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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 21, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we're out of time. s soho sad we go on forever. brand t new episodeheet tucker carlson today featurin our interview with rod blagojevich on foxnation to help you check it out. in the meantime, have the best weekend with the ones you love paying attention to the thingse that matter that is medicine. you monday refreshed and 70% and welcome to hannity. this busy friday news night. tonight we're tracking multiple developing stories for president hep just wrapped up a lengthy meeting with senator lindsey graham. me i'met going to ask senator grahm about the meeting and straight ahead, we'll analyzein the upcoming midterm elections. speaker gingrich will join us as a new poll now shows republicans remember we're at a nine point deficit generic ballot while they now have a 13 point advantage and are poised
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for historic gains. hi hopefully this election year. but first, all eyes are on the white houseoe tonight where joe biden just b wrapped up another week from .p biden sloppy bizarre public comments about russia, ukraine could very well lead to war. we have over 100,000 russian troops now amassed o on ukraines border and biden proudly suggesting that he might be willing to look the other way. if i say minor incursion in the past 48 hours, multiple white house officials have all tried to clean up those commentss ha and joey's mess. it's so bad that apparently joe is no longer allowed to even answer questions about the looming conflict in ukraine that he seemed to greenlight. >> take a look.>> the reason we're not going to have any time for questions now is these guys are going to get quickly on a plane and go out and do a major announcement in ohio and you guys will in ask about russia and not about anything having to do with chips. >> okay, let's forget about the looming global conflict in europe f that you greenlightd
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and biden will only entertain important questions on chips. every chips that they could put in his a head maybe make themid a little sharper. i don't know. just kidding for those of you on the left that have no sense of humor anyway, don't worryry because this morning the chief idiot at the white house, ron klain, oh , he cleared everything up. >>ke take a look. i think it's fair to say the white house was prettye aggressively walked back or clarified or whatever you want to callhoho the president's comments about ukraine and russia and whethersi the president was signaling that a minor incursion might be viewed through a different lens, whether the president meant to say that at the time or maybe he was being inarticulate. can you afford any gaffes given the stakes right now in all this ? well, i think the president was quite clear and reiterated his point of view this morning very clearly president putinor should have no doubtni any move by the russianan assembled military across the border of ukraine is an invasion, okay? he wasn't clear. he talked about a minor
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incursion. stop lying to us. stop the spin. stop the propaganda. you know what ? the american people arero intelligent and as per usual, biden creates a crisis and then the white house pretends that it iss crisis and round and round we go and we see this at the southern border. we see it in afghanistan. yeah. americans are still band and trapped behind enemy lines and we see this with inflation ,a supply chain crisis. we see it with covid-19, by the way, check out the cover of time magazine accurately pointing out biden's first year is officially in the bookss and a dark cloud hanging over the white house really it'svi hanging over the country. remember the guy that promised to shut down covid-19 rebuild our economy, restored diplomacy and respect around the globe. well, now covid-19 is raging worse than ever. inflation at a 40 year high and warr in europe thanks to him and his green light is now pretty imminent.
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things have become so bad under biden that even jen psaki is now suggesting kickboxing orw margaritas to ease the pain. you're going to need an awfulf lot of margaritas. take look, you've got to stay at it. >> so my advice to everyone outs there is frustrated, sad, angry, off feel those emotions ,go to kickboxing class, have a margarita, do whatever you need to doad this weekend, and then wake upen on mondaywe morning. we've got to keep fighting. okay, we'll drink margaritas all weekend and act like it wasn't a disastrous week. tr joining us now with reaction, former senior adviser to president trump steven n miller, along with fox news contributor miranda devine. you know,ente i went through wih president trump last night, steve, in the first year of his administration versus the firstar biden. you couldn't have a more distinct difference than that . the accomplishments even under fire every second, every minute, every hour of every day that president trump had. now the question is, does is there any one thing this white
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house can point toth now that they can say is success d and does this spin routine ofoe theirs? does that hold water with the american people? well, the american people? seeth through the spin because they got to hear president bidenause in his own h voice that to a press conference showed that president biden does not c have the command of his white house, his facts or his faculties. he clearly stated clearly stateded that he did not have an objection to a minor incursion into ukraine, that his entire government spent two days trying to rephrase, walk itha back , clarify, rescind whatever term you want to usete the otherr big take away from the press conference is that he plans to stay the course h t on every single disastrous policy. so we went from the first year president trump to the great american comeback. now y the first year a biden is the great american collapse. do you do you think ron klain and jen psaki they have any
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effectiveness in cleaning up this disaster? never mind the part that i think disturbs me the most. miranda and that is this guy is out to lunch. seems to be declining right before our eyes almost toohe the point at times disintegrating with these long awkward, uncomfortable pauses and sentences that make no sense. i mean, he has lucid moments he has a lot of bad moments . and that's true , sean. but i think he's always had bad moments. it's just that he hasn't been front and center in the hot seat in the white house with all these momentous decisionsng weighing on him. and i think o he's always been f bad character and he's compromised as we knowf ba through his son hunter and his brother jim in ukraine and with russia. also plaguemust him when he's trying to work
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out what decisions to make and when he stands therean in front ofds the media for two hours and tries to thread the needle between his own personal compromiseser and what he's been told by his state department and people like anthony blinken, his advisers about what ought to be done, it just it all comes out burbling out in a big mess. and there's no way no matter how much cleanup is done by anthony blinken, ron klain or jen psaki, you can't unsay what the president of the united states said. everybody heard it. vladimir nt hootin heard it. y you saw the body language of the foreign minister lavrov when he met with blinken today in geneva and he was cocky. the russians know that they aren facing a very weak america and they're like the kids in the candy store. they are just going to run riot and do whatever they like t whie
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the going is good and poor g old ukraine, which reallyoo, you know, fat lot of good it did to kowtow to joe biden when he was vice president and do what he told them to do because now they know they're in people. and as the president saida the other day in response to joe biden talking about minor incursions, there is no minor incursion, minor casualties, minor grief when russia invades another country. you know, piers morgan yesterday in his column stevens said i want a divorce. and thenol rand paul said he really shouldn't ever speak publicly again. and honestly, i don't think that's a bad strategy. maybe keeping him away frome the microphone woulda be a good idea for the for not only the country but for world peace. well, i mean,ea clearly his staf tried for as long as they couldt to keep him away from the microphone and then i guess they eventually lost that
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battle and now the whole country got to see in real time just how far joeim biden has lost it. as you mentioned, there's fewer and fewer moments of lucidity and more and more moments ofe just confusion. i mean, the press conference o was bizarre. he yelled at reporters for quoting back to him his own speech in georgiaa h where he compared republicans and manchin in cinema to segregationists and owners. heand lengthily declared the midterms to be illegitimateu unless there was a federal elections take over. and again, this massive blunderm with ukraine, the wholeas worlda has taken the measure ofs biden and realize that we o don't have a commander in chief that is extremely dangerous. and between what happens in afghanistan and what's happening right now in ukrainean ,the israeli-palestinian conflict that exploded after joe bidenn took office begging opec for energy, we are in an extraordinarily vulnerable position unlike anything we
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have been in certainly in myti entire lifetime. all right. we're goingon to w in have to lu both go. good to see you.. by the way, miranda's book,>> the laptop from is a greatce read if you haven't had a chance to read it. thank you . all right. steven miller, miranda devine.. now to afghanistan. biden is turned the page. he hasas no apologies. we will not turn the page. americans held hostage hovind behind enemy lines to one hundred andne sixty day one sixty and one hundred and seventy three days since biden said he'd never abandon americans in afghanistan. the islamic emirate of afghanistan no end in sight. sadly, the same president the botched this withdrawal is now tasked with protecting the thousands of americans currently inside ukraine. does anyone trust biden to keep those people safe? does anyone trust biden to effectively negotiate with vladimir putin? remember, he told us he has all the leverage with the islamic emirates of afghan stan and the
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taliban. apparently he didn't. so did this week's marathonar press conference inspire any confidence at all? >> watch this ad put out by the rnc. take a look. >> the political coverage looksee some key political players and some. let me ask you, chris , no. i usedan to joke about it, but y it's not funny. one more question. does anyone think putin would be amassing, you know, hundred thousand plus troops on the border with ukraine threatening war if donald1010 tm were still in office?pti i tend to doubt that be happening, nor do i think held would have gotten the waiver on the nord stream two pipeline. but won again, the trump family
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never made millions of dollars with russian oligarch like the biden family and zero experience hunter did. earlier today, south carolina senator lindsey graham met with the former d president who was on with usjo last night. he joins us now with more . i see that ad and i'll be honest, i the observation of your colleague rand paul is not too far off and that maybe we should keep them away from cameras and microphones because it's really bad . i mean,, the news conference was a disaster on multiple levels, but it's not a news conference. he's been on the world stage joe biden for 40 years. he was in charge of the ukrainee portfolio under the biden and the obama administrationn. so everybody in the ukraine understands that joe biden didn't realize his own son was serving on the burisma board, the most corrupt gas company in the world while biden was trying to clean corruption. i talked with president trump today about this .
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he's pretty flawed like i am.he you know, at a certain level wem all o we all want to pull for the for the president that we could do better with covid,ld that we would make the world a safer place. so putin realizes that under biden he can invade ukraine and get away with it rea. a he realized that under trump he could not invade the ukraine and get away with it. but here's what president trump said to me today that was prettyty, pretty stunning and i think appropriate. he said putin is realizing that biden's week, but he doesn't realize that biden won't be around in twenty twenty four . so president trump said today if they invade ukraine,nv the russians, itad will make it impossible for any future president to have a normal relationship with russia which i thought was a pretty wise observation. by the way, i'm looking at what looks like a band-aid on your nose. president trump did give it a pop in the nosee and now it's' bernie sanders.
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he didn't hit youse with a golf ball or anything. if>>ou w you play golf on it. look, he's right his observations and biden is a disaster . and if you want to take out russia to me it's easy and it's' all related to something that's good for our national securityd and that is energynd independence. and it also is good tos stop the 40 or high in inflation i because every price of everyn item we buy will go down because it will cost less to ship it and we'll pay less at the pump, less to cool and heat our homes and that would be the one way out if i wanted to take on china and stoppir their territorial ambitions with, for example, taiwan, i would just form a coalition and stop all importing from i china. that'll shut them down pretty quick as well because that'smp ot both of their economies right there hanging in theng balance. yeah, i mean russia is exposed. it's's>> a it's a gas station operating as a country. so energy independent a for us
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weakens russia the day u that america doesn't have to worry about the mideast in terms of oil and gas is a great day. china is very much connected to the global economy. and when trump threatened to put tariffs on chinese products, they change whenf trump told mexico, if you don't help me secure our bordern output tariffs on your product products coming out of mexico, they changeg though strength oh weakness doesn't. but here's my message, , president. but you y claim that no republican wants to help you. that's not true . you got to do things that we can help you with. why don't wewh put sanctions on russia now for the for, the buildup, not the invasion. all democratic sanctions russia after and invade. let's punish putin now and why don't we do a lindley's feel like senator cornyn has doingn for the ukrainians what we did for the british in the early stages of world war two endless weapons to make sure thereor a bunch of dead russians. if you invade ukraine, biden cannot adjust his policies on energy, can adjust
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his policies on borders becauseb of the left. he the can adjust his policies on the ukraine. but we're running out of time.of i agree, t senator , good to see you. thank you . midterm elections are now s lesm than 10 months away and with biden polling now at an all ah time low and multiple polls, democrats are now fearing the worst so far. twenty eight congressional democrats, they have announced they will not be seeking reelectionrano according to 538b that number is likely toe grow. and meanwhile, a stunning new trafalgar poll by our friend robert haleyr showing republicans are now up over 13 percentage points on the generic ballot question. and by the way, they are down a nine points a year ago. a if those numbers hold republican could easily win back the house and hopefully take the senately by pretty wide margins. last night on this program we o had former president trump on . here's what he had to say about the upcoming elections. takeco listen. what do you advise republicans for these midterm elections?ct
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doio you plan on getting active and involved in and who do you think the democrats will runth in twenty twenty four and are you considering a run? >> so i'm very active. i'm a doing a lot of endorsemens 158 and two. that's a lot of wins. i'm 158 hundred and fifty wins and we're endorsing a whole bigg flock of very good people and you know, the whole make america great again. it's all about make america great again about americafi first. that's why withrss energy and st many things that we're givinghi away to the enemy, we're giving them away to other people, other countries, we're giving all of that tremendous wealth away. amazing. we have a guy that was president that actually is coherent and up on the issues in nineteen ninety four led by the former speaker of the house newt gingrich. the gop's contract with america that ushered in historic republican gains in the houseen
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of representatives, republicans that have been out of power in the house for 40 years. the question tonight , can it happen again here now is the author of beyond biden, which by the way, can get on bookstores everywhere. fox news contributor, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. e i happen to be there in the lead up and emceed the night you became speaker was a special night for me and i see very similar things emerging. i don't want people too get ovew confident. >> what would you advise? well, first of all, i think you're going to see speaker kevin mccarthy. i think you're going to see a big majority in the senate. you know, if the trafalgar numbers stick or get bigger, which they could you're talkingk aboutin a tsunami would be the largest republican majority at w least in one hundred years. and i think it would be a stunning moment. so this coming election night may be almost as exciting for
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us as the one we spent together in ninety four. i think the key is twofold. you you want to run. if i could a two sided electioni one is reality. big government socialism isn't working. go to any gas s stationocsm fols as they fill upp their car, go to any grocery store, askve people they look at the empty shelves. it ain't working. second republic have to have and this is where you and i are in total agreement. i think wein need a new contrac. we need a new positive statement that really affects people's lives and that says to them, you elect us, we're going to work to make your life better. and i think we can have a big impact on that. and i think that that's exactly where kevin mccarthy is. so what you're really saying is nationalizing the elections. you know, you had a backbone and you would fight and i think that's what made you successful, i think. and well,su you were the architect of you know, it started with renewing american
11:20 pm
civilization. you talk candidates how to be a candidate. b to be honest. a lot of candidates frankly were not very skilled and i'm saying that very diplomatically. but you started there with ideas. it became a contract, a set of promises. i like the idea of signingyo your name, making a promise, fighting to keep itur and runnig as a united team. this is what we'll do. give us the we t want to do these things no. look, i believe in that you and i might not totally agree on timing. remember we didn't release it until late september and the reason was you don't quite knowe what the biggest issues are . ing to be by midsummer and so you want to have a contract that people can can . al with but the training program, the education, the thinking about that should go on from right now onward. i know that leader mccarthy, for example, has a whole number
11:21 pm
of teams currently working in the house. i hope the senatete is going to take the same approach. i think that it's very important for the senators to understand that just being negative vnt f isn't enough. first of all, it's not enough to win. and second, not it's not enougho govern. you need tot ough give your wort and then you need to keep your word. i'm watching right now governor glenn youngkin who's doing a great job. he's doing exactly what he g campaigned on . the people of virginia's are getting exactly what they voted for. that's how a free societyac shouldtl work. and that's why i think this year that having some kind of contract would be very powerful then to be electedel and say to the biden white house, look, we were elected to do these things. we're going to doo themo remembr we got all the major things accomplished with a democratic presidentlish. we didn't just sit around and say negative for two years muchtrould be very
11:22 pm
against for the country's sake,' i would be against us having a purely negative congress for twenty three and twenty four alll right, mr. speaker, always good to have you. we appreciate you being with us . don't forget newt's book about biden post biden. thank goodness bookstores everywhere when we come back . this is outrageous. s one billis in california proposing the preteens would be allowed to take the kovr-tvtvid vaccine without parental consent. and more evidence that dr. fauci thinks very highly of himself. and tammy bruce and clay travis are straight ahead. stay with us. allergies, droplets of dust dangerous to your breathing. give mike your most ultra pure steaminess. it turns destroyed just pure effective happy sinuses. good breathing again. my missed do it is arthritis or joint pain holding you back joint flex is clinically proven to penetrate right to the source of pain for fast acting and long lasting release of your joint pain with joints.a
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three five three five . that's 1-800- two three nine three five three five . so call now the end of an era. join jesse and justin for their final shows. their final shows. it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. i'm so angry that instead of helping our kids get back in the classroom, the school board focused on renaming schools schools that weren't even open . please recall all three school board members now. for the sake of our kids, we can't wait one more day, never mind a whole year for a fresh start.
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fifty nine dollars. that's not a typo in the plan. that's right for you at treston willkomm this is a fox news update. i'm actually strohmeyer a twenty two year old nypd officer was killed and another is in critical condition following a shootout friday in new york city. authorities say the officers
11:27 pm
were responding to a dispute between a mother, a son at an apartment complex in harlem. the suspect was killed by another police officer during the firefight. this is the second officer to die in the line of duty this year nationwide and the third time in four days that new york officers have faced gunfire on the job. a shipment of military aid from the u.s. arrived in ukraine late friday. this is the first shipment of military assistance directed by president biden to the ukraine hoping to strengthen our borders as tensions rise with russia, nearly 200000 pounds of ammunition and other equipment was delivered for front line defenders. more aid will be shipped in the coming weeks. i'm ashley strohmeyer now back to "hannity". so another day, another failuren from dr. flip pouchy, dr. doom and gloom because when the discredited fli doctor isn't spewing such gloomsn and doom't and lying to you,, the american
11:28 pm
people, he apparently isn sitting in his office looking for photos of himself. that's right at your screen. taketa a look right there. ho newly surfaced photos showing fauci sitting in his office home and surrounded by pictures of himself, including little fauci bobblehead. and not that anyone wouldbo be surprised at any of this . meanwhile, fauci is now saying that the pfizer vaccine could v receive authorization for kids now undere a five early as next month. what happened to follow the sciencemo? will fauci want them to show s what proof of vaccination to go toho a restaurant or a bowling alley. and out in california, a newte bill from the far left. well, their state lawmakers would allow preteens to be vaccinated and they don't need parental consent here withhe reaction out founder, the co-host of the clay travis book sextons show clay travis along with fox news contributor tammy bruce. tammyshow, we start with you. i look at this let's look at the legal side of this . ifthis we can. and i see okay, fauci now where's the science that shows
11:29 pm
kids under five or dying from covid because kids five through 12 we now know die at about the same rate as influenza and how does how come a government would think they have the right to allow pre teenagers to make medical decisions and not talk to mommy and daddy? because you know what ?th i don't want the government taking overer my children's medical decisions. that's my job. yes. you know, you'd think that the government would have learned from this uprising of parents at the school boards for some reason. a i think we're already kind of placated and we're submissive. that's not the case already. we've seen multiple instances n now even the last couple of weeks where data that we were told about regarding covid was in fact wrong. the number of you know, whether it's hospitalss and hospitalizations or deaths or any number of data we'ret finding out is wrong. and then of course, the nature of what how they're determining
11:30 pm
the nature of the framework of whether or not the vaccines are safe with children. ultimately we're looking at we the safest category of people as we know. ultimately we're looking atreg this government and it goes a oc of california and this this democratic party and notd wanting to letcr a good crisis o to waste. we've seen also and i've heard arguments that your children your own, that theywn belong to the community. and this is a way to reinforce that , especially when it comes to minor children and the makees they're allowed to that is only up to the parents. it's going too take lawsuits and it's going to take parents again and again. >> yeah, i get your your take on all this again. the science is show me the science that we need to now give kids vaccinations underneiv five and tell mee why the government would have the right to allow preteens to t make important medical decisions and not talk to mommyr and daddy becauseta i think momy
11:31 pm
and daddy have a right to d weih in onn that .ot no t doubt, john, i've got three kids. they're not getting the covid vaccine. i've done my research. i've talkeddta to the doctors that i trust. i would encourage every parent to do the same. and if you come to a different decision, that's fine. and by the way, sean, that doesn't make me anti vaccine. my kids have had the measles, mumps, rubella, all of those shots. that's because those viruses actually produce a significant danger to children. right. i think this is important out there. i've been fighting againstai massive mandates in school. i got public school kids. mai went and talked to my localf school board. but if you y look at the data,y your kids are more likely toto d drown. they are more likely to beroey l murdered. they are more likely to die in a traffic accident. they are more likely oftentimes if they are young to havent significant risk from r the seasonal flu than they do from covid. we have todo make rational decisions. and if you are a parent and you want your kid and you want y your three year old to be vaccinated for covid 3, that is
11:32 pm
your right. but it should one hundred billion percent not be a mandate. my wife and i are going to make a decision for our three kids. they're not going to get the covid vaccine. i don't believe they need it. our doctorsg agree with us. if your doctors and you disagree, that's your right. but the idea of government mandates here is pure balderdash. e -makes zero sense. sean, you know, some of the biggest mistakes b that you made that i kind of resent i'll give you three quick ones, tammyind is all masks.ha they don't work. he said that in march of 2020. c then he said if he got the vaccine you'll never get covered. joe biden said the same and get the vaccine. you won'tan get covered. i know plenty of people with the vaccine and a booster, a natural immunity. they're getting it some of them for the second time and then it was wrong when he said oh, noana we'll never mandate this vaccine. he lied aboutacne, that , lied t the human virology lab and these are not small issues to me. these are big issues that they
11:33 pm
got wrong. and why should anybody trust them now? g because i have no trust for him or the cdc or the nih or biden or frankly any of these politicians. honestly frankly, when i think about it, there is not been one issue. sean, that they have been correct on that they haven't gone back and forth on as though they're adjusting to . ings in the moment and this is particularly shocking because fauci has been in his positionec for decades.hi younk would think that with all of his experience he would know and this is not our first h experiencee with the sars covid pandemic with that kind of virus. so they weren'tde entirelyf surprised they would necessarily have to know about vaccines, w how can the vaccine company make statements that end up being ultimately false when it comes to the veracity and strength of the vaccine and what the vaccine itself would do? kombai someone should have been
11:34 pm
able to have said, wait, this is wrong. ultimately we know fauci was correct the first time around before all the politics got caught into that bull. so we have to remember that , you know, there are certain things that we've assessedbe and we as the sovereign canr n make our determinations about this , take informationmi that seems correct, make judgments when people, seem to be perhaps lying to us deliberately and realize that there's a history here. bottom line is, as claes notedan as as you have as well, we're at a point now where we know p what's right,oi what we want to do for our own families and how we're going to approach the situation. ch tthank you both. s whenea we come back , in a clear political stunt, the new york followingneeral is through on what was campaign ra opromises to go after the tra family. should you be allowed tomimi campaign on something like that and follow through on something like that or is recusal the proper way to go? anyway, president trump's attorney will join us next to explain how the trump family is
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playoffs saturday seven am about sport that when you can watch listen to the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere . fox news audio on sirius xm in america is listening and now the new york attorney general letitia james is now doubling down on our yearsis long antiun trump witch hunt and is nowt claiming that she has uncoveredl misleading asset valuations from the trump organizationn. mo clearly this is a politically motivated investigation iand according to the formerr president's lawyers, james is abandoning what our basic fundamental fair prosecutorial standards all while violating basic constitutional rights. and she's not annsti objective voice for justice. o remember what she said? this is what she was saying when she was running her campaign about trump and about the trump take a we'll never bey. afraid to
11:40 pm
challenge this illegitimate president when our fundamental rights they believe that the president of the united states can be indicted for criminal offenses. you sue him over. we're going to be related to my name personally. here was more for president trump attorney elina haba is with us, i guess, and i'm notth really familiar with mat the attorney generalto. but if you run on a campaign to go after one person, am one company, one organization, one familypars and then you do focus on that, would that not require some type of recusal? i've never heard of a case of a prosecutor running to prosecute one individual. that's exactly correct. that's because it doesn't exist . just remember when she before she was even attorney general, she was saying she was going to go after former president trump
11:41 pm
and his family and anybody in his orbit was her quote exactly recognize recognizing that she actually had no basis at that point she had not been part of an investigation. she was not even the attorney general. so then she takes office and she says, okay, we're going to weaponizes the entire office and you're all going to spend all your energy looking trump anything trump y because i'm a democrat and he's a republican. well, like you said, john, that violates everything. constitutionally we stand for due process. it's a fishing expedition which is unconstitutional. it's viewpoint discrimination against our first amendment rights. it's everything an attorney general should not do. or they r need to be impartial. all right, then let me ask you this because so far what i've heard is okay, well, theypr hado company car and maybeti the company car didn't get reported organey they had a co, apartment and maybe the company department didn't get reportedae and somebody should have filedxi that on the tax form or
11:42 pm
that the president gave money or god forbid foror a scholarsha for a kid to go to school. and nowr we're talking aboute asset valuation a and i would think a company car company department giving away donating money for a scholarship and asset valuation wouldn't asset valuation also be the responsibility of any lender if they have to agree with? the valuation before they sign off on any loan, especially if you're talking aboutt a lot of money? right. that's the portion that'st technically in letitia james's purviewis, although she has self declared that she is part of both the criminal and the civil investigation, which is alsoin unethical. but as you said, you nailed it. valuations ofou real estate property valuations of any property are really subjective . lenders that we're talking about are institutionalng sophisticated lenders.
11:43 pm
if you think the deutsche banks of the world lend money toch anyone without doinge their own process and tools and valuation of the assetto from the ground up, which is incredibly subjective, incredibly subjective, then you're doubting a lot, t the banks and people that would work with with the trump organization or the family. it's ridiculous. isil there a means i know theree been a lawsuit filed. isd, there a means for a request of a recusal in this case or i would just assume t associate ag wouldld take over anyway and probably have the same agenda though the likelihoodd that an associate. yes.ta would take over and have the same agenda highly likely anybody working with her is is probably of the same mindset. f but that's not what we're asking for a loan. we're asking for numerous things rightin now.ti there's the investigation portion which has been going on for yearshich and despite her her claims, we've been
11:44 pm
giving them millions of document and there's some great attorneys working on that case ri, t now that are really really been champions of the trump organization and . e trump family that's why nothing's happened in so many years. and then there's our action in the northern districtct, whih is the newer action which is against miss james and it's fora the unethical acts. and it's not only asking her toi recuse herself, but it's alsoan saying, look, we cannot continue with any of these investigations until we take a look at how somebody has been in charge of it and weaponizing their office for years using new york money. meanwhile, children are getting thrown in front of a subway. you know, this is what we'ree asking. stop. op let's take a look at w this office. something's wrong here. something's going to follow the case. sadly,y, i have determined we don't have equal justice or application of our laws and weae have a dual justice system and so we better pay attention to justice. should be blind. right. all right.
11:45 pm
thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. straight ahead, well,ap culturer is coming to c every aspect of your life. . you're not going to believe this one. even the candy youhi if you're n eminem lover, wait to hear this story next . if you have advanced non smallce cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo frees combination of two immunotherapies has. 1, it works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer upheaval plus for adults newly diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer that has spread test positive for pva d one and does not have an abnormal egfr aroupif together f devo. plus yervoyua helps your immune system launch a response. it fights cancer in two different ways of developing your boy equalsop a chance for more time together, more family time, more time to remember a given yervoy can cause your immune system to harm; healthy parts ofco your body during and after treat. these problems can be severen, and lead to seeem your doctor right away if
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one fastest growing mental health brand in america rusa walmart today and up for and now tonight we turn to yet another example far left woke self-parody tonight as the maker of the candy eminem's i happen to like eminem's. they say that they're vowing to make the candy more inclusive, okay, it's not inclusive anywayn . ma's's explaining that the candies characters will havers quote updated tone w of voice that is more inclusive, welcoming and unifying. i think everybody that sees likes eminem finds it fin
11:50 pm
very welcoming anyway while remaining rooted in ouroo signature gesture jester witteur and humor. for example, the green eminem will switch its footwear from high heel boots to sneakers. but of course the madnesss doesn't stop there. as a virginia high school in fairfaxgh county is now under fire for so-called privilege. bingo exercise in the classroom. look at your screen. all the bingo scr card for studentso identify their so-called privilege with the squares, including things like able bodied being a military kid, having parents who both wentmi o college, even being driven to school among many other things.a can someone explain the educational value in tryingo to needlessly divide studentsud and what is the purpose of putting up those barriers between classmates? now fairfax county publicch schools told us in a statement we have revised this activity
11:51 pm
and will review the unit plan. we apologize for any offense it may have unintentionally cause i've got the vapors here. the reaction of the host of the upcoming new show on saturdayve night and we knew him back when i made a prediction 10 years ago that within three years lawrence jones won't even take my phone calls. turning out tooithi be true anyy is his brand new show debuts. >> we're very proud of them. i'm happy lawrence across the country. lj, thank you . congrats w. we love you along with the host of fox acrosswi americath, jimme fallon is with us. all right, lj, we start with you. first of all, i don't even know the eminem characters. all i know is and i'm in a hotel room andnd i got a little bar and usually inside the bar they got vodka, you know, cashews and eminem's i and eminem's are in there
11:52 pm
and it's three o'clock in the3:g morning and i wake up and i a stumble upon them. i'm going to eat them and i have no idea that the greenen ones wear high heels until now. you know, it's all i could think about is that they all say the same. i just want to know if it has the peanuts in it or not. that's all i care about when it comes to you know, we laugh stuff go buttu but the progressive they really have lost their mindpr. s. when you talk about diversity and you see what's happened across the countryt's, you see crime and minority communities and how it's impacting themd . you see education and theseat these unions wanting toio the schools then we know is directly impacting the minority . you look at the economy under donald trump, there was record job numbers for black folks and the unemployment numbers were the lowest ever and now is skyrocketing after all of that . they want to talk aboutut éminence when they can focus on the real issues that is facing facing the country. i don't think they care about those issues.
11:53 pm
i think they care about identity politics. yes, mr. foley, you know, i don't know a whole lot about eminem's except i lawrenceol i don't know what clothes they wear. i didn't even know they hadlot these stupid characters. you know what ? toe me, i look at the green eminem, the yellow t, eminem,, the orange, eminem, brown himth all taste the same to me. and inin the middle of the night that bag is not surviving in a room with sean hannity. no, no question. i mean, i only assume you had me on because i look like i get paidok and eminem let's be honest, but i just want a point . i just want to point one thing out, sean. i've actually neveri seenre a green eminem at fox because since they gave lawrence jones his own show, he becamee such a diva no removee removed from the green. we don't even t they are like im listening to this conversation but i can't reallyin keep up. here's the thing. i just want to jump in really quick. the reason the leftppup loves ms like this is because there's no deliverable. and what i mean by that is
11:54 pm
there's no way to tangibly measure whether or not this has had a positive impact on kids. now we know when you go trickic or treating and you get a big eminem, you don't go i wonder what kind relationship they're in . but this is beautiful forth the left because they can act like they're doing something nothing'sut happening. and here's the thing reallyy quick. a promise like we have an obesity epidemic in this country and obesity is one of the leading causes of covid. we don'tdi need eminem in sneakers, wed need kids in sneakers. you know what i'm saying? it's bad. all right. talk about this bingo card forcing students to identify so-called privilege ors lj, explain to me, you know, how just being able bodied is privilege or military kid is a privilege or if mommyid and daddy drive you to school, you don't take the bus.'s's i guess that's a privilege. our kids in school, lj, you know, we're not keeping up. we spend more per capita on education. we have some of the worstpe results. why in god's name are we
11:55 pm
spending time doing this wasting our time in school? you know, son, i think it's going to go down in history. we have conservative libertarian made a bigma mistake about it by just giving the schools to be progressive. i mean, this is truly not and you wonder why when it comes to competing around the world that we're not doing so well. we're d. shutting down schools. we're t teaching this nonsense. we're telling people to hate their parents, tell them that they're racist. we're telling our students to hate their classmate. we'reg st telling people to jude each other by their identity. it's just nonsense. t it's really not going to help us on the world stage. gethe last word, jimmy. w great point. and i was just going to say some of these things aren't even privileged. okay, your kid and your parents just graduated college. chances are they're in debt and they hate america. they want to grow up in thatat house. jimmy, thanks for joining lj. you. we'll continue more "hannity"sh next month in your medicine cabinet. let'sor deep coming on cpac
11:56 pm
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this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. you make us. this show possible. we hope you'll set your dvr. never miss an episode this election year of hannity. in the meantime, we'll let your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham, the ingrahama angle is next .ng i hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you back here monday . i'm laura ingraham. this is the ingraham angle fromn washington tonight . d have a big show for you,, senator rand paul and ted cruz are here. plus raymond arroyo. we'll bringpa it can't miss friday follies. but first, no place for kids. that's the focus of tonight's hengel. my whole mission in congress is about the children where the children have to be prepared to throw a punch for the children. if you work hard