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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  January 25, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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documentary about suffering hardship around the world includes scenes from ukraine about what's coming next, maybe. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. we're also have a follow to that in-depth reporting on the cody origins tomorrow on "special report." "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: most of you women watching have been on a blind date. you know what it's like, your friends get you all excited about this mystery guy. they talk him up tell you is he funny smart handsome and interesting. you have second thoughts but your buddies insist you are perfect for each other and then you show up. and instead of sitting down for dinner with john stamos you realize you are eating with michael moore. a mess. rude lies and then he tells you
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he forgot his wallet. mad at your friends for setting this up. somewhere in between your salad and steak you realize you have made a terrible mistake. now, that's essentially what happened to america with joe biden. the media sphent the last few years serving us biden's hype man, promising us he a moderate a great union fire bring the country back together confident and calm. they insisted we were the perfect match because joe was blue collar biden, america always loves a working class hero. so the media turned joe into one. and he capitalized on that. biden sold himself to us as a son of scranton, pennsylvania. >> i'm very proud of being from scranton. >> i grew up in a town like this from scranton, pennsylvania. >> the fact is the president can only see the world from park avenue. i see it from scranton. >> scranton. >> scranton. >> scranton. >> scranton. secrecy jess it's true biden was born in scranton, pennsylvania
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in 1942. but the family didn't stick around the electric city for too long. by the time joe was 10 the family had bailed on pennsylvania to go find a better life in delaware. according to "the washington post," in the 1950s, scranton was at the start of a long slow decline. the coal mines that had fueled the city's early prosperity were shutting down. textile factories, too, were on their way out. and thousands of people picked up and left for better opportunities elsewhere. thousands of people left like the bidens. they left to find greener pastures and scranton has been struggling ever since. according to the u.s. census 23% of scranton's population lives in poverty. compared to just 15% back in 2,000. doesn't look like joe has done a lot to help his so-called hometown, a senator, as vice president, or as president. so what do the people of scranton think of biden? well, we sent some producers
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there to find out. >> the president, joe biden, he is from scranton. it's his hometown. >> is he a [bleep] >> whoa. >> what do you think that the president has done for scranton? >> nothing that i know of. >> not only has he done nothing for scranton, he has done nothing for the rest of the united states? >> for the town, for the city of scranton, he has done a lot, do you know what i mean? i can't put it into words right now. [crickets] >> i seen they changed the highway to his name. i guess they are making small changes. >> why would you name a street after him? >> do you realize what you've done? >> so when joe biden says, you know, on the campaign trail that he is going to hold true to those scranton roots, do you think he has done that. >> no, absolutely not. joe biden does not speak for me. is he a typical career politician. >> joe biden to me is like a puppet. >> i'm not a puppet. i'm real. >> what concerns do you have all
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of that like are not getting addressed? >> inflation. the supply chain issue. gas prices. >> are you getting hurt by inflation? >> a little bit. yeah. >> everybody is for sure. >> do you think joe biden is shutting down the virus? >> no. no way. >> oh, no. it's still here. >> if you could tell joe biden something, what would that something be? >> joe biden, stop handing out checks. >> a year's salary right here. i call them fun coupons. >> retire and get out of office. >> go home. go home. >> what in the hell are you doing? >> you don't want to know what i want to say. >> jesse: we didn't find a lot of biden fans but can you blame them in the man uses the city as a bumper sticker to get street cred from working class people. in reality the blue collar biden was never that blue collar. according to author ben shreking
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gear's book the biden's. biden's family has a unique financial history it seems they spent their whole lives chasing inside deals. many of which were set up by other family members. biden's father's finances sea sawed back and forth when joe was younger until he got rich quick. so where did that money come from? he reportedly hunted pheasants, drove convertibles and partied on yachts. that doesn't sound very blue collar to me but how did he afford all of this if he was working class? it was joe's uncle bill sheen who made a fortune in world war ii selling armor to the shipping industry. but when the war ended, how did biden's father stay on top? well, he didn't. and that's another story for another day. the biden family balance sheet has always been full of questionable details. but the media doesn't care to look into it because it destroys their narrative. biden is just a protect they sold to beat trump.
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and now that product, joe biden is defective and they are starting to pull him from the shelves. you remember. they told us biden was calm, cool and collected. and a wise man with a steady hand. but he has shown us that he is anything but. listen to how he talks about his son hunter compared to an actual professional. >> he is the smartest man i know. i mean, pure intellectual capacity. >> political liability to have him in the midterms. >> that's a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid son of a bitch. >> jesse: calm down. hunter is the smartst man you know but peter doocy is a stupid son of a bitch: we get it but this is who biden is a cornered grump with a suspect resume. maybe dr. jill can give us some insight into why he is so cranky. maybe it's manchin and sinema
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driving him nuts or maybe he just can't handle kamala's constant drama, we can't either. either way, biden is losing his temper far more often than normal. >> ask the right question. >> damn liar, man. that's not true. >> why the hell would i take a test? common, man. >> what the hell what do you all the time? governmental back and read what i said! that is an interesting reading of english. >> jesse: as the media bends over backwards trying to cover for biden, is he snapping at them. i guess the old say something true for the left wing media, sometimes it's the ones you love who hurt you the most. but joe is clearly frustrated. and you would be, too if you lost total control of your presidency. remember back in march when he said this about putin? >> we had a long talk, he and i. i know him relatively well. and i -- the conversation started off, i said i know you
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and you know me. jess yes, sir flash forward to just last week. >> i'm not so sure he has -- certain what he is going to do. my guess is he will move in. he has to do something. >> jesse: biden doesn't understand putin. he has no idea what's going on. so this is a lesson. whatever the corporate media tells you it's probably just a sales pitch for a product they are making money from on the back end. i think you know exactly what i'm talking about, don't you? china, pfizer, facebook, ukraine, open borders. you follow the money, and work back from there. we're putting it together. turns out we're smarter than they think. joining me now eric trump, trump organization executive vice president. all right, eric. do you think the country has any idea about joe biden's history at all? >> well, you know, jesse, as the
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media reported they would unfortunately the media in this country is incredibly dishonest and they don't. can you imagine if i had an email jesse where i was hunter biden and i was saying how about we save 10% for the big guy, the big guy obviously being joe biden there is a level of crookedness there that is unlike anything ever seen before in history. could you imagine, jesse, if i was fingerprinting and selling them on the streets of new york for $500,000 to undisclosed recipients? i would be in jail for the rest of my life. and the reality is this guy is angry. his approval rating is probably single digits, it's pretty damn close to what inflation is in this country right now. you know, nothing is working. shelves are empty, gas prices are through the roof. you know how do you think the very blue collar guys talking about in opening monologue feel when he is shutting down the keystone pipeline and putting tens of thousands of people out of work and how do you think northeast, pennsylvania scranton located feels when he going after oil and gas the greatest thing happened to northeast,
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pennsylvania in literally decades. the amount of revenues that that area is incredible. yet going after that and trying to close that down every single day. i mean, it's disastrous. look at small businesses, right? they can't hire employees. they can't get product. this guy has been an absolute train wreck for the united states of america and then he goes out and he talks to the media as if, you know, is he actually accomplishing something. the other day he comes out and says hey, has there ever been a president accomplished more in the first year? and it's rather remarkable. i mean, the guy is a train wreck and i think the whole country is seeing it universally. jess we want him to be angry about the stuff that we're angry about. we want him to be angry about high gas prices. we want him to be angry about the open border or the jobs that we have lost to china. that stuff that matters to us. doesn't seem to matter to him. he gets angry at news reporters who ask him a question about policy. he gets angry because his approval rating is in the 30's or, i don't know, because putin is humiliating him in western
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europe. if he could just show a little passion for the people, then we would say yeah, joe, let's go. no, it's totally detached from our passion and that's, i think, the crux of what is really hurting him is there any way, do you think, that he can turn this thing around? >> the question that peter doocy asked him was about inflation, 7% inflation in this country. that's not an unfair question to ask the commander-in-chief of the united states. i mean, what's more relevant than that? and by the way, all of america is angry. do you know why? because unlike my father he is never present. right? when you have a disaster in afghanistan, guess what? do you know where he questions? he goes to wilmington, delaware. and when the shelves are empty, get where pete buttigieg goes, he goes on paternity leave and when you know, he puts kamala harris in charge of the border, you know, guess where she goes when the border is being overrun by people? she heads over to, you know, vietnam. she heads over to asia. and these people aren't present. they are not fighting for this
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country. you know, the difference between them and my father -- my father sat there 24 hours a day and fought for the united states' best interest. these people aren't fighting. they have no energy. they no charisma and no fight. i think americans are seeing that as you stack up problem after problem for this country. and, you know, frankly embarrassing loss after loss for this country. >> jesse: yeah, you know they say half a life is showing up and they are not even showing up. eric trump, thanks for coming on "jesse watters primetime," always a pleasure. >> congrats, jesse. >> jesse: joe biden started the year saying he was going to get out there and talk to the people more. >> i find myself in a situation where, um, i don't get a chance to look people in the eye, i need to get out of this place more often. i'm going to go out and talk to the public. i'm going to do public i'm going to interface with them.
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>> jesse: so far aside from a few weekend trips to delaware and a couple of jaunts for ice cream, joe hasn't really spent much time outside of his layer. and there might be a reason for that according to politico, the biden administration's top priority is to limit his travel because, quote: they are terrified of joe biden getting covid. ready? some current and former white house officials foresee a potential political and policy disaster if the president were to contract the virus. even though he is vaxxed and boosted. covid protocol critics and vaccine skeptics would have a field day with biden catching covid and use it to further undermine trust in the administration's effort to combat the pandemic. the 79-year-old president would likely take at least a few days to recover in addition to placing himself in quarantine, which could exacerbate concerns about his age and health. and that strategy is hurting him politically because, if a
4:14 pm
politician can't shake hands and kiss babies, what the hell else can they do? here now former white house press secretary and outnumbered co-host kayleigh mcenany. all right, kayleigh, i can't think of this. this the is reason he is hold up in delaware. >> this is the reason he never goes anywhere. if he goes to one place he goes to scranton and where no one likes him answered goes right back to the white house. did you have any idea they were this scared of him catching coronavirus? >> if i could take a guess, yes, i would have guessed it did occur to me look, instead of shutting down the virus, jesse. he has shut himself in a white house in a posture of fear. what a metaphor for his presidency. we fear russia, we fear china, we fear covid. this is a decrepit old man who is vaccinated had is boosted and hide not guilty white house. i worked for a former president trump who did get covid. those were scary times because the vaccination wasn't available at the time. this about therapeutics. president trump, we took
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precautions, you could not stop thatten that. he knew he was working for the american people. getting out on the campaign trail. and it was just a much different atmosphere. it wasn't a posture of fear. it was one of faith and hard work for the american people. >> jesse: the message, if you read the report, they are not really that concerned about him catching it and really being hospitalized. they are concerned about the p.r. factor. what will the republicans say? about it, you know, what will people think? will they think he is failed or will they, you know, will he have to quarantine and make him look weak? i mean, that's not the right way to look at something like this? i mean, he is old. it is a threat. he is the president of the united states. he has everything at his disposal. i don't think it's going to knock him down. do you think joe himself is that scared or do you think it's his handlers? >> i think it's handlers. rob kayleigh mcenany and jen psaki are are on a p.r. campaign. what's interesting, jesse. you read it at the top of this. according to current and former white house officials, this was a guy, joe biden, who for a long
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time we didn't get leaks out of this white house, did we? we got leaks about kamala because she abuses her office staff. you didn't hear anything about joe until recently when three dozen sources jesse that's nearly 40 people talk to cnn about p.r. strategy. revealed private conversations of joe biden. here you are another hit piece, sources, sources, sources e people are leaking. the knives are out and they are turning against each other in a circular firing squad in a disaster of a presidency. >> jesse: i think you are right about that. it's now the knives are out for kamala and starting to come out for joe. and that's not a good signal in year one. we are only through one year. not good. kayleigh mcenany, thank you. >> what we don't hear about mayor pete. we don't hear anything about mayor pete. he is the next guy. >> jesse: nothing about pete. no one is leaking about pete. >> congrats, jesse. >> jesse: thank you so much, kayleigh. blazing street fires and meth heads are making l.a. look like
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♪ >> jesse: many americans have become manic over masks. >> get out. >> what are you guys doing. >> get out. get out. >> get out. >> celebrating their loser president. loser. got [bleep] home. >>ing whew!
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>> breathe, everybody, we got this these people clearly aren't well. large swathes of america are in a covid coat. branch covidiens. cloth masks don't work. they don't care. masks for life. you and you and you and if you don't, burn in hell. keep your distance, boosters for life. medical segregation, don't you dare question the science. literally: they even pray to a saint dr. fauci candle. politicians bureaucrats and the media have been manipulating them for the past two years. spinning them into a frenzy of self-righteousness and fear. this was done for power, profit and control. that much is clear. but the people who fanatically are still all in seem to want to
4:23 pm
be controlled. they enjoy the submission. the division, and the snobbery of their government-backed belief. it gives their meekless lives meaning. and a false sense of power over others who won't bow down to the doctrine of the day. and they dual anything to keep this all from changing. so as the case counts dwindle they are cling to this pandemic and the protocols no matter what. look at new york, where a judge just struck down the governor's mask mandate. and what is she doing about it? she is fighting it don't want to lose control. and her mandate only lasts for one more week. the same power grab taking place in virginia. school boards already suing glenn youngkin over his order to just make masks optional in public schools. let the parents decide. they don't want that. they don't want to lose control. because once they get a taste of the emergency powers. addicted. all right? it's going to be tough.
4:24 pm
going through withdrawal. we'll do this together. joining me now, kentucky senator rand paul. there is a cult aspect to this. wouldn't you agree, senator? >> well, you know, it wouldn't be so bad if these karens would just mind their own damn business. they are intent on forcing every tug on you. there is no sense of any kind of perspective here that they have an an opinion. they want it to be enforced. they want to shove it down your throat and they're intent on enforcing it the science isn't good behind this. we have looked at this in florida about half the school districts had a mask mandate. the other half didn't. the incidence of the disease was about the same. in sweden they haven't worn masks at all for two years in their school, incidence denses any different than any other schools in the world. so really there is no strong evidence that masks work. when you look at mask mandates, like new york has got this crazy mask mandate. when you look at the institution of the mandate when it was instituted, you look at the
4:25 pm
incidence of the disease, if anything, the disease keeps going up. when you have mask mandates, the mask really have had no influence on the pandemic. but particularly cloth masks, the science says they don't work. and even on what's that station that won't even bring it up. another news station a woman on there she is the biggest karen of all the karens, and she now says that cloth masks are facial decoration. all right? now, if i say it, i get banned from youtube. but if you say it on that other channel or if you are a democrat and you don't get banned but that's another story. >> jesse: so as a medical professional, as a genteel senator and a polite individual, dr. rand paul, what would you recommend americans do when they are confronted with these mask maniacs, when they are yelled at and screamed at and being recorded on their phone? how should they handle that in a respectful but normal way? >> see, i would say bear spray but i'm afraid that will get me
4:26 pm
in trouble. >> jesse: that's not nice. [laughter] >> i think you should back away and say, lady, you are crazy. leave me the hell alone but you should not confront her. you should not use violence. back away and just say look, can you not find some other lunatic friends to hang around with? really this is a difference between individualism and collectivism. i have an opinion. i'm not wanting to enforce it on anybody. i'm not telling you not -- that you can't wear a mask. i'm just saying don't make me wear a mask when it doesn't work. they don't understand that that we have a perspective. they have a perspective. but they want to force and ram their perspective down our throat through force. i mean, what kind of people are they? this has brought out the worst in people. >> jesse: it really has. it's brought out the worst and the best. and, you know, i think everybody knows exactly who we are talking about. senator rand paul, with some sage advice for the american people. no bear spray, just back away politely. thank you so much for coming on, "jesse watters primetime."
4:27 pm
always a pleasure. >> thanks. >> jesse: up next, the city of angels has gone to hell. fires, gangs, and junkies. you got to see it to believe it mark levin, the great one next. ♪ i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today.
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4:32 pm
[dog barking] six tvs already. >> jesse: i want to remind you that's california. that's not war torn cambodia. so why are politicians tolerating the destruction of an american city and civilization? or is this just part of a plan we don't know about? here now the great one, mark levin, host of life, liberty, and levin and author of american marxism. so you talked about this in american marxism. do you believe that what they're doing to california by just destroying it with meted out naked maniacs lighting things on fire they are doing that on
4:33 pm
purpose? is that what's happening? >> well, jesse, i could be wrong about this, but i could have sworn one of those guys running around there was eric swalwell but i could be wrong. nevertheless, look, when you have mayor after mayor in l.a. but places like san francisco, i was there a few months ago, it's no different there, any of these major cities, mayor after mayor, that toler rates this sort of thing, that decriminalizes even minor offenses, that don't believe in putting people in jail, when your prosecutors are elected, prosecute certain people who are committing very minor offenses but then allow other people to go who are committing, you know, offenses of moral turpitude and so forth, this is what you get. now, how do you fix this? the democrat's party ideology is obviously bad for america. whether it's the borders, whether it's our finances, whether it is matters of peace and war and whether it is running our cities.
4:34 pm
they don't know how to run our cities. all they know how to do is shuffle paper and redistribute wealth. spend money and spend it poorly and build things that people don't need. they don't know how to create wealth, jobs, opportunity, how to secure their neighborhoods. so if you want a third world, vote for the democrats because their ideology imitates third world ideology. when ronald reagan was governor of california, none of that crap would be going on in l.a. or any place else for that matter. when they were trying to take over the college campuses, he sent in the national guard among others and put it down. that is what you need. you need governors like reagan. you need a governor like desantis. a governor like abbott. these things aren't happening in cities like that. for the governor of california to stand there and say what's going on here? this is like the third world? my god. what is he a buffoon? he is going on there. that's the problem. >> jesse: like income your own house and having it all just filled with trash, homeless people and drugs and say what's going on?
4:35 pm
i mean, you live there. that's your job to know what's going on and to change it. i want to tell you about al franken. we flagged this today. i don't know where this guy has been since he got me tood, but he says if biden doesn't do this mass mailing of ballots again and he doesn't get rid of voter i.d. laws, trump is going to win next election and it all feels like nazi, germany. listen. >> this is a serious one, and i -- i think other people are feeling it. it feels like, i don't know, 1933, '34 germany and just like, i don't know, a tavern and look over the other table and there is guys in blackjackboots and gnat nazi uniforms and going hmm this is bad. i wonder how bad it can get. >> you are a jewish american.
4:36 pm
al franken is a jewish american. if you saw him, what would you tell him? >> sounds like he has been drinking. i don't know that for a fact but is he slurring his speech. maybe always does that these days. i don't know. i would tell him to quote joe biden you are a stupid son of a bitch. now, what do i mean by that? there are people watching this program, some of whom survived the holocaust. some of whom have had parents in the holocaust. you go to one of these concentration camps, i don't think you would be saying what al franken is saying, why? because the democrat party controls all aspects of this government and doesn't get everything it wants? they talk about voting rights? it's not about voting rights. you have a right to vote. you don't have a right to vote while you are watching tv or while you are in the kitchen or while you are driving your car or whatever. you have a right to vote by getting off your back side and going in and voting and proving you are who you are. you know, just pretend they are vaccine passports or something like that. but the democrat party wants to fundamentally transform this
4:37 pm
country. and the american people have said no, they don't want it. the idea that he would compare this to naziism, we're getting so far away from our history. let me tell you, last week was the 80th s anniversary, jesse of 1942 when the head nazis got together to plan the final solution. last week. how many it television news shows even mentioned it? none. >> jesse: nope. >> that i'm aware of. 80 years ago last week the final solution. how do we kill more jews? how do we kill them faster? they came up with a gas chamber. they were 90 minute meeting. i don't remember al franken commenting on that. i don't remember a day of remembrance on the floor of the congress on that. and i don't remember all these news hosts mentioning that so i will mention it now. >> jesse: you know, maybe he was hammered because psaki said to have a margarita if you were angry. so we don't know what he was drinking. the great one, mark levin.
4:38 pm
thank you so much for coming on prime. "primetime." >> god bless and congrats, bud j. >> jesse: thank you. coming up a very interesting guest when we return. later, infected monkeys on the loose. go check outside your window.
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life happens in the moment. in the quiet and the chaos. you shouldn't have to miss out on all the moments you love
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just to lose the weight you want. ww's all new personalpoints program. for the first time ever your plan is designed 100% for you. live the life you love, lose the weight you want. the all new ww personalpoints program. download the ww app today for a 14 day free trial. >> i don't like my job and i don't think i'm going to go anymore. >> you are not going to go. >> yeah. >> won't you get fired? >> i don't know. but i really don't like it and i'm not going to go while many people struggled to find work during the pandemic another group of americans emerged. those who decided they don't
4:43 pm
want to work at all. a reddit page called anti-work, unemployment for all, not just the rich, provides a safe space for these like-minded people who want to do as little as possible and still get paid. the page has become one of the most popular on reddit. there is now over 1.6 million subscribers. joining me now is the person who operates this anti-work group doreen ford. all right, so, doreen, why do you like the idea of being home not working but still getting paid by corporate america? >> yeah, so, this is a misconception about the movement. so, we're a movement where we want to reduce the amount of work that people feel like they are forced to do and so we want to still put an effort, we want to put in labor, but we don't want to necessarily be in a
4:44 pm
position where we feel trapped, you know, you just quoted from office space where that person feels very trapped in their job. i think we are calling for a society where there is less of that. but, absolutely people still want to do things. they just want to do things where they feel rewarded and they feel like they are in a good spot in their life and that their job respects them and stuff like that. you know, there are varying positions. >> jesse: doreen, you are not being forced to work. this isn't slave labor. you have applied for a job. you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the employment. and, you know, can you walk away from that job at any time and quit. so, i don't understand really what this is about except it sounds like maybe people are just being lazy? are you encouraging people to be lazy? >> so i think laziness is a virtue in a society where people constantly want you to be productive 24/7.
4:45 pm
and it's good to have rest. that doesn't mean you should be resting all the time or not putting effort into things that you care about. but i think one of those. >> jesse: what do you think is a good work day? how many hours is, you know, a solid work day in your ideal society? >> sure, i mean, i think as much as people want. i personally work. i have like a 20, 25 hour workweek which i think is fairly good. so i would like less work hours. >> what do you do, doreen? >> i'm a dog walker. >> jesse: a dog walker. >> yeah. so. >> jesse: how old are you, if you don't mind me asking? >> sure, i'm 30. >> jesse: you are 30, okay. is there something you want to do besides being a dog walker? do you aspire anything more than dog-walking or is that your pinnacle? >> i love working with dogs. if i had to do this the rest of my life, i wouldn't be super complaining, dogs are wonderful animals but i would love to
4:46 pm
teach. i would love to work with people and stuff like that. >> jesse: what would you teach, doreen? >> philosophy, mostly. >> philosophy. >> critical thinking, reason, stuff like that. >> jesse: okay. well, i would love to take your class, doreen. i would just be taking notes the whole time and, you know what? professor very similar schedule then something that you are imagining so i think that actually might work perfectly. listen, i think this might not be the greatest idea but who am i to judge? to each their own, they say. it's a free country. >> sure. yeah. >> jesse: not everything is free but it is a free country. thank you so much. we have got to run. we have got to pay the bills. next on "jesse watters primetime" infected monkeys on the loose how they escaped and what to look out for. that's next. ♪ allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you?
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shipstation the number 1 choice of online sellers and wolfgang puck go to and get 2 months free >> jesse: planet of the apes in pennsylvania truck full of
4:51 pm
mornings were meant for a lab jackknifed outside of joe biden's hometown of scranton, no coincidence. four potentially infected aprils before being captured by authorities. fox hasn't independently confirmed they have been captured but that is the latest. there is also a human toll to all of this monkey business, a good samaritan who stopped to help at the scene has become sick. michelle fallon says she has developed pink eye symptoms after coming face to face with the monkeys. >> so i go over to check to see like -- to check the cats out. and i'm sticking my finger in because i see the if you are. it pops up, and i get really close to it and here it's a monkey. like doing a hissing noise. so i backed away. and i told the guy that they were not cats, they were monkeys. >> jesse: why were these monkeys headed for a lab in the first place? what deranged experiments were
4:52 pm
awaiting them? we will never know because all 100 were put down before they could share their secrets. joining me now fox news contributor raimondo arroyo. raimondo. >> can i ask a question, jesse? how did i become the infectious monkey expert? okay, was fauci not available so you called me? i mean, this is the craziest story. first of all, if you are transporting 100 infectious monkeys in cages and you are taking them to florida, you better get something a little more sturdy than two guys in a truck, okay? did you see the truck? it's the thin little aluminum truck turned over. and then the poor lady says i thought i was helping, she said. touching the cages, walking through the feces, no, my dear, you weren't helping. you were the lead character in a michael cryton novel. this is not a good idea. don't touch the feces or the cages, please. >> jesse: why were they going to florida? because no mask mandate?
4:53 pm
they could just party? >> they could be free. this is a -- it is a weird story. why were they transporting these monkeys 100 of them from africa? they put them down. i mean, i'm out in holiday now,. new movie planet of the infected housewives. they get infected and start jumping around. might be a comedy. could be fun. >> jesse: raimondo, first of all, why were they doing experiments on these monkeys? are we talking gain of function again? is this where we are at? >> this is why i say you should have asked fauci. he knows a lot about infect the monkeys and bats and other animal life. it's a curious story of why they were transporting them and if you take a look at that truck, it raises all kinds of concerns about the security of loosening these animals. again, they have never explained why they had to put these monkeys down.
4:54 pm
unexplained youthization. that's fishy. >> jesse: not like a horse that comes up lame at the derby. no. it's different. all right. and we don't even know what kind -- if it was a sexually transmitted disease. is that the reporting? all right. we have got to go. i have got to run. i got to run. >> congratulations. >> jesse: thank you very much, raimondo. send me a text about these monkeys or anything and we will read them next. ♪ ♪ please stand by.
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pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®. janssen can help you explore cost support options. >> a quick update on the monkeys from the last flock. the primates, we don't know what these apes were infected with but a similar group were found to have herpes. a lot of you were wondering what my mom thought of last night's
4:59 pm
show. >> i thought you were spectacular but steven miller, sarah palin, lose them, and the show was quick. high energy and all right. not that mean. jessie waters has always been about connecting with the people and that's why i gave out my phone number so you could text me. a lot of you guys thought it was a joke. it wasn't a joke. it was a regular i phone and you fried it. we're back online now but i lost like 30,000 texts. now i know how crooked feels. anyway, here's a few. lance, cumming, georgia. what a show. what a long strange trip it's been. thank you for the interviews. this is sandy. we want to see and hear other people not be told what to think by news organizations. we have our own mind. i hope you listen to what i tell
5:00 pm
you to do. jim, just heard kamala speaking about human trafficking. serious issue. perhaps they can employ the administration's supply chain strategy to shut it down. text me any time. number is always going to be there at the bottom. email me and always remember one thing. i'm waters and this is my world. tucker is next. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. nancy pelosi is even more agitated tonight than usual. on a conference call just hours ago pelosi demanded that her members vote immediately on a piece of legislation she says is critical to our national security. the bill she's talking about affirms the central importance of national borders. of course it does. without a boarder you can't have


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