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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 21, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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middle, let's come up with some compromise that the entire country can get around, around issues like inflation, like gas prices, like crime. this administration showing no proclivity to do it. lara trump, have a great weekend. >> carley: great seeing you. great being with you this morning,. >> todd: you too. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts. >> actor and legendary singer meat loaf has died. he jumped to fame in the 1970s. he was 74 years old. president biden tries to clarify wednesday's comments. >> any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border that is an invasion. >> there is going to be more blood on his hands if putin enters glurk alvin bragg apologized for writing what he said was an unclear and legalistic memo. >> i take full accountability for that confusion, left many
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yorkers justifiably concerned how we will keep them safe. >> a former biden aid invested in two chinese companies with ties top levels of the communist party. >> i can't make any accusations against the president but i think we have a right to know what the son was doing. ♪ ♪ i'm going to hit the highway like a battering ram ♪ >> brian: we begin with sad news. and it is a fox news alert. sad day as we learn iconic musician meat loaf one of the most successful singers and most successful albums ever passed away at the age of 74. todd piro joins us as fans remember his show stopping performances. todd, this is stunning. >> todd: tough way to begin the morning steve, ainsley and brian. iconic actor and singer meat
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loaf whose career touched generations of fans have died. born marvin. he was known best album bat out of hell top selling records of all time with more than 40 million copies sold. ♪ dance floor lights ♪ >> todd: the grammy winner making star as actor rockie horror picture show. fight club in 1999. his name was robert paulson. his big personality and career were memorialized by his family early this morning. he said, in part quote we know how much he meant to so many of you and truly appreciate all of the love and support as we move through this time of grief in losing such an inspiring artist
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and beautiful man. from his heart to your soul, don't ever stop rocking. celebrities and fans paying tribute to this morning including piers morgan who remembers the singer wonderfully flamboyant, funny, outrageous and rebellious economyian. actor steven fry says our powerless as you remember it from the dashboard life meat loaf. dying with his wife and daughters by his side. he was 74 years old. steve, ainsley, and brian back to you. >> steve: thank you very much no. cause of death was given. he has had some health trouble through the years. he had asthma. he collapsed on the stage in london back in 2003. and in pittsburgh in 2011. but think about, one of the things we love about meat loaf in addition to the fact that he used to come on the program, our program going back 25 years, there he is in rockefeller center, another run one of the morning shows doing one of his
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numbers. you know what? when the light -- we would talk to him in the green room and whatever we were talking about regarding the news of the day, he knew all about it. and he was interested in our points of view. and then he would tell us his point of view. but then when we would actually start the meat loaf segment, with his actual name marvin lee day. he was very earnest but he was hilarious. and just as piers morgan just said a moment ago in his tweet, he was flamboyant and he was outrageous. and, ainsley, he was a man for the ages. he sold 100 million albums when he first got started he performed on broadway, the l.a. production of hair. he was in wayans world. of course he was in rockie horror picture show. he was even an understudy in 1973 for john belushi on the movie lemmings, ainsley.
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>> ainsley: yeah, he also started in fight club and he had lost all that weight and apparently he had to wear a bigger suit. they had to create one for him for that movie. he was born, as you said michael lee adan. but when he was a baby, i wonder where did he get the name meat loaf. when he was a baby his dad saw him and said wow he looks like nine and a half pounds of ground meat. he told the nurses to put a name tag on the outlines of his little crib and they did and they put meat on there. he asked for that it just stuck. he was a high school football player. brian, you asked him about how football really inspired him. he was on our show and we had an opportunity to ask him several questions when his latest album came out. watch this. this was on "fox & friends" in 2016, right after he collapsed that summer on the stage. >> ainsley: congratulations on the new album. >> steve: comes out september 16th. >> i didn't want it to have tracks like a regular record. i wanted it to be a symphony.
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the initial song called who needs the young was written by jim steinman at the age of 19 years old. and the -- we did three of his first songs he ever wrote on the record. >> brian: how much duval the football days and who you are today? >> oh, the football days made me who i am. >> brian: in what way? >> i'm very disciplined. you will never -- you will never see me have a picture in the paper of a dui. you don't see me hanging out at clubs. you don't see me drinking. you don't -- i'm very disciplined. >> brian: i know his dad pushed him into sports. i thought he was a good engaging guy and very happy. a lot of times when people get known for bat out of hell, two out of three ain't bad for that one album in particular run that label. done so much more. he know, he loved it. he kept playing it. every time i felt like he sang that song it was the first time. that's the mark of a great performer. just enjoyed having him on
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almost every concert series season. so, meanwhile, he passed away at 74. we will be having a commemorations and reflections on his life throughout the day. >> steve: hey, brian. >> brian: yeah. >> steve: meat loaf also aautopsy appeared. people didn't know him from the music or movies they know him from celebrity apprentice and john rich was on in his season. and we're trying to get john to come on the show later this morning to talk about his friend and contestant, meat loaf, who passed away yesterday at the age of 74. anyway, brian, you were saying. >> brian: meanwhile, 7 minutes after the hour on wednesday the president spoke for 1 hour and 53 minutes there was a lot of clean up to do. some of the clarity on his questions. number one, we were talking about voting. he essentially says yeah, i don't know if i really trust the outcome ever the 2022 vote. really? okay. that's interesting. and the g.o.p. they have absolutely no agenda. i'm really surprised they want to stop me. they need to clarify that a little bit and republicans more
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than willing to do it. but the biggest story revolves around international relations war and peace and that ukraine. the president said you know, whether it came -- he agive indicated. indicate -- oagive indicated. something they were expecting. would they actually tolerate it? of course coming back from and removing politics from it. the u.k. president was pretty much stunned he came out and said i wanted to remind the great powers there are no minor incursions on install nations. kyiv overall the government was stunned to hear those comments. so it was quickly time to show from the u.s. perspective and from the nato perspective there that we take the idea of an invasion into the ukraine as a nonstarter. case in point, the chief of staff ron klain. listen to how he tried to clarify his boss' comments. >> i have been absolutely clear with president putin he has no
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misunderstanding in any, any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border, that is an invasion. let there be no doubt at all that if putin makes this choice, russia will pay a heavy price. >> if putin takes aggressive action, we are prepared to levy serious and severe costs, period. >> do you offer at least that he was being inarticulate when he made the comments that he did. >> lester, what i offer is he has made his views very clear. the president of russia is on notice. >> steve: right, while the president was a little gaffetastic the night before, everybody said, you know, as the president has been very clear, as he has been very clear, as he was crystal clear. i heard that yesterday about a dozen times from various people. they did have a science-based event in the executive office building. the eisenhower building right next door. on the way out our reporter jacqui heinrich had a question
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for the president and i don't think he liked it. watch this. are you waiting on putin to make the first move, sir? >> steve: what a stupid question. an audio engineer was actually able to pick it up according to the pool reporter who was working for yahoo news. but the question ainsley and brian, i don't think it was a stupid question. it was a stupid answer that he gave the day before, ainsley. a lot of will people are wondering are you giving putin the green light. bret bruin even tweeted this out. he said it isn't a stupid question. it's a really important one. we continue to allow putin to set the terms, timeline and trajectory of this crisis. it's time we stop being so
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reactive and start creating some of our own conditions. the ukrainian president said there are no minor incursions and he went on to say just as there are no minor casualties because a minor incursion is a big deal when you are ukraine. the ukrainian foreign minister said you cannot be half aggressive. you are either aggressive or not aggressive and boris johnson weighed in on it from the u.k. he said he warned that it would be a disaster for the world if russia invades ukraine. >> brian: no question about it. what has the u.s. done? they have given $450 million in defensive aid. the first one to give lethal aid there was president trump. they also put 200 more million into military aid. something else significant. when we sell arms to these baltic countries other other countries you can't sell them to other people. that is part of the rules. we have now released that. the u.s. allowing baltic states weapons to the ukraine. ukrainians went from 20% of their population wanting to be involved in nato now 80%. when they were invaded
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originally and they -- russians are still in the dombas region, a very small portion of the country willing to take up arms to defend their country. that has thoroughly changed. in fact, they have all of these plans in place. by going ahead and threatening ukraine, pretty consistently for the last 10 years, they have actually galvanized the ukrainians, the question is will the u.s. make vladimir putin nervous? we don't want to have war with russia. but the truth is russia doesn't want to have war with us. and where is our overall superiority. infantry we have the advantage. especially in air power. if we can move an aircraft carrier into that region. that might affect his decision, steve. >> steve: well, you know. >> ainsley: brian, can i just say something? sorry. did you all see the satellite images that were released from yesterday of all of their military equipment and vehicles and tanks that are waiting right on the border. some of them 11 miles away from the border. some 200 miles away from the
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border. if you look at the satellite images it's pretty scary. all of the equipment that they have ready to go into ukraine. >> brian: they do. good point. >> steve: right. that's what i was about to mention, ainsley, is the fact that during this one year of the joe biden administration there has been a build-up on the border between russia and ukraine. they are about to invade. you know, the ukrainian officials say you know what? he has got the green light and from essentially from joe biden the other day, they are tarstd that it's going to happen. and it probably is. so, rather than worry about u.s. military superiority, where is the big stick? why not talk about making russia pay now? and i'm talking about in the form of sanctions. they are saying, you know, the white house has said well, if they invade, we are going to slap them with sanctions. why wait until then? why not pull the plug on nord stream 2 which, there -- exactly. there you see vladimir putin
3:14 am
with the president in geneva. pull the plug, mr. president, on nord stream 2 now because you know what it does? not only does it provide energy to portions of europe from russia, it is a gusher of cash for vladimir putin. so make him pay now. just say hey, you are building up, until those troops pull back, we are going to pull the plug on your little pipeline, okay? so far, you know, all we have heard from the president is, you know, i was very clear, an incursion is an invasion and we will be really mad. why wait until the invasion, ainsley. why not do something now? think sanctions. >> ainsley: i agree with you 10. that way we are proactive instead of reacting to the invading ukraine. >> steve: right. >> ainsley: new york city, the mayor here, our new mayor eric adams he declares america's
3:15 am
biggest cities are back. crime is so out of control no one is safe. not even an 11-month-old baby. and we are getting a first look at the big names who will be headlining the super bowl halftime show. we all watch that the big reveal coming up. but, first, here is meat loaf's iconic song i'd do anything for love but i won't do that ♪ to hell and back ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ ♪ omized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and there you have it. woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. big deal. we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, but mine has 5g included. relax people. my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one-upping itself. take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. >> carley: california authorities releasing the 911 call that led to the arrest of
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suspect shawn laval smith accused of fatally stabbing brianna kupfer. listen. >> >> i see a gentleman who looks very similar to the suspect in the kupfer stabbing in l.a. >> what was he wearing? >> he had black hoodie on and he had a backpack, a black backpack that's very similar to the ones i've seen in images. >> carley: the same day a large vigil was held outside the furniture store where she was killed. attendees say they remember the grad student as the brightest part of anyone's day. the supreme court is dealing a major blow to abortion providers. the high court rejecting an appeal to have the texas heartbeat bill case sent back to a lower court. the supreme court declining to rule on the constitutionality of the texas law. the case will remain with the conservative fifth circuit of appeals. the heart beat law bans abortion after six weeks.
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fox business exclusively reporting that hunter biden and a former biden aid invested in two chinese companies with tied to the top levels of the communist party. emails as recently as 2017 reportedly showing hunter's private equity firm held stakes at amusements parks and interest in harp entertainment both backed by china's development bank. calls grow for the secret service to answer questions on hunter biden's government sponsored travel. >> the public is entitled dodd this information, transparency brings accountability and we ought to know the travel of him and the secret service. >> carley: the trips being called into question are visits to russia and china while joe biden was vice president. pepsi releasing an early first look at the super bowl halftime show. take a look at this. ♪
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>> eminem. snoop dogg, dr. jay and. all appear at the big game. tomorrow the road to the super bowl continues for the 8 remaining teams. the bengals and titans get the divisional round underway tomorrow. the aaron rodgers and the packers will take on the 49ers on fox. coverage begins at 7:30 eastern time. don't miss a about palestinian guys, over to you. >> brian: that should be very interesting. if it ends up being in l.a., which it should be you have the glitz and glamour of los angeles first time since the rams left in '92. so the big game is back. thanks, carley. >> carley: you bet. >> brian: talk about something that should be alarming to all of you. even if you live in a rural community or the suburbs. that is safety in our major cities. if you want our economy back on track. if you want to make sure loved ones who happen to be in the city are safe then you better hope these mayors step up. take a look at this picture that was tweeted out by -- as thee
3:23 am
conference of mayors met in washington, d.c. to me, this should be one of the most important conferences in the country. and, yet, they seem to be having a good time. here is the message from eric adams the new mayor here. america's biggest cities back. leading the charge covid crisis and move our country forward. great to spend a little time with chicago mayor lori lightfoot and mayor of los angeles eric garcetti. the problem with this is the facts couldn't be further from that tweet. los angeles is not back. it is a mess. only thing growing is their homeless community and taxes. when you look at chicago, my goodness, does anyone think that that country, that should be a country, that city is sitting on all cylinders? the cops are at war with the mayor. mayor is at war with the schools. the one thing consistent with those two cities crime is running rampant. i think i go to you, steve, but i think that mayor adams, who everyone has so much hope in does not realize he does not have a honeymoon.
3:24 am
we are right now -- he walked into a thunderstorm. he needs to respond to it. the crime, the death, destruction, and random killings are happening right now. there's no time to take a bow and say look at me. and i don't think he gets that all i ask him to do is pick up the "new york post" today. >> steve: right. here's the thing. the cover of it is no one is safe. blood on the jacket of an 11-month-old hit by a thug's bullet, she is gonna be okay, god willing, the mother says. here's the thing. brian, that tweet that the new mayor put out showing he and the top official in chicago and l.a. was referring simply to covid. they said, you know, we are back regarding covid. didn't mention crime. what do those three cities have in common? crime. random crime. that little kid, the 11-month-old apparently was in
3:25 am
the car seat as the dad was in the bronx a couple of days ago. the baby was in a car seat, he was in a grocery store. one guy running down the street chasing another guy. shooting at each other. random stray bullet winds up in the cheek of that little baby, who is now in stable condition. mayor eric adams said he went and visited the family. he said if tonight is not a wake-up call, then i don't know what a wake-up call is, he says leaders at every level have abandoned the city streets. i won't. but, ainsley, what chicago and l.a. and new york all have in common, the randomness of the crime. i mean, earlier this week we were talking about brianna and how she was just random on her day off. she worked at that furniture store and a guy randomly walked in and killed her right there. she died because she simply went to work. >> ainsley: and every monday
3:26 am
morning we talk about crime usually from chicago. and the numbers are staggering. >> steve: yeah. >> ainsley: why he would align himself with those two other mayors i'm not quite sure why he would post that picture because people are angry at all of them for not cracking down on crime. there's a big question mark next to eric adams' name for york new yorkers. we are not sure how he is going to be. he ran on being tough on crime. we will have to see. he has been tough on cody and really likes all of these kids getting vaccinated and everyone needs boosters and all of that i know how he feels about covid. the question mark is next to his name when we find out what he is going to do on crime. we know where alvin bragg stands. he is the new d.a. here in manhattan. he ran on reducing incarceration and pursuing progressive prosecutorial policies. that was his campaign promise. then he sent out that memo a few days into his office on january 3rd and he really was --
3:27 am
gonna change, you know, felonies to misdemeanors, and really make crime just soft on crime. but that's what he ran on. i don't know how he got elected i guess because he has a d beside his name and so many democrats here in new york. but he only wants prison sentences for homicides, assaults, resulting in serious injury, domestic violence felonies, sex offenses, public corruption. major economic crime. so he sent this out to his team. it was made public. he got so much pushback and so many critics here in new york, business owners worried about crime. moms and dads, parents worried about how this is going to affect our streets. we want this city to be cleaned up. he apologized for the confusion but didn't apologize for soft on crime. so he still believes all of this. do we have that soundbite? >> i understand why those who read my memo of january 3rd have been left with the wrong impression about how i will enforce new york's laws.
3:28 am
i take full accountability for that confusion caused by the memo. it was unclear and legalistic put out in the public domain and left many new yorkers justifiably concerned for how i will keep them safe. i'm happy for the opportunity today to address some of the specific concerns and to offer clarification. what we need to focus on, like a laser, the truly violent activity that is destabling too many of our communities in manhattan. so that's my vision for manhattan. >> brian: it's terrible. his clarification doesn't make anybody feel any better if you listen to his words. he has not come down on the bail -- changing bail and among the people not impressed is the new police commissioner who said are you kidding me you? are not prosecuting for resisting arrest and in clarifying it he still doesn't say he changes policies. and i really doubt his biography that said he grew up in these rough streets and he had to overcome this and he knows the reality of it.
3:29 am
he grew up in a multimillion dollars brown stone and went to ivy league school and went to primary schools throughout his education. i'm really concerned about that. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, something everyone is concerned about inflation. taking a bite out of the candy business as we move ahead. i can just only imagine what the barometer says because it's not moving. now i don't have to imagine any more. one candy maker forced to raise prices by 12%. known as willfully wonka of medina, ohio. he joins us next. ♪
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and may increase with blood thinners. serious infections with symptoms like fevers, chills, weakness or confusion and severe decrease in blood counts can happen. heart rhythm problems and heart failure may occur especially in people with increased risk of heart disease, infection, or past heart rhythm problems. new or worsening high blood pressure, new cancers, and tumor lysis that can result in kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, and seizure can occur. diarrhea commonly occurs. drink plenty of fluids. tell your doctor if you experience signs of bleeding, infection, heart problems, persistent diarrhea or any other side effects. (man 2 vo) i am living longer with imbruvica. (vo) ask your doctor if it's right for you. learn how we could help you save on imbruvica. steve well, the owner of mcjack candy also known as the willie wonka of medina, ohio, isn't feeling so sweet this month after being forced to hike up his prices due to rises labor and supply costs which are
3:34 am
impacting all sorts of businesses across the country. mcjak owner larry johns joins us now. larry, good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me i know you would like to tell your customers how much stuff is going to cost in the coming year, but because everything is upside down now regarding supply chain and everything else, you don't know how much it's going to cost six months from now, do you? >> that's right. we usually in the past, my first 21 years owning this business, we would put out a price list and say here's a list for next year and it would be for the whole year. for the first time ever we published a list that said here's our prices and it's subject to change. now, unfortunately, when we come to christmas items, that we'll be pricing with retailers in the next few months we do have to lock those in, other things we don't know it's so
3:35 am
unpredictable. >> steve: yeah. absolutely. regarding the supply chain, one of the things you are famous more and i know this because my sister lives one down over in wads worth, ohio. you are famous for your fudge. the fudge is in a metal box. you used to get it from overseas, now you are looking to the united states but you are having trouble. >> yes, we are having trouble on both fronts. we can source it from the u.s. everything we buy other than those mailboxes is sourced in the u.s. but those metal tins, one item we would get from overseas, now the cost of importing is so high that's not a great option. but the american manufacturer is always quite expensive. either way it will lead to such a high shelf price there is concern that it may not be a viable item for this coming christmas. we will have to see. >> steve: well, that's still a long ways off. you have to worry about what you are going to make today. when you look at the prices of how quickly they are rising,
3:36 am
chocolate chips, larry, are costing you 32% more. and you make a lot of those things with chocolate chips, so that's going to impact everybody. part of that is because of the supply chain. what do you blame the supply chain on because the administration says it's all about covid. what do you say? >> i see it as a lot of it comes down to the labor supply. for whatever reason, various reasons people retired early. they didn't come back to the workforce but there is such extreme labor shortages, not only leading to long lead times but higher prices. i brought an example here. our cotton candy, for instance, this tub used to cost us about 7 cents just a year ago it's more than double that now to about 15 cents. the same with the lids, the lidding film, the sugar inside of it. everything has gone up significantly and our suppliers say that a lot of it is due to they just can't get enough people to run the machines we
3:37 am
had the same issue we can't find extra people we would bring. in temporary workers we bring in the fall we are short-handed as is everybody. also resin prices are up because of oil prices. the plastics used in these products are up because they do follow the oil market. >> steve: it's all across the board. larry, there are people watching right now and even though it's breakfast time they are saying boy that looks good. do you have a website if people would like to order some of your stuff? >> yes, we do it's mcjak actually like here. >> steve: you got your website on your shirt. larry, thank you very much. >> yes. >> steve: good luck to you and everybody you serve and have working for you. thank you, sir. >> all right. thank you for having me. >> steve: you bet. all right. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. the annual march for life returns to washington today. rachel campos-duffy is in d.c.
3:38 am
to preview the big event. rachel, good morning to you. >> rachel: hi, it's freezing cold. here with katie shaw. we will talk to you on the other side of this commercial break about why she came all the way here to brave the cold and stand for life. katie shaw ♪ ♪ (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪
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3:43 am
i'm here with katie shaw. she is 36 years old. she has downs. she leads the most amazing life. she a public speaker. speaking today. katie, why was it so important for you -- by the way we keeping you hugging each other because we are cold. tell us why it is so important for you to speak today to be here at the march despite this crazy weather. >> i love like being here because it helps the unborn to have a voice. because that's what i'm all about is to help the unborn babies have a voice. and i just like love it. >> rachel: you are an amazing voice. you know, unborn babies who have downs have a particularly tough time. i think it's the most dangerous place to be in america is to have down syndrome and be in the womb because people are getting a diagnosis of downs and somehow deciding that that life isn't worth leading. what would you say to somebody who thinks that or maybe has a baby that they know is going to
3:44 am
have downs. what would you say to them about why they should have that baby? >> because it starts in the womb. and it's like. >> rachel: you got it, katie. >> it doesn't matter how small the child is. >> rachel: that's right. >> it will keep growing and growing. until that child is an adult. >> rachel: that's right. >> and then watch out, world. >> rachel: watch out, world. i will tell you, this girl is amazing. she is so loved. her mom and her brother patrick are right off the set right here. every life is worthy. and you know, katie, that i have a little baby valen tina and i think we live in a world where people think that, you know, there is a tyranny of perfection and somebody is defining what perfect means. i look at you, i look at baby
3:45 am
valentina and i see perfection. i am so happy you are here. one last thought before we go? >> people like us watch out world here we come. rach watch also, ainsley, back to you. >> ainsley: so beautiful. thanks, rachel. powerful message. >> thanks ainsley. >> rachel: she is amazing. >> ainsley: god bless you both. check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. how wonderful was that. >> janice: adorable. amazing. i apologize for the cold air. you have to bundle out there in d.c. if you are headed out. you know what? they have warm hearts. take a look at the map. the cold air sunk as far as south as the gulf coast and parts of florida will feel cold today. those are your current temperatures. those are not wind chills. actual winds temperatures. 1 in fargo.
3:46 am
9 in chicago. 16 in new york. 19 in memphis. with the wind chill it feels even colder than that dangerous wind chills. you can't be outside for a great length of time. we have this front that's going to come through and bring the potential for more snow. maybe some freezing rain for the plains and midwest. big concern this weekend is the carolinas. because we have an ice storm warning in effect and area of low pressure developing off the coast. ice storm warnings as well as winter storm warnings for our friends in the carolinas up towards the dmv. the delmarva area. so be very careful. you really can't be traveling on roads that have ice or we're going to be dealing with the potential for a lot of accidents and the power outages of concern as well as we go through the day today into tomorrow. also some snow. again across the carolinas up towards the mid-atlantic. they have been socked in with so much snow the last couple of weeks. also want to point out it's cold as far as south as texas with temperatures in the teens and the 20's. ainsley, i know you got a lot of
3:47 am
friends and relatives in the carolinas. i hope they are heeding all the warnings. i will keep you up to date my friend. >> ainsley: they are ready thank you so much, janice, schools across the country are struggling to find teachers. coming up, we will tell you how the great state of tennessee is working on a creative solution. and you could be $5,000 richer. wouldn't you like that how to play the fox bet super 6 app. quiz show game coming up next. ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently.
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3:51 am
♪ >> carley: we are back with quick headlines, britney spears' dad request to unseal the pop star's medical records is denied by a judge. it sites the pop star's right to privacy over private medical information. britney's 1 year conservatorship was terminated in november as of this week her estate has been returned to her control. and music legend adele announces her las vegas residency is being rescheduled. listen. >> my show ain't ready we have been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and covid.
3:52 am
so travel again. >> the residency was supposed to start today at caesar's palace. if you are an adele fan, you will have to wait a little longer. over to you. >> steve: all right, carley, thank you. meanwhile the fox bet super 6 app. is giving you another opportunity to win 5,000 bucks by monday in a quiz show game. just answer six questions correctly on a wide variety of top picks. tom shillue is the host of fox nation happy hour and he joins us now with the actual questions that people can win $5,000 with. good morning to you, tomi. >> yes. good morning, steve. i've got the question they are on my app. get new players. download the app. today and let's answer some questions. we got to make predictions. okay. first question: which of the following games will be the smallest margin of village tri cincinnati vs. tennessee. san francisco green bay. los angeles vs. tampa bay. and buffalo vs. kansas city or
3:53 am
tie? >> steve: i'm going to go with ty. >> why not. >> ainsley: buffalo vs. kansas city. offensive power house high scoring but deferential. >> brian: we're going to explain to you what that means, ainsley. los angeles against tampa. that will be the closest game. >> all right. question two, fast food stocks to will be the best close chipotle, mcdonald's, wendy'sy or starbucks? >> steve: it's going to be mcdonald's because they are coming out with a new burger. >> ainsley: oh, okay, i will say starbucks because no more vax mandates. >> brian: i'm going to say yeah, i'm going to say starbucks, too. i know that's a sentimental move because there is a lot of blowback to their lack of vax mandates too but i'm pulling for them. >> ainsley: i'm sure. >> there we go question three which of the following cities
3:54 am
will be the warmest temperature on saturday phoenix, 40 myers, vegas, brownsville or tie? >> steve: going with fort myers, b. >> ainsley: i would say fort myers, 2. a. everyone is saying phoenix. i will go with the people. >> brian: i will call janice dean phone one friend. is that true, tom? >> you have got time. >> brian: i do have time. she doesn't take my calls during the show. so i'm going to with the rest of the country, phoenix. >> tom: good call, here we go, which qbs will throw the most yards this weekend? tom brady, josh allen, patrick mahomes, aaron rogers, joe burrow or tie? >> steve: i got to go with my kansas city chiefs qb patrick mahomes. >> ainsley: i'm going with josh allen for the bills. >> brian: i'm going e joe burrow. >> here we go, what will president biden average approval rating being saturday at 5:00 p.m., is this 35 to 38.
3:55 am
>> brian: what poll? >> 41 to 44. 44 to 47 or more than 47? >> steve: that's according to real clear politics. i'm going to go with a, less than 35. >> ainsley: his approval rating one of the polls 33%. so i'm definitely going with a. >> brian: what i'm going to do is i'm going to get it right. you guys can be wrong. i'm going to get it right. i'm going with had 0 because i saw the a.p. poll has 43% that will counter act the quinnipiac. judging by my math which i haven't used since 11th grade. >> there we go. okay. which song will be the highest on amazon's best seller list everybody talks to god. sugar, for gotten or easy on me. >> steve: i think it's probably going to be a meat loaf song, actually. i will go with a like everybody else. >> ainsley: so many people are going -- yeah, they will download his movies, too. we will go with a.
3:56 am
>> brian: i will go with c tom it goes with our relationship we don't talk anymore. i will choose c. >> tom: there your questions, guys. >> ainsley: that's because everybody is talking to god. >> brian: full circle like a seinfeld episode. tom shillue, thank you. thanks for looking like alice did in brady bunch shot. fox bet super 6 app. bring back stack the cash to give away more of terry bradshaw's loot. download fox bet super 6 app. now and play for free. i will briefly pause and tell you what's coming up next hour. now i can talk. california's liberal governor admits this mess in los angeles. looks like a third world country. no kidding, gavin newsom put on gel and spoke to the press. we will talk about it. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
3:58 am
♪ music ♪ there's software. and then there's industrial grade software. capable of optimizing your flight by turning data into your co-pilot. meet honeywell forge. analytical software that helps assembly lines build walls against cyber threats. and makes sure you're ready for game day every day. that's honeywell forge. industrial grade software ♪ music ♪
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4:00 am
is >> legendary singer and actor meat loaf has died. jumped to fame in the 170s. he was 74 years old. >> president biden tries to clarify wednesday's comments. >> any assembled russian units move across the ukrainian border that is an invasion. >> there is going to be more blood on his hands if putin enters ukraine. >> district attorney alvin bragg apologize for what he said was unclear and legalistic memo. >> i take full accountability for that confusion. left many new yorkers justifiably concerned for how we
4:01 am
will keep them safe. >> fox business exclusively reporting that hunter biden and a former biden aid invested in two chinese companies with ties to the top levels of the communist party. >> i can't make any accusations against the president but i think we have a right to know what the son was doing. ♪ ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ >> steve: we loved meat loaf. we start this hour of "fox & friends" with a fox news alert. sad news to report as we learn iconic musician meat loaf has died overnight. todd piro joins us as fans remember decades of his music and show-stopping performances. todd, this guy could sing. >> todd: he could sing. he could do it all.
4:02 am
and for some of us who grew up in jersey he does represent part of our youth because we all interest v. that dance we did during every single dance for so many of our youth-related memories. meantime the iconic singer and actor meat loaf whose career touched generations of fans has died. marvin lee aday best known for bat out of hell. still one of the best selling records of all time featuring this timeless fan favorite. listen. ♪ dashboard lights ♪ it's cold and lonely ♪ >> todd: there it is, there is the song. grammy win winning actor. fight club who can forget robert powell son in 1999. big personality and career were memorialized by his family earlier this morning saying in
4:03 am
part quote we know how much he meant to some of you and we truly appreciate all of the love and support as we move through this time ofography ever grief and losing such an aspiring artist and beautiful man from. his heart to your souls. don't ever stop rocking. fans paying tribute actress fry says i hope paradise is as you remember it from the dashboard light and he had the quality of being simultaneously frightening and cuddly which is a rare and rather wonderful. he died with his wife and daughters by his side. he was 74 years old. steve ask peter and the rest of your family paradise by the dashboard light thing. big jersey thing. sad moment today. >> steve: it is, indeed. all right. todd. thank you very much. no cause of death has been released to the public yet. he did have asthma. we have known that for a couple of decades. and the lead story that was just
4:04 am
posted in the last hour on tmz is the singer's manager michael green confirmed that meat loaf died thursday night. sources with knowledge tell tmz he was supposed to attend a business dinner earlier this week for a show he is working on based on i would do anything for love. but the dinner was canceled because he became seriously ill with covid. sources tell us, tmz, that condition quickly became critical. that according, ainsley, to tmz. meat loaf died of covid they say. >> ainsley: wow, wow. that's the first time hearing of that. because i woke up this morning with the news that the manager had said the family just wants to keep this private. cause of death is not being released. goodness. well, thank you for that, steve. he was born in dallas and i was thinking about it this morning, how did he get that nickname. i read about it his dad, when he was born. he was such a big baby.
4:05 am
weighs 9 and a half pounds. and the dad said he looks like he is 9 and a half pounds, looks like chopped meat. so he told the nurse to put a tag on the outside of his little crib that they had in the nursery and he said put meat on there so he became meat loaf. he was a high school football player. he moved to new york city and appeared on broadway in the music hair. there he is with cher. and then in 1975, he returned to the stage for rockie horror picture show which growing up in the theater we all loved that movie. he starred in 65 different movies total, including fight club and wayne's world. and he has been on our show a lot. watch this. >> ainsley: congratulations on the new album. >> steve: comes out september 16th. >> i didn't want it to have tracks like a regular record. i wanted it to be a symphony. the initial song called who needs the young was written by jim steinman at the age of 19 years old.
4:06 am
and we did three of his first songs he ever wrote on the record. >> brian: how much duval your football days and how are today? >> oh, the football days made me who i am. >> brian: in what way? >> i'm very disciplined. you will never -- you will never see me have a picture in the paper of a dui. you don't see me hanging out at clubs. you don't see me drinking. you don't -- i'm very disciplined. >> brian: he was always fun to talk. to say he was always an interesting interview. i felt like when he did his performance first time he ever did it he described himself. i'm a singer, i feel like i'm acting and i noticed his quote in the rolling stone where i feel like robert deniro of rock. also something i wouldn't be capable of analyzing but the people who look at him and watch him sing say he has three and a half octaves of vocal range. made that album dynamic bat out
4:07 am
of hell 2 which sold 14 million copies. he went platinum a number of times with bat out of hell. that's also expression. when coaches want your team to come out hard, they will say things like you got come out like a bat out of hell. he made it part of the american vernacular. so at 74 years old, meat loaf has passed away. i just noticed he was also featured on the pursuit with our buddy john rich and just talked about him as a businessman and actor and what he accomplished. so maybe we will talk to john rich today. meanwhile, seven minutes after the hour. live look at the white house as the, doing damage control after wednesday's comments. he spoke for an hour and 53 minutes. he had a lot to walk back yesterday by himself and his staff about russia, the ukraine, about voting integrity. peter doocy joins us live from the white house with the latest. peter? >> we know that officials are
4:08 am
inside right now watching and waiting for putin to possibly make a move on ukraine at any moment. and we have learned that president biden has never considered preemptively trying to stop putin. >> are you waiting on future make the first move, sir? >> >> what a stupid question. >> peter: according to former obama white house official bret brewen who tweets it isn't a stay tuned question it's important one. let putin set the terms timeline and trajectory of this crisis. it's time we stop being so reactive and start creating some of our own conditions. current white house officials are walking back this line about what is going to happen if their voting rights legislation that's already died in the senate once doesn't pass by the november midterms. >> i'm not saying it's going to be legit. the increase in the prospect of
4:09 am
being illegitimate is direct proportion to not being able to get these -- these reforms passed. >> peter: it sounds like he was casting doubt on the legitimacy of the 2022 election. >> he was not intending to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 election. >> peter: the midterm polls right now for democrats are not looking so good. so one way to explain potential losses could be if the midterms turn out of to be illegitimate. jen psaki says they are not going to do that. despite what you heard from the president. back to you. >> brian: thanks so much, peter. there is a lot of nervousness about what's happening with ukraine, a possible invasion as well as the russians, bowers the russians, as ainsley mentioned last hour not only built up 100,000 troops. belarus brutal dictator lost an election and asked for vladimir putin's help now using belarus like his backyard like the soviet union. he has now gotten his tanks and
4:10 am
armaments on the belarus border which almost thoroughly surrounds the water edge of ukraine. the question is how quick can we speed weapons there the u.k. is putting a whole bunch of weapons there we saw these baltic nations you now have our permission to share the weapons we sold to you with them. and we are giving them $200 million basically worth of loans to buy from us. and we just hope that when donald trump broke the ice and gave the javelin missiles and other lethal weapons so they can defend themselves that there is some left. >> steve: it's very telling for peter to say there are people working at 7:10 in the morning in the white house thinking that the invasion could happen at any moment. because yesterday it was all about cleaning up what the president had said the night before in the press conference. and today it's all about cleaning up los angeles rail yards. there you can see the press clean up. now let's talk a little bit about what's going on in california. we showed you these images earlier in the week.
4:11 am
union pacific, their parked freight cars are being picked clean by looters. they are parked on the side. looters get out bolt cutters they help themselves to anything they when they stop in l.a. county. theft is up 160%. look at these images. in october it was up 350 percent. well, you know what? yesterday the governor of california gavin newsom looked -- he showed up to try to clean up a lot of that mess. as it turns out, ainsley, we are finding out that much of that stuff right there, your christmas gifts that never were delivered. and so, you know, you get a message from amazon or u.p.s. well, your package has been delayed. it's because of the no bail policies in california where union pacific, their officers
4:12 am
would arrest local people for cutting up the padlocks on these shipping containers, and then looting, but then, ainsley, the next day, they were let out. and they came back and they would do it over and over and over. and they never prosecuted anybody. >> ainsley: you know, republicans are moving out of that state because of things like this. because of the homeless problem and everywhere you go, if you go to california, if you go hollywood, if you go downtown now, people are standing on the street corners and asking you for money. when you go to a restaurant, there are homeless people that are asking you for money. we have heard the disgusting stories of people just going to the bathroom on the side of the sidewalk or setting up these tent cities. areas where you can do drugs if you want. to say and now look at this. many of you out there, you might live in oklahoma and you are expecting a package it might be one ever these. look how dirty that is. i remember when i heard this story the first time i was like oh a few packages on the side of the tracks. no, it's -- they are everywhere.
4:13 am
so the governor heard. >> steve: millions. >> ainsley: exactly. he went down there to the tracks and he started picking up a few things. he was in a t-shirt and baseball bat and wearing a covid mask and he said he is going to prosecute these thieves and clean up the messes. listen. >> it looked like a third world country these images, the drone images on the nightly news. how do we make sure we don't have to keep coming back? how do we secure this site? how do we do a better job in making sure that this doesn't continue to happen? this is the supply chain. i know all of us are focused down on the water it's so damn beautiful and serve focused on containers at the port supply chain. >> steve: he is right. >> brian: question is: why did it take until now for you to notice something that clearly has not been a problem over the last 48 hours? it's been a problem over a series of years. and it's directly correlated according to people on the ground, news reporters working this story, that this correlated directly with the rise of the
4:14 am
homeless situation who you invited to every major city in california. so you put on a t-shirt throw on cap and let me get a broom and black bag and act like i'm cleaning it up. it's not a matter of cleaning it up. the stuff inside the boxes, it is now gone. that is what breaks up the supply chain and hurts the economy. and if i'm joe biden, i'm calling up and i'm saying what are you doing out there? you are allowing this subculture to exist. a lot of them are mentally ill. they are able to live off this stolen items. they are actually destroying things like amazon or delivery u.p.s. and everything else. how long has this happened? look at some of this stuff? do you think this happened overnight? the news forced his hand and every local news in "los angeles times" and the daily news out there has all covered this. the question is, in two weeks, is that going to be cleaned up? is that going to be secured? are you going to start looking at some of these tent cities and say where do you get all these nice stuff? that would be the answer of a
4:15 am
real leader in that state. a lot of democrats are leaving there, too and taking their poisonous socialistic points of view and going to other states that had their act straightened out like texas, arizona and florida. ains ains yeah, if you move, don't take your politics with you. they have zero bail there. they are going to tax people to pay for healthcare for illegal immigration, for illegal immigrants. we saw the murder of that young lady in a really nice part of l.a., the aclu grad student. clay grad student. ucla. >> steve: prices are high. part of it is supply chain. i'm going to fix the supply chain. we were talking earlier this week how the rail is part of the supply chain and why didn't the federal government direct attention to it? maybe that is why suddenly gavin newsom shows up out there.
4:16 am
also because the state senate pluck leader scott willowick says criminals know how to exploit plot policies for their own gain. house republicans in the u.s. house of representatives sent a letter to the attorney general of the united states saying you've got to help us crack down on these theft of railcars because it is -- it's no long ear secret and somebody has goes got to do something about it so, gavin newsom right looks like a third world country. meantime, 7:16 here in the east. carley joins us with terrible news out of the bronx. >> carley: yeah. that's right. steve. staying with the crime crisis here from california to new york. the nypd releasing foot tang of footage11-month-old baby girl sn the face by a stray bullet while sitting in the car in the bronx. the suspect seen running through a busy street with a gun. police say he was chasing after someone. the baby shot was just learning
4:17 am
to walk and her first birthday is today. miraculously the mothersays she. police say they are working to identify these two men who pretended they were delivering a package. but, instead, they forced their way into a home. once inside, authorities say they stole numerous valuable items. luckily, no injuries have been reported. automaker toyota is halting production in 11 plants in japan due to a shortage of parts caused by the pandemic it will only last for three days but they say january production will be reduced by 47,000 vehicles. supplies are running short because of a lack of computer chips. there are more planned reductions for next month. that halt will impact the making of prius hybrids and luxury
4:18 am
lexus models. listen to this. taxpayers will soon have to submit a video selfie using facial recognition technology to access their irs accounts. it will require americans to use id me which is a third party company the change is expected to take effect this summer. existing accounts on that only require email and password for access will no longer work. good to know guys, over to you. >> steve: as we approach tax season. thank you very much, carley. >> carley: you bet. >> steve: ainsley and brian as we know, there are only 24 hours in a day. a person can only do so much in the course of a day. ainsley, brian and i for years have been doing this show for three years. it's the longest running show on the fox news channel. and, ainsley, you know that after this show then brian goes upstairs and he does three more hours. and when he is done with that he is writing books, and he is working on fox nation.
4:19 am
but now we understand that apparently he has figured a way, i cannot stretch the workweek i'm going to have to branch into the weekends and now, brian kilmeade is going to be the big star at 8:00 on saturday nights here on fox. >> ainsley: yea. so excited for you, brian. >> brian: the good news is i will be able to do the show a lot of times be able to do it like jesse did it on a friday so be able to do it and kind of expand on it try to do a unique hour. so i really thankful for the opportunity. so, it will be a lot of fun. >> ainsley: they haven't named it yet, right? >> brian: evidently there is a legal thing to it. i was thinking the merv griffin show but evidently someone had that. [laughter] >> brian: just thinking of a bunch of names. i will try to make it different. try to find a studio. try to sign a lease deal to do something in the area because this place is so jammed up because now we have the weather network, the business network, we have got our network, we have
4:20 am
got fox nation. it's really fun. i look forward to it and then lawrence jones in between us dan bongino who doesn't wear a tie and has a very good build he will be on at 9:00. we will start next week, guys. ains thans is so exciting. >> steve: congratulations, brian. >> brian: thanks, guys, appreciate it ains ains what did dawn say you will not be home for another night? how many shows do you fill in for? >> brian: when people call in sick i will punch. in the best thing about our hours we work three hours before anybody gets up. usually five hours before anybody he gets up. still be on friday night but won't be able to party like i used. to say i still dance. >> ainsley: you are a hard worker. you deserve it. >> brian: thanks, guys appreciate it. >> steve: congratulations. >> ainsley: yes, congratulations our friend. we have a major line up in store. first here is meat loaf's iconic song bat out of hell ♪ i'm going to hit the highway on a battering ram ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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relax people. my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one-upping itself. take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. >> putin has a -- he has a stark choice. deescalation or diplomacy. confrontations has consequences. i'm not sure he has -- certain what he is going to do. my guess is he will move in. he has to do something. >> brian: devastating. president biden predicting a ukraine invasion stunningly as new satellite massive build up near the ukraine border for preparation for a nine month war experts like our next guest is. here to react retired four star
4:26 am
general analyst general jack keane. they also have troops in belarus i understand. if you were in ukraine right now, would you be expecting an i object investigation. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. they certainly are preparing for that the russians have established four places where they can make approaches from the ukraine one from the black sea in the east. amphibious ships carry troops. obviously that's where a lot of their air power and cruise missiles will come from to be sure. the other is north of the dombas region in eastern ukraine. those troops are from the southern military district. they're by far the largest concentration of russian forces. troops tri border area. this is belarus, russia and ukraine where they come together north of the capital city of ukraine is the second largest concentration of troops. they are from the western military district primarily.
4:27 am
then, as you mentioned, there is 10 to 12 tack particular battle groups moving from from as far as way as siberia eastern district of russia. they are moving in on trains, supposedly to go to go to military bases. he would will watch that carefully. they will likely move closer to the border than na is what is happening to the ukrainians. they are very much aware what's unfolding before them. >> brian: even though we don't want war with russia do you think the russians don't want war with us? >> absolutely. putin is very calculating. he can be quite strategic. he is doing all of this sphaciousz he is concerned to safeguard that there would knob confrontation with the united states. if that takes place, he loses everything. he loses his autonomy. he loses his influence over his people and he loses the war. so, no. he certainly wants to gain the
4:28 am
influence over ukraine and gain control over it. in a way that he doesn't have right now. and that's his objective without a broader military conflict inattorney ukraine. he absolutely wants no contest with the united states and nato. >> what's going to get his attention? ourselves met with his counterpart in germany and today with lavrov. we have shuttle diplomacy with nato. so everyone knows it bipartisan group went to the ukraine. one went there before christmas. another bipartisan group. america is unified on this. general, what's the one thing or the two things that we could do right now if you were advising the president to stop this invasion? >> the president has already rejected it that is to do something preemptively militarily and economically to deter the attack. he has rejected all of those proposals. there is no sense going down that laundry list again. what he is relying on is he want
4:29 am
to deter the attack based on the threat of what the consequences the united states and nato would impose on russia that's why his statement yesterday that casted doubt on that is so specious and also, brian, there is not uniformity among the europeans on what the specifics of the economic sanctions should be. even some of the tough ones like taking them out of the international financial messaging system and also nord stream 2. there's not yiewment on that and the russians know it. so there is likely going to be no deterrence to russia from attacking based on what we would do after, in my judgment. >> brian: swift financial system. could we just do that ourselves or do we need europe to cooperate with us? >> yes. we can impose significant hardship on them by ourselves because of the influence in that system. it operates out of belgium by the way in europe. and we can go after their banks
4:30 am
as well. and go after putin as well. and we can also impose secondary sanctions which we have never mentioned on countries that are not going along with the sanctions against russia. but here's weak on the belly again. if the sanctions impose economic hardship on the european countries, and russia starts to deny energy to them, watch for them to pull back on some of these sanctions. because they just don't have the spine and the tough mindedness for it. >> brian: meanwhile watching their back. we are safe from russia aggression. they are not. unbelievable. general jack keane, thank you so much. >> great talking to you, brian. >> brian: absolutely. we could go for another two hours and still not cover all the options. straight ahead though, schools across the country struggling to find teachers. the volunteer state has a solution. talk to tennessee educators next ♪ take a chance on me ♪ if you need me ♪ let me know ♪ i will be around ♪ if you got no place to go
4:31 am
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4:35 am
candidates a chance to work in the classroom and earn money while they are still pursuing their degrees. well, here with more is tennessee education commissioner dr. penny schwinn along with college student and teacher resident malachi johnson. good morning to both of you. >> you can't hear? >> huh-uh. >> ainsley: can you all hear me? you can't hear me, malachi, can you hear me? >> yes, ma'am, i can. >> ainsley: can you hear me malachi. >> yes, ma'am, i can. >> ainsley: you can i will talk to you malachi while we try to get dr. schwinn's audio fixed. tell me about this program and how it is benefiting you. >> it's benefiting me i get a lot of support in my college courses and in the school building that i work with i work with mentor teacher and she guides me through my lesson and planning and also my college courses. i get a lot of support from my professors and they give us additional time. >> ainsley: so you are going to college. >> um-huh.
4:36 am
>> ainsley: so malachi you are going to college. while you are in college you get to be in the classroom and get paid and work with all these wonderful children. what is the experience like for you? >> it's something new to me but i really do appreciate the opportunity to get to work with younger kids. it's good seeing their faces every day and seeing them making a big difference in their lives. >> ainsley: you definitely are. dr. schwinn, i think we have you, can you hear me? >> yes, ma'am. >> ainsley: okay. great. tell me the problem in tennessee when it comes to teachers. how big of a shortage is it? >> yeah, so like the rest of the country, tennessee is facing a teacher shortage about 2,000 teachers every year. we've the to figure out what were the barriers coming into what i think is the greatest profession on earth and found out a lot of it is wanting to make sure you are prepared and removed the financial barriers for teachers. this is way to ensure in tennessee you can now become a teacher for free and work and be paid to do so.
4:37 am
>> ainsley: how are you -- i don't know what your state is like, i know other states they have rules and regulations. if you have, let's say 24 students in your classroom. you have to have two teachers. one teacher per 12 students. how is that affecting you when you can't fill that demand? >> i mean, it's huge. we know that the biggest lover for student achievement is going to be having a teacher in the classroom. students deserve that excellent teacher on day one. malachi is a great example of he will have three years of support and experience studying with amazing educators in tennessee on first day of instruction. this allows to us have amazing teachers on day one and fill those critical shortages that we know will impact student achievement for years to come. >> ainsley: malachi, i know if you participate in this program you are getting paid and you have to give back three years after you graduate. do you plan to stay in tennessee longer than that? >> yes, ma'am. i do plan to stay in tennessee longer than that. i just love this city so much. and i plan to get more experience possibly in other
4:38 am
schools, too. >> ainsley: well, you are making a big difference. i know i'm a mom. my mother was a teacher for 33 years and my sister is a teacher in south carolina. so, i know the impacts that y'all have on these little ones and just wish y'all the best. thank you and god bless you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. coming up, a new investigation reveals that police made unintentional mistakes in the gabby petino case. nancy grace will join us to weigh in on how it affected the outcome. i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today.
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4:42 am
♪ steve the search for answers, the investigation into gabby petino and brian laundrie's roadside shop in utah which took place days before gabby's death and time before brian's suicide is now reviewing the utah's police officers, quote, init
4:43 am
untensional mistake." the dispatchers did not reported the fight didn't photograph or mention petino's injuries. didn't connect the couple with mental health professionals and did not arrest gabby petino. fox nation host nancy grace has been on the case since the beginning. she joins us now. nancy, good morning to you, it looks like the biggest problem right there is that they did not arrest gabby. >> i see what -- did you say the biggest problem is they didn't arrest gabby? the 100-pound 5-foot 3 girl? >> steve: right. according to their findings. >> there you go. the biggest problem right now this minute is that we are still denying what happened to gabby. this is bringing back for me all of the fat lips, the black eyes, the broken bones. the domestic homicide that were
4:44 am
glazed over, ignored, air brushed because they were mishandled this was mishandled. she is the aggressor even now? they leave this little waste of a woman about 6-foot even today they are denying what really happened? for pete sake, man, they just got a 911 call that brian laundrie was striking her in the face and beating her in the open in broad daylight. the classic symptoms of her being a battered woman were all there. but, yet, they named her the aggressor and today they want to tell me that nothing would have made a difference? that is complete b.s.a tech nickel legal term if they had separated them told gabby, counseled her about her options
4:45 am
it may have saved her life going forward what they are saying nancy, is the officer should have received more domestic violence training, more legal training, should have known the policy better and had -- know how to work the software so they don't lose the evidence which obviously another problem. >> work the software? work the software? >> steve: apparently it went south somehow. >> how many notes about what they did wrong they may have been well-intentioned the road to hell is well-intentioned. gabby is dead. they let had it right here and let it slip through their fingers. they let them leave the next day which they did. he throttled her dead and left her body to decompose and they had him. they had him in their grips and
4:46 am
let it all disappear. so, they can make themselves feel better with their report that a neighboring jurisdiction did, and putting the officers on probation. that means nothing to me. they failed. they failed and she's dead. >> steve: right. and just the fact, nancy, that -- the guy who called 911 and said hey, i saw this going on, it seems like police work 101, that's the first person you talk to after that. >> the very first. and just think about it. if he would beat her in the face, basically on main street in broad daylight outside of the sun flower restaurant, the co-op. what would he do with her out alone and disperse camping he would kill her which he did. anyone trained in domestic violence knows that they have got to separate them and give the woman counseling and explain to her she doesn't have to live
4:47 am
with this. that her life is actually in danger. that never happened. >> steve: and unfortunately, just a couple of days later, she went missing and was presumed murdered at that point and now it's just been a disaster. nancy, thank you very much. >> it can't be fixed. >> steve: thank you for joining this friday morning. i. >> it can't be fixed. i wish i had good news for you. the good news is you are putting it out there for other women to hear. maybe just one of them will hear this. >> steve: great message. nancy, thank you very much. all right. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. we are going to step aside. more "fox & friends" in a minute. ♪ at you need. isn't that right limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪
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4:51 am
>> janice: good morning, everyone. let's take a look at your fox weather forecast across the nation. it is cold outside, baby, and even as far south as florida and texas. we have a couple of things going on. an area of low pressure across the northern plains into the upper midwest and then the arctic cold front that's bringing the potential for snow for south texas along the gulf coast and the mid-atlantic,
4:52 am
including the carolinas where we're anticipating snow and ice on the roads. winter storm warnings for the delmarva area. sew we'll continue to monitor that. there's the snowfall forecast, and enough to cause big problems on the roadways and we're worried about power outages in some of the areas. you can see the cold air as far south as atlanta, georgia. 45 in dallas. look at florida. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, that may be warm in the northeast, but not beach weather. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. >> ainsley: thanks so much, janice. well after a year of going virtual, the march for life reality returns for the 49th year and new fox op-ed jeannie mancini tells us what we can expect from the most important march for life yet.
4:53 am
rachel campos-duffy is joining us live and along with jeannie. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. we have the beautiful capitol behind us and here's the stage for the march for life. it is the most important year, because this might be the last year, jeannie, that we are coming to this march with roe v. wade. >> yeah, we're hoping and praying that roe is overturned in june or some time before and the march for life was founded because of the monumental decision. however, even if it's overturned, that only means that abortion legislation will return to the states so we will need to keep marching. >> yeah. it is not the end of all of the work you're doing. but it must feel good after 49 years you're at this moment. do you feel that from the people coming to the march that they feel like this is the historic moment. >> absolutely, rachel. i have never seen the enthusiasm of the pro life movement like this morning.
4:54 am
we are so hopeful and positive that roe will be overturned. >> it's happening under the most radical pro abortion administration we have had in the history of the united states and yet, we're at this moment, because the courts matter. how much has the pro life movement concentrated on the courts? >> oh, so much. and yet, at the end of the day, our goal is to make abortion unthinkable. to change hearts and minds, really. the courts matter but it's upstream of the hearts and minds. i'm sorry, the hearts and minds are upstream of the courts so we work for that day. >> that's right. it's all in the culture. you know, in morning, i interviewed lisa robertson. she's a pro supportive woman and so much courage to tell her story and the pain she went through. we had katie shaw on, a bright light, young woman, 36 years old. working at kohl's with down's syndrome and giving speeches all over the country. just the way that you embrace all of these women and all of --
4:55 am
in life in general, this is one of the most joyful marches which is why i'm braving the cold here. it's a joyful march. >> it's so joyful and it's primarily young people. when you come to the march, there are so many people you can't see the end of the crowds and i would say a good 75% to 80% of them are young people. they're so positive. they know that social justice begins in the wound and they want to end this human rights abuse of abortion. >> how much of this is because of technology? >> i think so much. when you look back on when roe was decided when they looked at the ultrasound it looked like a lifeless blob of tissue, but today, you can see the little heart beating. you can see the little hand wave. it's just unbelievable. so science and technology have definitely had a massive, massive influence on where we are now. >> even my own understanding, i have been pro life, you know, i look at the first ultrasound of my first child 22 years ago to the one i had with valentina,
4:56 am
you can't deny it's a baby. i want to thank you for again putting on another great march here that we'll have later today. i know it's a lot of work to do this. and for always standing for life. >> oh, gosh, thank you for covering it and for braving the cold. it is cold out there. >> doing it for a good cause. for the babies, for the women. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> bye, you guys. >> steve: all right, thank you, rachel. thousands of people headed to d.c. for the march for life today. meanwhile, straight ahead, we're remembering the life and career of meat loaf, who passed away last night. john rich who starred with him on "celebrity apprentice" will join us next. ♪♪
4:57 am
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>> ainsley: singer and actor meat loaf has died. he jumped to fame in the 1970s and he was 74 years old. president biden tries to clarify the comments. >> russia moving across the border it's an invasion. >> it will be more blood on his hands if putin enters ukraine. >> alvin bragg apologizes for
5:01 am
writing a memo. >> it left many new yorkers concerned about how to keep them safe. >> fox news is reporting that hunter biden and others invaded in the chinese company with ties to the top levels of the communist party. >> i think we have a right to know what the son was doing. ♪♪ >> steve: all right. we begin "fox & friends" with a sad fox news alert. we have learned this morning that iconic musician, meat loaf, has died at the age of 74. born marvin lee aday, he was best known for his hit album "bat out of hell." still selling -- still one of the top-selling records of all time. he sold more than 100 million albums. the grammy winner also making his mark as an actor starring in
5:02 am
"the rocky horror picture show," and later in the cult classic "fight club" back in 1990. >> ainsley: his big personality and career were memorialized by his family who said in part, we know how much he meant to so many of you and we truly appreciate all of the love and support. as we move through this time of grief and losing such an inspiring artist and beautiful man, from his heart to your souls, don't ever stop rocking. >> brian: celebrities and fans paying tribute, including stephen frye who says i hope paradise is as you remember it from the dashboard light, closed quote. tmz said he was seriously ill with covid and died with his wife and daughters by his side. he was 74. he's very real to us. he was bigger than life in 1976. he had the follow-up album in 1993, but for us, he was in the studio. i mean, any time -- when we had
5:03 am
guests in studio he was on. when we had -- hopefully they'll come back this summer, he was one of those booked and we felt comfortable talking to him. what's interesting, he said he played the role of a singer and for those experts said he had three octaves to his voice which made him so dynamic. >> steve: yeah. he would stop by "fox & friends" whenever he had thank you album and he had about ten albums in all that his long-time collaborator jim steinman wrote all of the songs. he passed away last year and now this news according to tmz, meat loaf has died of covid. back -- even though he was a singer and as we mentioned he was in "fight club." he was in "wayne's world" and "the rocky horror picture show," one of the biggest cult movies
5:04 am
of all time. he was actually the opening act for the who and the grateful dead, and as a movie star, he was an understudy for john belushi in the 1973 movie called "lemmings." he was on "fox & friends" whenever we had a new album and he was a great guest. just watch. ♪♪ >> how did you get from dallas to having an amazing musical career? >> i got hit in the head with a shot put. normally, if we're doing concerts, i walk the entire arena. >> that's great. >> from the top to the bottom because i want to see the sight lines. i want to know that everybody that's bought a ticket can see. >> that is so cool. >> wow. >> unless you're -- are you a monk when you leave here? >> no, i'm not. >> well, what's on your mind when you walk down the street is what -- >> what's on my mind is what is meat loaf thinking about?
5:05 am
>> i'm gone for a long time and i'm exhausted, i'm tired, i want to stay in bed. my wife goes, oh, yeah, that's right. that's right. every time you come home, i get nothing but leftover meat loaf. [laughter] >> how much do you value football days and who you are feud? >> they made who i am. >> in what way? >> i'm very disciplined. you'll never see me having a picture in the paper of a dwi. you don't see me hanging out in the clubs, you don't see me drinking. ♪♪ >> ainsley: well, his music will live on. we all grew up listening to his music. he's so they wanted. he has two daughters, named
5:06 am
pearl and amanda. they were with him when he passed away and his wife. i asked him when he got the name meat loaf, when he was born, he was 9 pounds 6 ounces and his dad said, he looks like ground chuck. so he told the nurse to put the word meat there, and the name stuck. >> steve: could have been chuck. >> ainsley: that's true. could have been chuck. we want to bring in john rich and they were good friends and worked together on "apprentice." steve said let's try to get john rich on the phone. he was your friend, what do you remember about him? >> i was blessed to say i had a meaningful relationship with.
5:07 am
i said, what do i call you, mr. loaf? he slapped me on the back real hard and said, call me meat, just call me meat and we became friends from that instant. meat loaf, his music, his art, transcended language barriers. it transcended nations. he would tell me stories about playing all over the world where they didn't speak english but they could sing every word to his songs. i mean, the immense power and passion that came out of this man was -- it was super natural. it was a god-given gift that he had to be able to, you know, emote that much emotion. i mean, was there ever a more emotional artist than meat loaf? i would say the answer is no, there wasn't. he was also a fierce patriot. i want to make sure i say that. he loved america. he loved the opportunity of america. he told me many times that traveling the world he would see people in other countries that didn't have a good life. you know, didn't have chances
5:08 am
and that the opportunities that we have and when he would come back to the united states, he would work even harder because he'd realize how lucky he was to have been to be an american. he loved his friends, his fans and passionate. as intense as he was in his music and on stage, off stage, one of the most compassionate and sincere guys i have ever known. >> brian: you guys competed against each other on "the apprentice." here's what he said to say about you. you came in third. >> steve: you came in third, but you really came in first. >> well, because we knew that after the art gallery that marley and john were going to be -- >> steve: john rich. >> john rich were going to be first and second. so we all decided whoever came in third was the actual winner. >> steve: well, congratulations. [laughter]
5:09 am
>> brian: do you understand what he meant? >> yeah. that was quite a thing, and i came in really hard. i came there to try to win. that was a big night. he was talking about it. listen, meat loaf, i got to interview him for my show "the pursuit." people should go watch that interview because we went all the way back in his childhood. he had a really rough childhood, really rough youth and he was able to overcome it and go forward and create music that literally will stand the test of time that's the great thing about music. is that the music lives forever. he created things that literally will live forever. his music. his art is discovered generation by generation, and he becomes a new thing every 20 years as people learn about him. god bless him and i'm so thankful i was a good friend of his over the past 12-year.
5:10 am
>> steve: john, it says a lot about him that you a fellow singer regard his voice as being almost super natural. i remember, you know, i'm old enough, i remember when "the rocky horror picture show" came out and it was the biggest cult classic movie in the world for like a decade where people on saturday nights would go down and they would perform essentially as the movie was playing on the big screen in the seats, they would be acting out the stuff as well. but as you learned with "celebrity apprentice" he was also a business man and in that sound bite montage we had a while ago, when he would go out on tour, he would walk the arena so that he'd understand the experience that every person had watching him. you know, the sight lines. was there a pillar in the way or something like that. so he wasn't just out to sing the songs. he was out there to make it a great event.
5:11 am
>> yeah, he didn't leave any inch uncovered in his live show. he told me he'd start on the left side of the stage, really wide, as he's singing. walk all the way to the right side and then he would do it again, but a little more inside and a little more inside. almost as if he was entrancing the audience and trying to bring them down to one person. he said he wanted to make an audience of 100,000 people to him was like one person and that's how he would approach it. i mean, such a unique perspective he had and i don't know that there's anybody -- well, there is nobody that's ever been like meat loaf, there never will be again. america's lucky to call him a son of this country. >> ainsley: so john, i love the personal stories because we see him on stage and we know his music and his talents, but what about behind the scenes? do you know anything about his wife, his girls? you mentioned his childhood, what happened to him as a little boy? >> well, he was a devoted family
5:12 am
man. you know, i said earlier how compassionate he was. there's all kinds of stories including me, strangers, friends who would stop him and want to talk about his music or how his music impacted them in a really difficult time in their life and he'd stop and talk to people 10, 15, 20 minutes learn their stories. you know, beyond that, it almost feels like meat loaf was like a fireworks show. when you talk to meat loaf, you never know what he's going to say. you never know where he's going to take the story. it was like watching a fireworks show, like what's going to explode next in the sky. that's what it was like to be around meat loaf. just an incredible, incredible human being. >> brian: i would put up "the pursuit" it was a great interview you did on fox business. thanks, john, we appreciate you coming in and reminiscing about the passing of meat loaf. >> you got it, guys. have a good morning. >> brian: 12 minutes after the hour, pack to the news at hand.
5:13 am
it's serious. a live look at the white house. the administration is still doing damage control after the president's comments on russia and ukraine specifically. peter doocy has the latest. >> good morning. president biden says that he suspects putin will make a move and he's not doing anything to try to stop them before he does. >> are you waiting on putin to make the first move, sir? >> that question from our fox colleague, jackie heinrich, not so bad, according to the former white house official brett bruin who tweets it isn't a stupid question, it's an important one. we continue to allow putin to set the terms, time line and trajectory of this crisis. it's time we stop being so reactive and start creating some of our own conditions. current white house officials are also walking back this line about what's going to happen if
5:14 am
their voting rights legislation that died in the senate once doesn't pass by the november midterms. >> i'm not saying it's going to be legit. the increase in the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these -- these reforms passed. >> it sounds like he was casting doubt on the legitimacy of either the 2022 or the 2020 election. >> he was not intending to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 election. >> so for a day and half now, officials have been saying that despite what the president said, they know what he meant. back to you. >> brian: all right, peter. so some tense times over in eastern europe and in the white house. do you know, peter, any sense -- put him back for a sense. any sense of the meeting with lavrov today, do they have an
5:15 am
objective or anything to offer or more of a listening thing? >> it sounds like more of a listening thing and some wires have been crossing in the last couple of minutes and the russian foreign minister lavrov and that he and blin kin had a frank discussion about this. they still think that putin is going to move so they have all of the diplomats -- biden diplomats and putin diplomats meeting in switzerland right now. but we have not heard anything from that meeting, any updates from the white houses or from the state department to make it sound like their assessment has changed or that putin is not going to do something. the president said that at this point, i think he thinks putin has to. >> steve: earlier in the week, i was reading that apparently the cia chief went over and talked to him and it sounds like they're trying to talk them out of invading. has anybody said hey, you know
5:16 am
what? they're going invade because they have got 100,000 guys, you know, soldiers right there on the border of ukraine. is anybody at the white house talking about sanctions because famously, joe biden as we look at the build-up of the military hardware in russia on the verge of going in to ukraine, has anybody at the white house said you know what? what if we threatened him with pulling the plug on nor stream 2 and that's a gusher of cash for putin. >> no, we haven't heard anything like that. we heard mitch mcconnell last night talking to bret baier and he says we should be with sanctions ahead of time and we should be in there helping the ukrainian military more now because once russian gets into ukraine, it will be a lot harder to go in because there's going to be a bunch of russian guys
5:17 am
there. >> steve: yeah. >> ainsley: the ukrainian president says there's no minor incursions or casualties. you can't be half aggressive. you're either aggressive or not aggressive and then boris johnson warned that it would be a disaster for the world if russia invaded ukraine. we have seen the satellite images. we saw those from yesterday of the hundred -- of the hundred thousand tanks and trucks and military equipment ready on the border. how is russia responding, are they ready? >> the most blunt assessment came from the president and said that russia is militarily superior to ukraine. so basically as soon as they decide they want to do something, they're going to be able to do it. and an important point, from the ukrainian side, they know that president biden means to support
5:18 am
them and that the comments that he's making are very supportive of the ukrainians. but at the same time, they want him -- it sounds like to be more careful with his language. no minor incursions. an invasion is an invasion and, again, these officials have -- at the white house have had to come out to agree with the ukrainian person, the ukrainian officials, despite what the president said the other day. >> brian: peter, thanks so much. a lot to cover up. yeah, a lot to cover. so we'll be discussing this throughout the show. in fact, we have geraldo rivera standing by. he's not dressed yet, so -- okay, now i can go. even if the vice president herself admits it's been a rough first year for the biden administration, she says the last year was defined by uncertainty. that'll help. geraldo rivera is joining us next and i'm certain of that. but first, here is meat loaf singing "you took the words
5:19 am
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5:23 am
>> it is an honor to be with so many friends and supporters and to be here to mark the first year of the biden/harris administration. it is time -- it is defined, a time that is defined by uncertainty. >> ainsley: vice president harris sums up a year of uncertainty for the biden white house, as much of the promised agenda remains in jeopardy. let's bring in "the five" co-host, geraldo rivera. >> good morning.
5:24 am
>> ainsley: that's not a winning endorsement, a time defined by uncertainty. are we uncertain about the future, because of covid and also because of the promises that were broken? they promised news vax mandates, they promised not to blow up the filibuster, biden said that and now he wants to. >> but she was extremely uncertain, she should have memorized a couple of sentences to show -- to show a degree of competence. now, of course, anyone can stumble when making a presentation, but it was such a seminal event, they staged it. it's kind of the restart. she is this historic figure, first black woman, first woman, first south asian. she had so many different reasons to celebrate, you know, this historic event, and yet,
5:25 am
she came out stumbling and bumbling. it seemed to me to characterize her first year in office. and i hate saying that. i'm rooting for her. she could be a uniter in a real way. she could reach out and try to bridge different ethnic and racial and economic boundaries, but she's halting. it's just like -- to me, the most glaring example is the border. so many americans are concerned about the border. she was made border czar. she's made one visit. she had that haphazard visit to the central american leaders, and she has not defined herself with energy, with verve, with a purpose and i lament the missed chance and she really is the -- is the person i think who has to help remake this and restart
5:26 am
this administration, ainsley. >> ainsley: i agree. she had such an opportunity to be such a leader for women all around the country, but so far she hasn't done that. you're right. geraldo, i know you lost your good friend, meat loaf. you knew him. he died and we got word this morning at -- he's 74 years old. did you want to say anything about him? >> well, the first thing i want to say is, you know, to his family, may he rest in peace. he was really such a unique character. i think john rich really spelled it out well, but behind me, here in cleveland, the rock & roll hall of fame, where meat loaf is not yet an inductee. if you could show the rock hall, i want to put a poster in front of the rock hall right behind me, allow meat loaf in. i mean, his songs are -- ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ and the other one -- ♪ don't be sad, two out of three ain't bad ♪
5:27 am
he was such a great character and he was friends with the owner of the ft. lee coffee shop i used to go. so natural and so ebullient. so iconoclastic, he defied the critics, he didn't care what they said. he was one of those people who make a mark. and i lament his passing, another victim to that retched covid epidemic. >> ainsley: so sad, yeah, absolutely. he remains among the top ten best sellers of all time. >> 80 million albums. >> ainsley: worldwide. i was reading this morning about 100 million, geraldo. so he should be inducted into the hall of fame. hopefully he will be. all right, great to see you. have a wonderful weekend. sorry for your loss, geraldo. >> you too. >> ainsley: a shocked community comes together to remember the young ucla graduate student who was senselessly murdered in the
5:28 am
furniture store. we'll talk with the district attorney about the violent crime in california. the beginning, ny has been the mortgage company for enlisted veterans, helping thousands buy a home, get cash, or lower their mortgage payments. we start by asking one simple question: how can we help that veteran? with more ways to help more veterans, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. in a survey, 92% of current users said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. plus, right now, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® today. >> good morning. fbi director christopher wray is
5:32 am
speaking out after jewish worshipers were held hostage. >> the fbi has been treating saturday's events as an act of terrorism targeting the jewish community. >> wray's comment coming after an fbi agent said it was not connected to the jewish community. meanwhile, a counterterrorism team arrested two more individuals in connection to the incident. >> the family of a u.s. marine killed in afghanistan is speaking out after president biden said he will make no apologies for the failed withdrawal. roice mccollum, sister of marine lance corporal rylee mccollum joined us earlier to react. >> i'm very upset. he still has not mentioned them by name once and he takes zero responsibility there. it was his call and it's unfortunate. >> rylee was one of the 13 service members killed in the august suicide bomb attack at
5:33 am
cabal airport. >> a new bill in california would allow preteens as young as 12 years old to get vaccinated without their parent's consent. the proposal would lift parental requirements for any vaccine approved by the fda and cdc. the state legislator said giving young people autonomy to get the vaccines is essential to their physical and mental health. my goodness. those are your headlines. brian, over to you. >> brian: thanks. i appreciate it. meanwhile, this story you're too familiar with. the country is mourning the death of briana kupfer, stabbed to death in the furniture store last week. the tragedy comes as cities across california are hit with the surge of lawlessness and violent crime and the sad thing is it's all preventible. let's bring in sacramento county d.a. anne marie schubert, a no
5:34 am
nonsense district attorney. your reaction to this horrific crime? >> well, i think it's the same as pretty much everybody. first of all, my heartaches for that family and her friends and that entire community, but, you know, this is yet another example of the chaos that we're seeing here in california and the violence and it's not just that. it's the fact that we've got a tsunami of poor public policies and rogue prosecutors are not holding people responsible. >> you have chessa bodine and gascon who are letting them run rampant. what is their intent with putting criminals first? >> well, they want to dismantle the system. i mean, when they try to talk tough it's just a show because when you actually follow them through with the cases, what we're seeing is that they're really not being tough on crime. they're not holding people
5:35 am
accountable. so, you know, for instance in los angeles you have a district attorney who acts like he wants to hold people accountable, yet, he won't file things like special circumstances. he thinks people should get out of prison after 15 years no matter what they have done. you have got murderers in prison that are toasting gascon, celebrating that they're going to get out of prison early. so these are the types of things that these policies and these prosecutors are doing is that we are emboldening criminals to really commit even more crime. >> brian: some stats, l.a. crime increased from 2019 to 2021. homicide is up 59%. we see what's happening in the freight trains they're being blatantly robbed by the deviants. how do you do your job and knowing that there are those with the exact opposite goal? >> i'm a career prosecutor and you have to stand up for the crime victims and public safety and then you have to take out
5:36 am
people like gascon and bodine and the voters have to rise up. clearly, we know in san francisco and los angeles people are fed one what's going on there and the answer is replacing them and putting in real prosecutors, the same as with our attorney general. they have to elect folks who are willing to stand up and hold people accountable. >> brian: i could not believe this. california released 28,000 prisoners in 2020. what do they expect is going to happen? >> well, i mean, it's a dangerous combination of things. it's the release of people that are violent. people don't go to prison anymore unless they have a history of violence. it's that, it's every avenue to get out early and the fact that you have people like gascon not charging certain things or agreeing to the release of certain folks. that's a dangerous combination. >> brian: do you think the recall has any time of chance? against gascon. >> i think there's a momentum.
5:37 am
there's definitely a passion for it. you have got 30 something cities now that are voting no confidence. they have got the financial resources. and ultimately, i think it's going to get on the ballot and i hope that the citizens of los angeles do what they're all screaming about which is to stand up and remove this individual from a very, very important position. >> brian: i hope you're right. it's not right or left, but it's just wrong. i know you got up early for us and i appreciate it. we need to hear that voice from the left coast. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, straight ahead, thousands of people will march in d.c. today as the annual march for life returns in american after covid hiatus. our own rachel campos-duffy is in d.c. with actor kirk cameron. he shares why he's marching today, next.
5:38 am
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healthcare simpler. and when you call, a knowledgeable licensed agent-producer can answer any questions you have, and help you choose the plan that's right for you. the call is free and there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs. so call now, and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana just might be the answer. >> ainsley: after a year of going virtual, the march for life rally returns today to washington, d.c. for the 49th year and rachel campos-duffy is live from the national mall ahead of the march and is joined by a special guest, actor kirk cameron who is speaking at the event today. good morning. >> rachel: good morning, ainsley. i'm here with kirk and he's speaking at the march for life. yes, he's speaking at the march
5:43 am
for life and speaking at the gala. we were talking off camera and little bit and this march is so important. this might be the last march we're under roe v. wade, that could be overturned this year. this is about government laws a and it's personal for you. >> it's personal for most of us. most of us have someone in our life, sometimes a wife, sometimes it's our children who have been touched by abortion and life. my wife is an adopted child, so she was one doctor appointment away from not existing. she was not a mistake, she is a miracle. our first four children were adopted. they were this close to not existing, and our two natural born children would not been here if she had not been born. for me, my whole family is here because of the work of the people who are coming to the mall for the march for life.
5:44 am
>> rachel: for me it's personal too, because i have a daughter with down's syndrome. >> they're the most beautiful children in the world. >> rachel: and on the verge of extinction in some countries, i'm sad to say. tell me why this march in particular is important. i mentioned the supreme court. 40 years people have been coming and braving the cold and praying for something that, you know, i think it's ironic we're living under the most pro-choice administration in american history and yet we're on the verge of it. >> yes, i think we're at a tipping point. i think that the tide is turning, science is making it more and more difficult for us to pretend that it's not a baby in the womb. we know it is. even in hollywood, there are more and more people embracing the idea that life is a gift from god. in fact, i have a movie that's coming out later this year called "life mark" based on a true story. it is better than anything we ever could have scripted.
5:45 am
i can't wait for everyone to see it. the people -- if you talk to the people who are here, some people don't understand why we come and why we're marching. but we understand as a family of faith that our hope is ultimately not in who governs us, not in the laws of the nation. but our hope is in the power of god working in the hearts of people and there are thousands and thousands of us here today. we want to make a difference. we want to champion life. >> rachel: yeah, it's really inspirational. we live in a society that talks a lot about tolerance and passion and equality and the theme of this march is as you know life begins in the womb. thank you for talking with me, i'm a big fan of yours. >> it's tough to talk in this cold, our lips are struggling to move. >> rachel: yeah. ainsley, back you. >> ainsley: he's the heartthrob
5:46 am
that we grew up with and he's a world person. >> i wish i could hear you. >> rachel: she said she loves your new show and had your poster in the bedroom. >> well, we go way back to "growing pains." >> ainsley: that's right. and teen bop. thank you. excellent interviews this morning. yeah. okay. let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean, right, janice? kirk cameron. >> janice: yes, total fan girl right here, absolutely. what a great interview. thanks for bringing it to us. i know it's cold out and they brought the weather as well because much of the country is into a deep freeze including the d.c. area. parts of the south where we'll get an ice storm warning for parts of the carolinas. dallas, 20 degrees. 10 in chicago, yeah it's cold and with the windchill it feels colder than that. so people are urged to stay inside and protect your elderly
5:47 am
and your pets. where we have the storm system we have the winter weather warnings, so make sure you're aware of the forecast. will bring you the latest weather in america. ainsley, back to you. >> ainsley: thanks, janice. coming up next, meet the high school football players who traded in the pads and helmets for the snow shovels. we'll join with us their coach. but first, dana perino and what's coming in out the top of the hour? >> dana: i'm going to be watching that interview of the football team. thank you. the white house tries to reassure allies and we'll talk to senator tom cotton to see how that's going. a prosecutor feels the heat and says it was a communication problem. it was a substance problem and we'll discuss that. meet the parents who lost their
5:48 am
child to drugs, we'll talk about that. and a live reporter who was hit by the car, she kept right on going, and we'll have her right on the show. plus jesse waters is coming up this morning. see you at 9:00. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:49 am
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5:51 am
and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind. >> steve: all right.
5:52 am
these pittsburgh area high school football players are not letting the cold weather and snow cancel their workout. after last weekend's big snowstorm, bethel park high school head football coach brian delalo tweeted this update to the team. due to the expected severe weather monday's weight lifting workout has been canceled. find an elderly or disabled neighbor and shovel their driveway. don't accept any money. that's our monday workout. so anyway, toby deandrea and kobe dwells are two of the players and along with coach brian delallo. >> good morning. >> steve: coach, this is kind of a tradition there at the high school. tell us how it got started. >> yeah. this tradition was started by jeff metheny and i worked for
5:53 am
him for 13 years. when school was canceled for a snow day, jeff told the kids, get in groups, find an elderly neighbor, find a disabled neighbor or someone who otherwise can't do it themselves. go out and shovel their driveway and don't you dare take any money. this is something we're doing for the community. >> steve: okay, so kobe, whose door did you knock on? >> say that again. >> steve: whose door did you knock on to ask if you could -- >> oh -- >> steve: this is for kobe. >> i went around my neighborhood. most of my neighbors are elderly, they can't do it themselves. i went around and knocked on their doors and decided to help them out. >> steve: you know, i read one account, one of your fellow teammates went and knocked on the door and said, hey, can i shovel your driveway and toby, this question is for you. the person said, sure, but
5:54 am
what's it's going to cost me? were the people, toby, surprised that you weren't going to charge them for scooping the driveway? >> yeah, they were very surprised and they were very grateful. we were like, hey, we're just doing this, we're trying to help out the community. you guys come to a lot of our games and support us so we're going to support you when you need it. >> steve: well, you know, coach, he's right. this is a great way to support the community, but at the same time, it's a workout. i don't know if you shovelled snow lately, coach, but, you know, after i do it with my driveway, that's like a three advil event. >> well, you know, steve, i did my own driveway before going out with some of the kids and helping them with some of the driveways and my back was pretty sore the next guy. these young guys can handle it better than i can. >> steve: kobe, do you feel good about what you did with your
5:55 am
neighbors? >> oh, for sure, yeah, i feel great about it. knowing they can't do it and seeing the look on their face when i said no, it won't cost you anything, it meant a lot. >> steve: that's great. and were you a little tired after the workout? >> i was, but, you know, it's worth it to help out people who can't do it themselves. >> steve: absolutely. what about you, toby? >> it felt absolutely awesome and while we were doing something great we got a lot of team bounding in and we were having fun in the snow. i had a really great time and it was great to do help people out. >> steve: well, guys, thank you very much. coach, i think the entire team is behind you. can you tell them to give themselves a round of applause and a job well done. >> they'd like you to give yourselves a round of applause for a job well done. [applause] >> steve: very nice. thank you, guys. more "fox & friends" in just a minute. very nice.
5:56 am
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6:00 am
for the longest times those songs were about the video and performance as well as entertaining. here is meat loaf's i'll do anything for love. rest in peace. ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ ♪ i would do anything for love, but i won't -- >> bill: rest in peace, meat loaf. in new york it's diplomatic damage control. the biden administration clarifying america's support for ukraine after the president suggested that a russian invasion could be nothing more than a minor incursion. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." that comment about minor incursion certainly wasn't something that the white house planned for the president to say but it has basically become all consuming. >> bill: it has not aged well as we


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