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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 23, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. mike: tensions rising in russia and ukraine and first shipment of lethal arrives. russia is seeking to replace ukraine's government with a promoscow administration. we have fox team coverage with david spunt live from the white house and greg palcock in ukraine. david: mike the story continues to evolve. one of the top russian alleged plotters named by the british government to install prorussian
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sympathizer. we are getting statement from the national security council. this kind of plotting is deeply concerning, the ukrainian people have the sovereign right to determine their own future and we stand with our democratically elected partners in ukraine. this morning former secretary of state mike pompeo spoke to shannon bream on fox news sunday. >> vladimir putin has wanting to put key leaders and all the kinds of things, state craft that are not overt. david: uncovering of alleged plot days after diplomatic officials met from the united states and russia in geneva. the talks yielded no results. >> this was not negotiation but
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a candid exchange of concerns and ideas. new fox news poll shows the president's approval rating down actually -- i'm sorry, the u.s. embassy announced arrival of ammunition ordered by president biden. missiles are expected to arrive any day now. back to the poll, mike, i was mentioning fox news poll, the president's approval rating on its handling of foreign policy really upside down 41% approving while 54% disapproving. last week marked the end of president biden's first year in office, we are starting u new year, obviously tensions in eastern europe, that's the way the president is beginning the new year. also important to know that the state department is strongly suggesting that family members of diplomats in kiav and surrounding areas leave ukraine as early as tomorrow, mike. mike: david spunt starting us
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live, david, many thanks. the uk government is accusing russian president vladimir putin of plot to go install a prokremlin government in ukraine, this as families as united states embassy and personnel in ukraine could start evacuating as soon as tomorrow. fox news live in ukraine senior foreign affairs greg palckok brings us the latest development from kiav. >> the forces up to 125,000, the new information we are getting today, deployment of soldiers arrived in the town in neighboring belarus. that's just about 30 miles from the border with ukraine and just a little over 60 miles from the city. all this caring with it the threat of invasion. eastern ukraine, government troops have been facing off against separatist fighters for year, they are back massively russia.
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newly deployed rocket launchers, moscow said to be sending fuel arms making this weekend's arrival to military aid to ukraine even more important. 100 tons worth including ammunition for ukrainian troops. all this getting the attention of the locals on this solemn day. take a look at what we saw facing uncertain future expressing hope. >> we are praying and hoping it's not going to happen one woman told us it's outrageous that russia is doing something like this, young man said and i'm scared. i used to believe russia was our friend. another young lady told us. our favorite, mike, one guy that pushed by us very fast and i quote, everything is going to be fine. we can only hope, back to you. mike: positive thinking, greg
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palcock, thank you very much. joining me now california republican congressman foreign affairs committee derril issa. >> just like the end of the jimmy carter era, we basically have open invitation for change in government. this is what happened to shaw of iran and in vietnam and afghanistan. the russians have a ticket that actually was invited during the president's one year anniversary to have and encouraging to them is like nazi germany's idea of helping germans in czechoslovakia. they took the whole country. >> i want to play for you a clip of the secretary of state on cnn
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today. >> we are building up our defense and building up our deterrence to make sure that if it doesn't follow the diplomatic course, if it renewed aggression, facing significant consequences. mike: is that enough? >> closer to the capital than, in fact, downtown san diego from camp penalton, this is a massive build-up, it's clear that reagan's that he never saw war, started because of too much strength on behalf of the united states but rather weakness. our policy peace through strength has been reversed. it is clear that russia will take action, get what they want or at least what they really want and this president has given a green light to it and as a result we could well end up encouraging ourselves one unnecessary and would not have happened if not for the last year of failed leadership.
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>> how alarmed are you by the president's language in this situation? didn't he need to be very precise with wording in sending a message to putin? >> a president has a choice. he can say this will not happen or he can say something less than that. any time you say something less than this will not happen on my watch, it basically means it will happen. that has happened time and time again. this president has given a green light and for all of our people in the military, a fairly demoralized military after the last year, they are preparing to have to go to war unnecessarily. the fact is when we are strong, we do not have to fight. ronald reagan was able to essentially keep us out of war for 8 years by making us strong enough that our enemies feared us and would not misbehave. it is clear, putin not only doesn't fear biden but he's laughing at us. he has literally figured out that joe biden is an empty, empty suit relative to stopping
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him. he's going to take his actions there just as he now has a presence in afghanistan and we are -- we do not. >> our new fox poll out today says voters heavily favor republicans on the issue of national security, so congressman, what more would republicans do on putin and ukraine? >> we need to make it clear using our nato allies and ourselves that ukraine is under a nato protection. every inch of it. if we -- if we lead the germ ge, the brits will follow. if we do not lead, they will look and say, oh, jeez, we really don't want to lose all the natural gas we need in the winter. the reality is only the united states, only an oil-exporting free country like us can, in fact, lead the rest of the world to do the right thing. if we don't, we have seen it happen in world war i. we saw it happen in world war ii. the europeans inherently are not going to do it without our
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leadership. i do not want to have a war in europe. the way to prevent a war in europe is to make sure that putin knows he cannot get one inch of ukraine. if he takes one imp, he will take the capital, he will put his own puppit it and the old satellite will be annex. mike: inflation, what needs to be done to alleviate the stress when people go to the gas station and more? >> we saw in the press years were because of efficiency. the fact was we were producing more oil and natural gas. we were exporting more, we were building our economy faster and more was being produced per person than anything else. the insufficiencies of the supply chain, the hundreds of ships sitting off our shore that
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can't get through, the blockages, the shortages, literally in the midwest and in some cases slaughtering animals because you can't get them to market. inefficiency is the inflater right now. efficiency meaning get government out of the way, make the private sector work again, stop paying people to not work, you gain that efficiency, inflation can be fought otherwise it will continue to inflate and government spending is inherently one of the great causers of inflation. >> congressman derrill issa from the great state of california. safes. >> thank you, mike. mike: massachusetts congressman and infrastructure committee jake, congressman, welcome. >> thank you. mike: as a marine, thank you for your service. what are your concerns right now about russia and ukraine? >> russia's aggressive actions are unacceptable and this
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president is not afraid to stand up to them. he has worked with our allies in europe to make clear that there will be swift, severe and united repercussions should even a single russian force cross the ukrainian border. mike: some have suggested now is the time to slap more sanctions on russia, not waiting until something happens. how do you assess that idea? >> that's backwards. the intent to foreign policy right now is to raise the cost for president putin for aggressive action. if we wage sanctions now we lose the deterrent effect and we lose our leverage and president putin would internalize the cost. we need to hang over his head severe sanctions to raise the cost of him of aggressive sanctions against ukraine. >> the president has made reference to a challenge of holding nato together on this issue, are you concerned about that? is there more the united states congress perhaps can do to
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support nato and the mission in ukraine? >> this president and his lieutenants and the administration have been engaged if diplomacy to ensure that germany, britain and eastern european countries are united in -- in standing up to russian aggression and the key is to keep talking for as listening as possible. every day in which there is not aggressive action by russia it's a day that we is send more lethal aid to ukraine, the day that we can find a diplomatic solution to this crisis, nobody wants to see a land war in euro asia. mike: what more can be done to help your constituents and the american people overall? >> as the vice chair of the financial services committee, i've put forward bipartisan
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solutions to the inflation situation. and it's frustrating because it's a tale of two economies. on one hand under the president we created more than 6 million jobs, the greatest job creation of a first year of a president in history. on the other hand, much of the wage gain by my constituents and americans are being pinched by higher grocery and gas price. we need to keep the fed's feet to the fire. when -- we have to work federal and state on work initiatives. hiring is the key to both stronger economy and tamping down inflation. mike: fuel prices are up considerably. my guess is during cold winter during the boston area is hurting folks too, your thoughts? >> gas and home heating are really at the forefront of the
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inflation that's eating into americans' wallets, we need bipartisan support for the president's foreign policy initiatives that are going to be deflationary for energy costs both pushing back against opec as well as pushing back against russia by releasing elements of strategic patrol yes, ma'am reserve and by investing in our clean energy economy which is the fastest growing industry in the united states. mike: is it time for the biden administration to change domestic policy administration hope to go bring prices down, congressman? >> this administration is investing in our domestic energy production. clean energy production is fastest growing in the united states right now and part of the infrastructure bill we are investing directly in our energy dependence doing so with clean energy source that is will make us a leader on the world stage for getting the carbon neutrality. mike: thank you very much for
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your time, have a wonderful day. >> good to be on. mike: shannon bream on fox news sunday today with an interview with mike pompeo after this show. only on the fox news channel. jesse watters in prime time, check it outment one nypd police officer killed and another fighting for his life as crime crisis in major cities shows no signs of slowing down. more on that after the break. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein
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it's wireless so good, it keeps one-upping itself. take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. mike: one new york city police officer still fighting for his life. we are learning more about the accused suspect's lengthy rap sheet. alexis mcadams following the latest in new york city. what's the latest? alex: taggic day. the family of the fallen nypd officer's is 22 year's old is planning funeral, listen. >> what's going on?
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>> gunshots. >> investigators calling this an ambush, the shooting happened inside harlem apartment complex. you can see the heavy police presence on friday night. nypd officers were called from a woman who said she was fighting with adult son but did not tell investigators there were any weapons in the apartment. the officers tried to speak with the man in the back room and that's when they say he opened fire. the ambush left one officer dead and another in critical condition. this is a photo of the officer, nypd now identifying the officer who was killed as 22-year-old jason rivera, the medical examiner telling fox news today the rooky officer was shot at least two times, hit in the head and in historieso. rivera joined the department in november of 2020, was more than just a cop here. he was a husband, a friend and a son. police tell us this is the gunman, 47-year-old lashan mcnile. at the time of the shooting mcnile was on probation for
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felony drug charge. rap sheet is pretty lengthy, arrested nearly half a dozen times for a variety of offenses. just this month 5nypd officers had been shot, the mayor now pledging to make new york city a safer place. >> no, excuse to assassinate the officers. no excuse to have the shooting we saw in staten island, responded to a domestic dispute. there's no excuse to be a gang banker and think you will wreak havoc in our city. >> the second officer wilbur mora. mora is in critical condition. mora has been with the nypd for four years and sources tell me that officer was shot in the shot and a lot more that needs to be done with treatment plan and officer rivera's funeral is on friday of this week, mike. mike: such young police officers. thoughts and prayers with them and their families. thank you, alexis.
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to texas, a manhunt is underway to find the driver who shot and killed houston area deputy earlier this morning during traffic stop, christina coleman las the latest. christina: corporal charles was brutally murdered colleagues say he will be missed tremendously. >> not only law enforcement but all our citizens. it's just sad. >> corporal galloway was 12 and a half veteran, he leaves behind the daughter and a sister as well as the numerous officers he
10:23 am
trained and mentored. fellow law enforcement describe him as someone who was loved very much by the people he served. authorities are now searching for the suspect, they describe him as a hispanic male who was last seen driving a newer model, white toyota avalon. >> we cannot have people like this on our streets. i don't want to raise my family, my grandchildren in a county where this type of crime is running ramp it. >> this is senseless, it makes no sense whatsoever. our special investigative unit, homicide is taking a lead on it, a message to this suspect, the best thing you can do is turn yourself in peacefully. >> also houston's mayor sylvester put out statement extending prayers and condolences. turner says whoever took his life will be brought to justice and that galloway served with
10:24 am
honor and distinction. mike. mike: amen, christina coleman thank you so much. ♪ ♪ ♪ mike: texas department of public safety trooper has died after tragic accident while working jointly with the u.s. border patrol. bill is tracking the details from la joya, texas. bill: tragic news to report. first line of duty death associated with texas' operation lone star. if we can pull up the photo. we will tell you about the state tree, 37-year-old anthony solas died in the hospital yesterday morning after injured friday night while working with border patrol near eagle pass, texas, he was helping them arrest a group of 6 illegal immigrants when he was involved in a car accident. again, he died yesterday morning. he was a former u.s. marine and he is the first fatality associated with operation lope star.
10:25 am
texas governor greg abbott offering condolences. if you can pull up statement released yesterday, part of it in quote, this tragedy is somber reminder of sacrifices our law enforcement make to keep us safe, end quote. meanwhile in el paso sector border patrol releasing wild footage which you're looking at here, nighttime operations showing the national guard and border patrol keeping groups of migrants away from entering the country illegally. you will see them gathered on the other side of the border wall. some of them appear to have climbed on top of the border wall and are trying to get into the united states and the trucks are going back and forth deterring them. in the background of the shot, you'll see other groups of migrants, dozens of them trying to make a run on the border elsewhere, border patrol and national guard patrolling that area trying to make sure nobody was able to get in. last thing we want to talk about if we can pull up the mug shot right here, this is a sex offender caught in border patrol's tucson, arizona sector. this is a mexican national. his name is osvaldo espinoza and
10:26 am
has third-degree rape in state of new york. just here in the rio grande valley sector alone where we are just since october, they've already caught more than 60 of the sex offenders. we will send it back to you. mike: that's quite a number. thanks very much. the white house still cleaning up after president biden's misstep on ukraine earlier in the week. coming up next.
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mike: denying britain's claim that moscow wants to overthrow ukrainian government. hi, amy. amy: hi, mike, well, the ministry of foreign affairs here in moscow has taken to social media posting articles about stories they consider
10:31 am
fabrications by the west about ukraine and labeling them with big bold letters as fake. they react today this story about russian president vladimir putin wanting to put a pupit government calling it nonsense, they said, quote, disinformation from the foreign common wealth and development office is an indication that it is nato members led by the anglo-saxons who are escalating tensions around ukraine. the head of germany's navy made comments at overseas event that were out of lock step with the unified message that nato is trying to put forth saying that the reality is ukraine is never getting crimea back, the west needs russia on side in order to deal better with china and that nato members probably should give russian president vladimir putin a little more respect. so comments drew consternation
10:32 am
from kiav to berlin and the admiral stepped down from his job tweeting, my comments regarding the security political situation during a think tank round table in india were my personal thoughts and opinion at the moment. they in no way whatsoever reflect the official position of the ministry of defense and the german army. as russian troops continue to maneuver close to ukraine's borders liberal radio station in has cow found 15% of listeners think military action in this case is very likely 27% think it is likely and 58% think that it is unlikely. now, of course, the u.s. has been saying all along, mike, as you know that there are options other than military activity or an incursion into ukraine that can have profound consequences and can be very destabilizing and one of them can be an idea
10:33 am
that was put forth by the communist party this week asking for a vote in the lower house of parliament on recognizing the i dependence of those two break away regions in ukraine than in a bloody war since 2014. and if that were to go forward, that would be something that people would be getting quite worked up about in ukraine and around the world, mike. mike: amy, so glad to have you there, thanks very much. i would like to welcome in democratic strategist mike and gop strategist. welcome. >> thanks for having me. mike: new fox poll out today say national security republicans are favored by 16 points. mike, what do you make of that number? >> you know, i thought the fox news polling i read it this morning, i found it very interesting. the democrats are favored on a
10:34 am
number of issues as you know but things like foreign policy, immigration, those are -- those are historically and are still conservative policies, those are still republican, you know, that's where you guys go. where i would say right now joe biden, he had a small gaffe, you cannot have a small incursion and joe biden and the administration have had to walk back the statements but this is-it remind me of the cold war, i don't want this president to help us lead us back to a cold war stance or a proxy war. i'm not sure what the right answer is. i'm not -- i'm not privy to the conversations inside the biden administration but obviously joe misspoke on the topic.
10:35 am
and more important -- >> yeah, i mean, with tensions so high small gaffes matter a lot and the administration, this is the latest failure in a string of failures. we heard him say, administration failed to put in senior democratic officials. some diplomatic spots in our european capitals are important to us. still remain empty and there's no envoy to ukraine. his strategy here is clearly falling apart and i think the polling indicates that because people are frustrated and they know how important this is and this administration isn't handling the way that it should be handled. mike: we saw president biden use the term minor incursion the other day. mike, do you wish the president had read off an index card or whatever to make sure the language the message to vladimir putin was spot on?
10:36 am
>> it was a press conference. it was live and it was two hours although it was early in the process. i can't defend the fact that the president misspoke, certainly did. but, you know, let's contrast this with the prior administration. mike, i look specifically at putin and trump in helsinki, it was complete capitulation. i have a lot of trouble holding joe biden accountable for putin's actions but i didn't find the last president overly strong with putin. you know, it was something we describe, you can't even see on fox news. it was a terrible capitulation by trump to putin and i don't think that joe is capitulating here. he misspoke in a live press conference. mike: that's the view from the left. charles, let me give you a chance to respond. >> misspeaking in a situation like this is a huge deal. we spent four years litigating whether trump and putin were
10:37 am
involved in trump's involvement in russia and it all turned out to be false. but you know what didn't happen in the four years, putin didn't make moves like this in the last 4 years, the last time was in 2014 when president obama was in office. we know that leadership matters and misspeaking is a big deal when tensions are so high. mike: all right, well you, gentlemen are off to a good start, mike and charles, we will bring you back in a moment. thank you so much, talk to you in a minute. the nypd mourning the loss of one of their own as another fights for his life, political panel weighs on america's crime crisis, that's next.
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mike: stray bullets striking and killing 31-year-old british scientist in atlanta while lying in bed to visit his girlfriend. charles watson in atlanta with the terrific incident. charles. charles: matthew wilson was a 31-year-old astro physicists who had arrived to the u.s. from england to spend time with girlfriend, wilson was visiting from siri england pictured in photo, his long-time girlfriend tells the atlanta journal constitution she heard several gunshots around 2:00 in the morning on january 16th, when
10:43 am
she tried to look out the window to see where they were coming from she telling aj wilson, within moments the 31-year-old was struck in the head by stray bullet. wilson was breathing when they responded for help but later died at an area hospital. >> the bullet went through an exterior wall, through the head rest unfortunately into dr. wilson's head. it appears that it was a random act of individuals engaging in reckless discharging of firearms. charles: police tell us they are investigating the deadly incident as a homicide. meantime the victim's family back in england trying to make sense of a senseless shooting. wilson's sister telling multiple outlets that it's hard for the
10:44 am
family to even comprehend such a tremendous loss and, mike, police tell us that at this hour there are currently no lead in this case. they are desperate for the public to help find who is responsible for this senseless killing, mike. mike: another heartbreaking story, charles withoutson, thanks a lot. the spike in violent crime in many major cities is showing no signs of slowing down, this as newly released fox poll shows 81% are extremely or very concerned about higher crime rates in their communities, for more on how crime in big cities is affecting our nation, let's turn to our panel mike, charles, gentlemen, right before inflation rising crime rates are right there issues of extreme concern where people are very concerned about, charles, how should that be addressed? >> well, it's not surprising. i run an organization called urban reform and we look at policies in cities in major metro areas and this is happening all over the country. just last night here in harris county precinct 5, constable
10:45 am
charles galloway was killed after apparent traffic stop and killer is still on the run. we are seeing this everywhere. i have good friends that are in fire departments in new jersey, i have friends that are cops and they need to know that leadership is behind them. the administration hasn't spoken out about the crime crisis enough. here in harris county our county judge hidalgo encourages our district court judges to continue to release offenders, violent offenders on multiple bonds. our district courts need addressing, our mayors need to start supporting our police departments and stop underfunding police departments. we have issues that are bound and we need to address them and our leaders today aren't doing so. mike: in new york city here is the new mayor, a former cop on crime in the big apple. >> we are going to go after the underlying reasons you are seeing crime in our city. this is a sea of crime that's being fed by many rivers and we have to dam each one of the rivers. we have to go after the laws that are not realistic and
10:46 am
understanding what's happening on the ground. mike: mike, is it time for cities across america to swing back and get tougher on crime? >> it depends how we define that. if that means stop and frisk, no i don't think so. there's excellent reporting on the fox news site, ethan bart is the journalist, he takes a comprehensive look at the dc murder rate in washington, d.c. a lot of this crime is going on in two specific precincts, very specifically contained and it is often crews -- not organized street gangs but crews. the vast majority of the crime is happening perhaps not related to the drug trade but between beefs between the crews and the underlying commonality in so many of the homicides is poverty. it's hopelessness, it's a lack of opportunity concentrated in
10:47 am
certain urban areas. it's based in wakashaw and saw substantial tragedy criminal and i know that people think they can flee the crime of the urban areas, they can go out to suburbs and obviously we saw a very substantial tragedy in wakashaw and the community is reeling still over it and there are many crimes that are really specifically trapped in certain areas. murder being very specific crime and to bring the numbers down we have to deal with the underlying poverty. i think joe biden and the dems try to do that in some way through the child tax credit. we lifted many children out of poverty in a short time. mike: the guys are getting caught for something and then released? >> yes, that is the problem. i mean, listen, the child tax credit might work for helping poverty but it's not going to
10:48 am
fix crime. we had 16-year-old diamond álvarez here in houston shot 22 times and her shooter was arrested and then put out on bond and he lives 5 blocks away from that family and he's now back at home. so, yes, it is a problem when you continue to let repeat violent offenders back out on to the streets. what are they going to do, go back to the communities they came from and commit more harm and harm those who are trying to do good and i do not want to hear child tax credit and eradicating poverty. we need to address root causes of violent and a lot is letting out repeat violent offenders. mike: gentlemen, thanks very much, have a great day. transgender swimmer lea thomas winning two more races as new policies can be announced soon. ♪ ♪
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mike: pennsylvania transgender swimmer lea thomas winning two more races on saturday days after the national governing body announced they may be releasing policy for transgender athletes soon. >> shift on sport by sport basis. previously trans-woman were
10:53 am
overall eligible to compete. that's been the case for lea thomas who has been breaking records on penn's women team. it will require hormone testing for championships. caitlin jenner sounded off. >> disappointed. the ncaa kicked the can down the road. and it's unfortunate. i am out there to protect women sports. >> she still outperforms women. kristi noem said on fox news sunday building to protect sports for biological women and girls. >> this is about fairness, this is about making sure that our girls have a chance to be successful and to compete, to win scholarships, potential i will go onto play professional sports beyond that. >> usa swimming provided lengthy statement on twitter, it
10:54 am
continued in part, quote, we also strongly believe in competitive equity and like many are doing our best to learn and educate ourselves in the appropriate balance in this space, so a lot of the individual sports will reorganize but also well known transathletes have spoken out against the policy change calling it rush and invasive. mike: wild fires chasing people out of their homes, more on that with the images after the break. ♪ ♪rd ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [♪♪] only pay for what you need. if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health.
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try boost® today.
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hurry! offer ends january 24th! muck mike mike now for a look at some of our headlines, a wildfire in the big sur area of california is forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate. the fire's already blazed through a 2.3 square mile area fed by gusty winds blowing up to 50 miles per hour. in pennsylvania, state officials chasing down several fleeing monkeys after a truck collision provided the opportunity for a few of the primates to escape. sounds like some monkey business. the truck was taken the monkeys to a cdc-approved lab facility. all 100 of them have been accounted for, party other. and a big announcement from general motors, planning to invest $6.5 billion toward or the development of electric vehicles. hay also plan on hiring 4,000 new employees for two plants in michigan, evs only made up 3% of new sales in 2021.
10:59 am
but that number is expected to rise quickly in the future. new york city mourning fallen officer 22-year-old jason rivera. he was shot and killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence call in harlem on friday. hundreds of cops lined the streets to honor and mourn the rookie police officer who they are hailing as a hero. the new york city police department also saying they're continuing to pray for officer wilbert mora who was critically wounded in the same shooting. god bless them and their families. that is all for this hour of "fox news live." i'm mike emanuel. it has been a pleasure. "fox news sunday" with my friend shannon bream is up next. former secretary of state mike pom mike pompeo, governor kristi noem of the great state of south dakota. thank you so much for watching. have an awesome day. ♪ ♪
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shannon: ♪ shannon: i'm shannon bream. president biden meeting with his national security advisers at camp david as fears of a russian invasion of ukraine grow. ♪ >> we engaged in diplomacy and dialogue. at the same time, we are embarked on a path of defense and deterrence. shannon: u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken and russia's foreign minister head back home after high stakes talks in geneva. but with tens of thousands of russian troops gathering near the border of ukraine, the moment is critical as the world's


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