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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 20, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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down the atlantic ocean a good idea? do they produce energy or destroy lively hoods of many fishermen? this story is an eye opener and it's on that's it for today. see you tomorrow. >> we're for food on the shelves. we're for american independence and energy, lowering the gas price so it doesn't harm us. we're for stopping run-away spending so we don't create inflation like they have. >> what the president calls chunks would be a major bill going forward. may be more limited. but it is still significant. >> sandra: looks like nancy isn't to fancy on cutting back the cash for the president's build back better plan.
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as republicans hammer the white house on policies that they say are adding fuel to the inflation fire. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." and two very different worlds for taxpayers and voters heading into the 2022 mid-terms. democrats trying to salvage the president's spending agenda despite price hikes slamming consumers. bob nardelli is here on the pain consumers are feeling. joe lieberman on why democrats may want to start worrying. and rob portman on another threat that will impact those energy prices you're paying. first, to democrats push for more spending. hillary vaughn is at the white house with the very latest from there. hi, hillary. >> hi, sandra. president biden says he thinks the cure for an economy that is closely getting close to overheating is too actually spend trillions in government
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spending. he says he thinks the answer is to pass his social spending package, the build back better bill. he says it could be awhile before it happens. he said he's open to chopping the package up and trying to pass it piece by piece. he says he still needs the votes. >> he wasn't necessarily dictating what the size would look like. he wants to get as much -- as big of a chunk as we can get done and through congress. he also recognizes that nothing will get done without 50 votes. so we're not confronting the choice between what can happen in our ideal. >> on the economy, president biden did have something to brag about yesterday. including record job creation in year one, a holiday supply chain crisis that he says he successfully avoided and those bare shelves on tv, he says they're not as bad as you think. saying shelves across the country are stocked 89%. he did say people are paying more at the meat counter and gas
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pump and inflation is a big problem. president biden though says that as far as the high price pain that consumers are facing, he is passing the blame to others. >> four big companies dominate the market. charge consumers more for beef and inflation has everything to do with the supply chain. it's the issue of energy prices. we're going to continue to work on increasing oil supplies. >> sandra, republicans have made the cause that president biden started in office as president inheriting an energy independent country and that it is president biden's energy policies that have actually contributed to these high gas prices. sandra. >> sandra: interesting. we talked to senator barrasso that pointed to the fact that we have doubled our oil purchases from russia in the middle of this. hillary, thanks very much.
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bob nardelli in just a moment. first, get to brian benberg on this. be sure to catch him hosting fox business tonight at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. great to see you. struck me when i listened to president biden last night when he was asked what his plan is to bring down these high prices that are a huge challenge for every american family right now, to bring down the prices, he said build back better is the answer. so explain to me how spending more money is going to bring prices down. >> i can't. i can't explain it. nobody can explain it, sandra. he says he has 17 nobel laureates that are telling him to spend more money to bring down inflation and everybody knows that is not going to work. he can try to do it at once. he can do it in chunks like he's talking about now. whatever that turns out to be. the bottom line is we have too much money chasing too few goods in this country and that's why we have rising inflation. if this is his plan to get it under control, sandra, we're not
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going to get it under control in 2022. he needs to turn around, he's in a nose dive. he said he's just going keep diving. not good for america. >> sandra: not only that, he said the problem with inflation is in the lap of the fed. watch this. >> critical job of making sure that the elevated prices don't become entrenched rest with the federal reserve. they have a duel mandate. full employment and stable prices. >> martha: who else can he blame? this is an urgent matter to get energy and food prices down. >> it's urgent and he's not treating it as urgent. that's the problem. people want to know the president cares. when he says the problem is not my policy, the problem is i'm not communicating in simply and plain enough language, it's insulting. it's insulting to people that go to the store and see what is on
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the shelves and they put gas in their tank and they can't keep this up. he can't keep this up. he passes the buck to the fed. he passes the buck to businesses, sandra. you heard him go after meat producers and grocery stores. that's the last resort of somebody that is not prepared to take inflation seriously. sadly we're seeing it from him all over the place, including last night. >> sandra: real quickly as far as where things might be in the mid-terms, voters are frustrated with the high prices. you have guys like andy puzder that says america is going to major recession. goldman sachs out with a new note forecasting the possibility of $100 oil. so i guess it's anybody's guess where things might be a few months from now. final thoughts. >> at some point when prices get so high, people say wait. i can't do this anymore. now you're talking about
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stagnation, not just inflation. you've heard that term before. stagflation. it's a 1970s term. we don't want it back. we're flirting with it right now. shouldn't be. >> martha: thanks, brian brenberg. thanks for joining us. up with us next, a ceo of two major companies and has been warning us about inflation. bob nardelli from home depot and chrysler is joining us. i haven't had a chance to talk to you in quite some time. allow me to pick your brain. we all feel this inflation from a consumer standpoint. talk about the challenges being the head of a major company -- i shouldn't say major. a company as you try to navigate inflation and the spiking energy and food prices. no matter where you look, prices go up. what is it like if you're in charge of a company in this
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country? >> sandra, great to be with you. your spot on with your questioning. i've been in business now 50 years. i don't think i've ever seen such a challenging environment for anyone to run a company. you're exactly right. i'm heavily involved in a lot of smaller private equity groups. i've never seen it as i said more challenging. we have a administration that made a lot of promises to the campaign and to their credit they implemented them immediately. the only problem is it has a tremendously negative impact on our economy and our stature within the world today, within business communities. so if you think about it, what is one of the first things? we surrendered our position as being energy independent. as a result of that, geo political position was denigrated. record oil prices impacting every household and businesses in every fax that you can think
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of from transportation to production of petroleum products, et cetera. supply chain that you talked about it earlier, supply chain is having a direct impact. it's linked on inflation today. we stop building the fence. immigration is coming in. our debt is spiralling. crime rates. so the level of complexity for a ceo today is like nothing i have ever seen. i'm not talking about decades. i'm saying this has happened in the last couple years, sandra. >> sandra: it's remarkable. while you were talking, we showed oil prices nearing $87. goldman sachs forecasting 100. $4 a gallon oil is around the corner. marge being a company to your point and having to pay the higher prices. i'll ask you this.
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andy puzder released the inflation -- he's talking about the inflation problem but he's saying what is exacerbating it is the talk of more spending and that could send us to recession. would you go that far? >> yeah, i think we're right on the cusp of that, sandra, to be honest with you. i sit on both sides of the table. i'm heavily involved in manufacturing and businesses still today. as we get price increases, as fuel costs go up for transportation, as we're having to, you know, pay an exorbitant amount to get labor to come to work. we pass those 0 on. you see it in the paper today. p&g will be raising their prices. there's not a company that is not forced to raise prices to the consumer and the consumer is bearing the brunt of this mismanagement taking place in
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our country today. >> sandra: i know you wrote that. bob, i'm sorry. i want to get to these pictures. it's something that we're seeing all over the country. folks send us their pictures. it's not just the higher prices, but the empty store shelves. a lot of different parts of the country. you know, some people say we're making a big deal out of it. but seems to be happening more and more. what do you make of that? these are brand new pictures that we're putting up. we want to make sure we're on the situation as it is today. more and more people are experiencing this when they walk into their local stores and shops. >> i was shocked at the number -- i think 85% or more going to 95%. i can tell you as a consumer, i'm experiencing those empty shelves. there's still this problem, sandra. i don't understand when we have a national emergency, tornadoes, fire, floods, we converge on
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that with every resource in our power. yet we have long beach, we have l.a., we have savannah, why are we not converging an this to get the 100 container ships empty? there was a discussion about 18-year-olds being able to drive trucks. why aren't we allowing that? people say they don't want a 18-year-old driving a truck. in interstate, interstate, they're able to do it. intrastate they're able to do it. interstate we have to open it up. that will help on demand. >> sandra: i was doing to say, they can empty the ships. thanks, bob. great to see you. >> thank you. >> sandra: a russian invasion of ukraine looking more likely by the moment. the u.s. is scrambling to stop it. antony blinken just touching
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down in geneva ahead of crucial talks tomorrow. where is this heading? we're going to ask rob portman that just returned from the ukraine with a message for this white house. first this. we're live in los angeles. a vigil for brianne in kupfer is about to get underway. the suspect under arrest. could this have been prevented? i just spoke with the los angeles county sheriff. hear who he says has blood on their hands today. customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is.
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yes. yes you do. a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. call... for fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler walk-in bath. visit for more info. >> sandra: police account ability is a top priority for this d.a. he's working to restore the public faith in the legal system by holding law enforcement officers who violate the law accountable for their crimes. he's putting more heat on the police than he is on the criminals? >> yes. he believes that more cops in jail and more crooks on the street makes it safer. a very narrow segment of society that ascribes to his beliefs. in reality, it's the people walking the streets every day that face the increased threat of being killed, robbed, raped.
1:18 pm
they're catalytic converter stolen, vehicles stolen. that is a grim reality that people face. that's every day lives. the woke people that think that is the burning priority for them, it's not. >> sandra: that was the l.a. county sheriff alex villanueva. first to the latest on the suspect in custody in the kupfer murder. >> before he allegedly stabbed brianna kupfer and led her to bleed to death, shawn laval smith was bailed on both coasts. covid court delays playing a role. a perfect storm of circumstances tragically ending with the death of kupfer who is being
1:19 pm
remembered at a vigil today at the store where she worked and where she was murdered. shawn smith was arrested after a member of the public spotted him and called 911. he was out on bail following a misdemeanor shoplifting a wrist here in california. his long criminal record began on the east coast. the most serious charge appears to have been for firing a flare gun into a vehicle where a young boy and man were sitting. that was in 2019 in charleston, south carolina. it was a charge that could have meant ten years in prison. we understand that smith was freed on $50,000 bail and less than 10% of that was paid before it seems smith took advantage of the march 2020 covid-related court shut down to skip town, leave the state and head west. in october, 2020, he was arrested for stealing from a home depot in covina california
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and released on $1,000 bail for that charge. a year ago today, just outside of san francisco, he was arrested for vandalizing a car and biting a police officer. he served a little more than four months behind bars and at some point made his way back to l.a. and that fateful day a week ago. we expect smith's initial arraignment to happen tomorrow. his bail in the meantime has been set at $2 million. sandra? >> sandra: jonathan hunt, thank you. the manhattan district attorney facing questions as crime surges out of control. bryan llenas has the latest details. hi, bryan. >> hi, sandra. alvin bragg was just grilled by lawyers at new york university law school and media at a virtual press conference. fox news was not called on for a question. but bragg clarified that
1:21 pm
controversial medium me that he sent to prosecutors. that told prosecutors to no longer change for marijuana and subway fare evasion and armed robberies to be charged as a misdemeanor if there was no genuine risk of harm. also said they would only seek jail time for murders and violent offenses. today he reaffirmed that armed robberies with a gun would be prosecuted as felonies and his laser focused on gun violence. bragg apologized for writing what he said was an unclear and legalistic memo. >> certainly understand why people took it and viewed it as a static documents. this has to live and breathe under the judge and wisdom of those that have experienced and have dealt with it. that's what we're doing. we're doing this every day. >> this is after a 11-month-old baby was shot in the face last night in the bronx. she was sitting in a parked car
1:22 pm
with her money. police say a man fired a small caliber gun twice while chasing another man. no arrests have been made. new york city's mayor called the shooting a wake-up call and said district attorneys need to step up. question is how is d.a. bragg's policies to lower the incarceration rate, how that will square with efforts by adams to put more police on patrol. adams is speaking at the conference of mayors in washington d.c. where he's expected to push for a unified federal and local effort to fight gun violence which he says is a cancer. >> martha: thanks, bryan. cities across the country are facing in crime spike. what needs to be done to stop it? former las vegas police lieutenant randy sutton is here to weigh-in. i go back to the words of alex villanueva. he says they'll take their police back. they had a hiring freeze. that didn't help. they're dealing with an awful situation there.
1:23 pm
so many great american cities are dealing with this crime wave. >> sandra: . >> the culture of lawlessness has been brought in beginning with ferguson. that's where this began. it's continued on with the media portraying law enforcement as a racist culture when in fact it's a culture of heroism. we have trojan horse district attorneys being placed in positions while they swear and oath to protect their citizens, they're doing quite the opposite. you have george gascon in los angeles. bragg in new york. bragg, you know, is trying to walk back the fact that he was caught red-handed by issuing that memo, which basically stated how he feels. that is that we're just not going to prosecute as many
1:24 pm
people as possible. gascon, of course, when i call them trojan horse prosecutors and district attorneys, what i'm referring to is they were let in the gates. they were let in the gates of the city by the voters, which is astounding. even though the reality is that they have been funded through the sorros foundations. >> martha: and this vigil is expected to happen outside the furniture store where she was killed in broad daylight. many are asking the question, now that we're seeing the lengthy rap sheet of the suspect involved in her killing, could this have been prevented? >> i think that's a great question. it shows you the system is broken from coast to coast. he should not -- he should be in prison right now for the attack, firing in to the vehicle a
1:25 pm
couple years ago. so it shows that whether you're on the east coast or the west coast, that these institutions are failing us. they're failing the people by not holding people accountable for their crimes. they're looking at new york. seeing this revolving door justice system that is getting worse and worse. with alvin bragg being elected, it's going to get much worse. here's the other part of this. it's not been discussed. could this have been prevented if the lapd had been given the ability to do policing the way policing should be done, proactively? that's been crushed by the district attorney there and also by the politicians that are in charge of these major cities. >> sandra: we called gascon and bragg, by the way and we have not heard back. we do welcome them to come on the show. we have seen gascon repeatedly
1:26 pm
defend his policies, his soft on crime policies that many say are leading to this blatant crime that is happening in the streets there. that grad student just going about her daily life when she was stabbed in broad daylight. i appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: new images showing russia's military building up on the border of ukraine. we'll have the latest on the scramble to stop russia from moving in. with poll numbers plummeting, president biden still says he's outperforming. so should democrats be worrying? hear what former democratic vice presidential nominee joe lieberman is saying on that. he's next. once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone.
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>> sandra: outperforming? not over promising. that's how president biden is defending his administration as a new poll shows his approval rating falling to a new low of 43% as he marked one year in office. down 16 points from july. so should democrats be worried as the mid-term elections approach? joe lieberman jones us now. great to see you, sir. >> you too, sandra. thank you. >> sandra: good to have you here. let's take a big picture look at this. we all digested the news conference last night. president biden seemed eager to answer questions. he stayed there awhile. did it help him? did it get him out of anything? >> i don't think it helped him very much. might have hurt him a little. because of some of the
1:32 pm
misstatements, particularly the one where he seemed to be distinguishing between a russian invasion of ukraine and a russian incursion of ukraine, which doesn't make any sense at all. he clarified that today. it was an unfortunate mistake. time will tell. he's got to perform. i don't think he's outperformed in this first year of his administration. that's disappointing to a lot of us that supported him last year. i think he's performed some. he adopted a -- helped adopt a couple of important pieces of legislation, one on covid relief, another bipartisan infrastructure reform bill. honestly, then he went on to far reach for the build back better bill and this federal control of voting rights. he set himself up for defeat that is more in the minds of people in the country than the
1:33 pm
victories that he had. of course, the big disaster ebb think in foreign policy was a terrible mistake and the chaotic retreat from afghanistan which has unsettled our allies and emboldened our enemies. i think that's why putin is banging at the door of the ukraine and why the iranians have been so arrogant in the negotiations and unreasonable in the negotiations over the nuclear agreement in vienna. >> sandra: it's a big statement. so he had a lot of questions on foreign policy last night. he also seemed to -- he seemed to feel the need to clarify. here's the moment. >> you guys have been trying to convince me that i am bernie sanders. i'm not. i like him but i'm not bernie
1:34 pm
sanders. i'm not a socialist. i'm a mainstream democrat and i have been. >> sandra: interesting. at this point he still needs to clarify that. >> that's not a good place to be. i know joe biden forever. i served with him for 24 years in the u.s. senate. never thought he was a socialist at all. but in pushing for some of these big spending programs, trillions of dollars like the original build back better bill, it appeared to a lot of people that he was adopting the platform of people like bernie sanders on the far left of the democratic party. and he opened himself to exactly that kind of criticism. bernie was out there applauding him for doing that. people began to suspect that maybe sanders and people on the left of the democratic party had
1:35 pm
more influence on the president than people in the center left who really were the ones that nominated him and then helped get him elected. >> sandra: i have 10 second. you have any mid-term election predictions? >> well, right now the president and democrats have a lot of work to do. the polling is against them. the number that i always look at, if you think the country is headed in the right direction or the wrong direction. the past year, of the reason why president trump was denied re-election. so democrats have a lot of work to do to get back to the center of american life and politics. >> martha: all good points. great to have you here. >> you too. thank you, sandra. >> sandra: the president cleaning up remarks about russia here while things are diceyer
1:36 pm
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>> sandra: with an attack by russia or ukraine appearing more likely, stakes are high for the u.s. and its allies to get putin to back off. antony blinken is getting set for talks with russia's foreign minister tomorrow. the white house forced to clean up this remark by the president yesterday. >> i think what you're going to see is russia will be held accountable if it invades. it depends what it does. its one thing if it's a minor incursion around we end up having to fight about what to do and not to do. >> sandra: greg palkot is in kiev with the cleanup and where tensions are building and where this stands right now. hi, greg.
1:41 pm
>> absolutely, sandra. there's been a very strong reaction to the president's comments here. yes, tension all around us is building. we saw new images of the russian troop build-up said to be over 125,000. we've learned some troops are within 25 miles of the border, about 50 miles from where we are in kiev. president biden again tried to clarify one comment he made yesterday that a minor incursion by russian troops might not trigger a major reaction. here's how he tried to clean it up today. >> clear with president putin. he has no misunderstanding of any, any assembled units move across the border, that is an invasion. >> this was after ukrainian president zelensky tweeted that there's no minor incourses in small nations. just there's no minor casualties and little grief from the loss
1:42 pm
of the loved ones. this is a president of a great power. this is more of what we saw and heard in the city today. >> as for the people of the ukraine, they've been living with war for years. what do they think of a chance of a russian invasion? >> biden says there could be an invasion? do you think so? >> the russian invasion to ukraine, it's a low probability. >> do you believe so? >> right now we don't stand a chance. so hopefully that doesn't happened. >> all eyes here and around the world are in geneva tomorrow, sandra. that's when secretary of state blinken meets with russian foreign minister lavrov trying to sort out the diplomatic tangle and keep the troops away. >> thanks, greg. let's bring in senate foreign
1:43 pm
relations committee member, rob portman just back from the ukraine. thanks for your time. i'll get to exactly what is at stake here in just a moment. having just returned there, how do you extend the likelihood that putin will invade ukraine? will it happen? >> nobody knows. it's less likely to do the right things. stay on message and have a unified, very clear message that if he does make this terrible mistake, the consequences will be devastating. one with regard to sanctions. the president has talked about that in the past. he talked about it again today as he cleaned up his remarks. it's important that we make it clear that this is not going to be the normal sanctions that russia has figured out how to get around and will hit their energy sector hard and the individuals that are responsible for making the decisions. the military build-up is important. the russians need to know if they try this, they will have a dear cost to pay. that will be a ukrainian
1:44 pm
military that is better trained than in 2014, has better equipment and willing to fight. so my hope is that these things will keep this from happening by providing a deterrence. talks are fine. they're on going. the russian talks, their goals are not realistic at all. to say that nato cannot accept new members runs against everything that we know about nato. they have an open door policy. it's not hour decision. it's the people of ukraine and nato. i also will tell you i'm concerned about keeping countries in the region together and on message. particularly about germany. they're unwillingness to say publicly that they would stop this new pipeline should there be an invasion and providing other countries with the ability to provide arms because they're nato members. everybody has to be on board to
1:45 pm
avoid this mistake from happening. >> sandra: putin has a lot of leverage when it comes to energy. the fact that they have oil and energy that germany would need. jacqui heinrich, our white house reporter, just had an exchange and i believe we have the pool tape now where she asked the president a question specifically as it pertains to the possible invasion of ukraine. the answer is something. watch. [inaudible]. >> sandra: the exchange, jacqui heinrich said she asked him why are you waiting for putin to make the first move. as you saw him smile and laugh at the end, he fired back what a stupid question. your reaction to that. >> i hope what he means by that that we're making moves in terms of providing unprecedented amount of military assistance,
1:46 pm
defensive military assistance to the ukraine. we should be. the president has authorized another $200 million, which is good. we're doing other things to prepare for this possibility. one thing that has been very clear is that the cyber attacks last week were based from russia. this is part of the russia hybrid warfare. we're pushing for more. finally, letting the russians know and vladimir putin know that if something should happen, we're doing to build up our defenses not just in the ukraine but all of those countries including baltics. >> sandra: did he open the door with that minor incursion comment? >> that was a big mistake. that's why i was glad to see today them clean up that language. there's no such thing as a minor incursion as president zelensky of ukraine said in a small country. a minor incursion is an
1:47 pm
invasion. >> sandra: that was a big moment. they've had to do a lot of cleanup this morning, throughout the day as a result of it. can't take it back. good to have you here. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> sandra: all of this is threatening to send gas prices soaring even more at the pump. so how much more? we're on it. and the president versus the polls. biden says he does not believe them. but can he risk ignoring them? as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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>> sandra: drivers may need to brace for more pain at the pump if an invasion of ukraine happens. jacqui, aren't gas prices up $1 year over year? >> yeah, if we didn't have enough energy issues, president biden's press conference yesterday added another reason that the market is worried. the comments that he made about russia invading the ukraine, essentially sanctions a small invasion has the market pricing in instability in the region. he down played the hold that russia has on european oil. remember, they supply about 35% of europe's energy. if russia invades ukraine and a
1:52 pm
conflict ensues, there's no doubt that there will be disruptions in the emergency market and will spill over to the united states. it's all connected. let's review the reasons that oil is rising. you have biden's push to incentivize alternative energy and post pandemic demand returning without adequate supply. now, yesterday biden was bragging that he convinced other oil producers to bring up their production and gas prices cam down a whopping 12 cents. of course, we're seeing gas prices are up again. that's something that people have to think about. the bottom line here, of course, is that analysts have been calls for over $100 a barrel oil this year. we're not far off that mark now. tensions with russia won't help this situation, not in any way. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, jackie. president biden versus the polls.
1:53 pm
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for investors who can navigate this landscape, for wrinkles results in one week. leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. >> how do you plan to win moderates that cast a vote for you in 2020, but don't like what you're doing now. >> i don't believe in polls. >> sandra: whether the president believes in polls or not, they are not looking good for independence.
1:57 pm
more americans identify as an independent rather than a democrat or republican. here's the reporter asking that question, francesca chambers along with g.o.p. pollster leigh carter. great to see you both, happy to an hour with you. francesca, i will start with you first and get your reaction to the president's comment. he does not believe the polls. >> the latest polling from nbc news out today shows that he only has an approval rating of 36 percent among independents. and whether the white house believes the polls or is just listening to democratic strategists and in the white house that saying he needs to change his approach, they are saying you will do things a little bit differently this year. you will rely on the legislative team rather than brokering deals himself on things like build back better. >> sandra: ladies? speak i think you better listen to the pole, the drop among independents is the deepest drop
1:58 pm
i've ever seen, lost more than 23 points on independent since the day he took office in one year, and has lost things that are important to american voters, handling covid, foreign policy coming in and across-the-board people are having a hard time finding one thing they can point to that says he has the right guy for the job. 5 out of 6 americans are saying they are worse off today than they were a year ago. so he might not want to hear the polls and that certainly a great coping mechanism for him, but he better. and i would recommend all democrats really listen to it, because it is not looking good for them in the midterms either. so the people are speaking and they are saying they are scared and anxious and frustrated and they are saying that they want real leadership and they are not getting it today. >> sandra: the approval on economy and foreign affairs and a lot that has just continued to fall. most americans disapprove of how he is handling his job as president, 53 percent to 43% and
1:59 pm
what is notable is a sharp drop over the course of the first year of the presidency. francesca, i will ask you finally, should democrats be worried? as we enter into february quickly approaching and we are in a midterm election year, final thoughts? speak of the democrats i am hearing from our concern, and that's why they were providing that advice to the president and his political team that they needed to shake up their approach when they are looking at the polls. it's not just a drop among independents. it's a drop in support among the democratic party base. it's young voters and african-americans. >> sandra: leigh really quick? >> he is dropping with everyone, if he will have any success in the midterm and in 2024. >> sandra: several months can be a heck of a lot of time in politics. we will see what happens before november. thanks to both of you for joining us.
2:00 pm
all right, thanks again for all of you for joining us and watching, i hope to see you back tomorrow. 1:00 eastern time, john roberts and myself "america reports." keep it right here for all the latest views, thanks so much for joining us. i will see you tomorrow. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everybody, i'm jesse watters along with dana perino, greg gutfeld, katie pavlich, and her rolled and geraldo rivera. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden's first news conference turning into a total catastrophe, but don't just take our word for it, look at what the white house was forced to do. they had to roll out a cleanup crew in order to mop up one biden blunder after another,


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