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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 27, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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you down? don't fret. we have handy tips. >> a lot of times they will have custom meats that are cheaper. the other thing to do is substitute. add in beans, supplement your meats. the thing you want to do when it comes to produce breakout or presliced. i bet you can do that at home. >> laura: that failed, you are next. >> fox news alert following two breaking news a supreme show down a the senate, stephen breyer prepares to retire after 27 years on the bench. we will have all the details on president biden's controversial plan to replace him. >> the border crisis a backyard crisis with shocking footage during the transportation and mass release of single migrants into the homeland. it comes as vice president kamala harris to fly over our
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southern border. she's not stopping. she's on her way to honduras. listen. a wildly busy news morning, you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday, i am todd piro. >> i'm carley shimkus and fox news with footage showing dhs contractor with secret migrant operations and admitting the white house is "betraying the american people. >> ashley strohmier has more on all of it. >> body camera video up fox news with dhs contractor trying to keep illegal migrants on the low down as they are released in the u.s. watch. >> secretly in all of this [bleep]. if this gets out, the government -- speed to the august video reveals the flight full of migrants flew in forte blitz texas peer they have frustration
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and no information about the flights arriving after curfew at the airport from a breach of security protocol. a former executive had to say of the midnight flights. >> our government is completely out of control right now. they have lied to us peer they are putting on planes and sending to airports closed at night like westchester, putting them on buses. they keep saying unaccompanied kid but a complete lie. >> carley: this is not the first time like this has happened. you will remember fox news exclusive video of migrants dropped off by the busload. kamala harris has not been to the border since june, but she is set to leave for inauguration of the socialist president-elect president-elect. and turn their back to secretary mayorkas and not letting them do their job at the border. >> it may appear that everything is hunky-dory. we know that. i know that. >> we will keep fighting.
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let me just say, you can turn your back on me, but i will never turn my back on you. >> carley: governor greg abbott has asked 12 states attorney general to come to a briefing on border security today, and that will be held at bps headquarters. >> carley: actually think you so much, todd, the top of the piece, the body camera footage is interesting. the body camera, police sergeant mike at the airport august 2021 and is looking around and seeing a flight coming in after curfew which is a breach of security purity has no idea who's on board so he asked those on board, what is happening here? that contractor here said, we understand that this is something very, very strange. we are going to a small airport but the reason that that flight
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to westchester because you don't want to be somewhere where the spotlight is. you want to try to be as down low as possible. a lot of this is down low stuff that we don't tell people because what we don't want to do is attract attention. so, so much for transparency from the administration. look at this flight. >> todd: is simply saying we don't want the media here come explicitly not coordinated with the local authorities in the area to deal with these migrants once i get distributed into the community. let's also keep in mind for a second, what is the other big story that we haven't even got to today? it is the ukraine situation. our administration laser focused on the ukrainian border and completely ignored but facilitating a breach of our southern border or what is left of it, but also the facilitation of those individuals into the heartland, into the mainland, not even keeping them close to
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the border where people could at least possibly apprehend them. no, putting them on planes and getting them into the border. it makes no sense. the only reasons this is happening, carley, they want this to happen and that's exactly what they want peer they want these migrants in every city, town of america. >> carley: i remember president biden said it would be a seasonal thing and that clearly hasn't happened. if you look at the border apprehension numbers, let's see, nearly 179,000 apprehensions last month. and then that 2020, 2019, 2018 combined is a little bit less in that number. , which is crazy. and then the wildest thing that we have learned, illegal immigrants get to use their arrest warrants now to get on planes. how is that legal? can you imagine going up to tsa and them asking you where is your i.d.? i don't have that but here is my
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arrest warrants, put me on a flight. >> todd: and they have to deal with the immigration crisis. going on a flight like we said at the top, not actually going to the southern border, no time to do that, but instead going to honduras to celebrate with the newly elected socialist leader of that country. in administration there and honduras accused of having anti-semitic ties. it is a one-day trip and she's going down and back. keep that in mind no hard work at our border but time to go support a socialist. >> carley: and boarding a flight to honduras, 20 minutes we will have live image of that coming up as well. >> todd: turning to senate lawmakers over to have president biden with supreme court justice stephen breyer. >> carley: the controversial plan to select his nominee, doug, good morning. >> good morning, the one thing missing from all of this at the moment is confirmation that
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stephen breyer is actually retiring. he hasn't said anything about this but we expect that may come as early as today. the associated press and stephen breyer will appear with president biden to announce his departure, his retirement. it is not clear how this leak happened yesterday, but breyer has been under an immense pressure from democrats to step down and ensure a liberal replacement. as a report began to circulate yesterday, the president reacted to. >> there has been no announcement for justice breyer. let him make whatever statement he's going to make. i will be happy to talk about it later. >> the white house confirms the president will follow through on his campaign pledge to only consider black women for the seats. >> the president has stated and reiterated his commitment to nominating a black woman to the supreme court. and certainly stands by that. >> and there are a number of names circulating, especially two of the very top federal appeals court judge jackson and
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supreme court justice leandra kruger. some critics also say the search shouldn't be limited by race. >> i find it is unfortunate that biden white house is so obsessed with identity politics that they would rule out 90%, more than 90% of population from their consideration for filling this seed to. >> either way, we expect the president and to send it to, keenly aware of that democrats could lose control of the senate and the midterm elections. by every indication, this is likely to be a very, narrow vote and finally, the white house to wave off speculation the president might nominate vice president kamala harris for the seat. >> interesting story line that took place yesterday, thank you. josh hawley said this as another example of identity politics that play in the white house. >> typical of this
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administration which is the most race obsessed, gender obsessed in terms of -- actually this is hard woke left administration. so i wasn't surprised at all when the president said this is what he was going to do. it is a real moment of truth for joe biden. he is deeply unpopular. he's been the most divisive president of my lifetime. now, he's got hoa's. will he nominate a pro justice or will he keep dividing this country with the hard work of the left activists. the republicans are ready to stand up for the constitution. >> todd: it is interesting to see other republicans play this beer they could do what josh hawley said and fight, fight, fight but does that run a risk of keeping the issue and pro tracting what could be a democratic lead and democratic win because they have the numbers there in the senate spirit or do they kind of get this through quickly and bring back to the american people the stuff that's on every americans?
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they are focusing on this middle america and they are focused that they can't fill up at the gas tank for $200. this is a distraction to a certain extent to help the democrats. how long does the democrats allow this to be a distraction? >> carley: there is all these questions if the white house leaks this because they want to get them new cycle out. i think a lot of people do care about the supreme court across the country. but i was listening to a podcast kimberley strassel, "wall street journal" with a podcast about this issue last night. she made such an interesting point. she said, if progressive supreme court justice is confirmed, it could do damage to progressive causes because justice breyer is old school. he has a way of finessing justice roberts and justice kavanaugh on certain issues playing to their constitutional tendencies. if you get a firebrand in there, they will not do that. so we could be easy for the conservative majority to then
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rule how they want to. >> todd: keep that in mind, yes, this person will probably be far left liberal but replacing a liberal. it does not change the numbers on the court. it could influence the dynamic. but i have to disagree with you. i don't like disagreeing with you. >> carley: it wasn't me that said it. >> todd: i'm not disagreeing with kim strassel but i don't think if you went in the heartland and some issues they may care about the supreme court but if i am a sine mother, single father or a married father, married mother trying to figure out how do i get through today, i don't know if replacing the liberal justice on the supreme court has top of mind. that is why i think it is important for republicans to not lose sight of that. keep the focus on the administration and their inability to do what needs to be done for kitchen table issues. >> carley: there is polling that has come out about who cares about supreme court nominees. typically, it is republicans
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that care more about the issue. when you talk about things like abortion rights, that is really something that i think a lot of people care about a along with the kitchen table issues you are talking about. but a political standpoint, what does this mean for president biden when it comes to midterm election? think about the fact they hold on build back better and voter reform so does the supreme court nomination give him an opportunity to energize his base ahead of the elections? if the nominee passes that he wants come a black woman, historic moment for him. what could that do for the democratic party? could that be a win that could make the house seat that republicans are expected to get smaller number? >> todd: i think there is also something we need to bring up and we brought this up when kamala harris was selected as vice president. when you come out at the outset literally a year and half ago and if i get a seat, it will be an african american woman, doesn't that chip away at all the hard work and effort that
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that individual, whoever it is has done to get on the bench? i just think that it kicks the legs out from that individual, you were selected basically because of your race and not because of your accomplishments. i think when you undercut your nominee like that, it is not a good look, yet, and administration with this that focuses basically all of its policies around rates, this is what you are going to get. we shouldn't be shocked that they said that and ultimately if he picks a black woman, that is what is going to do. >> carley: it is an age-old debate during the vice presidential nominee as well when kamala harris was nominated. we are continuing to have it today. heading over states, the u.s. to russia after rejecting demands on ukraine. >> todd: amy kellogg not there right now. we will go back to her in a minute, obviously. in a time overseas you have potential issues. wanted into deadly shooting of texas corporal captured in mexico.
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oscar was arrested mexican border near del rio, texas, and used in last night reportedly placed and charles galloway handcuffs. capital murder for allegedly shooting and killing that corporal galloway after a traffic stop. funeral services for galloway will be held tuesday. >> carley: calling out the defund the police movement as he recalls the officers who saved his life during the 2017 congressional baseball shooting. listen. >> how many people everyday are alive because police risked their lives to keep us safe? at if it wasn't for the capitol police officers and the virginia police who showed up later and ultimately took down the shooter, he he had free reign over all of us in his intention was to take us all out. it is one of those things, anybody who dares to embrace that movement come i will take that on every day. >> carley: as you will recall
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the louisiana congressman near fatal injury near the mass shooting when a gunman opened fire on lawmakers. >> todd: a gun rights group is suing san jose with liability insurance and pay annual $25 fee. the national association for gun rights says it applies undue burden for those expressing their second amendment rights. >> the real problem here in the states is that crimes not being punished by existing laws. we will not fix that with unconstitutional ordinance in san jose. >> todd: the mayor of san jose says that requires responsible gun ownership. images we are about to show you may be startling. red tape smeared on the steps of alvin bragg steps with his woke crime policy. >> carley: and the city with laying nypd officer to rest. we will talk to the artist behind that powerful statement coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> i do not believe i should stay on the supreme court or want to stay on the supreme court until i die. and when exactly i should retire or will retire has many complex parts to it.
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>> todd: supreme court justice stephen breyer stepping down with a showdown in the senate, especially considering president biden's controversial pick to pick his nominee. >> carley: a former law clerk and former associate white house counsel to president george w. bush. so, president biden is out on the campaign trail. he would take a black woman, nominate a black woman to the high court. who do you think that is going to be? >> carley, the list we have seen out there has four big names. we hear about d.c. circuit judge jackson who was nominated from the d.c. district court and elevated to the d.c. circuit. double harvard graduate graduate so a potential nominee. a district judge in south carolina and also sean darcy hole up in brooklyn. she was married to an nfl player and a single-parent family and
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warmer air force enlisted member who served on the district court there and been there for a while. very interesting candidate. and actually the only graduate from hbcu, and then kruger, harvard graduate who's been on the conference supreme court for a little bit. we have four black female nominees very interesting candidates. i think inside baseball for suggesting it might be brown because she was elevated and we will see. i do think judge hall up in brooklyn. >> todd: is there anything in the list at the top people in jurisprudence or in their writings that really concerns you? >> look come i think what you can expect from this administration, something that fits the mold appear they are looking for a sound liberal to replace stephen breyer. i think what conservatives are going to want is apply the law
1:22 am
fairly in the case before them. so i think we are more likely to see support of people who have a background that they feel like they can trust. and these judges have been on the district court before so they have a long record of trying cases that include judge brown, judge chai old, the judge hall pier that will be the debate. the actual cases they decide and for those judges a significant history to look back on. >> carley: you know outside of military national security decisions, i can't think more important choice the president has other than to make a supreme court nominee. it will likely be a progressive woman. what does that mean for the direction of our country? >> you know, in a lot of ways because justice breyer's seat and whoever comes into the role will fill that seat, we will not likely see significant changes with jurisprudence of the court. it might change the courts dynamic. one of the things you talked
1:23 am
about justice breyer's ability to bring along conservative at time in order to bring around his perspective going to their views about the institution or having been on the court so long in a new justice coming in liberal or conservative would have a challenge of doing that. justice breyer did that but in terms of jurisprudence, justice breyer was a consistent bow on the liberal side of the equation. there's not a lot that can change in that sense through this nomination. >> todd: obviously with the major points of entry yesterday when the story broke, what if it is tied 50/50 in the senate and the nominee is kamala harris and kamala harris has to break the tie-breaking vote? what do you think about that? >> you know, there is this debate going on about whether, in fact, the tie-breaking vote -- let's say that wasn't the vice president, can she cast a vote as the constitution and there's a debate about that. my sense is the vice president can cast a vote but we will have
1:24 am
to see how that plays out. the senate will have to have their own rules of procedure. then the question that you pointed out, what if she is a nominee? that disqualifies her from sitting in that position casting a vote herself peer that would change the dynamic if, in fact, the vice president could cast a tie-breaking vote. >> carley: very interesting. jen psaki said yesterday that president biden has every intention of running for vice president and his vice president again in 2024. but you never know. stranger things have happened. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> carley: at the time is 24 minutes after they all work must modify recent nomadic rebilling to joe rogan's podcast we will tell you what the compay decided to do. >> todd: we will have that story. this guy brian kilmeade have you heard this? >> carley: i think it is
1:25 am
brian kilmeade. >> todd: i would like to see him and this edition of "fox & friends first." do not go anywhere.
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♪ ♪ >> new york city in the nation's biggest police department preparing to say final goodbye to a bowl and rivera has hundreds honor officer repair overnight. >> todd: meanwhile district attorney health and bragg to reverse his soft on crime policy. >> good morning, guys. there were hundreds of responders lining for streets outside of the 32nd precinct to honor fallen police officer jason rivera and wilbert mora,
1:30 am
braving in the harlem lighting candles and dropping off flowers. and then officers emotional speech pulling at the crowd's heartstrings. listen to this. >> laying down come i couldn't believe my eyes. one day, we will see each other again. >> carley: later this morning and tomorrow, a sea of blue will the outside of saint catholics cathedral of officer rivera. his partner officer mora, the wake is planned in the same location. maura saved five lives by donating his heart, kidneys, pancreas and liver but meanwhile opposition is growing against manhattan district attorney alvin bragg soft on crime policies. listen to this. >> alvin bragg come until they
1:31 am
roll back the policies and to correct what is wrong with the bail reform law, we will continue to see lawlessness. >> i blame that directly on district attorney bragg. his policies benefit nobody. >> carley: and governor kathy hochul is putting bragg on notice. she tells "the new york post" editorial board she knows full well the powers the governor has and she will have a conversation with bragg "to make sure we are all in alignment." next week president biden heading to the big apple to meet with eric adams and ways to fight gun violence, carly, todd. >> todd: they don't want to wait a week but demanding action and answers right now. our next guest did something about it. take a listen. >> there is no reason why the these two officers had to die appear they were babies. >> i stay up at night and try to figure out who's fault is this? time to take back our city.
1:32 am
>> when is enough enough! >> such passionate speeches yesterday. our next guest doing this passionate fake blood outside of officer bragg's office a symbol of the city's victim. nationally acclaimed artist and muralist joints me now, scott. this is pretty graphic but why did you choose this method? >> look, or it is to provoke emotion. piece behind me. unfortunately, sometimes art has to be ugly in order to get the proper response. and i find it -- i really find it absurd and surreal that i read comments that people are in an uproar because of my tactics, that i put some red tape on the sidewalk. meanwhile, we have become the same people have become so numb to the actual blood that is
1:33 am
running like a river through the streets of this city and cities across the country. you know, i am an artist, but i'm also an activist. i'm a spokesperson for people that can't have a voice anymore because of the censoring and cancel culture. so i use my art to deliver a message that they feel, you know, like that famous quote in the movie "the network," "we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore." it is absurd. >> todd: i want to get to the statement from alvin bragg, the deed gnomic d.a. you are protesting. a flood of trauma and loss from the covid-19 pandemic. violence has spiked across the country gun violence in particular. criminal justice reform, laws and those without jurisdiction with old-school das. i don't necessarily know if that last part is correct, but you heard him there talk about and blaming all of this
1:34 am
gun violence, violence period on the guns and also on covid. aren't those the easy way out when really -- is to put these bad guys back in jail? >> it is common sense. it is that simple. i am sick, we are sick of hearing your thoughts and prayers are with you from the governor to the president of the united states. when they have the power to remove these criminal, loving woke d.a.s. that is the answer. a gun is an inanimate object and you will sit for a thousand years and will never go off if unless somebody picks it up and uses it. the rap sheets, d.a. bragg, they have to be removed. they do not have to change their policies. the mentality is set in stone and governor hochul your thoughts and prayers but get rid of d.a. bragg. everyone across the country get on top of your governors to do the same. >> todd: stay on him for a moment the mayor's new plan to
1:35 am
fight crime, putting more on the street more officers and that is vital and gun trafficking detection efforts with undercover safety teams, i.e. plain clothes units. where in there is reversing the dangerous bail reform laws that we don't have any to get rid of these? kathy hochul, we have got to get rid of these. >> but is not going to happen. this politically correct woke thing started a long time ago. it grew into a godzilla. godzilla is destroying this once great city. it is so easy to change. it is sad that we have to have this conversation. it is sad that i have to have props of a police officers had come a pair of shoes and a woman pushed in front of a subway. a little jacket or a little girl shot in the face. this is absurd that we have become numb to this and the leaders -- mr. adams, i was on
1:36 am
top of de blasio creatively for eight years. i'm giving this guy 25 days to let him see. he's just talking, talking. he needs to act! this is my city for 120 years, my friend. my family has been here and i have seen it destroyed in four years, 4-8 years. it is disgusting. >> todd: let's see what alvin bragg -- >> i hope that people creatively to use that first amendment given to you. let these people know that they have to change. >> todd: let's see what he does, 25 days so far not going well. scott, we appreciate your time, carley over to you. >> carley: a father demanding answers after sun approved with covid vaccine without parental consent. both join to share their story coming up next. and quickly the locust place on earth. this time, they are giving many
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mouse a makeover. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: a colorado public school is filling the heat has a vaccine clinic at the school approved giving the jab to kids without parental consent. joining me now a student who was
1:41 am
approved for a vaccination without parental consent and his father, greg. good morning to you both. oh one, you are 15 years old. you decided to pretend you were 18 to see if you could get vaccinated. what happened? >> well, actually worked with another student to do this, and the interesting thing was that we were able to get through by lying about our age without very much effort at all here they really didn't check and they were not suspicious of two kids claiming to be 18 on not being entirely certain of their birthdays. >> carley: greg, when you found this out, how did it make you feel your son could have gotten a vaccine and you have no say on it? >> well, it wasn't just finding out he could get the vaccine. i knew that would happen but i'm forewarned the school superintendent as well as schoolboard education, board of education that this might
1:42 am
happen. i sent an email to the superintendent and according to the flyer, children were not required to show identification to get the vaccine. the superintendent confirmed and told me that students would not be able to get the vaccine. anybody under the age of 18 would not be able to get the vaccine without a parent. and of course, when my son went in to try to get the vaccine the following day, he didn't actually claim he was 18. he brought in a forged consent form and indicated, i don't have a parent with me. i am 15 years old and here you go. they accepted a form that was a ridiculous form out of oklahoma city. >> carley: they just didn't care. they were more interested in giving their 15-year-old son a vaccine. owen, why did you decide to do this? >> i decided to do this because i don't like to see vaccine clinics being put into schools
1:43 am
and also during school hours. bringing the vaccine clinics into schools brings politics into schools as well and opportunities for social pressure from other students and teachers and staff administrators to get the vaccine. and even override parental consent. >> carley: right now, we are talking about public schools and an outside group came and told his clinic and give people vaccines. so the school superintendent released a statement, "we incorrectly assume all vaccination clinics followed the same protocol that the children hospital. please know we do not condone the administration of covid vaccines or any other vaccines to minors without a parent present to provide consent." greg, they are sort of apologizing in that statement in the way. how does that make you feel?
1:44 am
>> they were apologizing partly but mostly they were trying to pass the buck. they were the ones that ramped the vaccine clinic. true, they did not follow their own policies. but the bigger point, the vaccine could have been given to anybody because the colorado department of health instituted a new policy in january last year saying no i.d. is required to appear there was no way to verify if someone was 18 years old. >> carley: and a new vaccine, greg and owen, a controversial one in terms of, you know, who gets to decide if they wanted, parents or their kids. you definitely took a stand on this issue, greg, owen, thank you for joining us on this issue. >> todd: spotify says hey hey, bye-bye to neil young. to remove the iconic music after young with a formal ultimatum,
1:45 am
"they can have neil young or joe rogan, not both." they chose joe rogan. and spreading misinformation about covid. appearance but if i allowing this information to spread on the platform telling "the wall street journal," "we want all the worlds music and content to be available." with that comes great responsibility in balancing safety, freedom for creators. there you have it. controversial transgender leah thomas will share a story in an interview with "sports illustrated." "the new york times" reporting it is unclear when the interview will be released. smashing women's records after eligible to compete in a women's program after using testosterone suppressant. the interview comes as swim coach blessed the ncaa saying swim bowing to the detriment of thousands of athletes potentially. no, it's not a joke.
1:46 am
very serious story, very goofy name. 45 minutes after the hour, dr. anthony fauci, thank goodness will soon become a fixture in american history. >> carley: this time honored by the smithsonian and up next.
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>> todd: press secretary jen psaki going on the defense when asked about president biden's conversation with president shaping and covid, watch. >> he had not spoken directly to president xi with the investigation but now he says he did talk to president xi. the president have that conversation did work? >> what are you getting at? that the president was not honest about the conversation with president xi? >> no, the story change for months. >> we don't share every detail of every diplomatic conversation. >> todd: what are you getting at carley? back in november biden and president xi were alone with virtual summit pump announced to the press team. >> carley: well, we are learning dr. fauci received emails that covid came from the wuhan lab january 2020 and never talked about it but despite that the smithsonian gallery is honoring him with a portrait
1:51 am
because of his "transformational impact on the country." >> todd: jimmy failla joins us, first, he was science but now he is art. first fashion. >> carley: he was already fashion. >> actually took this as a good thing todd and carley because of smithsonian, maybe he will lead us out of the house to go see it, you know? because he's out of lockdown for so long. but this is a joke, man. the only way i would respect this portrait, right? remember those baseball cards where it was a hologram and you could tilt it and see the guy throwing and tilted again and you can see him swing it? i would respective tilt it, no mask and then tilted again two masks may melt mandate, no mandate. it was going to do this to their kids? take them to see this photo? do you want to go see the grinch who ruined his senior year?
1:52 am
there is a photo in the smithsonian. this is awful. >> carley: i don't think this is for kids, but the cheapest one is $2,500, the most expensive $250,000.01 quarter of a million dollars. >> welcome if you think the prices are high, you should meet the people who think fauci is doing a good job, i mean, come on, this is crazy carley shimkus. i am a no-go. if you are asking me to rsvp, i would never do this under normal circumstances but i am not saving the date on this. >> todd: this one speaking of crazy a school in washington state is removing the classic novel "to kill a mockingbird" from because of racial sensitivity. this has been a right of passage in schools throughout the dawn of time since this book was out. but these washington state kids say they are traumatized and the book did damage. jimmy, how are these kids going
1:53 am
to deal with the real world if they have to be protected from a literary classic? >> the truth is, they are not getting prepared for the real world. again, this is a challenging story for me because if anyone listens to me on the radio knows i'm clearly not much of a reader. but the gods honest truth is, the reason "to kill a mockingbird" is jarring to read it because traveling us back to a time where we behaved and talked in a much different way. in a lot of ways, reading that book is a reminder just how much progress we have made. when you see efforts to ban it, that is what they are reeling doing. they deny the reality of america in 2020 duke is not america in 1822. but they keep trying to sell that narrative every day about ration about racism and i think getting rid of books like this denies the kids the mile marker that says "wow, we have come a long way." >> carley: and the book is a
1:54 am
book to show how evil racism is. >> yes. >> carley: but it is also to be able to teach students that it is wrong. you can't say that kind of stuff but the messages in the book are very important. >> todd: speaking of the evil -- >> carley: minnie mouse iconic dress for a pantsuit? what is going on here? >> i love it. i want to give the viewers a head up. if you see a woman in a pantsuit, it is not hillary vandalizing the trump statue. it is actually minnie mouse. listen, people think it is ridiculous, you know because obviously trying to cater and mccarthy signing the dress with women's empowerment and refining the image. but as a parent come i want to say nothing can be more offensive than the prices at disney world.
1:55 am
put minnie mouse and whatever she wants. if i don't have to pay $82.50 for a hot pretzel, you know what i'm saying? i'm paying interest on buzz light toy to infinity and beyond. it is not good. >> todd: you can catch it on fox nation and fox news radio. jimmy, i sent a text about your show and please respond to me if you get a chance. >> i'm all over it but i have to get back to fauci. but we will be in touch. >> todd: you already know him and you already love him. he requires that you get dressed every morning but brian kilmeade got himself a new prime time show and he will be here to talk about it. >> carley: plus, jeremy hunt, joe concha all joining us live. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> fox news alert. vice president kamala harris departing for honduras for an inauguration ceremony. >> the border crisis becomes a backyard crisis here at home. fox news cameras capturing shocking footage showing transportation and mass release of single adult migrants into the united states. >> todd: you're watching "fox and friends first" on this busy thursday morning. i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. vice president kamala harris watch this morning.


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