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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  January 21, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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for the longest times those songs were about the video and performance as well as entertaining. here is meat loaf's i'll do anything for love. rest in peace. ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ ♪ i would do anything for love, but i won't -- >> bill: rest in peace, meat loaf. in new york it's diplomatic damage control. the biden administration clarifying america's support for ukraine after the president suggested that a russian invasion could be nothing more than a minor incursion. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." that comment about minor incursion certainly wasn't something that the white house planned for the president to say but it has basically become all consuming. >> bill: it has not aged well as we have seen.
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>> dana: only 36 hours. the president's original comments sent off alarm bells staring down the barrel of 100,000 troops. russia has refused to pull back the forces. antony blinken met with the russian counterpart. >> they say they have no intention of invading ukraine. but again we're looking at what is visible to all and it is deeds and actions, not words that make the difference. >> bill: we're watching this from all angles. senator tom cotton has reaction coming up in a moment. greg palkot in kiev but first to the white house we begin this morning with peter doocy from there. good morning. >> good morning. we have a brand-new update about the president's effort to try to stop this russian invasion of ukraine with
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diplomacy. the united states and russia have diplomats meeting in the middle in geneva right now. the secretary of state says his focus today is on defense and deterrents. tony blinken says that more u.s. security assistance will head to ukraine in coming weeks while insisting at the same time the u.s. is not waiting to counter russia, which is in line with president biden's dismissal of this question from our colleague jackie heinrich. >> [inaudible question] >> president biden is also starting to talk tougher with putin when he is on script. >> president biden: any, any assembled russian units move across the ukraine border, that's an invasion and met with
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severe and coordinated economic response. >> as we've seen, it is a different story when he is off script. >> president biden: one thing if it's a minor incursion. >> the secretary of state today reiterated ukraine is not covered by nato protections so our help to them is outside of nato commitments but republicans in d.c. think the u.s. needs to be a little more proactive. >> we ought to be sending anti tank weapons to the ukrainians to help them learn how to use them and ground to air missiles. it all needs to be done before the invasion. once they're in there it is very, very difficult to get them out. >> president biden has also said he won't send u.s. troops into ukraine. that is off the table, which means that if putin winds up
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invading ukraine, the president is betting that the threat of economic pain is going to be enough to get them to turn around. >> bill: thank you, peter. beginning our coverage at the white house. thanks. >> dana: team coverage continues. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is on the ground in ukraine. >> good morning. the government here is probably a bit heartened by the talks that went on today in geneva after president biden's recent comments. blinken said no russian incursion is okay. any invasion will be met with severe, swift response and claimed there is a clearing understanding between the two sides. they're dangerously wide apart. lavrov called the meeting interim with an exchange of paperwork needed as the 125,000 russian troops build up around ukraine's borders and more ammunitions and supplies being
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sent from russia to its separatist fighters inside the country. while ukraine will no doubt like that blinken promised more military aid for its forces much more said to be needed and they are calling on the u.s. and west to act now. a short while ago we visited one spot in kiev that put it all in context. take a look. >> 14,000 people, ukrainian soldiers, opposition fighters and civilians have been killed. the conflict began in 2014. on a cold, snowy day. >> this is a memory wall in the center of kiev, photos of ukrainian soldiers killed fighting russian-backed separatists in the east. reminder that fighting has been going on in this country for years. a warning of what could be coming. >> i have tears in my eyes. these young guys protected us. we live in peace because of them. >> my brother is on the front and in kiev, where will we bury
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the russian soldiers? >> some tough and emotional words from those people we met today but even after this round a shaky, shaky future. back to you. >> dana: thanks for being there for us. >> bill: let's bring in senator tom cotton republican out of arkansas and member of the senate armed services committee. the foreign minister in ukraine put a fine point on this saying a country cannot be half invaded. are we making progress or not do you believe? >> unfortunately i don't think so. our secretary of state met with the russian foreign minister this morning and throughout history i don't think it was diplomacy trying to avoid a war on russia's part. i think it was diplomacy stalling until the conditions are right for war. which for russia are getting all its troops in place and waiting for the right weather conditions. all this that was happening not in a vacuum but in a year in the context of a year president
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biden's appeasements of russia. in the first months in office he gave away store in a nuclear arms treaty that vladimir putin and allowed him to continue to construct the gas line and the debacle in afghanistan that exposed president biden as weak and affectless and a couple of days ago he heard exactly what joe biden said when he went offscript. he spoke about quote a minor incursion. like the president of ukraine alluded to incursions are surgery. they are only minor when they happen to someone else. now is the time to a void this war in eastern europe. the last thing the people want to see is war that undermines our interests in europe. we need to continue to provide the ukrainians the weapons they need to defend their own country and make it clear that sanctions and other economic and financial consequences russia will face if they invade
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ukraine again. >> dana: our nato partners need to be united on that as well. want you to look at media montage of administration officials. everybody was out trying to figure out a way to put the president's comments back in a bottle. did it work? let's take a look. >> we've been clear. >> i think you heard clearly multiple times from the president. the president has been crystal clear. >> let me be clear on what the president conveyed to putin. >> the president has a plan to do. >> it is clear to us the decision is probably in his hands. we are clear and have been clear for quite some time. >> dana: senator in my experience if it's clear, you don't need to have lots of different people explaining how clear it is. >> i think it's clear as mud, dana. another telling moment when joe biden went off script was yesterday when jackie heinrich asked a very good question.
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why sitting around waiting for vladimir putin to move and he called it a stupid question. it was a good question not just about ukraine but about foreign policy under the biden presidency in general. look, when it comes to international politics, either you run the show or the show runs you. and for the last year, president biden has been allowing the show to run things and that's why our adversaries, not just vladimir putin but the chinese communist party have been taking advantage of us at every turn. it is time to get off the back foot and get on the front foot to get the outcome that americans want, which is to avoid a war in europe that undermines our interests. >> bill: last question. you heard what mitch mcconnell had specific ideas how to help ukraine now defend itself. is there a motion for this to happen? >> there is. it needs to be happening faster and higher volume. the biden administration has dithered too long not only
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providing ukraine with weapons but approving the all aisles to do it. oftentimes they need american approval. yesterday they gave approval to some nato partners. we need to accelerate those approvals and allow our european partners to do their part to protect european security. because ultimately they have to do as much as we're willing to do to help deter this invasion from happening. as much as the american people don't want to see a war in europe you would have to assume the european people don't want to see one even more. we need to encourage them to do more. >> dana: senator tom cotton, thank you so much. we'll probably talk to you next week as well. >> bill: pop quiz to you. can you remember a time when the president had a press conference, any president and so much damage control done the day after? you think about the statement that he made and the executive office building to clarify his
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remarks. jen psaki did our show and cnn and ron klain was out there as well. this was a full-court press to clarify the message from wednesday. >> dana: it certainly has happened at a press conference has gone awry and the white house has to deal with fallout. i remember one in particular having to do with an answer on north korea that we had to figure out how to deal with. the other thing is sthe had all these people ready to do media the day after the press conference because of a triumphant victory lap and instead they ended up talking about a minor incursion. >> bill: so many times you want the president's words to stand on their own. it didn't happen here -- again. now there is this. watch. >> i see a gentleman who looks very similar to the man in the kupfer stabbing in l.a. >> bill: that first on fox now.
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that's the 911 call that led to an arrest in the stabbing death of brianna kupfer. where they found the suspect and where the investigation goes from here. >> dana: newly uncovered emails revealing more about hunter biden's business ties to china. then there is this. >> oh my god, oh my god. i just got hit by a car. i just got hit by a car and i'm okay. my whole life just flashed before my eyes. this is live tv. we'll get back to the report. >> bill: you had to see it to believe it. uncoming car derails that reporter's live shot. she is here today to tell her story. that's coming up. don't miss it.
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>> bill: police in southern california revealing the 911 call that led to the arrest of the suspected killer of grad student brianna kupfer. shaun smith was on a park bench. >> good morning, bill. we're expecting shaun smith to be charged with murder and arraigned on that charge at some point today. he is in custody now thanks to an intense manhunt and the help of the public which police had appealed for almost from the moment of the murder. they got that help when someone spotted smith about 15 miles from the site of the brutal killing of brianna kupfer. >> i see a gentleman who looks very similar to the suspect in the kupfer stabbing in l.a.
6:19 am
>> what was he wearing? >> hundreds of people gathered yesterday outside the store where she was stabbed to death paying tribute to the 24-year-old and calling for the city's leadership to do more to keep the streets safe. >> it is just so scary out here and i just pray for just safer days and better days. >> this has got to stop. this has become the wild west here. somebody has got to stop the crime. there is no reason for this to happen. >> as we've been telling you smith had a long criminal history and appears to have slipped through the cracks in the justice system on several occasions with both democrat and republican prosecutors involved on both coasts. in charleston, south carolina he simply left the state after being freed on bail having fired a flair gun into a car where a young boy and the boy's father were sitting. in southern california he was free on $1,000 bail after stealing from a home depot 30
6:20 am
miles east of downtown l.a. in northern california he assaulted a police officer south of san francisco biting that officer and drawing blood. combined with covid-related and prison releases and court shutdowns, his freedom to move around the country and the state led him back to los angeles last thursday and ultimately to the store where brianna kupfer was working alone. her heartbroken father has spoken out emotionally as you would expect this week. he says he blames no one but the man who murdered his daughter. >> bill: more to learn about this. jonathan hunt, thank you in l.a. >> dana: meantime manhattan's new district attorney trying to clarify a controversial memo that told staff to stop prosecuting certain offenses. critics call it soft on crime. >> i understand those who read my memo of january 3rd have been left with the wrong
6:21 am
impression. i take full accountability for that confusion. we'll be prosecuting all robberies with a gun as a felony. let me be clear. any use of a gun to rob a store by definition is an must be and will be treated seriously. >> dana: d.a.'s comments as an 11-month-old baby in new york city fights for her life after being shot in the face by a stray bullet. no one is safe. former d.c. homicide detective is a fox news contributor. that memo comes out and everybody said what are you talking about? one of the things he was specifically saying in that clip you just saw is that he had said in the memo that if someone takes -- goes into a store with a gun, holds the store up, robs it and leaves but nobody gets hurt with a gun, that that would just be a misdemeanor. the new york city business community said that will not stand. the citizens of the city said we won't stand for that and why he seems to at least be backing
6:22 am
down on this one ted. >> yeah, he seems to be walking back some of the things that he represented to his office in that january 3rd memo. but i think that alvin bragg is just soft on crime and it's very unfortunate because it leaves the law-abiding citizens there in new york vulnerable to criminal elements. but i've got to tell you, dana, that's not only going on there in new york where the d.a. in manhattan appear to be soft on crime. you look in philadelphia where the d.a. larry crassner, soft on crime. you go to chicago, you see kim foxx soft on crime. you go to l.a., you see george gascon, the d.a. out there, soft on crime. and you have to ask yourself
6:23 am
who is looking out for law-abiding citizens in these communities? that want to just live a peaceful life. >> dana: look at some of the things that he will not prosecute at all. here is a list. marijuana misdemeanor. i'll have more to say. resisting arrest and interfering with an arrest. terrible for police. prostitution, trespassing and turnstile jumping at the subway that i've never tried but consider it. if you don't police the little things, the big things get out of control. >> they absolutely do. but you know, it's just a little bigger than that, dana. you never telegraph to criminals out there what you will not prosecute. as you know, dana, you have a new mayor in new york, eric
6:24 am
adams, who was a former police officer, who is saying that he is going to be tough on crime. he has brought in a new commissioner of police there, a black female, and she has had to say a lot about in a negative manner should we say about what alvin bragg is trying to do there in new york. >> dana: yesterday jen psaki said the president would not weigh in on local prosecutors but i do think it is an untenable position. it is happening across the country. progressive prosecutors are linked to the democratic party in the people's miebds and there will be to be changed and in new york they get the district attorney to back off a little bit. ted williams. thank you, have a good weekend. >> bill: sounds like someone got to him, dana. i don't know if that's the case or not. he went to harvard. he has had these beliefs about prison reform for a long time. >> dana: you see what he said
6:25 am
about the issue? this is what he blames. >> i have a lot to learn about messaging. lesson learned. >> dana: he blamed the communicators. it is not a communications problem. any time you hear it's a communications problem it almost never is. it is a substance problem. he had to walk back. since the new yorkers went in and pressed, keep at it. obviously he is susceptible to that and that's a good thing. >> bill: he said there was confusion on the message. >> dana: not confused at all. read it. >> bill: rising gas prices could go higher. why one economists says it could be higher 30 to 40 cents by the summer. steve moore and austan goolsbee are here and what it means for you. we remember the rock legend. meat loaf has left us at the age of 74. ♪♪♪
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♪♪♪ >> bill: he was the man who brought opera to rock and roll. singer meat loaf has left us at the age of 74. tmz says the cause of death was covid. meat loaf got his start if theater where he met the songwriter jim steinman and their partnership yielded the album bat out of hell. it went on to become one of the best selling records of all time. 40 million copies. meat loaf's career spanned more than six decades and starred in dozens of movies including the rocky horror picture show and
6:32 am
fight club. tributes pouring in throughout the morning from across the world of music. composer andrew lloyd webber tweeted the vaults of heaven will be ringing with rock. talented man. >> dana: he came to one of greg gutfeld's live shows that he did in nashville. greg had a good tribute up to him on his instagram page this morning. one of the things he doesn't get as much credit for, meat loaf. all he is on the rocky horror picture show. >> bill: they played a clip on "fox & friends" this morning. he did their show one time and said -- he credited football with teaching him about discipline and life. he said you never will see me in a bar or never be in one of these websites with nefarious things going on around me. i will live the clean life and go ahead and do what i do
6:33 am
because i have learned that when you stick to a schedule and you keep discipline, you can be successful. very enlightening comment from a bit earlier today. we'll miss him. massive talented man. >> dana: what a legend. fox news has obtained video showing 400 migrants crossing the u.s./mexico border wednesday night. some surrendered to border patrol and others ran through neighborhoods to avoid capture. we're live on the border in la joya, texas. bill, what more do you have? >> good morning to you. exactly right. throughout this border crisis we've frequently seen the single massive groups coming across together at once and it just happened two times in two days down here. take a look at this remarkable footage given to us by law enforcement source showing 400 illegal immigrants crossing to eagle pass, texas wednesday night ahead of the winter storm we're dealing with in texas.
6:34 am
the sector chief in del rio posted photos of the group himself. a massive group again all coming across at once. the crazy thing about this is this exact same thing happened the night before. another group of 400 came across tuesday night. that's the size of the groups coming across in some parts of the border. meanwhile look at this video we shot down here in the rio grande valley. you hear us talking about runners. this is video as we embedded near the la jolla area where we are tracking down runners in the brush. these are mostly those single adult men who do not want to be caught usually dressed in black or camo. this group you are looking at what was interesting was there were two men from china caught in this group. you see one of their faces highlighted being walked out of the brush. goes to highlight the fact they continue to come in from all over the world. take a look at this video out of laredo. we talk about how texas dps is getting in so many vehicle pursuits out here involving human smugglers. they pull over the truck near
6:35 am
laredo with wooden crates on the back. talk to the driver. cranking open the crates and look what they find inside. dozens of illegal immigrants being smuggled locked inside and had to use a crowbar to get the boxes open. they recovered 22 illegal immigrants out of that truck which was stolen, by the way. the driver arrested for human smuggling. back out here live we have learned that more than 100 lawmakers, mostly gop, house and from the senate have sent a letter to the dhs office of the inspector general asking for a full investigation of the biden administration's handling of the border which they say has led to the worst border crisis in history. what are they asking for? a full accounting of everything. internal white house communication, how many illegal immigrants have been relessed and where they have been resettled in the country. >> dana: we'll see if they get that investigation. thank you.
6:36 am
>> bill: two companies doing big business at the beginning of the pandemic now apparently seeing cooling interest. peloton denying reports it is halting production of bikes and treadmills saying it must right size the outflicks. netflix the slowest subscriber gain in seven years. steve moore worked for president trump. austan goolsbee worked for president obama. good morning to both of you. peloton is up 7% today. netflix is getting hammered down more than 20%. steve and austan. the stock market likes to predict things six months in advance. steve, is it predicting the end of this pandemic do you believe? >> look, i would describe the current situation with the economy right now, bill, as precarious. you see a slowdown in the economy from last year, no question about it. and then you have these high inflation rates, you have the massive increase in the debt,
6:37 am
and you've got all sorts of new problems arising, for example last week we saw for the first time a big increase in the number of people signing up for unemployment benefits. here is my problem, bill. when you listen to what joe biden said about the economy the other day during when is press conference he said the solution is $5 trillion more spending and debt. the problem in my opinion was done by way too much spending and too hi-def sits. massively increasing debt now is like making a cancer patient a cigarette. i think it will make things worse. >> bill: do you think the pandemic will be behind us very soon when you look at subscriber growth in a company like netflix driven in a big way by everybody staying home? >> look, bill, from here to
6:38 am
god's ears. i feel bad for the folks at peloton if that's true. if it's a sign the world believes we will put this behind us and get back to normal and not going to be on the pelotons as much, that would be great. the thing is, i think steve is right to highlight with this wave of omicron you've seen some of the same pathologies we've been dealing with for multiple years now of in the pulse survey you have 9 million people saying they aren't at work because either they have covid or they are taking care of someone with covid. and if that's going to grow, then in the short term six months from now maybe we'll be out of it but between now and that time we are still going to be once again seeing unemployment claims go up. we'll see a bunch of the supply constraints that have generated inflation. >> bill: i would say keep an
6:39 am
eye on energy. a year ago we were paying $2 for a gallon of gasoline, this year well over $3 across the country and a prediction it could go 40 cents higher in 10 months. maybe by memorial weekend it is a more significant story hitting the pocketbook of so many americans. >> that's for sure. look, i do agree with austan that omicron is a problem and has caused economic problems but gee, i thought joe biden said he would shut down the virus. that was one of his major campaign promises and right now it doesn't look like it's very shut down. on energy prices you are exactly right. if you look at what has happened to the price of oil in just the last few weeks it spurted back up to $80 a barrel. that's the equivalent eventually of somewhere around 3.50 to $4 a gallon nationally. new york and los angeles 5 or 6
6:40 am
a gallon. a big pinch in the wallet. i have to attribute it in part as biden shut down pipelines. just the other day he took nearly a million acres in alaska, one of the most oil-rich places in the world offline. i don't understand why we aren't producing more oil here in texas and oklahoma and alaska rather than getting it from saudi arabia. >> bill: it did not help. austan, quick answer on that. >> the reason that the price of oil is spiking is because the iranian-backed mel i shall yeah in yemen completed a successful attack on abu daub and said they reserve the right to retaliate militarily. when you have war in the middle east it always drives up the price of oil. oil is a world commodity. what is happening in the u.s. is not what is happening. the price of gasoline is up by that same amount in all the countries of the world. >> bill: you paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline it will be felt by people and that's a fact and now you beg opec and
6:41 am
russia to pump more while we are shutting it down here. dana. >> dana: the tennessee titans want to make sure bengals fans don't swarm the stadium tomorrow. they are changing its ticket transfer policies barring transfers for 24 hours. cincinnati is 300 miles from nashville and the trek for bengals fans. there are reports of hotels rooms going for $800 a night. many hotels sold out. >> bill: i sense fear in the titans, is that what i hear? it's a four hour drive. >> dana: i'm all for the bengals but somebody from outkick that told me i shouldn't take the bengals. >> bill: i think it's a coin toss. it's the nfl, man, anyone can win. 4:30 kickoff. i will be there.
6:42 am
i hope to bring home a winner. i.r.s. will require you to take a selfie to access online tools. is that a bad idea? their 16-year-old son died of an accidental overdose after a drug dealer contacted him on snapchat. they're demanding that social media company step up to protect children. >> social media has to decide do they want to be part of a lifesaving conversation between parents and children or do they want to keep letting children die? isn't that right limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer
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>> dana: snapchat said it's changing the way people find friends on the app to try to stop drug dealers from preying on kids and teens. 16-year-old sammy chapman died of an accidental overdose if pills he reportedly bought off snapchat laced with fentanyl. executives are aware of the issue saying it will take time to fix. >> for the families, we're heartbroken. their pain is unimaginable. their devastation incomprehensible. our hearts go out to them. it's those stories that drive us.
6:48 am
progress takes time. in that time people have died and again the best way to prevent more tragic deaths is to aggressively raise the public awareness about these lethal poisonings. >> dana: sammy's parents join us now. we talked to you in july and thank you for your determination to take your grief and use it to productive purposes. snapchat has said call for one that in the coming months they will share more details about the new parental tools they are developing with the goal of giving parents more insight into who their teens are talking to while still respecting their privacy. are you at all satisfied with snapchat's actions here? >> no. i think they are basically gas lighting us. they are making motions to seem like they care but what they care about is their bottom line
6:49 am
and quite frankly talking about our children's privacy when it comes to the fact that so many are dying, not to mention from fentanyl poisoning but from being prostitution rings and being approached by people pretending to be children who are really predators, it is a wild, dark web for children right now. and children don't deserve -- have the same privacy rights than adults have. they are children and need to be protected. >> dana: you are raising this to a higher level. you talked to the president of the united states. what do you want from him? >> well, it's not just us. we represent a group of parents who have had children die from fentanyl poisoning on snapchat. i watched the president's news conference which was very long. i didn't hear the word fentanyl mentioned once. i didn't hear him admonish china for their role. i mean, china is producing
6:50 am
fentanyl. nothing happens without the blessing of the communist party. this ought to be front and center on our relationship with china. we're calling on president biden to change those policies allowing fentanyl to come across our border and to use his muscle with the social media companies to get them to let us see what is happening on our kids' social media. there is something out there called parent monitoring software and snapchat won't let it on because of quote, unquote, privacy. and we've spoken to evan spiegel about this and he says the privacy issue is paramount and we say kids don't deserve privacy from their parents. parents need to protect them. >> dana: one other question for you congressman jim banks tweeted that. fentanyl is leading cause of death 18 to 25. there is a policy issue here. on a local level you told me something our viewers need to hear. what happened when the
6:51 am
progressive prosecutor in los angeles found the drug dealer that sold that pill to your son? >> first of all, he didn't even speak to us. we had to go down to the police station months and months later to find out. and they declined to prosecute. the santa monica police and dea found the killer and george gascon's office declined to prosecute as they've done so often. their excuse was it was three days from the time he got it on snapchat until he took the lethal dose and anything could have happened in those three days. there seems to always be a reason to let the criminals go and we're heartbroken. >> dana: one final word on that? >> i think that snapchat really needs to recognize that we are not going to shut up and we are not going to stop fighting. and they have to stop caring more about how many users they have than the users themselves.
6:52 am
it is time that they grow a conscience and start -- let us protect our children. >> that's right. we'll be at a protest at the headquarters in santa monica with the signatories of these letters and parents who have had kids die. >> dana: we'll have you back as you continue this quest. thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> bill: god bless them. >> oh my god, i just got hit by a car and i'm okay. i just got hit by a car and i'm okay. my whole life just flashed before my eyes. >> bill: how do you finish that report after being struck by that s.u.v. we'll talk to her when she joins us live coming up next. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:57 am
>> bill: watch this news reporter from the side of the road.
6:58 am
check it out. >> oh my god, oh my god, i just got hit by a car. but i'm okay. i just got hit by a car but i'm okay, tim, i'm okay. we're all good. i'm okay, that's live tv. it is all good. i actually got hit by a car in college just like that. you're okay, we're all good. this is -- oh, you know what? we're good, tim. >> bill: she is good. she is -- she is from wsaz, tory, i can't believe it happened twice now. >> i know, good morning. thank you for having me. it's crazy. >> bill: tell us the story. where were you and what was going on? >> i was at the end of an apartment come flex in dunbar, west virginia near charleston
6:59 am
right at the drive-in where you go in and out. a big hill. she was coming out it. i didn't see her. i was off to the corner not on the road at all. i thought i was in a safe spot. lesson learned for futudana: ar out there, the ram ka person and you do it all. have you wanted to do this your entire life? >> not my entire life, no. i didn't know what i wanted to do even before i graduated college. but i went with news because my internship at fox 29 in philly. it -- that's what sparked my news interest and i love my career. >> dana: you can tell. how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm feeling good. a little sore but better than yesterday and so every day it will keep geting better i'm sure. i went and got checked we're all good. >> bill: what was worse, this or what happened in college? >> this one was worse. i said that because i was in the moment of shock and kind of
7:00 am
scared. i thought she was running me over in the moment but i think i was trying to let her know it's okay. college i was walking from the library at penn state and a car was coming up and rolled a stop from an alleyway. that is common in college, too. he just pushed me. this time i got knocked down. i don't know, i was just trying to reassure her. >> dana: your light shines bright for the world and grateful you're okay. thank you for coming on. good luck at your new station and we'll keep an eye on you. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> dana: take care. violent crime and public safety on the agenda as president biden gets ready to meet with mayors from across the country today an the final day of their winter meeting in washington welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. how humble and kind tory is.
7:01 am
nobody's fault. i'm good. she is about to take a new job in pennsylvania. good luck to tory. crime is up across the board coast to coast. mayors in america are looking for a path forward. the white house press secretary jen psaki saying president biden is unlikely to address soft on crime policies in cities run by far left democrats. >> the president is not going to wade into the actions of prosecutors or of the legal justice department. that's his bottom line. but he has been very clear and a long-time supporter cops programs, police, local law en foerments and first responders. >> dana: the front page of the "new york post" warning no one is safe as the manhattan prosecutor double downs on his soft on crime policy. >> good morning. look, manhattan's district
7:02 am
attorney alvin bragg admitted that his day one policy member to prosecutors was unclear and caused confusion. that left many new yorkers justifiably concerned. at the end of the day bragg still stood by his policies. the progressive d.a. wants to limit bail or prison time to be used only as a last resort for the most violent crimes. he wants to downgrade a lot of felonies to misdemeanors and wants to stop prosecuting lower level crimes. he tried to clarify the memo is just a framework and he trusts the discretion of his prosecutors. >> we'll be prosecuting all robberies with a gun as a felon. any use of a gun to rob a store by definition is and must be and will be treated seriously. what we need to focus on like a laser is truly violent activity that is destabilizing too many of our communities in manhattan. >> the 16-year-old who
7:03 am
allegedly shot an nypd officer on tuesday night was given a $200,000 bail. the police union blasting the judge for giving him the jail. adams want federal and state law enforcement agencies to treat gun violence like terror attacks. >> the same coordination that stopped planes from flying into our buildings must be used to stop bullets from carving highways of death in our country particularly in black, brown and poorer communities. let's show that same energy. >> the mayor says more than 1800 people were shot and wounded in new york city last year, bill. overall crime up 35% compared to the same time last year. >> bill: on we go. nice to see you bryan llenas in new york. >> president biden: the fundamental question is what's mitch for? >> if the president wants to reinvent himself and come back to the middle we have things to talk about that we can work on together.
7:04 am
>> dana: senate minority leader hitting back at biden's claims that republicans can't say what they stand for. mcconnell said last night the president has gone too far to the left and needs to come back to the middle for both sides to start working together. byron york is the correspondent for "washington examiner" and peter doocy asked the president at the press conference why did you go so far left with your party and the president said that's ridiculous. mcconnell doesn't think so and if you look at the polls the country doesn't seem to think so. what do you think? >> well, it's obvious the president is not going to come out and say wow, i've taken my party too far to the left. you just saw jen psaki say the president is not going to challenge some of these extremely unpopular soft on crime policies in some democratic cities. that said, though, mitch mcconnell missed an opportunity yesterday because president biden had said what is mitch for? i really want to know.
7:05 am
on special report bret baier gave him the opportunity to say what he was for. not really a hard question. he could say i'm for low inflation, i'm for low crime and supporting our police. i'm for securing the border. these are not hard things for a republican to say and yet mcconnell neglected to say any of them. >> bill: do we have call for one, guys, back to that interview with bret and mcconnell? this is mcconnell talking about joe biden moving to the middle encouraging him to do that and if so we can talk. watch. >> if the president starts acting like a moderate like he campaigned, we can do business. but the reason we've not been speaking recently this year is because he adopted the bernie sanders prescription for america. he did that even though he got no mandate for it. 50/50 senate and couple seat majority in the house and they couldn't get it through. >> bill: back to dana's
7:06 am
question, byron. i think this is very intriguing here now. the president chose to embrace the progressive ideas of his party even though he really shunned those for decades during his political career in washington, d.c. now there are those who believe that joe biden always tried to align himself within the party for where he thought the party was at the time. so if that's the case and you follow this theory he went left because he thought that's where his party was or was going. can we say today whether that's true or whether or not the center left still holds ultimately within the democratic party? >> well, we don't really know whether joe biden has actually changed some of his opinions, his personal opinions on these things. there is no doubt he feels that he owes a lot to the progressive wing of his party. what was extraordinary in that press conference is you know we've had all this talk about some sort of reboot or reset or
7:07 am
restart for biden as he starts his second year. biden said he would do three things differently. he was going to get out more. travel more and tell people what he has done. he will bring more experts like presidential historians in to talk to him and he is going to campaign a lot. raise a lot of money for democrats. those are the three things he said he would do differently. none of them are substantive. none of them are doing a better job on the issues that concern people most. it was really a striking moment that did not get enough attention in his news conference. >> dana: news conference is reverberating for many days and we'll see how it goes through the weekend. good to see you. >> bill: thanks. byron mentioned this. president biden says he will be deeply involved in the upcoming mid-terms. what is the plan for the crucial november vote? chad pergram has the story live from capitol hill now. good morning. >> good morning, bill. democrats are trying to find the secret sauce to energize
7:08 am
voters. the party remains split over build back better. now talk about trying to break up the bill into chunks. democrats hope it could make the bill more palatable to manchin and sinema. others aren't so sure if that works. >> there are big chunks of the bill that have to be contained in the bill but remember this, this is a reconciliation bill. when people say let's divide it up, they don't understand the process. >> it's hard to alter the bill and still comport with strict senate budget guidelines. everyone is looking towards the mid-terms. republicans say democrats should scrap the whole thing. >> i don't think the american people are clamoring for any pieces of build back better. they want us to tackle the problems they're concerned about, inflation at the top of the list, a wide open border. >> mcconnell said the mid-terms
7:09 am
serve as a referendum on congress as the white house. this morning pelosi told her members they'll continue the push on voting rights and to salvage build back better. democrats can't alienate sinema and manchin if they have a chance to pass other bills. the party in power has until spring before the election dye is cast. >> bill: vin mccarthy will be our guest later this hour. stay tuned for that. >> they're like surgeries, they're minor when they happen to someone else. now is the time to try to avoid this war in eastern europe. >> dana: senator tom cotton warning the white house not to underestimate russia as 100,000 troops wait for putin to give the go ahead to invade ukraine. zbh how many americans are choosing to go to work over school and have been since the pandemic began? what is driving this trend. we'll check in on that.
7:10 am
>> dana: transgender swimmer lia thomas has been making headlines causing many to cry foul. one of her teammates suspects she may have thrown a race against another transgender swimmer. why would she do that? we'll explain. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa.
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>> dana: fox news alert.
7:16 am
secretary of state an tony blinken meeting in geneva with his russian counter part to keep russia from invading ukraine. they've amassed 100,000 troops at the border and shows no signs of pulling back. benjamin hall. >> we heard all these talking points before and heard them again today. the meeting just finished 90 minutes ago the only real concession and progress we got was secretary blinken agreeing to give written response to russia's concerns for the expansion of nato and the concerns that blinken was saying no truth to them and he would not be giving a written response to them. he has agreed to do so and has bought more time for diplomacy. there is an agreement today for both countries to meet in the coming weeks at a minister level leading up to a meeting between president biden and president putin. all in all it is expected. russia blaij the u.s. for
7:17 am
provoking ukraine and secretary blinken offering russia a diplomatic off-ramp and severe consequences the russia invaded. >> i suggested to mr. lavrov as we have repeatedly that if russia wants to begin to convince the world that it has no aggressive intent toward ukraine a very good place to start would be by de-escalating. by bringing back and removing its forces from ukraine's borders as well as engaging in diplomacy and dialogue. >> what is becoming clear as the administration continues to talk, russia continues to act. they're amassing troops and while at the same time destabilizing ukraine from within. ukraine's economy is in free fall and russia facing no consequences. growing bipartisan supports for sanctions to be put in place
7:18 am
even if president putin does not invade. some reports coming out unconfirmed the u.s. is considering pulling its embassy staff out of kiev. there will be contingency plans in place like that anyway. certainly no real conclusion to this crisis after today's meeting. dana. >> dana: benjamin hall in geneva. >> bill: two women with a lot of experience marie harf, morgan ortagus, ladies, good morning to you. marie i want to start with you. mike pompeo told hewitt said you can't clean it up. wondering how badly did president biden weaken our hand this week with his comment on wednesday? >> look, i think the administration has been crystal clear they'll take serious actions if the russians move into ukraine at all. i don't think putin will make decisions based on a couple of
7:19 am
words president biden said when everything else the administration has shown them has said to them it is quite serious. tony blinken i'm sure gave the same message today. look, bill, talking is better than shooting. buying time in diplomacy is often important to see if there is a path forward. i know that the biden team is considering incredibly serious consequences for the russians if they move into ukraine and it could include sanctions like we've never seen. they are already providing material to the ukrainians. i don't think putin is confused about what the u.s. and our allies will do if he takes that step. >> bill: the whole comment morgan about being crystal clear was so crystal clear that they put a full-court press on yesterday to clear this up. blinken said earlier today that the open door policy will remain and the two sides are talking. the u.s. and russia. but they are not giving much. today how badly was our hand weakened do you believe?
7:20 am
>> foreign policy is hard. not always black and white and shades of gray. there are things that the team biden and blinken are doing right. they have been forceful against the russians pushing back on the false narratives but i think there are a couple of key mistakes they've made in the last year that brought us where we are today. first of all capitulateing on nord stream 2 was a dangerous precedent in my mind. i also think one of the biggest errors is that we have yet to provide offensive weapons to the ukrainians. we've told them and said publicly the national security advisor if russia invades we'll provide weapons. i don't think that's a strong enough deterrent. there has been reports we put an inf treat' back on the table. i think marie is right when she talks about words. i believe this administration has prioritized rhetoric over action. they've prioritized appeasing
7:21 am
germany. all the little steps that lead us to the place we are today. >> bill: what about that, marie? >> well look, putin invaded parts of eastern europe during the bush administration and obama administration. moved further during the trump administration. this is putin's goal, right? we can talk about how you prevent that or more importantly what the u.s. interests are. for example. sanctions will work best here if we sanction sectors like oil that really hit at the heart of the russian economy. that would also reverberate in europe, u.s. so all of these steps have consequences that i think all these administrations have tried to balance against each other. they have made clear, though, right now that there are lines in the sand that shall not be crossed and if they go into ukraine that we'll take these steps. but putin i think has been pursuing a strategy for decades
7:22 am
that multiple administrations have had a little difficulty encountering. >> bill: we'll see if he is successful this time. morgan, last comment. when you consider that even our european allies are divided over what stance we should have against russia involving ukraine when you consider france and germany. >> yes, you're right. listen, the united kingdom has been great and sending military equipment over. baltic states are transferring military equipment over as well. so we're seeing strength in europe but i think marie and i agree a lot on the steps we should take to counter russia and my opinion they should have just been done preemptively within the past year instead of waiting for them to invade. i think putin only respects strength and he will do as much as he can get away with. >> bill: morgan and marie, thank you. we'll continue this conversation unfortunately next week. thank you, ladies.
7:23 am
>> dana: an update. american citizen is fighting to return home with his wife and son. they left afghanistan. he rescued them there. he has lost his job in america. he is an american citizen, guys. he and his family are living in a humanitarian village while waiting for the state department to allow them into the united states. his employer gave him a deadline in december to keep his job. he has been laid off and found out about it from a friend, not from the company. and now he may soon lose his car and apartment here in new york city. >> bill: wow. that's not right. >> dana: it's not right. >> bill: how many are like that? we're staying on the story as best we can from afar. our best to him and see the fate soon there. fox business exclusively obtaining newly uncovered emails that link hunter biden to a chinese company with close ties to the communist party. they did business together. we'll tell you about that. charges of a cover-up directed
7:24 am
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>> dana: a new report shows more americans are skipping out on college a trend that has accelerated since the pandemic began. mark meredith is live with more on this in washington what's going on? >> wouldn't you go back to college if you had the chance? they were facing -- covid has accelerated the trend with data showing fewer americans trying to embrace the college life. last year traditional four year colleges saw a 3% drop in
7:42 am
enrollment. even fewer people choosing to go to the two year programs. we checked in with the national student clearinghouse research center that says in 2021 it found 476,000 fewer students enrolled in higher education. a 2 1/2% drop. compare that to 2020. combined colleges have lost close to a million students or potential students since the pandemic began. >> i think it's very troubling for colleges. we're already seeing some schools starting to downsize not only in response to the immediate declines that we've tracked, but also in anticipation of smaller numbers of high school students who are currently in the pipeline. >> these researchers did not explore why people may be choosing alternative routes. college costs have gone up. booming job market may be why some people are avoiding higher education. a software engineer in utah left college after two weeks to jump start his job search and says it was the right call for
7:43 am
him. >> a lot of smart hiring managers won't look at education anymore just because of how important the skills are and the personable communication skills are more important than the actual degree that you can get. >> of course, plenty of american kids are prepping for college. some of the country's most competitive schools are seeing a record number of applicants. we're talking about smaller campuses and the four year for profit colleges are seeing the biggest decline. >> dana: thank you, mark. i could listen all day. >> is he really concerned we may not have fair and free elections? >> the president has been consistent on this issue and the issue at hand. >> are you concerned that without the voting rights bills the election results won't be legitimate? >> i'm absolutely concerned about that. >> bill: there you have democrats doubling down at times on the president's suggestion that mid-terms may
7:44 am
not be legitimate unless, they say, congress passes the party's bill to federalize elections. here to talk about that house minority leader kevin mccarthy. good morning to you and thank you for coming back. the quote from the president on wednesday was i think it easily could be illegitimate. jen psaki came on yesterday and said he was not suggesting that. how did you hear it? >> well, every day we hear something from the president and the next day we hear the correction. so i'm not quite sure what the president is talking about. this makes no sense because if anyone read the bill of what they want to do, hr1 and others want to have a speech czar, taxpayer money pay for campaigns. in the very first bill they put forward schumer would have gotten $40 million of taxpayer money for his campaign. they want to politicize the federal election committee instead of being equal number of republicans or democrats they want to weight it toward the democratic side. i don't know if they are doing
7:45 am
this because they know what is going to happen that they'll lose the majority. they have 28 democrats today already announced retirements. in 290 days and 13 hours the american public will be able to have their voice heard. i bet that retirement number goes well over 30. remember, in 2010 when they lost 63 seats and a high retirement it was just 17 retirements at that time. >> dana: he said he will try to travel a lot more and out on the campaign trail and talk about his accomplishments. does that concern you at all when it comes to the races you are trying to win? >> no, i want him in those races. you look at his approval rating. i bet he doesn't have one member of congress in the democratic party asking him to come. will they ask the president, vice president and nancy pelosi? i would welcome them coming out. let's explain why inflation and prices are so high and explain why there is crime in the streets day in and day out and explain why the borders are open and they won't go visit or do anything to deter it and why
7:46 am
the world is not safe anymore based on his handling of afghanistan with 13 new gold star families and more blood on his hands how he welcomed putin in an incursion in ukraine. issue after issue the american public cares about and his biggest problem he isn't listening. >> bill: the absence of stacey abrams may portend some of that. i talk to a lot of folks in washington about the number of seats you target. some as high as 70. others say 45. what is it more realistically? close to 45 or 70? >> targeting means what you will campaign in. after looking at new jersey and virginia. president biden won new jersey a year prior by 16 points. he won virginia by 10. so i would say any democrat who sits in a set where biden won by 16 or less is a competitive seat and we should challenge it.
7:47 am
we are getting amazing recruitments coming out. in the last election we had more republican women elected to congress than any time in history. the diversity of what we're finding. we can compete anywhere. we won seats that biden won by more than 15 points. our best state in the last election was california defeating four democrats. >> dana: you might see more of that the way things are going. one of the things the president said in his press conference the other day is he can't explain -- he doesn't know what republicans stand for. one of the things that happened in the press conference is you did not have any questions on crime at all. we had jesse watters on and went to talked to a diverse group of people at union square and everybody from every walk of life said crime was a thing they want him to cover on his new prime time show. are the democrats just completely missing this issue as you are out there campaigning? is that something you could tell president biden that the republican party is for? >> i could tell him a whot what
7:48 am
we're for. democrats are causing the crime. the election of their d.a.s, the movement of defunding the police. i saw our governor shocked because now we have train robberies in california again. it has been happening for months and he goes down there and says oh my god it looks like gangs. apologizes for using the word gangs like he offended somebody. we're wafrpg it in city after city going forward and democrat driven. if the democrat wants to know what we're for. food on our shelves, kid in our schools, a secure border, safe streets and neighborhoods going forward. we're for small businesses that can open and not be closed and not have mandates on them. the idea of freedom going forward. we're for american energy to be independent not we bring russian natural gas to america. america having a pipeline not putin so he can control europe. i believe that's what the american public is for. in 290 days and 13 hours i
7:49 am
think american public is going to be able to have that say. >> dana: who is counting? >> the american public is counting. they are frustrated with what is happening. all the president does is blame somebody else. if you want to join us go to fire >> dana: have a good weekend and we appreciate it. >> appreciate you guys. >> dana: controversy surrounding transgender u-penn swimmer keeps growing. tyrus is here on that controversy next. throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential
7:50 am
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no one deserves the american dream of now you know. homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> harris: russia could invade ukraine at any moment an people want to know what biden will do about it. when our reporter asked him about it biden lost his cool. a high-profile democrat seemed to vote violence against kyrsten sinema for upholding
7:55 am
the filibuster. senator john kennedy of louisiana, general jack keane, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you. just in to "america's newsroom" some sad news to report. comedian and actor louie anderson died. he had a long career in show business and toured as a stand-up, acted in a number of tv shows including life with louie. he won an emmy in 2016 for his work on the show baskets and we're being told he died from complications from cancer. he was just 68 years old. louie anderson and meat loaf on the same day. >> dana: anonymous teammate of transgender u penn swimmer lia thomas say she may have thrown a race from yale. the idea was to prove that gender doesn't impact winning. what is going on? joining us now is fox news contributor and fox nation host
7:56 am
tyrus. does that sound plausible to you? >> someone would throw a race for a friend? i would hope not but it is 100% plausible. i guess that's the real issue here is why would you try to prove a point, the whole point of sports if competition is to win the race at the best of your ability. this whole issue you have to go back to and i always look to caitlyn jenner in this situation because no one i think represented amateur athletics at a higher level than she did when she competed. she competed as a man when she won her goal. her emotional struggle was her entire life and conversations i had with her she talks about after she won her medal if she would have transitioned at that time and came back to olympics the following series she wouldn't have competed because she would have had an unfair
7:57 am
advantage because she grew up biologically as a man. there are certain differences you can't change and why we have weight classes in boxing. as much as i would like to be light heavy weight champion of the world i won't make weight. they can't make exceptions for that. sports by definition is discriminatory in terms of that's the whole point and why we have doping and checking for drugs and making sure the right weight class and having divisions. so as much as emotionally i applaud this individual for being who they want to be, but in terms of sports it is not fair to women athletes because there is an unfair advantage. in this case very similar to caitlyn jenner this woman grew up and trained as a man. there are certain physiological differences you can't change. >> the other swimmer is going from female to male.
7:58 am
one swimmer said anonymously looking at leah's time i don't think she was trying. they are friends and talking before the meet. i think she let her win that a female to male beat me. we have a minute here. >> yeah. >> bill: m and ms are changing their tune and change the sneakers, did you see the story? what is this all about? >> you know, personally for me having grown up in the era of all the drama and speculation around the personal habits of the green m and m i'm happy to see it looks like there will be an image change because green m & m always had some situation with some form of sex addiction and always very innuendo and the green m & m had a stigma and it meant something if you ate it. you weren't a young male.
7:59 am
>> dana: what are you talking about? >> bill: green m & ms represented a certain aphrodisiac. >> i'm glad they're turning that around and the yellow m & m to help him with his disability. at the end of the day this is food. why are we putting faces and emotion on food? this is bad food. delicious food but it is bad food. if they were trying to be supportive and take care of people they would add a celery m & m or take some of the sugar out. >> dana: did you have a chance to meet meat loaf when he watched the gutfeld show? >> yes, i did. i had met him many years before when i was bodyguarding for snoop. he was great and looked great at the time. he was fighting some health issues but it was a real honor. gutfeld although he acts tow i
8:00 am
can and tough on tv he was a school kid giggling. meat loaf is in the crowd. it was -- i'm glad we got that memory. rest in peace, meat loaf. >> dana: good weekend to you, tyrus and bill. good luck to the bengals. harris "the faulkner focus". >> i don't know about all the bengals stuff. >> dana: here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. ukraine bracing for a possible russian invasion but instead of showing leadership ahead of an international crisis, president biden is lashing out at reporters when he can't quite get his own story straight. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the white house working hard forclean up the president's messy remarks at wednesday's press conference. he suggested a so-called minor incursion, those were his words, between russia and ukraine with russia moving in


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