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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 21, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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we're told he died and the cause of death was not released. 1947 to 2022. that's "the story" of this friday, january 21, 2022. we will look forward to seeing you back here monday. have a great weekend. meantime, thanks for joining us today. "your world" starts right now. take care, everybody. >> sandra: thanks, martha. will a last ditch effort to stave off a ukrainian invasion? good afternoon. i'm sandra smith. it's a world on edge hanging on talks with the u.s. and russia. both sides agreeing today to keep talking. now we're waiting for the next move. we've got you covered with greg palkot in ukraine on what comes next over there. jacqui heinrich and the white house. we'll be speaking to bill
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cassidy on why all of this could mean more pain at the pump for americans. we begin with greg in kiev. greg? >> officials are more assured but still nervous. antony blinken met with his counterpart in a meeting that was called critical. here's a bit of what he said. >> that's the choice that russia faces now. they can choose a path of diplomacy that will lead to conflict and condemnation. >> still a gap remains dangerously wide, sandra. blinken demanding russia pull back its 100-plus troops on the
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borders with ukraine. lavrov said they didn't intend to invade. and russia wants troops out of eastern your -- ukraine. president zelensky was critical of the president's comments earlier this week. blinken shared information about this meeting with ukraine's foreign minister. sandra, late and developing news this afternoon, u.s. officials have learned that the state department is at least looking at a possible evacuation of u.s. diplomats and families. back to you. >> sandra: what happens if other countries don't step up? anything that president biden can do in that event? >> that's the big worry, sandra. there's divisions and ranks in the last couple case, not just germany but france and other
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countries are waffling it a bit. yes, the u.s. can go it alone but it depends on nato unity and nato teamwork to get this job done. so there is talk of unity, but again, the longer this drags out, the longer there could be issues, sandra. >> sandra: thanks, greg. as we look at a map of russia, ukraine and the surrounding european countries there, what exactly are the stakes over there and for us here? let's ask rebecca heinrichs. what do you see happening there next? >> i'll tell you what, it's inevitable that russia will do something. the question is at this point is how far is russia going to go back into ukraine? what are the extent of the military operation. you can tell by the president's statement about a minor incursion that it's like this
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administration has thrown up its hands and thinks it's going to happen. now we're hearing that germany is blocking critical weapons going into the ukraine. so if you don't have germany standing with the nato alliance, there's not a lot we can do at this point. the beginning of the end is when joe biden decided not to sanction nord stream 2 and to allow that go through between germany and russia. at this point all we can do, we can hope the britts keep sending in aid. thank goodness for the britts and the poles. the canadians have sent in special forces. so we can hope other nato allies can do enough to help the ukrainians if something happens. i'm not confident we can stave off anything at this point. >> sandra: what do you see happening on our part, the united states, if germany doesn't step up to the fight? >> at this point, there's not a lot we can do. what biden should have done was leaned hard into germany at the beginning of the administration a year into this. our hands are tied.
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and so we're going to have to see to the extent of what putin decides to do and reevaluate our relationship with the germans, our relationship with obviously what we're going to do with russia. we can penalize russia to the extent we can. the previous comment is so true, we need to have nato's solidarity if we're going to have nato sanctions. we cannot do that with germany, this administration has not understood the importance of leaning hard even on our allies. do it privately. you don't have to be donald trump. do it privately. this administration really made a major strategic error by throwing in with the germans on nord stream 2. >> sandra: what are the implications for us here at home if putin does indeed invade ukraine? >> i'll tell you what, our primary focus is china. china is the biggest threat to the united states and the american way of life. we have to focus on that region as a primary theater.
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that means that if we have a war in europe, we're going to be distracted. it's going to be awful for the united states. talk about energy prices is an immediate thing that will hit the american family. so we're distracted again. this is why, you know, not everything is an area where we have to send transparency -- troops and go to war but you have to be smart and make decisions that you don't have a military conflict. it's hard to know how this will affect the american people. it's not good. it's not good across the world. various regions. we have increasing acts of aggression from adversaries. >> sandra: i hear the urgency in your voice. putin has a lot at risk here. we're promising serious economic sanctions on russia if they're to invade. final thought. >> yeah, again, you have to have europeans with us. europeans don't want to be hit in the pocketbook with gas
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prices yet. the russians can harm them with energy exploitation. we can hit them and punish them and raise the cost of what they're doing. >> sandra: germany is dependent on russia for energy. thanks, rebecca. you just heard it there. mounting concerns for u.s. energy. americans are already suffering under high fuel costs here at home. our next guest says this situation combined with the president's policies will have us paying even more. bill cassidy is a member of the energy and natural resources committee. he joins us now. great to see you, senator. we're already paying $3.30 a gallon at the pump. that is already painful for most families in this country. what do you predict could happen here with not just gasoline prices but oil prices, heating oil? it's costing us more to heat our homes this winter what are the implications of this fight for us here at home?
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>> yeah, the implication are further fuel inflation, hitting the american family where it hurts. in their heating bill, their gas bill, electric bill and that what takes them to work, in their car. a byproduct of the biden administration's decision to step down american energy to production, to attempt to inhibit the use of canadian tar sands. despite the fact that all of this is produced at a better environmental and a better environmentally than if we get russian gas. the worst policy i'm not sure that they could have done worse than they have done. >> sandra: that is a stark warning. you have wall street looking at the prices. goldman sachs has a prediction of $100 oil. whether or not germany will step up or other allies step up, that
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is a looming question. i have to tell you, digging in to the oil prices and the oil purchases by this country under this administration, senator, i was blown away. we dug into government data this morning, this is after taking to senator barrasso yesterday, that we have doubled as a country our oil purchases from russia in just the first year of this presidency. under the biden administration. that seems shocking to me. that is the reality of the moment. we're more dependent on foreign nations than just a year ago. >> when it began to inhibit the production of u.s. oil and gas, creating american jobs and the prices of gasoline went up, they go to glasgow and they the climate change summit and they start begging opec and russia to produce more oil. our dollars are going to russia to support their economy so they can do more militarily while we
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take jobs away from our economy. it is like the worst energy policy you can come up with. that's what they have done. >> sandra: senator cassidy, thanks. notice the big board. the do you closing 450 points. there's big concerns in the market about what is happening. we're watching it. thank you. president biden heading to camp david and meeting with his national security team. so what is the white house saying after these talks happen today? jacqui heinrich is at the white house. what are we hearing? >> president biden knows that reporters want answers on their questions about ukraine. he didn't have time for that this morning after giving remarks on semi conductors. >> the reason we don't have time for questions now, these guys have to get on a plane and go out and do a major announcement in ohio. you guys will ask me about russia and nothing having to do with chips. >> the president makes this short walk from the white house
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to marine one. he's flying to camp david where he is set to meet with his national security team this weekend. preparations are underway for possible evacuations of americans and ukraine. it's unclear how many are there. lawmaker offices were told the number could be as high as 20,000. >> is there any effort to get a handle how many americans are in the ukraine? with afghanistan, it was an open question. is there a difference this time? >> we don't put a chip in americans and track their movements. >> takes with secretary blinken and russia's foreign minister failed to produce a resolution. they continue next week after russia boasted that the u.s. would submit written responses to their demands. >> why would the u.s. give
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answers to russia and is the u.s. asking for my written responses from russia? >> no one sees it that way from the u.s. negotiating team. it's not written answers like we're falling out a q&a. we're going to convey what the concerns are. >> martha: the pentagon is producing options to potentially bolster our forces in eastern europe in case nato allies need support. support could come from inside the european command area or from the states, sandra. >> sandra: thanks, jacqui. the suspect in the slaying of brianna kupfer facing his arraignment. what lies ahead for him. will this put pressure on the soft on crime policies? alex villanueva is back with us today. 20 million americans are under
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storm watches. virginia and the carolinas declaring emergencies as snow, sleet and freezing rain moves in. we'll take you there live next.
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suspected killer will be arraigned in los angeles today as new details are released. jonathan hunt is in los angeles with the latest on this horrific story. jonathan? >> sandra, shawn laval smith will be arraigned on murder charges in moments. 4:30 eastern, 1:30 p.m. local time here in l.a. smith was arrested after a man hunt and the help of the public. police got the help when someone spotted smith about 15 miles from the site of the brutal killing of brianna kupfer. >> i'm calling because i see a gentleman that looks very similar to the man in the kupfer stabbing in l.a. >> shawn smith had a long criminal history and appears to have slipped through the cracks in the justice system on several
1:18 pm
occasions with both democrat and republican prosecutors involved on both coasts. at least 11 arrests for instance in south carolina, including on an assault charge, a theft charge here in south call calling where he was free on $1,000 bail. in northern california, he served four months for assaulting a police officer. combined with covid related problems, smith went to los angeles last thursday and to the store where brianna kupfer was working alone. hundreds of people gathered yesterday outside of that store paying tribute to the 24-year-old and calling for the city's leadership to do more to keep the streets safe. >> it's scary out here. i pray for just safer days and better days. >> this has to stop. this is the wild west here. somebody has got to stop the
1:19 pm
crime. there's no reason for this to happen. >> martha: brianna's heart broken father has spoken out. he says he blames no one but the man who murdered his daughter. sandra? >> sandra: just awful. jonathan hunt, thank you. i want to get to sheriff alex villanueva. you heard from the mourners there for brianna kupfer. they say they're scared and angry. they want something done about this. how do you react to that? >> we have to re-assure the public that we're doing everything possible with the resources that we have to make sure that these killers are not walking freely. we have to rely on the prosecution when we arrest the bad apples that they face the consequences of their actions. however right now our struggle with the district attorney, 12,000 cases the first year in office. 12,000 cases we investigated and
1:20 pm
i guarantee among those people to walk free will be people that will go on to commit more violent crimes. who knows up to including murder. >> sandra: i want to be clear. we called d.a. gascon to join us and he has not responded. when it comes to what can be done about this, very powerful piece written by sean duffy on written about the infiltration of woke d.a.s. he says it will not be easy to fix. saying the woke army of activist prosecutors is on the rise and the goal is not rule of law or safety. that's scary. you heard it from those citizens there. we're dependent on voters and leadership to turn it around. when you have d.a. gascon in charge there, you're dealing with the effects of a hiring freeze when it comes to your police force. you have him vowing that his
1:21 pm
priority is police accountability. >> well, we have the governor picking up trash around the rail yard because, you know, the rash of rail thefts that are plaguing union pacific rail lines. he wants prosecution. but then he endorses george gascon that does not prosecute thefts. without a proper prosecution, it does us no good to arrest people that will be released immediately. so that part is missing. we need a district attorney and if he wants to be the public defender, he can get that job if he wants. he needs to stop pretending that he's doing his job as a d.a. >> sandra: that is a frightful warning and a scary thought for people that are actively living through this. you heard one of the morners felt like she was living in the world west. what is the future of brianna
1:22 pm
kupfer's killer? >> right now he's obviously going to face a trial and depending on the evidence and the strength, which likes solid, hopefully he will have a fair trial and a conviction and again, it can be this -- according to gascon, he will have the minimum amount of sentence possible for a murder if what gascon is planning to do. there's no enhancements. unfortunately the enhancements are what keep as lot of these killers in prison, not harming people. that's how we drove down the homicide rates in the 90s with three strikes. it worked. it's put the worst of the worst behind bars. so they cannot harm other people. now we're backing up. >> sandra: you think there will be, sheriff, any possibility of a change in the mindset of d.a. gascon when he sees what is happening there and people are scared to walk down the street?
1:23 pm
will there be change or will we have to hit rock bottom before leadership steps in it and makes this better? >> change will come when he's recalled. he's dead set on his ideology. >> sandra: i look at what is happening in new york city. crime is running rampant. people are afraid to walk down the street. obviously you see what is happening in broad daylight. a tiny little girl was shot spending her birthday in the hospital here after being shot by gun fire in the bronx. a man ran down the street firing his gun. the alvin bragg is doubling down on a soft on crime memo that he put out in january. this would indicate they're doubling down on policies that are leading to this incredible crime spike that we're seeing happen across the country,
1:24 pm
sheriff. >> it's really up to voters. remember, everybody in office today got elected in 18 -- 2018 or 2020 when it was all the rage in the political world on the left that oh, soft on crime, progressive reform, the criminal justice system. systemic racism. all of these wonderful terms you heard. all of those woke wonders are in office now and it's blowing up in their face. there's no data, there's no science like gascon says that says their policies work. they're a failure. we need to put that pendulum back in the middle where it belongs and voters need to pay attention and hold elected officials accountable for not doing their job. >> sandra: gascon holds the news conferences. he can't believes people are surprised by his policies. we'll see what happens. there's talk about a lot of political implications of the crime as it plays out in america's biggest and smallest cities across the nation.
1:25 pm
thanks, sheriff. >> you got it. >> sandra: later this hour, business leaders facing off for manhattan controversial district attorney as crime surges in new york city. so how did that meeting go? charlie gasparino says you might be surprised. but first, another winter storm set to slam the southeast. the carolinas and virginia under states of emergency now. we'll have the latest for you. some of my best memories growing up were cooking with mom.
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(other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different. >> sandra: there's more wicked weather on the way. americans of americans are under a winter storm warning and watches as the carolinas and virginia bracelet for freezing rain and snow. robert wray is live with more. what are we expecting, robert? >> yeah, sandra. you can see right here the freezing rain has begun here in wilmington, north carolina. not far from the atlantic ocean, about ten miles. we're expecting a very treacherous and dangerous evening and overnight ahead as temperatures are set to plummet and the system moves in up and
1:31 pm
down the eastern seaboard of not only north carolina and south carolina. inland we're going to see accumulation of snow as well. power crews for duke energy are here staging behind me. there's hundreds and 2,500 utility workers around the state ready to go as soon as the potential for these power lines to go down occurs overnight. they are also expecting downed trees. the weight of this ice, anything 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch and above will cause a destructive landscape. the roads are not safe as all. if you're out there, get off of them. they're not safe. they're going to ice over as the sun goes down and throughout the earning into tomorrow morning. the news so, tomorrow afternoon as temperatures warm up, we'll see the ice dissipate. the aftermath could be devastating to the region.
1:32 pm
wes why you see behind me these trucks ready to roll and try to repair any downed power lines or trees, sandra. >> sandra: thanks, robert ray. so where is this storm headed and how bad could things get? rick reichmuth has been tracking the storm. what do we expect, rick? >> yeah, we have about 12 to 14 hours of this storm. it's primarily across the carolinas and in to virginia as well. we have winter storm warnings in effect, winter weather advisories. the ice is along the coast. this is a very strong storm. we have had so of our as a cross parts of the south and instead of the north. we had snow across parts of texas and mixing in new orleans. now what we'll see is along the coastal carolinas. you can see the pink popping up
1:33 pm
here and beginning to see the freezing rain start that will very quickly make every road impassable. so hopefully everybody is home. good thing it's on a friday. stay home as robert said until the day warms up tomorrow and we get a bit of a break with that melting of that ice that will happen. now, this goes into about another hour from now. we have the ice along the coast. we'll have band of snow across interior sections, this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's offshore. won't be a storm for the northeast. snow to come still yet. might see 5, 6 inches of snow. a lot of places getting two or three inches. these are places that don't get a lot of snow. so the ice forecast as robert said, we'll see some spots probably 1/4 to 1/2 inch, some spots higher than that. that will topple over any trees and power lines.
1:34 pm
that's why they're having the preparations. we're talking about a ice storm to the coast across north carolina and south carolina. there's one other aspect. that is down across florida as the front moves through. chance for severe weather there. we'll see that throughout the evening tonight and maybe even a little bit in to the morning tomorrow. watch for really strong winds. so southeastern u.s. is the target again. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, rick. we're prepared and we'll watch it. meanwhile, las vegas won't be saying hello to adele any time soon. covid and delivery delays forcing the music sensation to fish after her run of shows there. hear how fans are reacting. >> i'm so sorry to everyone that has traveled in. i'm really sorry.
1:35 pm
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(woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> my show is not ready. we tried absolutely everything that we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you. you've been destroyed by delivery delays and covid. i'm so sorry to everyone who has traveled. i'm really sorry. >> martha: adele hoping her fans will go easy on her. the singer said her las vegas residency won't be happening for now. here's what a few fans had to say. >> we're in the middle of a
1:40 pm
pandemic. so i know that they'll have to do plan b. >> we'll come back, obviously. sure seems like it could have been coordinated sooner. >> sandra: joining us now to discuss, ashley dvorkin. are they being too hard on her? she did cancel one day out. that's rough. >> yes. it's the timing. fans for the most part are understanding. when you purchase tickets right now, there's a chance of a cancellation and post poement. adele visibly upset. they said they tried to pull it together. they couldn't. but of course, understandably, fans that are already in vegas because the show was supposed to start tonight, they're
1:41 pm
frustrated. they don't know what to to do. if they're at caesars, they get a refund. if they're somewhere else, that's a different story. they booked a trip around this. for the most part, most people were very understanding. >> sandra: i don't know if you will be understanding if you paid upwards of $6,000. that was face value for some of the tickets paid to go to these concerts. several thousand dollars higher on the secondary ticket market. i can't imagine that there's anyway to make them feel better if they're out that money. >> no. this was a highly anticipated show. the demand was so high. it was after her new album. yes, those resellers are also reports of $40,000 for tickets, 30,000. you're hearing numbers that are incredible. and the fans, they scooped up these tickets. yeah, i'm not sure how you
1:42 pm
replace that. however, if you can afford that in the first place, you might be some of the few that can afford to do the trip again. again, it's a lot of money. >> sandra: we wish her well. she says she's embarrassed. she can't believe this happened. i guess there's some fans that are enmore upset because they also signed up to see celine dion. she also cancelled her show. she had excessive spasms. dear goodness. what if you paid tickets for both concerts and you're out of luck. that's not good. >> martha: there's so much going on all the time in vegas. i know it's not ideal and what you paid for. but also offers a lot of shows that are still going on this week. you can still make some fun plans. >> sandra: i'm looking at the notes coming in from some of her fans. i love adele. it's need to move a good time to tell people of a cancellation
1:43 pm
one day out. perhaps more warning an they could have saved their air fare. great to see you. i'm sure everybody will be all right. >> thank you. with crime in new york city ramping up, how did a business meeting over a d.a. go down? charlie gasparino has the scoop next. subway's eat fresh refresh has so many new footlongs, here's how they line up. we got the new chicken & bacon ranch, new baja steak & jack, and the new baja chicken & bacon,
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>> sandra: as we mentioned, the sell-off on the dow earlier, big day on wall street. a quick look at the ugly week for the u.s. stock market. this was the biggest one-week loss for the nasdaq in nearly two years. price spikes and the expected upcoming rate hikes from the fed sparking the sell off. more on that in just a moment. meantime, manhattan district attorney alvin bragg met with partnership for nyc over his controversial crime policies. all of this as some members of the trade group are pushing to have him recalled. charlie gasparino joins us now with the latest details on this. charlie, hello. by the way, we put in a call to d.a. bragg. we have not yet heard back. >> i have a call to him, too. we should put out the partnership for new york city is
1:48 pm
not some random business group. it's the big banks, j.p. morgan, morgan stanley. all the big players are in it. about 30 of them met with bragg. they voiced their concerns. you know, here's essentially the bottom line. i'll give it to you and tell you the people that made the comments. the bottom line is if you want to open new york city, you want people to come back to the office, your memo was not -- which says i'm not going to pros cues someone getting their head blown off in manhattan is not the way to go about it. people are scared. we can't get them back in the office because they believe with good evidence that the city from a crime standpoint is raging out of control. they made that point forcefully. i heard it was a good meeting. i don't think there was screaming and yelling involved. but i think one of the more poignant aspects of the meeting
1:49 pm
is the first call, the ceo of deloitte we should point out spoke first. now, why is that importance? michelle go, the woman that was -- >> sandra: yeah. >> she worked at deloitte. he made the point point blank, you're flaying with fire with this. steve schwartz man said the same thing. we can't get people in to the office. our people are scared. crime is out of control. the positive thing is here that bragg is saying listen, public safety is a huge concern. i believe public safety. he talked a good game. i'm going after people that do violent stuff. somebody asked him, i believe, suppose i get hit in the head with a bat. are you not going to prosecute that person? he said of course, assault with a deadly weapon. i have to. he's walking back some of the stuff. >> sandra: is he? >> rhetorically he is.
1:50 pm
he did mention the point that, you know, we are balancing public safety, which is paramount with social just tis. that was scary to some people in there. >> sandra: some said he doubled down. >> he didn't. not in this meeting. in this meeting he said he understood what they were saying and public safety comes first. they gave him various scenarios. he said he would prosecute. he talked a good game. whether or not he carries through with it is a different story. i'll say the public pressure got to him. you know, this is what journalism is supposed to be about. you expose someone that does someone insane and they back off. >> sandra: now it's emptying out. the perception of safety that they talk about, we have to get rid of that. >> just so you know, they told
1:51 pm
him that point blank. >> sandra: we'll see. he's welcome to join us any time. thanks, charlie. so do consumers need to brace for more price spikes? why something happening tomorrow could be adding to the inflation threat? we'll be right back. ries growin, were cooking with mom. she always said, “food is love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in years. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. (laughs) flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. every business is on a journey.
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1:55 pm
being a problem, it could drive inflation. truck stop in vernon, california, with more on that. what are we hearing? >> i am hearing frustration. these two go vaccine mandates are going to make things a lot worse for truckers. last weekend, canada started preventing unvaccinated truckers from entering the country. tomorrow, the u.s. is going to do the same. i'm wondering what that will do for prices for america. the current vaccination rate amongst truckers is up to nearly 60%, leaving half of the workforce at risk. carriers are shelling out incentive bonuses for vaccinated workers. those are already being passed on to consumers. >> not enough of them have enough of the vaccines to deliver. freight rates are continuing to increase, about 30 or so percent higher than they were a month or so ago. we are also seeing surcharges and wage increases for labor.
1:56 pm
>> one example of how that has trickled down is approved. the cost of fruit in california and arizona has increased 25% since the mandate went into effect. we could see a price hike on everything from cars, produce, even chocolate. with canada as one of our largest trade partners, that means more retailers and -- frustration for drivers, and less for americans. >> driving chocolate prices as well. [laughter] very serious problems. thank you so much. earlier today, president biden saying that the growing economy is one of the issues behind the supply chain problems which are adding to inflation, but is there more to that? walmart was president and ceo bill simon. great to have you here. i want to pick your brain on this issue. it's something we are all dealing with, from a consumer standpoint, a producer standpoint, all the way until he gets to the dinner table.
1:57 pm
we are paying more for just about everything. what do you see as the primary reason why we are all paying more for everything? >> over the last 20 years, our supply chain has been home to a razors edge, all the inefficient's out of it. we turned it back on and expected to function normally after turning it off, with increased demand, i might add. it has not been able to respond. you add to that self-inflicted wounds, some of the energy policies that have driven up the cost of fuel, covert issues, vaccine mandates like the reporter just talked about, and we have a tangled mess of wires that needs to be untangled now. >> well said. that's it in a nutshell. it is complicated, and it is not. you look at, in some ways, how the current administration could get out of the way, and some of
1:58 pm
the problems would sell themselves. what do we do to get ourselves out of it? is up to the fed, like the president said the other day? >> if we have to wait for the fed, it's going to take them the entire year to adjust interest rates. we cannot make it an entire year. americans are literally in shock when they walk into a supermarket that they have walked into 1,000 times before, there's no food on the shelf, and it's not just a few places. event to stores in north carolina and arkansas and kentucky, florida. shelves are empty everywhere. it is a problem that needs to be dealt with right away. there are things that could be done. you could just get out of the way in the system will take care of itself over time. if you are going to put mandates in place, you had better be prepared to mobilize everybody in the military with a truckers license to move freight, because you cannot cut half the truck drivers out and expect freight's -- it's not going to
1:59 pm
happen. either get out of the way or do something. >> do you have any predictions? does it get worse before it gets better? >> i have the utmost confidence in the american consumer, american industry. i think it gets better quickly. i think we are going to look at things, and american ingenuity and businesses that have figured out how to cope for many years will take charge and start moving frates. we have to get through this current wave of omicron that is having a lot of callouts, but i believe that the next 45-60 days, provided that we don't have a new mandates or changes from the government or a focus that hurt growth things , i think we will see movements. it's not until the wires get untangled in the policies that caused this are reversed. >> all great points. you were talking about how many of them live paycheck to paycheck, and when prices go up,
2:00 pm
it affects those families. thank you for your time. this is a tape of president biden going to camp david earlier this hour. he just arrived, and will be meeting to discuss russian and ukrainian. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, i'm jesse watters along with greg gutfeld, gillian turner, dagen mcdowell, and harold ford jr. -- this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> my advice to everyone out there who is frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, have a margarita, do whatever you need to do, and then keep fighting. >> jesse: it has been a doozy


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