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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 29, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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the time we have left for tonight . as always, thank you for joining us . yous make this show possible. we never thank you enough. we hope you say dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. but this friday nightme in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham, the ingraham angle is next . have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. i'm laura ingraham and this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . gtthat one year of the democrats coast to coast already don't want to appear at any campaign events with biden. so what's going on here? speaking of the president, he has become the master ofom distraction. raymond arroyo has all the details in friday follies. but first, the streets of new york city turned blue today as new york's finest turned out in massive numbers to honor one of its brothers. twenty two year old officer jason rivera, who was murdered
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in a harlem ambush just one week ago. his partner, twenty seven year old wilbert mora, was also shot and he died three days later. now rivera's funeral, thousands and thousands to st. patrick's cathedral where his young widow addressed the mourners and they all seem to feel a combination of grief and anger. >> couldn't believe you left to me seeing you in a hospital bed wrapped up in sheets, notng hearing you and i was talking to you broke me today. i'm still in this nightmare that i wish i never had full of rage and anger, hurt and sad, torn. although i gained thousands of
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little brothers and sistersbrou and the loneliest without you is just heartbreaking. and then toward the end of>> her remarks t came in absolutely stinging indictment ofct the city's new far left district attorney. the system continues. t fairlesso. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. i know you were tired of these laws, especially the ones from the va. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. now. we promise that your death won't be in vainin. i love you to the end of time we'll take the watch from here
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. joining me now is new york city councilman joe borelli. joe, it's good to see you tonight . this was just i mean, there have been so many heartbreaks in new york over the past couple of years, but those words from officer rivera's widow were just it was almost too much to take in . it's difficult to even hear them now hours later and not bring a tear anyone's eye. but i hope america does hear what you have to say because that is a real new yorker . that is what realy. new yorkers believe. and this powerful woman gave us a window into her kitchen table conversations with her husband, a new york city police department, a person of color, a person who lived in manhattan. thcarehis whole life and they we scared about those bail reform laws. they were scared about the laws and the prosecution policies of our d.a. alvin regg and unfortunately everyone but
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the albany legislature and people stuck in the bubble of the state capital just have to realize that these things need to be changedd. they cannot go on in perpetuity. now the va bragge responded to those words from rivera'so widw in a statement this afternoon, joe saying that his office is going to vigorously prosecute cases of violence against police officers. >> but does he realize that the permissive policies this is social justice leaning policies that he's advocated helped contribute to this attitude of i can do anything to a police officer and get away with it? >> well, this is why his statement is garbage. if this perp didn't shoot and kill those police officers,w he probably would have dropped some of the charges againstpe this guy if he was charged with owning a gun. that's the type of prosecutor alvin bragg is. just ask alvin greene. he's the one who's telling p us he's not going to charge people with gun crimes and fully prosecute them according to the law.
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so it's just lip service from people like him and unfortunate that has real worlde consequences. every single police actionon, whether it's a domestic violence response like this orei a traffic stop has the potential of going and if police officers are not going to be protected by the law, if the prosecutors are the people, fter then we have to reconsider whether it's even worth the risk of sending cops in the firstke place. and it's unfortunate that we're having this conversation in the wake of the death of two of our finest people. >> now it's open season on law abiding new yorkers and the men and women in blue. but here's the most vocal critic of law enforcement in the entire city is doing. she's grappling with all of this at this moment. the new york times notes that councilwoman kristin richardson jordan, 35 , hasin equated the policing system with slaveryg and emphasized her deep compassion for not only the fallen officersst but also for the man who the police said killed them. the greatest way to honor the loss of life on all sides loss of life due to gun
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violence, she said, is to try to turn all of this into more funding for community programs and so forth. shem she still for taking money away from the officers and the law enforcement itself. >> she's a complete disgrace and kudos to some of my democratic colleagues who have chimed on her as well . i mean, she's someone who represents this neighborhood. officer rivera lived in this neighborhood. he's from northern manhatten. he's one of her constituents just like everyone else. ke his name to mention the name of wilbert moore in the same sentence almost equivocating it with the man who killed him is a new lowth for some people that i thought couldn't possibly go lowerr. and yet here we are. n people like this have no place in office. i'm happy to disagree with people all the time and there are some decent people i disagree withe that. this person is not one of them. now, joe, thank you for being here tonight . and of course these brazen attacks against police are isolated to this deadly ambush in new york city in houston
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last night, three policeby officers were shot by a man with a very long rap sheet. now this occurred just days after a houston constable was killed. it was essentially an execution style by oscar rosales and el salvador national who's here illegally and wanted for murder in his own countryanot. how did he get into the country? how did this happen and how many other violent felons ares slipping across our border in this wonderful era of joe biden? here now is a man whose group is dedicated to finding that out. steven miller, president of america first legal former trump senior adviser steven along with texas, you've just filed a lawsuit about the resettlement of illegals that's taking place across the country. but texas obviously isn't spared from any this . a lot of them do stay in texas. yeah. so we are proud to partner with the great ken paxton, the attorney general t of texas and seven other courageous to dages filing a lawsuit against
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biden's newest program to accelerate illegal immigration into the country. what biden iss proposingry and n fact implementing right now is allowing the illegal aliens here to bring in their foreign relatives to join them in the united states fully approved by the united states department of state. this is chainn migration for illegal aliens and you're goingl to see as a result of this more crime, more death, more devastation, more suffering, all purposeful, all intentionalnd. this administration when it comes to the border, it's not just allowing the border crisis to happen. itng is creating it is perpetuating. it is it is expanding. it for the sole reason that their objective is as muchh illegal immigration as possible. >> well, when you see the carnage that's left behind in the wake of an open border and we obviously talk about
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the drug cartels, we talk aboutt the increaseshe in violence, horrific violence, death. i meanorri the left always say, oh , you're being you're being anti-immigrant, you're racist. u you justr don't like immigrant. no, no, no. we love our people, stephen. we love the people of this country. we want them to be safe. they don't deserve this . that's the point. and that's the point we have to make time and again to all these people and to voters who could change this dynamic. well, i mean, this is an attack on old american citizens, including of course, millions of hispanic american citizens who disproportionately, by the way, serve ourth nationtion in n in uniform as border patrol agents and ice officers, tshispanic american citizens volunteer in droves to defend our borders and to enforce our immigration laws and to remove illegal aliensal . fr and who's stopping them from doing that joe biden. so in every sense in everyin sense joe biden isg waging war on citizens, includingn hispanic american citizens. i don't care where you come
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from if you're part of our national family, if you arely a us citizen living here as part of our community today, illegal immigration is an attack on you and your family and that's why my group america legal ken paxton and others are suing this administration in court because joe biden has violated his oath of office. he has violated the constitution and he has repeatedly violated the laws of the united states. i believe there's a trail of blood to show the consequences . now this is an impeachable a series of criminal acts. i mean, i'm sorry, but i think there's a criminal conspiracy to undermine us immigration law and i think it's undermining our sovereignty even if two million people at least have come to this country illegally a and probably a lot more . l but we wish you the best of luck in this lawsuit. thank you for joining us tonight. and as the country is being torn apart, biden is already looking toward the midterms. there's just one problem one year into this presidency, his own party is shunning him.
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so when biden visited pennsylvania earlier today, two ofen h the three leading state democrats, lieutenant governor john fetterman, who's a leading senate candidate and state attorney general josh shapiro likely dem nominee for the governorship, kept him at arm's length. this unique, though, to pennsylvania earlier this month, the georgia democrat stacey abrams, she's a leading candidate for governor. she skipped a chance to appear with biden at that big voting rights event and she was discussing her signature issue. they were discussing a signature issue there and she still didn't show up. and last week, texas democrat beto o'rourke said he didn'tsn need or want biden anywhere near his texas gubernatorialal campaign. steny hoyer, the number three democrat, was pressed on this earlier this week with biden's poll numbers dragging since then. >> do you think your front liners should be running as and democrats want every e democratc to run as democrats who deliver and then point to the record? okay, joining me now, lisa boothe, host of the truth of
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lisa boothe and a fox news contributor. lisa, i guess the question now is who exactly is joe biden's constituency if none of these people want to campaign with? yeah, i mean, look, he's really this man on an island by himself, right? he's burned all his bridges and the reason why this is a guy who campaigned as a moderate, he tried to project the fact he's a moderate but he's alienated those moderates by pushing a progressive agenda. thi mean, he's really been one f the most progressive left wing presidents we've w ever seen in history. but then he's alsoso lost those progressives because he's failed to deliver on promises and his agenda, things like build back better as well as the voting rights which were really just to try to keep democrats in perpetuity. so he's just burning bridges left and right. right. and then the more unpopular he gets, the less sway he has to try to get anything done and this limited window before the midterm elections so he's really governed moronically and shot himself in the foot. now everyone's basically giving him the stiff arm trying to
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keep him away from a completely toxic. well, another house dem exiting the party. like house democrats exit lists grows to twenty nine as congressman jim cooper of tennessee announced his retirement this week. i mean, they're dropping like flies in the democrat p party . they don't even have to run anywhere. they're just dropping out themselves. it is a lawyer you've been in , you know, politics. this number is insane.e. twenty nine democrats at t this point we have months to go before november. i mean, to put this in context, this is way more than we sawn in the 2010 election. i think there's only 17 in total. republicans picked up 63 seats in the house that midterm election. it's also tied with the record set in the 1994e rerepublican revolution. republicans picked up 54 seats in the house and again, laura , we've got months to go until november. so what democrats are saying it's not worth it, right? it's not worth it to seek reelection or are trying to look at another seat that they
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can run for. that might be, you know, a little bit better for them.oi but what we're at a crisis point or democrats at a crisis point. i mean, it's a tsunami coming. well, james carville, who knows a thing or two about elections, has a warning for democratsng against lurching too far to the left. a little late for that saying 60% of adults in this country identify as progressive only 11 orti 12% of the democrats identify as progressive. so someone like manchin isse closer to the mainstream than a lot of these people think. hanand pretending like he isn't won't help the cause. so lisa, this is a sliver of far left activists who have an outsized influence in the democrat party . i mean, they they got stephence breyer to retire and announced it earlier than he wanted to. that's how much influence they have in the party . well, they have enormous amount of influence. but what biden has really done is blown himself up by justg governing so moronically.
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i mean, look, this is a guy where he's been acting like he has some sort of mandate w when they barely haveri a majority in the house and they're 50 50 in the senate . he doesn't have the numbers to try to get these big progressive policies done.wh and so what he's done is is he alienated independents, alienated moderates and now do has no sway with them. i mean, do think kyrsten sinema or joe manchin care what joe biden has to say? absolutely not. i he's toxic in their state. so he's really created this scenario where he has no h friends left and he has no power and they have months toe try to right the ship and i just don't see it happening. and i think that's i think that's why they've really been trying to push orto nationalize the elections, not because they have the numbers to do it, but they'rere heating up the midterms as being illegitimate now. yeah, they're doing nowil they got george soros just announced one hundred twenty five million to a new super pac to help pro-democracy lpcandidates. laughable. yeah. good to see you tonight . thank you so much. and even as the media
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they've been desperately trying to move democrats off their covid mandate agendahe. it's obvious, i think that they see some potential political fallout. they want to avoid. so first in the washington post, then the atlantic and finally the new york times, michelle goldberg, well, she finally relented saying letke kids take their masks o off aftr the omicron surge. otherwise i fear that at least in very liberal area school masking will persist indefinitely p. but the covid bullies runningt school districtsth, they're not listening. for instance, montgomery county, maryland just announcedn the return of virtual learning and the creation of pods . if you want to do pods, you can parents can have their kids in these little subgroups, but parents want their kids in class and in neighboring prince george's county, kidsri mask mandates. well, they're notnc going away. michelle goldberg right here, the school's ceo saying i don'tn think that offramp will exist. i think this is how our life
12:22 am
will be for a while. that means forever, by the way, so our question tonight where the heck is republican governor of maryland larry hogan? joining me now is bethany mandel, montgomery county resident and editor at ricochet . bethany, liberals are beginning to kind of put up the white flag here. they're saying the political fallout and some are saying fall out with their own children. but why is larry hogan, who supposedly a middle of the road republican allowing far left county executives to destroy kids education two years into this i've been wondering for a long time i have been screaming for larry hogan to step in on any numbert ofhe issues in this county,um this county has gone so far to the left while the state has veered back on the on the ramp of normalcy. and you know, larry hogan wants to be president and i think what a lot of people loved i right what i think a lot of people loved about trump and love about the santas
12:23 am
and now young ken is they fight, they see injustice and they fight for what's right. and larry hogan is just you he's another one of these these republicans that cares more aboutcans being likedna and cares more about being nicel and personable and getting. on the sunday shows and actually doing his job rather the washington post is reporting that cases if you shre about case counts are plummeting in d.c. and in montgomery county. but instead of having a set of metrics that would automatically trigger the lifting of mass mandates, the montgomery county council pledged to meet weekly as the board of health to assess the necessity of the regulation. bethany, i said this two years ago almost t now they will neveh give you an objectiveey metric because they want to hold on to this as long as they can. yeah, they love it. they are so power hungry and they're so drunk on it. i have a weekly standing date where i just go on zoome and i yell at the montgomery county
12:24 am
council and they groan now when they see my face they just like slump in their seats and they look at their cell phones and ih yell atey them about that too. but they they finally admitted that they think that the maskst in public places, not in schools, they were absolutely not have a conversation about schools but they think that masks liketh target could comee off at the end of february maybe. but they keep on changing the metrics. and so they decided that when 85% the county is vaccinated, then that's when we could get the masks offff and then when we got too close it just it wasn't sorry. we're just not safe. and the constantly changing goalposts and metrics is what the montgomery county council is best that the teachers don't want to go back to school. these county execs want to sit in their fuzzy slippers at homee on zoome never leave their house as long as they have their weekly or monthly paycheck. i don't care. this is the way this is the way it's going to go. bethanie maybe not yell at themi but maybe just participate and get lots of women, lots ofri other friends we are to with
12:25 am
you. so momma bears got to unite resist this stuff. keep fighting bethany. thank you . and that sign of a true bully is that when someone finally stands up to himth or her they try to inflict more pain the less covid tactics are no different. case in point nowll after the small rural atleo school t district in western oregon voted to defy the state'soal universal mandate, the oregon department of education retaliate by denying them federal covid relief funds. joining me now is mark beelman, superintendent of the althea's school district and candidate for governor mark, now they're taking money away for covid relief that you could use to keep the school clean and disinfected and so forth. >> what will laura ? first of all, it's an honor to be heree and i would like all the viewers to know it's a true irony of the progressive left that they've stepped in to
12:26 am
freeze federal funding to a tiny little school s district in rural oregon as a state agency, there is no boundaries for ourou leaders here in oregon we are the new war , our culture war front here. oregon is the next virginia and somebody's got to step outta and stand in the breach . so my school boardnd said enough's enough. we had one we had a locald hospital announced that paper and cloth masks are no longer allowed in the hospital because of their low efficacy. it's slowing omicron that pretty much did it because we have students in middle school and high school and they all have these things called cell phones and they got a news alerts that said theseth maps don't work. and man, a it was it was rough keeping kids in mass afterer that . and how do we argue with good science if our if our medical people are saying they don't work, why are we wearing well, mark latham allo wear and niney five respirators or ninety four i mean it's notbo
12:27 am
about the mask, it's about you're going to listen to them and your town, your district is more conservative obviously than than the coastal parts of the state. but i have to highlight something an interesting point m made in your schoolad districtsn regulation for the massive mandate the lsu school district has successful remained open during the twenty 2020 t one school year without a single case of covid trace of the classroomin as the scores. so you guys have done a fantastic job but the stateoe doesn't like you and they want you to hurt. they care so much about kids and i'm sorry, let me just say it this way. so we we worked with our legislature legislators to get what was called a small rural exemption so that we could stay open the beginning of the pandemic. and we we decided to stay open k through 12 instead of the k through three like the state was recommending. and we looked at all
12:28 am
the science we made great decisions. we made good use, good judgment and we showed the state of oregon that school will be open during covid safely and the full weight off the government came down on my head and i did not rolle over because i have a duty to serve our parents and our students in alsi we had students committing suicide w, e had students disconnected and we had drug epidemics going on in the state and for me and my community and my schooll board, i was having none of it and we were the ones that pushed back on the governor and she was forced through a long series of back that retaliating against and we get we get the picture they were validating against you. you guys are like south dakota in your state, like you do the same thing that south dakota nebraska did. it didn't shut down. hey, mark, we congratulate you and thank you for not evenn correcting me when i mispronounced alsi. thank you very much. all right, vidaza has
12:29 am
new distraction tactic and minnie mouse, she gets a makeover. raymond arroyo has it friday ffolliott next hunter biden is the most protected person in the country. he was given rights and favor jobs well beyond his credentials just as founding you really can't find any business venture that does not revolve around his father's political power. tens of millions from the ukraine shine on russian entities. hunter is barely functional human and ignoring sex addiction obsessively videotaping every aspect of his life. excuse me. you got a problem here and walked in a customer clutching three macbook pros. it's not stuff you would ever see the wife offering to pay some big guy, joe biden himself. this is american power to do business and joe biden was existing at every judge jeanine
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find outra if your policy qualifies or call 1-800- nine eight three sixty two hundred coventry direct redefining insurance. welcome to fox news. i am ashley strohmeyer. the powerful nor'easter could drop an historic amount of snow across parts of the northeast. blizzard warnings are in effect from virginia up to maine and thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed. nearly 10 million people could lose power. maine officials are urging people to stay off the roads and prepare for extended power outages. boston is forecast to get as much as two feet of snow while rhode island could be buried under three feet. and now is the only time variant of the coronavirus is now causing more deaths in the us on a daily basis. and last fall, delta waves surged a seven day rolling average of deaths have been climbing since mid november, reaching almost twenty three hundred on thursday. one health professor in california said omicron will push the u.s. over one million before year's end. i'm actually strohmeyer i'm back to the ingram angle for all of your headlines, log on to fox news .com.
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of course it's friday and that means it's time for friday follies. and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. raymond, there was a lot of h personal biden newsou coming out of the white house this week. the uslaw, the white house staged several of these events which we'll get to shortly. but it's moments like this that help explain the white house strategy. this is from that build back better event with ceos and tonight's freestyler and biden joe rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah dearborne driving the who was up there and who's it? i think the press thought i was crazy. i enjoyedcraz so much going up
12:36 am
and your new factory in and that hummer a real breakthrough began last year when mary mary mary barra excuse me mary for furniture for i said it again and jim champak like okay, i'm looking for a job, mary. and you can see why after that display, laura , these executives were probably hoping not for a build back better but for a biden to act better initiative. it's moments like that erode public confidence in the president and frankly, that's what's destroying his poll numbers now to combat all of this , the white house has launched what i call operation destra action which kicked off in georgetown. we were watchingg this together . yeah. you know how the elder care facilities gather the residents into vans? they do that . it's very nice. it's usually a weekly outing g maybe to the grocery oro the mall. sure. joe biden had an outing to
12:37 am
georgetown the other day. he visited a shop. >> he bought some ice cream. no. well, curiously, that ice cream lura that he's waving around, that's jeni's. s that's the same boutique brand that speaker pelosi keeps thater freezer. i thought that was an's interesting parallel. but this presidential outing was supposed to underscore the success of this covid relief for businesses. the only problem is biden'sll the only one actually getting out in d.c. open table. the reservation service reveals that d.c. reservations are down 59% from two years ago and other blue cities experienced similar double digit drops. oh my god. boston 48 percent manhatten sixty four. but don't you notice this ? so raymond so many of our iconic restaurants they got all this money to try to save them but then they all went down the tubes anyway. so so many articles never
12:38 am
coming back . it's terrible but don't worry about the small businesses for inflation and none ofis that matters m. >> cue operation distraction part twoe. the first family was considering adopting the tough oh, yes. s and that is true again confirmed that he's waiting in the wings. she she is waiting in the wings. was this residence? well, today the white house announced, gloria, that the new cat willo has moved into the executive residence. i juststce willow has more longevity than biden's dog major. remember that thing and that willow does
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