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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 19, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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you just can't stop banking. >> harris: we are moving forward to the point where president biden is expected to face off against the white house press corps in the second solo news conference of his presidency. it's been almost a year, exactly tomorrow. with inflation at a 40 year high, his approval rating lower than ever and his administration struggling to manage multiple crises. today's news conference will be interesting to watch if, if they are asking the kinds of questions americans want to know the answers to. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner.
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here today kayleigh mcenany and emily compagno, fox business' dagen mcdowell is in the house and in the center seat, joe concha, fox news contributor and media columnist for the hill. the last time president biden held a solo white house news conference was nearly a year ago. at that lecter, democrats are hoping he can turn the page now from the parties setbacks of the white house reportedly considered a new communications strategy. they are going to do a reset. president biden has given fewer than half as many news conferences as any modern president at this point in their term. president biden's three immediate predecessors all held double digit news conferences by this point in their terms. joe, i am coming to you first. >> as you noted he hasn't held a solo press conference at the white house nearly 300 days. as a dad, i can tell you that's enough to carry a baby to full term and take a month off to
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enjoy the moment. this will be as big a test. got to put it in context. this will be a as big a test for the white house press corps as mr. biden. you have a president at 33% approval, 28% approval among hispanics. one in four independent support him. build back better is dead. voting rights which should be called the federalization and overhaul of elections also pushing daisies. there's plenty of discontent that goes beyond conservatives and republicans. mr. president, more than 2.3 million people have cross over the southern border since you took office. that's a most two and half times the total population of your home state of delaware. get to visit the border. yet, fentanyl is coming into this country in record numbers primarily from central america. it is now the leading killer of those living in this country for those between the ages of 18 and 49. worthen covid, more than suicide. what are you doing? what is your vice president doing to address the border
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crisis in the fentanyl crisis killing somebody relatively relatively young americans. i would kick it off with that and then leave it here. why is it harder to vote in your home state of delaware or harder for senate majority leader's home state of new york in terms of voting there than it is in georgia which you have dubbed jim crow 2.0. why is georgia worse when comparing those states? we need reporters to get specific and we need them to pass their own test in terms of accountability and scrutiny. i guess were going to find out if they pass that tested about four hours from now. >> harris: we know that the previous white house was given that testament every time you guys walked up to the lectern. this is a president who rarely alone has taken a lot of questions. >> kayleigh: it will be incredibly interesting. as a press secretary and as a president prism ugly, i assume the president pays attention to the news. anytime you have a big event like this. this is only the second solo
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press conference for president biden in the white house. you wake up and you survey the headlines. joe just walked us through some of the crises but the problems for this administration is when the media starts to notice. look at the headlines president biden and jen psaki woke up to. gallup: biden, your one approval ratings subpar extremely polarized. the hill. "the washington post." the long slide inside biden's declining popularity as he struggles with multiple crises. politico saying poll numbers are underwater, agenda has stalled, inflation soaring. that is a press secretary and president are not the headlines you want to wake up to. the real question is whether the media, harris, will stand up and ask the questions. their four journalists in that room i know to be good journalists. among them are peter doocy of course. philip wegmann, great journalist. there are some good reporters in there. will they be called on?
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will they be called on? or will jen psaki give joe biden the list of people to question him and those four names are missing. i know those journalists will hold him accountable. >> harris: can i ask you a quick follow-up, kayleigh. i'm curious. did you ever pass out or read given a list. did you know exactly who's going to ask what's in the room? you knew who would be fair. i totally get that. i've been in those instances with you and interviewed the president. i don't ever remember having that kind of information given to your team. but that's what we have seen. when jen psaki says it depends on what you ask if the president's clinic taker question. is he getting the questions in advance. it's a fair question. >> kayleigh: it is a fair question if they are getting questions in advance. reporters weren't giving me questions for president trump in advance. maybe one or two reporters would say this is what i'm interested
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in, this is what i want to ask the president but no, i didn't have a list of every question. i know the reporters in the room. mr. president, maybe don't call on this reporter. president trump, if i told him not to. he would -- it would be the first reported that he called on. emily, i want you to take a look at these numbers. when you look at the solo news conferences in the white house, bush had four. obama had five. trump had one conference in the white house. biden so far one. when you look at the numbers of press conferences with foreign leaders and whatnot, biden has done far fewer than his predecessors. it only comes, by the way, after the white house correspondents association president called him out. steve was very strong saying eisenhower, who championed democracy versus totalitarianism and communism, built the interstates and sent troops. holding news conferences two times a month.
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the historical record of a presidency requires more than fleeting q&a. he said that on january 9 and then we get the announcement of a press conference a few days later so my point is it only came after really begging from the press and the president of waca that we got this press conference. >> emily: his point is important to underline him we have a facsimile of a president there in the white house. we have a shell, of vestal, someone occupying the position that certainly has in no way communicated any type of dedication to the american public certainly not the realm of communication and transparency which by the way are pretty much the only two things we have to go on right. other than leadership which clearly is missing too. i would like to also discussing something you touched on. when a reporter would say, we are interested in discussing the seven border, it was because they wanted to ensure that you could bring all the information. it was for the purpose of ensuring that they were as educated as possible to ensure the highest volume of
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information transfer possible. here are with this white house, the asking of the questions, knowing in advance, knowing who and what to call on is because of this spin. the media spend is what we continue to enjoy as an american public including this week when joe lockhart on cnn complained that the press is treating biden unfairly he said, with the same snark that trump deserved, his words. he said there ought to have been a dividend for "restoring truth and decency to the white house." i can't believe the press is treating this president with the same snark. if this is what he deems unfair, i have no idea what training this president with courteous criticism, will that would do to his charts and then he said jen psaki is blessing us with the truth every day he said and yet you don't see her on air. therefore ensuring media was about entertainment and not information transfer but last time i checked this network has
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her every time she carries a live press conference so at least here we are committed to facts, the truth, transparency. however the white house seems to not be. >> kayleigh: right. dagen, it's my view that the press should reflect the mood of the people. when this first press conference happened with president biden, he was very popular. immigration wasn't really a crisis at that point. the american people have said we have had enough of joe biden. a poll out today from politico that a majority disagreed that biden is energetic, strong leader, keeps his promises. ace capable of leaving the country when this is how the american people feel it is incumbent on a press to ask tough questions. do you think we'll get that? >> dagen: yes because they are narcissists. being a sycophant to a president who is this profoundly unpopular. it would be bad look if the
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press bowed down and genuflect in front of this president and don't ask hard questions. and to that note, there are two things, the substance there will be important and the performance. the substance is just ask the president, this is a bad year, who are you going to fire? should ron klain go? he clearly vetted that speech that you gave down in georgia and even dick durbin, not so suddenly said it went a little too far and i was surprised that dick durbin knew where that line was. is it one of many cabinet secretaries who need to hit the beach so to speak? i can go through list but health and human services, disaster on covid. mayorkas on the border, cardona's targeting parents, failing children on education. or jennifer granholm who didn't even know how much oil the united states consumed when talking about the strategic
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petroleum reserves. oil prices at a seven-year high on the performance watch biden to see if he is cogent, to see if he has a biden moment or moments, if you make sense. does he lose his train of thought? does joe biden today have that kind of moment where if he was your grandfather, you get the family together and talk about taking his car keys away. >> kayleigh: exactly right. we don't take every white house briefing that we will certainly be taking president biden's briefing today and make sure to tune in to fox news live coverage of president biden's second solo white house news conference. you will not want to miss it. our coverage kicks off at 4:00 p.m. eastern time with martha maccallum. all right, coming up the l.a.p.d. desperately searching for the suspect in that fatal stabbing of 24-year-old grad student brianna kupfer. police say he should be armed
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>> emily: manhunt is underway for the suspect of 24-year-old ucla grad student brianna kupfer. los angeles police are searching for 31-year-old sean laval smith, a career criminal with dozens of arrests dating back to 2010. he was out on a $1,000 bail for a misdemeanor charge at the time. police are telling the public not to approach smith who they say should be considered armed and dangerous. dagen, police solved more homicides last year than they did in the five years prior. because the homicide rate has skyrocketed throughout the
9:17 am
country, the clearance rate technically declined. at one point, how many more people have to die, how many more young people have to be stabbed to death before this country will wake up? >> dagen: i hope this begins to turn it around, what you are seeing. every large city where the murder rate is skyrocketing. even here in new york city where these young people do not die in vain. that the families get justice in the form of prosecution and jail time. life sentences, if you will. these murderers are avoidable and hopefully society and the residents in these cities say no, enough. criminal justice with these liberal leaders and i mean governors and mayors in the district attorney's, criminal justice means justice for the criminals, not justice for the
9:18 am
victims. in the families. i look here in new york and i'll be brief but with alvin bragg, the new d.a. here in the new memo he put out, prosecutors or fling his office because he wants no jail. he said no prison sentences for many criminals, downgrade felonies to misdemeanors and nobody should spend more than 20 years in jail. prosecutors are fleeing. madeleine brame is the mother of a murder victim, a 35-year-old army vet stabbed to death and she went to the prosecutor because there has been so much turnover and said what's happening with my son's case? is my son's murder only going to go -- murder only going to go to prison for 20 years? she told "the new york post" she's feeling tortured, stressed out and frustrated, knowing these people are only going to get 20 years. listen to these grieving relatives.
9:19 am
things will change. >> emily: you brought up prosecutors who have fled this approach. harris, last hour you had a conversation with the fraternal order of police national vice president and he talked about the district attorney's in place that won't do different. let's take a listen. >> when we talk about these horrific crimes that happened to that young girl like briand, breanna, we forget about the families. the families going to have to recover nobody stops to think about the things they have to go through. the worst part about it is the das who continue to push these policies that have caused so much pain and despair and trauma. they have no intention of changing whatsoever. >> harris: joe gamaldi making an impassioned plea to do exactly what dagen was talking about enough to look at the human toll and the country worked together on communicating where we are really hurting.
9:20 am
we cannot continue to lose people while parts of the country would hire das through their voice, their support who will appease the criminals and not take care of the victims' families. they literally want to do that. when you talk about, how does that happen. it takes messaging. they are effective in their messaging. i don't know what they think they are selling to people, some of them are buying it. it's dangerous for everybody. i know people say no, no, only if you live in chicago, new york or l.a. and san francisco. well yes. but crime has a weird way of being disease like. once you as a society decide that the criminal gets more shine than the victims or their families, that spreads like wildfire. it's a problem. it may be a petty crime one day
9:21 am
but it eats at the sole of society. the fraternal order of police want the das to handle it. the cops are getting crushed, they are re-arresting the same people. emily, i'm speaking your language now, you know. >> emily: the recidivist rate is horrifying and it's predictable. we see these patterns every day. someone out on reduced bail, someone out on a crime reclassified from felony to misdemeanor and there are multiple arrests. records that go far back for decades in multiple states, this is predictable and yet the pattern continues. >> kayleigh: yeah, if i could pick up on something that harris said and i think maybe you could provide our audience with a little wisdom on this front. the question is how does this happen? we do it every day on "outnumbered." the alleged killer in the christmas parade incident, the guy is out on bail. guys aren't on bail.
9:22 am
assault with the deadly weapon, salt on a police officer, trespassing, possession of a stolen vehicle. this alleged murder of brianna kupfer, how does it happen? it's amazing. >> emily: criminal justice or the concept of such is the chain and it requires that every link is interconnected and supportive and every link does its job. an arrest is worthless without a consequence, without prosecution. oh prosecution is worthless without the deterrent incarceration, penalty. the incarceration is worthless without post incarceration programs. when no one is doing their job, law enforcement doesn't have the support. das aren't prosecuting. then everything breaks down and that's why we get the totality of circumstances that leads to an utter lack of justice and an utter presence of violence. >> joe: you read this report and you see the suspect was
9:23 am
released on $1,000 bail. it merely brings you back to waukesha was content of a man with a rap sheet also 10 miles long released on $1,000 bail after trying to run over the mother of his children. what does he do? he runs over more children, grandmothers, killing them with the christmas parade, injuring dozens of others. you can flood the zone with as many police as you like but what happens when the charges are filed is equally or more important because when a career criminal are given a second chance were a 17th chance, they are going to become more brazen and more dangerous. without any consequences, why not act that way? we are in real trouble here. 2021 is bad. 2022 may be worse if that's possible. >> emily: coming up, message boards and social media accounts have become forums to mock the deaths of the unvaccinated. it has gotten so bad that some families are hiding how their loved ones have passed. that story next.
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>> harris: in the early days of the pandemic families receive sympathy following the death of a loved one from covid. there was a shared morning for the lives lost too soon. but that was before the vaccine and before covid deaths became politicized. some people are hiding how they're unvaccinated loved ones died of covid. the atlantic puts it this way. the compassion extended to the viruses victims is no longer universal. sometimes in place of condolences, loved ones receive scorn. vitriol. it doesn't come just from familiar names but also from strangers, websites, message boards on social media accounts propped up as forums to insult the unvaccinated dead. they scour social media pages for what they call covidiots and screen shots screenshots their photos and posts.
9:29 am
one rated page gives out awards to those who refuse vaccine and then die. you emily, i mentioned about how our souls are being scratched as a society and how we are being damaged, this is the same sort of thing that damages us to the core whether we want to admit it or not. you don't get another soul. there's not another one coming behind you. this hurts. >> emily: not her lack of grace and so disheartening for the soul of society, as you mentioned earlier, the there is one per person. i just think it's another symptom of this sad, sick state of our society especially in the social media arena because that is where that toxicity really festers and filaments. that's not how we talk to each other in real life. that's not what people say to each other face-to-face and i find it's an interesting juxtaposition as we know the recent first successful pig heart transplant recipient, he'd
9:30 am
been convicted in 1988 of a stabbing that left another man paralyzed within died a shortened death, at 41. people are questioning, okay, this is someone with a criminal history and the resounding response was medicine is blind. medicine makes no judgment. we treat the obese the same as we do the anorexic. everyone, zero judgment. for some reason here with this there's an utter lack of compassion, utter lack of understanding that that rule should apply across the board. >> harris: but they are not treating everyone the same, kayleigh. just last week we had a discussion about prioritizing people of a certain skin color or ethnicity. how about priorities link obesity? it is the number one comorbidity for covid and yet they were passing out doughnuts with vaccines at the beginning of the vaccination. i don't understand. >> kayleigh: how about we treat people when they have covid when they come to the hospital and not try to draw lines between people. we have lost, it's so much
9:31 am
bigger than vaccinated or unvaccinated. we have lost total sight of compassion. we have lost total side of human dignity. i'm sick of when someone dies not just recognizing loss of life that people ignoring certain stories because it doesn't that their political agenda where their opinions. the deaths of police officers. we don't ignore it here on "outnumbered" or a lot of people do. young children in these democrat cities. when someone loses their life, if we had the human dignity to say i agree with you. i agree with your family. no matter the circumstances. i grieve with you. i grieve with you. i agree with your family. society is so far from the place we need to be where we recognize human life and the loss of human life. >> harris: dagen, you're one of my go-to people of her prayer and support, i think you know that. we try to do that in fox for each other. it's one of the things that makes this place special.
9:32 am
>> dagen: i'm going to hold my tongue then. i have things to say about some of the people who are vilified, the unvaccinated. i will quote charlie hurt. i can pray the wards off a toad. joe biden left away -- lead the way by vilifying the unvaccinated. he sent -- he said that the vaccinated have every right to be angry at the unvaccinated. with oma krahn, it's the vaccinated were catching, attracting and spreading the omicron variants. i speak from personal extremes. i caught it. you have the likes of don lemon but today you have the artist formerly known as howard stern. this is a vile clatter egg.
9:33 am
you think -- he said if it was up to me anyone unvaccinated would not be admitted to hospital. if it was up to him, they would go home and die. >> harris: is that for children? if you're under the age of five, you can't be vaccinated. who is the venom pointed at? it's really a human question now. so you mention don lemon. let's get to him. don lemon said unvaccinated people shouldn't be part of polite society and are idiots. >> joe: it's amazing that don lemon is attacking some of the black community. marketwatch reports across 42 states covered by the cdc 60% of white and hispanic people have gotten at least one covid-19 vaccine dose as of january 10th. still higher than the rate for black people which is six points
9:34 am
lower. 54%. that's quite a way to talk about the black community if you are don lemon. to mock people for doing their own research which is something else he said, i would imagine for many it entails talking to their own doctor which is a good idea based on their own medical conditions and history. that ain't a bad thing. particularly when there is so much mixed messaging from the cdc to the point where the cdc director, rochelle walensky, she is getting media training now to improve her messaging because it has been so convoluted. it has been clear as mud. the big p.r. firm, edelman, they released their annual trust barometer and one focused on media. 67% of those polled answered yes when they were asked if they think journalists are "purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations." don lemon's photo should be included in that study right next to it. >> harris: all right, we will move on.
9:35 am
coming up, stephen colbert makes misogynist comments about a sitting senator. he's not the first. so far there has been no outcry. wonder why. she's a democrat, by the way.
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9:40 am
down with johnny carson. is that supposed to be a comedy? have you seen the promos for colbert these days? join us tonight as elizabeth warren stops by. that sounds hilarious. or bernie sanders is in the house. >> harris: ripped from the headlines type guy. i don't know. it's been a while since i have seen the show. >> joe: look, i would say harassing kyrsten sinema in a bathroom isn't going to change her mind on the filibuster. we saw that in arizona. people saying that she and senator manchin are the type of people martin luther king opposed. that they are sticking with the principles on the filibuster, that's their crime? there have been very consistent. these attacks from myopic clowns like stephen colbert were only strengthen their resolve. you're not missing anything when you don't tune into colbert. it's like watching an extension of cnn except you have a live studio audience clapping like
9:41 am
seals at what is supposed to be a punch line and you get to see a bunch of democratic politicians tout whatever they are touting. it's exciting stuff. >> harris: colbert is getting knocked today for basically going down the line of body shaving. comments about what she was wearing and what she looked like to him. what do you make of it? >> kayleigh: i think it's misogyny at its worst. i agree with stephen miller who tweeted "this isn't comedy anymore. it's group therapy for libs." i think it's misogyny. here's why. the "snl" portrayal of kyrsten sinema, they called her a direct quote "a wine drinking bisexual triathlete." that was a quote that came out of her mouth, have you seen these deeply personal attacks on manchin for his appearance, his
9:42 am
predilection for a certain drink? no, you have not. it's only sinema and i believe that because she's a woman. >> harris: haven't seen them follow him into the bathroom. usually at this show of four strong women every day, we don't go the isle of who is a victim in all of that but look at this video. can you imagine someone following senator joe manchin or any other man into a bathroom like this? i can't imagine that. emily. >> emily: right. i gently disagree with kayleigh only to say i think it's not misogyny. it was in an at comedy. it's because she is an approved target. kyrsten sinema is an approved target because the president put a target on her back. pelosi put a target on her back. other leading democrat members put targets on her back because there were 45 other democratic senators that filibustered in response to the attempt by the
9:43 am
republican senators to sanction the russian pipeline. remember that? this was a couple days ago. it was okay for him to mock and that disgusting manner sinema and manchin because they are the ones that are the approved, what was that movie with the kids on the island, the pink one? lord of the flies. >> harris: you are so smart, emily. even when you do a metaphor, wait, gosh, i don't think she is talking disney. dagen, take us home. >> dagen: stephen colbert deserves all the disdain he gets and the revulsion people feel toward him. he's not a comedian. he hasn't been a comedian forever. he's not funny. look at the joke about kyrsten sinema. it's not funny because -- i am a mcdonald's expert. she doesn't look like the
9:44 am
hamburglar. the show belongs on msnbc. he is so painfully unfunny. the dancing vaccines. if you watch his show, you literally have to go and watch hours of rodney dangerfield stand. or listen to jimmy failla for hours or binge watch gutfeld. >> harris: we migrated from joe etsy and into you, >> dagen: and msnbc for where stephen colbert can go work. coming out, denzel washington the latest have a way to speak out on the focus on diversity. just look at him for his merits. look at us for our merits. when he had to say next.
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> kayleigh: biden's big press conference coming up. we are here as we await the president. as russia on the verge of invading ukraine? morgan ortagus weighs in on
9:49 am
whether putin is waging war on europe. and responding to crime raging out of control in american cities. caitlyn jenner also our guest today as we await a decision by the ncaa on college sports. join john and me as "america reports" top of the hour. >> kayleigh: oscar-winner denzel washington says he's tired of the focus of diversity in hollywood. the actor told an nbc roundtable "you know in my humble opinion we ought to be a place where diversity shouldn't even be mentioned like it is something special. these young kids, black, white, blue-green or whatever they are highly talented and qualified so that's why they're there." harris, he has a really interesting point. what are your thoughts? >> harris: it's the truth. plain and simple, he's right about that. it is the parked in each of us that makes us special that we can't touch and that's what's
9:50 am
inside and that's what he's talking about. you bring it forth as an actor, i would imagine. i don't do his job. his job is specialized enough without everyone having to point to it but the other part of it and i'm sure you can speak to this, how we would doesn't congratulate us as people of color. at the awards show, one or two people of color and they get a mention but all the awards go elsewhere then after the diverse crowd complains. i don't know that they are getting that much out of it from hollywood making money off of them because that's what they are doing. we have such and such in the film and there's all this diversity but then when it comes to awards season, we don't see all of that. >> joe: we really don't, do we? denzel washington is a national treasure. if you haven't seen "training day" or "crimson tide." rent those two movies. go to blockbuster and rent them. i'm nostalgic. still talking about blockbuster.
9:51 am
winning a role or an award based on performance, based on talent instead of race, wouldn't that be something? i will leave it here. it shows you how people look at hollywood 25 years ago compared to now. the 1997 oscars saw 57 million people tune in. do you know how many people tuned in last year? less than 10 million. >> harris: and we were all locked in our houses. we were all locked in our houses and the numbers still fell. >> joe: that's the thing. tell me about cord cutting all you want but that's 47 million people. people like denzel washington should be cherished, and he's right. you win an award, it's got to be based on performance and how you did and nothing to do with your skin color. >> kayleigh: emily, he should be cherished. i'm a huge denzel washington fan, even more so recently. he gave an interview to "the new york times" where he talked and this is rare, i would say, for many in hollywood.
9:52 am
he talked very candidly about his faith and very personally. we got insight into who denzel washington's. >> emily: he gave an interview to "the new york times" and he said "i am a god-fearing man." i try not to worry. fear is contaminated faith. it's spiritual warfare he said, not looking at it from an earthly perspective. if you don't have a spiritual anchor you'll be easily blown by the wind and you'll be led to depression. what i find so amusing about about that is first of all illusion to the fact that it's absolute truth, absolute thoughtful into your point he's a wonderful man and that's why i think we respect everything that he sounds because he is so amazing. so there is that but also that he was fearless in saying that in hollywood. oscars so why eat in this progressive liberal donner partiesque way of living. if you think differently, you will be excommunicated. he was unafraid to talk with his faith, his principles.
9:53 am
and talk about the canceled culture and the lack of performance -- the performative nature of this commitment to diversity that hollywood has. that's why we are listening. i also think that the reason in part that his voice matters so much is because he's had such an amazing career. he is such an amazing individual so he has had freedom to do so. do your points, it would be wonderful people who were younger sooner earlier were able to stand up for themselves and speak the truth as well. >> kayleigh: totally. another teaser for our next segment, he shared scripture and gave some admissions about social media and being lovers ourselves and he said the number one photograph today is as healthy. that's a tease for our next segment. up next, what would you do if your car was sinking into an icy river? this woman's answer seems to be "take a selfie."
9:54 am
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plan from a company like humana just might be the answer. of ourselves of course, but a canadian woman is raising abrows after appearing to take one while standing on top of her car as it sank into a river of ice just before being rescued. joe, show us your best selfie fail and i hope it's not on top of a sinking car. >> well, no, of course not. i barely take selfies, i'm kind of anti-selfie unless my daughters ask me to, but i'm doing this serious hit on the fox news channel and it's thanksgiving and the pillsbury dough boy is photo bombing me. >> amazing. that's a fantastic photo bomb. >> i keep this photo on my phone
9:59 am
because i look like, like -- >> you are gorgeous. >> no, i just went out running and taken like a while ago, and plus i hate the way i look, so one photo of myself on my phone. >> and you are in such great shape. i run vicariously through you. >> kayleigh, up next. >> selfie fail, with my daughter, tampa bay lightning game and i'm not sure if she's batting me away with her fork, trying to feed me, i don't know what was going on, but very clearly caused mommy to have a selfie fail. >> mom, you are in my light. >> exactly. >> harris, up next. >> my 15-year-old turned 15 in december and she said mom and dad, we are at a huge climbing complex, that's what my kids are into, in new jersey, and said can you stay outside the door for a moment. but we really wanted to be inside, they have the picture,
10:00 am
so, yeah, so my husband and i sneaked in there, and put on -- but we are not supposed to be in that room because we are embarrassing the heck out of her. she's at school so she will not see this. >> clandestine shot. love that. >> totally mortified, i'm in the middle of falling. >> thanks, j every one for watching, and now here is "america reports." thank god. >> john: that is quite a pair of boots. fox news alert to kick off "america reports." manhunt for the homeless man of killing a ucla grad student intensifies, please warn the public he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> sandra: and learning the suspect has a long criminal rap sheet that spans both coasts and includes assaulting a police officer. a lot more from los angeles coming up.


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