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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 23, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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i'm watters and this is my world. ♪. [o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last blaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched
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were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still think ♪. ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave. [o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ rachel: good morning, everybody w welcome to "fox & friends." it is 6:00 in the are morning eastern time.
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will, joe i, good morning to you. this is our favorite part of the show. to your viewers, those are not stock photos. those are not not done by fancy photographers. those are amazing photos that you send in make me want every time i see the national anthem on the start of our show. please continue to send the pictures in. email them to make, friends i always get that wrong. good morning, will and joey. will, start with you. will: great to have you filling in for pete hegseth. you're back. joey: will need ad day off. i need ad job. so i'm happy to be here. will: doing a great job. glad to have you with us. we're glad to have you at home with us as well as rachel mentioned.
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send the photos in make your way on the fox news channel at friends we start with a fox news alert. president biden meeting with national security team. russia is planning to overhaul the ukrainian government to install a pro-kremlin leader. the white house doubling down, if russia further invade ukraine, the united states will impose a swift consequences on russia with allies and partners. we have dan hoffman, a former cia station chief who served in moscow. dan, great to have you with us this early sunday morning. there are reports out now that the americans in ukraine are being advised to begin evacuating that country. it is hard not to hear some drumbeats, potential drumbeats from military conflict, potential war in europe. as you look at the news, we look at the landscape what do you make of what is happening with ukraine and russia today?
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>> there is cause for great concern. there was only back in december when the biden administration was asked evacuating citizens from the embassy and u.s. citizens from ukraine. there wasn't time. now they are. roughly 10 or 15,000 americans in ukraine, asked to leave. that is an indication of a concern that war may be imminent. let's be clear, russia still has 100,000 troops on the border that means nato has not succeeded in deterring russia's attack on ukraine. it is still in the offering. we still have to be prepared for it. rachel: dan, is this situation where the u.s. troops are going to get involved or ask this a wages where we're going to assist the ukrainians in defending their own border? >> i think the biden administration is very clear we're not sending our own troops to ukraine. the british have reportedly sent some trainers there. mostly what we're providing is
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military assistance. javelin anti-tank weapons. latvians and lithuanians are providing stinger missiles. that is what we're doing. we're threatening russia with sanctions which doesn't at this time appear to be enough. i think that is the concern. but there is no indication that the united states wants to send our own people, our own servicemen and women to ukraine to fight there. joey: dan, what exactly would be the fallout of this? i know we're honed in own russia may invade ukraine. now we're talking about literally replacing its government with pro-russian government. say that happens, worst-case scenario, i don't think this president or our former president would be in a combat situation. say this what happens, pontiffcation, diplomacy, whatever, what is the fallout, what are the dominoes that fall from this, what does it mean to the world? >> i certainly think for us tactically real concern. russia will control the black
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sea. that has impact on our nato ally turkey. there will no longer be the buffer state ukraine between russia and central europe. that means poland and romania will be at great risk. don't forget russia will change the borders of europe through force. china will be looking upon that and believing that the united states isn't willing to stand up for sovereign vision nations ukraine is seeking to be a democracy with links to the european union, commercial links. if we don't stand up for ukraine's efforts to build democracy i'm not sure we stand up for much of anything at all. the bottom line for this, i remember president reagan talking about how the united states was a bright shining city on a hill. i think we do well to remember that now. will: dan, you're the former intelligence officer. i'm someone simply sits here to try to make sense of the news. so i lean on you to help me make sense what seems to be on the surface some reports that don't
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exactly make sentence to me. so help me out here. on one hand i see russia potentially with a military incursion looking to re-establish the border with ukraine. that is direct conflict, hot conflict. on the other hand now, i hear about regime change. we know russia's long-term goal or aspiration is the re-establishment of the soviet union, buffer states as you pointed out, why do you invade a border if you replace a regime. you don't have to two that when one or the other would satisfy your goals. one other conflicting thing, we've talked for years in america, russia's attempts to influence election, another tool in their arsenal you would think would sort of put military incursions on the backburner. why all of this at once? >> so you make some great points. vladmir putin has a menu of options he can choose from. he could blockade ukraine in the black sea to make it very difficult for them to trade
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internationally. he can launch additional military incursions in eastern ukraine in the dan bass region. full frond assault on kiev, using special forces operations uses spetsnaz troops to topple ukraine's government. we're seeing a lot of intelligence coming our way about vladmir putin's plans and intentions and it's very disparate, it is hard to figure out because vladmir putin is a cagey kgb operative and that is major requirement for the intelligence community to determine what he is up to, what his plans are. we see the different threads out there. these are all things that the biden administration need to think about. from our perspective to me it is pretty simple. the biden administration, the president needs to get up on the bully pulpit, russia alone is responsible for inciting the crisis. russia is the strongest military power on the continent with
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military weapons. they shouldn't feel threatened by anyone. they incited crisis. nato doesn't need to offer any concessions. we'll provide ukraine assistance they need to come back to deal with whatever threat russia imposes. we haven't done that sufficiently. that is why there are still 100,000 russian troops on the border. >> dan, i have to tell you a lot of americans are very skeptical what you're talking about. i'm not saying you're not right. i don't know enough about the situation. i'm trying like will and joey to take this all in to try to understand it. when i look at our country, our enemies, i think about china, i wonder is this problem that we have, the way we're fighting against russia in this so decisively is this going to push russia further closer to china? would we be better to triangulate that seeing china is our real threat? >> i think russia is a threat
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too. i think one of the things about the united states of america, look we've got a bull's-eye on our country here. we have to deal with iran. we have to deal with transnational terrorism and north korea, china, russia, do it all simultaneously. let's remember that russia invaded georgia in 2008. they have invaded ukraine in 2008, annexed crimea in 2014. interfered with our elections. used a banned chemical agent to kill sergey in uk and know volume any in russia. vladmir putin is a kgb operative denying his own citizens basic freedoms and human rights. that is why the united states and russia are at loggerheads now. i don't see that changing as long as putin is in the helm. joey: don't give away trade secrets, what is the ace in the hole biden may have? you invoked georgia in 2008. is there anything that we learned from that scenario that can overlay into this?
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in the back channels is there anything we can do outside our bad attempts at posturing or combat to settle this on behalf of ukraine? >> you know i think we just need to stand strong, take a page out of president reagan's book, he called the soviet union an evil empire and he was right about it. we need to be stronger with our words and our actions and we haven't done that in my view at least effectively. the russians are following the same strategy they always have going back to the soviet days where they make, mack mallist unrealistic demands with a false sense of urgency to incite or extort their adversaries to give up things we don't want to give up. we're not being strong enough in dealing with russia. that's why i think our other enemies, our other adversaries will be emboldened. there is a lot at stake right now. will: confusing and also scary
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morning as the news continues to march forward into this week. dan, thanks for helping make light of this morning. appreciate your time. >> thanks. will: we'll be covering the latest on ukraine, russia tensions all morning with senator marsha blackburn, former secretary ryan zinke, morgan litrell, wesley hunt. breaking hundreds of community members, firms responders come together to morn the loss of a nypd officer shot and killed in the line of duty on friday. ashley slow meyer is live with the heartbreaking story. reporter: the city and nypd are in shock killing of the rookie police officer jason rivera. they are gathering outside the police precinct in harlem remembering the 22-year-old a caring, happy man who loved his job. probationary officer, rivera pen adler saying quote, i want to be a part of men and blue, to better the relationship between
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community and release. he also wrote, i realize how impactful my role as police officer would go in this chaotic city. something as small as helping a tourist with directions will put a smile on someone's face. rivera was killed responding to a domestic violence call between a mother around a son. "new york post" releasing 911 logs showing the situation escalating quickly. an operator writing quote, he is threatening to do things to her. he is in the house now referring to the suspect. an hour later, the log shots fired. >> what is going on? >> we got -- [inaudible]. >> shots. need units. reporter: rivera's partner wilbert mora and the suspect were shot during the incident. both remain in critical condition this morning. the suspect with a long rap sheet was on probation at the time. there will be a weak on
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thursday. funeral services friday for rivera at famous st. patrick's cathedral. back to you guys. rachel: thank you, ashley. such terrible news. the funeral st. patrick's cathedral, cardinal dolan was seen going into the hospital, giving last rights to the officer mora he is in critical condition. we're praying for him. officer rivera, will and joey was a dominican american. in his community i wanted to bring his community, be the bridge between law enforcement, keeping the community safe and those who mistrusted law enforcement and he wanted to be that bridge and there is a tiktok video going around heart-breaking see him on the beat. his buddies taking video of him. his smile is just infectious. our hearts just go out to all of those involved in this, the families, his young widow.
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it is just, i just, it is just hard to believe that this is happening and mayor eric adams has been on the hot seat with a lot of this because he came in with a lot of hope that he could turn things around for the crime situation and also the reputation and morale of our police officers. here he is discussing this incident but really putting it in the context of the need for more gun control versus what a lot of people are talking about which is so many of the social justice reforms like bail reform that many people believe are making this a soft on crime city. take a listen. >> i'm going to continue to roll out some of the initiatives that we talked about putting in place, to zero in on those small number of people who are creating a large number of
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shootings. we need to be clear on that. there is a pocket of people in this city who have made the determination that they are going to be violent in our cities. many people often talk about bail reform but there are other rivers that are feeding the sea of violence. we know we're doing the right job on the ground. we're removing thousands of guns off the street. but there is an endless flow. we can't continue to allow violent shooters to remain on the street. we can't continue to have the overproliferation of guns that are coming in. joey: the problem here is that he talks about multiple rivers feeding the same stream. that may be true, but you pivot there is small number of people contributing to this to let's get the guns off the street. you kind of overstep something which is important. you can't go get illegal guns off the street if you're not honing in on that small number of people and putting them in
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jail and keeping them there. i mean we've seen just in the last few weeks that you can use a vehicle to kill people. you can use knives to kill people. if you have bad intent and have a history of causing harm or being violent, i mean that is kind flag number one. you can get the river to stop there before guns are even a part of the conversation. as a gun person i'm all for getting illegal guns off the streets but you can't do that if cops are not there allowed to do exactly that. broken windows policing to get to those guns before they're used in a heinous crime like this. i hate to see politics creep in but that is a lot what i heard just now. will: politics is inevitable conversation even when we talk about bail reform. we're talking about changing policies which is political conversation. the question is are we turning to the right political conversation guns are not a differentiating factor. they're not. chicago has some of the
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strictest gun laws in this country, they have incredibly high, terrible murder rate. this spike in murder and violent crime in this country began to spike in the last two years. now there has been a rising gun ownership in the last two years in response to violent crime, not causing spry lent crime. legal gun owners look to take their own security into their own hands. it's hard not to look at the turn to guns as a turn, as an attack on everyday americans constitutionally granted right and it just doesn't have the impact on reducing the violent crime that everybody wants to, you have to attack it at its problem which is doing something how crime begins in the homes, within the family, in the laws that handle crime on the streets. that is how you go about solving violent crime in american cities. you can go city by city by the way, state by state across this country. i'm in texas right now, joey,
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you're in georgia. atlanta, dallas have high crime rates. you know what? there is incredibly high gun ownership, compared to say washington, much higher than washington, d.c., which has very strict gun rules. d.c. has a higher murder rate. rachel: yeah. great points, will. will: all right. we'll turn now to some headlines for you this morning starting with this, crews making overnight progress on the big sur wildfire in california which is 20% contained. 1000-acres burned so far. mandatory evacuations are still in the place in the region. the fire was intensified friday night with strong winds creating fast moving flames as shutting down highways as many residents fled to safety. a pennsylvania school board member has a scathing message for parents, saying quote, with all due respect no, i don't work for you. the school board member writing a op-ed in the new york
3:20 am
dispatch, slamming parents who speak out against covid restrictions and radical education plans. he argues i was elected by people who voted to represent you. it is not the same thing. parent who say school covid policies can harm children are quote the most offensive and vial of all. wow. now to the divisional round of the nfl playoffs, the 49ers send mvp and packers packing. san francisco blocking a kick, returned it for a touch down to tie the game with a little less fine five minutes left. before converting the game-winning field goal to win 13-10. surprising upset. meanwhile cincinnati knocking down the afc top seeded titans with their own last second field goal. >> mcpherson, he has done it! will: all right. the bengals rookie kicker evan
3:21 am
mcpherson nailing the kick to win the game 19-16, to send the franchise to its first championship game since 1988. before he kicked it the confident rookie kicker reportedly said looks like we're going to the afc championship game. the action continues with the rams take on the bucs, the bills face the chiefs. more "fox & friends" coming up in moments. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ i didn't know my genetic report could tell me i was prone to harmful blood clots. i travel a ton, so this info was kind of life changing. maybe even lifesaving. ♪do you know what the future holds?♪ hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four--
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." that is a beautiful shot of atlanta. we're going to start this next topic about supply chain. we'll talk about the supply chain because as you both know, we have had a lot of problems with our supply chain. looks like the biden administration is finding new ways to make it worse because as of yesterday any non-citizen looking to enter the u.s. must be fully vaxed impacting of course as you know the trucking industry. the white house is also eyeing to make, to mandate vaccines for illegal migrants as well.
3:26 am
bob costello, he is from the american trucking association. he is a chief economist. he wanted to talk a little bit about these mandates and how it is going to impact our supply chains. he says both the u.s. and the canadian governments have to be prepared this is the route they're choosing. they need to be prepared to see real impacts on their sides of of the border potentially more food shortages because of, energy shortages because of this, and potentially manufacturing shortages and so on and so forth. so crazy this is the time they're deciding to do this on the heels of omicron which is showing us that the vaccines probably aren't the best route to go if you're trying to avoid omicron. i don't understand, will, joey, why they're doing this. why are they doing this at this moment and where the heck is pete buttigieg? i haven't seen him in any of this, no face time at all. i don't know if he is back home with the baby or what is going
3:27 am
on. this looks like a really bad idea at a time that our economy is really struggling. joey: mayor pete is still on two years paternity leave, good for him. hope everything is ready to go. it is not that the timing is bad but completely obviously unnecessary. if you do this six months ago you would have more grace, if you did it a year ago we would understand better. in a moment right now the latest variant of virus can show it can spread beyond vaccine i don't know what this does to keep our country safer. what is really ironic about this, we can watch thousands, thousands of people pour across our border. democrats will look us in the face to say, wall won't help. we shouldn't stop those people. we're rich. we owe it to them to let them come on in. we'll not test them. we'll not make them get a vaccine. those people are in desperate times, desperate measures. any impact we have on our society we owe that to them
3:28 am
because our moral reason, prosperity we owe it to them to not worry about vaccination status. people that follow the rules. much smaller amount of people, that do a right thing, that have a job, utilizing the opportunity in front of them to be in transportation, drive trucks, railway, whatever it may be, to move things we need into this country. we say we'll burden those people. we'll make sure those people can't do their job to fulfill our supply chain. don't get me wrong, we need immigration. we need labor. you go to any place in this country we're short on labor. we need an effective government that would do this the right way. punishing those trying to do it the right way, coming into the country contribute to it, even temporarily for supply chain that is stupid, right? that doesn't make any sense. i'm not crazy to say that, am i? will: you're not crazy. here is how stupid it is, pointed out several times, rachel may the point last couple
3:29 am
days, be clear, the vaccine does not work to stop transmission. that is an admission made now by the cdc, rochelle walensky. it was made by the ceo of pfizer, albert borla we play you video clips, from sources that haven't told you the truth, but the vaccine does not stop transmission of virus. therefore, what is the point of the mandate? if only purpose of the vaccine is to stop the severity of the infection of covid, then what's the point of a mandate? the mandate is supposed to help out one another unless our hospitals are completely run which they are not, what is the point of a mandate? there is no an. flip side of that, we impose a mandate in this case on our borders, impacts truckers, we then, further constrict our supply chain. bare shelves get more bare. the whole bare shelves, supply chain, everybody focuses ships
3:30 am
onshore. one of the problems we don't talk about there are not enough truckers to get them from the ports across the country. we have another problem with truckers. further reducing truckers that can come through the lan ports t makes no sense. you talk about who bears the brunt, joey, truck drivers. you watching at home as well when the prices go up and store shelves remain barren. rachel: shows such glaring lack of priorities on the part of the biden administration. poll after poll will tell you that the american people's number one concern is inflation, clearly this is not going to help. as you said, will and joey, a vaccine mandate on truckers coming into our country from canada or mexico is not going to affect our covid situation. i have no idea why we're trying to coerce them taking the vaccine but that is what our government is doing. again, where's pete buttigieg? i'm going to keep asking that question until shows up on
3:31 am
"fox & friends." we'll see. coming up a texas public safety agent is killed in a crash trying to arrest illegal immigrants. a huge problem in our southern border areas. tom homan on why president biden's border policies put innocent lives in danger next. n. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪. joey: good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends." a texas department of public safety officer is dead following a traffic crash in maverick county, texas. special agent anthony solas was killed trying to arrest six mike grants retired i.c.e. director tom homan joins me. we spent last two days about the tragic death of a new york city police officer. everyone understands the gravity of what happens. we're looking at, juxtapose to
3:36 am
this, another border patrol agent, a i.c.e. agent killed in the line of duty. people just expect that. they don't understand how tragic this is, what is happening on our border every single day. just speak to us how dangerous this job is, why it is so important to reevaluate what we're doing down there. >> well, look, prayers out to special agent solas and his family. always tragic to lose one ever the finest. look, i said it many times before, people want to beat up on president trump and his immigration policies are inhuman. let me be clear, president trump pushed immigration to 35, 40-year low, depending what month you look at, illegal immigration was down 83%. that saves lives. the most vulnerable people won't make the journey if they know they won't succeed. joe biden comes into office, destroys all the policies. what is the result? under president trump's last year 254 migrants died across the border.
3:37 am
first year under president biden doubled more than 557. that is119 increase, doesn't count hundreds coming through mexico or the gap in panama. 100,000 overdose deaths from fentanyl dea says come across the border. 59 cpb officers died of covid. he is igniting title 42 with hundreds of thousands of family groups and children come across infected with covid. joe biden's policies are not humane. it is killing people at a rate more than i've seen in my career. joey: vice president harris comes to guatamala to stop the crisis. marine corps, stop the bleeding, treat the shot. shouldn't just at that position, treat the border close the border to go to honduras to make
3:38 am
their life better. don't we need to stop the bleeding and breathing first. >> absolutely, plug the dam. you're right, joey. i've done this 35 years. we've given central america and mexico billions of dollars. we tried it before. president trump tried it. if you want to find the root causing of what's happening right now, all you need to could walk down the hall to biden's office. their policies caused this surge. look what president trump did. the data speaks for itself. trump's policies worked. it saved lives. illegal immigration was down 83%. if you want to find root causes go to the oval office, walk to the secretary of dhs. alejandro mayorkas's office. a their policies created this surge. that is dead stop. joey: tom homan, thanks for joining us today, let's hope the border finds some sanity soon and things like this tragedy quit happening. >> i agree 100%.
3:39 am
joey: thank you. coming up the man accused of killing an nypd officer and shooting another has a lengthy rap sheet and was on probation. now concerns over the state's bail reform has one county looking to avoid the same danger. how long island is tackling crime, coming up here next. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. it's our january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and, it's temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now $1,999. plus, 0% interest for 36 months.
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that's a pretty tight spot. watch this. of course your buick parks itself. that's so you. it's just up here on the right. of course you know where we're going.
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"fox & friends." very cold air coming across the northern plains. minus 19 is the actual air temperature in fargo, 27 in new york, 27 in atlanta. behind the system that brought snow, rain, ice across parts of the northeast much colder air settling in the deep south especially. this morning across the northeast. temperature cold, better than yesterday, minus 27 in fargo. now we're at 3. things improved. a little bit of snow coming across in parts of the northeast later on this afternoon. down parts of south florida, the system brought all of the rain and some unsettled weather, that is out of here. by now the front moved all the way through behind that. temps are cold. we have freeze warnings in effect tonight and tomorrow morning across parts of north florida. will, send it over to you. will: thank you, rick. fox news alert. the man accused of shooting nypd officers this weekend, killing
3:44 am
one, had a lengthy rap sheet was out on probation. as concerns rise over the state's bail policies. on long island one lawmaker facing the problem head on. nassau county executive joins us now to explain. bruce, great to have you with us this morning. look at the problem in new york city. what in nassau county can you do to help to attempt to make sure, this doesn't happen out on long island? >> tragically we lost a police officer, jason rivera, 22 years old, right across the border in new york city. we have another police officer that's in critical condition wilbert mora, 27 years old. all of these tragic stories keep repeating themselves because the atmosphere of lawlessness not only in new york state but around the country n nassau county, we have a new district attorney, ann donnelly, who is a tough prosecutor. we've got one of the finest police departments in the united
3:45 am
states. we have close to 3,000 sworn police officers, sheriff's department, corrections officers, probation department and they're all doing their job but our state lawmakers are not. our state lawmakers passed a law that allows people to get out without having to post bail, even if they're a flight risk or a danger to society and i'm going to fight against that. i will continue to go to our state capital, tell our governor and lawmakers that is not acceptable. will: we'll put it into context, and tell what your proposal to a leave the problem. here is the context, new york state's dale bail, july 2021, 20% of defendant es who committed crimes not bail eligible, in other words got out without bail, were rearrested while the case was spending, 2000 people rearrested a for violent felony.
3:46 am
429 for a violent felony with a firearm. to your home territory of nassau county, for the year 2021. 11,000 arrests. 9700 released without bail. of those, 1011 rearrested. that is 11% rate of recidivism while they're out awaiting their justice. 300 were let go without bail for weapon as offenses. what is your solution for alleviating problem. >> let me give you a more dangerous example. last week our police department took off the streets 100 illegal guns. 1/3 of the illegal guns our police department took off the street were by criminals released without bail in prior criminal activity. so it's a very dangerous. now what we're doing is, we're going to continue to up our policing and we're going to work very closely with our new district attorney but we need help.
3:47 am
we need our state lawmakers and our governor to reverse and repeal the cashless bail law. it gives criminals more rights than victims. makes it harder for our district attorney. it makes it more difficult for our police department. it is creating havoc like we've seen in new york city this week, which is a terrible, terrible tragedy but keeps repeating itself. we had five police officers shot in just 22 days. that is not acceptable. it's crazy. will: well, here is hoping you can do something about it in nassau county in the state of new york as we're looking at, as mayor adams says the rivers that pour into the sea of this problem this seems to be a major tributary. so bruce blakeman, thanks for jumping on with us this morning. >> thank you so much. will: you bet. coming up, kindergarten are being taught black lives matter's guiding principles. dr. cale swain is here to react.
3:48 am
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♪. rachel: a denver elementary school is planning to teach, the quote, the guiding principles of black lives matter to its kindergartens and first-graders. according to flyers the
3:52 am
curriculum will teach students subjects like this, restorative justice, transgender affirming, year affirming, globalism. here to react the coauthor of black lives for merck, how critical race theory is burning down the house, carol swain. welcome to the show. you're the perfect guest on this topic. we're not promoting blm. we're using their guiding principles to teach our kids about diversity. you know a lot about blm and their principles. why should parents be wary of this. >> before we talk about their agenda i would like to thank them for giving us a prime example of university level ideas being distilled to our children in k-12. they keep telling us crt is not being taught in the public schools. yes it is, restorative justice, trans affirming, gender
3:53 am
affirming, all of these ideas are university level ideas that come from critical theory, critical querr theory, critral race theory. i want to get that out first. will: rachel: you're right. especially forthright with what they're doing. i think a lot of parents are not going to get a flyer telling them their kids will be taught we're affirming theory and globalism. i have a kind condition kindergarten no way they understand this. why should parents be wary of this? is this marxism? what is the end goal here? >> it is indoctrination of our children. if you look what they're telling our children, those ideas, for some of them their lives will be destroyed. these are progressive ideas.
3:54 am
children lack the critical thinking skills to be able to process it. and unless parents are vigilant, you know, it will just create all kinds of confusion. the children are also told with the gender affirming that they have a right to choose their own gender. that they should rely on their hearts and minds but the hearts and minds are being indoctrinated by progressive teachers, and some of the students don't know what is taking place. the parents will not know. it is very dangerous. and it got into the schools because blm presents itself as caring about racial justice and racial reconciliation but their agenda is on a agenda developed by two women that say that they're trained marxists, trained marxists, two women who embrace their yearness.
3:55 am
that is the real agenda. not about, parents would be horrified if they knew what black lives matter organization was really about. rachel: yeah. they got a lot of money right after the george floyd riots. corporations really filled the covers of blm. they went into creating this curriculum we're now seeing distributed to our schools. really quick, carol, parents we talked about, they are not forthcoming this is being taught what is the answer for them? should they assume this is being taught? a lot of people say take kids out of the system. it is not reformable. is it? >> i can tell you that the "fox nation" series, the miseducation of america, is something that i highly recommend for all parents. it is streaming now but, parents have to protect their children. you can know whether its being taught. if it is being taught it is dangerous for your child and for
3:56 am
everyone else's child. it doesn't belong in the public schools. rachel: absolutely. wow, miseducation of america is a wonderful series on "fox nation." you did a real service working with pete, our colleague and friend on that. i highly encourage everybody to go to "fox nation" to watch it. thank you. more "fox & friends" coming up. woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. only pay for what you need. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪. will: beautiful shot of your nation's capitol this morning. welcome to "fox & friends," 7:00 a.m. eastern time sunmorning. will cain, joey jones in for pete hegseth and rachel campos duffy this morning. guys, as i was listening to the song coming in, i had the moment the other day, i was taking my
4:01 am
boys to soccer practice, my youngest son asking me questions what was your favorite song when you were younger? i have a terrible memory. ray control, i'm not much of a music guy. long and short we end up bouncing around spotify talk about music, we ended all the songs from the '70s, '80s, you know what struck me, listening to twisted sister, whatever it may be, how many songs of the past several decades were about rebellion? rebellion against authority. pink floyd rebelling against teachers, do i have to follow the government. i listen to the songs, i will not turn anything political, this is a cultural observation, how compliant everything is, including music. what happened to rebels, rachel? rachel: there are no rebels. i've been on college campuses. the most masked population i ever seen.
4:02 am
walking to class outdoors, it is funny that you said that about pink floyd, the other day i saw a picture on social media of all these kids being just teacher, taping the mask of a student so that there was no air allowed to come through. i literally retweeted it and put, hey, teachers, leave our kids alone. will: leave them kids alone. rachel: from pink floyd. so will, great to have you here, joey, filling in for pete. joey: talking about the punk rock era, lasted a solid 30 years, if you asked greg gutfeld it is still going strong. we had a good conversation about that as well. i was thinking about the great truck driver songs, truck drivers getting vaxed, talking about mccoy, the convoy, i'm from a different place. i live to both kinds of music, country and western. that is where i settle in. maybe we'll get some for the
4:03 am
next break. rachel: that would be great. joey: we begin with a fox news alert. the white house is sounding the alarm on new reports that the kremlin is plotting to install a pro-russian government in ukraine. alexandria hoff joins us live from washington. reporter: joey, good morning. the president once again declared if russia further invade ukraine, the u.s. alongside allies and partners are ready to impose consequences. the statement was made this weekend after president biden met with the national security team at camp david what they call continued russian aggression towards ukraine. the concern about russia's increasely offensive position along ukraine where troops and heavy machinery are mobilized. that is along with demand from russian president vladmir putin. antony blinken said after bleating with his russian counterparts details will be in writing sometime this week. the british government this weekend their belief russia is plotting to install a
4:04 am
pro-kremlin leader in ukraine. former parliament member nigel farage warns americans should be worried. >> if democracy falls in europe, the threat to it falling in america will come there too. we cannot allow this totalitarian doctrine to start taking over eastern europe. reporter: nigel farage there. the u.s. national security council, they also added this, they said this kind of plotting is deeply concerning. the ukrainian people have the right to determine their own future and we stand with our democratically elected partners in ukraine. no official order has been given for embassy staff and their partners to depart just yet. guys, back to you. will: thank you, so much, alexandria for that update. joey, rachel, we began this conversation yesterday. as i watched the news to come in, i think it's a conversation,
4:05 am
i hope a conversation would not only continue over the coming days but over the coming weeks. what we're looking at is potential formational moment here in the year 2022 and across the political lines of our globe. now i understand that every single totalitarian movement started small, started with minor incursion as joe biden put it with vladmir putin, going across the borders. hitler started with the sudatanland. starting with the balkans. it starts more. united states stands for liberty and stopping the creep of totalitarianism. dan hoffman was a cia station chief earlier and laying out the american role. listen to this. >> tactically this is real concern. russia will control the black sea. that has a impact on our nato ally turkey. there will no longer be the
4:06 am
buffer state, ukraine between russia and central europe. poland and romania would be at great risk. don't forget russia will change the borders of europe through force. china will be looking upon that and believing that the united states isn't willing to stand up for sovereign nations. if we don't stand up for ukraine efforts to build democracy i'm not sure we stand for much of anything at all. that is the bottom line of this. i remember president reagan talking about how the united states was a bright shining city on a hill. i think we do well to remember that now. will: so, rachel and joey, i understand that historical role for the united states of america. on the other hand, you know, rachel you pressed dan on this, could this potentially involve american troops? the answer at this point is no but it always is no until it is yes and i think that we need to sit on the other side of the equation as well. how does this benefit the united states of americas?
4:07 am
look at level with politicians amidst low poll numbers look for military conflict to raise their popularity. i'm trying to make sense of news, why does russia want to breach ukraine's border but at the same time establish a region change. one would accomplish the other. i think we need to look skeptically at the news trying to make sense, always ask the question what serves america first. rachel: that is definitely the right way to start thinking about this, is this in america's interests? we also need to look at the context of this, will and joey. that is that you know, over the last two years, in particular, but not just the last two years. starting with the war in iraq, the way we got out of afghanistan, the little that we felt, many americans felt we actually accomplished as we turned over all of our weapons to the taliban, billions of dollars, and lost american heroes in our disgraceful exit
4:08 am
there, americans are rightfully very distrustful of our politicians, of the so-called experts who seem to think that they know everything of our institutions and a lot of americans are looking at all of the problems we have right now in our country, the crime, the inflation. everything that is going on, going why the heck are we getting involved here? trying, he brought up a great point why do we care so much about the border in ukraine, not our own border? listen to charlie talk about this an you know filtered with dan bongino. >> willing to go to war, trillions of dollars spent over a border dispute. that is interesting that the biden administration cares about border. if our border actually mattered. goes on for half an hour with our press conference, president biden how he is looking at border seeing military build-up. i never knew borders could be
4:09 am
monitored with such precision and mattered so much? rachel: great points. joey: the problem we're not concerned about national security. we're concerned about perhaps diplomacy abroad. that is what charlie was getting to there. it seems like this administration doesn't understand the necessity of securing our border for our own national security, for our own sovereignty but we're worried about ukraine's sovereignty. i get everything that dan hoffman was saying earlier. this does matter. matters on the world stage. matters as far as anything we plan to do with our allies moving forward. this isn't a problem for today. this is a problem for the last several years. that seems to be the trend with our government anymore. they don't focus on things until there are headlines. what is happening in ukraine, been happening for 10 years now. it has been a problem for a while. annexation of crimea happened years ago, not days or months ago. if our government isn't in a better place than what we're reporting which is basically to make some phone calls to the
4:10 am
kremlin, hope for the best, i don't know there is much we'll do to stop it. i don't think the political and popular will to go to war is in our country. i see this is almost inevitable if this is what russia truly desires to do unless other countries set up to get involved which needs to happen anyway. will: speaking of news starts in europe and seems to have the ability to pour over into domestic issues, protests across europe continue against vaccine mandates. many countries across europe have been some of the most active, both governments imposing mandates on sit currency and citizenry pushing back on the street. one of those protests come to the united states. will, with the march organizer against american vaccine mandates, he is saying this about the growing protests here in the united states of america. head to you will hear a lot of people talk about this, say it is a big
4:11 am
anti-vax rally. people coming to deny science but this march is about the mandate. this march is about the draconian measures we're seeing across the country right now, especially in places like d.c., new york city, los angeles and san francisco. we're beginning to see here pushback in the united states perhaps against growing vaccine mandates. rachel: yeah, i mean i'm really fascinated by the march that will be happening today in d.c., a march for freedom, as you said to protest the vaccine mandates. it is not an anti-vax. protest organizers say we're not an anti-vax rally. we're against the mandates. it will be interesting to see how many people show up. but also will the media blackout this march? because i also was in d.c. on this friday for the march for life and every year you know, it is probably one of the biggest, consistently giant marchs that
4:12 am
comes to washington, d.c., and we're the only ones that cover it. there is a blackout on the other networks and so we will see. will they treat this rally for freedom, i don't remember the exact name they're calling it, march for freedom, are they going to treat it the way they treat the march for life? are they going to dismiss it, not show it, pretend like it didn't happen? joey. joey: let you in on the secret, a lot of vaccinated people show up against mandates for vaccine. that is the emotional intelligence it takes to understand the problem here. this isn't about how good the vaccine is or isn't. about how important as an american to choose those things for yourself. to be able to say i chose not to get a vaccine for this reason that is important to me or i chose to get the vaccine because i done the research and spoke to my doctor and this is why i decided to do it. that ability to choose for yourself how you will live your life, what medicines you put in
4:13 am
your body, not having employer do it for you, not the government do it for you, that is uniquely american thing. that is something we should not let go of easily. i'm not antivaccine. got the vaccine over a year ago. also got covid. i can sit here tell you with a little bit of experience not foolproof way to stop the spread of covid. that was never our intent to begin with, was it? we had 15 days to slow the covid, its spread. that leads people doubt things. we should stand up for our rights. i don't understand why that is such a hard thing for people to understand. rachel: yeah. especially for medicine which there have been no long-term studies. i'm not a elaborate. for me personally i want to see long-term studies before i put it in my body, before god forbid i put it in my child's body. i never put anything in their
4:14 am
body without a long-term study. that is the right as americans. we should not be coerced by our government. i wish the marchers good luck. see if they get tanks they deserve to the media. now to our headlines starting with a fox news alert. hundreds of people gather outside a police precinct in harlem to mourn the new york city police officer who died in the liability of duty. 22-year-old jason rivera was killed responding to a domestic violence call. the "new york post" releasing new 911 logs showing how the situation escalated quickly. an operator writing about the suspect and his mother, quote, he is threatening to do things to her. he is in house right now. the next log is, shots fired. rivera's partner, wilbert mora and the suspect were also shot. both remain in critical condition. meantime there will be funeral services friday for rivera at the famous st. patrick's cathedral. texas congressman henry
4:15 am
cuellar entangled in a federal probe over sponsored troops he and his staff took to azerbaijan. fbi agents spotted at cuellar's home. the democrat and his staff took several trips to azerbaijan sponsored by a man convicted of another congressional trip was paid for by a foreign government. cuellar not part of that trip. he says he is cooperating fully with the investigation. interesting, cuellar is a huge critic of the biden administration border policies. interesting. a line cookies going viral after revealing the see contract plate marking code used in waffle house kitchens. look at this. >> this means biscuit instead of toast. up side drawn dry toast with no butter. rachel: secret code using a variety of condiments and
4:16 am
ingredients reacting to range of reaction online. some thought it was way too complicated and didn't make sense. one viewer said she would be fired within an hour if she had it use system. waffle house confirms the code throughout the chain and worked successfully for a long time. those are the headlines. will and pete. i was a waitress black in my graduate school days. i have to tell you i would have failed that test. i would have been fired. joey: cracker barrel does the spoon in unseat tea and spoon in sweet tea. i had no clue some restaurants get that elaborate. that is crazy. will: what do restaurants get right when they put hot sauce on your table? america has voted in a lot of different ways. here are the top five states in states that love hot sauce, used the most per cap at this time at that. look at it. north carolina at number five. north dakota at number one. california, colorado, new mexico
4:17 am
make up the middle. so the question then becomes what is america's favorite hot sauce? i believe, now is this america's vote or is this rachel's vote about to go -- rachel: no. this is not my vote because my favorite hot sauce is the number three. chilula. i'm surprised north dakota is number one, not arizona or texas. were you surprised by that, will? will: yes, i am, i am but, yes, per capita. i know, that can help with smaller populations to skew numbers a little bit. here's america's ranking. rachel brought it up. numb five, number four bermans, number three. chilula. number two, frank's red hot and number one, sriracha. we all have hot sauces. >> we all have one. will: i'm a big hot sauce guy. >> frank's red hot here.
4:18 am
got some sriracha. will: rachel, you vote cholula number one. rachel: i like it and it has a little bit avril gary taste to it. i like it on tons of stuff, chile, eggs. will: joey, what is your number one? >> we have a carousel hot sauce. i like them all. you have to have some different from anything. anything but tabasco, because the marine corps force fed me tabasco. i'm a frank's red hot. i got some right here. that's solid. that is solid right there. will: frank's is the original flavor in buffalo wings. i like louisiana hot sauce is second. crystal and louisiana go second. mexican hot sauces are the best, in order at number three. val ledge tina. at number two, cholula. number one, tapitio. that is the best.
4:19 am
rachel: listen, i want to sell the audience. will: the whole family uses it, joey. rachel: tell the audience, will, you can take hot sauce advice from a white texan or a hispanic woman from arizona. so there you go. >> what about a country boy at heart? will: i promise you, let me tell you something, this one, hotter than cholulo. rachel: you don't get the vinegary taste. all right. we'll see what our audience thinks. email us, let us know. will: we want to know your favorite hot sauce. coming up the missouri attorney general joins us live with his plan to end mask mandates in schools, but first -- >> my advice everyone out there frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel those es. get to kickboxing class. have a margarita. ♪. will: [inaudible]. telling democrats to chill out.
4:20 am
joe concha weighs in next.
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>> kamala, i love you, you always have my back. you're amazing. you're the best partner i could imagine. rachel: i do. whoa. after another terrible week for the biden administration the president is laying it on thick with praise for vice president kamala harris and as democrats are still frustrated following another legislative defeat. white house press secretary jen psaki is telling them to just have a drink. >> my advice to everyone out there who is frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel those emotions, go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita, whatever you do to this weekend and wake up on monday morning to keep fighting. rachel: here to react fox news contributor joe concha. great to have you on the show. what jen psaki doesn't know, will cain makes the best margarita i ever had. maybe send it to her wine moms, everybody in the peloton class.
4:25 am
how out of touch was that? >> so, will, we were talking a couple days ago and he sent me that recipe. so cheers for your margarita concoction here, will. it is afternoon somewhere you got to figure. moscow, for instance. we have already started here in this lovely place that i'm in right now as you can see in the background which i can't reveal. this sun intentionally hilarious on two level, guys. applying the homer simpson rule, drinking is the cause and solution to all of life's problems. that's one. marge receipt can, b, is the type of drink the elite, besides will and me of course, like jen psaki when drowning their soros. by the way funny that the white house says, you know, take the weekend off, we'll fight again on monday, that kind of fits the mold, they don't really work on weekends. it is freezing throughout many parts of the country. who is drinking margaritas
4:26 am
honestly except for peapparently. despite all of that, levity aside, here is the sober reality. there is no fight to continue as long as democrats act the way they do. the former clinton labor secretary robert reich tweeting that democrats should take the back of their hand to sinema because smacking women around is way to make them fall in line. harassing her, following her into a bathroom stall worked so well. inflation at 40-year high, homicide records are being set across cities across this country, given the u.s. southern border is wide open and fentanyl is killing younger americans in record numbers that the white house continues to focus on voting legislation when there is no problem there to begin with. here is a fact, right? it is harder to vote in delaware, joe biden's home state or new york, chuck schumer's home state than it is in georgia. another fact that the american people, including african-americans are overwhelmingly for voter i.d.
4:27 am
yet democrats continue to burn their calories on this non-issue. they will pay for it dearly in november, guys. joey: well, hopefully we get to ask questions like people on jen psaki, president biden have new question to ask because i don't know drinking margarita as or kickboxing is things people know. joe, thanks for coming in. will: come back, joe. knock it back, better not be a prop. knock it back. joey: oh, lord. i hope there is water in that cup. rachel: joey, i love margaritas so much that i named my daughter margarita, there you go. joey: actually a family name, we'll talk about that later. my daughter is margo, it goes back to marguerite. maybe that is where we're coming from. coming up, missouri attorney's general is taking on
4:28 am
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♪. will: the battle against mask mandates is heating up as our next guest files a lawsuit against 36 school districts owe claims are unlawfully forcing students to mask up. he is missouri attorney general eric schmidt. he joins us now. mr. attorney general, thanks for being with us. let's lay out the case. 36 school districts forcing children to still mask keeping mandates in place. you say that is against the law in missouri. why? >> well the forced masking of school-aged kids is wrong, number one, number two, it is ineffective, number three, illegal. the general assembly in miss sir
4:33 am
never given power school districts to force healthy kids to mask, force healthy kids to quarantine. we're taking them to court over that. time to pry the power away from bureaucrats to every level to back to parent and. these masks are ineffective. even fiercest advocates of mask, say they're nothing more than facial decorations. what we do know, will, a growing body of evidence, about the social, psychological problems, the angst sight and depression, the loss of learning, it is much more difficult to learn for these kids. parents should weigh these factors and make these decisions which is why we filed a few dozen lawsuits last week. we'll continue the filings early part of this week. will: yeah, so if i'm understanding you let's go backwards and forwards. illegal aspect in missouri the state legislature has never given power to the school districts therefore you're suing them. on morality and science, you're
4:34 am
absolutely right. forced masking does nothing, in fact it hurts. one thing you said, return power to the parents. isn't there argument to be made, best way parent exert power to local level giving power to school boards and school districts, parents have stronger voice dictating what they want to happen in their schools? >> of course it is important for parents to participate. by the way which is why it so disheartening for the attorney general merrick garland to sick the fbi on parents who were trying to make voices heard at school board meetings about mask mandates and critical race theory. as an aside, reality just because it's a local school board, just because it's a city council, or just because it's a county commission doesn't mean they violate against people's rights. don't do things authorized under state law. that is the nature of the lawsuit. parents can make decisions themselves. i would argue, will, the most local level we empower folks to make decisions are families, not systems.
4:35 am
will: right. i understand that completely. we'll talk a little bit later this morning how some of these school boards, for example, have become non-responsive to their voters. how they are little mini authoritarians. it is clear in missouri, seems to be that the law does not empower school boards to be doing this, we'll follow your suit. thanks for explaining it this morning on "fox & friends." >> thanks, will. will: coming up the white house sounds the alarm as the russian government reportedly plans to shake up leadership in ukraine. our military panel. all running for office, reacts next. ♪. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects see for yourself at ♪. joey: fox news alert. white house tensions growing as new reports claim russia is planning to overhaul the ukrainian government, to install a pro-kremlin leader. as the u.s. is ordering families of embassy workers to begin evacuating as soon as tomorrow. our next guest served on the front lines and now returning for congress. former navy seal morgan litrell and former interior secretary ryan zinke and army veteran west hi hunt. secretary, you served in a cabinet. how do you react to how the white house is handling the ukraine right now? >> it's a series of mistakes, joey and when you don't defend
4:40 am
freedom it has implications. they took the military response off the table almost immediately, which give as clear signal to other areas like china and taiwan that we won't defend freedom, we won't defend territory and you see the nato response is somewhat clouded because i don't think that the nato trusts us. clearly in afghanistan the mistakes that were made there are disgraceful exit created a situation where we're not trusted and our allies are not willing, i think to stand up shoulder to shoulder to freedom. because we've shown we're not either. biden administration, they have dug a hole here. it has implications across the globe. i think the biggest one right now is ukraine. right behind it, perhaps even in front of it is china and taiwan. joey: morgan, put yourself back in the team, small team leader, troops under you, you saw what
4:41 am
happened in afghanistan during the summer what is happening in ukraine. where do you think our military is following our president as a leader right now? >> will, what we saw in afghanistan, this is biden administration posturing 101. incapable of understanding the repercussions not exacting appropriately and i think if they don't do what they need to do ukraine will turn into a afghanistan all over again. this would have never happened in the trump administration. he needs to take notes from president trump. he needs to act. president putin is aggressive leader. it shows the weakness of biden with the lack of response in his administration. joey: wesley, you graduated west point. your family graduated west point. where is our military leadership in this? do you think they should have a loud voice deciding what happens in ukraine because it looks like combat is on the table? hard to say that but it looks that way. >> being at west point we
4:42 am
learned a lot about history. imagine this, what if churchhill told the axis powers it was okay to some just some of london, not all of it? biden's speech just this week really invited russia into the ukraine. gentlemen on this panel are exactly right, the afghanistan exit was abysmally bad. the previous administration, trump administration with the leadership of secretary pompeo had conditions-based withdrawal that the world saw and believed that we would tow the line and we would watch out and have our allies's backs and we don't and as you mentioned earlier, sir, the trouble with taiwan as well too, and ukraine and what is the world looking at on a global stage as we lead from a position of weakness? joey: these are problems will have to deal with one way or another. thankfully we have veterans who have been to combat, stepping up, trying to lead. all three of you looking to get
4:43 am
into congress. secretary zinke, you work with a organization specific with that, efforts navy seals, special operators in the congress. why is it so important to have any veteran, especially special operators in congress as congressional leaders? >> this is a fight for freedom. veterans have given a blood oath to defend the constitution. conservative veterans are important to leadership of this country. we need to defend freedom no matter where it is. that is the essence, the character of our country. in the case of ukraine or looking at china, when the world sees that we are unwilling to defend freedom, it has implications across the globe, certainly in our best interests, national security but we need those veterans that have given a blood oath and are willing to stand up firm and defend our way of life, defend the constitution joey: blood oath, that means something in this country. morgan, you're not a peacock. you have don't want to be a center of attention.
4:44 am
you don't need all eyes on you. you're running for office or campaigning this, decision must have been something came from down inside. why did you decide to run for congress? >> most certainly of necessity. after world war ii 70% of the house were veterans. it is in the teens right now. as the secretary said, having a background in service, it is not a necessity but lends perspective. the country is the mission now for us. we want to bring our country back to something very special. it is just coming off the rails. i think all of us that served in the country, that did great things overseas like yourself are tired of seeing the diversity in our parties. we want to bring this country back and make it our mission. joey: wesley, let's wrap this up. you run for congress before. you barely missed out last time. you decided to jump back into it again. what is your advice for veterans looking to get into politics, to be a leader after they come home
4:45 am
from war? >> my advice to them is that we has a country, we need them. we get to wake up every day to put our feet on free, sovereign american soil, breathe free, sovereign american air. joey as you and i know, people died for it, brother, people died for it, we understand this intimately. this is still the greatest country in the world. every generation it is incumbent upon us to protect our liberties, protect our values, protect our constitution. the blood oath to us is real, we know it, we feel it and today we are still willing to die for our country. if you're out there, if you're thinking about what is happening in our country, seeing what is happening in our country, we need you to serve in a different capacity, get in office. fight for our country, fight for our constitution to take back our country for the future. joey: gentlemen, absolute honor to serve with you. i got to know you. good luck with your endeavors. here to more vets in congress.
4:46 am
>> joey: will, i don't know how you follow three special operators running for congress but over to you. will: i don't know how i follow up. four heroes on one screen at one time. thank you so much, joey. turning to your headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. 8-year-old girl, melissa ortega is killed in chicago during a drive-by shooting during broad daylight. the suspected culprits are quote, known offenders but not named a suspect. neither the child or the mother were the intended targets. after being deported from australia over his covid vaccine status tennis star djokovic may be able to play in this year's french open regardless whether or not he is vaccinated. according to reports he can travel to france with proof he had covid in mid-december. french open begins may 20 second.
4:47 am
what a good boy. this video shows a two-year-old yellow lab named bear, helping his owner shovel after a snowstorm in north carolina last week. parts of the state, trying to read while watching bear shovel here. i have to see if this is real. does he get any snow or is it just a dog-and-pony show? can't tell. they were hit with four inches of know last week. all paws needed to clear it up. bear's shoveling limited on four legs. hopefully he has treats for hard work. he is trying. he is trying. i agree. you try, you get a treat. you know, i don't think this is forced segue into meteorologist rick reichmuth and fox weather forecast but he tries. rick tries. rick: teach the dog move in the other direction. not drag it but push it along. that's it. come on, man, i'm a dog buy. everything they is perfect in my
4:48 am
book. talk about the weather. really cold air settling in across the northern plains. minus 19 is the actual air temperature as you wake up in fargo. a little better in parts of northeast, southeast. the deep chill moved in behind this system. this front moved all the way through. a little bit of snow moving across parts of the great lakes eventually. that will move towards dinnertime. a few snow fluries across big cities. nothing causing any problems for the commute tomorrow morning. across parts of florida, front moves through. temps dropped. temps this morning. very, very cold across parts of the southeast. look at that, 19 degrees in jackson, mississippi. 40 degrees in ocala, florida. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, get ready freeze alerts across parts of florida, into georgia. will, send it back to you. will: rick, nice job. send you a treat over. that was not just a good try, that was a great performance. thanks, rick.
4:49 am
liberal host bill maher taking aim at joe biden as president's approval rating sinks. >> for some reason america has lost its faith in joe. if he were a movie he would be listed certified rotten. will: mike huckabee joins "fox & friends" coming up to react. ♪. find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. some of my best memories growing up, were cooking with mom. she always said, “food is love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." it's been one year since president biden killed the keystone xl pipeline and small towns in south dakota are still feeling the effects. the project was expected to bring 3500 jobs to the state along with nearly $18 million in property tax revenues. my next guest and his company invested $9 million into building substations for the project before it was halted. west central electric cooperative ceo joins me now. jeff, thank you for joining us this morning. your company lost a lot of money. there are many jobs that were lost but the whole town is still hurting. can you paint us a picture what's happening to your town? >> yes. absolutely and thank you. as we all know year ago biden
4:54 am
killed the keystone pipeline and we had 20 year contracts signed. this has been going on since 2008. we had anywhere between 40 and 50 contractors at one time in our small community. the latest census data shows there is just under 500 people. 40 to 50 people in here building, good jobs. that is good. they're patronizing your grocery stores, your bars, your restaurants. they're going to church. it is a lot of money that went out of the community and, that is a small portion of what happened. you know, you mentioned, $18 million lost revenue to us, locally, annually, but on the bigger picture for the state of south dakota, that is $66 million a year in gross revenue just own the electric side. you have 2:00 1/2 million
4:55 am
dollars sales tax on top of that. probably the worst part, $1.2 million annually go to local school districts to help the kids and that is gone. rachel: yeah. has anyone from the biden administration come to your town before or after this to haas ses the -- assess the impacts? >> no they have not. i don't expect they would ever do that because we have the facts figures, common sense to back our story and they have nothing but political posturing to make them feel good about themselves. rachel: we used to be the number one energy producer in the world. now we've empowered russia. we're about to see some, a drumbeat towards war with russia who is now more emboldened than ever. this is a national security concern, jeff. we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> tragic story. still ahead, a super suggestion from a high schooler. why thousands are getting behind
4:56 am
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♪ ♪ and we are american ♪♪ joey: good morning, and welcome back to this "fox & friends" weekend. it's nfl sunday, and you're looking at national harbor there at the to toe mack. -- potomac. that's how redneck i am, i went all the way to our nation's capital and hunted ducks right there in the hard harbor. -- harbor. will, you're a texan, are you a
5:01 am
hunter? will: grew up hunting ducks all the time. [laughter] but it was ponds. by the way, before i got this job, that was the only reason i ever got up, honestly, before the sun came up. that was the worst part, getting up and being cold. but now i'm used to it. i worked as a hunting guyed -- well, not really a hunting guide, i was the guy who packed the mules and did all the grunt work in montana for elk hunting and big horn sheep and that kind of thing. but how'd you do there at national harbor? did you get any? joey: for people who don't know anything about duck hunting, the ducks that fly in at the potomac, they're really fast. everybody shoots and claims it. [laughter] rachel, what about you? ever do any duck hunting? rachel: no, but i know a lot of duck hunters. my brother-in-law's probably one of the best i know, but i notice
5:02 am
that will left out how he hunts squirrels. we all know that. [laughter] will: i've been on one squirrel hunt. [laughter] i took a weekend this past october and took my son -- rachel: and so will didn't hi it was as -- think it was as manly as his rancher yellowstone days in montana -- [laughter] so he left out the squirrel hunting -- will: it's not that it's less manly. i would say this, joey can attests to this, will may be no other game that's more redneck to hunt than a squirrel. [laughter] it is the most redneck hunt you can imagine. joey: i'm not even going to tell you about my squirrel hunting days. that's for another day. rachel: yeah. it's full on "beverly hillbillies". [laughter] i love it. all right. well, we're going to begin this hour, by the way, with a fox news alert. hundreds of people gathering outside the police precinct in
5:03 am
harlem to mourn the loss of an nypd officer killed in the line of duty on friday. the mags went to half staff -- flags went to half staff across all five boroughs. 22-year-old jason rivera was killed respond dog a domestic violence -- responding to a nest domestic violence call. police released the 911 call, an operator writing about the suspect and his mother, quote, he's threatening to do these things to her, he's in the house mow. the next log is, shots fired. rivera wanted to be a cop to, quote, better the relationship between community and police. rivera's partner and the suspect were also shot. both remain in critical condition. there will be funeral services today for rivera at st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan. meanwhile, the mayor of new
5:04 am
york, eric adams, is under a lot of pressure. he came in as an ex-police officer promising to get the crime situation in new york under control. many people hoping that he would crack down on the soft on crime policies that were coming out of the d.a. office. but the new d.a., alvin bragg -- who was elected by new yorkers who should have known better because he had his manifesto on his web site of exactly what he was going to do with these woke social justice, restorative policies, a lot of people are wondering why the mayor has sided with d.a. bragg and why he continues to support him seeing that five officers, joey, have been shot since january. it's an astounding number which shows that weaver going to be on record if this continues to have the most shootings of police officers in the coming year. so very fright opinioning prospects. the mayor, on the other hand, says this is all about guns. listen to him.
5:05 am
>> i'm going to continue to roll out some of the initiatives that we talked about putting in place to zero in on those small number of people who are creating a large number of shootings. we need to be clear on that. les a pocket of people -- there's a pocket of people in the city who have made the determination that they're going to be violent in our cities. many people often talk about bail reform, but there are other rivers that are feeding the sea of violence. we know we're doing the right job on the ground. we're removing thousands of guns off the street. but there's an endless flow. we can't continue to allow violent shooters to remain on the street, and we can't continue to have the overprolive ration of guns that are coming in -- overproliferation of guns that are coming in. joey: you know, in the aftermath of a tragedy like this, it's important to look at how can we fix things.
5:06 am
that's exactly where the focus should be. but it's probably not a good idea to go straight to partisan politics. maybe -- i mean, he's a former cop. maybe the mayor does believe that simply going in and removing guns is the only way to fix the problem. especially legal guns, i fully support that. but you can't get rid of illegal guns if you're not policing and putting bad guys in jail that have those guns in their possession. so idea that you can strictly focus on the gun issue here and stop thing like this from happening, i think that's more short sight shortsighted, in my opinion. will: yeah. and i don't know not just exclusively, but primarily focus on the guns. it just simply isn't -- if you look across both time and geography, the united states over the past several decades and look across the country from chicago, new york, los angeles, guns are not the differentiating factor on where you see spikes in crime. they simply are not.
5:07 am
instead, to pick up on the mayor's analogy of the rivers that flow into the sea, the rivers have been things like defunding the police, rhetoric around, you know, villainizing the police. it has been issues like bail reform. bruce blakeman is nassau county executive, and he watches what happens in new york city, and that's the river that he wants to dam up, this prospect of criminals getting out of jail while awaiting justice or on probation. which, by the way, happens to be the case in this particular shooting of an nypd officer. and here's how bruce blakeman, for one, hopes to respond in maas saw county. >> -- nassau county. >> all of these tragic stories keep repeating themselves because of the atmosphere of lawlessness not only in new york state, but around the country. our state lawmakers passed a law that allows people to get out without having to post bail even
5:08 am
if they're a flight risk or a danger to society. we need our state lawmakers and our above to reverse and repeal -- and our governor to reverse and repeal the cashless bail law are. it gives criminals more rights than victims, and it's creating havoc like we've seen many new york city this past week which is a terrible, terrible tragedy. but it keeps repeating itself. rachel: yeah. it keeps repeating itself. and these policies don't come out of nowhere. they're being pushedded often by groups, nonprofit of groups like the urban justice the center. you know, last week we saw the tragic death of michelle go, a young woman who was pushed into a town in the subway that was coming -- a train, a homeless man pushed her onto the tracks, and she lost her life. she worked for deloitte, and that company gave $50,000 to the urban justice the center, nonprofit that pushed policies
5:09 am
that allowed homeless people into the subways. but you have woke companies giving money to, you know, woke nonprofits that are pushing woke policies that these woke politicians end up passing, and hen we have what we see as the deterioration of law and order and really livability in the city of new york. so, you know, there's a lot of blame to go around. and some of these companies also have responsibility. i think they give that money thinking it will absolve them of some sort of, you know, racial pushes within their companies, but they have some really powerful, deadlylyfects as well. later on, we're going to have a legal panel. pam bondi, former florida attorney general, leo terrell, civil rights attorney, and my husband, sean duffy, former d.a. from wisconsin, so stick around for this panel to discuss further. next topic onboard for us is schools. this is what a new york op-ed
5:10 am
has to say about the women and men, the parents who have been showing up at school boards. i'm not buying it, you guys don't really care about kids. here's what he said. with all due respect to the men and women who snarl i'm your taxpayer, you work for me, i don't work for you, i was voted -- elected to work for people who -- and with all due respect to the parents who make the preten white house phrase don't parents always know what's best for their child? no, they don't. if you are offended, you can always sue or take your child out of school. your choice. wow. so you thought that maybe some of these school board members were getting the message that parents want to be more involved, that they believe it's their right to know what their children are being taught, that they no longer -- they no longer want to be called domestic terrorists by the biden
5:11 am
administration. but some school board members, joey, are saying, no, we're still in charge. joey: the real irony here is i have people in my family that are teachers, and one of the biggest problems they have over the past ten years is how much parents have checked out. we're working so many hours a day, we have tablets and cell phones, and here we are with an opportunity to get parents reengaged about their child's education, and yet school board members like this who are so pompous and arrogant and, quite frankly, stupid to tell parents they're not going to be engaged in their child's education, you were elected and you know what? you can also be elected right out of that office, and i wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what happens. will: yeah. we can only hope, joey, that there's that type of accountability. nicole neily, she's a parent who's defending education, she's the president of an
5:12 am
organization, she spoke to fox news digital and said far too many elected officials have shown that the consent of the governed is little more than an inconvenient speed bump, mocking and dismissing the concerns of the community may be cathartic for dictators, but it's not a path to successful i'm really aiken aback, i am, so tee the defensively -- to see the defensiveness and the power-drunk nature. maybe little, small politicians acquire, you know, i don't know how long they're in office, but these school board members that push back on anybody that gives them any kind of grief as domestic terrorists or now this op-ed, it's out of pennsylvania. it's out of york. it really is shocking. i mean, i don't answer to you. you're not the expert. your not -- you're not infallible. if you don't like it, you can pull your kid out.
5:13 am
this is not, that's not the language or the rhetoric of an elected official many touch with their community. that's the language or rhetoric of somebody who's drunk on the little bit of power that they've got. i mean, it's -- and that's, i know it's an isolated incident, but don't think that exists just in york, pennsylvania. this is all over the place. rachel: oh, no. it doesn't mean there aren't good teachers and school board members out there, but it does speak to an attitude and i think, you know, we had carol swain on early in the show to talk about the blm curriculum that was being introduced in a din very school, and -- denver school, and there is a mindset that comes prosecute teachers' colleges all the way up. this school said, hey, we're doing this blm curriculum. most cool -- schools aren't that forthright. and they're going to get defensive like this school board is, and it's really up to all of us to push back. but i think the real big question here is can you really
5:14 am
reform a system that is this entrenched in this kind of ideology and this insistence on indock try night our children, and i think a lot of parents are looking at this and going, do i want to spend my time at the school board meetings after school or do i want to have dinner with my family? maybe if i home schooled them or found a private school or chart er school that matched my values and actually wanted to teach writing and reading instead of blm curriculum, maybe my family would be happier, and i think that's what a lot of parents are starting to think about right now. will: yeah. i think you're right. and now we turn to a few additional headlines. we have a fox news alert. the white house -- the. [inaudible] report from the u.k. that the kremlin is planning to assault a pro-russian government in ukraine. the national security council calling the report, quote, deeply concerning. this news comes as the state department is expected to order families of staff at the u.s. 'em by city in kiev to begin
5:15 am
evacuating tomorrow. trying to boost his public image before the olympics, china is spending $300,000 on american social media influencers. the paid influencers will share positive posts about china and the olympics on instagram, tiktok and twitch. china contracting with new jersey firm fifty media back in november to secure the influencers. the contract runs through march 2022. and the nfl playoffs, the 49ers sent the packers packing, blocking that kick for a touchdown to tie the game before converting the game-winning field goal to win 13-10. turns out green bay tried to block that season-ending kick with just 10 men on the field. your allowed to have 11 on the field. cincinnati also knocking down the titans with their own last second field goal.
5:16 am
>> 52-yarder! [cheers and applause] he got it! will: bengals' rookie kicker evan mcpherson nailing that game-winning kick to win the game 19-16 and send the franchise to it first championship game since 1988. the rookie reportedly said, looks like we're going to the afc championship game. the action continues today as the rams take on the bucs before the bills face the chiefs tonight. and those are your headlines. joey: you know i'm a big college football fan, but i think those nfl playoff games are pretty intense. i may have to sit down and watch 'em tonight. will, you might be winning me over. i know your cow cowboys aren't in it -- will: this weekend has been. good games. joey: all right. so after a rough first year in office, liberals are sounding the alarm on the biden administration's future.
5:17 am
former arkansas governor mike huckabee weighings in next. plus, a super suggestion from a high schooler, why thousands of getting behind the push to change the day of the super bowl. ♪ ♪ ♪making your way in the world today♪ ♪takes everything you've got♪ ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪
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♪ >> their bench is so thinker they're even talking about running hillary again. [laughter] and i'm sure she's thinking, well, who else do you got? [laughter] kamala, her approval ratings are lower than biden's. bernie's too old and pete's too young and this didn't work out. [laughter] will: bill maher raising concerns about democrats' prospects in 2024 as president biden's approval rating hits another low of 43%. here to react, former arkansas governor mike huckabee. governor, i think i heard you laughing along with the clips. [laughter] you know, bill maher or does have an a independent streak, and we should point that out. he has an independent streak i think different than other
5:22 am
comedians. but he's not alone, governor. it seems like the national press corps in the wake of joe biden's press conference began a transition into some skepticism. why do you think now? why do you think there's a little bit of tide turning? and i'll emphasize little bit, governor, but a little bit of tide turning against joe biden with traditional support bases? >> well, one of the things, bill maher is an honest guy. you know, you may disagree with him, but he's saying what he really feels, and that's one of his charms. but i think it can best be described in this way, there was a dog food company that was going to create what they thought was the greatest dog food in the world. and they assembled the best scientists to create the formula, they created the most amazing packaging, they had the most wonderful marketing and advertising campaign and the greatest sales force that had ever been considered, but the dog food was a complete disaster and flopped, and it just didn't sell. and so the president of the company was trying to figure out why, and he asked the question how come this isn't working x.
5:23 am
finally, one of the people in the room said, sir, the dogs won't eat the dang stuff. what's happening to the democrat party is the people of america aren't eating the stuff. they know better. they know that the nonsense the democrats have put forth is simply not going to work for america. open borders, getting -- giving away our energy capacity, not having a military strength and making blunld rouse decisions. all of these things are combined into making for even democrats where hay say -- they say this just isn't working. will: so even democrats, governor, then let's ask this question: do you think it is i don't want to say possible, because anything's possible. how likely do you think it is that joe biden does not represent the democratic party in their, on their ticket for president in 2024? >> i would say it's 99.99% that he will not be either running,
5:24 am
and if he does, i don't think he'll be the nominee. i don't know that he can stand to go all the next three years. but even if he does, i don't see things changing so dramatically. because i don't see joe changing. joe's caught between the far left of his party that he's trying to appease and more moderate democrats who have simply decided the party has left them, and they're becoming at least independents and in more cases than not, they're becoming republicans because they realize that inflation is outstripping their wages, they're losing ground not gaining it. and the only reason they can point to it is because the democrats and the far left are many power. are in power. will: and really quickly on the way out, let's take up bill maher's conversation. i don't know then and i'm going to turn to you, where do you go if joe can't run or if they convince him not to run? where do you go? kamala harris' approval rating is 53% unfavorable.
5:25 am
pete buttigieg doesn't seem like the answer. i don't think they can convince themselves that's the answer. hillary clinton? where do you turn? >> i think they'll look for some effective democrat governor. it's not going to be one of the far left. it may be polis many colorado, somebody that we don't even think about right now. but somebody who's a pragmatist, who's a problem solver, who's not an idealogue. that would be similar to 1992 when bill clinton emerged. he was a pragmatist. he was not an ideological kind of guy. and i think that's the only thing the democrats can hope for. it won't be hillary because she is ideological. but her husband wasn't. that's the only real hope they have. and when you lose bill maher, i you've lost really a lot of the base of the democrat party. and i would say this, this would be the equivalent of having ronald reagan lose nancy. you just, you can't lose your key supporters and move forward.
5:26 am
you've got to change course. if. will: and, governor, it'll be fascinating to see how much sway the radical wings of that party -- not just the aocs and the ilhan omar pas, but even the ones who drive these far-left ideologies have over the party. can they, that'll be the question, can they actually turn to somebody pragmatic. i don't know the answer to that moving forward. governor, always great to talk to you this morning. really fascinating. thank you. >> and thank you, will. go, cowboys. they're not in it so neither am i, that's how i feel about it, and i know you do too. will: i didn't know that, and now our relationship quos to a new level. [laughter] i didn't know you were a cowboys' fan. >> oh, yeah. [laughter] will: all right. stay tuned. tennessee senator marsha blackburn joins us in the next hour as tensions rise along the ukrainian border. plus, a young new york city police officer is killed in the line of duty and another in
5:27 am
critical condition. frank siller says americans need to support our police, and and he's next. ♪ ♪ you inspired the new lexus es to be... well, more you. so thank you. we hope you like your work. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 es 350. ♪♪ to make my vision a reality my varilux progressive lenses
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(jackie) talk to your doctor about's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit ♪ rachel: we're back with a fox news alert. the state department is reportedly planning to start evacuating diplomats and their families from ukraine starting tomorrow. alexandria hoff joins us live with more. >> reporter: yeah, the official evacuation order has not been given yet, but it is expected, and it does make room for rising assistance. the shipment of javelin missiles made here in the u.s. is headed to kiev hoping to dissuade russians and their tanks from continued advancement. president biden met with his national security team in camp david and declared the u.s. alongside partners are ready to
5:32 am
impose consequences. for months russia has been bolstering its military presence on the ukrainian border ask is -- and is now positioned to potentially attack. it is the belief of the british government now that russia is plotting to install a pro-kremlin leader in the ukraine, but just moments ago the russian government responded saying that the accusations are false, that this is untrue, and they are begging the british to study history. again, that's the statement we got just moments ago. meanwhile, in geneva, top u.s. and russian diplomats have failed to come to any agreement over the crisis. here's secretary of state anthony blinken. >> this is not a negotiation, but a candid exchange of concerns and ideas. i made clear to minister lavrov there are certain issues and fundamental principles that the united states and our partners and allies are committed to defend. >> reporter: the secretary added the door will remain open for continued talks, and u.s. concerns will be shared in writing this week. now, if you'll remember in early
5:33 am
december, president biden said that deploying u.s. troops to ukraine was off the table. joey? scree jee thank you for that update. we're going to turn now to hundreds gathering to mourn 22-year-old new york city police department officer jason rivera who was killed in the line of duty during a domestic violence call which left his partner in critical condition. in 2020 he wrote during his training academy, quote: when i applied to become a police officer, i knew this was the career for me. i wanted to be a part of the men in blue to better the relationship between the community and the police. tunnel to towers ceo frank siller is my good friend. he joins us now to react. frank, you know, you just heard police officer rivera's own words as he wrote 'em and how much this community meant to him. you started your organization to honor your brother's life, stephen, who was also a first responder and mix servant in new
5:34 am
york city. just talk to us about what it means, you know, not just to the community in new york, but to this -- in this country, to support those who put their life on the line every single day. and every single day they put their lives on the line like your brother and now officer many new york. >> first of all, my heart goes out to both families. it's incredible, the joy that's made every day. you know, 159 police officers died in the line of duty last year. it's incredible. many of them are shot. this is what happened two days ago, it just reminds me, december 20, 2014, when detectives liu and ramos were asaws may noted and all of america stood up and paid attention that we had to take care of these families and they need to not be forgotten. i'm asking all american, let's get on our knees, and let's pray that these families are going to be taken care of, that when an
5:35 am
officer goes out and serves their community every single day, that they come home safely to their families. but when they don't, let's come together as a nation, as a community and take care of the families that are left behind. this is what the tunnel to towers foundation does every single day. i'm wearing my nypd hat because we're all police officers for nypd today, we're praying for them. and another thing, when we have our knees on the ground praying, people spit on the ground or spit on them, i'm asking get on your knees and kiss the ground, kiss the ground that these police officers walk every single day because without them, we don't have a society. we don't have a community. and we better stand up and take notice of it now. joey: you know, frank, in the aftermath of tragedy, angels step forward to take care of people in need, and that's exactly what tunnel to towers does. that's what your organization does in honoring the memory of your brother.
5:36 am
and you're paying off the mortgage of fallen police officer mia goodwin's home. tell us about her and why you're paying the mortgage off. >> mia just came back from maternity leave. her husband, brent, the widower, is a firefighter. this family knows all about service. she gets back, like the first day she's back she dies in the line of duty. she gets run over. we've got to take care of these families that are left behind. and, brent, i know you're watching, this is your paid mortgage. this is your paid mortgage, and you're never going to have to worry about it again. we do that all the time. we have an announcement also for a firefighter in california, the flagler family, jonathan flagler. i spoke to his widow, jennifer, the other day. we were crying together on the phone as i was with brent. it's so sad the talk to these families. people don't realize the sacrifice that's made every day. but as america, we're such a
5:37 am
beautiful country. most americans get it. we've got to take care of these first responders when they die in the line of duty, and we ask everybody to go to i've got 60 families already that we have to help this year, already that we need to stand up and help. and i want to say that pat lynch who, from the nypd, made a calling for all americans to come out, new yorkers to come out to the funeral and the wake this week, thursday and friday at st. patrick's. i want to be there. i'm going to ask everyone to pray for these families. the other officer is in very bad with condition, need a miracle for him to survive, and that's -- so we're praying for that family as well. and also there was a police officer shot this morning in houston, texas. in houston, texas, a police officer killed this morning. it doesn't stop. it doesn't stop, so we better all wake up and realize instead
5:38 am
of defunding police, we better give them everything they need to stay safe so we can stay safe as well. joey: i don't know if we deserve these heroes that become angels in the line of duty, but their families deserve the support you give them, so thank you, frank. >> thank you. god bless you and god bless all these families. joey: more "fox & friends" right after this. how bout sushi? i just had sushi for lunch yesterday. indian? ehh, maybe... how bout seafood? you know i don't like seafood. [collision beeping warning] [silence] how bout tacos? tacos. automatic emergency braking — one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox. find new technology. find new roads. chevrolet. it's my 5:52 woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes. without worrying if it's too late or where i am.
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will: back with your headlines. a texas department of public safety special officer die in the line of duty while attempting to arrest six migrants. tom homan joined us earlier saying biden's inability to slow illegal migration is costing lives. >> last year there was a total of 254 migrants died crossing that border. that has more than doubled during the first year under joe biden. his policies are not humane. it's killing people. will: also a former marine, he passed away late friday night surrounded by his family. and a group of minneapolis restaurants banding together to sue mayor jacob frye over the city's new covid vaccine mandate requiring all restaurants to verify vaccination or a recent negative test. they say in the complaint, quote: minneapolis bars and restaurants are being used as pawns to further the mayor's agenda of pushing for and
5:43 am
convincing the public to get vaccinated. let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. rick: good morning, will. really cold air across the parts of the southeast. yesterday morning it brought the ice and the snow, now take a look at this. 19 degrees in jackson, mississippi, this morning. 24 in charleston. roads that are maybe still wet from the if snow melt, be very careful because those will certainly be frozen over and cause for slick conditions. tonight into tomorrow morning, freeze alerts and warnings across parts of central florida, so a very cold night in store tonight. and tomorrow those temps are going to warm up pretty well back into the mid 60s, but notice the biggest cooldown, tomorrow's your coolest day in south florida. upper 60s towards miami. take a look at, here we go across apartments of the south. we've got -- parts of the south. clear conditions, and things are going to be looking really good. up towards the north, however,
5:44 am
our only storms a couple clipper systems maybe bringing 1-2 inches of snow across areas of the north. certainly, they can handle it. rachel, over to you. rachel: all right. thank you, rick. well, the shift toward donald trump by latino voters was one of the more surprising takeaways of the 2020 election, and democrats are now being warned that shift is only growing. joe biden still beat donald trump by nearly 30% among hispanics in 2020, but now when asked who they would support in a high net call match-up -- hypothetical match-up, those same hispanic voters are evenly divided. joining us now, daniel garza along with the cofounder of hispanic market expert -- [inaudible] welcome to you both. it's really hard to overstate these numbers. i mean, it's like an explosion in politics. you two are people who have been following this so closely. you understand how cataclysmic
5:45 am
these numbers must be for the democrats. daniel, we've had a crazy news cycle. we lost a dominican police officer this officer, a dominican-american police officer in new york. we lost another police officer, also hispanic, by the way, in texas on a high-speed chase with illegal immigrants. how much do you think that this crime wave that we're experiencing right now in america has to do with these poll numbers that we're seeing? >> well, rachel, first of all, my condolences to these families that have to suffer this immeasurable loss. i couldn't bear it. look, there's no question that a latinos, like their fellow americans, do not want any tolerance when it comes to violet crime. -- violent crime. hay want property rights expected as well. and, of course, we want our children to be safe and our neighborhoods to be safe. so when you start to see sort of rampant crime taking over the metro areas especially, you
5:46 am
know, the high urban areas, this is a cause for concern for many latino families who live in these neighborhoods. and of course it has to do with the polling. i wouldn't be surprised if it ranks really high up in the cause for concern. rachel: yeah. by the way, note to our viewers that daniel garza's an ex-police officer, so this is personal to him as well. millie, the pandemic, i believe, has expotioned a lot of inequities between corporate america and how main street small businesses were treated. the democrat party sided a lot with these oligarchs and big corporations. and as you know, so many of our small businesses in the hispanic community, there's a lot of small business ownership. so how much do you think the economic response and the legal response and the mandates has to do with those poll numbers that we're seeing out of the hispanic community, pandemic? tell me how that affected it. >> it's affecting it directly.
5:47 am
sides need to pay attention to the fact that the top issue -- and we ran data again, rachel, using digital discussions analyzed in the last 30 days, revealing yet again that the top issue is jobs and the economy followed by safety and security. and we, latinos, are america's fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs. we've grown 34% in the last decade versus just 1% all other segments. so anything that gets in the way of us being able to run our businesses and grow and create jobs of course is going to be rejected. so mandates, rising taxes, any kind of restriction. and we are seeing this now. it's beyond the rhetoric. it's impacting jobs, and we are here to be productive citizens. so you're spot on. that is a big driving force for these numbers, and there's one more sentiment number, rachel, i want you to have. we evaluate ld biden sentiment among hispanics. it's 51% negative based on 7.4
5:48 am
million digital discussions we analyzed as of last week. so we're seeing the signals all around the economy matters. we want to get back to work. rachel: yeah. daniel, really quick, i don't have a lot of time, but i want to hear your final thoughts on what dem crams should do. how -- democrats should do. how will hay pivot to change these numbers? >> no one's asking to nationalize the election. latinos are not asking to end the filibuster. this was all to prioritize -- by the biden administration to gain more power. we want to know what you do with the power that you do have. we have less freedom, less national unity, less respect from foreign powers, less productivity, less family get-togethers even, less law and order. issues that are high priority to americans and latinos across the country. rachel: oh, daniel, such a great point. less family get togethers, that's a big deal for his pains -- hispanics who are very
5:49 am
family-oriented. you guys truly are the experts on subject, thanks for joining us this morning. thank you. all right. finally, a goal we can all get behind. a florida high school student is pushing the nfl to move the super bowl to saturday. he joins us live with his super idea. ♪ ♪ i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. finally. our honeymoon. it took awhile, but at least we got a great deal on our hotel with kayak. i was afraid we wouldn't go.. with our divorce and.... great divorce guys. yeah... search 100s of travel sites at once. kayak. search one and done. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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♪ will: what if super bowl sunday was actually super bowl saturday? if you like that idea, you might be one of the 92,000 americans joining the petition started by one teenager to move the big game a day earlier. that high school student, frank, joins us now. frank, great to see you. lifelong sports fan -- >> good to see you too. will: a professional sports talker for much of my career as well. i'm with you, man. great idea. let's get this done. why did this -- why is this -- how are you so motivated to put this petition togethersome. >> i am really motivated because of the 17.2 million people that miss work and so motivated for
5:54 am
the people that have a chance to watch football but at the same time have to go to work. and saturday would be a better move, in my opinion. rachel: frank, have you heard from the nfl or any of the players on your petitionsome -- petition? >> never. i want to though. joey: frank, it looks like looking at your proposal here, it kind of looks like it would really be good for you, because you're in school, so it would allow you to watch super bowl sunday on saturday and allow you to celebrate maybe the rams, it looks like, winning a super bowl if that ever happens, let you celebrate that the next sunday. but then you also have monday off? is that how this petition works? if super bowl on saturday, celebrate on sunday and everyone still has monday off? >> uh, no. actually, if saturday is the
5:55 am
day, then sunday is day you get to recover, relax and then maybe there's no monday off. you go right back to work -- joey: got it. >> puts more productivity back into the work force. will: yeah. frank, you make some serious points here. you talk about productivity, the number of lost work hours on monday, even the danger of people, you know, drinking and driving late at night or whatever it may be. but on a lighter note, which is serious, young people have to go to bed. i know my kids have to go to bed, they can't stay up. they've got school the next day. i don't know if you've always lived in florida, but you're a rams fan. if you're on the east coast watching a west coast game, good luck. i wish you luck, you're going to need it. i wish you luck, frank. rachel: yeah. >> thanks, will. rachel: and, by the way --
5:56 am
will: we're going to help drive this. i'm with frank 100%. i think he's on to something here. rachel: all right. love a young sports fan. all right. well, thanks, frank. still ahead, it's national pie day, so grab a slice and stick around for a sweet final hour of fox and friends. ♪ muck. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ (man 1 vo) i'm living with cll
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♪ ♪ you mow many i love it when you -- ♪ will: denver's about to get its shine on, the sun coming up across the rocky mountains there in colorado. sun's up here in the central and eastern time zone. hello to you from "fox & friends," will cain, rachel campos tough my and joe -- duffy
6:01 am
and joey jones in for pete this morning. we've talked about duck hunting, maybe a little bit of elk hunting, we talked about hot sauce, which rachel loves. we talked about football. aaron rodgers is now out of the nfl playoffs. we sort of left rachel's favorite topics out of the banter. so i thought i'd say this morning, rachel, can you fill us in? i don't know, i'm not plugged in, is there any big royal news -- [laughter] or i also think you're a bravo fan. are you -- is there anything you can fill us in on this morning that we're not up-to-date on? [laughter] rachel: that's so good. yeah, we're going to have to do a real housewives segment, and there's always news in the royal family because, you know, those two narcissistic prince harry and meghan markle, the fake princess, they always have stuff for us to dish about. we are going to do that a segment, will, and and you are going to catch up on british
6:02 am
gossip. we're going to do that. in the meantime, joey, i want to wish you a good morning again. all morning long, and welcome you to take that little spot from pete. you're doing a fantastic job, loving it. and we pray played country music for you. you said you wanted more country, and we delivered. of. [laughter] joey: technically, that was country. it's a good song. let me just say real quick, we're entering the fourth hour of this show, and you guys are right, there's a difference between three and four. that fourth hour is, you know, you've really got to buckle up and be ready to go. so my hat is tipped to you guys for doing this every weekend. the it's a ton of fun to be here. will: that's how we hold it up, fourth quarter -- [laughter] get this thing across the finish line. rachel: more football? [laughter] will: we start with a fox news alert. the british government warning that the kremlin is planning on installing a pro-russia government in ukraine. russia just now responding on facebook saying we urge the
6:03 am
british foreign ministry to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense. the national security council calling the reported plot, quote, deeply concerning. the post comes after of the white house warned of the cost of action against a nato ally. meanwhile, the state department is expected to order families of staff at the u.s. embassy out of kiev to begin advantage candidating -- evacuating tomorrow. the news continues to come in. not all of it easily comprehensible. at the same time, we hear that russia wants to violate ukrainian borders, we hear russia is looking to implement a regime change. the news comes fast. the drum beat of war, rachel, gets louder. and i think that's the most important time to begin to ask questions like explain america's interests. rachel: yeah, absolutely. is in our interests. the american people are rightfully very suspect of
6:04 am
another war possibly at our doorstep, especially after seeing how horribly we got out of the afghanistan war, how embarrassing that was that we left billions of dollars of weapons to our enemies, that that country now has fallen into poverty and chaos in light of our terrible exit. and also because of all the bad news happening here. a lot of americans are just saying, hey, why do you care so much about the ukraine border? if what about our own border which is causing so much trouble not just in the southern statements that, you know -- states where our southern borders are, but also all over the country as we see drugs and weapons and criminals make their way across the border. so there's a lot of questions i think administration, joey, is going to have to do a better job of explaining why this should matter to us. right now with all the problems we have. joey: you know, for more than the last ten years people have come up to me since i lost my
6:05 am
legs and said how do i thank you for your service, and i just look them back in the face and say the next time we're in the situation, ask more questions and demand answers from those leading us. and -- rachel: amen. >> joey: -- i think this is one of those situations. it's not about whether we believe ukraine deserves to defend itself against russia or perhaps we're supposed to be a part of that, it's about asking questions and not letting just a bunch of people in congress champion something perhaps because of low poll numbers or some domestic issue that they want to take your mind off of. and earlier today i spoke with three people that fought those last two wars. i spoke with morgan luttrell, ryan zinke and my buddy, wesley hunt, who are all running for office to be a part of who makes that decision. and we have a clip here from their reaction. >> this is, the biden administration is posturing 101. they're just incapable of understanding the repercussions of not acting appropriately.
6:06 am
and i think if they don't do what they need to do, ukraine is going to turn into an afghanistan all over again. >> what if churchill told the axis powers that it was okay to bomb just some of london but not all of it? i think that biden's speech just week really invited russia into the ukraine. >> the biden administration, they've dug a hole here, and it has implications across the globe. i think the biggest one right now is the ukraine, but right behind it and perhaps even in front of it is china and taiwan. will: you know, i think you start with some skepticism. i think you also ask a lot of questions, to your point, joey. you also start with the understanding that minor incursions can lead to big wars. and while we ask questions about what happens in the future, it's also worth looking back on the past. and i think it's fair to say our weakness in so many situations -- rachel brought up afghanistan -- our weakness and even our approach to russia, our weakness then allows for minor incursions. our weakness allows those who want big things to happen to
6:07 am
begin to make small things to happen. take small territories, take small gains. until you're in a position where you have to do something big with. so strength responds to strength. strength takes advantage of weakness until you're in an impossible situation where you have to answer questions to people, the american people. rachel: yeah. i think, you know, representative zinke brings up china. that was my first thought. i don't understand why our government isn't taking china as number one in terms of our enemy and looking at this situation in ukraine and going are we taking our eye off the ball, are we pushing russia into the arms of our enemy, china, right now? the other thing when you talk about questions, i remember when donald trump wanted to ask questions about the biden family connections into the ukraine. i'd like to know that now before we go into possibly a war here. so les a lot of questions -- there's a lot of questions we
6:08 am
need answers to because there are a lot of people with a lot of special interests, not the least of which is the military industrial complex. so, yeah, there could be some good reasons to support ukraine, there also could be people with a lot of special interests trying to sway us in that direction. and we need to be very careful that we don't get pulled into something that we don't want to be part of. so that's how i feel about this right now. i'm not convinced that this is in our interest yet. joey: absolutely. there are a lot of americans with concerns and questions, and with the latest on this topic in ukraine, we have greg palkot live in kiev with the latest. >> reporter: hey, folks. yeah, people here are concerned about new word coming from the u.k. government about a possible change in government here. but they're expecting it as well. the claim is that russian president putin allegedly is trying to scheme, to install a pro-moscow regime many place of the current leadership, even
6:09 am
naming russia-friendly figures who would take over. now, my sources here on the ground say it's plausible russia does this kind of thing. they sow disinformation, hen they line up folks to do their dirty business, but the point also made to us is any shadow government could only really be put in place here after an invasion if moscow does it and if it succeeds. meanwhile, we're watching that big, big buildup of russian troops said to be well over 125,000 soldiers right now. the new information we have today is a deployment has arrived in the southeastern belarus town just about 30 miles from the border, just a little bit over 60 miles from where we're standing right now. and that seems just a bit too close for comfort for the united states. beginning as early as tomorrow, we have been reporting that we should see evacuation of both non-essential workers and families of diplomats from the u.s. embassy here. meanwhile, for the folks who
6:10 am
live here, the churches today, sunday, filling up with people saying prayers, lighting candles and, in the face of some dark news, hoping for the best. take a listen to what a few told us. >> i'm scared. i used to go to russia with our friends. >> i am scared. it is outrageous that russia's doing something like this. >> we are praying and hoping. >> everything's going to be fine. [laughter] >> reporter: that last chap a, everything's going to be fine. we can only hope. back to you folks. will: greg, thank you. rachel: thank you, greg. will: let's stay in europe for just one moment. protests against growing mandates in countries across europe is growing. you, of course, know the mandates have taken over in many different countries to the point where austria's now mandating the vaccine for its entire citizenry, but people are pushing back. you're going to see these protests in the streets in
6:11 am
europe with. i believe we have video from places like barcelona, spain, paris, france. people taking to the streets to make their voice heard about this medical tyranny. well, europe doesn't stand alone anymore. starting today, there will be a protest here in the united states of america in washington d.c. against the potential for vaccine mandates, both private and public here in this country. will whit is the organizer of the march, and he told you're going to hear a lot of people talk about this on the left and say it's a big anti-vax rally. people coming to deny science. but this march is about the mandate, and this march is about the draconian measures that we're seeing across this country right now especially in places like d.c. and new york city, los angeles and san francisco. you know, there are plenty of conversations -- rachel, you and i have had them -- about the worthiness and the shortcomings and the when it comes to the
6:12 am
vaccine, both its benefits and its potential shortcomings, but this today is about mandates. and will whit makes it clear. he goes you can't pate this as anti-vax is, anti-science. i know they like to play the world game and the name calling, in fact, i think he said9 90% of the speakers at this protest will be vaccinated. this is about force, rachel. rachel: yeah. this is about our constitution. you know, i was in d.c. for the right to life march. we didn't talk about that and how that's been covered by the media, but i felt as an unvaccinated -- by the way, i'm vaccinated with other vaccines, but not the covid vaccine. i felt like that was east berlin. i was totally unwelcome. i couldn't do a restaurant, i couldn't do anything. the same in new york city, i don't even go there. a lot of people feel why are we dividing our citizens like this, and this is not in the purview of government to impose these kind of mandates.
6:13 am
and people also saying why are you coercing us into taking a vaccine for which there has not been any long-term study for, as well? so, yeah, i think this march will be interesting. as i mentioned, i cover the march for life every year. tens of thousands of people go, and the media pretends like they weren't there. now they'll have the media and big tech will have the excuse of saying, oh, these are just a bunch of anti-vaxers if they decide not to cover this march. of i'm curious to see how big it will be. i suspect it will be big because i think there's a huge sentiment in america to get rid of these man davids and get our lives -- mandates and get our lives and liberties back. joey? joey: you're absolutely right. i just want to point out a few things. in the last couple weeks, we've learned from our government that someone that is vaccinated can still spread this, and someone that is vaccinated can still get this. we've learned from our government about vaccines that someone who has natural immunity probably has a stronger immunity having had the virus than taking
6:14 am
the vaccine itself. that's come from our cdc. i'm not making that up, i'm not promoting that. i'm telling you what our government has told us in the last two weeks. we've also learned that science says, because, you know, how things work that that masks that aren't of a certain style and a certain material actually aren't effective, yet we still have to wear a mask to get on a plane that has recycled air. and my point isn't to complain about the vaccine or the masks, it's to say in what world do americans not have the right to ask more questions? in what world is it not common sense to sit here with what our government has told us to be fact and say, but wait, then isn't the end-all to it, why should i be mandated to take this seek city nation? why should -- vaccination? why should i be mandated to wear this cloth mask that science says isn't actually effective? i mean, just yesterday we have a new vaccine mandate in place for people brings goods and services into our country, and just the week before that we learned the
6:15 am
vaccine isn't what we thought it was. and that's the type of thing that people are protesting against. it's not an anti-vaccine. i got the vaccine. and as i said earlier, then i got covid. and so the point here is americans have the right to ask questions before they're told they have to do something like this. rachel: you know, joey, it's more than questions. these people who have taken our rights and have all this power, they will not give it up unless we gland it. and that's -- demand it. and that's why my hat goes off to all those who are braving the cold, those who did it last week for the march for life, but also this one too because they're not going to stop unless we demand our rights back. and unless we push back against these smears that somehow you're an anti-vaxer because you don't want a mandate, you don't want your government to force you to do something that they never had a right to do before: so good for them. i'd like to see how many people end up showing up there. fox news will certainly cover it, so we're going to turn now to your headlines with a fox
6:16 am
news alert. in houston a deputy was shot and killed during a traffic stop. charles galloway was a 12-and-a-half year veteran on the force. witnesses say the suspect got out of the car and immediately began firing at the deputy. galloway leaves behind a daughter. he was 47 years old. my goodness. senator kyrsten sinema is rebuked by her own party. the arizona democratic party voting to formally censure her three days after sinema voted with republicans to stop lawmakers from changing the filibuster rules. the state's party chair defending move as a, quote, result of sinema's failure to do whatever it takes to insure the health of our democracy. controversial transgender swimmer leah thomas wins the 100 and 200-meter freestyle versus harvard just days after the ncaa
6:17 am
adopted a new policy allowing transgender athletes to participate on a sport-by-sport basis. and those are your headlines. boy, will, they're killing women's sports too. [laughter] will: no doubt. that's -- yeah. and you know what? people really care about that story. that story are resonates because everyone knows deep down it's wrong. it's wrong what we're allowing to happen. all right. up next, tennessee senator marsha blackburn is going to join us live. plus, china is now using u.s. influencers to boost its image. how much it paid for just one positive post. find out. ♪ ♪
6:18 am
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joey: fox news alert, the state department ordering families of embassy workers many ukraine to begin evacuating as soon as tomorrow as new reports claim russia is planning to overhaul the ukrainian government and install a pro-kremlin leader. senator marsha blackburn sits on the armed services committee, and she joins us now. senator, good morning. >> good morning. joey: so here we have a
6:22 am
situation that we really don't know where this is going to go. russia seems to be dead set on invading ukraine. the biden administration seems to be dead set on posturing probably a day too late. what do you make of this, and where do you think this is going to go? >> well, joey, i think it's important to note it was the u.k. that talked about they're ready to depose zelensky and put in a pro-kremlin government in ukraine. but also back in november i sent president biden a letter. i encouraged him to move forward with sanctions on putin, russia, on putin's people and also to begin sales of lethal assistance to ukraine because we have to send a clear diplomatic message this will not be tolerated. now, during the 2008 olympics you had russia invade georgia, then it was in 2014 they go into
6:23 am
crimea during the socci games, and now we are coming up on the beijing olympics. so it behooves us to be aware and to be vigilant and to have that clear messaging that we are going to stand with ukraine. and, of course, biden and obama in 2014, they sent crimea, into crimea they sent meals ready to eat and blankets, and you had trump come in, and he sent them bullets and bombs. and they need that lethal assistance from us in order to protect themselves. joey: yeah. you know, switching topics here just a little bit, it's been a rough week for biden. obviously, he's not handling this ukraine debacle well either, but we just got a new fox news poll that if the election were held today, only 30% of responsibilities would reelect -- respondents would reelect biden. what does this say for the
6:24 am
midterms coming up in 2022? >> it creates the right environment. it's going to be up to republicans to make certain that we get our message out there, that we talk about what we have done. and what we see if from all this polling is the more people know about the biden administration, the less that they like it. the frivolous nature that they have as we're approaching problems that our country needs to solve. jen psaki telling people to go take a weekend off and drink a margarita. how, how insensitive. the vice president, who cannot seem to deal with the border and secure that southern border. when you have leadership in those northern triangle countries that are telling us the drug trafficking, human trafficking, they need help and assistance to address this. but instead you have this administration that hangs out the y'all come sign, and they're
6:25 am
not serious about dealing with the domestic issues, dealing with the these foreign policy issue. >>s. it is frightening to people. i talk to people here in tennessee every day, joey, that say i didn't vote for this. this administration is frightening me, i'm concerned. about what is going to happen to our country. joey: senator, thank you so much for your time. thanks for coming on with us and have a great morning. >> good to be with you. you too. joey: all right. still ahead, we've seen it time and time again, suspects with lengthy rap sheets are arrested, released and too often commit more crimes once they're free on the streets. next, our all-star panel explains what needs to be done to restore law and order back in our country.
6:26 am
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will: violent crime is ripping apart innocent families as we learn the man accused of shooting two new york city officers this weekend killing jason rivera had a lengthy rap sheet, and he was out on probation. and he's not to technology own -- the only one. the suspected killer of brianna kupfer also sporting a long criminal history before being arrested for murder. these are just two recent cases where soft on crime policies may have led to a tragedy. as a brand new fox news poll reveals, surging crime is a top concern for voters approaching inflation. rivaling now. for the number one concern of american voters. so what needs to be done to return to law and order? let's ask our legal panel, pam bondi and leo terrell with us this morning. good morning to both of you. >> morning, will. will: leo, you look at this -- good morning. you look at this, and you know it's happening in city across city. and i don't know, you know, the new mayor of new york city, eric
6:31 am
adams, is pointing to guns pretty quickly. i don't know that that's through line. i look at all these cities, leo, and i'm saying what is the through line on all these rising crime rates. i'll ask you, what's to solve? >> i'll tell you right now, thanks for the question. first of all, law and order is not a priority of the democratic party. specifically, you mentioned eric adams. he talks about guns. that's a classic democratic talking point. the issue is the criminal, the criminal who's been allowed to roam the streets because there are soft prosecutors. i am totally sick of eric adams' good talk but no action. will, the only way to get around this right now is to ask the u.s. prosecutors, u.s. attorney's office to do something in these democratic cities because these liberal, progressive, democratic prosecutors will not prosecute criminals. it's very, very simple. and here's the thing about it, democrat mayors have to go after
6:32 am
democratic prosecutors. until i see that happen, this is just pure democratic rhetoric. will: right. well, how about this though, how about democratic voters? i'm going to put that to you, pam. you're a former attorney general. i spoke of through lines, pam. here's a through line. look at these cities, los angeles, san francisco, and look at the distribute attorneys in those places, george gascon in los angeles, chessa boudin in san francisco, larry cras -- krasner in philadelphia. all of them pursuing softer on crime approaches, specifically not prosecuting minor crimes. and i look at the voters, and i say those are also democratic cities, to leo's point. it's like the voters are asking for this approach. >> i think, will, you're right. i don't think that people understand that these democrat d.a.s, they're not even
6:33 am
democrats, they're progressives. that they carry so much power. let's keep talking about alvin bragg for a while. he told all his prosecutors only lock up the most violent criminals. only lock them up, forget all the other crimes to lock them up. had he done his job and kept that kid in jail, a 22-year-old police officer in harlem would be alive now. the guy that shot that officer had multiple, multiple prior felonies. yet, under alvin bragg's mentality, let's relate him out. and then he went and killed a police officer. now let's go to seattle. look at what's going on in seattle. same thing. if same thing. you've got a brand new mayor in seattle, but what's he saying? we need police reform still when the homicide rate soared in seat? i had a friend who just took his doid a mariner's game. he couldn't even walk because they were stepping over homeless
6:34 am
people, drug use everywhere. yet you get a brand new mayor in seattle, and he's still saying let's send in social workers to do these jobs on calls that are family-related. well, those are domestic violation, and leo and i can tell you those are some of the most violent crimes to not send police officers in for. it's ridiculous. and ucla, that beautiful 23-year-old, i think, student who was murdered, architectural student getting her master's at ucla and just working in a store and because the crime rates are through the roof. homicides soared in 2021, yet they're doing nothing. garcetti says we still need police reform. we need to reimagine police. how can you do that when you're losing all these police officers and you're not replacing them? so, yes, it's got to be majors -- mayors, it's got to be police chiefs needing a backup and strong district attorneys. will: leo, i want to ask you about race. race is inextricably tied to this conversation.
6:35 am
here's why. many of these district attorneys are purr pursuing what amounts to a social justice initiative. the belief, that progressive belief is that prosecuting minor crimes, they laid this out in california, has a disparate impact on minorities. and so it's pursuing this sort of, like, here's the term, right? if racial equity, by letting these crimes go unpunishedded. it strikes me, leo, you know who the victims are as well? they're minorities. >> you're absolutely right. let me be very, very clear. as an american, as a civil unites attorney -- rights attorney and as a black american, pandering to criminals because of the racial component is ridiculous. race has no color. crime has no color. crime has no color at all. and what's happening is they're using this racial equity claim to basically excuse crime that is being conducted by black americans. look at chicago every week. every week.
6:36 am
we know this is black on black crime. the mayor of that city, black. looks the other way. the police chief, black. looks the other way. black americans want law and order. black americans want police officers in these towns. and here is the part that's so amazing. that these are cities that are run by people of color! and they're ignoring people of color when it comes to crime. will: right. >> it doesn't make sense. this is a old 1950 playbook that black people are being disproportionately denied justice because of race. that does not happen in 2022. will: right. you know, we've fought lu some technical difficulties through segment, but i believe we have sean duffy who was originally scheduled to be with the two of you, and and i believe his difficulties have been worked out. sean, unfortunately, not a lot of time left. i'll just put this on the screen. look at the crime rate in some of these big cities we're talking about the, sean.
6:37 am
it's up massively, 50, 60%. washington, d.c., chicago, new york city, l.a. sean is, you're a former district attorney, what's your takeaway on the root cause here? >> the bottom line is professors have sold the american people in their commitments that the criminals are actually the victims and, therefore, we have to have all kinds of reforms to put those defendants ahead of the victims in our communities. and i think a lot of societies have bought that, and that ice why we have bail reform and liberal prosecutors. and i think the american electorate is starting to get the joke that, actually, if you care about their safety, hair family, their community, they're starting to pay attention to these d.a. races across the country. they're not going to go like san francisco or new york. they're going to two for hard on crime prosecutors that put bad guys behind bars and start to protect communities again. again, the electorate, will, they've been lied to. they've been told that, actually, the defendants are the victims. they're not buying it any longer.
6:38 am
but one last point, but we need tough on crime prosecutors, we've got to push back on bail reform and stop the defunding the police movement. once we do that, we'll be back where we were a few decades ago where we were tough on crime. will: hey, to your point, sean, the electorate -- they are the victims, so they're a going to have to use their power to vote to change themselves from victims into the saviors of their own communities. okay. glad we got the technical difficulties worked out, glad you could jump in, sean. pam, great to have you. leo, everybody's being nice to rachel. you can take it up with sean -- [laughter] >> sean, i'm protecting rachel against will and pete. i'm protecting rachel for you. no problem. >> i appreciate that. will: okay. >> thank you. [laughter] will: all right, guys. thank you all so much for jumping on this morning. so maria bartiromo is next here on fox and friends. you don't want to miss that. that's coming up.
6:39 am
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rick: welcome back to "fox & friends." a very cold start to your morning across parts of the plains and deep south. 29 degrees in the atlanta area. we had one storm across parts of the southeast yesterday morning. for the most part, that some is out of here. in fact, that front has moved all the way through florida. a really nice day, temps a little bit cooler.
6:43 am
feeling like winter for florida. and up across areas of the northern plains we've got some snow heading across the ohio valley. a live shot out of columbus, ohio, the snow falling there but not much on the ground. temps, 24 degrees. from this snow we're probably going to see an inch or two fall, and this is what happens all the way true the day tomorrow. you get the idea around the great lakes, a very minor clipper system coming on through. all right. on sundays i like to show you the precipitation for this coming week. i tell you what, the west coast after having had such a wet start to season, things have calmed down quite a bit. a little more rain coming to the pacific north wes, rain across parts of the south, and we do have some more snow if across parts of the great lakes. all right, rachel, over to you. rachel: all right. thank you, rink. rick. well, a brand new fox news poll out morning reveals inflation is still one of the top concerns for more than 80% of americans in the last six months. president biden's overall economy still getting poor marks
6:44 am
as more than 70% of voters have a negative view of it. "sunday morning futures" anchor maria bartiromo is here to react. maria, the american people are screaming inflation, jobs, crime and border, and they're doing everything they can except that, filibuster and green new deal, now ukraine. why don't they want to listen? why don't they want to win? maria: i think you make such a great point, rachel. good morning to you and thank you for having me. the bottom line is, you know, voters, investors, american families are screaming we don't want this. you see that through the polls. you see the american public rejecting this build back better agenda, and yet the administration and the democrats will not respond or focus on it. instead, they will just push through what they want to be important, and that is these voter bills that perhaps leave democrats in charge for as long as possible. look, the inflation is real. we're all feeling it.
6:45 am
oil prices are up 60% year-over-year, and it is really important that we do not underestimate these bad implications of bad policy. you know, joe biden walked into the white house one year ago and one of the first decisions he made was to cancel the xl pipeline. that immediately made america dependent on foreign oil. now we are importing soften so much -- importing so much oil from russia, and here we are on the doorstep of a potential war where russia has 100,000 troops built up on the ukraine border we're even questioning whether or not our european partners will go along with stopping russia was now germany is so reliability on russia -- reliant on russia with that in order stream nord stream 2 -- nord stream 2 pipeline. you cannot underestimate how bad policy decisions have resulted in just terrible outcomes. that's what we're seeing. and i will say this: here we are at the beginning of a new year, 2022. i've been speaking with a number
6:46 am
of ceos and managers of businesses, they are not happy. it looks like another tough year. you've got inflation, you've also got a supply chain crisis underway. even though demand was strong at the end of last year, the supply side of our economy is a complete disaster. if one ceo the other day told me, maria, actually the chip shortage, semiconductor chip shortage at the end of last year got worse. it got worse in the third and fourth quarters, and when you have a semiconductor problem, that's not a problem just for the semiconductor industry, that's a problem for the auto industry, for technology and devices industry, the housing industry. anything we use with semiconduct canner chips with these smart tvs, smart refrigerators, we are facing a major shortage, and that's going to be the story in 2022. now we've got expectations that we may very well go into a recession because things are going to slow down so much. we have managers out there expecting 4, 5, 6 interest rate hikes by the federal reserve, then there's another thinking, way of thinking that the fed is
6:47 am
going to start raising rates beginning in march, and the market is going to sell off so much, it's going to be so disruptive the fed will have to get out of the way and stop raising rates to calm things down. unfortunately, i'm sorry to bring you this news, but the economic story is worsening as we speak, and we will speak about it this morning. we have breaking news coming up, i'm be talking -- i'll be talking with arkansas a senator tom cotton on what's going on in ukraine. the state department asking diplomats and their families to leave ukraine beginning tomorrow because we are expecting russia to actually invade ukraine, and we are questioning whether or not germany is onboard with stopping, with stopping the russians because of that reliance on oil. the olympics now a week away, we're going to talk with ennis if freedom. breaking news on what our athletes are going to face, coming up. and, of course, there's devin nuñes who uncovered all of the conflicts that the biden family had around ukraine.
6:48 am
remember, he was defending president trump for the impeachment trial because of that phone call that trump had with the official in ukraine, and in his investigation he actually uncovered all these conflicts with joe biden. he will give us his first television interview since he left congress to become the ceo of the -- technology group. newt gingrich also ahead coming up. rachel. rachel: maria, thank you for covering that. i am dying to know what are these conflicts and how they might be influencing this situation in ukraine, the bidens and ukraine. thank you so much for that. you're always on top of the best stories. maria, looking forward to the show. maria: see you in ten minutes. rachel: you got it. all right, still ahead, it's the sweetest day of the year. we take a bite out of national pie day, next. ♪ ♪
6:49 am
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♪ joey: good morning. it's a day that serves up a slice of deliciousness, it's national pie day. joining us now with tips for the perfect pie, chef ron sillier, owner of -- silver, and opener
6:53 am
of bubby's home homemade pies. good morning, chef. >> good morning. joey: looks like you're pretty busy there. what are you making? >> well, i am putting together an apple pie, but we have a bunch of pies here, cherry, key lime, apple, peanut if butter -- peanut butter. what do you guys -- rachel: we have cherry and we have apple whiskey. i've already tried the cherry. it's amazing. my question to you as you're with doing the pie crust there, what is the secret to a flaky crust? because this crust is awesome. >> well, if you can see, i'm going to hold this up to the camera. do you see these chunks of butter and lard? rachel: oh, yeah. >> that is the key right there. the chunks. and really cold hands and a warm heart. [laughter] will: what do we have, this is
6:54 am
an apple you said you're putting together? >> this is an apple pie. so in all of our pies you can get them shipped nationally. also nice to just make pie at home. joey: so i just finished off my slice of apple pie, now i'm starting on the cherry. and i've got to tell you, the cher cherry is just aamazing. i mean, this is the best cherry pie i've ever had. >> well, the secret ingredient is that we use michigan sour cherries, and they're amazing. 90% of the cherries in america are grown in michigan, and everything about bub by's pie is very simple. there's probably six ingredients in there. and so -- rachel: chef, really quick, what's the most -- look at that, that's gorgeous. really quick, what's the most popular pie that you serve at your restaurant which is so famous? >> well, it depends. the cherry pie is really
6:55 am
popular, and then our seasonal pies are very well loved. will: well, the perfect pie, maybe it's cherry, my favorite's buttermilk. my favorite's buttermilk -- >> ooh, that's a good one. will hey, can we all agree on this, pie over cake? can we agree there? >> 100%. i agree with that. rachel: yeah. i like a good key lime pie. yeah. will: that's the last time we saw you, chef. the last time we saw you, you were making pancakes here on "fox & friends." glad to have you today -- and they were very good -- on national pie day. bubby', you can get those pies delivered all over the country. thank you, chef. >> thank you for having me. have a great day. will: more "fox & friends" on the way. ♪ ♪ with aisles of ways to refresh and restyle.
6:56 am
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>> don't forget to check out my podcast with my husband sean available at fox news as we talk about the most important topic in your life, your marriage. >> while there download the will kane podcast three times a week. joey. >> born just a few hours before the show. congratulations, jeff and amy? maria: good morning. thank you for joining us and welcome to sunday morning futures. morning futures. maria bartriomo. panic in the air. whispers of war in ukraine with the stock market selling off, murder and lawlessness spiking as democrats run for cover. on top of multiple crises hurting the american people president biden publicly opens the door from russia to invade ukraine >> one thing for a minor


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