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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 27, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: we are out of time, but it's a mixed blessing because sean hannity has a full hour, plus five seconds, started now. >> thanks, tucker. we will take all the time we can get. all right, welcome to "hannity." breaking news on multiple fronts tonight. joe biden continues to see his dismal approval numbers, including in one key battleground states. if so how low can joe go? full coverage straight ahead and far left across the west coast are now more undeniable than ever. comedian adam corolla will join us to sound off on all of this california craziness as california goes. more controversy tonight surrounding trans athletes and women sports. our female athletes being
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treated unfairly? caitlyn jenner will be here and will react to new developments surrounding the university of pennsylvania women's swimming team. first, we go to the u.s. supreme court were joe biden today reaffirmed his commitment to using race and gender as the basis for deciding who to nominate to fill his soon to be vacant seat. here is joe earlier today. speak of the person i will nominate will be someone of extraordinary qualifications, character, experience, and integrity. that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. i will meet with the potential nominees and it is my intention, my intention to announce my decision before the end of february. i have made no choice at this point. thank you all so very, very much for being here. i'm not going to take any questions, because i think it's inappropriate to take questions with the justice here.
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he's still sitting on the bench. >> sean: i'm not allowed, i can't do it. they're going to yell at me and i want to get my ice-cream cone. anyway, right off the bat, biden is excluding all potential candidates who are not african american women. but ask yourself, isn't this agenda in and of itself discriminatory? imagine we put out a pole, we said okay, next time i'm on vacation, you get to pick the villain for the show and they have what two categories only can you choose from? you decide. would that be fair? anyway, picking candidates based on race and gender is not only extremely divisive, but likely unconstitutional. the supreme court and its own prudence has ruled the classification is based on race are subject to the strictest of scrutiny and has found that discrimination based on race unconstitutional. law professor jonathan turley has pointed out that the president will only consider a black woman for the next nomination, a threshold gender
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and race condition that the court itself has found unconstitutional for schools and unlawful for private businesses. so the question is, it is okay for joe to do it, and why is he doing it? it's not because he is deeply concerned about racial justice. we know that's a lie, because who he did work with robert, the former klansman bird. he wanted to stop the integration of schools because he was worried about schools becoming, in his words "racial jungles." joe biden is being bullied into the decision by the new extreme left. they are using the supreme court as another way to flex their power, show their strength. it is identity politics on steroids. in short, biden was forced to make this decision. for example, far left new york congressman jamaal bowman tweeting out, mr. president, you promised us a black woman on the supreme court. let's see it happen. congresswoman pressley added "it is time for a black woman on the supreme court."
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this raises the question, how much was briar forced out? is he retiring on his own terms, on his own timeline? apparently not. we are also waiting tonight at south carolina congressman jim kleinberg -- jim clyburn single-handedly helped save joe biden's candidacy after poor showing in iowa and new hampshire. sounds like jim clyburn is admitting he had to quit, pro," with old joe. using south carolina and his popularity, which is huge in south carolina and exchange to extract a promise from joe only to put a african american woman on the supreme court. what other deals might be out there? furthermore, ask yourself, a far left democrats and the mob in the media are so concerned about racial diversity on the court and so concerned with racial and
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gender justice, why are they so bent on smearing clarence thomas every chance they get? a member overwrought -- which is recently referred to as "uncle clarence." listen to the ladies on the hard had a new show on abc "the view" actually suggesting that justices thomas and amy coney barrett are traitors to their race and third gender for not being far left activist judges that they want. take a look. >> you pointed out the first black woman, there's only been two black men. that does numbers -- those are shocking. >> that doesn't represent the black community. speak of the supreme court and is like a tutorial branch of the government. these are people who are appointed by their own people. if they do not answer to the contrary. amy coney barrett was put in there because she's a white woman who they say well, shall go against abortion rights and she's a woman. so that was deliberate i think.
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clarence thomas, a black man, just as productive it to him, he's a smart guy. but they put him in their thinking oh, a black man will go against voting rights. which is what he does. >> sean: identity politics, flat out racism and bigotry. but to the mob, the media, there's only one standard for democrats and another standard for far left judges. and one standard for the rest of us. when it comes to selecting judges, respecting the rule of law, judicial philosophy and the commitment to upholding the constitution should be the main factors determining who you are going to pick. these are important decisions that should not be made solely based on race or based on gender. in fact, it's disrespectful to the nominee to do so. but because biden's presidency is frankly imploding, even democrats and the media mob are now admitting it. he is now desperate to try to placate his democratic base that he is losing in droves as new numbers now show him at
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absolutely low, dismal 34% approval rating and the key state of georgia. look at this pull from "the atlanta journal-constitution." by the way, they didn't like me for they actually said in their year-end addition about me in 1996 it was a great year for atlanta. the olympics came and sean hannity left. i love to come to fox news. it's no secret why is stacey abrams wanted to be nowhere near biden when he was atlanta earlier this month. joe biden is failing on policy, failing on messaging, family and everywhere in between as they find biden crashing when it comes to key character traits like leadership, government management, and good judgment during times of crisis. i would also add cognitively as well, empty rhetoric, empty promises, empty shelves, and empty suits. that is pretty much summing up the joe biden presidency. and now he's so desperate for political win, he's willing to go all out in trying to appease the radical extreme left who are now pulling the strings and have been pulling the strings of this
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failed presidency. the democrats, joe biden, it's politics first. it is you, the american people. we are dead last. here for reaction, leo 2.0 terrell along with fox and friends pete. all right, so, let's say i ask people to pick race, gender, whatever, to characteristics only for people to fill in for the show, leo. would that be right? >> i don't think so. and i've been a host of your shall pay let me tell you right now. >> sean: we need to tell the audience. in all fairness, you need to know this. leo has filled in one time. i've had to beg leo to fill in that one time. i've asked him ten other times. >> pete, pete, bail me out to! >> sean: leo has turned me down. >> pete, bail me out here.
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let's talk about the subject. what -- hey, i'm talking about the issue! to answer your question, this sean hannity show is color-blind. but what gives behar at the right to question clarence thomas blackness. this is nothing more than pandering and it is insulting to black americans. what they are telling us is, if you are black, you have to be a democrat. tell that the herschel walker, tell that to condoleezza rice, candace owens, larry elder, and leo terrel. it is insulting. it is insulting because it makes the mind-set that we all think alike. black people have different views. and the comment to pick a black female is racist. it is the number one reason why i left the democratic party. two years ago joe biden said, if you vote for trump, you are not black. the democrats, the left wing have divided this country, sean. he said they played in every election cycle, they are playing at 24/7.
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one final point, this is not going to convince black people to vote for joe biden or the democrats. we hate crime. we want crime eliminated. we hate these federal mandates. we want the homeless problem done. we want school choice pair that is what black people want. >> sean: pete, let me go to you. pete, i need to thank you personally because every time we've asked you to fill-in you've been very gracious. >> pete, bail me out! view on it leo has at least -- actually, my staff is saying in my ear it's like over 24 times, but i want to bring that up. so i thank you, pete. in all seriousness, where it was supposed to one american family pay at the coolest thing when you take politics out of sports, stephen and i go back and forth and text each other about this occasionally. take politics out of sports, what do you have. people with a shared passion. a team, a whole team, high-fiving the strangers.
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all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, religions. it doesn't matter. why don't we look for the right person, period. >> if you're looking for two things i'm looking for merit and i'm looking for judicial philosophy. not going to agree that the democrats have the right -- that is what it should be. but we should expect nothing other than those from joe biden and kamala harris bear let me tell you why. this is the least merit-based presidency in american history. as donald trump pointed out, barack obama holed up twice failed presidential candidate joe biden because they feel like he needed a white guy with experience in foreign policy even though he is always wrong. barack obama wins, joe biden goes along for eight years. then joe biden when he stumbles into the nomination because he promised a black female to a black congressman in a state he otherwise never would have won, he moves forward after really not being seen as a viable candidate. then he says, i need to pick somebody. who should it be? a black female. it's going to be, here is even
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though she couldn't hold up or 1%. no one in pencil pennsylvania avenue got there because of the merit, so why would it be anything other than a box checking identity politics politically correct left wing giveaway based on race from the guy who sat for clarence thomas when he said this is a high tech lynching from the guy we said we are going to put you back in chains bear this is exactly who we know joe biden's. so it doesn't surprise me one bit. and i'll tell you this time i'm going to text leo after this, he will host the show next time you ask them. >> sean: at least somebody will help us out when we are in a moment of crisis. the question i have, why does the media give biden a pass on all the issues that pete mentioned on race, leo. what i mentioned about robert byrd. i mean, partnering with a former klansman. no integration. how did the media just ignore all of that?
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>> very simple, all of those people who you play out -- they are ageist of the democratic party. they are players of the democratic party. so they pick a guy who is a racist. play not montage all the time back in the early 70s up until now. joe biden is a racist, but they wanted him in lieu of president trump. and look what has happened to this country in the last 12 months. we have lost our direction because of joe biden. so to me, the media, they are responsible for the disaster of this country. one final point, the only prime time show i ever go on other than that one time with jesse watters is the sean hannity show. >> sean: does that mean you will fill in for me on the next day off? how about we do a poll?
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[laughter] i can't get him to do it. maybe you can talk him into it. to speak about the only thing i disagree with. we will give him a pass on this one. no pass. he's got to man up and host the show. leo, next time amount. you are sitting in the chair or we are just going to have an empty chair. >> i would cohost with peach. >> okay, i would like that too paired together. >> actually, that would be pretty cool. >> sean: thank you both. we are also learning tonight that thankfully no one was harmed after congresswoman cori bush is on unoccupied vehicle was hit by gunfire this weekend near st. louis. bush tweeted out "thankfully no one was harmed, but any act of gun violence shakes your soul. that is where movement is working to invest in our communities and eradicate root causes of gun violence and keep
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everybody safe. but remember, bush is one of the far left democrats who repeatedly called 2d from the police even as crime is spiking all across the country. so how are we going to keep everyone safe and secure? if we don't let the police have the money to do their jobs and continue to cripple their funding. she spends tens of thousands of dollars on private security. i'm sorry she has to go through that. sadly i've had to live that in points of my life as well. but don't hurt constituents in st. louis, don't they also deserve the same safety and security? defund, dismantle the police, it doesn't work. no, bail laws don't work. coast-to-coast we are seeing the same exact thing. democrats like to attack the police and crime gets worse, including in new york where the state republican party republican party is slamming failed far left governor kathy hochul again this week defending
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week bail laws that put dangerous and violent criminals right back on the street. the party said in a statement "at least now it's crystal clear that she stands firmly with criminals over new yorker safety." carjackings in new york are up over 350% and in just the last three years, carjackings are up over 500% in chicago since 2014. and as we've been showing, theft, crime is brazen. to take a look at your screen. a theft and broad dilate a new york city righted where the alleged shoplifter isn't concerned at all about getting caught. keep looking out in seattle, this guy who was believed to be a homeless man. he reportedly has been arrested nearly two dozen times for stealing and just the last few months. why isn't he in jail? in houston, suspect was taken into custody following a standoff after allegedly shooting three police officers. thankfully all are in stable condition and expected to recover.
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we will continue following the story. this is lawlessness plain and simple. the natural consequence of far left democratic rule. here with reaction, donald trump jr. the riots of summer 2020, 574 of them, dozens dead, thousands of cops injured. where is that committee appear they don't have a committee looking into that. you see what is happening in all these videos every day. crime sad records all last year under joe biden. after defunding. it is not that hard to fix, is it? >> no, it's not. it actually seems like it would be total common sense. before i go -- i would like to show my hat in the ring to host your show when you're gone someday appeared i'm personally offended that leo and pete have both had that opportunity and i have not! i feel underrepresented to. >> sean: all have to take a week off. everybody gets a day. you got it.
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>> all kidding aside, the democrats are not for the rule of law. the only thing that they actually tried to do whenever these things happen is actually make it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves by taking away their second amendment rights. they do nothing towards the criminals. the places that are seen the greatest bike and crime are the places with the most restrictive gun laws. but they don't want to actually enforce those laws. because that would be offensive to the actual criminals. what you see is outright lawlessness. whether it is there, whether it is at the border, whether it's joe biden and his family, the democrats only talk about the law abiding citizens. they don't actually care if they are peeling up don't let people follow those same laws. it is ridiculous. >> all throughout the summer of 2020 i couldn't understand it. your father kept begging cities like new york and cities like portland, as the law required, he would authorize the use and
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the calling of the national guard. then it becomes the chain of command, goes to the governor or the mayor and the particular state or city. and every single time, even on january 6th, he approved 20,000 troops come up to 20,000 troops on january 4th. and nancy pelosi -- he didn't call them up. nobody wants to ask why didn't they? the capital would have been safe that day. and i don't understand -- >> they didn't because it didn't work for the narrative. >> sean: what's that? >> they didn't because it wouldn't work for their narrative. i was told that that is an insurrection. if they could show a divided america while donald trump was president, they could actually blame -- all over the city, those things have been in all of the legislators that were in charge. we are all democrats.
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that is literally the only common bond during that 18 month of total chaos in america was that democrats were a part of all of the disaster. so when it is not conducive to the narrative, you don't hear about it. when it is, they can try to weaponize it against conservatives. you see that across the board. joe biden was going to be an elder statesman. he was going to be tough. he was going to be all of these things. the reality is he's divisive. he's got his own racial past. this family is corrupt. he is incompetent and inept. and literally all of the things the left were streaming about. exactly exemplified joe biden. whether others and competence, whether it's disaster, remember, he was going to come in and fix all these things. he is fixed exactly zero. in fact, he has made everything worse. the russians are about to invade
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ukraine. we are getting in this hawkish policy where we are talking about sending troops into war because we've been out of war for all of three or four months after the disaster in afghanistan. i get to read report saying that intelligence is saying that russians may be launching a cyber attack on america. i don't think so. i imagine that that is our people lying to us to try to instigate us getting into another war to distract from the incompetence. do you think our posture in ukraine has anything to do with his corrupt son raking in millions over the year? this is the way to cover it up. the favors are being called in. no one is even asking the questions. because it is obvious. like everything else we've been told over the last five years, all we are getting his lies and diversions. what is nice is i think with the disaster that we are all seeing, the american people finally got it. they are seen it with their own eyes. >> sean: i want to play the rnc ad.
6:22 pm
this scares the living out of me and it is dangerous for the world. your father aced a cognitive test. they asked for him to take one. they question to mccain's cognitive abilities. and i watched joe biden at this press conference and he could barely mumble. he's stumbling and bumbling. we keep playing this ad. and it is so humiliating. you've seen it, is this guy up to the job? >> we've said that for a long time. but because he could be basement biden and hyatt in delaware like he spent 25% of his residency thus far hiding, they can get away with it. when you have a trillion dollar mainstream media complex, when you have a trillion dollar social media complex, a trillion dollar plus big tack all running cover for you, you can get away with it. it's amazing what he's been able to get away with.
6:23 pm
it is so bad to, so grossly competent and inept that even joe biden with trillions of dollars with big bids is trying to run cover for him. and be his marketing department. he can't get away with it anymore. >> sean: i'm going to play it again for those of not being able to see it and compare it to your father who talks first-rate our and every sentence is quite coherent. listen. >> the idea that... the... the nature, not. when the political coverage. >> sean: i could play hours of that. you get the last word, don. >> sean, he's incompetence.
6:24 pm
it is bordering on being an imbecile at this point. and is just a shame that it's happening to her country. this is the leader of the free world trade which is why our enemies are pouncing. they are reacting to this level of ineptitude. >> sean: i'm okay with the tv villain, but i think i'm going to make a prediction while i'm in here. your future may be in politics. i'm just guessing, but you don't have to tell me now. anyway, great to have you. thank you. straight ahead, big controversy over a transgender swimmer at the u penn. we will weigh in with the latest when he returned. is it fair to female athletes? aleve-x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it... and see what's possible. it's been nearly two years
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since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. instead of helping students get back in the classroom, the school boards spend their time renaming schools and playing politics. schools that weren't even open. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and maliga. our kids cannot wait any longer for new start. ♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, controversy continues to swirl around the university of pennsylvania
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transgender swimmer leah thomas whose participation in women swimming prompted the ncaa to have a rule change. if they agree to "take a sport by sport approach to transgender participation." while deferring to the national governing body of each sport in this case the u.s. swimming for an official policy. now the ncaa deferring this policy, making only has only led to more confusion. many of these governing bodies have no official guidelines that all appeared meanwhile, her continued domination of the sport is sparking widespread outrage. it appears morgan, riding in "the new york post," calling the ncaa to "stop this woke insanity now." the father of another pen swimmer lamenting in an anonymous interview with fox news that her teammates are realizing they will never have a chance at winning -- winning the podium so long as she continues to compete given the physical disadvantage is they face.
6:30 pm
this woke ideology doesn't stop with athletics. we are learning tonight chicago public school teachers are now being forced to undergo training and which they were told that is a social construct not brooding in biology. olympic gold medalist and former candidate caitlyn jenner, fox news contributor tammy bruce join us for reaction. caitlin, i noticed that you were quoted as saying some really interesting things to me. we've known each other for a long time. and you said the ncaa is kicking the can down the road and in the case of leah thomas, you said, you don't care about her testosterone levels now for the last year or two, but you care about it for the first 16 or 17 years of her life and to even mention that he wouldn't play and a all women's golf tournament because he could still outdrive all girls by 100 yards and do you no testosterone. i know you've taken heat for saying that. explain.
6:31 pm
>> well, i've been pretty consistent from the beginning. i have said that biological boys should not play in women's sports. ed is just not fair. we have to protect women sports from something like this. leah thomas, first of all, i respect her right to live her life authentically. suffering from gender dysphoria is a horrible lifelong struggle. and every story is different. let me tell you, sean, i know that one. and i respect her right to do that. but with that comes some responsibility and integrity and what you are doing. i don't know why she's doing it. we live in this woke world right now that is driving me crazy. i feel sorry for the girls on the penn team because they have to be so welcome and say oh, this is great, we are down deep inside. they are saying this is wrong.
6:32 pm
and a couple of them anonymously, because they can't come out, and parents have now come out, but they have to do it anonymously. and say that this is wrong. and it is wrong. i'm very disappointed in the ncaa. they kicked the can down the road. but we have to deal with this issue. we have to protect women's sports fear they've worked so hard for equality. look at title ix. for years, they finally got it through. i love women's sports. we have to protect them. >> sean: by the way, piers morgan was saying, you know, i want nothing but tolerance, fairness, equality for all transgender people. people wouldn't go through the lengthy physical and emotional turmoil if they didn't genuinely feel that they were trapped in the wrong body and sexuality. tammy, i thought is a pretty thoughtful column. it will probably attack. but he is saying straight up pretty much what caitlin is saying.
6:33 pm
>> a lot of us have been attacked for a number of different reasons, but you know which changes that? when someone like caitlyn jenner stands up for what is right. because that is what this is about. ed has nothing to do with transgender is a metal. this is about fair play. it is about decency. it is about being fair with your fellow competitors or with your neighbors. this is about the nature of doing what is right in the midst of whatever your workers. and if that is going to give you an advantage. you must know, and i don't know leah, i'm sure she's a wonderful woman. at the same time, she knows every single meet that it is not an easy playing field. every time she blows out women's records, every moment -- and that is what we are talking about here. there's a small section of bullies who wants no one to speak about this. but i can tell you, they have refused to participate in
6:34 pm
certain women's sports because she knows of her physical difference and the ability to do better because of that physical difference having grown as a boy and then as a male. and we know, i've got several transgender friends who also agree that this is outrageous. we don't know if those athletes who refused to do this because they don't make the news. so i just want to tell everyone watching that this is not about the transgender community. this is not universally what is wanted. and in fact, it harms the nature and the argument about who people are in general. let me tell you, someone is going to be unfair as a transgender woman, they are going to be unfair as the man that they were. they are going to be unfair as a person. that is why this is about the individual. >> sean: let me ask the spirit >> have to say this every now and then, sean. as a gay woman, i understand the difference of living a different life. and it is about respecting the
6:35 pm
community and making decisions that is best in general for the people that you are with. >> sean: i can ask both of you the same question. generally speaking, caitlyn, how many time do you find yourself running into bigoted people or tammy same question. we will go with caitlyn first. >> to be honest with you, you get that -- honestly, i never get that to my face. to my face people are so nice. >> right. >> they are wonderful. >> sean: they are nice to my face also was a criminal then i walk away. >> and then you go online and your check comments, which i don't do very often. first of all, i can take a lot of heat. i'm used to it, sean. to be honest with you, a lot of those comments that people make with nobody around -- i don't know if they really believe that kind of stuff. they may, but that's okay. i mean, honestly, i can take it.
6:36 pm
i am about -- sean, i'm a patriot. i love this country. i love our freedoms. and i love the trans community. but we have to do what is fair. we have to do what is right. leah thomas grew up as a biological boy. a couple years ago was on the male swim team. a couple of years of hormones and testosterone doesn't change a lot of things, you know? hands are big, cardiovascular system is big. you see pictures, at her back is huge for it she can swim really fast. and it's just not fair. it's not fair. >> sean: tammy, we have about 45 seconds. >> i want to make sure that caitlyn knows and everybody else knows the importance of standing up for what you believe then as the parents are, because we must
6:37 pm
make a turn here. transgender's, gay people, others must stand up and year honest opinions about this. it does no good for the community to be bullies or to not speak the truth about the nature of what is going on. i want to thank caitlyn for being a great role model and for doing the right thing and for everyone else to stand up, because it helps all of us in the community to be honest and to be fair appear there's no doubt about it. >> sean: i'm not playing golf with you, caitlyn. he would kick my -- -- >> i would. sean, you are dead meat, sean. but thank you. follow caitlyn . >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, spotify resisted left-wing pressure to drop joe rogan from their platform could wait until you hear what they did instead. adam kroll ways and come in
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♪ ♪ >> sean: earlier this week while aging classic rock neil young gave the music streaming service modify an ultimatum and drop their number one podcast, e joe rogan experience, or take young's music off of the platform. young was apparently upset about what rogan was saying about the vaccine on his podcast, spotify sided with rogan. good for them. he will have to listen to "heart of gold" somewhere else from now on. host of the adam corolla show, also taping to comedy specials on sunday february 6th -- i think it's a improv in california. it has a featured guest appearances. will william shatner, dennis
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quaid. preorder the book and go to . thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, sean. >> sean: i never supported boycotts, i never called for fire and scum and i don't at people that do. the ultimatum that was made to spotify, they made the right call. i like the fact if he makes you think. why do people have a hard time if somebody doesn't told the line on this topic or that topic? >> well, basically we have decided that there is one lane you can be and when it comes to covid. and if you get outside of that lane, you need to be shut down. but i find it interesting coming from rockers, comedians, and artists, because their job is to push back against the man. and neil young should know that the man isn't joe rogan. the man is dr. fauci, the man is
6:44 pm
governor gavin newsom, the man is the cdc. the men as the w.h.o. the man inspired in. that is who the man is. you are an old rocker, you're supposed to push back against the man. joe rogan is pushing back against the man and you are pushing back against joe rogan. >> it's interesting. they said in the beginning if you get the vaccine you are not going to get covid. then they said we will never have a vaccine mandate, and i we have vaccine mandates. now whether you are vaccinated and have a poster or have natural immunity, you are still getting covid. everybody's -- how come we run out of tests -- how could they be so behind the curve on this? >> think about what all these idiots are saying. they are worried about misinformation. you turn on the view, you turn on cnn, what have you guys been right about. you close the beaches down, you close the school's down cloth masks, the vaccine is going to
6:45 pm
be effective. a natural immunity wasn't affected. what if you been right about? that is really the question. i put joe rogan's batting average up against cnn's batting average any day of the week. >> sean: by the way, that is a good point in 2015. merck doesn't support us all label use. but one thing that has been working as monoclonal antibodies. i know that they were working wonders on the delta variant. now they say that gsk's sub drove it is working on monochrome variant. every doctor i talked to said that these antiviral pills, the ones by pfizer, are amazing. but you can't get them anywhere. and people are still having a hard time getting tests. how did they run out of tests now that we are in year three of this pandemic? >> basically what they decided it is you need to do what they want you to do. and what they want you to do is
6:46 pm
get vaccinated. and that is why they have always pooh-poohed any therapeutic. i mean, look at the theme. any time a therapeutic of come around, they've pooh-poohed the thing -- the thing that's funny, guys like neil young who back in the day would've been on the side of natural immunity are now on the side of big pharma and pushing against natural immunity. so the whole thing is upside down. >> sean: there has been a rush of train robberies going out there in l.a. and apparently one had a lot of guns in them. you are not involved in any of these instances. how do we get back to train robberies? we are robbing trains now? is that big of because of the l.a.p.d. budget being cut? >> yeah, i don't know. the next thing you know stagecoaches are going to be robbed on the way to san francisco. [laughter] what year is it? the trolley was robbed. it's crazy appear the great
6:47 pm
thing is governor gavin newsom stands amongst the garbage and goes, what the hell is going on here? it looks like a third world country. you are the banana republic dictator of this third world country. how do you know what's going on in your country. >> sean: it why am i in new york for paying the highest amount of texas in the country and you are out there in california are paying the highest -- the second highest. what is wrong with us? we need to leave and pay less and live better and have better weather. i wouldn't be facing 20 inches of snow this weekend. >> got to tell you, right after we are done i'm going to blow in a call to joe rogan. i think he's got a guest room. you and i can meet there and start a podcast. that's all of god. >> sean: we will set our own little country out. we will call it the freedom of speech -- the land of free speech and misfit toys. it would probably work perfectly. adam, thank you.
6:48 pm
a straight-ahead, personal attacks on virginia governor glenn youngkin. they have been over the top. one democrat joint down my questioning his christian faith and one lawmaker is fighting back hard. we've got the video, we will explain straight ahead. ♪la ♪ get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms including nasal congestion, so you can breathe better. claritin-d. breathe better.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the youngkin administration is off to a big start fulfilling campaign promise after campaign promise that is driving the media and democrats nuts. the democrats in the old dominion are not happy. one liberal state delegate questioning youngkin's faith for banning critical race theory, but one republican in the virginia house of delegates has had enough. take a look at this. it's big i've never got on this floor, mr. speaker, and said
6:53 pm
just about the other side of the aisle where racist because they didn't agree with my particular policy positions. almost every day someone on the other side of the aisle either gets up and either subtly or comes right out and suggests that if you don't agree with them on policy then you are not a christian. you are a sexist, bigoted, racist. i'm tired of it. my constituents are tired of it. when these claims are made, they're not just made about governor young can come of the notch is made about us. they are made in part about the people who elected to send us here. if you can question any of them -- you don't get to lecture us on compassion, tolerance or, or an open debate. thank you mr. speaker. >> sean: that virginia republican is now with us. good for you. you never spoke before? >> no, i've spoken before. in fact, many of my democrat colleagues don't appreciate it when i get up and speak. but then again i don't particular appreciate them suggesting that me or my constituents are bigots because i disagree with them on tax policy. >> sean: isn't that the
6:54 pm
playbook of democrats every 2-4 years? now it is almost every day. >> it's not just about the politics of it. the reason why my inbox is full and my phone's been ringing off the hook with people all over the country thanking me for what i said is because this isn't just in the political realm. if this is where they go to work. this is when they take their kids to school prayer this is when they turn on the tv and watch a football game. we have tons of americans all over the country who have been repeatedly told that if they don't buy into whatever the latest progressive talking point is today, that somehow that makes them a bigot or a bad person. quite frankly, they expect to those of us that elected that represented them to stand up and defend them, not because they needed, but because they deserve it. >> sean: every conservative i know i've been doing radio 33 years, 26 years here at fox, as a conservative, they are ignorant people out there. and i want nothing to do with them. and every conservative i know wants nothing to do with ignorant people. this is a big lie that is always
6:55 pm
perpetuated. i'm glad you spoke up. are you going to continue? >> absolutely pure this is not just about the narrative, the narrative is frustrating enough. this is less and less becoming about republicans and democrats, this is about reasonable versus unreasonable. when your entire narrative is believe the way i do or you are a bigot and your policy position is "do what i want or i will punish you through government." i'm sorry, this is not the country that i fought for. everybody in this country deserves the right to be able to live the life the way they want and to be able to pursue -- not just a progressive politician who thinks they know best. they need to know that there's people who will stand up and defend them. >> sean: do me a favor, you need to run for higher office. thank you for being with us. more "hannity" after this. ♪ ♪ es character. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god.
6:56 pm
and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for tonight grade thank you for being with us. we don't thank you enough but
7:00 pm
you make this show possible. we hope you have a great night. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. for any news information or about the show, where we are going, where we are headed, i have in a big announcement about an event coming up soon but i can't tell you yet but it's on anyway, in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. why? because laura ingraham has another great show as she takes away right now. >> laura: this is the thing where you say i have something really important to tell you but i can't tell you -- you know when a friend says that? "if got something up got to tell you, but i really can't tell you now." that's like the worst thing you could do because you get someone stuck on the hook and they have nowhere to go. they stay up at night. people now are going to be wondering is hannity going to, you know, join the circus? what is he actually going to do now? so you've just ruined it. >> sean: that's where i belong come in the circus. i'll be in the cage with the lions and tigers and bears, oh, my. >> laura: all right, hannity, awesome show and we will pick it up where you left off tonight.


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