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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 18, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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he is putting the full force of the presidency behind him. it is not they have bad leaders, they have bad followers. >> they are calling their own voters deplorablea. interesting strategy, paul. that's it for us tonight. never forget to show you care about your freedom where freedom matters. get it on the website. >> it is tuesday, january 18th. we begin with fox news alert. democrats pushing forward with efforts to overhaul the election city and facing off with each other, members of their own party are standing in their way. i'm todd piro. >> i'm greg. this is fellas edition of "fox and friends first." the senate is expected to debate ahead of a potential vote tomorrow. alexandria hoff has details.
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good morning. >> good morning, not the fellas edition, at least in washington. in this debate, show of self-validation, they want to prove they are serious about voting reform, there is likely no path forward. here is what the president said yesterday. >> president biden: attack on the democracy is real. no longer just about who gets to vote, it is about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all. >> democratic leaders hope to hold a vote tomorrow to change the rules of the filibuster, stopping sweeping voting federal legislation, the party's latest effort to rile the base after build back better fell apart. >> today our freedom to vote is under assault. they are also working to interfere with our elections, to
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get the outcomes they want and to discredit those they do not. it is time for the united states senate to do its job. >> louisiana senator republican john kennedy feels this latest push is way to change the focus from covid-19 and border crisis. listen. >> the biden administration's effort to get rid of the threshold in the united states is not about a senate that doesn't work. it is about a woke agenda that doesn't sell. getting rid of the 60 vote threshold in the senate in my judgment would be like giving whiskey and car keys to a teenage boy. >> wow, moderate democratic senators manchin and kyrsten sinema are feeling the heat from colleagues, both have spoke out
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against changing filibuster rules. bernie sanders tweeted, will 50 democrats vote to override filibuster and pass the bill or will manchin and kyrsten sinema vote with the gop and let the bill die? it is proposed voting reform measure is way of federal takeover for state elections. >> todd: alexandria, thank you. washington, d.c. says congress would not have to worry about the filibuster if dc had its statehood. listen. >> today we're talking about the filibuster, but consider this. we wouldn't even be in this situation if washington, d.c. had two senators, the two senators we deserve. >> todd: saying dc stands with majority of americans, her words, who want to expand and protect the right to vote.
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it is found american political prefrpss changeed with more americans saying they prefer republicaning over democrats. democrats held the advantage at the start of the year with 40% saying they favored the gop. by end of the year democrats dealt with multiple crisis, 47% of americans said they preferred republicans. just 42% saying they favored democrats. and at least one member of the senate reacting. tom cotton had this reaction to say there is encouraging news for his party now. watch. >> we are excited to have so many more americans registering as republicans. ronald reagan said he didn't leave the democratic party, it left him. that is what you have seen in this lurch of the democrats party under r joe biden.
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more americans are turning to us to do that job. >> griff: i would add, todd, remember on thursday, one year since inauguration of joe biden, when he pledged unity and to not be divicive, to come together, bipartisan. the democrats are moving toward one party rule, we heard from my mayor in washington, d.c., that may be reflected in this poll shift. >> well, of course, americans are switching republican. americans and people care about two things, your safety number one, that is paramount and number two, your finances. democrats aren't doing well when it comes to those two things. we'll have plenty stories detailing how blue states and blue cities are hotbeds of criminal activity and not theft
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and robbery, we're talking murder, actual serious crimes. look where we are on inflation, where we are on jobs. the last year under democratic rule has been abject disaster. as a result, you heard what tom cotton said, you are see thanksgiving push toward americans. majority of american people, if they are not registered, they are not hyper polarized one way or the other. they want what is best for them and will go with the party that give its to them and will reward that party in 2022 when it comes to mid-terms. griff jenkins. >> griff: you better be able to deliver on what you campaign on. when joe biden said he would work with republicans to get things done and yet every big issue he's pushed has failed, you should expect there to be in your returns. >> todd: i'll wrap up here, i think the reason you are seeing
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democrats go so hard core with the hyperbole, finger waveing and flowery language, one, they know they are not going to win and they want to make you the american people feel guilty if you do not go along with it. you are either for their changes to voting or you are a racist who hates democracy, that shows how desperate they are. they know they can't win. they can't win with far left policies. instead of changing the policies and coming to an agreement, what democracy is, they are doing this issue thettening you, telling you that you are a bad person if you don't go along with voting their changes. we are in the situation we're in, as a result. i eluded to crime earlier, we got to get to this. this struck to the core of you and i as dad of young ladies. two senseless attack necessary
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los angeles and new york. father of that ucla grad student stabbed to death at work, pointing finger for letting criminals run rampant. >> griff: lauren blancher live from washington with the details. >> good morning. there are so many questions surrounding the death of breanna cupfor. she was working in a high end furniture store in l.a. politicians are blamed for fuelling the violent crime crisis. police are looking for this know ma, suspect in her stabbing death. her murder yet another senseless and seemingly random act of violence. in new york city a candlelight victim planned for michelle go. go was pushed in front of a train by a homeless man saturday
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morning. her family stating, we are in a state of shock and grieving the loss of our daughter, sister and friend. her life was taken in a senseless act of violence and we pray she gets justice she deserves. data shows crime is up compared to the start of 2021. 107% increase on transit. percentage of murders, robberys and shooting incidents are up by double digits. manhattan's new district attorney bragg has been -- day one memo said to downgrade felonies including armed robberies of commercial bes and not seek jail time except in the most extreme cases. >> we know we've seen uptick in gun crimes, we are working on that, working with law enforce ments on tracking guns flowing into the communities. we have to work on the fairness
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in our system. >> district attorney bragg notes he's had a rough start to the job. he called it challenging. the "new york post" reports bragg is consulting with a crisis pro to get the controversy under control. >> todd: lauren blanchard in washington. congressman donald says democratic policies are not keeping people safe. >> you can't keep criminals off the street, you're not going to have safe streets. it is not hard, it is simple stuff. they have an agenda, it is simple, to ignore the law to support their own interest. people can't go to school or work without having to look over their shoulder. you can't have a thriving economy and society if you are not keeping people safe. democrats are wrong on this, polling has shown you are wrong on this and it has to stop. it starts with liberal d.a.s
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that do not want to prosecute people they arrest. >> 30% of voters say they approve of president biden's stance on crime. >> mitch: democrats scrambling to apologize after posting on facebook they don't think parents should be involved in public education. >> live with details on the now deleted post. brooke. >> good morning, guys. mitch mcconnell is shaping up to the latest battle ground for education after the state democratic party dismissed parent's rules and what their kids learn in the classroom. in a now deleted post, democrats wrote not sure why parents should control what is taught in schools is originating. public schools is not to teach kids only what parents want them to be be taught, it is to teach
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them what society needs them to know. the party removed the statement entirely after backlash saying the post does not reflect the feeling of democrats. the democrats message comes at awkward time for gretchen whitmer who is facing tough re-election year. candidate for governor, former police chief james craig issuing blistering revoke saying this continues the trend of democrats across the country who want parents taken out of the equation in educating their own children. saying it demonstrates democrats have agenda of indoctrination not education. democrat mcauliffe -- ready to
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tackle education head on banning far left teaching like critical race theory and moving to give parents greater say in what their kids learn. todd, griff. >> todd: thank you. virginia new tough on crime attorney general announcing investigation into the loudoun within hours of taking office. there is lack of transparency, a big issue here. how did loud county public school covered up a sexual assault leading to an additional assault of another girl. it will be investigated on allegations of releasing violent criminals early without notifying victims. mayorkis will join us live later on in our show. >> and welcome to the nfl playoffs. kyler murray, los angeles rams
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are moving on after cardinals 34-11. los angeles quarterback matt staffordgetting his first win. his team will face tom brady and the bucs on sunday and bengals taking on the titans and that night 49ers take on aaron rodgers and the green bay packers on fox. todd, i felt bad for kyler murray last night. prutal interseption on the goal line. he'll be back next year. >> todd: you did feel good for the former georgia quarterback matt stafford, you being a big georgia fan, your oldest daughter is on the uga, congrats to you over the january, you are crushing it. speaking of sports, most decorated athlete in olympic
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history, michael phelpps adding his thoughts about women's sports. what he is saying about trans swimmer leah thomas. >> and grading president biden's first year in office. -- and joe concha all coming up live. ♪ living in america ♪ ♪ that's a nice truck. yeah, it's the chevy silverado. check out this multi-flex tailgate. multi-flex, huh? wow. it becomes a step. mom, dad's flexing again. that's not all. you can extend the bed for longer stuff. is he still... still flexing. that's right! and, it becomes a workspace... you can put your laptop here. i'm sending an imaginay email. hey dad, dinner! hey! look who stopped by daddy's office. wait, you work here? the chevy silverado with the available multi-flex tailgate. find new flexibility. find new roads.
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>> todd: the nypd looking for multiple suspects in two smash and grabs in the bronx. police say the suspects forced their way into the businesses you see here and shoved multiple objects from display cases into bags. they are wearing masks and gloves and fled in a dark minivan. a $3500 reward is being offered for information on the group. >> griff: did you hear about this? sounds like something out of the wild, wild west. cargo train thefts in los angeles are up 160%. railroad company union pacific has jurisdiction over tracks where a string of recent thefts occurred.
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union pacific calling for the d.a. to take action. in a letter, the company writing "with the -- made force suspect to appear in court is causing revictimization by the same criminals." union pacific will meet about the l.a. police department to discuss the problem. l.a. also seeing wave of deadly attacks over the last week. >> griff: ucla student stabbed to death while working alone at a high-end furniture store while a 70-year-old nurse dies after being attacked at a bus stop. elizabeth, your reaction to this tragic news? >> it is devastating how crime continues to increase in our communities. every high concentration of crime is in places where democrats control
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most, if not all the levels of power and how long will we continue to give the dangerous and radical policies before we stand up for the average american, victim of violence and crime we saw. >> todd: i had trouble going to bed last night thinking of the father of the slain ucla girl. i had trouble thinking about it, it hurt me, i'm thinking about my little girl and god forbid something like that happen, my world would be shattered. the father had an interesting analysis of what happened. he wrote, crime is spiking, a lot of criminals shouldn't be out. we can't afford to have the good constantly knocked down by the bad. why have blue states focused on protecting the bad, but not the good? >> this is heartbreaking for me, too, while i was reading this story. a family should not have to go through this. we continue to see this time and
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time again with the liberal policies that are out there. we have elected officials out there, liberal elected officials that should be protecting americans, should be prosecuting criminals and should be keeping us safe. instead, we consistently have bad policies especially in places like california, that send a message that chaos and crime is acceptable. it's not. i do believe that republicans have an opportunity to decide who we are as a party and what our future looks like. democrats have chosen the next generation of their party look like, they are anti-police and pro-anarchy across the country. that needs to stop and it is unacceptable what continues to happen with unnecessary murders
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and crimes. >> todd: elizabeth, let's show our viewers how much homicides are on the rise in los angeles, 397 murders in 2021. that is up 53.9% from 2019 and up 11% from 2020. you talk about the policies, if you are elected, what policies will you change and what will dow? >> i will absolutely be for upholding our law and order, it is critical. and funding our police and making sure that we have safe streets so we can protect our kids, our communities, our families and that we don't continue to have crimes so that business can be opened. >> todd: okay. but will the voters in these blue states like california wake up and put in people like you who are going to solve the problems? so far california has had a lot of chance to fix problems and
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yet keep vote nothing democrats who promise leftist policies like this. >> i believe that the californians and americans in general are going to come out in absolute full force. people are upset and frustrated, angry and rightfully so. the crime rates continue to uptick. it is impacting every facet of our lives from our children's education to what we just saw in the news that transpired in l.a. to how our businesses are impacted. i believe that all americans will come out in 2022 so that we will have elected officials come in that are pro law and order. >> todd: elizabeth hengthank you. 24 after the hour and police making a shocking discovery at a connecticut middle school after a seventh grader, 13 year old drug overdose death. we'll tell you you what is
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really going on next. ♪
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>> police uncovering dozens of bags of fentanyl after a student overdoses on campus and dies. how could this happen and what can parents do? joining us is a former detective and police officer. how does this happen? how does a 13 year old get this much fentanyl? >> that is what investigators will look at. they found 40 additional bags in the school shortly thereafter. when you look at heroin and fentanyl sales, this is a rubber stamp, almost branding them. the detectives will trace that to the streets and find out where it came from. other users in this street will know which dealers are using which stamps. the d.e.a. was on the scene in
1:30 am
the city of hartford and will decide on prosecution. about five years ago when fentanyl hit issue it issed police departments started to take direction and city of hartford is no different. when you come up on an overdose, you handle that as homicide investigation. forensic processing of the scene, seizure of the phone. federal charges is indictment of distribution of fentanyl resulting in death, a lot of successful prosecution across the country for 20 years or so, i think that is what they will look to prosecute. i think there is high potential for arrest in this situation. >> you mentioned tracing fentanyl back to the streets, can they trace it back to where it came into our country from, i.e.did this cross the southern border? >> it is coming from china and mexico, we all know that across
1:31 am
our borders. it is chemicals being made relatively easily in labs in the country. how far back they can trace it, i'm not sure, they are watch thanksgiving and do trace this stuff. how far back, not sure. you are looking for actual arrest here when 13 year old dies and person that got that into the hands of the kid. >> todd: what i worry, anyone od on this stuff by being around it, you don't have to be involved in anything involving drugs, what can parents do to protect kid? >> you look at this instance here and connecticut, what is important, parents should try to find out if narcan is available in their schools. know the sign of opioid use and overuse, most of the states do
1:32 am
not require narcan, in the schools. you will see that change relatively quickly here in the northeast as quickly as today, schools will reverse their policy. there is stigma about being narcan in your school, if your school has an opioid problem. it is like a fire extinguisher, you will probably never use it, but it is great to have it around. in hartford, this teacher is doing cpr, and it had no effect on stopping death, only narcan have. some school nurses have narcan, the prosecute is, they got it when heroin was popular and only have one or two hits available. if you look at fentanyl overdoses, you need multiple hits to pull somebody out of a fentanyl overdose, and i'm sure you have covered how dangerous
1:33 am
fentanyl is. >> todd: it is insane these aren't already in schools. we can't wait another minute longer. brian, foley, we appreciate your time. over to you. >> griff: thick this out, todd, an nfl owner is in hot water for saying he doesn't care about china's horrific human rights abuses. >> number cares what happens, okay. you bring it up. >> what do you mean nobody care? >> the rest of us don't care. i'm telling you a very hard, ugly truth. of all things i care about, yes, it is below my name. >> enes kanter calling out the owner. >> you look at the people and what has happened is one of the worst human rights abuses of the day and there is genocide
1:34 am
happening and he is saying, i can care less, it is a shame and it is disgusting. >> the organization saying the part owner does not speak on behalf of our franchise. and michael phelps weighing in on lia thomas. >> i think sports should be playod even playing field, i don't know what that looks like in the future, but it is hard. thomas has been demolishing female competition breaking two national records last month. ncaa says it will review guidelines for trans gender athletes on thursday. and president biden facing renewed criticism for comments
1:35 am
he made comparing ark assassination of dr. martin luther king jr. to the death of george floyd. >> president biden: even dr. king's assassination did not have the impact george floyd's death did. >> then president joe biden made comments in june of 2020 and resurfacing to push voting legislation on mlk day. time now is 35 after the hour. history of extremism, disturbing details we're learning about the british suspects in the texas synagogue siege. >> and more troops near ukraine after possible invasion. we are talking to gordon chang and rebecca heinrich, about they should be doing to deter russian aggression.
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>> hi, from london, here are your international headlines. the fbi is arriving in the u.k. and new questions about how the man responsible for the hostage siege last weekend at a texas synagogue was allowed to fly from the u.s. to the u.k. the man was known to be mi-5, equivalent of the fbi. he was banned from a -- after 9/11 following outburst about
1:40 am
the incident. it is reported two teens that were arrested here are his sons. covid variant spreads in china new safety health measures planned for the upcoming olympics in beijing. no chinese citizens will be allowed to attend the games. the latest reports are human rights activists have had a difficult time -- and russia continue to build up near the border of ukraine. so-called military exercise, more tanks and heavy arms are moving, as well. something like 100,000 russian troops are at the border amid reports families of uszian
1:41 am
democrats in kief have been told to evacuate. the fear is russia will invade ukraine bipartisan group of u.s. senators reaffirm the u.s. commitment to the company and those are your international headlines this morning. back to you, griff. >> griff: greg, thank you. let's pick up there, threat of a russian invasion of ukraine, just one of foreign policy challenges on the president's plate and joe biden is receiving low marks for his record as commander-in-chief after a year full of fumbles. joining us to discuss it, gordon chang, former c.i.a. chief who served in moscow, dan hoffman and rebeccah heinrichs. go to what is happening with russian invasion of ukraine, the threat, obviously you heard greg
1:42 am
palkot say kiev has been told to possibly evacuate. dan, you know the area quite well, what should we perceive is the situation on the ground there? >> well, it's a very dangerous situation on the ground. russia made extremely unrealistic demands, they have a veto over nato membership, which nato would never allow. they have a loaded gun aimed at ukraine. they have lots of options, blockade of the sea and attacks to kiev. this is a serious situation. russia is trying to demonstrate that the united states and nato do not have the wherewithal to defend a sovereign nation in what russia considers to be own sphere of influence, that is the heart of what vladamir putin is doing and key requirement for intelligence community as far as
1:43 am
whether he will push for additional military engagement inside ukraine. >> griff: bipartisan group of senators met about what congress will do if russia invades. listen. >> we will impose crippling economic sanctions and more importantly give people of ukraine the arms, lethal arms they need to defend their lives. >> griff: rebeccah, will that be enough to deter it? >> rebeccah: no. with respect to the senator, that is such a joke. this is solidarity, it would have been more believable had they brought lethal aid or had he not voted against nord stream 2 sanctions senator cruz just tried to re-implementation. congress can be pushing and pulling this administration to do to weaken russia and to
1:44 am
demonstrate solidarity. you hear democrats from biden administration saying there is new trans-atlantic solidarity. it is smoke and mirrors, it is a shack. the ukraine defense minister accused germans of stopping lethal aid from coming through nato channels. there are things that could have happened earlier on so we would never get here, this didn't have to happen. the senator's words just have empty meaning here, grif f. >> griff: china very aggressive turning taiwan one of many hot spot issues. let me just show you president's approval rating on foreign policy. 35% approve, 54% disapprove. gordon, what grade would you give president biden handling foreign affairs issues?
1:45 am
>> gordon: below a c, he is not deterring russia and chinas of the world. it looks like 1937, it was obvious what the germans were going to do and britain in france were in a position to stop it. through feeble policies, they decided not to do so and allowed the situation in europe to drift to war. we got the same thing in asia and in ukraine and unfortunately this is the process where we end up in global conflict. once the russians do something, the chinese and north koreans and pakistanis will do something. it could be a global conflict. >> griff: that is c minus, we're out of time. dan, what grade would you give the president? >> oh, boy, not in the habit of giving out too many grades. biden administration is facing wickedly complex threats to
1:46 am
national security, including i would add one with shortest fuse, terrorism, it's gotten worse after our chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. question is whether biden administration has bandwidth to deal with it and there is concern whether they do. >> griff: we have to leave it there, rebeccah, one word answer, give it a grade? >> rebeccah: f's all the way down. >> griff: thank you for taking time on this tuesday. todd. >> todd: a plus segment. biden's race-based treatment getting the boot from one hospital system. we're talking to the attorney who made it happen, plus don't look at joe biden for his administration's failure. one contributor says it is someone else. joe concha will have more on that on "fox and friends first." ♪ have a good time. ♪ ♪
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millions confused when to return to work. rochelle walensky telling the "wall street journal," what i have not conveyed is uncertainty in a lot of situations. rochelle walensky says she committed to improving the -- hold more press briefings outside those held at the white house. hawaii may change definition of fully vaccinated to include booster shots. the governor says he is considering the change, but it would not go immediately into effect so people can ark just their plans. right now travelers need both doses of moderna or pfizer vaccine and one of the johnson & johnson shot. those not fully vaccinated have to show a negative covid test. >> todd: policy gave nonwhite
1:52 am
patients priority for treatment, that action taken before legal threat from a conservative institute. dan, why did it take your warning shot for the hospital to stop this? >> dan: thanks for having me. this is across the country. we received whistleblower complaint for a physician working for ssl health. he was claiming the antibody treatment was based on race and provided e-mail showing risk-based calculator and under this calculator, a non-white patient is given a massive preference over a white patient. for example, a 50-year-old healthy african american patient woman would automatically be eligible for a monoclonal antibody under the ssm
1:53 am
calculator. an unhealthy white woman with hypertension would not. another amazing example, 40-year-old african american male would receive the antibodies, 40-year-old white male presenting with shortness of breath would not be given monoclonal antibodies. this is unethical and illegal and we wrote a letter to the hospital and they immediately backtracked and disavowed use of this calculator going forward. >> todd: dan, you and i both went to law school. you learned you cannot discriminate based on rate. how did this pass hospital lawyers in the first place? >> i don't know if it was evaluated, this is a trend going through healthcare, it is called health equity. there are racial disparities among patients and you should
1:54 am
give preference to certain races over another. this has come down from state departments of health and cdc guidance talking about racial disparities and encouraging hospitals to take race into account when treating patients. yes, it is illegal under affordable care act bans race in treatment of patients. numerous laws prohibit this. it is illegal and bad for patients. the color of your skin is not disease, race is not a symptom that needs to be treated. >> todd: what is next in the fight against race-based covid policies at the national level? >> well, i think the only thing that is going to turn this around is going to be litigation that makes hospitals pay, that makes state departments of health pay damages, get injunctions against policies against the state where they
1:55 am
require the use of race. congress should consider prohibiting this explicitly and taking away money and medicare, medicaid dollars from hospitals that do this. it would be nice to have administration concerned with racism and health equity in hospitals. we may have to wait a while for that. >> dan, appreciate your time, great insight. griff over to you. >> griff: thank you. newly elected leaders launching multiple investigations including one into the loudoun county school district which has become epicenter of critical race theory in america. we're talking to virginia attorney general jason miyares and you see tomi lahren and joe concha on deck. pour a cup of coffee, don't miss a minute of "fox and friends first." ♪ >> join me as we uncover
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automatic emergency braking — one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox. find new technology. find new roads. chevrolet. >> todd: it is tuesday, january 18th. we begin with fox news alert. leaders hitting the ground run nothing virginia taking action to fulfill campaign promis to reverse policies they say are crippling their state. jason miyares is spearheading investigation into the parole board into


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