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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 25, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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n.d.a., you need better friends because if you cannot trust the friends, then those are not friends and you, you know, like friendship is sacred, and that goes beyond a piece of paper, emily, unenforceible. love you all, "america reports" is next. >> sandra: major legal setback for one of the states with the harshest covid restrictions. state supreme court judge has ruled the new york governor indoor mask mandate is unlawful. >> john: she enforced the masked mandate as the country was bracing for omicron in december. the ruling overturns the statewide mandate for masks in schools and public places but does not reverse local mandates that remain in place. >> sandra: growing concerns on the escalating conflict in ukraine. 8500 u.s. troops are now on
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heightened alert to deploy to europe. the pentagon says it's part of an increased effort to prevent russia from invading. hello, sandra smith in new york. john, great to be with you. >> john: john roberts in washington. defense officials suppress u.s. troops would support a nato response force and not sent to ukraine. the who us says the national security team is finalizing plans for all military scenarios. this as the biden administration faces growing calls to sanction russia now before putin makes his next move. >> sandra: more than 127,000 russian troops continue to operate along the massive border there with ukraine, but ukraine's president is trying to reassure the public and world there is no reason to panic. >> john: is there reason to panic or not? former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley in moments. >> sandra: and greg, what is the
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latest you are hearing about the russian threat there? >> as the u.s. leads efforts to try to head off the invasion, we are getting new reports of troop movement and a possible invasion. british officials say 30 train loads of russian train loads and gear are deployed to neighboring belarus. 60 battleground surrounding ukraine, and russian advanced troops said to be already here. as efforts to evacuate americans ramp up. 200 american diplomats and families will be leaving this week. but reportedly 20,000 americans in ukraine. message from the embassy is for them to leave now. and tonight, sandra, we saw another shipment of u.s. military aid arrive here, part of a $200 million commitment for ukrainian forces, including anti-tank weapons as the government here tries to tamp down fears saying they don't see an imminent invasion. others, well, they are not so
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sure. listen to what the well-connected editor and chief of gibb post told us. >> do you think the russians will invade? >> two weeks ago, three weeks ago, nobody really believed it. they felt that putin was bluffing. but with each day i think the possibility of that happening becomes more of a reality. >> very credible source, sandra, as for timing, he thinks we have a little time, maybe 3 or 4 weeks, but thinks the reality of a possible invasion is absolutely there. >> sandra: greg, live from the ukraine for us. >> john: another alert, major developments when it comes to kids and covid precautions. a judge in new york state dealing a huge blow to the mask mandate there, but in california lawmakers are introducing what would be one of the most comprehensive vaccine mandates for children nationwide.
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first, jonathan hunt live in los angeles with the latest and the pending vaccine mandate there, jonathan. >> children in california schools have to be vaccinated for chickenpox, measles, polio and more. so to the bill sponsor requiring a covid-19 vaccine, it's a simple and logical extension of that. >> i know our schools need confidence and certainty about how to keep schools open and safe. i know parents as they work to support their family want confidence and certainty that schools will be open and safe. >> under the proposal, no personal belief exemption, just as that was removed for the list of other required vaccinations. there would be a medical exemption. the proposal comes on the back of another plan under which children 12 and older would be able to get a covid vaccine without their parents' consent. >> 12-year-olds can already today go in and receive an
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h.p.v. or hepatitis b vaccine without their parents being there. they can receive reproductive healthcare, including abortion and birth control on their own, they can receive mental health care. >> those who oppose the bills argue the overreach by democrats. republican assemblyman saying it's pretty clear they don't want to give your children a choice. this is about them wanting you to make the choice that the government has decided for you. but john, another proposal is yet law and neither will be during this school year. this is a battle with months of debate ahead and no doubt the courts will be asked to get involved, too. >> john: no doubt about that, that's for sure. jonathan hunt for us in los angeles. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: major setback for the new york governor after a judge threw out her indoor mask mandate citing it as unlawful. state filing appeal this morning
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in an effort to keep it in place. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley. we are also hearing there is going to be a new york state court hearing slated for 2:00 p.m. based on the appeal, it could be overturned. in the meantime, hearing from members of congress in this state who say that kids are showing up this morning in districts where the superintendent said masks are now optional after this ruling and they are being forced to go home. elysee tweeted this out, my office is answering calls from constituents, parents informing us the kids are kept from entering schools unless they are wearing masks. this is illegal, no stay on this court ruling. and this is fact for now, ambassador. what is happening. this now pits kids against teachers, kids against kids, after kids have already been through so much with this pandemic. >> you know, this is just
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unthinkable. i mean, honestly you look at the fact that sandra, 65% of our 4th graders are not proficient in reading in this country. 66% of eighth graders are not proficient in reading or math. and you are literally going to watch schools sit there and send kids home based on whether they are wearing a mask or not. the priorities are all wrong. parents have one job, one job, and that's to make sure they raise their children to be successful with every opportunity that they can have in life. the problem is never did parents think they were going to be fighting government bureaucrats and school officials in order to get that to happen and it's unthinkable we are dealing with this right now, and parents are not going to take it. you have basically the number of students that are being home-schooled in this country has doubled. that's five times over for black students. parents are taking education into their own hands because
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they don't think that the $16,000 on average that it costs to educate a child per year, they are not seeing a return on investment. instead, they are getting mental health issues, seeing their children in decline and they are going to worry about whether their kids can graduate from high school. we will have an entire covid generation that we think we have labor issues now, wait 'til 5 or 6 years from now. we have got to wake up and start focussing on the quality of education and what we are going to do to help our children. >> sandra: i know you feel passionately about it, you put this out there, biden spent a year focussing on cultural issues that have only divided our country. we should be focussing on the covid generation of children whose education you say is being lost right now in front of our eyes, with the # take back america 2022. i know you are very optimistic person, and we can't be doom and gloom when it comes to the children. as you see the fights happening, parents losing control, you saw the report out in california now
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they want to allow kids to get the vaccine without parental consent no matter what their health history may be, that person giving the shot might not even know what that is. how do parents take back control of their kids? >> well, basically you take them back by making sure that we start to put the pressure on every governor in this country, every state legislature in this country, to make sure that parents aren't beholden to school districts where the teachers are in choice but that they have school choice. we saw during covid lots of wealthy families moved the children out of the public schools and into private schools. but what about parents that live where i grew up, in rural south carolina. they didn't have that luxury. parents need to have the choice to put their children in the education and the school that they know is best for them. >> sandra: all right, we are going to be watching with this, for the appellate court hearing
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at 2:00, and if they reinstate the indoor mask mandate, big news. and next up, the ukraine and russia border. ambassador you put this out on your twitter feed, all biden needed to do was stand by the allies and show, and weakness as russia looks to take ukraine if he continues to be weak, no telling what china will do with taiwan. yet john kirby just said this a couple hours ago on our air here. >> not the same situation as afghanistan and again, i think the state department has done a commendable job making clear, transparent what the concerns are in ukraine. >> sandra: has this administration been clear on how we plan to proceed and should we be more proactive when it comes to ukraine? >> this administration has been very clear on how weak they are. they have been clear on how weak they are by selling out the nord
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stream 2 pipeline made europe and germany dependent on russia. letting the world watch what happened in afghanistan as we watched our american soldiers die. they continue to show weakness in the fact that they can't seem to get it together with ukraine and russia. i dealt with the russians two years at the u.n., my first speech was against russia and aggression towards ukraine. putin has thep opportunity, and xi and iran, america has never had a president this weak and if they want something they better take it now. they know americans will not keep this in 2024, so they are trying to move now. what you look at is putin's intention was never to go to war. it's not popular for russians to want to see their troops go to war. he doesn't have the money to do it. but he's willing to do it if he can win something, and he smells blood in the water and that's what we are seeing him do.
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>> sandra: i have to leave it there. do you believe he moves in? >> i think that if he's going to move in, it's goings to be between february 20th and march 1, the last day of the olympics and when he has to give the state of the union address. i would up to biden and nato to pull it together, strengthen our spine, deter by sending anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles and make sure we really deter russia by putting sanctions in place and letting them know we mean business. >> sandra: ambassador nikki haley, always appreciate your time. thank you very much for joining us. john, big statements there, both on the ukraine-russia front from the former ambassador and the situation with our nation's children. we are closely watching what is happening here in new york state, this is big, and it affects all these kids. some of which we are told could go to school mask optional this morning and that could be taken away from them as soon as tomorrow if something happens at 2:00, we'll watch that as well.
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nikki haley feels very passionately as you just heard about the toll it's taking on the nation's children. >> john: personal note. school district our twins go to opted out in terms of the mask mandate, the kids went to school yesterday. our son wore a mask all day by his choice, our daughter didn't. so, they are free to make their own choice, which is an interesting way of doing it. >> sandra: that's an interesting thing, i think you will find that, grandparents said wear it until the weekend, take it off next week. that's how you hope things would work out, right? >> john: wisdom of 10-year-olds. who knew. a group of virginia school boards taking new governor glenn youngkin to court over making masks optional in school. katie pavlich ahead, plus, there's this. >> gun violence is the huge reason for the surge in crime. that's something we know we need
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to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> sandra: ncaa facilitator has resigned from the organization lgbtq 1 team program, she says the organization has a "devolving level of support for transgender athletes," b controversy over swimmer lia
10:19 am
thomas, a biological male is dominating on the women's swim team. they will follow the policies of the u.s. and international olympic committees, punting to the individual sports. it will be determined by a governing body and trans athletes will have to document sports specific testosterone levels, something we have been covering on the program, with caitlyn jenner joining us twice last week on it. >> john: caitlyn jenner says talk about chromosomes, xy, you are in male sports, and xx, you belong in xx sports, and no gray area in between that. she just says that it's unfair to women to have transition boys competing in their divisions because there is too much of an advantage during puberty. >> sandra: and passionate about it.
10:20 am
>> john: many democrats are pushing to defund the police as crime spikes coast to coast, even the white house says cutting police departments has had severe consequences. >> gun violence is a huge reason for the surge in crime, underfunding for police departments and additional resources, something the president has advocated for consistently through the course of his career, that's something we know we need to take action on. >> john: joe gamaldi serves as the national vice president for the fraternal order of police. joe, good to see you. your wardrobe is a little muted today, compared to other days that you have joined us. but speak to this issue first of all. president biden insisted after he became president that he was never for defunding the police. some people may say during the campaign he walked a bit of a different line. the white house is saying at least part of the reason for the soaring crime across the nation is the underfunding of police. thinking to myself, what took them so long to acknowledge
10:21 am
that? >> well, it's certainly interesting now all of a sudden we want to pay attention to the violent crime ravaging the communities because when the biden-harris campaign was on the campaign trail they said they actually wanted to divert funding away from police departments and into other programs. so what changed? i guess when you have an approval rating in the 30% range, when you have 15 american cities having their highest ever recorded murder rate, and you are actually seeing police officers shot at historic amounts, 346 last year, i guess it was time to change tune and pay attention to what's going on in this country. here is an idea. let's start getting grant funding for local police headquarters to deal with our horrific retention and retirement problem, let's -- imagine this, the leader of our country, boisterously supporting law enforcement and stop demonizing us. how far would that go, or
10:22 am
rebuking rogue prosecutors letting people out and committing gun crimes, stop giving them a bond every time they shoot someone. that's how we enact real change in this country and president biden needs to be leading from the front. >> john: the commissioner of police in new york and los angeles was on tv this morning, not just for funding for police but applying the law and putting people who violate the law in jail. listen to what he said. >> key to all this is going after those using the guns to commit the violence, and right now the criminal justice system in new york city and new york state is not structured to do that. district attorneys, state legislature, up to the governor have not been supportive of getting tough on gun crime. a call now from this mayor, let's see what gets on board with him. eric is the right man at the right time. i'm not sure about the rest of the political establishment in
10:23 am
new york state. >> john: so bill bratton is supporting the new mayor of new york city, the jury is out whether alvin bragg, manhattan d.a. will live up to the challenge. >> we know what reduces crime. historic crime reduction the prior 20 years. embrace the rule of law, vehemently prosecute violent crimes and need to embrace broken windows and to mr. bratton's point, stopping turnstile jumping, they caught someone with an illegal firearm one out of every times. who knows what this d.a. is going to do. he already put out a memo that said don't worry if you rob someone, if you did not hurt them with the gun or knife we will downgrade the charge. how could anyone in their right mind advocate this when we see shootings up 102% in new york, just had a police officer murdered the other day and this guy is saying he has to be light
10:24 am
on crime. it's a complete joke. >> john: back to your idea on the jumping, fare jumping, weapons in the possession, often people commit the little crimes commit the big crimes as well. eric adams has a new plan yesterday, part of the modified plain clothes police unit, neighborhood safety teams, checkpoints at busses and subway and streets, people are thankful for. 30 seconds left here, is this a plan you think will work? he seems to have the commitment. >> we can absolutely reduce violent crime in our urban communities if we embrace our broken windows theory, getting the criminals off the street but we are only one component, law enforcement is only one component of our criminal justice system. we need to make sure that these violent criminals are getting high bond amounts so cannot get over and over again, and don't get a ninth one, and the
10:25 am
district attorneys, the rogue d.a.s in the urban communities, do your job. prosecute the violent criminals to the full extent of the law. >> john: some appear to be getting religion, others probably not listening at this point. joe gamaldi, fraternal order of police, good to check in with you. thank you so much. >> john: and the "new york post," saying take back new york city, revealed the mayor's crime plan. a lot of hope he's going to do this. the first 25 days of his leadership in new york city marked by escalating crime, police shootings, death of police officers, i think he's looking at, you know, a situation where he's got to do something, he's got to do it fast. >> sandra: the pressure is on, it's been on, has to act fast. "new york post" cover back up for a second, tough to find out where to go there, a wild wall street week, right, with the chart of the dow, the wild ride,
10:26 am
ended up finishing higher on the day, we'll talk about that coming up and the bottom is peter doocy's moment, whom did biden call a stupid sob. >> john: a chorus for peter. >> sandra: president biden blaming big business for surging inflation. so, why do new polls show more and more americans blame his policies for the high prices? the former head of chrysler and home depot will be our guest. he'll join us live, next. >> we are ready to pull the trigger on the moment russia crosses the border. >> john: what military options does president biden have if russia invades. live to the pentagon up next. they're banking, with bank of america.
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>> john: fox news alert, pentagon putting about 8500 troops on heightened alert preparing to deploy in a matter of days as part of a nato response force to deter a russian invasion of ukraine. this as sources tell fox russia is not bluffing. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more, we know jennifer you always have all the greatest information and the latest, what do you got for us this afternoon? >> john, i can say the number of troops could go higher. we have the first images of new u.s. weapons shipments landing at the airport in kyiv, a plane carrying assistance, 300 anti-tank missiles, bunker busters loaded on planes in recent days, part of the $200 million in security assistance the president directed to ukraine. the u.s. embassy envoy spoke as the weapons arrived.
10:32 am
>> our message is clear. the united states stands with ukraine, our allies and partners. let's make no mistake about it. if russia decides to come into ukraine, it will be a disaster for russia. >> the problem is these weapons are not going to do much against the russian air force. the pentagon began notifying troops from the 82nd and 101 airborne and their families, many at fort bragg, north carolina to prepare to deploy in a matter of days, shortening the call time and the event the nato response forces ordered such a force could be part of up to 40,000 nato allied troops if mobilized under general todd walters, the supreme allied commander. pentagon was clear the troops would not be going to the ukraine. the pentagon could send them unilateral to bolster allies that border nato or the ukraine.
10:33 am
>> we are not ruling off the table any unilateral u.s. troops also inside europe or even going to europe to help bolster our allies and reassure them. >> nato says denmark will send a frigate to the baltic sea, spain provided warships to nato and fighter jets to bulgaria, france has offered troops to bulgaria, under nato command, and the netherlands, two fighter aircraft to bulgaria in april, may be too late. germany plans to send a $6 million field hospital, but has strict laws barring it from sending lethal aid to a combat zone. all adding to the feeling, john, that we are in the midst of one of the biggest crisis in europe since world war ii, john. >> john: little question about that fact. jennifer, thank you. >> sandra: president biden is remaining on the defense as american's economic anxiety
10:34 am
continues to grow in the country. a meeting yesterday at the white house, president biden attempted to blame the spike in prices on big business. brand-new polling shows voters feel differently. they think it's actually the government policies that are contributing more to the high prices. bob nardelli, former c.e.o. of home depot and chrysler. bob, great to have you here. a lot of blame being thrown around, specifically bride and his white house blaming big business, the big meat companies, the big energy companies, for the higher prices. just a snippet of what we have heard from biden. >> price of gasoline and the wholesale market has fallen by about 10% over the last few weeks. but the price at the pump has not budged a penny, companies are pocketing the difference as profit. that's unacceptable. too many industries a handful of giant companies dominate the market and too often use their power to squeeze out smaller
10:35 am
competitors and stifle new entrepreneurs. meat industry is a textbook example on the price side. >> sandra: going after the meat companies, energy companies, saying they are pocketing the difference, squeezing out the little guy. is that the case, somehow leading a coordinated effort to raise prices for the american consumer? >> sandra, good to be with you and the answer is absolutely not. you know, the basic consumer that responded in your poll is spot on. you are not going to b.s. them as to what the problem is. we spoke last week about inflation really getting out of control, spiralling out of control, and big business is having to deal with this as best they can. part of the issue, sandra, is the supply chain. so i can tell you dealing with fortune 500 companies in the past couple weeks and some of the smaller companies i've invested in in my own company, we are all dealing with significant double digit price increases on supplies and
10:36 am
products and goods that we have to use in our production process from supply to consumer. i said on both sides of the table, a supplier and consumer. when we get a price increase there's a delay, sandra, a gap between the price increase. we have to receive and the ability to pass that on to consumer. so that gap is the cost we have to eat as a producer and so his comments are not correct. it's not correct that there's this, you know, plot or this plan to really raise prices under this adverse condition. >> sandra: but it's obviously politically favorable for him to do so, because when you ask voters who they blame, they blame his policies, but he's pointing fingers at the companies trying to relieve himself of some of that blame. when those same voters are asked, how long will inflation be a major issue, 43% believe it will last more than a year, which obviously makes this a big midterm election issue, and bob
10:37 am
you mentioned that you and i spoke last week, why i had you here today it struck me that you said businesses are dealing one precedented conditions as far as being able to handle these higher prices. i mean, tell us about that because you mentioned you are on both sides of it. but heading up big companies like you did, home depot and chrysler, you have seen years of going in and out of inflation. why is now different? >> well, a couple of things, sandra. for example, big business did not shut down our fracking fields where we had energy independence. we basically surrendered energy independence. we see the geopolitical issue that faces us now, look at germany, 100% dependent on russia. we should never find ourselves in that position and yes, i filled up at the pump saturday, 4.29 for premium here in atlanta. that's a result of some of the specific things this
10:38 am
administration did on day one, on day one of taking office. so, we are having to deal with these price increases. here is another one, sandra. supply chain is disrupted as it is, we have to go to an alternate supplier. we have no negotiation strength in trying to negotiate a price. our back is against the wall so we have to accept whatever price we can get to keep our production line going, to keep our employees working and the supply chain going. >> sandra: all really important points, and andy, he says it would be illegal activity, companies have to go to jail if the president had hard evidence that was happening. great to have you here, bob nardelli. we'll have you back, thank you. >> john: new york judge strikes down the governor's statewide mask mandate calling it unconstitutional. and this in the commonwealth of virginia. >> i'm not sending my children to school with mask, especially
10:39 am
my littlest, she spent a third of her life in a mask and i don't think that's fair to her upbringing. >> sandra: parents speaking out. the battle over forcing kids to wear masks in the classroom. the virginia governor lifting the mandate, leaving the choice to parents. but it does not end there. katie pavlich ahead as some schools push back with students caught in the middle. veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners, newday wants to help you use your va home loan benefit to get more. more cash, more savings, more peace of mind. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. up to $60,000 or more. veterans are saving an average of $615 every month. with more ways to help more veteran families, no bank, no lender, no one
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10:44 am
katie pavlich, good to see you, close to your heart as you are a virginia resident as am i. these are the school districts that are not joining the opt-out, alexandria city, arlington county, city of richmond, fairfax county, falls church, a quarter of aup students in virginia, 350,000. so the schools, the school districts are arguing two points. whether executive order can superseed local decisions, and follow c.d.c. guidelines. your thoughts. >> the districts are suing over the mask rights opt-out measure are claiming that they are suing on behalf of parents and all students who go to schools in their district, but the reality is that this issue is not about masks at all. this issue is about glenn youngkin who campaigned on parental rights and choice doing
10:45 am
what he said he would do when he came to office and giving parents a choice about whether their children will have to wear a mask. it doesn't mean that children whose parents want them to continue wearing masks can't go to school in a mask, and for the school districts to claim they are representing everybody is not true. there are a number of parents who sent their kids to school today without masks. one mother in fairfax county, for example, took her kids to school, there was a security guard there to greet her because her 7 and 9-year-old are apparently threats to the school and they have been telling local journalists they cannot be on school property to document the parents sending the kids to school without the mask. legal debate is interesting one, given the law you cited and whether local districts have the authority to essentially ignore the governor's order to allow parents to have this choice, but it just is a rejection of the one side fits all policy that the teachers' union are putting in place.
10:46 am
one final point. you have to remember the school districts were the ones closed the longest over covid. the teachers' union in northern virginia have a strangle hold on the c.d.c., the teachers were put first in line to get the vaccine to protect themselves, yet now they are isolating children as somehow unclean or a threat in auditoriums while the rest of their peers get to go back to learn math and science. >> john: i mentioned to sandra earlier, we sent our kids to school, the district had the opt-out with the waiver they cannot ware masks if they want to, and we said it's your choice. our son wore the mask all day, our daughter chose not to. that's the way the governor had hoped it was going to work. what the attorney general of virginia said about it all. >> if you are a parent and you want your child to be masked for 7 or 8 hours a day, you have the freedom and right to make that decision for your child. recognize there are other parents that reach a different
10:47 am
conclusion and the governor has broad emergency powers he has the right to adjust the so-called mask mandate and say parents can make the decision. >> john: basically saying look, this is what the executive order says, extend a little grace to everybody here. that does not seem to be happening. >> well, what these school districts and superintendents want to do, enable parents that have the kids going to school masks, their choice, but they want to have the power over the other kids without an of course ma. regardless of the individual situation, whether they have a learning disability, a problem with their speech as a result of being masked throughout this process of covid, whether they have a disability like not being able to hear, being deaf, and therefore they read lips and if they have a mask on or someone else, the teacher or other student has the mask on they cannot understand or learn in their environment. this comes down to a basic choice. you want your kid to wear a
10:48 am
mask, that's what you get to do. if you don't want the kid to wear a mask, it's simple, you shouldn't have to and the teachers' union are the ones standing in the way of the parents who want the kids to have freedom when it comes to freeing their face in their schools as they learn about real education. >> john: we'll keep following this, see how it goes. lawsuit will progress through the courts and katie, our daughter takes after my wife, not me. >> thanks, john. >> sandra: love it. more on that story, development expected at 2:00. a mother is suing her daughter's teachers claiming they manipulated her 11-year-old into believing she was a boy. that shocking story next. >> john: and the threat from russia over ukraine. why are some of our european allies downplaying that threat? new at 2:00.
10:49 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert update on the second nypd officer shot while his partner was killed responding to a domestic call. he has now died. the nypd just announcing via a statement a few moments ago. with great sadness passing of
10:53 am
the police officer wilburt mora. three times a hero, sacrificing his life to protect others, for giving life even in death through organ donation. heads are bowed and our hearts are heavy. john, as we know the second police officer was fighting for his life up until this announcement we just received he has passed. he had been transferred hospitals, he received a police procession that accompanied the ambulance that brought him there carrying mora from that harlem hospital. the first responders saluting him as we have just received this horrific news, john. >> john: it is so, so tragic. responding to a domestic dispute in harlem early sunday morning. they went into the apartment, they were met by the perpetrators, the shooter's mother and brother, they said
10:54 am
that the perpetrator was in the back room. as walked into the room, he flung the door open and started shooting. take a look at the weapon he was shooting with. illegally purchased gun, a glock with a 50 round drum magazine attached to it. so he could have kept shooting for a long, long time, and in fact he did. when the two officers were down, the gunfire did not let up. it's a wonder both of them were not killed on the scene, rivera was. sadly passed away. the fourth and fifth shooting of police officer in new york city in just the first month of this year. eric adams released a new plan to deal with gun violence in new york. the question is, the mayor may be on board with this but are the prosecutors. >> sandra: and just confirm the commissioner sent that statement
10:55 am
that wilburt mora had just passed, as we learn more, 27-year-old officer, look back at all the details we learned, four-year veteran of the nypd, initially suffering life-threatening injuries. they tried, he fought for his life, john, and of course, the rookie officer, jason rivera, just 22 years old when he was killed. it's heartbreaking to watch this in a line of police killings and the city is struggling and it needs help. >> john: we salute them both, both of them heros and our prayers, of course, are with their families. we'll be right back. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪
10:56 am
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10:59 am
>> john: beginning a new hour with the tragic news out of new york city, we learned the second officer shot in an ambush attack in harlem over the weekend has now died. comes as the city was already mourning the death of officer wilbert mora, his partner jason
11:00 am
rivera. the biggest city promising to crack down on illegal guns like the ones used to kill the officer. welcome back, the second hour of "america reports." john roberts in washington. sandra, good to be with you. >> sandra: sandra smith in new york. manhattan's far left district attorney backing the plan to get the criminals off the streets, despite his own push to let many lawbreakers off the hook. >> john: in washington, the white house admitting taking money from police departments has contributed to the spike in violent crimes across the country. >> sandra: moments away on the politics, but alexis mcadams and the about face from officials in new york city. >> that's right, a lot happening with the crime in new york city, but we just learned that the second officer as you mentioned has now passed away. this is now two officers that have passed away in the past week, and five officers just this month have been shot. this is the second officer you
11:01 am
see on the screen, wilbert mora, only 27 years old. this is the information we are just getting in, tweeted picture out and great sadness announcing the passing of wilbert mora, a life of service, sacrificing his life to protect others, giving life even in death through organ donation. commissioner saying their heart are heavy and heads are bowed. now, the mayor rolling out a new crime fighting strategy, the mayor announcing the blueprint to end gun violence yesterday at city hall and the next three weeks the mayor of new york says there will be more officers in the streets. also calling for state and local leaders to address ongoing problems with repeat offenders in the justice system, listen. >> judges must be able to evaluate a defendant's criminal history and the circumstances of the alleged crime to detain those individuals who pose an immediate threat to the safety of the community.
11:02 am
>> 22-year-old officer jason rivera was shot and killed on friday in harlem, and now told you his partner, 27-year-old wilbert mora has passed away. they were responding to a domestic call in harlem. the mayor calling on state and local leaders to change bail reform policy as alvin bragg, critics say is soft on crime, is backing the mayor's plan. bragg originally said to do not prosecute some local level crimes, now says gun possession cases are part to keep the city safe. people walk the streets with guns and will be held accountable, and gun possession cases as an opportunity to trace the sources of illegal guns and build cases against drug traffickers. the new york city public defenders office released a joint statement saying they do not support the mayor's calls for rollback and bail reform,
11:03 am
but so sad to see another officer has passed away. >> sandra: it is. thank you. >> john: bret baier, anchor of "special report," and the chickens have come home to roost, and jen psaki admitted that was a part of seeing crime spike. >> after a year in office people do not feel safe in the country. what do you attribute the rise in crime. >> gun violence is a huge reason for the surge in crime, under funding for the police departments and something the president has advocated for over the course of his career, we know we need to take action on. >> john: a lot of leaning by the president's election campaign in 2020 toward the liberal policies of defunding the police, now the other direction fast, bret. >> you are right, and this is an
11:04 am
admission that this administration is underwater on a lot of issues and namely the crime issue, which ranks very high in issues that are matters of importance to americans who are polled, inflation and the economy lead but crime and safety and how you feel at home is a big one, according to several poll, not just the fox news poll recently. to be fair, candidate biden was never for defunding the police. president biden has stepped out about it, but you are right, the democratic party was leaning that way and dragging him by association with him, with it. but now i think you are going to see the turn around as they look toward the midterms. >> john: bret, hold a second, a quick change of topic. the president is speaking about vladimir putin. >> may i ask you about what, when you will make a decision about deploying these troops, what will lead to that? >> what will lead to that is what's going to happen, what putin does or doesn't do, and i may be moving some of the troops
11:05 am
in the near term just because it takes time, and again, it's not provocative, it's what i said. as long as we have to assure. you don't see a lot of concern in terms of their security, and of our nato allies in western europe, but in eastern europe there is reason for concern. along the russian border, belarus border, from poland on has a reason to be concerned about what would happen and what spill-over effects could occur. we have no intention of putting american forces, nato forces in ukraine. but as i said, there are going to be serious economic consequences if he moves. >> can you tell me whether you think, sir, the risk of invasion is increasing or decreasing or steady as it has been the recent days? >> you know, i'll be completely
11:06 am
honest with you. like reading tea leaves. if it were a different leader, the fact that he continues to build forces along ukraine's border from belarus all the way around, you would say well, that means he is looking like he's going to do something. but then you look at what his past behavior is and what everyonene is saying on his tea as well as everyone else as to what is likely to happen, it all comes down to h decision -- look, let me conclude by saying there will be enormous consequences if he were to go in and invade if he could the entire country, or a lot less than that as well, for russia, not only in terms of economic consequences and political consequences, but enormous
11:07 am
consequences worldwide. that would be the largest, if he were to move in with the forces, largest invasion since world war ii. it would change the world. >> thank you, guys. thank you, let's go. thank you, guys. you guys, come on, let's go. thank you. >> there is not going to be any american forces moving into ukraine. >> john: well, that seems to have cut off for some reason, not sure why, they were still going with the president. but you heard bret, good to have you here with the breaking news. you heard the president say, get back to it now? looks like it's frozen up there. all right. bret, you heard the president say there is not going to be any u.s. forces in ukraine, you also heard him say there would be enormous consequences if he invades or less than that, which is a really walkback of what he said at the press conference. your thoughts what he would we heard from the president. >> listen, they are being very careful when they talk about, when the president talks about ukraine, which the other night
11:08 am
he did not want to take a question about ukraine, he's taking one today and visiting this small business, talking about healthcare earlier, but he is saying that he has not made the decision whether he's deploying forces yet but may, because of timing, and that the consequences will be severe if putin acts. now, obviously that's different than what we heard at the news conference, and the minor incursion and all the fall-out from that. we saw a walkback for an entire day on that. but, everything he says has recushions and ripples around the world, especially the nato allies. >> and kirby saying, the american forces only on stand-by, 8500 of them but you heard the president say some of them may soon be deployed, i guess as an advance measure so that you've got some u.s. troops backing up our nato allies, if not actually in the theater
11:09 am
itself, on the periphery of it. and that raises the stakes for americans, even if they are not going into ukraine. >> that's true, and it's a deployment. and once you start it, it takes time. you have to notify the forces, get them in place in position, and that does take time. so, if he's going to do that and fairly shortly the notice. but he's making clear they are not going inside ukraine, and i think there are a lot of people saying all of this is a tinder box and one little thing could start somebody blaming somebody else for the beginning of a war. >> john: despite what his press secretary said as recently as yesterday, president biden indicating there that he doesn't necessarily think it's a foregone conclusion that putin will invade. maybe it's just a little bit of posturing, but he basically said it's up to putin and reminded him of the serious consequences that would befall putin, and the
11:10 am
president, before we went to him there, saying that he would consider personally sanctioning vladimir putin if he goes in. >> yeah, that's significant, too. i think the list offings is as are pretty stark as far as how deep they go. but there's real questions about whether they should be put in preemptively and say if you don't go in, they are taken off. this is the question jacqui heinrich was asking, that was called a stupid question at the time by the president, but a lot of foreign policy experts wonder if that's the point wefr at right now. that's not saying that and he's being very careful to what the words he chooses, when he answers the ukraine question. >> john: i'm glad he did not call jacqui what he called peter doocy. before we sign off with you, you have some reporting on the origins of covid. >> a lot of emails and communications that have just come to us, we have obtained through foya and other means,
11:11 am
which really tell what was happening publicly and what was happening privately in the origins of covid. you are going to want to see this, it's an in-depth piece tonight on "special report." >> john: we'll be there as always, good to see you. >> sandra: life in limbo for millions of people in ukraine who are deciding what to do, should vladimir putin invade. advice from one article in an ukrainian newspaper sounds straight from the cold war advising folks to duck and cover, take shelter in a bathtub. and using the #we are ready on social media. greg palkot is on the ground at kyiv. what is happening at this hour? >> yeah, sandra, new word of possible troop movements, new word of a possible invasion have people here beginning to think about the worst. british officials said today 30 train loads of russian troops and gear are deployed to neighboring belarus.
11:12 am
60 russian battle groups surrounding ukraine, even some russian troops here. another shipment of u.s. military aid arrive, part of a $200 million commitment for forces, and zelensky went on television, trying to tamp down the fears. a recorded address saying he did not see an imminent invasion. but others see it possibly happening and guidance for the people of ukraine in the media, well, basically invasion tips, a hiding place, what to store in your home, what to do if shots are fired from rifles, artillery, you name it. one of those, editor and chief of the kyiv post. >> i think the aim is to sow panic and split the country to those who will be ready out of desperation to reach accommodation with russia and to
11:13 am
say look, the west is not going to help. >> that is the worst case scenario. back to you, sandra. >> sandra: live on the ground in ukraine for us, thank you. john. >> john: sandra, a judge delivering a blow to new york's governor and the state's mask mandate. the governor is promising to fight back. >> sandra: and a court hearing on that underway right now. and americans seem to agree, inflation and who is blame for it. should this be a wake-up call? steve moore, robert wolf ready to debate. our econ panel coming up. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender,
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>> if you are a parent and want your child to be masked for 7 or 8 hours a day, you have the
11:19 am
freedom and right to make the decision for your child. recognize there are other parents who reach a different conclusion. parents are really upset the schools are suddenly deciding we are going to pick and choose what to follow. >> john: the virginia attorney general speaking ahead of a big school board meeting in loudon county in the next hour. we expect the mask debate will be a major focus. they voted to keep the mask mandate in place, even though the new governor executive order leaves it up to parents. there are reports they sent maskless students to auditoriums and libraries, and other school districts are suing glenn youngkin over the order, including fairfax county. a spokesperson says he's committed to fighting the lawsuit with the state's attorney general. sandra. >> sandra: a court hearing is taking place that could decide the fate of a lower court's decision to put governor kathy hochul of new york's mask mandate on hold. the judge ruled it unlawful and
11:20 am
unconstitutional. david lee miller is monitoring this, live in new york city with more. a lot could change after a lot of parents received emails this morning in their school districts across the state that masks were optional, at least for now. we'll see if that changes in the next few minutes, david lee. >> you are very much right, sandra. at this very hour, new york state is appealing the ruling that struck down the mask mandate, the hearing getting underway this hour in brooklyn. the mandate impacts essentially all indoor space in the state, schools are the most contentious battleground for the mask mandate. many districts say masks are no longer required. state education department disagrees, they say notice of appeal filed by the state triggered an automatic suspension of the judge's order. the statement from the board of education says the governor and the state department of health have filed a notice of appeal
11:21 am
and are seeking confirmation the court's order is stayed. while the legal steps occur, the position that schools should continue to follow the mask rule. judge who ruled against the mandate said enacting a state requirement to wear masks is not the responsibility of the health department, saying it's entrusted solely to the state legislature. one of the parents who challenged the mask mandate hopes that the judge's ruling is going to be upheld. listen. >> we are united in the republic that the people lead and will always lead in choice, government shall not ever parent our kids. we will be parenting our kids, and it's about choice and only choice. >> adding to the confusion, the judge's ruling does not affect local mandates, so just the one here in new york city that requires school kids here to go to school wearing a mask. and despite the ongoing legal
11:22 am
battle, worth pointing out the statewide mask mandate is slated to expire exactly one week from today. that's unless, of course, the courts decide otherwise, or new york's governor decides it should be extended. we should know more later this afternoon when the appellate hearing is over, now taking place in brooklyn. >> sandra: and we are monitoring that. david lee miller monitoring for us. huge decisions that affect a lot of people who are concerned about the way it's affecting their children's education, john, people feel strongly both ways, depending on who you talk to. we know the court hearing is happening right now, we are monitoring it and whether or not there will be a stay issued on the nassau county judge ruled that slapped down this mask mandate in new york state. by the way, almost immediately the new york state health department came out and said they still are mandating masks to be worn by the children in the schools but a lot of the
11:23 am
individual school districts and superintendents decided that they were going to simply follow new york law, and it was not the law, in fact, it was rule unlawful to mandate that the kids wear masks in the classroom. it's really something to follow, john. >> john: the midst of the legal and political debate, one parent put it in perspective that people could understand, when she said that her child had lived a third of its life in a mask, and talking to some of the folks who work here at fox on this program, the first three years of some of their children's school has been spent in a mask as well. so you can see, you know, a lot of parents, kids will be anxious to get out of it. take into account the greater good, but you know, then there is the argument, who gets to say what their kids do. parents or school boards. >> sandra: interesting to see what comes from that. at the moment i was told the new york health department was in that hearing making their case
11:24 am
why the kids should continue to be mandated to wear the mask. all right. meanwhile, despite the nation being divided on issues like that, it's also about inflation as well, bringing americans together and it could spell trouble for democrats come midterm election, based on this new polling. it shows 85% of voters are concerned about higher prices and the number crosses the political aisle. bring in our panel, steve moore and robert wolf. great to see both of you, glad to have you both. robert, not news to you that this is not polling well, it's not just polling well with republicans, not polling well with democrats either. i'll break it down for you. those who are extremely or very concerned about inflation and higher prices, 81% in the new poll, democrats, 91% republicans, so, it is very clear to see this is an issue for just about everyone, robert. >> and not surprising, right.
11:25 am
you, i and steve and many others have been talking about it for months. unanimous when they used the word transitory we disagree, and we have to have something we agree on and the fed will have to come out strong and be ready for four rate hikes, not three. inflation is here, it's going to be here throughout 2022, i know that -- >> sandra: hold on, you are punting to the fed and president biden did the same. and i believe, steve, a lot of folks are saying ok, well, it's up for the fed to do something here, too, they have to monitor inflation and they have to get ahold of it. but also aren't some of the president's own policies to blame? energy policies and not getting the supply chain crisis fixed fast enough. >> yeah, i believe so. and look, i agree with what robert just said, that has a big role here and i don't know if they would do 3, 4 rate hikes but better get going. look at the gas, the oil price
11:26 am
globally, it's around $85 a barrel the last time i checked. now, sandra, that is the equivalent of about, almost $4 a gallon at the pump. so that's a lot for people to be paying, and i'm so glad you brought up that energy issue, because not only is that an issue with respect to the economy, but also become a real national security issue. you think about where putin is getting the funding for this potential military adventure in ukraine. you know, we should be the world leader in oil and gas production and now we are actually reducing our oil and gas production. >> sandra: robert to respond to that. robert, get you had in on that, i cut you off earlier. that's a fair point to make because we know and the best that we can get as far as statistics are concerned when you look at germany, they don't really tell you which countries that they are buying their energy from. the best we can tell, about a third of their oil from russia,
11:27 am
but about 50% of their natural gas from russia. that's a huge dependency on russia for their energy. quickly, exchange with peter doocy and jen psaki on the economy when the dow was down over 1100 points yesterday. watch. >> the president think it's a big deal today the dow jones is down at one point more than 1100 points? >> unlike his predecessor, the president does not look at the stock market by the means which to judge the economy. i would note the market is up around 15% compared to when president biden took office, but our measure of success is really how real working families are doing. >> sandra: service not just one day, there was a trend. we have seen the stock market selling off, it's up a tiny bit today, just turned positive, many investors will be happy to hear me report that. but the trend is that the market has been done, we have not had a, this poor of a performance from the u.s. stock market for any given month since march of 2020, when the initial shut down
11:28 am
began, robert. so, it's a rough start to the year, so why is she not acknowledging that trend? >> well, it's interesting. i've been saying this over a decade now, even when obama had much better returns than any president except for bill clinton. and especially much better than donald trump on the stock market. i still don't believe the stock market should be looked at on a daily basis as a gauge for the economy. there are so many other variables that take place. i'm not surprised the stock market is saving, i've before saying we'll have inflation, higher rates, slow down the economy a bit and now the geopolitical risk that steve just mentioned with ukraine and russia, which is going to add to inflation, i mean, we are seeing the w.t.i. has gone up, rent has gone up over the last few days, mainly because of the geopolitical risk. so, i'm agreeing that inflation is here, it's not good for the market, higher rates is usually not good for the market, so this
11:29 am
does not surprise me. the market -- >> let me just add one thing. i think we all agree inflation is a problem. what worries me right now, sandra, is the kind of stagflation, the numbers on the economy have not been good. increase in the number of people signing up for unemployment benefits, industrial production numbers have not been good, retail sales. i think there could be a fundamental problem with the economy, not just inflation and if i'm right, that's stagflation. >> we have the wall streeters and they use w.t.i., brent, really appreciate the discussion, it's a solid debate, but at the end of the day, robert, steve you know the consumer goes to fill up the tank, paying more to fill up the tank to get somewhere, they go to the grocery, paying more to fill up the car, they feel that,
11:30 am
it's real, and it's not expected to go away any time soon. we will continue the discussion, thank you both. john. >> john: more ahead on the breaking news over ukraine and president biden just recently warning of enormous consequences if russia invades. we'll be right back.
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>> putin gets this is an opportunity, the same which xi does in north korea and iran, and america has never had a president this weak and if they want something they better take it now. >> john: former ambassador to the united nations nikki haley on the program last hour, and says vladimir putin "smells blood in the water" and nato and the president better step up after we could see an invasion after the winter olympics. >> sandra: the president warning a russian invasion would change
11:36 am
the world. context in just moments, but first peter doocy live at the white house. hello. >> good afternoon, sandra. as we piece this all together, the president also said at a retail shop here in washington, d.c. a few minutes ago that if russia moves on ukraine, it will be the largest invasion like that since world war ii, just before that jen psaki was at the podium in the briefing room and she said they think putin is going to move on ukraine. >> when we said it was imminent, it remains imminent. but we can't say what decision putin will make. still in negotiations. >> changed the president's view? >> imminent has a pretty intense meaning, doesn't it? >> even though ukrainians claim everything is fine, and they don't know why the u.s. is making such a big deal about an imminent takeover. the threat remains and is real enough for republicans here in d.c. to call on president biden to sanction putin now as in
11:37 am
before he does anything. >> once the russians have grabbed a piece of ukraine or tried to overthrow the entire government, it's really too late. >> a lot of moving parts here, including a campaign at the state department to try to pressure putin with a #. >> last one, the secretary of state a few days ago tweeted i # stand with ukraine. has that ever worked in stopping an authoritarian regime from doing anything, a #? >> unlike the last administration, we don't think twitter is the only means of engaging or discussing important topics. >> and jen psaki said the president is open to possibly talking to vladimir putin soon, he values leader to leader discussions, but nothing like that on the schedule right now and the only time that we expect to see the president today has just passed. he hit a store, a clothing store
11:38 am
in washington, d.c. and then stopped on his way back to the white house for ice cream. sandra. >> sandra: so reporting he just excited jenny's splendid ice creams, 2:25, emerged with two scoops what appeared to be chocolate ice cream, but could not confirm the exact flavor. news you need to know. a protest happening in the background, peter? >> just warm enough for the protestors, apparently spent the winter charging their megaphones. >> sandra: total pro, made it through without a flinch. >> john: even in the most dire crisis, time for ice cream. k.t., despite what the president said yesterday, seemed to open the door a bit to the opinion that vladimir putin may not invade ukraine, although did say it's up to him, but warned on
11:39 am
the consequences if he did. >> and i made it clear to, early on to president putin if he were to move into ukraine, that there would be severe consequences. >> john: so moving, potentially moving a lot of troops in the area, none are going into ukraine as the president reiterated. if we don't have forces in ukraine, do they really serve as a deterrent? >> no, and you know, what are the severe consequences he's going to impose? sanction russia? the only sanctions would be to cut off the ability to supply oil to europe, especially to germany and germany is not going to let that happen. the other important sanction that president biden could do is kick russia out of the international banking system, the germans have already said no, we don't want you to do that. the important conversation right now is not between joe biden and
11:40 am
vladimir putin, it's between joe biden and the chancellor of germany and so far the germans have been unwilling to standpoint any efforts to stop putin. why? they import oil and natural gas from russia and it's a long cold winter and don't want to jeopardize that. the statistics sandra gave you a few minutes ago how dependent germany is on russia, that's part our fault. we shut down the energy. we could compete with russia to supply germany and europe with liquified natural gas, but shut down that option. >> john: to buy american l.n.g., a plan to get alternate sources into germany and other european nations in the event there is an invasion and the nord stream 2 pipeline is shut down. but the issue of germany not
11:41 am
pulling its weight, come out of criticism from britain, estonia, and complaining on twitter, yes, some do communicate by twitter, ukraine is grateful to germany for support in 2014 and diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict, but germany's current statements are disappointing and run counter to this support and effort. the statements he's talking about were reiterations by germany, by law prohibited sending war materials to ukraine and won't allow countries like estonia to reimport german-made armamentes into ukraine. >> they will not let weapons go across germany into ukraine. in effect, they said you are on your own and what president has done, despite the flapping around and the ice cream and all the rest, he's basically said to ukraine, you are on your own, too. without american-german
11:42 am
cooperation, no military options, no economic option, no security option, there is nothing. so, i really hope that we have the ability to talk to the germans and convince the germans that it's extremely important for the west to stay united and to stand up to putin, and if the germans don't want to do that because they are so worried about their oil and natural gas supplies coming from russia, how about we replace russia with reliable, cheap and abundant american energy. >> john: seems to be an easy equation, one not everybody is getting. i want to bring up a wall street journal editorial board suggested it was a slippery slope and if we don't deal properly to ukraine, it could be more problems. consequences will extend far beyond ukraine as other adversaries try to exert regional dominance.
11:43 am
authoritarians are seldom content merely with controlling their own people. is this about more than ukraine, k.t.? >> it's always about more than ukraine. you would not see vladimir putin if afghanistan had gone differently. but afghanistan told our allies, don't count on us, told our allies, adversaries don't be afraid of us. putin -- i don't think a week ago putin really wanted to invade. i'm thinking he probably thinks he can get away with it. so i think he will invade part of ukraine. chinese are watching this with, you know, with fine eyes because they know if putin gets away with ukraine, they can get away with taiwan. they are both countries are making the same claim. the chinese are saying taiwan is part of china, russia is saying ukraine is part of russia historically, the same thing and i expect the iranians go full bore for nuclear weapons and the north koreas will jump on the band wagon too. >> john: we'll keep you employed for a while yet.
11:44 am
k.t. mcfarland, thanks for being with us. >> sandra: always count on k.t. to be a straight shooter, reigniting talks over a shooting in atlanta, a story we have been giving to you right from here. we'll talk to the man who is leading the charge. bill white, next. trition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. ♪ feel stuck and need a loan? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪
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>> john: breaking news out of new york, a disgraced attorney will start representing himself in his ongoing criminal trial with stormy daniels. a judge issuing the ruling, he says there was a break down between him and his defense team. this means that he will most likely cross examine his most famous former client. on trial for impersonating daniels to steal $300,000 from her. avenatti's defense team argued it was a payment dispute between a lawyer and client, and not a criminal matter. >> sandra: and a group dedicated to fighting anti-asian hate is suing the san francisco progressive district attorney over his response to rising hate crimes against asian americans
11:50 am
during the pandemic. william. >> sandra, big picture, many asian americans in san francisco believe the progressive d.a. is going light on crime, ignoring victims and not prosecuting hate crime enhancements. we heard from 69-year-old vietnamese immigrant, attacked by a father and son with a baseball bat, but saying they gave them a plea deal to give them 0 jail, probation and failed to charge the hate crime, despite the father and son also attacking three other asians the same day. >> because of the way my case has been handled by the san francisco district attorney's office, justice has not been served. >> he told him he wanted the attackers to get max time, that was ignored. never told of the plea deal, denied the right to speak in court, all rights entitled him
11:51 am
under state law. his lawyers filed a federal case against the d.a. >> i was cast aside, ignored, and revictimmized by the institutions, by the institutions that were supposed to protect me. >> according to the fbi, asian hate crime is up more than 73% as many victims are blamed for the coronavirus, now today san francisco mayor london breed said she fears more anti-hate crimes in chinatown as the lunar new year begins next week. >> i am heart broken, i'm frustrated, i'm embarrassed, i'm angry about the violence that has continued to impact many of the people who are part of our asian community. >> so, a little back story here, sandra, san francisco is a democratic city, politically often speaks with one progressive voice, but recently
11:52 am
you have the crime wave that is driving a wedge between the mayor and the d.a., just as the d.a. faces that recall campaign. back to you. >> sandra: thank you. john. >> john: police in atlanta are investigating a shooting that happened right in front of officers in the city's wealthy buckhead neighborhood. they say it injured a man and a woman. witnesses say gunfire broke out at an intersection near a nightclub, even as police officers were right there. and now learning of another shooting in atlanta, a stray bullet apparently killed a 6-month-old baby. mike tobin is live with the latest. more tragedy. >> more tragedy, and developing. atlanta police have arrested a man for the shooting of the 6-month-old boy. his name was grayson matthew flemming gray, he is the third child under the age of six to be shot in atlanta in the month of january. you couple that with the shooting early saturday morning/late friday night so
11:53 am
flagrant, it happened in front of the police officers. and incidents like this, you have people in the buckhead neighborhood talking about seceding from atlanta all together. buckhead is known for nice restaurants and night life, the governor's mansion is located, big houses are, 2020 and 2021 saw homicides increase by roughly 40% in the city of atlanta. police zone surrounding buckhead, homicides are up 60%. in january a babe in was killed there. december, someone opened fire in a movie theater and that's why you have momentum for buckhead to form its own city and police force. that would require legislation for a referendum on whether people in buckhead want to secede. the republican-led legislature has showed some support, the democratic council does not support it. waning support, but buckhead amounts to 35% of the population in atlanta. being the rich neighborhood, expensive real estate and a lot
11:54 am
of tax revenue. if buckhead were to secede, the town would end up 71% white and 11% black. the remaining city of atlanta would be 27% white, and 61% black. and to tee up the interview with bill white, he has been quoted in the newspapers saying it's not fair to frame this discussion along racial lines, says the simple pact is, the city of atlanta has failed to protect the residents of buckhead. back to you. >> john: as you point out, a lot of money at stake. mike, thank you. >> sandra: bring in bill white, c.e.o., buckhead city committee pushing for the split with atlanta, mike did a great job. we have spoken before, bill, you made it clear what you want to see happen. you want to secede from atlanta, crime is too high, buckhead city you want to prevail. criticism about what it means for the lack of diversity for the new buckhead city, if splits off from atlanta. >> thank you, sandra, and mike did a great job and thank you to
11:55 am
fox news also for portraying the actual statistics that a.p.d., our own atlanta police leadership is saying violent crime is down. 6-year-old, a 6-month-old named grayson is taken from us, one of god's children, violent crime is not down, so they are playing a shell game on statistics, but to your question, sandra, this is nothing to do with race. the only race that has to do with is the human race. we want lower taxes, we want control of our tax dollars, we want our 911 calls answered, potholes fixed, and hire 250 cops, and pay them well. not whether you are republican or democrat, written in the charter, and speaker ralston, butch miller, the head of the senate, i think our bills will sail through, on the ballot
11:56 am
november 8th and we are going to win this thing and we are going to get the smackdown on the crime here once and for all. >> sandra: you say they really don't care about buckhead, when talking about atlanta city officials. they think, including the mayor, dickens, saying they are taking steps to address crime in buckhead and the rest of the city and remaining united is important. are you still willing to give city leaders a shot in securing the buckhead city area? >> no, we are not. we are off to a very bad start, the mayor's incoming chief of staff was arrested off a plane for felony warrant arrest, two days before his election, he voted to defund the police, and sandra, he does this photo op thing, he came to buckhead to open up a police precinct. you know how many police officers he's going to put in there? two, and they are not there yet. the same thing happened in august when bottoms announced the same police precinct, no cops then. 2017, same police commissioner in the second, third photo op,
11:57 am
in the first one, no police precinct, no cops then. you know what the definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over with the same result. we are not sending atlanta $205 million anymore anthem using us as a piggy bank. >> sandra: quick, what is your answer to those who say of all the wealthy neighborhoods, were to secede from the poorer neighborhoods, and there would be a race to the bottom for the city itself. what is your response to that? >> i think buckhead city will be a great example for atlanta and great economically. we have a company moving 400, i'm sorry, 4800 employees to buckhead in the metro a.t.l., so it's going to be great for atlanta. >> sandra: you want to be an example, i hear you. bill white, come back soon. thank you for the update.
11:58 am
>> thank you, god bless you, and god bless grayson. >> sandra: really interesting, they are dealing with it. report at the top there from mike tobin is heartbreaking, and as you heard him say after this 6-month-old baby was just killed by stray gunfire, that was the third child under the age of six killed in that city this month alone so far. >> john: for five years i lived just outside of buckhead in sandy springs, on the edge of buckhead and always felt safe in buckhead but the tone and tender of that part of the city has definitely changed in the last couple years. >> sandra: quick update to our viewers as we were listening to that court hearing at the top of the hour on whether or not the appeal from governor hochul here in new york, whether they were going to issue a stay and reinstate the mask mandate, especially for kids in school, indoor mask mandate. no decision made but we are told via some reporters in the room
11:59 am
that the decision will be made later today. a lot hinges on this, john, a lot of kids and parents were told that masks were optional when they went to school this morning for the first time in years, and this could yo-yo. that could change tonight if the decision comes out that that mask mandate has to be reinstated in new york state. so we are watching the for you, no decision has been made. >> john: see what the courts do. and update the tragic breaking news out of new york at this hour, the second officer who was shot in the ambush in harlem on friday night has new died. wilbert mora, 27 years old. we have some live pictures outside of new york langoen medical center outside of manhattan, expecting a police procession will take the remains to a funeral home. jason rivera was his partner, he was killed on the scene friday night. the perpetrator, almost
12:00 pm
execution style, kept shooting even after they were down, died of his wounds inflicted by a third officer. so, mourning two heroes of new york's finest. jason rivera and wilbert mora. >> sandra: heroes indeed, and the dow now up 217, tough to keep track of. roller coaster ride on wall street. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. see you >> martha: thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. breaking news in this fast-moving situation in ukraine and europe right now. a short time ago, a major delivery of u.s. weaponry, anti-tank missiles that we spoke with john kirby about have arrived. the big question in this picture are these. are russia and china pushing for a new world order that would remove the united states as the world's dominant super power? and are putin's moves to ukraine more than what they appear?


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