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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  January 29, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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find a northwestern mutual advisor at paul: editor report i am paul gigot. steven justice breyer announcing his retirement on thursday to take place at the end of the current term. given president biden a chance to put his mark on the high court. the president praising the 83 old justice as a consensus builder and promising the process to replace him will be rigorous while reiterating his campaign commitment to appoint the first black woman to the bench. so how well breyer's
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retirement change the course? and will his successor transform its liberal wing? he is the director of the robert a leavitt center for constitutional studies at the cato institute and author of the book supreme disorder judicial nominations and the politics of america's highest court. welcome good to see you. we do not know who will be the replacement yet. but tell us a little bit first about justice breyer's impact on the court. especially the court as it has moved in a more conservative direction. >> brian has got lost in the shuffle a lot he has not become cheap diva status with ginsburg or with instantly quotable dissents from a progressive perspective. he was a junior justice first first 11 years on the court, that is a record since the court attained nine members in the late 1860s.
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and so he never got a chance to assign opinions. by the time he became the senior justice he needed not just john roberts but one other to make a majority. a lot of the opinions he is known for are either dissents or they are more minor technical cases because he's administrative law expert. >> i think he made a mark on the law of economics in some cases the first circuit and then on the supreme court. in antitrust cases for example he brought economic knowledge to the court. she agree with that? >> i agree with that antitrust the more economic cases i think he probably was more influential. he also wrote the opinion and the whole women's health abortion case from five years ago. a couple others he was the swing vote on the ruling of the religious monument case it said it's okay to have an outdoor old monument but not
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an indoor newer one for various reasons. very kind of pragmatic case-by-case adjudications what is known for. paul: let's assume for here, for purposes of this conversation the president follows through and names a progressive judge to replace justice breyer. how is that going to change the court if at all? >> it depends how progressive. almost certainly the new nominee who biden said will be a black woman, i do not know why he limited it to those democratic category a little unseemly about that. probably more to the left of where breyer is. that will make a difference in either of that six -- three cases or others the vote will be pretty similar to or breyer would have been. but could be perhaps a joining and justice dissents rather than keeping quiet toward the center left like breyer has.
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the tenor of the dissents might be different. and who knows behind that seems justice white was famously said every new justice makes for a court. negotiations with breyer together had influence over some of the more republican appointed justices. >> that's what i want to ask about particular. they did seem to want to work with john roberts, to find the incremental decisions not going as far as to justice thomas might want to go on some decisions. or finding moderate positions with the court. and yet you might have a fiery dissents. are you saying the chances of that new justice of the new progress of the names i have seen are not real progressives. that we are less likely to see
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that kind of accommodation and lack of a c# or disagreements ideologically? >> i think that is right. and also to the extent the court some people call a three -- three -- three court. three on the left, three on the right and three in the middle. and so you do not even need any of the progressive block to make a coalition if you will. but certainly there would be fewer opportunities of this sort that kagan and breyer orchestrated in a decade ago where john roberts switched famously on justifying the individual mandate under the taxing power within roberts, breyer, and kagan agree with the conservatives to invalidate the medicaid expansion. probably see less of that. but go with the six -- three dynamic or three -- three -- three is different that a four -- fourth candidate in the middle. paul: at the big impact could be this is trading 30 years of
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service on the court with the new justice, younger justice be there for very long time in the minority now but could be in the majority in the long term for it let me ask you a confirmation fight pretty wrote a book on this. do you expect to and in this case? >> oh well, the democrats do have a majority, slim as it is. several republican senators have voted for sotomayor, kagan, and a large number if not all of biden appointees and obama appointees to the lower courts before them, lisa murkowski, susan collins, lindsey graham, who likes speeches about how i don't agree with the bjorn titled you're not qualified your titles been the court, there is a bit of the margin left something unusual comes out about the people of been talked about for this seat it is not seen mike republicans can do anything to stop or slow down the confirmation. that does not mean the margin
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of confirmation will be any greater than it has been within the last few nominees. i doubt whoever is picked will get more than 60 votes. eric: thank you ilya shapiro, appreciated thanks for coming in. coming back senate president biden set to announce his pick in the coming weeks. setting the stage for maybe a confirmation fight in the midst of midterm election year. our panel looks of the political panel ahead. and how republicans are preparing, next. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love.
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six. paul: president biden said to nancy supreme court picked by the end of february. majority leader chuck schumer this week promised to speedy confirmation processes democrats look to jumpstart their stalled a political agenda. here's a closer look at the potential battle ahead, wall street journal columnist
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kempster also an editorial board member kyle peterson. so kyle, you heard ilya shapiro. what do you think the impact particularly on the liberals also on the court will hear of a new justice replacing justice breyer? >> oh well, it will not be a huge significant change because of the liberal justice replacing another liberal justice. the question is how it liberal of a justice isn't present biden going to pick? if he picks on the front runners it's possible it would move the liberal link of the court a little to the left. if he picks another of the front runners as possible and move the liberal too little to the right or stay the same for a lot of this depends on which candidates biden is now betting he goes with. it's not going to be a significant overhaul like some of president trump's nominations were. paul: kim, the president promised a black woman and the
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south going to primary to get representative clyburn's endorsement, it worked. one that primary. and he is not going to follow through. what do you think of that promise? and are the critics who say it's identity politics over qualifications. is that a fair criticism? >> it's a totally fair criticism. and it is really disappointing, paul, we are still today relying so much for having our president talk so much about identity politics rather than qualifications. especially because things have changed. these women there are some highly qualified people. he should have started by saying i'm going to get the best person i possibly can. if that happened to have been an african-american woman, so be it. and that's a step forward. this is really a shame part especially given the court itself has really taken a dim view of that kind of racial quota approach. sue for some but left a push
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back and say wait a minute donald trump said he would appoint a woman to replace justice ginsburg, which he did. ronald reagan way back in the early 80s that he would appoint a woman and he appointed the first woman o'connor. is this that much different? >> look, one thing i would notice about donald trump though is that he was replacing a position that have been vacated by a towering woman figure on the court, ruth bader ginsburg. so this is a little bit of a different situation. it also again, it's not just a woman question but in the middle of a lot of racial politics in the united states as well. hooks aren't kyle, the democrats are saying this is great for them, right? they get to unify their party for a change since it's been fighting among itself on each other because of the legislative agenda. and this is going to really mobilize the base going into
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the midterms, what you think of that analysis? >> well, it may mobilize part of the base for their two things i would point out. one is president biden said he intends us to be a swift confirmation process. if that is true, if we get this over within a matter of months the national political debate back focused on the inflation when november rolls around. the other thing i would point out black voters are historically democratic voters, have been strong supporters of president biden already, the voters he really to shore up in november are the moderate suburban voters and hispanic voters have been moving sadly towards a gop in last two years you there be enough republicans went to battle whoever this pic is? what's assume it's not someone from the left. >> remember, first of all while joe manchin and kyrsten sinema had given the president
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some grief on his broader agenda, they have so far been lockstep on every one of his nominees. the expectation they will be no matter who he puts up here. two, republicans understand that. i expect you'll see seven gop presidential that will grandstand in their no vote and really want to make a fight out of this. but most republicans i expect are going to instead try to focus on what this pic says about joe biden especially if it is a more radical pic. that is in keeping with their theme this president is out of step with the country. and in keeping with also the problem that they may have of attacking a minority woman candidates who is up for this bit. >> kyle, there is something of a historical anomaly here, curiosity. went republican presidents have nominated justices in recent decades, there has often been a bloodied, ugly,
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horrible fight. when democratic presidents have nominated justices, the last four, there wasn't. it was pretty relatively easy confirmation. how do you explain that difference? >> well, there are two ways to explain it. one is that liberals have been aggressors on the court going back to judge his nomination by reagan that's where a lot of conservatives say all this ugly politics of the court started. and the other in recent years is that conservatives have been winning these court battles. we have a more conservative court majority than we have had in a long time but here we have a liberal justice replacing a liberal justice of the stakes are a little lower in the right side of the iop. >> that is true immediately. but this justice to biden picks will be in the minority in terms of the courts nine for now. but she could serve for 30 -- 40 years. and could be in that majority
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>> the american economy growing 6.9% last quarter beating expectations and capping the strongest year for growth since the 1980s. as a country rebounded at least in part from the shock of the coronavirus pandemic. but as inflation continues to surge, the fed on wednesday said it will begin to raise interest rates in march. so will that take a bite out of growth in the coming year? let's ask jason he's chairman and ceo of strategic, a baird company. nice to see you again. so you know this a paradox the last month, good growth, nice
12:21 pm
it gdp growth. but the markets are having a terrible time. how do you explain that? >> i think paul, it is largely a function of inflation and expectations of much tighter monetary policy. and also an expectation of tighter fiscal policy. not on purpose it is the absence of all of the stimulus we have seen over the last two years is clearly not going to be a part of the program in 2022. >> okay, are you expecting, looking at the gdp report, is the economy weaker than you think when you look at the details? the big increase in gdp was inventories, which cannot keep going up forever. you have to have sales at the end of that. >> that is right. a good portion would be at the outer limits of what you can expect in terms of inventories moving forward. you are not going to have the fiscal stimulus as we said that you had last year.
12:22 pm
and so it seems reasonable to expect the gdp will be meaningfully slower, real gdp will be meaningfully slower in 2022 than it was in 2021. i think it would be a mistake however to think just because economic growth is slowing that will automatically result in weaker inflationary pressures. i think a lot of these things have become structural and it's going to be very difficult i think for the fed given how far behind the curve they are now. it's going to be very hard for the fed to rain those inflationary pressures in, even if the economy slows. quickset is very interesting because i heard a very hawkish sounding chairman powell at his press conference this last week. focusing on inflation think a lot of room to raise rates. i did not see in the actions frankly all that hawkish, do you agree? >> we will see. easing his easy and tightening
12:23 pm
is hard pretty think we are fighting this with the financial markets here. i think the fed is going have a difficult choice to make as things progress which is do you fight inflation, goods and service or do you try to save the financial markets? and again you have to remember president biden's approval ratings are where they are despite the fact the financial markets hit all-time highs at the end of last year. and republican and democratic presidents do not take too kindly to tighter money, generally speaking. it seems a good or appropriate in the abstract to now. it may not seem so appropriate to the people in the administration if financial markets continue to have a tough time. >> oh well, the fed has been signaling interest rate on their zero bound now for the year. that would still leave real
12:24 pm
interest rates and negative, meaning a continuing subsidy for credit comic meaning still accommodated monetary policy. is that enough in your view to get this inflation under control? >> nowhere near. paul, i don't think it's anywhere near enough. even if inflation or two, 2% which it was before the pandemic, 0% fed funds rate is not appropriate. cpi is running at seven, pce is running close to five. so what is the neutral fund rate when inflation is running at five? it is certainly not 75 basis points will be three tightening's. the fed will also be allowing the size of its balance sheet to run off. that will be tightening as well. but it seems to me and the fed is very much behind the curve as is the ecb. this is something and also monetary policy acts with a
12:25 pm
lag. it is going to be difficult given all of the stimulus that is been provided to rain not in. this policy, these policies have been enormously good for wealthy people. they have been very, very tough on just the average person trying to get from one day to the next. they have been rich people with assets, financial assets and they have impoverished or certainly made them less well off people that just have savings or just have wages. this will start to correct that. but it is going to be -- in my opinion is going to take quite a long time to rein it in. >> use the phrase before which was arresting, saving the financial markets. are you talking about here your expectations, do you have an expectation of a 20 -- 30% or more decline in asset prices? we are already seeing crypto collapse. what about stocks? >> i think, paul i would not be so bold to make that claim.
12:26 pm
there are certainly a lot of candidates for over capitalized financial assets and speculative instruments that could see a lot more pain. the s&p 500 is a very strong and well represented index of companies in the u.s. economy. a lot of them will be fine. but there are a lot of other unprofitable companies. a lot of speculative instruments out there like crypto that in my opinion will see more pain as interest rates rise. so we were all right jason thank you for coming get ready for a bumpy ride. coming up next moscow's next move, will get in on the ground report from kyiv as ukrainians prepare for a possible russian invasion. i'm . voya provides guidance for the right investments. they make me feel like i've got it all under control. voya. be confident ever get a sign the universe is trying to tell you something? to and through retirement.
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wake up to the possibility of lower a1c with rybelsus®. you may pay as little as $10 for up to a 3-month prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> the ball is in their court will see what we do. as i said repeatedly, whether they choose the path of diplomacy and dialogue, whether they decide to renew aggression against ukraine we are prepared either way. quick secretary of state antony blinken and this week saying the ball is in russia's court as tension over ukraine continue to mount for the u.s. and its allies delivering written responses wednesday to moscow's list of demands. formally rejecting calls for nato to retreat from eastern europe and permanently banned ukraine from joining the alliance. so as the world waits for putin's next move, just what
12:31 pm
do the ukrainians expect? how are they preparing question request in writing and wall street journal editorial who is on the ground in key avenue, jillian great to see you. what is the mood there? you have hundreds of thousands more than wondered thousand on the border. it's gotta be some anxiety. >> there is anxiety at the same time i've been surprised how home kiev is. i think a lot of people here versus been a war with russia raging in the east for years. they are somewhat accustomed to it. the moment now is obviously very tense and serious. but what i am hearing from people as they don't think an invasion is an imminent necessarily in the short-term but they are very concerned about hybrid warfare for the very concerned by attempts by putin to destabilize the nation. whether that's through economic measures, cyber attacks on critical infrastructure that would
12:32 pm
knock out heat, power, cellular communications. they are looking at putin's kgb background he uses the insidious warfare. they are afraid he's going to try to create chaos and panic and that will give an opportunity to install puppets and the puppets can say i'm the only person who can restore stability here and then invite in the russians. that is the anxiety and concern i'm hearing at the moment. paul: there's less concern of a full-scale russian invasion because i've been hearing in washington the anticipation is that even if there is not a full-scale assault website occupying kiev or cities, there may be in the south where the war has been raging but russia for example does not control all the land on the black sea and rush it want to take that. >> you do here concerns about maybe an attack up to the north near belarus.
12:33 pm
that is another concern, i think people here are much more, there's a bit of a difference in thinking people here are much more concerned about destabilization and hybrid warfare and all of that. paul: okay, what about the response to that? how would the ukrainians respond? do they have the capacity to do it? would the government be vulnerable to the scenario you described? >> that is the real concern. you see the society coming together saying we have to keep a cool head in this moment because the risk is so high. this past weekend i went out in the outskirts of kiev showing up training they want to be ready for anything. they are practicing what they would do to defend their city and resistor russian occupation in case it happens. today i went and visited a school where high school students are talking about what they could do to be
12:34 pm
prepared. there is definitely a sense of urgency about it. civil society is very strengthen from the 2014 revolution. they are kind of taking it upon themselves to self govern and ask themselves if putin does try to stabilize our country, what can i do as an individual or volunteered to be useful and ensure chaos and panic does not break out. >> what do ukrainians in the ukrainian government and military want from the united states now? i assume they've made that clear to the u.s. officials. are they getting the help they have asked for? >> there really encourage by the threat of the sanctions paid severe sanctions on a russian if there is an invasion. they were encouraged by british military support sending armaments overpaid what they want right now is antitank, antiaircraft weapons that is something that's may be very valuable if there is an invasion. another thing they repeatedly raises they want to know there's going to be a western response if putin stops short
12:35 pm
of invasion. but if he engages in some other kind of hybrid warfare a big cyber attack, or destabilize in the economic measures we were talking about. they want to know the west is on board and they are less sure about support for quick to say on board and support, what kind of western response to they want? is it just sanctions or actually support for some kind of firmer action? i assume they understand the u.s. is not going to intervene militarily part. >> that is corrective got to keep in mind there's about 250,000 active duty ukrainian troops that are prepared to fight and prepared to defend their country. what they are really looking for sanctions in response to aggression and also the weapons they need that lethal weapons they need to defend themselves. paul: is their frustration in ukraine about the germans and their reluctance not only to our arm help arm ukraine's wiccan defend itself but also even to get on board with serious sanctions? >> yes there is a lot of
12:36 pm
concern about that for they wish germans were taking a stronger response. there also awarding germany, today putin is threatening ukraine using energy as a weapon against ukraine. they think that tomorrow germany is going to be the next victim of a rush energy as a weapon. it's a big warning going out right now. some of our right jillian thanks good to see you have fun over there. still ahead the akin crisis deepens president biden says the u.s. and its allies are in total unanimity on encountering the russian threat. we'll take a closer look at that claim and how europe is responding to the standoff, next. a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ living with diabetes? glucerna protein smart has your number with 30 grams of protein. scientifically designed with carbsteady to help you manage your blood sugar. and more protein to keep you moving with diabetes.
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>> president biden held a video call this week with european leaders as the west moves to counter the threat posed by russian forces massed on ukraine's border by the president saying there is quote total unanimity among our allies but even as
12:40 pm
germany, europe's largest and richest democracy declines to provide weapons to your great leaving some trick questions berlin's commitment to deterring russian progression. here with a closer look on how europe is responding and what is at stake for the u.s. in the standoff with moscow, wall street journal editorial board member joe sternberg in london and editorial page writer anna in warsaw poland, gentlemen welcome. so joe, let's start with you. the president says total anonymity is that true between the allies in u.s.? >> there is unanimity if they are unanimous but they don't agree with each other. this has not been a good movement for nato and its european allies so far. for a bunch of reasons. where i am sitting in london, the british government really does want to do the right thing in regards to working with partners to try to deter russian aggression in the
12:41 pm
ukraine. think the british government understands what is at stake here. there is a limit to what they can do. there are some arms are gathered to the ukraine for they are still trying to work within but cannot agree what sort of response you should be looking at. should there be more military aid? should we talk about sanctions the basic questions of the european partners of the biden administration are struggling to work out with each other. paul: adam, i assume putin knows as he understands these divisions. and i guess it starts with germany. we had this announcement they find they are going to send 5000 helmets, 5000 helmets, think about that. that is what they are sending to the ukraine is the going into bout undermanned under armed at least have helmets. it's almost a parody what is going on with the germans?
12:42 pm
>> oh speaking to someone today in warsaw avenue told me it would be better if they did not send anything at all at such an embarrassment. no one has lost more credibility in this crisis in germany. it's even worse in just sending helmets, paul. i've also blocked arms exports from other countries that are willing to step up and prevented them from sending weapons ukrainians do not want nato to fight on their behalf. i've been to the front i've talked ukrainian soldiers before they just want to defend themselves it's all they're asking for. germany is only making it harder in emboldening putin. why, adam what's going on there in berlin? >> there is a mixture among the part of the german society there is a genuine affinity for russia per there is a fear of russia as well. they have embedded their economies deeply paired someone told me the german idea was will change russia by doing business with them for it but what ended up happening russia changed germany than the other way around.
12:43 pm
joe, the president of the united states has put on alert 8500 troops here in the states that could be deployed if russian veins for not ukraine itself but to the eastern front of nato to send a message to russians ukraine is not part of nato, you are not going to mess with nato itself. but, as the president even have agreement on that deployment? with the rest of nato go along? >> i think what is really conspicuous with regard to that suggestion from biden as you are not hearing that kind of conversation from any other european country. as difficult as it is for the germans to get themselves organized to send helmets or anyone else to send a few arms who were there, no one other than the u.s. is really talking about any type of troop deployment to nato's eastern border will reduce any potential problems with russia they are.
12:44 pm
which i think is just highlighting the difficulty you could not really even agree on what are the parameters to the discussion? u.s. is thinking about this in terms of more military response, troop deployment. other people cannot really even agree on economic sanctions are the most appropriate answer here. paul: let's step back a bit and answer this question for our audience lists are with you, joe. what is the u.s. interest in keeping ukraine independent of russia? u.s. national interests? rex i think there isn't definitely a strong interest in encouraging boarders to stay where they are in europe. i think that something we learned in the 20th century. i think you should also really be discouraging putin's regime and russia from taking the energy blackmail to make its way around the borders. we do not want the situation it's not in america's interest
12:45 pm
to have a situation where you have a power like russia using its energy resources to try to corral our allies in europe one way or the other part that is what is happening in germany right now. paul: adam, proceed to have anything to add about the u.s. interest there? >> look we want to focus on china for the lesson we want is russia getting even more powerful and taking control of you to crane all of its energy reserve empowered mix russia more powerful and suddenly you up to china's you need to deal with that is not ideal. >> okay, alright, thanks both of you gentlemen appreciate it. we come back, nancy pelosi makes it official saying she will run for reelection in november. but as democratic retirements continue to mount and present biden's poll numbers continue to fall, and the house speaker hold onto her majority?
12:46 pm
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paul: speaker nancy pelosi announcing this week she will seek reelection in november to h term in the house. putting to rest at least for now, rumors of her retirement for the 81 year old democratic leader facing an uphill battle to retain her narrow congressional majority with 29000 democrats now saying they will not seek reelection this year. compared to just 13 republicans. the real clear politics polling average of the gop a four-point advantage in the so-called generic ballot. 47% of voters saying they will support the republican in their congressional district. compared to 43% who will support the democrat. we are back with kim's trostle and kyle peterson. so kim, why is the speaker running for reelection after all of the suggestions that well, this was it this was her last term? >> because she is in a very
12:50 pm
tough spot, pulpit excess and sympathy for her. why they see so many members retire going into midterms because they know they're going to lose and they would rather go out on their own terms. and nancy pelosi, had she announced her own retirement it would have sent a signal that she too believes her party would lose she would see even more resignations been my own bed as she runs, wins and then probably steps down in which case there will be a special election in california but cracks she will not be -- of democrats will lose the election, lose the majority she will not stay in congress is that what you're saying? >> that is what i think is likely to happen per she is already signaled a couple of years ago she was not going to run for speaker again. i think people see the writing on the wall but this is her way of keeping your chin up and pushing her troops honestly go into the midterms. paul: so kyle, as a political symbol, as a leader of the house a democratic party at
12:51 pm
this stage, as nancy pelosi an asset for democrats with all of the money she can raise or is she a liability given that she might mobilize her republican voters? >> i think she probably is an asset, that money goes a long way. in keeping her carcass together and not sending a signal that democrats are on the run goes a long way. it may be kim is right that she intends to run again and retire. i hope it is not that. she's going to run a campaign pitch is going to ask voters to come out and vote for her. she's going to ask volunteers go knocking on doors but she's going to ask donors to reach into their own pockets and contribute to her campaign with the plan to resign next year if democrats lose the house, i hope it is not that. i hope it's not presidential ambition just political ambition that she loves being in the game and there's plenty of that in congress. all of the democrats the top two democrats in the house are all over age 80 and the senate, chuck schumer majority
12:52 pm
leader escorted minority leader mitch mcconnell are both in their 70s. it's hard to retire when you're at the top. >> kim, the 29 and counting down democrats who are not going to seek reelection. how many are from seats that republicans would have a reasonable chance to win, swing seats? >> most of them, many of them and that of course is why they are stepping down. a lot of these are districts that trump one or narrowly lost. a lot of these are the swing seat democrats that we have been talking about, who by the weight nancy pelosi has put in a terrible position over the last couple of years. she has made them take very tough vote after very tough votes. that is why you end up getting those poll numbers you just mentioned in the generic ballot things look even more grim and their specific districts because of a backlash among centrist voters and others who feel that is how they elected them to do to impose eight nancy pelosi california agenda.
12:53 pm
paul: kyle, some of the republicans are really almost measuring the drapes in the offices they hope to be in, come 2023. by have seen this before where people count their victories before they've actually been one. what is the biggest obstacle in your view of republicans retaken the house this year? >> oh well, i think it is likely that they do in fairness to the people for measuring the drapes the president who is in power,'s midterm election generally, historically has not gone all that well. i suppose the biggest obstacle would be an economic recovery if president biden can get some sort of build back a better agreement with joe manchin, something that is a moderate and not 3 trillion or
12:54 pm
$4 trillion as the economy recovers, if his effort to get coitus out to every american who wants one there is an online request form, if that goes well if inflation comes down, the inflation looks more normal in september, october going into the november election then maybe there is an obstacle. the biggest print problem for president biden's it's hard to imagine all those things going right. >> may be vladimir putin does not in vain ukraine give a long check was there, kyle. we have to take one more break. and we come back hits and misses of the week. lore. ever get a sign the universe is trying to tell you something? aspirin made amazing! the clues are all around us! not that one. that's the one. at university of phoenix, you could earn your master's degree in less than a year for under $11k. learn more at
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welcome to allstate. where auto insurance now costs less. ♪ and savings like that follow you everywhere. now, save more with allstate. ♪ because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a quote today. >> time never hits and misses of the week. kim, first to you. >> a mist of the democratic party of arizona first decision to censor senator kyrsten sinema for her refusal to break the filibuster. you know, paul, three snowiest two years ago defense of the filibuster was standard democratic orthodoxy.
12:58 pm
senator sinema who was actually standing up for that principal position, standing up for democracy and for the long-standing traditions of the sentence, the arizona party is the one that is actually pursuing partisan gain at all costs. it is the one that deserves the censure. paul: alright, adam? >> it's a mist for the president of el salvador he made big find legal tender in the country lester spent millions and reserves buying up bitcoin. he even announced there would be a bit coin bond if you are an investor think script i was not risky enough, now you can add central american political risks to the mix. there's just one problem, bit coin value has collapsed over the past couple of months. el salvador bonds are tanking on the treasury may bless tens of millions of dollars which is a lot for a tiny country like that. bitcoin's volatile move this turns out to be a smart move. right now the gamble is not looking good. and his country economic future is at stake. so far all right joe? >> i am giving a hit to the united kingdom government for
12:59 pm
learning to live with coronavirus for this week london has lifted most of the remaining restrictions they put in place for omicron. people can visit loved ones in nursing homes again, testing requirements are going away and a lot of environments including international travel. and there is a real sense that finally we are learning to live with covid instead of living in fear of covid. hopefully this experience starts becoming something of a model for other governments who are struggling to make that transition quickly. paul: all right, kyle picasso give a hit to new york's new mayor eric adams is getting serious about cleaning up the violence in his city after two nypd cops were fatally shot and two civilians are randomly pushed on subway tracks in manhattan, adams promises to bring back the nypd anti-gun units and send more cops into the subways for that is why new yorkers elected him in 2022 is going to be a year a lot of people who left decide
1:00 pm
whether the going to come back for good. >> is going to need help from the d.a. in albany to change the bail operator member if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it to us at the er on fnc, that is it for this week show, thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i am trying to hope to see all of you here next week. sent shockwaves across the world of sports. espn reporting tom brady, yes, he's hanging up his number 12 jersey. retiring after 22 seasons in the nfl. there is still questions surrounding the timing and accuracy of this report. welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news life i am eric shawn. hi arthel. arthel: sean grady touchdown passes and games