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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 27, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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the suspect is on the move and on the run. we are out of time, thank you very much for joining us. we will see you again soon. that will do it for us. thank you very much for joining us. it joining me at 1:00 p.m. eastern for "america reports" on the fox news channel. i am sandra smith. "the five" is next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: hi, i am greg gutfeld along with judge dineen, geraldo, jesse watters, and she does step aerobics on a sugar cube, dana perino, "the five." ♪ ♪ talk about democracy dying in darkness, over the summer we warned you about to the biden administration releasing thousands of migrants throughout the country and the dead of night. now newly uncovered video shows federal contractors discussing the secret flights warning that the operation needs to be kept
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under wraps and then saying they don't want to alert the media. >> we don't want to be somewhere where we are in the spotlight. as low as possible. >> i get it, like i said -- >> all of this is -- because what we don't want to do is attract attention. we don't want the media -- we don't even know where we are going when they tell us. >> greg: those same contractors not mincing words about who is to blame for the secret flights. >> i guess the secrecy [bleep], you know what i mean? it's [bleep]. like [bleep]. you know what i mean? >> and why! i know, but why? but like what's the big secret? everybody knows it is happening. >> you why?
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because when it gets out -- >> greg: filthy language, reminds me of you, dana, here's another instance where we -- if we point out that there is a crisis, it is dismissed because the media is always going to dismiss anything that comes out of our mouths, but we knew that this was happening and it sounded idiotic, how could this happen? there it is. >> jesse: they will not only dismiss it come but call us racists for pointing it out, so he is taking unvaccinated, unvented people and flying them to new york were now they can vote in local elections and go to college on my dime, right? they can work cash, hold down wages and go to a liquor store with a gun and only be charged with a misdemeanor, and then they can be deported because it is a sanctuary situation, that's where we are right now and the media will not report that. if you said this was happening
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ten years ago, no one would have ever believed it, but that's where we are. we have an amendment stays that taxpayer money can't go to abortions, why don't we have an amendment so that it can't fund human smuggling. this is a human smuggling operation. i don't see any other way to look at it. is there an alliance with joe biden and the cartel? s they would ask the same question about trump and russia, and there was no evidence. now there is evidence that they are working together to smuggle people end of the country for what? >> greg: if it is voting, it is foreign interference in our election. >> jesse: a an attack on democracy. >> greg: run a global insurrection. >> jesse: let's tell joe biden that he is the president of ukraine, maybe he will defend the world. >> greg: do you know the particulars? where are the migrants going? >> jeanine: i heard about this last spring in westchester county, they were dropping them off at the airport
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and i heard from some of the police and i just spoke to another one of my sources who said, this has been going on since april all the way through november, but most of them are adult males single, they have a few kids. the bus to show up and they take them to you all over new york state, to a long island, they follow these buses to connecticut and new jersey and other states in addition. >> greg: where do they drop them off? halfway houses? >> jeanine: in worchester county, and then they drop them off, other people who end up picking them up, these kids are in schools all over the country in the schools have to hire new teachers taking away time from american kids, but here's the question, what is joe biden trying to accomplish? why is he doing this at night? why is he doing this? why is he allowing people with criminal records and saying i have analyze these, and it's only assault, drunk driving, drug offenses, so i want them
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vetted. i want to know who is a? who is a drug dealer? who drives drunk? who beats his wife? who thinks it's okay to have sex with a kid. i want to know who these people are, but the democrats don't believe in law and order, this is what they are able to do to destroy the country. >> greg: so if there is nothing wrong with this, why is it being done at night? >> geraldo: i think there's something deeply wrong with it, i think the lack of transparency is substantive, it shows the dysfunction in the department of homeland security. to answer your question, where do they go, they go to sponsor family is and they are not just in front of the markets, you never see the mexican guys and the hondurans as the homeless people in america, they are not. what you do is you see them washing the dishes, pick in the crops come the meat packing, the lawn mowing, the babysitting,
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it's -- i know it's outraged. they sneak it. >> greg: all we want is a process. >> geraldo: i agree with you, when they do something like this it leads to the monster is a sheen, the demonization of the population. i just want to say one thing very quickly, there are more than a million mexican descendants here undocumented illegally in the new york metropolitan area. you never hear about them when it comes to -- why not? they are riding the bicycles delivering the pizzas. they are in the diner washing the dishes, they are very industrious, and i wish is that department of homeland security would be honest, let the world know what the hell is going on. finish the damn border wall. get some order so that this population is not continuing
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eyes -- -- demonize. before we deal with this while all of the border states are getting screwed, we sit from far away going, i guarantee a lot of my meals are being delivered by illegal aliens, it's easy and fax, so i don't have to deal with all the chaos. >> dana: and the schools in the hospitals in particular, the one thing that is interesting is what you are saying, geraldo, i could be for some pretty strong immigration reform and allowing more illegal immigration in the country. what president biden has done as he makes that conversation so much harder, because you have to have this one first. we all knew that this was sort of happening, but when you see the video, the video does focus the mind on all sorts of things. and we have seen that play out over and over again. the other thing that happened today, the administration said that today will never release a report about the migrants who were with the force patrol and border patrol. and again, a lack of
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transparency, and a lack of a willingness to say we were wrong, and again, it exacerbates the distrust, and there is a time between the border patrol workers, the agents and everyone that supports them and this administration. we saw that was secretary mayorkas in las vegas in one of the guys there turned his back on him. >> greg: you can see why they are being nontransparent, the most transparent was afghanistan, and we saw that. they don't want us to see how incompetent and chaotic they really are. they do it late at night, and the insult us by thinking we are too dumb to find out. was it "the new york post"? >> jesse: they released to the report that said the border agents on the horses are clean, then the far left kooks are going to go crazy, because they have to kill it. >> greg: all right come up next, president biden making a deal with the far left on the supreme court. but could it backfire on
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: president biden gearing up for a supreme court showdown after liberal justice stephen breyer announced his retirement earlier today. >> i would select a nominee worthy of stephen breyer's excellence and decency, the person i will nominate will be somebody with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience, and integrity. in that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. >> jesse: the president vowing to choose a nominee by the end of february, and now the fun begins. biden will be under enormous pressure from the far left and the squad over who he will nominate, he will select the most radical person for the job. and whoever he picks, the ladies of "the view" they would like to be consulted. >> if this is a time where we
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can get another liberal in the representation more than anything, first black women, only two black men. those numbers are shocking. >> we really want to represent the black community. >> that branch of government is so anti-democracy. that amy coney barrett was put in there, because she is a white woman who they say, well, she will go against abortion rights, and she is a woman. that was deliberate, i think. >> jesse: dana perino. >> dana: where do i begin? the woman thing, amy is a woman, you don't need to quote that, you can take that one to the bank. and the attack against thomas, it's tired, it's like you -- lazy, stop with that. >> greg: they hate a strong black man at "the view." >> jesse: and tim scott. >> dana: this will be helpful to biden for a bit, focus the
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mind on something, the media won't chase it for a while, but the supreme court nine nomination is likely to get done because they have the votes for it, but the one thing it won't do is help solve their problems on inflation, crime, the border issues, afghanistan continues, isis is coming back, all of these things will continue and they will be there on the othere of the debate. >> jesse: it is not really swing the court. there is not a huge national interest and now this will shake down. >> greg: yes, they are just going to break even, that's all they are hoping for, they brought up clarence thomas, when you are a conservative black republican, you really got to kick butt. there is no affirmative action for you, but it has to be awesome that you are picked because of your gender and race and everybody knows that. we talked about in the a block that there was a lack of transparency, there is no lack of transparency here, they are telling you, we are picking a
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female black woman, color and gender before qualifications, she may not even have to be a judge. she may not even have to be a lawyer, but that is entirely wrong, it is quota ofs, but at least it is transparent, you know? the hypocrisy as they would never use the qualification of their child was going into surgery. going under the knife, hold on a second, i need to see the gender identity, the race identity of the operating room staff, it has to be exactly diverse before you operate on my child. no, this does not matter to them, so they can act like it is a principled stance when it's not. >> jesse: geraldo, you brought us up to the other day, by saying i am only going to nominate a black female, is he discriminating against white males? >> geraldo: yes, and white females. >> jesse: how dare he! >> geraldo: the constitution is being tested, but it is a social goal that i find appropriate, it is true that there has never been a black
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woman on the high court and it is past time. the people being talked about, if they pick from the top three people, these are fine justices that have just been through the grinding process, because they are on the federal appeals court. so they have artie gone through it and been tested. they will be fine. he will be fine, and i go back to a said. this is an opportunity for republicans to restore themselves as the gracious party. the party of manners. >> jesse: we are a gracious party. >> geraldo: that put the country ahead of politics. >> jeanine: you open the door. >> geraldo: whether that is true or not, and you might be right on it, judge. i think it is an opportunity, because as greg said, it's 6-3 no matter what. if they pick any liberal, it will be 6-3, it's a wash, so why be ill mannered? why be aggressive? why do to this candidate what they did to cavanaugh? >> jeanine: i will tell you
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why, i agree with everyone at the table, there will be no ideological change in the court. it will be 6-3, what they are looking for and crazy mazie hirono said that she wants to consider the impact and the effects, not just the law, you knock out the social justice warriors coming in, and they are going to try to educate the public in these public open hearings that we want social justice. one environmental justice, forget about the law, just like all women who want to be believed. i don't want them selling that crap. the supreme court is about law and precedent, the supreme court should be pristine. i have no problem with ideological differences. i have a problem when people say i'm going to decide based on how it is going to affect my town or how people are going to see it with my color or the other color. no, the supreme court both on affirmative action, it should not be made off affirmative action, i have no problem with a female who is african american, no problem.
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that's not the point -- >> jesse: you are on tv because of your mustache. >> jeanine: she has to be confident, that's all we want is confidence. >> geraldo: that's fine. >> jesse: the judge makes a point, and she says crazy maisie and you know what, did you coin that? because it is a doozy. it's going to be theatrics. they are going to perform. they will read these things, the staff wrote them, you know that we want to do -- what is booker going to sound like? i welcome you to the tremendous ceremony and you look fantastic. >> dana: there will be tears. >> jesse: there will be tears. >> dana: there will be hour-long prime time specials on the background, and you know it, that will be great, and then we can move on and hear cases and one of them is going to be affirmative action.
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>> greg: do you agree that the republican should go easy? >> dana: i am gracious and general! >> greg: she has a filthy mouth. >> jesse: disgusting! we only hear it during the commercial break. up next, the competitions are being soft on crime, white america is seeing a brutal war on cops.
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♪ ♪ >> geraldo: welcome back, everybody, this is really bad news, a brutal week for cops is getting bloodier. three more officers just had a shot in houston. the suspect is at large, some of these injuries are grievous making a total of 13 cops shot across the country in the last week. that happening as an outpouring of grief and support for two of our nations finest fallen nypd officers jason rivera and mora, his flag draped coffin carried
2:26 pm
in as thousands paid their respects. his funeral will be held tomorrow, and last night hundreds of first responders and residents braving the cold in harlem, lining the streets outside the 32 precinct to mourn with this heartbreaking remembrance. >> we saw the line down for the apartment, i cannot believe my eyes, he saved my life so many times when i could not save his. i hope one day we will see him again. >> geraldo: we are stunned and shocked, judge, is this going to stick? is -- are we going to remember them? how long has it taken for the public to forget and you disrespect cops? >> jeanine: it is so good that there were hundreds of people to pay their respects to these fallen officers, and i have stood in those funeral lines many, many times, these are people who die, it's like a thunderbolt of violence comes
2:27 pm
out of the sky, they are not sick, nobody expects them to be dead, and all of a sudden they are dead, and what is happening in the society right now is you have a new mayor and you have a governor who is saying to the district attorney on crime saying, look, i can replace you. if you don't do what i want you to do, and everybody is starting to feel a little better, maybe there's hope. we have a governor saying she can replace the d.a. and does not want to prosecute crime, but then she says that there is no way she will cave on the fundamental preface of the controversial legislation of bare reform. so she is talking out of both sides of her mouth. she is saying i will not force or work with any of the democrats to change bail reform, which is the fundamental problem. all of the criminals who want to war on cops and feel emboldened our committing crimes because they know that they will walk out the next day. as to the criminal justice system today, geraldo, it is not
2:28 pm
about criminal justice anymore, it is about politics. it is about politics and people taking sides, and it's about criminal privilege. >> geraldo: in that regard, jesse, you have bail reform is along with defunded the cops seems to me a terrible idea, and even if the criminal justice system is flawed to go easy on violent perpetrators right now seems like a terrible idea, not only not only substantively, but also in terms of this person is running for governor of new york. >> jesse: they are doing everything wrong, not just one or two things. they have done it all wrong, that's why we see all of these murders taken place. when i was growing up, the two worst people that you could be, a child molester and popular, and they were in a special category, because the behavior was so despicable, that society at large decided they had to
2:29 pm
die, through prison, street justice, or -- state legislator put into the books that this is state murder when you kill a police officer or, it's the same if you can have a child, kidnap and torture someone to death, terrorism, they reserve that extra special right to fry or put in prison for life those people. and it's usually in america where you see a rash of cop killings like we have seen, dozens of officers shot since the beginning of the year. several dead, the president of the united states comes out and says something publicly and he meets in the moment. he gathers people together. this president has not done that. he put out a tweet, geraldo. he did not write it or push send, he said thank you for your loss. he has not done what the american people expect the president to do in a moment like this. he used two support law enforcement, we saw him march with them, hug them, but he is awol now, and the american
2:30 pm
people are really, really hurt by it. >> geraldo: assuming that is accurate, because biden is not a fraud, he is not a dope coming is a sensitive guy, so why is he missing the moment? why now -- why not now say, let's embrace the cops, the thin blue line? why not get on board and recognize that over the last year or two or more, cops have been slammed in a way that is really disgusting? >> dana: every leader gets a choice on what you want to focus on, and free community college is your highest priority and you have a situation where -- this is january 27th, and you have this many cops killed, some killed, shot, and it's not just in new york city, in houston this morning, casey stegall reported that that city has the highest number of murders so far in the country, and then they
2:31 pm
had detective console that was shot last sunday and now three more officers, what this does for society is degraded. so free community college is not going to cut it. the president is now realizing that his numbers are getting to a point where people are saying 81% of the american people saying they are very concerned about crime, so what does he do? he will come up here and talk to eric adams, who is the democrat shiny new penny in new york city. he will talk about gun crime, and then you have this -- the woman from harlem, who is the councilwoman tweeting ridiculous things. >> geraldo: she wants us to grieve for the shooter. >> dana: for the shooter. and you don't have anybody like a collective outcry, but the outcry is happening under the radar, and if you don't have a sense of what the american people are thinking as a commander in chief coming or going to be in real trouble, not just politically, but the confidence of the american
2:32 pm
people, and that is when you start to have real concerns about the systems breaking. >> geraldo: wouldn't you like to see president biden into jesse's point say to alvin bragg, the liberal d.a. here, george has stone in los angeles, or the guy in philly, hey, guys, maybe you are missing the vote? maybe this is not what society needs now going back to broken windows policing? >> greg: i would love to see that, but joe is a coward. he knows if he embraces law enforcement he will piss off the will contingent. he is kneeling before the woke. and it is not a public that forgets the cop killings, it's the media. and the media immediately forgets the cop killings, because they have amplified the climate that made it possible. cnn, congratulations, you built this. they have been booking the crime of the hoax narrative for so long kicking back on may be a
2:33 pm
decade of anti-cop narratives, on sunday they said that the crime rate was a hoax, since then 13 cops have been shot and some of them killed, do they look at their coverage now on thursday, do they look at that coverage on sunday? do they feel something stick in their stomach? or do they have some medication that prevents him from feeling anything? because there is a horrible truth out there, that cnn, they and others compared to a climate that made it racist to support cops and races to be vocally anti-crime, because they love social justice and that it was okay to commit them in the name of social justice and it was the police based on a few isolated cases of brutality that made all cops evil. the media pushed this, that was close. that was close. i'm hungry for fudge. >> geraldo: we disagree on many things, not about this. up next kamala harris is
2:34 pm
troubles are not going away, the latest excuse from the beleaguered vice president. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jeanine: kamala harris' excuse tour continues, visiting honduras as she hopes to reset her public image after her first year was flagged by staffing problems and reports of poor working conditions, harris now saying the d.c. bubble is to blame for her shortcomings. "vice president kamala harris confessed to a stifling sensation that had fallen over her while in office.
2:39 pm
she was struggling to escape the d.c. bubble." the vice president telling another close ally that she "wholeheartedly wants to escape d.c. it is completely zoomed out of virtual events, and wants to do more in-person engagement." okay, geraldo. >> geraldo: yes, ma'am. >> jeanine: she says she is a newcomer, how she a newcomer? four years in the senate, one as vice president, who is more in the beltway than the vice president? >> geraldo: if your strategy is to hit the road as vice president, that is no strategy at all, people will see right through it. they will see that kamala harris is the one that said to the undocumented migrants, do not calm, do not come is not a policy either. i don't care what bubble she gives in, i don't care -- bubbles are going to burst and she has to do something much more substantive. spilled like what? >> geraldo: like a policy that
2:40 pm
has enforcement and real deterrence and a border wall, and -- >> jeanine: okay. >> geraldo: you can't have a policy and blame what is happening on the southern border for the jurisdiction on the d.c. bubble. >> jeanine: okay, so what would you recommend that kamala harris do, jesse? >> jesse: joined the supreme court. >> jeanine: no, then we would have her for another 30 years. >> jesse: what is that going to do? she is definitely a tourist coming on when they get to a new place, they are like -- the traffic here, i miss my mom! my atm does not work. oh, man, the traffic signs are confusing. this is america! what do you mean this is a d.c. bubble? she has her jet and a chef, she can move mountains if she wants to affect policy, i like that bubble, that's a cozy bubble i would not try to get out of that bubble. and i'm sorry to say this, but many people are saying, i am not, but many are saying this
2:41 pm
sounds like a typical female problem. i'm not saying that. i'm saying that's what people are telling me. they say the first female vice president comes in there and every single -- every single article is about her feelings. she feels this way. she feels sad. >> jeanine: stop that, jesse! >> jesse: she said yes. and every article -- >> jeanine: would you like to cut them off? >> dana: part of this is the media, the media is the one you can click if you want to read about that, that's partly that. she is a situation where she was an absent senator. she was hardly -- she only cosponsored bills. she never got an actual bill done and they want to put her in charge of voting rights? in immigration? and they expected some great results? you have to look back and say, i think that she cosponsored 25 bills they became laws according
2:42 pm
to, none of her own bills become laws and the closest she could have been was when she filibustered the police registration. so i want her to succeed, because when she became the first woman vice president, i was like yes, and now she is just not taken the opportunity. and part of the reason they are not out there traveling is because they have been so covid crazy for so long they are in the bubble they don't want to go out. >> jeanine: i don't know if they are covid crazy or a show, but she has had the ability to show her intellect, her experience, her mental agility. she just won't do it. >> greg: are you accusing her of self-harm? >> jeanine: yes. >> geraldo: she is out of her element, but her element was opaqueness. to your point, lack of transparency allowed her to do her job, because she was not doing her job. now everybody is looking at her and we are finding out, my god, she is incompetent in a hilarious way. she is kind of harmless, she
2:43 pm
just does not do the job, not near any sharp objects, she can't blow anything up. but the next project she should investigate the root causes of her own incompetence. they should send her back home, figure out what is wrong, as they know, what a great topic not covered on late-night tv except for my show, it's not on. they've a perfect person to make fun of, but they are so terrified of being called a racist or sexist, they can't go after with a bottomless pit of comedy. >> jesse: how do you think her husband feels about the whole thing? >> jeanine: okay. >> dana: are you asking how he "feels?" [laughter] >> jeanine: speaking of fast, "the fastest" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back. it is time for "the fastest" a plan growing in popularity and meaning people in person. imagine that. a new dating app gaining
2:48 pm
attention for real-life mixers for its users, the off-line events are so post to be a way for singles to meet each other without having to stare at their bones for hours before hand, i'm sorry to laugh, because i don't know about this. i have not dated in a million years, but what do you think? forcing people to get together to actually meet. >> greg: dates are so important for young men, from the one gender, i am a male, in case you forgot. it forces you to clean up your act. you have to increase the expectations of the person you are going to ask, you have to make yourself better. it forces you to take a risk, you have to go up to somebody who does not know the you and ask them out. we used to have to call on rotary phones and risk talking to somebody's parents. is karen there, yes, this is greg. and then he would have to drive over there and pick her up and think about flowers, is that too much on a first date? do you kiss at the end?
2:49 pm
>> jesse: flowers, what is this, prom? >> jeanine: what if it does not end right? >> greg: and ever ended wrong with me. how i am with al myra. >> jeanine: we don't know about al myra. okay. >> dana: what you think, it takes guts i guess to go in person? i don't know. >> jeanine: that's the only way, you meet somebody, go to dinner and like or don't like them. what i don't understand. >> jesse: -- >> jesse: do you like it when men treat you like crap? >> jeanine: do you think that i would like it if a man treated me like crap? somebody dumps my ass. >> dana: geraldo, weigh in here. >> geraldo: jewish family is
2:50 pm
and other families have had mixers forever, they never stopped having mixers. it broadens your perspective, candidates, but there is nothing like in person. >> jesse: tell me about it, geraldo, keep going. >> greg: there are people that are really shy, the other thing is shyness is a huge deal, that's the hardest thing in dating is overcoming your shyness, and for some reason with this, i venture if you talk to young guys, there is a whole list of skills that are missing in their lives. >> dana: how much time do you think they spend crafting one text message? >> greg: exactly. >> jesse: sometimes those can work, a really good text is all you need. >> geraldo: or you send it to the wrong person. >> dana: do we have time for another one? no, we don't. i was kind of curious that we had the segment for "the five," since none of us have been doing online dating, but we encourage the real-life mixer.
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"one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ but my body was telling a different story. . . some mental health meds can cause tardive dyskinesia, or td, and it's unlikely to improve without treatment. ingrezza is a prescription medicine to treat adults with td movements in the face and body. it's the only treatment for td that's one pill, once-daily, with or without food. ingrezza 80 mg is proven to reduce td movements in 7 out of 10 people. people taking ingrezza can stay on their current dose of most mental health meds. don't take ingrezza if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. ingrezza may cause serious side effects, including sleepiness. don't drive, operate heavy machinery, or do other dangerous activities until you know how ingrezza affects you. other serious side effects include
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my digestive health is much better now. i feel more energetic. the person that i've always been has shown up to the party again.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: time now for one more thing. judge? >> judge jeanine: time for jeanine's judgment. brand new one more thing where i rule on a story with my jury right here at the table. our first case, listen up, jury. a woman dumps her boyfriend and posts their text messages to tiktok for the world to see. after he demanded that she put on makeup before meeting his friends. one of the texts reads do you mind just popping a little bit on as you are meeting my mates and stuff for the first time? she refused. he follows up with this, oh, babe, don't bother then. either put something on your face or don't turn up.
2:56 pm
so the question for the jury, was she right or wrong in dumping him. >> dana: right. >> judge jeanine: i'm going around. you are the foreman right or wrong? >> greg: what did she look like? [laughter] >> judge jeanine: was she right or wrong in dumping him? >> i'm going to say right. >> jesse: right. >> geraldo: right. i think that women don't dump dumb boyfriends fast enough. >> judge jeanine: okay. do you want to know what my ruling is. here's my ruling. what a jackass, okay? until he starts wearing makeup, of course, she was justified in kicking him to the curb. >> geraldo: well done. >> dana: now i know the rules. >> greg: who came up with this segment? jesse? >> jesse: he said mate so i don't think he is from here. i don't think you have jurisdiction. >> judge jeanine: national jurisdiction. >> jesse: "jesse watters primetime" we premiered this week and we have put my my phone number on the air and you can text me whatever you want. we have gotten a lot of porn. we are not going to look at the
2:57 pm
porn we are sifting through the porn. that's what i heard from a pilot named andrew king from florida. he was reading my book how i saved the world 10,000 feet above -- you know, keep your eyes straight. i was going to say. [laughter] >> jesse: i know it's a breezy read but not that breezy. >> geraldo: is that the porn? >> jesse: no porn in there. tonight vice president mike pence on the show. and i'm doing the in between show shows right after the 5:00 is over so check that out. >> dana: how is that going in between the show shows. >> jesse: so much funny look forward to it everyday. >> greg: how many people? >> jesse: i don't want to give out the metric. >> greg: greatest great thing if any of us get fired i'm in between shows. >> jesse: i know some people. >> geraldo: i can't give up my metrics. >> greg: tonight on 11:00 my show dana perino isen o.
2:58 pm
todd piro, kat timpf. emily. celebrity signing. i went hiking this week. i love to hike it builds my quads and my butt. but you never know with this table. all right, you wouldn't believe ohio ran into hiking none other than esteemed legendary lawyer alan dershowitz. >> geraldo: interviewed him yesterday. >> greg: he was tired. boy was he tired. he has been hiking for miles. terrible breath by the way. any way dershowitz was enjoying himself he was stuck there for a while. >> dana: did he die his hair pink? >> greg: he has an interesting social life if you ever look into it. it's actually a baby poor could you pine at the smithsonian national zoo. where am i? it's time for you, geraldo. >> geraldo: all right this is geraldo's geraldo's news with geraldo. featuring birds. i love birds. i have every kind of bird you can think of.
2:59 pm
doves, rescued dove. look at my head. >> dana: there is dove on your head. >> geraldo: a dove on my head. canaries, finches, lots and lots of birds. >> greg: stop crowing. >> geraldo: nothing like this. i lived with a great view of the reservoir central park but i never saw this. this rover, an american bawled eagle catching a seagull. now, this is a bald eagle who has. >> judge jeanine: wow. >> geraldo: tagged in connecticut living on the hudson. that is amazing skill. >> judge jeanine: dana. >> geraldo: no ddt. >> dana: you know moving is kind of a pain in the rear. one of the things you pack up the stuff and go up and down. look a what these people figured thought nebraska. they got the stuff done in 30 minutes. this is brilliant.
3:00 pm
>> greg: look at their stuff. >> greg: not good stuff, dana. answer answer i'm that stuff should be going to the dump. >> dana: i thought that was very innovative and i applaud them. >> greg: you know, you make me sick. >> geraldo: because she is nice? >> greg: speaking of. "special report" is up next. hello, bret. >> bret: nice intro, greg. which is better the movers or pilot reading jesse's book? maybe the movers. good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight. the war on american's law enforcement officers takes another violent turn. three police officers in houston shot this afternoon. the department there says the suspect fled the scene and is now being sought, believed to be armed and dangerous. again, happening right now in houston. let's get the latest from senior correspondent casey stegall in texas. good evening, casey. >> bret, good evening. the officers were reportedly near the city's third


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