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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 22, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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counterculture is alive and well in new york city. >> just amazing, so disappointing. if you have your own permits, tweet us at jer on fnc. that's it for this week's show, thanks to my panel, thank you to all of you for watching. we hope to see you here next week. ♪♪ arthel: an attack on city of new york eric adams is describing a deadly shooting claimed the life of one in my senior officer and another officer in critical condition. welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news live, i am arthel neville. eric: thank you for joining us. the ambush attack on the officer's to start somber reminder of the dangers law enforcement basis on the job every day. last night a police session and ambulance hearing mood officer
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after the shooting. investigators say officers responded to a domestic disturbance call when the government opened fire inside an apartment striking to officers. the third cop was able to shoot the suspect who happens to be a convicted felon with a long rap sheet. he found a hospital in critical condition. fox news live earlier i spoke to ray kelly about this senseless violence. >> we've seen new york one 100% increase in shootings 2020, 2019 and remains at that level, we are in bad shape in the city. arthel: alexis mcadams live outside in harlem with more. >> tragic day here especially in harlem where the officers work in the precinct here right behind us, this was in a matter of seconds. three props inside the apartment
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complex and two of them were shot. nypd grieving the loss of their own recently from the officer who was a rookie, a 22-year-old here, he wanted to be a police officer wanted to make a big change in his community. this is where haven't friday night, three nypd officers responding to a 911 call my woman said she was in a fight with her son. the officers walked in to the apartment to talk to the man and that's once investigators say kicked up in the man door exotic shooting. it left one nypd officer that and another incredible condition. nypd identify the officer killed my 22-year-old jason rivera joined the department in 2020 with big aspirations with nypd, husband, friend and son the family grieves, police unit asking for support from the community.
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>> new york city police officer the public has to come the public has to sent a message from anyone parts a police officer must not here, not now, not today, not to us nypd asking for the public support. investigators tell us this is a comment here identified as 47-year-old mcneil, who shot and critically wounded by third officer and try to run out of the apartment, investigators say he is on probation for felony drug charge interested nearly half a dozen times and other state the past several years for a variety of offenses. the second officer shot is here on your screen, this will work, he's in critical condition right now at the hospital here in charlotte. nypd for four years and remains hospitalized we can tell you this is the fifth nypd officer who was shot so far this month.
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the mayor right now is asking for the public's help in the public support as i continue to shine a light on this tragedy and because of an ongoing battle with the district attorney alvin bragg we've been talking about, he's been under fire for being soft on crime he put out a note talking violence against nypd officers here will not be tolerated. arthel: a horrible tragedy here. what more can you tell us about the gun used? >> we are still learning details we are told the 45 handgun was an extended 40 round magazine recovered from a gun report stolen out of baltimore in 2017. investigators are running trying to track down the gun to see if it's used in any other crime. arthel: and of course eric adams saying this is an attack on the city of new york itself, but what does he plan to do about
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the rising crime. >> he has a plan and he will have more details in the coming days but the mayor said all hands on deck effort here, local officials like him even though he says in his office working on the seven days a week, authorities need to send an help places like chicago pacifically mentioned in a roundtable half hour ago saying they need to stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into the streets of new york and officers are working around the clock to get them off the streets. arthel: this of course, you need to think it has to be an outcry from the citizens of new york, i don't you've been stationed there at the precinct, you may not have been able to talk to people but a lot of times talk to reporters. have you heard anything the residents in the area you met residents in the area are heartbroken, fair candles people are setting outside right now we will show you really with the outpouring here, these are some of the candles to set up a
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makeshift memorial, one officer that from the 22-year-old in the partner in the hospital people are very upset. the precinct in harlem to protect their neighbors thanking them for everything they do what they put their lives on the line every day in every city including nypd in new york, a lot more work has to be done streets of new york and all across the country. arthel: they absolutely do put their lives on the line every single day. thank you very much. eric. eric: the officer killed last night i'm a police officer jason rivera rough in manhattan, in upper manhattan next to harlem. officer rivera wanted to become a police officer to improve relations between the community and officers. in a letter written to the police academy commended the officer wrote that in 2020 officer rivera set coming from
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an immigrant family i will be the first to say i'm a member of the nypd, critical resource continued saying something as small as something corrections, helping a couple resolve an issue for put a smile on someone's face. growing fears russia is planning scale invasion $200 million shipment of american military arrived last night. several packages attending ukraine from greg is live at
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ukraine's capitol city with the latest. what can you tell us? >> running around the region, paid my arrived just in time. it's the first major amount of security, they call it lethal aid for the ukrainian army in the nation 5000 russian troops hard work continues including today i'm at the.of russian jet fighters in belarus from all posing for a possible invasion. today, military park soviet era tanks and other year, people are thinking about the possibility of a new world and russian the fighting already going on.
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>> i hope it wouldn't happen but anything is possible. >> eight years since war started in our desire only increased. >> today it was community day, patriotic day legs being blown. arthel: understandably, thank you, greg. eric: here at home, president biden meeting with national security team at camp david this weekend to discuss back when diplomats from ukraine and their families as well as to spend more weapons and ammunition ukraine to help russia invasion if there is one. lucas tomlinson is live with what the white house is doing to try to stop latimer putin met u.s. officials say the good from a soon as monday with the state
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department about evacuation some family members and personnel in ukraine ordering them out of the country. the secretary of state tony blinking met with russian counterparts to outline the next steps. >> i will this process to continue and i told him following complications in the coming days with allies and partners, we anticipate to share with russia, our concerns and ideas detail in writing next week. >> a few days ago he said there would be no written response. the state department says no official order has been given to families in addition to the shipment arrived, u.s. officials say if i take missiles in u.s. literary stockpiles arrived early next week as well. antiaircraft missiles are being sent from field.
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trump administration in early december doesn't biden ruled out to ukraine. russian forces in belarus ukraine's officials here are concerned ukraine's capitol city is in the crosshairs. accurate white house president biden refused to answer questions about russia camp david where he will huddle with his team this weekend to discuss the situation ukraine. >> the reason we won't have time for questions, these guys have to get quickly on the plane into a major announcement in ohio. >> this week marcellus president biden's first year in office would be marked by more evacuation overseas. eric: all right, thank you. arthel: officials from both u.s. and russia so folding talks to try to resolve ukraine crisis. the kremlin continues to build up its military presence officials in russia have about
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127,000 armed along ukraine's for to the south and east. the founder and executive director of the national security institute, how serious is he? is this a ploy, can he handle or withstand these fights with face? >> i think there's a very real chance he comes across the border. 100,000 troops sent to the border he is prepared to go across if he needs to end the question becomes what is he things looking for matt and what this he thinks allies are going to respond economic sanctions president talk about and whatever else coming up we do if he does proceed, that will be a massive invasion or something he thinks he can get away with without triggering military defense against him.
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>> what he might try to do he first came across right area and a area, he may come across in eastern provinces and nothing area which largely russian speaking population, he might claim here looking for independence and arguably you could say as a separate move going across ukraine. at the end of the day, he's going to see if i can't come across this far, can i go further and in his ideal world i think he wants to dominate if you can just like crimea. [two bells tolling] and 2014. arthel: all of this while the world watches, especially china. >> the chinese are watching carefully. xi jinping is watching every move vladimir putin takes and considering that as he is trying to decide whether to invade taiwan or not after the olympics. yet you the nation can invade
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their neighbors taken over by conquest going to have consequences far beyond ukraine. arthel: beijing are like if they can do it, we can do it. let's go back to ukraine crisis, have we reached diplomatic status. >> antony blinken was there on the defense minister in ukraine this week, it doesn't look like we've made real progress. there is some discussion president biden might go speak to vladimir putin again to try to resolve this but we seen it before, we have probably guess, i think the challenge is putin doesn't see a reason to negotiate. he has to have a reason to come to the table find a path forward from he's thinking about nato and the like, the same time, it is not clear to anybody why he should negotiate with the u.s. at this time. arthel: did you say president biden mako negotiate with him or
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would it be a phone call from a physical meeting our president would go there? >> i did saco but i probably overstated it's unclear this conversation about biden talking, it's not clear he would go there president biden has said he wants to resolve this if it takes going somewhere meeting on a neutral location, he may we can get to a good place for a victory, that will be the key question, can you make it happen? arthel: if president biden does go or meet somewhere in between here and there, it might be enough to satisfy ego thing i caused all of this buzz, they know that i am definitely a threat to them so look at me, i brought the president out of the oval office to talk to me.
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i don't know, maybe it could work. >> i do think you are reading him right in the sense that he does have an ego part of what's going on is ability to hold power in russia that might be the key vote for president biden ghosts, it makes him look even weaker than we already look and that will be a huge problem particularly as you pointed out about china. arthel: you could be playing biden -like apartment. quickly before we go, what is about to happen here? if americans have not been tuning in to this crisis before, why should they pay attention at this time? >> i think the concern is vladimir putin coming across the border from they were lines for self and partner with these countries as we supported, if he can come across borders if you fat to worry about taiwan and other areas from we've not been able to look back with foreign policy, they haven't been
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affected from what we do with the nation if we can't protect our allies? arthel: beijing is in the batter's box waiting to see what happens. it's always good to see you, thank you. >> thanks for having me. eric: will have market from in a moment but the deadly shooting in new york city, it's killed one young police officer in but another fighting for his life. pressure wrapping up on progressive politicians who have done everything from calling for police department not charging criminals crimes the victims of crime, who will hear from them next. ♪♪
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the badge had in everything. grateful to them and their families for their extraordinary sacrifice. the president's personal messaging force law enforcement remained just as a plate closing out the u.s. conference of mayors this weekend. >> we shouldn't be cutting funding for police, i'm proposing increasing funding. we ask cops to do everything. >> increasing police funding in the face of progressives within his own party. according to several senate republicans runs counter to new action by the president's administration. yesterday the group led by republicans and chuck grassley released a letter condemning proposed executive order that they say would limit nonlethal police resources like armored vehicles and flashback devices. police officers will face grim reality if executive order is an active it's restricted from them. private crime will continue to
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skyrocket. the white house responded to the letter beginning with this trip the president, along with overwhelming majority of americans know we can and must have a criminal justice system that both protects public safety and uphold findings ideals of people treatment under the laws. for executive action on police reform, white house press secretary jen psaki said yesterday the of ministrations previously held back on it in hopes of reaching bipartisan agreement which we now know it's without a deal. arthel: thank you, alex. eric: the killing of a 22-year-old police officer, jason rivera was the fourth time nypd officer was shot in the line of duty this week adding more pressure on the new mayor of new york eric adams is a former police kat at himself to address public safety. new york city has been grappling with increase in violent crimes this month including 11 month old, a baby shot in the face by
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a stray bullet in the bronx a few days ago. they are atoms calling on congress to do more about gun violence and he's pushing back against progressive was on his own party and calls to dispense police department releasing criminals back on the streets to not even charged for these crimes. the founder of the group women's right new york she's been outspoken on this. welcome, the suspect in this shooting last night, his name is lashawn mcneil, a long rap sheet, he's on probation for a felony and police say he had anti- police posters on facebook including guns pointed at props. is there a mindset, you think taken hold, anti- police, anti- law enforcement mindset even in law enforcement would be in the minds of progressive proposals we are seeing? >> there is but first let me
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say, my heart absolutely goes out to the widow and family the officer rivera and i am praying hard like everyone else for the officer still fighting and clinging to his life. i am a christian woman, and her mother and i'm pretty sure i'm not allowed to say my initial reaction to deep on police and progressives on this sad day in new york but i will say deep funders and progressives, krishan richardson jordan, alvin bragg, brian benjamin, all from harlem and progressive idiots in new york city and albany have created this crisis. they are playing russian roulette with people's lives and another young man just trying to make the world a better and safer place is that because of it. it's time to start using common sense again. sadly, those of us paying attention to these reforms and calls about the pond police, new
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this was not if but when. at police officers, innocent casualties like michelle the baby was shot, a 19-year-old girl killed out works from people coming to atm machines being butchered by machetes, what kind of society is this? how many new yorkers, police and civilians are waking up every day wondering if they will be next? eric: you mentioned michelle, pushed by a man who had been in the system and you mentioned local officials, how do you hold them responsible? at least five arrests, he's on probation from felony drug charge, south carolina unlawful charges, charges in pennsylvania, assaulting a police officer, how in your view
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tab key slick reforms led to what we are seeing now? >> their announcement of meaning seek for the criminals, it is ridiculous and of course they invited it. alvin bragg, murderers, racists and other terminals from those affected by mass incarceration and advocated for the release through parole justice initiatives of cop killers so of course he's inviting this and been announcing he's not going to prosecute weapon charges? man was on probation in another state. what was he doing in new york? did he come here because alvin bragg announced he won't be prosecuting them? of course. eric: you talk about some of these proposals and mentioned richardson jordan, a democratic
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socialist and she does say it's a tragedy, she's calling for the abolition of new york city will be's department and abolish the police department and says that doesn't mean the best of police officers -- let me read some tweets of hers during the campaign, she said that always remember police and prison systems are creating to preserve slavery to break the chains must must provide total abolition. she tweeted we cannot reform a system of policing has so rooted in racist from the front and abolish nypd. police have never served our communities, they don't prevent crime, there and on occupying force created to terrorize more people and enforce racial hierarchies and finally she apparently wants criminals released. we demand immediate racist classes cash bail systems and immediate release of all new
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yorkers incarcerated in reference island and new york city jails. she got elected by 104 post, she's now the new york city council so what you say to these proposals to get rid of the new york city police department and released every single inmate and criminal in jail right now? >> we've already seen effects of these policies and link mass incarceration blanket release mandate already implemented across new york and these are the results. police officers did respond last night to help the community and one is now clinging to his life and another is that. there answer for hypocrites calling to pour more money into anti- gun violence programs, millions of taxpayers dollars have already been poured into these programs and they are not working. 45% over the past two years. you know what we need to do?
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stop releasing violent criminals and enforce law. if you want to play catch and release about go fishing from a run for office. eric: stabbed to death by this activist. speaking on behalf of christ because from young police officer 22 years old trying to help his neighbors. thank you. arthel: just keeps going as we are learning more about long criminal records of the man now charged with walking into a store in los angeles and murdering a young woman. details next. ♪♪
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the suspect charged with murder of a 24-year-old graduate student is now being held on $2 million bail. police say breonna cosper was working alone at a los angeles store and she was stabbed to
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death in a random attack has horrified the community. christina coleman is live with more. >> the alleged killer 31-year-old sean smith was charged with murder yesterday. authorities identified him as a homeless man with a long criminal history. they say he randomly attacked her, hundreds of morning her tragic loss. >> i just miss her if it's really a tragedy, it's so scary out here. i pray for. >> i want the politicians to hear, we can't live in this world where young sweet lady can be working in a store and somebody walking and randomly murder her. >> the accused killer has been arrested at least 11 times from coast-to-coast. at the time of her murder, he was on bail for the trial in south carolina for allegedly firing a flare gun into a moving
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vehicle with a topper inside. covid court delays any ability to get out on bail over the years playing a role in him being able to get out and get back on the streets repeatedly, he has month shots back in 2010 and he was charged with resisting arrest and assault in northern california after allegedly fighting a police officer last year if this case involving rihanna will be handled by the office of l.a. county was progressive d.a. george gascon. critics of him take these two soft on crime but he put out a statement on the murder say those who show no compassion for human life will face serious consequences. the l.a. county sheriff critical of the d.a. and says this. >> we just have to reassure the public we are doing everything possible with the resources we have to make sure the killers are not walking and we have to rely on prosecution when we do arrest the bad apples, that they
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actually pay the full consequences of their actions. >> smith is for jailed, arraignment scheduled for pepper a 17th. arthel: thank you. derek. eric: another california city, residents wrapping shoplifting from burglaries. folks in the great city of san francisco where they are taking action. 80000 people signed a petition to recall the cities district attorney, he was elected in 2019 as part of a national wave of progressive d.a. move out to reform the criminal justice system but critics say the defense attorney turned prosecutor failed to prosecute repeated offenders given the city's mayor, he's disappointed with him and says she knows how she will vote in the june recall election.
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>> i want to seek people in-and-out of the jails held accountable to a certain extent and i don't believe happening to the extent that it should and i want change. >> so you do not know how you are going to vote? >> i do know how i am going to vote i'm not ready to reveal that publicly. eric: the portal san francisco candidate, first, how bad is it in the city? >> first, thank you for having me here. so disappointing, shocking and outrageous what's happening here. our beautiful city by the bank where we have tourism flourishing, culture crashing down and you can't blame covid which many are trying to do. it's nothing to do with covid that we have brazen robberies, have home invasion robberies,
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smash and grab at gunpoint and witnesses are being chased away, shot at. that is not acceptable. it's more than not acceptable and this is what we are doing, trying to take our city back you are what a beautiful city. how does this happen? how was elected? >> what happened is, he ran on a very progressive, interesting raising how he promised restorative justice and it rang with the voters on how we need to tweak the system and reform criminal justice and a lot of us agree, including myself the problem is, he took it too far, he came up with his campaign materials all of the different talking points he wound up apparently line, he didn't fulfill most of the promises he promised to do. from day one, the moment he was
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sworn in office two years ago approximately, he took the mask off, he saw it, all the red lights went out and he started firing seven of the city's most experienced prosecutors from his office and replace them with colleagues and people he knew from the defense side. he has no experience as prosecutor, he's at the offender, defendant he brought in defenders to come in and basically wreak havoc and throw a monkeywrench into the criminal justice system. eric: is that bodine, a very well-known -- civil rights attorney, his mother, kathy bodine, convicted of felony murder serve years convicted in the robbery new york 1981, police officers shot dead, a security guard shot that, he is
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now out. >> that would be, one would be the antithesis -- >> exactly. you summarized it well. in many cases, one would think if you had radical parents, step or foster parents child would be brought up to know what is right and wrong and how you should not be and how you should not act but that didn't happen. in fact, embraced both parents, radicalized theology and went to venezuela in the 90s, early 2000, he was translator shabbos regime, he learned the radical change and this is what he has done. he's coming, during the third
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year under his regime here in san francisco, we can't wait to vote him out we can't find another way to get him out. federal level investigation. eric: the d.a. here, alvin bragg, they were supposed to be a recall mechanism for the people in new york to do that. mr. frank this last week was talking about prosecutorial discretion and mr. dean would say i thought discretion, listen to d.a. brag about that. >> no prosecutor is enforcing every single law all the time for exercising discretion. you could take one conduct and do it ten different ways. eric: in their defense, they would say i'm a prosecutor and using my judgment. >> yes and no.
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there are still standards from upholding the law, the need to follow some semblance of law and order criminal justice. what you are seeing with alvin bragg, similar to la's gas phone and in san francisco it's as if there was a seminar held over the weekend robe d.a.'s and wannabes teach them how to dismantle criminal justice. eric: richard, waiting on the recall effort the d.a. there, thank you. for joining. >> thank you for having me. arthel: present biden's demanding aggression program from the trump era along the southern border the white house is still fighting the remainder mexico policy. we are live at the border from affect up next
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breaking news along the southern border, we are learning of a tragic accident involving department of public safety agent. the special agent there, bill melugin is live with more. what can you tell us, bill? >> good evening, i sat tragic breaking news to report, we learned a 37-year-old texas trooper died in the hospital this morning after he was involved in a crash last night in eagle pass texas while helping border patrol apprehended group of six illegal immigrants whose name was anthony, he served in the u.s. marine corps. he was part of the dps special operations group against 37 years old, he's not the first line of duty death with operation lone star. more details as we get them other news from the border, in
1:49 pm
sullivan city yesterday, this is part of what dps is down here for, apprehending runners like these. we got a winter storm last couple of days but the runners are still trying to come through. here are men and women who do not want to be caught or not willing to turn themselves in to law enforcement. rio grande valley first, more than 157,000 migrant apprehensions. look at this video here also from la jolla showing forerunners apprehended in family unit willing to turn themselves in process by four patrol, all of is happening as ice still has not released its annual report for fiscal year 2021. fiscal year ended september 30, almost four months ago and this report details deportation and enforcement action, the first time in a decade the report has not been released by the end of the calendar year.
1:50 pm
it's still not out and we talked to a former agent why he thinks this. >> the getaways are always a part number to detect but what's important about this one is the deportation numbers, the reason is not released is because there are none. the biden a administration basically has disassembled systematically abolished ice. >> all of the attention at the southern border here but there was an incident at the north importer yesterday, border patrol reporting in blaine washington yesterday, they apprehended a group romanians who drove a car through the border into the u.s. tried to speed often the effort to get away. border agents were able to stop and arrest all of them but this is happening on the northern border rather than the southern one. arthel: you have to watch out for the northern border as well.
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thank you very much and we will be right back.
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fbi releasing an hour hostage standoff at the texas talk last saturday. charles watson is live with more. >> fbi said they have no doubt the hostage situation in
1:55 pm
colleyville, texas last week was an act of terror and hate crime directed toward the jewish community merrick garland comes out forcefully against the target kat. >> we will not tolerate this. we will not tolerate attacks on synagogues or other houses of worship will not tolerate violence or threats of violence you will bite anti-semitism, hatred, racism or bigotry of any kind. reporter: authorities say 44-year-old from he held for people hostage week ago today. the agent in charge saying the suspect repeatedly demanded united states release convicted of terrorist siddiqui in exchange for a safe return of both he held hostage. officials say the demands are international investigation
1:56 pm
nearly 11 hours later, fbi to authorize a team to go inside the synagogue and use force his behavior became increasingly agitated. one hostage said he was completely terrified, authorities say they are working with international partner to try to find out he was in contact with while in the colleyville area. police say they believe they've got everybody down but not clear if any extra charges are coming. eric: a lot of questions on how he was able to get into our country. back tomorrow at noon eastern. thank you.ib
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♪ ♪ hello everyone i am trace gallagher along with tomi lohren, david webb and abby hornacek. here's on whatsapp tonight abay. >> joe biden capping off another bad week with three little words were kamala harris. >> , i love it you've always got my back. we'll talk about that moment coming up. >>


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