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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 27, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> fox news alert. vice president kamala harris departing for honduras for an inauguration ceremony. >> the border crisis becomes a backyard crisis here at home. fox news cameras capturing shocking footage showing transportation and mass release of single adult migrants into the united states. >> todd: you're watching "fox and friends first" on this busy thursday morning. i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. vice president kamala harris watch this morning.
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wheels up happened last hour. she is on her way to honduras, as we speak. this is the second or third trip she's taken to address the "root causes of the immigration crisis." the other reason she's going to honduras is to support the president-elect at her inauguration ceremony, interesting she is a socialist in the country. honduras is typically conservative, the fact she was elect side interesting. the swearing-in ceremony will happen at 11 a.m. she will hold a meeting with the president, president castro and heading back to dc at 5:20. in the three-hour time span, they will address the root causes of illegal immigration. >> todd: have you seen an
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inauguration ceremony? not a lot of work or root cause discussion done there. correct me if i'm wrong, carley, another place where border issues are top of mind for the administration, it is called ukraine. they are putting time and energy into the border situation at ukraine, yet kamala harris gets in a plane, flies over our border, where our border is and goes to honduras to have a party with a socialist and another person of that administration, who is accused of being an anti-semite. american people may look at what are you doing, kamala. slap in the face to the american people. they have had multiple times to correct this, course correct and yet they are doubling down and doing opposite of what they should be doing. >> carley: it is such a huge issue and damaging for president
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biden. poll numbers show people care about this issue. the fact they are not fixing it is obviously because of democrat policies, politics, if the president were smart, he would address more than just the root cause. >> todd: let's ignore it and go to a party, images being ignored by the administration. and retiring supreme court justice stephen breyer. >> carley: more on the process to select the nominee, doug, good morning. >> good morning, this will touch out an all-out race to confirm replace sxment in divided senate, that will not be easy. breyer has not confirmed this, the president did talk about it yesterday. >> president biden: there has been no announcement for justice breyer, let him make whatever statement he is going to make and i'll be happy to talk about it later. >> ap reports breyer and the
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president will make a joint announcement tuesday. at 83, breyer is the court's oldest justice and is coming under pressure to step down and make way for more liberal justice. white house confirms the president will follow through on the campaign pledge to only consider black women for that seat. >> press sect. psaki: the president has stated and reiterated his commitment to nominating a black woman to the supreme court and certainly stands by that. >> there are a number of names circulating, especially the two you see at the top there, federal ark peels judge brown jackson and kruger, the white house down playing that vice president kamala harris was under consideration, the some say the search should not be limited by race. >> i find it is unfortunate
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biden is so obsessed with identity politics they would rule out 90% of population from consideration from filling the seat. >> doug: democrats will move fast because of possible implication of mid-term election and may use president trump's nomination of amy comey. she was confirmed in four weeks. >> todd: matt walsh weighs in on the absurdity of identity politics. >> it is incoher not, it is time for a supreme court justice to be a black woman. appoint a black woman and say she is most qualified, no way to know his motivation, when you announce it ahead of time, you are declare thanksgiving person did not earn the position based on merit and degrades the people
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you are trying to help. >> todd: congressional candidate jeremy hunt gives us his take coming up. five after the hour and the police department preparing to say final goodbye to fallen officer jason rivera and wilbert mora. >> carley: brooke songman joins us with more on bragg. >> brooke: outside 32nd precinct they are honoring jason rivera and wilbert mora, the group braving the cold in harlem and an officer's emotional speech pulling at the crowd's heart strings. listen. >> i saw him lying down -- i couldn't believe my eyes, he saved my life so many times, i
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could not save his. >> brooke: later this morning and tomorrow a sea of blue will be outside st. patrick's cathedral for the wake of jason rivera. wilbert mora is planned next week at the same location. he donated heart, pancreas and liver. opposition is crying against manhattan district attorney awell,vin braggsoft on crime policy. >> they roll back the policy and correct what is wrong with the reform law, we will continue to see lawlessness. >> i blame that directly on district attorney bragg, his policies benefit nobody. >> brooke: governor kathy hochul
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says she will be having a conversation with bragg to "make sure that we are all in alignment," and next week president biden will head to the big apple to meet with mayor eric adams to discuss ways to fight gun vileance. >> carley: we are heading overseas russia responding to america's letter rejecting response to russian security questions is not positive. >> todd: amy kellogg is live as putin is deciding his next steps. amy. >> amy: right, todd and carley, absent in this commentary has been a peep out of putin and that is where the ruble stops. we've been discussing how russia has been demanding written responses to security concerns which are effectively eastward expansion of nato and deployment of heavy weapons to states close to them. those demands have been called
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yet again nonstarters by both the u.s. and nato, the written responses were handed to the russians last night in moscow and we just heard from sergey lavrov, but right away last night, lawmakers shot back the responses won't be enough. upon senator jabarof, russian senator gave a statement, u.s. respond to moscow security proposal cannot satisfy russia, cannot be accepted. nato said it will not step into ukraine should there be invasion, it continues to beef up presence on border and the u.s. and european allies talk possible sanctions, here was our colleague benjamin hall pressing secretary of state blinken about the state of play. >> what point do you stop playing russia game and take preemptiv e action now. >> you may be right, russia is not serious, we have obligation
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to test that proposition and pursue the path and leave no diplomatic stone unturned. >> amy: interestingly enough, as western countries try to show unity and prepare possible sanctions, handful of italian industrialists and bankers had a teleconference yesterday, two-hour meeting with vladamir putin to discuss economic ties between italy and russia, so that many people are saying the italian government discouraged this meeting from happening, it went ahead and people are saying things like that undermine the message the west is trying to put out about unity in this difficult situation. >> carley: amy kellogg, thank you so much, 10 after the hour. if you are a gun owner in this city, youville to pay to exercise your second amendment right. >> todd: did you hear about this? parents labeled offensive and
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vile by school board member because they don't want to force their kids to wear masks in the classroom. we are talking to one of those concerned parents next. so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪
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>> hypocrisy is evident and undeniable, stop discrimination against people who have spoken out at meetings and shared
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different perspective than some of you. is it control, ego? i don't know, but i continue is not health and safety. >> todd: parents furious over a school board member's op ed that called them senseless and vile. pulled their kids out of the school district. they both join me now. language from the border member, thanks for being here. with all due respect, i don't work for you, with all due respect to the shar litens who destroy mental health of children to justify their own social ogenda, you are most offensive and vile of all. what is it like to be calld that for defending your child? >> listen, it is very disappointing and chilling, conspire what we know now, it is
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undeniable on national level kidss going through a mental health crisis. kids are suffering from mental health or substance abuses, that is one out of every two faces in the hallway. >> todd: this guy says he does not work for you or the students. who does he work for? >> i'd like to know, he is supposed to work for the entire community. unfortunately, it might be -- disappointing and unacceptable. i think that is -- and kids are the ones suffering, our kids are not political pawns, for sure. >> todd: nicole, what are the mask mandates you are fighting doing to your kids? >> well, i mean, listen, again, we heard from the social work sxer we're hearing from
2:17 am
fortunately from mental health public opinion leaders that any restriction that is causing change in the day-to-day lives of our children is having a devastating effect on them. it is, you know, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, which leads to addiction and some things are life-long problems. we have to rethink this, any restriction we have or are thinking about putting on our kids, we have to really rethink that from a mental health perspective, these are collective, the way kids sit at lunch, do bus rides, virtual learning, have taken a toll and we need to rethink this. >> todd: what has the pandemic reveal body peep nel positions of power, like this board member? >> i continuing is telling us people might be ego drunk, maybe
2:18 am
they don't have the children's best interest at heart, it is telling us they may be delusional at this point, it makes so much sense to nicole and i and parents supporting freedom of choice, these people are not listening and it is falling on deaf ears. i've been doing this two years and i have pulled my kids. they are definitely not listening and that is what is so upsetting about this, parents truly do, these are our children, next to god and my life and my husband. >> todd: nothing else in our life besides kids, you don't have to say that twice. thanks for coming on the show, we appreciate it. carley. >> carley: senior meteorologist janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast, good morning. janice. >> janice: the moment you have
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all been waiting for, will we get snow? won't we get snow? we're still confused. cold air is in place. 35 in atlanta, 27 in memphis, 19 in chicago, 25 in fargo, one piece of energy or the area of low pressure we're watching moving across the mississippi river valley will meet with low pressure across florida and give coastal storm. how much snow is the east coast going to get? we still don't quite know, believe it or not, tale of two. one says a blockbuster, the other says not much at all. we know the set up is there and we'll have a powerful coastal low that will bomb out, meaning drop pressure 25 millibar necessary 24 hours and there are winter alerts from the carolinas to boston, winter storm watches. there is future track, forecast model as we get into saturday morning, bulk much the storm
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will come on saturday. exit coastline by sunday. take a look at this, this is what my husband was yelling at the other day, concomputer model saying blockbuster storm for the big cities and the other reliablg forecast model saying,a h, not much at all, he is like, this is not telling me anything and this is right. this is a hard forecast, stay tuned, this will be a powerful storm and people need to know about it, better to be prepared. we will keep you up to date. iran it out, i promise. >> todd: lee, my snow plow guy needs answered, he loved the shout out, we need answers. >> janice: i'm on it. >> carley: russia is not only country testing biden's resolve, from china to north korea and iran, this administration faces many mounting crisis and our enemies are watching. >> todd: jeremy hunt in georgia
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will tell us the plan to address this next.
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insurance. >> todd: president biden struggling to keep foreign adversaries in check as he struggle necessary four fronts across the globe. >> carley: jeremy hunt and former captain deployed to ukraine, jeremy, our adversaries are active. look at this. north korea launched fifth missile test this month. russian president vladamir putin threatening to invade ukraine and iran recently attacked a u.s. base in abu dhabi. and flying war planes near taiwan, that is consistently happening. why is this happening at once and what does it mean for the safety of our country? >> i think a lot of people are
2:26 am
looking at instability around the globe, china, russia, iran and north korea. a lot of people wonder what is the common theme here, here is the bottom line, i can sum up here. the problem is our adversaries are looking at our commander-in-chief joe biden and they don't fear america anymore. that is very dangerous. prior to this point, american military strength has always deterred our adversaries abroad. now joe biden, from day one of his presidency, he made clear his number one priority wouldn't be strengthening the military, no, his number one priority is going on witch hunt for white supremacy in the military. been misaligned since day one. we have to get accountability what is going on. military adversaries are -- i am running for congress now, when
2:27 am
republicans are in the house, we're going to have audits and see what is going on. i have a lot of military family necessary our district, we'll get answers. billions of dollars left in afghanistan equipment, what happens when the biden administration took command? we have serious questions and we'll get to the bottom of this. >> todd: jeremy, why didn't we see this coming? what did the biden administration think was going to happen by focusing military on being woke and not warriors? >> that is exactly right. here is the thing, the worst thing you can do is become complacent and the biden administration think we've been so strong for so long and we had a strong military for all these years, we're going to change our priority to things that don't fundamentally matter and gutted the nbaa, that act cut funding
2:28 am
for the military, as well. priorities are misalignd and we need numbers of congress who are willing to stand up and fight for military. we are running, building up steam here in areas like fort bening, because people want to have serious military and serious leader necessary washington. i would love if you can joint me, go to hunt for, to join the campaign, join us and see how we will turn this thing around. >> todd: you are running in military. jeremy hunt, we appreciate your time. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> todd: 28 after the hour, was the cover just blown up on the border crisis? >> i get the secrecy, but this is -- [indiscernible] -- >> todd: explain what you just saw in this shocking video and
2:29 am
hear from the officials who want answers from the white house. >> carley: and desperately trying to hold house majority, new wave of women candidates say not so fast, lisa mcclain is looking to shake things up on capitol hill. k-d tion copays as low as zero dollars? ♪ ♪ so you won't have a medicare in the world. ♪ ♪ plus, 90-day refills and same day delivery. larry? that's even less to medicare about.
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>> todd: back with the crisis at
2:33 am
the southern border. shocking footage shows dhs contractor admitting that the white house is betraying the american people. >> carley: and vice president kamala harris skipping town to attend inauguration of a new socialist leader. ashley has more. >> ashley: this video shows contractor for dhs trying to keep illegal migrant flights on the lowdown as they are released into the u.s. >> watch. >> i get the secrecy, this is above my pay grade. >> you know why, because -- the american people. >> ashley: you can hear the frustration in the video. the august video reveals the flight full of migrants flew in from fort bliss, texas and police were expressing
2:34 am
frustration, they were giving no information about the flights arriving at the airport, which is breach of security protocol. here is what an executive had to say of the midnight flights. >> our government is completely out of control right now, they have lied to us. they are putting on planes and sending them to airports closed at night, like rowhich of thor. they say unaccompanied kids, complete a a lie. >> this is not the first time this happened. you will remember this fox news exclusive of migrants being dropped off by bus load. kamala harris hasn't been to the border since june issue but heading to the inauguration of the president-elect in honduras. they are accused of not letting them do their job at the border. >> it may appear everything is hunky-dorey, i know better. >> commitment remains, we will
2:35 am
keep fighting. let me just say, cuturn your back on me, i will never turn my back on you. >> ashley: governor greg abbott asked 12 states attorneys general to come to brief og security held at dps headquarters. back to you guys. >> carley: thank you. biden administration struggles with that, gop pack is helping to help republicans take back the house in november. winning for women now endorsing amanda tkin necessary kansas and lisa sheller as part of third round of endorsements. two candidates, are joining me, along with lisa mcclain. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> carley: congresswoman mcclain, it is about getting republicans back to regain the house in november, is that going to happen?
2:36 am
>> lisa: absolutely, it is going to happen. i look forward to it. i think the administration and their policies, progressives, extreme policies are really waking up americans to really what is going on and the more we can get women, competent women like the two candidates we have right now into congress, it brings a different lens to the equation, which i think is extremely exciteing and one thing all these horrible lestist policies, defund police, border crisis, especially we saw what is going on in virginia with the education, we really woken up -- whole different generation of politicians and that is the american -- >> carley: without a doubt. lisa, we just ran a piece before we got to you about the border crisis and how many people are
2:37 am
coming into our country. that is one reason you are running in pennsylvania's seventh congressional district. why does this issue matter so much to you? >> the border crisis is harmful to all americans. in the past year more than two million people tried to enter our country illegally and it is very personal to me. as being someone in recovery issue the amount of fentanyl coming through the southern border is enough to take the lives of every man, woman and child in our nation, more than four times over. so while the opioid epidemic may start at the border, it ends with broken families and broken hearts. one of my first priorities as a congress person is going to be to secure the border and stop the flow of illegal fentanyl, illegal immigrants into our country. we welcome immigrants into our
2:38 am
country, they need to come through the proper channels legally. >> carley: amanda, kansas' third congressional district, so much is going on, what would you like to see changed, if you win? >> most important thing i can tell you, kansas three is a suburban district, we have republicans and independents. a lot of people are driven by pocketbook issues. right now at the forefront, inflation is the most important thing i hear when i'm in the field talking to people. it is not lost on people, a lot of inflation is driven by all of the government spending that the democrats have been pushing and davis has been part of that, my district, look at 7% inflation hike, that roughly translates to about $4000 hit, $4000 in the negative per household in the
2:39 am
district. i'm a results-oriented candidate, i've been in business for years and i'm focused on effectiveness in government and limited government. i want to put people in the power seats and i want to see the economy get back on track. >> carley: thank you all for joining us. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> carley: thank you, good luck to you both. todd, to you. >> todd: more controversial comments from cnn's jim arkcosta, who is compares -- to dictator. >> todd: so funny, joe concha here to react, wait until you hear this, minny mouse getting politically correct makeover. cheryl casone has that next. ♪
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and the icing on the cake? saving up to 400 bucks? exactly. wait, shouldn't you be navigating? xfinity mobile. it's wireless that does it all and saves a lot. like a lot, a lot. >> breyer's successor will give this party a rallying cry at moment they need something to rally around. >> he can say, i'm going to fight the good fight and get
2:44 am
this nominee, this could be a real jolt to rank and file voters. >> carley: main-stream media celebrating the news stephen breyer is set to retire. joe concha joins us. i understand this is a good distraction theory, i don't know if i agree with the theory. are the american voters focused on the court selection process or the fact they are having trouble putting food on the table, filling up their gas tank and crime everywhere? >> joe: i will b, c, and d. he is celebrating, i haven't seen him this giddy. breyer's retirement is not a game changer. if a conservative like clarence thomas had announced his retirement, that is a different ball game. the court remains 6-3, or 5-4 conservative.
2:45 am
biden said he will name a black woman to the bench, he is shooting par. supreme court is important, bringing in pitcher from the same team to hold the score, it is not a big story when compared to inflation, crime, education and the border and overseas with russia and ukraine. >> carley: there is a tweet from a senior staffer at the democratic congressional campaign committee we would like to highlight. this person said another devastating threat on how police and propagandists are coordinating with journalists to falsely manufacture crime wave and create spin on the media and media publishes probganda and misleads police and proxy n. layman's terms, he's saying police are working with reporters to inflate how many crimes are happening across the country, despite the numbers we're getting that shows crime
2:46 am
is spiking across the country, joe. >> joe: wow, looks like the d.c. c, a lot of c's in that, are getting cues from cnn, which tried to spin 25-year high in murders in this country, according to the fbi, it is a problem, an exaggerated one. no one buildings crime is not affecting subbushes because they watch local news or talk to their neighbors. it is real. instead of solutions, they are trying to blame the media. bold strategy cotton. the party is going to pay if they don't stop complaining about a problem and saying it didn't exist when red tsunami came. >> todd: i wrote the dodgeball reference, glad he used it. jim accosta making bold comments about virginia governor glenn
2:47 am
youngkin, listen. >> i remember he campaign nothing a fleece vest, runings as different kind of republicans, i was told there would be a vest, not police state across potomac. >> todd: lack of history on cnn, and their 10 viewers. >> f and r, friends and relatives watch at this point. jim accosta is the cheesy hyperbole, he said he had marks on his back from the trump era, an actual quote. he is guest coasting 9 p.m. show for cnn this week and generating lowest network for any show on the network despite being in the best time slot. the show this week is called democracy in peril 6789 should be called sanity in peril. when you compare to soviet state, you never studied soviet
2:48 am
history or you are seeking attention, heavyweight champ of cheesy hyperbole. >> carley: yeah, glenn youngkin is trying to give parents a choice, i don't think that is soviet police. joe, thank you. >> joe: it is what people voted for. take care. >> carley: gun race group is suing san jose after the passed ordinance requiring gun owners to buy liability insurance and pay annual fee. >> todd: cheryl casone has details. >> cheryl: good morning. national association for gun rights and single plaintiff announcing lawsuit after the san jose city council ark proved northern irelandance requiring gun owners to pay liability and $25 fee. citizen mayor contends it will encourage gun owners to buy safes and they hope congress
2:49 am
will protect americans from skorj of gun violence, we will be waiting for a long time. incumbent on local communities because it is not getting solved by the current approach. the lawsuit says this is position of tax fear arbitrary cost on gun ownership is intended to suppress gun ownership, the ordinance is unconstitutional. implications are bigger here. >> what the government is trying to do in san jose, this is a test case, i promise this will happen all over california and all over the country if it is allowed to pass, is effectively tack the legal ownership of guns through two forms. number one, there is a fee the city will impose on gun owners and they'll take your gun if you don't pay it, number two, requiring you to get experience as condition of exercising constitutional right. >> cheryl: the gun owner would be liable if a stolen or lost
2:50 am
gun was used to kill someone. >> carley: swing and miss for neil young. >> cheryl: ultimatum, him or me, take his music off the service over distribution of joe rogan. he says he is spreading misinformation about the covid vaccine. spotifiy says we want content available to spotifiy users, with that comes balancing safety for listeners and freedom for creators. spotifiy removed neil young's music from the service. >> todd: neil young put his chipos stupid and lost. all of society's ills have been cured, thanks, disney. >> cheryl: what was carley's line earlier? disney is the most woke place on earth? >> carley: hiforgotten, you are a good listener. >> cheryl: minimouse going woke, wearing pant suit to del --
2:51 am
celebrate the 30th anniversary. the stella mccartney pant suit. this makes minny a symbol of progress for a new generation, i love the fact she embodys authenticity and inspires people around the world. she's got great style. mickey is getting a new suit, i don't want anyone to feel it is all about minny. >> carley: it should be red. >> cheryl: i want to wear that right now, covid has ruined me. >> carley: ruined us all. >> todd: voters making it clear they are ready for a red wave, are dem necessary deep trouble? >> carley: find out what brian kilmeade thinks about that. >> todd: sounding member of tag
2:52 am
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brian kilmeade's here. he is a host of "fox & friends". we thank you for that. when you see 29 democrats retiring, what comes to mind. >> the momentum is on the republican side. i think that nancy pelosi called it right a few years ago when he thought he was going to use his speakership. of going to retiring two years and hold onto the job. it was a disaster for the party i do to your i lost flashing light. he comes out a dozen coming back to sam still a force to lindor excluded from the meetings and number two is i think there is a chance. there's two things that could happen, joe biden good half had
2:57 am
job at a beijing them look like a man in charge and the supreme court justice nomination goes smoothly, again? increasing the competent scale from zero to maybe five. all of a sudden democrats i feel as though there is additional hope for the midterms. you've got to feel good if you are the gop. >> if there's one thing that i sent to run here, it is a common refrain that we hear it in the hallway, you've got a big show coming up on the weekend. your 87 hour of programming. it is called one nation. book can you tell us? >> first off, we got a name. his name similar all locked up. looking back at the biggest story that i had of the biggest stories according to context, we have a situation where i'm not looking at the divided cool the temperatures down a little bit. it's about what is happening out
2:58 am
there. i will announce our guest in the first week will go out to ukraine. he's the mayor there and former heavyweight champ. at 6'7" he's going to need more than 5,000 helmets from the germans in order to spot a russian invasion. we will talk to him. should we be going to china and playing the winter olympics. how do you feel about that as compared to lake placid in 1980. it did change the mood in the country when the 1980 team beat the soviets of the time. if we do that by going over to what many people are calling the genocide games, we will talk about that. i might say impossible to dance. >> he loves to dance. foreign-policy discussions, that's the thing pretty also have a fox nation special, what makes america great. what is that about? >> they include ellis island. i had that ms. "fox & friends" i
2:59 am
went before it opened at 6:00 a.m. and i really felt like i was time traveling where 12 million future americans came in the hope of getting the thumbs-up about to go to to the shore with the backup of the statue of liberty and teddy roosevelt. he's not just a two term president, he was the first commissioner of new york. he change police forces around the country. and lived in the same neighborhood. at the same time, used his desk as patented and perhaps this pleas chief is doing and what he did for first generation immigrants, he did this crazy thing. when he wanted to increase the life and make it better new york city, he took at the buildings and built a park. that park still exist today in downtown new york city, so we look back at that. >> "fox & friends" starts in 30 seconds. the big question has, i need a short answer from you, are you going to make it to the couch of
3:00 am
time? >> we might run yesterday's show i'm really concerned. we will see. all joking aside, nobody doesn't interviewed as well as brian kilmeade. looking forward to that. "fox & friends" starts right now . it is thursday, january 27. 22 degrees along the river. up to a high of 45. we will come alive to new york city


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