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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  January 23, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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podcast, ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." almost 4 years ago to the day that we began this program, this long form interview program. i remember having a wonderful meeting with mr. murdoch and suzanne scott and others. about what is it that i would do on fox.
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i wasn't looking for a tv show. i have blend to do, but they could not have been nicer, they suggested that why don't do you something. soy we talked about what i wanted to do, and something that really was not experimental, but i wanted to bring it back, long form interview, where there is a special guest, you and have time to delve in. that has been nature of this program, "life, liberty and levin." i also wanted to do a show about books. i understand that does not sound as glitzy but we have tremendous authors with tremendous minds. it is difficult to cover that and cover news and cover washington just once a
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week. my own thinking that been what about a long form interview for authors, tonight, i decided to fuse the two. we have a fantastic guest, a fantastic author, who has done incredible cutting edge investigation about power of communist china here. revelations that i knew nothing about. i sat down with this book and i finished it in really a day and a half. i don't spend a lot of time reading everybody else's books, i rid history, and economists, peter schweizer back and his book red handed is a crucially important book right now. peter schweizer how are you. >> terrific. mark: the book is unbelievable. you are with the government accountability institute, you, the president.
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you spend a lot of time as a journalist and investigator, you have a whole team looking at things. i want to cut to the chase go to the book. let's begin with chapter 4. you talk about silicon valley and the meeting that takes place among the titans and robber banners much silicon valley and communist chinese leader xi . >> president xi comes to u.s., to meet with president barack obama, but instead of seeing the president first, he stops in seattle and has a powwow with biggest tech executives in united states, they are star struck. when president xi enters the room tim cook turns to his colleagues and said, did you feel the earth move. and this is really the beginning of a court ship
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between xi. communist regime in china and biggest names in tech. bill gates, mark zuckerberg, they are individuals that have deep ties with communist china, and they are supportive of their policies, the ties actually enhance the military and intelligence capabilities of china. which is now positioning itself to surpass the u.s., which is their goal. mark: law talk about these high-tech robber "barron's." why do you think they are so taken bee a genocidal, communist dec dictator like this? doesn't that seem odd to you . here, it is in the open. they embrace this man, what is the
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mentality? >> you look at bill gates worth 100 billion or more, is it really about the money? it might be, i think if has more to do with the attraction to dictatorship a lot of these executives have in silicon valley, a guy like bill gates with microsoft, microsoft does major research in china with military length labs in artificial intelligence, which say crucial area that china says they will surpass the united states to achieve technological. >> and bill gates invests in chinese company that do research. and bill gates is an adviser to the chinese government,
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he has been given membership in chinese academy of engineering it is a communist run organization whose charter requires members to be politically approved, they are to advise chinese government to technical matters, bill gates does not need the money, why is he doing that? i think there is an attractioned to the fact that china, things get done efficiently because you have a brutal dictatorship imposing their will on people. mark: the corporatists that is their own mentality. right? they muscle through the shareholder meetings, they don't reveal what they are supposed to reveal, we call them a publicly owned company. but what do we really know is going on.
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and apple, and tim cook, what is that relationship like with the communist chinese government. >> revelations about fact that apple set up sweetheart deals with china in terms of supply relationship, tim cook jokes around with communist party officials that are sensors content in china. and a guy like mark zuckerberg, he went to the state dinner that barack obama held for president xi, at that dinner, zuckerberg said, my wife is about to give birth to a child, would you name that child. literally, that is what he asked xi . who chuckleed and said that was too great a responsibility. >> and top china -- visits
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facebook headquarters, they go back to the office, chinese communist party official sits in his chair and noticed a thick book on his desk, the collective writing and speeches of xi from china, he said, vid have been reading it, i bought copies, it is remarkable the way in which they suck up to them. and the literal help they provide in aiding and abetting this brutal regime. mark: i think this generation of corporatist is quite different from the generation of corporate titans of the past, what put muscles and smarts into building our economy system or foundation whether it was steal or oil and so
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for. they were pro american. they did all that they could to support the american people, when when a president sat down with them, and said we need your help on something. federal government is broke. they len federal government money, i don't see that today. i see the guys lobbyists looking for every advantage they can get, i see them coddling up to the dictator, while trashing downtown don -- donald trump as republican partia some time of socially backward entities, there is something terribly wrong with these people. >> i think you are spot on. they are unmoored,
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disconnected. from american life. these are in economic sense the biggest winners in america, they should be the biggest cheer lighters for a representative form of government, limited government, rule by law, limited regulations, but they are not, they seem happy to perform the services that benefit the chinese government. mark zuckerberg for example, teamed up with google, they said we'll attach the large data cable, we'll link hong kong with san francisco. and they started to build it, they hire a chinese company linked to chinese military to do it. only reason this project was not completed is justice department and fbi stepped in said, now. you cannot complete this project because it would provide unstress unprecedented
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opportunities for chinese espionage. they know that, they are smart people -- what would prompt them to think it would be okay to provide this benefit to the chinese government is beyond me, you are right, a generation earlier, you would never have seen corporate executives willing to do something like that. mark: and their own conduct on facebook, zuckerberg and internet. they don't tolerate different opinions, not even experts on their sites talking about vaccine or, they don't tolerate intelligent, substantive disagreements. they are picking up very bad habits from communist china and the way that regime is ruled. >> that is a crucial point. here is the thing, the argument has been made by silicon valley and wall street and others, if we
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have the commerce with communist china our values will rub off on them, that has not happened but what has happened chinese communist party values have rubbed off on them, you find microsoft, facebook and google executives making excuses for chinese censorship, pretending it is not occurring or saying it is not that big a deal, they are doing the same thing here in united states, you see a merging in tech space. we have a worldwide web that excites, the censorship approach and attitude that beijing has performed over the last 15 years is now being imported into the united states. not being done by the american government, it is done by the tech giants. and it should frighten everyone who is concerned
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about freedom of speech. mark: we created the oligopoly in the united states. while crushing american freedom, and different ideas and speech, they work with the autocratic regimes. china and anyone else they could. they would love to work with iran. they don't much care, this is a big problem, not about free market capitalism,. they work the system. and more centralize it is, the more power they have given how much resources they have. when we come back, peter. i want to talk to you about the bidens. that mess, that is next. shhh... you think she's still awake? don't worry. the lexus rx, built for a modern families.
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mark: welcome back, let's jump to this the biden family, joe biden has been in government forever. a question on this peter schweizer, did communist chinese regime make it part of their mission to invest in biden family, knowingful knowing -- full well,
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that biden is a career politician with a lot of influence. >> i think there is no question. we have uncovered the biden family. while vice president of united states, continuing when he became president, received some 31 million dollars from chinese individuals who are linked to the highest levels of chinese intelligence. intelligence. intelligence. >> 31 million, woe. >> yep, they were carried out by a coupled of individuals, hunter biden refers to him as super chairman, he said, i do know believe in the lottery about more, but i believe in the schuper chairman, who is che
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fang? kind of a sketchy chinese businessman, his business partner at the time he was striking deals with hunter biden, his business partner of the vice minister at ministry for straight security -- state security in charge of recruiting foreign nationals to spy for china, and head of what is called number 8 bureau, it does not get higher, these are the sorted individuals that were striking deals with hunter biden, another individual that helped arranger the -- arrange the deal, mr. jou who helped with that deal and he spent 5 million to hunter biden and he sent that money from a interesting business, called harvest global. so, you have mr. jou sending 5 million, who is his
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business partner? his business partner is the daughter of the former head of the ministry of state security. this is the guy who runs the entire spy apparatus for china, it does not get higher, this means that in total, the biden family got 31 million dollars, they performed no discernible legitimate business activities that i can find for that 31 million, every single deal came from individuals tied at the highest levels to the chinese intelligence apparatus, there is no question in my mind, they were targeted by the chinese, and for the life of me, this is unprecedented. i don't know of a time in american history where the american first family has had to kind of a financial bond with a foreign
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intelligence service, particularly one that wants to defeated the united states in global competition. mark: you know the clause they talked about with trump has its purpose to prevent this sort of thing, where president or other people in the family are paid off or invested in, we'll use that phrase, by a foreign government, they had great fear about this. and i cannot believe that 31 million dollar as you write, pours into the biden family, and joe biden doesn't know anything about it. he is the head of the biden clan. that is number one. number two, they live very well. number three, it is amazing how this democrat congress does not want any tax returns of biden family members, no investigation of biden family members. he is current president, when you consider how they have gone after donald trump with the fake issues. joe biden directly, how has
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he benefited from communist chinese. >> because the other thing we layout in the book is that very clear that hunter biden and joe biden have had entire -- intertwined finances for a very long time, there are specific examples of him paying his father's bills, some are rudementry. a phone bill for a back-channel phone that joe biden has, when he was vice president, but there are also tens of thousands of dollars of other bills in terms of renovation on biden family homes, the bottom line, money that hunter
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connected overseas benefited not only hunter but joe biden himself. and other family members that includes james biden, a couple millions of chinese money that is sent to james biden. one other point to make. very important, i. i think lays out the fact this needs serious investigation, not only by fbi but congress with subpoena power, some curious happens when hunter biden is securing these deal deals, he goes to secret service and says, i now longer want protection when i travel overseas that is a stunning thing that needs to be looked into. mark: he doesn't want records i guess, this just floats around and american media cover it up, they have resources, if they wanted to
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invested gate it they could raise a lot of questions, congress has subpoena power, department of the justice does not have to sit on its hands yet they are, so-called institutions there to protect us from this, seem to be devoured and controlled by the wrong party in this country, there is joe biden with various connections and his family with various connect, all we keep hearing about is donald trump and his family, they are still under attack and yet there is joe biden, 31 million came into this family, that is appalling, when we come back pelosi, and boehner and others on capitol hill, we'll be right back. ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate
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jon: welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott, word of a possible new development in standoff between washington and moscow in the ukraine. president biden considering deploying 5,000 troops as tensions rise. >> and at same time, u.s. state department ordering departure of family members and some staff from the american embassy in ukraine. the state department also warning u.s. citizen against travel to russia. >> and milwaukee police are
5:29 pm
investigating murders of 5 people on a residential city street, little is known about the victims or circumstances. milwaukee mayor describes the crime as horrific. >> i am jon scott, back to "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back this is a fantastic book, "red-handed," you will learn things you never heard but you will will start to understand. "red-handed" on amazon retail bookstores, this is a truly unique book and a tune opportunity to understand. subterrainian effort that americans are not aware of.
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to our government, and tech companies and collecting and universities, i suspect this is one of the reasons that same entities hated donald trump. because donald trump took on the communist chinese regime, stood nose to nose with them, imposed tariffs and restrictions begin them, and donald trump was upsetting the cart. with all of these entities that are on the take, with the communist chinese regime. i want to get to congress, we had speaker pelosi, speaker boehner, diane feinstein. what have they didn't with the communist chinese in. >> china has been successful at what they call elite capture. they provide dials and benefits to powerful politicians help make them rich, and they become more
5:31 pm
friendly toward china, nancy pelosi for example, when she first came to congress in early 90s was very anti-communist chinese but here position has evolved, it has evolved primarily because her husband and son secure deals in china, go back to the olympics, previous time in day beijing, she initially favored a boycott, then her husband was invested in a couple of limousine companies, they actually got contracts to shuttle vips around in beijing for the olympics, it was quite a big contract. so she reversed herself, she said he is no longer favored a boycott, deals have mounted. there is a discussion and debate about origins of the coronavirus. we know that it came from
5:32 pm
china. nancy pelosi has steadfastly refused for two years to even allow a single congressional hearing on the origins of covid and how it came from china. shy has performed other services as well. john boehner, republican former speaker of the house, when he was speaker of the house, blocked legislation, it was crucial to china, they wanted passed. it passed through senate on bipartisan senate it would pass u.s. house on bipartisan base, he refused the speaker to allow it to be even brought on the floor, when he left the speaker ship he joined a lobbying firm in washington that happens to be lobbies firm for the chinese government, they have a contract with embassy of china, their job to provide in their terms, a political intelligence for issues related to u.s. defense budget and other issues.
5:33 pm
boehner is now a strategic adviser to this firm, they have offices in china. he is neck deep in this firm, and another example of how china works, important to point out. china is not expecting the political figures to walk with them on any issue. they have a concept in their intelligence service this loosely translated, means, big help, with little bad mouth. as long as you help them on big thing that matter of to them, if you say something about the uighurs and free speech, they are find with that. you find that on capitol hill over and over, and senator feinstein was
5:34 pm
chairman of intelligence committee, her husband has done millions of dollars of deals in china. he was invested in a chinese computer company that sold computers to the u.s. marine corps until the marine corps discovered they were bugged. and her husband was a partner with that chinese firm it say serious, deep problem on both sides of the aisle. mark: an eye-opening book, "red-handed" by peter swiez schweizer, a fantastic a author, we'll be right back. and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, like asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee.
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mark: welcome back this is the book. "red-handed" by peter schweizer. a must-read. and i don't say that lightly, how american elites
5:39 pm
can get rich helping china win, china is trying to takeover in terms of super power status. it is threatening the united states economically and geo politically, militarily. and if you want to know what part of the problem circumstance look within the united statesry have lmghts elements that have rolled over to this regime or worse. they are all over corporate america. all over academia, our politics, we the people know little about this. but this book, "red-handed" i think this will blow the roof off. what about bush family, what is their relationship with the communist regime? >> beijing figured out a while ago they want relationships not just with individual politics but with families. i highlighted in the book
5:40 pm
relationship beijing has with trudeau family in canada and the bushes. and the relationship there between bushes and beijing grows, prescott bush, starts signing up commercial dials. they build in 1990s, tiananmen square, the massacre there was kind of a hiccup. as far as bush family was concerned. when george w. bush becomes president of u.s. in 2001, prescott bush keeps signing up deals, but now neil bush, starts to get dials, he getting a deal with a computer company that is owned by the son of chinese premier. paying neil bush a million a
5:41 pm
year, no evidence that neil bush knows anything about the computer business. this relationship has continued, then you flash forward to jeb bush, he leaves florida governorship, he goes to set up an investment fund, with dealings in london, a lot of the financing is coming from china, he connects with a chinese firm part of red air stock risy, his firm does well, thanks to the hospital of the chinese. and when jeb bush runs for president, there is an organized effort by chinese nationals linked by the chinese government to raise money for jeb bush, there is a flow of millions of dollars to jeb bush's campaign in 2016. this is along
5:42 pm
multigenerational relationship. the crescendo, today neil bush runs the bush center, they deal with u.s.-chinese relationships, he goes to chinese state media talking about how you know the human rights situation is hung hong kong is understood by people in the west, and rights of people in hong kong are like those of people in united states, he has become an apologist for the chinese regime, and previously mentioned bush center is financed in part by united front groups, they are groups that are linked to chinese intelligence to push the chinese agenda overseas, this is a classic example of how they operate, it is influenced i think elements of the republican party and how they view china. for a long time they pushed
5:43 pm
line that greater commerce, greater dials with china would moderate china. that is not come to pass, only made china stronger. and so people have advocated that position and made money advocates for that position, and the bush family unfortunately is an example of that. mark: almost like communist chinese have not left a single stone under turned -- unturned in our culture, whether it is hollywood entertainment or nike and sneakers. and academia, and politicians and so forth. how little they say about china, you can tell good from the bad. you know they are not buying off tom cotton, he is out there pounding away so many other members are silent. they don't say anything.
5:44 pm
this administration has not priorities national security. they are doing things that make it clear they are very aggressive. you could see how weak and our diplomacy is. because so many of these people in the biden administration, coming out of the ivy league schools, they just do not view china as a existential threat. trump, yes, republican party, yes. fox, business. >> when we come back with peter schweizer, we jump into colleges and universities, what is going on there, i'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back. i am here with peter schweizer, with this fantastic book, it really is. "red-handed," you will learn things that will make your skin crawl. you will be furious. we need to do something about this. >> collects and universities, on the -- colleges and universities on
5:49 pm
the take. >> this is a huge problem. according to federal law colleges and universities are required to disclose foreign money they take in when doing fund raising. a lot of chinese elites that are linked to chinese communist party have found creative ways to funnel tens of millions of dollars to schools like yale, harvard and stanford without listing them as foreign. for example, a man joe si that i talk about in the book, a copounder of alibaba, speaks openly on defending them of issues of how much an rights he has funneled millions to the university, if you look at yale. they don't disclose that as a foreign donation, they say it came from united states, there is a joe si foundation in united states but it did
5:50 pm
not come from that foundation, it came from overseas. the joe si center has taken a lot of pro-beijing on the issues. but people like joe biden national security advisers were fellows at this center and paid by joe si . it runs to highest power in dc. they work to . >> he has given 100 million to black lives matter related charities, he is critical about justice
5:51 pm
issues in the united states, but, is very defensive and protective of what china does. that is skewing the debate on college campuses from yale to stanford and in between. mark: he is quite consistent. two marxist organizations. black lives matter and communist china in that respect. it is amazing how much money is exchanging hands and used to influence and advance the cause of communist chinese. when you think about this, peter schweizer, how american media has failed to report on this, i heard they have taken junkets, they live in the areas with the influence peddlers for are the communist china, i have seen the same thing with irannians and putin. to me it circles back to
5:52 pm
trump, trump is only president in modern times that stood up tottenties to the too on the entities in united states and to communist china, because he was upsetting the apple cart, throughout our culture. he became the target. and interesting how little negative press the communist chinese get, every now and then you see film about the uighurs, and you hear about what is happening in hong kong, but for the most part, we don't hear anything, you have massive genocide going on in communist china. you have an attack on a hong kong that was an ally of ours, threats against taiwan. and you can't say the china virus. if call it the china virus, you are antichinese and anti-americans a ran and a racist. asia ran.
5:53 pm
>> they are calling tune when silicon valley or wall street or elements of media and certainly in dc. the question is, are we going to wake up. there are people that want to fight this, there are people that want to stand up for american principles and for schum human right. >> president xi has been clear cut and open that is number one, he will surpass the united states and number two, he will achieve global supremacy, they are his stated goals, the question is when all elites getting rich helping him, what are we doing to do about it. mark: we don't have time. but i do want the audience to know, you have a chapter on what we should do about it at the very end. things we can do, but first thing we need to do is read your book, that identifies individuals and institutions, that have become huge problem here.
5:54 pm
read the book, "red-handed" how america elites get rich helping china win. what happened here to the country is diabolical. go to any major retailer, great job peter schweizer you and your team. >> thank you, mark. mark: god bless you, we'll be right back. ams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from boost® high protein also has key nutrients overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. with directv stream
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red-handed about a few days. which is the genius of the framers of our constitution. they wanted divided government between three branches, they want to divided government among the states between the national government that they created they wanted limited government
5:59 pm
and provided specific details about what each branch should do in the vast majority is to be left to us, that is freedom to run our own lives, what did they understand, they understood the concentration of power is very, very evil. call it whatever you will, the concentration of power. once people taste power they want more. that's what the democrats want to destroy our voting system. they can taste power but they feel it stripping away. they seek to destroy separation of power and pack the court. that's why they want permanent control to the bureaucracy and that's why we must fight it we must embrace our constitutional republic. you see hypocrisy like to deal with hypocrisy, tierney's like to deal with tierney's whether the tierney of the legislature or the tierney of oligarchs, whatever it is it is our constitutional system that
6:00 pm
created the greatest nation on the fast interface of the earth and attacked by the corporatist and the democrat party and quite frankly by a lot of never trumper's. i might add now you know why what are the big reasons that he did donald trump and never want to see him in the office for presidency again and i'll see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". steve: breaking tonight major developments in the russia ukraine story within the last hour or so. here's where we stand tonight, after being presented with options at camp david, president biden is now considering sending up to 5000 u.s. troops to nato allies in eastern europe in a show of support for countries bordering russia and ukraine. the white house is looking into deploring naval vessels to make visits to nato allies in the region


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