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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 29, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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save big. order through the app. ♪ ♪ ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light, ♪ what so proudly we hail'd ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming, ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched
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♪ were so gallantly streaming? ♪ and the rockets red glare, ♪ the bombs bursting in air, ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there, ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave? >> pete: football games,
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flyovers, farms. dirt bikes, flags, you have got it all. and right there, funerals from beginning to end, patriotism here on "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. thank you, again, for sending your photos in for our nation's anthem. it is 6:00 a.m. on the east coast and we are grateful you are joining us. i'm joined this morning again by my wonderful co-hosts rachel cam post duffy and will cain. will, good morning. >> will: good morning pete and rachel it feels like it's been a bit since the three of us have been together. pete was off last weekend. i don't know, maybe we are having withdrawal separation anxiety. we are finally back together. i do think we say this on a regular basis. but i don't think it's gratuitous. man, your pictures get better every week. keep those coming in at you know where it would be cool if the pictures could get together digital library. maybe it's an #or instagram account. we need to find some way because
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this is too good for two minutes at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. this is good to be there all day every day for everyone. >> rachel: i agree, good morning to both of you. so good to be back together, the three of us. and, yeah, you know, i will tell you, will, the danger with that is that i think that a lot of political media companies will have to dig into those photos because i think these photos are better political ads of america. of course, speaking as a former political spouse, i look at that and i go they captured america in all of these photos. better than i think a lot of people who get paid a lot of money to put ads together. they might dig into that file, you are talking about building, and steal that but you can't steal the spirit. i will tell you what, that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen. it keeps getting better every single week, just as you said, will. >> pete: they really do. just like that my motivation went high with will i thought it
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was great idea and rachel brought it down like a politician would ruin it all. >> rachel: i have ruined it. [laughter] sorry. >> pete: will, i'm spot on with you if we can find a way let's do it because they're amazing. thank you to your viewers, keep them coming in we begin this hour with a fox weather alert. over 76 million americans hunkering down for what could be an historic nor'easter winter storm, more than 5,000 flights already canceled. blizzard warnings with possible whiteout conditions in effect for 10 states. fox weather meteorologist ian oliver is live in new jersey where snow is already coming down. ian, good morning. >> yeah, good morning. this is the most intense nor'easter we have seen in some time. the first time this portion of the jersey shore has had a blizzard warning issued by the national weather service office in mount holefully more than four years. so we have seen a whole lot of snow. southern periphery of the jersey shore in kate may they are in
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double digits already. recorded 10 inches of snow. in this blizzard warning, the national weather service highlighted that within three miles of the shoreline, that's where the most intense conditions will be felt. that's the beach right there. about 200 yards from the water and right here along the boardwalk you can see the wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour possible. it's cold. it's just 26 degrees. so that's leading to a very light fluffy snow. that blows around a lot. we see big snow drifts developing already. another reason that that wind is a concern though. those gusts up to around 50 miles per hour is that they're on shore. they are blowing in from the atlantic, pushing the water onto the shore and into these inlets. that causes the water to pile up. we have got a coastal flood advisory up until 9:00 a.m. with the possibility of water rise at high tide. 1 to as much as 2 feet above normally dry ground. so these are some intense winds and still a whole lot of snow left go. back to you. >> rachel: thank you, ian.
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great report. looks cold out there. >> pete: you can hear it. >> rachel: looks really cold. now to this, an unforgettable image in midtown, manhattan yesterday as thousands of new york's finest fill the streets for blocks unbelievable site to pay respects to jason rivera. ashley strohmier was there and she joins us live now with details of the emotional tribute. ashley. what a sight. >> ashley: it really was. almost makes you speechless. at some point i think that was the case for a lot of people. like i said it's something i have never seen before seeing that sea of blue but the silence of those thousands of officers filling blocks of fifth avenue spoke louder than words ever could. >> as the body goes by, all the police are saluting. >> ashley: honoring their fallen brother in blue jason rivera.
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the 22-year-old and his part wilbert mora were gunned down in harlem when they responded to a domestic dispute call last week. that suspect was a career criminal with a history of violence and was also killed. rivera's brother telling a packed saint patrick's cathedral how brave his brother was and how proud he was to wear that uniform. >> a lot of fear. my brother was afraid of heights, he was afraid of rats. he was afraid of dogs. he was afraid of dogs. but he wasn't afraid to die to wear that uniform. he was not afraid to die. [applause] >> ashley: new york police commissioner can a sean sewell honoring his dedication to the badge with a posthumous promotion. >> he was everything the city and nyc needed him to be it is
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with appreciation that i promote him today to detective first grade. [applause] be. >> ashley: river wraps wife paying tribute to her husband. her high school sweetheart in an emotional actually a gut wrenching eulogy at times. that couple married just last year in october. many in the crowd brought to tears as she recounted the frantic moments she tried to reach her husband after learning of that shooting on social media. 27-year-old mora's services will be held at saint pats on tuesday and wednesday next week. officers i have spoken to said we can likely expect that same kind of turnout to honor mora as we did rivera, guys. >> will: ashley, thank you so much for that report. those pictures stunning. just amazing pictures of those nypd officers filling the streets of manhattan. so many words come to mind, pete
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and rachel. obviously you noticed a grieving family, the brother, the wildfire, you notice the honor, look at that. i see that picture and i say honor. but there is no word i think of as well. i think of the word power. that image is powerful, and those individuals standing together are powerful, and i can't help but place into the context of what i sees a well just for a moment in canada with the trucker's convoy and it comes back to me and i think how much power do people have. they have power against things they do not like and do not support. an example of how that power can be yielded this was rivera's wife yesterday during the eulogy and she talked about the manhattan district attorney alvin bragg. it was on the cover of the new w york post." where she had a moment where she had this is what this power should be. how about this? the power of new york city should be held to account to the people. a widow's rage you can sees a
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you see the policies that this new administration, this d.a. are putting into effect makes their job more difficult and more dangerous. watch this. >> the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. though you are tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a., i hope he is watching you speak through me right now. [applause] i'm sure all of our blue family is tired, too. but i promise we promise that your death won't be in vain. i love you to the end of time. we'll take the watch from here.
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>> pete: it was powerful, will. i was watching it live. stopped, transfixed. you are exactly right with the word honor. what those men and women, their spouses, their families go through to defend the city. it's nothing but honor and reflected in the way that department salutes those who gave everything. and then you mention the word power, and you are exactly right. not just in the word numbers. voice in a microphone who they can't control, and they can't predict and walks up to the microphone and without hyperbole, without, you know, naming names and -- just powerfully, quietly, states the obvious, that officers and their spouses understand which is their leaders have failed them. the policies of radical das and mayors with these radical viewpoints are putting their lives in danger and men and women are getting killed on the street and it takes this young a political widow to step up and
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say a criminal took the life of my husband who was my childhood best friend and it's because politicians and d.a.s won't do their works. she said it in so few words but it spoke legions to those wash of watching. alvin bragg boy failing. >> rachel: statement by alvin bragg i'm praying for them every day. and my thoughts are with their families and violence against nypd police officers will never be tolerated. my office will vigorously tolerate cases of violence against case and work to prevent sendsless acts like this happening. you would like to believe that's true, you guys. but it's hard to believe because people should know that right now there is a rapper who shot at a police, he is charged with shooting a cop. and he is out on the street.
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and. >> pete: unbelievable. >> rachel: exactly. at the very moment he put out that statement that's true. last week we had lawrence jones on talking. he had been talking to a lot of these police officers. you say power, will, anger as well. he told us when he was talking to police officers, there is a lot of anger. and i think you saw that in the quiet words of that beautiful now widow. just think about when you are married, only four months, and you lose your husband, the love of your life. it's absolutely gut wrenching; but she did something that eric adams didn't do, which is call out the d.a. eric adams said it's terrible that the rapper is out on the street, blah blah blah. but he is not calling out people who actually put these policies in place. there is blood on george soros hands this week and eric holder. all these people who devised this plan and funded this plan
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to put soft-on-crime-prosecutors in office. people who want to reimagine law enforcement. who believe in so-called restorative justice to who don't care about law and order. care more about ideology than keeping our streets safe and keeping our police officers safe. this didn't have to happen. this is the result of bad politics. this is a result of bad policies. one last thing i want to say is that eric adams also brought up that he is sitting here with chuck schumer and the governor, again, other people who support these policies, i am not impressed with eric adams. i know he is a police officer. i don't doubt that he is grieving with these cops and these families. but i'm not impressed. >> will: there is not much to be impressed about at this point. you know, pete, rachel, when you are reading a book. i think you begin to see the world through of the prism of
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whatever book you are reading. i think that's the case or maybe reading the right book at the right time. reading a book about endurance. race across america. it's a book about leadership. a lot of what i think about these days is leadership. i think what we are seeing across our landscape, across our society is just a complete collapse of leadership. because you see these officers. you can see the citizenry. look at our quote, unquote, leaders and say what a failure. what a failed attempt at guiding us in a positive direction. and i'm going to give you just yet another example. this is what w. our border patrol agents. leaked video of bill melugin chief raúl ortiz, he is talking to customs and border patrol. border patrol agent. i think what you are going to see here is officers upset, questioning, pushing back on leadership. not so much even ortiz, but leadership above him and the
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entire environment that's created in border patrol. fascinating video again obtained by bill melugin, watch. >> don't give up. we stay focused. we continue to do the job and the vision that we signed up for. >> constitution. >> it's not hard to say. it may be hard for you to say but i have been doing this for 31 years. it's not hard for me to say it. every day i wake up and i'm committed to this organization and i'm committed to each one of y'all. >> you get bogged down in the policies. the policies. >> illegal aliens. >> can't even say. >> that's why chief has got left. >> why are you getting caught up in semantics. there is a vision out. >> there i have been doing this job as long as y'all. >> as a volunteer. >>ing good men are doing nothing. you are allowing illegal aliens to be dropped off in communities. >> pete: it's a powerful video. you mention anger in the ranks of the nypd.
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that's anger in the ranks of the border patrol. men and women who did sign up to defend the border. defend law and order and the constitution. they are not being allowed to do so. mayorkas visited the border. dhs secretary had his back turned on him. the individual who did that when he asked why he said because you turned your back on us. that's raúl ortiz, he has been on our program. i think all of us have probably interviewed him. good guy. the question now is amongst the ranks, is he being brave to stand up to the policies that are undermining what border patrol can do or is he being a company man. company man who says well, it's just rolling down from the top so deal with it, fellows. in the military, i have-we have had that choice many, many times both in combat and in other places and in training, can you either say well, guys, that's just the way it is or you can fight to say this is unacceptable and here's how we are going to change the environment. or challenge those above you. that's the frustration you hear from those border patrol officers.
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mr. ortiz, are you doing something about it or are you just telling us 31 years this is the way it is? that's anger. that's frustration. and you can see it. good for those border patrol agents standing up. you don't see that i have stood in front of a platoon many times my life. to break rank like that takes courage usually get in trouble. to be honest good for them. that is anger and they should be angry. >> rachel: yeah, they should. i'm not sure that is anything that raúl ortiz can do. i really don't. >> pete: probably not. if there was rank on the table and say i'm done. you could throw your rank on the table and say i'm done, i won't be a part of it. >> rachel: yes, just like lt. sheryl did, yeah, he could do that let's stop lying about it. i saw the quotes by mayorkas when he was asked about it. you saw jen psaki being asked about those illegal flights that went into new york that we had the footage. that doesn't matter that happened from a few months ago. that's not really news. yeah, it is news. i don't know when that footage was taken. i guess august 13th.
3:19 am
i don't care when it's happening. everyone in this country knows that that is happening every day all across the country. that our government officials and ice we are travel agents. we are not protecting our borders and immigration and halting illegal immigration. we are travel agents. we are taking people who were brought over illegally, by cartels who, by the way are destabilizing mexico because they have become so rich and powerful. we are putting them on taxpayer buses and flights and distributing them all across the america. everybody knows this is happening. we didn't know this video to know it. it was interesting to see, but we all know it's happening. these poor border patrol agents know it's happening. so why should they arrest them? because they are just getting put on buses and drove all across the country. this is so demoralizing. the police officer who was laid
3:20 am
to rest yesterday was the first in his family to become a police officer you wonder are other people in his family or in his community going to be inspired to become a police officer because of his heroism? i hope. so a lot of other people are demoralize and disgusted by how our law enforcement and our border patrol are treated. and how these policies are putting them in danger. and how these policies, frankly, are putting our entire country in danger. what you are seeing at the border right there is a national security failure. we are in trouble. we don't know who the heck is coming across that border. i'm telling you, i'm just so disgusted i don't even know what to say. >> will: well, it is certainly a failure -- it's certainly a failure of leadership. it's certainly a failure of multiple aspects of this country that manifest in one particular issue right there on the border. you can see some pushback beginning within the ranks. we will see how far it goes.
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i mentioned the canadian truck driver just a moment ago. thousands of truck drivers united against covid-19 mandates. big boost from big names. that he was coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> rachel: beautiful shot, everyday a winding road. sheryl crow. i love these truckers in canada fighting back. the trucker freedom rally carries on and is inspiring all of us because as you know the mandate that have been imposed on truckers crossing over the border, so you know, 15% of truckers, they estimate in canada are not backed, that's about 16,000 truckers, and it's going to effect the supply chain as we all know. and there is an overall disgust
3:26 am
with the vaccine mandates. a lot of people in canada are braving some of the most crazy temperatures. you think it's cold here in new jersey and new york. it's even colder up there in canada. people are coming out to show support for the truckers. here is a tweet by elon musk. canadian truckers rule. i have to say i'm not at all surprised that this freedom movement was started by truckers as i mentioned. i know a lot of truckers. they are some of the most common sense people i know. they know a lot about the country because of their job. they know how the country works. they know how the supply chain works. something maybe our transportation secretary pete buttigieg might want to learn a little bit from our truckers on that. they understand regionalism. they understand so much about america because and canada because they spend time in their trucks. listening and staying informed.
3:27 am
not surprised, pete, that it's truckers who are leading this movement. not surprised it's trucks maybe you canada, love it. associated with politeness and. it's not just the vaccine mandates or the lockdowns. when you talk to these truckers and you listen to them, they are talking about the word freedom. they are saying we want our freedom back. and this is our opportunity to go all the way to ottawa, go to the capital, which they are starting to arrive now. they arrive and say we are not going to leave until our demands are resolved or at least heard and thousands hundreds of thousands of canadians are meeting them on the side of the road on overpasses saluting them with their masks off because they're outside and following the science saying you are fighting on behalf of us
3:28 am
amazingly cold to see. unwithin of those sheldon andreas. protesting what's going on with mandates. here is on with tucker. here is whether a this trucker had to say. >> been a stifling of freedom. and a stifling of unity in canada for two years. a lot of people are down. a lot of people are fired, now, you can't even go into a grocery store without getting into an argument about a mask or whatnot, what really drove me to do this is the smiling faces that i have seen on the people that organized it like a good friend of mine helped to put this together wonderful to see all the smiling faces. will whale strikes me the rebellion.
3:29 am
coming together as truck dryers. also the response of truck drivers reveals hot opposition as well. i know you guys are aware that a "the washington post" columnist drew a cartoon or "the washington post" cartoonist drew a picture of these truckers with fascism, blue collar workers standing up to the elite. that's what fascism is. thage against the machine is part of the member now. the ones that pretended to be rebels are sheep and toadies for the establishment. that is the face of the freedom of rebellions. >> pete: beautiful. >> will: we have a bit more? >> rachel: i'm so glad you brought up that cartoon. because, remember. that newspaper that put in that cartoon calling these freedom fighters fascist that paper is owned by who?
3:30 am
oligarch made tons of money every day small business owners and every day workers suffered during this pandemic. so, you know great job pointing that out. i'm glad you brought that up. >> will: thank you. we have been talking about that this morning backing the blue. incredible show of support of city's finest as nypd detective justin rivera has a message for the d.a. >> i know you are tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size.
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>> will: heart breaking eulogy for her husband fallen nypd detective jason rivera's widow shared tough words for new york city soft on crime policies. >> the system continues to fail
3:35 am
us. we are not safe anymore. i know you are tired of these laws. especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. i'm sure all of our blue family is tired, too. but i promise we promise that your death won't be in vain. >> will: here so act is joe imperatrice founder of blue lives matter and c'mone wingo retired police officer. thank you both for being with us this morning. in listening to that right there, joe, it's clear it would be a mistake to waste time to ask how big of an impacts this has on officers, i'm talking about policies. here is widow talking about policies at a funeral. at her husband's funeral. my question for you is, just take me in the mind of a police officer, whether or not it's dallas or new york, joe, policies play a part in your job in what way? as you are arresting a criminal you think or as you potentially
3:36 am
could arrest a criminal or stop someone. it will never be prosecuted. how does it impact your job on a kailey basis, joe. >> it effects everything [inaudible] officer rivera's wife her speech was real. she wasn't even a police officer as she was speaking as if she was one. she was married to one. we are hearing people in the communities rise up. say that there is a problem. but now you are finally hearing the effect it's happening on the families of law enforcement. they are begging and pleading. we need change. this is not working. >> will: yeah. so i want to put that same question to you simone. when you heard those words in the eulogy, what were your thoughts. >> well, first of all, good morning, will, thank you for having me. >> will: good morning. >> my first thought was wow, this woman is so brave. she is so strong, she is so fierce to be standing up in front of all of that blue speaking her mind, speaking her heart. she was very, very strong.
3:37 am
and you know, personally, i think that what he she said was true. i'm going to hold these people accountable. the system is failing police. we are constantly being gunned down day after day, what's this january and it's already been six officers. the people who signed up to protect and serve are being gunned down by these animals. and the system is failing us. and so when we go out on a call, my son-in-law is a police officer with dallas now. and when we go out on a call, you are second guessing yourself. you know, i'm video. everything is being videoed. you have cameras. you have phones. you have body cam. what am i going to do wrong? is this going to be my last day on this job? always second guessing yourself. it's just not fair. it's not fair. i mean, you don't go to your job and say if i said this word, am i going to get fired or am i going to get put on suspension. it's very, very difficult to do a job when you have always got in the back of your mind is big
3:38 am
brother going to get me today or is the bad guy going to get me today? >> will: is the bad guy. that's the one that makes it stand out. a lot of people do fear for their jobs on a daily basis whether or not they say the wrong thing that last one. it's no small thing c'mone is my life in danger today. >> we have few of us have to worry about our life being in danger. to the point that you are illustrating, c'mone, put it to the audience 7 law enforcement officers shot in 48 hours on january 28th kentucky state trooper. january 27th three houston police officers. the 26th two st. louis police officers. on that same day a milwaukee sheriff's deputy. you know, joe, you look at this and then there are reports during officer rivera's ceremony that nypd service vehicle tires were slashed. perhaps four different vehicles tires were slashed during these supervise services, joe. what's going on? why is this happening?
3:39 am
>> well, i experienced it firsthand this week. griff jenkins, i made a comment that any normal or level-headed person would understand what i was making. the left wing media left wing politician spun it and tried to seem like a police officer in law enforcement inciting violence. they spew lies and it causes people to hate the police when they don't know why. police officers hurt. tires slashed, video going viral about how they are talking about how they hate police officers. the media and certain politicians need to be held accountable for their actions because they go out there and take it to heart and act out because of it. >> will: all right. sad day. a day we want to hope there are not more of. gee self-impair therese and c'mone thank you for putting it in context for letting us know
3:40 am
how it is for officers all across this country quite frankly. thank you both. >> thank you. >> will: some students choosing not to wear mask from the government order. they are being separated from classmates. one dad who has been standing up from the start join us next. >> because you know what? there are people like me and a line of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ (swords clashing) only pay for what you need. -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast.
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>> rick: welcome back to "fox & friends." tracking first big blizzard on the east coast. blizzard warnings extend delmarva all the way up coastal maine. winter storm warnings a little bit farther inland. windy conditions right along the coast. this is a radar picture. by the ways in the down across parts of the carolinas third week in a row winter storm going on for you. the bulk of this storm is going to be parts of the northeast. you see the heavy snow falling from areas from new york all the way out for much of long island and then we are also watching that in across parts of massachusetts, coastal massachusetts, southeast massachusetts. that's where i think the bulls eye is going to be for snowfall totals of this. some spots probably picking up well over 2 feet of snow around that area. here is the frard. future radar. here is the daytime storm today. be able to set out and enjoy and see it that's also on a saturday. that's one positive note of
3:45 am
this. it is very cold snow. so it's not going to be a snowball making snow, rachel, your kids are not going to be out there making any snow men they are going to be able to play in the light fluffy snow here on saturday. is a stay off the roads, everyone if you at all can. rachel? >> rachel: looks like we can still go sledding so that will be good. thank you,. >> rick: rick that you can. >> rachel: well a loudoun county father promised to take matters into his own hands last year. if schools continue to be ruled by inconsistent covid protocols. >> because you know what? there is people like me and a line of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. >> rachel: but despite this week -- but this week, despite virginia's executive order for optional masking, some schools started separating as a matter masklessstudents from their cla. the father of four has in fact figured it out himself by running for congress. brandon lashuan joins us now.
3:46 am
brandon, first of all, congratulations for taking on this amazing task. i think a lot of people are inspired by what you are taking on and how you have reacted and responded to so many of the terrible things that are happening in our schools with these mandates. let me start with this. many of these kids are saying that they are being separated. that when they are in these classrooms, they are learning nothing. they are not given instruction. and they feel like they are being punished for exercising their right to breathe freely this right that governor youngkin gave back to them. >> that's right, rachel. i appreciate you having me on. yeah, loudoun county and other parts of virginia, you know, they are punishing kids for exercising their rights. they just announced last night in loudoun that they are going to start suspending kids if they don't wear mask. parents are frustrated. enough is enough. we are holding behind people because of our fears, i had the
3:47 am
turn that of being in the room when glenn youngkin signed the order. actually have a pen from that executive order this means something to parents and virginians. as you said earlier i threw my hat in the ring this week to run for congress. we have a new strong leader in washington. join team brandon and we are going to win and raise the bar and create a movement that your voice matters not just locally at the state level but the federal level as well. >> rachel: some parents are posting pictures by the way of many of these school board members who have gone tout eat together shoulder to shoulder maskless. >> yeah. >> rachel: so clearly not afraid they are going to die without their mask. i want to be really honest about this. we talk about the school boards there are many neurotic liberal rich moms and dads out there who want these policies to continue.
3:48 am
they are ingrate that the government gave rights back. there are parents who want these policies in place. >> well, the first thing, executive order number two key word the choice. if you want to wear a mask. double mask. wear a space suit that is your choice. it is your choice as a parent what's best for your family. we are not telling you don't have to wear a mask. we are not telling you don't have to wear mask. we are giving you a choice. if people were truly afraid of this they wouldn't leave their house. that's a selfish thing. if they were going to not leave the house and get delivery of food. someone would have to bring that to them. they would be risking them. we need to have more compassion and love our neighbors and understand this has been a rough couple years. would no longer can put the most innocent and influential part of the population, which is the children, and blame them for all the decisions of adults.
3:49 am
>> rachel: absolutely. we are ruining child hoods, we are banning smiles. >> that's right. we are changing the development of children and how they speak and how they learn. this is just outrageous. thank you for standing up for kids. they don't have a voice. hopefully you will get to be their voice in congress. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> rachel: coming up, how this patriotic photo led us to these two hero firefighters running marathons to honor those lost on 9/11. and they are next. ♪
3:50 am
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the. >> pete: favorite tradition sharing viewers photos with the national anthem. one two firefighters running races throughout the years to honor the 343 fdny members lost on 9/11. jeffrey comply and bob join us now. thanks for being here. standing in the photo and introducing us to this story. jeff, let me start with you. what do you guys do and be why do you do it? >> good morning. thanks for having us. shortly after 9/11, i saw an article about another firefighter who ran in gear.
3:54 am
and i thought that's a neat challenge. first time i did it, i was nervous because i didn't want to embarrass myself and other career firefighters. but it really went well. as we continued to do it, we put tributes on our back to the fdny, 343 firefighters who were lost. and also to military men and women who have been lost. and also to the people aboard flight 93 who were lost and guys like pat tillman. all heroes a lot braver than we are. >> pete: bob, i presume you are the guy that he read about doing it first and said, you know, hey, how can i join you? why did you first or why did you first get involved in this and it feels like 9/11 is every day for you guys. you are remembering it every day. >> honestly, i wasn't the first. i don't know who jeff saw to begin with he started doing it before me.
3:55 am
then he asked me since i run and we just started doing it. and it's the first time like he said it's very nervous. you don't want to -- you know, you want to go out there and do it with pride. we do it for america. never forget; you know, the military people all the true heroes. >> pete: it's amazing the true heroes the fdny and nypd still seeing today in the military. and i can attest, having attempted to run in military gear, like that. it is not easy. especially for that distance that you guys are doing. i want to thank you, jeff and bob. unfortunately we are basically out of time. but i want to thank you both for sending in that photo for what you do quietly, never expecting to be recognized and we're grateful to get a chance to recognize you both. jeffing lee comp and bob is simmons thank you for your service and the way you give back the way that you do. thanks for sending in that photo. >> sure. never forget.
3:56 am
>> if we have five seconds fire department lieutenanten sadler and kyle were lost this week in a fire. our condolences to the baltimore fire department and their families. thanks for having us. >> pete: amen. never forget. thank you guys. more information in just a moment. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside and play with my daughter. i can ate anything. like, i don't have to worry. clearchoice changed my life. ♪ ♪ i can ate anything. like, i don't have to worry. at lowe's, you never have to be finished with your finishing touches. with aisles of ways to refresh and restyle.
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i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. ♪ the snow's coming down ♪ >> will: there is a wintery shot along with wintery song. rhode island, blizzard conditions hitting 10 states this morning as we welcome you in to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. will cain, pete hegseth and rachel campos-duffy. throughout the morning we are bringing you updates.
4:01 am
we will in just a few moments on the blizzard like conditions hitting everywhere seemingly in the northeast. i feel for you both. i have got one more weekend here in texas, we're together again in the northeast. but i hope it warms up. and, pete, you know, we were texting yesterday. i did fit in a quick little warm trip a few hundred miles south in mexico for the last couple of days. so i'm thawing before i head back your way. to. >> pete: it's a beautiful thing. we only tip our hat. we only salute you to that. and only salute the state of texas which is not one of those 10 states. that's why so many people are going there and going to florida and elsewhere. i guess this does sort of tip down into north carolina, some of those states. but, yeah, i'm looking outside the window and it looks really cold. there is a lot of snow and i used to live in minnesota. and i don't miss it at all and now it's found me again, why can't you make it stop, rachel? >> i don't know. i will tell you who doesn't like the cold. it's not just me.
4:02 am
it's my dog skippy this morning. i tried get him to go outside. he did want to go outside but boy, was he ready to come back inside fast. [sigh] >> rachel: even the little furry ones are wishing they were in mexico. me too. >> will: gimpy, get outside. jump through the snow. so fun watchdogs go through the snow. maybe skippy sinks and disappears. [laughter] that's maybe that's what it is. >> pete: skippy in wisconsin, right? >> rachel: what? >> pete: skippy was with new wisconsin, right? like saying skippy? >> rachel: yeah, yeah. this is what you guys don't know. >> pete: from wisconsin, he there is no way he is going out with that. i thought i was done with that. >> rachel: i'm going to tell you what it is like in my house. it can be wisconsin outside. it can be blizzard new jersey temperatures outside. inside the heat it's arizona. so skippy is inside a lot and he feels like he is in arizona or mexican. he likes it nice and warm just
4:03 am
like me. >> will: inside it's arizona. all right. we will check in by the way in a little later in the morning as we keep you updated on conditions in the northeast. there is some serious snow coming down. also though, happening in the northeast, and unfortunately, obviously tragic example of america's crime crisis on the rise as this week new york city's finest honored officer jason rivera with a funeral at saint patrick's cathedral in new york city. in that funeral, during those eulogies, you heard from, for example, jason rivera's wife talking about the policies that contribute to this type of environment, this atmosphere that leads continue to acrossed danger for officers. let's give you an example of what she is referencing. rachel brought it up earlier in the show. a teen rapper, 16 years old, shot at, took shots at nypd cops and he is out now. he has walked free on bond. mayor eric adams brought this up. he talked about this.
4:04 am
here's what he had to say. new yorkers should all be outraged a repeat offender accused of shooting a police officer is today walking free on bond because a judge is precluded from considering danger to the community. there is a policy like every other state and our federal courts. it's further proof that our current system is failing us. today, of all days, with the city in mourning over the death of detective first grade jason rivera and police officer wilbert mora who we all must come together and agree that changes are needed. there are the policies we are talking about, rachel. there is the new mayor you have been talking about. >> yeah, absolutely. and here is the wife of fallen nypd detective jason rivera who is calling out d.a. alvin bragg. the person who, you know, ran on soft on crime policies. listen to what she has to say. >> the system continues to fail us.
4:05 am
we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. i know you are tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. [applause] i'm sure all of our blue family is tired, too. but i promise, we promise that your death won't be in vain. i love you to the end of time. we'll take the watch from here. >> ainsley: there she is. only four months married to the love of her life and there she is taking that flag, a widow so young in her 20's. but so brave, calling out the
4:06 am
d.a. something that eric adams hasn't actually done by name and should. he should also call out george soros and everybody who put d.a.s like alvin bragg in place. these are people who specifically have a strategy to put soft on crime d.a.s into big cities and medium and small cities across this country. these are people believe in so-called restorative justice. who believe in reimagining law enforcement, don't believe in law and order. this is very sad. and also there is blame to go around, pete, let's remember, it is the citizens of new york who voted for alvin bragg. i spoke to a democrat friend of mine. i said why did you do that? and he said well, we just vote straight ticket. that's what happened. alvin bragg was not shy about what he stood for. it was all on his website. talked about it. he campaigned on it he has a manifesto on his website about
4:07 am
all of these, you know, so-called restorative justice policies. so, people knew what was coming and people are dying because of it. pete? >> pete: we move on to a fox news alert that rachel campos-duffy has a democrat friend. i don't know that that is amazing. [laughter] >> rachel: i actually do have a lot of democrat friends. i do. >> pete: i believe you. i'm just messing with you. i'm just messing with you. >> rachel: i used to say i vote republican but i party democrat. but anyway we move on. >> pete: no, it's a great point. the blame doesn't just lie with alvin bragg. right to point the focus there and eric adams. also right to point the focus at governor hochul who leads the charge on this. the ethos in the state. and point the finger at the state legislature in new york. who passes the type of laws that tie the hands of judges who cannot even consider danger to the community when they are sentencing or deciding bail or who will be released or who
4:08 am
won't be. all democrats across the board. and then you have got citizens voting straight ticket. because that's just what they do. maybe it's a wake-up moment. i don't expect eric adams or alvin bragg or governor hochul to have a moment where they realize wow, george soros. there is not going to. he lines their coffers. it has to -- it's going to get worse. hopefully yesterday, the powerful images of honor and anger, will, as you pointed out, those words, maybe they will pierce into the hearts and minds of some of those people to say this can't continue. let's hope. >> will: maybe. it is a powerful show of force from the people. and maybe? is an example. maybe this is an example of the power of people. because there is a sea change happening. you can feel the app. rat tell us, the system. honestly the false narrative fear for the past two years beginning to crumble down. the question though is why. let's get some examples. the san francisco chronicle published an op-ed this week
4:09 am
that said the following. should kids wear masks in schools? maybe not. inside that maybe not by the way. inside that op-ed they said, quote. kids are bearing the brunt of restrictions. all day masking and punitive masks culture. my 8-year-old son brought home a self-portrait this week had it no nose or mouth. we can all be furious and devastated by the death and illness this mask is causing. can't misread people's desires as normal indicating callus disregard for human life. one of the first rules of parenting is never to take out your own anger on your own child. that's what turns us in to monsters. and, rachel, you are seeing this. you are beginning to see it in multiple newspapers across the country. beginning to see it it among msnbc hosts. iill give you example, chris hayes hosts a show on msnbc. he said something similar on social media. maybe this masking thing, you know, maybe the data is not there. consider moving beyond it do you know what's fascinating, rachel?
4:10 am
the replies. the audience that you cultivated for the better part two of years by peddling fear wants nothing to do with your truth now. they want nothing to do with it you have made your bed, now you have to lie in it. >> rachel: yeah, but the problem is many of the liberal parents who went along with, this many of these liberal op-ed writers in san francisco chronicle and some of these other newspapers across liberal papers across the country. a lot of them have kids. and after two years they are seeing of the results of this. it's really devastating. a picture a child drawing a self-portrait where he has no nose or mouth. s that is so dehumanizing what we are doing for kids. i'm talking to parents across the country and teachers as well. many saying that this generation of young kids who are learning to speak, learning to read and write. they are falling behind because developmental are just not on the same level as kids a couple years ago because they are not
4:11 am
seeing mouths. that's how we communicate. that's how we do. more importantly not seeing smiles. we have banned children's smiles for two years. i think it's child abuse. i have said that on this show many times. this says a lot how we fail to value children in this culture. whether it's from the womb on and how we allow our political ideologies and our politics it impact them here is brandon my shawn, the parent my son. this is impacting kids. stop hurting our kids. is he now running for congress. here is what he had to say. they are punishing kids for exercising their rights. they announced last night in loudoun they will start suspending kids if they don't
4:12 am
wear a mask. if you want to wear a mask. if you want to double mask. if you want to wear a space suit, that is your choice. it is your choice as a parent what's best for your family. we are not telling you don't have to wear a mask. we are not telling you that you have to, you know, wear a mask. we are giving you the choice. >> pete: that's exactly right. do something in wrong. rather him run for mayor or governor where he can effect those policies, quite frankly. >> rachel: great point. >> pete: congress can't effect that but locally you can. bring experience as a father who stood up to that lat form. chronicle should kids wear masks in schools maybe not? maybe not? in minnesota no, please? hell no should kids wear masks in school in texas. it's all a different view. i don't like to cite sweden all that often. in sweden schools were never
4:13 am
closed and children were never masked. we haven't followed the science from the beginning about who is impacted about what is happening to these kids. totally unnecessary. to your point about the level of freakout chris hayes. they put kids in rubber rooms and now expelling kids if they exercise their choice people without any risk to not wear a mask in class. the left won't let go of this. because it's their ultimate virtual signal and ultimate control and power. let's hope keep rising up. i don't see any other way to do it. >> rachel: it's their religion, pete. >> pete: yeah. i agree. >> rachel: people who have no faith. this has become -- this has become dogma. >> pete: challenging the climate. >> will: so all three of us have things we do, outside of just hanging out with you on saturday and sunday mornings. there is, of course, the will
4:14 am
cain podcast. from the kitchen table podcast rachel and sean. from what i understand mr. hegseth who has a series out on fox nation the miseducation of america was on the kitchen table podcast; is that right, guys? >> rachel: yes, he was. i think this is one of our best podcasts ever. i'm not just saying that, pete, because you are here. in fact, i told pete that while i have nothing but respect for his service in the military. my hats off to him. i think what he did on this miseducation of america documentary might even be a greater service to america. because, pete went deep. he went all the way back so that you can know that you are not crazy when you see what you are seeing in your school system and your kid's curriculum. this is an absolute planned out effort on the part of the progressives to change america. pete, thank you for doing this podcast. i thought it was -- my podcast. but also for the series. if you haven't seen it, you really should. >> pete: thank you so much for having me on the podcast.
4:15 am
it's great. you guys know so much about the issues. it was answer formed discussion from the beginning. you have been all over it both you and sean. thanks to everyone out there in fox news world and fox nation who checked out the miseducation of america. huge response to it. because i think the first thing can you do to get to a solution is recognize the depth of the problem. so far -- so often we miss that. the left went after the hearts and minds and affections of our youngest, over 100 years ago and that project continues to this day. the looneyness we see today. still check it out at fox nation. use the classroom -- or the code classroom for 90 days free. five-part series. proud of it and it's the exactly the kind of work fox nation exists to do. that would never be on netflix or peacock or never be anywhere else calling out who the progressives are. never will. you can do it on fox nation. thanks to fox nation. >> rachel: really quick not just history on podcast and series. we talk about solutions. we talk about what you should do
4:16 am
and not shy about it. you should check it out. >> will: check them both out. great work guys. both of you. here is your fox weather alert. blizzard warning in effect for 10 states on the east coast. at least 5,000 flights have been canceled. fox weather multimedia journalist robert ray is live in massachusetts. robert? >> good morning from glossster, massachusetts. about 30 miles to the neath up boston. you can see i'm standing here on the atlantic ocean as nor'easter is whipping up here. it's going to be high tide here in less than an an hour. the water comes up. can you see some of the debris here from the ocean and you look out here own the atlantic and see how nasty it is right now. winds are one of concerns are power outages and coastal
4:17 am
flooding as the high tide comes. in i'm literally standing on a beach about an hour ago, 15, 20 feet out there. this is just beginning as snow is whipping in. look at this as it continues to come in. we have got to be careful. this will probably be the last live report from this position right now. snow plows are out and about trying to do their best as this nor'easter is raging. could get over 2 feet of snow here. we will be hun monitoring it all day long on fox weather and fox news. back to you. >> rachel: thank you, robert. appreciate it. all right. well, we are going to turn now to your headlines. the white house confirming judge michelle child is being justice against allegations of discrimination. james clyburn says he stands behind his call for biden to pick a candidate based on race and gender. >> i think that one of the real blights on the history of this
4:18 am
great country is the fact that all these years there has never been a black woman even considered for the united states supreme court. >> rachel: but in 2019, 13 senate democrats voted against ada e. brown when donald trump nominated her as district judge in northern texas. that's interesting. a pregnant man emoji and pregnant person emoji are coming to iphones. the group behind the addition considerable efforts to offer all people emojis one man, one woman, and a non-gender specifying person adding pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and nonbinary people. and those are your headlines. guys? that is by the way the real war on women. if you ask me. >> pete: i agree. i feel like i will end up using
4:19 am
that emoj a lot though especially when i text will. >> will: i can't wait. >> pete: probably going to happen. i will find a reason to use it will, you know it. >> will: i hope so. i'm going to post it. >> pete: i will really tee that first one up for you. joe biden signals sending american troops to eastern europe as tensions rise between ukraine and russia. joey jones and jeremy hunt join us next. ♪
4:20 am
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♪ >> pete: back with a fox news alert. joe biden signaling he will deploy a number of troops to eastern europe and nato nations as his joint chiefs of staff chairman mark milley reveals russia has enough troops and weapons to invade ukraine with, quote, very little warning. here to react retired marine bomb tech and our friend fox news contributedder joey jones and jeremy hunt who was deployed to ukraine in the army and helped to deploy train troops there as well. both of you guys know what you
4:24 am
are talking about. great to have you. joe, when you hear joe biden send we are sending troops to nato countries. what's that mean? what's the plan attached to that. >> reactionary. reassuring countries in that area that if we have some sort of a treaty or a pac or alliance with them that we are not going to let happen to them what we are seeing happen to ukraine and that kind of sounds a little bit like we are not in the place we want to be. i don't think our government has the political will or really the competence to really see theirselves through this without russia giving us a favor here. i don't see a government that led a war the entire country wanted to end end in such a way that the entire country is embarrassed about it. i don't see that same government a few months later finding some resolution here out of the genius of their think tank. military leaders more focused on domestic social distancing than ability to compete. we have a presidential leader who truly doesn't understand the
4:25 am
will of the american people anymore. and here we are with men and women, you know, 10, 15 years minding your junior who may have to fight a war against russia in 20 22? this doesn't make any sense at all. what it shows us. >> pete: that's a great point. >> as a country political system soundbite or sound decision making. time for us to have a gut check. this is not a position we should have ever been in. >> pete: jeremy, i want to get to your position training ukrainian troops in a moment. to joey's point. does feel like we are incrementally introducing troops without a plan of what it means? we have seen that before. >> yeah. i mean, if there is anything that we know that we can trust about joe biden's white house that they never have a plan. and that's the problem. i mean, as someone who searched in ukraine as an intelligence officer, i can say that the only person shocked and caught off guard by what russia is doing right now is joe biden. we saw this -- we saw this build up all the way back in april. but what was joe biden doing
4:26 am
back in april? he is cutting defense spending. he was trying to gut the military. and so now what makes no sense to me that now he wants to send soldiers to eastern europe and baltic states, nato countries. litt wania, estonia, baltic states to shore up eastern flank. doing that. at the same time doing that when our soldiers have fewer resources because you didn't want to give them the defense spending that they needed. so, it makes no sense. and this is just par for the course for joe biden and his administration. that's one of the reasons i'm running for congress. we have to get accountability of what's going on. get members of congress to ask tough questions all these biden defense officials and get answers for the american nice to have members of congress who know the baltic states and baltimore and someone like you that's been there to understand that. real quick, jeremy the ukrainian troops you trained, how would you assess the capability of
4:27 am
ukraine to take on a full russian assault right now. >> i will say this. the people we trained, the men and women of the ukrainian armed forces they are tough and professional military force, they are well well trained and our job as lie allies. resources they need to defend themselves. anti-aircraft. so they can at least make putin pay. so. all of us here in the united states be giving them our thoughts and prayers and the resources they need to fight. >> pete: joey, do you think that's the sentiment right now amongst, you know, our generation of war fighters? we spent a lot of money and decades fighting in foreign countries trying to remake them and now it's time for ukraine and others to stand up for themselves? >> you know, i can't speak for everyone in uniform right now. as a veteran that fought the
4:28 am
last two wars. i have a lot more faith is ukraine, nato allies in the area. i have a lot more faith in them to negotiate a peaceful end to this than our own government. that maybe the most unpatriotic thing i have ever said on television. it's not because i don't love this country. i have faith in every single war fighter that may put our our uniform and end up in conflict. i don't have any faith in our political leaders right now. you talk about members of congress who understand this we don't have members of congress who understand guam can't flip over like a floating table top. we don't have our best and brightest making decisions every time we are in this situation. i think the evidence is pretty clear. a it's really tough to have clear objective. we knowed more jeremy hunts in there thank you jeremy and joey. appreciate it. >> take care. >> thank you.
4:29 am
>> pete: inflation no longer the issue consumers have to worry about. shrink inflation on shelves. cheryl casone on why some of your favorite products may get smaller. and my crisp picks my favorite cereal got canceled. we are keeping an eye on the wicked winter weather when we come back ♪
4:30 am
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allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. >> rachel: we are back with a fox weather alert. 5,000 flights canceled as a potential nor'easter barrels up the northeast east coast right now. let's go to rick reichmuth. >> rick: you like when the storms happen on saturday. third weekend in a row big storm. last two were across parts of the south which by the way is
4:34 am
getting in on some of this again more snow across the carolinas. the bulk of this storm is going to be across parts of the mid-atlantic in throughout the northeast targeting the northeast and coastal new england. seeing winds likely in the 50 to 70 mile-per-hour range and that's going to cause a lot of blowing snow. the snow that's falling this time is not a really hard packing snow. it's going to be a really light fluffy snow. that means it's going to blow and cause a lot of drifting. snow across long island. the bulk of this. the largest snowfall totals we are going to see across south shore of the boston area and maybe parts of rhode island. cape cod and the islands, you will be seeing snow. a lot of times you get in on the rain. this one is going to be all snow. this is how much snow we have left coming. there across parts of southeastern parts of massachusetts and in coastal maine that's where we will see that bulk. some spots at the end of this are going to be looking at somewhere around 24 to 36 inches of snow. all right. will. send it over to you.
4:35 am
>> will: all right, rick, get ready in boston. it's not just inflation. now it's shrinkflation. what is shrinkflation millions of americans are paying the same price but for smaller versions of their favorite products. here with more is the host of american dream home on fox business it's cheryl casone. so, cheryl, give us some examples okay we know inflation prices going up. shrinkflation we get less? >> you get less for the same price. that's why it's called shrinkflation. fox business found lots of examples of products. a lot of breakfast cereals in particular that you are getting less for your money. same size box but less cereal within it. choo bane yorgt. i know it's morning. 5.3 aleve a, decrease.
4:36 am
cocoa pebbles 20.05 ounces to 19.5 ounces but the price went up from 3.99 to 4.79 a box. what's happening is companies, large corporations are dealing with inflation, they are dealing with material costs that have jumped. dealing with truckers that they are having to pay double now to get all of those products to your grocery store where you live. and, of course, the labor shortage and the supply chain crunch which has still become a problem. we are still feeling the backlog of that, will. this is what americans are facing. what i want to know at what point is the president biden and the administration are going to tell us that all the food companies are evil corporations. i'm waiting for that. >> will: right. right. here's some more examples. this is fascinating by the way you showed the aleve adjustment. 100 to 90. crest toothpaste 4.1 ounces down to 3.8 ounces. so one thing i'm noticing, cheryl though, you said same box but they are marking it. there is gain down almost 10
4:37 am
fluid ounces same price as you pointed out. everything paper towels, fewer sheets of paper towels in the packaging. but they are marking the packaging. so they are marking that it's down. here's my question, cheryl. inflation we can understand, prices go up. prices go down. do you think quantity ever goes back up if they're getting the same price for it? in other words, if i'm paying the same price for 3.8 ounces of toothpaste instead of 4.1. when we supposedly reset back to normal, does that go back to 4.? >> no. no. because we have been seeing this happening actually for decades. we saw that happen back in the 180s and 1990s in particular. remember the recession of the early 80's? companies were doing this back then. this is not a new story for corporate america. what is the new story is right now you have got inflation at 39 year high in this country. so a lot of companies, general mills, they warned us back in the fourth quarter that they were going to start to raise
4:38 am
prices. but, instead, what we are seeing now kind of play outside on grocery store shelves across the country is that they divided to shrink the amount that they are selling you and keep the price the same. because they are sensitive to the fact that americans are price sensitive. okay. so, one ounce less cereal in a box, maybe you think to yourself oh, big deal. but do you know what? to a family that is struggling to pay their bills that's on a tight budget, that's a bowl of cereal, that does matter. and it adds up when it's not just cereal but it's all of the products that you are either using in your bathroom like the toothpaste, you are right about that example. or the food that you are consuming. i will also add that we are seeing this with restaurants. restaurant owners were telling us six months ago they were telling us, look, we are singeing under inflation. we don't know what we are going to do. a lot of the restaurants shrunk portions. they don't tell you that they're doing it many restaurant owners have told us on the side we have no choice. we have to. >> will: right, right. to your point never comes back.
4:39 am
you get less for the same price. cheryl casone, thanks for explaining shrinkflation unfortunately to us this morning. see you, cheryl. >> you bet. >> will: as nypd detective jason rivera is laid to rest. a grieving city is now preparing to honor new york city fallen officer wilbert more remarks up next we will talk to his long time primary care physician and friend about officer mora's heart of gold. for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. subway's new roast beef footlong has so much new, like hearty multigrain bread and usda choice angus roast beef. for in-depth analysis let's go to marshawn lynch. what? man, you just ate the product shot! save big. order through the app.
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4:43 am
>> pete: with thousands mourning nypd detective laid to rest new york city and the nation now prepares to honor fallen officer wilbert mora at his wake and funeral next week. this morning, officer mora's long time primary care physician and friend shares his memories of mora's heart of gold and what it was like sitting beside his friend's hospital bed after he was shot. dr. omead decruise joins us now. doctor, thank you for being here. tell us about your friend, officer mora. >> thank you so much for having me guys, good morning. good morning. i got the know him from 2016, he came to my office. and from the beginning, he had a heart of gold. he was lit up the room with
4:44 am
his -- his smile lit up the room. even the nurses, secretaries, medical staff would love to see him. and he was impeccable guy. he really really respected everybody. he respected his family. it was a pleasure. i always used to tell him it's a pleasure to have you every time i see you. >> will: dr. nikrouz, i understand you were with his family at the end of his life. the extend his decision after his death. tell us about that and his decision to be an organ donor. >> you know, i tell you from the beginning, when i got to know wilbert, the way he talked about his friends and his family, he was always so giving.
4:45 am
and even obviously -- he passed away, you could see that that five of his organs got donated to family members and other people. i always say he was such aselfless guy. care about everybody else. and especially his family members and at the end of the day, even when he was not able to do anything. he was selfless enough to give his organs. so, and i respect the family and respect the mom, the brother and sister hard time they had this decision, getting to know them in that icu room on saturday morning. i knew that they were doing the right decision. and that's what wilbert wanted. >> it's a beautiful gift. truly it is. having been with the family, doctor, and seeing the images that we have all seen of the
4:46 am
processions and the kind of support that he is getting from across new york and across the country. what's your message to america? what do you hope that from all this pain we learn from this? tragedy? >> absolutely. well, you know, there are two way that's really look -- need to look at. first of all, i think what we need to learn is we need to respect our police force. we need to respect our nypd. every single one of them. i wouldn't call them the white and the blue. i would call them the white and blue and the gold. because every single one of them. which i have a lot of nypd patients, detectives in my office. and they all have a heart of gold. you just have to kind of connect with them. and be able to get to know them. realize what a nice people these people are. they are doing their job. they have to be able to do their job. we have to give them the permission for them to be able to proceed with doing their job. to create safety for our family.
4:47 am
unfortunately, new york city has been -- i'm -- got to be honest, the way we look at it and i hear from my patients every day we are in intensive care right now with the state of new york with the city of new york. we need somebody to resuscitate us. and i think the way to go about it is to create safety for our people and also, talk about organ donation like wilbert and his family decided to do. very important step. >> will: great example. great example in life and in death by officer more raft. we appreciate you sharing your experience and your relationship with him -- with our audience this morning on "fox & friends." thank you, doctor. >> thank you. >> pete: thank you, doctor. >> thank you for having me. >> will: more "fox & friends" coming up.
4:48 am
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4:51 am
♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" where we are continuing coverage on this massive winter storm. i am in islip, new york. it is a winter storm warning
4:52 am
here in islip. it is a blizzard warning. the difference there. really gusty wind. so talked about really low visibility. that is going to be the major concern with this. here i am seeing close to 10 inches of snow. we could double that before the day is over. this is not going to clear off until this evening. rachel, my job is to stand out here and confirm it's miserable out and right now i can do that. it is miserable outside. stay indoors if you can. >> rachel: well, my kids are going to try it out pretty soon. it looks kind of fun from a kid perspective. but thanks, adam. stay warm. >> rachel: well, parents around the country are sounding off on school mandates as some kids are being forced to be separated from their classmates for going maskless. this as parents mixed messages
4:53 am
on covid-19 here to react dr. marty makary. doctor having you op-ed in the "wall street journal." everyone should read that op-ed. i think it's fantastic. but, let's start with this topic of masking kids. separated. i think there is one person who could end all this mask madness for kids and that would be dr. fauci. because liberals, you know, still trust him, unbelievably so. but they do. so why doesn't he do that when he knows there is not really isy science behind this for kids? >> there is a good opportunity there for some good strong medical leadership. now, in full disclosure, i'm an adviser to governor youngkin what he has done is said look we have got to pay attention to the kids struggling. look at where the w.h.o. is on this and the european cdc and ireland and the u.k. w.h.o. recommends against
4:54 am
masking, they are not neutral in young children and in older kids psychosocial impact. they recognize kids don't just die from viral replication hopelessness and other problems. look at the biden administration surgeon general report. they are saying 25% of american kids are depression and 20% have anxiety. we should not be having nearly half of our nation's children with mental illness right now. got to take care of the entire person. >> rachel: absolutely. this is truly cruel. i think we will be judged very harshly for this moving into the future. i want to talk to you about josh op-ed. called the high cost of disparaging natural immunity to covid. so, among 295, you did this study among 295 unvaccinated people who previously had covid antibodies present in 99% for
4:55 am
nearly two years after infection. so, interestingly, doctor, throughout this pandemic, fauci, the nih, they said we need you to get vaxxed because we don't know how long natural immunity lasts. they have a gazillion dollars in covid money. yet, they never did the study, totally weird, maybe crumght. but you did the study, and you said natural immunity is durable. >> it's pretty impressive the data on natural immunity. and our study out of johns hopkins is one of several that will be coming out in the next few weeks, you know, many of us nationally talk, researchers talk among themselves there is a lot of studies coming out now. we have seen this dangled as an unknown by public health officials for nearly two years when really they started with the wrong hypothesis. they should have started with the hypothesis that it does not work. prove that it does. >> rachel: yeah, absolutely. you also say in the op-ed that health officials and politicians
4:56 am
people unvaccinated and fired from their jobs and apologies, i couldn't agree more. doctor, you have been awesome throughout this pandemic. a voice of reason. and someone we can all trust. thank you for that, doctor. >> thank you, rachel. >> rachel: all right. new revelations show just how deep the biden ties to china run. that's coming up. ♪ and it's easy to get a quote at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ to make my vision a reality my varilux progressive lenses provide seamlessly transition from near to far. with every detail in sharp focus.
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5:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." it's 8:00 eastern time. 7:00 central. so good to be back with my two good friends, pete hegseth and will cain. will, it looks like trying to
5:01 am
tell if you have got a little bit of a tan there. but you are looking rested, very rested. the it looks like you went down south for a bit. further down south than texas. >> will: i did. i did. >> rachel: good for you. >> will: i cannot tell you that i'm rested but i hope that i'm a little bit tan. wasn't exactly a restful trip, but it was a fun trip. but i'm back. i'm back here being welcomed with snow and blizzard conditions this morning, pete. it's cold, it's cold where you and rachel are. >> pete: it's true, will, i hear that you did some surfing. where would you rate your surfing skills from 1 to 10? >> will: i have a lot of fun, pete. i'm pretty honest. >> pete: higher than mine. >> will: four. how about four? >> pete: four, okay. >> will: at least half the time
5:02 am
i'm an old man flapping around in the ocean. waiting for waives i love it. it's my golf. you know how guys stink at golf but they play it because they love it i do it how bad i am. >> pete: i love it good for you. >> rachel: before i hurt my ankle in a car accident, i used to go surfing. one time i went out and i got surrounded by dolphins that i actually thought were sharks. [laughter] >> will: oh, no. >> rachel: i know. how do you rate your surfing next to griff jenkins? >> will: i have never seen griff he has got to be good. he has built a reputation. coming on, if i'm better than griff that's embarrassing for griff. i will tell you this: why don't griff and i go out sometimes and take some cameras and find out for the fox family. >> pete: i like that for sure. well, it is great to see both of you. we don't want to be in boxes just as much as you watching
5:03 am
don't want to be in boxes. next weekend we will be together and we are looking forward to it in the meantime i am grateful that my wife just delivered me some sausage links. take what you can get when can you get it, okay. and next week we will be on set ordering mcdonald's together. how about that? we look forward to it. all right. but we begin this morning as was referenced to a fox weather alert. our top story. 76 million americans waking up in the path of a major neertd with blizzard warnings now in effect for 10 states on the east coast. at least 5,000 flights have been canceled as officials are telling everyone in new england, if you can, stay inside. fox weather multimedia journalist katie kern is live in rhode island. katie, good morning. >> good morning. as you can see it is snowing around me another big story this morning is that wind. you can see it blowing all over the place. somebody described this wind this morning and the snow as looking like sand flowing
5:04 am
around. so we know, we checked in with the fox forecast center we are already looking at 5 inches accumulated on the coast of rhode island. i have got this ruler with me. we can look at it, some of the wind is blowing around snow. right here i'm looking at 6 and a half inches. i want to show you what the bay looks like. standing next to it you can see the waters are quite rocky. the boats are swaying. it is definitely a powerful storm and just getting started here really. just started picking up in the last couple hours. we are also by a bridge. i can tell you confidently the last hour and a half or so we haven't seen any drivers out at all. that's probably for the best. because the governor actually declared a travel ban for all of rhode island's roadways. all day today. and he said he doesn't make a decision like that lightly. but, when you have got expected snow totals here of 18 to 24 inches, at some point coming down 2 to 4 inches an hour. it's not supposed to let up until about 4:00 this afternoon. so that's quite a bit of snow he
5:05 am
decided to make that call. we have been staying at a hotel here. i checked in with some of the staff who told me they have been working around the clock. overnight shifts actually to plow the roads. keep everything clear. i know where we were yesterday about they have got 24 plow trucks out this morning. they said they are dealing with this wind and fast accumulating snow. they are out and about currently. of course as that snow continues to come down rapidly, they sometimes will have to take breaks because it's even not safe for them to be on the roads. you can hear that wind taking my breath away a little bit. but, of course, rhode island among those blizzard warnings. the states dealing with them. this blizzard warning here in effect until midnight tonight. guys? >> will: okay. thank you for that report. you know, it is serious, pete and rachel, but i mean there is going to be some awesome snow men and sledding. i heard you mention that rachel. get out and do that can't drive anywhere.
5:06 am
be hard to drive anywhere. so enjoy it in your backyard. >> rachel: stay home, hot chocolates, cookies and sledding. >> will: exactly. bring in someone from this area new york lee zeldin also new york gubernatorial candidate and welcome in congressman this morning. unfortunately, congressman, not a wonderful morning with news in new york right now. it was a wonderful service, a wonderful outpouring for fallen officer jason rivera. among his brethren in the nypd. and i want to get your reaction to what you saw from new york's finest. i want to play you a clip from the eulogy this have from his brother jeffrey rivera and his wife dominique, and we will get your reaction what had to say during officer rivera's eulogy, listen. >> my brother had a lot of fears. my brother was afraid of heights. he was afraid of rats. he was afraid of dogs. he was afraid of dogs.
5:07 am
but he wasn't afraid to die, to wear that uniform. he was not afraid to die. [applause] >> the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service: i know you are tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. [applause] >> will: congressman, you heard that i'm sure yesterday. you hear it again this morning. what's your reaction? >> i was there at saint patrick's cathedral yesterday. it was so powerful to hear those words in person. it was an emotion that i was hearing from in front of me from the family of jason rivera. but i was also surrounded by men and women in blue.
5:08 am
our nypd and other law enforcement. and i was feeling it from them that there is this sense of family and duty and community that the rivera family is speaking out on behalf of so many other families who are just -- they are tired, they are angry, they are frustrated. they are hurt. they want elected officials to have their back. unfortunately policies going the other way. mayor adams spoke yesterday. he was the first one to give a eulogy. and it's crazy that we have reached a moment in time where he can get up there and say whatever he wants to say on behalf of himself. can he say i back the blue. but we have reached a point in time where he can't say all elected officials here in the city of new york back you. he can't even say most elected officials here in the city of new york back you because most don't. and i'm so happy that the rivera family had the courage to speak out as passionately as they did yesterday. >> pete: congressman, you know, there are a lot of states that
5:09 am
do it differently where they do have the backs of the blue both statewide and, you know, in the county and the cities. you are running for governor of new york. what would do you differently? how do you change it? >> we need to appeal cashless bail. support law enforcement more not less. bill of rights. repeal a new bill they signed less is more. they are releasing people early from prison. governor kathy hochul when she signed it released 190 people from rikers island a best of your knowledge of them went out and committed additional offenses. we need to pass a law enforcement bill of rights. recognize inherent right of self-defense. make sure they have all the tools and resources they need to do their job safely and effectively. protect qualified immunity, and so much more. there are so many ways that they are under attack. i come from a law enforcement household. i unapologetically proudly back the blue. we all should because these are selfless dedicated men and women who, like jason rivera will give up their lives not just for family but they will do it for
5:10 am
strangers and community. they should be celebrated, and given all the tools they need to do their job as best as they can. >> rachel: congressman, listener, i totally agree with everything that you are saying. i agree that the leadership in new york is definitely woke and believes in this reimagining of law enforcement and restorative justice. but, let's face it. the citizens of new york voted for the d.a. and they knew what his policies were. at least they said, you know, he had it on his website. i did talk to some democrats they said, you know what? we just vote across, you know, the ticket. all democrat. is that what is going to happen to you? because the city is not safe. people are being hurt. but new yorkers still vote democrat. >> well, manhattan, this is as blue as it gets. when you take four or five boroughs of new york city out of the equation, we have 62 counties in this state. you just look at the other 58. it's actually a red state.
5:11 am
but manhattan is deep, deep, deep blue. the manhattan district attorney put out this memo refusing to enforce the law. it's become national news. the governor has the constitutional authority to remove a district attorney who refuses to enforce the law. as governor of new york right now. i would do that yesterday, governor hochul met with alvin bragg, the manhattan district attorney. didn't fire him. didn't condemn him. hasn't disagreed with any part of that memo. they make their political calculations, they are worried about primaries. their far left flank taking over their party. so they make this selfish political calculation that gets people hurt. we read about the asian woman who gets pushed into the subway tracks and gets killed. people are targeted for being jewish or being asian. and, unfortunately, elected officials are either, as you mentioned, woke liberals or they are just making the calculation because they want to get reelected. >> rachel: what are you going to
5:12 am
do about the mental health problem? the woman who got pushed into the tracks, it wasn't just a criminal problem. there is also a mental health problem. what are you going to do about that? >> well, first, we need to have more men and women in blue in the subways. it should be clear. it should be safer. we have gotten to the point where they are doing lethal injection sites throughout the city. so that pendulum swinging very much in the wrong direction. as far as somebody who is homeless, you know, conservative desire is that we have the tools to lift people out of shelters. that we lift people out of homeless. democrats are pushing policies to put people in to the shelters. listen, we are all for putting a roof over someone's head. if they have alcohol addiction. they need help to break that. if they have a drug addiction, mental health, they need job skills. they need tools to be able to get lifted out of poverty. that's what republicans and conservatives are pushing for. but, unfortunately, so many democrats they stop with putting
5:13 am
the money on the table, to put them in a shelter. and then they are stuck in revolving door and they commit crimes as you point out they need help that they just don't get from the system. >> will: congressman lee zeldin running for governor of new york. thanks for addressing these issues with us this morning on "fox & friends." appreciate your time. >> good morning. >> will: all right. move on to this. in another show of force, another show of rebellion and power, you have seen the stories of the canadian truckers launching a protest against covid vaccine mandates. truckers taken to the highways and streets of canada, showing up, i believe, today in ottawa, canada. they got a vote of confidence, a bit of support from a big name. elon musk tweeted on thursday canadian truckers rule. a little bit of support to the convoy headed to ottawa, pete. which really is quite honestly
5:14 am
not elitist, blue collar middle class worker standing up for freedom. >> pete: absolutely this might be the most significant protest in north america to include the united states since the covid lockdown did mandates. we haven't mustered what these truckers have been doing ultimately can't take the shot or can't come into the united states. hundreds of thousands of miles. convoy is almost an hour long at this point. it's going to end in ottawa. the capitol where get the irony of this, justin trudeau triple vaxxed and he will be self-isolating at home because of a covid exposure. he doesn't even have covid. he has got an exposure triple vaxxed, won't be greeting them. and by the way trudeau has called this convoy, which is greeted by tens of thousands of canadians along the way. a fringe and radical minority. gives us a sense of how the elites who can work on zoom
5:15 am
calls who are detached from all of this usually don't play by the rules anyway are now condescending to regular canadians, regular americans who want to go about their lives. want to live free and it's taking canada to wake us up to this reality because so many of their measures have been draconian and by the way justin trudeau saluted truckers two years ago at the beginning of covid-19. now he is turning on them and calling them a fringe minority. good on canada for this. by the way, tucker had a trucker and pastor named sheldon andreas on his program talking about what this protest is all about. here's what that trucker had to say. >> there has just been a stifling of freedom and stifling of unity in canada for two years. a lot of people are down be. a lot of people are fired. now you can't even go into a grocery store without getting into an argument about a mask or
5:16 am
whatnot. so, what really drove me to do this is the smiling faces that i have seen on the people that organized it. a good friend of mine helped to put this together. and it's just been wonderful to see all of smiling faces that have come together. >> rachel: it's not surprising to me that trucker is a pastor. be vaxxed in order to cross into the united states as a truck driver. this is so much bigger than that remember, canadians, 90% of them are vaxxed. there is only -- there is 16,000, they estimate, truckers who are not vaxxed. the vast majority are. this is about tyranny, vs. freedom. this is the, as you pointed out, will. the professional class vs. the working class the elites versus
5:17 am
those who run the country. this is about freedom. canada, worse than here in the united states. police going into churches and shutting down services. the loss of freedom in canada was breathtaking. the weather we are seeing in the united states. those are even colder temperatures and thousands of people are revolting and showing support for truckers. this is important and i'm glad we are covering it because a lot in the media are dismiss it's as is their prime minister who says oh, you are just fringe. we know that's not true. will? >> will: that's, i think, i think that's telling about this story. the reaction to the story canadian politicians calling them fringe extremists. media like media at the it "the washington post" calling them
5:18 am
fascist. blue collar working class stand against a mandate from the machine, from the elites. it's the working man who is called the fascist fringe extremist. that right there should tell you everything you need to know about the state of our -- i know it's not america. but the state of, how about this? western culture. the state of western culture. turn now to additional headlines this morning. go to kentucky where police say they have arrested the suspect accused of shooting a state trooper on friday. police saying the trooper was shot multiple times about an hour north of lexington. suspect arrested hours later. police say the winded trooper is still being treated and he was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time. the sudden collapse of 50-year-old bridge in pittsburgh, friday, forces first responders to form a human chain to rescue stranded bus riders. 10 people were injured in total. four were transport to the hospital. miraculously no deaths were reported. the collapse happened just hours
5:19 am
before. the president's planned trip to pittsburgh to promote his infrastructure bill. he says the collapse highlights the need for more repairs. and those are your headlines. pete? >> pete: all right, thank you, will. all right. new revelations about the biden's ties to chinese businessmen. businessmen. there are many of them. author peter schweizer reveals how the family raked in $30 millioned from the communist chinese. and, speaking of china. one of the most vocal critics of the communist regime enes kanter freedom will join us with his message to athletes in the beijing olympics. you are not going to want to miss that. ♪ ♪ allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." hunter biden's financial ties to china are back in the spotlight in a "new york post" op-ed. peter schweizer claims chinese elite have paid some $31 million to the bidens writing, quote: every known deal that the biden family enjoyed with beijing was reached courtesy of individuals with spy ties and joe biden
5:24 am
personally benefited from his family's foreign deals. peter schweizer, author of the number one amazon best seller red-handed how american elites get rich helping china win. he joins us now. peter, this is absolutely bombshell stuff. $31 million and not just any businessmen. businessmen with ties to the spy agency in communist china, what does this tell you about joe biden, is he compromised? >> what it tells me is that the biden family didn't seem to care who they were doing business with. imagine during the cold war if an american president's family was doing deals with russian businessmen linked to the kgb. i mean, there would be red sirens going off. that's basically what's happened here. and the problem is that a lot of people want to sort of say well, this is just a hunter biden story. it's not. it's a joe biden story. because joe biden personally
5:25 am
benefited. hunter and joe biden's finances are intertwined. hunter biden pays his father's bills. so, joe biden is a beneficiary and as i also point out in the book, there are numerous instances where joe biden has off the books meetings with chinese officials that hunter biden wants limb to meet. but they don't want to disclose. >> rachel: it's just so crazy. your book is number one on amazon. clearly there is an appetite that the american people wanted to know more about these ties. i agree with you, it's not about hunter. it's about joe biden. so why isn't anyone other than you, and the "new york post" paying attention to this? why doesn't the media care? where are democrats on this? >> well, it's a great question. the book is -- there is one large chapter on the bidens, but there is 8 other chapters that covers everything from people on capitol hill, on both sides of the aisle, from the u.s. diplomatic corps, there is a chapter where we discuss lebron
5:26 am
james. the point is, you know, silicon valley, the point is the book is not just about joe biden. they are trying to pig gone hole it they attack the messenger. a thousand footnotes. there is no anonymous sources. everything comes from corporate records, legal documents, et cetera, and it's air-tight. so hopefully people are going to pay attention and going to stop protecting the conduct that the bidens have engaged in which by any definition is outrageous and leads me to the conclusion that we may very well be dealing with a president who is compromised. >> rachel: yeah. this is a national security and economic threat to our country. we should have known this. all of this prior to the election. but, the lont. laptop. you know what happened there.
5:27 am
thank you for giving this information to our nation. >> thanks. >> rachel: a teammate of transgender swimmer lia thomas speaks out saying the women are being told to just "deal with it" and accept second place. tammy bruce joins us on this new war on women. and, a winter storm creating chaos this morning. adam klotz is live in the snow next.
5:28 am
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>> pete: weaver back with weather alert. dumping snow and shutting down travel. our own meteorologist adam klotz is live a little further north on long island with the latest. adam, good morning.
5:32 am
>> hey. good morning, pete. sorry about that the weather conditions kind of wild out here as you can expect. in manhattan it's a winter storm warning just off to the east is where i am. islip is 60 miles about to the east center part of long island. here we are under a blizzard warning. the difference being a lot more snow and wind conditions that are a whole lot stronger currently on the calm side. consistently gust popping up getting up to 40 and 50 miles per hour. talking about that much gusts already 10 inches of snow on the ground. expecting probably another 10 inches more of snow before it's all said and done. that's a whole lot of snow. as this wind picks up, you can see it. dry, light snow. this is going to blow really easily. it's piling up on the roadways. that's when you start to talk about a blizzard you get those really kind of low visibility type situations. the blizzard warnings line all the way from maryland, stretching all the way up to coastal communities, getting up into maine. so blizzard is going to be the
5:33 am
concern. and boston they could be seeing as much as 2 feet of snow and winds up to 60 miles per hour. so things are going to be really bad. at least for a while. here where i'm standing, we are really just at the very beginning of this. because we are going to be talking about probably not wrapping up the other side of this storm, pete, until 7:00 this evening. so as the wind picks up here, i can confirm it's pretty uncomfortable outside and you don't want to stand out here for 12 hours which is what i'm going to be doing today. >> all right. thank you, adam. appreciate that report. so, the debate over transgender athletes. oh, pete's got it now over to me. the debate over transgender athletes taking a turn as a university of pennsylvania swimmer is now speaking out against her school's decision to let teammate lia thomas compete. the anonymous swimmer telling fox news digital u penn that the university of pennsylvania is proving they don't actually care about their women athletes.
5:34 am
adding female teammates are being told to overlook, deal with it and accept second place. here to react is fox news contributor. tammy bruce. tammy, suck it up. deal with second place? >> good morning. >> will: this is where we are? >> well, it's also where we are that that person felt the need to be anonymous. so this gives you kind of the landscape of what's been created here. all right? this is some people say an issue about transgenderism. it's not. it's an issue about fairness, fair play. and an even playing field. so you have one individual who goes out and is a swimmer for penn. and is blowing out every record, wins all the time. this is an individual who is a biological male, and physically is large, and this becomes the issue is when we think about an even playing field. with competition and threatism athleticismthere is a presumptiu
5:35 am
are playing you have got a chance because there is an even playing field. when this individual goes out there and has these kinds of extraordinary victories, they know every single time that it's not an even playing field. the university knows that it's not -- it makes a mockery of the idea of competition. at this point it's really an exhibition with a known given winner. so, this is what is unacceptable when it comes to competition, when it comes to athleticism. and just in the sense of also regarding the nature of women's sports. you know, a lot of people don't know, despite my 17 years with this network, because i only mention it when it matters, when it's relevant but as a gay woman, i can speak to the nature of what the civil rights movements in this country were about. which was not about erasing someone else, or bullying people into a certain kind of acceptance of a dynamic. it was about being able to be accepted within the fairness of
5:36 am
the community. so that's what we're dealing with here. there are bullies out there, i have to tell you, who are trying to set this as something that you can't speak about. well, we must be able to speak about it because you can have legitimacy without wiping out women or the concept of femaleness. >> will: you know, tammy, those bullies take advantage of everyone else's empathy. they use our desire to be empathetic to any one desire to extort that into the denial of reality. whether or not it's using preferred pronouns or going along to get around with apple emojis that men can get pregnant or it's these races. i don't know how it stops -- to your original point i don't know how it stops, tammy, as long as everyone stays anonymous. i'm not staying that indict swimmers spo ho spoke to fox nation. what i'm saying is people. >> i've got someone. >> will: opt out.
5:37 am
>> well, i have got an example. caitlyn jenner made it very clear and has been speaking up and speaking out to give those individuals the courage, the ability to say that this is not about being a transphobe. this is about fairness. this is about what all athletes want. kaitlin noted that she declines to participate in women's competitions because she is just larger. you know, she grew up as a man. she had the testosterone in the development of her body. and now competing against women would be completely unfair and incorrect. so she declines. that's what most transgender people are doing. this is not what the community wants. this is politicizing this dynamic with very few people. everyone must understand this. this is not some tenet of transgenderism. my friends who are transgender are appalled at what is going on. and it's hurting the movement itself. >> will: that's a fascinating perspective right there. it's going to take something. it's going to take something
5:38 am
more than just going along to get along. going to take those anonymous swimmers opting out. to band together and opt out. >> thanks, will. >> will: a sea of blue paying respects as murdered detective jason rivera speaks out speaks out on soft on crime policies. >> the system has failed us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. >> will: lawrence jones has crossed the country covering the crime crisis. and he joins us next.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
>> that day i received a call i wish none of you, that are sitting here with me, will ever receive and get a call asking if i'm jason's wife. and then i had to rush to the hospital. the little bit of hope that i had that you would come back to life just to say goodbye or say i love you one more time has left. >> the widow of fallen nypd detective jason rivera delivering a powerful eulogy for her husband as a sea of blue gathered to pay their respects. comes one week after 22-year-old rivera and his partner wilbert mora were gunned down in harlem when they responded to a domestic dispute call.
5:43 am
"fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones has crossed the country covering the crime crisis and he joins us now. lawrence; you came to us last week after they were gunned down and you had been embedded with some of these police officers, you spoke to them. you were one of the first to say yeah, they are sad. but they are also angry. this widow you could see her sadness there. but in other parts of her speech, you could see her anger at these policies. >> lawrence: good morning, family. nothing has changed yet. guys. i continue to talk with my sources. and they are angry and they are -- you know, i said this last night on hannity. and i want to expand on it a little bit more. we are at this crossroads. and the cross road is either we are going to support them -- jason was one of the best. he went into the department because he wanted the best to be highlighted. he wanted to bring the community
5:44 am
together. he saw some stuff he didn't like. he wanted to be a part of the solution. what i'm saying is if we cannot support him right now and his family in this moment, to support all the other officers, they are just going to walk off the job. there is just no incentive to do the job anymore. either they are going to lose their family, right, in the sense of, you know, being thrown under the bus from some situation. or, they will lose their life in a traffic stop or a domestic violence or just, you know, stopping someone on the street and they are firing off on them like they were in houston the other day when i was covering the story. so, that's where we are and i know there is some people that are outraged but, rachel, i'm just not hearing the voices be loud enough, now, the men in blue, men and women in blue, support the police commissioner. and you can tell by just a round
5:45 am
of applause in that building she spoke to the hearts of those cops. she understands it. she is a cop's cop. they are still waiting to hear from their mayor through his action not just through his words. i keep calling the mayor. i text the mayor to talk about these issues. telling him what my sources are telling me. he doesn't want to do an interview. and don't think the cops don't see that don't think the cops don't see you directly speaking to the issue that concern them today. >> pete: lawrence, you know. i love everything that you just said and the disconnect between the rank and file and the mayor. we can almost do the same thing with what's going on down on the border which you know a ton about as well. border patrol agents disconnect between them and mayorkas. then you have people in the middle like the chief of border patrol who is shouted down effectively or challenged by those border patrol agents. and then you have the police commissioner. they are with the rank and file, lawrence. they are with. they they want to be in the fight. but they are decision makers.
5:46 am
at what point do those middle ranking people the commissioner, or the border patrol chief throw their rank on the table and say i can't do my job on behalf of the men and women behind me because of the policies that are restricting me. be. >> lawrence: do they have any honor? do they have any honor? >> pete: that's right, that's it. >> lawrence: maybe we are privileged, but i can tell you one thing, if i'm ever forced to say something on air that i don't agree with, i'm done. and thank god i have never been forced to do that. i always been told to just be l.j. look, i can tell you this from being down on the border, they don't trust this police chief. this border patrol chief. they even have these little coins making fun of him because he says one thing to them behind closed doors and then he follows the marching order of the biden administration. there has been several chiefs before him that resigned because they didn't want to go along with the get along. there is an honorable approach and get on the record and tell
5:47 am
the american people what's happening so you have some backing. >> will: let me tell you what is happening i'm sure many at home already know but tonight is the debut of lawrence jones cross-country 10:00 p.m. eastern time. put on a happy face. lawrence. this is the big moment, man. we are excited for you. we are proud of you. you are going to be talking to people across this country. bring us your perspective but original reporting. we are excited, lawrence. >> pete: congrats. >> lawrence: i appreciate you so much, family. as you know, i'm still part of the "fox & friends" family. we will still be out there covering the stories that matter to our audience. so thank you all so much. >> rachel: we're so proud of you and happy for you, lawrence. >> will: everyone will be watching. make sure you set your dials and watch. this isn't so much of a personal plug as a plug for lawrence. lawrence was on the will cain
5:48 am
podcast went up yesterday. a fascinating thoughts on his family and perspective on this show. you will get a good 45 minutes with this man on screen right now. i promise you don't want to miss it. i have known lawrence for a long time and i got to know lawrence even better here in that conversation and i think you will enjoy it. >> pete: very cool. >> lawrence: you will see what i used to wear to school in that podcast. that's a little tease. >> will: we talked about that. [laughter] but i will put this way, i never knew a lawrence jones in high school. but you are going to get to know a lawrence jones on saturday night. [laughter] >> rachel: all right, lawrence, we are all going to be watching tonight. good luck. >> lawrence: thank you all, appreciate it. >> lawrence: love you, lawrence. up next, pregnant man and pregnant person emojis are coming to iphone. vivek ramaswamy on apple's "woke inc." motives.
5:49 am
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apple's latest i phone upupdate sparking controversy over the fresh set you see them right there of woke emojis. among the 37 new emojis a
5:53 am
pregnant person and a pregnant man. here to react biotech entrepreneur and "woke inc." author vivek ramaswamy. have had it. why a need for such an emoneyy right now? >> so, look, i think this is where the trans movement has actually gone awry. i personally believe anybody should be free to be whoever they want to be. that's part of what it means to be in a free country as long as you don't hurt somebody else. the trans movement has taken on the tyranny of the minority, pete. here is a question nobody has answered. what rights exactly does a trans individual not have today legally that they want to have. and i don't have a good answer to that question. i don't think anyone has a good answer to that question. and what we then see is now this movement crop up in the name of fighting for rights. they have all the rights they already need to be able to exercise a form of cultural tyranny that spreads its language. emoneyys sillies. spreading message through language. the thing about language
5:54 am
everyone who wants to make a change to language based on their claim to language wants to make that change, then we wouldn't have a language left anymore. i think this is what we are seeing today now this problem not of the tyranny of the majority that threatens the rights of a minority. actually a tyranny of the minority that culturally talents the fabric that holds a society, including a majority together. that's what the transmovement stands for today. >> pete: great point. emoji media central bank for emojis up put out a statement in september about the pregnant man emoji. new pregnancy options may be used by trandz men nonbinary people or women with short hair though, of course, use of these emojis is not limited to these groups. vivek, you alluded to this. this creates a caricature of something in emoji form. but, what service are they doing to the cause, because my guess is the vast majority of people
5:55 am
who send that man pregnancy emoji won't be in any of those categories. they might be sending a message like i don't understand what you are saying or that doesn't make sense to me. does that serve the purpose of the cause they are attempting to push? >> undermines the cause. actually makes the mind laughable reducing it the most important thing we have a stake in right now is how you create a two dimensional emoji that you put on to a text message that you send trivializing any claim underlying the movement. pete, i think that reveals the essence of where the movement actually is. we have gotten to a point in civil rights in this country. where every minority group has basically gotten to the promised land. and the problem is once you get to the promised land, you need to be in a position to celebrate it rather than to actually reinvent wrongful acts coming towards that you actually weren't really wrongful acts at all by going to the increasingly trivial. movement that it is today fighting for rights that it no longer needs to ask for.
5:56 am
emoji says it all. oh by the way, men can't get pregnant but that's a side effect. vivek ramaswamy thank you so much for your time. great to see you as always. smart analysis. >> good to see you, pete. >> pete: big ten censorship taking on dan bongino as his youtube channel is squashed. t 's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. we're here today to set the record straight about dupuytren's contracture. surgery is not your only treatment option. people may think their contracture has to be
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so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana. pete: welcome to this fourth and final hour of "fox & friends" on a saturday. straight to a fox weather alert. more than 5,000 flights canceled as a major nor'easter brings blizzard warnings to ten of our states. fox weather multimedia journalist katie byrne is live in rhode island. katie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. things have progressed a little bit since i saw you last. visibility continues to go down here as the winds pick up, we are in rhode island today,
6:01 am
newport. i just met a boater here who was coming down to make sure his boat was secure as we deal with intensifying winds, gusting up to 60 miles per hour today. he was telling me that across the narragansett bay you can typically see a pier with lots of fishing boats, but of course, for now, you can't see really much of anything. the winds pretty much horizontal at this point. and we are also by a bridge that we can tell you we haven't seen a single car on all day, and we've been here for several hours now. so that's probably for the best because there is a travel ban in place for all of rhode island's roadways. not just state roads, all of them x that's in effect all day long. that's a decision that the governor made yesterday. this area's looking at about 18-24 inches of snow expected, already have accumulated at least 5 inches here along the coastal areas of rhode island. and at some point it could be
6:02 am
coming down at about 2-4 inches an hour. so a lot of snow and for a lot of hours because it's not really supposed to let up here until if about 4:00 in the afternoon. as you can see, we're really just getting started. and this is what it looks like, and we still have a long way to go. guys? will: katie, i hope you don't have a long way to go on the fox weather app. i hope you get to get inside and get out of the whipping snow and wind. thank you for your report. all right. let's bring in now our friend, the host of "unfiltered," former nypd and secret service officer, dan bongino. good morning, dan. >> i can see myself on return, and i always like tired. i promise the audience, i'm not tired. i don't know what it is. i've tried everything. i need some makeup trick. i am not tired. i've got my coffee, even the fox news mug they sent me. i am not tired.
6:03 am
there, you got one too, pete. pete: more makeup, dan. >> right? [laughter] please sent me a makeup artist. rachel, you love your makeup artist. my mom has been texting me, daniel, you look tired. sorry, just had to throw that in. rachel: we do have the best makeup artists on any network, that is a true. but i did my own makeup today and i can give you some tips, dan. i'm going to text you later. >> thank you. will: makeup. never out of reach for hegseth. always within reach. [laughter] all right. let's move to this, dan, all too often we get your perspective on something like this. we've talked to you about officer rivera rah with the nypd already are, but now we're talking to you in the wake of his funeral. let's take a look at "the new york post" cover. this is in reference to wife of fallen nypd detective jason rivera, and it says a widow's
6:04 am
rage. and what they are referencing is what she had to say at st. patrick's cathedral and what she -- who she targeted ld, who she had some criticism for. let's play it and get your reaction, dan. >> the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. i know you are tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new da. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. [applause] i'm sure all of our blue family is tired too. but i promise, we promise that your death won't be in vain. i love you to the end of time.
6:05 am
we'll take the watch from here. will: dan, your reaction. >> hold on. will: dan? >> gosh, i've seen that three times -- i'm here. no, i'm here. i just -- will: i'm sorry. >> i need a second here. i've seen it three times now. the widow of this hero, and, man, you know, i listened yesterday, will. and i want to thank sean hannity and fox for covering the whole thing. sean played a good five minutes of this last night on his show. and you with need to hear her. and i listened last night, i got home from dinner with my wife. and she was speaking in very specific language. and there was something she said i want all the audience to pick pup on, kind of -- pick up on. when you're a new police officer like officer rivera was, jason
6:06 am
rivera, you get stuck in the hospital a lot. when a bad guy, what they call person -- perp gets hurt, you go to the hospital, and a new guy has to sit in the hospital with them so they don't get away. even if you're hurt, right? you understand that? so what she said was when she found out that there was a shooting and an mos, a member of the service, who was shot, she had the find my phone feature act a sated on her husband's phone. and she saw that -- this is hard to talk about, guys, i'm sorry. she saw that the husband was in the hospital, and all she could think and pray was, my gosh, i hope he's in the hospital as the new guy sitting on the p reasonable cares -- perp and not the patient himself. and then she goes to the hospital, gosh, she goes to the hospital, and everybody starts coming up to her. and she says i had hundreds of people approached me, so she
6:07 am
knows it's her husband. and she says yet i felt like, you know, it was the loneliest moment of my life. i mean, really can you imagine that? you know, your wife thinks -- hoping and praying that you're just the rookie sitting on maybe the bad guy who's in the hospital and finds out that you're in the hospital yourself because you're dead? you know, i mean, when you listen to that as a former police officer, you hear these things different. and then, you know, what she says at the end which you just heard, when she says at the end, you know, i'm sorry. i really -- it's just hard to talk about. [inaudible conversations] rachel: we get it. pete: i think, dan, i don't know if your statement was going to be when she says at the end
6:08 am
we'll take the watch, i don't know -- >> yes. pete: -- law enforcement, i -- >> yes, yes. pete: it stirred the same emotion in me. the realization that the watch continues with she's a widow without her husband, but their service continues. dan, i -- if you can, we pray for pivot points, for maybe unexpected pivotal moments that change the entire dynamic or at least begin to change it where our police are rehumanized and resupport ld. could this be one of those moments with another funeral coming next week when leaders who have lost their minds change course? >> you know, pete, i hope so. or we're going to be doing a lot more segments like in the. and for as much as i love that guys like yourself with your own history of service to your country and this network choose to cover these important stories and they're necessary, as you can well imagine, you and i both and rachel and will, i hate
6:09 am
doing them because, obviously, it's always covering some story like this. so will this change something? you know, i hope so. and i'm an optimist. i always feel like this country's a very special place touched by the hand of god. there's a reason we're here. we're the most prosperous, free country in the history of humankind, right? and i feel like in the end, as churchill said, we'll always do the right thing. but my fear here, pete, is not that we'll turn around, my fear is when will we turn around. how many of these funerals are we going to see? if there's one video to see, there's a video from above fifth avenue taken from a roofline down at the funeral. and the nypd, they're in dress uniform, and as the hearse is going by, they're all popping to attention the. and you see this sea of white gloves in almost a wave coming up. if if you see that video and it doesn't move you, i mean, all's really been lost at that point. i'm sorry.
6:10 am
i know, i have you on tonight. i brought you on my show because i don't think of anyone better who loves this country, served this country, for you to address this topic too. the video was just so powerful. and to the police officers who showed up in the freezing cold weather in new york, you see those white gloves, you have to see -- look at that. look at that on the screen right now. god bless you for not letting your colleague, not letting your colleague die without you paying your last respects and wishes. look at that. look at that. rachel: yeah. >> i want to ask you one thing as you're looking at that to the listening audience. i know our audience loves our cops and our military. but to the liberals who want to defund the police, i want to ask you as you look at that, stare at that right now, are those the bad guys? do they look like the bad guys to you? and to da bragg, fix this crap. fix it right now. come out tomorrow and give a
6:11 am
bold statement. america's a forgiving place. come out and give a bold statement tomorrow in support of public safety and our police officers over the bad guys you choose to coddle. show some ca hoe necessary, man. do it tomorrow. go out on tv and fix this crap. give a damn speech tomorrow about how you support our cops and public safety. do it tomorrow. i'm daring you on this network to do it right now. and the sad thing is that i have to dare you to do it. that's not even a bold thing anyone with character would do, but sadly, the state of politics today we have to dare people on a national cable program to go out and back up public safety and our police over these lunatics ruining our cities. do it tomorrow. fix it! fix it. rachel: yeah. >> you can fix it. you have the power to do it. fix it. show some spine and some guts for once. fix it. rachel: you know, dan, i see that widow, and i don't think we can look at her without also mentioning she's only been
6:12 am
married four months. i mean, she's a new -- you know, she's a new bride. she's a newlywed. it's just so heartbreaking. and equality heartbreaking -- equally heartbreaking was his mother carrying a giant crucifix if drying on the shoulders -- crying on on the shoulders or of her other son who's alive. this is permanent stuff. dan, she mentioned the da. she didn't mention eric adams, the mayor. i believe police officers ared mad at him too. are you getting that sense? you talk to them. >> yeah, i talk to them all the time. i was a police officer when eric add a. s was a police officer -- add a. s was a police officer, and i have to be candid, eric adams did not have a reputation for being a cop's cop. he didn't. and if you ask any police officer who was a police officer around eric adams, eric adams seems more in love with seeing
6:13 am
himself on television than he did being a police officer. having said that, rachel, i'm not interested in partisan snipes over people's coffins. if eric adams wants to link arms with you and me and pete and will and any democrat and says, listen, regardless of our tax policies, our policies on guns, whatever, i stand with you because i'm in power right now, we'll support the cops moving forward, that on that issue i'll link shields with you and go forward. but like i told pete before, you know, talk is cheap man. it's the do matters. the do changes the world. what people do. talk is garbage. you going to change bail reform? you going to add vote candidate for it? concern advocate for it? are you going to go back to broken windows policing? is that what you're going to do? because the rest, man, is just bluster. it's just with wind. you're wasting my time, and we're going to be going to more of these finingals. you're wasting my freaking time. do something, fix it.
6:14 am
stop the talk. we've had enough of your speeches. we get it. we get it. do something. you have the power to do it. go and do it. will: well, a little bit earlier on the program we had on lawrence jones. he's part of the new saturday lineup along with brian kill immediate in which dan bongino and unfiltered move up one hour to 99 p.m. eastern time. a -- 9 p.m. eastern. a little easier to catch you, at least for some of us on morning shows. and we hear pete's going to be on tonight again. what else can we look forward to tonight? >> yeah. me and pete have a pretty, you know, pretty great set on this topic. i have a segment on my show called unfiltered on unfiltered. there's no prompter as pete can vouch for. i just come out of my head, and we have a really great segment on protecting the police. yeah, thank you. and in the beginning we discuss the great reset. folks, if you don't know what the liberals are planning, please, watch my monologue tonight at the beginning of the
6:15 am
show. james is lindsey's on, he was on joe rogan, to talk about the great reset. if you haven't heard of it, you should. let me congratulate lawrence and brian. i'm sandwiched in between 'em, so you couldn't ask for any better. 9:00 tonight. we really appreciate it, thanks for mentioning that. will: great stuff. always is. pete: congratulations, for sure. as will said, 9:00 much more doable for weekend morning show hosts. >> me too. i'm an old man. pete: take care, brother. [laughter] thank you. rachel: thanks, dan. pete: all right. still ahead, kamala harris admits the border can't be fixed overnight as border patrol agents confront their chief during dhs secretary mayorkas' visit. that story is coming up next. plus, one of china's biggest critics, ennis freedom, is on with us as well. don't go anywhere.
6:16 am
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6:20 am
♪ ♪ >> [inaudible] pete: new leaked video showing a tense confrontation between border patrol agents and their chief during dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas' visit to laredo, texas. this comes as kamala harris admits it's going to take a, quote, long period of time to address the root causes of illegal immigration. >> the work we need to do is going to be work that manifests over a long period of time. hopefully not too long, but certainly not overnight. pete: our next guest just returned prosecute border where he learned about illegals --
6:21 am
from illegals and migrants about the dangers cartels are presenting. u.s. senate candidate for ohio bernie moreno joins us now. thanks for being here, thanks for making the trip. if you would, you've got border patrol agents in revolt because they're not allowed to do their job. you've got kamala harris saying it's all about root causes, but it's going to take a while. when you're down there, what do you see in -- see? >> well, she's exactly wrong. you can't solve a problem by ignoring it. she's never even been there. border patrol agents aren't asking for more resources or more people. what they want is good policy. and these policies can happen overnight. we can fix the problem. but she's your typical politician that won't go down there and actually talk to the front-line people. that's why i went down there. these things can be fixed, pete. we need to defend our country, and we need to insist that leaders defend us and keep us safe. pete: well, i'm told what you saw down there was harrowing.
6:22 am
cartels, rapes, you know, what -- or at least word of those things. what did you see as far as right now on the border what the cartels are doing? >> well, what we're, what the policies of joe biden are doing is absolutely devastating to these migrants. they go through a terrible journey. the women are raped. 12-year-old girls are forced to take birth control because they know they're going to be raped along the journey. women we met had been sexually assaulted, men beaten and held at gunpoint. they got charged a river tax for crossing into our country. we cannot allow that kind of destruction of humanity to occur because of our bad policies. and, again, these things can be fixed. it's not complicated. it's common sense. pete: that's exactly right. that's why what kamala harris said has been a sham from the beginning, it's a sham today. what i respect a lot more are the guys and gals on the border actually doing the job. you saw that revolt to the
6:23 am
border chief there. is that in keeping from what you heard as well, that agents are chomping to do their job, it's just -- it is, we know the political leadership is failing them. the leadership -- is the leadership at the top of the border patrol complicit because they're willing to go along with policies that don't work? >> i think they've in a tough situation because the policies come right out of washington, d.c.. this is intentional. we're using these migrants as political pawns to create what they want, which is a different voter, a different demographic in america. the border patrol agents that we met with had captured one person with enough fentanyl on him to kill 450,000 people. just one. pete: wow. >> out of what he estimates is a million who got away. so millions that got away. our country is in grave danger. we're being invaded at our southern border, and joe biden's more concerned about the ukraine border than our own border. we have to make this a top priority. of --
6:24 am
pete: amen. if we don't have a border, we don't have a country, as donald trump talked about. and right now we don't have one, yet we're obsessed with one halfway around the world. bernie moreno, running for senate in ohio. thank you for joining us and going down to the border and actually caring about it which is all we want from our leaders. we're certainly not getting it right now. thank you. >> thank you. pete: you got it. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. and a podcast protest breaks out and goes sideways. stay with us. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card.
6:25 am
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pete: we're back with a fox weather alert. wildwood, new jersey if, as a powerful nor'easter brings snow, wind and flooding to the east coast. meteorologist adam klotz is live on long island staying cold with
6:29 am
the latest. adam, morning. adam: yep. hey there. yeah, staying cold, indeed. out here on long island, about 60 miles to the east of new york city. in new york city as the winter storm warning, here on long island it's a blizzard warning. the winds a whole lot stronger, 40 to 50 mile-an-hour gusts. with we've seen about 10 inches of snow, we're expecting that to double before the day is over, and it's that wind and snow that turns this into a blizzard because it really lores visibility. the snow, it's kind of the really light stuff. it's really cold out here, it blows really easily. as a result, it's kind of piling up and i blows over quickly. so the areas we've already step on have covered back up over, so that means plows that are going through, those roads are going to be running back over again with this snow kind of washing all over the place. this snow's expected to be lasting all the way until probably after sunset, so 7, 6 or 7 p.m. this evening we're going to continue to be dealing
6:30 am
with these conditions. i can confirm they're not comfortable to be standing in for very long periods of time. obviously, this storm is a large one. it is covering a lot of different places. rick, i think you have more on that. rick: i do, adam. yeah, does not look nice out there. one of the reasons, it's really cold. temperatures out there right now are just into the teens, dropping to 15 degrees right now actual air temperature in new york city. 18 in boston. obviously, it's windy, so wind chills feeling below 0. but because temperatures are so low, the snow is going to be really dry. when you get snow like that at 32 degrees, that's when you get the packing snow. this is a really dry snow. and with the winds, it's going to be blowing and causing a lot of drifting, and that's one of the things we're concerned about. coastal flooding along with those blizzard warnings all and up down the eastern seaboard. this is the latest. south jersey, you're almost done with this. heavy snow still for a number of
6:31 am
hours across new york city, but you can tell where some of those darker colors are, that's heavier banding that's going in especially across parts of long island and in throughout southeastern massachusetts, and that's wrote we're seeing -- where we're seeing the bull's eye of this snow. probably over 2 feet of snow. yet to come. we've been talking so much about the snow, there's also a cold side from this. that cold front is going to move down throughout parts of the south, and overnight tonight get ready for temperatures in the mid 20s and low 30s across much of florida, certainly causing problems for agriculture but everybody across parts of the south need to be watching. all right, back to you. will: thank you, rick. so joe rogan's podcast protest continues. these are people protesting against joe rogan's podcast like legendary singer joni mitchell who's joining neil young in pulling her music off of spotify. as long as the streaming service
6:32 am
gives rogan a platform, they say. the move praised by the w.h.o. director himself tweeting we all have a role to play in ending this pandemic and info-demic. okay. here to react, fox and friends cohost and host of one nation with brian kilmeade from -- premiering tonight on the fox news channel, it is brian kilmeade. brian, we've got to get to your show in just a moment, but what about joe joe rogan's show? it's crazy to hear all these, supposedly, counter-culture icons now be part of the apparatus, the machine to come down on joe rogan. >> and what's really crazy, will, is joe rogan's not giving a lock log for three -- monologue for three hours. it's only second to yours. [laughter] so for three hours doesn't matter whether it's h.r. mcmaster one week or a comedian the next week, he interviews dr. malone who has an a opinion. he has his opinions, he does his
6:33 am
research, joe rogan follows up and has a fundamental knowledge of all of this. next up? jewell. for these two, i think, clueless 1960s, washed-up musicians, who when 70-year-olds listen to the show hay imagine themselves in high school, they don't understand you're not rising up against a conservative voice, you're rising up against a guy who just wants to hear what other people think. to me, that is extremely scary, and i just hope spotify holds strong even though they put $100 million, they're not getting that money back. it'd be a crazy business decision to abandon him. but my decision is spotify, if these artists want to pull their music, let 'em do it, and then people will realize this is the same joe rogan who michelle obama would be the perfect person to run for president, and he indicated he would vote for
6:34 am
her. you are not conservative or liberal by supporting him. he just wants to ask questions. what is the problem? rachel: yeah. but you're not allowed to do that anymore, brian. questions are not allowed in the new covid -- i think these are the most nowing boomers. i say -- annoying boomers. i say good riddance. i saw this on the internet if, if you're under 30, you're saying, who's neil young? is if you're 31-60, you're saying i didn't know neil young was alive, and if you're over 60, you're saying, what's spotify? [laughter] >> i would add this. the w.h.o. came out and thanked neil young. the w. ohio. , don't you think their plates should be full right now? if. rachel: i know! >> the same w.h.o. who got word about a pandemic and never relayed the message. instead, china was right to say there's no human-to-human transfer and then backs them and praised them for months while
6:35 am
people began to -- and chinese spread across the globe the pandemic we're still dealing with right now. so for the w.h.o. to weigh in on the spotify debate shows we're all doomed if we're depending on that organization. rachel: yeah. china -- pete: makes you feel better. exactly. all right, brian. now, before we get to your show, we've got hard-hitting stuff we need you to resolve for us, the weekend crew. there is a mind-boggling optical illusion careening around the internet, and what we're supposed to attempt to do is figure out how many horses you can see in this mind-boggling optical illusion. i don't know if we can put if it on screen. i haven't seen it -- i'm seeing this for the first time. i'm told you've seen it. break it down. how many horses are you seeing there? >> well, i'm -- initially i said i'm going on the air and i'm going to say three, and i took one more look and i saw five. and now i'm reading the story,
6:36 am
they say there are seven. and even though the artist says there's five, experts say there's seven. to me there's between 3-5 because every time i look at it, i see something different. and i'm realizing also how empty my life is, that this actually -- [laughter] has me intrigued. will: this is bev doolittle. why does the internet reinvent things that have been around for decades? if i saw this when i was a kid -- >> really? will: yeah. this has been around for a long time. she does a lot of stuff like this but, oh, all of a sudden the internet gets it, and we're reinventing everything. pete: us uncultured people, will. >> rachel, weigh in, how many do you see? rachel: well, i counted five as well. >> i teed a telestrator. first you see the one very easy in the middle, i see the one to the right pretty clear. then i see a head coming out on
6:37 am
the other side. so, i mean, it's -- we're all snowed in, 24-36 inches. let's keep in contact throughout the day and circle horses on our home tell strait isers and then send the screen shots to each other. does that sound good? will: no. rachel: sounds great. [laughter] pete: i mean, can't you just count the legs? i feel like you can count the legs, but maybe i'm missing something. rachel: oh, that's smart. that's why he went to princeton. will: here's what we should do while we stay inside all day, watch one nation with brian kilmeade. learn from the best. you see him on the weekdays along with ainsley. i learned from the best. it's 8 p.m. eastern time. this is a pretty big lineup, look at that. charlie hurt, ian bremer, you have curt schilling. i want to hear about -- brian, i want to hear about that. didn't make the hall of fame, now it's up to the veterans, his last chance. olympic fame if, kennedy --
6:38 am
rachel: nice lineup. >> as you know, retired heavyweight champion, won right to become mayor of ukraine. he got a ph.d., as does his brother, and he's sitting there, he's 6-7, still looks 250 pounds, and he says if the russians are coming, he's going to fight with them. i can't wait to talk to him a little bit more about that. he's ready to fight. at least we know one person is. the ukrainians are tough. and i think michael eruzione, he's going to be asked his advice for the athletes going over to the genocide games. would he go. and those are the questions i'm going to put to him, and ian bremer's got contacts like i've never seen before, so i want to put the athlete, to olympic hero with the realist and what happens after a we leave beijing, are we sending the wrong message. and curt schilling got a call
6:39 am
from president trump. what that was about a, that story's coming your way. rachel: well, brian, we're snowed in, we have no choice but to watch your show, and we're excited about it, actually. and any host who calls the olympics the genocide games is the host i want to watch tonight. so thank you, brian, you're the best. >> all right. bye, guys. stay within your zone. will: congratulations, man. rachel: all right, thank you. [laughter] well -- pete: i'll never understand it. it's his slogan, stay within yourself. that means do not push the boundaries of your ability, okay? just stay -- [laughter] good advice for that, you know, baseball player or basketball player in fourth or fifth grade, not so sure great life advice. i don't know. we'll have to dissect that with him next time, you know? if. [inaudible conversations] will: inappropriate, stay within yourself. don't push yourself. [laughter]
6:40 am
stay within yourself. pete: he's the best. it's best. will: that is not something you tell people. pete: he says it every day on "fox & friends." stay within yourself, you know? i mean that's why he's the man, unique. rachel: he is the man. all right, you guys. well, we're going to move on. hispanic leaders are blasting the left, florida congresswoman maria salazar says democrat socialist policies are to blame. she joins us next. ♪ wondering if you're ever going to take me there. ♪ tell me what you're feeling 'cuz i need to know -- (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ are you taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol? it can also deplete your coq10 levels. i recommend considering qunol coq10 along with your statin medication. the brand i trust is qunol.
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thousands of children are waiting.
6:44 am
rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." we come back to you with a fox news alert. president biden says that u.s. troops will deploy to eastern europe and nato countries as russian forces remain at the border. lucas tomlinson joins us live in washington. lucas, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rachel. the u.s. military's top officer calling it the largest buildup of russian forces since the cold war. over 100,000 now massed on ukraine's border. president biden has ordered some american troops to pack their bags. >> have you decided how soon you would be moving u.s. troops to eastern europe? >> i'll be moving troops into nato countries in the near term. >> there's a potential that they could launch on very, very little warning. that's possible. and there's a wide scale of
6:45 am
options that are available to russian leadership. >> reporter: the russian defense minister releasing this video showing air defense units arriving in belarus by rail following reports the railroad had been hacked. thousands of troops and dozens of strike aircraft now on the ground in belarus just 60 miles from the capital city. russia now with enough firepower to launch a full scale invasion of the country, ukraine's president says he's not sounding the alarm. >> the mass media creates is that we have troops on the roads, we have mobilization, people are leaving for places. that's not the case. we don't need this panic. >> reporter: the white house has drawn up a list of economic sanctions should russia invade. the "wall street journal" says off the table for now, sanctions on russian oil and natural gas exports. biden and zelensky spoke thursday, a formal transcript has not been released. rachel? rachel: wow. thank you for that report,
6:46 am
appreciate it. all right. well, we're going to bring in congresswoman from florida maria salazar. she's also on the house foreign affairs committee. what's the latest you're hearing on situation in ukraine, congresswoman? and good morning. >> well, good morning to you. well, the latest is that we should be showing more force. we should be showing the world that we're still the watchdog of the world, and we are the power that needs to deend fend those who want freedom, who want liberty and they want to continue being a free and sovereign nation. and unfortunately, the biden administration if is sending the wrong signal not only in ukraine, but all over the world including this hemisphere. cuba, nicaragua, venezuela, ukraine, afghanistan, a long list of failures. rachel: yeah. well, you bring up ad good point. i mean, the biden administration would not give the internet to the cubans who were fighting for their freedom just 90 miles from
6:47 am
our border. but i'd ask you, why are we so concerned about the border of ukraine so far away? shouldn't we use people like you to force biden to care about our own border? you saw flights of people coming all the way, being dropped off in florida, being dropped off in new york in the dead of night. the american citizens is no idea about it. what are you doing about that? >> what a disservice to the hispanic community, the largest minority in the country. and that's one of the things that we need to stress and we need to point out to the american public. the hispanics, the 20% of the population, i repeat, the largest minority in this country, does not want open borders. we do not want to come in illegally. we want to come in to the promised land, this beautiful united states with, legally. but unfortunately, the biden administration plays political football with hispanics once again because they believe -- and his advisers are telling hi,
6:48 am
the browns coming in, then they're going to vote for the democratic party. and that is not the case. and we're seeing it in the polls, rachel, that the hispanics are moving to the gop. why? for three things, value, the economy and the democratic party. values specifically. we don't want to defund the police. we want to have stronger police so they can defend us. we don't want to -- we don't hate the white guy. the white guy is the one who's giving us the jobs. you know, when you're an immigrant and you have to go into exile because you have to look for better economic opportunities, you come to the united states. the promised land. so we have the same values that are entrenched in the republican party. god-fearing, law-abiding, tax-paying. and then at the end what's happening is the democratic party, as i said, they have played political football with us for 30 years. they have promised immigration reform laws year after year for the last 35 years, and now it's time for the gop to welcome
6:49 am
those hispanics, the browns, the latinos, and say we can provide you that dignity that you need to live in this country. and that's the immigration reform law that i am going to be presenting next month called the dignity act. because we're going to give dignity to my people, those who live in the shadows, those who have not had some type of legality. we're going to seal the border, we're going to put order at the border, and we're going to provide dignity and then redemption to those browns, the hispanics, the latinos. rachel: well, those americans. congresswoman salazar, thank you. we'll see what your bill entails. i think first people want the border sealed, hen they want to talk about immigration. >> absolutely. and that is exactly what we're going to do. we're going to seal that border. rachel: all right. thank you, congresswoman. really appreciate your views. >> thanks. rachel: thanks for joining us this morning. you got it. all right. the winter olympics kicks off in
6:50 am
beijing next week with some countries diplomatically boycotting. ennis if canter -- freedom is his last name now -- wants athletes to stand up against china's human rights abuses. and he's up next. ♪ ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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6:54 am
will: opening ceremonies for the winter olympics will kick off in beijing next week. despite controversy over china's history and present of human rights abuseds. while en-- abuses. our next guest says athletes need to take a stand against the chinese treatment of uighurs. he is ennis kanter freedom, and he joins us now. great to talk to you again. so a diplomatic boycott, in your estimation, is not enough. what do you think should happen both from the standard, from the perspective of players and from countries themselves. enter you know, first time i heard about the diplomatic boycott, i was, like, it is good, but it's not enough, you know? obviously, not just america, but other countries in the world and acknowledging now there's a genocide happening, and, you
6:55 am
know, calling a diplomat ific boycott is good, but i feel like all the athletes need to come out there and say, you know, enough is enough. and, you know, what china's doing is the biggest human rights abuse in the world today, and we need to do something about it, you know? so i feel like, i feel like athletes need to speak up. you know, they have a huge following, and they have, you know, they can inspire millions of people out there in the if world. so i feel like athletes need to come on, be brave. not worry about the endorsement deal. they have to push companies and push against the regime. willwell well, en if es, are you suggesting then that an athlete should attend to limbic -- olympics, compete and then say something perhaps from the medal stand, from a press conference podium, or do you think they should boycott the olympics, the athletes themselves, altogether? >> china already put a statement
6:56 am
out there and said any of the athletes are, you know, when they're in china, they cannot make any kind of political statement. even the team usa put a statement out there and said he was to bring a burner phone because china's going to tap into their phone. so it is unbelievable. so i feel like by not going to i call it the genocide games, it's going to show a lot. and, you know, also people need to understand it's not just athletes, but the government. the chinese communist party does not represent values of excellence, of respect, of friendship, and everybody knows that they are brutal dictatorship and they engage in censorship, they do not respect human rights. and while we are talking right now, there's a genocide happening. is so i hope people understand it and say enough. will: so, enes, in the last couple of days i think it was, you put out some information.
6:57 am
you showed some nba players, your line of work, your colleagues, some nba players that are making significant amounts of money not just from chinese companies, but chinese companies who are harvesting cotton, for example, in areas of china that are slave labor. big names are on the list, familiar names. clay thompson, delaware ang hoe russell and others. and you're talking about millions. so you were on my podcast, we had an awesome conversation, and i would encourage everyone, go check it out. because, i'll be honest, while i agree with enes, i think it was fair to say i pushed you. here's my question for you now. looking at that list of nba players, you're asking for olympic athletes to do something. will anyone? you say privately they talk to you, but will there be any action? >> good question. i don't believe so. you know, i have the list here. you know, the companies, these
6:58 am
are -- [inaudible] i feel like, first of all, you put your signature on a paper and signing this millions of dollars with companies, million dollars, you know, deals with these companies, you're not just putting your signature, you're putting yourself. and i feel like they need to educate themself before they put their signature, you know? because, i mean, obviously, they call themselves social justice warriors, but on other end you sign deals with these companies in a country where there's a genocide happening, sweat shops and slave labor. will anyone come out there? if i don't believe so, you know? i think especially the 17 players on there, they care too much about their money, their business, their endorsement deal. but canning the athletes --
6:59 am
asking the athletes if your mother, your wife, your the sister or daughter was in those concentration camps, would you still act the same way that you're acting right now? will: i suspect you're right, and i think for others that aren't so rich, they also won't speak out because they're afraid of their job with. and that's the question that this i asked you in our long conversation. are you afraid all these calls for action will end up costing you your job in the nba? >> good question. i believe someone has to do it, you know? you see so many organizations, associations come to me, athletes and not just athletes, but actors, rappers, people who have platform are scare ad to say a word when it comes to china. and i feel like someone has to come out there and expose these companies, these associations and these people. but you know what? i think i am on the right side of history and god is with me. i'm going to do whatever i can to keep speaking the truth. will: yeah. you gave me an awesome answer
7:00 am
today, you gave me an awesome answer -- i would encourage everyone to check it out, long conversation about all of his stance, where it comes from personally and professionally. enes, great to talk to you this morning. >> thank you, brother. will: all right, take care. i think that's just about going to do it for us. pete, rachel, that's about it for us this morning. pete: have a great -- ♪ ♪ jackie: fox is on top of storms bearing down from a winter blast wreaking havoc on travel here to a potential russian invasion of ukraine over there. and the widow of a fallen nypd officer calling out soft on crime policies happening across the country. good morning, everybody. i'm jackie deangelis in for neil cavuto, and this is "cavuto live." first, let's go ahead and get to russia. the pentagon's top general telling vladimir putin to stand do


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