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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  January 26, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and around ukraine with the german ambassador and a french filmmaker and author who has been to the front front lines there between russia and ukraine. if you have a special report salute by the way, let us know. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid, jesse watters the show starting right now. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: a lot of you out there watching are parents. you know the ups and downs of dealing with children. they throw tantrums, make messes and can drive you crazy. your kids will hit you up for money, beg you for a ride somewhere. and make you late for more events than you can remember. but every once in a while as parents we get to flip the script and use our kids as an excuse to not do something. have a family barbecue you don't want to attend oh, sorry, my kid is sick. got stay home. ask to stay late at work? can't, got to rush home,
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daughter has got a recital, son has a football game. but if you are the speaker of the house, you get to use children as an excuse to stay in congress well past your expiration date because yesterday nancy pelosi made this announcement. >> >> when people ask me what are the three most important issues facing the congress, i always say the same thing. our children, our children, our children. that is my why. why i am in congress for the children. this is my story and this is my song. as you hear me say when you are in the arena, you have to be able to take a punch or throw a punch for the children. that is why i am running for re-election to congress. >> jesse: that's right. nancy pelosi at age 8 is rubbing for re-election. she says she is doing it for the children. but whose children, exactly? her own children. paul pelosi jr. is 52 years old and let's just say he and hunter
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biden would get along really well. he has been tied up in a ton of shady business at the federal agents are digging into. is she clinging to power to protect little pauly p.? perhaps. and we will have a special report tomorrow on the off spring of the most powerful democrats in washington. but paul, her baby boy, isn't the only reason nancy won't let go of power. there is still a lot of money to make. >> i'm not leaving. i'm not leaving. i'm not [bleep] leaving. [cheers] >> jesse: nancy isn't running to help the children. she is running to help herself and she has made a career doing just that. pelosi first entered congress in 1987 and since then she has built herself quite a bank account. she has become one of the wealthiest members of congress with assets as high as $315 million.
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a lot of scratch for a public servant making less than six digits for three decades. so how did she become so rich? as usual in washington, this was a family affair. her husband paul is a businessman who may enjoy a little pillow talk with his wife, the speaker of the house. paul pelosi sr. has had a history of perfectly timed stock trades while his wife has been running the people's house. in march of last year he pulled off a $2 million microsoft trade just two weeks before the company got a $22 billion contract to sell the army high tech headsets. and in december of 2020, paul and nancy got a million dollars worth of tesla stock options right before biden announced electric car incentives. and in june, the pelosi family cashed in big time just as congress was debating what to do with big tech making a cool 5 million from google's parent
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company. so while nancy slow walks antitrust legislation to break up big tech, her family taking advantage and laughing all the way to the bank. they must think we are idiots because just look at the tech companies her family is still invested in apple, tesla, amazon, microsoft, the list goes on and on and on. maybe this is why pelosi defended congress' right to trade stocks last month. she didn't want to kill the golden goose. >> should members of congress and their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks while serving in congress? >> no, no to the second one. we are a free market economy. they should be able to participate in that. >> jesse: this isn't new. back in 2011, "60 minutes" pressed her pretty hard on the same thing when she raked in minutes from a visa credit card ipo. >> i wanted to ask you why you and your husband back in march
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of 2008 accepted and participated in a very large ipo deal from visa at a time there was major legislation effecting the credit card companies making its way through the -- through the house. and did you consider that to be a conflict of interest? >> i don't know what your point is of your question. is there some point that you want to make with that? >> i guess what i'm asking is do you think it's all right for a speaker to accept a very preferential, favorable stock deal? you participated in the ipo. >> well i have many investments. >> as speaker of the house. you don't think it was the conflict of interest or has the app.ance. >> it only has the app.ance if you decide you are going to have elaborate on a false premise, but it's not true and that's that. >> i don't understand what part is not true. >> that i would act upon an investment. >> jesse: how dare anybody question her honor and
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integrity. everyone in congress is doing it anyway. last year members of congress traded about $300 million in stocks and assets and guess what? they all out performed the market. pelosi is just the best at it. if nancy wasn't writing laws she would probably run a hedge fund. >> the wolf of washington. run for congress and you, too, could buy some extravagant properties like this napa valley manchin nancy and paul bought worth about $25 million. or a gorgeous waterfront condo in washington, d.c. that pelosi property now worth over 2 million. or the family's multimillion dollars red brick mansion in california pacific heights. could be yours if you spend your life in washington playing the inside game. while the pelosis are living the high life in swanky homes, her district is turning into the thunder dome. >> welcome to another edition of
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thunder dome. >> look at this drone footage courtesy of the daily showing a homeless encampment in the centered of san francisco. the area overrun with tents, needles, drug addicts and this is the district of the leader of the congressional democrats. maybe nancy could invest more in her district instead of her portfolio. if nancy dumped a few shares, she could help make san francisco less of a dump. a little goes a long way. just a few crumbs. instead, she will continue to be the warren buffet of washington. that is until you, the american people step up and you have. the heat is on the speaker. and suddenly she has flipped flopped. now, now she thinks congress may have to rein in the day trading. watch. >> i trust our members. if, in fact, we should have severe penalties for delay in reporting on stock then do that
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to give a blanket attitude of we can't do this and we can't do that because we can't be trusted i just don't buy into that. if members want to do that i'm okay with it. >> jesse: that's okay, nancy. promise to stop once you get caught. we asked nancy pelosi for comment and here is what she said. >> the point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word is good. greed is right. >> jesse: sorry that was the wrong tape. the speaker has not yet responded to our inquiry. but, when it is not about the money, it's usually about the power. this morning, we found out liberal justice stephen breyer may be retiring from the supreme court. leaving biden to pick a replacement. so if joe picks kamala, that would create a vacancy in the vice presidency. this would leave nancy pelosi an opening to invoke the 25th amendment and remove biden from office, guess who takes over as commander-in-chief? you guessed it, nancy pelosi.
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president pelosi. now, that theory is bonkers and will likely never happen. i admit. we're just exercising our constitutional imagination. hey, if we can't get away with insider trading, at least let us have a little fun. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and author of "beyond biden" joins me now. all right, speaker, when you were there, she was there when you were there at the same time. were you or anybody aware of how much she was cashing in behind the scenes? >> well, there were always stories, particularly i remember involving her husband's investments, i think it was in some mow a. senator feinstein who is also extraordinarily wealthy. the current governor of california. there are a about six families that somehow seem to have
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political power and remarkably successful at increasing their wealth. i think there is a deeper question here which i think is totally legitimate. we need to have new and stricter rules on what people can invest in when they are in public life. there is too many examples recently of insider trading. peter schweizer has a brand new book out which is frankly pretty stunning in the number of cases that he lays out. and i think people have a legitimate right to say to folks you can't use your public position. now, this is a little bit weird in the age of hunter biden who clearly is the architect. i don't know anybody in american history who has been close to the president who has been more blatantly corrupt than hunter biden. and, you know, i think that the whole scandal the whole way the news media has avoided dealing with these kinds of issues is
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kind of astonishing. >> jesse: they have avoided it because probably it's so pervasive that they touch that the whole hornets nest just explodes. you can't allow them to police themselves, in my opinion. and the justice department is not going to do anything. they take a look at a few people that dump stocks right before they got that briefing that said covid was about to crash the market. they didn't do anything to those people. do you think the biden justice department is going to do anything to nancy or feinstein or hunt? they are not going to touch a hair on their head. and that's a problem, isn't it? >> well, that's part of it. part of it is you have a justice department which is sadly itself behaving in ways that are corrupt and have been -- has been that all through this period. i mean, did you go back and look at how often the fbi was breaking the law during the trump administration. it's unlike anything we ever had before. but i think it's deeper than that you know, this has become a
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country that toler rates a level of theft and a level of corruption that is astonishing. california alone lost $32 billion in people stealing from the unemployment compensation i don't know how many californians that means are corroboration just in that one zone you have a level of accepting behavior that would have historically put you in jail. >> jesse: we will have a report next week about tons of dough that got ripped off during this covid relief situation. hundreds of billions of dollars. it's out of control and we got to stop it. all right, newt gingrich, thank you so much for leading off the show. >> great to be with you. and congratulations on your new show. >> jesse: thank you very much. now, the crookedness doesn't stop with pelosi. it runs deep, deep in d.c. according to peter schweizer's new book "red handed" that the speaker just mentioned, the biden family received
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$31 million from shady business deals stuck with chinese officials all with ties to the highest level of the communist party's intelligence arm. guess who directly greased every deal? hunter. these shady contracts weren't just glaring conflict of interest. they were also threats to national security. because the deals put hunter in direct contact with associates of chinese' top spies. and gave stretchy chinese businessmen full access to the white house. they even got off the record meetings with the big guy. that's joe biden. and the bidens can't plead plausible didn't anymore like they used to. they knew they were up to the shady stuff which is why hunter blocked the secret service detail from coming with him on overseas trips. they are getting rich from our enemies on our dining. so what can be done? here to break it all down, peter schweizer author of the new book "red handed."
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$31 million is a lot of money. that's a lot of money. and you are saying they got meetings with joe biden and there is espionage involved? what's the worst thing that stands out to you? >> worse thing that stands out to me every single deal that the biden family got in china when joe biden was vice president was involving an individual who had links to the highest levels of chinese intelligence. one of the guys was business partners with vice minister at ministry estate security. this gentleman was in charge of recruiting foreigners to spy for china. another one was business partners with the family of the former minister of state security, which runs the entire spy apparatus. imagine a second, jesse, that we are talking about the cold war and an american first family is doing deals with businessmen in the soviet union tied to the kgb. alarm bells would be going off. that's precisely what we are
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talking about here and the fact as you pointed out that i raise in the book. that hunter went to the secret service and said "i don't want you traveling with me when i go overseas. "just raises another level of question about precisely what was going on and do the chinese in fact have leverage and are the biden administration compromised? it's a question we have to start asking now. >> jesse: yeah, are they being blackmailed because the financial entanglements with the chinese communist and intel chiefs and maybe that's why they went so soft on the lab leak. you know, we are trying to recuperate reparations from the chinese communist because they killed so many people. that's a huge issue right there that we need to really ask a lot of questions. you also found out nancy pelosi all you have the sudden she changed her tune on china because she cut some deal with a limo company? why don't you quickly explain what happened there. >> yeah. nancy pelosi use tontd pretty anti-chinese communist party early in her career and then her
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husband and son started seeking deals in beijing. and it's interesting, you'll remember the last time china held the olympics in 2008, nancy pelosi was in favor of a boycott and then lo and behold her husband was partner in a couple of limousine companies that got major contracts in china to ferry vips around the olympics. and nancy pelosi suddenly went from boycotting the olympics to saying that she was opposed to a boycott for the olympics. look, nancy pelosi's family has done a lot of business in china since the covid outbreak she has refused to single congressional hearing to even discuss the origins of a covid virus. why would the speaker of the house take that position. >> jesse: great question. i wish i was as as savvy as the pelosis they seem to know what they're doing. thank you very much, peter,
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everybody check out the book. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: a seat on the supreme court is opening up. is this a way to get kamala out of joe's hair? and how nasty should republicans play this? that's next. ♪ ♪
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. liberal supreme court justice stephen breyer is retiring. apparently far left forces inside the biden white house rolled him out before he even opened the door. according to fox news shannon bream the 83-year-old justice reportedly upset that the white house leaked his plans to step down before he was ready the leak landed with nbc before breyer even went public. now, if this is true, what a disgraceful way to put the squeeze on an esteemed justice before he even announced he was
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out the door on his own terms. why would they do that? it's obvious. democrats know they are losing the senate. so they are must ling breyer out to give biden a chance to pick a justice while the dems still hold power. and the supreme court battle juices the base in the midterm. especially the black vote. and we will get to that in a minute. the white house wants this clinched asap to get momentum into the spring before public opinion locks. in now, all eyes are on senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema once again. their votes are critical to confirm the next justice. but the white house or the democrats have called them racist for the last six months. so there is some bad blood and they have leverage so this should get interesting. and biden boxed himself in already promising the identity of his nominee. >> the fact is that when we should be doing, we talked about the supreme court, i'm looking forward to making sure there is black woman on the supreme court
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to make sure that we in fact get every representation. [applause] >> not a joke, not a joke. i would push very hard for that. jess jets so what is the play? joining me now member of the judiciary committee senator marsha blackburn. they are going to call racist and sexist nominate a woman of color justice. what do you do. >> jesse, first and foremost, they are trying to use this to distract from what is their failed agenda. the american people are all concerned with inflation and crime and covid and crt and the wokeness and the lockdowns and the mandates and russia and ukraine. and now they are trying to do this. they do think it will gin up their base but it also is going to galvanize conservatives going into the election, especially if joe biden does what he has been doing for a district and circuit
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judges, which is to nominate people that are far to the left, they are outside of the american mainstream. >> jesse: you guys don't have the numbers in the senate to do anything about this. what's the strategy? >> the strategy will be to go through the vetting process. usually a confirmation will take 4 to 6 weeks. let's hear first from justice breyer. i agree with others that the way he has been treated by the white house is less than gracious. i know that they will have a statement tomorrow. but, we'll go through the vetting process once there's a nominee. hold the proper hearing. and look forward to making certain that whomever they push forward is somebody who is going to uphold the constitution and the rule of law. >> jesse: all right. we will be covering it here on "jesse watters primetime." thank you so much, senator. >> you got it, thank you. >> jesse: who will joe biden
4:25 pm
nominate to sit on the world's highest court. perhaps someone who doesn't like her current job. [laughter] [laughter] >> what do you want to know? [laughter] >> i want to give you the opportunity. >> jesse: well, the media wants to know could this be kamala's ticket out of the white house? >> is there any scenario in which the president would select his vice president kamala harris for the supreme court. >> again, i'm not going to speak to any considerations, preparations, lists, and as we stated earlier and you heard the president say it is -- there is a long history of supreme court justices determining when they may retire, if they retire and announcing that and we are going to -- that remains the case today. >> jesse: biden pulls the appointment she would side with sotomayor. tap v.p. as mayor pete media
4:26 pm
loves it. you are checking boxes. or am i dreaming? probably. joining me now co-host on "the five" judge jeanine pirro. we are just having a lot of fun with the kamala thing, right? right? is this crazy? >> it isn't crazy, i mean he could certainly get, you know, move her along so he doesn't have to deal with her poll numbers being even lower than his. he has promised an african-american woman and she would certainly fill -- his promise. but you have got to get someone who is african-american and committee tent that is the test. >> jesse: she is definitely not competent. how hard should republicans push on this? should they go scorched earth if this is a radical nominee? >> yeah. >> jesse: is everything on the table? >> i think. so look, first of all, i agree with senator blackburn, the bottom line is that this is a distraction but it's a great distraction for the administration. all right? but he is going to stay on the term until the end of june, the
4:27 pm
beginning of july. so then you have got a short period before the mid terms. they have got to move it along. but if they present a radical leftist progressive, some of this crazy nonsense, then i think the republicans need to man up, put on their big boy pants and act like they are in a fight as opposed to the markets of queens berry rules where your hands are by your side. >> jesse: you are saying this woman touched me when i was in high school? is this how dirt i couldn't might get. >> i could have been a drink when i was in high school i don't remember. >> jesse: people think going to do this fast might hold hearings next month before this term is even up. >> well, if he leaves. it's up to him when he actually leaves. i don't know that they can do that before he leaves. and, you know, the shame of it is they actually have trucks in d.c. saying retire breyer, we want an african-american justice. i mean, you know, what's with all of this identity politics competence is really what it is about. >> jesse: the squad loves it they are popping champagne right now. you can taste it. not in miami. they are not allowed to go back
4:28 pm
to miami. >> they don't want them there in miami. >> jesse: thank you very much. justice with judge jeanine is now on "the five" and we love it. crime now is so bad americans may have to resort to defending themselves. ♪ >> are you done? >> stop. >> stop. stop. now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today.
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♪ >> jesse: crime totally out of control in america. the people elected to protect us, they don't just care at all. [siren] >> this is what happens in california right here. right here. these people. these people, these people. these [bleep] don't move. [bleep] don't move.
4:33 pm
[bleep] [bleep] >> we have seen big city democrats from minneapolis to portland, just slash police budgets and leave their citizens to fend for themselves. and many of them have been doing just that in philadelphia, a lyft driver shot two carjackers after they pointed a rifle at him. in st. louis, a man killed one of several home intruders as they tried robbing his house. and then rock island, illinois, a store clerk forced to shoot and kill an armed robber. liberal politicians are making it harder and harder to exercise second amendment rights. so, many people are being left to defend themselves with their bare hands. luckily. we brought someone in. who knows how to do just that. and give us some tips. >> known for this overhead
4:34 pm
killing knockout punch. i love you, man. i'm the biggest fan. last thing i ever wanted. if you hit me i'm in the hospital, right? do you know how many years to takes to build that up. >> jesse: here now sean hannity host the hannity 9:00 eastern and fox news contributor leo terrell 2.0. promise to have you guys on together. >> sean: leo, we have now entered jesse "watters' world." by the way that tape was 7 years ago. >> jesse: you still look good, sean. >> sean: i'm a lot better than i was then. >> jesse: seriously though. >> "watters' world." >> jesse: leo, hold on. people say what do i do firearm. crime is out of control. what do you do in a situation, sean, where you might have to defend yourself if you don't have a weapon? >> sean: listen, i have been training now for nine years. that's seven years ago. and chuck is one of the greatest
4:35 pm
all-time mixed martial artists in the history of the sport. for most people, they don't have any basis point chong they can start. i don't even want to really give advice except to say you really do need to take some level of self-defense classes. for example, if you're a woman and you get attacked and maybe have a young child, what are you going to do? probably one of the first things i would do is teach somebody, you know, to do an ear box, you know, slap it together and they stop. the second thing an eye poke. the third thing if you can get -- if they're grabbing you, you put your fingers in their eyes and gouge them and i mean gouge them. especially if you think your life is in jeopardy. for those people that might be so inclined, people ask me all the time, i have been a pistol marksman since i'm 10 or 11 years old. my mom was a prison guard. and i learned how to shoot and i now have a gun collection. and people say hannity, i want
4:36 pm
to get this gun or that gun. i said whatever gun you get, get trained in the use of. learn gun safety. just don't bring a gun into your house. if you have young children, you can never let them have any access to it. >> jesse: right. >> sean: i have a fingerprint safe strategically placed all over the house. and when you come and visit, not for leo but when you come to visit. >> jesse: gouging can work for guys, too. have a baseline and maybe some quick instincts what do i do if i have to do something. leo, have you ever faced a situation like this out on the streets? you might have to do something with your hand? what do you do? >> you know, jesse, i have never had that situation. i'm very blessed, i might add. i think it's sad at this stage at this country the number one obligation of a civilized society is public safety and we're talking about abandoning the police by the left and we have to protect ourself because
4:37 pm
of these big urban cities democrats are not protecting the citizens. they have abandoned police and they have opened the doors, the flood gates to the criminal. it's shameful. >> sean: i will tell you, jesse, this is important. you know, a lot of this crime wave we have now been witnessing, i mean, the idea that you can go into a store and take as long as you don't take $1,000 worth of material you can walk out, no store can stay open with those types of losses. but, if you if you find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself, you better defend yourself. if somebody is trying to force you into a car, you fight for your life because the odds are very high if you get in that car you are not coming back. and i think just basic situational self-defense for the average person. it could be some very simple things, targeted strikes. learn where people are most vulnerable the neck. eyes, other places.
4:38 pm
>> jesse: groin. >> sean: i won't mention on this family hour show. in all seriousness, this is all a result of really bad governance. because the first role of government should be law and order, to keep americans safe and secure. so they can pursue happiness. >> jesse: right. >> sean: they are not successful in that role as of now. >> jesse: we are going to have bo dietl and myself go around in a car. is he going to give us tips on carjackings, that's going to be next week. you guys watch that. >> sean: we love bo dietl. thanks for the ear boxing technique i will try that at home. jesse jr. is in for a lot of trouble. thank you so much. >> sean: boots, they're the best. >> thank you. >> jesse: administration just aniewnsd joe rogin boycott and the ladies of "the view" were behind it candace owens on deck next fired up. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: radical rock star neil young hates podcast star joe rogin. they are both on spotify neil young went to spotify equities sections and said boys it's either you or me. kick joe rogin off your platform or i will pull my music. okay, neil, show yourself the door. this is the latest attack on the comedian ufc host and podcaster whose frank conversations about covid driving liberals nuts. even joe biden's surgeon general is calling on spotify to censor him for spreading misinformation. and even worse, the ladies of "the view" are calling for a boycott of rogin, watch. >> joe rogin has the most popular podcast on spotify and
4:44 pm
repeatedly spread covid misinformation and inviting guests on to do the same. >> i agree that joe rogin is a horror, a horror. but, the way to counter that bad speech with more speech. the way to counter it is with boycotts. it's not a cancel culture, it's that consequence culture. >> jesse: joining me now candace owens and author of blackout. all right, candace, do you think "the view" understands that their show is such a bigger source of misinformation than joe rogan that by their own logic they should face the boycott? do you think they know that? >> i think definitely barbara does and that's why she is sitting in the chair going whoa whoa whoa we don't want to sit chair. she has peddled so much conspiracy theories most especially during the trump years. they were the head of the russian disinformation campaign. she knows she doesn't want to get bit by the same dog. it's interesting though because actually all of this started the calls for censorship obviously when he sat down with dr. robert
4:45 pm
malone and they're making it sound as if he is hosting conspiracy theorists, dr. art malone is the inventor ever the mrna behind the vaccines. speaking out to tell people the truth informed consent when they have vaccinations for their children. the problem is that the biden regime doesn't like that the truth is getting out. censorship is only something that is called for when they are losing control of the narrative. right? so when dictators and evil regimes say we have to control the population they start calling for censorship and they need to make sure that they're the only means of information, the only source of information hence fact checkers, jesse. need fact checkers to tell people how to think. we don't want them thinking at all need to tell them what they need to be thinking at all times. unfortunately on sit desired effect. reason why the podcasts are so successful. they know when they are watching "the view" and cnn and cnbc it's fake news. not a conspiracy theory. what is staring them in the face. echoing what whatever the regime wants them to say. >> jesse: i have some real news
4:46 pm
and i can't believe i'm actually saying, this candace. disney is totally changing mini mouse. disney is putting mini mouse in a pants suit. they are getting rid of the skirt and this is disney paris or something like that. and i thought who better to ask about this than candace owens. your reaction? why are they doing? >> i'm so glad. i'm so glad they are doing this let me just tell you, jesse. it goes back to when they did the m&ms and making her more masculine and realizing this needed to be addressed. all of us were trauma moo advertised when we saw mini mouse and looking like a female growing up. if this is why people don't take these people seriously. they are taking all of these things that nobody was offended by it's like they have to get rid of them and destroy them because they are bored. they are bored. they are trying to destroy fabrics. look over here, look at minnie mouse. don't look at inflation, like at minnie house. world is going forward because
4:47 pm
we got her in a pants suit. never mind can't buy bacon unless you have $30 in your pocket. at least addressing the real problem which is minnie mouse. >> jesse: that's right. they are bored out of their minds and making it all uncomfortable for the rest of us. thank you so much, candace owens. >> absolutely. ♪ [bleep] >> jesse: a new green movement that causes traffic on purpose. their leader is here with us. right back. ♪ won't you take me to funky town how long does credit repair take? i don't know, like 10 years. what? are you insane? what's a good credit score? go. 600. maybe if you're trying to pay thousands extra
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♪ >> i got you on video, bro. [bleep] >> his problem? [bleep] running me off [bleep] >> what the [bleep] >> we might be seeing a lot more of that on the roads. why? well, there is a new movement that's gaining speed or should i say slowing down. a hypermiler is someone who tries to get as much mileage out of their fuel as possible by driving well below the speed limit. some gas vehicles drive as slow
4:52 pm
as 40 miles per hour on the highway for maximum efficiency. 40 miles per hour on the highway. just to reduce their emission. here now is a man you don't want to get stuck behind wayne, he coined the term hyper miler and broke several book of guinness world records driving slowly and saving gas. all right. tell me why you are doing this in a way that doesn't drive me crazy. >> hi, jesse, i'm hear to save fuel as well as myself sometimes. maybe little rough. driving 40 miles per hour average speed through los angeles, that's a really good day. and that's what i recently did on a hydrogen marie setting a guinness world record for total distance average speed 40 miles per hour, 500 miles on the 405. >> jesse: the goal of the movement in general is to drive really slow so, what, we don't have a lot of emissions? >> the goal is -- right, the
4:53 pm
goal is to beat the e.p.a. what you want to drive. that's my definition of hyper miling. high speed, low speeds, it doesn't matter. i don't know if you can see the porsche in the back there. that just recently set a guinness world record you will hear about in two days. on the way back, from new york city, i traveled half the country in 20 hours or 21 hours and five minutes. and i was still smashing its e.p.a. by 25%. how do you do that? fast across the country still 25% above the e.p.a. saving 25% over the average guy and i'm still going like everybody else. >> jesse: wayne, i want to believe you and like you, wayne. but i'm worried. >> welcome aboard, jesse. let's go for a ride. >> jesse: wayne, i'm worried you are causing traffic and anybody who knows me knows i hate traffic more than anything in the entire world. so if any kind of movement causes me to sit in more traffic, i'm going to have to do
4:54 pm
something. and i don't want to do it. >> i hope you do. >> jesse: i don't want to do it. i'm not a road rage type of person. >> you should do it. >> jesse: wayne, we can't have people driving slowly. we can't do it. i think you would agree. i think the audience would, too. >> do you know what the speed limit is? have you ever heard of speed limit? >> jesse: yes i have. >> i don't think have you. >> jesse: i have gotten a few tickets. >> over, there is legal and there is illegal. which one do you drive at? >> jesse: i'm right in the sweet spot. probably pushing the legal side. it's always illegal to drive too slowly, wayne. >> that's why you stay in the right-hand lane and follow the speed limit and you are fine. you will smash the e.p.a. save fuel and you won't hold anybody up. >> jesse: we want you on the right in a lot of ways don't just drive too slowly. >> i have trained thousands of drivers and the right lane is where they're supposed to be at all times, even if they're over, you are welcome. thanks, jesse.
4:55 pm
>> jesse: love you, drive safely. >> love you, too. bye now. >> jesse: text me and i'm going to read them, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: your texts are coming on hot. melody says, policy can't retire, wherever she got her insider stock tips? exactly! scott, don't stop asking questions in the monkey story until we know what the f is going on. everyone's laughing, but why kill 100 primates? what are they covering up? the story is bananas, i know. john, ice cream and the dead of winter? joe biden must not have a brain to freeze. john has got jokes. richard, san diego, california, jesse, please have johnny on your show. i would like to hear his insight as to what it is like being your
5:00 pm
assistant. may be forced to put johnny on at some point. but i'm not sure if america is ready. alan lee, texas, do i need to complement you or your new show to get this on the air? yes, you do. that's all for tonight. "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. remember, i'm waters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's a weird story. if you were anywhere near the supreme court in washington this past spring you may have seen a black box truck with new jersey plates and a bill barr on the side. here's the truck. in case you can't read the message, it says retire. it is time for a black woman supremes court justice. those were funded by a group of


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