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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 19, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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so, yeah, so my husband and i sneaked in there, and put on -- but we are not supposed to be in that room because we are embarrassing the heck out of her. she's at school so she will not see this. >> clandestine shot. love that. >> totally mortified, i'm in the middle of falling. >> thanks, j every one for watching, and now here is "america reports." thank god. >> john: that is quite a pair of boots. fox news alert to kick off "america reports." manhunt for the homeless man of killing a ucla grad student intensifies, please warn the public he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> sandra: and learning the suspect has a long criminal rap sheet that spans both coasts and includes assaulting a police officer. a lot more from los angeles coming up. >> president biden's anticipated
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news conference a year after his inauguration. sandra, we made it to wednesday. >> sandra: highly anticipated may be an understatement. marks only the tenth time the president will take questions from reporters since taking office. numbers lagging far behind his predecessors the same point in their presidencies. >> john: the administration talking about the schools and at home tests and vaccination effort. but much rings hollow with americans. >> sandra: fox team coverage kicks off now. mark, we'll get to him in a moment but begin with jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn for us, things are about to get going, jacqui. so, have we heard anything about what we can expect to hear from the president this afternoon? >> hey, sandra.
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yes, no real answers on how many questions the president is going to take or who he is going to call on, but plenty of anticipation here at the white house. the president is going to take questions amid deepening democrat angst over his inability to deliver on some key promises with some democrats even calling for a re-set ahead of the midterms. there is talk among moderates about breaking up build back better to get some things passed, modest election laws could be the only game in town when it comes to the broader hopes on voting rights, to the dismay of progressives and nuke the filibuster, and log some kind of movement on police reform which died in congress months ago. but according to the white house, the biggest pit fall has been on messaging, and effectively selling what this president has accomplished. >> i would say, you'll probably hear from the president this afternoon, is that he intends to really take his case to the american people over the course of this year.
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he will be out in the country talking about how the things he's proposed are going to make a difference in people's lives and people are going to hear from him directly on that across the course of 2022. >> there's no denying the white house is haunted by losses over legislation, supreme court battles, record inflation, supply chain issues, escalating foreign policy challenges, crime, surging covid cases, and senate teeing up a doomed vote on the bill they have made a priority. >> worst inflation in 40 years, seemingly endless pandemic, soaring homicides, a border crisis, and russia flirting with war in europe. instead they have been consumed by a fake panic over election laws that seems to exist only in their own imaginations.
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>> and sources tell me there is a reason why democrats are continuing to sink all this political capital into a losing battle. for one, they hope that the focus on voting will drive people to the polls ahead of the midterms. sandra. >> sandra: jacqui heinrich, we'll see you again in a bit. john. >> john: let's bring in mark, a washington post columnnist, former speech writer, president biden will try to hit the re-set button after a terrible no good bad week and year was not a whole lot better. other than the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed on a bipartisan basis because it was negotiated between republicans and democrats in the senate, what other successes does president biden have to point to? >> he has a few. he has -- he had a record, increased support for taiwan, a security agreement with australia and the u.k. to contain china, did a pretty good
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job of pushing out the vaccines, both at home and abroad, so had a few accomplishments. but those pale in comparison to the negatives. this is the worst first year of any president in my lifetime. 40-year high inflation, supply chain crisis, labor shortage, 10 million unfilled jobs. you had 1.9 trillion covid relief bill yet short on tests and treatments. schools are closing again. kids have a 5 to 6-month gap in math and reading, and mental health crisis. he weaponized the fbi to go against parents, crime waves, 12 major cities broke murder records this year, doubled the amount of fentanyl over the border, double overdose deaths, withdrawal from afghanistan was the worst calamity in my lifetime, and now on the knife's edge of a land war in europe and a year ago today he promised to
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unite the american people, put his whole soul into unity, and just last week gave a speech calling half the country segregationists and racists, so it's literally the worst first year of any president i can remember in all my years in washington. >> john: we wanted to know what voters thought of all this, so we took to the streets to finds out what they think. listen here. >> 99. >> i have no idea what he's doing. >> 5. >> i think he's doing a much better job than the former president. >> who shall not be named. >> if you like inflation, you like illegal criminals across the border? minus 10. >> his policies don't have that much effect. >> one woman a nine, and another gave him minus ten, it's a mixed bag and reflects the mood of the electorate. >> the woman who gave him a nine is the outlyer.
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he is now at 42% on the politics average ten points underwater, 30-points, from 20 points above water to 30 points below water, the majority of americans say he's not competent, not physically or mentally up to the job or doing a worse jonathan expected and a poll, two-thirds of americans say he should not run for re-election. that's a pretty damning polling result on the first year of his presidency. >> john: one of the best ways, mark, to grade the president on the score card, roll the clock back and look at campaign promises and then one word answers whether he's made good. rerack the tape, the campaign promises. >> if i were president today, the country would be safer, and seeing a lot less violence. think college education, four
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years of college. you'll see your standard of living go up and your costs go down. i will stand up to china's trade abuses and i will invest in the american worker. i'm not going to shut down the economy, i'm not going to shut down the country, i'm going to shut down the virus. >> john: mark, one-word answers. did he make good on the promise we would be safer? >> no. >> john: four years of free college education? >> no. >> john: standard of living rising, costs going down? yes or no. >> no. >> john: stand up to china and invest in the american worker. >> a little bit. >> john: a little bit, all right. and not going to shut down the economy, going to shut down the virus, yes or no. >> didn't shut down the virus, nope. >> john: the economy was not particularly shut down either, or at least completely, so -- all right. there we have the grading of the campaign promises versus reality. mark, as always, good to see
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you, thank you for kicking us off today. >> good to be with you, thanks. >> sandra: that news conference beginning at 4:00 p.m. eastern time here on fox news channel, watch every minute of it. breaking news out of los angeles, police remain on the lookout for a homeless man accused of murdering that 24-year-old ucla grad student, the suspect, 31-year-old shawn laval smith, a long criminal rap sheet and chilling new details of the victim's final moments. authorities say she sent her friend a text message showing she was sensing something bad was about to happen, that was just before she was stabbed to death. jonathan is live in los angeles. what are we now learning about the suspect's movements? >> sandra, police say shawn laval smith left the store via a back alley, leaving brianna kupfer dying, covered in blood,
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just 30 minutes later laval smith was seen on this video at a nearby 7-11, calmly walking in and out. he is believed to be homeless and long criminal record in several states. the most serious incident we have uncovered happening not here in california, but all the way across the country in south carolina where laval smith was charged with firing a weapon into a car where a man was sitting with his toddler son in 2019. he apparently left south carolina after being freed on bail there. now before and since brianna kupfer's murder there has been a lot of talk about prosecutors here in l.a. and obviously elsewhere being soft on crime and too soft on too many criminals like laval smith who are being put back on the streets. listen here. >> it's just heartbreaking and
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infuriating, and from prosecutors to police officers we are looking for a better day for sure. >> the lapd chief here says there needs to be a greater focus on dealing with the twin crises of homelessness and mental health. >> the fact of the matter is, is that over the weekend if an individual was suffering a mental health crisis, likely the only resource they had was 911 and a police officer or firefighter and that's wrong. >> shawn laval smith, meantime, is still out here somewhere. police believe he may be using public transport and they say quite clearly he is armed and very dangerous. sandra. >> sandra: jonathan, thank you. we will continue to stay on that, obviously, as the manhunt continues and john, another example, horrific example of cities dealing with this raging
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out of control crime. so much money has been thrown at the problem, but there is the obvious observation of the homeless problem, the mental health problem, and a very difficult situation to tackle this for so many great american cities. >> john: we found you are not safe if you are in a store, not safe at a burger king and not safe if you are in the subway platform. so, a lot to talk about with new york city councilman joe borelli, coming up in the next hour of "america reports" and we'll cover president biden's news conference at 4:00 this afternoon. martha mccallum will be on all of that. america's top diplomat urging russia to stay out of ukraine. >> i strongly, strongly hope that we can keep this on a diplomatic and peaceful path but ultimately that's going to be president putin's decision. >> john: putin showing no signs
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>> john: secretary of state antony blinken arriving in ukraine, as they say -- and benjamin hall is on the ground in ukraine. how is it looking there? >> well, you know, john, what we have been hearing today from the
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secretary is the same thing the last eight months, u.s. stands shoulder to shoulder with the ukraine, if russia were to invade there would be heavy sanctions to pay and still they believe a diplomatic solution to this. >> we have offered two paths to russia. a diplomatic path through dialogue, to try to resolve these differences peacefully, the other path if russia decides to renew aggression against ukraine is one of conflict and severe consequences. >> but while the u.s. keeps making threats, russia keeps escalating, seemingly unfazed, sending troops to belarus. now they say 127,000 troops along the border and the white house says they are ready to invade at any time. president zelensky thanked
10:19 am
president biden, but they want sanctions imposed now, not after they invade. they are crippling the economy because investors are fleeing. and despite being grateful for the military support, about $500 million in the fiscal year alone, they need more significant weaponry, air defense systems to truly defend themselves and the highlight of the trip will be friday, when secretary blinken goes to geneva, and a few days ago they said diplomacy was dead so interesting to see if anything can be agreed upon. the state department is setting the bar pretty low at the moment. maybe one side or the other will make a concession. >> john: ominous words for the russians. thanks. >> sandra: morgan ortega, former spokesperson under president trump. great to see you. a lot of anticipation as to what happens next with this. we had general keith kellogg on the program on friday. i asked him if he believes we
10:20 am
are on the verge of seeing vladimir putin invade ukraine, his answer was yes. so, is it only a matter of time, what do you see happening next? >> unfortunately that's what the intelligence shows. but sandra, i think that your reporter, correspondent hit the nail on the head, talked about how secretary blinken has prioritized words. a lot of tough rhetoric from the administration but unfortunately the biden administration prioritizes rhetoric over action. and i think that is the challenging situation here. there is constant threats about what we will do if russia invades, but there has not been any action to actually prevent them. why are we a year, over a year into this administration without providing offensive weaponry now to the ukrainians. why are we looking at things like belarus, for example, the state department did a great briefing on this yesterday. we are seeing russian anti-aircraft equipment and other weaponry potentially going
10:21 am
into belarus right now. the areas, countries surrounding ukraine and russia, they are all under threat. this is about more than just ukraine, and if this administration fails to stop with our allies right, they have prioritized from the beginning supposedly bringing the russians, excuse me, bringing the germans and the french on board, but if we are unable with our allies to stop this russian invasion, what good is the alliance at that point. >> sandra: there was a piece in the wall street journal, writing putin is waging war on europe. do you believe that's the case, i believe that's what i heard from you, this is about more than just ukraine. >> well, that is absolutely right. fantastic piece, by the way, you referenced, and what's mind boggling frustrating to see so many western european countries make themselves energy dependent on the russians.
10:22 am
listen, there has been a lot of talk about nord stream 2, we sanctioned it heavily, senator cruz has made this really a focal point of his foreign policy in the senate, and why are we harping on this? because i think it's mind boggling that the germans and others in western europe, to be fair, they are not helping themselves to relate to russia. they are making themselves energy dependent on russia, and you are seeing other eastern european countries that want to stand up to russia, nato divided, right. talking about prioritizing certain countries in nato and having conversations with the russias b'nai -- about nato, but sometimes it feels like we are doing it on our own. >> sandra: i'm sure you heard the secretary talking about they
10:23 am
could double the troops on ukraine's borders, warning of a short notice russian attack, more on what he said. >> it's not clear what russia's central demand is or is not, they put a number of things on the table. some of them are clearly absolute nonstarters like closing nato's door to new members. other things as i said, if it goes to actually, you know, enhancing everyone's security on a reciprocal basis there are things we made clear we can talk about. >> sandra: i don't know what you take away from that, he promises diplomatic solutions he says he has put on the table with russia, but then goes on to say it's not clear what russia's central demand is or not. what do you take away from that, and back to benjamin hall's point, we keep making threats but russia keeps escalating. tie that in the news conference
10:24 am
we are about to see with president biden this afternoon, and what does that say about the way putin views the current administration. >> epic foreign policy failure for the biden administration, no other way to look around it. biden and blinken sent wendy sherman, deputy secretary of state to try to solve this diplomatically, and that's the problem. this administration keeps saying oh, we want to solve this diplomatically, we want to talk through this. clearly the russians have no interest thus far unless we go to their incomprehensible demands, saying we will never allow ukraine, for example, in nato. i'm critical of the administration to give blinken points. i think it was great he went to ukraine, important to have that. i was there with secretary pompeo and secretary pompeo was there with injured ukrainian soldiers. one of the most special times, a
10:25 am
soldier pulled his strap, pulled a thing off of his uniform and gave it to secretary pompeo, and that spokes volumes about how the ukrainians are willing to fight for themselves. >> sandra: morgan, good -- >> the patch, i couldn't think of the word, the patch. >> sandra: thank you very much. >> john: chuck schumer still demonstrating the triumph of hope over experience on the filibuster. even as sinema and manchin remain firm nos on the plan. plus this. >> from day one i took the subway system. i felt unsafe. i saw homeless everywhere. people were yelling on the trains. it was a feeling of disorder. >> sandra: a big admission from new york city's new mayor saying the subway feels unsafe. even for him, a retired police officer. just days after a 40-year-old woman was shoved to her death in a times square station. joe borelli ahead on what the
10:26 am
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>> sandra: senate majority leader chuck schumer pushing forward with plans to change the filibuster customs to pass the voting rights bill, but likely blocked by at least two members of his own party. chad pergram, what can you tell us about those plans? >> i'm not hearing program. >> sandra: if you can hear me, you are live on the air. ok. we will try to get back to him quickly. i know he was going to throw to the sound of schumer on the senate floor. listen. >> senate democrats are under no illusion that we face an uphill fight, especially when virtually every republican has remained staunchly against every attempt to pass voting rights legislation. >> sandra: and you are looking
10:31 am
live at the senate floor. chad, i believe we have you backer hoo. take us through this. >> democrats plan to force the issue to change the filibuster to pass the voting rights bill but democrats need all members on board. they lack the support of senators kirsten sinema and joe manchin. >> as far as the filibuster goes, i've changed, things change, and one of the things that has changed in this body, we don't debate anymore. i'm for anything that will get people to the floor so we can debate the issues that are so important to the future of this country. >> republicans will filibuster the bill tonight. mitch mcconnell. >> he's trying to short circuit a debate he cannot win. this is the power grab the body was built to stop.
10:32 am
>> after tonight's vote expect a chasm to widen, the defendant will launch a full-throated attack on manchin and sinema. >> sandra: total pro, made it through it without an i.f.b. back to you. >> john: a little technical difficulties. prosecutors in manhattan charging the man of randomly shoving a woman to her death at a times square subway station with second-degree murder. crime surges in the city. eric adams is facing criticism for not doing enough to face violent crime after running as the law and order candidates. joe borelli, the mayor was criticized of a the horrific shoving death of michelle go when he said the subways are safe, people have the perception they are not safe and the other day he dramatically walked that back saying this, listen here. >> on day one i took the subway
10:33 am
system, i felt unsafe. homeless everywhere, people were yelling on the train. a feeling of disorder. >> he says a feeling of disorder, i did not feel safe on the subway and i'm thinking you are the mayor, do something about it. >> look, john, he's right to backtrack from his initial statement, and everything he said is factually accurate. the subways are both in fact and in perception a less safe than they were a few years ago. we have always had subway crime, we have to be clear about that. the difference is we tolerate it now. the subways are not to be homeless shelter, not mental institutions, not drug rehab centers but progressive dogma indicates it's a moral failure if we ask those people to not ride the subway or to remove them, not let them sleep there. unfortunately mayor adams has to drown out a lot of criticism from his own party, not from my party, but criticism from his own party, the democrats, and he has to put his head down, put
10:34 am
more cops on the subway station, and call out the people in his own party, like d.a. alvin bragg and the state legislature who passes things like bail reform, this way that our cops and his cops could work together to put people behind bars. >> john: i lived in new york city a number of years and took the subway all over, that's one of the miracles of new york, you can get anywhere in the city on the subway and for the most part i felt absolutely safe. this was a number of years ago. but when you talk about tolerating crime in the city and i know you don't mean it this way, but wondering, if people tolerate crime in the city. when you have a 40-year-old woman at 9:20 in the morning on a sunday shoved to her death in front of an r train at times square by a homeless man, how could you begin to tolerate that? >> no, and it's unfortunate, but this is sort of the long-term effect of the democratic party's
10:35 am
one-party control of a city. you know, liberals and progressives, all they do is talk about the people who are on the subway, who are the homeless, who are the mentally ill, always talking about how the treatment options are not there, how we need to keep cops from putting their hands on anyone who might threaten people, but in reality they have forgotten about the commuters, about the millions of new yorkers and visitors who rely on things like the new york subway every day. the party has to start prioritizing those people over the perpetrators. >> john: a common thread here, and that is homeless people, many of them mentally ill. shoving death of michelle go at the hands of the homeless person who is mentally ill. there is the beating death of sandra shells, a 70-year-old in los angeles beaten to death by a homeless woman, and then of course we had the horrible murder of brianna kupfer by a homeless person who was out on $50,000 bond, wanted for a crime in charleston, and you wonder
10:36 am
how is he walking the streets of los angeles? >> look, john, you make a great point. we sort of know who the people are causing a lot of these crimes on the subway. you don't have to be a social worker to figure out who is a threat and who is not. >> john: but what do you do about it? we have seen an explosion of homelessness in america. >> yeah, we have to first of all diagnose the issue with police officers, might be unsafe situations at the first outset, and also need to change our confinement laws. some people are a threat to themselves, some saw with the recent pushing threat to other people. we cannot allow and tolerate and allow it to go on in perpetuity. >> john: a lot of people have been looking over their shoulders on the subway. i did on occasion at certain times of the day but now you have to really watch where you are and stay away from that track before you get on a train. joe borelli, thanks so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> john: sandra, i'm sure you have taken the subway a lot too,
10:37 am
and there were times i would stand on the edge of the platform, never thinking somebody might shove me in the way of the train. i know it's happened in the past, but my goodness, this incident that occurred on sunday is terrifying. >> sandra: the temperature in new york right now, cover of the new york post, the fear, and a picture of the vigil in times square for michelle go, and a quote from mayor adams "we are going to make sure people feel safe." well, we want more than feeling safe. we want to be safe. >> john: what is it with him and perceptions or feelings. make it safe. >> sandra: we'll see if he's up for the task. a warning for those abroad as several international airlines are suspending flights to the u.s. over fears of the 5g technology rollout. a live report on this as it continues to escalate, john. >> john: plus the ncaa board set to debate the transgender policy after a biological male is
10:38 am
dominating women's swimming at the university of pennsylvania. caitlyn jenner on deck to weigh in on that coming up next.
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10:42 am
>> john: verizon and at&t delaying the launch of the 5g technology on some towers near major airports after ten airline executives said it could ground planes and cause chaos. some flights are being delayed from coming into the united states. we thought the f.a. an and f.c.c. would have worked this out by now. >> and now you have three companies cancelling some flights into the u.s. because of the clumsy rollout of the 5g technology. it was given space on the bandwidth for the signal and given the location of the space on its bandwidth it has the ability to potentially interfere with radio altimiters.
10:43 am
knowing the difference between the plane and the ground. but the f.a.a. did not work out all the kinks before the rollout of 5g, which is today. >> not an easy task by any means. so i can understand why the f.a. and the airlines are not ready for this. >> so both verizon and at&t agreed to hold back on some of the rollout by not turning on some of the towers near some airports, but were not happy about it. verizon wrote the federal aviation administration and our nation's airlines have not been fully able to resolve navigating 5g around airports, despite it being safe and fully operational in more than 40 countries. at&t stated we are incredibly disappointed that we are at this point, that the entire u.s. airline industry is facing major disruption as new wireless technology is activated. the two should be able to co-exist, and pardon me, that
10:44 am
should be a statement from the c.o.o. of american airlines, he wrote that in a memo to his employees. but one airline analyst tells fox the ability of 5g to interfere with the altimiter, is like the cell phone to interfere with the communications on the plane. it's not entirely clear but can spend a lot of money and disrupt a lot of travel trying to get to the bottom of it. >> john: the airlines are sparing no efforts in sounding the alarm. see where it goes from here. we'll be talking with kathleen banks, sandra, in the next hour, former airline pilot instructor as well as a commercial pilot. she has some thoughts about all of this. but again, they have known it's been coming for a long time. amazing they have to delay the rollout. >> emirates president saying the 5g fiasco, he's blaming pete buttigieg for doing nothing to
10:45 am
stop the chaos. ncaa gearing up to review the transgender athlete policies. this is expected to happen tomorrow as critics say current policies are not enough to ensure fairness. all of this as university of pennsylvania swimmer, lia thomas, biologically a male, igniting controversy over being allowed to compete and dominate on the women's team. let's bring in caitlyn jenner, former gubernatorial candidate for the state of california and also an olympic decathalon winner. >> sandra, my pleasure, a tough subject but my pleasure. >> sandra: what should the ncaa do with this tough decision? >> first of all, number one, biological boys, i've said from the beginning, should not be playing in women's sports. we need to protect women's sports. obviously this is about lia thomas who has brought a lot of
10:46 am
attention to this issue. first of all, i respect her decision to live her life authentically, 100%. but it also comes with responsibility and some integrity. i don't know why she's doing this. she's, for two reasons. one, it's not good for the trans community. i mean, we have a lot of issues in the trans community that are very difficult and very challenging. we have a suicide rate that's nine times higher than the general public. but it's also not good for women's sports. it's unfortunate that this is happening. i don't know why she's doing it. she knows when she's swimming she's beating the competition by two laps. she was born a biological boy. she was raised as a biological boy. her cardiovascular system is
10:47 am
bigger, her respiratory system is bigger, her hands are bigger, she can swim faster. that's a known. all of this woke world that we are living in right now is not working. i feel sorry for the other athletes that are out there, especially anybody she's competing against because in the woke world you have to say oh, my gosh, this is great, and on and on and on. no it's not. we need to protect women's sports and the ncaa needs to make the right decision tomorrow and i think that's probably to stop this right now, rethink it, texas yesterday on the 18th went into no more transgender athletes in the state of texas. you can only compete in what your original birth certificate said, not if you have had it changed.t the original birth certificate also. the i.o.c. is looking into these issues again, because they have
10:48 am
been doing this for a long time. they are looking at issues. it's a complicated subject, very difficult. >> sandra: and as many have written, almost an impossible decision to make to create a level playing field. you ask why she's doing it. obviously that is the center of all of this, why she's doing it. but she and others who support her say she's playing by the rules. competed on the men's team for three years before switching to the women's team in 2020, and she expects to compete at next month's ivy league championships and has qualified for the ncaa in march. a u-penn parent defending her in a way, listen. >> i feel she followed all the rules she's supposed to follow, she's done what she's supposed to do, i empathize with the other girls playing against her, you know, but you win some and you lose some and she has not
10:49 am
really broken any rules. >> sandra: your reaction. >> maybe the rules need to be a lot stricter on a subject like this. the international olympic committee has been looking at this issue for a long time. if you are mature enough, sandra, to remember back when i was competing, we had the east german women. we had the soviet women. i mean, when i did my last there was an east german discuss thrower and this girl was so much stronger than i was, you know, we were all wondering, male hormones, trying to control this. this issue has been around a long time. >> sandra: ten seconds, politics at the moment, biden's press conference this afternoon. what are your politics? a republican still?
10:50 am
>> yes, i'm not looking forward to even listening to it. i think it's going to be a scab. >> sandra: appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> good seeing you, sandra. >> john: virginia governor glenn youngkin lifting the mask mandate in schools but others say the omicron variant is still a concern. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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>> john: some in virginia are breathing a sigh of relief after governor glenn youngkin signed an executive mask mandates order making it a parent option. but pushback from some democrats' parents and even the academy of pediatricians. hi, mike. >> good afternoon, some parents of public school students in chesapeake, virginia have filed a lawsuit asking virginia supreme court to block governor glenn youngkin on masks. orders executive order number 2 sweeps aside mask mandates with little respect for c.d.c. guidance, actions taken by the general assembly or the powers vested in school boards. the family has had a fight against the mask mandates in
10:55 am
schools. noah has complained of frequent headaches and nose bleeds, made for a tense situation at school, but they are hopeful after the order giving parents a choice. >> it's been a really, really hard year and we are looking forward to a new day in virginia and leadership in town will help to push that forward. >> i'll come in from recess and i'm pulling out and like i don't want to say completely screamed at or yelled at but harshly like dealt with and sometimes yelled at, not very nice. >> all kinds of opinions. virginia chapter of the american academy of pediatrics strongly recommended school-aged children wear masks, we have a fight on our hands. >> john: it's not resolved any time soon. >> sandra: provided is set to
10:56 am
hold a formal news conference the first time in months as his agenda struggles to get off the ground as poll numbers drop. and kathleen banks, larry kudlow and kayleigh in a new hour, we'll be right back. ever won's doing on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. his girlfriend just caught the bouquet, so he's checking in on that ring fund. that photographer? he's looking for something a little more zen, so he's thinking, “i'll open a yoga studio.” and as for the father of the bride? he's checking to see if he's on track to do this all over again... and again. bank of america's digital tools are so impressive, you just can't stop banking. that's a pretty tight spot. watch this. of course your buick parks itself. that's so you. it's just up here on the right. of course you know where we're going. that's so you. i kinda got a sixth sense.
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with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. reports that supreme court justice neil gorsuch refused to wear a mask, reports lighting up the internet, nothing more than gossip. >> john: smearing a new consecutive justice broadcast by npr and cnn. fox is getting the information straight from the sources. justices gorsuch and justice sotomayor themselves.
11:01 am
>> sandra: they will tell you what they told shannon about the relationship on the bench. and immunocompromised. say it three times fast next time. >> john: got it. i'm john roberts in washington. big afternoon, sandra, we have shannon bream's new reporting after the news that is breaking right now. stay with us. fox news alert, and less than two hours until president biden will take questions from reporters, a rare news conference to mark his first full year in office. >> sandra: a year ago he was all smiles, joe biden bringing a long list of promises, but now nothing more than a politicians' words. >> john: the next 15 minutes, we'll give you a year. a team of reporters will have a rapid fire on five key issues
11:02 am
impacting the lives of americans. >> sandra: and martha will be here to make sense why the president's plans are at a standstill, and kick it off on capitol hill. >> john: a live look. that's you. >> sandra: a live look at mitch mcconnell, set to speak soon, the topic what democrats are calling votings rights, leader mcconnell is calling it a power grab by the feds. >> john: the entire measure almost certain to fail because of cracks in the democrat's own party. but first, the white house with peter doocy is live. it's a big afternoon with the press conference coming up in two hours now. >> a lot of the stories written about biden's first year in office details many of the problems he has dealt with, and that his policies have encountered. but that's not what they want to talk about today. i just heard from a white house official they don't want the
11:03 am
president to announce they are talking about problems, they instead want to talk about what they see as remarkable progress. >> a couple of the points of progress that have been made that you'll hear the president talk more about, we saw the most dramatic change in our economy of anywhere in the world, 74% of adults are fully vaccinated. 46% of schools were open a year ago. now over 95%. this is progress that's been made. >> in the last 365 days the kind of formal press conference has only happened anywhere in the world nine times, six with just biden, three side-by-side with other world leaders. he does take a lot of questions over the course of any given month, but rarely with the chance for a follow-up, and as he prepares to defend his approach and his proposals, white house officials are aware that this country is stressed out right now about some things that may be out of the white house's control. >> there's enormous anxiety about covid, there's anxiety about prices, you've heard the
11:04 am
president speak to that and i would expect you'll hear him speak to it again this afternoon as well at the press conference. he focussed on doing everything in his power to tame the virus and bring prices down. >> a year-long, but shorter attention for afghanistan, crime, inflation lately. today is the white house's opportunity and the president's opportunity to put it all together and explain how it is that he turns things around and now with a look at the economic challenges stays facing the president, our colleague from fox business a little closer to the white house, edward lawrence. >> just down the north lawn from you in this location, likely to hear a president defiant about the fact he orchestrated one ec history, likely will highlight he added back 6.9 million jobs to the economy. point to the fact the
11:05 am
unemployment rate is 3.9% and worker wage growth is up. what he will avoid is the fact that inflation is at a 40-year high, and not only eating up all the wage increases, it has taken away from the buying power of americans. here is the chairman of the house democratic caucus when asked about the president's first year in office. >> we have already accomplished historic things and will continue to do so. as part of the democratic effort to create millions of good-paying jobs, increase pay for everyday americans, as well as lower costs in a variety of different areas. we'll keep our focus on delivering for the american people. >> the president will also highlight the bipartisan infrastructure bill and how it will save the supply chain which has been clogged since the economy started to open up. president biden last month said he saved christmas and worked out the supply issues, not true if you tried to buy a major appliance. republicans say they can
11:06 am
describe the last year in one word, indefensible. >> crisis after crisis for the american people. hard working families are suffering from an economic crisis, energy crisis, a border crisis, education crisis, national security crisis. >> add in the american rescue plan the president will tout as a success, republicans say it added to inflation and also paid people not to work. they are trying to get 10.6 million jobs back, you know, filled in this country, john. >> john: we look forward to the questions on the economy in under two hours. ed, thank you. the disaster down at the southern border dominating much of the president's first year in office. >> sandra: the problems, john, playing out in american communities today. dan springer is live in texas with an update one year into the presidency, dan. >> yeah, sandra, another tragic loss of life during a border
11:07 am
crossing yesterday and a near disaster at a texas national guard member opens fire on a vehicle that was in, just outside of laredo, texas law enforcement source telling us two national guard soldiers were assisting border patrol with the stop of a car with six suspected illegal immigrants inside. they say as one of the soldiers approached the vehicle it started speeding toward him. the other guard member opened fire with his m-4 rifle into the car, no one was hurt, the car was disabled, the 17-year-old driver, a u.s. citizen. it appears the shooting was completely justified. it's still under investigation but still incredibly rare for an activated guard member to fire his weapon on u.s. soil. later in the day a 7-year-old venezuelan girl died as she tried to cross the rio grande river, the current pulled her away. her body was found later by mexican authorities. it's the same general area where
11:08 am
that huge group of haitians crossed last summer. we are told the girl's mother was taken to dallas. and some remarkable video shot by our drone pilots, caught texas fish and wildfire game wardens in full tactical gear and heavily armed in boats near mcallen. they are looking for illegal immigrants, and waiting for two reports from the federal government to tell us how many illegal immigrants were caught trying to get into the country and exactly how many were allowed to stay and we are getting some information from a court case that will push the number of illegal immigrants caught at the border over 2 million, clearly a record. now my colleague, jennifer griffin, at the pentagon, more threats from outside the country. >> thanks, dan. biden's approval rating dipped
11:09 am
to the lowest point in august. afghanistan is now in the hands of the taliban and a humanitarian disaster largely predicted by his own national security team is unfolding. the head of the world food program in afghanistan had this warning. >> since the 15th of august, the economic has come on top of all the other factors has just created this tsunami of hunger and malnutrition, 2300 people cannot put one plate of food on the table on a daily basis. >> iran continues to test the u.s. and allies, firing missiles and swarming drones at abu dhabi airport and nuclear talks with iran is stalled, and time is running out for an iran deal and
11:10 am
north korea tested multiple ballistic missiles, which they fear may have a hypersonic weapon. tension in the south china sea was an all-time high, sending waves of war planes toward taiwan and summit in march off the rails. >> chinese were lecturing at the americans, americans lecturing at the chinese, felt it was spiralling out of control. >> putin is poised with more than 100,000 troops to invade ukraine. a series of background calls tuesday warning the sudden movement of russian forces into belarus could be part of putin's plan to invade from the north. nato and the u.s. are facing the biggest challenge since the end of the cold war. and now greg live in kyiv, ukraine. >> thanks, jennifer. we are here in ukraine, probably
11:11 am
the most pressing foreign policy problems for president biden loom. and it is all about those troops just across the border from here, 100,000 now thought to be there, and we heard today the number could double in short order. troops in gear, yes, rolling into neighboring belarus as we speak ready for the possible invasion. why the secretary of state blinken is making the last-minute diplomatic rounds, to see president zelensky and others today. his warning to russia. >> made it clear to moscow if it chooses to renew aggression against ukraine, it will be met and it will face very severe consequences and again, that's coming not just from the united states, but from countries across europe and beyond. >> the hitch is, though, so far diplomacy has not been working. russia is sticking to the demand that ukraine and other countries
11:12 am
stay out of nato and back off from anywhere near russia. u.s. has called that nonstarters, and vladimir putin has no intention, he says, of invading ukraine, the russian troops are there. blinken highlighted $200 million worth of new military aid to ukraine, already fighting russian-backed separatists on the border. might be a little too little and a little bit too late. he meets with lavrov on friday. could be a diplomatic last stand. folks are holding their breath. >> and the world is watching closely. martha, anchor of the story, heading up the coverage of the president's news conference going to be a short time from now. highly anticipated, martha, because one year in the president has not accomplished a lot of what he promised to the american people and the voters who put him in the white house. what do you expect to hear from
11:13 am
the president? >> big questions as we get ready for this afternoon. one of the convenience so much emphasis on this, because the moments have been few and far between in terms of the opportunity for the press to question the president, and follow-up questions, only once in the last ten months and when you look at the numbers of appearances the president has given in this format, his 10th press conference. look at the history of the matter, president trump had given 23, president obama 27, and president eisenhower gave two of these a month. and the frequent back and forth takes the pressure out of these moments. but a lot of pressure on this moment for president biden and we have not seen him much over the weekend, he's preparing for the big moment. call it what it is.
11:14 am
he has to do well here today, he has to come across as confident and competent, those are the two areas the american people seem to think he has slipped in over the course of this presidency, his approval numbers are between 33 and 40, roughly, and he has driven an increase in those who consider themselves republicans up seven points, a 14-point move from down, or up seven for democrats when he took office. a lot of discussion about the points he needs to hit. we do know they have signalled he wants to spend less time communicating on capitol hill and more time communicating directly to the american people. not really sure what that means, we know he's had three failed attempts on capitol hill to corral his own democrats to get legislation passed and all three of those times with the one-on-one confrontation, it has failed. >> they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing
11:15 am
over and over again and expecting a different result. some people think it's going to take a lot more than the news conference to turn the ship around. and one says a bleak assessment of biden's first year and suggestions how he could turn the tide, he says the president needs a new team, starting with the new chief of staff, the president needs to focus on american needs, not liberal wishes. don't know why you can't read along with me, perhaps a problem. the president should remember he won as a moderate and unifier, and office as a trusted steward of american power. he has not been and yes, he should announce he is not running for re-election. wow, that's harsh. >> sandra: that's a tall order. >> martha: it's quite a list and i doubt we will hear the last item on the list today although i would imagine it's something that is considered in the circle of, in the inner circles of the white house. it would in many ways liberate the president to move to the
11:16 am
middle and what he needs to do in the words of a number of pundits and bret stephens talked about this, he needs a lane. either a moderate or progressive to be effective moving forward, and he really has not done that, and yet i went back and read his inaugural address a year ago today and focussed almost completely on unifying the country, and he said i'm not going to be a president, paraphrasing, for the people who elected but also the people who did not elect me. the speech most recently in georgia have been really divisive, and wonder if there is a voice in his head saying manchin and sinema seem to be the political winners, does he want to move more closely aligning himself with the kind of president he was going to go and wanted to be when he was campaigning. >> sandra: any tough question on the economy, one of the biggest issues for the american voters is the high price of just about
11:17 am
everything in the country, from gasoline to food, martha. how is he going to promise the american people he's going to bring prices down? he can't just say it, he has to show he's got a plan to do just that, at a time where watching the stock market, his chief of staff did not like when president trump touted the stock market. they like to do that now, and the nasdaq just entered correction mode, down 10% from the recent highs. a lot of questions over what the fed does next. he's got a huge complicated economic situation where you still have 11 million job openings in this country, what is he going to say? >> martha: it's astounding, and he avoided the inflation conversation for a long time, the feeling the $5 trillion thrown at solving the covid problem had stoked the inflation. they did not want to own it in terms of the programs they pushed. there is no staying away from it. are it's the number one issue on
11:18 am
the minds of most voters. every time they fill up their gas tank and pay for anything, they see it. he has to embrace it, figure out ways to take the pressure off and i think not on that list would be trying to go back for even more covid money, especially when you have hundreds of millions that have not been spent yet from the programs that have already been passed, sandra. >> sandra: they are talking about spending more, that's what caused the inflation in the first place. martha, we are going to watch you at 3:00, "the story," and 4:00, special coverage that will continue the news coverage when it begins. >> john: good to see you, martha. we are just getting started this hour. kayleigh mcenany why president biden is protected by the press. >> sandra: and a developing story, justices gorsuch and sotomayor weighing in on the
11:19 am
reports of the supreme court rift over mask wearing. how did a false story of a conservative justice spread so fast? joe concha is here, and joining us in moments will be a former clerk to justice gorsuch and close friend and advisor. . they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new baja turkey avocado with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re...
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11:24 am
>> sandra: breaking news we mentioned off the top of the hour. supreme court justices neil gorsuch and sonia sotomayor shooting down a report by the npr that he refused to wear a mask on the bench despite the request to do so. justices called the reporting from npr flat out false. joining us is a former clerk from justice gorsuch, mike davis. thank you for calling in. not only a former clerk and advisor to gorsuch, but a long
11:25 am
time friend as well. what did you think when you saw the initial reporting from npr? >> i just saw that ruth marcus at the "washington post," and npr are intentionally, knowingly spreading misinformation to smear justice gorsuch, and this started at the covid cases two fridays ago. all nine supreme court justices are fully vaccinated and boosted, they test every morning before every court appearance. all the applicants are tested before they enter the courtroom, they spent money for the air filtration system, and they hear arguments, eight of them without masks. justice sotomayor wore a mask and the others didn't, and somehow neil gorsuch was not going to play politics so he did what he did for the prior months
11:26 am
and not wear his mask and ruth marcus got everyone fired up on twitter and through her opinion piece, she failed to report that two of the justices took off their mask for extended periods of time. she blamed the narrative and then falsely reported the chief justice ordered or asked the justices to wear masks, 100% false. >> sandra: not only did nina said it led to telework, but chief justice john roberts ordered them to wear masks because of the omicron surge, since sotomayor has diabetes. let me bring to you now a statement that our supreme court team has just given us from the chief justice himself, "i did not request justice gorsuch or any other justice to wear a mask on the bench." then indicated he'll have no further comment on this matter.
11:27 am
so, tell me, mike, how you believe that the mainstream media was able to take this false npr reporting and spread it like wildfire. i'm looking at the headlines, cnn, gorsuch declined to wear mask as sotomayor works from her office, "newsweek," gorsuch slammed for not wearing a mask and endanger his colleague, and i've got a list of headlines in front of me that just ran with that false reporting. >> and you know what's amazing is they will not have the integrity retract the story. they know that ruth marcus's reporting misrepresented what happened, and nina's reporting was flat out false, that this was reported on fox last night. we'll see if the reporters, the left wing liberal reporters have the integrity to retract their
11:28 am
false reporting. >> sandra: mike, your thought as well. totenberg goes on to say this, gorsuch from the beginning of his tenure has proved a prickly justice, not exactly beloved even by his conservative soul mates on the court. and mike, you know, i've sat down with the justice there at the supreme court, i have spoken to him at length on matters such as this. and camaraderie he shares with his justices and he prides himself on that, that across the aisle, you know, of justices of all sorts, that they really get along. they have lunch together, they go to each other's homes, so for her to be reporting about the prickly justice that does not get along with anybody on the bench, your response to that. >> i think that nina totenberg is the prickly reporter that does not get along.
11:29 am
i've known justice gorsuch nearly two decades, he's very well liked by his colleagues, gets along with justice sotomayor, all of them very well, as justice sotomayor's statement said she said that they had a warm relationship. so it's just, it's fake news, and they are trying to cow conservative justices before they rule on the abortion cases that should be decided by june. >> sandra: i did not realize i did not put the statement from the justice the up on the screen, i want to make sure i do so. the joint statement from sotomayor and gorsuch saying "reporting that justice sotomayor asked justice gorsuch to wear a mask surprised us. it is false. while we may sometimes disagree about the law, we are warm colleagues and friends." quick final thought, glad to have you here today, mike. >> appreciate this.
11:30 am
i just wish that so-called journalists like ruth marcus and nina totenberg would have the integrity to retract their stories. >> sandra: we will watch if they do so or issue any statement after this revelation. mike davis joining us by phone. appreciate you calling in, thank you. >> thank you. >> john: sandra, bring in joe with more on this. npr has a statement, don't have it yet in the full screen, but nina, never reported that justice sotomayor asked justice gorsuch to wear a mask nor report anyone admonished him. the suggestion is certainly there, though, joe, that gorsuch declined to wear a mask knowing she had concerns about it but justice roberts came out and said i did not request justice gorsuch or any other justice to wear a mask on the bench. is npr splitting hairs here with the explanation? >> big time.
11:31 am
here is the original tweet that npr sent out, ok. you sell me exactly what they are implying here, "tensions are continuing to rise among supreme court justices. refusing to mask up around colleagues. the conservative justices battling each other for more power. the liberal justice feeling outnumbered". the key part there, refusing to mask up around colleagues. compare it to the statement that npr put out and you tell me. they should explain their own tweet. right there in writing exactly what they said and right now they are splitting hairs, they are lying, john, i'll go there and npr needs a better explanation. excellent journalism by shannon bream, the fox news supreme court team here, shannon a solid anchor, covering the supreme court for many years, a deep rolodex, shows it again here. and why didn't cnn, washington post, confirm before going ahead with this story.
11:32 am
oh, perhaps they feared it would not fit the narrative that they were pushing. cnn, npr, ruth marcus should apologize to the supreme court justices and the readers for the journalingistic failure. it may not happen or matter, the allegation gets 100 times more play than the exoneration. >> john: and what i was about to say, i don't know why they didn't go to justice sotomayor and justice gorsuch offices for confirmation on this, they thought oh, they'll try to white wash it or whatever. we like the fact we have this source that says things are really tense there at the supreme court. claire mccaskill tweeted this, so glad i voted no on this jerk. what kind of a guy does this. i could tell in my meeting with him he thought he was better than everyone else. more important, smarter, ugg. well, i don't know if she's cooking up a big batch of crow
11:33 am
in her oven, but -- >> i just wrote down, she has a ready, aim, fire approach. i gr he with that. and fires first before asking questions later, and now they put her on tv to opine about certain things, mostly ahead of many stories before the facts are in. and this report not just the people that we are talking about now in terms of claire, but many other people on twitter was presented as absolute fact. and oh, by the way, it's not so amazing, is it. again, the so-called mistakes only happen involving those deemed conservative or on the right. never seems to happen to many on the left and this big annual trust barometer came out from edelman, p.r. firm out of chicago, and one part focussed on media. get this, 67% of those polled answered yes when they were answer if they think journalists are trying to mislead people by
11:34 am
saying false or exaggerations, two-thirds of country does not think it's mistakes, but intentional. and conservatives on the right over and over again, a lot of smoke with the fire now, isn't it. >> sandra: and i don't know how many people have sat down and read the npr piece, sort of starts off with the mask and weaves the narrative through the piece, but a hit what a jerk gorsuch is according to npr. >> pretty much. more written by the dnc, so kudos to shannon, she is not evil, despite the nickname. might be the nicest person around, very hard working, and i'll join her at midnight, apparently sleep is very overrated, john. >> john: you can sleep when you die, joe. >> i've heard that, yes. >> john: good to talk to you, and put it on the screen, the
11:35 am
statement from the justices. so people can know how adamant the supreme court is about all of this. reporting justice sotomayor asked justice gorsuch to wear a mask surprised us. we may sometimes disagree about the law, we are warm colleagues and friends. >> sandra: just a couple of things on that. as you know, i've gotten to know justice gorsuch over the years and very grateful make davis could call in on that. justice gorsuch has always made it very clear to me his law clerks are his family and mike davis will tell you, he's been friends with gorsuch for 15 years, advisor to neil gorsuch and loves all of his law clerks, present and past like family, and i think it would shock anybody who knows neil gorsuch to hear that he would jeopardize the health of his colleague like sotomayor, and one of the things justice gorsuch has always made clear to me, they are all
11:36 am
friends, have lunch together, enjoy each other's company and even in areas they disagree they enjoy their conversations together. it's probably not all the case or all rosy, but anybody who knows justice gorsuch would be surprised he would deliberately try to jeopardize the health of a fellow justice. >> john: and we know sam alito and ruth bader ginsburg were fast friends as well despite the fact they disagreed. >> sandra: i'm glad we could get that in and break through the drama happening there. see how some of the media outlets who falsely reported the fake news respond to all of that. critics are questioning whether biden has lost touch with reality when it comes to the economy. as the nation battles inflation, high gas prices and working shortages. larry kudlow, great to see you. 4:00, you'll be covering the
11:37 am
news conference, obviously this is huge and see what he wants, what he has to say on the economy. but i will preface my question to you, larry, with this. you have been complimentary of the performance of the economy. but your statement to me has always been if this administration would just get out of the way, economy that is trying to recover and doing a great job doing so from the pandemic. so, what can joe biden say today to alleviate your concerns about an administration who seems to be impeding an otherwise very healthy economic recovery. >> larry: i would love to see him say save america, kill the bill. i think that would be absolutely fantastic to give it up entirely. the public does not want it. you saw this cbs poll, i was reading it in byron york's column on the economy, let's see, he's got complete disaster, on handling inflation, 30% approved, listen to this.
11:38 am
handling inflation, sandra, 30% approved, 70% disapprove. on the economy overall, 38% approve, and 62% disapprove. in other words, my point is, he would have been better off leaving it alone. what juice the economy has comes from the trump tax cuts and the deregulation. we don't want to spend another 5 trillion. almost everybody outside the white house knows if you spend another $5 trillion, what it was scored, make 7% inflation much worse. ok. why do it. it is so unpopular. and that's biden's problem. not only is he selling what the public is not buying, but he's doing it in a mean-spirited way, and besides his policy and his strategy for the midterm, sandra, i'm going to be very interested in how he handles himself after two really disastrous speeches, especially
11:39 am
the one in atlanta, when anybody that disagrees with him about voting rights is automatically a white supremacist and racist and jefferson davis and george wallace's best friend. that's nonsense. >> sandra: went too far, and others said it as well. >> larry: dick durbin said the same thing. he has to pony up on inflation. is he going to go anything bipartisan? is he going to raise taxes and spend more? these are things people want to hear. they are not really very interested in national voting reform, when you look at the polling data. they are interested in covid and one thing they are interested on covid i'm going to be interested, not just the issue of testing, okay. yeah, testing is important, but you've got a lot of therapies, medicines that are not getting around the country, and in some places as you know, sandra, we
11:40 am
talked about this, there are ethnic and racial boxes to check. now, these remedies are so important because that's the road to natural immunity and that's the road to you know eventually slaying the whole virus. interested to what he has to say about that, too. >> sandra: indeed. i think a lot of the covid interest is keeping kids in school and why he did not put more pressure on the union in chicago. we are left wondering if he's going to get the tough questions, if he's going to answer them, we'll see. larry kudlow, see you then. >> larry: thanks, appreciate it. >> john: a grad student stabbed to death in the middle of the day and the desperate search for her killer. that's coming up next. help her . but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose.
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>> john: manhunt in los angeles in just one of the chilling murders that has everyone talking across america. in los angeles, police are searching for the man suspected to stabbing to death a graduate student in the middle of the day. >> sandra: and here in new york, a former cop admitted he does not feel safe riding the subway, the cop now the mayor, after a homeless man shoved a woman to her death in front of the train. more on all these developing stories for us now, hi.
11:46 am
>> sandra, hi, new york city mayor eric adams said on saturday the subways are safe and a perception of fear. yesterday i asked him about that and he admitted he does not feel safe on the subway and frankly the fear is justified. >> from day one i took the subway system, i felt unsafe. homeless everywhere, people were yelling on the trains, there was a feeling of disorder. so as we deal with the crime problem we also have to deal with the fact people feel unsafe, that's the new battle i have. if we don't do them both together we fail. >> crime in the city subway system is up over 65% compared to the same time last year. the mayor is deploying more police and mental health teams on to the trains. last night hundreds, including the mayor, attended a candlelight vigil for 40-year-old michelle go killed on saturday at the times square
11:47 am
subway station after a deranged man shoved her in front of the train. 61-year-old homeless man simon marshall was arraigned on a second-degree murder. judge ordered he undergo a mental health review. a new yorker had a scary run-in with who she believes is the same man in july of 2020. >> i'll never forget that day, he just started like screaming at me, like just berating me with get the f out of here, you don't belong here, this and that. >> nypd officer was shot yesterday in the bronx by a teenager out on probation on a gun charge. sandra. >> sandra: thank you, john. >> john: let's bring in a former nypd lieutenant to talk about the rise in crime, darren, the question people may have, in truth, how hard would it be to
11:48 am
get a handle on rising crime in america? because in new york city, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, things were going to hell in a handbag. and one person stepped in and said we will do things differently, and new york city quickly became the safest big city in the world. could we do it again? >> absolutely, john. we need to focus on enforcement-driven strategy. we have crime reaching epic proportions but nothing is being done. look at a city like new york, for example, catastrophe of the eight years of the de blasio administration and saw the rise in crime. look at what's happening in los angeles, chicago, philadelphia, san francisco, the one common denominator is these leftist prosecutors that in many cases have been backed by george soros. we need an enforcement-driven
11:49 am
strategy that focusses on the low level offenses. if you arrest people for the low level offenses, they are more unlikely to commit the greater acts of violence in our society. >> sandra: the same time a tilt to the left among prosecutors and the idea of not prosecuting the broken windows, there is an explosion of homeless people, and one in the frame beside you, the man accused of pushing michelle go on to the tracks on sunday, and a lot of the homeless people are mentally ill. more on the streets than we have seen in recent decades in new york city. how do you address that, darrin? >> you have to focus on the social services component, meaning you would pair social service employees with police officers in intradicting the homeless population plaguing our society. look, these people need
11:50 am
services. many times they're mentally ill. if you do something, remove them from the environment that creates the potential for them harming innocent civilians. nothing is being done, why the problem tends to perpetuate and violent acts among us common citizens. >> john: and the police feel handcuffed themselves about doing anything to the homeless on the streets unless they have perpetrated a crime. and left-leaning d.a.s, a recall effort in los angeles to get george gascon out, and also in philadelphia at large to get out larry crassner, the pennsylvania equivalent. here is the pennsylvania state senate leader. >> those people who live in philadelphia deserve protection. who work in philadelphia deserve protection. this district attorney is not providing that. policies over the first term and now into the second term have led to this culture of violence and the culture of death. someone has to take him on and
11:51 am
say this is wrong. >> john: quick if you could, darrin, how are the prosecutors so out of step with the rest of society? >> they have been aligned toward the left wing agenda, the time where the governors of the states need to step in and provide oversight. >> john: always great to yet your take. appreciate it. >> sandra: new york's attorney general is trying to get a court to force testimony from former president trump and ivanka and don, jr. into the organization. they determined the trump organization used false information to obtain financial services like loans. an attorney for the trump organization told fox news the accusations are unfounded. in a separate investigation, the house committee investigating the capitol riot has subpoenaed the former legal team for his election campaign, including
11:52 am
rudy giuliani, spokesman calls it political theater. >> john: airlines cancelling or changing flights after a catastrophic warning from executives. what you need to know about 5g next.
11:53 am
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>> john: the back and forth over the new 5g networks for mobile phones seems to be changing day by day. the phone companies pushing back the launch of the new system. 5g waves you a frequency close to the one that some jets use to measure altitude and to land in bad weather. the 777 is particularly impacted. the fear is the interference could cause a jet to crash. let's bring in katherine bangs, a former flight instructor. so you know the concerns. this could result in wildly
11:58 am
inaccurate alternative ratings, which is crucial for a plane to land. how real are the concerns? >> that's right. if it wasn't a real concern, you wouldn't see so much agreement. what is interesting, we have the pilot unions and the airline and the faa all in agreement here. they want more time to research and test this. people hear the phrase "altimeter" which measures altitude. this is not the barometer altimeter that we're familiar with. this one is used for poor weather, visibility approach that you know your altitude above the ground. the fear is that the c ban spectrum electromagnetic interference will interfere with the radar altimeter on the air
11:59 am
craft. >> and verizon and at&t are very frustrated. verizon says -- >> john: how is it, kathleen, this is use in countries around the world and we've had years to figure this out and we can't? >> it is a little absurd that it's gotten to this point that we've had this face-off with the letters. here's the point. the fcc didn't auction this office for $80 billion, this goldilocks portion of the c band. overseas what unions are saying not so quick. they're being told over there these cell towers are being operated at a lower power out
12:00 pm
put a not by airports and tilting the antennas. that is part of the conflict here. >> john: we'll see if they can work this out. the two big networks have agreed not to operate near airports. thanks, kathleen, for joining us. appreciate it. thanks, sandra. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts with the big press conference coming up on "the story." >> martha: i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. president biden has a big opportunity an hour from now. he faces no doubt a hungry press corps that has not had a chance to press this president in ten months. soaring inflation a persistent pandemic, lack of treatment and testing, the troubled exit from afghanistan, all of these and more are likely to be the areas t


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