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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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♪i got bongos thumping in my chest♪ ♪and something tells me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪ ♪he'd better not take the ring from me.♪ >> greg: we are out of time. thanks and link up on you, joe devito. tyrus. "fox news @ night" is next. i'm greg gutfeld that i love you america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, buzz from could be tenderly who could be the next justice. appointed to the supreme court to replace 83-year-old justin stephen breyer. the rebel just is expected to step down at the end of the term the summer. our panel of legal expert weighs in on his legacy and the political battle ahead. plus, the u.s. as delivered
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written responses to russia's demands in their ukraine. the secretary of state saying the ball is now in russia's court as tensions heightened between moscow and kiev. one california the first of its kind gun laws requiring canova's to purchase liability insurance and pay an annual tax. what it could mean for gun owners across the country. begin tonight with the story. global supreme court justice stephen breyer and what i am told is his eminent retirement. white house correspondent kevin corke has all the details tonight, including how the administration is responding to questions about seeking his successor. >> very interesting responses to that question. good evening. not long after it was reported that supreme court justice stephen breyer what in fact leave the bench at term's end, at least reportedly, white house press secretary jen psaki insisted that president biden would stand by his promise to nominate a black woman into the high court. critics of course and that strategy for focusing on the mic unfairly on the nominees race
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and gender and not nearly enough on quality that makes them worthy for the highest court in the land. >> i am looking forward to making sure there is a black woman on the supreme court and making sure. not a joke. i've worked very hard for that. >> that was joe biden on the campaign trail back in 2020. now his pledge is but a prelude to what could be a presidency altering selection. but the longtime liberal supreme court justice stephen breyer now said to leave the bench at the conclusion of this term. >> i will let him make whatever statement he is going to make and i will be happy to talk it out of him later. >> the story broke before breyer could announce his decision surprising that just as in many court watchers would seem him repeatedly resist previous calls for him to step down, thus clearing the way for younger jurists.
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>> the right opportunity to decide what he or she is going to do and announce it on their unpaired >> and bill clinton nominated stephen breyer back in 1994, joe biden was there. >> judge and mr. breyer, welcome. delighted to have you here. >> now, some 28 years later, biden will nominate breyer's replacement. the list likely candidates includes federal judge ketanji brown jackson. a former breyer law clerk and leondra krueger, justice on california supreme court. some wondered today if another candidate for the court, say someone close to the president, might garner a closer look. >> with someone who was attorney general of a large state and who served with many senate votes to be an candidate to the president for an open supreme court to question mike >> i see we did there for the present has any intention of running for reelection and for running for reelection with
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vice president harris on the ticket as his partner. >> that is the story. they are take mike sticking to it. you heard her say has every intention would you know is also washington speak for we will sue happens. as for the timing of all of this, democrats on capitol hill know all too well at the midterms are in fact looming and their leadership in effect would that be hanging in the balance paid so they would ultimately like to speed walk this process. much of the simile republicans ushered justice amy coney barrett to the bench prayed she went for to confirmation in one month. shannon. >> shannon: it was lightning fast. all right. kevin, if you get a sweet tooth, you're going to want to hear what kevin has to say in a few minutes. >> see you then. >> shannon: went to get some expert analysis now on justice breyer's impending retirement, potential replacements, and the big picture from marshall and anthony kennedy, former use a terry henry limit along
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with john yoon. great to have both of you with us tonight. i want to start with this. from national review saying today that biden has unwisely limited his options by preemptively declaring during the 2020 campaign that his first how many would be a black woman. in a stroke, he qualified the mic disqualified dozens of people ever do like other for no reason other than race and gender. not a smart start. john, they just took the affirmative action case also involving allegations of discrimination at harvard and unc. what do you make of the timing and the presidents parameters that he said? >> no max >> that they would rule out 90%, more than 90% of the population from their consideration for filling the seat. it's also an unfortunate commentary on justice breyer and how much the democratic party has moved in favor of identity
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politics. justice breyer himself cannot be considered the very seat he is vacating because he is a white man. what is wrong with black men, what is wrong with asian women or hispanic men? i think that this obsession with race, skin color, is actually going to hurt the ability to choose someone who might be a brilliant -- and it is as you said, ironic that the court is going to be considering this fall the case on whether race-based preferences in college and university admissions should survive constitutional scrutiny. >> shannon: and help us as we try to figure out a short list of people that the president will go to, been a lot of speculation about some specific judges out there, some jurists that i thought -- harry, i will get your reaction. judge ketanji brown jackson. very well respected on the circuit which is viewed as the aaa of the leagues of getting you into the supreme court. a number have come from that court.
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justice leondra krueger who sits on the california supreme court. justice candace jackson, also sits on the federal bench at the appellate level. there are other names floating around. what do you make of the potential nominees? >> first of all, to john's point, it is true that he has narrowed the field and it was a political imperative at the time, but he has narrowed it to a field that, a, has never been selected before but has plenty of very qualified candidates. so both krueger and brown jackson have impeccable, gold plated resumes. very much like the ones that supreme court justices of the past 20 years who have been very highly qualified have had. so i don't think it is a bad reflection on them. now, it will be interesting, though, because there is going to be some push in the democratic caucus, how about somebody less traditional, not off the harvard type? a different kind of person.
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but i think both krueger and ron jackson are really have missed up to replace and make an impact. and so biden will have a slate in front of him, even if it is narrowed, that will have very qualified people on it. a hard choice make anyways. >> shannon: yeah. very qualified, as you said and respected across the political spectrum for their service on the bench. the interesting to note, you don't have to be a lawyer to be nominated to the supreme court. so who knows. they could go very interesting with the pig, some buddy who is not even a terrorist. a republican iffy -- who will bless his campaign again, his abuse of the bia, his refusal to enforce immigration laws and his lawless vaccine mandates, specked a major battle in the senate. there is a lot there to impact. what tactics do republicans have
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on their side if democrats stick together. this is a done deal. >> i think you have it exactly right. for those of us who supported the senate's quick confirmation of the 3 justices, this is the same rules that are going to benefit president biden. as long as his party is in control of the white house and the senate and he has a tie-breaking vote with kamala harris, they can move the process pretty quick. if the trump justices were getting confirmed within six weeks, which was the latest with amy coney barrett, i would be surprised justice jackson or a justin krueger can also go through in six or seven weeks. what is good for the goose is good for the gander here. >> shannon: let's talk about this. it is not an ideological shift aside from not replacing justice ruth bader ginsburg with justice 80 to amy coney barrett it is. this is going to be a democratic nominee. but a lot of these nominees are young. 40s, early 50s. it would certainly give the
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president a legacy of several decades of his take on the court. how do you think it could shift the court if at all? >> that is the big point. it is already a very young court. justice barrett's and 50. she turned 50 on friday. so this will change. i think there's a sense in which breyer seems like from the past. and that will be the big change. to john's point, i totally agree. i think a few people like holly will blow hot air but if the republicans are smart, and i think they will be, this isn't something they want to fight only to lose. graham i think signaled today that they are going to let it go through and maybe try to use talking points about activists, democrats, or whatever. but they would be ill-advised, i think, to make a big long fight. biden -- this gives him a great talking point and focus. i think republicans will want what is good for the dems will be good for the republicans here. they want to make fairly quick
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work of it i think. >> shannon: and we know republicans have voted for judge ketanji brown jackson just last year. so it's going to be tough to say that this is different, although when you get to this league, vetting and the confirmation is a whole different ball game. so we will watch and see but we do expect it to play out very quickly as we still await the official announcement from justice breyer. thank you both. >> thanks. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: hundreds of mourners gathering inside the 32nd police precinct in harlem tonight paying their respects to the candlelight vigil for jason rivera and wilbert mora, the two nypd officers were killed and embers shooting friday night. senior correspondent laura ingle has more stories from america's crime crisis tonight. good evening. >> shannon, as new york city prepares for the funerals of two nypd officers who were killed during an ambush in harlem last week, plans are being made between law enforcement and the
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city and state leaders to help put a stop to this devastating rise and gun violence. vigil was held wednesday night for nypd officers jason rivera and his partner wilbert mora for the two were gunned down friday while responding to a domestic incident. the milwaukee county -- while conducting an traffic stop. the lead shooter later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. back in new york, governor kathy and new york city mayor eric adams taking part in the states first meeting for the new interstate task force on illegal guns. >> we are literally tripling the amount of money going toward our gun tracing efforts here. >> now it is time for the government and all other entities to do their share. so we can finally fight back against the crisis of gun violence that has destroyed parts of many communities, parts of many individuals, and parts of many families.
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speak of the task force put in motion a of president joe biden's trip to new york city next week. where he plans to meet with mayor adams to discuss the administration's strategies to gun violence. some arrest dimension here. u.s. marshals have reportedly captured the man accused of fatally shooting houston area deputy corporal charles galloway during a traffic stop last weekend. the suspect and then new york city hospital shooting this week has been arrested. police were able to track him down because he signed in before he allegedly pulled a gun and shot a man in the hospital lobby. and a new police plans come together, governor kathy hochul says she talked to the talked of manhattan's new district attorney about what critics call his soft on crime policies to make sure that everyone is in alignment. >> shannon: thank you very much. a spokesman for secretary of state antony blinken says russia's pipeline project will not move forward if moscow bay
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to ukraine this comes as one russian official expressing disappointment over the u.s.'s refusal to guarantee it will further expand nato. respondent paul has the latest on this international standoff tonight. good evening. >> good evening. will tensions remain high among the ukrainian border with russia, officials here in the u.s. saying they're still trying to de-escalate the situation. secretary of state antony blinken said today the u.s. delivered norman to make written responses to russia's demands. all he didn't disclose what was in that particular document, he says it sets out a series of diplomatic tasks going forward if rush is chooses to use them. along with the white house officials are making it clear there are core principles the u.s. will defend. one of those being ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity and the right of states to choose their own security arrangements and alliances. >> russia has tens of thousands of troops of the border. they have the ability also to
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make the decision to de-escalate, to bring troops back from the border, to participate in good faith in a diplomatic conversation. and that would certainly be our preference. >> however, one unnamed state department official reportedly tells fox news intelligence shows "every indication that russia plans to use military force in ukraine by mid-february." and the pentagon isn't taking any chances. it is standing by its decision to off-load $200 million worth of weapons and counting into ukraine. >> we have seen nothing that makes it clear that mr. putin is willing to de-escalate the tensions and move those trips away. so here at the pentagon, our job to defend this nation and national security interests and those are our allies in nato, so we have to assume that we have to be ready. >> on the ground in ukraine, reporting by ovarian steve who is
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there mixed reaction. there could be work with devastating consequences. other saying they are scared and that it is calm their wall as many as five western nations have already evacuated part of their embassy and staff. ukrainian officials are telling people not to pack their bags. >> we can say 100 times per day that invasion is imminent, but this doesn't change the situation on the ground. and what we currently see is a scenario of the civilization of ukraine. >> u.s. officials are now standing by on some sort of response from russia is the world watches and waits. shannon. >> shannon: we do. jeff paul, thank you very much for that report. we have much more ahead on the u.s. role in the russia and ukraine standoff. keith kellogg is coming up. breaking tonight, north korea test firing another missile wednesday, thursday morning in asia, after testing cruise missiles earlier this week.
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and two separate torch range ballistic missiles in the hypersonic weapon. all that and just the last 16 days. tonight's launch means that in the first 27 days of 2022, north korea has artie matched last year's totals of six missiles test. we have more exclusive video from a southern border tonight of u.s. immigration officials facilitating the release of large numbers of illegal immigrants into the united states united states. bill melugin reports from texas tonight. >> adult male migrants have their chains and coughs or moves as they were released from ice custody in brownsville today. they were exported into a parking garage where a tarp was set up to instruct public view and they were discreetly taken away by a nongovernmental organization which will facilitate their travel. throughout the day we saw a more single adults released from ice custody, including this large group of predominantly adult men who were being walked to the
9:18 pm
adult terminal -- tried to hide their faces from her cameras and now ice is responding to fox news' reporting on the mass release of these adult migrants. ellingson park, "the apprehension and removal of noncitizens who pose a threat to national security, public safety, and border security. individuals deemed suitable for release are released in coordination with local partners and are subject to reporting requirements." on tuesday, fox news reported hundreds of adult men were dropped off by federally contracted buses. some with ankle monitors. the men were assisted by an ngo and given travel packets to go wherever they want. scenes that have gone viral parents become when someone crosses our border illegally, the final destination should always be turning them around and sending them back to their home country appeared >> not only are we sending them to a final destination, we are paying for it.
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so once again, this administration got caught lying to the american people. >> in the biden administration's restarting of the remain in mix of policy is off to a very slow start. new dhs data shows for the month of december, at of just over 178,000 migrants encounters, just under 300 of those people were placed into the program. reporting from texas, bill melugin, fox news. >> shannon: los angeles giving about 3200 families $1,000 each month this year, no strings attached. in the city's leap program. short for basic income. my guarantee. applicants lined up last october. they had to be pregnant or have at least one child with income below the poverty level and be suffering hardship related to covid-19. cnn's host jim acosta criticizing virginia governor glenn youngkin for implementing an email to plan where parents can report things
9:20 pm
they think are "inherently divisive practices in schools." accusing him of pitting citizen again citizen. >> i seem to remember glenn youngkin campaigning in a fleece vest in virginia. he was running as a different kind will begin. i was told there is going to be a vest. not a soviet style police state across the potomac from washington. >> shannon: spotify removing senior neil young's music after the singer issued an ultimatum. joe joe rogan or neil young. he demanded they take down his popular podcasts were rogan has had controversy over covid vaccine contests and guests. young iq spotify of's stomach spreading life threatening information. getting a makeover. tweeting minnie mouse is getting her first suit. dishing the iconic red dress for an avian blue polka dotted business attire. coming up, a dog walks into a
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city of san jose, california, has passed a new law are believed to be the first of its kind in the u.s. it requires legal gun owners to carry liability insurance. they will also have to pay a fee or tax for programs aimed at reducing gun violence. william la jeunesse shows us tonight. good evening. speak out the new law that requires gun owners to carry liability insurance and pay a fee. why? san jose city council legal gun owners must pay for the medical bills of crime victims and suicides and when police respond to gun crime spirit speak the point is we can reduce a lot of harm in tragedy and pain. even if we are not going to magically make guns fall and for the hand of a perp. >> they also say it incentivizes safer gun ownership like trigger locks and safes. one problem, the tax may be unconstitutional. >> even though we have pro bono
9:29 pm
services to fight this in court, the city can still be on the hook for a legal fee that is potentially damaging if the court ruled it is unconstitutional. >> secondly, some data doesn't support the premise for the latest doj study says while gun sales are up, gun crimes fell 27% in 2020. >> this is not fair to a person that is legally done nothing wrong who owns a gun. to basically be reprimanded. you have to go after the criminal that is stealing the gun and committing the crime. >> some insurance policies cover gun accidents. others require owners buy additional insurance. roughly $25 gun tax will pay for mental health and social services. lease will not go door-to-door they say but owners may lose their guns if they can't produce proof of insurance. >> i don't think we will be doing proactive work to try to track down people that haven't paid their insurance, but if we had an interaction with somebody that had a gun, it would be an
9:30 pm
additional part of the investigation appeared >> the lawsuit was filed last night by the national association of gun rights saying one, you can compel san jose's roughly 55,000 gun owners to subsidize antigun nonprofits. and secondly, the city can't charge a fee to exercise a constitutional right. shannon. >> shannon: all right. we will track that. certain to be legal action there. time to bring back kevin corke. we both love sweets. apparently were not alone. apparently we have a hard time as adults here getting through the day without her sugar. >> that is a great segue into what i'm going to talk about. i will ask you before i tell you. how many days do you think you can go without sugar? as you know, shannon, the struggle israel. and i think whether you have a sweet tooth may be need a little pinch, you are not alone. according to a new survey, three and five adults admit they can't make it through a single day
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without sugar. that is according to a new poll conducted by one poll on behalf of zo appear returning to unhealthy ways to keep up their energy. they need more sugar like having multiple cups of coffee and lots of sugar. like sugar pack energy drink. and asked the question how many days might you be able to go because i know what i am like in the answer honestly is zero. how about you? >> shannon: i thought you're going to show me your little stash may be of candy bars. >> i don't have any today but i usually do. >> shannon: i did one time have to go on a health thing read get rid of everything and i do give up sugar and gluten and dairy. all of it. caffeine. for 30 days. and i actually had dreams about food. it was terrible. i just want to know who the 2 out of 5 are who say they can do it. and i'm impressed. >> i am too. maybe a day, may be a couple
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days. if there is money in the line or somebody said do you want to do this and get a big promotion and big raise. by the west, no, can't happen. >> shannon: you have to make it worth our while. let's discuss some good news. people needed. we have a coming out. >> and a really good one about a young athlete. stick around for that. >> shannon: thank you, kevin. the u.s. issuing a written response to russia as putin's troops a mess on the border with no attempts at de-escalating. how should the u.s. respond? and are threats of sanctions enough. we have an expert, next in the world today♪ ♪takes everything you've got♪ ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪
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go to now and change your life. >> we have been clear to russia that there've been two pass. a path of sense and deterrence and if russia chooses aggression, path that will lead to a massive amounts of consequences. >> we are talking way too much. we are doing way too little. sanctions now and then more
9:38 pm
weapons, more sophisticated weapons now. >> shannon: the debate as intensifying -- the best course of action regarding the scent of in the russia-ukraine border. continuing the conversation now with former national security advisor to vice president pence, lieutenant general keith. welcome back. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: there's been some discussion from the pentagon. they think putin has not made a final decision about what he is going to do. there is talk about whether sanctions now would be effective in deterring him. what is your assessment of where things stand night? >> yeah, shannon, i think we are in a real transition point. i think today when our ambassador to moscow past him our response from secretary of state -- i think he gave putin three options. first option is to do nothing, to sit and wait. i don't think you will do that. the second option is to continue to negotiate.
9:39 pm
but they have been negotiating ukraine and europe and in places like that for the last eight years. and i don't think he is going to continue to negotiate. i think the last thing that is going to happen, he is going to take some type of military action in the near term. primarily, the term part of ukraine. if you look at the amount of forces you have -- it is uniquely positioned. there is a real demarcation line if you look at a map of ukraine. anything to the east of that river is primarily russian speaking. you can load up and forces and go into there. that is what he is probably going to do in the near term, not the four term. but the longer he waits militarily, the worse it is for him because we continue to provide military aid to ukraine. we do in the french do. i don't think he can continue to sit and wait for that happen. and i don't think sanctions -- i can't believe there's a point where he's going to make his
9:40 pm
call on what he thinks is important to him, his national security. i don't think sanctions are going to do anything. i think if there is a way to finesse this a lot earlier and we did not do it a good job on that. what i mean by finesse as we could have everybody that ukraine wants to be part of nato in the near term because it is such a corrupt nation anyway probably the second most in europe after russia and all 30 nations of nato are not going to approve ukraine to come and pay but we didn't do that. >> shannon: what should the u.s. role here? it's not a part of nato. ukraine is not a part of nato. but putin has been aggressive crimea, and potentially with eastern ukraine. we know the rest of the world is watching. xi is watching this in relation to taiwan and other places around the world that are hot spots that are testing this administration. but a lot of americans that we don't want to be drawn into any other further incursions. the u.s. resident said u.s.
9:41 pm
troops are not going into ukraine. why is our role here? >> i think with president biden needs to do is really go until the europeans this is in your backyard. this is not in our backyard, it is in yours. and you need to make sure that russia understands the consequences of their actions. primarily from places like germany and it's an energy issue with germany. most of russia, 50% of the energy that flows to europe, comes out of russia. they can go other places if they had to. we can help them do that. we can make it a really economically hurt the russians going forward. but sanctions are not the way to do it because they are just going to blow off sanctions. we did the same thing in 2014 when they went into crimea. we sanction them and it didn't bother them at all. there is nothing we can really do that is going to hurt them in the near term. i think you need to attack russia economically. you are not going to do it militarily, you're not going to do it politically, but you can sure do economically. i think that will work.
9:42 pm
>> shannon: as you say, our european allies have to be on the same page about this. as we continue to watch and i, thank you very much for your time and your service. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: brand-new polling shows 81% of voters out there, you are concerned about higher u.s. crime rates. in new york city now mourning the death of another officer gone down last week. former nypd officer fought crime and now he is fighting sinking police morale. he weighs in, next. (heart monitor quietly beeping)
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: the body of new york city police officer wilbert mora, who died tuesday from injuries sustained in a harlem shooting last week, was escorted from a manhattan funeral on wednesday with nypd officers, boats, and helicopters paying tribute all along the procession. discuss strategies like this one on the officers left behind, let's bring in tommy. you've served on the front lines yourself as well. welcome. >> thank you very much for having me. >> shannon: i want to quote a piece. this is from the former lieutenant governor of new york. the recent crime victim herself. she says there is no such thing as a minor crime, especially when it happens to you. allowing so-called minor crime,
9:48 pm
shoplifting, carjacking, turnstile hopping, check forging, and vandalism is a choice. she says prosecutors are ready to aside -- instead of to the rest of us were disgusted and intimidated by the lawlessness. what do you make of where we are right now? in some of her big cities? >> crime is skyrocketing and what we saw last week with two nypd officers ambushed and executed just for wearing their uniform, there is no words for this. but i've never seen it this bad. and it is time for people to come together. we need the politicians to step up and stop all the talk. we need action. >> shannon: so the brand-new mayor they are, had worn the uniform himself. talked about his plans to crack down on crime and gun crimes specifically. but he says this. progressive politicians and
9:49 pm
activists work in communities of color are voicing their concern that adams new plan will actually rollback recent reforms and lead to more aggressive policing and incarceration. they say that is not the answer. how do you respond? >> will then, what is the answer? we're not going to prosecute crimes and hold criminals accountable, then when does this end? it is only going to get worse. he needs to get his district attorney to do his job and prosecute criminals. and we need to get the judges back their discretion to do their job they were appointed or elected to do. >> shannon: i thought it was interesting that mayor adams, one of the points in this plan, was to get the courts back up and running. they have been limited with covid and all kinds of other things that he wants to see them fully running so that cases can process through. in the meantime, we know that president biden is planning to go up and meet with mayor adams to talk about some of the situation they are in the more broadly.
9:50 pm
what kind of conversations do you hope to have? >> honestly, he should be coming with how bad things are and after we just lost two heroes. at the end of the day, what are they going to do? they can talk about being proactive all they want, again, if they're not willing to talk about bail reform changes and get the district attorney to do their job, and what is going to change? you want the police to go out there and make arrests and be proactive. and they are arresting criminals and some these criminals are back on the streets before we are doing done doing paper work. >> shannon: how is that impacting the morale which i know is a main concern for you now of officers were walking every day into this? >> it is terrible. police officers morale is at an all-time low. when you think about it, we risk our lives every single day and night.
9:51 pm
weekends. holidays. we miss family functions. we miss her children sporting events. to risk our lives for strangers. and we are treated like the bad guys and girls. the world is upside down and something has to change. it is not right how we are being treated to demonize. >> shannon: and i know my late father was a law enforcement officer and i knew the feeling is always that the person who wants a bad cough of the beat is the good cop and that is the vast majority of you guys. men and women. we are grateful to you for what you are doing out there amidst very difficult odds these days. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: the super bowl lvi coming to los angeles and a couple of weeks. there are those are accusing local officials are trying to save face as cleanup crews are clearing out homeless encampments around the stadium. jonathan hunt has that story for us tonight. good evening. >> shannon, this was just a
9:52 pm
standard cleaning up of a randomly chosen homeless encampment according to officials here and pure coincidence that i happened to be close to sophia stadium. the site of the super bowl and a little over three weeks. cleaning crews and police moved in this weekend moved out many homeless would settled in the encampment just a couple of miles from the stadium. which, again, coincidentally happens to be on route to the airport to the stadium. here is how one homeless man from the cayman viewed the action. >> just aim the camera elsewhere. like, don't aim at the homeless people if you don't want people to see l.a. like that. >> officials dispute the narrative that they are trying to hide l.a.'s homelessness crisis from the tens of thousands to distend on the city for the super bowl week. the california department of transportation, caltrain, issued a statement saying in part, "caltrain responsibility is to ensure the safety of the
9:53 pm
traveling public and to protect and maintain california's highway infrastructure. the department's quote and coordinating with local departments to provide outreach and support. but merely to move that as many of the homeless who were cleared out this week said they are just going to walk to another encampment and set up there. on the face of it, shannon, it certainly looks like the city of l.a. is merely putting a super bowl band-aid on a gaping social wound. shannon. >> shannon: there is a lot going on out there. thank you very much for that report. and we want to get you to some good news before we say good night. following sunday's exciting playoff game, the kansas city chiefs just beat the buffalo bills narrowly. thanks to the sheep stomach chiefs showing they have big hearts by noting money to buffalo children's hospital in the fund-raising spirit of bills
9:54 pm
quarterback josh allen. she is has raised more than $255,000 for the children's hospital where alan has very strong ties. the sign of goodwill was organized in a chiefs fans facebook group. how about that? football bringing people together. >> i know she's kingdom is one of the best fan bases in the entire national football league and very classy although i still want to see them changed over time rule, please. everybody should get a shot. you and i am with you. >> you're going to love this. it has been a year since a former kicker at this high school was badly injured in a crash. at the time she was told she may never walk again. well guess what? months later, she is not only walking, but she is back doing what she loves. all after suffering a spinal cord injury and undergoing surgery, she now has five vertebrae fused together by rods. want to say listen, we are all pulling for you. best of luck to you. and you are positive of the
9:55 pm
warrior spirit. >> shannon: i love it. the fact that she is defying all of the odds. she has probably worked around the around-the-clock and pushed yourself to do this. so, great news for her. you deliver another happy story. thank you very much. that is a for us from washington. come back here tomorrow. i am shannon bream. medical and it's easy to customize your insurance at musical ou need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the #1 cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula.
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a welcome to tucker carlson fauci. >> here'sr: a weird story. so many of those these days if you were anywhere nearan the supreme court in washington this past spring, you may have seen a black box truck withat new jersey plates and a billboard on the side parked by the side of the road. here's's a truck keys. you can't read the message. it says breyer retire. it's time for a black woman supreme court justice. there's no time to waste. those billboards were funded by a group of progressive democrat


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