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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 21, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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know what's out steak by wearing your usa made freedom matters gear. all the proceeds go to the center of american liberty doing all the grit lit litigation for those seeking freedom from onerous government restrictions. ♪ ♪ >> you are watching "fox and friends" on this friday morning. thank you for waking up with us. i am carley shimkus. hey, todd. >> hey, carly. i'm todd. imagining my wife and every time we we are at an event and there's a family gathering or wedding and that song comes on ihop on the chairs.
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my wife buries her head in her hand in shame and the party continues. >> todd, you seem like you would be such a fun wedding guest. we've done a lot of things together, we have gone to a wedding yet so if somebody needs to get married this building so we can make that magical memory. >> some viewer out there's planning a wedding invite carly and me. we have nothing better to do. we have to go and get to the news. we begin with more news on hunter biden. fox news reporting that hunter biden and afford her bite made invested into tiny companies with ties to the top level of the communist party. as recently as 2017, hunter's private equity firm held a 5% vacant harv's amusement park and an interest in harv's sports and entertainment come all backed by china's development bank. >> emails added that harv was
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partnering with nba stars magic johnson and lebron james in 2016 to houston nba global game in china in 2022 harv announced it was partnering with nba china to bring nba themed entertainment centers to the communist country. the revelation comes from the secret service to answer questions on hunter biden's government-sponsored travel to places like russia and china during his father's time as vice president. we have an exclusive interview with iowa center chuck grassley on his quest for answers coming up later in the show. >> suspected of killing a grad student in a furniture store may face a judge following his arrest. >> carley: the public slams city leaders for policies leading to a massive surge in violent crime. ashley?
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>> sean could face a judge today after police released the audio of a 911 call that led to his arrest. the color recognized smith from surveillance showing him going into a 7-eleven to buy a vape pen minutes after breanna was found dead. >> i was thinking you sounded very similar to the stabbing in l.a. >> what was he wearing? >> black hoodie on and a backpack. a black backpack that was very similar to the one in the images. >> sheriff is blaming the murder on the soft on crime policy. take a listen to this. >> it's too little, too late. as soon as he came into office it was all about activists, black lives matter, the local policies of defunding lawn force meant. it emboldens to criminal community further and he still singing the praises of reforms
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that are not working. >> in new york city district attorney alvin dragon is blaming his soft on crime policies. >> no prosecutor is enforcing every single law all the time. what i and others have done as we released footage of a moment an 11-year-old baby girl was shot in the face by a stray bullet while she was sitting in the cart the bronx. that may be just starting to walk will have her first birthday tomorrow. instead of this was in a wake-up call he doesn't know it is. weeks after his own assault a time model is speaking out after being pushed in front of an ongoing train speaking saying i was lucky and she was not. i cannot understand what nothing is changed. there's a lot going on as far as crime in these policies so i'm going to have to some organ have
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to change, guys, back to you. >> thank you so much for that report. president biden is set to address america's mayors in a crime spike in america's biggest cities. the president is not expected to discuss lenient local prosecutors are judges responsible for releasing repeat offenders back onto the streets. >> look, the president is not going to weigh into the actions of prosecutors or the legal justice department. that's his bottom line. he's also been very clear he's a longtime supporter of cops programs come of the police, and he's been an advocate for additional funding. >> instead the president well reportedly urged mayors to use more of their state and local covid funds to expand their workforce. so there you have it, the president addressing this issue in part today but todd i think the scariest part is that these
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crimes are now feeling so random. it's not just affecting big cities when you have bail reform criminals are obviously i would end up mobile. they are committing crimes in the suburbs. we learn that tragically during the waukesha, wisconsin, parade attack. then you think about the situation that unfolded earlier this week in new york city where there was a little baby who was shot in the face. "the new york post" covers that no one is safe new york city because -- and to provide this 11-month-old baby struck by a bullet, her name is catherine. her birthday is today. she turned one year old today and a family member said she was just learning to walk, she took her first steps. thankfully she's going to survive. there's a picture of her within a little pink coat covered in blood. it's such a tragedy. the government is still on the loose in the situation, todd. >> in your first birthday you
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should be taking pictures is on one of those little maths that says i'm one today. you should be in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. if you think i'm going to bring my baby to new york city anytime soon you have another thing coming. you also mention, carly, the randomness of all of this. you also mention the fact that this is starting to happen and not just the "bad areas," but the good areas. i can't emphasize enough that's a beautiful area. it's where people go shopping. union station, where that other nurse was killed, pushed on and killed. i go to union station all the time. it's how you transport yourself around l.a. if you don't want to take a car. this is impacting everybody in every community. now to get back to joe biden for a moment, he's having a meeting. what's a meeting going to do? you know everybody has meetings and then you have meetings to have another meetings. it's not going to lead to anything.
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joe biden needs to do something at the federal level to stop all this crime. people want answers. the answers are simple. restore bail, but cops back on the street, prosecute criminals. it's gonna be a follow-up in no lives will be saved because of it. you heard jan psaki's answers there, the nation is looking to solve the crime crisis but he's going to take the easy way out by not getting involved in local prosecutions. carley commits an abomination that that was an answer from jan psaki. >> is the president of the united states he has the bully pulpit. he can speak on this issue. also funding through the justice department as well. i also think it comes down to people. and voting really matters. if you look at what happened in new york city were people voted for eric adams because of his tough on crime stance and at the same time those very people voted for alvin bragg as
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assistant attorney was soft on crime. the only reason they did that was because he had a d next to his name and he and didn't know what he stood for. now look at where we are. hopefully people are waking up to this and hopefully that will change down the road. in the meantime we have to get to a fox news alert's legendary singer and actor meat loaf has died. the grammy winner born marvin lee a day job to fame in the 1970s with one of the best-selling albums of all time come a bat of. ♪ ♪ >> carley: he also became known as an actor in movies like "the rocky horror picture show" and fight club. his music career spans decades
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spending new generations of fans with his head "i would do anything for love." meat loaf died with his wife at his side. he was 74 years old. todd, when i was just starting my career here at fox news i was an assistant, and fox business showing meat loaf was a guest several times. he was one of my favorite guests. i was working on that show for five or six years, he was such a nice man they just made you feel special. he was one of those people that once he met him once he would remember your name. dls always had a big happy smile on his face. i know everybody when we met on the whole cast and crew walked away they all said he such a special person and unique talent. so sad to hear he died at the age of 74 years old. >> that's an awesome story.
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let's keep in mind, carley, being from jersey were the only state in the union where it's mandatory in all of your school dances to play paradise by the dashboard light. guys get on one side, girls get on the other and you've seen this song back and forth. as tell people's eyes to look at me like i two heads. this is what you do. compared to its a bummer. they're growing up and this is the nature of life. it's sad nonetheless. in the meantime let's get back to other news. fbi director christopher reding met after british national wild jewish worshipers hostage over the weekend in texas. >> the fbi is and has been treating saturday's events like an act of terrorism targeting the jewish community. the fbi needing to backtrack after an agent initially said
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the incident was not connected to the jewish community. in the meantime in the u.k. counterterrorism team arresting two more individuals in connection with the incident. they were later released without charge. >> looks back at the white house says the administration is still doing damage control after president biden's press conference. >> press secretary jen psaki cleaning up joe biden's claims that the midterms would be -- griff jenkins showing up wise. good morning, todd, there were a lot of moments this getting the mean of treatment yesterday and today. none more so -- >> i'm not going to say it's going to be legit. it's an increase of the prime suspect of being illegitimate as a direct proportion of the process of us not being able to get these forms past. >> that prompted the white house
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to dispatch the big guns to mop it up. however, that backfired when the vice president on the morning anchor backing biden illegitimacy claims. >> is he really concerned that we may not have fair and free elections? >> around our countries states put into place laws that are purposely making it more difficult for americans to vote. >> does he think now these bells haven't been passed, that the 22 midterms want to be legitimate are fair or free? >> let's not conflate issues. >> harris went further sing the g.o.p.'s failure to pass voting rights administration was a blatant duration erosion of our democracy. however, republicans aren't buying it. >> democrats don't expect respect elections they don't win. now it's going to be 2022 appear to mean of joe biden thought that his party was going to win these elections and all would be fine. >> in the meantime in the
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white house they were still trying to put the fires out. >> he was not intending to dust out of the legitimacy of the 2020 elections. he was attempting to make the opposite point. in 2020, despite covid and many attempts to suppress the vote, a record number of voters, democrats and republicans showed up in the face of a pandemic and election officials make sure they could vote and have those votes counted. >> in speeds 12's cleanup duty may be far from over. now some democrats like james clyburn come a long time biden confidant, says he has legitimate claims as well. got it, carley? >> all right, thank you very much. dan holloway of the podcast says don't buy into these spins. >> november 2020's biggest threat to our democracy was calling a federal election illegitimate. it's interesting because in 2016 in november the biggest threat to our democracy was no
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legitimate election because of trump and russia collusion which is interesting because earlier in 2016 hillary clinton used dnc money to pay a foreign agent to fabricate all of that which is an actual threat to democracy. i'm not sure where we really go from here. 2020 was the most fair election of all time, right? but if we don't pass this election now, which takes voting rights away from the states and puts them in federal control, then we can't guarantee legitimacy of elections ever again i guess. that's the lesson that we are being asked to take from these guys. >> anthony blanket will meet foreign administer in geneva just a few moments. >> the white house's debts trying to do damage control while snaps at a fox news reporter. >> good morning, guys, and less than an hour secretary of state
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anthony blanket will meet with his russia counterpart. the u.s. is hoping to find a diplomatic path to de-escalate tensions between moscow and the ukraine as thousands of troops build up on the border. meanwhile, president biden is still facing backlash over this major remark. listen to this. >> russia will be held accountable if it invades. it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's a minor incursion, but at they actually do what they are capable of doing with the force amassed on the border come it's going to be a disaster for russia. >> ukraine's president zelensky snapping back on but i did not twitter reminding the great power that there are no minor incursion's just as there are no minor casualties and no little grief of loss of loved ones. vice resident officials are backpedaling the president's controversial comments and desist russia will pay a price if they invented. >> i think you heard very clearly multiple times last
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night from the president, he's been crystal clear. >> let me be very clear what the president has -- >> the president is clear he has a pen to do that. >> it's clear the decision is probably in his hands. we've been clear for quite some time. >> a hot make moment of circulating online after he lashed out at our very own white house correspondent. listen to this. meanwhile a spokesman omen for russia's former ministry is accusing the west end ukraine of line about an imminent attack to cover their own large-scale provocations and disguising it by starting up concerns over moscow. todd, carley? >> carley: brooke simmons life for us, thank you paid to do see this? "time" magazine commemorates president biden's first year in
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office as this not so sunny cover. the headline reads how the biden administration lost its way. this is quite a fall from grace after he was timed "time" magazine's person of the year just two years ago. the forecast for the presidency tries to explain why he has not delivered on his campaign promises. >> used to get asked you promised, no i proposed. nothing's changed. if you say something in the campaign is a promise. >> "time" magazine person of the year it's a storm clouds. that is because he can call it a promise, a proposal. a promise to shut down the virus, not thy economy. the opposite happened. he promised to unite the country and we are more divided than ever. he promised america's back as the leader of the world stage. i have to say no matter who was president of america is the leader of the world stage but just look at how we handle afghanistan, look at russia
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yesterday inflation of the 40 year high, gas prices up, open borders, so no president biden did not outperform expectations as he said. focus on business stuff that actual people care about them as clouds go away. this president continues to be pulled further and further left. that's not what the american people want. as a result those clouds are going to stay as long as he remains aligned with the squad. did you see this? an intense moment caught on camera as a texas police officer rushes to save a woman from a fiery erect. we'll show you what happens next. >> have a big lineup for you on this friday morning. rachel duffy is shunning us with the stars of the hit tv show dynasty will of trump also.
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>> him coming up so you better get this party started. ♪ ♪ no more trips to the post office no more paying full price for postage and great rates from usps and ups mail letters ship packages anytime anywhere for less a lot less get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again
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>> a career criminal accused of killing held on $2 million bond as friends and family more the 24-year-old ucla grad student. >> in meantime progressive d.a. breaking silence with the statement that says it's tragic and heartbreaking that breanna was murdered while she worked orange county, california, district attorney joins us live. you know, todd, george cust owned his rights of the fact that this is a tragedy. it could have also been prevented. what is your reaction to a statement in this situation overall? >> me to think about it, george capps cohen is advocating no bail. what he says is bail is punitive, it's racist, it discriminates against the poor and people of color. what he said was in exchange for no bail we were going to go to a risk assessment model. in other words, let's look at
1:25 am
the risk associated with not keeping somebody in custody. where was the assessment of smith's background? repeated arrest going back over a decade. shooting a flare gun into a car occupied by a motorized and deaf person. repeated arrests over time. failures to appear. when george s colon talks about no bail and how it's punitive, what about the fact we are losing people with the 50% increase in homicide in los angeles. breanna kupfer, my god. what a lovely young woman. ucla grad student with a world of promise. our entire southern california community is devastated. >> this entire week i'm just trying to put myself in the mind-set of the dead in the situation and i cannot. i feel horrible.
1:26 am
here's what he said about the crime. crime is striking and we have a lot of criminals in the streets that shouldn't be out. we have a lot of politicians that forgot about people i think the key to getting elected is to support the most wrong of our society and give them rights. somehow that's the answer to getting votes. it could not been said better by anybody. that is the perfect statement, the perfect way to summarize what's going on. is this a crime that finally gets voters to recall this guy? >> think about it. you have rihanna. she's like george floyd, right? she's the poster child. my goodness gracious. we have hundreds of people being shot and murdered in los angeles. look at the off-duty l.a.p.d. police officer, our sheriff in los angeles county.
1:27 am
she went around george cust koenig, went to the federal government to prosecute the gang members who shot this l.a.p.d. off-duty officer. a 70-year-old woman, a nurse going to work come at a hospital county usc appear to get to the head by a homeless person, she dies. days later she succumbs to her injuries. todd and carley, for god's sakes, the nation needs to wake up. this is going on all throughout los angeles. it's particularly going on in counties in jurisdictions that have elected these george soros woke district attorney's who have an agenda that's completely jeopardizing america. >> it certainly is. 50% increase in homicides in los angeles. smith is going to be arraigned today. more to come of this front. such a tragedy, todd.
1:28 am
now you may remember a big tax pressings "the new york post" reporting on hunter biden's laptop in the run-up to the 2020 election. but there's more. were telling you how much time the media reported on this scandal surrounding the president's son this past year when eddie scarry joins us coming up next. ♪ ♪ how bout sushi? i just had sushi for lunch yesterday. indian? ehh, maybe... how bout seafood? you know i don't like seafood. [collision beeping warning] [silence] how bout tacos? tacos. automatic emergency braking — one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox. find new technology. find new roads.
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>> states of put into place laws that are purposefully making it more difficult for the american people to vote. >> does a thing now these votes have been passed the 2022 which won't be legitimate. >> let's not conflate issues. >> kamala harris floats fears of
1:33 am
an unfair elections as she takes questions on the parties failed election overhaul bill. >> i wonder where are all the democracy table counters on the president and vice president literally in the span of 24 hours both undermine the integrity of our election before they even happen. >> election integrity and having faith in our elections doesn't seem to matter when it's democrats casting doubt on it. that was the case of four years plus under trump when hillary clinton was running around saying the election was stolen from her and it wasn't fair and there was something fishy about it. they're doing the same thing again because they know it's likely going to happen in this next election and they have this legislation they want to pass. of course all the liberals in the media who were upset with
1:34 am
trump and continued to print tend to be upset with trump for saying anything about 2020 anything at all might of been suspect about that. >> you know, abby, president biden has been accusing republicans of being racist and trying to suppress a minority vote for about a year now. a whole all-star game was moved out of georgia because of it. are you surprised the media is pushing back against this notion now? >> not really. i would say that it's a bit different from what we see otherwise 24 hours a day seven days a week on cnn and msnbc, which is to continue and that's democracy is constantly hanging the balance otherwise. when you have a sitting president of the united states cognitive using there might be something wrong with the election if it doesn't go their way and they don't get their own legislation passed.
1:35 am
it may not be true you can actually count of this was a free and fair election. that's pretty interesting. >> it is. finally made a network combined coverage of hunter biden total just 5 minutes. literally minutes from the whole year, here it is broken down. down. abc 57 seconds, "cbs evening news" lester hold a whopping 191 seconds. eddie, how much force is under have to be in order for him to get coverage? did we lose eddie? >> did we lose eddie? we lost eddie. i would point out that last year when he only got 5 minutes of coverages the same year he started his budding art career. who's paying for those paintings? we don't know. apparently outside of fox news other media outlets don't seem to care but we are going to
1:36 am
cover that story and much more. aren't we, todd? >> we will. i want to thank eddie for his first answer to my refused to thank him for his second answer. >> he really dropped the ball on that one. >> of the media may be ignoring hunter biden's scandals but we are not, like carlito just said, we have an exclusive interview with chuck grassley battling it out. in order to get his hands on hunter's overseas travel logs back when his dad was vp. >> and did you hear this? >> i made no promises. >> no regrets from the president is america's finest lost their lives. were going to be talking to the sister of riley column about that and a whole lot more coming up next.
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>> dramatic but it cam shows the moment a robocop rescue a woman in a burning car. police said the pastor appears unconscious. she manages to get the passenger out of the partially open driver side door as more officers arrived to assist.
1:41 am
under investigation and thankfully all involved were not seriously injured. carley? >> todd, u.s. service members lost their lives due to suicide bombing during the u.s. withdraw from afghanistan. president biden says he has no regrets. >> there is no way to get out of afghanistan after 20 years easily. not possible, no matter when you did it. i made no promises. >> joining me now sister of marine corps role who was killed in the august 26 on the kabul airport. good morning to you both. it's great to have you on. royce, when you are the president say that during his press conference study makes no apology for the brawl what went through your head?
1:42 am
>> he still is not mentioned by name once. it is taken zero responsibility for anything that's happened there. >> you know he says he has great concern for the people who died. my father and i chose not to meet with him. my sister and my sister barbara stayed and he couldn't even mention my brother's name, had no idea who's talking to you spoke about his son instead. very unapologetic. he has not own two are admitted to anything that is done wrong. >> tell us about your brother. many fox news viewers do know his name because of his bravery and sacrifice. what was he like as a brother?
1:43 am
>> me and him constantly fought. we are the best siblings we always had a childers backs. he started wrestling at five years old and i spent every weekend with them after school practicing. we were together all the time which is why we fought so much. as a hero, he's a patriot. we just spoke with got the full autopsy report. it just confirmed yesterday the investigations. he was doing what he wanted to be doing. >> how is the last year been for you and your family? >> rushed. we weren't able to see him for
1:44 am
about eight or nine months before he died. and for him to not come home and make ever get a chance to say those goodbyes. >> i also know ask you about this lawsuit that you and your family filed against alec baldwin. will get you in on this in just a minute. but first the story started off nice. alec baldwin donated some money to your family after your brother's death and then what happened? >> so he donated $5,000 check to my sister-in-law. afterwards a photo of myself at the capital last year at president trump's rally.
1:45 am
posted it saying it was an insurrectionist underwriter and message me privately good luck. >> you know we have some of that conversation you had with alec baldwin. he said when i sent the money for your late brother out of real respect for his service to the country i didn't know you are a january 6th writer. he goes on to say your activities resulted in the end of a lawful destruction of government property, the death of a law enforcement officer. i reposted your photo, good luck. you say you did not ride on january 6th. that leads me to the lawsuit, $25 million is a lot of money. by that amount and do you think you will win? >> we think we have a very strong case. royce is part of this lawsuit but also her sister and her sister-in-law buys corporal
1:46 am
mccollum's widow raised to tell you that the flashback they received online was in a reasonable person would be surprised appalled $27 million reflects the punitive damages. alec baldwin has a lot of money. punitive damages punch the wrong door, they don't compensate the victim. they are a deterrent. in order to deter somebody at least on paper is worth 60 million plus dollars. you have to send a message that gets there. >> it's odd that alec baldwin would get into this exchange with you, a very good person was been through so much already when he has so much on his plate. thank you so much for joining us this morning. appreciate you and your family.
1:47 am
>> thank you so much. >> you better. todd? >> well done, carley. just when you heard it all candy is going well it will tell you how the iconic m&m characters are getting a gender neutral makeover. ♪ ♪
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds.
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>> did you hear about this? you're about to. the maker of m&ms is giving the candy awoke makeover. the iconic round red, yellow, orange, characters who undergo a redesign to be more gender-neutral and focused more on their personalities bear the company is seeing the characters will have an updated tone of voice that is more inclusive, welcoming command unified while remaining rooted in our signature gesture, weight, and humor. thank god for this moment because all i my life i'd be saying america would be perfect, it's just the m&ms holding us back. >> it's of freaking candy. anyway, a conservative think tank is taking the lead in
1:52 am
the fight against the biden administration. they said they are going on offense to expose the biting regime and its neighbors on capitol hill and the administrative state in the state local levels across the nation. that station coming as the president describes himself as a moderate. >> you guys been trying to convince me that i am bernie sanders. i'm not. i like him but i'm not bernie sanders. i'm not a socialist. i'm a mainstream democrat and i have been. >> joined a meal live senior advisor heritage foundation mike powell. my, what are you expecting to expose? >> there certainly a long track record on the biden administration about the destruction and damage to this country. we have year of abject failure across many policy lines domestic and foreign. what we are aiming to do is our policy makers in the public different levels with the information and evidence embodied investigative research, they need to actually enforce
1:53 am
accountability moving forward. that's what we are going to do. where running up bills and were going to be in submitting foyers and conducting investigations. were going to get the information needed to tell the true story of all the damage reflected. i think a lot of it was on purpose. people need to be held responsible. >> my, what areas as there is no shortage. otilia right up the bad. this border crisis, this attack on national sovereignty securing it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if you rapidly undo all border security there will be a massive rush. the only question now is why did they do it, who did it, who is responsible. were going to figure it out and figure out who's responsible. i think were going to talk about
1:54 am
big tax influence inside federal government. they're working against the enforcement arm of the federal government sally conservative. we want to tell that story. were not just limiting ourselves to action of the federal level. were going to expose the regime. the biden administration is in charge. but i just said he is not bernie sanders, is an errand boy. look at the national school board association and the department of administration. it's not just there. look at these corporations is gone so well. it is talking about these m&ms. were going to look at all these willy wonka will be shaking his
1:55 am
grave. >> willy wonka would be shaking his grave. there is a time that this would be the job of a mainstream media. mainstream media not only silent, they are the exact opposite in many instances, holding water for the biden administration. in the regime you are trying to uncover. we appreciate your time this morning, thanks much. a far cry from when joe biden was a person of the year. joe concha plus we have exclusive interviews with chuck grassley on his quest to hold hunter biden accountable. joining us the stars of the hit tv. laura tromp is also here.
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kairls rrn ♪♪ >> todd: we begin this hour with a fox news alert. singer and actor meatloaf has died. he jumped to fame with one of the best-selling albums of all time, "bat out of hell," and he was an actor in rocky horror and his hit song "i would do anything for love," but he won't do that, trying to figure out what that is. meatloaf dying with


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