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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 19, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> thank you for watching. have a great day. listen to brian on the radio. i'll see you gentlemen tomorrow. >> bill: go morning. there is an urgent manhunt underway for the suspect in the stabbing death of 24-year-old ucla student and he has quite a rap sheet. learning more about this today as we say hello from new york. i'll bill himer. >> dana: i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." we begin our second year as a show together today. police are searching for 31-year-old shaun smith considered armed and dangerous. >> we have found, dana, a dozen mug shots that last
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he is a career criminal. free on $1,000 bond a year and a half ago. rap sheet, charges on both coasts dating back to 2010. >> dana: a growing memorial for brianna kupfer outside where she worked and was killed. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with the latest. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning. brianna kupfer was alone in the store and texted a friend saying someone who had walked in was giving her a bad vibe. minutes later, kupfer lay on the floor of that store covered in blood stabbed, police believe, by the person who was giving her those bad vibes. they are looking for 31-year-old shawn lavalle smith, the man seen leaving the
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score where kupfer worked via a back alley and 30 minutes later seen in this video by a nearby seven/11 paying for a vaping pen and calmly walking out. he is believed to be homeless, has a long criminal record across the country and is currently free on a $50,000 bond from charleston, south carolina following an arrest on suspicion of firing a weapon into an occupied vehicle. before and since brianna kupfer's murder and there has been a lot of talk about prosecutors in l.a. and south carolina soft on crime and too many criminals like smith being allowed back on the street. kupfer's father says in his -- no particular person bears any responsibility. >> i don't think anybody is to blame other than the assailant. the person who did this to my
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daughter. >> the l.a.p.d. chief says there needs to be more of a focus on mental health. >> the fact of the matter is that over the weekend if an individual is suffering a mental health crisis they are likely the only resource they had was 911 and a police officer or firefighter and that's wrong. >> shaun smith is out there, out here somewhere likely using public transport. the train system in l.a. to get around according to police and they say he is quite clearly armed and very dangerous. dana. >> dana: i hope they catch him soon. >> bill: back to that story when we get more. president biden holds a rare press conference this afternoon. reporters will have a chance to question the president on his stalled agenda year two. peter doocy from the white house has his questions at the ready. peter, good morning there.
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hello. >> good morning. just about every single story about president biden's first year in office details problems that he has had. so today what white house officials are going to do is try to focus on what they see as progress. >> a couple of the points of progress that have been made that you will hear the president talk more about, most dramatic change in our economy of anywhere in the world. 74% of adults are fully vaccinated. over 95% of schools are open. this is progress that has been made. >> in the last 365 days, this kind of press conference has only happened nine times. six with just biden, three side-by-side with other world leaders. he does take a lot of questions over the course of a month, but rarely with a chance for follow ups and as he prepares to defend his approach and his proposals white house officials are aware this country is stressed out right now about some things that may be out of
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the white house's control. >> there is enormous anxiety about prices and covid. he will speak that at the press conference but focused on doing everything in his power to bring prices down. >> a long-term focus of this administration has been dealing with covid. shorter-term attention is given to things like afghanistan, immigration and crime. today, though, after a full year is a chance to put it all together and ask the president how he plans to turn it all around. >> bill: he campaigned on ending covid and a year later now rolling out still big initiatives to get the latest wave under control. how does he explain that? >> well, they think that stuff they had on day one looks today. there is a new website covid up in full today where anybody can go register for
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some free covid tests four per household and start distributing 400 million n95 masks from the stockpile at thousands of locations, pharmacies and things like that across the country. >> bill: so i ordered mine yesterday. let you know when i get them, okay? thank you for that. >> dana: i was curious what it is like the mood in the briefing room. there is a tremendous pent up demand for reporters to have a chance to ask the president questions. he tends to give very long answers so it is not that many reporters can get called on in the time allotted. what is the mood today? >> busier than usually would say. you never really know what to expect with this president. the last time he did a press conference like this was at the white house was last march and there were 30 reporters and he called on 10. that took more than an hour.
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so this is -- good to get him on a microphone where he can't walk away and has to stand there and take follow-up questions and defend the things he is trying to do that affect so many people but it is not clear what will happen. as you said, sometimes the answers are long. >> dana: we'll be watching in at 4:00 as the president's press conference. everyone has to stick around to watch analysis on "the five". that will be something. >> bill: i hope you get a crack today. >> same here. >> bill: i want to show you this now. at this term in a presidency bush had 19 formal press conferences, obama 27, trump 22, biden just 9. i don't know why you do this at 4:00 in the afternoon. there is plenty to talk about. i think if you were the white house, you would take advantage of a prime time audience and do it at 8:00 or 9:00 tonight and a much broader range of american people who have the chance and opportunity to tune in.
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>> dana: i wouldn't disagree with that idea. however, i think if you will do a prime time news conference you better have big news to announce or something big. they do not have that. they will lose on their filibuster attempt in the senate today and i think it is very difficult to ask the networks and everyone else to cover something in prime time if there is no news to make. he will get a chance march 1 with the state of the union address will be prime time. interesting between now and then he does a major policy pivot or different direction he wants to take his party. >> bill: you have the website now but we won't know if it works for 10 or 14 days. >> dana: or google it. let's bring in senator mike lee republican of utah. i wanted to ask you about the votes that will take place tonight that senator schumer is pushing forward on. this is to try to basically change the whole way the senate runs. that probably is not going to
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happen today as manchin and sinema are a no on that. do you think it will hold? >> i don't think it will hold but let's look at what they are trying to do. what they are trying to do is silence americans and seize power. they don't have the votes to do what they want to do. chuck schumer has already said on msnbc a few short days ago this isn't really about the american people, enabling democratic politicians to remain in office even at a time when they are really worried understandably about the fact that they are down in the polls because president biden and the democratic agenda is really unpopular. this is their solution. to silence americans and seize power. it is wrong. >> bill: senator manchin your colleague on the democratic side said this just this week again. >> majority of my colleagues in the democrat caucus changed their mind. i respect that. you have a right to change your mind. i haven't. i hope they respect that, too. i've never changed my mind on
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the filibuster. >> bill: he has been consistent on that. the white house knew it. why do they keep running into the same wall? >> they keep running into it because they're desperate. so desperate to silence americans and seize power they are willing to threaten and intimidate and make life miserable for him. he has security protection because democrats are mad because he is keeping their word. dozens signed a letter with republicans four years ago when we were in the same situation and being pressured by some in our party to nuke the filibuster. they joined us in saying it shouldn't be nuked. now they have no explanation it could benefit them for the short term right now and they are proceeding anyway and beating up on manchin and sinema and it is not right. >> dana: i want to ask you one other topic. you're on the judiciary committee. republicans are asking education secretary miguel cardona what if anything he had to do with calling parents
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domestic terrorists in the letter from the attorney general. this is a letter to cardona. you say that action by attorney general garland has had a chilling effect on parents and inappropriate demraiment of federal law enforcement. >> parents aren't terrorists. when the u.s. secretary of education reaches out to the school board association and asks them to step forward and ask for federal involvement, law enforcement involvement to silence voices of dissent. it's terribly disturbing and i think there is going to need to be a lot of accountability here. >> bill: thank you for your time. senator mike lee. we'll pick up the topic soon. state of play right now as the president greets the media later today. impact on inflation, the question from fox business on getting inflation under control. what are your actions doing? 47% in our poll say it is hurting. another question approval on
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the economy today. the approval on the economy for this president right now is very disappointing at 38% right now. it was quinnipiac a few days ago had his overall approval rating at 33%. he is the best messenger in the white house the democratic party has. how well he can sell his ideas today is what we'll watch for. >> dana: one of the things is you have the issue of focus. if you look at all the polls one of the issues people say they don't believe the white house is focused on the issues they care about. they point to inflation, energy prices in particular, the economy, even crime, immigration. it will be interesting to see if any of those are brought up by the president proactive today. inflation probably will be as well as supply chain. do they talk about crime and immigration or do any of the reporters ask about that? >> the latter, right on. learning more about the suspect meanwhile in texas. remember that synagogue attack
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over the weekend? he was deemed a subject of interest by british authorities so why was he allowed into our country? we'll talk to former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy to answer that coming up. plus this from europe. >> we allow those principles to be violated with impunity, then we will open a very large pandora's box and the entire world is watching. >> dana: an tony blinken arriving in ukraine. russia is ready to invade at a moment's notice. rob portman recently met with the ukraine president. >> 5g roll-out is causing major problems for the airlines. how at&t and verizon are responding to that. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent.
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>> dana: fox news alert now. two teens taken into custody in
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england in connection to the hostage stand-off at a texas synagogue have been released. new details emerge about the suspect's behavior leading up to the stand-off. alex hogan is live in london with more. >> malik akram had a history of criminal and mental health issues here in the u.k. and he had been under investigation until recently. back in 2020 british authorities put this person on a watch list. he was taken off that watch list in 2021 after being deemed no longer a threat. the man from blackburn, england traveled to new york two weeks ago on a tourist visa. a friend of the family says it was widely known that akram wasn't well. >> having mental health issues but nobody envisioned he would go do something like this.
6:20 am
>> 10 years ago in 2012 the 44-year-old english man was convicted of threat and harassment. in 2001 he went on a rant in a courtroom saying he wished he was on the plane that flew into the world trade center. this weekend ended with authorities shooting akram and his four hostages were unharmed physically. we learn more about the days before the attack. islamic center 15 miles away saying akram visited days earlier and claim the british man stopped in the center and asked to sleep there and became agitated when he was turned away. they are thankful this situation did not escalate further. back here in the u.k. new reports suggest that the two teenagers taken into custody were two of akram's sons. they have since been released. akram's family is asking his
6:21 am
body to be flown back here to the u.k. they are acknowledging they know it could take quite some time. dana. >> dana: alex hogan thank you. >> bill: let's bring in andy mccarthy former assistant u.s. attorney trying to make sense of this. great piece you write just late yesterday. the title was -- [inaudible] allowed to enter the u.s. you say whether it's criminal history or mental illness or terrorism sympathies any one of those is able to ban him from u.s. entry. how did he get here? >> that's the million dollar question, bill. even though we're dealing with the u.k. here. this is not a guy who was eligible for a visa waiver. he has to come in the regular visa way. if things are working the way they are supposed to work he has to apply for a visa and any one of those three things should have disqualified him
6:22 am
and made imexcludeable whether mental illness, prior criminal record for jihadist sympathies as the report noted he showed. you have to ask how did he get in here? how hard are we vetting people? the big question to me is when trump came in at the beginning of his presidency, he tried to ratchet up the vetting of aliens who wanted to come here particularly from places of hot b*ed ideology. one of the the first things bid did is counter manned those executive orders. if the head of the administration is saying it's not a priority and we see the people who shouldn't be in the country are slipping through the cracks, 2 and 2 still makes 4, right? >> bill: the question went to the white house. jen psaki answered the question the following way. >> he was checked against u.s.
6:23 am
government databases multiple times prior to entering the country and the u.s. government did not have any derogatory information about the individual in our systems at the time of entry. we're looking back as a reference to what occurred to learn every lesson we can. >> bill: what alex is reporting from the case and british authorities wiped his record clean. that's a possibility. i would like to know the answer. you think about all the money we've spent between the u.s. and britain to get this relationship on counter terrorism operations underway and functioning successfully. it failed here, andy. and we need to know why. >> bill, look, he was on the brit's counter terrorism watch list, the one which raises attention to them in a high priority way into last year or into 2020 at least. and that is supposed to be information that we share. so he shouldn't have been in
6:24 am
because he had prior criminal convictions. that's something that should easily have been discoverable. if we can't get this right, you have to wonder how safe are we? >> bill: fair question. let's leave it there and pick it up another day. thank you, andy. nice to see you. i encourage viewers to check out your piece today. >> dana: fox news alert now. investigation into former president's trumps family business. new york attorney general says evidence shows the trump organization repeatedly inflated and deflated property values to get loans and better tax rates. her filing says investigators haven't decided whether to bring a civil lawsuit but she is trying to force testimony from the former president and two of his children, donald trump junior and ivanka trump. >> bill: u.s. is millions of jobs short of pre-pandemic levels. some states bounced back quicker than others and they all have one thing in common. plus this.
6:25 am
amazing video of a lifesaving rescue. a gas explosion at a home. police saved a woman who was trapped under her couch and got her out alive. that's next. >> over here, over here. my car insurance,ze so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> bill: it is 9:30 in new york. texas and arizona the latest states to recover 100% of the jobs lost at the start of this pandemic. they join two other republican-led states. utah and idaho on that list. fox business reporter madison all worth is on it. what's happening there, madison? >> a lot of similarities between those states and you said they recovered but not only have they recovered 100% of the jobs they lost, they have now begun to exceed job numbers from before the
6:31 am
pandemic. when you realize overall the u.s. economy is 3.6 million jobs short of its pre-pandemic levels. like you mentioned here the first four states to fully recover jobs. another thing they have in common among that is they're all republican controlled and experts say policies those governors put in place may have had a big impact on economic recovery. >> states who have lockdown measures in place for much longer period of time are taking a much longer period to come back from the pandemic. the states who maybe didn't shut down at all or who maybe shut down for a shorter period of time are actually seeing things come back online much quicker. >> let's take a look at some of the states having some of the hardest time coming back. new york where i sit right now, still has 8% less jobs than before the pandemic started. it is a state that continues to have some of the strictest covid-19 measures like mandatory vaccination for nearly all employees working in
6:32 am
new york city. it's reasons like this and tesla are others are leaving california and moving their headquarters to the lone star state and newer entrepreneurs are choosing growing economies over the new yorks and californias of the company. i spoke to -- while struggling companies are struggling the hire people this austin company is growing quickly. >> the job market is very competitive and we've grown quickly. while it has led to us hiring easily we've been able to retain our team which is huge. >> some good news. there are projections that about a third of the u.s. states could finally hit pre-pandemic job levels by the middle of the year. in that group we're not seeing new york or california. >> bill: i know you are watching both. thanks, madison. nice to see you here in new york. >> dana: crude oil is hitting a
6:33 am
two month high. national gas average stands at 3.31, up nearly a dollar from last year. still lower than the peaks we saw a few months ago. experts warn drivers could start to feel the pain again by springtime. >> bill: major truck driver shortage stretching the chain. there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. the american trucking association says the industry is more than 80,000 drivers short. it could double in the years to come if the trend continues. president of the american trucking association, chris, welcome back. nice to see you and thank you for coming back to our program. you yesterday said the industry is at the edge of a cliff. of what, chris? >> i think we're trying to steer clear of going off the cliff but it has been bad policy for the last year that put us in this position. we need to get back on the right track. come out of this covid rut more quickly. it requires good, thoughtful
6:34 am
policy. the supply chain team at the white house, brian deese and john mckari are doing a great job of listening to us and identifying the choke holds and doing everything right but there is a competing list of advisors there on the covid public health side that seem to overrule everything that they are doing. they need to blend the policies. you have to go good public health policy mixed with good economic policy if you are going to climb out of this faster. our industry is facing a chronic shortage of talent. we're short 81,000. welcome to the club. we've been dealing with this problem for a long time. now everybody is short of talent because of the slow return to work and it is really hurting the supply chain and our ability to come out of this pandemic more quickly. so we need to blend the public health policy with the economic policy. i believe if you do that we'll come out of this much more quickly. >> dana: chris, talk to me about what is happening in canada. there is a backlash from many
6:35 am
truckers there that do not appreciate the vaccine mandates that are up there and then we do a ton of imports from canada if we can put up on the board here. there is a lot of trade that happens between our countries especially when food, processed vegetables, meat in particular. but there are problems there that are adding to the woes here. >> absolutely. let's be clear, canada is the u.s.'s largest trade partner in the world. it is canada, not china. if you want auto parts, food and energy those are key things we trade with canada on. stopping at the border over a vax mandate is more of the same what the supreme court just overturned last week, 6-3 decision. you think they would listen to the supreme court if they won't listen to us. these mandates are added headwind. if you want to solve the supply chain the covid policy people at the white house need to start listening to the supply
6:36 am
chain advisors. they can tell you the fact our industry is very isolated and low risk of exposure. in their trucks and by themselves. we move 76% of the freight for usmca, 76%. so if you have drivers leaving the workforce because they don't want to get the jab it will have a measurable impact on our ability to move goods across the border. this is a real measurable thing. it is not just the goods. we're moving the ppe, the test kits, we're moving the vaccines itself. so this is a direct correlation to public health. if you blend the two you are going to get good pollz. they aren't talking to one another. they are getting recommendations. >> dana: do you think the president knows that there is a disconnect between the supply chain advisors and the public health advisors? he will give the big press conference today. do you think the president knows this? >> he needs to talk to a broader audience. there are smart people in the
6:37 am
white house that i don't believe are getting heard. i think he is getting a one-sided public health and overruling the economic factors that are really important to everybody in america. public health is, too. you can get arounded policy recommendation if you do that. he is getting a lopsided view of this and a full year of these kinds of policies. we bounced a mandate in the supreme court. now we're on the border facing the exact same thing. two sides that are in a showdown over a mandate that will have a measurable impact on goods we rely on every day. he really needs to take time to listen to the broader audience. >> bill: you are saying the white house is listening but it is not acting. that's what i hear your message is. >> i think in the end we want the president to look like he is doing something. we do, too. the follow through is what's missing. the economic team i think on the supply chain side gets it. they hear us, they understand
6:38 am
us and they have done a great job on a number of fronts. the ports, they've gone a great job working with the unions and business, we have come to conclusions and solutions that are fixing those problems and how we got through christmas and the holiday season. you don't stop there. you have to carry forward and fix these problems into 2022. the president has got to start listening to his economic team. it is not just public health policy that's driving these outcomes. >> dana: very interesting. >> bill: thank you. we'll stay in touch with you and hope we alleviate some of the pressures. >> dana: we love the truckers. new york city mayor eric adams facing calls to do more about the city's rising crime rate coming as the city mourns a woman who was pushed off the subway platform to her death over last weekend.
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>> dana: at&t and ver i zoon agreed to limit 5g towers around major airports after airlines warned of catastrophic consequences. international flights are canceling flights to u.s. cities over concerns. are they valid? mike tobin out of chicago o'hare international airport
6:44 am
with more. >> air india, emirates are a few announced given the clumsy roll out of 5g technology they're canceling some flights. heads of the big airlines saying the results could be disruptive. the issue is 5g technology occupies a spot on the bandwidth where it could interfere with the radio altimeters on the aircraft. in the event of bad visibility it could disrupt the pilot's ability to tell how far the plane is from the ground. it could mean grounded or worse. at&t and verizon won't activate some of the towers near certain airports. the federal aviation administration and nation's airlines haven't been automobile to fully resolve navigating 5g around airports despite it being safe and fully operational in 40 other
6:45 am
countries, at&t expressed more resentment. we're frustrated by the faa's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done. safely deploy 5g technology without disrupting aviation services. in a memo david see more from american airlines wrote we're very disappointed that we are at this point. that the entire u.s. airline industry is facing major disruption as our new technology is activated. the two should be able to co-exist. one airline analyst tells us the ability of 5g to interfere with the radio altimeter is not unlike the ability of your phone to disrupt communications or interfere with the safety of the flight. it is not entirely clear but you can spend millions and a lot of time and a lot of disruption trying to get to the bottom of that problem. >> dana: mike tobin, thank you so much. bill, this issue has been building up for a long time. they had an agreement that everything would be fine and then the airlines pulled that
6:46 am
back. the telecom companies are saying we spent over $80 billion for the ability to deploy this technology and they expressed frustration. >> bill: not like they didn't see it coming, right? i think it affects the big haulers, the boeing 777s, beautiful planes but they fly all over the world and they seem to carry the most concern. to get 5g working in this country you need these antennas built and you need a lot of them to make sure that you can transmit effectively and get that signal almost instantly. so that's what they are trying to do. it's an infrastructure issue as well. once it is complete it will be -- >> dana: videos to make and pictures of percy. >> bill: you want to get it on your time. we'll follow it. here in new york the nypd
6:47 am
performed a life-saving rescue moments after a home exploded. a suspected gas leak in the bronx took a building down to the studs and sent neighbors flying across their homes. police ran into the rubble looking for a woman trapped under her couch. >> bill: you can hear her, right? she is in stable condition. however, one person did die from the explosion and five officers were sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. they went in there and found that woman and a job well done for the nypd. wow. >> dana: thank you. the brutal stabbing of a ucla grad student in los angeles, they identified the man responsible. what we are learning about his extensive criminal history. you won't believe it coming up.
6:48 am
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6:54 am
history from jamaica. 34 years ago that surprised me. >> bill: if they don't test positive. one of the big stories in beijing is watching the blotter every day. who is still negative and who came back with a positive test. if you are an athlete and waiting for this moment your entire life and you get to beijing and you come up with a positive test sitting in a room asymptomatic. what a waste of time and effort. it will be a darn shame. watching that here. i feel better right now, too. there is this now, dana. >> dana: good. >> bill: there is an investigation underway at the border after a texas national guard soldier fired shots on a vehicle apparently driven by a suspected smuggler. dan springer back on the border live with more now on what we know about this. dan, good morning. >> good morning, bill. you know, the texas national guard was activated by the governor here in about august and since then we have been seeing these texas national
6:55 am
guard troops pretty much only in stationary observation posts. they've been observing and letting the other enforcement agencies down here know what they are seeing. but we're starting to see a shift and starting to see these national guard troops more actively pursuing illegal immigrants. case in point yesterday morning very early at 1:00 something exceptionally rare happened. a national guard soldier opened fire on u.s. soil. texas law enforcement told us he shot a vehicle with six suspected illegal migrants near the laredo. the vehicle was allegedly close to running down the soldier's partner. they had pulled him over and the soldier identified himself as he approached the vehicle. sources say the driver was an american teenager later arrested after the vehicle was abandoned. nobody was hurt. texas rangers are investigating. a tragic story in the del rio sector yesterday. a 7-year-old girl from
6:56 am
venezuela died trying to cross the rio grande river. her mother apparently lost grip of her and the girl was swept away. her body found later by mexican authorities down river. this happened in the same area where the massive group of haitians crossed over this summer. the girl's mother was taken to dallas. more evidence the state of texas is throwing just about everything they've got at this problem. instead of finding poachers or people fishing without a license we saw state fish and wildlife game wardens in full tactical gear and heavily armed looking for people crossing into the u.s. illegally part of this multi-million dollar -- billion dollar operation lone star effort. these fish and game wardens are used to going out looking for poachers. now they've been part of this operation to look for illegal immigrants crossing the river. and it was quite a sight to see these guys in full tactical
6:57 am
gear and fully armed getting in their boats on the rio grande river. >> bill: i'm certain some of the people coming across are criminals and we have documented that already. dan springer rio grande valley in texas. thank you, sir. >> dana: the vice president kamala harris will visit honduras next week for the inauguration of the country's president. according to sabrina singh the vice president will discuss the root causes of migration with leaders there. the biden administration is looking to strengthen ties with south american countries to curb migration into the united states. i guess that's the case, bill. >> bill: root causes. we still haven't gotten any answers on that, dana. she made a big trip down there and what have we gotten from it? not much. >> dana: she has taken a lot of heat over the last several months. she was asked when she would go to the border. she had one of her characteristic reactions and she laughed about that and then the president said you know what? let's put you in charge of
6:58 am
border security and that turned out to be something she didn't exactly want to do. a few days later they said actually no, she will be in charge of dealing with the root causes. one of the things we found out six weeks ago if you recall is that the leaders of the countries especially guatemala said they haven't heard from her. and so there has been a real gap. travel to the region is important. i'm all for dealing with root causes but at the same time you have the border where we watch people go across all the time. what did we talk to andy mccarthy about earlier? you had a terrorist who flew in, went through customs and immigration, got through. how many people could possibly get through this border right now? >> bill: there is a question about this border that runs as long as your arm, dana. >> dana: it's not very long but i would say questions as long as the rio grande. >> bill: in font 12 it runs pretty long. here is what i would say. whether or not this issue even
6:59 am
comes up today at this press conference because there are countless questions to be asked her and i mentioned this earlier in the week. bill did a stunning report. he went through a long list of criminals who had been apprehended at the border. why would you as commander-in-chief want the allow criminals to cross this border that is so porous and has been that way ever since you came to the white house? primary question today. another question today, what about the covid policies on the border? have they improved? for a while there we were under the impression that a lot of the covid test wasn't even happening. now you have the link sent out to america yesterday, the link was given to me by a friend of mine. it was simple, easy. the united states postal service. a promise made in december hasn't been fulfilled. almost the end of january. you have to wait 10 days. i think within 14 days you might receive the four kits
7:00 am
that come to your house. but larry hogan the republican governor from maryland was on cbs two days ago and he said they aren't producing more tests they're redistributing them. that's a big deal and i wonder if that question comes up later today as well. >> dana: it happens as omicron starts to peter out even "the new york times" is saying that. armed and dangerous. police identify a career criminal in the murder of ucla grad student brianna kupfer stabbed to death while working in a furniture store. the suspect is 31-year-old shaun smith. if you see him don't approach, call 911. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: how are you? >> dana: great. >> bill: >> bill: miss you. smith was seen walking around the neighborhood entering several stores before go sboong
7:01 am
the shop where brianna was working by herself at night. half an hour later the surveillance video showed him calmly buying a vape pennant a nearby store four miles from the crime scene. smith has a long and extensive rap sheet for dozens of crimes in three different states. what you are seeing are mug shots taken over a period of 10 years. so at the time of brianna's murder he was free on $1,000 bond. the reward for information leading to his arrest $250,000. her father blaming her death on the far left policies of soft on crime political leaders. >> i'm not blaming anybody by name. i blame what is endemic in our society now is that everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor
7:02 am
on people that rob others of their rights. >> bill: that was the line, right? giving people rights who rob others of theirs. not supposed to work that way in a system that's effective. >> dana: when you look at somebody arrested that many times and that many mug shots over the years maybe they didn't rise to the level of being put away in prison for a long time but we will all have to rethink this. more on this now with los angeles county deputy district attorney john mckinney. thank you for being here today. what more do you know about the possibility of the capture of this guy? >> good morning, dana and bill. thank you for having me. i'm very confident in law enforcement here in los angeles county and throughout southern california. law enforcement is very good at finding people and the fact that they have very clear images of him i think will lead to an arrest pretty quickly. >> bill: what is the status of
7:03 am
that now? the description, 6 foot 3, wearing dark clothing and a backpack, orange sunglasses. a tip line as well for our viewers at home. 213-382-9470. have you gotten tips at this point, sir? >> well, you know, i'm a los angeles county deputy district attorney and as such we usually aren't privy to the facts and circumstances of the investigation until the case is formally presented so what you know is what we know at this point. i'm sure the los angeles police department has some information that they are not revealing to the public along with that which they are. it should also be mentioned there is a -- >> dana: what do you make of that? you look at that over the course of several years arrested that many times. >> yeah, you know, without
7:04 am
having his specific record it is hard to really offer an opinion on what type of crimes he has been committing but clearly he is a career criminal. and given his age with that many arrests and convictions this is a person who will continue to commit crime. his crime is probably escalating, obviously there is no more serious crime than murder, murder of an innocent unarmed person. clearly somebody who shouldn't have been on the street. >> bill: no doubt. i think that's the fundamental question here. he is arguing you give rights to the people who rob the rights of others. what would you say to that father? >> i thought that was so eloquent and really summed up what's wrong with our criminal justice policies in los angeles county. and i think increasingly around the country. we are not focused on victims.
7:05 am
we are not focused on public safety. los angeles county my boss, george gascon, has a soft spot for criminals. he also is on a mission to raise his own stature nationally as some kind of criminal justice reformer and he is doing it by leading in favor of criminals and not victims. >> bill: is he making your city less safe? >> absolutely. he has created an environment where crime thrives in los angeles county by explicitly telling the criminal community you can commit certain crimes and i will not prosecute you at all. you can commit other serious and violent crimes and i will down charge you for those crimes. he is not prosecuting theft crimes to some extent. he is not prosecuting gun crimes to the fullest extent of the law. we know he is advocating for
7:06 am
people to be released without bail. it is just a mess here in los angeles county and it happened so quickly. >> dana: do you have any autonomy to make decisions oon your own? you as a deputy district attorney can you do anything differently in your personal work? >> well, as deputies we're all sworn to carry out the policies of the elected official. >> dana: got it. >> we work hundreds of us go to work every day and we try to mete out whatever justice we can within the parameters of george gascon. we push the limits, i think. we have challenged him. he has been sued by our union. he has been restrained from enacting certain policies. and so we do the very best we can every day. and in this case of ms. kupfer it is just heartbreaking and infuriating and i can tell you
7:07 am
that from prosecutors to police officers, we're looking for a better day for sure. >> bill: good luck. you have your hands full. john mckinney. we'll be in conduct. we'll watch it here from now. >> all right. thank you. >> bill: seven past the hour now. >> ripped at my heart to see what happened to her and to see what is happening in our city. >> bill: that's new york city's mayor eric adams fresh on the job reacting to the tragic killing of a woman shoved in front of a moving subway train allegedly by a homeless man in times square. bryan llenas with details of the crime and what we are learning about the suspect. there is a lot to learn here. bryan, good morning. >> bill, good morning. new york city mayor eric adams insisted on saturday that the city's subways are safe and that there is a perception of fear. yesterday i asked him about this and the mayor admitted
7:08 am
look, i don't feel safe on the subways either and he says the fear is justified. >> on day one i took the subway system and i felt unsafe. i saw homeless everywhere. people were yelling on the train. there was a feeling of disorder. so as we deal with the crime problem, we also have to deal with the fact people feel unsafe. that's the dual battle i have. if we don't do them both together then we fail. >> crime in the city subway system is up over 65% compared to the same time last year. the mayor is deploying more police and mental health teams onto the trains. last night hundreds attended a candlelight vigil for 40-year-old michelle go killed at the times square subway station after a deranged man pushed her in front of the train. police arrested marshall simon currently hospitalized and expected to be arraigned today on murder charges. his sister says he is homeless,
7:09 am
had mental health issues and should never have been on the streets. bill. >> bill: thank you, times square here in new york city. they did a poll with mayors across america and what they found. they wanted to know from the mayors about the accountability they feel on behalf of the people they govern. 73% say the voters hold them highly accountable. only 19% say they have much control over the issue. the issue of mental health and mental wards has come really into focus after last couple of incidents that we've been reporting on especially here in new york city. >> dana: greg gutfeld had a good point on "the five". as we allows homeless to be out there year after year eventually if you look at some of their trajectories that eventually not only are they a harm to themselves but they'll harm someone else. an innocent person. something needs to be done. maybe more money needs to be spent more effectively but something really absolutely must be done. i'm sure a lot of mayors feel like they can't get a handle on
7:10 am
it. i don't think they want their cities overrun with homeless but they are. all right. president biden getting several roadblocks despite having majorities in the house and senate how could this legislative stand still affect the mid-terms? aishah hosni is live on capitol hill. the mid-terms aren't until november. everyone is paying a lot of attention already. >> it's coming up fast. 10 months away. right now it is not looking great for democrats. as of today 28 house democrats have announced they will not seek reelection. some say democrats really need to think smaller if they want to avoid a repeat of 2021. one year ago we remember president biden set out to close some big deals on capitol hill armed with decades of congressional experience but he failed to unite his own party. we saw democrats pass a big $1.9 trillion covid relief package on their own without
7:11 am
republican support. then they started quarreling with each other. at one point progressives took the infrastructure bill hostage stalling it for a massive tax and social spending plan which by the way a democrat killed not a republican at the end of the year. democrats failed to move on campaign issues like police reform, gun reform. canceling student debt and voting rights legislation. with razor thin majorities some say democrats need to lower their expectations. >> that may mean going for less, right? breaking up build back better. making it into smaller pieces. maybe some of which can pass. whether we talk about paid family leave or some of the other incredibly popular pieces of it. >> they probably also need to fix their messaging, dana. recently a fox business poll revealed that if americans have to vote today more would vote for a republican over a democrat by about 4 points.
7:12 am
so not a great start still 10 months away. >> dana: interesting to hear what the president says at 4:00. thank you very much, aishah. >> if we allow those principles to be violated with impunity, then we will open a very large pandora's box and the entire world is watching. >> bill: that's moments ago in kiev warning tensions are russia are bigger than ukraine as russian troops mass along the border. senator rob portman came home from ukraine and he is our guest on this coming up next. >> dana: it appears no one is saved. armed carjackers in the nation's capital targeting a candidate for city council. details on the shocking attack just ahead. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams
7:13 am
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7:18 am
>> dana: u.s. court awarded the family of otto warmbier $240,000. the 22-year-old was detained in the hermit kingdom for reportedly taking down a propaganda poster from a hotel. he died days after coming back to the united states back in 2017. bill. >> as you stand up to efforts to divide, to intimidate and threaten the united states
7:19 am
stands with you. resolutely in your right to make decisions for your own future, to shape that future as ukrainians. >> that was just a short time ago in kiev. antony clinton -- blinken. a russia invasion could be imminent. rob portman just returned from ukraine with a group of other senators. thank you for your time and good morning and welcome back to u.s. soil here. what was your -- do you believe putin is ready to go in and will he? >> it's very troubling. he has he massed over 100,000 troops on the border of ukraine and pleased to see the strong words from secretary blinken echo what we were saying over the last couple of days in ukraine. the united states stands with ukraine that has turned toward democracy, freedom. they don't want to go back to an authoritarian past.
7:20 am
i think this is why president putin feels a threat. not ukraine threatens russia in any way except they are a democracy that's striving. we need to stand with them and nato allies and freedom loving countries around the world. we see a strong stand against what might happen. the question is can we convince the russians that this would be a terrible mistake? which i believe it would be. the bloody cost they will entail in ukraine. ukrainian people are ready to defend themselves but devastating sanctions that the united states and other countries are ready to impose. >> dana: listen to jake sullivan from cbs sunday how he was talking about russia and the sanctions. >> if it turns out that russia is pummeling ukraine with cyberattacks and if that continues over the period ahead, we will work with our allies on the appropriate response. if russia wants to go down the
7:21 am
path of invasion we are ready to strike their strategic positions. >> dana: what is the state of mind for somebody like president zal en sky hoping the west can help him. >> we met with all of them the defense and interior and energy mins is tear and the president they are unified and the country is unified against the possibility of russian invasion of any type. mentioned cyberattacks is significant. they had a huge cyberattack on their institutions last week. so this is a russian-backed effort that is sort of a hybrid war as they say. not just the military part of it. other ways they are trying to destabilize the government. the country is unified. they want to know we're with them and that other countries are as well. i believe that's true. i would like to see more,
7:22 am
frankly, from germany in terms of public statements of support that no matter what happens, that they will not move forward with the nord stream two pipeline as an example which would be a weapon in the hands of vladimir putin and the russians should it be completed and certified. >> bill: we're watching that. we are talking tough. we've taken some action that would indicate we're being tougher than 2014. two specific questions, senator. do you believe putin satisfies -- receives a weak america? >> i hope not. the statement from secretary blinken you gave us is an indication that america is saying the right things. i believe we will stand by it. >> bill: so then are we willing to give concessions to putin to keep him out of ukraine? >> well, the concessions he is asking for are outrageous. not anything that we or the nato countries would ever give. nato has an open door policy. they are making that decision. they have to go through steps
7:23 am
but if they want to pursue that, it's within ukraine's sovereign independent ability to do that. we can't stop countries from being able to join nato and that's one of the conditions that vladimir putin has talked about publicly. so my hope is that we can continue to dialogue. there are areas of agreement we can find in terms of transparency but not the right of nato to have an open door policy. >> dana: how do you explain to americans or the people of ohio why they should care? why this matters and why the united states needs to be strong here? >> first because it is not just about ukraine. this is about the stability of europe. think about it, dana. not since world war ii have we seen these incursions. they've already taken part of ukraine, crimea. they have come into the eastern part of ukraine. totally against every international law on the books. and so it wouldn't stop there
7:24 am
and it does affect the people of ukraine who are our allies and friends. but it also is about the stability of europe and therefore the united states and all freedom-loving countries in a very direct way. >> bill: thank you for your time. do you feel better or worse or about the same since before you went to ukraine? >> i'm -- i won't go into the intelligence we got but it is true as you have reported that they not only have 100,000 troops or so that they are bringing additional heavy equipment and troops into the area. so russia is doing things that are definitely provocative, aggressive, unwarranted. i was encouraged, however, by the unity that i saw in the country and the unity in terms of our allies. when we were there the minister of foreign affairs from canada and germany were both there as well. so this is a serious situation that needs to be treated as such and we all -- all
7:25 am
freedom-loving countries not just nato allies but we all need to stand firm. >> bill: rob portman, republican from ohio. we'll speak again. "wall street journal." putin wages war on europe. mr. putin declared war on europe and the west. with a cold war. a war deferred with the iron curtain falling among the ukraine front line but a war all the same, end quote. >> dana: that op-ed very sobering and worth paying attention to. when they say imminent you mean something in the next six weeks if putin is going the make a move. new data shedding light on the omicron surge. the dire predictions we're hearing. a new era underway in virginia. governor youngkin and team are reshaping the state. the impact could be bigger. trey gowdy on that straight ahead. >> the message is there is a new sheriff in town.
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>> we popped off in the third floor of the capitol. signed the executive order giving the investigation to investigate the loudon county school board as well as the parole board. they are much more concerned about the criminal. when it comes to public safety in our schools there is no line that is a bigger red line with me than messing with our kids. >> dana: virginia's new attorney general praising governor youngkin hitting the ground running. he wasted no time launching an investigation into loudon county school board and named five new members to the parole board as well. here is trey gowdy. one thing interesting here is you have somebody who ran not a typical politician, runs in virginia, wins, surprised the democrats and then he is following through on what he campaigned on and the democrats seemed a little stunned by that. is this a model that other new
7:32 am
candidates could follow in 2022? >> i sure hope so, dana. congratulations to you and bill on one-year anniversary. i'm not surprised. two of the nicest people in the world have a successful show. i certainly hope so. imagine the novelty of running a low-drama. you aren't talking about john f. kennedy, jr. coming back to run with the reinstated president trump. you are talking about things people care about and then when you win overwhelmingly frankly in a state that biden won by 10 points, then you actually do what you said you are going to do. it is not just governor youngkin. winsome sears, attorney general. imagine the novelty of doing what you said you would do during the campaign. >> bill: is youngkin the guy -- sometimes you see the big push one way or the other. is youngkin the guy who can step in the middle of these
7:33 am
progressive policies and reverse them? >> i think he can because i think what's going on there has always been a debate in this country about the scope and role of government. what people have seen over the last year, these that are experimenting with big government, you won't secure the border. you can't get us out of a war without exposing our troops and killing a carful of kids. you want to divide school children into racist victims. how about just do the things you are supposed to do. crime, border, national security. i think he is the right messenger to say look, there are things the federal ought to do. things the state ought to do and parents ought to do. chiefly be responsible for the health of their own children. >> dana: later today president biden will give a speech and take questions from the press on his one year in office. one thing from the "washington
7:34 am
post" said the legacy of biden's first year is a stronger gop. do you think that sounds right after the tumultuous year that was 2020. are the republicans going into the mid-term in a much more cohesive unit. >> i agree with mr. lane. if you look at the numbers from a year ago right after the attack on the capitol. right after you lost two republican georgia senate seats. the generic ballot had the democrats at almost 50%. they have lost 9 points in a year. i mean, look, republicans could not do that to them. they have done that to themselves. i think they did it to themselves by letting the far left -- imagine, dana, imagine a serious person talking about closing federal prisons. just imagine who in your life that you take seriously thinks a person who killed non-black christians ought to be out of
7:35 am
prison someday. when the left is talking about that it is no wonder to me people are giving republicans another look. the question is will republicans blow it? will they blow it fighting among themselves? will they blow it by talking about things no one cares about. glenn youngkin, i don't think, was talking about the vote count in arizona. i think he was talking about parents and curriculum and public safety and things people actually care about. >> dana: also he will get rid of the grocery tax in virginia, too. >> bill: in that piece by charles lane what he makes clear big picture now here is that the democratic party has to be brutally honest with itself if it looks into the numbers from the gallup polls but saying you can't cut to the middle if the party won't go with you. you know where the democratic party is today. do you believe that's a party that is willing to shift back to a more center left
7:36 am
traditional governing pattern? >> i think the democrats have exactly the same problem republicans had about eight years ago which is the path to fame is disagreeing with your own party. that's what made certain republicans famous. they disagreed with their own party. and so you have these aspiring superstars on the left who look, going to the middle will not get them famous or boost social media or fundraising. only when you disagree with your own team do you become a martyr and a rich one and a famous one. i think they're in for the same growing pains the republicans had about this time 10 years ago. >> dana: great to see you, trey, thank you so much. >> bill: thanks for being here. are you a nice guy, too, by the way. thanks. in a moment terrifying ordeal in d.c. armed carjackers stick a gun in the face of a driver who wants to help run the city. plus president biden getting
7:37 am
ready for a news conference later today while his administration has had a number of bumps in the road. what does he need to tell americans to restore the political standing? can he push the reset button? martha maccallum will tee it up and she is coming up for answers next. >> the problem is the president. that's the root cause of the problem. it is his judgment, his bad judgment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. look, serena williams... matrix... serena... matrix... serena... matrix...
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7:42 am
washington, d.c. police releasing video of the armed carjacking of a city council candidate. four men in an s.u.v. threatened him at gun point at a gas station and drove away in his car if broad daylight. no arrests made. police are offering $10,000. he has a story. you know what? he has a campaign issue. let's see if he uses it. >> dana: absolutely. the biden administration is launching a massive government database to identify federal workers refusing to get vaccinated for religious reasons. david spunt is live at the justice department and getting some attention. >> it certainly is. right now federal workers are supposed to be vaccinated. key words supposed to be. with every rule there are
7:43 am
exceptions in this case exemptions religious exemptions. we did digging around looking on different federal register sites for the federal government. over the past few weeks and months the federal government has quietly started to create internal databases, secured databases that track vaccine status but specifically religious exemptions. >> this is different and concerning because of the type of data being gathered. >> we looked through the records at the departments of justice, interior, treasury, housing and urban development and transportation. all are taking part in the collection. >> not surprising the government is keeping a record of religious exemptions. the government does have to track its workforce. the question is how detailed that listing will be. >> as omicron continues to surge in the united states, i'm told to expect more of these databases to pop up in other
7:44 am
agencies across the government. >> dana: we'll pay attention the that. thank you so much, david. >> bill: as we mentioned fox news alert president biden keeping a low profile getting ready to face reporters today. support slipping in the polls and inflation soaring and covid cases near all-time records. a lot of big questions to answer. we'll see how many answers we get. martha maccallum will be watching. good morning to you. you guys like the pre-game today at 3:00. in a broad sense what are you expecting? >> i'm struck by some conversations listening to from political reporters and pundits about what the president should do today. and some of that conversation focuses on where should he turn his attention now? he has had some problems with bbb, the voting rights bill is probably going to go down later today, difficult timing for him as well. what should he turn his attention to? i couldn't help but think just turn your attention to what is going on in the country.
7:45 am
open your eyes to the crises that are right before you. don't try to come up with some sort of agenda outside of what is staring everyone in the face. and that is getting through covid hopefully the last leg of it. we all hope. have a focused plan for that. look at inflation. look people in the eye and say i understand your gas prices are up 50%. this will be my priority. in many ways this president has the potential to be liberated to be himself, go to this moderate president that he promised to be. i went back and read his inaugural address yesterday and it really is just one theme and it is all about unifying the country. he says disagreement must not lead to disunion. i pledge to be a president for all americans. i will fight as hard for those who didn't support me as for those who did. it's time for this president to meet the moment where the country is right now. to look them in the eye and
7:46 am
explain to them that he is going to put some other things aside right now because he understands where the focus of the country needs to be based on what people are actually going through. >> dana: if you have call for number two biden graph. in 2021 in january he was at a 57% approval. through the end of this year a year later down at 40% approval and that one quinnipiac had him at 33%. independents, two, hispanics, that's increasing. and also the working class. remember he was supposed to be thought of himself as the man of the working class. those voters are starting to look in a different direction. is there anything he can try to do either today or the next several weeks the try to turn that around before the mid-terms? >> i think these are the big issues. there is the potential for him to save perhaps some of these
7:47 am
senate seats where moderate senators are trying to hold onto their seats in places like nevada and new hampshire by becoming a more sort of moderate president, going back to the person he ran on. a lot of people would say joe biden wasn't that guy to begin with. he is who he is purchase porting to be today. when you look at hispanic voters. one of the things we'll watch through the mid-terms and into the presidential election is the movement in hispanic and black voters in this country. they have been treated like hispanic and black voters when they're americans. they care about the same things that the rest of america cares about. and that's why they are drifting to people who are standing up for things like education, school choice. we watched the florida race back when desantis ran. really hinged on school choice and black voters in florida. so there is a movement going on in this country and it is gravitating towards people who care about things like law enforcement. we watched the blm movement. inner cities want their families to mraik it past the
7:48 am
age of 21. we lost 18 kids under the age of 18 in 2021 in new york city and so this is where people's concerns are. and you need to meet the moment as the president. you can't say this is my agnd and the things i want to check off as i go through. stuff happens. when the stuff happens you have to accept it and face it and treat it like a ceo and leader saying this is what we've got and what we'll grapple with. >> bill: i would add one more point. his best chance of good news at the moment is if putin doesn't go into ukraine clearly. >> dana: based on your last segment i don't know where that's headed. >> bill: i think the other best opportunity is covid frankly. here in new york it was reported two days ago that we've had 40% decrease in new york of omicron cases. if omicron is 90% of the virus throughout the country now that portends what the line will be for the rest of the country
7:49 am
very soon. late march, early april we might get a handle on it. >> i've been saying that since mother's day of 2020. i have been proven wrong. what they need to do is say these are the different variants we look at around the country and the things we're doing to be ready for them and might need to have in our back pocket should they come here. covid at some point is going to be something that is a good story for this president over the course of the next several years. >> bill: see you at 3:00. >> 3:00 to 5:00 today covering the news conference before and after. >> bill: starting at 3:00 eastern time kicking off coverage leading into the news conference with martha and others said to begin at 4:00 and we'll be there for all of it. stay tuned on fox. >> dana: and man's best friends are getting in the game to help fight covid.
7:50 am
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>> harris: president biden had better prep up. it's been months since he did a formal news conference by himself and he may find it difficult to dodge the questions coming on the pandemic, our kids staying if schools, inflation, his failed progressive legislation plus two more house democrats headed for the door. that's 28 total now. maybe they see the drag president biden's basement polling has on other dems. jason chaffetz republican congressman michael waltz. >> while omicron cases begin to plateau expert models are warning people may die. 1700 covid deaths a day down
7:56 am
from the peak of 3300 per day in january of 2021. >> dana: still a lot, right? everybody who dies nine people grieve. it has a lot of psychological impact on people as well that kind of grief. we hopefully see light at the end of the tunnel with omicron variant. looks like it has maybe peaked on the east coast and getting better. all right. university of miami is training dogs. teaching them to track the scent covid virus leave behind. molly line has the details on that. hi, molly. >> good girl. >> new dogs can sniff things but i didn't expect anything like this. the latest effort to sniff out covid-19 and prevent an outbreak is some of the most tried and true methods, training dogs to track down the scent the virus leaves behind.
7:57 am
these 14-month-old labs were called to duty in december 2021 and have had their paws on the ground sniffing for covid in the three facilities by the school district. >> if they hit the positive location the canine will sit and indicate and they will be rewarded by their handler giving the community a feeling of a little more security and they won't bring home covid because they are pro-actively looking to sanitize where those things might prop up. >> at east fair haven elementary we saw firsthand the dogs detecting the scent of covid in eight areas in the cafeteria. >> they indicated a particular students had been sitting. as a result of that we did contact the parent and told him the dog indicated an area your child has been today.
7:58 am
>> the dogs are hi-tech. >> this is the provost, an accomplished forensic chemist to helped develop the school's canine program. >> the fact they can screen so many people in a short period of time is a very cost effective tool that could be utilized. >> the pandemic may be entering its third year but these programs are helping to mitigate the risk. the dog's handler says he is happy to be part of the efforts in bristol county. >> i have two kids. i think of them when i go into a school we're coming in and making a difference. >> i feel good having the dogs here in case there is covid in the school it will be a lot more safer. >> molly line, fox news. >> dana: molly line's great report. a good assignment to get if you have to do a package. you want to go to the dogs, bill. >> bill: keep them safe that's
7:59 am
right. bwg. before we go. you first. >> dana: check out this deer defying gravity in india. the spotted deer leaps over a dirt road. check this out. talk about air jordan. almost never ends. you think how are those skinny lands, will he be okay? i heard they will recruit him. >> bill: they can leap eight foot. that's nothing there. want to see it one more time in slow motion? this deer is probably what, a year old? not going to catch me no way. >> dana: looks like he is having fun, too. >> bill: no way is percy going to get me. a russian kitten the biggest in the world. a 28 pound maine coon. he is only two. some maine coons keep growing until they are 4. most people mistake him for a dog. look at that. >> dana: how can you mistake
8:00 am
him for a dog? it seems unreal and photo shopped. i recommend we ask johnny who is jesse water's assistant. he did an investigation and called russia, got the lady on the phone and the bear was real. go for it, johnny. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we'll begin with a fox news alert. no more laying low in delaware. president biden is set to hold his first formal news conference in many months. it comes on the eve of one year in office for him. i'm harris faulkner, you are in "the faulkner focus". the press will finally get a chance to put biden in the hot seat. let's see what they do. here is the list of where they could start. tough questions on high record inflation. biden's legislative failures which is disappointing progressives


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