's best for their child. if you have a child that you have got to make that step on it, right? yeah. b yeah, you got to step on it because this is happeningmo tomorrow. so tomorrow exactly. it's going torr be kids forced d wear masks outside of d.c. and they're basically just thumbing their noses at youki and youngkin saying we don't care what you say. sonar this is going to have to y up in court and i'd say expedited and quickly. mr. attorney general, i reallyer appreciate your coming on tonight. weiate com look forward to haviu on the show down the road and republican national committee, well, they're also finally taking on a different debate and a battle that'spr
12:30 am
the commission on presidential debates and a scathing letter. rnc chairwoman and my next guest, ronna mcdaniel notified the commission that she had lost faith and their organization and threatened to keep gop candidates from participating in the presidential debates if nothing changes going forward. now since the debate commission's liberal bias was a total boon to biden in twenty twenty , the white house was unsurprisingly very peeved. the president has participated in many debates over the course of his career and believes they play a role in allowing the american people to hear from candidates on where they stand. so i think it's more of a question best posed to the rnc on what they're so afraid of. joining me now is rnc chairwoman irana mcdaniel. , what are you so afraid of? oh , i think that's a question for jen psaki because the debate commission had to start after twenty six states started voting. they picked a moderator that had worked for joe biden
12:31 am
and then they switched one of the debates to virtual to let joe biden stay in the basement so republicans know when we have a free and fair forum and when we have an exchange of ideas, we win. that's why we said at the debate commission we want to guarantee that debates will start before twenty six states start voting. they said no thanks. we don't want to work with you and now we're going to go fight to give our nominee that fair forum that they deserve first of all. >> rana, i'm happy to volunteer to be one of the moderators they can pick one of the liberal hosts. i'll be one of the conservative hosts and then they can have the so-called yeah. so we can do it that way. that'll be actually everyone knows where everyone stands that way now carville james carville wants democrats to stop complaining about biden'sto failures, talking about this whole political landscape in general. watch g. a lot of the democratic base has not beent told or informed of the things that president gs tbiden and this congress has
12:32 am
accomplished. don't talk about what you didn't. get and that's what these democrats want to much chuck quit being a whiny party and get out there and fight and tell people what you did, rana. >> he's obviously saying that gallup poll that shows a huge swing to republicans, republicans among voters outan there. this is a historic shifts a that we're seeing in the latest gallup. your response? well, i agree that democratsut are a whiny party , but i don't know what they can tout as their accomplishments. seven percent inflation, an energy crisis with gas prices soaring covid on the rise problemsco in russia. i mean so much is going o on that's that's a failure under this administration. i don'tth know what they can evn point to as a success. of course, we have republican governors that kept their states open, their economy are surging. they kept their kids in school and that contrast is so stark. look at glenn youngkin
12:33 am
inaugural address last week w and compare that to what biden did in georgia. look athaha the difference a ben hope and optimism and division and destroyingn our country and calling republicans racists like joe biden did a georgia run. s great toee see you tonight . thank you so much. and up next, pelosi politicizese mlk day and a deadly trend the media is popularizing. it could havere far reaching effects. all seenrroyo has it and unseen is next. >> join me as we uncover the tension of america on fox news. the progressive left is invading american classrooms to end. the original goal was titled with one values to be eliminated from of its biggest burisma, which includes the enemy of science. how can we as parents protect our children and our country in so vital that parents are
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12:39 am
married on the same day as the mlk march on washington. w >> so i can always remember how long ago this speech was or how long ago i've been there in this bill is supported by all of the democrats house and senate. it's just the filibuster in ath way. so in a way, if you really truly want to honor dr. king, don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy. >>or pct okay, first of all, this bill is not supported by the house and senate democrats or they would haveth already bulldozed the filibusterey in the senatee and two i'm sure opponents love that she thinks they're using the filibuster to protect our democracy. that's exactlyhe what cinema and mansion have been saying. that's what they've been saying. they've been saying h don't you> love who she talks to herself issues. >> what is this what is this hand? yeah, she did this weird hand thing that the
12:40 am
hand gestures never match the words so she'll finish talkingng like this ramun and then she'll she'll do it very it's just it's like a delayed emphasis. yeah. it's a very strangely also qunol apparently read the emotions of statutes in d.c. including mlk statue . >> he has a monumentha on the mall along with abrahamum enlincoln, george washington, thomas jefferson, all of them with tears in their eyes for the departure from our democracy that is happening right now unless this legislation is passed. laura, all of this over this lucilla action bill, that's what it reallyno is. it's not voting rights. this thing ends photograph ids as i said friday. it also and until i read
12:41 am
the bill, i didn't realizeou this . do you know there's a provision here? anyonesi running for congress, t they raise a dollarhe they get six federal dollars for sotc it's like a match plan that congress is built to payes themselves pretty good work if you can get it. i. t man, can i just go back to the statues are crying. i have a different theory on that. i think the statues are crying because they know their days are numbered and they're going to be torn down soonn. that's what could happen. they're all fearing that hammer coming in the paint all over them. the pelosi mlk voting rights bill spin was not hers alone.. the president attempted the same thing and prerecorded remarks. laura, mlk day was so important to he stayed in delaware while the white house posted his speeche. but kamala harris, on the other hand , appeared live at the white house. but for some reason they brought her out to a podiumth while others were speaking in atlanta. now she's visibly annoyed.oy she's fidgeting, drinkinged
12:42 am
water. she's giving the stink eye to her assistancece. she's playing withla the necklace. i mean, she was clearlycece not happy having to wait. she's pacing. this was a display and i have to yeah, it was far more communicative and maybe left a better impression than the speechon. okay, first of all, i actually feel bad for her there. t that's not fair. i mean that her fault that they put her on camera what is she supposed to do? do hand puppets? i mean it's that big that you're is trying to sabotage kamal. you're trying to sabotage your turn and they bring you up. i mean butka laura, i've got to get to this every week you discuss the covid restrictions and the dangers out there. well, but world obesity federation told us in a report last year that the risk of death from covid-19 is ten times higher in countries with an overweight population. and yet there's a new cultural
12:43 am
. end celebrating obesity there are fitness magazinesaz extolling this as the future of fitness. lizzo recently posted a happyga dance over her weight gain and it doesn't stop there. ra and there is that exploitative right was a thousand i pound sisters. we've just been drinking. they've been we don't eat healthy because for me if i eat my pizza or pizza rolls, the bread soaks upp the alcohol ,i'm won't be me whether you like it. he likes she like we all don't i don't care for it. . >> it's it's really we have gone from body acceptance to body obsolescence. i mean we can't pretend that thiss is healthy. you have greater heart problems, joint difficult these
12:44 am
cancers when you're obese. but to celebrate this and to l lure people intoif this lifestyle, this is wrong, particularly when covid targets the obese. i don't know why we'rere not n talking more about this if we really cared for people well, those who are challenged with their weight, we would do so. my people have to support each there and help each otherhe and being healthier is good for your health. i mean, it sounds like a cliche and you know, self-evident, but we got to help people get in better shape if they're possibly able to. all right, raymond, before we go., it's time for anotherti edition of what positively, positivelyoo. all right. the triple vaxxed joint chiefs chairman mark milley remarkste really tested positive for covid yesterday and whofor els? general david berger, the marine corps commandant, also positively boosted
12:45 am
willaura. the positively boosted club has now reached the vatican. the holy see's boosted secretary of state cardinal parolin who just dropped the vaccine mandatedi on vatican employee firing many of them he has tested positive, accordingte to reporter ed paignton. piolín, interestingly enough, cast doubtinte on religious exemptions to vaccine mandates last week. we wish all the best for well, we certainly hope they are all healthy and fun. but stop pushing your man p positively recovering very positively recovered. raymond, we're mustering that the yin yang on that. all right. thank raymond. and the increasingly sinister tactics of those vaxxed wacko. d in a moment, some shocking examples around the globe too create a two tiered system for humanity. >> stay there. i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas and 2016 presidential candidate.
12:46 am
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12:50 am
the best restaurants in the world over the weekend, tens of thousands protested the french government's tightening the screws against the unvaxxed a new law they're being considered would effectively oubanish the unvaxxed from publc life. and of course,e, the american i media, they're doing their best to vilify and demean the unvaxxed even in deathme we have a sort of a cultural habit of not speaking of treating
12:51 am
the deceased, looking at the good they've done during their lives. i'm not sure that in this case that's entirely appropriate because so many of them actually have promotedll reckler ,dangerous policiesec trulyhe sickening in the salt lake tribune took the baton from there. their preferred pandemic policies are even more deranged. if you cande believe it. the paper's editorial boardve writing the governor's next m move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago going as far as to deploy the national guard to ensure that people without proof of becination would notot allowed well anywhere now the petty little tyrants in washington dc are hard at work making this a reality lin as well. the city's vaxxed mandateel in c went into effect overti the weekend hitting black
12:52 am
12:53 am
. the cdc data. so these shots are not medically necessary in this population. and the second point of t protecting the community, we now knowhe that vaccines don't protect people from getting infectious and being contagious. and you just have to look at the numbers on the campuses right now. h they're very high of covereded cases and these are highly vaccinated and highly guccifer populations. so i'm going to cut to the chase joan america the church because i learned i learned to do at a dartmouth . okay, thank you god. no, no, no.: one . no one . it's anti science to mandate the boosterse right now knowing what omicron is, but i don'tbu think theyt can bring themselvs to say that it's not necessary because thennece the whole housf cards falls, does it not? because the vaccination mandate itself doesn't make sense.
12:54 am
>> correct. real quick? well, that may be true. and even if that weren't the case, i don't understand why they're not walking it back given the very real risk of myocarditis in the young male group from 60 to twenty four , which isch the college population, they have a four to five times greater risk of getting myocarditis from vaccination per an oxford study that came out in december than they do from having covered illness. so my question is why are these mandates still being forced upon students are joanny, you y have a big groupou of parents and even professors and students on your side. we're going to tweet out your group. some more people can get involved. . up. you for speaking and it's a small college, but there are those who love it. the media has found a new scapegoat for biden's unpopularity. the last bite will explain
12:55 am
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12:59 am
>> the real source of the democrats' unpopularity. >> he got infrastructure passed, that is a good thing.
1:00 am
he is putting the full force of the presidency behind him. it is not they have bad leaders, they have bad followers. >> they are calling their own voters deplorablea. interesting strategy, paul. that's it for us tonight. never forget to show you care about your freedom where freedom matters. get it on the website. >> it is tuesday, january 18th. we begin with fox news alert. democrats pushing forward with efforts to overhaul the election city and facing off with each other, members of their own party are standing in their way. i'm todd piro. >> i'm greg. this is fellas edition of "fox and friends first." the senate is expected to debate ahead of a potential vote tomorrow. alexandria


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