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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 22, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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great name. all right, take us home. >> dagen: maybe a homemade zamboni that her dad makes for the backyard ice rink. this is nika her dad made that zamboni for her to ride in the backyard and it's real. >> jesse: off we go ♪ ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
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♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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♪ will: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends." straight to a fox news alert. overnight a 22-year-old rookie new york city police officer is shot and killed. and another is left fighting for his life. ashley strohmier is live with what we know right now. ashley, good morning. ashley: hey, guys, good morning. this all happened while officers were responding to a domestic violence call in harlem. the mother of the suspect called 911 saying her son was sean mcneil had become violent. now, officers went into their home in harlem. police say mcneil started shooting. a third officer on the scene shot the suspect while he was reportedly trying to flee. he is now in critical condition at a hospital. nypd officer jason rivera was skilled. his partner, wilbert mora is still in critical condition. they're the fourth and fifth officers to be shot in new york city just this year, just three weeks into 2022. shortly after mayor eric adams
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stood in front of hundreds of officers with this to say. >> it is our city against the killers. this was just not an attack on three brave officers. this was an attack on the city of new york. ashley: rivera was a 22-year-old rookie officer on the force. just a little over a year into it, who once said he joined the nypd to help improve the relationship between police and the community. he leaves behind his wife. as for the suspected gunman, police say mcneil was a convicted felon out on probation for auto 2003 narcotics charge with prior weapon, officer assault and drug charges in south carolina and pennsylvania. authorities also say the gun he used in this shooting was stolen. back to you guys. will: okay. thank you for that update, ashley. rachel, good morning to you. joey, glad to have you in this
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morning filling in for pete hegseth. unfortunately we start off with some obviously very, very sad news. my initial reaction to both of you is we have had a several year long conversation now about the relationship between law enforcement and american communities at large. and what this story does is i think crystallize two things. one the personal tragedy of this officer jason rivera who has been lost and the other one right now who is fighting for his life in officer marah. -- mora. we have had on this program a weekly basis and had a conversation on a rotating weekly basis with dan bongino who will be with us later today about that risk that officers take every day. it's -- it should be impossible to always forget to ever forget the context of the danger these people face in their everyday job. and here's just, unfortunately, a very sad illustration that
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should remind us every time we have these debates, these conversations the context, the danger in which they do their jobs. rachel: it's so true, will. again, i mean, i just my heart was breaking when i heard this news. we have a very, a very young officer killed. now we have a young widow as well, officer rivera's wife. it's just awful. and this other officer who is fighting for his life. and these things are happening in the context of policies, will. i mean, we have been talking about, you know, these d.a.s that are letting people go. i know that the mayor wants to concentrate on the gun situation. but this is such a bigger story. and you and i both know people who live in new york city and no one feels very encouraged by this new mayor. i think there was a lot of hope when he was elected. but the fact that he has been, you know, pretty much siding with this new d.a. brags.
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who has social justice agenda. trying hard to convince otherwise. the proof is in the policies. we are not even finished with january and we have -- we are pace to a record number of police officers hurt by this. we saw, joey, our star-spangled banner playing at the beginning of the show. loved all those photos, but the one that stood out for me the most was the photo of that police officer with the little baby next to him and she said my daddy's life matters. boy, feeling that today, joey. joey: you know, guys, thank you for letting me join you first of all today. this is not news we should have to wake up to. these are five police officers shot. one of them killed. one of them in critical condition already this year. i think what bothers me most is in an attempt to have empathy for those that make a mistake
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and do something that would have a pretty heavy prison sentence, we call it social justice and say they made a mistake. let's give them a second chance. but what we don't see is for every one person who deserves a second chance and uses it, there are probably 10 out on the street that continue to commit crime. this is a felon. this isn't petty crime. this someone who had committed assault against a police officer. someone that had tried to harm other people. he is out on bail? i don't understand how we continue to see this over and over again. we put it under this umbrella, this stupid umbrella of social justice. social justice is justice forever society which means innocent people like this police officer shouldn't be worried about being shot and killed this way responding to something. we have a soundbite here from patrick wince, the new york city police association benevolent president. this is a soundbite we have here. let's listen to patrick wirns. >> our hearts are broken, our
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knees are buckling. we are angry because we have been here before. we are angry because we saw it coming. we are angry because we said it was going to happen and it happened again. so tonight you know these police officers are not going to sleep. they are going to be out on the street and do what they need to do. the ones that go home are going to put their heads on their pillow and not going to sleep and they are going to cry. well it's the time the city cried with us and we know they are. will: you can hear the passion there. you can hear the emotion with a lost brother there in the new york city police benevolent association. we are going to be talking about this story throughout the morning. rachel touches on a larger point when it comes to d.a.s. i know that rachel agrees with me and joey does as well. the deeper conversation even yet than that is one we can have about the nature of culture and families. if you want to solve some of
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these problems, you have to start solving these problems at the most basic level which is inside the home. speaking of the home, wait until you get a load of what is going on across this country when it comes to covid. first of all, virginia, we'll start in virginia. virginia, one school district there in virginia is set to ask a principal, ask students to be suspended if they do not comply with the school's mask mandate. have teachers enforce the mask mandate at the threat of suspension. now, listen, obviously i think we all realize, i hope we all realize that children have bared the brunt of our covid insanity. and nowhere is that more, and nowhere is that absolutely more obvious in the state of california where a new proposal by a democratic lawmaker there would allow children at the age of 12 to go get the covid vaccine without their parents
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forget consent. without their parents' knowledge. without their parent even knowing the medicine, the needle is being injected into their children's arm. under this california state law proposal, rachel, this would allow, i don't know, the state, the teacher, the teachers union, politicians to dictate the medicine that children will take. rachel: yeah. it's totally outrageous. let's not forget there is a vaccine for which there have not been any long-term studies which we know that young boys are more likely to get myocarditis than they are to die of covid. which now we are getting stats on. it's like one in a million that a child would die of covid. we also know that many women are reporting, many and they have been shamed for coming forward and saying so but it's true. many of them are having their primary carive cycles, menstrual cycles altered. we don't know what effect this has on young girls going through pursuant. it's outrageous. absolutely replacing the role of the parent. i know kids in the virginia --
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in virginia school districts. and it's not just that this principal is saying, you know, we are going to suspend you. but there is a lot of social pressure, especially in woke school districts for kids to wear the mask, even though they don't want to, other woke students will shame them as well. we are living in a time that i think we're going to be held accountable for. these children's lives, their childhoods have been destroyed. and disrupted. >> they have been -- had their smiles shamed. they have had their graduations and their, you know, proms canceled. we have allowed adults who should know better, to use our children to advance their ideology, to advance their political agenda, to line the pockets of their political donors. this is a really dark period. i mean, we are not out of it. i tell you we are going to be held accountable as a culture for what we have done to
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children in the last two years. it is shameful and it doesn't border on child abuse. it is cultural child abuse what we have done. bari weiss, the editor of common sense, here's what she has to say about the impact culturally of these covid restrictions. and who should be held accountable. >> we were told you get the vaccine, you get the vaccine and you get back to normal. and we haven't gotten back to normal. and it's ridiculous at this point. i know that so many of my liberal and progressive friends are with me on this and they do not want to say it out loud because they are scared to be called anti-vax or to be called science denial or to be, you know, smeared as a trumper. you will realize most importantly, that this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime.
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joey: god bless bari weiss to a truth there to an audience that doesn't always hear it. i don't know if bill maher's audience hear what is we say here on fox. i have people in my family. one is a fire chief and his wife is an elementary school principal. they both have multiple master's degrees. they are educated. they are not on a political bandwagon one way in another. as a matter of fact, he is in charge of administering the vaccine in his town. they are pro-vaccine but they have two buoy enter vets isn't a daughters, they are not on board the idea that they could go to school and get after school care without their permission. if that starts investigating they have to start investigating a lot of parents who the teachers union says are terrorists. i'm glad the citizens of virginia spoke up to make glenn youngkin governor. it might be time for the lenels law temperature to step up, too. if the school boards start doing
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things behind parents' backs against their wills. god help them. i don't think the americans are going to stand by for that i don't think they are ready for the backlash that will come. i'm not saying violence or anything, i'm saying people are going to speak up and vote and get rid of these people. that's probably what they need to do. if you think for one second there aren't kids all in these schools undiagnosed with autism and other types of things that are hard for them to communicate. and hard for them to understand what wearing the mask truly means much less. we are torturing them and putting them trauma and putting them outside to eat lunch in the cold. it is child abuse. it's not necessary. that's the problem. it's not necessary. most of those masks kids wear to school scientists say doesn't work to begin with. charades to make a teachers union feel empowered. it's not how this world works and definitely not how this country works. will: i think you are right. i would think our children are the line in the sand.
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if our children are not the line in the sand, we don't have one. joey: that's exactly right. women will we don't have a line when we don't say too much. rachel: it should be but i don't think it is. the scariest part now we have to move on, the scariest part of what bari weiss said is that she has liberal friends who agree but are afraid to talk. what are we, china? i mean, what the heck, if you feel that way about your children, and about the direction of our country, and in america you are afraid to say it? i mean, we have already lost. anyway. will: yeah. joey: we are not afraid to talk here, thank god. will willful i think there will be many opportunities for accountability. hopefully many people out there ready to say enough. we can only hope. he we have to turn now to a few additional headlines. starting with a fox news alert. imrecial leader michael mccaul of texas predicts russian force will conduct the largest
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invasion in ukraine within the next month. mccaul is pressing the biden administration to additional assistance. ammo and other defensive equipment arrives in ukraine. a large scale nato military exercise is also set for next week. nato says the purpose is to demonstrate the, quote, defensive alliance. and this, a confession in the killing of gabby petino. the fbi saying brian laundrie left a suicide note claiming responsibility for petino's murder. in a notebook found near his remains in florida, officials say the discovery was made three months ago but it wasn't announced until friday. petino's cause of death was strangulation and blunt force injury to the head and neck. nancy grace will join us in the next hour as the fbi says it is closing its investigation. and another fox news alert. a massive wildfire burning in
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big sur california overnight. the wind whipped fire pro. ing the monterey county sheriff's office to issue a mandatory evacuation order for part of the region. additionally, part of highway 1 was closed in both directions around 10:00 p.m. local time. the blaze burning about 75 to 100 acres so far. a florida high school student's petition to move the super bowl to saturday has almost 90,000 signatures. now, this is interesting. the teen behind the proposal, frank says the change would allow young fans to stay up late for the big game and allow older fans more time to recover. he also suggests a monday holiday to follow the super bowl. he will be with us tomorrow to talk more about his viral petition. but this year the big game will still be on a sunday in the battle to get there continues tonight on fox and aaron rodgers
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and the packers take on the 49ers, coverage begins at 7:30 eastern time and those are your headlines. frank is a wise, wise young man. he is a wise young man. joey: feel free to read. will: oh please, we don't have to do that today. rachel, i don't know, maybe you stopped short, i don't know if you didn't give me enough prayers last weekend. it didn't pan out. rachel: i think my prayers ended up going for the packers. [laughter] so i tried to direct them to you but they went to the packers. i will tell you what? i don't often weigh in on anything on sports on this show. will knows exactly why. but i have to say as a mom, i like this proposal. it makes a lot of sense. will: it's great proposal. rachel: i have been up with the boys on sunday nights. they have to go to school in the morning. they are not going to get up. i like the saturday night thing. i think that's great idea. joey: going to get the super
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bowl on saturday and the monday off? i'm down with all of that. rachel: two days to recover. will: exactly. rachel: well, clean up on aisle 46. another bad week for biden, so bad that even his administration is struggling to offer solutions. >> my advice to everyone out there who is frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel those emotions, go to a kick boxing class, have a margarita. rachel: we discuss psaki's call to calm down and have a margarita next. ♪ it's 5:00 somewhere ♪ ♪
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♪ i've seen trouble more than any man should bear ♪ but i've seen enough joy ♪ i've had more than my share. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." while our president, as you both know, has had a terrible, i don't think just week, couple weeks, months, year. it's been bad. but for some reason it's really coming into focus in the last week. he has had his legislative agenda blown up. he had this disastrous press
3:24 am
conference. his friends in the media are turning on him in a way that even i didn't expect that to happen. so, it's been a bad week. and jen psaki went on to "the view," a place that's pretty friendly to her. she must have been feeling the heat there a little bit, too. she is trying to tell the american people, look, i know it's bad. but just calm down. have a margarita. we are all going to get back on track. take a listen. >> my advice to everyone out there that's frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off. feel those emotions, go to a kick boxing class, have a margarita and do whatever you need do this weekend and wake up monday morning we have got to keep fighting. rachel: yeah, very interesting comments. i don't think a margarita is going to solve any of the problems that we have, joey. and as for kick boxing, i told will and pete this last night on
3:25 am
"primetime." this is the killed our fitness industry and gyms. a lot of people can't get to kick boxing class because of them, joey. joey: i feel very marginalized. i feel left out here. i don't drink. if i went to kick boxes class i would be a boring 15 minutes before i turned around and walked out of there very slowly. i will say this though, you know what? that was a human moment for her. we don't get a lot of them. i'm not going to beat her up on it i get where she is coming from. the difference is she signed on to this and i did not. she signed on to be a spokesperson for this literal train wreck of an administration. but outside of that i get exactly where she is coming from. i think she probably identifies with a lot of people there. i just don't think that's the answer. i think in her position is the answer is we are going to do better and this is how. and obviously her boss did not give her any of the this is how so she just had to go with what she knew. that's probably exactly what she is going to do. i don't blame her there at all. will: well, joey, if you don't want to do any of the kicking, i
3:26 am
will pick up the slack. i'm happy to kick her for this particular interview performance because not to take cheap shots but drew holdson a great follow written at the federalist and on twitter. he pointed out this administration, and jen psaki in particular continues to message and i think shape policy around targeting about six white women in manhattan. i mean, kick boxing and marge rid that as therapy? you have developed a party centralled around the upper west side. congratulations democrats with a broad voting base. everybody loves a margarita. it's really more about the combo of kick boxes and margaritas. rachel: don't mark margaritas, will. will: i wouldn't. joey: marine culture get drunk and fight. i get it.
3:27 am
will: margaritas? rachel: it's a great point you make. this administration and jen psaki in particular do appeal to wine moms instead of beer moms and people across the board. i agree with you that this message is very tone deaf. will: yeah. it's not a broad-based vision of who america is. i mean, you know, america isn't kick boxing and having a margarita to blow off a little steam. some are, but america at large, that's not a national past time and by the way i don't knock margaritas, rachel. i didn't knock them last night in particular. just so you know. by the way, let's talk more about the relationships within the administration. this is -- there is no other way to characterize this other than awkward. here is president biden talking to vice president kamala harris. >> hi, kamala i love you. you always have my back. >> i do. >> you are amazing. you are the best partner i could imagine.
3:28 am
will: that is professing his love. i will say, this kamala, for all -- i will say kamala, for as often as she is awkward she recognized it she wasn't going to quite return the affection. rachel: i think actually, i think she said i do. when i look at the transcript. i think it was like this weird proposal. you know, when i saw this, it was -- i think she did say i do. it was as weird and as fake as that space summit she had with the actors that, you know, remember that thing. or the other really fake moment i think about when i saw that was elizabeth warren pretending like she is having a beer with her husband on facetime live. these are really awkward, you know, obviously fake moments. they don't help them at all. and, again, you are right. what people are looking to see is for them to say we're going to switch policies. what we're doing isn't working, and we haven't heard that we have heard have a marge rita, go
3:29 am
to kick boxing, and i love you. moving on, we have got to move on. advocates at the march for life making an emotional plea saying for women to choose life. we speak to one of them next. it's going to be a very powerful interview. >> you want to talk voting rights, president biden, killing voters before they are born is the ultimate act of voter suppression. some of my best memories growing up, were cooking with mom. she always said, “food is love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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. >> unborn children don't have a voice. >> to come for women to have a voice. >> i have been coming for 20 years. i would hope that i would not have to come again because i do hope that the supreme court will make this null and void. >> do you get push back for being a pro-life young woman. >> yeah, i do sometimes but i know in my heart that this is
3:34 am
right in how i feel and i will continue to fight for it forever. rachel: i attended the march for life rally in our nation's capitol where i had a chance to speak for pro-life advocates on the fight for life. my next guest is one of those advocates who is calling out our leaders for the exploitation of women and minorities across america. brian barometer berger joins me now. it is an honor to have you on this show it's power. you say you were conceived in rape but adopted in love we are all better off when we choose love. tell our viewers about that. >> absolutely. i am literally the 1% that is used 100 percent of the time to justify abortion. my birth mom experienced the horror and violence of rape. but she gave me the incredible gift of life and gift of adoption i was loved by my
3:35 am
parents henry and andrea barometer bombberger my dad passed away last year. a man that other men abandoned. father of the fatherless. i have six brothers and six sisters, 106 us were adopted. that's why i'm particularly passionate about this issue. my wife and i have four doughs two of them adopted. march for life goes through my vein. >> you are pro-life. that's interesting. i had someone tell me we need to rebrand the pro-life brand and call it pro-love. i listen to your oozes love. they don't know what to do with you african-american man product of a violent rape who was loved by an adopted family. what is the reaction to you? >> well, they usually ignore me. it's easier to ignore the truth,
3:36 am
which you know, mainstream media, as the majority of it doesn't want to actually speak the truth. when we first started the foundation my wife and i we did a billboard campaign highlighting the hugely disproportionate impact of abortion in the black community. it was unbelievable how many of them just ignore me. in fact, i remember npr at one point did a piece on all things considered on the campaign that i created called too many a campaign i created. when the piece came out they had interviewed me off line 45 minutes. i wasn't any part of the three and a half minute piece on the campaigning that i created and our organization. this is kind of the typical thing. i don't fit their narrative. they don't know what to do with me. we are going to pretend you don't exist. rachel: yeah. absolutely. you said biden killing voters before they are born is the ultimate act of voting suppression. talk to me about that. >> yes. we hear the democrat party, which, by the way, let me remind
3:37 am
people democratic party the party of slavery, kkk. poll tax and literacy test and now party of it dem covid. they are perpetuate victimhood among people of my complex claiming we can't vote. we had the highest voter turnout in history by the most legitimate election according to the democratic party but somehow voting rights are in jeopardy. they can't produce one person who hasn't been able to voted. this is the same party of limitless abortion. that celebrates it as reproductive justice. there is no justice in killing the innocent and this president is the most radically pro-abortion president in history. and it's heart-breaking but he has chosen policies that celebrate the exploitation of women and the destruction of the unborn. so, it is the ultimate act of voter suppression. you want to talk about keeping people from voting. you keep them from being alive. dead people cannot vote. rachel: wow, your message is powerful. i'm so glad that your mom chose
3:38 am
life. you are a blessing to this world. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks so much, rachel. rachel: ryan bombberger great guy. biden's blunders leave others questioning. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪
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1. will: we're back with fox news alert. russians and agree to continue talks. go he is can a a little the military standoff in ukraine. g.o.p. leaders in congress are pressing biden to send more assistance as the first 200-pound shipment of ammo and other equipment arrives in ukraine. a large scale nato military exercise is also set for the next week aimed at showing the, quote: defense of the alliance. my next guest says biden's america is no more than a bad joke on the world stage and his former brexit party leader nigel faraj joins me now. from a global perspective tell me how we arrive at this point. how the politics and administration leads us to the moment where we sit at the precipice whether a could be
3:43 am
unprecedented military action since world war ii. >> yes, that's the potential. that's the downside. of course, ukraine itself not a nato member but, you know, it borders pollen which of course is. astoneia, further to the north. nato member and that's where the exercises will be going on over the course of the next week or so most 1945 there was one super power in the world thats what the united states of america. they took the lead with the british and others in forming this incredible alliance back in the late 1940s called nato. america has been the leader of the free world ever since that moment in time and it's been a very effective defensive alliance. it's brought all of us close together in terms of sharing secrets, military information. this really worked. something very dramatic happened last summer and it was not just
3:44 am
militarily a decision overnight to leave afghanistan and to hand it back to the taliban who we had been fighting for 20 years but to do so without even consulting your allies and from that moment in time there has been a complete vacuum of leadership in the western world. biden is regarded, let's be frank about this, as a bad joke. america's standing globally, frankly has never been lower. but in the last 48 hours, the bad joke has actually turned into something more serious. i think biden now is actually a threat to world peace. can you even imagine, given the texas that are going on in the ukraine, and eastern europe, the real concern as to what putin may or may not do. in circumstances like that, biden actually says that oh, what if it's just a minor incursion, we won't do anything. it is strategically, the biggest blunder anybody -- i can't think of any western leader who has
3:45 am
said anything so stupid in my entire life. will: nigel i agree with your diagnosis how we arrive at this point. strength only responds to strength. strength fills the vacuum of weakness and one domino leads to the next. however, i would love to ask you this i think you played a role in british politics in a similar way to a mindset here in america has grown which is hey we need to think about american interest first. that doesn't take us out of the world stage. we need to always be asking the question. how does this help americans? as we build towards this military tension, this breaking point, potentially with russia, as ukraine, as the flash point, let me ask you, and i know i'm asking a brit for the answer to why does this serve america but i think you have that type of perspective. why does this serve americans to stand so strong on this particular moment in time at that particular place, in the globe whether it comes to russia? >> look, it's the same argument
3:46 am
as 1917, when america joined the first world war. it's the same argue. as the 1940s when america joined the second world war. you know, we have -- we had then with imperial germany and then nazi germany, the threat, the very real threat, that a total yerion regime that would enslave hundreds of millions of people and kill tens of millions of its own people, would become a dominant world power. now, look, i don't think mr. putin is as dangerous as that. but, you know, if we we're going to see. if we are going to see under putin a russia, that basically wants to rebuild the soviet union, then the threat to poland, to eastern europe, to american investments, to american interests there is also something else. i agree with you. it's right to put the interest of your own household. your own family first. but, america is the leader of the free world. you know something, if democracy falls in europe.
3:47 am
the threat to it falling in america will come there, too. we cannot allow this toe to tall totalitarian doctrine take over in europe. will: any would understand appeasement and understand what happened in the early 20th century when you give up a little, a minor incursion what that would lead to. sober reflection in the future, we can talk more i hope we do. the sober that is russia's goal. what could this be the beginning of and therefore how does that affect american interest? nigel farage interesting conversation. glad to talk to you this morning. unfortunately we are out of time, nigel, i hope we can talk again in the future. thank you. let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. hey, good morning, rick. rick: good morning, will. so really cold, including places like texas this morning. temps 31 degrees in dallas, really cold across parts of the northeast again.
3:48 am
14 is actual air temperature in new york around zero as you go up across areas into far northern new england a big storm across the carolinas over the last around 12 to 14 hours or so. still have our winter storm warnings, ice storm warnings. a lot of those are going to expire in the next few hours. >> this is the broader look at that storm for the most part beginning to move off to the coast of the carolinas. now we are seeing some of this energy across areas of florida and that's going to be kind of the case throughout the day today. not a great day here but that storm that we saw across the carolinas, almost pulling offshore. it will almost be done. and today temps are going to warm up quite a bit to get at least back to start melting some of the snow and melting some of the ice. these are the top ice totals that we have seen. up to half an inch of ice. in richland, north carolina, that's likely causing a lot of power outages. some spots up to 5 or 10 inches of snow. south into the carolinas, virginia, you don't get snow very often. beautiful saturday morning there for you. all right. will. back to you.
3:49 am
will: okay. thank you, rick. still ahead. a quick grandma turns the tables on a suspected scammer there is the video on your screen. guess what? she joins us next. ♪ i didn't know my genetic report could tell me i was prone to harmful blood clots. i travel a ton, so this info was kind of life changing. maybe even lifesaving. ♪do you know what the future holds?♪ you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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joe one quick thinking woman scammed the scammer this week warning caller on frontline. joining us grandmother and retired 911 operator jean everett. welcome to the show and tell us what happened here. >> i got a phone call from somebody claiming to be my grandson and saying he was in a car accident. and i don't have a grandson that can drive. so i knew right away that, you know, it wasn't him. tapped progressed. it took about three hours of back and forth phone calls. maybe 15 phone calls. halfway through i was -- i was talking to my daughter and my son' and they are like ma, call the police. you know, maybe this is really
3:54 am
going to happen and it's a good thing i did because an hour after the police got there and they didn't think the guy would show up either, he shows up looking for the money. will: what made you decide to play along to take the calls, to pretend to possibly give him i believe it was $8,000? what made you decide to play along? >> i was on the phone texting with my son when the phone -- when the house phone rang. and so i'm texting with my son oh, there's a guy on here saying is he my grandson, one of those scammers my son is like hang up, ma, i'm thinking your 40 years old i'm 73 you are telling me to hang up. i didn't hang up. i usually hang up. rachel: you know, jean, it doesn't sound to me like you are bored. it sounds like me you miss law enforcement and being on the expeen a little bit. you got the bad guy. i'm really proud of you. how do you feel? how does your family feel about this? >> my grandkids, they all think
3:55 am
i'm great. i went to my granddaughter's basketball game last night they are like grandma jean. you are a star. it was kind of cute. joey: i will tell you, we think you are great. i have to imagine your 911 training allowed you and kind of gave you the inherent skill to talk to this guy and lead him to his arrest. >> exactly. you have to think quick, answer quick. you have to be able to multitask. i'm texting to my son. i'm talking on the phone. i had to come up with why i had money in the house. i had to -- i even actually told the guy that was crying and saying he was my grandson, i said to him, oh, don't call your mother, she will be upset. i will handle this don't tell your mom. don't tell your mom. i said how are you doing? are you all right? did you get hurt? so, you did a service for everyone involved in the
3:56 am
community. even bad guys have moms so you are glad it received or ended peacefully. and with justice. jean ebbert. such an awesome story. thank you for telling us about it this morning. >> okay. rachel: she is awesome. will: we have a big show still ahead. stay with us. ♪ going to be a good day ♪ try new vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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4:01 am
the one who shot the suspect while he was reportedly trying to run. he is now in critical condition at a hospital. officer jason rivera was killed. the nypd describing him as a son, husband, and friend. his partner, wilbert mora is in critical condition. only three weeks into 2020. shortly after mayor eric adams stood in front of hundreds of officers with this to say. 2 is our city against the killers this was not just an attack on three brave officers. this was an attack on the city of new york. >> rivera was a 22-year-old rookie officer on the force just a little over a year into it and who once said he joined the nypd to help improve the relationship between police and the community. as for the suspected gunman,
4:02 am
police say mcneil was a convicted felon who was out on probation for a 2003 narcotics charge with prior weapon, officer assault and drug charges in south carolina as well as pennsylvania. authorities also say the gun he used in the shooting was stolen. so, obviously praying for his family as well as rivera's wife. back to you guys. rachel: just tragic. thank you for that report, ashley. appreciate it we are going to bring in blue lives matter new york city founder. he will be on the phone that is joseph i don't know what to say. we have been all morning devastated by this news. i guess it proves there is never a routine activity that police officers have. there is just danger around the corner at any moment, right? >> i'm heart-broken, i think city of norense heart broken law
4:03 am
enforcement heart broken. lives there last night at the hospital. i didn't get out there until midnight and to see a 22-year-old. is he a baby. i have 16 years on this job and a 22-year-old that went there to help somebody. and with depraved indifference for human life. somebody comes out of a back bedroom and opens fire. and this morning, wife, mom, cousins, friends, colleagues their lives are photographer changed, it makes no sense. this is why people like myself and so many other professionals have said it for years you will see activists and left wing politicians say it's a lie and numbers don't add up. no, no, no. they are the ones hiding the truth. one week in new york city five
4:04 am
officers shot. i was at almost every one of those scenes. five officers. it's just a matter of numbers and a matter of time, sooner or later someone is going to lose their life and last night one did. joe joseph, our hearts break someone on the force. someone i know in the time of the marine corps when you lose a hero like this it effects everyone. families of officers still serving. we try make these things matter. we try to have a lasting impact, legacy a change. is there anything we can change about how police officers are doing their work or, you know, this person had prior convictions? what's the call to action here to make this hero's life matter and have a positive change. >> as you know in the military that lifestyle is not easy. and i say it all the time. other than the military. i think policing is one of the only leave your home and not knowing you are going to make it back to your loved one, your mom or dad or kid.
4:05 am
not always pretty. you know, these body cameras are one of the best things to get to the bottom and roots of things, right? and it shows the truth it shows how bad evil people are out there and how dangerous this job is. we have to let the cops go out there and do their jobs. they want to go out there. they are willing, just like this young officer, to put their lives. their own lives in harm's way. let them do their job. it has to be professional. it has to be respectful. but at the end of the day the job has to get done. as we saw, this human being did not care. he was willing to take any lives to not have to go jail. to not have to go and lose his livelihood and things like that. but we have to let cops do their jobs. because, at the end of the day, the streets aren't safe. an 11-year-old baby was shot in the face. this cannot happen. we have to put bad guys behind bars. we cannot have remorse and we have to make sure that our people in the streets are safe. bottom line.
4:06 am
will: joe, you mentioned politicians and laws. what laws are standing in the way of officers doing their jobs? what laws are exacerbating this problem? >> when you go out there and you go out there and we had mayor de blasio trying to to put in place the diaphragm bill. everyone martial law almost every single confrontation ends up on the floor. you will end up on top somebody. it's common sense. not allows bad guys to go out there and stay behind bars, they are letting everyone out in the street. there is a research why people, hundreds of years ago, were smarter than us and realize that the only way to solve the equation was to put bad guys in solitary confinement or behind four walls and not allow them back on the street. we have to hold people accountable. i don't know where we got to this position where criminals have more weight than victims. i don't know where we are worrying more about how the criminal feels than the poor victim that was raped or shot or
4:07 am
robbed or burglar rised. it doesn't make sense. the victim should be the number one priority, end of story. there is no debate. we have to get back to that. it doesn't matter if they had something stolen or poor woman wakes up and raped by unknown person. their lives are forever changed. that's what we have to realize and get to the bottom of. the only way we solve is by letting brave men and women go out there, put handcuffs on people and take them off the street and remove them from the equation. at the end of the day, it's not a hard concept. but we have to get back to that go back to broken windows. the small stuff. nobody is afraid anymore. this is the problem for individuals to carry firearms at the rate that they are doing, there is something -- so appreciative of mayor adams. so appreciative because is he fighting for it but we need albany. we need this mayor to wake up. not the mayor. the governor, to wake up and change these laws asap.
4:08 am
rachel: you sore right. we have dan bongino on later in the show. he has been calling for broken windows policies to come back. you seem very supportive of mayor eric adams but i know a lot of people that live in new york who feel a little deflated about him, not sure if he really is the guy he said he was going to be with the given to the d.a. bration, what are your thoughts on that. >> from going from mayor de blasio to eric adams and actually see him go out there and wear an nypd hat. as dumb as that sounds to wear an nypd wind breaker he doesn't have to do it. he could turn around and bash the cops every chance he gets he is not. he says i support these guys. i'm behind them 100 percent. my community needs to get behind them 100 percent. being on scene and still being active. listening to the public. there were people on scene with 11-month-old baby that says we have to go back to the way it
4:09 am
was. we have to go back to the giuliani days. we have to go back to bloomberg where cops went out there, did their jobs and the streets were safe. this is the community. this is what is coming out of their mouths. you have people coming full circle and saying we need stop question and frisk back. because do you know why? when done properly it saved lives. end of story. numbers do not lie. allow cops to go out there and do their jobs. this poor 22-year-old kid was just starting his life. and it's ended and his partner was 27. 27 is fighting for his life. there is no excuse for this. and if this individual knew that he would be held accountable he wouldn't have had a firearm. this wasn't a bb gun. this was a 44 caliber handgun with a magazine, you know, capacity of over 40 rounds that he could have just went out there and devastated any neighborhood. there is no place for this. and eric adams said this adams mouth last night we don't have any gun dealers here. where the hell are these guns
4:10 am
coming from. we need help and we need these laws changed and in the sense of laws, it's accountability. put the fear of god into these criminals. allow the cops to go out there. take the bad guys off the street and lock away the key. end of story. we cannot have another cop, let alone another citizen shot for nothing. a life was taken for no reason. it's got to end. joey: joseph, thank you so much for your time this morning. most importantly, thank you for the critical work you are doing. i know we are going to send thoughts and prayers to this hero and family and everyone serving on this police force in a city that seems to be almost out of control. so thank you very much. >> thank you guys. joey: to another fox news alert. top u.s. and russian officials agree to continue talks despite no reports of progress and descalating the military standoff over ukraine. g.o.p. leaders in congress are pressing president biden to send more assistance as the first 2,000-pound shipment of ammo and other equipment arrives in ukraine.
4:11 am
a large scale nato military exercise is also set for next week aimed at showing the, quote: defense of the alliance. will: you know, joey, listening to what is going on in europe. i think there is two different ways we can approach this. one, how did we arrive at this moment? i had nigel farage on earlier. we had an interview and talked about how strength will fill the vacuum of weakness. if you send a message it of weakness not world and we did in afghanistan six months ago. strength will step into that vacuum and vladimir putin will look to take advantage. but then comes another question. and the question is, what do we do now? as we sit at this potential precipice, really, really unprecedented, at least and almost 80 years. military conflict in europe, i wonder, and i asked nigel farage, puts this into context. how does this potential conflict serve americans? and i'm not taking a position
4:12 am
here with either of you guys this morning. it's a question that i sit on. and as you look at really potential serious military conflict. what should the united states do? what should our role be? i just know i want to start with the question of what serves american interest? by the way, this is the conversation. a little bit of it. that i had with nigel farage a little bit earlier. >> in the western world, you know, biden is regarded, let's be frank about this, as a bad joke. in the last 48 hours, the bad joke has actually turned into something more serious. i think biden now is actually a threat to world peace. in circumstances like that, biden actually says that oh what if it's just a minor incursion? we won't do anything. i mean, it is strategically the biggest blunder anybody -- i can't think of any western leader who has said anything so stupid in my entire life.
4:13 am
it's right to put the interest of your own household. your own family first. but, america is the leader of the free world and you know something, if democracy falls in europe, the threat to it falling in america will come there, too. rachel: you know, i sit with that question as well what is in the best interest of america. i think every foreign policy question should be put through that 3reu678 and we should be very weary of sending our men and women into any conflict without knowing that it is going to benefit our country. more than anything else. but i think one of the things that's really troubling is that for the last two years, our government has lied to us. and there is so much mistrust of any information coming out of the government. i know online and among friends, a lot of people are going hey, there is a lot of domestic problems. maybe they are trying to put a
4:14 am
shiny ball over there in ukraine and distract us from what is happening here in america. i don't know if that's true or not. joey, and will, but, i certainly have never been more distrustful of our government than i have been right now. i know that i probably speak for a lot of people who are really sad at the way our trust and our government has decreased over the last two years. it's just been remarkable. it's affecting how we view every conflict. joey? >> you are speaking as mom who has kids might serve in the military and fight a war that could be starting any moment. we just saw a 20 year war that i fought and a few years my son could be fighting. in that's the point here. it's not to say, you know, our own tucker carlson takes a lot of heat for raising these tough questions. and they try to spin and say he is on the side of russia or something. no, that's not it at all. what tucker is trying to say and many people trying to say we
4:15 am
went through a lesson learned where we all jumped up and cheered when the bush administration wanted to invade iraq and said there was weapons of mass destruction and we need to go to war. here we are 20 years later with a lot of questions and very little answers on that entire 20-year war and it makes sense. i don't care what republican congressman stands in front of the microphone or in front of the camera and says we have to protect ukraine and we have to defeat russia. it's not that i don't agree with that it's that you have got to give me more than that. you have to explain to me in detail why this matters to us because this is our sons and daughters and brothers and sisters that will go and fight that war. not the people in congress. that even goes for the heros that are serving in congress that fought this last war. if you want the american people to support possible military action, one of our biggest foes, you better wring the meat and potatoes, not just some schematic of a nuclear weapon in a truck that turned out to be false. that's the problem here. i appreciate people like tucker and i join him in saying answer these questions before you send our blood to be spilled.
4:16 am
it's not to say i don't want to defend ukraine or don't want to be involved of, that we never get to push back against countries like russia but are agres sores, but these are questions that deserve to be answered. rachel, those are ones you are bringing up. will, that's what the american people should have learned from last exercise in blind allegiance just being upset over something which was 9/11 which is something we should have been upset about. will: so, i would love to and we will move on in just one moment and we will talk about this throughout the morning. i would love to make two quick points here. we are in boxes right now. we would normally be sitting on the couch. and i think everybody watching knows who joey jones is in case there is a new viewer out there today. a man who sacrificed the lower third of his body fighting for this country. it's worthy of answering the question for what? why? when a man like that is telling you we need some questions answered. look up joey jones if you don't know who just told you that the second thing is i think all three of us just said this, okay? it's not a position being taken today. but rather there was once a
4:17 am
point in time in american history when we, the will of the people, dictated whether or not we would go to war. it wasn't just constantly under a rolling executive authority. but it was part of the democratic process of whether or not we went to war. and so, therefore, make the case to us. why is this in america's interest? and maybe you will. look, i know that world war i started over a minor incursion, right? world war i started over rolling packs when the arch duke first ferdinand was killed in the balkans and world war ii starts with taking -- it starts off small and ends up big. history to learn here. up to politicians to tell us why this impacts us. we need to be sold. and we should have to be sold why we will sacrifice blood, treasure, or in the case of this particular television screen right now in front of you, for one of us, a significant portion of our body. i think that's the least you can do. i will move on now to something else. i will move on to something else
4:18 am
now. which i think, you know, also has captured our passion. i'm surprised by the way that aaron rogers has been someone that i all of a sudden rooted for not just because he is a green bay packer but one of the most outspoken woke quarterbacks of the last couple of years. he has truly has woken up. listen to what he has had to say in an espn profile about covid and not just covid, which we have heard aaron rogers on covid but censorship. he said the following: when in the course of human history decided to doing the censoring and trying to shut people up make them show papers and marginalize a part of the community ever been the correct side? what people should understand is that there is censorship in this country going on right now. are they censoring terrorists or pedophiles? criminals who have bitter profiles. censoring people and shadow banning people who have dissenting opinion about vaccines. pretty stunning to hear honestly rachel from aaron rodgers. rachel: yeah, it's so true. you know, again, i am from
4:19 am
wisconsin, you know, my husband is from there. i have been living there for 20-some years. i do support the packers. i'm really going to root for natural immunity, aaron rodgers this time. because i have to tell you, he is speaking the truth. the censorship, the children's part that we talked about early in the show is the most tragic is the big moral crisis that we -- must deal with. but the bigger, over arching problem that we have is the censorship. it's not just the shadow banning, and the shaming of people and calling them anti-vaxers that aaron rodgers talked about. but it's also the self-censoring that bari weiss talked about on bill maher. people agree with aaron rodgers that don't have the financial or the capital that he has to say what he says. he is not going to suffer financially for saying what he is saying.
4:20 am
but lots of people believe they will. and they are silencing themselves. chinese style right here in america over all of this. joey: they tried to come for the state of georgia by punishing the braves. they won the world series. i wouldn't doubt if aaron rodgers doesn't hold a trophy up. is he on the side of the truth. helped out the braves and maybe the packers will get something out of this, too. will: if god were picking sides in sports, joey, certainly my prayers would have been answered. >> all right. well, the fbi is back ache from aing after mounting criticism for down playing the role of anti-semitism in the texas synagogue. plus, you can't question science. this picture of dr. fauci's home office reveals how big of a fan he is of himself. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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rachel: welcome back a "fox & friends." a week ago a gunman entered a
4:25 am
texas synagogue holding hostage for 11 hours. the fbi claimed it was not related to the jewish community. now it's changing course. >> we do believe he was focused on a singular issue and it was not specifically related to the jewish community. >> the fbi is and has been treating saturday's events as an act of terrorism targeting the jewish community. >> this was both a hate crime and an act of terrorism. rachel: here to react is scholar dr. qhanta ahmed. why did the media struggle to use the word terrorist or radical islamic it doesn't make sense to me when he openly said during this livestream that he wanted -- the release of a radical famously anti-semitic terrorist? >> rachel, first of all, let's
4:26 am
put the focus on the jewish community. the major struggle with identify lethal anti-semitism as it was unfolding. that's been an enormous struggle because there is a denial of the persecution of jewish people in america. jewish people in america are facing three directioning -- everybody is comfortable speaking about that from the left people are very uncomfortable identifying anti-semitism whether it's congresswoman who are for boycotting israel who are accusing congress and government of having duel loyalty accused of being bought and paid for policies relating to israel. and then the most anti-spoken anti-semitism is coming from radical islam from inside from jihadist ideology. when the fbi, who must be praised for saving lives truly.
4:27 am
they did a wonderful job in that. when they can't even say anti-semitism and all of the focus becomes about the identity of the terrorist, we have a major problem. if i can just add, rachel, this is coming from very deep. a final lethal act or an attempt at a lethal act is the end game of enormous problems in our country. we have inclusion delusion as the heritage foundation calls it, very woke cultural on campuses that wants to include everybody social justice except the jewish student. except recognizing jewish people who have been the victim of the greatest crime against humanity. then we have language in our prayers that cannot speak about these issues and then we have many people using anti-zionism, criticism of israel as a form of an anti-semitism. and we see the paralyzing coverage we just experienced last saturday. rachel: absolutely, no question.
4:28 am
that anti-semitism was at the root of this attack. it was ludicrous for them not to say so. i just wonder if you think that part of it is they have spent the last year, the administration, and using the fbi and the doj to make the case that the biggest threat to america are white supremacists. trump supporters. and here we are. with a terrorist from a foreign country getting into our country. and holding hostages at a synagogue and demanding the release of a terrorist. >> you know, that's a tricky question. i don't know the answer to that question. and i think that's because there are no simple answers to this complex problem. yes, we are more comfortable with a certain portrait, a certain stereotype of what we think is a domestic terrorist. anti-semitism terrorizes all of us. i know we are several miles away from texas. and texas is struggling with the southern border. but this kind of anti-semitism attack can occur at any jewish place of worship in any
4:29 am
neighborhood even our own neighborhood. so this is much more than border control or jihadist ideology. we must first secure our own nation here that security begins with words and recognizing jewish persecution. rachel: yes. you are 100 percent right. the words are more powerful coming from a muscle woman like you. i know a lot of my jewish friends reached out to me to thank us for having someone like you on calling out anti-semitism. thank you, doctor, always a pleasure. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: california governor gavin newsom admits his state is looking like a third world country. you think? our next guest agrees. mike slater on deck. stay with us. ♪
4:30 am
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how do we not keep coming back. how do we secure the site and do a better job making sure this doesn't continue to happen in this is the supply chain. i know all of us are focused down on the water it's so damn beautiful and everyone focuses on containers at the port. the supply chain -- >> joey: after weeks of trains being looted in california. gavin newsom is vowing help on cracking down on the thieves. let's bring in radio talk show host and california resident mike. are politicians taking responsibility or is gavin newsom just still pointing fingers because i didn't really understand that from that soundbite we had there. >> yeah, gavin and i apparently have a lot in common to sit back and watch your state total free fall and deincident is great third world country and not be governor that could be frustrating. maybe gavin last a phone call to the governor.
4:35 am
he was governor three years lieutenant 8 years before that. mayor of san francisco 8 years before that he is the guy who is to blame for this. if he would ever leave the french laundry he would see that every city in california is like this. guys i want to drive this home. the train union pacific, they are saying it's so dangerous, it's so lawless in the second biggest city in the country, that their next best thing to do is to drive through l.a., it's too dangerous to drive trains through this city. this is a third world state. will: you know, he is the man. he is not the only man, mike. you brought up because it's l.a. specific. it's in every city in california. this particular problem when it comes to trains right now is happening in l.a. that can't be divorced from the district attorney there george gascon. here's what he says about the train problem, mike. this is his words in a letter. he says union pacific does little to secure or lock trains
4:36 am
in a significantly decrease law enforcement staffing. it's very telling that other major railroad operations in the area are not facing the same level of theft at their facilities as u.p. we can ensure that appropriate cases are filed and prosecuted, however my office is not tasked with keeping your site secure and the district attorney alone cannot solve the major issue facing your organization. it's your problem, union pacific, says gorge gascon. >> yeah, these progressives think the criminals are the victims and the actual victims -- it's their fault for not doing enough. classic. this is the same d.a., george soros funded just like the one in san francisco and chicago and new york and all the rest hot l.a. sheriff -- sorry, let me back it off. off duty police officer and his girlfriend were murdered by some gang members recently. and the l.a. sheriff bypassed the d.a. and went to the feds to prosecute because he knew that the d.a. was going to go light on gang member murderer he is. off duty police officers fault? how about the 24 uvla was it her
4:37 am
fault for not doing enough to protect herself. this guy had a rap sheet a mile long should be in prison. we let them off. when a crime is committed you blame the criminal. when you have a police d.a. in particular who refuse to protect the people and prosecute and prevent crime, then the blame falls on the d.a.s and the governor. and all of these people that we keep electing over and over, it's the most frustrating thing in the world. rachel: yeah. all of us look at new york and california, mike, and we go what are you guys doing? can't you tell that, you know, george soros is funding these days and he has an ideology and he want to disrupt, you know, america? i don't understand why californians are letting this happen to one of the most beautiful states in the country. i look at this, mike, it doesn't look like third world it looks like the wild west. i remember this used to happen to trains in those days as well. why do they keep voting for these guys?
4:38 am
>> the 1820s. like the 1820s a train robbery. what are we even talking about, right? i don't know. but i can tell you these guys will never change. >> the d.a. in san francisco his first job is with hugo chavez in venezuela. these guys ideologically are never going to change their minds. no matter how third world it gets here. maybe until the crime comes to them and they are directly affected by it. but even then who knows afternoon. >> the rich in california are doing great. poor get the hand outs and middle class leaving. the middle class would vote against and they are gone. more entrenched now than ever. we were promised a high speed rail in california. this big beautiful patriots teen rail zooming through the california landscape and instead we got this. rachel: california, get your act together. >> you got that right. >> you laid it out very well. i think we understand what's happening. the rich is getting rich. the poor is getting handouts and
4:39 am
middle class are leaving. i think it explains it nau all. mike slater, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks, appreciate you. rachel: a killer's confession, a notebook revealing who killed gabby petino as the fbi closes its case into her death. nancy grace is not surprised by the outcome. she is with us next. stay with us. your plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. try new vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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what do we take away? what's your initial reaction here? >> well, two things. number one, incredible work by the fbi because according to reports, this notebook full of brian laundrie's musings, i'm sure totally self-absorbed musings had to be completely processed since he was totally wet. we don't think it was in that dry pack which is a very laborious task which i won't go into that drama for the fbi to go through to save this notebook, let's talk about what's inside. reportedly a confession. do you know what?
4:44 am
day late, dollar short. it can tell all that to the devil. because if this guy had really been remorseful, he would not dragged gabby's parents through h-e double l through the gates of hell for three weeks wondering where is their daughter. is she dead? is she alive? is she stranded? can i get to her? can i help her? no, he bludgeoned her in the head and throttled her as she gasp for air until she was dead. he can write whatever he wants to. again, his self-absorbed self-serving musings. in his notebook, doodles. that means nothing to me. but, it should put all the conspiracy theorists to rest that somehow brian laundrie did not murder gabby. i just want to highlight, please let me highlight domestic abuse turns to murder. that's what happened here.
4:45 am
will: i did not know whether there were conspiracy theories about with about brian laundrie made this crime. >> you are sane, you are normal. will: thank you, i appreciate that i don't always get that compliment but when i do i appreciate it. you know, the question mark i said case closed. i want to come back to that you bringing up what brian laundrie put gabby petino's family through the long search for brian laundrie. is that part closed as well? is there anything more for law enforcement and why it took so long in the aiding and abetting, any helping of brian laundry along the way in staying missing for all that time? >> i am questioning you are referring to brian laundrie's parents who did nothing to help gabby petino's parents in their suffering looking for their daughter. they knew where their son was. they knew he came home in gabby's van without gabby.
4:46 am
they knew something horrible had happened. yet, they left the parents hanging in the wind and did not help police. here's the problem. not helping, not volunteering, not being a good citizen or even, you know, a good person for pete's sake is not a crime in our country. there must be an active doing. they have to actually physically do something lie, obfuscate. something of that nature. they didn't do that that we know of. and if they did, the only witness to it is dead. so, even if they did, i doubt it could ever be proven. will: very fascinating. okay. nancy grace, always good to talk to you, nancy. thanks for jumping on this morning. >> thank you. will: all right. the ncaa's new transgender athlete policy is making waves, is it doing enough to protect women's sports? plus, you can't question science.
4:47 am
this picture of dr. fauci's home office shows how big of a fan he is of the science -- i mean, himself. i don't know, can we distinguish the two anymore? are we supposed to? a man who is always working brian kilmeade will join to us react coming up ♪ you're so vain ♪ i bet you think this song is about you ♪ don't you ♪ don't you ♪
4:48 am
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4:51 am
rick: welcome back to "fox & friends." the second major winter storm for the carolinas in two weeks an amazing thing. this storm almost done but it brought a lot of ice. this time right along the coast up to half inch of ice in areas around richland, north carolina, down toward hampstead. north carolina, south carolina. then go across interior sections, that's where we saw the snow up to five and a half inches reported in virginia beach. for the most part. the storm looking like it's done. we still have a little bit of moisture to be had. maybe right across the outer banks but for the most part on the radar this storm gone. now we will see the tail end of this front moving in across parts of florida. been unsettled day. not a complete wipe out of the day. temps are going to be cooler throughout the day today. temps only into the 50 across parts of north florida.
4:52 am
here is your forecast. if you can at all stay off the roads this morning across theories areas of the carolinas. this storm by the afternoon. temps get above freezing and see some of that ice and snow begin to melt. making things much better. a saturday, a little bit easier to stay off those roads. all right. send it over to my buddy joey, i don't think i have ever tossed back to you, joey, i'm so excited, great to see you here. joey: thanks for the update, rick. hopefully we will get warm weather in georgia. thanks. the ncaa is now revising a transgender policy that many believe to be game changer. the new approach will follow a sport by sport model similar to what was adopted by the u.s. international olympic committees. the rules now back in the spotlight as u penn transer swimmer lia thomas breaks national ivy league records. here to react is co-host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. buck, welcome to the show. is this the answer? is this going to solve the problem here? >> no, it's not. joey. and what we know is that it's
4:53 am
not really taking into account the actual science here. because just documenting testosterone levels does not account for the physical changes done and particularly we are talking here about the advantages that males have in everything from muscular to bone density to things that don't change just because somebody may be taking hormonal therapy. from the ncaa i understands why they are doing this gives them a degree of cover that the international olympic committee has determined these things and they will follow their lead, ultimately they still have the same problem which is that they have biological males be able to compete against biological females and only a matter of time before in sport by sport they're essentially going to have people who were male their whole lives setting records and all-time records perhaps in that sport and really undermining the separation of the sexes which we all know why that exists, right? we understand why that happens in sports in the first place. joey: absolutely. we have a quote here from the
4:54 am
ncaa defending their policy it says we are steadfast in our support of transgender student athletes and to fostering of fairness. it is important that ncaa members schools conferences and college athletes compete in inclusive fair and safe and respectful environment. buck, they use the word fair there twice. i think that makes us ask why were sports ever segregated by sex to begin with? isn't this kind of a self-solving puzzle? this is not to be against those students who are transgender but to be for those students who are competing fairly. isn't this unfair in and of itself? >> of course. and the diversity and inclusion religion of the left now is trying to erase gender distinction. this, they believe is, a new civil rights struggle. this is something that they are deeply ideologically invested in. and in the sports context, it's just absurd. we all see what's going on here. people are well aware of the fact that a best of my knowledge
4:55 am
male also known as a male competing against women is going to have a tremendous advantage, especially when that person has already been competing at an elite level at a college level in that sport. so, we're all very aware of this. this is actually a common sense issue. that's also backed up by the science in terms of physiological difference dids that are not erased by testosterone or hormone therapy of any kind. we all should just for this. i think the american people inherently do. which is why the sports media in general had so much honestly cowardice on the issue. they won't cover it they won't tell the truth about it did i see a great piece obviously. outkick does great work earlier this week on how they believe two of the trans swimmers including lia thomas may have colluded to have a race where they essentially fixed it so it could seem like the gender identity issue wasn't quite as much of a differentiator. i have got to tell you, man, we all know what's going on here. the ncaa has a lot of work still to do. >> absolutely. i have got a 2-year-old
4:56 am
daughter. i just hope she gets to compete in a fair world if she decides to go into sports. it doesn't look like it's trending that way. thanks for joining us, buck. >> absolutely. that ever thanks so much. joey. joey: hunter biden's bad business what new emails reveal about his investments in china. miranda devine and charlie hurt joins us next with reaction coming up. ♪ r what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! thirty-four miles per hour! new personal record, limu! [limu emu squawks] he'll be back. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ it's my 4:05, the-show-must-go-on, migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere, migraine strikes. without worrying if it's too late or where i am.
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♪ will: we begin with a fox news alert. our top story this morning, the nypd it mourning the loss of a 22-year-old rookie cop jason rivera shot and killed overnight responding to a domestic violence call in harlem the nypd describing him as a son husband and friend wilbert mora also shot he is fighting for his life this morning in critical condition. this is the fifth officer shot in new york city this year just three weeks into 2022 shortly after mayor eric adams said this
5:01 am
to a room full of new york city officers. >> it is our city against the killers. this was just not an attack on three brave officers. this was an attack on the city of new york. will: the suspected killer is a convicted felon out on probation for a 2003 narcotics charge. prior weapon officer assault and drug charges in south carolina and pennsylvania. authorities also say the gun he used in the shooting was stolen. let's bring in now lawrence jones, friend of the program, newly announced anchor of lawrence jones cross-country which will debut on saturday nights soon here on the fox news channel. i know you have been plugged into this story. hearing from folks in new york city. tell us what you are hearing about what went down last night. lawrence: good morning, family. everybody working my sources all
5:02 am
night and i can tell you this. there is anger with not only in the city but within the nypd. and it's a different type of anger, guys. you know, these cops have been experiencing this for a while now but when you have a kid, the 22 years old, rivera, that has sworn to make things better, and goes into a situation like this and seems like no one has his back, when you have mora, 27 years old, that is still fighting for his life, there is a lot of anger, and i'm just going to tell you what i hear from the people that do this every single day. there's a lot of support for the p.c., the police commissioner, she is a cop's cop. they think that she wants to do the right thing and let the police go back on the offense. but this new mayor, who used to be a cop, who they think says the right things but necessarily -- not necessarily with his actions, is uncuffing
5:03 am
the police to allow them to be able to do their job. i have been one of those people that say let's wait and see. but you just can't do press conferences there is this sentiments right now in the police department where the officers feel like they can't do their job. and one example is this situation. we know for a fact and i knew this in the academy, i knew this when i was in criminal justice, when i was an explorer, the most difficult calls are domestic violence calls. so your posture when you go into those situations, your head has to be on a swivel. you have to be ready for anything. even the purse that may be the victim may turn on you. and cops are is going into these situations because they feel like they may lose their job and family not necessarily having their head on a swivel because they want to protect their livelihood. they want to protect their family. and it's a dangerous situation. so the way that they respond to these situations is much
5:04 am
different. and now we have a cop that is dead. we have a cop that is now fighting for his life. and this is not the first incident had this year. there has already been four situations. four cops shot in new york city alone. and, you know, this is why you saw the commissioner very upset. you saw pat lynch, ohio know very well, who was optimistic with this mayor and still has some optimism, but as you saw, the gloves are off right now. either we are going to turn course because we cannot have law and order without these cops here today. if these cops walk off the job, that's it for new york city. rachel: you know, lawrence, we can trace so much of the breakdown in law and order to the end of cash bail. and i think a lot of police officers, a lot of citizens are saying hey, you guys broke the laws. you state legislators, the governors, all these people support the policies, fix it it's not that hard as you said.
5:05 am
let the cops do their job. stop making them feel like they have to be on the defensive when they are in very dangerous situations as you said, they don't know what's lurking around the corner. i find it interesting that you are saying that cops are already beginning to lose confidence in a fellow cop who is now mayor. that seems like that was a very palpable feeling you got when you talk to your sources, lawrence. lawrence: look, i was warned about this. and i tried to be optimistic. look, i have reached out of to the mayor. i plan on calling him again today to see if he want to sit down and talk about what the strategy is going to be moving forward. but the cops are making one suggestion, which is allow them to do their job, a, and then it's not just bail, rachel, it's the fact that they arrest someone and they're back on the street the next day. that there is no consequence -- why arrest these people, and, secondly, you know, he has talked about bringing the anticrime unit back, that is important. that is one of the tools that
5:06 am
are being used. but, if the anticrime unit goes out there and do their job, a, are you going to allow the criminals back on the street. and, b, if they have to go in in a violent situation, are you going to throw them under the bus the first chance you get? now, let's be clear here, i have made it very clear, when civil liberties are being violated, we have a duty to speak -- when the law is being violated, we have a duty to speak up. but that's not what's happening in the city right now. what's happening in the city is that the criminals are running this city. people are being pushed into subways. raped in broad daylight. this is not crimes happening in the middle of the night. the criminals feel like they can get away with it because they are getting away with it. joey: lawrence, we have new york city police, the nypd commissioner on the grief of officers in new york city. take a listen. >> tonight, a 22-year-old son,
5:07 am
husband, officer, and friend was killed because he did what we asked him to do. murdered. and another someone fighting for his life to survive. our department is hurting. our city is hurting. it is beyond grengs. we have four times this month rushed to the scene of nypd officers shot by violent criminals in possession of deadly, illegal guns. and now tonight one is dead. please pray for our officer that lies in his hospital bed fighting for his life. and every single day appreciate the valor and sacrifice of the men and women of the nypd. joey: brother jones, you really are across the country. i have seen you at the border and now what's going on in new york city.
5:08 am
what does this say from where we were a few years ago when everyone was anti-place and the police are so terrible and treat us unfairly and now we have got the new york city police commissioner telling us about the grief of their families and the people on the force. you know what happened in dallas just a few years ago. you have seen how police have been targeted and attacked and now i don't know if there is any law or regulation that would have stopped what happened what happened to this young hero who lost his life on a call. where are the american people when it comes to connecting with and supporting our police officers? lawrence: you know, joey, that happened in dallas, texas, my hometown. joey: that's right. lawrence: i interviewed the guy's parents that murdered seven cops in cold blood. and one of the things that i learned from that interview is that that anti-cop hatred it was festering in him for a long time. no one responded to that i want to be very clear here, the way that we respond to this incident is going to be very crucial. what's going to happen is that a
5:09 am
lot of these cops are just going to be done. i have talked to one source, that is three years from retirement. and they are saying you know what? the pension is not even worth it. i'm done. i'm done. so, that just shows you and this is not a whoa is me thing. these people signed up for the job. not for the paid. they get paid like crap. they get treated like crap. they have had urine thrown at them. bottles thrown on them. all of that matters, guys. they have been thrown under the bus, and, yes there are some bad actors just like there is in every industry. but to condemn everyone that is a cop today, to say that we're going to treat them with utter disrespect when we have tried it, the social justice washiers' way for the last two years and we have seen utter anarchy across the country. we have tried it their way. look at filly, look at baltimore, look at chicago. look at new york city. d.c. should i keep going and going
5:10 am
over and over again? we tried it your way. and it didn't work for the country. so, the american people have to stand up. and i get it, there's a lot of people in different communities that are afraid to speak up because they don't want the gangsters retaliating against them. but the silent majority, they have to stand up right now. or the people that you trusted to serve you, to go out there, put on a bullet-proof vest. and, by the way, there is all these weapons out here right now. and everybody wants to just talk about the guns. but now these criminals, they can get anything that they want. legislating guns and i know that is the political narrative right now, it's the gun. they will find a way to get the gun. i can assure you that you have put every single regulation in place and it's not working. what needs to happen right now today is that you need to bring in the d.a., the police chief, the commissioner, and one judge. you know who the criminals are.
5:11 am
prosecute them. sign the warrants today. go knock down the doors today. they can have a fair trial. they need to be locked up today. we know who they are. we just got to decide to prosecute them. will: hey, lawrence, i want to expand just a little bit outside of new york city now. you studied criminal justice. and we have begun the conversation this morning. it's too big to accomplish in one segment. but, how do would really begin to resolve our criminal element, our criminal problem and i think any conversation has to start with whatever is going on in the home, the family, it's the foundational element. from there we can talk about d.a.s as you brought up. i want to play for you something, lawrence, it caught my attention this morning. and i think to me it revealed something about instincts and priorities, okay now we are going to travel to california. this is over the train issues. we talked about that earlier the looting of the trains. i want to hear gavin newsom really quickly describing the issue of what is going on with those trains in california. >> this is organized theft.
5:12 am
these are organized gangs of people that are coming at us -- forgive me for saying gangs, i know that's not a pejorative. they are organized groups of folks that move from site to site. will: okay, so, lawrence, you have got a crisis here in the midst of describing it he has to stop down and correct himself because of the potential, the potential, i don't even know who is offended by the concept of gangs. and to me that's the incontinuationial from a political perspective beyond the family, right? beyond what we can do inside homes, from a political perspective, it just shows to me, i think, lawrence, i don't know it's not his priority. there is something else at his priority. lawrence: the criminals have more rights today. we are afraid to offend them, meanwhile, they don't care. i mean, we have a person -- a child that wasn't even 1 year old in new york city that was
5:13 am
just shot because these criminals, it's not that they can't aim, it's that they tonight care for human life. they just shoot everywhere. and whoever gets the bullet gets the bullet. the bullet doesn't have any color. the bullet doesn't have any age group. it doesn't care. and it seems like our politicians are so afraid today of offending the criminal. look, the conversation about the criminal justice system and the was about civil liberties being violated. that's a conversation that is rooted within the constitution. when citizen's constitutional rights are being vialed, we can have that conversation when that happens. but that's not what's happening on a day-to-day basis. i can just tell you this. that if we don't turn the script today, we're out of time, will. we're out of time rachel and joey. do you know what happened at the border criminal enterprise and
5:14 am
cartels? what happens the crypts and bloods realized the cartel is making a lot of money coming across when it comes to illegal immigration. the crypts and bloods decided they were going to get. in now they have their own coyotes as well. we provided the space as the leftists will say. give people more space. let's have conversation. the conversation time is over, guys. it's over. people are dying today. keep conversating while people keep dying? how much sense does that make? rachel: yeah. doesn't make any sense at all. by the way, it's not just police who are retiring. you saw a bunch of exits out of that d.a.'s office in new york city. all the best prosecutors don't want to be associated with d.a. alvin bragg. so that's happening, too. and quick to your point, will, on gavin newsom's sensitivity to offending people by using the word gangs, remember, it was nancy pelosi who defended ms-13 when donald trump called them animals which if you look at the way they murder people they
5:15 am
certainly are. so, there you go. it is a culture. lawrence: unbelievable. rachel: culture defends the criminals instead of the citizens who want to lead a good life. lawrence, i enjoyed your passion today. i'm about to get you to be the mayor of new york. that's what we need. lawrence: not a chance. rachel: lawrence jones new york city mayor. lawrence: thanks. will: take care. joey: see you. rachel: well, to more craziness in california, we all know that covid policies have probably been the worst in california and they have been hurting kids terribly. finally, many liberals, including a brave liberal bari weiss is stepping out to say hey, what we have done to our children with covid policies that don't really affect them -- a virus that doesn't really affect them and the way we have impacted their lives, she says and i agree with her, it's a moral crisis. this is what she said to bill maher on realtime.
5:16 am
listen. >> we were told you get the vaccine, you get the vaccine, and you get back to normal. and we haven't gotten back to normal. and it's ridiculous at this point. i know that so many of my liberal and progressive friends are with me on this. and they do not want to say it out loud because they are scared to be called anti-vax or to be called science denial or to be, you know, smeared as a trumper. you will realize most importantly this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime. rachel: joey, isn't that interesting that some of these liberals know that these policies are hurting america but they are especially hurting our children. but they will self-censor themselves because what's worse to them than hurting the kids and hurting the country and our economy is being called an anti-vaxer or a pro-trumper.
5:17 am
i find this very fascinating. will: these kids are going to grow up and say you took that away from me. you took that year of school away from me. you took that opportunity to grow and learn in an environment where i could see people's faces away from me. you took a way two years of my education and development. and that's what barry is saying. listen, they are going to look back and hold that against us for what we did to them. i just applaud her for saying this. i applaud the parents that show up. the teachers, the principals that stand against these type of policies that make no sense whatsoever. and the governors that are starting to bring the heavy hand and tell these school districts you can't do this to kids. you can't enforce masks where they won't wear them. you can't take kids outside in the freezing cold out of some fear that is not rooted in science. you can't put a thin piece of cloth and thing you have somehow saved the world. it takes more than that it takes real education and science to stop a disease from spreading that is this infectious to begin with. and we don't do it by clamming up and punishing those that are most vulnerable to society's
5:18 am
rules like kids in school. will: this comes as rachel alluded to when the covid lunacy in california seems to be moving towards a crucial peak moment. there is a proposal by democratic congressman, a democratic lawmaker in california, to children as young as 12 can get the vaccine without their parents' permission, to remove parental permission requirements for kids to get the vaccine. that's where you are. that's where your children are. rachel: yeah. on the vaccine with no long-term studies by the way, will. no long-term studies on this. signs it's calling myocarditis in boys. signs it's disrupting menstrual cycles girls going through pursuant that you would even think about giving that to a kid without parental permission just shows that something is completely out of whack in california. will: yeah. rachel: all right. well, we're going to turn now to
5:19 am
your headlines. arnold schwarzenegger is involved in a multivehicle crash in california. initial reports say the film star and former governor was driving a g.m.c. truck when he hit a red prius while making a u-turn. his suv rolled over top of the smaller car before hitting two other cars. schwarzenegger is said to be okay. but the prius driver was hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries. no one has been arrested and the incident is under investigation as we speak. talk about vain. a new documentary revealing several portraits of dr. anthony fauci decorating his own home office. if that isn't enough, fauci, for run one room he also had a bobble head of himself seen right here to the right. the disney plus documentary titled fauci, i don't know why that is on disney plus but oh well shows the home office includes at least three self-portraits. wow. he is so vain.
5:20 am
those are your headlines. >> do you have portraits of yourself all over your house, will, joey? will: all around me as we speak, all around me. joey: did that show candles of him as a saint? was that in his office? rachel: yeah. will: i don't have any portraits, rachel, i do think that the fact that he does does tell a story. that right there is the story, the story. i think we are all -- i hope we are all getting what the story is here. we have got move on we are following a fox news alert. overseas the u.s. state department is considering evacuating some americans from ukraine. tensions rising with russia to an all-time high. indiana congresswoman victoria spartz is from ukraine and she joins us next. and, bad business. new emails reveal a shocking connection between the president's son and, of course,
5:21 am
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5:25 am
prompting weakness on the world stage. my prediction you will see russia invaghts ukraine in the next month. joey: that's mike mccaul the top republican on the hours foreign affairs committee. is he predicting russia will invade ukraine in the next few weeks. let's ask victoria spartz. congresswoman, thanks and welcome to the show. it looks like this is inevident particular if you listen to mike mccaul just now it looks like that republicans, especially, but really across the aisle people on capitol hill are concerned about this. and it seems like the biden administration is not going to do very much to slow it down. is this what is happening? will ukraine be invaded by
5:26 am
russia? >> well, unfortunately, it's a very unstable situation. and it's not just unstable situation for ukraine, but for the whole europe and the whole world. you know, if you think about it, what's happening right now it's not just, you know, the issue there is not like russia really challenging the territory of ukraine, i mean, kyiv challenge have more on territory challenges. it's really challenging the united states and its influence in europe. and while we are betting dee baiting go to and citizens and our adversaries gain a lot of power. if you think about it, russia is doing exercises with china and iran and indian ocean and brings ships to atlantic and pacific ocean. russia bring infrastructure to cuba. planning to do some training in belarus, which is next to our nato allies poland, latvia is a
5:27 am
and lithuania. it's a very serious situation sand instability. unfortunately this administration now, you know, is going to negotiate with the position of weakness. and it's sad for me to see that. this is very serious situation. we need to take a handle of it. joey: seems like this is something that should have been prevented through posturing. we didn't do it. we have had several administrations that have had the opportunity and it hasn't happened. you kind of liken this to cuba. cuba is tens of miles off the coast of florida. ukraine is an ocean away. why is russia invading ukraine a direct threat to the united states? >> well, i think it's a threat to stability in an international order. if you think what started world war ii, and what's happened with germany going to try to invade other countries, it creates a lot of national security threats for all of the countries. as i mentioned, it's not just russia needs ukrainian
5:28 am
territory. they have been emboldened by weaknesses of western leaders and lack of leadership, a lot of drama, and now they feel that they want to instill their influences. and i think we need to be tougher and have a better position to deescalate the situation. but when we decide to give all this handouts with nord stream 2, without getting proper commitments from germany. when we decided we are going to have war on our fossil fuel industry make europe dependent on russia, it creates a lot of problems. joey: congresswoman victoria spartz, thank you so much for coming on with us this morning. let's hope that the biden administration has prevent this from happening. >> have to. thank you. joey: another blow to vaccine mandate a federal judge rules it's a no go. attorney general ken paxton reacts with us next. ♪ fired up
5:29 am
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5:33 am
can be part of your story. will: a federal judge in texas dealing yet another blow to president biden's vaccine mandate yesterday. temporarily blocking vaccine requirements for federal employees pending further litigation. u.s. district judge jeffrey wrote there is no treason believe that the public interest cannot be served by a less covid-19 will not be achieved by overbroad policies like the federal worker mandate. here to react texas attorney general ken paxton. attorney general thank you for being with us this morning. rachel and i actually spoke about this last night. a week ago, the supreme court said that hospitals that took medicare and medicaid funds from the federal government could then, in turn, require their employees to get the vaccine.
5:34 am
i'm curious, do you think this, this judge's decision in texas could survive appeal considering what the supreme court said a week ago? it seems to me if you can force anyone that takes federal money to be able to mandate the vaccine then can you probably force federal employees as well, according to the supreme court. >> well, you never know. the supreme court ruled in favor of all employers over 100 as it related to the osha mandate and then on the other hand the ones related to medical workers they held in place. so i don't know how the supreme court is going to rule. i do think this federal judge is right. i think the supreme court actually got it wrong on the healthcare. i don't think there is enough statutory authority. there is not any statutory authority authorizing these type of provisions for employees to be -- to have to make this choice between literally their health and their job. rachel: attorney general, my question is after omicron we saw that vaccines don't actually protect you from getting covid, from spreading covid, in fact,
5:35 am
it looks like there were more people who were vaccinated who got omicron than those who had natural immunities. i'm just confused as to why the biden administration continues to insist on these mandates for what reason? these vaccines are not going to protect anybody. why do they want everyone to take them? >> well, that's a great question. i would love to try to explain any of the policies in direction of the biden administration. nothing seems to be favorable to the american people. and you look at how they have dealt with this vaccine mandate forcing people to make these decisions, really hard decisions. between their economic well-being and their health. rachel: yeah. >> and when there is no evidence, as you say, that the vaccine actually provides greater care than non-vaccinated. so i don't understand it either. i don't understand now we have got -- they are requiring with our supply chain issues, they were requiring that truckers get vaccinated before they come into the country.
5:36 am
just going to create more issues. and you look at what is going on on the border. not requiring those who are illegal to get vaccinated. there is literally nothing that makes sense as it relates to helping the american people. joey: attorney general moving on here, the tsa confirmed it allows illegal immigrants to u.s. arrest warrants as i.d. at airports. i know immigration is a big problem there in the state of texas. what do we make of this. >> if you had told me this was a story two years ago, for any president, i would have told you were making it up. it wasn't true. but i know it is true. i know from this administration the most ludicrous things, the most damaging things, the things that least make sense they do. and i can't explain why you would allow an illegal to get on with identification related to an arrest warrant. you certainly couldn't do that as an american citizen. and so, yeah, it's happening. to me, it's wrong. and it's unexplainable. will: it is inexplicable.
5:37 am
rich rach crazy. will: you and i go through tsa they ask forever i.d., passport. whatever it may be. illegal immigrant i want to clarify, this you can use your arrest warrant as proof of i.d. to then board a plane within the united states of america. >> i'm glad you said it again. it's just sounds insane and sounds crazy, this is a federal government policy now under the biden administration. if you are illegal. not -- if you are -- i mean if you live here you cannot do that if you are illegal, yes arrest warrant. will: comedic to be honest. it's sad but like a sad comedy. all right attorney general ken paxton thanks for jumping on the show with us this morning. >> good morning. rachel: thank you. will: president biden was caught on a hot mic snang at a reporter. >> are you waiting on putin to make the first move, sir? >> thank you, thank you. >>
5:38 am
will: miranda devine and charlie hurt will join us next to weigh in on president biden's press conference as his ratings sink to new lows ♪ ♪
5:39 am
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5:41 am
you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. ♪ >> are you waiting on putin to make the first move, sir. >> thank you. >> what a stupid question. >> i did not anticipate that there would be such a stalwart
5:42 am
effort to make sure that the most important thing was that president biden didn't get anything done. think about this. what are republicans for? >> how do you plan to win back moderates and independents who cast a ballot for new 2020 but polls indicate aren't happy with the way you are doing your job now? >> i don't believe the polls. will i will that's convenient. president biden marking one year in office with a press conference that didn't do him any favors as his approval ratings sink lower and lower. but i guess if you don't believe them. they are not real. let's bring in fox news contributors miranda devine and charles hurt. good morning to both of you. you know, charlie, let's start with you on the polls. in your estimation, by the way, what is driving the downward spiral of joe biden's polling? >> i think that that clip is so perfect because i think it incapsulates exactly why he is facing these terrible poll
5:43 am
numbers. he liberally refuses to acknowledge reality. he is so detached from the american people detached from, i think, each, you know, voters in his own party. that you get him saying things like well, i don't believe the polls. the reason he doesn't believe the polls and you can take any issue that has befallen him, whether it's the supply chain, whether it's illegal immigration, whether it's inflation they argue about the details about whether or not this is actually happening. whether people, the grocery store shelves are actually empty or not. that's what they want to argue about. they don't want to address the problem itself. i think it's that yawning disconnect that is probably the biggest factor in driving his poll numbers down. will: i think that's exactly right, charlie. that detachment from reality is so obvious. i don't blame them because they have been shaping relation for years. it's now rudely interrupting the. >> nice have the press on your side.
5:44 am
will: let's go to that then miranda. miranda, i want to talk to you specifically about hunter biden in just a moment. but that is sort of tied to what i want to ask you about the press. you know, the press, charlie says the press is on joe biden's side and they are. but, in that press conference, we began to see a little bit of a tide turn, think. even if it's a small one where he was pressed more than we have ever seen, i'm curious why all of a sudden now the press has had enough or beginning to show some exasperation with joe biden? >> look, i think partly that is self-inflicted. he has had this rails run from the press. they have written about what a wonderful person is he. how he likes chocolate chip ice cream. he has had no pressure during the campaign through his presidency. and then came afghanistan. and suddenly everybody saw with their own eyes the incompetence and the lies. and this was an issue that the media cared about. there were people who had -- who knew people in afghanistan who had gone every journalist pretty
5:45 am
much had gone on a tour of duty to the war zone, so, this was something that -- where the reality that didn't square with journalist's knowledge of what was happening really became an issue. and i think, again, with ukraine, look, the press conference the other day, he wasn't asked about crime, which is a major concern of the american populist. nor was he asked about illegal mition. which is another top concern. the media is disconnected from the reality of most americans. but it's not as disconnected as joe biden and the white house. and he really is a delusional president. will: yeah. that's quite a statement. it's true. it's quite a statement. the media less detached from reality and the american public than joe biden. and i think you are right by the way. most polling shows the big turn south was afghanistan for joe
5:46 am
biden. okay. but let's go to a time before the media skepticism. let's go to the hunter biden story which miranda you have been plugged in more than anyone else best selling book laptop from hell. new emails that show that hunter biden held a 5% equity stake in a chinese company called harvest group. and in these emails. this one dates back to 2015. to hunter biden from former biden advisers it reveals the depth of the connection to china. i will read the following: it says bow jiang and his family would host us, his parents owned harves century group which is a top tier private chinese rae development firm. bo's father-in-law is the governor of. he has been groomed to take over his father's dynasty. we want to grow that relationship and there will be plenty of big things that come down the road that we can work on miranda here the connections
5:47 am
hunter biden story a story no one would touch. you wonder though when that becomes too obvious in reality people have to pay attention. >> that story is just a classic. just a perfect example of the intersection between joe biden his office, that executive had been a long-term senior adviser of his, who joe biden regarded as one of, you know, a surrogate son. and these sort of connections between the chinese communist party and their belton road initiative companies and the biden family is just rife throughout the laptop. and at some point i think probably when the republicans take back the house and the senate, there will be an accounting. and the republicans have promised that there will be subpoenas sent to hunter biden and his uncle jim biden, joe
5:48 am
biden's younger brother, and they will have access subpoena powers and so on. and we also know that the fbi, who knows what will happen with that. but they are investigating both hunter and jim biden now. will: in charlie's ongoing story not just a story how a presidential election was manipulated. it is most definitely that it is a story of how the presidential election was manipulated but to miranda's point the ongoing story is the potential corruption within a sitting administration and let's just take a look at this, charlie. >> absolutely. will: this is how much the media has covered this story over the last year. you can see 57 seconds on abc. >> it's amazing. will: cbs went all in did 60 seconds. nbc, i don't know what they're doing 191 seconds. >> hog wild. will: the major point is it's an ongoing story.
5:49 am
>> absolutely. i must say thank god for miranda and thank god for my old newspaper "the new york post." they have done absolutely the best work on this. and this is the sort of level of work that is being done. that will save our country. because, when you don't report things like this, your country cannot exist. you cannot have an informed electorate and things fall apart very, very quickly. god bless them. and thank you, miranda, for all the work you are cooking on this. and, you know, forget joe biden or donald trump or whatever, if barack obama had a son that did what hunter biden -- what we know hunter biden has done, if barack obama had these scandals in his administration, he would have been impeached. he would have been thrown out of office. the idea that joe biden is getting a pass because the press -- and i agree, the press is obviously starting to ask a lot of tough questions. the but the fact that he is still standing is evidence that the press is still desperate to try to sort of keep this guy together. and, you know, during the press
5:50 am
conference this week, david sanger of the "new york times" asks joe biden a question and he gives this incomprehensible bizarre strange terrifying answer about ukraine. and david sanger responds by trying to give him a better answer. and joe biden is like okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. literally, this is so much worse than watergate. that's not an overstatement. where are all the comparisons to water gate now? will: well, you both made the point and underline what miranda had to say. if republicans do take back congress and they don't turn their attention to this, there will be a different kind of accountability necessary. >> amen, brother. will: this should become a major story in government and the media through the back half of this year. this was an awesome conversation. i really enjoyed having you both. miranda devine, charlie hurt, thank you for your time this morning. >> great seeing you. will: all right. let's go over to joey now who has got some headlines for us. joey: a vigil in the face of horrifying violence.
5:51 am
dozens of people come together in the bronx to mark the birthday of a 1-year-old girl who was shot in the face wednesday by a stray bullet. the toddler identified only as catherine spent her birthday recovering from brain surgery but she is expected to survive. mayor eric adams spoke at the vigil. let's watch. >> we want to stop what's on the street and [bleep] we want to stop this from coming on our streets. why are there so many guns in our community. >> the suspect was spotted on surveillance footage but no arrests have been made. this chilling video shows a florida man shaving his dogs from a -- saving his dogs from a bear attack. he suffered only minor injuries after scrambling to fend off a bear from his front porch on wednesday. the dogs were not injured. florida's fish and wildlife were dispatched to capture the bear shortly after. the man says he plans to install a door on his porch soon and keep some -- keep some bear
5:52 am
spray handy in the future. saving not shaving. in denver, a public school is teaching kindergartners black lives matter. parents defending education responding with a statement. prosperous and wholly inappropriate -- it is preposterous and wholly inappropriate to teach 5 and 6-year-olds that they must commit to be trans affirming and queer affirming and in favor of disrupting the nuclear family. this is indoctrination at any age but it borders on abuse with students this young. and those are your headlines. rachel? rachel: abuse is right. thank you, joey. all right. well, in 2019, our next guest fled communist cuba for the united states. when he got here he was shocked how many young americans embrace socialism. the syracuse university student writes, quote: every time my cuban friends have asked me
5:53 am
about the political situation in the united states, i have had to tell them most young americans that i have met sympathize with socialism and are pushing for policies that will hurt them in the long run. then everyone responds in disbelief worried and sometimes even desperate. and where will we go if the united states turns socialist? ha. what a great question. antonio triana joins us now. oh, it looks like we just lost justo. looking forward to having him back. i want to have that conversation especially after hearing the headlines. more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the #1 cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold!
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depressed, have sudden changes in mood, behaviors, feelings, or have suicidal thoughts. common side effects include inflammation of the nose and throat, insomnia and sleepiness. don't take austedo if you have liver problems, are taking reserpine, tetrabenazine, or valbenazine. austedo may cause irregular or fast heartbeat, restlessness, movements mimicking parkinson's disease, fever, stiff muscles, problems thinking, and sweating. (jackie) talk to your doctor about's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit rachel: in 2019 next guest for communist cuba for the united
5:58 am
states but he was shocked by how many young americans embraced socialism. he's working to dismantle the socialist perception. antonio joins us now, what are the biggest misconceptions they have about socialism and communism? >> they are very confused about how does it work. they think because there is free healthcare and free education life is easy and happy but in reality that is not true. we paid dearly for those things. we paid with our freedom, with our human rights. we didn't have any opportunity to have a life with dignity and basic human rights.
5:59 am
rachel: there is a reason people go through shark in tested waters to get here. free healthcare isn't going to keep them on the island. let me ask you this, justo, you say schools are used for indoctrination and that sounds familiar to what is happening in america but use a students are afraid to speak up, there are real repercussions to doing that. we know that is true but do you see it happening here that there is social shaping and cancel culture and things that are keeping kids silent and speaking the truth? >> like the -- a lot of people are pushing the leftist propaganda and creating ambience in which to say differently than you become isolated, you become politically correct and put you on the wrong side of history and
6:00 am
make you appear as if you are morally incorrect. rachel: here in america your called a racist or a bigot, very troubling parallels between what is happening in cuba and what we see happening in america. thank you for doing your part to dismantle the lies of socialism. a real service to our country. a lot of red flags you are raising. thanks a lot. will: we begin the last hour of "fox and friends" with a fox news alert. the nypd is moving along with a rookie cop, jason rivera shot and killed overnight responding to a domestic violence call in harlem. the nypd describing it as a son,
6:01 am
husband and a friend. his partner was also started fighting for his life and in critical condition. this marks the fourth and fifth officer shot in new york city this year. just three weeks into 2022. after mayor eric adams said this to a room full of new york city officers. >> this is just not an attack on three brave officers. this was an attack on the city of new york. will: the suspect together was shot by police, he is a convicted felon out on probation for 2003 narcotics charge, prior weapons charge, officer assault charge, drug charges. authorities say the gun he used was stolen. let's bring in as we often do on saturday mornings and too often in moments like this, the host
6:02 am
of unfiltered, dan bondgino which is at a new time at 9:00 pm eastern time on saturday nights. always good to see you. not good to see you under these conditions, you bring unique perspective not just of your opinion but personal experience. as you take the news in about jason rivera what are your thoughts? >> i signed on with the nypd in 1995, signed on in 1974. by simple math i was 21 years old. i'm 47 now this officer was killed at 22, a year older than i was when i signed on and when you factor in the academy, probably got out at the same time. put in perspective all the things that happened to me in those 26 years following my sign
6:03 am
on with the nypd, run for office and working with you guys now, so many great things. why do i bring that up? not to extol the virtues, the gifts god has given me but gift that will never be given by this 22-year-old because he is dead. it is hard to chat about because i just remember coming on and i've told the story often so forgive me in the fox audience if you have heard it that may be grounds for you how dangerous this job is sometimes. i was on with ainsley on "fox and friends" during the weekday and i said i get a text or phone call from a friend of mine in law enforcement a couple times a year telling me about someone i knew who was either assaulted, shot or murdered in the line of duty in law enforcement and i asked her, think about your job.
6:04 am
is that ever happened to you? the answer, thank the lord, not using his name in vain, i mean that sincerely, is know. you don't get the text you remember the guy at the front door we met, he was shot. that's crazy. imagine getting that a couple times a year. this is crazy. this is happening because of a couple things. let's put meat on the bone. why does this happen and what people are voting for. the failure to implement broken windows policing, take care of the small stuff and the big stuff will take care of itself, people who jump the turnstile are the people going on the train, murdering, raping and robbing people, they scrapped that model. second become a bail reform. the dirty little secret of criminology that a small number of people commit the overwhelming number of crimes. when you constantly let that
6:05 am
small number of people out baby victimized people. the only way to get them back in jail is after they committed a crime like this. he just killed a cop. that's what is going on right now. this is happening. one more thing if i may on this was the 7 comfortable conversation. i understand it is 9:04 eastern in the morning but is too important a story to disregard this. these are minority voters, in these communities where this is happening. why are they always thrown away? nobody gives a damn, did you notice this? if this was in a rich beverly hills california community people would be storming the statehouse with pitchforks, burning the place down, you know what happens? because it is a bunch of minority voters no one gives a you get the point about, nobody cares. you get a bunch of flowery
6:06 am
speeches from politicians, you are not going to do jack, you don't give a damn about these folks because a lot of don't have the organized capital power to donate to your campaign and you don't give a crap. their schools suck, their economy sucks, the public safety situation sucks even worse and you don't to squat. you go out and give speeches, we are not going to let this happen again. the minute there is some police shooting the same politicians will be out there crapping on the cops again leading to more coffins. one more thing, i'm not done with this yet. i read a story in the new york post. if you just would have had the same murder rate which is a crazy conversation is 2019, 301 more people would be alive in new york and 2000 less people
6:07 am
would have been shot. let that sink in. if you would have kept at the same and cut the crap, 800 more people would be having dinner with their families tonight but they are not. they are being visited at cardinal cemetery new york because of dumb ass politicians and people who vote them into office and it is a national disgrace. rachel: amen to everything written, lawrence johnson earlier we tried it your way, your social justice policies and it is not working, it's getting people killed, speaking of minorities those were two hispanic police officers were shot and one killed as well. the interesting thing about the conversation with lawrence jones, he said he has been speaking to police officers. i'm sure you have too and they are not happy with the mayor. they do not have any trust. they want giuliani back and looks like they are going to get it.
6:08 am
>> lawrence did a good job, brought up a couple great points, the domestic violence situation where the tragedy happened last night, up there with traffic stops, the most dangerous things police officers do. by nature emotions are hard, husbands and wives fighting, kids involved crying, the only time i was ever assaulted without a domestic violence situation with my partner mike, the only time, a guy hit me with an ironing board when i wasn't looking. we know the model. i just discussed it, put meat on the bone. this is not some emotional outburst for the sake of virtue signaling. i don't believe in any of that crap. bail reform, you're letting a small group of people for killing, raping, robbing and burglarizing people out on the street again. why are you doing that? i believe in redemption.
6:09 am
i believe in the power of jesus christ, he saved me but take that up with jesus. real justice on planet earth involves real consequences, your butt belongs in jail when you can get a violent crime. not out on the street to be broken windows, it worked everywhere it was tried. the success rate was 100%. crime rates didn't just dip in new york city after many giuliani, jack mabel and bill branton brought in and bernie character brought up later, they dropped everywhere. when you take care of the small stuff, the big stuff magically goes away. the guy who raped someone on the train doesn't pay his fair. is this a shocker? he jumped the turnstile. you think he's worried about the metro car? this is hard and now they are like just let the little stuff
6:10 am
go. [zooba g, not even going to prosecute resisting arrest. know you jump the turnstile, get a bunch of government benefits for doing it and when a cop tries to rescue you punch him in the face and they don't even prosecute you for that you scratch your head, why is the crime rate going crazy. i can't figure it out. really, are you guys on psychedelics, can you not figure this out? in new york, my hometown, i love new york. i grew up there. i live in florida now. it is not my neighborhood anymore. it is yours. the sheriff down here you do this crap you go to jail. operation you turn in my county they turn around and go back.
6:11 am
you can look. new york city, it is not operation you turn but operation straightahead, do your crime there because nothing is going to happen to you. you get a pat on the head, discussed. will: you understand what it means to get up and go out there with a lot on the line. moving onto a topic that is personal to everyone, crime affects us all but covid has affected us for three years now and aaron rodgers is back in the news with drama over this. he has spoken about the vaccine before and recently speaking out on censorship. when in the course of human history has the side that is doing the censoring and trying to shut people up and make them show papers and marginalize a part of the community ever been the correct side, what people should understand is censorship
6:12 am
in this country going on right now, i they censoring terrorists are pedophiles, criminals who have twitter profiles? no, they are censoring people, shadow banning people who have dissenting opinions about vaccines. that's a lengthy statement. what he is saying is you are worse if you are not having the vaccine than criminals or any of the people we just talked about. >> i don't know what having my respect means to anyone but aaron rogers has mind. whatever that is worth. guys like you and me and rachel and will, no matter what we say we backup approaches by facts and data the hard reality is most of the left right is off because they just do. they living in the prism of two
6:13 am
minds, gutfeld on the east and right. people of cultural capital like joe rogan and aaron rogers who can make a difference and i want to applaud them. what he said is correct. if you were to have a literal checklist of what i need to do to be a fascist totalitarian what would be the first two things? stigmatize people according to collective group characteristics, sincerity any dissenting voices and don't let them speak. your two of six, a third of the way there. they probably check the other four too but what about what he said is inaccurate? of this actually works, this censorship. you see with me i got suspended by screw tube by saying about masks what the cdc confirmed last week, no need to relocate, people went to my rumble account, streisand effect, it is not working and aaron is right. where has this approach ever worked, the censorship approach.
6:14 am
i was listening to barry wise before bill maher who brought up a great point. people are going to look back on this in 10 or 20 years, our kids and everyone and i am telling you i have 0 doubt whatsoever where on the right side of this, i feel really bad for the kids are going to look back at their parents who masked them up, locked them out of school and are on video and twitter account supporting all this crap while their lives of been flushed down the toilet. i really feel, that is a tough thing for your kids to look back and say you did this. i have kids. i'm confident on them on the right side of this. "cavuto" i am 0 doubt. it is interesting to see the scales, aaron rogers, interesting to see reality reality set in. it is inevitable. to realize you are on the right side. by the way on the right side
6:15 am
next week starting at 9:00 pm eastern time, one hour, you can go to bed a little earlier. adjust your schedule, 9:00 pm eastern time, unfiltered, we look forward to that. >> let me congratulate lawrence and brian, a great show, charlie kirk and unfiltered monologue about something sensitive, war, combat and what is going on in ukraine, real hero on your panel that has given up a piece of himself and how important we should consider these decisions before we send heroes like joey over there. joey: good to talk to you this morning. >> always good, thanks a lot.
6:16 am
joey: georgia governor brian kemp coming up on the program and you can't question science. this picture of doctor fauci's home office, look on the left side, of himself. a big fan of himself. brian kilmeade next. ♪♪ your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior
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get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. welcome back to "fox and friends". doctor and any fauci may have found his biggest fan yet, in his home office from the new disney plus documentary fauci shows a life-size canvas of himself including his own personal bobble head. our next guest knows what it is like to have his own bobble head. author of the president and the freedom fighter, brian kilmeade joins us now. first of all, congratulations to you on this show, we are proud of you. let's get to this. that office to me says a lot
6:21 am
about what anthony fauci said, i am science. my question, are you history? brian: yes i am. when you say brian kilmeade, who also loves himself i hear that. we have to apologize, i know where your office is and i'm available 24 hours a day for you to come in and do that. no doubt about it. i never seen anybody and we talked about this more in love with himself or wanting to hear himself every day for the last two years than anthony fauci. this is the first time in a big-time spotlight, he thought this is my moment and the longer he feels he's in a public forum the list we start scrutinizing what exactly he's been doing the last two years and his role, how
6:22 am
many times he has been wrong. he feels he has been talking all the time, you have not been to my house and never will but will invite you and all the time. if you come to my house, don't want you to say what a hypocrite. i have pictures of myself, i have this bookmark. with jim brown, with paul mccartney besides that. and and fauci is out of control.
6:23 am
and >> pictures of you and we all have that. maybe he has a big ego or is self-centered. to admit when they are wrong, isn't that what this means. >> when i saw barry wise's model who got fired. we have been saying this on the couch for a year. why am i wiping down and admit they were wrong.
6:24 am
they told us we should consider wearing goggles, and freaked out the next generation. and and we have to get over this. omicron, beside that. back to normal. don't ask for a vaccine card because it does not stop me from getting it. fauci never tells us that. chuck todd knows how important, and done with that. will: brian says i wanted to be invited his home but there will never be an opportunity.
6:25 am
i'm just doing the math. 15 hours of television a week, 15 hours of radio a week. fox nation, can't quantify that. we added a 31 hour to the brian kilmeade schedule, a new solo show saturday night 7:00 pm eastern time, a rolling patented "fox and friends" scroll of everything brian kilmeade does. the best-selling book, didn't get a picture of that and how does one get his 31 hour. we may have found the answer. role tape. >> very you go.
6:26 am
>> i never had such a hostile assistant. >> don't let him near anything. >> hit the bucket. it is easy. >> anything can happen. >> anybody see celebrities in the water? >> i think they have too much personality. >> who is your daddy and what does he do?
6:27 am
>> brian kilmeade against shaquille o'neal. your dream has come true. rachel: a trip down memory lane. to your list we need to add things. you were on the road as well. >> as much as the president's freedom fries, page 72 with my picture on it. talking about my christmas stories. rachel: we are thrilled for you. i want to extend that congratulations to you. brian: two things was number one, i need a name. number 2, i will explain to you, i will try to figure out what to do would be different and look at putting context to the
6:28 am
biggest stories of the week which talking about election laws, the filibuster, is barack obama right, is it jim crow? i will try to take it deeper. it will be different from dan or lauren or the opportunity to do it. we have the best jobs in the world and i hesitate to say it is work. this isn't work. this is my hobby and what i do. i have no hobbies. nothing in common except this. will: you call me a friend. joey: the name of the show should be about plenty of puppies. >> he hopes to have viewers. will: look forward to seeing 31
6:29 am
hours. brian: at 8:00 pm. >> the ncaa breaking their silence with game changing policies for transgender athletes but are they doing enough to protect women's sports. right here with us next. ♪♪ only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints with tylenol dissolve packs. and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get
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brian: we are back with a fox news alert. the state department considering any factual a vision of us personnel from the lessee in kiev as tensions escalate on the ukrainian border. ukraine braces for potential
6:34 am
russian invasion. >> reporter: they are bracing for that possibility is some us military aid is coming through, shifting overnight, $200 million worth of security assistance or leave the late as they call it included in this shipment, ukrainian troops facing off against russian backed separatist fighters in eastern ukraine. russian jet fighters being dispatched to neighboring belarus, a buildup of 125,000 russian troops, tanked hardware posing a threat of a possible invasion. this war talk as the state department confirmed. officials looking at a possible evacuation of us to permit families from the embassy in kiev and elsewhere. here's what we found another part of kiev. the obtaining military has
6:35 am
improved a lot using soviet era tanks placed here in this ky4 park. but it needs a lot more. >> we need the international community to help us. afghanistan cannot defend the country by ourselves. >> translator: the army is ready, not only men but women and children are ready to save our country. >> reporter: more us and russian diplomacy set for next week. the whole region weights and wonders. back to you. rachel: great report. the ncaa is revising their transgender policy only to d for transitively eligibility to each governing body claiming they want to foster fairness but our next guest says this could be a game changer.
6:36 am
that is completely unfair for biological women. the alliance defending freedom's general counsel christine wagner joins us with college track athlete selena souls. you have been so brave. i've been watching so many of your interviews, so proud of you. it can't be easy. how do you feel about this ruling? are they passing the buck? >> i think they have failed to protect women's sports, shifting the responsibility, they don't want to take the initiative to ensure know the girl has to experience the frustration i had to deal with. >> you dealt with all through high school and you are dealing with it again. this is a problem for women sports. what is the answer to this? should trans people have their own athletic competition?
6:37 am
what is the solution? >> to continue with what we've always done, 6 specific categories with a wave of published science tells us no amount of testosterone suppressant overcomes the physical differences between men and women. they can't restore fairness and safety by men compete against women. rachel: as a mom i think it is important in at letter competitions. i want to talk to you a little bit about caitlin jenner, a really interesting voice in this. caitlin is a male olympian athlete transitioned to become a woman, not a biological woman but has come out what i imagine to get a lot of pushback lgbt activist community. let me play what caitlin said and what you have to say in response.
6:38 am
change the ncaa just kicked the can down the road. i don't know why the governing bodies of many of the different organizations are so intent on getting such a small able in the woke world gone wild. >> the ncaa dropped the ball with this issue. it was difficult for me. i faced against biological males a dozen times and was never close to winning a single time. it is a heartbreaking thing to go through and disappointing that the ncaa did not want to take initiative and protect women's sports. rachel: they are demoralizing girls. you have been great champions on
6:39 am
this issue, brave of you to stand forward, thank you for defending selena, kristin. all right, still ahead, the governor of joy's home state of georgia is next. ♪♪
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6:43 am
21 degrees the actual air temperature in memphis, tennessee. that cold hotel across the tennessee valley and the northeast. minus 20 actual air temperature in caribou, maine, back in the 1980s, 17 degrees in new york, 17 in boston. that cold air is in their and is a partner to the system the dropped more snow and ice across parts of the carolinas. that snow and ice is done. this cold front across parts of florida, north part of florida is going to be much cooler than the southern part, 77 in miami, high of 57 orlando. noticed 38 degrees in raleigh, that will be above freezing. you have snow and ice across parts of the southeast by this afternoon temperatures will begin to melt. if you can't stay off the roads enjoy the snow.
6:44 am
you are cold in georgia right now. it is getting into the mid-40s. joey: i'm hoping it gets warm soon. georgia filing suit against the by that ministration after h h s officials rejected a bid to acquire work as a condition for medicaid. the waiver proposal originally approved by the trump administration would have required recipients to work at least 80 hours a month or fulfill other specific requirements while expanding coverage to 50,000 low-income georgians. georgia governor brian kemp joins us with more. >> good morning. joey: go, dogs, your best campaign approach would be the bulldogs win a championship when when you are governor. >> the braves won the world series and we started with a national championship to start.
6:45 am
joey: why is it important for georgians to have a work requirement with medicaid? >> world is upside down in washington. we are getting sued by the biden justice department over our election integrity act that makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat and we are suing them over our healthcare waiver we got approved by the trump administration they are fighting us on but that is what we have to keep doing. we don't believe in 1-size-fits-all broken government program. we are trying to bring innovative solutions to healthcare, cover for georgians but also help them get on the path where on government healthcare their hope have, they moved to the private sector, working lower private-sector health insurance costs, get people to learn a trade, volunteer, be in school, get education and help them get into the workforce which is what we
6:46 am
need but i guess the president doesn't agree with this. joey: the workforce and the private sector, in las vegas last week, something i attend every year, i know when you campaign for governor you had a famous and infamous act supporting the second amendment. we talk about business. your campaigning, a campaign to bring the gun industry to the state of georgia. remington is about to move here. do you think bringing the gun industry to georgia is a winning issue for the governor of georgia? >> great shots a lot of business development, great companies providing jobs for hard-working origins in all parts of the state which is what i ran on. you mentioned a lot of those
6:47 am
companies but it is not just about bringing gun manufacturers to georgia but bringing good manufacturing jobs to all parts of our state, where these companies will be supported. we have ammunition companies doing business with the government, firearms manufacturers but the outdoor show as much of the shooting, sporting and tactical show for police officers so it's an entire industry that our state has thrived in during the pandemic. a lot of people were coming to georgia when other states had state parks closed but we never did that. we are open for business but also strong supporters of the second amendment. i talk about this, with the panel, the governors we work on getting constitutional carry past. it is a constitutional issue, this is the year we will get that done because georgians and americans, when you see what
6:48 am
happened, the tragedy in new york yesterday, police officers getting shot, people in their bedrooms getting hit by fire from apartment complexes, people are fed up with that and ready to protect and defend themselves with others won't. joey: appreciate your time this one, go dogs and thank you for supporting the second amendment. >> thanks for your service. joey: moving on. it is an epic rivalry playing out tonight, the 49ers take on the packers, we break down the nfc playoff action right here next. we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ find your rhythm. only your happy place.eed. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a
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the one in a rivalry dating back decades the 49ers take on the green bay packers. in the nfc divisional round taking off at 8:15 eastern time with pregame coverage, here with your preview is chris myers. great to talk to you this morning. the 49ers are doing a time traveling thing, the cowboys/niners rivalry, here's the question. does it play out the same way,
6:53 am
the playoffs ability to run the ball kill the cowboys and the weakness of the packers? is it another upset for the niners? >> a california team, it will be with a windchill below 0. they run the ball well. nick is going to play, their star defensive end will harass aaron rodgers, got to love the history from joe montana, to aaron rodgers, the underdog likes the role he is playing, the right shoulder banged up but it is -- if the packers could slow that down and put on points, the home team should win. they were here the last couple championship games. will: you mentioned running the ball is the big story. aaron rodgers will do aaron
6:54 am
rodgers's thing. are we looking at 75%? what are we looking at with the health of the niners? >> he played hurt the last week. the interception, rogers, well rested. they had the off week. the 49ers are relatively healthy, they won the game in san francisco, he has been a star for them since, running and receiving. on the other side, the 49ers slowed down because of the packers get their running game going, they grind it out. you rodgers wants to go to devonte adams. the 49ers kicker is not listed in history 18 of 18, he is used
6:55 am
to cool and windy conditions we should see tonight. will: are you making any predictions? >> i believe the predictions to her but in all four of the games this weekend the road underdogs all have a legitimate chance to win the game that includes the 49ers. i think buffalo predicting them to go to the super bowl for the amc. will: i make predictions. i have one underdog, except for one game, like you it comes sunday night. the rest of the way, it is great to talk to you and thanks for being with us today. >> enjoy the games, take care. will: to stack the catch. you're. at prices you're really feelin.
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this week. discussing tips for healthy marriage. will: while you're there click over and subscribe to the will came podcast that boxes i'll give you my three big stories every episode three times a week. >> four hours isn't enough but it's all we have today. join us tomorrow for more "fox & friends" we can. ♪ >> our hearts are broken, we are in shock and are neither buckling. and we are angry because we've been here before. we are angry because we saw it coming. we are angry because we said it was going to happen and it happened again. so tonight, these police officers are going to sleep to


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